Mohanji as a Messenger of Peace in Assisi, Italy

Brahmarishi Mohanji, a spiritual leader and a messenger of peace, attended the historic Peace Pledge Project at Assisi, Italy from 28th to 29th June 2018. This historic event saw more than 100 spiritual leaders, business leaders, educational and environmental leaders who came together and emphasized the importance of universal loving-kindness and compassion for all beings. This global event demonstrated to the world our mutual friendship, respect and common goal for a peaceful world nurtured by wisdom, compassion, unity in diversity, forgiveness and reconciliation.


He also attended Peace Pledge Project in The Hague, Netherlands in 2017. You can read his speech here.

And watch the message

Assisi, a small but powerful town soaked with divine energy, the place where Saint Francis was enlightened and had communion with the Supreme Consciousness. With his love for nature and all beings of  Mother Earth, St Francis spent his life serving all beings from this pious place and finally attained liberation.

Assisi displayed the unconditional love, the warmth of compassion and peace in every inch. This resonated completely with all in the presence of Mohanji.


Many renowned Masters and leaders were gathered in this multi faith event which aimed at bringing awareness to peace in humanity.

Mohanji’s ease and compassion towards everyone was evident in His gestures and the radiance that He was bringing in their faces.

To simply observe how Mohanji was living “Loving-Kindness, compassion and unconditional love” every moment, not just in words but in actions, was a wondrous, eye opening experience.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 1

Mohanji’s First (recorded) Speech

During lunch time they explained this idea to me, the first thought was, it’s a conscious lifestyle. Being aware. Being conscious. We are controlled by the temptations of the media. One sign is, we keep changing mobile phones. I saw this mobile phone which can be pieced out and changed when needed. I think there is no such mobile phone available at the market today, because they expect us to change the mobile phone with the new features every time. This has become a habit. We have learnt to live like this because it is a consumerist society. We are not worried about what happens to the materials we have used and where they are going (i.e how they are disposed off).

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 4

Therefore I just categorised two aspects:

One is the internal space – the internal space which has feelings, emotions, etc. and it is also the seat of contentment. Furthermore, it is based on needs. It has a root, a bhaav or a flavour – silence.

The other one is external – the external is all connected to noises.  So one is silence and the other one is noises.

I am only talking from the spiritual point of view, as I am not an expert in the circular economy. But from the spiritual angle, I would say this is a conscious lifestyle. It is connected to the external space, our addiction to things outside and how this addiction is maintained by the media or the temptations that come out of the media which make us spend on a particular frequency, whether we like it or not. For example, “if you buy two, you will get one free,” – we will buy it even if we do not want it because of the temptation, the greed factor. It is not the need factor any more. It is the greed factor. Then it is unconscious existence. We are existing more or less unconsciously and we are driven by things outside. We do not even look inside (to see) whether this is leading us to contentment. Contentment factor is definitely not there. It is about just managing a lifestyle of unconsciousness. The noisy world is filled with materials and we are connected to the fancy towards it. It  is blind consumerism because we are not even worried about how it comes i.e. how it is produced or it’s source. Actually I was talking to my wife… my daughter was saying, ”I don’t like this food. I want another food…” so I asked her, “Does she know where this food is coming from? And how many people have worked to get this food on your table? It would be a good idea if she knows, because even if it is one grain, there is a lot of sweat and blood behind that grain. It is easy to discard it. We think it is ok, we will pay money and obtain it. We should also know where the money comes from. This awareness is missing most times.

The media control leads us to restlessness. When we see new things in the media, in advertisements, etc. we feel we should have it. Whether it is a car, a phone or anything new – “Oh, this has better features! It is better than what I am using now. Why don’t we go for it?” Sometimes it leads people to debts and further insecurities.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy

It maybe even connected to boredom.  We are bored with life, we are bored with monotonous things. Sometimes it is comparison with other people, “My neighbour has got a new car, so I would like to get another one.” This is triggering the need for changes. It is not that we need it. The car is still moving and working well. We can use it for some time, but we change it because we think it is time we have proven something to this world, it maybe to prove that you have more money or better means, or whatever. The greed factor is maintained all the time. It is not the need factor any more . Then it leads to insecurities. We are always in a mode of insecurity, we need more and more. We are  pleasure oriented, not satisfaction or contentment oriented.

The way we approach the world with surrender, things happen and we are reasonably contented with the lifestyle. The demands are less and that leads to peace. People are not talking about peace. People are talking about materials, what else we need and what other things are available. All in all, life has become an unconscious pursuit. We must lead to a  conscious lifestyle. It is all boiling down to conscious lifestyle. Being aware of what we are doing here, why we are doing the same and whether it is necessary. Buddha said, “Just before you speak, ask yourself, if you are going to talk with kindness.” Similarly, one could think, “ Do we really need it? Is this thing really needed or are we using our emotions and are getting carried away with what we see on the television?”

That is about it. That is more or less what I wanted to say.


Mohanji’s Speech at Basilica of Saint Francis


I bow down to the great Master who united us here. I also bow down to the traditions that we brought here. These are all drops of the same ocean.

This is a leased body. This is a leased life. There is a duration. This remembrance could help. When we feel that we own the land or own anything, when we feel possessiveness, possessions and various dimensions of ego, this remembrance might help – that we are here on a leased life, on a tourist visa, we have to go back. We only carry some memories and some desires. If we do not have control of our desires, we keep coming back. It is important to understand WHO united us here, I bow down to the great masters and the tradition that brought us here, all the traditions that brought all of you here. I bow down to all of you. When you do not exist, you see only yourself everywhere. If you see differences, understand it’s the mind. Only mind can see differences because you are always unique. That’s the way we are created. We are neither high, nor low, nor equal. We are unique. If we understand that, let us express our highest possibility into this world which is goodness, loving compassion, kindness, instead of greed, hatred, possessiveness, revenge and insensitive lifestyle.

I bow down again to the Lord who brought us together, who is called by many names, and whom we think of in many forms and formlessness. I bow down to the unique creations that He has brought on this world. Thank you.

Mohanji’s Speech at the Conclusion Ceremony 

on 29th June 2018


(Note: recording started after a few sentences)

…The second point that Swamiji said is about the conglomeration that is going to happen in Kumbh Mela. This is the highest message of peace at this point in time. At one place, millions are assembling in the name of peace. No conflicts. Everybody is the same. This is a very powerful platform to express something. And the third point to note is I have been assisting in whichever way possible; we have put out the Peace Pledge Project on our website last year and it is still there.

Visibility factor should not focus just on the websites. Not many people visit websites; not many use Facebook, we might as well forget about Twitter and other social media. Visibility has to be through multiple means. We have program called Conscious Walking. It is basically for unification, being in your own energy and walking. This is very popular in Europe. They have T-shirts: ” Walking for Peace”; “I am a Walker  for Peace”.


These T-shirts go very well. People look at it and say, what is this? What Pujya (which means revered) Swamiji said was the same thing, if you want to convey the message, convey it through pictures, images and that goes a long way. If we are talking and not expressing, it remains as a theory, an idea. Therefore I think the next step should be focusing on the visibility and that should not be only through the platforms which are type-cast, like Peace Pledge Project. We have united here to create a formula or patterns or an understanding. But peace is a state. It has to be a state. It is a state where you are contented, you are balanced. That state has to happen through various methods. When I was in Iraq in 2004, my bodyguards were kidnapped, my four-wheel drive vehicle was blown up; each day was a survival. I know how it is… a child once told me, “If I get a knife, I’ll kill a man.” He had that kind of anger, a feeling of revenge within him. Such situations cannot be changed just by talking about it. You cannot suggest to them, ”please meditate and improve.” It will not work. I can tell you right now; next generations to come i.e. future generations will look at us and call us a barbaric generation. This is going to happen. They will call us a barbaric generation because we have no idea of what we are doing. From a macro perspective, this is about all governments and people. People who believe in peace and who are doing something about it right now may look like fools, but in the future they will be trendsetters.

Technology has given us this opportunity for visibility and the highest level of visibility is through videos and short presentations. I fully agree with Pujya Swamiji in this regard. Attention levels are very short; today, it is 8 seconds. In 1986 we used to say that if one can convey a message within 15 minutes, it is good enough. Contrast it to today when it is 8 seconds! At the end of 8 seconds your attention is no longer available; so if you cannot convey something within the first minute or so, you cannot convey it. That is the level of our imbalance or disalignment. Alignment of body, alignment of mind, alignment of intellect, alignment of ego i.e. personality is important. But there is definitely no alignment at all. Through various religious paths, systems, methods, contemplations or meditations, we are trying to convey, but at the end of the day what we are achieving is complete anarchy in the whole world. We talk about religion and religions are killing more people, not diseases, illnesses or an epidemic.  Religions are killing people. What harmony are we talking about?


I completely agree with Swamiji, that we should use these platforms well, especially Kumbh Mela. It is a very, very powerful platform and people should wear T-shirts, hats or whatever it takes. I believe that if we present the idea to the corporates, they will fund it. The idea of peace is one everyone may feel about. We should not just talk among ourselves and within our organisation. We could be weak on our own, but collectively, we could be a power. If all of us can speak to our own network, all those in our contacts, it could be a movement. And it should be visible. If it is not visible, it is not good enough. Also, do not depend too much on websites and platforms like Facebook, etc. They are temporary and do not stay. They keep moving, so you have to keep telling something each day. And if you don’t have a team to keep inspiring people, the whole idea is lost. We will talk about the same thing in the next program; that is not good enough. People should FEEL. People should ALWAYS REMEMBER. Peace, as I said earlier, is a STATE. That state has to be attained. When the state is attained, nobody can disturb you. Until we reach there, we need to do something. This is my humble opinion.

Q: Can you tell us some recommendations how we can operationalise your insights?

Mohanji with the initiator of Peace Pledge Project Murshid Karimbakhsh Witteveen Chair Universal Sufi Council

Mohanji: I would like to continue what Pujya Swamiji said. One thing is that short videos are very powerful today.

Participant 1: How many videos do we have? Or speeches? They could be edited into short videos. I would say that we have at least 20 hours of material. Would that be correct?

Participant 2: Something like that, yes.

Participant 3: Johnathan, I have about 25 1-2min videos of many people.

Participant 1: Ok. So, Mohanji, we have potentially 30 high quality, high definition, really good quality material, we have about 20 very heartfelt, sincere, not only visually quality but high quality material. How can we get that to as many people in the best way possible?

Mohanji: Today, I was listening to a discussion on the media on how to grab attention. Even adults watch cartoons like “Tom & Jerry”, something funny, which conveys a short message in a short span of time, not long conversations or philosophies. They may not be interesting for all. For some people these might be suitable, but we are talking about 7.5 billion people. We need to have these videos or short presentations, which convey a message in a subtle way, while making you feel. This is a real art and many are practising it. We can also use images, like ice melting in Greenland, in other words,  make it visual, as much as possible.


Participant 1: So you are giving editing suggestions of the material and make it more compelling.

Mohanji: Absolutely.

Participant 1: You can talk to Jonathan about that.  Jully has the interviews which are just in a lovely environment that are not visually that striking but are short, crisp and content rich. How can we apply that?

Mohanji: It has to be edited into one sentence each and put together; it could be many faces coming forward so that in a minute about 30 or 50 people are talking, even one word will grab the attention; not necessarily a full sentence or complete conversation. This is because attention level is very weak these days. I think that is what you, Pujya Swamiji meant (turns to him) when you mentioned crisp videos. That is exactly the point.

Participant 4: Mohanji, I see two real needs from what you said. One is corporate sponsorship. We need, anyone who has talent in that, who has good will to help us. That would be tremendous. And the other thing is that in some ways, we need a whole video team, a team of people who have both good will and knowledge and understand our message.

Mohanji:  I am only talking about one thing – visibility. Corporate sponsorship is about their visibility. They do it for their sake, not for our sake, but that is good enough for us. What they contribute, we will say this was given by or sponsored by some company. If you are talking about professionals doing this work, they will pay. Because there will be cost and they will be shouldering it. Then it’s a question of reaching people. Facebook is a good platform for that. You can pay them and they will take it all over the world. It is like a country now.

Participant 4: That’s a resource we don’t have yet.

Mohanji: We may have to find it.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 3


Collect Yourself into a Unit – part 2

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang on 15th July 2018

Mohanji 122
It is important that you connect to yourself and practise being yourself totally; neither what others think about you, nor what you think about others or yourself. It is very important that you completely accept yourself and dissolve within yourself. That makes you one UNIT.

Q: Can you please tell us more about the Atmananda blogs?

