During Power of Purity Meditation

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia, 19th May, 2012

1abQ: During meditation I experienced increased heart rate and I had strong fear. What was that?
A: When we release the trapped energies, trapped fears, anxieties, it has to go through the mind. We do not know that there are so many fears and so many anxieties, frustrations, a lot of emotions are sitting in us, that we don’t know. But what you just did was actually not a meditation, it was a cleansing operation. This is why the same meditation when it is repeated, gives a different effect. Because you have a very large land within you, full of various things. You can’t clean it in one day or one meditation. So, consistency is important and most important is faith. When fears happen in mind, hold on to faith. when you have deep faith, you can overcome any fear. When there is a lot of doubt in mind, it goes against the faith. Doubts and faith cannot live together. When faith overcomes all other emotions, our awareness improves. Even sometimes we feel comfort in our pains. Some people hold on to pains just because it gives them a comfort feeling. Our whole effort, whole path is about liberation. What is liberation? It’s liberation from all that binds you to earth. This is the weight in the body, weight in the body is not physical weight. These are the pains and entrapments. Then weight in the mind, which is basically fears, phobias and all things which bring you down, which do not allow you to experience the life in its fullness. Then weight in intellect. We cram a lot of ideas and a lot of information and fill the brain. So, there is a buffet here, a lot of food. If we try to eat everything, what happens? You will have indigestion, problems in the stomach. Likewise, if you eat a lot of emotions, you will have problem in the mind. If you try to get a lot of information, a lot of data in the brain, we will have a problem in the brain. Some people call it ego. When you have too much of ego, other people avoid you. They keep away from you. Anything in excess is not good for the body, mind, for the intellect. It only adds to the weight on the Earth. So allow fears to go through you, to go through the mind, have faith that you are in the right path. How do you know that you are in the right path? Are you becoming lighter? If you are becoming lighter and feeling better, you are in the right path. If you are feeling heavier and denser, you are not in the right path. Life is all about simplicity. Everything simple is godly. Everything complicated is our mind’s creation. Heartbeat is just an expression of various things which go through, when things leave, something like this happen. Sometimes you feel like sleepy, or you want to shift the body because of some problem, all of these are a part of cleansing process.


Q: During the meditation I felt sensations in my third eye and experienced activity in my pineal gland… I also saw colours. What is the meaning if I see e.g. yellow, red…?

A: How do you feel comparing to last year?

Q: I feel much better.

A: This is a sign of growth in subtlety. The more you are connected to your spine, like in this Power of Purity meditation you are asked to go in 360 degrees, where awareness is in full circle, the more your awareness grows. We usually operate in 120 degrees. So 240 degrees are missing in our daily life. That exactly is what gives you completeness. When you start operating in 360 degrees, you can tap into any level, and the science is very simple, start connecting to your spine more. So from last year to this year you were able to go to your spine effortlessly.
As for the colours, when the energy hits certain area, it produces a certain result. One of the results is the dimension of colours. So this is one area where there is a bit of blockage, or there is less movement, energy is not going smoothly. In that level, you are performing in a lesser way, with much lesser qualiy. When the shaktipat was given, the energy was transferred to you, it was removing the blockages of the whole channel. When the energy is flowing, when it reaches that particular level, or a particular area of a system, it showed a sign that there is a lesser movement of energy. But then it got cleansed, so you so multiple colours. These are signs that there is an area of blockages but at the same time, there was a progress. Some people are vision oriented, they can see. Some people are sound oriented, they hear sounds. Some people are feeling oriented, they feel the presence of energy around them or within them. You are obviously vision oriented. That is why you are able to see colours. It’s good to know who you are, so you know what to do. Most of us don’t know who we are. We think we know based on other people’s opinions. Our identity and our integrity is unique to us. We need not be in other people’s hands. Whether you have certain qualities or no qualities, this is fine. This is what you are. You can start from that point only. You cannot start walking from here because you are sitting there. This understanding is clear when you know, ”This is the point I want to walk.” You are done, you are already winning.
So, first is accept ourselves as we already are. Second is non-resistence, ”I’m fine the way I am.” Third is accepting the environment as it is. Environment also means relationships. If these three things are in harmony, your blockages start getting diluted or vanish. Simple medicine :) I’m not about serious spiritual practices, I’m talking about being aware of who you are, and then just start walking from there, and everything should have purity in thought, word, action. It should be selfless, not selfish. Two medicines you should take every day. Make sure there is purity (selflessness) and make sure there is faith. It does not matter which god you follow, which religion you follow, which master you follow, it doesn’t matter. You can follow whatever you like to follow. You can follow Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, Islam… no problem. This is what you like to do, then do. And it doesn’t matter which is your master or guide. Just have firm faith in whatever you do. Faith is important. Because faith can move mountains. It can remove all blockages. I always tell people, if you come to me with an empty cup, I can fill it up. If you bring me a big vessel, I’ll fill it up, I have that capacity. But if you come with a full cup, what will I do? The strength is emptiness. There is a Chinese saying, ”The rigidest tree is readiest for the axe.” o if we remain flexible, life is very easy. Because, you see small children, they have no problems, as we grow older, the body becomes stiffer, the mind also becomes stiffer. Then we suffer. So, methods are simple.

Mohanji quote - God can be reached through silence

Q: Can we grow spiritually on our own or do we need a guide?

A: No need. Your primary guru is your own soul which is guiding you. Actually, who knows more than your soul who is with you all the time? Once you start understanding and listening your soul, be sure, you are in the right track. A master is actually a principle. Master can only guide you to yourself. So it’s like a road sign. You can choose to use the road sign, if you do not know the way. If you know the destination and if you know the way, you don’t need a road sign. Choosing to use a road sign or not choosing a road sign, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you know your destination. If you do not know, then definitely, the road sign, the guru or master whom you like and can associate with is the right one for you.
I was conducting a programme like this for blind people. Some of their questions are unique because they cannot see, they haven’t seen colours, they haven’t seen the sun or anything… One boy asked me, ”You sound like my guru. Can I consider you as my guru, my master, my guide?” ”Yes sure, you can. But what is a guru?” I asked him. ”What are you getting from me to consider me as your master?” He said, ”I feel loved, I feel confident, I feel protected and I feel guided.” Then I said, ”Yes, please go ahead. Because it is helping you.” But one thing i want to tell you. Whenever you see an image as a guidance or as a protector, any kind of comfort we get from any image, this is real, there is no doubt. But what usually happens is, as you get closer and closer to that image or that person, that image will start to dilute. It will start to become thinner and thinner. And again as you get closer to that image, you will realise you have also lost your identities. You and him are ones. One energy, one consciousness, there is no difference. This is what Jesus says, ”Me and my father are one.” When you lose all your identities, you become one with your guru, there are no gurus, there are no disciples. These are all play with relativity. If there is no up, there is no down. If there is no black, there is no white. So what is darkness? Absence of white. Once we understand that this is divine play, everything is simple. You will see yourself in me and me in yourself. So this is the reason for having a guide and having a choice.


Q: I saw a seven-headed snake during meditation. Then that snake went through me and I felt a big shift happening in me. Could you explain that to me?
A: Snake is synonymous to kundalini energy. Do you know what is a promise of god to man? Enlightenment. Seven heads are seven levels, seven oceans, seven heavens, these are levels of evolutions. These are the signs that you were able to see as you are evolving. You have been connected to me for months now. I hear your communication and I’ve answered your questions non-verbally.
Q: Many times I see you laughing.
A: When you ask me a question, or that I need to do something for you, I give an answer. But I don’t need to tell you what I am doing on you. Have firm faith, faith opens the doors. Whatever I need to convey verbally, which is information for you, I do. But 80% of the time it is for me to do, so I don’t need to explain. I always do my job:)
Laughter is a sign that it is done, otherwise, how to express that it’s done? So faith is the key.
How did you reach me? I always say, those who are supposed to reach you will reach you even if you are sitting in the forest. I cannot hide from them. And those who are not supposed to meet me, even if I am in front of them, they cannot recognise me. You have a family where you were born, where you grew up, and you have father and mother who helped you grow, but some people are lucky to meet their spiritual family. Most of the relationships are conditional, based on expectations, if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. It is sometimes transactional. But in spiritual family it is never transactional. It is never conditional and there are no expectations. Love is unconditional. When you are in such a family, you know you are at home.
Mohanji - Himalayan retreat, Rishikesh 2014Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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Shiva State of Consciousness – an aspiration of every yogi

 The Supreme Unmanifested


Shiva is the supreme unmanifested. The supreme power, the supreme energy, the supreme creator, the source of all creation, the soul of all creation. This is shiva. And shiva continues through all the entities which are animate or inanimate in this world and shiva represents the whole consciousness, the consciousness which is beyond all the space, all the times, all the materials and all the beings. So shiva is an enigma, shiva is you, shiva is me, and shiva is pervading the whole universe. You can call shiva any name.

Shiva linga

Shiva linga

When I say shiva, it is the supreme unmanifested represented by the shiva linga, the egg-shaped material which contains the whole universe or which represents the whole universe. The first form is an egg shape, and shiva linga can contain the maximum possible energy and that is why all the atomic reservoirs of the world are in the form of shiva linga.

Shiva is an aspiration of every yogi, anybody who is walking the path of spirituality. He is the ultimate yogi, one who is absolutely established in stillness, who is behind every activity but at the same time is totally inactive, somebody who is not pushed into thinking, pushed into talking or pushed into action, somebody who is established in absolute stillness, but the source of every action. Even when he is extremely dynamic, he is extremely still.

He is the ultimate yogi god. I say ‘he’ but he is genderless. ‘He’ is both shiva and shakti. The latent, the power, the energy aspect, and the creative aspect. ‘He’ is Ardhanarishvara, half-man, half-woman, both genders merge in the supreme entity. Ardhanarishvara

So shiva is something which cannot be explained in any terms or cannot be understood through the intellect. Shiva needs to be experienced. And when you experience shiva, you become shiva, and when you become shiva, you are absolutely still, the mind completely collapses, dissolves, and you become completely occupied in the state of shiva, and shiva is definitely a state, a feeling, a bhav, and in that bhav, it’s total bliss – satchitananda, complete bliss state or the state of perpetual bliss. Shiva is beyond time, beyond space, beyond all the gunas, all the flavours. He is called the time as well as the timelessness. He is called the eyes or the wisdom, or the third eye to see the whole universe, or the perpetual state of being the whole universe. So when a yogi stills his mind, and becomes shiva, he is not separate from shiva, he becomes one with shiva. Shiva can be called any name, Para Brahma, Maha Vishnu, Brahman, Godess… anything whatever you call it is the supreme unmanifested. All the manifestations came from the supreme unmanifested and will dissolve back into the supreme unmanifested at some point in time. So we have to consider shiva as everything… or nothing.



Shivarathri is one day dedicated to the connection or increasing the connection with Lord Shiva. On this day people fast, they do not eat food, they sometimes eat once or they do not eat any food at all. And they connect to the aspect of shiva within themselves using chants of om namah shivaya or any of the chants of shiva. Depending on the people’s flavour or style, it can be bhakti, devotion, you can keep chanting and connecting, or jnana, through the knowledge, reading the books about Shiva or connecting on that level, or raja yoga path, dissolving the mind and becoming shiva, or the service path, karma yoga path which by serving and feeding the poor, animals and birds. Or we can collect everything together and do yogic practices, you can do all these aspects together in one day and also connect to shiva in any level, connecting to the spine and feeling the breath through the spine to the top of the head and back. You can also operate on the energy level inside doing the abishek of shiva linga, the form of the supreme unmanifested, the superconsciousness in the form of linga. It is said that not even a drop of water is wasted or goes unrecorded if it falls on the shiva linga, which means every drop of water that we pour on the linga enhances our connection with the supreme unmanifested, the power of shiva. Shiva is a state and it is the state that we are aspiring to reach and in that state we do not exist as the separate being from the consciousness called shiva, we become one with shiva. 1aaa

It also represents that we are surrendering the darkness inside us to the light. Shiva state is supreme brightness, absolute brilliance. So when we surrender the darkness which is the ignorance in us at the feet of the Lord, we become bright, we become one with the god. So we are also taking the bath in the supreme brightness on that day. When we keep the inner space clean, shiva resides there. The energy called shiva exists in you. You become the temple of shiva. We aspire to make our inner space a temple of shiva (Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna… don’t worry about the manifested forms, I am talking about the consciousness which is unmanifested). If you keep the inner space clean, the unmanifested supreme consciousness in the form of brightness stays inside you and you will become a beacon of light to the world outside. This is exactly what we are aspiring to be by shivarathri. You become brightness so that the whole world becomes brighter because of you.

Mohanji namaskar

You can also watch this talk on youtube

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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Peaceful Inside, Postponement and Expectations, Astral Plane

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia,18th May 2012

You can also watch this on youtube: Mohanji – The Aim is Liberation 1-7

Mohanji (2)

Peaceful Inside

If you look at your whole life, it’s just like a cinema. No situations are repeated just like that. We go along with time. I can only lift right hand or left hand at this second. By the time I lift right hand, my choice is finished. Then it is another second, to lift left hand or right hand. So just like a movie, things are going. If we understand that clearly, we will have much lesser sorrows. Because we feel we control our life. But something else controls us, because time is given, space is given, intelligence and choices are very limited. So, why do we complain? In this meditation, the space we have mentioned, just to say, it is you who created this space. Because whatever happens outside of us, if we are peaceful inside, we can survive. Because if we give the remote control of our life in somebody’s hands, they keep changing channels. Who suffers? We suffer. Mohanji quote - When you leave the remote control of your happiness

So if our life depends on other people too much and if our happiness and sorrows depend on other people too much, we will have sorrows. I’m not saying that we should not talk to other people, but we should take other people as other people. So if they are happy, of they do good, if they smile at you, it doesn’t change much within us. But we are usually relationship oriented. When we are relationship-oriented, what happens is, a lot of people have influence on us every day. So how do we handle this? Through increasing awareness. Whether it’s sunshine or rain, life goes on. Whether today I’m happy or not, life goes on. Whether I’m fat or thin it doesn’t matter, life goes on
Another thing, we always think, if we were somebody else, it would be better. Because we think we have defects, and other people do not have defects. E.g. I imagine ”If I were Arnold Schwarzenegger, everything would be better.” HA, HA. It’s impossible. And he will have these problems as well, that we do not know. Also what we think about other people also influences us.
So one way I said other people control our lives, this is because we give the remote control to a lot of people. Likewise, we think other people are better off, whether better looking, or better money or position… something better than us. But one thing i can guarantee you. I have met many supremely rich people, but what I have found was they have much more insecurity than a normal person. Most of them cannot sleep well. Most of them are terribly worried, as they created a prison around themselves to protect themselves. At the end of the day, they fail to enjoy what they have. And to top it all, to get the money it takes a lot of effort, sweat and blood. But to maintain that it is even more difficult. I’m not saying money is bad, money is good, it’s energy. But if it’s above your eyes, you are drowning. If we have enough money in our hands we control it. If we have money above the neck, it controls us. Many people who are rich and famous are prisoners of their own fame and fortune. So don’t think ”I’ll be happy tomorrow.” or ”I’ll be happy when I have a lot of money.” Can you be happy now? This is the only reality. If tomorrow happens, thank you. But I cannot guarantee :)

Mohanji quotes - If our life depends

The Story about Postponement and Expectations

There is a great epic ”Mahabharata”. It is about the war between two cousins, the sons of two brothers. They fight a war for kingdom. The war is orchestrated by an avatar Krishna. During that time the war is based on truth. So they will not fight after sunset. It’s like in 9am to 5pm job :) When the war was getting finished, Krishna and the elder most senior member of one of the groups, the eldest of the opponent group, met to see the battlefield, so while they were seeing, they were checking what happened, how many people had died that day. So suddenly one beggar came. He asked the man who was with Krishna, ”I’m hungry, can you give me some money?” But he didn’t get his wallet, so he said, ”Come back tomorrow, I’ll give it to you.” The beggar went away because he will get nothing. Krishna started laughing and he was laughing and laughing. So this fellow was surprised, ”I didn’t crack a joke now,why are you laughing?” ”No, no, I’m laughing because you are sure you will be alive tomorrow to give the money to the beggar, I’m not.” Krishna is an avatar and HE said, ”I do not know my future”. The other person who is ignorant was quite sure about his future. This is human existence. We postpone things thinking we have a very long future and sleep on it. What Krishna says is, ”If you can do something now, do it. Do not promise for something in the future. If you cannot deliver, you have to come back again to deliver.
Life is as simple as that. We make it complicated because of our expectations. We keep increasing our shopping list so we are not able to fulfill that. God has nothing to do with it. God blesses you all the time.
I always tell people, “I fail to understand why you complicate your life. And 80% of the complications are related to expectation. One small example, we are born thanks to two people, our parents. They brought us up until we were able to be on our own and make our own living. But at the age of 40, if one says, “Where are my parents, they are not helping me?” It doesn’t make sense. So as life goes, the relationships also change. Parents remain the same, of course, we don’t change them, but the intensity, the connectivity, and relevance also differs. Because after some time you may look after the parents. While you were a child they looked after you. This is how life goes. Life goes from today, to tomorrow, to the day after tomorrow, but take your mind with you when you go. Body is going definitely, because we are getting old. Take the mind with you. Like, if you leave your clothes in different houses you have to collect them back, right? So better to take clothes when you go. Then when you do not have the choice of stopping the time and staying young, take the mind with you. Mind goes from event to event. Body goes from time to time. If these go together, you are a peaceful person. And your presence will make others peaceful as well. They will want to meet you and discuss something with you… at least put their burden on you. If mind can travel along with the body, you are in control of your mind. And you will never feel like a victim, “Oh, I’m suffering because of this or that person.”

Mohanji quote Life is simple We make it complicated
This is not a meditation what you just did. It is purification. When you purify yourself, life becomes easier. Your mind’s immunity will become higher, because shocks of life affect the mind. When you do each of these meditations, the effects are different because cleansing is happening from very, very deep level. On physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual level, depending on where you’ve got more blockages. Sometimes we think we have certain blockages. What we think may not be the most important one, and what is removed is the most important one which prevents your progress. Then miracles happen. Miracles do happen, if we allow them to. Once Jesus said, “I refuse to show miracles” because people are getting stuck with miracles, not him or his consciousness. Jesus had the whole consciousness to offer, and people were coming to see the magic. What can we do? So what did he say? “Connect to Me and you will reach the highest, the Father” But how many people went to Him to reach the Father? Nobody went to him to reach the Father. They went to him asking, “Can you remove my cough?” (I was joking). When people pray to me, “Please can you get me a parking, so that I come for your meditation?” HA, HA. Our requirements are sometimes very low. Because I didn’t have onion, I couldn’t cook a particular dish. But there are many other vegetables to cook a dish. Because our mind was focused on onion and was not available, we forgot to eat, or we could not eat, ha, ha.
So what is worth investing on in this life? One thing worth investing in this life is awareness. Awareness is the larger vision of life. Seeing instead from these eyes, from third eye. When you start seeing from the third eye, the past, present and future stay at one point. Then we are deathless. Because in absolute sense, just like a film, we have been projected to the world, this earth. Like a film has three hours of duration, we have about eighty years of duration. In between we see many situations, many people, many events, and we act in it. Then the film ends. Another film comes. Like with humming with the stomach in bee breath (before meditation), it is never ending. So, continue acting. If you do not want to act any more, stop desiring. Do not enter into the next contract. If you do not want to enter into another contract, it would be better that we do not have too many relationships, that means friends, and too many enemies. It would be better if we are kind rather than venomous. So people will say, ok, bless you. It helps. The vibrations help. The more you are kind and you are able to express it, the more liberated you become. It’s not about spending money for poor people. It’s just if somebody is not feeling good, just support. This is good. Kindness, charity is not only spending money. It is being kind in every situation. Everybody responds to love. Not only human beings, but animals, birds, plants, every being responds to love. When you express love consistently, you operate in a very liberated plane. Your image will be reflected in everybody’s eyes. You and the universe become one. That is how you become deathless, because you merge with the universe.

Q: How do you do?
A: How are things done through me? If I have to do something, there should be an “I”. That means an ego element. When that is gone, I surrender to the universe, things happen through me, so instead of controlling me, I control situations. You know how? I can wear the dress of anger, if i have to express anger. Then I remove the dress, anger is gone. I can wear the dress of happiness, if I have to express happiness. Then I can remove the dress of happiness, too and become neutral. I choose to wear whatever dress that situation needs. It’s not automatic. It’s not I have all the dress on me, I show it, that’s not the way. I wear it. Otherwise I stay naked. When we are in control of the situations, there is much less pain within. It might be hot or raining outside, but it doesn’t affect us. This is why I’m able to deliver something to people and why people come to see me. That is “how I do”
I always tell people, take the life as a joke, don’t be serious, because anyway you will die some day. Be happy today. What is the point in being upset? And if we are not able to sleep well at night, it’s not worth it. We work hard, earn money, and sleep, life should be normal.

Astral plane

Mohanji quote - When we can consciously

When you are in the astral plane, you are in your home town, because after every death you go there. There are no comparisons because all are in the energy plane, all are energy bodies, there is no discrimination, how much you earn, how much I earn… it doesn’t matter. There is an immense level of peacefulness, a beauty of existence on that plane. But when you come to the gross plane, there is x number of comparisons. When we can consciously hand over our operations, body activities, to the conscious mind, (conscious mind has limitation, but that is the only operation we do), we are in control of our life. When you came to the Earth before you took birth now, you had a definite plan, you chose your parents, and you knew you were going to take birth to experience these things, and to express these things, the whole life. The same way, when consciousness shifts, you will also decide to leave the body, you will be able to leave the body at will. I don’t know how many of you have seen the picture on top of Himalayas, a pool full of bodies inside. Those are saints who left their body at will, it is call water exit, exit through water. It is at the altitude above 8000 m. When they are meditating, they get a command that the time has come to leave. They have finished their purpose here. Then they withdraw their soul from the toes upwards and they exit. That is why they go to the pool, because nobody is there to bury them. And it’s cold, it’s ice, so the body is preserved. They enter the pool, they withdraw and they leave the body at will, just like we took birth. This is absolute power. Absolute control. This is the real control, not controlling others. This is all within us, we can achieve all this.

I think some of you already met me in the astral plane, we can definitely meet when you connect to my eyes and we discuss various things. When you connect to my consciousness, we definitely meet. And when you wake up, you will think it’s a dream. You say, ”I met Mohanji in the dream and he gave me this answer.” But how do you know the difference between a dream and astral experience? The clarity. This is why i tell people to connect to my eyes, because through eyes you reach my consciousness. You can see what I see. You cannot look with both eyes together, it automatically shifts to the third eye. Don’t look at the third eye first, because it will not work. You will know when we are connected because the brightest of the answers you get would be mine, otherwise, thoughts are happening all the time. If I appear in your dream, it usually isn’t unconscious mind, but astral experience.

happiness and liberation

Q: Before satsang I wanted to ask thousands of questions, but now I cannot think of any of them?
A: When you are sitting in my presence physically, all the people are within my consciousness, or within my energy field. So sometimes questions which are not relevant cannot come out.

Q: Then my questions obviously weren’t important, ha ha.
A: Those important for your main life path will be answered, 100% sure. It’s not like, I’m bored, let me ask some questions, but what is useful for life will be definitely answered. For general questions, who has the time? I usually answer without asking. Most of the time I know the questions because you are within me, so I know what is important, what is not important, either physically or through experience, through situations.

When I’m sitting in one position, how do I operate on another plane? That’s how I initiated some, astrally. Physically it’s impossible. Because you are 5-10 000 kilometres away. How do we operate in another plane? You have to go into the timeless space, where the past, present and future should be at one point, then you can work on it. So astral plane is like that. We have no block there to measure the time.
Mohanji in RishikeshRecorded and transcribed by Bilja Vozarevic

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Are you connecting to the Consciousness?

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia 7th May, 2014

Q: I had super sensations during the meditation this time, really. I saw my hand with my eyes closed with beautiful white light, and I couldn’t believe it, I just moved my hand in front of my face. This was the first time I saw this.

A: This is normal. These are stages of evolution. When you come to subtler level where gross is not blocking you, like, body is very gross, mind is also gross, intellect is gross, ego is gross, you’re going beyond it to your real form which is very soft and subtle, which is bright. The moment you touch that, you can see all the gross. Maybe you have seen my pictures with the hands transparent. Actually it is true. It is not imagination. When you are connecting to very subtle energy and you are conveying it, you become like that. The whole constitution changes.

Q: I know theoretically that we are beings of light. But for the first time I felt that.

A: This is my job.

Q: I feel happiness, and gratitude, and…

A: You are connecting to me very deeply, so the level of grossness is dissolving. That’s why.

Q: Aha, ok.

M card - eyesA: Why do we keep the picture of the eyes in the card? Because when you connect to the eyes, you connect to the consciousness. That’s why. Eyes are like gateways. Through the eyes you connect to the consciousness. So when you connect deeply, that is the consciousness working on. So you are able to see through. That is why people are coming to me.

Q: But I didn’t even try!

A: No need to try. The moment you try, the mind comes in the picture. When you don’t try, the mind is sleeping.

Q: That is tricky thing, I know…

A: That is the point. Most of the people connect only to the gross, terrestrial, “Why is this happening, why is that happening…can you do this, can you do that…” These are all immaterial. What can you BE is material. This is what is more important. You can be absolutely powerful when you are absolutely subtle. The moment you connect to the gross, the aches and pains, and the changes are there. You cannot avoid it.
And if you noticed, the subtler you become, the more you want to detach from people. The more you want to be silent. Even small sounds might not be good for you. Do you know why? Because our nature is silence. Sound is not our nature. So once we transdcend over, we start loving silence. Silence is not even somebody not speaking. Even silence from inside will be beautiful. So we will be more connected to the silence and we will detach from the sound. We may even detach from the people. Like one person from Belgrade wrote to me today, “I just want to sit next to you because I never felt so much silence with anybody in life.” He said, “I met you for a few minutes and I became silent and this feeling hasn’t gone yet, after two or three days. He said, “I just want to come and sit near you. Don’t talk to me. Don’t even answer my questions. Just let me be near you.” Why is this happening? Because this is your nature. When you find your nature, you will not leave it. Otherwise you will keep checking, searching. The search will go on. The moment you find the nature, your true nature, you will never leave it.
Another thing in the same context, the more you are checking why this is so, why that is so, or is this real, we are entertaining the mind. We are energising the mind. Mind is the storehouse of questions. So the more we search why, why, why, we are just making the sound in the mind. The more we are entertaining the mind, the longer mind will stay. When the mind stays, you can never connect to the truth.

Mohanji quote Be Intelligent

Q: Very simple. And very hard at the same time!