Mohanji: We are almost completing the Atmananda blogs; books are going to happen, and the team is working to put this together, so it will be ready for publication very soon. Hopefully by mid-August we should have that book. Atmananda is an Avadhoota and what we are trying to explain through Atmananda, who is a fictional character, is the state of an Avadhoota on earth – somebody who can have anything but needs nothing. Existence in perfect freedom. We all talk about freedom. We look at choices and we say this is our freedom e.g. to have a particular food or not, to be married or not, to have a material or not… This is our freedom we talk about. That is all relative freedom. But existence in perfect freedom is: you need nothing from here, you are ready to give everything possible to the world and not having expectations is your strength. Atmananda depicts extreme supreme qualities of a total renunciate in these blogs coming as a book which will be entitled “The Silence of Shiva”.

Silence of Shiva - stories about an avadhoota Atmananda, written by Mohanji

Q: If we wish to get liberated, can someone else’s attachment to us bring us back?

Mohanji: Liberation is a state within. If you are constantly in that state of liberation, it means you are not too dependent on any material, situation, person, emotion, requirement, pattern, any particular flavour, anything around or anything inside. That becomes what you are. When that happens, nothing outside will affect you.

When you are still exploring yourself, when you are not fully convinced or established in the path of liberation, then everything is conditional. That means a person’s presence, influence, somebody’s emotions… all of these will be processed within. Whatever you process inside, you hold a certain amount inside.

For example, you bring in some materials from the supermarket into the house and you are processing some food inside the house. There will be remnants of the food until you throw it all away. For some time those foods remain in the house, quite often in the refrigerator. Likewise, every emotion, every thing which we gather from outside has a duration of existence within us. A liberated person, or a person who is truly on the path of liberation, will have less storage, less processing inside. It means the level of acceptance will be very high. In that mode, whatever happens outside, you will not be affected. Your mind will be stable, it will not be swaying with emotions, there will be no possessiveness, no possessions. No possessions or positions will affect you. Like that, when a person is completely happy with existence, contented with what they are, nothing outside can affect them deeply or permanently.

Mohanji quote - The seret to peace

It is very important to understand that whatever affects you deeply or permanently, actually affects two aspects within, mind and ego. The mind aspect also includes the intellect aspect (buddhi – intelligence) and ego, the personality aspect. If these are affected, it prevents liberation. Following are some binding factors: “I am so and so, I expect so and so, my positioning in this world is this pattern or a mode, I expect a certain type of appreciation or approval from the world”. Instead, if we are flowing with life, it doesn’t matter if people approve us or not, it doesn’t matter if we approve somebody or not, life goes as it is. In this existence, no one can influence you or prevent you from progressing. The flow which we call life, has liberation INBUILT. All you need is to recognise that aspect of us and nurture it. Look at birds and animals in the nature – only when they are hungry, they search for food, or are occupied with the act of eating. They will not eat because they are bored. Likewise, animals and birds which are not nocturnal, live their life in the morning hours, and slow down at sunset. They then go back to their cages, shelters or nests and take it easy until they wake up the next day at sunrise and then go through the day. They always follow the sun; they are in tune with nature. They do not wonder, “What will I eat tomorrow or are things ok today, is what is provided today good enough?” They just accept life as it comes. There is no anxiety, there is no fear, and there is no expectation. All of this makes a person liberated – we have liberation inbuilt in us. However, human beings have many expectations, fundamentally from us, for ourselves and also for the world. This really violates our existence. That is why we have anxieties, fears, depression… All those things happen because of non-understanding of the liberation aspect within. If you understand that we are liberated by birth, we will not have this problem. We can choose to stay liberated. It doesn’t mean that you will not have relationships. You can have relationships; they sustain and become very effective, if your expectations from them are very low. Likewise, choose to give more than you take, so that you are always in the richness mode. When you are able to give what you have, share what you have, you are rich within. If you are in the richness mode, you are in the liberated mode. So, liberation has various dimensions, which you can explore and express all the time. You don’t even need a guide for it. You just have to look within. This is part of you and this understanding is inevitable in daily life.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Q: What should be practised every day to stabilise the mind?

Mohanji: Being YOU. You should practise BEING YOURSELF every day. That means: understand the nature that is “you”. Everybody has a nature i.e. what suits you. You have certain qualities, certain dimensions, and a certain composition, and there is no one like you. You are a unique composition. Therefore, it is important that you connect to yourself and practise being yourself totally; neither what others think about you, nor what you think about others or yourself. It is very important that you completely accept yourself and dissolve within yourself. That makes you one UNIT. Not the fragmented you, who is always trying to prove something to somebody. You are always trying to be somebody else through comparisons or approvals. This is diluting us and fragmenting us. Instead, we conglomerate ourselves and settle in ourselves as one UNIT. That means body is here, mind is totally aligned here with this body. Body and mind aligned, intellect is aligned, personality is aligned, and you are a very powerful unit. That should be your daily practice.

Ask yourself these questions, “Why do I get distracted? What do I expect? Why don’t I have relationships sustained?” The answer would always be, “I don’t have a relationship with myself.” My relationship with myself is faulty. I do not value myself. Or, I do not appreciate myself. I do not encourage or experience myself.” You are only looking outside. You are in a false mood of serving others. That’s absolutely not a true thing. You are insufficient or insecure, so you try to serve other people, get approval from other people, and in the bargain you suffer. Instead, we should understand and ponder, “Am I appreciating myself? I am a total and complete incarnation.” All of us are. Nobody is higher, no one is lower, everybody is the same. Are we appreciating ourselves? Am I coming to terms with myself?” If you know that we have come to terms with ourselves fully, then nobody can shake you. No situation will upset you. No event will topple you. Your everyday practice in this fast pace of time, is to be yourself totally. Not as a father, a mother, a guru, a disciple, brother or a sister… not as a relative relationship but as a complete unit which is everything but which is not anything. That is exactly what you should be. You are complete by birth, you are not in terms of somebody else. You are yourself as a total individual. If you practise this, you will be unshakeable. Neither you need anything from anybody nor can anybody be blamed for your existence.

Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself

Actually the world is completely what you have projected, not the world as it is. The world is neutral. It is a neutral world we live in. However, we project what we are to the world, and we complain saying that the world is not giving back what we wanted. It will not, because expectation has nothing to do with the world. World has nothing to do with it. World has nothing to do with your desires. You get what you deserve and what you deserve is what is within you, how you are. That is what you deserve, so you are only getting what you deserve. You are not getting what you desire, and then we complain, ”I did not get what I desire.” You won’t, because you are not raising your eligibility to receive it. This is exactly why connecting to yourself, settling into yourself, understanding yourself, assimilating yourself, accepting yourself. This is your sadhana. This is exactly how it should be.

Q: What is Raja yoga? Please describe the practice associated with it.

Mohanji: Swami Vivekananda has explained in detail about Raja yoga. There are numerous other texts, too. In a nutshell, we can say that it is the yoga where you are connecting and dissolving into the Supreme Unmanifested, the intangible form of pure energy which is brighter than a million suns. We are not connecting to an object. It is beyond bhakti, jnana, karma, etc. or it is a mixture of everything. Raja is a king or an emperor. Yoga is that you are an emperor, i.e. you are not bound by anything on earth. That is exactly what Raja yoga is. Something which is unbound. Nothing can bind you, no practice, thing, person, situation, or time – nothing binds you. That is the state. It’s a state of being totally free.

All the practices which lead to the state of Raja yoga are being yourself, being one UNIT. First you become a unit completely, and then you become the universe.  When you are a unit, you gain the potential to become the universe. The path of Raja yoga is about being universe or being one with yourself i.e. you become a unit. Once you become a unit, you are totally with yourself. Your mind and body are totally aligned and, as one unit you are fully established inside. Then you start expanding from within. That means you assimilate everything scattered in you, then you start expanding from within, then your expansion grows with time and effort or the presence or state. As a state, you expand and then you automatically become the universe. So, from unit to the universe is a spontaneous thing, but to become a unit you need effort. That’s Raja yoga.

Mohanji quote - Alignment

Q: Is enlightenment predetermined?

Mohanji: Enlightenment is predetermined in the sense that when your predominant purpose of this incarnation is enlightenment, definitely yes. However, for everybody we have an option. That is what I mentioned earlier in the story of Nagarjuna. The thief asked, “How many lifetimes will I take to be like you, totally liberated?” Nagarjuna said, “This moment. It’s a decision you make. When nothing else matters, only liberation matters, then it is a very fast process.” What happens is that in the path, we get fascinated with so many things around us, so many lures, so many expectations, things we need from the Earth. Therefore, we keep coming back. Second, we have so many regrets because we thought, “Oh, I could have done better,” guilt factors, we convert various things from the past into guilt, then various emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, the kind of binding emotions which really pull you down, reducing your frequency so much that you go down in the level of evolution (frequency-wise). Then you have to climb up the ladder again because you went all the way down with these negative emotions. “Negative” means all the heavy emotions which bind you, which pull you down. This is why it is getting delayed.

Mohanji quote - Clarity, confidence

But IF your mind is occupied with goodness, acceptance (and similar), we are only benevolent to the world, we love people without conditions, we accept things as they come. All of us are karmic beings expressing our own karma in our daily life, choicelessly in a way, without blaming anybody, or expecting anything. THAT helps you to grow in awareness and in that case, just like Nagarjuna said, it’s a choice this moment.

If liberation is your priority, that will come to you. If material satisfaction, gratifications are your priority, that will happen to you. Whatever you desire strongly will happen to you sooner or later, in this life or another life. It is your choice as to what you want. You can choose a material, spatial or emotional gratification – that is your choice. Now, if your choice is liberation, then that option is open.

Mohanji quote - We realise what we focus on

It is definitely predetermined and you have to nurture it on a conscious level. That means you have to be aware – “I don’t want to be a part of this birth and death cycle. I do not wish to be helplessly bound in choiceless emotional wrangles. I want to be free from these. I want to be liberated.” Then you associate with a Master who is liberated; that helps you because when you are in THAT frequency, that is, in the frequency of a person who is already liberated, it stabilises you. That is why the proximity of a liberated Master helps. Otherwise, you will only see the man, the mannerisms, the character, the constitution, just like another person. There is no difference. If you see that, then there is no point in being with the Master. Then you need to spend time with yourself and sort yourself out. You have to assimilate yourself, to discard what is not yours, or what you don’t need, assimilate what you need and increase your goodness factor. You have to elevate yourself in awareness and settle down in one purpose which is liberation from birth and death. When in that mode, you reach a particular level, then you connect to a Master who is liberated. Otherwise there is no point. Because somebody else is in the path, there is no point in your travelling in the path.

Mohanji quote - Authenticity

The second thing is – acceptance should be absolute. Otherwise there is no point. If I accept somebody partially, I only get partially. If I accept a situation partially, I only get that partially. Acceptance should be total and acceptance should happen with you first. You need to accept yourself fully. Why do we accept somebody partially? Because we have not accepted ourselves fully. That is why we cannot accept another person fully. These things should be clearly understood. When we understood these things very clearly, it’s very easy to connect to the whole world. Whatever you look at around, you will look with total dispassion. You will look with love, kindness, compassion, you will have no enemies, you will have nothing to fight against. You will be against nothing. Even your own life, your own situations, people around you, everybody is fine; they are all karmic beings playing their life. You may approve, you may disapprove, but nothing changes. Whether you approve or disapprove it, nothing changes. You will be peaceful, the world will be peaceful, everything will be peaceful and then you will spontaneously rise in awareness. In that mode, when you connect to a liberated Master, you will automatically move in rocket speed towards liberation. Until then you need to spend time in assimilation. You need to put your fragmented pieces together and make one unit. This is fundamental. That is why enlightenment is possible, liberation is possible, dissolution is possible, by taking one step. That one step should be a firm step. CONVICTION should be firm, CONSISTENCY and CONTINUITY should be there. Continuity means today, tomorrow, the day after… you should be thinking about the same thing. You should be STEADFAST in your decision, and not change it tomorrow, then you come back again. That won’t work. In the flow it should be permanent, perpetual and without second thoughts. No doubts. One doubt can be the poison. If you leave one doubt in your mind, ”Oh, is this exactly what I want to do?” then that will work against you. “Against you” means it will pull you down or reduce your speed. A single doubt means a hole and that one hole will take the water out, eventually.

Mohanji quote - Consistency

To conclude, it is important to understand, that being a unit is fundamental. In being a unit you need to assimilate yourself totally, then you connect to a liberated Master. For the sake of being a unit you connect to a liberated Master. Stay there. Be there. Be completely practical and also steadfast in this journey. Being practical is extremely important. Being positive is extremely important. Practise positivity. Ignore negativity. Do not try to judge or criticise people or gossip. These are unnecessary and unnatural in the path of liberation. What is natural is being a unit, completely within yourself, totally accepting yourself, the purpose should be very clear and be fully occupied with your purpose. Then liberation is right now, at this point in time. It would not take time.

Q: How do the Masters operate on earth after they leave the body?

Mohanji: As I explained, when you become a unit, then the expansion is in 360 degrees. That means, first and foremost, you conglomerate yourself and become one unit. There is nothing outside of you. You have no mind outside of you. You brought back all your scattered mind – from your past, your future or materials around you, emotions – all these things are discarded and then you bring your mind back to yourself; your mind is within, intellect is within, personality, ego, everything is within, you are one unit. Then you start expanding in 360-degree awareness. That continuously expands, you become everything: the plants, trees, animals, birds, the wind, the Sun, the Moon… everything is you. You are totally expanded in that mode. Body becomes only one aspect to say that you have incarnated. That is all. When you are expanded and stabilised in that mode, even if you leave the body, that stabilisation does not end. When people connect to that physical form or that name, that conglomerates the energy again. Energy is already spread all over. Energy is not in the body, only because the unit has already become the universe. In that mode, when somebody connects to this unit, the form which is familiar, in fact they are connecting to the universe because the unit has already become the universe.

Mohanji quote - Master, become

The first, the foremost and the last step is to become a unit. Becoming the universe, which is expansion in 360 degrees, happens automatically. When it happens automatically, it stabilises after a while, and when the Master leaves the body, it is not leaving the body, it is expanding and stabilising in expansion. That is why the bodies of masters who have left in that mode are still places of power.  Thousands of people are attracted to those places and those bones are still talking. Their mortal remains are still talking, still working, continue to make a difference and bring about transformation in people.
The master who left the body has become the universe. Universe is permanent, perpetual. When you have not become a unit and you die, death then means leaving the body. It is like leaving a rented house. Once you leave there is nothing to be done with the house anymore because it is not yours. But when you are expanded, you do not have to come back because you are everywhere. There is no point in taking another unit unless there is a need on a dharmic level. Otherwise a master won’t take a body. One unit or body is taken, only for representing a particular tradition or a particular stature or state to the world. People connect to the stature or state of the master, and then to the consciousness. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master. There is no difference because the unit has connected to the universe which already exists in the form which they like, which they connect to and then they merge with the universe. They become one with the universe so they also dissolve into this universe. The potential of a unit to become the universe is enhanced or stabilised by the master’s presence.
While living itself, if you are expanded, you are everywhere. If somebody thinks about you, you can be there. That shows the stature of the master, the level at which the master is operating from. It means he has already collected himself into one unit. Not only that, he has already expanded sufficiently, to be with anybody who is connected to him. This is while “living”. While “leaving”, it just stabilises. The master does not leave at all. For generations to come, the master will still be functional, working and supporting, guiding and also liberating.

Mohanji quote - I am that

Q: How to get into a state of constant intoxication into the master?

Mohanji: First of all, total acceptance of oneself. Without accepting yourself, you cannot accept another. Secondly, accepting the master 100%. That means having a very, very stable mind. You should not connect to the character, constitution, mannerisms, method of communication or all those things that are formed and that change… that is all immaterial. Always understand that a master in the body is just like another human being, who has taken a body for a certain duration, just to give a focus to people. Connect to the master as pure consciousness operating with the body, on a conscious level. That means connect on a conscious level.

First – accept yourself totally, then – accept the master as yourself. If you do not accept yourself, you cannot accept the master. To only accept the master will not work either. Connecting yourself as one unit, accepting yourself, connecting to the master, then you become the same consciousness, a shadow of the master. That is true discipleship. When the master moves, the shadow moves. You are fully focused on the person who is available and through the person you connect to the consciousness automatically, spontaneously.  

Bless you all! I wish you all the best, a lot of contentment and stability and stabilisation. This is up to YOU. You have that power. Please remember: you are creating your destiny, not anybody else. Nobody else has any role in it. Everything outside is a representation of what you are inside. Whatever you see outside is a representation of what you are inside. Always remember that. It has nothing to do with you. You have created them, entertained them, nurtured them, stabilised them or kept them around you. Therefore do not blame anything outside. Instead, connect to yourself; use your precious time in these 29200 days on earth, in this body to be a unit. This is very important. Do not waste your time looking at others, looking at outside and making a mess of your life. Instead, focus within, stabilise yourself, become a complete unit and then, as soon as possible you will become a complete universe. I wish you all the best.

Lots of love,


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof Read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Collect Yourself into a Unit – part 1

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang on 15th July 2018

 Mohanji 98


Q: What is the significance of sacred geometry and how can we use it in our journey to liberation?

Mohanji: If talking about yantras, they are a representation of certain structures of energy flow, i.e. flow of energy in a certain structure, or they have a certain method, certain pattern. Its representation is called a yantra. The purpose of that is, first of all, awareness that certain energy is flowing in a certain way, for a certain reason. Everything has a purpose. The purpose is usually for the alignment or elevation. There are numerous reasons and a lot of different types of yantras which people have depicted, once they came to know more about the flow of energy.

yantraIf you look at the structure or a method with which the deities are created, in the Hindu tradition, there are 33 crore (330 million) deities. Each deity represents an ideal. Every idol represents an ideal. Depiction of an ideal is the idol. Each ideal, out of numerous dimensions we have, numerous patterns, shapes, forms and possibilities, are depicted as idols and when we connect to a certain idol, we are connecting to a certain ideal.  Deities are beings who represent certain qualities of human nature or the nature of the creation and they are depicted in the form of idols. When we worship that, that aspect within us is enhanced. This is why we have all this numerous variety of deities. Each idol has a reason, has a clear representation, and a clear purpose. When you worship an idol, you are enhancing that ideal within you. We have numerous dimensions. We have numerous qualities and numerous possibilities. That is represented in idols. That’s exactly what we are enhancing or recognising when we worship an idol. Every structure that we, as humans have created, is based on what exactly is existing or how the pattern of the energy flow has happened. This is how we have understood the formation, the creation and the possibility through our own experience.


Q: How do mudras help sadhana and does practising certain mudras help in reaching the goal faster?

mudrasMohanji: Mudras help us to stabilise. Mudras are connected to the flow of energy, too. When we are in a certain mudra, the flow of energy is regulated, just like we have pranayamas. We are breathing in and breathing out unconsciously. However,  when we regulate the breathing in and breathing out, it helps us to enhance so many aspects of our existence including concentration, a certain level of discipline within and also elevation of awareness. Mudras help that alignment much more than without them. Mudras help the flow of energy and it helps us to stabilise in that.

Q: Can you tell us something about Navarathri?

Mohanji: Navarathri is celebrated at a particular time of the year, when Divine Mother energy is predominant as per the planetary positions, especially connected to the Earth, and of course the galaxy. It is celebrated at a particular time of the year and at that time, Mother energy is much more. Nine different aspects, which are nine dimensions of Mother,  as mentioned in “Shrimad Devi Bhagvatam” etc. are predominant at the time we celebrate Navarathri. Each aspect enhances a particular strength or discipline within us; so there are nine different states that we celebrate or recognize and through chanting and prayers, enhance and stabilise within us during those Navarathris which literally means nine nights.

Maa-Durga-FBIn fact, the Mother aspect could be celebrated every day because it is part of our existence. We are all male and female put together. When we stabilise Mother aspect, the dominant energy pattern within us is love, kindness, compassion, strength, determination, rejuvenation, reinvention, quite a lot of different dimensions of motherhood are stabilised in every human being and that enhances our determination and the three aspects of Shakti – Iccha Shakti, Jnana Shakti, Kriya Shakti i.e. the power of will, the power of knowledge and the power of action, all these things are strengthened and enhanced. This helps us to stabilise in the world.

Q: How did you raise your Kundalini shakti through the spine all the way to the brain and how long did it take?

Mohanji: That’s a very hypothetical question, it depends on so many different factors. First of all, Kundalini shakti by nature, automatically rises when the pressure of your karma is low. The karmic pressure which is coming out of desires, which we have collected from past lives and this life and which keep pushing us to exist on earth, delays the process of Kundalini awakening.

kundalini 3Kundalini is awakened when the pressure of the desires is low and we are not pressured for thinking, pressured for expressing or pressured for acting. If the pressure is low in these three levels, our breath pattern spontaneously changes. There are numerous methods such as pranayama, kriyas, meditations, contemplation, many types of paths, bhakti, jnana, karma, and raja yoga paths, and also various systems, methods, scheduled patterns i.e. programmed systems to cleanse ourselves and when the path is cleansed through our conscious activity, Kundalini energy moves forward. But again, fundamentally, the pressure which is created by desires and which is called karma is there.

One aspect of karma is that it provoked your birth, that is,  whatever you could not fulfil in the last existence or the existence before. Second aspect is what you inherited from the lineage in which you were born, and the third aspect is what you have collected from here. These three aspects mixed together, become your agenda of life. When that agenda is heavy, Kundalini cannot move and as I said, there are numerous methods which have been prescribed, people are practising, people know and also Masters are guiding and training, to awaken Kundalini. It is possible only when the weight and pressure of karma is reduced. This is fundamental. How Kundalini energy moves, what time it moves, etc. is different, but how much weight you have within you, which provokes gravitational energy within you, that is exactly what we should be aware of, more importantly. Because the more desires and needs you have and the greater the pressure to experience things of earth, Kundalini energy will always stay dormant. Because there is no point in its moving up.

kundalini 1Now, when in that position, you pressurize it, that is, you have a lot of weight on you and you are pressurizing the movement of Kundalini in spite of your weight of desires, it can either move to the sun or the moon, Pingala or Ida side. That can create disasters. If it moves to the moon side, it causes dullness, depression… If it goes to the sun side, solar side, then it causes vibrations of madness or hyperaction i.e. heat, the power of the sun. What should happen ideally is that it should move to the center – Sushumna. For that to happen, the pressure of desires should be very low, that’s the whole idea.

There is a system in the tradition of Bharat, we have had four aspects.

hinduism-presentation-four stages of life

The first level is Brahmacharya where people learn skills, they are taught things as per their nature. The second level, they express or exercise their skills for the sake of earning materials for their gratification. The third level, they understand that all the things that they earn with their skills cannot be carried once they leave their body. It is a detachment stage where you consciously detach from the things you have collected. Finally, the fourth level or stage where your detachment is perfected and you are connected to the Supreme energy, the Consciousness. That’s the time when you become light. You become detached from all the things which are around you and within you. “Within you” are feelings and emotions, “around you” are materials which provoke them. When you are detached from both aspects, in that mode, your Kundalini automatically rises, because your breath pattern changes, you are only occupied with the divine energy of the Supreme consciousness, and then you merge into the Consciousness. This aspect is clearly defined.

Today, most of the practices are for a sensation, or an experience. That is not a good idea because when you are looking for a sensation, you may have a sensation, but it will not sustain. When something sustains for a period of time, that’s yours. If something is coming and going, you just had a taste of it but that’s not sufficient to stay. That is because your other desires are overlapping it. That’s why.

Q: Do we really have a choice to practise sadhana? Please clarify where free will begins and where it ends.

Mohanji: First of all you need to know your nature, what suits you. Some people are emotional by nature, for them bhakti is suitable. Some people are intellectual by nature, for them jnana i.e. knowledge path is suitable. Some people are kind, compassionate by nature, for them karma yoga is more practical. Some people are on the path of dissolution, they have had all the experiences and they just want to dissolve into the Supreme consciousness, awareness, for them raja yoga is suitable.

Bhakti, jnana, karma, raja

There are various paths, so fundamentally a person should understand what is predominant in them. Gurus will know. When real masters see a person, they will know what is suitable. Otherwise you yourself can see what makes them comfortable, happy, just like your connection with a master, a spiritual teacher. If a person’s presence, disposition or teaching is suitable for the recipient i.e. you, it is easier for them to connect to the person. If a teacher’s presence, teaching or disposition is not suitable that fundamentally says that the nature of the recipient is not in tune with the teacher. Let all of us understand that we have a particular nature, disposition or composition. When we understand this is our composition, and based on that composition, whatever we practise, it will be suitable. Just like a shirt you choose for yourself. The size of the shirt, the nature of the material, texture, are all connected to your nature. What is your nature, that kind of thing you should have. That works perfectly. Otherwise, most of the people do not think what suits them, they get fascinated. That is the mind’s thing. Mind gets fascinated with various objects, but mind doesn’t stay. It always changes. The fulfilment aspect does not happen in many cases. That is why people wander and wander through various paths but finally they feel disillusioned because whatever they have been doing has not been powerful enough to achieve a completion or fulfilment. This is something which you should always remember. Everything is connected to your nature. You need to recognise your nature and connect accordingly. Even the choice of a master – the scriptures say, a Master that has  come to you is the one who has been sent. Just like in our school days, we were sitting in a classroom when a particular teacher came; we never went in search of the teacher. The teacher came and started giving us guidance and through the guidance we went to the next class. Then another teacher came. We were never after that teacher either. He or she came at the right time, gave us skills to go to the next class. Like that, nature provides teachers. So the Scriptures say the teacher that has appeared before you is the one meant for you; however, what if your mind is stuck to a form or an expectation? Then it’s a problem.