A: But the diagnosis is more difficult than cure. So diagnosis is done. The cause of the problem is mind. Now the cure is easy. The medicine is simple. Do not energise your mind. Dont think it’s difficult, because thoughts come without our calling. But don’t entertain them. Feel them, leave them. Always feel your thoughts, feel your actions, feel life. This itself will be great. Rather see, and listen and make voice, feel. Feel life. he moment you start feeling, it’s not normal senses which are working. You are internalising it. So if you are touching and feeling life… children do that, you’ve seen. Children feel materials, they are more feeling oriented until we tell them “Look here…” In our path we only tell people where to look, we never tell people what to see. Because you already know what to see. And you will only see what you need to see. When you start feeling life, feel the sun, feel the moon, feel the cold, feel the heat, what happens is there ends desire for feeling. You will not postpone it. Feeling need not be from the mind. The mind can be used to feel, but mind is not the only faculty which can feel. When you read a book, you feel something. It’s reality for you. That is not from the mind. It’s from the intellect. You operate in multiple levels, but the moment you start feeling from inside, the desire ends there. There are no more desires. For example, you have coffee. You feel the coffee. Then you have no more desire for a new coffee. But if you are watching the television and having the coffee, half an hour later you want another coffee. Why is it so? The feeling is not registered inside. You were not here while you were drinking coffee. Like that, repetition happens, if your mind is not present, or you are not feeling. So, feel more than see or hear or think. And when you start feeling yourself, most of the questions end. Because you connect to your own nature. See, the only reality for you is your own nature. Each person has a different nature. You are born with it. And that is the nature which you have to connect to, for being real in this world, for being successful in life.

Mohanji quote - Your mission in this lifetime

Q: During the meditation I felt I was in some state between dream and peace. I cannot define it nor did I want to analyse it. I felt I was radiating from third eye chakra, solar plexus and my hand, as if some kind of beam was coming out of me. When we finished, I saw a white belt around you and people who were next to the wall, looking like a cloak. It wasn’t a play of shadows, a reflection of light.

A: There are various energies in the plane of existence, not only here, everywhere. THey are all looking for redemption, they are all looking for elevation. And many of them get a redemption also, in our process. This is one side. Second is for you what happened was you reached the state of altered consciousness. That means connecting more to the soul. When you are connecting to the soul, that is exactly what we are trying to do in our meditation, we are bringing you from the gross to the subtle, and then you reach a state of altered consciousness, where you can see much more than you can normally see with your senses, eyes. In that state you will see much more. That is why i said connect to my consciousness, that is why we keep the eyes in the card. States change very rapidly provided we allow it. Your receptivity is very high. It is normal that you are able to see much more. Because you are able to move into the consciousness. The mind is the blocking factor here. Mind confuses between the superficial like the body and expression, and the real, they say, “I know Mohanji, he is this, or how he talks…” But it is nothing. The moment you connect to the consciousness it’s a completely different world.

Mohanji quote - We are all one soul

Q: When some people started crying, my heart was aching tremendously. Like I was crying, too.

A: Because it becomes one consciousness, like my extended consciousness, and I take out things. When this meditation happens, even when I’m not here, it works the same way, that is why it’s going popular all over the world. Actually speaking, we are all related that is why we met. We can call ourselves as soul mates. Soul mate is not husband and wife. These are a set of souls who decided to meet at this plane. We have taken this decision well before. So we decided to come here and experience life and interact in some level at some point in time. And some of us will connect for some time and then they go on their own, some of us will be connected for a longer period of time, so the time span of connection has no value here. We are connected. That has value.

Q: Meditation is more intense with many people.

A: Yes. Meditation is like a passport. It’s just used to be united. But more than meditation what is happening is the consciousness is getting connected. You can say meditation is a tool to bring everybody together, but more than meditation what is happening is the marriage of consciousness. This has more value. You can think of meditation as a boat to cross the river, but the consciousness is continuing. And mind can never understand this. The moment we start analysing, we fail. But soul understands. And the connection is from the soul level. That is why we will not leave. We are connected, not only from this life, but we will continue in that mode. We can say that the thread continues. Whatever happens id doesn’t matter but we are united in consciousness.

Q: This is intellectual trap.

A: Yes, the moment we analyze we fail to understand. This is why people get confused. I sometimes get messages which are crazy and I don’t even reply, I say, take your time talk to yourself. Get back to me once you have a proper question. I say, I will not wash your clothes. Wash yours.:)
Ego plays a major role. When people come to me and say, “Oh, I’ve done this course, I’ve done that course…” I say, “Please continue.” :) Because what will I do? What we have done in life has no value apart from what we are. The more courses we do and ego gets more and more pampered and stronger, it’s very difficult to cross over. It is like a gate is small and the person is very fat. Intellectually you can also get very, very fat :) Today, a person, I think he is from Netherlands, sent a message to me saying, “Mohanji, I follow you and so many changes have happened. But that final uncaging, that lion is ready to go out of the cage but can not break the cage. How?” I said, “The only blockage you have, the cage, is your mind. Lion is ready to leave any day. But what keeps the lion inside the cage is the mind. So the more solid the cage is, the more difficult it is to break. We need to dilute ourselves, and to empty ourselves so that the cage itself falls down.” I said it symbolically, but this is the point.

Mohanji quote - It is mind's job to create doubts

Q: Only observing the thoughts and not paying attention to them, not energising it, is the trick, not dealing with mind at all?

A: Correct. Just less energising the mind will decay the cage. And also one more thing we must understand clearly. Mind has a tendency to project a situation which may not be real. E.g. a man said, “I am deeply connected to you, I look at your picture 24 hours a day.” But it need not be. It is mind confusing you. It’s not your connecting or not connecting to the picture. It’s that are you feeling me? Are you being me? This is the point. I receive a lot of emails people ask me, “I’m deeply connected to you, are you feeling me?” I say, “Don’t worry whether I am feeling you, but are you feeling me?” ha, ha. I’ll give you one example. There is one medical doctor in Dubai. She connects to me and gives answers to people. She has no idea how the answers come. She has never read anything, but she does that. In 2004 or 2005 when I met her I said, “One day, you will be representing me.” I told her at that time. She is married and has children. At that time she didn’t know it but later on, she started talking thing which she was surprised, “How do i know this?” But answers are real. Because people who receive the answer say, thank you, I’ve got the answer, or , the problem is solved. She used to call me saying, “Mohanji this is working wonderfully! How is it happening?” I said, “Stop calling me now. Feel me now. Do not talk to me on the phone or use anything. Connect to me.” Because then you have to take the next step. Once this is happening, go to the next step saying that 100% conviction we are connected and act on it and feel it and move it. Then eventually, we are connected 100%, full time, you are operating in that plane. So consciousness is one. How we use it is the most important thing. The moment you feel Mohanji is separate from me, or the consciousness is separate, the wall is the mind. And mind projects you are very well connected to me because there is a picture on the wall. That is nothing. Many times it’s like that.

Consciousness is important at this time because most of us are beating around the bush. We are practising something, it doesn’t matter what you practise, which guru you follow is also ok, which god you connect is fine, but are you connecting to the consciousness? This is the most important point here.

One example of the connection is a three-year-old boy. We came back from Belgrade at night, that night Biba was not there, they forgot to put the blanket on the bad so I was feeling cold. He woke up his mother in New Delhi and said, “Mohanji is feeling cold” and took my picture and put it under the blanket. If you ask him now what I’m doing he will say. Deeply connected to the consciousness. Why I’m giving this example is, this is a state you can achieve. We should be so deeply engraved in consciousness, when you should not feel difference from me.
Another aspect is, the moment you start evolving in consciousness, such people will get attracted to you. There two ways they come. Sometimes a person of negative nature will come to you, for taking the energy, like they want help. So it’s up to you how much time you want to spend with them. This is for sure. Second is that likewise people will come to you. The people who are evolving will come and hold your hand. This will become a beautiful family. I always tell people, if there is a problem in relationship, evolve yourself and then the relationship that comes to you will stay. Because they are not judgmental. Otherwise usual relationships are based on expectation, and judgement. You keep judging a person based on whatever awareness you have, and you expect. So whenever a relationship is based on expectation, and it moves in a kind of judgmental way, “If you do this I like you, if you don’t do this I don’t,” there will be conflicts all the time. But the moment the consciousness grows, the relationship shifts to purpose, “We are together because there is a higher purpose to achieve.” This is beautiful. Then, there is no conflict because there is no room for conflict. There is nothing to fight for. This is to be understood clearly. Whenever there is a blockage in relationship, evolve and catch the higher. Then the whole thing comes up. Only such people will meet you. The rest will leave you because you are useless to those people.
It is extremely important to cultivate awareness. Normally we do not see the consciousness and say, “This man looks good, I want him.” That’s nothing. Because sometimes he is carrying so much of baggage, a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter, we fall for the looks, senses take you to the looks and then we suffer. It is not easy. How do you know? It is important that you raise yourself so that you attract that kind of personality into your life. This is also not only marriage, I’m talking about any relationships in life.

Mohanji quote - Concepts distort experiences

Q: Don’t look for a perfect person, be a perfect person.

A: Yes, be the perfect person, don’t need to look anywhere. That comes to you. Then only it stays. Otherwise every relationship is based on expectation and emotion. And respect happens with the higher consciousness. Respect comes to you. Respect has to be earned. You can probably get a state, e.g. somebody tells you, “You are the president of this place.” But the stature has to happen through maturity, through approach, through the higher awareness. Then only it stays. Otherwise you can see many people attaining a position and falling down.
One person asked me, “How can we keep you here longer?” I said, “I never leave this place. If you are able to see, you will see.” Physically, it’s very difficult, because there is only one body. But otherwise I’m here.

Q: You are everywhere.

A: Yes.

Mohanji (2)

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

By mohansuniverse

About Letting Go, Mantras, Shaktipat and Nath tradition

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia on 4th May, 2014

Mohanji 3Q: During the Power of Purity meditation my eyes by themselves rotated for about 60 degrees upwards so that I almost had to opened my eyes. I don’t know what happened…

A: When you connect to the third eye and your eyes rotate to the third eye, that means you are in the mood of forgiveness, you are forgiving, you are letting go. On normal eye level we always attract, collect and store. But the moment it shifts to the third eye, we start letting go, we release. So you are ready to release, this is the sign of that. We are by nature collection oriented. Through our eyes, nose, ears, all our faculties we attract information, we attract experiences, we attract a lot of things and we store it. And the more we store, the heavier we become. It’s natural. So what happens is, the experience also starts getting repeated. It is called purva samskara, which means past impressions. We collect impressions and we repeat them in life. It is important to let go, to release becvause every second is fresh, every moment is fresh. If we bring something from the past and put it in the present, we miss the fragrance of the present, or the flavour of the right moment, this moment. What usually happens is we are usually superimposing. E.g. “I knew this before, or I’ve know this person before, I’ve known this situation before, I’ve known the place before,” but every moment is changing, just like our body. It’s changing. Change is part of life. Change is part of earthly existence. We must look at life fresh. Then we start enjoying life. Then we are in the present. So in the meditation that we’ve just practiced we are asking people to connect to the spine. When you are connected to the spine, automatically your eyes close and you shift to the third eye. Then you are ready to release. Otherwise you will not release. Even normally when we sit down and close our eyes, we do not release, we are just trying to manipulate on our stored impressions. That is one of the points.

Mohanji blessing the grouip during Power of purity meditation

Mohanji blessing the grouip during Power of purity meditation

Normally we meet a person and say, “I’ve met him.” What you are meeting is the physical form, and the expressions of the person. But there is a deep inherent consciousness which is expressed through the person. Like, if you say, “I know Mohanji” that means you know this physical form and my way of expression. That’s about it. But where it is coming from it is not possible for you to know. For knowing that, you must be operating more from the third eye. So when you meet a person you actually understand him. Otherwise all we are doing is meeting the physical form and collecting the expressions and judging a person. This is very wrong. this is not the way. That is why we have conflicts. Normally when we meet a person we see the differences. But when we operate from the third eye we see the unity. And simplest technique for operating from the third eye is connecting to your own spine. I’m not saying “meditate”, but “connect”. When I say “connect” it means when you are walking, feel the spine. When you are sitting down, feel the spine, even for five or ten minutes. It is not that you feel the spine all the time. Eventually, with every activity, if you start feeling your spine, you start operating from the spine or from the third eye. Even if you close the eyes and feel the spine automatically you will know that you are operating from the third eye.
When you start operating from your spine, the difference would be less emotions, and more of awareness. As awareness grows, you will increasse in strength, you will become stronger. This is very simple. You do not have to go to any guru or any particular place to do, while you lead your life, you can connect to your spine, you can be peaceful and also you will enjoy silence when the mind is getting stiller and stiller. And when you thus establish yourself in awareness, you will be detaching from your mind, you will be detaching from your body, at the same time you would be functioning very well. But you are not controlled by the mind or the body.

Q: How to get rid of anxious state?

A: I already explained that. connect to your spine, feel your spine, stay away from your mind, start watching your mind, detach from your mind, and slowly, slowly, slowly the mind will become still. It is like, when you do not energise one hand for one year, you won’t be able to use that hand because the muscles become weak. So if you do not energise your mind, especially your fears, your anxieties, your insecurities, they will start dropping off. They will not be there. Detaching from the mind is very important. When i say the mind, it also contains ego and it also contains intellect. The discriminating factor, the emotional factor, the ego factor.

Q: How does mantra chanting fits in this whole story? What is its use? Is it good or not?

A: Each mantra is a configuration which helps some part of your constitution. Sometimes it is to rejuvenate, sometimes it is to calm… Each mantra has a purpose.
Normally a guru gives a mantra to the disciple looking at the constitution of the disciple. That is like prescribed medicine. There are mantras like “Om namah shivaya”. People say this mantra is enough, no other mantra is needed, which is true. It is very, very powerful. I’ve given the explanation of each word in it.

AUM NAMAH SHIVAAYA explained by Mohanji.jpg

That constitutes every aspect of our existence such as the fire element which constitute the body, the five types of air that circulate the body, and the five types of fire, five types of existence. Every aspect is covered in this five-digit mantra.
The same fire can be used to cook the food and burn the house. It’s up to us to decide what we need out of the fire. People like to have powers. So they configure mantras to give that effect. And there are mantras for protecftion, like a sheath. Gayatri mantra has the power of protection, and also power of elevation.

Mohanji Gayatri Mantra with meaning

Mohanji Gayatri Mantra with meaning

So every mantra has a reason and power. But if you connect to the white mantras, like “Om namah shivaya”, etc. no harm will happen to you in any way. About other mantras, power-oriented, you should be careful. They can help us and they can also hurt us.

Q: How to know which one is maybe dangerous?

A: The mostly recognised, the mostly approved pleasant chants are from the white. Because it enhances your protection, your energy, and your wellbeing. They are fine. Or you can check with your guru who understands and they will recommend.
We can also individualise mantras. With certain mantras, if you use, you will have a particular effect, another person will have different effect. So mantras cannot be generalised all the time. But this question is very important at this time because energies are changing very rapidly on earth now. A lot of calamities are expected from now to 2022. This is because the energies are shifting rapidly. And you can see the effect of it on people. Mind is restless. Mind is controlling. To connect to the higher frequencies has become difficult and meditation has become difficult. So chanting has much more value today than meditation. And chanting can lead to meditation. It is usually said that you should contemplate on yourself, on what you are before you go into meditation. And then when you contemplate, ”Am I this anger? Am I this form that I see in the mirror? Am I this expression? Am I the mind? Am I the intellect? Am I the ego? Am I so and so son or daughter? Am I the husband or wife?“ These questions come and finally the answer will be no, no, no… after a long time when you finally start feeling yourself, then you slip into meditation. That meditation is real for you. And that meditation will have much, much impact and effect. Because you have recognised yourself. Now most of the people, I’m not underestimating, only have a vague idea about who we are, or who they are. Mostly when I ask, ”Who are you?” They will say some name which is connected to this life. Actually speaking, all of us sitting here are related in consciousness. All the people outside including plants, animals, birds, are connected in consciousness. We are all one soul. Because we look different or feel different, we consider we are different. So this is a good time for the chanting. When you chant, chant from the stomack center, not from the throat. Stomack is the seat of the fire. And when you enhance the fire, it burns the stored emotions. When you keep chanting positive mantra, in the stomack center for the period of time, scripture say that you can even change the weather, climate or even the destiny.

Q: Is it important to calm your mind while chanting?
A: Calmness happens to the mind when you are connected to the mantra.
Q: So it doesn’t matter if the mind wanders around?
A: Mind will anyway wander. You cannot control the mind and start the show. It never works. Please understand that mind is the most restless factor in your system. It is never stable. Don’t think that we can attack your mind directly. It’s impossible. Mind will catch you every time :). And also mind will manipulate you. That is why I say if you depend on the mind, mind will keep you the same and mind will help you change the guru. Mind is filled with concepts from the society, from the education, from the parents, from every aspect of our existence. We have collected the concepts and filled our mind. And our life is equal to which concepts allow us to experience, not the reality. We are not experiencing the world in reality. We are just trying to sound it off with our concepts. The more concepts we have, the more inflexible we are.

sathya_sai_babaHas everybody heard of Sathya Sai Baba? There was a boy staying with Baba for many years to do service. It was going on well for a few years, he was serving Baba, he was happy, Baba was happy. One day he decided to leave Baba. People said, ”Are you crazy, a lot of people are waiting to serve him, and you are with him! Why are you missing this opportunity?” Then he said, ”I saw Baba shaving. How can god shave?” He forgot that when you are in the human body, you have everything related to the human body including growth of hair. So what was the problem? He had a concept that Baba as God should be like this, in a particular way. And when he realised that this concept does not fit the man, he was completely affected. He couldn’t accept it. So he missed the big chance. He could have reached the highest if he was not concept oriented, if he was not bound by concepts. All of us are like this. We have limitations. We buy the frame in advance, then we cut the picture inside. We never buy a frame for the picture. Frame is equal to concept. And picture is equal to reality. We cut the picture (reality) for the concept.

Q: Is it important how we pronounce a mantra or is it all right if we pronounce it as we feel?
A: Most mantras are in sanskrit and the diction and writing is more or less the same. Pronounce every word. Don’t swallow words. There are numerous languages people speak in the world. I never think it’s 100% accuracy in anybody chanting. But the nearest possible should be ok because that’s the best you can achieve.

Calendar_IconTo go back on the topic of TIME, as I said, energies are changing very rapidly on earth now. A lot of calamities are expected from now to 2022. This is because the energies are shifting rapidly. And you can see the effect of it on people. Mind is restless. Mind is controlling. To connect to the higher frequencies has become difficult and meditation has become difficult. So chanting has much more value today than meditation. And chanting can lead to meditation.
The time is shifting and from 2012 to almost 2017 time is more dense and dark in nature. And from 2018 to 2022 would be more of the lighter, softer, subtler nature. This is what is expected. You can see the basic instinct or the basic aspect of the character of the people has been enhanced in the last few years. People who are oriented to spirituality, meditation, exploring themselves, have intensified it. Because at this time the Earth is spinning faster. A little effort from you helps much more. One year is almost equal to fifty years. So if you invest in awareness now, it will help you to achieve your goal much faster. This year, 2014, is important as the year of creation. Because of the moon. Moon means water, water means new life. It’s a new creation. It’s a good time for starting things anew. New effort this year for something very specific, 95% chance is it will happen. If you are taking one message from here, this should be the message. Nurture positivity now, or positive aspects now, or clear purpose, ”This is what I want to be or achieve in the years to come” or ”I want to be liberated in the years to come.” That kind of powerful decision, powerful purpose, if you sow the seeds now, it will grow beautifully in the years to come. This is very important to remember in these ten years between 2012 and 2022. It would be a good idea for that seed to be liberation because we are stuck with so many things created by the mind. We are dividing more than uniting. e are all related, but our mind doesn’t accept it. Mind likes to keep differences and divisions rather than unification and unity. All we need is love.


Q: I had an intense experience of the colours during the meditation, is that the mind or reality?
A: Colours are usually expressions of our constitution. Because we are a collection of various factors. There is love, anxiety, fear, goodness… as a mixture sitting in you. And this gets reflected in colours. But it is a good idea because once you see it, probably they are leaving you as well.

Q: It is well-known that most of the masters from Vedanta tradition uses mantras for initiation. As far as I know you do not do that, at least not in that way but you use shaktipat. Does shaktipat play a similar role in all these or is it somewhat deeper and more direct than that? Can you say a little more about shaktipat?

A: There are numerous paths leading to the same ocean. In the tradition that I follow, the path of Shiva, the more activity is done by the master. In our path the biggest requirement for any disciple is an empty space. It is not on activity, it is on beingness. We say that in our path, it’s like a monkey’s child. Monkey’s child clings to the mother. It doesn’t have the power to climb the tree. Mother climbs the tree. All the monkey’s child does is cling onto the mother. So in our path it’s complete connection with the guru or the path or the tradition, and everything is delivered. Have you heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi? Somebody asked him, ”How was your guru?” He said, ”My guru was very powerful. But he taught me nothing. From morning till evening I kept looking at him. I sat down and looked at him. And he gave me everything. Here the practice is being empty and surrendering. And just by connecting to the guru, you achieve the highest.
I’ll give you another example, Shirdi Sai Baba’s example. There was a saint Upasni Maharaj.

Upasni Maharaj

Upasni Maharaj

He used to do tremendous practices. And he was more or less playing with life. He would go and sit in the cave in the forest and meditate, and for days on without food, without water, and he would go to various places where people could not go. He would just sit and meditate just to attain the highest possible level a man can grow. He was not connected to Sai Baba, but whenever Baba saw him he would catch him and bring him and put him in Shirdi. But he couldn’t sit there. He was used to forest and other places. And when Baba was not looking he would run away. Baba would catch him again and bring him and put him there. A few time he did this, and he became as powerful as Baba. Once he attained the highest level he was living in the burial ground. It’s about 4 or 6 km from Shirdi. And whatever happened in Shirdi he would know sitting there. When one man went to Sai Baba and saw Sai Baba smoking, he was disturbed. He said, ”This is a guru? He smokes? I don’t want to bow down to him” and he went away. Then he came to Upasni Maharaj and tried to bow down, but he said, ”No, go away. If you cannot bow down there, don’t come here.” This was in 1900s, so there was no telephone to tell. And in the path of Shiva, it’s all about the dissolution. Each and every aspect is dissolved, ego is dissolved, mind is dissolved, intellect is dissolved, you become completely one with the perfection. When all the limitations are removed, you become extremely powerful, you become one with the universe.
Shaktipat is cutting down whatever is stored which you do not need, which is acquired and stored. This is what we are burning through shaktipat. What you cannot take out yourself, or will take a long time for you to clear, through shaktipat we are dissolving. This is what shaktipat is all about. Original idea is shakti energy which is already in human beings is enhanced and allowed to evolve from the lowest to the top of the head, the highest. When you enhance shakti energy, it burns down so many things which are not wanted. It should not be enhanced when the karmic push is strong. When karma is strong, that means you have already created an agenda for life, in our path, guru never ever interferes in one’s free will. No manipulation, no forcing, it should be spontaneous, and if a person comes to you, surrendered, in the sense like ”Please help me” or ”I’m ready”, that’s the only time when guru helps.

???????????????????????????????And shivapath is transfering the same energy or the same power of the guru to the disciple. This is very, very rare. Because the person has to develop to that level to receive it. And a guru has to be very lucky to get such a disciple because it is very rare and difficult. One African American came and met me in Virginia, the USA. I was surprised when he asked me, ” Can you deliver shivapath to me?” I said, ”I can give you shivapath, can you take it?” A lot of people come to see. Very few become higher. This is not the problem at all. It depends on the receptivity of the seekers. Many flowers happen in the tree, very few become fruit. In our path, there is only one criterion: empty space. And there is no other criteria, whether you are black or white, rich or pure, from this country or that country… Only criterion is, ”Are you able to receive?” But the guru will test the eligibility. I was talking to one divine mother in the Himalayas. She said, ”People climb the mountain to reach the guru. After a lot of effort, you reach the top and meet the guru. First thing the guru does is kick. So sometimes they gets disappointed, ”Oh, I climbed all these mountains and he kicked me.” But some people kiss the feet. That time guru hugs him. If you survive the test, then you are taken in. Then there’s nothing to worry, ha ha. It’s a joke, but it gives an idea about the path, which means, only eligibility is emptiness. No ego, no mind and then god fills in. And there are many gurus in our tradition starting from Shiva, we know Shirdi Sai Baba quite well, and then there are numerous gurus who walk the path and there are two reverse merging as one. One is the kriya yoga with Babaji and all the other gurus and the other one is gurus of the Dattatreya tradition. These come together. So Dattatreya side is all siddhas, all who have powers, of course all gurus have powers but there are more siddhas, like Shirdi Sai Baba was not teaching anybody any kriya. On both sides there are powerful masters.

bhagwan-nityananda But each caters to some people. Some people need activity and doing certain things to reach there. But for a siddha it’s about emptying, nullifying. Even Lord Dattatreya, when they asked him about his guru or who he was, he just said, ”I’m just the lover of the nature.” So that level of humility, nullification, this is the sign of our tradition. The tradition is called Nath tradition. There are many Nath gurus. Nisargadatta Maharaj was a Nath guru ,

Nasargadatta Maharaj

Nasargadatta Maharaj

Bhagawan Nithyananda from Ganeshpuri (he left his body in 1961), Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, they are all Nath gurus. They can sit in one place and work in many places. They are only using their body just to be on earth. But their consciousness is very very wide. So if you connect to the consciousness, automatically you’ll be elevated. And the only criterion is: keep emptying, ”This is not me, this is not me…” and once you nullify yourself, they completely take over. One person asked a Nath guru, ‘How can I get initiated into the Nath path?” He said, ”That’s very simple. Jump into the river, the river takes you. All you need is simplicity, love, compassion and just emptying. Remove all the concepts. Be naked.” When all the ego, hatred, division, all the things which we have stored in the mind go away, the mind itself will go away. It’s like if you don’t have any trash at home, you don’t need any trash can. Trash can is our mind. We are producing trash and keep it in our mind. If you do not remove your trash from you household for one month, you can’t enter the house. Our mind is like that. We can’t enter now. It’s lifetimes we have kept it. That’s it. Throw the trash can away. I always tell people if you want to leave something here with me, leave your mind and go. Be free.


Jump into the river, the river takes you. All you need is simplicity, love, compassion and just emptying. Remove all the concepts … Be free

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

By mohansuniverse

Q&A Brightening the Inner Light

This is a compilation of Mohanji’s answers to the questions he got and which are general enough to share for the benefit of everybody.

Mohanji quote Be Intelligent
“All of you who are deeply linked to my consciousness, there is no ritual to connect to me. Be Mohanji to experience Mohanji. One consciousness and many manifestations. There are no many masters. There is only One master and His or Her many manifestations. The various forms are illusion. Your mission in this lifetime is to stay linked to the unmanifested behind all manifestations.”
“Do not waste time on sensations. Invest in silence inside. Invest in awareness. That is the only material which is worth investing on. Life goes on comparisons, images, names, forms so on and so forth. We are eager to create frames and lock personalities inside it, even calling titles like father, mother, brother, friend, lover, husband etc. This is complete waste of time. Just be and just let be. Keep connecting to the unmanifest inside every manifested beings. “


There is no point in preaching at all, if you do not have conviction and if you are not consciously living it. All people are sharing their opinions into this world constantly. Social media supports it. But, nobody is listening! Nobody cares. The world accepts and discards everything almost simultaneously and moves on to the next sensory pleasure. Human retention levels are very weak unless they are shocks of life. Good things are forgotten easily.
Living your deepest conviction is the key. Do it without inhibitions. Do it without expectations. When you live it consciously, it becomes a bold statement to the world. You may be criticized or ridiculed by your contemporaries who may not understand your consciousness, but, if your intentions are pure and non-violent, the world will read your message and may take inspiration from it sooner or later. Yet, this should not be our concern at all. When you are concerned about your future status, manipulations may take place consciously or unconsciously. You may tend to harbor pretensions. This should be avoided at all cost. Never pretend. Be spontaneous. Always live your life without expectations. Whether the world appreciates you or not, live your highest truth. Live your conviction. Those who understand you will gather around you. One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.
Those who do not understand us are not our concern. Those who understand us are also not our concern. Those who cannot understand you will leave you. Those who understand will follow spontaneously. Staying steadfast with our truth is definitely our concern. Consistency is our concern. Truth expressed unselfishly becomes a movement. Those who crave for truth will recognize it and follow it. Those who cannot, need not. Your life should become your bold statement. The rest is not your concern.