Mohanji 97

What YOU need to check is “Does that suit me? Am I comfortable with this practice, teacher, training, information, knowledge?” If the answer is yes, stick to it. Whatever happens, don’t change. Because if you keep changing, understand that it is your mind in operation. If you are steadfast in one thing, after a while you can see transformation. The benchmark or the sign of spiritual progress, is inner transformation. Inner transformation can be called in one word – silence, i.e. inner silence, which means fewer thoughts. Noises of mind are connected to thoughts. Thoughts create noise. Inner transformation amounts to fewer thoughts. Transformation happens when you have fewer desires.  Many materials, substances, around us create a lot of noise within. Then understand clearly that your mind is fully occupying you. Mind is chasing experiences, is fully outside, using our senses mind travels; mind flies out with eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue. In every aspect mind travels outside and craves for materials for fulfilment. That creates a lot of noise. When you stabilise within you, mind will be inside, and it will accept what comes in our life. It will be stable by nature. Then you understand there is a progress happening. This is what we call spiritual progress. That is why I said transformation. Contentment with what comes to you, what comes your way and contentment with the way you are, which means you accept yourself totally. You accept, understand perfectly, merge with your constitution, yourself, not trying to compare yourself with others, not trying to change. Allow the transformation to take place.

Every moment we are changing. Every day we are changing. Every morning when we wake up, we are not the same. If we live 80 years, that is 29200 days, every day we have changed right from our birth until our death. In about 29000 days we complete this journey in this body. Then we merge back, we give the body back to the Earth from which we had taken it and then we go forward into the next journey. The next story begins. This is how we live. Those in that life, every moment, the potential for transformation, the potential for stabilisation in a particular method, or a particular position, or let’s say even a deity, or an ideal, that can happen. When your objective is total liberation, it is definitely liberation from the mind. When mind is still very active, it is asking for more things, it is very difficult for us to stabilise. First, mind will constantly push us with more and more desires connected to this life, expectations, comparisons…

Mohanji 33
When your objective is total liberation, it is definitely liberation from the mind.

When we realise that the mind is taking us for a ride, then it is time to contemplate, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” These questions will give you deep penetration into yourself. They take you inside. They guide you within. When you go deeper and deeper with these questions within, you reach a level of tranquillity which we call meditation. Meditation is nothing else but mind stable on something. There are levels and layers of meditation. There are levels of penetration. In this mode, you reach a level where the mind is very tranquil and there are no thoughts. In that thought, your Bodh or awareness is very high. When you stabilise your awareness in tranquillity, we call it enlightenment. When stability happens, that means awareness is stable over a period of time or stable for good, that’s what we call enlightenment. With enlightenment, your awareness stabilises. Then starts the path of dissolution. Whatever you collected, whatever you think you are, is dissolving like a candle – melting and melting and finally becomes completely molten. Like that, whatever we caught or whatever we thought as our existence as a personality, etc. starts melting, and it doesn’t matter because actually anyway we have to melt in 29200 days, we have to leave this body. With full awareness, we start melting completely and then we dissolve and dissolve and finally we become completely empty. There is no tragedy or expectation connected to it. We just melt and dissolve.

This is the whole journey and you should have clarity about it. Whenever you chase a Master, a teaching, a method or a pattern, always think that if you do not know who you are, what is your nature, there is no journey.  This is to be clearly understood.

Q: When we have a feeling that something will or will not happen, how to recognise if it’s intuition, or mind?

Mohanji: What has to happen will happen anyway, because life is programmed in that way. Right from your birth until death, there is a prescribed time of existence in a body. You cannot extend it by another day or reduce it by one day. What you can do is increase your level of acceptance, so that there is no suffering. Now, whether an event will happen or not,  you should be clear and aware that let everything happen in its course, life is all about a little happiness and a few sorrows, both are educational and they all give you experiences. Basically, life is only about experiences and expressions. For expressions we have a choice. Experiences depend on what we are. World is as it is, and we experience it as we are. So there is not too much of a dimensional change you can achieve by doing something else because you are connected to a space, a time, a situation and awareness and with the mixture of all these at a particular point in time, you are experiencing life. This experience is inevitable, only one degree of difference could be AWARENESS. Then you look at everything from above, e.g. when you climb a five-storey building and look down, you see a particular radius. If there are 20 stories, you will see much more because you have a larger radius. That is the level of awareness you can cultivate. You can choose to be aware more and more, that is what we call bodh – awareness aspect.

Mohanji 43
Basically, life is only about experiences and expressions. For expressions we have a choice. Experiences depend on what we are. World is as it is, and we experience it as we are.

If you are concentrated on that, your vision will be expanded and your experience could be different. Apart from that, whether you have intuitions, whether you have awareness, feelings or knowledge about something which will be happening in the future, I don’t think it will give you any difference. Sometimes it gives more anxiety. Sometimes it gives fears. Some people always live in fears of tomorrow, they fail to experience the current time, today, the present. Everything is happening. Present is happening and we do not know the future and we cannot do anything about the past. Therefore it is better to be in the present, accept ourselves 100%, we don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to think we should do differently, because sometimes we can’t do anything differently as we have to use this body, time, space, this constitution, awareness, the materials around, or a particular experience… That’s about it. There is not much choice. There is not much variety. E.g. I am sitting in this place now. I can’t be in Paris at this point in time. I have to get up from here, move to a particular position, to another location or try to catch a flight or go on a journey, to reach Paris. At this point in time I cannot be in Paris, I am here. So we have a lot of limitations of time and space, at every point in time. This awareness is very important for us to have. Then we realise, ok, within this time, space, awareness, surroundings, we experience something. Sometimes we call it happiness, sometimes we call it sorrow. Both are the same, just two sides of a coin. And it’s a mixture, numerous materials are around us for gratification, five senses to experience them, one mind to process it, and with the one mind we use, only two results emerge – happiness or sorrow. Therefore when intuitions are happening, whether it’s your thought or fear which is projecting, at the end of the day there is not much value in this. The highest value could be if you are allowing things to happen, look at them and have nothing to do with them. There is detachment. There is freedom. That’s the right way to be.



Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Why Not to Wear Black

A causal talk with Mohanji

Mohanji by Marko Milovic MAR_2893 FB

M: Darker colours have a blocking effect. When you wear lighter shades such as white, beige, your energy is never suppressed. That is always better for energetic stability.

Disciple: Next time you’ll see us all in white.

M: You don’t need to wear white, but something light. Even light grey.

Disciple: And what about red?

M: Red is always worn by somebody who is connected to Shakti, goddess, power. However, if you are not balanced with the Shakti energy, you are going to addictions, to bring you down. That is why most of the Shakti worshipers use something to pull them back. Otherwise, you are in the ecstatic state all the time, you can’t do anything in the world. That is not a good idea. I have seen various Shakti worshippers, they do the extreme thing and then they bring themselves down. Not down, better say back. Look at Nadananda, he is smoking all the time.  He keeps on smoking. If they’re left alone, they would fly. It is not easy. But, my path is Vedic path where you are not taking everything to the extreme. You are walking at straight line and you are reaching there.

Disciple: Father, why do I always feel attracted to black?

M: That is the mind’s thing, to camouflage yourself. Whenever you want anonymity or want to be insignificant in the place, you prefer black. Then you are telling the world: “Leave me alone. Don’t disturb me.”
Ask Devi, when she met me I was always wearing black. There was a movie actress, our friend. She came to Dubai. She wanted to go shopping, so I was taking her. I was driving and she asked me in the car: “So, why are you wearing black?” I said: “Because I like it.” She said: “You know what? You are telling the world – please leave me alone, do not disturb me. And you are not cut out for that. You have to talk to the world.” I said: “No way!” These were those days when I was not in public. I was working. And then she herself bought for me some red and yellow… I said: “I can’t wear these colours.” Then she said: “No, no, you must wear this!” She had no idea about spirituality, but she was a movie actress, she was practical. “The more you are wearing black, the more you are telling the world – leave me alone. And that is something which is considered to be leading to depression.   It is mind oriented, you are trying to protect yourself from the world and stuff like that. You should face the world.” I said: “But I am facing the world every day,” because I was handling tankers those days, oil tankers – big, huge vessels, 3 billion barrels capacity, etc.
Another person told me: “Whenever you are connected to the influence of Saturn if you wear black, it will become double.” Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Pluton, Neptune,…  They like black.
Saturn is supposed to be the Sun of shadow. It is called the Sun of shadow. So, Saturn is always truthful. Shadow is truthful… How do you know that shadow is there? Shadow is a representation of you in a truthful way. What is your feature is the same feature that is coming to shadow. So, the Sun of shadow is Saturn. Saturn is always truthful. It brings out the actual you. Even if it is ugly, it brings out ugly. That is why people are afraid of Saturn, because they are used to covering up. But black will expand it.
Devi was asked not to wear black at all, because of her ruling planet. I don’t know what is.

Devi Mohan

Devi: I have a strong influence of Saturn.

M: After that she had differences in life. And also it attracts negativity, jealousy,…

Devi: Negative comments of people.

Disciple: What will I do with my wardrobe everything is black!?

Devi: I literally threw my clothes. I had like a pile of black stuff, and I just threw them away. I did realize how much black I had. All the time I was wearing something black. It is also because we feel we look slimmer when we wear black. But you can wear dark blue, dark olive, dark green, brown,…

M: There are two things about it. One is that they attract a lot of jealousy when they are with me. People become very jealous when they become close to Mohanji. Lighter colours reflect it back. Second thing is to protect themselves from the influences of the energy.

Devi: But that guy said that when you wear black you get more criticized by people, you get more jealousy, other people get accented by your clothes.

M: They want to put you down. Even if you do your best, they would say that you are not good enough. When you wear lighter colours, it reflects back to them, maybe not fully, but at least 80%.

Disciple: When I see teenagers wearing black, sometimes I feel angry with their parents.

M: Teenagers often wear black because they want to rebel. That is a kind of a rebellious attitude. It is a kind of a message to the society: “I am against all of you.” I was always wearing black. I never even used to buy clothes without something black. At work I was wearing  a tie and a jacket, but that was different. Then I stopped everything with the black. Even now I have a few things black, not many.
Likewise, saffron, orange colour, is very powerful. It influences the solar plexus directly. If you are not stable and you wear saffron, you won’t be able to handle your sun energy, fire. Fire will be very high. That is why many people who wear saffron are completely messed up. Because if you are not stable when you are wear a particular colour, you become even more imbalanced. People sometimes renunciate, want to live in isolation, they say: “I don’t want to live in this world, I am going.” But they can’t settle down in saffron because of this issue. It accents the solar plexus and sexuality and so many things come out. Whatever was sitting inside quietly before, will all start coming out, which they won’t be able to handle.

Disciple: Sometimes I was wearing combination red and black.

M: Red is earth, that is different.
Disciple: I like that combination, but maybe I am more aggressive than usually.

M: I used to pick those colours. I think there is connotation in what we eat, what we wear,… But if you wear lighter shades you are safe.

Devi: But it is all little by little – the food you intake, the thoughts you have, the clothes you wear, it is small, small. It is not that it is a big deal, but it does count when you put it together.

M: When you work only on certain frequency, it counts. Otherwise, the thing is that you are doing your best and somebody tells you that you are stupid, that you are not good and all those kind of things. Or, you are doing your best thing in the world, you want to elevate the awareness of people in the world and people are talking dirty things about you. If you wear such clothes, it hits you more. You probably start believing them rather than your purpose. So, you have to stick to the purpose.

Our purpose in this life is to reach the highest point. If all other things are affecting us then we will never reach there. Mind will bring all those things continuously. Our job is like in a hurdle race, one hurdle, another hurdle,… you have to jump and keep going. Mind will bring everything, one hurdle, another hurdle,…  And especially when we talk about people, we never get over it because people will keep coming and they will keep talking. They will have their prejudice and all those kind of things. There is no end to this. You will always be against somebody. I have seen some people who are always against somebody. If they are not against you, they are against somebody else because that is the only way they can survive. It is an extension of insecurity. If I am confident about myself, I don’ have to talk about other people. If you are not confident then you bother about other people.

MAR_2822 FB

When we decide to raise the frequency of the Earth, all these matter. Even though they are small things, in a larger scale it matters because naturally we gravitate towards “I don’t want to be touched,…” I was a great introvert, a chronic introvert. When Devi came into my life, I asked Baba: “Why are you sending a woman to me now, after all these years?”, because I had been a bachelor for many years. “What should I do?” he said: “You have to get married,” I said: “No way! That’s impossible. I don’t want to get into that kind of mess, you know, marriage, children,… I am fine this way.” And he said: “Then you have to come back. One thing is pending.” Everything you have to do has to complete, there are no dos and don’ts in that way. Even if you have to fall down, you have to fall down. If you have to get up, you have to get up. There is nothing like: “Why did this happen to me?” Everything happens.


Transcribed by Stasa Misic


Integrating into Consciousness – part 2

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 24th June 2018 – part 2

Being divine

Q: How to increase the capacity of divine love in our heart?

Mohanji: If you have clear understanding that it’s divinity happening through you, it is only divine love. If you do not use your mind, like judgement, criticism, concept about people, etc. and if you are very clear, it is only divine love. Whenever you love somebody unconditionally (which I am sure you have experienced with your children; whatever they do, we love them because they are our children), if you can transfer that love to everybody, to every being, then it is BEING DIVINE.

Mohanji quote - Comparison vs non-judgement

That is why in The Upanishads this question was asked by a son to a father (How am I divinity?).

You say, “I am divinity, but I don’t feel like that. I feel more like a personality.” Why do we feel like a personality? Because we are operating from the level of mind. When we are operating from the mind, we feel that we are this individual, this personality.

The father said, “I will explain to you why you are divinity. Do this – get me some fire.”

The son brought a lit lamp.

Father said, “Why have you brought a lamp? I told you to bring fire.”

Then the son said, “Oh, (maybe) I should do something else.” So he brought a charcoal burning in a bowl.

Father said, “I told you to bring fire. Why have you brought this charcoal?”

Then the son asked, “Father, how can I bring the fire alone? Fire cannot be brought without a medium.”

To this the father replied, “This is exactly the answer. Divinity needs a medium to express and that’s why you are here.”

Always remember that. Divinity is expressing through you. Let it be the highest possibility i.e. compassion, kindness, non-violence. Let all these things which are attributed to the divinity’s nature come through you. Then you will know that you are actually divinity at work.

You have a choice to decrease your frequency to lower emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, concepts, judgement. What are we judging? We are judging karmic beings. We are judging people and their activities. We should understand we have no right to judge because we are also the same. Which level can we judge? A person who has reached post-graduation can talk about another person in the same level of post-graduation. If a tenth class student talks about somebody sitting in post-graduation level, there is no matching (it is not appropriate) because we can’t see certain levels. Likewise, in the states of samadhi – when we have attained a level of no mind, we can talk about a state of no mind. Otherwise it’s just a theory; sitting in the first or second level of Samadhi, you are talking about a state of no mind -that’s just a theory. We are trying to understand a theory using our faculties which are basically the mind, intellect, and ego. Then you will not be able to understand the whole picture. That’s the level from where we are judging. There is no bigger foolishness than this. What I mean to say is – you are divinity expressed, so always make sure you live your highest truth which is compassion, kindness, unconditional love and purity in action – unselfishness, all the things which expand you and which are attributed to the highest existence.

Mohanji quote - Divinity is expressing through you

Spiritual path

Q: How are people’s paths decided (religion, guru, etc.)?

Mohanji: Orientation is the reason for people to decide on their path. Some people are emotional by nature, they like devotion. Some people are intellectual by nature; they like to have questions and answers – knowledge path. Some people are by nature charity oriented, they like to serve the world – they go to karma yoga. Each yoga is based on orientation of the person. Everybody is a mixture of everything, but whichever one of these – devotion, knowledge and karma or selfless service path, is the predominant one, that becomes your reality. The master, the path, the tradition, the knowledge, the practices, everything is connected to your overall orientation. Orientation determines your nature. Some people are loving by nature; they may not even go to church, mosque or temple, but they just love. These people do very well in the society as selfless servants.
Orientation creates your nature; your nature makes the presence. Nature determines your character, your constitution, your personality. Orientation is the key. It has a lot of things behind it, such as impressions of the past lives, past, various things which you have collected over a period of time. All these things collectively become your orientation and that becomes your nature. Even your likes and dislikes are connected to your orientation.
There are certain things we like, and certain things we don’t like. We can never say something is right, something is wrong or that somebody is right, somebody is wrong. We can never say that because we do not know, why this orientation (that someone behaves in a particular way) has happened. There is always a history. We do not see the history. We do not see the cause i.e. the causal layer. We only see the expressions, the effects. When you only see the effects, you can never determine what caused it. When you do not know what caused it, you can never judge another person. Everybody, all the orientations have a background. There is a basis for it. We have to just accept that, “Ok, this person is like this” and we accept the person as he is. This has to start as self-acceptance. You have to accept yourself as completely, 100% original which is the truth. Your thumb impression is unique to yourself. When you accept yourself totally, unconditionally, 100%, with all your weaknesses, all your strengths, all your orientations, you will start accepting the whole world and the whole world starts accepting you. Those who stopped to judge you have no clue, because they have not accepted themselves. That is why they are talking about you. Nobody has the right to talk about another person because each person is a unique combination, orientation, nature and that’s how they are. That’s what makes them real in this world. Otherwise it will be just like another brick on the wall. There will be no identity, identification. Each person is unique because they are created unique. The creation is like that.

Mohanji quote - Non-judgement

Spiritual progress

Q: How to assess progress in meditation?

Mohanji: The way to assess progress in meditation is inner silence. If the mind is more and more still, you are progressing. Always use transformation as your benchmark. As I said earlier, the transformation that has happened to you, i.e. you had a lot of likes and dislikes in the past and that has reduced; You wanted many things from life, that has changed; In other words, you wanted many things, but you don’t care (for them) anymore. It means you are transcending various levels each day. That shows that you are progressing.
The progress can be measured through inner silence, being peaceful inside, not being worried about other people; we will not even be bothered by what other people talk about you, think about you, or what they are giving you; expectations will reduce, instead we deliver more. Our only question would be, “What else can I give to this world?” The aspect of being something for the world or the state of responsibility for this world increases, rather than, “What should I get from the world?”
We are all in a kind of greed-oriented existence (education system creates that: go, fight, get a job, compete etc.) However, we will have nothing to do with any of these things. Instead we will be self-sufficient. The highest level of self-sufficiency/contentment shows you have reached a level of samadhi where nothing can tilt you anymore. If you need fewer things from the world, you are freer. If you need nothing from the world, you truly are an emperor. You are very powerful. Emperorship means needing nothing. You may probably have the whole empire but you need nothing from the empire. Then you are really an emperor. If you want a lot of things from this world, you are a slave of all those desires. You can never be a free person. Freedom is not needing anything from this earth and that is a clear sign of spiritual progress.

Mohanji quote - Freedom, emperorship

Challenges in spiritual practice

Q: How to focus on kriya when external circumstances of life are extremely adverse?

Mohanji: Discipline is needed for a certain amount of time, until you stabilize. External things will always test you. Even when you have evolved to the highest level, it will always test you. In Atmananda story we talk about the “Chaaya vairi”, the ‘shadow enemy’. A ‘shadow enemy’ takes birth with you and it will die only when you die. Its job is to ensure that the other side is shown to you all the time. Imagine you have a weakness. You will be always reminded of it, and thus you will always feel incomplete. When you are constantly worried about weaknesses, you will feel incomplete. This aspect is always with us. It’s a silent ego which sits with us and which is worried about the external factors. However, kriya is something which takes you inside. Kriya is you. Kriya is a state. Kriya, meditation or even “ Manana”, contemplation are all inside things. The higher the resistance, the stronger should be the resolution. If you are resistant like, “Oh, I will do it tomorrow,” or “I am lazy to get up from the bed today,” etc. immediately jump out of bed, get up, do it. This is what resolution is. When resistance happens, the resolution should be stronger. The resistance is given so that your resolution is tested.

External factors are not a problem. Let them be there. Let them always give you a bit of test. Then you will be stronger. You’ll fight harder. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Mohanji quote - Resistance and resolution


Destiny and awareness

Q: It is said that we are powerful beings who create our physical manifestations. It is also said that we have predetermined destiny including the time of death. How can these two truths exist at the same time?

Mohanji: Our life span has a limitation. We were born at a particular time and we will die at a particular time. That means we have taken this body for duration, like a rent-a-car. You cannot own a car; you have to give the car back at a certain point in time. However, your experience with the car is up to you. You can take the car for a beautiful drive to a village with beautiful settings, etc. Just like that, what you experience out of this incarnation – it can be the highest of experiences, or even if things are adverse, you can still do whatever you can e.g. you change your mode to giving rather than taking. You always have something to give. It need not be money, any material or possessions. It could be your time, your knowledge, your love. In some way you will always add value and that makes your life more meaningful. Destiny’s boundary has no value for the level of experience we choose to have. This is called awareness. Awareness is your choice. Destiny has provided a body, situation, time, space, but awareness is your choice. Awareness at a point in time is what gives you a successful life. A successful life means life unbound by concepts or various aspects of life. If you are unbound by things of this life, internal (emotions and feelings) as well as external (materials), you have a great existence. THIS is your choice. You can reach there. The level of experience determines you. You can definitely be there, it is up to you.

Mind vs. intuition

Q: At what time does mind take over from intuition?

Mohanji: Mind is always coexisting. Intuitions is that which you can experience, but only when mind is not bothering i.e. the state between waking state and dream state or the state when mind is reasonably empty. That’s the time when you are experiencing frequencies which are of slightly higher nature. However mind is always hanging like a cloud. It sits there. How can you know whether it’s proper intuition? It’s applicable to life. That is the benchmark. If something is applicable to your life, it’s proper (appropriate). If it is just an imagination, it wouldn’t work. Mind projects so many things, so you should never be confused about all those mental images.

Overcoming fears

Q: How to overcome fears of swimming, driving and other?

Mohanji: Jump into it. The practical way to overcome fears is by facing them. Because beyond the fears there is freedom. Fears are binding and they are definitely not an experience you want from this life. You do what you have to do with this life. Fears bind you to certain boundaries. They tell you, “You can’t do that. This is not yours. It is not possible for you. You are not good for that…” That’s the time when you have to face it. You say, “Ok, what can happen? Maximum is that I will leave the body. I will die anyway.” When you face your fears directly head-on, they go or they dissolve. When they dissolve, that’s the beginning of greatness. If you are able to address your fears head-on, then the other side is greatness. Every time you think that there is something which is trying to block you, take a step forward; say, “It doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, I am taking the risk. I am going ahead.” Then you will break one boundary after the other, and when you look back, you realize which things were binding you and where you are now reaching. At that moment it will be a very fascinating thing to do (exercise). A lot of obstacles happen when we choose to walk alone. People who are afraid will always criticize you, “I told you, don’t do it. Don’t be a fool!” I am not saying that you jump from roof and see if you will die (laughter) that’s not the point. The point is when you have a serious fear and you know this is a binding factor, take an effort to go over it and then the greatness will happen. Difficulties, roadblocks and detours of the path are part of our life and don’t be afraid of them. Even if you take a detour, if your purpose is clear, you will reach your destination. Purpose must be made very clear and that should be with full awareness. Full awareness means understanding the duration of life and that you are completely unique, you are original, you are authentic. You are neither above, nor below nor are you equal to anybody. You are unique. So your experiences must be unique. They are original. It is not necessary that another person’s experience be suitable to you or comparable to you. That’s not important. You are original; your experiences have to be original. If you understood this clearly, then there is no boundary. There’s no problem. Then you are moving ahead in life.


Mohanji quote - Fears

No fears. Fears have no value in the spiritual journey. You should burn all your fears and become completely and fully powerful.

Soul vs. consciousness

Q: What is the difference between soul and consciousness?

Mohanji: Consciousness is the operating energy, just like the transformer outside this house, which is a major transformer. That transformer is giving electricity to various houses. If you get that electricity directly to your house, it will blow off all the bulbs here. Therefore it is brought to a smaller transformer and that transformer is actually operating all the machines of this house. Just like that, soul is the larger transformer, and it is connected to an even larger transformer, which is the Supreme Consciousness. Consciousness is operating in three levels – waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. The same consciousness is operating these three states, but in a different mode because the experiences are different. That is the difference between the consciousness and soul.
When you know very well that you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the intellect, you are not the ego, then you start connecting to something which is running the show (body, mind, intellect, and ego) and then you realize it is THE SAME during waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. That awareness will take you further – closer and closer to subtler aspects, such as soul and beyond the soul.

Letting go of a trauma

Q: How to clean or release sexual trauma from childhood from my inner space?

Mohanji:  Not only sexual traumas, but also various other traumas, which we have picked up and collected, are (there) because we had certain experiences, which were amounting to some kind of violence in nature or something which is not leaving our system, and this is what creates a pattern. Whether it is teachers talking bad or some problems in the classrooms, sometimes bullying, etc. various things from childhood when the child felt helplessness about it (the situation), you have to work extraordinarily for those kinds of people outside.
When you are grown up, you need to help the helpless more and more so that you are able to come out of it. That means, when you have some trauma sitting inside, say, bullying, sexual abuse, etc. at a certain age, go ahead and serve that part of the society which is going through a similar situation and empower them. Say “this is done”.
If you keep the trauma, it will ask for a repetition. Only if you have that particular effect, or the memory inside, it will create such an event. If you have completely agreed and accepted that memory, you started releasing it and you use your trauma as your strength to serve the world, it will completely dissolve from your system and it will give you so much of power that it will not come back again.
First accept the situation, then let go of the past and use it for the world in a proper way. That means you help the helpless, you try to do something for the society which is going through the same situation and make a difference there so that you automatically grow beyond the trapped emotions. This is the way to come out of it.
Do not sit down and brood over it, cry and re-emphasize it because then it becomes a pattern in life. Even if you take many bodies, you will always choose bodies where the same situation happens. That is because we are fighting it, resisting it, trapping it. Instead, release it. That’s the way you can be free and then it’s out of your system.