Mohanji 3

One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.

The success and failure factor in human relationship depends on higher purpose and expectation. Clear higher purpose helps maintain a healthy and successful relationship while expectation systematically destroys it.

Q: But what if people in any relationship are on different awareness levels? Is that incompatibility even if without expectations? How to deal then Ji?
A: If the purpose is clear and selfless, awareness shifts to the required frequency.

Question: Secret of a successful Life?
Answer: Just glide like water through life. Keep flowing.

Q: What is Sukh (Happiness) according to you?
A: Fulfillment and Completion.
Q: Why is Sukh transitory?
A: What ever is transitory is not Sukh. It is just “asukh” (whatever is not sukh -illness in one sense which could also be interpreted as ignorance or non-understanding) All that is transitory are momentary pleasures for the mind which pretend to be happiness.

Question: What is the root cause of ego?
Answer : Ignorance
Question: Do we have the right to be occasionally egoistic?
Answer : No. That leads to decay of awareness. Only one entity has the right to be egoistic in the whole universe. The original creator who began with the creation of relativity. Then again, he is full, free and complete. He is complete awareness. Complete awareness is lack of ego. Enjoy.

Pinky’s Dilemma: I am at the train station. Hundreds of people buzzing past. Faceless. Where are they all going? (Philosophical question.)
Answer: Rushing in the conveyor belt of time that recycles existence. Watch closely. They are all walking on destiny towards dissolution.

Mohanji quote Do not do life

Tanya’s Question: Read your blog Who is afraid of the truth 1&2 which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet, one clarification if I may please. In one word, who is afraid of the truth?
Answer: Cowards.

Shortened question: You mentioned that all masters are echoing the same truth through time. Is there anything original in this universe?
Answer: Yes. GOD.

Question: How do you connect with us while you are physically so far away?
Answer: I connect when you connect. I connect when you do not connect too, just like electricity stays at the switch board on your wall. When you think or talk about me, irrespective of whether it is good or bad, you are connected to my consciousness. I am always with you, whether you see me, feel me or awaken in me. I am not the body. I am the consciousness that this body represents. There is no distance in consciousness.

Question: Your opinion about social media…
Answer: Sign of times. One of the key aspects of human existence is expression. Time has provided this opportunity to virtually express oneself. If it is not used well and positively, we can consider ourselves as obsolete. I believe we can use any platform we like, as long as positive expressions flow uninterrupted.

Question: Is there a measuring tape for higher and lower awareness?
Answer : Yes. It is LOVE.
If your awareness is filled with cause less love without discrimination and expectations, you can consider yourself quite high in awareness. If there are even small particles of doubts, jealousy, anger, hatred, comparisons or anything that is not causeless and unconditional love, you still have to cleanse yourself further. Hope this gives clarity.

Mohanji quote Life depends on How you interpret it

Question: Where is the light – Mohanji? (From Ann)
Answer: Within you. The light that you have always been searching for outside of you has always been within you. Turn inward. Be persistent. Be patient. You will find it sooner or later.

Question: What is the original meaning of Satsang? (Question from Anca)
Answer: Elevating company. The most elevating and fulfilling company in your system is your own soul. Being one with your own soul. Soul is the only factor in our system which is totally still and unaffected by the internal and external factors of our existence. Being with the soul means having your mind still. When mind is still, you can see the true reflection of yourself in your self.

Q: How to let the past go?
A:Through objective awareness. Be aware of the present which should have nothing to do with the past. Past will leave its impressions on the present. Be aware of that too. When you become constantly aware of your present thoughts, words and action and handle it objectively, you are always in a meditative state. This will release the past from the present.

Question: Your opinion about social media…
Answer: Sign of times. One of the key aspects of human existence is expression. Time has provided this opportunity to virtually express oneself. If it is not used well and positively, we can consider ourselves as obsolete. I believe we can use any platform we like, as long as positive expressions flow uninterrupted.

Question: Is the soul a perpetual witness?
Answer: Only in human context, we can consider so. This is because we have many other layers of witness-hood to consider. The mind, ego, intellect etc. In that context, we can consider the soul as the final witness. But, in absolute sense, soul has nothing to witness. Soul is everything. The witness, the witnessed and the object. Neither is soul anything. Soul has no agenda. Soul is always free.

To Anu… (Unconditional love does not exist in the world. What do you recommend? – Condensed question)
Do not blame the children. They do not believe in unconditional love because we are not demonstrating it by “living it”. Try living unconditional love, not only your children, but the whole world will reciprocate. The whole world is the expression of the supreme soul. It’s nature is unconditional love. I know what you mean – the world today is conditioned for conditional love. Even if you love unconditionally, they may suspect you and will never accept it easily. My suggestion is to keep trying. It is worth it. At least, your inner space will remain clean and pure without any expectations. So, I still do recommend it.

Question: How do we live with people who pretend to care yet do not; who praise you in front of you and talk bad about you elsewhere?
Answer: Ignore them. Behave with them as you would to a person who is ill. Be kind and compassionate, yet detached. Do not carry their baggage on your shoulders.

Question: How can I achieve a fundamental shift in character, habits and such bindings this lifetime?
Answer: Choose to energize positiveness in life. Discard everything that is negative in nature. Energize merits. Ignore demerits. Cherish what you have in life. Ignore what you do not have. Be in the present and do your best right now. Keep re-inventing yourself every moment with the question – what else can I do for the world? Explore yourself more. Be positive against all odds of life. Good life is a choice. Good life is an attitude. This is an attitude which is worth it. This is the secret.

Q: What makes people wander in the spiritual journey?
A: Unsatiated mind that creates expectations, falls for sensory glitters, nurtures concepts and non-understanding and makes one believe that peace is always elsewhere.

Mohanji quote Fear cripples

Compiled by Biljana Vozarevic

By mohansuniverse

Be Here, Now

You can watch this talk on YouTube

Mohanji quote Introspection

Whenever we go anywhere, start feeling it. Feel the place, feel the location, feel the whole programme. That is the way to remove things from your system. Number two, how deep you are able to let go, so much will go. Because we are talking about lifetimes of storage, we are talking about centuries of stored data, not this lifetime. So don’t underestimate with ‘Oh, I did so many things in the last forty years, it will all go. It’s not so. Because whatever you have carried forward, that is manifesting now. Whatever you could not fulfill before, that is manifesting now. So we are addressing something very deep so maintain that seriousness. Do things with application, and with an intent of letting go ‘Let this go out of my system’ and become empty and pure.

Mohanji quote - Shed your weight

If that is not possible, it will be a wasted exercise. So your result will depend on how much you are able to let go. If you are not able to let go, forget this lifetime, even the character traits, some kind of anger, some like and dislike, all this matter will stay if you are not able to let it go. And it will continue through lifetimes. That is why we carry character traits through lifetimes. Be here now. ‘Be’ means be yourself. Be what you are. Be essence, not what you see physically. If they ask you who you are you may say your name or you say this is my place or these are my parents, or this is my qualification, these are all external, and some of them change also with time. People get married then one person becomes husband another person becomes wife. When one person leaves, they become again individual. Likewise there are various combinations happening in our lives at every point in time. That is not being, that is not being what you are. That is not your essence. Your essence is your naked entity, your basic entity which is totally, completely detached from the whole exercise, whole drama, that is what you are. So ‘beingness’ is being one with that entity which is permanent. Understand that clearly. Being one with the entity which is permanent in your system. Not your changing emotions, not you changing mindset, character or anything which is changing which is not you. This is part of the doing. So BE means ‘Be that which is permanent’. This is your essence. Be one with the essence. Be one with the permanence. For understanding that, to be you need to feel. If you want to understand what beingness is, or how to be, you need to fee. Again, ‘feeling’ is introversion. You should introspect. To feel, you need to feel within. You can feel an external thing, but again, the feeling is happening inside you. You may feel the wind, but how do you know the wind? The translation of that feeling happens inside you. So feel everything. Feel life. It’s a huge difference. Today I wrote ‘Romance life, it’s worth it’.

Mohanji quote - Present moment

Why did I say that? If you romance another person, if he goes away you are sad. But if you romance life, your whole life will be full of romance. This is the point. So for that you need to feel. Feeling is very important. So, this is ‘BE’. And silence is an aspect of beingness. Automatically you will become silent. Because when you start feeling, you may even close your eyes, you will feel and you will be silent. Silence is part of the process. Silence is a spontaneous expression when you start feeling. The more you feel, the more silent you become. Not physical silence – silence because you don’t have any physical expression. Silence because you are not pushed into talking. That is the beauty of silence. That is real silence. Otherwise if you are just silent for the sake of silence of the mouth, it is probably good for other people, but it doesn’t make much difference in your psyche. If you keep quiet other people are happy, but it may not change anything within you. Things should change within you. If things change within you, then you need to be silent within, empty within. This is all part of ‘BE’. This is very important to remember, be here, now. These three words are the core of this process. And it needs 100% your total application to make difference in your life, and we can make it happen. This is in your control. This you can be. Otherwise you are always pushing ahead. We are sitting here but we are thinking about the future. We want to be something else. You cannot be something or somebody else. All other people are already taken. You can only be you, isn’t it? Now you have to take another birth to be somebody else. Again, the ingredients are all the same. It’s like global brands that change the box form time to time to bring freshness. Like that, you are changing your life. You are bringing a new life for freshness, but ingredient is the same! Otherwise you wouldn’t buy, right? This is the process.

Surrender to the present moment, to the NOW

Surrender to the present moment, to the NOW

So, BE is very important, then HERE. ‘Here’ means there is a location for your expression. You need to have a location, you need to have a space, and that space is important. While here, if your mind is elsewhere, it’s a useless exercise. When you are here, at this location, be here in this place 100%. Not 99%, it’s not good enough. Be here 100%. This location, this place, this is your only reality right now. There is other location outside this place, but this is not your reality. It’s somebody else’s reality. Maybe somebody else is there. But as far as you are concerned, this is your only reality. So be here, this location, this space.
Then the time, NOW. What is now? This moment. This moment is your only reality. Next moment we have not seen, we do not know. Next hour we do not know. Next day we do not know. We are anticipating, yesterday was like this, so tomorrow might be like this. But the whole, like if there is more rain, it can change the things. It is as simple as that. The factors which are not in our control we are trying to predict and we are trying to control. It gives pain. So we have to go with the flow. We have to go with the time. Time is very important. Now is important, this time is your real time. Use it well. And how do you use it well? When you are objective. When you are clear. When you have clarity, when you have objectivity, you are using the time well. If you are subjective, if you do not have clarity, the life will be murky. And how do you gain clarity? When you detach. When you see from outside, you have a clear picture. When you are inside, you do not know what is happening. This is the difference between clarity and lack of clarity. Involvement removes clarity sometimes. But application is not involvement. If you are deeply involved in something with full concentration, when you are in now, this is ok. But involving emotionally into something removes the clarity. When the clarity is removed, life is purposeless. Thus goes life. Most of the people who work or live do not have clear purpose. Why? Because they live a routine life. They live through the life. So be here, now. ‘Be’ means this is you be in this space, in this time. Use this time to introspect, to ask yourself ‘Is this me? I am anxiety. Is this anxiety me? I’m having fears. Are these fears me or have I acquired them?’ You are having jealousy, hatred, or suspicion, doubt, are all these me? Or mine? Mine is also not a good idea. The more you own, the heavier you become. So ‘is this me or is this mine?’ If you ask this question clearly you will understand that all these happening either you have acquired them from outside or you have created them out of illusion or out of non-understanding. You created a mountain through non-understanding and also through lack of clarity. Many, many incident happened because we respond or react emotionally, impulsively. But the moment we think and respond, the problem will not be there. Speculation is the reason for many problems. If we don’t know about something, we speculate. E.g. I did not get a call from X. I was expecting a call, she didn’t call me. Then what would I feel? Something is not right. Then again I start imagining. If the call didn’t come the next day as well, it becomes more. Sometimes my ego will not permit a call back to check if everything is in order. So the third day the call doesn’t happen, then you start creating gossips. And then from the mind distance happens. This is how we are creating life. This is also how we are creating destiny. The more emotions we create, the more intense the destiny becomes. The more lives we will take. But if you allow the life to flow, without many emotions… This is very simple. Those who do not use emotions casually are safe.

Mohanji quote Meditation is not as important as un-cluttering
Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

By mohansuniverse

Mohanji’s Guru Poornima Message 2014

You can also watch this message on YouTube

Mohanji 1

Dear Embodiments of Love,

On this auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima, we are meeting again and we are expressing the gratitude to the whole guru principle which guided us all though this time, beyond time, beyond eternity and it has continued to take us forward as we move forward. We are not a part from Guru Tattwa, principle called guru. The principle called ‘guru’ exists inside us, within us, and this is driving us towards the ultimate realisation that we are one with the principle. Guru principle is you. You are the guru principle. The guru principle that rests in all beings is the soul element. And once we connect to the soul element, we are one with the guru principle. So this is the simple message of Guru Poornima. And while we walk this path, the path of spirituality, it does not matter which religion, which guru, which concept or which practice you do in life, to attain the highest possible in the human existence. It does not matter who you are, where you are, what you are or whether you are, but guru principle is always with you.
To tap into the guru principle, you have to have a few things which are extremely important, such as discipline. Discipline is simple. If you are not disciplined, it takes you further and further away from the principle called guru and it always makes you feel alienated. Alienation is the state of the mind. It does not exist. We are always one with the guru principle. You are always one with the guru. You are always one with the eternity, or the principle that guides us or maintains us. But sometimes mind comes forward, mind becomes overactive, and we feel we are separate from everything, separate from the guru, separate from the path, from the tradition, from what you want to be, from what you want to achieve. So, whenever you feel separated, understand that there is no discipline in your journey or your effort in reaching the Ultimate using the principle called guru. Guru principle could also come in human form. But human form is given only because you need someone to relate to, someone to talk to. The guru principle is everywhere. It is in the sun, it is in the moon, in the air, water, in every being around you we experience the principle called guru, the Guru Tattwa. So we are actually worshiping the Guru Tattwa today, on the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima.

Once you have discipline, once you are fully disciplined and fully focused on the principle, and your effort to reach the principle, then the next comes consistency. Whatever you do, do it with consistency. There should be consistency. You can remove all your consistency when you become one with the guru principle then you’ll be fully bound by Guru Tattwa, principle itself. Until then, you need to have consistency. If you are not consistent in your practice, if you are not consistent in your guru, if you are not consistent in your message, or the message which guides you, or the path you follow, then it always leads to alienation. You will be separate from the tradition or the path or the guru. The more you wander, the more you alienate and get disillusioned. Eventually you would feel that you have earned nothing. This was all a wasted exercise. So be consistent.
And whenever you are walking this path of guru, or guru principle, always take firm conviction. You always take your time to understand the tradition. Take your time to understand the path. Take your time to check if this is good for you, or whether it suits you. If doesn’t you have every reason to discard it. But, while you are walking the path, have firm conviction. If you haven’t got firm conviction, it will not take you to desired destination. So a guru principle is available to you, it is within you and at the same time, if you don’t connect yourself to the guru principle, it cannot take you to desired destination, or desired result.

Now, what does the guru need from you? Actually, the guru needs nothing from you. Guru is just like a road sign, or the electricity which is sitting in your wall, waiting to express itself. But you have to switch it on. You have to press the button. Then it displays its brilliance. The guru principle is similar, it is the principle which is available through time, always available to you, but you need to press the button. The button is first of all your willingness, your conviction, your consistency and your application. You need to apply. Otherwise you are expecting the guru to deliver everything over on to you, o give you in a plateau. It will not happen. Why will it not happen? Because in the guru principle you cannot interfere in anyone’s free will. Free will has been given ultimate or utmost importance in whole creation. You created your destiny, you created your life, you created your path. You chose everything, including your parents, your body, your character, your constitution, all these things are chosen by you. Now guru is coming just to guide you as a road sign to your ultimate destination. So while you are walking this path, guru can never interfere or change things which you have already chosen. But at the same time, when you surrender, when you are convinced that, for example, liberation is your ultimate aim, the Guru Tattwa, the principle called guru, will bring you everything which helps you to attain the liberation. Ultimate, complete liberation. But you must definitely take the step. If you do not take the step, no guru can help you. You can follow any guru you like, you can follow any path you like, but it’s all about being here, now. Being available. Availability is emptiness. Basically, if you are empty, you are available. You are being available just by being empty, being receptive. If you are filled with ideas, if you are filled with concepts, if you are filled with thoughts, and expectations, then guru can give you nothing. Guru is a living, walking, talking example of what you should be. A true guru who is connected to the source, is a real living example of who you actually are. Whatever you see in yourself is not your reality. These are relative realities. In relative realities, everything changes. But in the ultimate reality, there is only permanence. Stillness. Absolute stillness of the mind. Absolute oneness with the constitution, the truth. And we have a saying, ”Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.” The truth is Shiva, Shiva is truth, and this is wonderful, this is beautiful. Whatever is true is permanent. And whatever is permanent is eternal. Eternal or it is Shiva.


So the principle called Shiva is exactly the principle called guru. And that guru, the principle, stays inside us. This is our soul principle. The principle called soul. This is one with us. This is the only aspect within us which is permanent and this is exactly where every guru leads you to. The guru is showing the way into yourself, connecting to your own soul. Once you connect to your own soul, you’re connected to the whole world, the whole universe. Every being operates from the level of the soul. But because there are differences, because there are cosmetic differences, like different body, different mind, different equipments, such as intellect, ego, the species differences, all these make us feel that we are separate from the other. This is the wrong identity, the wrong identification, this is exactly what the guru principle points at or tells you to look at. Once you are connected to the guru principle, all these differences will evaporate. They will dissolve, and then you will see the soul element within every being. When you see the soul element in every being, you cannot find differences. Like, if there is disturbance from outside, you cannot see the differences. It is an extension of ourselves. You will only see the extension of ourselves because the soul-wise we are related. Another body is creating sound, creating ripples in this canvas called existence, but you will feel that it is just like grumbling of your stomach sometimes, you know. This is the internal thing. You tend to accept it. When there is a problem inside our system, we will do something about it. We will tend to accept it, we will tend to overcome it, we will take some medicines, we will find some remedy, some cure. Likewise, the external disturbances will not matter to us because our extended entity is inside them. This is all our extended identification. Everything is us. There is no difference between a plant, a flower, an animal, a human being, the stars or the sun or the moon, no differences. This is all extension of our constitution, our consciousness, the oneness, the truth which is called the guru, the principle, is extended everywhere. And in that mode, you can never alienate yourself. You will be one with the whole cosmos, and you will be beautifully merging into the whole thing. Once you start experiencing that, you become the guru principle. The principle starts working through you.
The primary difference you will feel is that nothing affects you. The second difference that you will feel is that you will be fearless. You will have no idea what fear is because there is nothing to be afraid of. Third, you will feel that whether you exist or not, there is no difference because actually everything is you. You are always existing. The soul always exists. You will be identifying only with the soul, and that you will always exist beyond time and space. You will be one with the whole universe. We will have no differences between the gurus, or any beings, any beings of the universe we will find as one, same, all are one. And once we attain that state, we are the guru principle. And this you can experience.

Mohanji 3
I would say that we have spoken a lot between our last Guru Poornima message, which I did from America, to this one. So we have covered a lot of distance, many of you have attained great experiences, great evolution, which I am very happy about, I am proud of you. I would request all those who are following me in various countries one thing. Be consistent. And do not be too analytical about your experience, about your progress, about where you stand today, whether the meditation is helping, whether you are connected to Mohanji or not, it doesn’t matter, have faith. The pillar of our tradition is faith. You should have faith in yourself, which is your self, which means your soul, this is the permanent entity in you, which is always permanent, it can never change, it will never divert from its purpose. That is you. So if you are purpose-bound, your objective is clearly purpose-bound, nothing can thwart you from destination. Nothing can prevent your journey. You will be completely guided, you will be protected, and you will always attain your final destination. This is for sure. So your purpose should be very clear. And the purpose should not be ordinary. Not a few sensations. You can easily attain sensations. In meditation, there are various experiences happening, even if you are not meditating, if you are connecting to my consciousness, you may feel an elevation. If you are connecting to the guru consciousness and if you are connecting to your spine, you may experience so many changes within you. Even if you do hyperventilation, you could be touching the altered states of consciousness, but this is not the end. These experiences are only steps to the ultimate trip, ultimate journey. Destination is not these experiences. You need to cross over all these experiences and be one with god. And to be one with god, you should be one with yourself. So my request to all of you is to take time off and experience yourself. Experiencing yourself means first of all, acceptance. You need to accept yourself. You may have all sorts of thoughts about yourself, criticism about yourself, judgement about yourself, forget about all that. Be yourself. What you are today is what you are created yourself to be. This is exactly what you wanted to be. You may not have done that with conscious choice as you say, based on the consciousness or the conscience of the available state of mind which you have now. This is not you. This is just an expression of you. The available consciousness which you are operating on, or let’s say, the available awareness level which is chosen by you for a particular reason, because of the reason, because you wanted to experience a set of desires laid out over a period of time, using this awareness. This is why you chose it. So accept it. This is what you are. But understand yourself. Take your time, feel yourself. Feel life. Feel life more and more. When you feel yourself and feel life, you will stop judging people. You will stop criticising people. And you will be completely focused on purpose. Once you are completely focused on purpose, these emotions will take a back seat. Emotions will not worry you, bother you so much. It will be more on the intellect plane. Intellect is the subtler aspect of your mind. The subtler the aspect, the more powerful it becomes and the more consistent it becomes. Once you stop criticising, analysing, judging, or comparing yourself with other people, automatically, the intellect takes over. Once the intellect takes over, life is smoother. There will be a purpose-bound existence, and once the existence goes on purpose-bound, then you will be stronger and stronger, clearer and clearer. You will have absolute clarity. And also you will be peaceful. Shanti. This is exactly what we are looking for.

Mohanji 4

And in order to become peaceful, you need to have consistency, you should not enter into any kind of violence in thoughts, words, action. Even if they come, consider them as flowers and put them at the feet of the master, of your guru. Whenever there are negativities happening, collect them, take them in your hand, and put them at the feet of the master and say, ”It doesn’t mean to me. This is not mine.” Likewise, praises happen, ego develops, ego happens or aspects of ego you experience, take them all as flowers, and put them at the feet of the master. There is no comparison, there is no jealousy, there is no criticism, you will automatically raise your awareness, and awareness will grow and until you reach complete liberation. Complete liberation is a continuous task. Liberation has to happen from every aspect of your existence. Even your name, your fame, your habits, your vices, your good aspects. All these things are a part of your binding. You have to liberate yourself, you have to liberate from every aspect. Detach yourself from all that you think you are and start working towards or walking towards liberation. Liberation is worth it because we have been bound even without our knowledge all throughout our lifetimes. This is why we are here today. Why we are here today is because we have been bound by karma. We have been bound by destiny. Today, right now, we are bound by our destiny. This is exactly the blockage we are planning to remove. If you have to remove this, if you have to be free from all these aspects, you have to be consistent. You should have one purpose, clear purpose, and walk towards that purpose. The Guru Tattwa, the principle will guide you. It will help you. When you need the guru principle most, just like your shadow, it’s with you full-time. Always. So never underestimate the guru principle. Never feel that you are alienated. Guru is with you 100% , 24 hours, 365 days. Full-time. Just have faith. Trust and do not be bogged down or do not worry about the mannerisms or the superficial aspects of any guru who is in the human form. Because then you will never understand the consciousness. You will be stuck with the superficial. It’s easy because the senses always connect to the superficial. Senses are oriented towards the superficial. So when you are using your senses and mind, to recognise or understand or feel the principle called guru, you will never get there. You need to go beyond the senses, beyond the mind. To connect to the consciousness which operates through the principle called guru, who could also be in human form. Never make a mistake of judging a guru using your available understanding, or available awareness. You will never get to the real core of the principle.

Lead by example

Lead by example

So I wish all of you a great year ahead, from now, and let the glow, the energy, the brightness of the principle called guru brighten you, burn inside you and let this plane always remain inside your heart and let it shine forth. Lead by example. If you would like to convey something to the world, do it, live it. If you do not live it, if you just preach, it is just noise. It will not matter anything. It will not matter to the world. But if you live it, you are actually making a statement to the world. When you live what you believe in, you are making a statement to the world. This is much more appropriate, and this is much more important in today’s times. I wish all of you across the world who are connected to me, I love you, I love you deeply, and I am constantly with you and I am concerned about you. I care for you and I will remain so. You are connected to me just like one family. So, please, live harmony, please live love, unconditional love. These are the expressions of higher awareness. Live harmony. If there are differences, take a step towards solving it, sorting it out, making people understand that the life is short, there is no time for differences. We have great things to do for the world and help everybody without thinking, without discriminating, especially those who are helpless. This is our commitment and our responsibility to help the helpless. Always be available to help the helpless. When you help the helpless, you are actually supporting or you are explicitly performing the Tattwa, the principle called guru in you. So always do that. And I am one with you. I am not separate from you. I am always with you and you are always with me. We are eternally connected. We are soul-mates, that is why we came together. That is why we recognised each other. Remember this clearly. And let us be one family. Let us remain so. And let us be connected and let us evolve into the highest possible liberation in one lifetime. I thank you for listening and being here and once again, I love you and I am always with you. Happy Guru Poornima to all.

7 mohanji-namaskar-1761

Transcribed by Bilja V.

By mohansuniverse

Overcome Anxiety, Anger, Alienation, Hurt, Tiredness, Disillusion

Dear All,
Here is the compilation of various questions  and Mohanji’s answers on Bless The World Yahoo group. Guided by higher consciousness,  Shahid Khatai was prompted to collect them all so that you also enjoy and benefit from these eternal truths that Mohanji tirelessly conveys through his teachings.
Love, BTW Team

Topics: What alienates, what connects to the source; state of confusion in crisis; how to tackle anxiety; being cheated or hurt; “so-called-control” of one’s life; why masters distract disciples or disillusion them; constant tiredness; dealing with anger

Mohanji 7

Go beyond your mind and catch the energy plane. There, you and I are one. Same energy. Same soul.

Q: What alienates me from you? Sometimes I feel connected. Sometimes I feel detached from you.