Mohanji quote - Trauma



Q: How to detach from emotional relationships?

Mohanji: You need to raise the purpose. If relationship is emotional, you are bound by it and you are having trauma, you should increase the real purpose of existence, e.g. you are doing a larger good to the world and two people are walking together for that. The purpose should be much larger than your emotional attachment. When two people are together for a large purpose the individual interactions become more meaningful. Increasing the meaning of existence, the value of existence is the way to overcome the emotional binding, expectations, control, possessiveness, all the things which are connected to insecurities. That will change because you have a purpose. The purpose gives you strength. The more clear the purpose is, the stronger you are. Nobody can touch you. Nobody can defeat you. Always look at the purpose. The purpose should be very, very clear and it should be beyond your family, beyond your society – something much larger.
It doesn’t matter who you are. It is not that only certain people can do something in the society. Everybody can contribute in some way. If you feel you are not powerful enough to contribute, understand it’s your mind. Mind is telling you this, but that is not the truth. In the scriptures it says, “What you give is what you have.” If you have time, give time. If you have love, give love. If you have skill, teach people skills. If you have money, support people with money, do something which will enhance peoples’ lives or the life of animals or birds i.e. all species. Only share what you have in abundance. If this is clear, then life is clear, everything is clear.

In every relationship after a while, some kind of binding happens, some kind of expectations happen. Possessiveness comes, ownership comes. That brings a lot of emotional bad blood in the whole system. I always tell people – just increase your purpose, do more for the society, use this relationship as a good means to serve more. Then all other things will become automatically diffused.

Mohanji quote - Relationships

Handling insecurity

Q: How to deal with unpredictable situations in life like job loss, etc.?

Mohanji: There is nothing unpredictable. You are going from one situation to the other. The way you got the job, you may lose the job too. It’s like that – we have relationships, we have various factors in life, which are all flowing. If there is up, there is down, if there is happiness, there is sorrow. If there is good, there is bad. We live in the midst of duality. There is no way that every time we have a job very few people, “lucky people” have it. Some people had had extreme poverty before they became extremely rich. Everything has an up and a down. If you ACCEPT that situation, “Today, I have a job, I am happy. I can perfect my skills with it. Tomorrow, if I don’t have a job, that’s the time when I need to sit down and sum up what I have and what is possible to do to have a job, to create my company or create my own existence or a particular structure, a path for other people to walk.”
In every situation you can do something better and bigger. There is nothing called space of nothingness. There is always something you can do. Never underestimate yourself because of a situation, that’s a big mistake. You cannot underestimate your potential and your originality, ever, because you are unique. Don’t worry about other people, whether they accept you or reject you. That’s not a problem, you must understand that you are original and this is your strength. Your originality and your authenticity is your strength. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your qualifications are, where you were born, whether you are a man or a woman, it has no value. You are original. That originality is your biggest strength. Just explore this. This is also an idea in the American Indian culture. They say that your originality should be your expression and they were insisting on it. It’s not that you follow a pattern. Of course, there are rules and regulations in the society, but beyond that, your originality has to be your strength. That also is connected to your orientation. Somebody likes to be a doctor, somebody an engineer, somebody a pilot, somebody an artist… That is all connected to what you love to do, and what is your nature.

Don’t think a job loss is an unpredictable situation, etc. Every time as we talk, things are changing in this world. Numerous situations are happening. Don’t look at them as problems. They are not problems; they are all situations which you must handle in some way. If you understand that clearly, that’s about it. You know you can do your best.

Mohanji quote - Originality

Thirst for God

Q: Is trying to be one with God or guru also a desire?

Mohanji: It is a good desire. Trying to be one with God or guru is a nice desire (smiles). Keep that desire. Because your highest growth happens in your strongest integration. If you are plugged in properly, the electricity is transmitted to the machine. If you are not plugged in properly, then the electricity may not happen, so it may not be able to operate the machine. The integration into this higher source is always a good idea. Of course it’s a desire, but I would always say it’s a good desire and keep it. If desires are unselfish, then it is important to understand that it’s ok. If you have a desire to be one with God, then your expressions become unconditional love, compassion and kindness in the society, it’s definitely good. When you become a brighter bulb, or you become sun, you give a lot of light to the society (which becomes better). Instead of being dull and dark, confused, insecure, fighting against things, fighting with people, which society does not enjoy (because your existence is being diminished to certain emotions), be kind, compassionate, loving because you are integrated to the guru or God. This is beautiful. Be solid (bright) like the radiant sun. Be a radiant being and that’s good for the society. Whatever is good for the society is good for you. Those desires are nice.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan and Barbara Dizdarevic

Integrating into Consciousness – part 1

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 24th June 2018 – part 1

Good day, namaste!

Mohanji quote - Connect to your spine

Through the spine to the Inner World

Is there any specific reason that as a sadhaka we are asked to concentrate on the spine instead of the middle of eyebrows or the top of the head?

Mohanji: The spine or the back side of the body is usually neglected. We are all front oriented. That’s why we have all the stresses of life. We have two types of existence. One is the external world, the other is the internal world. The external world is very easy, because our senses, the mind, everything is moving towards the external world, by default. The internal world is a bunch of conditioning: concepts, fears, various emotions, feelings. We experience them at random. It is not easy for us to see what sits inside. But it is easy for us to see what sits outside. So there should be a conscious effort to go inside. That is why people have guided us in the past, masters have said “use your breath, connect to the space between your eyebrows, or connect to the heart center, connect to the spine, etc.”

The reason why I was suggesting you to connect to the spine is because that’s on the back side of your body. It is not a usual thing for you to connect to the back side of your body. When you start connecting, experiencing or feeling your spine, automatically vibrations shift. Your outlook changes. The whole tapestry of existence changes. That decreases your connection to the frontal side i.e. the outside world. So you will be more compelled to look within. The more you look within, you will start experiencing feelings. Feelings have connection with something outside. When you see a beautiful garden, there is an expansion of heart happening inside you. An external thing triggered an internal experience. Likewise, everything, whether it is good or bad, creates an impression or an experience inside. Experience leads to a particular level of state. Various experiences, sometimes good, sometimes bad (these are the broad categories), over a period of time, create stability. If you are existing in an unconscious mode, it will be repetitive. It will become a pattern. That is why we have certain patterns, sometimes related to relationships, sometimes connected to certain things, likes and dislikes, habits. These patterns are created because we are on an unconscious mode.

Mohanji quote - Connect to your spine 2

So when you connect more and more to your spine, you will start looking at everything objectively, whether it is good or bad. When you look at it objectively, you tend to detach from it or you have no problem in detaching from it because you are unbound by it. This is the reason why I suggested the spine. You can also go to the heart center, but again, the problem is – it’s in the front. We are used to the frontal side. Spontaneously we are always connecting to the things in the front i.e. the world outside. Outside world is one thing, inside world is another thing and we are not really, really familiar with our inside world. We only experience certain things and then we realise these emotions are sitting inside. But when you are consciously going within and start experiencing the inside world more and more, that point in time you realise, ”I’ve been in a huge storage box.”
We have stored so many things inside. It can be emotions, fears, insecurities, likes and dislikes, doubts, anxieties, insecurities, you name it. All these things are sitting inside and they all sprout based on some external stimuli. So connecting to the spine helps you to detach much more than connecting to your heart center or the space between your eyebrows. This is why I suggested the spine.

From integration to transformation

Q: What should be done when the mind is relentlessly questioning the authenticity, credentials of the guru, the path, the tradition or the practice? (When these questions are hindering your practice.)

Mohanji: When we start questioning anybody, not even a guru, this is coming from certain concepts which we have collected from outside. We have certain notions about a teacher, or we expect that a teacher has certain boundaries. But a person who is liberated, beyond the karmic boundaries, will only operate as per dharma (purpose). He will only concentrate on delivering what is supposed to be delivered. There is no way you can bind a liberated person in any frame. If this is clearly understood, you will not question, doubt or be affected by the characteristics, mannerisms, habits, appearance or any aspect of the teacher. You will only concentrate on the teaching. A teacher’s job is to DELIVER. That’s what the story of Nagarjuna illustrates.

A thief came to Nagarjuna and said, ”Can you please make me your student?”. Nagarjuna said, ”When you decided that I’m your teacher, you already became a student.” Then the thief said, ”I have been to various teachers, but when they asked me, ‘What do you do?’ I said, ‘I’m a thief.’ They said, ‘Get out of this place.’ Nobody has wanted to teach me because I am a thief.” Then Nagarjuna said, “If a teacher judges a student, he is not a teacher. His job is to deliver.”


So, a good teacher’s job is to deliver. He only looks whether the student is available and eligible. Eligibility is emptiness. If somebody has come with a lot of information in the head and there’s no space to receive more, a guru can give nothing.

Then the thief asked Nagarjuna, ”Can you please initiate me?” Nagarjuna said, “When I gave you the method of breathing, which is a kriya, I have already initiated you. There is no need for a formal initiation.

Mohanji quote - Transformation

So, it is up to the student to be available. In our path, the path of liberation,they say the only thing a student needs to do is to be available, have conviction and consistency. That’s it. You should have full faith in what you do. Not in the teacher, or any other thing. You need to be clear and sure about what you are doing and the rest will come to you.

If you start judging the master, it is either because you are connecting to the master with your mind, as mind will never understand the stature of the master, or you are bothered by concepts. You say a master should be like this or he should behave, walk, talk like this, have these standards, appearance… all these things are concepts. A true master who is beyond the mind, who has dissolved the mind, which is the fourth state of samadhi, will just follow dharma. Dharma means: what he is supposed to do, he will do. What he is not supposed to do, he won’t do. Because there is no pleasure or pain connected to karma for him. One who has transcended is not bound by pleasure or pain. He will only deliver what he has to deliver. That was the case of all the masters in history. That is also why, most of the clear, powerful masters were not understood during their time. They were understood much later. When Pilate (Pontius Pilate, Roman prefect (governor) of Judaea (26–36 ce) under the emperor Tiberius, today best known for the trial and crucifixion of Jesus) asked people, “I can release this noble man or I can release the thieves,” people said, ”Release the thieves,” because they did not understand Jesus. Then you know the rest of the story. It is always like that. Contemporaries sit and judge, posterity honours the master. Then they realise this was a great master. By that time, we would have lost the chances. This is happening time and again in the history. That is because we connect to somebody with mind. When you connect to something with mind, you do not understand. When you connect to the consciousness through the teachings, then you understand what the benchmark for it is – TRANSFORMATION. Understand whether the teacher is transforming you. Making you more silent inside. Making you immune to the pleasures and pains of life. These are clear signs of transformation. Earlier we were probably getting affected by everything happening around us. Later on, when you are connected to the master, so many things that you thought as dear or inevitable, start losing their importance. For example, certain food, certain emotion, certain connection with people… You will see a big change in yourself and that exactly is transformation. Your dependency reduces. Your needs change. Your understanding evolves. All these things can be taken as benchmarks for your spiritual progress. This is exactly what the master is delivering. This is the master’s job. Not what the master does, what he eats, where he sleeps, this is not important. The important thing is: is the message suitable for you? Then you will not be affected. You will focus on the teachings and you will evolve. This is exactly what you need to do in a lifetime. You need to make only one decision, “I won’t take a life again because I have already taken a life.” That means you get more and more evolution, awareness inside, and then you detach from all the things outside. Detachment does not mean you do not enjoy anything. When I say ‘detach’ it means nothing binds you. Whether you have a thing or not, it is the same for you. You are always happy. Contented. Peaceful. This is the criteria. When you are connected to a master, he changes you, transforms you into something positive. When doubts, fears and confusions happen, you are bound by emotions more than transformation. When you know that you are not being open and that you are not expanding, it means the track is wrong. When mind binds you, you will feel suffocated. You will feel small in your views. It is important that you understand it is YOUR evolution, YOUR journey, YOUR transformation that is most important. Master is a facilitator. Understand: You are not marrying the master. You are marrying only the consciousness that is talking through the master for YOUR benefit. Then you will have no confusion. There’s nothing to change. All you have to change is the concept that a master should be within certain frames. It is not necessary. A master can be anything. A realised person i.e. a person who has gone beyond the boundaries of mind may behave in any way which the dharma asks him to behave and that is not controlled by the society or social norms. Their operating level will be totally different. You should understand this. You will also be the same.