A: Doubts. Mind poses doubts which alienates people. Connection is the same at all times. Mind is not the same. Emotions are not the same at all times either. This is the difference that you are experiencing. Mind plays various games. It creates doubts, confusions, questions, faithlessness – and all these create alienation. Ego also alienates. Highly egoistic people are usually loners. Humble and kind people will never be alone. Kindness attracts. Ego alienates. So, in order to stay connected, you must go beyond your mind and catch the energy plane. There, you and I are one. Same energy. Same soul.

Q: So many things are bothering me. I am confused as to what I should do, in the current crisis.

A: You cannot change certain situations of life. Accept it. You cannot go to the past and rectify or change something that you had done earlier. Accept it. You cannot go to the future and do something there too. Accept it. All you have is NOW. The present time. You have this time in hand, along with the present facilities, current knowledge, infrastructure, time and space. Do your best NOW. When tomorrow happens, we will tackle it then. There is no benefit in harbouring anxieties, fears and regrets. These are all waste materials that you have been carrying on your shoulders, since generations. At least, in this life, you can consciously discard this burden. Can’t you? Regarding the crisis, you never created it. So, do not take ownership. The crisis has taken place and you are dragged into it. This means it was part of your karmic agenda to go through it. Go through it, in a non-attached way. This will not destroy you. This is just another phase. Even this will pass away.

Mohanji quote - Go through the crisis in a non-attached way, this will not destroy you. This is just another phase. Even this will pass away.

Q: How can we tackle anxiety?

A: Through Understanding. Through understanding of the truth or reality. Higher awareness is the only way. When we look from below, the mountain is unconquerable. For a mountain climber, that is only one of the challenges that he has encountered in the course of his life. He will conquer that too. It is the way you look at it. Anxiety happens due to the fear of unknown, or the unknown fears, especially about the future. Since the fear exists NOW, the future essentially becomes clouded. In other words, if we do not use our NOW wisely, the future will be murky. Understand that nothing belongs to us. Just look around. Your house, your car, the clothes that you wear, the transitory money in your hand, your own relatives, even your own body….. you own nothing. Everything came to you, to give you experiences and everything will leave you at some point of time or the other. Your body will be trashed too, after death. So, what is there to hold on to? Your soul. Only your soul, which is the only permanent entity in this impermanent world. So, all the wars, fight for possessions and power are all crap and useless. All are unnecessary. All you need is love. Just love. All anxieties will go. Whether you are anxious or not, the future will happen and you have to face your future. There is no escape. So, why don’t we face it bravely? Head on? That’s the way to live the life – like a KING.
Those who commit suicide are cowards. They have no future anyway. By ending this life, they might feel they escaped problems. Bigger karmic problems await them in the next life.

Mohanji quote - All you need is love

Q: I have had situations where those whom I trusted and loved, cheated me. I cannot forget this hurt. Please help me. (This is a long message, I am cutting it short to the point)

A: There are no co-incidences in life. If a certain situation happens to you, sub-consciously, you have attracted that situation to you. Situations happen in life. Allow it to happen. Do not attach yourself to the emotions attached to a situation. Emotion plus situation creates a file in your sub-conscious. Emotion is the glue that sticks the file of each situation to your sub-conscious. This stays in your hard drive and creates a reality again, in the future. So, understand that such an incident has taken place, understand that it was supposed to happen and it was no fault of yours, understand that there is no point in crying over spilled milk and spoil your tomorrows. Buy another bottle f milk and keep moving. Be objective. An incident took place. Fine. It’s over. Now, take the message out of the incident and keep it in your reference file. Discard the incident as dead and gone. Move on with better clarity and understanding. Past is past. Present is the only reality. Future is yet to be. Never stay in the past. Never stay with silly emotions. If someone cheated you with money, who knows, you may have owed him that money in another life and could never pay it in time. Or, understand money is transitory and it never stays in one place for long. It moves and you are only a temporary custodian. Another aspect of karma is that you can never choose not to pay a debt. So, pay and finish your payable.
You must forget the bad experience through higher understanding and acceptance. If you keep energizing your negative past, it is likely that it will happen again, one way or the other. This is because, you are reinforcing that reality through constant energizing. Lastly, you must also pardon all those who harmed you, as they came into your life to strengthen you, give you those experiences. One way or the other, all these gave you knowledge and further maturity.
Do not keep lot of expectations in relationship with others. The general society works on conditional love while saint and the almighty works on unconditional love. People will love you, provided you conform to their expectations. If you choose to be different or independent, they may not love you. Leave this room in all your relationships, so that, you will not be too depressed with people’s behaviours towards you. Take every smile and every kindness as gift from God and reciprocate appropriately. If it does not happen tomorrow, you must remain the same. This quality must essentially be cultivated. Avoid emotions from spoiling your day and also pulling you down. Understand that each person expresses himself in this world according to his character and conditioning. It may not be the same as ours. Allow, in your mind, room for that variety to exist. So, we will not be “hurt” with any kind of behaviour. If someone decides to walk naked in the street, we will not essentially do it. He expresses his culture, we will express ours. Bear this in mind.
God needs nothing from you. So, do not add stress to yourself on God’s sake. It is up to you to connect with God, for your own sake. God is unconditional. Everything belongs to Him. What more can you give Him?
So, be happy. Pardon all. Lead a pious life. Love all and respect all. You will be fine. God Bless All


Mohanji quote - we are all children of one energy...


Q: I have always been in control of my life. I always used to think well and take decisions. Off late, I seem to be losing confidence in myself. I believe the rapidly increasing age and market situations are the reason for it. Can you throw some light on this?

A: Be careful when you say that you have been in conscious control of your life. What factor of your existence have you actually controlled? Your heart beat? Respiration? Circulation? Digestion? Muscular movements? Thoughts? Pulse? Sleep? Situations? What have we controlled till now? We do not know what we will think the next moment until the thought come to pass. We know only on past tense basis. All the vital functions of our body are under the control of our sub-conscious mind. Thank God!!! We are saved from some fatal “forgetfulness”. Our conscious mind is not involved in any of the major functions of our body. Conscious mind recognizes a thought after it takes place. It does not have control on thoughts.
If we think that we are taking lots of decisions. Then again, look at its depth. We have no control on the climate, weather. We have no control on external situations. (And to a great extent our internal situations too, such as emotions and mood fluctuations, which often depend on other people’s behaviour too). So, at a given space, at a given time, with the given intellect, with the given status of mind and body, we either think, or talk or do certain things. Yet, we consider ourselves as ‘The doer”. This ownership over things or situations which are not at all ours, is the fundamental cause of many miseries in life.
This means, we have no responsibilities? Yes. We have limited responsibilities or perhaps, we have ‘grand’ responsibilities. One should understand who we actually are, while we are alive. In order to understand who we are, we go through many situations and trials and errors. Often, in most cases, only at the time of death, one understands who we actually are, and we are essentially the soul.  The next responsibility is to express our true nature. Our true nature is that of universal love with perfect awareness that the whole universe is within us and we are part of the whole universe. Third is to help others recognize the true nature of themselves. People have “herd instinct”. If one walks, everyone follows, not even considering if one’s destination suits the others. If you can responsibly detach another person to take strides on their own, and help live with awareness, your life is worth it.
Otherwise, at some point of time, we will lose this “so-called-control” and we will start feeling that there is something ‘wrong’ with us. The “wrong” is not with us. It is with our understanding. So, please understand that this feeling of control that you had entertained was indeed not existing. Secondly, the situations or circumstances made you feel that it did and you lived in that make-believe world for so long that you lost in touch with the ‘real’ reality. That’s all. Now, you are in the right track. You have recognized that there is something fundamentally wrong. This is the time for introspection. Now, you will understand that you had controlled nothing and you will develop gratitude for existence itself. You will see the commonality amongst all beings. All that moves on earth have the same soul running their body. You will recognize that soul inside all shapes. You will evolve higher.

Mohanji quote - whether a person is there or not you should remain the same

Q: Why do masters distract students or disillusion them?

A: A true master knows exactly what the student needs. He will distract the student to test his eligibility to receive the supposed knowledge. Also, he will check the maturity of every disciple to receive that knowledge. Many students come with their cups full with sundry knowledge. The master shakes them so much that the cups will become somewhat empty. Some cannot handle these shaking and they leave. Some stay on and evolve higher. Masters have also displayed strange behaviours which often distracted disciples. Some act like mad men. Some express seeming vices such as intoxicants, and the disciple’s expectation gets affected. These are done to eliminate conditionings. We are born and brought up with lots of conditionings. These are affecting our thought processes and alienating ourselves from our own true nature.
Shirdi Sai was initially considered as mad, until many people started getting benefitted from His grace.
Our conditioned mind often cannot understand a true master. Others also influence our thoughts. Negative thoughts breed fast and positive take time. If one of your friends, or even your own husband or wife did not like a particular Guru, they may distract you and you will eventually surrender. This is almost always the case. We compromise our own truth to others’ words and suffer eventually. A will of steel is essential here. First of all, the path should be clear. The track should be defined, such as Path of Devotion, Knowledge or Action. Then, once you find your master, once your internal churning has been completed about his stature, stick. Do not be doubting Thomases always. This is anti-evolution. It is true that along the path, you may reach higher masters. This is like after graduation, you are stepping into post-graduation. A new master welcomes you there. This is quite fine. This is evolution. There is absolute clarity here. This is a travel with gratitude for the path, the knowledge and evolution so far. This is how it should be. As I mentioned earlier, true masters are road signs. They never bind the traveller to themselves. True masters always liberate you. Guaranteed.

Q: Dear Mohanji, I always feel tired. I thought it is due to some medical issues. I did a thorough check up and found my physical conditions satisfactory. Still, I am feeling some kind of fatigue. Ever since I have been introduced to you, I have been observing you. You seem to have tremendous amount of energy to do many different things every day. Can you share the secret? What do you think is the reason for my constant fatigue?

A: If you are physically fit, you should be vigilant that your mind does not make your body sick. Mind is the culprit here. Fatigue happens due to two reasons. One is the oscillation of your mind between your past and the future, along with the attached fears and anxieties. This consumes a lot of energy. The energy loss gives you lethargy. You must counter it with action. Beat the fatigue with physical action. Play tennis or work yourself out and get tired. You will be surprised, that after a thorough workout, you will still be energetic.
The second reason is ennui. This means tiredness because of repetition. If you repeat anything for a very long period, especially a job, your mind will crave for a change. You will feel sick and tired of the sameness. This results in mental fatigue. You must counter it with a good hobby. You must develop a hobby which is close to your heart. That will be your active diversion. This will help you get out of ennui.
Always be aware of how much time you are spending only for yourself or your immediate family. Spend some time for the society and fellow beings too. You will always be energetic.
All of us have the same level of energy. I do not have anything special. My secret is, I have no fear or anxiety. I do not live for myself either. My requirements are very little. I do not have much expectations either. I do not even have a TV at home these days.
So, the energy that runs through my system is not wasted. This gives rhythm and continuity. Then, of course, all of you who are “observing” me, add to my purpose of existence.

Mohanji quote - Energise merits

Q: I cannot control my anger. Off late, I am losing my friends because of this. My family is also suffering. Can you help me?

A: Travel to the root cause for your anger. Mostly it is related to expectations. When your expectations about others are not met by the concerned people, you become upset. Why do you keep those expectations at all? Understand that other people are not here to serve you. They are here to exhaust their own karma. So, they will serve you only if it suits their karma. So, you do whatever possible to the best of your ability. When you delegate, always leave room for incomplete action and counter it with preventive action before the catastrophe takes place. Do not blame others and spoil relationships. Always take others’ assistance as bonus. This includes your family, wife, children and parents. Understand that all are karmic beings. They will only act out their karma. So, if you become too difficult, they will discard you. (If they can help it.Or they will suffer you, because they have no choice!!!) If you tackle expectation effectively, you can see your anger vanishing. It needs constant attention and consistent action till it becomes your habit.
Uncertainty about future and related anxiety also makes a man impatient. During such occasions, tell yourself “even this situation will pass away. Nothing stays for ever. I must remain calm”.
Ego is another cause. “How dare you do it to me?” “Who do you think I am” etc – such questions are all stemmed out of ego. The best way to tackle your ego is to do social service. Serve the poor and needy. This is equal to serving God. We only tend to look at those people who are higher than us or more materially successful than us. This creates anxieties and complexes within us. We must also look at those who are not as privileged as we are. This will give you equilibrium. Usually, very rich people are not those who help a lot of fellow beings. It is the so called “non-entities” that do a lot. So, understand it’s not the money that one spends. It’s the love and care that one expresses. You will win back all your friends and will have more friends in this world. Your family also will respect you because of your higher stature and kindness. Keep doing service for the world. Your life will improve considerably.
A young man saved a young lamb which was going to be slaughtered for meat. He is a student. He had many problems during his change over to adolescence and used to communicate with me. One day, while walking to his classes, he saw the cute lamb, tied to the post of a slaughter house. The lamb looked sad and lonely. He saw fear in its eyes. Even though there was food in front of him, it was not eating anything. It knew that in a few minutes, it will be killed. Suddenly, deep compassion woke up inside him. He met the slaughter house owner and requested him to sell the lamb to him. The owner refused at first saying that there is lot of demand for lamb meat, yet later, agreed for a rather high amount. The young man had no money. He went around, borrowed money from his friends and classmates, and finally bought the small lamb. He took it home, fed it, sheltered it and started bringing it up. This changed his life for ever. He writes “Mohanji, Suddenly, I have a definite purpose for my existence now. I know that many beings who are lonely and sad need me. I am better off than all of them. I will never eat meat ever again. Thank you, for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you for showing me the path. May you live long and guide thousands more like me. Whenever you need me, please call me and I will leave everything and join you.”
I quoted this to make you understand how your life can change, through positive actions. Does anyone think even for a moment before eating lamb meat or any meat for that matter that a poor and sad animal has died to give you its meat? If you cannot stop it, at least have gratitude. Pray for the poor creature who has been killed for your sake.
May God guide you to higher awareness.

Mohanji quote - One positive ACT a day



By mohansuniverse

Satsang with Mohanji in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Serbia, 3rd May, 2014

Seeing through the minds of the attendees, Mohanji started immediately answering questions that were hovering in people’s heads.


We keep a lot of stuff inside. We are collecting various things every moment and keeping them inside. We cannot know how much we have stored and eventually this makes us heavier and heavier in life. Every event every day leaves an impression in our system. Unless we let go of it we cannot evolve. Not only spiritually or terrestrially, we cannot change anything even in our daily life. We accumulated so much and unless we let go or leave them, we cannot be light. Why do we have to meditate at all? Actually we do not need meditation if our mind is completely with us – but our mind is scattered so much around us. We suffer because we cannot bring ourselves to ourselves. All of us are complete by ourselves. Nobody is higher or lower. The only difference is how much weight we carry. What is this weight that we carry? It is the weight of stored data such as things that happened in the past, emotions attached to people, situations and every aspect of life. This becomes very heavy. And if you look at your own life, you can see that it is a repetition over time. One thing repeats again and again over time. Our daily life is equal to past impressions. In sanskrit it is called purva samskara which means ‘past impressions’. What we collected in the past gets repeated as our reality in the present as well as future. What we are today is a bundle of our past impressions. You can see this very clearly in relationships. Sometimes we always attract wrong partnership. Many people suffer because of that. This is because impression is continuing through time and it just goes on and on. So, how do we sort it out? How do we release it? The first step is to be aware. Be aware that things are getting repeated through time. Be aware and if you don’t energize them and let go, they will go away. Second step is to LET GO. Let go of the time, people, places, incidents as dead things of the past and detach from it. Third step is to be in the present. Once you are clear about your thinking, talking, blocking your own life, you start detaching from it. That is why I say, spend some time with yourself. It is not even meditation. Try to understand yourself. What makes you angry? What makes you sad? What makes you agitated? What makes you hate people or hate a particular place or thing? Understand yourself. You must spend time with yourself. Let me tell you something. You may feel you are weak, but you are not weak ever in your life. What makes you weak is the mind. which is filled with concepts, collected from the past. I have not seen any meditation more powerful than observing yourself. That is more powerful than any meditation in your life. If you decide to spend time with yourself, just watch your thoughts, words, actions and understand yourself more and more. Explore yourself more, introspect. Especially when you become angry, when you become sad, or when you feel you are being ignored, when insecurities happen to you, just watch yourself. Keep watching. What is going on? Situations can be very bad, but you can still be powerful if you are with yourself. I’m not talking theories here. I’m talking from my own experience. When things were going wrong, everything was going wrong. At exactly that point in time, if we choose to be with ourselves, and if we choose to weather all storms, then we are successful. Success happens inside first. Richness is inside first before it becomes outside richness. If you are confident with yourself, in yourself, and if you are confident that you are one with yourself, everything else opens the doors. The doors get opened in every level. It is a job of mind to wander and be restless. But you are not the mind. So, minus the mind, you are very powerful. The more you entertain your mind, you become weak and tired, because the mind keeps you moving. Mind does not allow stillness and stillness is the nature of the soul.

Biba explaining breathing exercises which energise the body and prepare the platfom for Power of Purity meditation

Biba explaining breathing exercises which energise the body and prepare the platfom for Power of Purity meditation

Expressing gratitude after the Power of Purity meditation. The more grateful we are, the more open we are to receive grace

Expressing gratitude after the Power of Purity meditation. The more grateful we are, the more open we are to receive grace


Q: I’m talking about our near and dear ones. Our hospitals are contaminated with bacteria Clostridia. It is a very dangerous bacteria which doesn’t allow you to recover, and it brings the whole body into such a helpless state that you are on the verge of whether you will survive or not., and what you had gone to hospital for doesn’t have even a chance to be treated. I had been going through very difficult three months in my life and I don’t give up and it is not too difficult to me, but you go to hospital and don’t know whether your father is alive or not. How to help him? How to help your mother, your family?

A: In one word, lead by example. If you have found peace, express it. There is a reason for being born in a particular country, in a particular city, to a particular set of parents, and also for experience a particular set of events in life. Having said that, if it rains in Belgrade, all people walking in the streets will get wet. This is created by collective consciousness. The best way, e.g. if it is a disease, is to be treated. There is no other way. An illness must be treated. But you can prevent an illness in a few ways. First, an illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it. If you look at the world now, most of the countries suffer because of the insensitive lifestyle. The food industry itself is controlling people’s life. There are various aspects of our diseases created by the food. The vaccines that we have created are affecting our immune system, and there are numerous different aspects created by man. There are seven billion people in the world today and they are occupying the entire Earth. We have destroyed the nature, we have destroyed the immune system of the Earth because of the greed. There is a saying, ”If you control oil, through oil, you control countries. Through medicines, you can control people.“ This is what is happening in the world. There are numerous aspects of our existence that are beyond our control. Destruction has already happened.
God has given energy sources when life was given. One is sun, another one is water, third one is air. These three never pollute the Earth. A situation which has already happened is very difficult to change, but we can see people working with aids, and people with various diseases, completely protected and immune. It is individualistic when disease is attracted or maintained or we become immune. But what we could do is to energise situation, to become positive, to become fearless,
and when fears are completely avoided, because of awareness that you are a pure spirit, you are a pure soul and you are immune. Nothing can touch you. And if that kind of faith happens, if that kind of purity happens, there is 80% chance that you will survive. Faith in any god, any religion, is fine. But faith is important. Because faith can move mountains. Faith can heal. It is worth nurturing positiveness, especially when people are ill and they are suffering. It’s important to guide them to deep faith. It often changes the illness. There are people who recovered from cancer and various illnesses, out of sheer will power. The moment we surrender, we suffer. The moment we are confident that we are one with god, you don’t need any master or any priest to reach god. You are already connected to god. All you have to do is to feel god, to feel life, rather than look for a god outside of you, look within and be one with your consciousness, one with god.

an illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it.

An illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it.

Q: I have gone through dreams and failures to fulfill them, and I’ve fought many battles, my only goal now is to achieve inner peace. How to do that, to go to India, to an ashram, or what…?

A: I have already answered that. Actually the only way to reach yourself is to watch yourself, understand yourself, explore yourself. It’s worth it because you are a unique creation, you cannot have a general medicine. You are unique. Your creation is unique. Every being walking on earth is a unique creation. So understanding yourself, exploring yourself, being with yourself, not comparing with another person, this is fundamental, this is perpetual meditation. If you cannot be peaceful in Belgrade, you cannot be peaceful on Himalayas. Changing location with the same mind? You need to be peaceful. There is a saying, you can go to the sea because you love the sea, not because you hate the land. Some day you’ll have to come back. But you are welcome to our ashram :)

Q: If we have a gift of healing, if our teacher is telling us to charge for it and our heart says not to charge anything, what should we do?

A: I would feel that you can keep a donation box. Your time is valuable. Nobody can take your time for granted. There is a saying in scriptures, „Don’t take your time for granted because you have chosen a certain number of breaths to breathe before you took the birth. You have only that many breaths. So your time is valuable and that time is chosen, decided before birth. It is ok to charge, but sometimes if a poor person comes, he does not have money to pay, heal him free if you could. And if a person who has money comes, he can pay. You could probably keep a donation box and say, „Whatever you can, you can put it there.“ But time is valuable and gift is a gift. All people have power to heal. You can see animals healing themselves. They do. We have power to heal, so nurture it. It helps the world and the more you heal, the purer you become.

Q: Is it ok to receive as appreciation a hug, a kiss, or does it have to be something material?

A: Hug is always welcome :) You know, there is a science to it. The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission. So there is oneness, there is a feeling of togetherness, and it is usually said that if there is a tendency for depression, it goes away. This is also a science, not exactly spirituality, but it works. If you see a child before going to school or college, if mother or father kisses him or her on the third eye saying, ”You will do well“, they usually perform well. Because that kiss on the third eye immediately activates 72000 meridians in the body. You feel nice, you feel powerful. This is scientific and many people say it works. So kiss on the third eye has an immediate rejuvenating effect.

The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission.

The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission.

Q: Is enlightenment the aim of life on earth or each of us has a unique purpose and does this our purpose change through time?

A: Enlightenment is the purpose of the soul. This is mainly because the soul is trapped in the body. The soul wants liberation. So the soul will appreciate if you reduce the baggage. If there is no baggage, it’s enlightenment. But the purpose of the substratum which the soul carries, which we call character, our constitution, our body, our mind, our intellect, this whole combination is to experience earth and express our constitution on earth.
Every person is a bundle of karma. Number one is what provoked this birth, what provoked you to take this body from your first heartbeat till your last heartbeat. Second is that you have a collection of karma which is inherited from your family, from your lineage. Third is that we have collected the karma as we live the life. this includes, as we talked about it now, some of the diseases in the city and all these things collective. You can also see that you were born in one place, but live in another place. So all this is a part of inherited individual and collective. We are a combination of all three karmas, we cannot segregate them.
When you are looking at me, you see a physical image and the words I speak. These are only two dimensions of my existence. If you want to see my consciousness, you have to merge into my consciousness. That is when the exact understanding happens and that needs awareness. You have to increase your awareness, and connect to my consciousness. If you look at my cards, there are always eyes on them, eyes are a gateway to the consciousness. Eyes can never lie. They always carry the truth. And it transcends through lifetimes. If you connect to the consciousness, you will understand that you and I are One. There is no difference. Physically we are different. And you look at the physical form, we have so many differences. But the moment you connect to the consciousness, it’s 100% peace. It’s a beautiful feeling. We can read and understand lots of staff, there is plenty in the world. Even internet can give you many things. But if you do not digest them, they are just theories. They never help you to evolve. If you look at the whole spirituality, there is only one message: „You are that.“ Just one message. Whatever you are searching for in the world outside, that is you. If you understand that, you have understood the whole spirituality. And how do you know you are that? When you finished all the search outside, you become tired. Then you start thinking: „I’m not finding what I am looking for. Where is it?“ Then you slowly withdraw. Once your whole search ends, you find yourself. This is the whole spirituality. Whatever we do, or whatever we say, or whatever we practise, one day everything will stop and we become still. Then you know who you are. Until then, you only have a relative idea. You have not experienced yourself. The moment you experience yourself, you are totally in peace. There is nothing more to experience. These are fundamentals in spirituality.
In the path sometimes you get frustrated, sometimes you become angry and sometimes you feel you are not reaching anywhere, sometimes overwhelming love, sometimes overwhelming hatred, all emotions will come. This is all sitting in you. At that time, what people usually do, as they cannot change, they change the guru. :) But that is not a solution.
So, when you are going after god, nothing should stop you and you do not need a priest or anybody because you and god are already One. All you need is to understand that. Experience it. God can never be understood, god has to be experienced. First, before you experience god, you have to experience yourself. When you are going into silence more and more, what happens initially is that all the things which you have collected and stored in you will come out. So they will come and they will bother you. At that time you have to cling on further to the purpose. Whatever happens, do not deviate. And god is One, remember. God has no form, it’s pure energy. It doesn’t matter what name you give god, god is One. Until you catch god, do not stop. This is my advice to you because it’s worth it. A kind of things which you experienced once you achieve that energy, i can’t explain. It’s very difficult to explain. On travelling the spiritual path, more and more calamities can happen. But that is the time when you have to hold on the faith. And nothing should stop you until you achieve the highest. Whatever happens in the middle, let it be. Use this lifetime to reach the highest.
Second thing is that, the Law of attraction is equal to subtlety. You can attract wealth, you can attract anything provided you are operating in the subtlest possible. Body is the gross. Mind is still gross, you can feel it. You have to go beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the intellect and beyond the ego and you reach a state of stillness from where when you operate, if you operate, everything will come to you. You will have no shortage of anything. What you want, it will happen. But if the mind is operating, you cannot get everything, because mind keeps changing. Mind is never stable. If the earth is shaking, you cannot build anything on it. Like that, operating from the mind level, you cannot attract anything.

Mohanji giving shaktipat

The grace of shaktipat

One suggestion I always give around the world. Never miss the opportunity to be with a person of higher energy, higher vibration, higher frequency. Because just by being in the company of the beings of people who have touched the higher frequency, automatically you will be elevated. Just by being. One great master in India who’s not in the body now. He left his body in the 1900s. People asked him about his master, so he said, ”My master was great but he taught me nothing. Right from the morning till the evening I sat down and looked at him, and he gave me everything. This is very important to understand. Being in the company of people who have attained higher frequency, automatically raises our frequency. First thing is, do not judge. If you judge, you never understand. If you start judging another person even in our life, we stop understanding a person. We stop appreciating. We create walls.
Second thing is that in the spiritual path, you will get many sensations. As you evolve, you will have many experiences, many feelings, but I would always say, they are good, enjoy, but never lose the focus. Catch god. Do not lose your focus. You are not just to experience a sensation, you are here to experience god. Until you touch god, reach god, connect to god, don’t stop. Keep evolving. Nobody can stop you. You have the power, you have the resources, you are already that. Nothing can prevent you. So be yourself. Be as powerful as yourself. If at all you feel weak, understand, that is the mind at play. Mind is keeping you weak. You are not the mind. Mind is part of you. You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. In between do not allow your mind to conquer you, subdue you and make you feel weak. This is my message for you.

Love you all

You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. BLess you

You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. Bless you

Transcribed by Bilja V.


By mohansuniverse