Mohanji quote - Transformation 2
When you go beyond your mind, you will only see the absolute truth with clarity. When you see the absolute truth, you will see the past, present and future. Then you will behave in a different way. When you only see what is happening ahead of you, you will be bound by those visions processed by your mind. It cannot give you the truth. Also, what the eyes see, is truth. What the ears see is not always truth. We depend on ears to see. That is sometimes a problem. We ask the ears to see. That means we listen more to people’s words rather than our own eyes, our own expressions, our own experiences. And your own experiences are your truth. It doesn’t matter what the ears see. Ears see somebody else’s opinions. It cannot be true. It may be an opinion. Opinions could be based on concepts, boundaries of likes and dislikes, or the frames which they have created. These could all be wrong. But what YOU see, experience, how YOU connect, that brings forth the difference. This is what you should always understand.

The benchmark is one word – transformation. If transformation is happening, keep moving. Transformation literally means stable mind amongst all the storms of life. This is the fundamental thing that you can understand. Practices are all for the mind. Transformation happens through INTEGRATION into the consciousness of the master. Imagine the master is stabilised in a certain level of freedom from mind; you integrate yourself into the master; through integration, you also attain that level. That means your wire is connected to the plug point, you get electricity and the machine gets operated. So integration leads to transformation and that is your benchmark, not the mannerisms, character, constitution, the words they use, appearance of the guru. These are all transitory. These are provided to you only for YOUR sake, YOUR journey, YOUR transformation. Now if you choose not to like the master, not to like the teachings, it is all because mind is getting involved.
Do not look at anybody through your mind. Look through the eyes of truth.

Calm your mind then decide

Q: What is the best way to gain clarity when you have an important decision to make?

Mohanji: Whenever you are emotional, angry, upset, do not make any decisions. Just hold on. Just be calm before making any decision. Whatever decisions we make when we are extremely emotional, agitated, angry, etc., we will have regrets later. Take a step backwards, just allow the time to pass, let it flow and then you make decisions based on truth. Always base yourself on truth and do what is right. What is right is what enhances you, what makes you feel good, what expands you and other people. This is good. What contracts you, makes you feel bad, makes you contaminated, the base emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, make you more and more bound. You feel much more contaminated. You feel down. You feel low. Avoid all those emotions. If you choose higher feelings such as kindness, compassion, love, and express these through the words you use too, the whole life would be a smooth flow. Even if you made a mistake, you would not feel it so much. But if you are angry, upset, revengeful, and when you make a decision – if it goes wrong you will feel even more miserable. So don’t make any decision when you are agitated, angry, upset, etc. Please understand it will pass away. Everything moves.

Mohanji quote - Authentic, original
Please remember, if you live 80 years in this world, it is only 29200 days. There is no room for these base emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, character assassination. All these things are very, very basic and mean. That will only bring YOU down. Other people may not be affected as much as you are. It is always important that your aspirations and expressions should be of higher nature. Make a decision basing on truth and doing the right thing. Always be right.

Destiny vs. free will

Q: If our destiny is pre-decided, what freedom of action do we have?

Mohanji: Destiny is pre-decided. The duration of time of each incarnation is decided, but your awareness can be different. For example, if you are aware why a certain thing is happening, it will be much easier for you to travel through it. Life is all surprises because before we came, we erased the past which brought us here. We know very well that we have a duration, e.g. 80 years or if you are lucky you may live for 90 years, but then the soul changes the face, changes the body. The body is useful only for about 80 years out of which you have about 40-45 effective years. First 20 years, we figure out our existence. Last 20-25 years, we are on a downward trend because the body is not as good as it was before. The effective years are the middle years, from about 20-60. These effective years are all you have. During that time you can always have a higher awareness through acceptance.
You have to accept yourself 100% because you chose this incarnation, this body, this mindset, this understanding, awareness in this life. Total acceptance is very important.
Also, please remember, you are original. There’s nobody like you. You are authentic, because there’s nobody like you. When you understand that you are authentic and original, express your highest with that originality which would be compassion, kindness, love, where you are giving more to earth than you take from it. This is very important to understand. That would be an authentic existence.
Whatever the society gives you, does not matter. Society gives you love, society gives you hate, we can’t control it. We cannot control anybody else outside. We cannot control anybody’s emotions. Some people choose to love you, some people choose to hate you, some people choose to be somewhere in the middle, where they may be in a doubt. This is the way it goes.
Those who really love you will never leave you. They will love you through rains and suns. Then don’t worry about them, you have nothing to prove to them because they love you anyway.
Those who choose not to love you completely, will always judge you, whatever you do. When somebody judges you, they have no time to love you.
Always remember, do not try to prove anything to those who are constantly judging you, criticising you or abusing you, or talking bad about you, etc. because they have already made a decision not to love you. What you need to do is to be sure that you are doing the right thing and that you are travelling in the right path. When I say ‘right’ always do things which expand you, which will definitely not be against anything. We cannot be against something and still be happy. Whenever we are against something, we are resisting. Resistance creates friction, and friction always leads to pains of various types over a period of time. That also leads to diseases. You can see that somebody who is constantly fighting against something catches some disease like cancer. They do not know why the cancer is happening because if you look back, an emotion such as resistance was continuously there in them. They are not releasing the energy which is positive. The flow of energy is not happening. You can see all these things in your life.

What I suggest is – always be truthful to you. You don’t have to convince anybody, but be truthful to you i.e. to your conscience. You should be truthful that you are doing the right thing. You always have to be truthful to your conscience and do what is right. And whenever you are emotional, refrain from making decisions. This is it. That is the way to make decisions.

Mohanji quote - No self-pity

Overcoming addictions or bad habits

Q: What is the best way to break an addiction or a bad habit?

Mohanji: When you know there is an addiction, there is always something which has created it. So go to the root cause. It could be boredom or some kind of disappointment, something which could have created it. Just an environment would have also given you that. Because you live in a particular environment and it was ok to have this addiction. So anything could have given you this addiction. AWARENESS is the right thing to overcome addictions. When you say ‘awareness’, first awareness is that your duration in this world is limited. You know very well, if you live 80 years, it is only 29200 days out of which we sleep, eat, wash, wash clothes, fight with people (laughs), we have our moods, then we watch television, entertainment, for all these put together we have only 29200 days, if we live 80 years. That awareness is the fundamental.

In that time what would you like to do properly?

This is the most important thing. Forget about destiny, forget about karma, forget about everything. You have a body, you have a situation, a life, environment, a particular nationality, a house to stay, food to eat, whatever. What do you want to do now? When you are clear about this, stop complaining. No self-pity at all. That’s a very, very bad thing which paralyses you. Don’t look for somebody’s sympathy or approval. That is also going to paralyse you. You are an individual. You are born alone. You will die alone. Nobody will be there for your birth or death. Your parents were there at the time of birth, somebody will take you to the graveyard. That’s about it. But you are taking birth alone and you are dying alone.

In this boundary of time, what would you like to express? What do you really want to do in this world?

If you have clarity about that, you will automatically go beyond all your habits and addictions because mind is often on a repetitive mode. Mind is just following a repetitive pattern.
When you are conscious about your life and the duration of life and that this body has been leased from earth and body is made out of elements, like earth, water, air, fire, then you understand you do not have control over your body – it is changing, mind is changing, everything is changing. You have no grip on any of these things. When you are very clear about all this, you will understand, ”What am I supposed to do here? What is my core nature?”
Once you come to terms with your core nature, you can get out of any binding habit. This is not a problem. Otherwise, mind will say, “Ok, you are used to coffee, tea, smoking, just do it, what’s the problem?” But then we understand this is not what we want to do in our life and we start being detached from being any of these things.
So, sense of purpose, CLARITY OF PURPOSE, removes everything unwanted from our system. Gain clarity. Clarity should be individualistic, not that somebody tells you what you should do. That is not yours. Even if I tell you what you should do, that’s not yours. You should gain it from the inside. “What am I supposed to do in this life? What do I really want to do with this incarnation which has a duration, time limit?” Then it will give you the clarity of purpose. Think about it. Contemplate on it and make your purpose very clear. Purpose means the highest purpose you want to achieve in this life. Not just eat, drink, sleep and die. That clarity will give you a lot of strength, determination and then you can break any boundary in your life, especially habits.

How to pray for someone

Mohanji quote - Prayer

Q: Does praying for someone in difficulty help them?

Mohanji: Praying for someone is a good idea actually, it is your expression of compassion. Nobody can stop you. But, when you pray for someone, who are you praying to? That means you are looking for a particular entity or a particular form of God who will help and also you are reemphasising that the person has a problem. Instead, what you should do is SURRENDER the situation of that person to the hands of whichever Almighty you are looking at and say, “You know very well, there is this situation. I surrender the situation to you and let it be good for everybody.” Then the prayer is more of a surrender.
When you say, “I WANT more and more things,” or “I WANT somebody else to have something,” you are actually emphasising a truth that there is something missing, something lacking. When you keep saying that something is lacking, the world reflects it back to you. You say, “I do not have this thing.” The world will say, “You do not have this thing.”
The world is like a mirror. Your prayers should be prayers of love, prayers of gratitude, prayers of compassion, prayers of surrender: “I have this situation and I have probably wanted to experience it and this person whom I love has this situation, I surrender them to you.” You are automatically relieving that burden from your shoulder.
Lord Krishna says, “Surrender your activity to me and the results of the activity to me, I release you from the ownership or the sins or the burden of it.”
Karma happens only with ownership. When you have ownership of action, it becomes karma. If you know things are happening through you, you are not bound by that particular situation, or a particular activity. An activity is happening because you were supposed to have that experience. Activity leads to experience and that becomes a memory. That activity will happen, but you are not taking any ownership – you are just being neutral. When you are being neutral, you are not adding to your karmic burden. You are just being neutral, normal, there is no ‘me’, there is no ‘mine’, there is no thing which you control, which is actually true, we don’t control anything. We don’t control even our body, emotions, our thought processes. We do not know what we are going to think next moment. In this whole tapestry, we will flow through life. Life happens through us. That is why we are all related.
Always remember we are all connected and related. That is why we are listening and talking today. It is not a coincidence at all because in this space, in this time, we are all uniting – in energy. This energy continuously flows as life through all of us. In this bargain, when we say, when we fight something, when we resist something, we tell God, ”This is not right”, this is all mind trying to figure out something.
You collect emotions, ownerships. When you have ownership, that stays as your karma, a thing to do or a particular reality in your life. It is important to understand that you need to flow, continuously, consistently, without boundaries and surrender everything. When you feel a situation, you surrender, say, “I leave it to You, at your feet,” also “Whatever is right for this person, let it happen, I surrender this person to You.” Invariably, the pains will reduce because you are not the doer. Only with ownership there is pain.
When somebody asked Ramana Maharshi who had cancer, “Do you have great pain?” He said, “I have a body, so I have pain. But I have no suffering. I choose not to suffer. Body has pain. I have no pain.” That is exactly what we do. Whatever belongs to the body should remain with the body and not with your mind.
It’s about food, emotions, sexuality, all the things which have to remain with the body let them remain with the body. And what has to remain with the mind, let it remain with the mind. You can see this in animals. Look at how the animals operate. Whatever is in the body, they keep with the body. Whatever is in the mind, they keep with the mind. They have this clear separation, but we mix all these. We have judgements, criticisms, analyses of people…
Analyses of people create emotions all the time. When you analyse too much, you are creating more emotions. Analysis often leads to paralysis of mind (laughter). Sometimes it is emotional. Clusters happen through analysis. We also distort reality through analysis. You have to accept things as they come, experience them and let them go, so that you always remain calm, peaceful.
Everything is changing. Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Let life flow like this.

Mohanji quote - Liberated person, master

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Creating Inner Stability – part 2

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 6th May 2018

Mohanji quote - Doubts


Q: How can we overcome doubts that the mind creates?

M: It’s almost like clouds which obscure the sun. Doubts are coming out of mind and doubts are created mostly well, we can get doubts from other people but if doubts are entering it’s the mind projecting an option of these things but what you need to do is stick to your reality. What has been your reality? What has been your experience? And what is the aspiration? If you stick to that, all the doubts-clouds will clear. Doubts will happen, but don’t allow them to stay. You look at it, say ok, it’s existing, but you are beyond doubts. Sun is always there shining. The clouds come and obscure it but sun doesn’t go away. The sun stays. So you are definitely in the sunshine, you are the brightness. Clouds will happen but we know very well that they won’t stay. They all come and go.
Better not to rain on other people. That is something which you can think about. When you have doubts, keep them to yourself and dissolve them without raining on other people i.e. without contaminating other people’s minds. Then what happens is, it becomes your responsibility to sort out those people. The more people you contaminate with doubts, the more responsibility you are handling. So be careful. To beautify somebody’s mind is good karma. When you contaminate someone’s mind is bad karma. So you have to pay for that too. So pay less. These are all my opinions.

Mohanji quote - Doubts 2

Q: How can we sustain the bliss of silence we create during the meditation all day long?

M: Initially whenever we have any bliss of silence during the meditation, it can’t be sustained more than certain. But when you repeat it, it starts expanding. It’s like thoughts start reducing. The first day they will not reduce. You have to go through the process over a period of time, it reduces. Consistency is very important. Then the effect will stay longer, longer, longer and finally it will stabilise, it becomes your state. Effect becomes your state through consistency. Consistency is very important in any sadhana, any practice. That is why the scriptures say one path, one guru, one practice. This is very important. So whatever you do, be consistently connected to one tradition, one guru, one path, one practice. Then it is guaranteed because the effect or the tranquillity which you experience through consistent effort becomes state. Once the state happens or once you graduate into that state it will not go away.

Mohanji quote - Consistency


Q: Do effects of the planets affect our energy and if yes, does the Navagraha  prayer reduce the effects of the planets?

M: Well, even the weather is affecting you, right? Sun, sunshine, summer, winter, spring, the surrounding, all these things have an effect on us. We are not segregated from this universe. We are part of this universe. We are within this universe. Every atom in us is connected to every atom in the universe. Everything has its power play. It has its influence. When you say Navagraha puja, it’s like increasing the positivity and integrating the alignment with the whole cosmos. In any prayer, any mantra, any ritual, which integrates your connectivity which is already existing, which you can’t avoid, with the whole universe, it will help you because it is one part of alignment. Whenever your body is perfectly aligned like, you are having a good sleep, good appetite, good exercise, if your body is aligned in a good way, that will help you all day. Like that, if your mind is aligned beautifully, that means moderate emotions, peacefulness, tranquillity in mind, etc. then your interaction with society is better. Likewise your intellect is aligned i.e. the information you are assimilating is not of violence in nature, it is connected to you, synchronised with your system, then intellect is beautiful and connects with the whole society. If every aspect is aligned, it gives you a better life. Likewise, if you are connecting to the planets which are already existing and influencing, not only ours, but the whole world, the whole universe, they are all interconnected, so if you are getting in tune with those planets, and your alignment is perfect, the effects are less i.e. neutralised. That is definitely coming. Puja, prayer, whatever suits you, it will work. The alignment is the main thing. Meditation is called alignment, rituals are for alignment, mantras are for alignment, everything is for alignment. It is including body, mind, intellect, ego, any structure. So alignment is the whole thing. Spirituality is fundamentally called alignment. In that mode everything works well.

Mohanji quote - Alignment

Secret to peace

Q: How can we be always mentally and physically happy without sorrow, pain, fear, grief, tension, etc. in all circumstances?

M: This is a wonderful question. I think you are already that. Then what is preventing it? Expectations, mind, right? You are already beautifully integrated into the whole universe. In fact, nothing can segregate you except your mind. Your mind creates analysis, mind creates doubts, mind creates segregation, alienation, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. This is all mind. Remove all these things from your mind and you will see there is no mind. When thoughts are taken out of mind, mind itself collapses. Your secret to peace is coming in tune with yourself. The secret to peace, stability, tranquillity, equanimity. This is definitely mind, your acceptance factor, your contentment factor. If you accept yourself and you accept the realities, and you are peaceful with everything, you don’t criticise, you don’t judge or talk bad, you don’t contaminate your space and other spaces, like that if you do, you will be peaceful. And it will show on your face. You will be like a magnet, you will attract so many people. That’s because you have stabilised. People would like just to see the stable mind. All the turbulence is temporary and it’s mostly in the waking state mind. Other states do not get affected so much. So in waking state mind be peaceful, choose peace, and also choose goodness, be good to people, do good, serve the world, all the time thinking, “What else can I do for the world?” it will give a lot of peace and tranquillity.

Mohanji quote - Secret to peace

Q: How to overcome tamas consistently?

M: Tamas is when you are in a mode of inertia. Your whole method, mode is inertia. So people sometimes drink coffee or smoke cigarettes just to get out of tamas. I would say that actually the only way to overcome tamas is to increase rajas, rajas means action. Whenever you feel, “Oh, I’m lazy, I don’t want to get out of bed,” get up. So that you do what is opposite of laziness. Go for the opposite. That’s the best way to overcome tamas and ensure that you are not tamasic in your mind, in the body, ok. Mind is influencing the body but the body’s putting the mind back to bed. It says, “Nice weather, sleep a little more.” Get up, go for a job or do something to counter it. So the best way to beat tamas is rajas, compulsive action. Not just walking, thinking, singing, etc. You have to do jogging, running, play football, tennis, something which will be really dynamic. That will help you.


Q: Do we need to chant different mantras or can we chant Mohanji gayatri mantra?

M: Whatever mantra you are chanting, do it consistently. At least partially with voice which means 90% of the mantra should be inside, 10% outside. It’s not like 90% sound outside and 10% inside which we see in places, people run away because of the noise pollution, but 90% of the mantra should be within, 10% should be outside. This is the right way to chant. So it’s only the limited sound coming out.

Secondly, use one mantra, whichever mantra suits you, consistently chant it for a long period of time. When you stop chanting with the sound, chant in your mind. All the time while you walk, talk, relax, chant it in the mind so that what happens is your alignment never changes. Mantras build alignment. They synchronise you. That will stay. Mantras are good if chanting is consistent. At the end of the day, it is consistency. The more consistently you do it, the more effect you will see.

Mohanji quote - Mantra chanting


Q: How to get a status of no expectation?

M: Our mind expects by nature. It’s like a habit. We have developed the mind to start expecting so we expect. But just by being aware of your expecting, your will start detaching from your expectations, that is a way to begin. It means, you expect to have breakfast in the morning. And then breakfast is happening in the morning, ok, it’s good. But then always be aware, “Oh, I expect, and this is sometimes binding.” So each point in time, if you are alert about your expectations, so many expectations will start detaching from you and instead of expecting, you will be in an acceptance mode. The moment you shift into acceptance mode, expectation takes a back seat. It means your method of operation becomes peaceful. You are peaceful. You are stable. And then, even if you have expectations, it does not have density, like an overwhelming expectation, anxiety, fear, discord with the people around you or imperils of life, disharmony, all those things will stop because there will be more acceptance, less expectation.

So to detach from expectation, first is awareness. Be aware that you are expecting. And it’s not a bad thing. Don’t think that expectation is bad and suppress it. It’s not that. You are actually experiencing expectation but at the same time you are being aware of it. But at the same time you are not bound by it. You are accepting the situation where it does not become as you expected. So that you are giving the room, you are leaving it open, that is acceptance. The more you develop acceptance, the less you are bound by it. Less expectation, less disappointment. So you will be free from that.

Mohanji quote - Expectations

Difference in frequency and orientation

Q: Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable at different places like someone’s home or Mandir?

M: It all depends on your frequency and orientation. Like, if a person who is interested in chanting, singing and dancing, goes to a very serious discussion on spirituality on intellectual plane, they will run away. They will feel something is very wrong. Because their operating frequency is different. They operating frequency is chanting, singing, dancing. But the place provided is that of serious silence, meditations and stuff. So every place, every person, every location if it is not integrated into your frequency or if it is not in tune with your frequency, you will feel very bad or you will feel suffocated. That’s the reason. But understand that there are 7.5 billion people on earth. They are not of the same frequency. Everybody has variety, difference and there should be variety, difference. That’s the flavour of life. If everybody is the same like bricks of a wall, there’ll be no fun. The fun of life is about variety. The world has provided sufficient variety. It’s important that all these are part of creation, part of the universe and understand that the whole creation decided to have this in this time. So instead of resistance, learn acceptance. Also, if the frequency does not match you, like, if you cannot relate to somebody, leave peacefully. Don’t sit down criticising, judging or scandalising him or make life miserable for yourself and others. Instead you can peacefully leave – it’s not my cup of tea. How many times you have done that, right? Sometimes something comes to us that does not suit us and we have to leave it, like food, our clothes… Sometimes it does not suit us, so we switch out of it, go out of it and leave peacefully. That’s the way to go. Incompatibility of the frequency is not a problem, it’s not your deficiency, please understand. If you cannot be compatible with everybody, every place, idea, or emotion, it is not your deficiency. It is only talks about your orientation and how you are created. It is not a problem. Don’t look at it as a problem. And if you try to match all frequencies, you will never succeed anyway. Please understand that.

Mohanji quote - Frequency difference

The right path

Q: Father, please advise me the right path I am stranded in dejection? How will I get real peace of mind to concentrate on You?

M: Don’t try to concentrate on me. First you said, please advise me the right path. YOU are the right path. Without you, there is no Mohanji, right? You are the most important being you have met in this life. Now, if you haven’t met, make sure you meet yourself. This is very important. If you don’t meet Mohanji, it will not change anything. But if you don’t meet you in this life, you’ll lose a lifetime. It’s important that you should spend time and understand, recognise, shake hands with yourself. So the right path is YOU. When I say ‘you’ you need to understand assimilate yourself totally, not as a father, brother, sister, husband… it’s all relative relationships in waking time. I’m talking about ‘you’ which is the same in waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. So be that person who is the same in all three states which the society will not see. Society only sees that which you project, so society makes a decision based on your projection and basically doesn’t understand you. You need to understand yourself, come in terms with yourself, you need to be with yourself so it’s important that you have to accept, recognise and assimilate yourself and that’s the path. There is no other path which is more right than that, there cannot be a path which is more suitable to you than yourself. Because you have been a complete creation which you probably never recognised. And don’t look at Mohanji or some other guru or some other thing as perfection, because that is your mind telling you. But what about you? If you can’t meet you or see you or understand you or assimilate you, there is no way you can meet anybody else. Everything has to be within you. It’s important to understand.

Q: How will I get real peace of mind?

M: When you find yourself, you are only peace. There’s nothing else. All the emotions are because you do not find yourself, you are looking outside. You are looking outside for happiness, relationships, for everything. So you do not get sufficient time to meet you so that you are peaceful. But when you meet yourself, you know that everything is you. Then you are very, very peaceful. There can’t be more peace. Otherwise you are in pieces.

Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself

Q: Recently, whenever I see time, I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33… Is it just a coincidence or is there any meaning to it?

M: I think you look at the clock only at those times (laughter). Because, see, such analysis will not help you. If it is a clear sign of something, these numbers are all patterns, symbolic patterns, patterns of life, patterns of mind, patterns of something, so it is probably a projection of your state, not balance, or original state or perfect balance. But why do we analyse? Ask yourself, am I balanced? If the answer is yes – enjoy. If the answer is no, try to get that balance.

Q: Is it ok to do sadhana when someone dies in the house? When we practise sadhana or Consciousness Kriya, and those rituals go in home?
M: Yes, technically yes, but then ritualistically we would say that the whole area is in mourning time. Mourning time practices are not effective because energy levels are low. That is why people say don’t practise anything during the time of death in the house. But in principle it is not disallowed, you can do any practices. But will you be in a mood to practise when somebody dies in the house? That’s the question. So it’s all connected to how you feel about it. There is no right or wrong there.

Silence in mind

Q: Can we really do anything including Kriya to increase our spiritual evolution?

M: Increasing your evolution pattern or your spiritual evolution, the sign, the structure or the benchmark is fewer thoughts in mind. Whatever practice you do which helps you to have fewer and fewer thoughts in mind, that is good for you. That means less activity in the mind. Silence in mind. That is where any practice should lead to, including Consciousness Kriya. Even connecting to your master. The time is so fast, it’s moving so fast, even remembrance of your master is good enough. Mantra, chanting in the mind is good enough. Everything will help you.

Mohanji quote - Practice for silence of mind

But understand it is not the hours of practice but the intensity of practice which makes the difference. People practice for hours, absent-minded. That won’t help you, but intensity of practice will. Like, you practice one hour, you connect to your master for one hour, you definitely switch to His consciousness. So that intensity has a lot of value. But it is not the same as the longevity. Sometimes people don’t understand. They say, oh, I’ve practised for ten hours, fifty hours, hundred hours. Maybe then nothing has happened. Still the mind is turbulent, noisy, then it does not work. So whatever you do, make sure it’s intense. That is why Consciousness Kriya is ten minutes. Ten minutes is because you need the intensity. Then you repeat ten minutes so that intensity is not compromised. That’s why.


Q: How’s it that our family and everything is predestined and our path talks about non-doership?

Yes, everything is predestined, but then it doesn’t mean that we just sleep. All things are predestined because you created them in the past. What you create in the present has value for the future. You need to create a good future. That means you need to work harder, and you need to work in a synchronised way now, to stabilise yourself and then your future will be bright. This is important. It doesn’t mean that whatever has happened or will happen is because of the past and now I do nothing, because your future will be completely confusing. So it’s important that you do the things right and in the right way, using the right system, right opportunities, right masters, right methods, then the future will be beautiful. Because you have only right now to work on. Work on that beautifully and the future will be extremely good. It should not be for somebody else. It should be for you. Understand 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion karmic beings. Everybody is only experiencing themselves in relationship with something else. Not that they are experiencing something else. All of us are experiencing only our incarnation and our incarnation versus something outside of us, not something outside of us all the time. We get that feeling because mind is outside. But actually speaking, we are only experiencing our existence and that too only in the waking state mostly, dream state partially, deep sleep state not at all. So this is the system.

Mohanji quote - Destiny

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic