An excerpt from a satsang in Europe in 2013

Q: I have learned that it is possible as a yogi to obtain special psychic abilities or siddhis. Since I work as a therapist, I am wondering about using these powers to help my clients in my practice, even though using these powers may obstruct my progress on the spiritual path…

In Swami Rama’s book on Himalayan Masters, he mentions a man who performed a particular practice to obtain a siddhi, or the power to spit fire. When the man told his Guru about this, the Guru asked him how many years it had taken him to attain this siddhi. The man replied that he had practiced for ten years. The Guru then retorted that he himself would simply have purchased a matchbox to achieve the same! (laughter)

I would like to speak about my own experience in this regard, which I have already written about in the Babaji blog. This goes back to 2003-2004, when I was doing spiritual practice on my own, in seclusion and detached from the work-world (I have always worked for a living). Understand that during the course of the spiritual journey, siddhis will just happen, whether you like them or not. Over time I came to realize that every time I met a person, I could “see” through them completely, through all of their past and future lives. If I perceived that they were going to meet with some kind of mishap in the future, I used to feel an inclination or sense of responsibility to inform them about it. Of course this was done without any expectation of personal gain, as always. I could have possibly consulted a guru regarding this, but I never had one, not even during my time in the Himalayas.

A siddhi-related experience I recall happened during a visit to a friend’s house where I was going to be staying as a guest. The maid, a young lady in her twenties, opened the door. The moment I looked at her, I foresaw a terrible incident involving her — a man of age 55-60 would take her away to some place and sell her into prostitution. So I spoke to my host friend,
giving him a description of this person and his nature, and asked him to pass on this information to the young lady, so she could be wary of him and avoid any interaction. My friend then communicated this to the maid in her language. Hearing that she burst into floods of tears. She had in fact, already met that person. And it so transpired that in a month’s time she did in fact leave the house and ran away with that man. No one knows what happened after, but I am afraid that what I warned her about may unfortunately have come to pass.

Also during that time, I had a communion where I was told that my job was just to convey the message, and not concern myself with the consequences. In 2007, during my second communion with Babaji, I was told that this could be a possible trap for me in this lifetime (please refer to this story in the blog “Babaji beyond definitions”. I was told that because of my siddhis or powers, people might come to me not because of who I am, or because of any interest in my consciousness, but only out of interest in knowing their futures. This might keep the real seekers away, leaving only the fake or pseudo-seekers looking for predictions.

One person in India recently asked me why I didn’t use this siddhi to gauge the nature of people even before I met them. I replied saying that I did not want to be caught in any kind of binding. I would like to stay liberated and help liberate others. With the gain of siddhis, there is a possibility of addiction similar to how some people get dependent on marijuana. If the usage of siddhis happens spontaneously and without premeditation, it is all right. The mind naturally desires these siddhis or powers, but they can be detrimental if not handled with maturity. It’s just like when you reach the position of CEO, you automatically get the attached perks and privileges. Similarly, in the spiritual journey you will also easily obtain siddhis upon attainment of subtle levels or elevation.

So, whenever I meet someone, I prefer to learn about them in the usual way – from what they themselves tell me, rather than employing my powers to divine the details. Operating at the lowest available point keeps ego in check and prevents misuse of siddhis.

Mohanji (10)
Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

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Let Your Love Expand to the Whole World

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada on 21st August, 2015, part 2

10610495_953560228035048_8921720266955929222_nQ: If something is happening in my life, whether good or bad, but let me consider a not good thing, how do I know whether I am getting result of previous karmas or I am creating new karma? Is karma creating kriya or is kriya creating karma?
A: If you have surrendered completely to Baba or anybody, none of these things matter. If you are in a worship or surrender mode, whether it is your karma or acquired karma, that doesn’t matter. Why? Because you manifest whatever you are supposed to experience. Look at both scenarios.
One is a scenario when you are in a surrender mode, “Ok, this is happening through me, I don’t own it. I’m just a tool or medium of manifestation.” Good enough. It goes through you and finish – there is no residue.
Now imagine that you have not surrendered. You are actually experiencing it 100% with all its impact, anger, hatred. In that mode, that is exactly what you are supposed to experience. Otherwise that would not have manifested. You chose that experience, whether it is your karma or acquired karma.


What is kriya? Kriya is a technique which mixes an activity and visualisation in a particular mode, to attain a particular result- basically liberation. You are doing everything to liberate yourself. So even if you experience anger or fear, you can use these to liberate yourself from them. You use a diamond to cut another diamond. The same principle can also be used for liberation if you choose to. E.g. If you are having an argument. You look at it, ‘Ok, I argued and I had a fight. Now, what is this whole thing about? What did I experience?’ The next time you realise this is an illusion, it loses its value. Then it doesn’t even manifest. Then how will it happen? There is no deep value of any of the situations in life. If you want to express anger, e.g. you want to educate children and they are all playing around not listening to you. You want to make them sit down and be disciplined. At that point in time you would say, “If you don’t do that, I will be violent” or “I will be angry.” Then what is happening? You are not angry, but you are using a tool for a particular reason. That is your strength. Any weakness can be changed into a strength through awareness. I am giving you the awareness in your doership mode or in your surrendered mode. Instead if we become a victim, it means mind occupies you and enslaves you. In that mode, there is no redemption. If your mind enslaves you and you are constantly abusing in an angry mode, you need a fundamental shift- a change in the interior. Kriyas are tools to cut across the web of karma and take you to liberation. There are various types of kriya, but how you use one is based on what you are, on your capacity.

11947617_947318628659208_3483058106058405042_nQ: When we face situations anxiously, e.g. when I see the suffering of my child, or any loved one, how do we get the strength to withstand that it is his karma and should I just close my eyes?
A: There are a few aspects of it.
The first aspect is dharma and karma. You have the dharma of a mother to take care of the child, but you don’t have control over the child’s karma- since the child chose you, not the other way around. You never knew that this man is going to take birth as your child. That particular soul chose you to manifest in this world through your family. The reason doesn’t matter, but the reality is that your mother dharma is in full flow, until the child is of ego age– when he can take his own decisions. Until then, you are totally responsible. After that also, there is responsibility, but again, when a man is on an ego plane (ego plane does not mean egocentric, it means manifesting his own identities and he is independent), you are only his friend. He may take your advice or he may not take your advice.
The second aspect is ‘my child’ means there is an ownership. Ownership is equal to pain. It is not ‘my’ child. The child happened through you. In the right time you have provided food, the right bed, medicine etc. so that he can be a man. You nurture a child to become an able person. That is what you should have done and you have done it. Until certain age, you definitely need to look after the child as pitru dharma or mother dharma. After that stage, children should look after their parents. That is the putra dharma. There are stories of the son carrying the father and the mother on the shoulder… these are definitely recommended because they liberate you. When you are totally performing the duty of a mother and a father and a child, it liberates you. That means you are paying the debt for using the womb or experiencing the motherhood.
After some time the motherhood should expand to the whole world and say, “All are my children.” When you nurture the motherhood in you, pain and ownership are less because you shifted from singular motherhood to universal motherhood. Everything is you. This is exactly what Baba says – serve all. Human beings, birds, animals, trees, plants- all are your children. You can be mother so someone older than you too. That leads to detachment (vanaprastha). ‘Ok, my children and these children are the same. For the world, I am a mother.’ So your motherhood manifests 100% in full capacity, and in that mode everybody is your child. Your equanimity raises and your anxiety goes down.
All women are mothers. Womanhood is equal to motherhood. No man can ever satisfy any woman. A child can.

Mohanji quote - No man can fulfill the woman ..

Now, there are some people who do not have children. What do they do? The moment you become a mother to the world, you are fulfilled. You are complete. There starts the liberation. Then it grows and grows and reaches a level where you are completely merged with the universe. So it is an easier path for enlightenment. Ownership reduces, satisfaction increases, you are valuable to the world. Ownership and “I am responsible until he dies or until I die” is not true because you can’t interfere in another person’s karma. They chose the karma. They came through you and as a kind person, you suggest or offer whatever is the best for them all the time. You can say, ‘Look here this is good for you. Try it.’ But you can’t insist on it. The moment you insist, you interfere in the karma. But you can suggest. Like that we go on.
There are too many old-age homes, various capacities. That is because parents bother the children too much. Children after a certain time, need freedom and expression. If the parents control them at that time, they put them in the old age home as soon as they can.

Q: If one commits assisted suicide, is it cutting your karma?
A: It is the same as suicide, it doesn’t matter if you asked other person to do it for you.
Q: Does it mean that you didn’t finish your karma?
A: Yes. It is an unnatural thing and hence not good. Murder or suicide has the same effect.
Q: So you need to come back and finish it?
A: Yes. The same and even worse traumas. You have to accept life and move on as it is. Because you manifested it. Then continue with it.
Q: And if you are ill and dependent on people?
A: That’s what you chose. That’s what I said- the impressions you are storing have value. Hence all religions talk about service. People carry many traumas, see the world. When you are constantly aware of things beyond you, life becomes purified. If you do something about it, you become completely pure. It liberates you. You must see around and help the way you can.

11903824_947314028659668_2608969920592484727_nQ: If the people around you are having a hard time looking after you, you lost your mind and don’t know what is going on. Is it part of their karma?
A: It’s all collective karma. If there is rain in Canada, everybody will get drenched irrespective of your personal karma.
Q: So if my brother is in hospital on life support in total coma, and the doctor asks you to make a decision whether to cut it off?
A: Pumping up a person and keeping him alive is not a good idea. It’s our selfish interest – he is ready to leave and you are artificially keeping him alive. It is completely silly. Allow him to have a decent death. It goes without saying you must allow the person to have a natural death. Why do we keep pumping up somebody for somebody’s sake? For medical science, death is a tragedy. But for most of these patients, the death is liberation from pains. This isn’t the same for suicide or murder. That is violence. Violence of any kind is not good – whether in thought, word or action.

Q: Once I understand that I have already interfered in someone’s karma through ownership, how do I get out of them? I have interfered, I realised, ‘Oh my god that was not my duty.’ How to get out of it?
A: First, bury the past. The past is finished. You can never go back and correct the past. You can only correct it in the present. We have not seen the future. We do not know if future exists at all. Take your mind from the past and bring your mind to the present saying, “Is there anything I can do?” If the answer is ‘yes’, do it. If the answer is ‘no’, ignore it. That’s it. Very simple. Just be very practical. Spirituality is 80% practicality. Being practical is being spiritual. It is not about performing many rituals, hoping they will help. Rituals are just for your satisfaction. God has nothing to do with it.
There are more flowers in the graveyards than in people’s houses. Why? In life, we could not honour them. After death, we try to clear our regrets. Why do we do that? Be here, now. Do what you can now and don’t think about it again. Every moment if you clear like that, life is smooth. See, you have been given a time, a situation an environment, and an awareness. Use it well. That means be here and do what you can. Forget about what you could not do in the past. You can never change it. What you could have done at the age of 25, it’s finished. Now if you want another 25, you have to take birth again. Why do we worry about 25? It’s gone. Let’s talk about the current life, current time, current age. What you can do now is reality – do it!
Don’t bring the flavour of the past to corrupt it – just let it be pure milk. If you try to bring the memories of the past and mix it in the present, “Oh, I experienced this from this man at that time. Now I don’t like him.” So what happens? The opportunity for good reconciliation or a better life is destroyed because of that memory. Is that necessary at all? That has happened – it’s over. It’s done. This is the present. Let us do something today. If you handle your life every moment, you are free, right? This is the beauty of life. And the right messages, the right ideas will come because the mind is clear. and we are not prejudiced by judgement. Your biases, prejudices and judgements definitely limit you. If you want 100% of life, you must get out of limitations. This is what the life brings – experience it.
We went to a few places yesterday and when we came back I said, ‘It already seems like past.’ That’s the way the time flows. So fast, two-three days finished! Now if you look back and try to recall how many things we did, does it matter? This is another day. We are sitting and talking. This is the speed at which we are living. So is it worth spending time for the past? What we could in that trip, we did. That awareness is sufficient. It doesn’t matter what we could have done, because we could not do it. Do we have to do a post mortem and think, “We could have done that, we should have done that…” That is the wasted time. It is a wasted exercise.
Life is a continuous travel. At every moment,you have certain availability and limitations, act in that mode at that moment. We may not get what we want due to various reasons. Why do we want to know why it never happened? It’s headache if you think like that. And also this is exactly what breeds regrets, “Oh I could have done that at that time.” You did not do, it’s ok, move on. No regret. No guilt. Because regret makes you heavy, guilt makes you heavy. And it blocks the freedom. It blocks life. The more guilt you have, the more regret you have, the less complete is your life. Many people live just on guilt and regrets and they keep telling the same thing. (Laughter) You tell other people also, “Look here, I could not do this at that time, and because of that I am like this.” I would always say, ‘Congratulations!’ (Laughter) What else to say? Why are you carrying the dead body? Bury it. Be happy you are here today, living, breathing. How can you change something in the past? There is no other option because we live in the linear time. From our first heartbeat till our last heartbeat, it’s chosen. Fixed.

A Story of Maha Kali and Avadhoota

Maha Kali

Maha Kali

(Read the full story in the blog In Search of the Precious 3)
Like Maha Kali told this avadhoota. Maha Kali was dancing in the fire with her spirits and things, so everybody gets frightened. But Avadhoota was laughing and clapping. She said, “I’ve never seen one human being who is not afraid of me. I want to give you a blessing.” He said, “I don’t want a blessing. You entertain me, I am happy.” She said, “No, no, no it’s our duty to bless.” He said, “Ok. Give me one more year of life.” She said I cannot do it because you have chosen your death. He said, “Ok, then give me one year less,” because he didn’t want anything. She said, “No, I can’t give you.” He said, “One month more?” “No.” “One month less?” “No.” “One day more?” “No. One hour more is also not possible.” Then he said, “Then you cannot give me anything.” She said, “But ask me something which I can give you.” He had his problem in his leg. His leg was swollen and emitting puss. He said, “Shift this problem from the one leg to the other.” So she did that.
The point is that you have chosen your breaths. Breath is money. If you have chosen your breaths and the number of breaths is limited, why don’t you enjoy it today? We will die anyway. Should we die with a lot of gloominess? Be happy. Whatever happened in the past is finished, whatever is in the future, we don’t know today. That’s it. This is liberation, freedom, sainthood, everything. Everything is being in now. You are not anxious about the future, nor are you carrying the weight of the past. BE HERE, NOW.

Love all, serve all.

Love all, serve all.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

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Increase Your Capacity, Clean the Space

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada on 21st August, 2015, part 1

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada

“Consciousness is.” Nothing else. You cannot give any attribute to consciousness.

I’ll start with this short introduction, then I’ll take your questions.


I was discussing a beautiful question, “Can you explain in simple terms what God is?” I liked it because the question emerged from a pure heart. Some people ask questions because they have nothing else to do. But a question that actually happens within you, with a pure heart, requires an answer. I said, “God is consciousness.” One-word answer is- consciousness. If you want to explain consciousness, all you can say is “Consciousness is.” Nothing else. You cannot give any attribute to consciousness.
This is all God- everything, everywhere, whatever is manifested, whatever is not manifested, whatever cannot be manifested. But we consider an object or a particular form as God because we need a medium to connect to the unmanifested. If I say God has no form, it’s a theory. Until and unless you experience God as formless, you wouldn’t know; I could be lying. So when you connect to a person who represents the consciousness beyond human limitation, then you understand, “God can be this.”
But that is just one aspect of God. All the incarnations till now have been various aspects of one God. All manifestations are representations of one consciousness; the consciousness that is everything- which can’t be contaminated, modified, lessened or magnified. This is God. So how do you understand God in simple terms? You need to understand yourself, there is no shortcut. You need to check, “How am I operating?” We always go into ‘doing’ mode, “I do so many things so I can connect to God.” There’s no surety in using rituals to connect to God. Rituals are external and driven by insecurity. The more insecure you are, the more mind-oriented you are. Mind creates need, insecurity and fear. Can you reach the consciousness while operating from the mind? That is akin to using a spoon to measure the ocean. Will you be able to measure the ocean in this lifetime or many lifetimes? These, “Am I something? Is this that?” are all from the mind.
When you entertain your mind more and more, you further detach from the God. Remember this clearly. You are not able to catch God in this life because you are using your mind to catch God. Mind is too small an equipment to connect to God. God is omnipresent, all-powerful, immeasurable and real. Everything else is fake, i.e., temporary. Whatever is permanent is real. You have only one permanent aspect in you- your soul. Everything else- body, mind, intellect, desires- is temporary. When you are constantly handling temporary matters, how do you get to the real one? The same relativity that created existence, is also creating the illusion. You get to believe, “This is it, I found it.” Then what happens? We get stuck with it.

When you are constantly connecting to an entity, to a person who revels and swims in God consciousness, you become that as well. You are going in the right direction.

When you are constantly connecting to an entity, to a person who revels and swims in God consciousness, you become that as well. You are going in the right direction.

If the operating level is of a master like Baba, Bhagawan Nithyananda, or Lord Krishna, this is absolutely fine. Because they are established in God. They are revelling in the God consciousness. When you are constantly connecting to an entity, to a person who revels and swims in God consciousness, you become that as well. You are going in the right direction. Otherwise we are in the insecure mode, begging for something and unable to connect to God.
Why aren’t you manifesting God in the insecure mode? Because primarily you are begging for something. You are constantly telling God you lack something. Nature is like a mirror: reflecting back what you give. You are looking at the world and say, “I do not have it.” So the world will tell you, “You do not have it.” You are manifesting and remanifesting the same poverty- the absence of something. We take many births, but again we request more. That means you are not happy in your own skin. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, there cannot be any progress. Do you get me?
Please understand this because this is very vital. When I visit places, I gather what are the answers to be given based on the interactions I have. Here in Canada and also the world, this particular principle is important to understand. If you constantly tell the world that you do not have something, the world will give you the same state of not having.
So what is the best way? Accept yourself as you are. There is no other way. You created this body, form, character, constitution, destiny, lifestyle. You can’t change it. You had a choice before you went to buy a car. Because you carried some money in your pocket, you decided, “This is the model I want to buy.” Good enough. Once you purchase it, can you change the model? Usually not, because they registered the car in your name. Just like that once you take the body, it’s impossible to change the constitution. Then you can change only interiors. Change the interiors, which you can – now. How do you change it? Stop the begging mode. Stop the requesting mode saying, “God I am happy. I accept myself the way I am and also whether it is good, bad or ugly; this is what I chose.’’ You chose the society you live in and the people around you as well. Accept that too. I am not saying to be a doormat but be aware. When you accept everything with equanimity, clear understanding and awareness, progress starts and you start connecting to the supreme consciousness. How? Because you start understanding the texture of creation- spontaneity and non-interference.
“Am I right? Am I doing this right? Am I ready?” This is all resistance. When we resist things, we interfere in the karma. Resistance is pain. Whatever you resist, persists. Use something to remove the obstacle and then it’s gone; otherwise we are constantly in resistance mode.
If you understood this clearly – accept and share what you have. Nobody is telling you to share only money. Sharing money may not make you rich inside. What you have, you share. If you have love, share love. If you have kindness, share kindness. If you have money, share money. If you have food, share food. It doesn’t matter what you share, but share. The more you share, the richer you will become inside. That stays with you. There’s zero guarantee that outer richness can stay with you. It keeps changing hands. The nature of money is to flow. Stagnated money, is useless money.
Likewise, nature of love is movement. You love everybody, but if you do not express, what’s the use? You have a lot of kindness inside, but if you do not express it, is it useful? What you have, share. That makes you rich inside. That removes the blockages. That is when the God starts living in you. You purify the space. When the richness grows inside, you become eligible for God to operate through you, for masters to work through you. Otherwise we are just asking for more and more and contributing nothing to the world.
So I have explained the thought “What is God? and “What are you?” If you understood this, practise it. What is God? God and soul are the same: completely neutral and always in the witness mode. If you respect your soul, you respect God. All the external Gurus are guiding you to your internal true Guru- your soul. When you find your Guru within, you found everything. The soul guides your life, establishes your experiences, or takes you through the experiences, to the highest level of awareness. Without the soul, we are a dead body. And soul has 100% free will. You don’t have 100% free will. Because you chose a life. Once you chose a life, as I said, you can’t change your constitution. To some extent, you can modify it but basics remain the same.
I’ll take questions now.

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada 1

When there is no residue of an event inside you, there is no incarnation. Impression is the root cause of a desire. Without an impression, it’s an empty canvas and there can’t be a creation further unless you (your constitution) want it.

Q: I understand your point that when you beg, you remain in poverty, and when you accept, you begin to receive. But there is also another aspect of recognising that you need to grow. How do you equate the need for growth and progress with acceptance?
A: “I need to grow.” Where does this ‘need’ come from?
Q: Sense of poverty.
A: Where does the sense of poverty come from?
Q: Not being connected to God… from your mind.
A: From the mind. So you are not the mind. The mind compares with other people and situations. You have your concept about being rich or being affluent in the society. You have your concept about your being something which you are not, that is exactly where the problem lies. But you chose a life, environment, constitution or experience and it will not be denied to you. The time, the space, the people, the environment, the knowledge and the set of experiences were chosen before you took the birth. It flows through time and at each age, we reach a different level of awareness. Fifteen years ago, you did not have the same awareness. Maybe ten years down the lane, you will have a different awareness. This is happening as per time. So life is giving you lessons. It is taking you through experiences. The more experiences you have, the more evolution you have. If there is resistance at any point in time, there is stagnation. That is registered back in your subconscious. What is registered in your subconscious becomes a pending agenda, which means a thing to do. When you have a to-do which is beyond this life, it provokes another life. So you are ensuring another life when you say, “I need this. I wanted that. This is not what I wanted.” So you constantly lack something which ensures you will have another incarnation. Or you can have clarity, “This is exactly what I chose. Let me handle it,” whether it is good, bad or ugly. With that awareness, you take each step and overcome, so that nothing stays in the mind. When there is no residue of an event inside you, there is no incarnation. Impression is the root cause of a desire. Without an impression, it’s an empty canvas and there can’t be a creation further unless you (your constitution) want it.
Q: How does karma and the need to do your karma associate with the full concept of being and letting things happen?
A: That is exactly what’s happening now. You are actually experiencing your karma, nothing else. If you are sitting here today, that is karma. Karma brought you here in this space. Karma is taking you from situation to situation, from awareness to awareness. All the masters who walked any path have told the same thing. Be aware that you are that. Whatever you are seeking is you. Whatever you are experiencing is exactly what you sought. In that moment if you experience a thing 100%, there is no need for another manifestation. If you partially experienced something, you always have a feeling I didn’t really enjoy it. E.g. if you eat a great meal while watching a match, you don’t even know what you ate. Then you may feel, ‘‘I need more. I should have the same thing.” Because the mind was absent. If the mind is present in the absolute sense, you experience life as it comes. Then everything is beautiful because it heads for completion. This is how we should live. Children live like that. They are absolutely in the moment, they experience a thing 100%, and they go on. That’s why they sometimes have a toy, they look at it, they feel it, they experience it and soon, they have no interest in it. Because whatever they do, they do 100%.
We don’t do that. We have a lot of cravings. One is laughter. We do not laugh wholeheartedly. Why? Ego controls it. Have you seen any adult laughing fully? They don’t. You see heaviness in people. Especially migrants! (laughter) Because you miss something back home but you think you could have a better life. Absolutely not, it’s not possible. This is what you chose. Laugh at life. It’s all a joke actually, it’s all a roleplay. You play various roles in life. If you keep laughing, your life will become very simple. You’ll only see the comedy part of life. You can’t see any seriousness. I’ve written a blog about it A Strange Revenge, have you seen it? Read the blog.
I have one request. All of you should read something which I have written (laughter). Because most of these questions I have answered before. I’d like you to challenge me with something new… If you spend ten minutes a day with a blog or video, not for my sake, not for me, but so that you are aware and so that you can make use of my time in a much better way. You will understand and ask beyond it. Otherwise, like Shirdi Baba said, people come to me not for the Highest, but for small things. What can I give them? They are coming with small cups. I fill them up. It’s easy. Bring a bucket to me! That’s what I like to see. Bring me something large. That means you increase your capacity, not that you bring a few of your insecurities. I’ll solve it for you, there is no problem. But that is not the end of your insecurities, understand. When you leave a vacuum where insecurities had existed, that space will be occupied by further insecurities. It is not going to be occupied by God unless you clean the space.
Q: If we have chosen everything, then we have chosen how we would die, haven’t we? Why would somebody choose a painful death?
A: It’s not a choice of that level. I’ll tell you a story.

11781707_947314115326326_8745038297842083706_nA STORY OF KARMA
One woman married a guy she liked, but of a different religion. According to his religion, contraception was prohibited. So she was delivering a baby almost every year. After a dozen babies, she would ask God for only one thing, “Please stop this!” But it was too late in that life. When she was born in the next life, she faced a situation of no children. She started praying to God, “Please give me a child!” Do you see what happened? A manifestation which cannot happen in one life, becomes real in another life.
I’ll tell you another scenario.

Some people have a fear of flying because of some past karma. They fear a catastrophe. Eventually, the trapped fear becomes a manifestation. When you have a constant fear about something, it persists, you are energising it. If it can’t happen in this life, you will have a manifestation of it in another life. It’s not a conscious choice. Replace that fear with faith. ‘I have this fear, I do not like it, but I surrender it at your feet.’ You detach from it and overcome it. Instead, you are nurturing a fear- fear of failure, fear of not having a job, fear of having no money. Everything will manifest at some point in time because that has been a thought in your mind. Thought is the first level of creation. But nobody consciously chooses an accident. The wrong thought and the wrong nurturing becomes a reality of a catastrophic mode.
You can see that happening in everyday life. We scare children that if they don’t eat the food, police will come. So they become scared of police. When they meet a policeman, they are not cordial with him because they have a fear. Likewise when children fall down, some people slap the ground and say, ‘Oh, because of this the child fell down.’ What did the child learn? To blame something else. We are making the child insecure. Instead, you could tell the child, ‘Oh, you fell down, it’s ok, everyone falls down. Failure is ok, after failure is success. Get up. Walk.” If you cultivate positivity, the child will learn to handle life as it comes. Otherwise they will only have insecurity.
Understand creation is complex. It’s not just action or reaction. What you think, what you represent, what you nurture, you manifest.
Q: On a day-to-day basis, we come across many situations, sometimes the job goes away, or we are anxious whether our child will get admission… Is there a quick tool so that realisation comes down so that you can easily detach from these thoughts?
A: It’s a lifestyle, not just one incident. In the morning, pray to Maha Vishnu saying take care of the day, because he is the sustainer. “Whatever I do during the day I offer at the feet of Narayana, the Lord of the survival, the maintenance.” In the night, we decide to ‘die’ which means we go to bed. We surrender to Lord Shiva and say, “Whatever I’ve done, whether it is good or bad, I surrender it at your feet.” Shiva is the lord of dissolution. At no point, do we take ownership. When we do not take ownership, there is no stress. This should be a lifestyle. That is why our elderly people who practiced it, went through life effortlessly with lesser complications.
When you take ownership, you bear the impact too. ‘I am doing it, I am the doer.’ You can see there is no humility in most children today. Humility is a culture. Arrogance is not going to give them any benefit in the future. Instead if you nurture them to say, ‘Can I help you,’ it will fetch them a lot of mileage in the future. That is why I say the hospitality industry is very good because children need to serve. If you look at Sathya Sai Baba group etc., there is a lot of emphasis on service – serve all love all. This culture can help tide through the troubles of life. Instead we look at the world in an antagonistic way: you versus the world. What you are, you get. It is important that we cultivate in children, ‘Can I help you? Is there anything I can do for you?’
Today’s children are gadget oriented. They do not care about people. They consider everybody as nuisance. What happens? They can’t face anything in life. They are not used to failure. Meanwhile education tells them, ‘Kick or kill but don’t be a loser.’ Hence the suicide rate is climbing. Actual losership is if you do not use this life to tame your mind. Then it’s basically a wasted life. You have to come back and do it again. You cannot carry anything when you die. That is why Alexander the Great spread out his empty hands in the coffin just to show that despite conquering the world, he carried nothing. He came empty-handed and he left empty-handed. These are all fundamentals of existence. Today if we need a better world, we need to be sensitive. ‘It doesn’t matter what you do but you make profit.’ We are teaching this insensitivity to children! Where will it take the world? In the last hundred years, the world has suffered more in the last century than in all history of mankind combined. We are all creators of victims of the same changes. Yet we continue to be insensitive, demanding, ‘Things are not right’. How can things be right? We have already destroyed the whole tapestry. Basic truths.

Aum sign appeared on Mohanji's forehead during the satsang

Aum sign appeared on Mohanji’s forehead during the satsang

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse

Completion Within

Rose Bank Satsang with Mohanji in Canada on 23rd August 2015, part 2

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada (2)Q: Is enlightenment continuous or step-wise?
A: It’s already there. It’s just removing the lid of the mind. The only factor which prevents the experience of enlightenment is the mind. This is because the mind is clutter, right? Agendas, a lot of things, the mind is connecting to a lot of things. So many things are happening in the mind. What happens is that it envelops a subtle aspect called completion. Enlightenment is completion, fulfillment, oneness. Division is maintained by the mind. “Me, I’m different…“ Mind is given to understand the world, to taste an experience and express in the world. When mind is constantly working, it always suppresses the enlightenment in you. However, the moment mind is taken away… How can mind be taken away? You cannot fight directly with the mind. This means you are energising the mind. Mind ensures it becomes stronger, it stays stronger. However when you ignore the mind and do not energise it… for example, let’s say I don’t use this hand for one year. If I don’t use any of the muscles in this hand for one year, what will happen to it? It will become very weak. Similarly, if you are not using your mind, you are just being the flow. You are flowing through life. Whatever happens is happening through you. You are not worried about it. You flow through life. After some time the mind will not know what to do with you. At that time it becomes diluted, and the experience that you will have will be that of silence inside. When mind is not active, you are silent inside. All sound is made by the mind. If this inner silence becomes consistent and continuous for some time, then slowly, slowly you will start experiencing completion within. You will be completely happy with whatever you are and whatever you have. Then you will realise that the mind is what prevents that happiness, and that total happiness is enlightenment – the bliss state, the state of satchitananda, happiness for no reason. Even when energies circulate inside you in an intense way, you will experience the same.
We were doing Conscious Walking this morning. When we were walking consciously, when we were circulating the energy within our auric field, our energy zone, it gave tremendous happiness. One lady felt like dancing! This is because the energy flow which is usually dissipated, was not allowed to go outside. Usually we are like a pot with a lot of holes. Whatever water you pour into it, gets dissipated sooner or later. That’s the way our structure is. That is why we are so tired by evening time. Children on the other hand, are not tired by evening time. We are tired because we have a lot of energy loss. We walked consciously for 30 minutes, and the energisation was much higher than 3 hours of meditation. Many of the participants felt it. Some of them normally could not walk, but today they walked without a problem. Why is it happening? It’s because the mind is not disturbing you, and you are thus perfect, you are full, you are complete. That is why.
So enlightenment is already in you. It doesn’t come from outside. It’s a spark, a kiss from inside. You are kissed from inside. Imagine an egg. If it is broken from the outside, it’s the end of a life. If it’s broken from the inside, it’s a new life. It’s an awakening happening from inside and this awakening is waiting to happen. It’s there. It has always existed there. The lamp is already burning, but there are so many blankets on top of it that you cannot see the light. It’s already blowing inside you. It can’t be coming from outside anyway. If you asked me at what moment it could happen, I would say, at the time the mind is still. Because a still mind is like a still pond – you can see your image clearly. Normally it’s a ruffled pond, which means you cannot see your image clearly. Seeing yourself clearly refers to the permanence in you, to seeing the permanent aspect of you which is inside. That already exists. The reason we cannot see it is because of the waves of the mind. Otherwise it’s there.
Q: Ramana Maharishi said there was no mind.
A: For him there was no mind. Ramana Maharishi’s mind dissolved. But you have the mind.
Q: Now if we give so much importance to the mind, does the mind become a hurdle?
A: Abolutely. Ramana Maharishi’s mind fully dissolved. When you are operating at the level of complete consciousness, the mind dissolves because it has no purpose there. You are not the doer any more, you are not doing, it’s happening through you. Everything is flowing through you. It’s a continuous, consistent flow. Then mind has no purpose. Ramana Maharishi’s mother came to him and said,“Tell me something,“. So he looked at her and nothing happened in this canvas because there was no mind to make an emotion. She thought he was maybe ’in silence’ so she gave him a piece of slate and a pencil to write on. He looked at the slate, looked at the pencil and scratched a few lines. Even the presence of his mother didn’t create anything inside because the canvas was totally empty, still, no mind. So you will operate in that state of mind where there is nothing happening in the brain. Mind creates all sorts of ruffles in the brain. When your mind is totally dissolved, there is no agenda, no plan, no mind, no activity in the brain. It’s absolute bliss all the time, you are always happy. Whether you have something or not, you are happy. Whether you have a relationship or not, you are happy. Everything is ok, and you take it as it comes. That is why Haidakhan Baba used to say,“If you come to me with love, I give you love. I am the perfect mirror because there is no mind.“ Mind maintains your ego, right? When ego is there, you are in a perfect mirror because you have to show you. When you don’t have ego, you are everything. You are the universe. So when somebody comes to you, all you feel is love. When somebody comes to me with love, I express love. When somebody comes to me with lust, I express lust. When somebody comes to me with anger, I give anger. What he meant was that, as a perfect mirror, you look at the mirror and receive what you are. In this way you are always empty and you are always peaceful. There is nothing to prove. Nothing to do. Nothing to worry about. No anxiety, no fear. Nothing. In that mode what you give is just pure love. The mind factor is causing this whole confusion. Like,“I want to take what is in this pocket also.“ This is the mind talking. When there is no mind, there is nothing telling you that you want more, because you are already sufficient. Self-sufficient. So when Ramana Maharishi said that there is no mind, that means that he had no mind. That state is achievable when you are not using the mind. It means that when you are always calculating, creating, when you are worried, when you are anxious, then the mind is active because you need storage space for all these. That’s the mind. When you do not have anxiety, when you do not have fear, you are in full acceptance mode, you are happy with life, you are satisfied with what you have, and mind will become useless. Then you connect more and more to your consciousness, and mind merges with the consciousness, it dissolves.
Why has god given the mind? It is for one reason. Mind has to act a s a medium, as a translator. Mind with your tongue makes you feel the taste. If you are watching TV and eating food, do you think you will know the taste? Mind is elsewhere. When mind is with your eyes, you see. Otherwise you just look. When mind is with your ears, you actually listen. Otherwise you hear, but you don’t listen. When something is on your skin, you feel. Otherwise if something touches you, you may not even know it is touching you. So the mind was created as a medium, as a translator to experience the world. However when mind takes over and takes charge, “I am the boss,“ then there is a problem. It’s as if the clerical staff were given the CEO position without eligibility. It’s almost like that i.e. it makes many decisions and makes you jump like a monkey. So this is exactly what’s happening. When Ramana Maharishi said,“I am not bound by the mind,“ it was true. He was the king. When you are bound by the mind you are a slave. There is the difference. If you want to be the king, you cannot be bound i.e. you should not have the mind.
Q: In the same vein, is mind the creator of thought?
A: Mind is the base of thought. Thought sits in the mind.
Q: If thoughts come out of our past karmas, then we do not have control over them.
A: Impulse of impressions are the basis. They are the seeds. They sit in the causal layer. When the mind evaporates, even the causal layer is burnt. When the soul leaves your body, it picks up the causal layer, where all the seeds of impressions are sitting. It also contains your character. It also contains your constitution. It’s like a bag with a lot of pockets. It picks up the bag and it leaves the body and it pulls this bag on a rope for the next body. That is why every child has a distinct character, a distinct constitution, and awareness level. It is because all of this is transferred. Thus every impression is sitting there. However, these impressions dry up when there is no mind. ’When there is no mind’ means you have no further desires, so you don’t need the mind to execute them. The reason you need the mind to understand a desire is because of the experience factor. For example, if you want to experience fatherhood, you have to become a father or you need to adopt somebody and feel fatherhood. If that is not happening, you can’t experience it. Like that, the mind is kept in that mode, so that you can experience every flavour of life. Otherwise you don’t need the mind. That’s the way it goes. Impressions are all sitting there as long as there is a desire. When all the impressions are dried up, they cannot provoke a desire,and if there is no desire, then there is no birth. If there is no desire, there is no food for karma. Karma cannot be provoked if there are no desires, so there is no further life.
Q: How do you differentiate between a thought and bhaav?
A: A thought is the basis. The first level of creation is a thought. For example, you had the thought,“I must have an icecream.“ Then you told Manjari Babi,“Please give me an icecream.“ Manjari Babi said,“I cannot give it to you.“ So you kept the thought inside. Then you went and told Neha,“Can you please give me an icecream? Don’t tell Manjari Babi“ So the thought is repeated in multiple dimensions in various situations. Neha says,“I won’t tell Manjari Babi, I’ll give you an icecream.“ So there was a communication. A word happened. In both cases you have used energy and sometimes an emotion about it. When there is an emotion, there is a reaction. If there is no emotion, it is just a word, it comes and goes. Then Neha gives you an icecream and you consume it. You have fulfillment.
So thought is the first level of creation, word or expression is the second, and culmination of fulfillment is the third. We operate in these three levels every day, in every moment. This is fundamental. Bhaav is an aspect involved in it. For example, you went to a temple and you felt the presence of Bhagawan Krishna and you really lived the presence, and felt it. You chanted and you had a great experience out of it and came back. This is all because of bhaav. On the other hand, another person goes to the temple, sees the idol saying, “Ok, it’s Lord Krishna, I appreciate it,“ gives the offering and goes back. Two people went to the same place with a different effect. That flavour is bhaav. That has nothing to do with thought per se. The first level of creation is thought – thought, word, action. This is the chronology of karma. And thought, word, action is provoked by vasana. If you don’t have an inclination for something, you won’t have a thought for it. Beyond inclination is impression. Impression creates karma, it is a seed which creates a desire. Desire creates karma, karma creates a thought, thought creates a word or expression and then a culmination, an action. So numerous thoughts, less words or expression, less action. This is how it goes.
Q: How to generate more bhaav?
A: Bhaav always happens when your awareness grows. The fundamental awareness is ’ego is bothering me’. How do you know this? You know you are acting based on ego, when you keep your identity very strong,“I am like this, I am so and so…“ You struggle to keep your image intact based on ego in the society. Then you can change the mode and say,“I am … I am here to experience Lord Krishna, or Bhagawan Baba or something.“ Then you start being aware, “Most of my functions are not in my control – heartbeat, circulation, respiration, digestion, excretion…“ whatever, consider everything about your existence that is not in your control. You have a mind which overreacts to situations, and says,“I am controlling all of this.“ Then you realise, “This is not true. The truth is that all my functions are not in my control. Then what am I controlling?“ Awareness grows. This introspection makes awareness grow. When your awareness starts growing in that direction, you start detaching from the ego plane. The moment you detach from the ego plane, it’s bhakti, devotion and bhaav is spontaneous. When you understand, “Oh, this is all happening through me, how wonderful!“, then you shift from doership to ’wondership’, and you exclaim with wonder, “Oh, God, what an amazing creation!“ Everything you see is amazing. Every person is amazing. Every situation is amazing. It’s all bhaav then. Then the full life is bhaav. That is what Sudha, Krishna Das…are. All these people are embodiments of bhaav. They are of higher awareness. They know there is nothing egoistic to be proud of. It is all happening and we are being unnecessarily proud of something very silly which we don’t even control such as the body. For example, take a big, muscular body. You spend one week in bed, and the muscles all go. So after a lot of effort you created a lot of muscles, yet you can’t maintain it. In this way everything you see has no value because it’s all temporary. It’s all passing. Then we are unnecessarily quoting everything with ego. When this awareness grows to that level, you immediately start feeling that this is not me, this is nothing. What you seem to be is not at all the real thing. Then bhaav happens and you become an embodiment of bhaav.

Reaction vs. Response

Q: When we know things are not correct, and we expect them to be proper, how do we react? Sometimes we get angry, sometimes we feel bad…
A: Understand your response levels. You can handle your life in two ways. One way is to get angry, upset, etc. That means you are operating from emotion. Emotion is directly related to expectation. There is another way of operating – which uses the budhi, intellect. When you use your intellect, you respond. Ok, this situation is happening, let me handle it. This is a practice. You have to train yourself for it. Always train yourself to use your intellect, and do not react using your emotion. Most of us react using emotion, “I knew this person couldn’t do it, bla,bla…“ It goes on. It’s reaction. Reaction always weakens you. It makes you dull. It sucks more energy. However, at the same time, you can say “Ok, you have a problem, sit down. Let’s discuss.“ That is response. Response is from the budhi. Budhi always responds, mind always reacts. So if you consistently use your intellect, there will be less catastrophes. Life will be smooth. There will be no fights, no anger, no hatred. All those things won’t be there. However, if you are constantly using your emotion, then all the reactions and all the catastrophes will be there. This is the point. Train yourself to use the intellect more. Take a step backwards and look at every situation.“Ok, let the situation that is unfolding beyond control, happen. I am looking at it objectively, and responding.“
Q: Do we do this later?
A: No, immediately. Take a little while. “Please, let me understand what the issue is“, so that you are using your brain, and not your emotion. Usually every reaction is from emotion. Emotion also contains prejudices, such as “I knew this guy was an idiot“ etc. These are all prejudices. When you’ve already branded a person in a particular mode, you react. You do not allow the person to be different. That is why some people say, “Ok, I knew this guy, I used to meet him at the pub. Now he is in saint mode. How could he be a saint?“ Why do you underestimate somebody? Enlightenment can happen in one night! We can never underestimate anybody. When you say you know the person, that itself is fundamentally wrong. I know you as an identification. I do not know you as a person. I know you by your name, that’s the name given by your parents and by which society knows you. Apart from that, do I know you? It’s not possible, because you are a constitution, you are a karmic being, and you have a particular agenda of life. This is all you. Thus we can never underestimate anybody. Reaction always happens when ignorance is very strong. It means we are prejudiced, we have decided this person is like that, etc. Many times certain situations cause a particular response in people. A person may be very cool, and very nice, but in a particular situation, with a particular set of people, that person can be very violent, because the environment creates that effect in the person. So can you brand him as always having a violent personality? This is the point. In this way various situations, as well as character, cause a difference in a person’s level of response. We can never say,“This is the person and I know him/her.“ It’s not possible. Everybody is a karmic being and all have their own unique flavours. You have to accept a person as a situation or a surrounding. It keeps changing. Allow that flexibility in everybody. Next time I meet you it could be different. Maybe you will have reached that silence inside, who knows? Everything is possible, right? Life is never stagnant. Life is always changeable so anything can happen. There’s no guarantee also that I might meet you next time. Because I’ll meet you only if I’m alive. That is what Lord Krishna said in the story.


Krishna and Pandavas water their horses

Krishna and Pandavas water their horses

Upon meeting a beggar, Yudhisthira told the beggar to come again to the battlefield, and that he would give him something then. He said,“I can’t give you any money now, come again, and I’ll give you some. Krishna was laughing because Yudhisthira was so confident that he would still be alive the next day to give the beggar some money. Krishna said,“I am not too sure because I am in the battlefield.“

(Read the story about Krishna, Yudhisthira and promises also in the blog in Fight Inertia Your Inner Enemy)

See, the avatar says he is not sure that he will even exist the next day to give money to beggars, while a person who has no awareness is absolutely sure saying, “Come back, I will give it to you tomorrow.“ We are operating in that level. That is why I have said, even if you are promising something to a child, you must deliver as soon as possible because we haven’t seen our future. We do not know how many breaths we have left. If you do not fulfil what you have promised, you will have to come back and start the story again. Instead, if you complete every moment and go, there is nothing pending. This is liberation. If you cannot do it, do not promise and do not even think of it. Even if you think you want to do it, you must do it because thought is the first level of creation. It’s written in the canvas. For example, you want to help him. Though, it is not articulated, the first level of creation has already happened. Then if you use the words, “I want to help him,“ that means you have already committed. Then you must help, otherwise it’s incomplete. This is how it works. That is what Lord Krishna said, “Even if he is a beggar, don’t underestimate him. He may come and ask you in a different form, probably in a different life. So if you can’t give, don’t promise.“ Better not to promise, that way life becomes simple.
Before I close the satsang, I would like to say something which is can serve as a daily practice. Every day when you wake up, just have one thought, “Am I asking for more from the Earth or am I giving more to the Earth?“ If the answer is that you are giving more to the Earth than you are asking for, then you are on the right track. If you are asking much more from, than you are giving to Earth, then do something about it. That track is not the right one. That is the track towards disappointment and sorrows. If you are asking more and more from the Earth and giving nothing to the Earth (which means giving what you have, what you have you share), if you are giving nothing and you are only using the earth selfishly for your gratification, then you are on a collision course. You are heading towards more and more sorrows. This is because the more expectation, the more disappointment. This thought is an important thought in the path of liberation. Please understand. “Am I giving back to the Earth more than I am taking?“ I am sure most of you will be surprised if you are honest with that answer. Don’t think that going to a temple and doing bhajans, etc. is for the Earth. That is for you. What have you actually done for the world? When I say earth, it includes all beings on the Earth whether it is human beings, animals, birds, plants. Everything is part of Earth. Your family, other families, consider everything. Everything is part of it. What is your contribution to this world? Is it spiritual? It is very, very important. If you are clear about this question and if you can give an honest answer, then you have started the journey to the path of liberation. If you are asking more from the Earth and you do not care about giving back, please understand that more lives are coming for you. You are definitely going to come back here. Definitely. Because if you have to use this earth for your gratification, for your life, you must pay. There is no free meal. It has to be paid. How do you pay? Through compassion. The best cash is compassion. The best medium of compassion is transaction. The more compassionate you are, the more spontaneous you are to the world outside while living, and you will definitely reduce life times. You don’t need any guru to tell you this. This is something which you can handle yourself. No guru needs to tell you that you have got so many marks. This is to mark yourself. No need to share it even with your family, in the sense that you don’t even need to compare with each other. It’s an individual journey. You be compassionate. Don’t think, “My wife is compassionate, I can be something different.“ It is not so. Everybody is individualistic. Just ask the question, “Am I taking more or am I giving more?“

Satsang with Mohanji in Canada

Life is never stagnant. Life is always changeable so anything can happen…

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Caroline Moscato

Life is for Fulfilment

Rose Bank Satsang with Mohanji in Canada on 23rd August 2015, part 1


How can you be peaceful when society is like this? You can do this by being connected to your inside more than to your outside.

Q: What is the purpose of life and is the purpose the same for everybody?
A: The answer will depend on which context you are talking about. If it is from the angle of karma, the purpose is the same for everybody. That means exhausting karma, exhausting desires, fulfillment, happiness. That is the core reason for every incarnation. Every birth is for this purpose. Fulfilment is the purpose. But it depends on which aspect you are talking about. What is the purpose of the body? To feel the Earth, to feel the sensations, to feel whatever you can feel using the body. What is the purpose of the mind? To experience sensations, emotions… What is the purpose of the ego? Ego’s purpose is to maintain your identity. When it becomes swollen, it maintains its identity in a somewhat larger way :) so it’s a nuisance for other people. What is the purpose of the intellect? Knowledge, accumulation of knowledge, collection of knowledge. So the purpose depends on which level we are talking from, which level we are operating on.
What is the purpose of the soul? The purpose of the soul is to go through this process and get back to where it came from. That is total and complete liberation.
Everybody’s purpose of life is fulfillment. But individual purpose differs. My fulfillment might be different from yours. What I came for might be different from what you came for. You can never generalise. 7.3 billion people and all the other beings have come for something. That is exactly your purpose of life. Whichever path or track of karma that destiny takes you on is exactly the purpose of existence. If you are looking for a purpose larger than that, then you may take another birth. Purpose is not different. What you are experiencing today is exactly the purpose. Because destiny takes you to the level of purpose. There are no two things about it. You cannot change it. What you are, what you will be and what you can be, is all determined. Decided. You cannot be or do something else. You cannot be at a different place. It’s impossible because the path of destiny is clearly defined. In that mode your path is clear, your purpose is clear. Is the purpose the same for everybody? It cannot be. Becauase then there would only be one person. If everybody were a doctor, an engineer, or a captain of ships or aircraft, do you think life would work? We have a huge variety and we need it. Thus everybody’s purpose and everybody’s fulfillment is not the same. Similarly, say I kept a lot of dishes here, with a variety of food. Each of you will have different food, right? Not everybody will choose the same food. Why is it so? It’s because we all have a different orientation. Our creation is like that. We have been created like that. We have our likes and dislikes, characters, constitutions. Everything has a distinction. This is how creation has happened, and so we choose only as per our orientation. There cannot be a generalisation. There can be resemblances, but none are exactly the same. You are you. Other people may resemble you, but they are not exactly you. That is why this question has been answered in this way.
In simple terms, the purpose of existence is fulfilment of karma, and whether all people’s purpose is the same, in that context YES, it’s the same. But is the fulfilment the same? The answer is NO. Fulfilment has to be different.

Q: Why is it that we sometimes feel that we lack something? We have family, children, jobs, but why is there still a feeling that something is missing?
A: There are a few reasons for this, at various levels.

On the one hand, imagine you have evolved from a level of awareness where you found your happiness in some of these things. Then you went above it. You evolved beyond it. You clearly understood or you realised that it’s all about role-play. You are playing the role of a mother, wife, an employer, or an employee, a shopper… At every level it’s a role-play, and nothing is permanent. So when you start connecting to the real you which is beyond all this role-play, sometimes a vacuum happens. This is because you are used to a certain pattern, and then that pattern is annihilated. Then you will come to a realisation, an awareness that this may not be me. Then, for some time before you actually enter into silence, there could be a vacuum.
On the other hand, there could be expectation. Imagine your expectations constantly get defeated. For example, you expected to be a doctor, but eventually you became a teacher. You wanted to marry somebody whom you like, but you married somebody else. Like that, all these major things are getting defeated or diverted. Then you reach a stage where you think, “Nothing in life is per my plan!?“ That is happening because we have expectation. What you chose before birth, is what you got. However, you may not get what you’ve chosen with your mind, because the mind may not understand the whole picture. What has to happen will happen. What you’d love to happen, may not happen. Again a vacuum situation happens. You will probably become dull or resigned about the whole thing.
You can see this in animals before slaughter. When they understand they are going to be killed, some become violent and cry and shout and try to break free, while others understand they are going to be killed and just walk through the death. There are both reactions. We humans, also operate similarly in the same situation. We either accept the situation and move on, or we resist and make a lot of issues. That is when a lot of emotions come. The blame game comes. When we are completely resistant to what is happening all around, within us, around us, then resistance happens. That resistance then creates pain. When we constantly resist, life becomes a bundle of emotions. There is no positivity in it. It is all just a rolling of emotions in different forms.

Q: How do you overcome this?
A: Awareness. You need to be aware. When you know you are playing a role and that the role is changing at at each point in time, and that the experiences are different, then you start floating over it.

roles in life - time-management

Watch yourself playing the roles…

It means you are always watching yourself playing the role. Sometimes emotions will come and go. Nothing stays. In this way, you are constantly connected to the clear and permanent in you, but at the same time you are not affected by the temporary. The temporary is coming and going, it’s floating, you are floating to it, but at the same time you are not disconnected from it. It means you are not hating it, you are not resisting it. Nothing in you blocks anything. It is all floating, “Ok, I’ve seen all this, it’s ok, it doesn’t matter. I am none of this. I could be part of this, but I am none of this.“ That awareness changes your whole outlook. Then there is no resistance. There is no pain. Only when there is resistance, is there pain. If there is no resistance, there is no pain.

Q: We have mostly come from India. We migrated and stayed in Canada. There is a vacuum though. On the one hand, India is a land of so much spirituality, which never flourishes. People are more oriented towards material aspects, when they are supposed to be more humble, more spiritually oriented. On the other hand, people in Canada or western countries are more humble, and more loving, yet they don’t have any idea about spirituality. Why does that happen?
A: It’s a socio-psycho situation. When you are away from something, you understand the value of it. Sometimes when we are together with a person, for example with somebody in the house, especially elders, we take them for granted. They are kept on the bookshelf (ha, ha). We don’t really worry about them too much. But the moment they pass away, then we feel their absence. In the same way, we have close relationships or associations, but the moment the person leaves us, we feel we miss them. Likewise most people do not really practice religious worship. By worship, I mean systematic religions. However, they are religious. They are not aware of it. They are just following somebody’s rituals. “His grandfather was doing it, his father was doing it, my father is doing it, I am doing it.“ But they do not know whether this is valuable or not. Whether there is a reason for it. Somebody would have told them that if they did not pray to God, He would be unhappy with them. So a bit of fear, a bit of routine, and the activity goes on. One can see a lot of ritualistic bhakti in India. That brings aversion to a lot of people. Which God is binding you? People who are educated will ask the question, “How come that God is unhappy with my not going to the temple?“ If God is dependent on me, why should I be dependent on God? Such questions will come. So that is wrong understanding. This is mostly created by astrological priesthood. Community creates all this kind of thing, “If you don’t do this, God will punish you, or will be angry.“ The fear factor is thus created so that they can make money. However when you step outside and come to another country, you see the whole tapestry in a different way, the structure, the upbringing, or religious methods. Then you start realising that the real India is the spiritual India. All that you see outside are just fakes or masks of India. However you need to go outside to see inside. Sometimes it is the main thing. Though you may not see it when you are there, when you come outside and look back at it, you say,“Look here, this is beautiful! I never saw that when I was there.“ Nostalgia is part of that. When you do not have it or when it is not happening, at that time you feel, oh this is very important. Each time it’s like that. Ultimately the fundamentals of the Hindu tradition are all about liberation. If you had to sum up the Hindu tradition in one word – it would be liberation. For all aspects whether it is the tantric, ritualistic, vedic, upanishadic aspect… everything you take, the end story is – be liberated. Be liberated means that you should be liberated at this point in time, not when you are dying. At the time of death you cannot guarantee liberation. You should be liberated right now. Every aspect, puja, ritual, knowledge, every aspect of bhakti, is all pointing to, is all equal to liberation. However, when you are occupied with this religious mode activity, you may not know that this is the reason for it. Whether you are doing a shrad, a puja or performing a wedding, a mantra, everything is talking about completion, liberation. Let this aspect be complete. So it is for every aspect of your existence, whether it is brahmacharya, grihastha, or vanaprastha, every level. Vanaprastha doesn’t mean going to the forest. It means to detach from everything around you. So in every aspect it says, “Let there be completion and fulfillment so that you are liberated. If you take everything, for example parenthood or eating food as liberation, then you are living the life of a proper Hindu. Hindu means ’ha’ sun, ’indu’ moon. Combined together it means Hindu. Your heat and the cold part of you are actually united, you are Hindu i.e. your ida and pingala nadis are in full order. They are operating in the actual capacity. So the sun side of it and the moon side of it, the male and the female are together, you are in balance. This is the Shiva and Shakti aspect. Then you are a Hindu. It’s not a religion. It’s a state. Hindu is a state, not a religion. Once we understand that, we will go beyond all the rituals. Then there will be no fear, because fearlessness is our state. We can’t have fears. What is it that we are afraid of? Nothing. There is nothing to be afraid of. Where there is fear or unhappiness, or insecurity, there is non-understanding. If you are truly connected to God, if your path is liberation, every moment is fulfillment. There can’t be anything else, because everything is provided – time, space, the situation, understanding, intelligence, body, mind, intellect. Everything is provided so that you attain fulfilment every moment whether it is good or bad.
Coming back to your point. When you are in your country, you are worried more about gas cylinders, pipes, the electrician, the lightning, thunder, earthquakes, all of these things. However, when you are away, you don’t look at all those things. You look at the beauty aspect of it – a great country, a great culture, the tradition of liberation… This tradition of liberation is not happening in many places. Some people have asked me,“Why are there so many masters in India?“ I said, “The environment makes them happen.“ The environment provides facility for it. In many places you need to compromise to be in society. You cannot be clear and free. Thus how can you express? There have been great masters in every country, in every community, but they all have had to compromise with the current ministers or kings or religion. The people who created religions were enlightened. They were of high order. But those who interpreted it later on, were not of high order. The great masters who guided people in life were powerful. They knew exactly what they were talking about. They were of high order. However, later on, others used their teachings but with a different interpretation, and they used the teachings to bind. Friedrich Nietzche’s philosophy was good, but Hitler used it for a different purpose. Can you control it? This is exactly how everything is manipulated. Somebody asked me,“Mohanji can you guarantee that what you are teaching will stay after your death?“ I said, “I cannot even guarantee now!“ (laughter) What people are saying about my teachings now I do not know. The interpretations change as per the mind. The minds pick up what they would like to pick up, and use it. How could I change it? How could I control it? Similarly, the words we use can be either misinterpreted or properly interpreted. If you remember the last time I came to Canada one person asked me, “ You said the soul is already liberated. Then why are you saying ’a good soul’?“ That’s a usage. It’s not literally, you are not going deeper and saying ’your soul’. That’s not what we mean. ’Good soul’ means a good person. So understanding changes with the word, sometimes we use it to represent something…
I was talking to a saint during Kumbh Mela. I was giving a lecture, and there were various spiritual saints. I asked them,“Why do all people unite? What is the purpose? The purpose of being in society in whichever capacity is to elevate the awareness of the people. Thus if you are not worried about your name, fame, money, position, whatever, everybody can be together and just raise the awareness of society. Many of them do not come together because they are on various paths. However, if your only aim is to elevate the awareness of society, everybody can be together! All religions can be together! However religions are dividing people now for the sake of money, power, position. Then how do we attain liberation? What has happened everywhere, is that the politics and culture have become that of greed. Everywhere, not only in India. That is being reflected. The times are being reflected in every location. The sign of the times is one of greed, conquest, possessiveness, owning and ownership. I was talking about ownership, about parents owning the children. What ownership do you have? The children chose the parents. The parents did not choose the children. It is not like going to the supermarket and choosing. It’s the children that choose the parents. It’s probably not a conscious choice, or we can say the prarabdha made it happen. However, the truth is that we have no control over them. They have come with an agenda, they used part of you to come to the world for their own gratification. Similarly, we have absolutely no control over anybody. We don’t even have control over our own mind. We do not know what we are going to think in the next moment. That being the situation, what are we controlling at all? People change their minds, people change their behaviour, society changes, country changes, we talk about so many changes. We do not have a grip on any of these. In this way, erosion has affected everything, even philosophies. That is why I said every Yug has its flavour – the time of Ram, the time of Lord Krishna, the time we live in. Each Yug, each era, has a different flavour. So we are experiencing the flavour of Kali Yug where bribing is a normal thing. People bribe without any conscience. It goes like that. India, being Indian, Bharat, it’s a mixture of bha (God) and rat (love). It’s an amazing country, but sometimes you need to go outside of it to see it.

Mohanji quote - If you are truly connected to God

Destiny vs. Free will

Q: If there is free will, how does it happen that there is destiny which is pre-decided? If you can choose each moment to go left or right, how is it pre-decided? Are all these detours we make chosen as well?
A: What you transacted before you chose this incarnation is free will. Before you manifested in the womb of your mother, you had already traded it. As the cost was an incarnation, the choice was 100% free will. Before you took the decision for manifestation or incarnation, you had to make a plan about why you were going to Earth. This was decided in the astral plane. The question was, “Why are you going?“ You said,“I have a lot of things to do. A lot of experiences are pending.“ “Ok, in that case, you make the plan for how many years you will live, where you will live, what you will experience, who you will live with, who are the people you are going to meet, what sort of experiences you are looking at.“ Everything is defined. Once it is defined, and once you lock it, you are ready for incarnation. The rocket is ready. Then you manifest yourself. At that point in time i.e. from the time of birth, till the time of death, it’s chosen. That is the part of destiny, in Sanskrit we call it prarabda. Prarabda is fixed.
Then in your whole aspect, your body, mind, intellect and ego are a mixture. You are a mixture of these things. There is also a part called the soul. This ’man’ has full free will. He can decide ’I’m leaving’ and leave the body – finished! ’He’ can leave the body behind and go but ’he’ doesn’t do that. Why? Because the pact is that, “I will continue till the end.“ It means we agreed on a journey, “Ok, I’ll come with you“, so the soul stays on. But the soul definitely has 100% free will saying, “I have been on this journey over thousands of life times, so now it’s time“. That is why the soul pushes you towards liberation saying,“Ok, just watch and listen. Go meditate somewhere. Detach from all this mess. You’ve been through this many times.“ We do not know however because we closed that gate before we came. We do not know what happened in our past life and what provoked a new birth. However the soul knows because the soul has been experiencing this. The soul is all-knowing. It’s all encompassing and it’s also connected to the supreme consciousness, so it knows. The soul pushes you,“Go here, see.“ When it happens a few times, then awareness starts growing and you realise,“Oh, this is just a role-play. I’ve been an idiot, I didn’t know. I thought it was all real. And nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Emotions are temporary, people are temporary, situations are temporary, time is temporary… Oh, my God, now I realise I should catch on to the permanent.“ The only permanent companion is your soul. That is when you start listening to the soul, and asking “Oh, please tell me something.“ Then the soul guides you to the real answer, to the right places. Next you start becoming closer to your soul. It means you start looking inside. When you start looking inside and start connecting to your soul, you will get the right answers, the right directions, the right guidance. That’s the point in time when life starts shifting. Then it’s up to the process. Immediately you will start distancing yourself from whatever is not real, and you will start opting for what is real. That is when all the gurus and great mirrors come into play. They give you the total picture, your naked image,“This is you. All that you have considered are masks.“ They remove all the masks. This is you. That’s the point in time when you actually start seeing yourself. The purpose of every great master is to be a perfect mirror to society, to the people. Being a perfect mirror, they reflect you only at the time when you are looking at it. That’s what Baba said, “You look at me, I look at you.“ Only at that point in time. Otherwise nobody gives you food in the mouth, there is no spoon feeding. They guide you to the food saying you are welcome to have it, you are welcome to reject it and then – reflection. You understand, “Oh this is me! The other things are not important.“ So the lifestyle becomes one of non-violence, unconditional love, and then the purification becomes strong. You will not be interested in any violent activities, and your only expression becomes compassion. Then internally you become a saint, whether you are grihastha or a renunciate. You become a saint inside. Then it’s quick progress. The next step is liberation. Liberation is already happening in your life because you are detaching from everything which is unreal. Then you come inside and you see the real, you marry the real, and immediately the shifts happen. Other people will notice it better, more easily, because they think, “This person has gone mad!“ He is not responding to the usual gossip (laughter). So what happens? “Ok, let’s leave them alone.“ That is why I said yesterday if somebody abuses you and you don’t respond, they become surprised. The usual thing is that you would give back some abuse, right? But that’s not happening. They stop it. Whom will you call an idiot? A person who is normal, right? If you are absolutely sure a person is idiot, you won’t call him (laughter) because he wouldn’t know. If the response is not happening properly, then society is surprised. Society cannot understand people with usual problems. So how can you be peaceful when society is like this? You can do this by being connected to your inside more than to your outside. This is the point.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Raise the Awareness of the Society

Mohanji 2

The only possibility for a better tomorrow is to raise the awareness of the society.

Q: How not to hurt others if one is forced into a battle?

A: Prevention is always better than cure. There is always a past, present and future for any situation in any place. Usually situations are created by people whose consciousness levels can create problems for a larger group of people. Such is the case for some of our leaders. They are elected and brought forward from our own people and society. Understand the times that we are living in. In the past, many centuries ago, the kings or rulers were guided by saints who had nothing to do with worldly affairs. What would they tell the king? Let all people be happy, let there be proper division of labor and wealth etc. This is the kind of advice a saint can give. A saint would never say “go and conquer the neighboring country”. Who is running the countries today? The people who are making weapons. These people run governments. If there are no wars, there are no weapon sales. So what created this situation? What is moving the world? People. Seven billion people, seven billion consciousnesses. What can an individual do against 7 billion people? The only thing we can do is raise the awareness of the people – we are here to find peace, not war. We have been trained to accept the decisions of the elected government. We are also helpless because these are the people to whom we gave votes. Authority without responsibility creates confusion. We tell the elected person that he can run the country for five years. What does he do? He ensures that he makes sufficient money for his children and grandchildren, and is not worried about the next generation of the whole country. Normally, he will use the situation for his own benefits. There is no point in us getting disillusioned, because they came out of us. The consciousness of the society reflects the consciousness of the leader. So if the consciousness of the society is one of greed, jealousy, anger and hatred, the leader will be the product of that. You and I can be much higher, but what is the majority? Insensitiveness is now ruling in the world, people do not care. They do not care about what you or I feel, what the society feels or what the next generation will feel. Their problem is whether they’ve made enough money. The only possibility for a better tomorrow is to raise the awareness of the society. It is important. What are the governments doing? They provide alcohol, entertainment etc. so that they occupy the mind of people and keep them as slaves. If somebody desires to raise their voice, you will not see him again, he will be taken care of. So singularly nothing can be done. We see injustice everywhere. How does it happen? Insensitiveness. We don’t care about the other person. We pretend to be benevolent, but internally we express greed. I am talking about the average society. When Jesus was alive, Pilate asked the people “I have two options. I can pardon this noble man or pardon this thief”. What did the society say? Pardon the thief, kill the noble man. Why did they choose to kill Jesus? He was telling the truth. Today we are living in the same world, only technology has changed, but people have not changed. When somebody tells the truth, sometimes it’s beyond his time. Jesus was challenging people who were priests. The priests could never accept that they didn’t know their job. So Jesus directly challenged the priests and asked them “Isn’t this the truth?” When your ego is affected, when you have to face a carpenter challenging you and what you do, what happens? Society decided to get rid of him. But Jesus never cared for his body. He said that the body is temporary, taken for expressing some truths of God. The dramatic exit of Jesus on the cross shook up the consciousness of the world. That was his final message. If Jesus was, even for one moment, afraid or had any fear in him, there would be no Christianity today. He was fearless. And where is this fearlessness coming from? Conviction. Conviction, based on truth, the real, eternal truth. So this is society. What do we do with it? Those who talk truth get assassinated. Those who pretend, compromise and conform to the sins of the world are maintained. This is the reality of any time. Why is this happening, have you ever thought? Why is the truth destroyed, at least temporarily? It is because the more spiritual you become, and the more established in the truth you become, the less communicative you become. Your operating level becomes silence, deep peace. Silence, because you are stable in truth. When you are established in truth, there is nothing to prove, you are just doing the job. You are just doing what you are sent for. You can see that very much in Jesus’ life. He just went ahead with his mission, whether people liked it or not. But usually what happens is – they are understood only after they are dead. It takes a different generation to understand the truth and the man. The contemporary generation gets stuck with the personality and the expressions, so they fail to understand. For the next generation, it’s just a picture on the wall and some messages, so it’s easy. You do not have to deal with personalities, it’s better. So what do we do? When we have to encounter a personality, we assassinate him, so it’s easy, that man is gone. Then you put a picture and say he was God. Even though this was meant as a joke, it’s the truth.

Surrender and acceptance

Mohanji quote - You are not what you seem to be in the mirrorThere are the small and large aspects of surrender. The small aspect is – I’m helpless so I surrender. That is probably the weakest possible surrender you can have, because when you become powerful then you will kick again. The second aspect, or the higher aspect, is that I surrender out of unconditional love. I surrender out of devotion so the highest level of emotion becomes devotion, where I do not exist, only He exists. Like Jesus said “let your will be, not mine”, that is a high level of surrender. That surrender happens by itself, we do not have to surrender. Surrender is the opposite of ego. Surrender is a state of egolessness, or egolessness state leads to surrender. The first level of surrender is towards existence: I accept myself the way I am. The second level is: I accept the situation around me as it is. The third level is: I accept the universe in all its diversity and conditions as it is. Once the acceptance becomes absolute, surrender happens. You don’t have to surrender, it automatically takes place. So, if surrender is spontaneous because of acceptance and higher awareness, it stays, and nothing can shake it. However, people talk about surrender as a kind of compromise. That is a wrong understanding. We don’t compromise anything when surrender is absolute. There is nothing to compromise because we do not exist. Only the consciousness exists. Individual ego entities do not exist. When individual ego entities are removed, surrender is spontaneous.

Where can you build a house, which location helps you? On a rock, on stable ground. When you want to build something or express something to the world outside, it should be from a level of stability, not a level of confusion. This level of stability is achieved when we are not ego bound, or operating out of egocentric identities. The best message you can give to the world or the best way to trigger changes in the world, is through yourself. First point: you are the universe that you have been searching for. The moment you understand the universe that is you, you understand the external universe which is a part of you. Society consists of people and you are a part of society, you are one of the ingredients of society. Second point: since you are a part of society and society consists of you, your expressions become valid to society. So, if you are peaceful, and you are well settled, people will ask you “How did you achieve this?”. How do we change society? Change yourself. Also, you have the power. Please understand, you are not what you seem to be in the mirror. You are much beyond it. What you see in the mirror is only an expression of you. And you are not constantly in front of the mirror either. Once you start expressing your true self, which is based on unconditional love… and unconditional love is the unshakeable ground you have been looking for, but unfortunately because of the mind we do not know it… the moment you start building your base on unconditional love, others will start taking notice of you. Your inner self will express and when your personality overflows and mixes with the personality of society, you see your own reflection in everybody’s eyes. You become one with society and society becomes one with the world. So, the beginning of the revolution is within.

The Guru principle

The guru or the teacher, the true master, that entity which you see is only an expression of a huge consciousness. The guru or the master is only an expression. That means you need a mouth to talk or express. In the universe there are numerous forms and expressions of the principle called guru. All these expressions are important and related to somebody or some situation in society. The principle called guru operates 24/7/365 beyond time and space. Out of this principle, about 10% is in human form. If you look at nature, you can see the principle called master (guru) working all the time. Look at how the sun operates. The way the sun nourishes the earth, activates all of life and also puts it to sleep. Our life cycle is more or less moving with the movement of sun. If you look at the way the animals live, they consume only as much food as their constitution needs. They do not store or worry about the next meal and they are completely working on the principle of existence in time. If you look at the cycle of the seasons, each season has a value. The seasons make you understand that life also has a validity, time has a validity and whatever you do has a validity. Some are for a longer periods of time, some are useful for some time, some are not at all useful. The principle is delivering all the time, but do we have the eyes/mind to see? The principle also comes in human form, which we call guru, my teacher, my master. That has a reason. First of all, in order to work, the guru principle needs connectivity. That means that I should be understood by you. Otherwise whatever I say is of no use to you. You cannot understand this principle using the mind, you can only perceive. Another thing, to understand the guru principle, you should be able to raise your awareness to that level. For example, a child studying in the 3rd standard is eligible to receive a teacher which will impart knowledge on that level. You can read many materials and listen to a lot of people, but at the end of the day, what are you assimilating, what is useful to you? That is the only thing which is worthwhile. If you approach any guru or any teaching with a prejudice or mindset (creating frames), huge limitations happen in our understanding and our assimilation of the knowledge.
First of all, guru is not a human being, it’s a principle (tattwa). Tattwa expresses itself through many beings or every being, including you being a guru to somebody else. A small child could be a guru to its parents because it teaches so many things. Like that, the principle of guru works all the time. Read more about Guru principle.

Guru’s dimensions of operation 

Earth is not the only plane where the principle operates. A small example: this person sitting in front of you has a given name Mohan. But this Mohan represents a conglomeration, a much larger and much more complicated system (entity). Imagine, there are 1 trillion cells on our body. Each cell has a unique capacity, a mind and a spirit and can store and release things. So each cell has a value in this body. This body is a conglomeration of many millions of cells. And the consciousness is a conglomeration of the huge consciousness from each of the cells. So if I say “my body consciousness” that means I’m talking about 1 trillion cells’ consciousness. Another thing: usually we see children inheriting property, and sometimes character, education and position from their parents. In the same way, when a cell dies and goes, another cell replaces that cell and inherits the character of the previous. If this is what we are, then what do we understand as ourselves… Look at the contrast in our understanding and our reality. If you understand our reality as 1 trillion cells containing a consciousness which is unique, and each part of our system having a particular mind/character, and all this is put together to form a man, then just imagine the size of our operation. Huge.

Mohanji quote - How do I communicate with you when you are far away

I’ll give you another way of understanding. Let’s take our basic emotions such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, happiness etc. and give each a different color and imagine that our cells have different colors based on what is in it. Then if we look at our own body, we can understand what it is made up of. All these ingredients are sitting there. That is why each time we are responding in a different way. This is what we are.
Now, as we say, “I am suffering from anger or jealousy” – this means that this particular emotion is established in many cells of our system, external and internal, and this is all becoming a fuel for our expression. What we are trying to do here is to extract them and throw them out, that is why we call it cleansing. Why do I need the body? Otherwise I cannot communicate with you. However, understand one thing. When you evolve into higher levels of awareness, when you establish yourself in higher levels of awareness, you may not have as much requirement for the body as you used to in the lower awareness. In those times, the body is one way of expression, but there are numerous other avenues for expression. Coming to your specific point – how do I communicate with you, living so far away? How do certain entities come into your canvas? I am calling it a canvas because it’s much larger than the mind. You are sometimes encountering situations not when you are awake, but when you are in different realms (not even a state of dream, it’s a state beyond dreams). In those realms, communication becomes much simpler, if you are able to raise yourself to those levels. One point – there are numerous waves in space, but our TV cannot tune into every transmission. Likewise, we develop our eligibility to tune into different levels of transmission. Once you reach those levels you can connect in those realms. It is based on the level of subtlety. If you are talking about masters who are not in the physical body, but are available… how are they available? Because co-existence happens in the subtle form. Your subtle form is definitely available, but you are not conscious of it. You cannot have this level of operation if you are too concerned about the body and the physical constitution of your waking state. That means, when we are awake, we are too conscious of who I am, what I am, what is my qualification… All this baggage weighs you down, it makes you feel that you are the body, but actually speaking this is only one projection of our full consciousness. Is that too complicated to understand? Now, how subtle you go brings you more eligibility. The soul is very subtle, you can’t even see it, you can only feel its expression. You cannot see the petrol in the car, but without the petrol you would have to push the car. All of spirituality is about being more and more aware of our constitution, and starting to operate in that larger awareness. When you start operating in more subtle planes, you become more powerful. How do we talk in the planes beyond the dream state? Simple. Your subtle form connects to the subtlety of me, which is available, or entities like me, you convey a question and the answer is delivered. The projection from your mind is on forms, or what you call other masters, but there is only one master and numerous expressions. So, when you think of other masters, you are thinking of the forms which some people have taken at some point in time. I’ll give you an example. A person who is not very close to me, but who met me in one of the programs, was praying to Baba for an answer over for two consecutive nights. Baba is not in his physical body, but his consciousness is very much available. So, she was praying two nights consecutively and though I didn’t have this person’s number or contact, I knew her friend. I texted the answer to her friend and told her to please deliver it to her. This person was overwhelmed, saying that this was the answer she had been looking for. “How did Mohanji know what I prayed for?” she asked. She lives in the Fiji islands, thousands of kilometers away. Ultimately, the point is that in consciousness it’s all one. So the message is delivered through somebody. My validity is only in as much as I can deliver the message. This physical form has no value. The value is in the result delivered. Likewise, if you think about many masters and that they should come in their form to deliver the message, then you are not understanding the truth. Masters are all one in that realm, however there are various expressions in this level, because there should be. Everybody cannot reach everybody. However, it’s connected in one realm. Expressions are in many forms.

An excerpt from a satsang during Serbian retreat in May 2013
Transcribed by Tamara Bobic
Edited by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Trust and Dispassion on Spiritual Path

Trust on the spiritual path

Mohanji quote - Truth is beyond forms or dimensions

A. Doubts are projections of the mind. Mind is also the seed of confusion, as well as alienation, that is – duality. What makes you feel different from me is your mind. There are 7 billion people in the world, 7 billion expressions and 7 billion constitutional differences. It’s all fueled by one soul. Once you go beyond the differences of the 7 billion and connect to the soul which runs the whole diversification, then you understand you are that.
Mind and its expressions (ego, intellect) create the wall of differentiation from other people and entities. Mind tells you “That is separate from me”, “I am not that”. Mind also creates frames, mental images: “My guru should look like this, behave like this”. If the guru in front of you delivering the message, does not fit the picture in your mind, we reject him.
First thing is to demolish images and go to truth. This can be done if you are linked to the truth- only truth- which belongs to the soul and is beyond the mind. Soul activates the mind; mind cannot do anything to the soul. Truth is beyond forms or dimensions. If we are constantly connected to the truth, mind cannot distort any situation. Many people ask me the question “Who is my guru?” The answer is very simple – the one who came in front of you. Because there is an eternal truth: when the student is eligible, the right guru appears. When the right guru comes, it may be a picture different from the mind’s expectation but the only criteria is if the message or information useful and relevant to me? When we were in school, we did not go in search of a guru, a teacher. A teacher came to our class and we accepted the teacher. Another teacher could not have helped us to go to the next class. Many people say they would like Mahavatar Babaji to be their guru. I always say “Sure, it’s possible, but are you subtle enough to understand him? Even if he comes and sits near you, how can you get anything from him?” First we have to raise ourselves to a level where we are able to relate to him; only then there will be a transfer of information or energy and elevation. Many people ask me about the realm of operation of Satya Sai Baba. I tell you that is not relevant to you. You can only understand the realm of operation of a master of that stature, when you become him. Otherwise we only see what is in front of us- the image, words or expressions. That is actually nothing compared to the operational level. We make our judgements based on this plane (the visible operational level), which is again (I always say) a weak expression of a huge consciousness.


Mohanji quote - When awareness grows

There are two types of dispassion. One is – we tell the mind to be dispassionate. Attempts to be dispassionate on the mental level are not permanent. Another level of dispassion, which is permanent, is that you reach a state where nothing matters. Everything is available, but it doesn’t matter. That is permanent, achieved through exhaustion or experience. E.g. you craved for pizza, you had sufficient pizza in your life so you can say I don’t need it anymore. At one time it was very important, but at another time it is nothing, you don’t need it. That is actually your dispassion towards a material, which was important at one time and not important at another time.
Going through own experiences is one of the sure methods of exhaustion. Let me explain own experience more. If the mind makes it a habit, i.e. you are experiencing a thing but the mind is not available, it will become a repetition. That way exhaustion doesn’t happen. In that level, you feel sad without pizza. So this is the mental level of operation where mind captures an activity, retains it and instigates the desire on a periodical basis, repeatedly. And if that material is not available at a particular time, mind says that things are not right. So habit does not help exhaustion of a desire; a habit just maintains it. At the same time, when the mind is present during an activity, it fully enjoys the situation and chances for repetition will be small.
As a member of a family in a society, you are part of the experiences of the other people. You carry certain impressions or experiences of other people which become yours as well. In that level also you say “ok, I know what my friend went through in a particular situation, I am fine with it, thank you very much”. That also leads to dispassion. Please don’t confuse this with escapism or hatred about something. These are all different emotions. I am talking about dispassion as a settlement, that means that you are dispassionate about something and it settles you, it doesn’t hide you. There are various inputs which help create dispassion. The best thing is when awareness grows, you can see from above the whole pattern of life. At that time, many things will have no value. Then dispassion sets in as an expression of unconditional love. That is forever, it can never change. In other words, you have taken effort and climbed 20 floors of a big building and the reality is that you reached the 20th floor. Nobody can take the view from there away from you, because you achieved it. So your awareness depends on where you stand. Are you on the 1st floor, are you on the 20th floor?

Transcribed by Tamara Bobić
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Excerpt from a satsang during Serbian retreat in May 2013

By mohansuniverse

Mastering the Soul

From a Satsang during Serbian retreat with Mohanji in May 2014

Q: How did the souls become?

Big Bang -galaxy -Centaur

The first possibility for creation was relativity- when the big bang happened. When the supreme energy split into many so that there is a possibility of me and you, otherwise it’s One, original unity.

A: We make a machine, like a washing machine or a refrigerator. We put various ingredients into a particular mode so that we can wash objects or cool them. Then electricity executes it. Electricity can remain electricity without expressions, or electricity can go through machines and express its presence, like light, air-conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator. So electricity’s presence is felt through objects. These are the bodies with life. Just as petrol can exist as petrol or can manifest as movement. So creations have happened and creations started creating. That means, the first possibility for creation was relativity- when the big bang happened. When the supreme energy split into many so that there is a possibility of me and you, otherwise it’s One, original unity. Why is duality created? Because creativity was only possible that way. There have been many, many creators because once the clay was available…

Take the whole consciousness as an ocean. If you pour the whole ocean onto anything, it will destroy the whole thing. But if it is minute quantity, it can nourish something. If the whole electricity comes into this building, the building will burn. You need transformers and further transformers to reduce its intensity so that the lights can burn. This is what happened in the whole creation when relativity was formed.
The universe formed only after the big bang. When relativity occurred after the big bang, the energy split in trillions of pieces across the universe. Otherwise it was just one consciousness existing as this was billions of years ago. When the bang happened, One became Many. It was all over the space. Space was created. Space was created with relativity. Relativity was created with space. It’s all intermixed, it’s all connected. This is connectivity between supreme consciousness that we call Father and trillions of children.
See, if you are the only person existing in this world, you will never know who you are. Because there is nothing to compare with. Duality gives you opportunities, helps you to realise dimensions. So duality was created. For the duality to be created there should be ‘this’ and ‘that’. They are the same as Father. Father did only one creation – just explode himself. Then all his children scattered across the universe because universe was created by Father, by just exploding himself. Then all the children across the universe got the opportunity as creators, they can experience creation. But who is actually experiencing the creation? The witness is the Father. Father is witnessing the children creating further. Like our family. Each generation creates the next generation. Like that creation became the creator, and creators started creating more creations. This is the flow.

We are creating in two dimensions each day. We are creating our destiny through our thoughts, words, action, emotion. It means we are creating our further lives at this point in time or while we are living. This is number one.
Number two, we are creating successors, or our next generation, propagating our species through procreation. Though you do not know how to infuse a soul into a body. We can only kill an animal and release the soul. We do not know how to bring it back. This is the level of consciousness that we are operating in. But you can create only something with available material. If material is not available here, you can’t create a particular thing the way you like. Your creativity depends on the material available, right? The kind of colours required for the artist to paint, if the paints or the colours are not available, he will have to use what is available. Likewise, in our creativity also, our consciousness matters, which level we are operating in. Only that we can create. We cannot create in different dimension with our available consciousness or awareness.

What Father did was, he exploded himself, and made available the material for creation, which means through relativity. Once exploded, space was created. You need minimum space and time duration for creation. So, time was created. Then, third is awareness that a unit is as powerful or as potent as the macrocosm. Microcosm is equal to macrocosm, the only difference is in the form, dimension. The opportunity was given. You have the space, you have the time, now you create. So, various beings started creating various forms.

There are two levels of creation happening in the earth plane. One is the evolutionary creation. It means one form becomes another form. This is actually internal creation or evolution, like, an ape became a man. Second is that entities are coming, attaining a form and living here. This is birth by choice. An avatar happens or something comes into mother’s womb, and attains a human body. This is also possible. So the creation at will plus evolutionary creation.
Human beings started trying to understand what makes all this possible. That is why the ancient man worshipped the sun, whose energy is very important for earth. Then the wind, the water, the air, the earth. So in vedic times people were connecting to the beings of nature and the elements of nature. From there they realised that there are energies which have the power to create, induce a soul into a body, and create bodies. These are the creators. We started calling them gods. The principle of inducing a soul into a body, is the same principle as the prana pradishta used in temples- inducing energy into the idol. They make an idol, induce the energy in a particular way, so that it becomes a deity. The same way, as the body is created, the soul is induced.
But don’t think that somebody comes and induces the soul in the womb everytime. It’s not so. Because then it becomes karmic cycle. The soul decides to go into any womb which suits its purpose. So theoretically it’s the same as putting a soul into the body for creating an entity, similarly through the way of certain chants and rituals you bring an energy and put it in the idol so it becomes powerful. One more aspect is that there is a particular level of power you can induce into any idol. But there are sometimes saints who leave the body and put the soul inside the idol or a place. That has much more power. These places become the power centers. Because they are giving their own soul into the idol so that it can stay forever. Body is perishable. These are the places like Shirdi Sai Baba’s place, where his body is kept. Thousands and thousands of people are coming and everybody is getting results and benefits. The most powerful places of worship in India are all associated with some saints. They have left their body and induced the soul into that place. So the soul attracts people and induces blessings.
But in order to induce a soul into any material, the person who can do it should have mastered the soul. Otherwise you can’t just leave the soul anywhere. It will just wander. You need to have an absolute control on the whole activity of the body, having merged with the soul. It takes the range of a very powerful master, siddha or avadhoota to do this. Otherwise various saints die, but nothing happens.

Mohanji quote - Normally the souls do not choose

Q: Do they come back exclusively into human bodies? Do they often come back into the families where they had been?

A: If a person has extreme desire for meat, he can become a tiger in the next life. That is the clearest desire. Consumption of meat is like an obsession. When a person becomes a tiger, for fifteen years he can eat only meat, then he’ll come back. Have you heard the word ‘yoga prashta’? It means expelled or displaced from yoga. A person who has been practising yoga for a long time, and suddenly started having extreme sexual urges. He falls. There is no falling actually, he diverts. Then he may take a body of an animal or probably human as well, just for the gratification. Then he comes back again. So yoga prashta is more or less going in the path, deviating and coming back again. Maybe it will take another lifetime. You can see this in certain sects which practise celibacy. They can’t hold it. They can’t move on. So what happens is they are spiritually growing at the same time they are suppressing sexuality. Then it comes back with a bang. Then they topple. We can see this in various types of yogis. That is why I always say, fulfilment is important. Move on, avoid suppression! Move on with fulfilment, so that your practice also grows and at the same time you are evolving. This is very important.
It’s a collaboration. A set of souls decide, ”We will come back to earth and enjoy relationship.” It need not be family members. It could be your boss, or a priest of your church, any kind of relationship you have, guru and a disciple, father and mother, father and child, any permutation or combination. These are all souls deciding to come together, and experience the earthly life in unity. Once a soul decides, I’ve had enough of you,” ha, ha, they go and take birth elsewhere… there is full freedom. Normally the souls do not choose other dimensions. If you have not seen any dimension beyond earth, you will not choose to go there because you do not know. So once you evolve and you start expanding and experiencing other dimensions, then you have multiple options. Otherwise you keep coming back to earth. That is why evolution of awareness is extremely important.

Q: What do you think about transcendental meditation?

A: Every path is good. I have good opinions of every path, because it suits somebody. It may not suit everybody, but it suits somebody. If you can transcend into any frequency in the transcendental path, it is always elevating. But it is especially good if you have no objective or if you have one objective which is total nullification.
Usually what happens is every path has some faith. ”If you do this, you get this result.” That hooks the mind. If you follow anything related to transcendental aspects of life without conditions, without expectation, it can elevate you. Because then you are not entertaining the mind. You are keeping the mind quiet but you are doing your thing. So mind is not really occupied with activity. The more mind gets occupied, the more binding happens.
All paths are good. I actually feel that there are numerous gurus, paths, religions, all are good because each helps somebody. We should look at everything objectively. Like, there is a buffet on the table. You want to eat everything, but you can only consume as per the capacity of your stomach and as per your inclination for food. Likewise, you choose what suits you. Like the dress you wear. You wear it because you chose it, you like to wear that dress. Everybody has their choices. Seven billion people means there are seven billion aspects of existence. All are unique. There are no two buffalos alike.
I only say, first, don’t believe any guru who says ”I’m the only one”. Second, if anybody tries to bind you to himself or to some activity, run away. Third, the moment you start to be miracle oriented, understand you are vulnerable. Because you are only looking at miracles, you are not looking at evolution. This is again the play of the mind. Remember these three things.

Mohanji quote - In the spiritual path use feeling more than eyes
Sometimes, when we are at the party or at a buffet dinner, we taste some things. It doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing we eat. Likewise, you can taste certain methods. There’s no harm in it. But the moment it starts binding you and you feel without it there is no existence, it is just an addiction. I feel that you should be meditating if you love to meditate, not that you have to meditate. There is a big difference in here. Whatever you love to do, evolves you. Whatever you have to do, binds you.
One of the primary things in the spiritual path is you should use your feeling more than your eyes. Everything that glitters is not gold. However, if you use your eyes or ears to look or feel a guru, you might be disillusioned. You might not understand the truth. But feel the guru or feel the energy. Try to feel more than see. Then the chances for delusion are much less. This is very, very important to understand. That is why often a guru who has passed on is more respected than one who is alive. But actually, as I said earlier, if you have found one person who is connected to the source, even if you lose your life don’t leave because that is enough; you found the rocket to reach the moon. But there will be tests before you get close to the guru. There will be tests on your conviction, determination, clarity that this is what you want to do. Otherwise, half-way through, you will say, ok, this is not what I want to do. And then you take a detour. Many times in spirituality this happens. People travel a little bit, and then say, this is not what I wanted and deviate. Then they start feeling completely angry and disillusioned about the whole spiritual path. These are all traps of this system. But be clear about it. That is why I said last time, run away from people who bind you at any cost. Those who keep you liberated, definitely, go with them.
Fundamentally, there should be unconditionality, not conditional interaction; whether you are here or there, whether you are happy or sad. Lastly we have a concept, a picture in mind. For example, Shirdi Sai Baba, with a turban and all the attires of that time. If we are looking for a guru of that level, we will find one. But that may not be Shirdi Sai Baba. And then when you get closer, you may be dissillusioned. This happens many times to spiritual people. You need to accept the guru that comes to you. It may not be the same picture that you have in mind. Suppose, you have a picture of Babaji in mind, and you find somebody who resembles him, and then you immediately connect to him. Then, what happens? That person is definitely not Babaji. So mental concepts should never be a barrier on a spiritual journey.
You have the right to accept what is right for you, reject what is not right for you. If you accept whatever gives you inner silence or liberation, it’s extremely good. That is exactly what you are supposed to do. And if you accept anything that binds you and say, this is the meditation, this is the path, a daily ritual; there is no heart in it, it’s a burden. That is to be avoided. Then, if you are only looking for inner silence and this is benchmark you are keeping for yourself, and you are evolving, then whatever comes which suits that journey, this is ok. Then nobody can cheat you. Because your purpose is very clear. If you move around without clarity, and you try to have mental images, ”Oh, my guru should look like this” , like Shirdi Sai Baba, or Babaji, or Sathya Sai Baba. So many people go to someone who looks like a past master and get trapped. Why I am saying this is because concepts are often traps in our existence. Then to get out is very difficult. You start blaming the guru, the situation, other places. But the problem is that your concepts are binding you and making you miserable.

In early years, there was a person who had the power to materialise, so I was looking at him as Sai Baba. Even now he is very active. There is a meditation that this man is propagating, there is my voice and my script. But it took many months for me to realise that he was using me. And he was trying to put me under his umbrella so that he could get… But what distracted me were a couple of incidents which were not very interesting for me. And people were coming, he collected money from some people who were coming to see me. I did not even know. Not small money. Substantial money. One day one of these people called me and they thought I was getting a share from it. See how manipulation works? We don’t know because we connect and think, this is Sai Baba, because he can materialise something, but any magician can do the same. But it took time. This is what I’m saying.
We might be deluded for a long time, because we are bhakti, devotion, we connect to some other entity. And this was actually a princess of Malaysia who sent me a message. Mohanji you are much purer than this kind of thing going on, get away from that place otherwise you will be tarnished. She went to see him and she was very sharp, she could recognise him deep through. I was more blinded at that time. In front of me she said, ”Mohanji I’m staying in a resort which costs a lot of money. It would be better if I get a place to hire and build my own to stay here when I come here… I said, ”Princess, this is a good idea.” Once you are not there, other people can stay. She agreed. I suggested this to this guru, and immediately an architect came and said 13,000 USD. Princess said, ok, go ahead. While she was there, this guru said, ”No, it is 26 000 USD.” By the time she reached Malaysia, they doubled the price again. Princess called and said,”Mohanji do they think I’m an idiot?” When I went to Malaysia, we went to the palace, had dinner and then she was explaining how the manipulation was going on. And it was her who warned me so she told me, ”Get out of the place, you do not fit there.”
In another instance, one disciple of this guru goes to an astrologer very often. That guy is not an astrologer for money. He is a school teacher. But he practises this. So the astrologer asked the person who was staying with this guru, ”How is this guru doing?” He said, ”He is doing well.” A lot of people are coming, there are a lot of activities. Then he asked, ”How is Mohanji doing?” He said, ”He is also fine. One day he will be more famous than this guru.” Then this guy came and told this to that guru. This is where the problem started. Real manipulation started then. Because some people started coming to me. I did not know why these people were coming to me. I am also serving just like anybody else. Later on I understood this was the game. And the princess said she was going to talk to the prime minister of India, she was very detrimental. And I also detached. The whole point I am saying is these kind of things are very much there. It all looks cosy, everything is fine, but we never know. Maybe we are used. No regrets, this was education. I’ve never told anybody that I’m their guru. If people ask me, ”Are you my guru?” I always say, “This is your realisation, not my saying. If you feel, it’s ok. If you don’t feel, it’s ok. There should be no binding. We should flow freely, so I’m free, you’re free.’’ I keep this because if I do not have purity, I cannot deliver purity.
One of my followers met this person because somebody contacted recently from japan and said, ”I heard your voice, but I heard different meditation which is not on your website.” I said, ”This is another one which I gifted to them,” ha, ha. So princess asked me to sue him and take it back. That time I gave it from my heart so I said, ”Let him keep it, no problem.” And I’m not bound by any of this anyway. So this man met him recently and he was doing a discourse. He knows that I was connected to him many years ago. He created ash and gave him. This guy also knows magic. He created ash and gave him also. He became very angry.

Q: How do I reconcile my spiritual journey and what I do at work when there are conflicts, there is lack of integrity, bad morality, etc. Sometimes it causes conflict inside me.

A: I think you already had the answer. I’ll explain. Every human being plays multiple roles each day. At home he is the king. At work place he is an employee. With his children he is the father. With wife he is the husband, with parents, he is the child. There is no segregation, you are floating through it. Each has a different flavour. This is what we call life. Out of these roles, which is the real you? The one who is watching the whole show is real you. So you are going through each situation and you are acting from one role to another, but you still remain immune to everything. You are acting each role, but once you remove the make-up, you are a different individual. That is the real you. So the answer is, play each role well. What did Krishna tell Arjuna? ”Arjuna, your role is to fight. You are a warrior. You chose the birth of a warrior. Fight and win, that’s your job.” In the war there could be murders, he showed him the Visharupa, the full form, in which all the people Arjuna was supposed to fight and kill are already dead and gone, in real time. So Krishna said, ”You are just an instrument. You are not doing any great job.”
Do you know when you have stress? When you do something which you have to do, not which you love to do. Otherwise there’s no stress. How many more things do you do which you have to do or are compelled to do, versus how much of your waking state you are doing what you love to do. This is the criterion with your success and failure in life. Now you decide, if you have to do this job. If you lose this job, you have a problem. Do this job as long as you have to do it, because you cannot afford lack of income state. But nurture what you love to do on the side. Let it grow, side by side. One day, you can switch over. How do you know what you love to do? It gives no stress, it gives fulfilment, and you will be happy to do it. Or you don’t need any artificial stimuli or provocation to do it. You are self-inspired for it. This is good for you. This is what is close to your basic nature. Nurture this. Make it grow to the level where one day you can smoothly switch over from what you have to do to what you love to do. Once you switch over, then that is where your life begins. Until then you are existing. For example, one lady is not well, she needs crutches until her leg becomes stronger. So the job which you have to do for your money are the crutches to take you until your leg becomes stronger. Once you are on your feet, you don’t need the crutches.

Q: During meditation I felt tickling at the top of the head, what was that?

A: When you go into higher vibration, automatically kundalini gets activated. This is not the final kundalini activation which we talked about for complete transit. We can call it many names but I don’t want to confuse you with names. So the bubbles will be felt at the top of the head. This is all inside. When you shift to certain frequencies you can possibly connect to frequencies or energies outside. That you may feel as external movement or some kind of activity, this is the second level. Like there is a school teacher for first class, second class, third… there are various frequencies in which masters operate. When you attain a certain frequency, there is a possibility of energy transfer. Or it may not even be energy transfer, it may just be supporting you to be in that plane. When you connect to my eyes and meditate, you are connected to me, then my energy comes to you or is transferred to you, or you will feel my presence as well. This is the fourth level. Fifth is some insect comes on the top of your head and you have different sensation, ha ha…

Q: How do we know where the line that we shouldn’t cross when we are trying to help somebody, e.g. in a story a woman thought she had the right to steal somebody else’s child. How do we know how far we can go?

A: This is more or less the mother’s emotion. Because she could not stand a small child being beaten by the father, she snatched the child and ran away. You can’t look at the morality of it. It’s the mother’s heart. The social morality has no value. But mother’s heart was pure. Her interest was to save the child. That’s pure, this has to be appreciated. In the absolute sense, she did the absolute sense. In the eyes of law this is wrong, but in the eyes of humanity, this is right. The purpose and purity makes the difference here. Sometimes people snatch a child and use it for begging. It is absolutely wrong. If you kill or rape a person, that’s a different thing. But here, it was to save and she sacrificed her life for the sake of the child. She was only 16, chose not to marry and worked as a tailor. She left the city, lest people there should catch her. Well this story is from a movie. Nevertheless, if the purpose is pure and clear, it is justified.

Mohanji quote - You are totally free, liberated being

Q: How can we be sure that it is not something wrong? Did that woman have the right to interfere in the karma of that child?

A: I always say, stay with the truth: the one truth that you are totally free, liberated being at this point in time. What binds you is the mind, ego and intellect factor. Stay with the truth that you are a liberated being even now. You don’t need any other certificate for that. Then do what is right according to this truth. Then you will be free.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse

The Soul Keeps Moving

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Astral Travel and Connection with the Master

Q: Can you tell us a little more about connecting with you on the astral plane? How can then one do service even astrally?
A: This is not a conscious choice which you can make. It is actually happening in an almost unconscious or superconscious mode. In every deep sleep state, you have the potential to travel. You don’t need a particular training to travel astrally, and I would never recommend training, because if you induce a travel, who protects your body? Your body is like a many-bedroom house. So while you are roaming around, another soul will be entering the body. What will you do?

Astral travelI never support astral travel which is induced. But spontaneously, you are travelling with me. That is my responsibility, to take care of your body. There are many people who come with me when I do some job in other locations. But that time, all the people who are coming with me, are deeply connected to my consciousness, and I take care of their bodies. So when they come back, their body is still there, as they left. I normally do not talk about astral travel because it confuses people. Some people are dishing out courses for astral travel, which I always find funny. Because you don’t need to teach a fish to swim. You already know it. And you travel in deep sleep state every time. Astral plane is just like a parental home. After every death you go there. You maybe know that place much more than your home country. There are certain fundamentals you understand. Let us not be preoccupied with this kind of stuff. I would say that if you are deeply connected to me, automatically you will reach the attitude of service, like ”What Mohanji does, I want to serve”. This is spontaneous by the soul. Then you will follow me. A lot of people follow me in other locations. And many of them come back and tell me, ”You did this…”, or ”You experienced this.” I don’t normally give much explanation. That is not necessary. If you have a memory of astral experience and you bring it down to earth, that means you have something to do with it. Just like your past life memory doesn’t stay with you, astral experience will not stay with you either. If you remembered what you were doing in your past life, you will confuse it with this life. Because it will blur.
Likewise, if you travel astrally, you see many things on the vertical time. You could see something going to happen in the future and you return with a trauma in the waking state. It is useless. So the point I’m saying is that astral travel is a reality, every person has a potential, and most of the people are travelling astrally during the deep sleep state which is three hours of the sleeping time and many of them are connected to me or not only me. There are various entities operating at that level, so many of you are connected to me in this plane, in that plane, in lifetimes… I think some of you had experience how you met me during other lifetimes, so I wanted to deliver that so that you have clarity. Because I saw many minds are still doubting, ”Why this, why that, is it worthwhile…” So now you know the connection from the past, then you know that this is a very important thing in your life. It means, current day is important. Tomorrow will be important. Every day is important. Every event is important. Everything aims to your evolution.
You can connect to my eyes before you go to bed, it’s a good idea, because then you will have that kind of quality in your sleep or in your travel. But you can’t intend to travel. And if it’s not worthwhile, you will not travel. Nor will I take you. Most of the souls who are coming with me in my other plane journeys are coming to serve. And that is spontaneous. That is not a conscious decision. Mind cannot take a decision like that. Even if mind takes a decision, it is not worthwhile in the plane beyond the waking mind. Understand, a decision in the waking mind state is worthwhile only in waking mind state. I hope that clarifies that point.
If you are able to move into your sleep state or dream state consciously, if you are able to leave your body consciously, then you have that quality or power to protect your body, too. If your movement from waking to sleep is not conscious, if it’s unconscious, and if you are not able to leave your body at will, then you need assistance. You definitely need assistance. And this is where masters come into picture. Once the master holds your hand, then the master is also responsible for the body. Our body is taken from the earth for a duration.
There are souls which are not having the power to create the body, or not having the power to enter into a womb and take a birth with the body. What they do is they use the body which is already available, but this is not possessiveness or anything like that. There are these kind of things happening in everyday life. E.g. You have a big house and you have a few people living there. You may allot certain rooms to them. How do you make sure that you are fully occupying your body is by increasing your strength. Your power. Your energy. So that you occupy your body fully and no other entity has space to enter. This way you are fully connected and fully stable. This is one of the reasons why I say before you go to bed, connect to my eyes. So that you move into my consciousness, you energise yourself so you have the protection sheet. And when you wake up, connect so that in waking state you are again connected to me. When I say ‘Me’ I’m not talking about this physical form. This physical form the same as your physical form. It can die any day or I can leave it any day. I’m talking about the consciousness which is represented by the entity called Mohanji.
When your mind or emotions are in control of you, it is very difficult to occupy your body fully. If mind is very weak, you are very strong. If mind is very strong, you are a very weak person. So when the mind is fully occupying you and the mind is controlling you, you are fully into emotions.

The soul keeps moving, let it go

Serve food in the name of the person who departed, “I love this person, so I’m feeding a lot of poor people or birds or animals, in that person’s name.” You create positivity and it helps the soul’s transit.

For example, if some family members die, you keep crying and keep pulling them back, it affects the transit. We may think that we are having fond memories and stuff. That’s not so. You should bless them and allow them to go because they have completed their job. You should allow them to go peacefully. Instead, you are crying, etc. and you are pulling them back. So even if they want to take another body, they are constantly affected. As I said, thought is the first level of creation. Word is the second level of creation. If both have emotion, it affects somewhere. It can’t just die in the air. We have learnt that energy cannot be destroyed. So it works. I always say bless them. That is why I recommend to all your ancestors, offer the food you are eating. So it’s another kind of blessing, another kind of gratitude, so that they go on with their activity. E.g. In 2000 I was in Himalayas. One saint asked me, ”You have just had a big sorrow.” I said, ”I lost Ammu, my daughter.” He said, ”How do you say she’s your daughter?” I said, ”I thought so.” (ha ha) He said, ”I have the power to call the souls back. And I can ask them, ‘Soul, would you like to go back to your parents?’ The fundamental question the soul will ask is, ‘Of which life?’ Because it has parents in every life. In this life, of course, you are the parents. But the soul will be confused, ‘Which parents should I go to?’ ” This is as simple as that. The soul keeps moving. It has no reason to think about the tragedy, or to think, ”Oh, this was not good…” These are all our emotions and ignorance working. We will die sooner or later. And this is not a tragedy. If we are doing something positive for the world each day, the world is benefitted by our existence. Instead, we are sitting and crying in one corner, blaming everybody and creating negativity in the air. This is connected to astral travel I’m talking about. The soul is leaving for astral, but you are pulling it back all the time. We should be continuously grateful, whether the person was good or bad, it doesn’t matter. But instead, what we do? We cry and pull the soul back, ”Why did you go, what happened?” This is something which we must be aware of. How much are we hurting the soul who left? Definitely we have emotions. I’m not saying we should not have emotions, but we should have awareness as well, along with emotions. If we have awareness, we will only do the right thing.

And you can do another thing. I always tell people, it’s a very good idea, give food to other people in the name of the person. That enhances their journey. Like, you serve food in the name of the person who departed. I love this person, so I’m feeding a lot of poor people or birds or animals, in that person’s name. This is a positive thing. So in the name of that person you do so many good things that help the soul’s transit. It enhances the soul. Probably that soul can even come back to your family because you are bringing it goodness. Instead, you are only creating negativity at home, then, what will the soul do? The soul will not come back. Soul is absolutely pure. You cannot contaminate the soul. The soul has left.
Now the science say we can go back and trace the sound and bring back the soul of Jesus. Because it’s available in the ether. If you are able to travel back in time and pick up the sound particles, we can recreate what Jesus spoke. I’m not the scientist, this is what I read. But the same way, soul is energy. And it was in the body for some time. There is nothing tragic about selling the old car and buying a new one. Sooner or later we will also leave the body.
Mostly I’ve seen people crying because of selfish interest, ”Oh, what will happen to me? Who will pay my bills?” So we are very sad because we have to pay the bills ourselves now. There is an element of selfishness in us which makes us cry. Otherwise we will be objective, we would say, ”Ok, this person lived with us, I’m happy, you have given me a lot of love.” I was feeling the same when Ammu passed away. She was so deeply connected with me. But I thought for a moment, life is about so much. This is all life goes. Sooner or later you have to go. Later I realised it was the fragility of existence. Then it was very simple for me. Ok, one day I will go out this way. So now, what should I do with life? Things became very simple.
You can exist in love and you can exist in fear. These are two options. My choice is to exist in love. There is no point in existing in fear. Why I said this in connection with astral travel is because there are so many factors detrimental for our transit whether it is astral travel or the similar travel after death.
If you are a free person while living, you can travel any time. And that time saint and masters embrace you and hug you, take you. But if you are bound, you chose the binding. When you choose the binding, who can help you? Nobody will interfere your free will. If you are free by nature, a lot of help comes in this plane or the other plane. But if you chose binding, if you chose to be bound, ok then liberate yourself first, then come to me. There is no tragedy here. But astral travel and travel after death have a lot of similarities. Both have emotional factor involved in it, mind, ego, intellect factors. I never recommend courses which promise ”I instantly enhance your kundalini, I shoot it up…” etc. Likewise I never recommend anything like, ”Ok, instant astral travel”. Instant, like you go to toilet then go to astral and come back. For me it is nonsensical. We should be practical in spirituality. Otherwise these are all theories which you can milk on but only reach disillusionment.
One thing I would like to tell you. While living here, if you love somebody, show it. Express it. Not somebody, everybody! I know it’s difficult of you go and tell somebody ”I love you” ha ha, but in some way express it. While living you express love. After leaving, don’t cry over it. Usually what happens is we hate the person while he is alive. And after death we have a lot of love for him. Because there’s no talk back, no problems, no snoring… (ha, ha) so it’s convenient to love. But while living, we gossip about the person, we pollute the air in our life.
My suggestion is, while living, love every bird, every animal, every person in your way. Even if somebody is not so loving to you, you express love; you don’t have to choose to express hatred. Because if you by nature love to love, express it. What’s wrong? If you choose to express only positivity while you are living, there’s 100% chance that you will also leave in positivity. But if you are heavy, you are only giving forth negativity in the surroundings. Then, god help you.
You know, everybody was talking about the speed of my activity. Because I constantly ask myself, ”What else can I do with this time?” So automatically the momentum goes higher. I always feel that I’m wasting time.

Q: I constantly express love and have no problem in it, once I told my friend’s husband, ”I hope you’ll love my wife as much as I love yours.” Then my friend immediately jumped and said, ”but they are not swingers” ha ha…

A: We wear various coats. One of the heaviest coats is morality. I don’t recommend being a swinger, but I always feel my benchmark of morality is fulfilment. If we suppress an emotion… Of course if our emotion is to kill somebody, this is harming, this is violence. I don’t recommend that. But if we suppress an emotion, a deep emotion and then we move on in life, we will come back to fulfill it. This is the law of karma. A desire unfulfilled leads to another life. But if it is harmless, and if it is acceptable to the people concerned, then I do not believe it’s a problem. I strongly object violence, because it hurts. I do not recommend it. But otherwise, what are we talking about?

Q: I would like to go to the subject of thoughts and mind. Can any person create each thought or can we just choose from the thoughts that come automatically?

A: If you just observe yourself, you have no control of the thoughts. Thoughts happen, then you realise they happened. Thoughts are always triggered by karma. You have no control on the production of thoughts. But you can always remember to concentrate, to come back to your subject.

Q: I would like to ask a question about the time between 3am and 6am, because this is the subtlest time. If I choose to be awake during that time, what is the best thing to do then?

A: I would say that chanting in the spine is the best thing to do. And if chanting leads to meditation, this is the best.

Mohanji - painting by Palak Mehta

Mohanji – painting by Palak Mehta


(Mohanji’s comment on the advanced kriya breathing technique we did:)

A: Just try to rewind and see. Birth happens at a point in time, we live through time and die at a point in time. So it’s birth at one point, then life and death. Even during the day, every morning we are born, go through the life and in the evening we die in sleep. This process is condensed in a molecular state in your breathing. Inhalation is your birth, holding is your life and exhalation is your dissolution. And once you go through the process it’s almost like a correction or even fine-tuning. Because you are actually going through life and that is reduced to one day and then reduced further so you can easily correct this thing. This is why so many changes happened in most of you.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse

The Cornerstones of Mohanji’s Philosophy

Satsang in Dubai  on 15th July 2015, part II

Visualisation and Chronology of creation

Q: You said that everything is predestined and perfectly timed. Then the process visualisation before we obtain what we want in life, falls flat, right?
A: What is the basis of thought? If you look at the clock of life, the basis of thought is inclination. You have inclination for self-realisation. So the thought for self-realisation happens. Where does inclination come from? Inclination always comes from karma. There is karma for all this. That is exactly the destiny we are talking about. Where does karma come from? Desire. Where does desire come from? Impression.
Everything starts with impression. It is the first seed. Impression means e.g. when I say ’donkey’, your mind immediately produces an image of a donkey and sometimes characteristics of a donkey. Where does it come from? There is a stored data, our subconscious. We have so much data stored in our subconscious. Everything has a root in an impression. Every point in time you are collecting more. This brings forth a desire, desire makes karma, karma makes an inclination, inclination becomes a thought, thought becomes a word and word becomes an action. So the environment is created. That is exactly the time-space junction I talked about. The environment of your destiny created a particular thing.

Mohanji quote - Chronology of creation
You are not thinking because you want to think. Many people do not even know there is a thing called meditation because it is not part of their agenda. There are numerous types of food that we do not know about. Why? We are experiencing only those things which are important in this journey, this incarnation. Especially the place of your birth, the friends, your experiences, your location, everything is collected that way.
There is nothing like ’you didn’t put enough effort’. If desire is compelling enough you will definitely put an effort. It happens. It is not that you are voluntarily doing anything. Conscious mind is very weak that way. We feel during the waking state that we are very powerful, “I decide“. But where does the decision come from? There is an inclination and opportunity is also provided for the inclination. This is how it works. Nothing is wasted at all. Every moment is fundamentally powerful. Sometimes it may seem like a very small moment, but it has a great value for something. You are completing things. Karma is equal to fulfilment. You are having fulfilment one way or the other. Everything leads to fulfilment.
Q: Is visualisation also linked to karma?
A: Yes, everything is linked to karma. But what you visualise also matters. Some people visualise a big house, some people visualise relaxation, or enlightenment… Everything is linked to karma. An architect visualises a building before he starts drawing. Everybody visualises something one way or the other and it’s important.
Q: I do not understand the process of asking and receiving. Just going down to earth, coming back and forth to the universe that co-creates it when we are looking for the peace ahead.
A: Good question. You feel you are separate. That is why this question is coming. If you feel that you are part of the infinity, then you understand there is no asking, nor receiving, for everything is yours. The unit is asking till it is complete. Basically you are asking yourself because you are complete. What tells you, you are incomplete is your mind or ego. You are saying that you are this simple unit, so you are incomplete. It is not true. You are complete all the time. What you ask,you receive, because you are just opening the door. When you ask, you are allowing the sunshine to come. Sun is already there, outside. That is why the question of asking itself is the same as saying, “I am ready, I am fine now.“
Let me tell you one thing. Elementally we underestimate ourselves. We think we are powerless. This is where problem lies. We think we have to get something from somewhere. It is not true. You are complete by birth. And you will remain complete all through. This is a fundamental choice you make: “Ok, I am ready for the bigger now, “ or “I’m not what I seem to be.“ Accept yourself as 100% potential, not what you see in the mirror or what others think about you. Others can think anything but that’s not you. Fundamentally if we knew we are powerful creations, powerful entities, which is true, then all the war is won. Everything will fall in place. Everything comes to you. There is nothing that you can acquire from outside. What you can acquire from outside is what you do not have, right? If you do not have something, you can take it from outside. What don’t you have?
In 2010, some of us went into the forest. One saint said, “I will connect you to a very powerful master, he lives on a tree.“ We went to see him. Because he knew we were coming, he ran away. Finally we found him sitting under the tree. The first question he asked was, “Why did you spend all the money to come to see me? What can I give you that you don’t already have?“ Second question he asked was, “Can you hear the sound of birds?“ Everybody can hear the sound of birds, it’s a forest, right? He asked, “Where are the birds sitting? Are they sitting outside of you or are they sitting inside you? Where is the sound coming from? If they are inside you, you have nothing more to do.“ It means you have expanded yourself so that everything is inside you. There’s nothing outside of you. Then you are already home. If the birds are outside of you, then expand yourself and bring them in. See? Simple spirituality. Then he muttered to himself, “How many centuries, when will people stop talking about chakras, aura, kundalini… and catch God?“ (laughter) He was kind of frustrated. “When will people stop these gimmicks? Chakra, aura, some sensations… finished. When will you catch God at the end of the day?“ And he ran away from us, ha, ha. It was an amazing experience. It was a very brief discussion but what he said made sense. It was a very clear statement to people- stop practising something silly. Catch God means catch yourself. Simple. See within, then only you can see God.
We are looking for God outside all the time, and then we miss our heartbeat. But if you look at yourself you will understand the beauty of creation. Beauty of creation is not outside us. Outside us are references, mirrors. What are they telling you? That you are beautiful. You are amazing. Why we do not feel amazing is because we do not see ourselves. How does heartbeat work so spontaneously every day in a correct manner from birth till death? How is the circulation synchronised? How are organs collaborating with each other? How does the brain function in a synchronised way? The brain never says, “Today I’m taking leave so you guys sleep.“ It never happens, right? How does this whole synchronisation happen? Beauty of creation is within. The moment you connect to yourself you understand the whole world is inside you! “There is nothing apart from me. There cannot be anything apart from me.“ This is the truth. There can’t be. How can there be something?
Why do we have 7 billion people and growing? All these people wanted experiences, that’s all. Their own set up experiences that’s it. There’s no difference between me and you. I’ll die someday, you will also die someday. We have all chosen incarnation for a duration of time. Nothing else you can do about it. Why do we complicate it in spirituality?
There are numerous religions, paths and masters because everybody cannot understand everybody. It is needed. Different people need different paths to reach the same ocean. We are all bubbles from the same ocean, but there are different ways to reach there. We do not understand this is because we look outside, “Oh, this person is black, that person is white, this person is yellow…“As we are looking outside, we cannot see into the consciousness. To see the consciousness of other people, you need to see yourself. There’s no other way.


Q: I did the meditation “Power of Purity“, I would like to hear more about purity.
A: Purity is our nature. Why are we attracted to small children? The innocence, the purity. Purity is something which you can’t ignore.
My whole philosophy is built two pillars: purity and faith. Purity means purity of thought, word, action, which also means selflessness in our path. Be a wealth to earth. Keep asking the question, “What else can I do for this world?“ Selflessness brings in purity. Agenda contaminates us and we lose innocence. If I need something from you, I need to pretend. But if something is spontaneous, then there is no pretension. We both are 100% natural without conditionality.


I believe in faith. You can believe in any religion, guru, path that suits you- it’s a personal choice which has to be respected. Analyse, take your time and choose- no problem. But when you choose, never change. If you keep changing the road, taking detours, you cannot reach the destination. You will only wander further, taking more time, finally to delusion.


The aim is – liberation. What I am teaching I can say in one word – LIBERATION. Liberation means you are totally free while you exist. People talk about freedom, but they have no idea about it. In Washington, an interviewer asked me, “Mohanji how can you say so confidently that we don’t know freedom?“ I said, “Because you have a mind. Forget about situations or other people controlling you. People can go away; you can get out of the situation. If your mind controls you, how do you get out of the mind? As long as you have a mind, and especially mind filled with concepts, you are totally in cages. That is why I confidently say that you do not know freedom.“ People do rituals and say, “Now I feel fine because I am doing these practices’’, but again it is a binding. Are you actually free? For that you should have nothing to do with the mind or if mind is there, you should not be connected to the mind. How do you get out of the mind? You should allow the mind to operate by itself. Never fight with the mind, you can never win. If you try fighting with the mind, mind becomes stronger. You will never get out of that situation. How do you get over the situation? ‘’Ok, mind is a monkey. Ok, I watch you, I have nothing to do with you, do whatever you like. You can have any opinion you like but I am not concerned.’’ When you stop energising that mind, the mind becomes diluted. Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of sense objects; you look at all of them as one. All the objects of pleasures, gratification are there, but you are not bound by the mind. Then you are free. So liberation is basically liberation from you own mind.
Enjoy the life, whatever is given to you, experience it 100%. Who said no? There is nothing good or bad. Experience it 100%, just flow with it but at the same time, you should not be bound by it. “Without this particular material, this particular person, I feel incomplete.“ You are wrong. Thus we are bound at every point. How do we get out of it? This is exactly the point. This is liberation. There is no complication here. If you ask, “What is Mohanji standing for?“ One word – liberation.

Unconditional Love

And unconditional love as the base. You need a strong base to create a foundation, right? You should have no expectation from people.The moment relationship is based on expectation, take it for granted – there is pain. Expectation leads to dissatisfaction. The less expectation, the more satisfaction. The more you expect from earth, from life, from people- there will be a lot of calamities in life.
When people come to me, I see through them. I tell them, “Ok, you are in a terrible war. Please understand yourself, catch yourself. Why are you stretching on? All the strings are in your hands and you are sitting tight like this. You cannot let go of anything. How are you going to achieve liberation? It is not something which you can pluck from a tree. You need to release. Unhook.’’ That is why in Power of Purity, you need to bless your worst enemies, “Ok, let go. Go, I release you.“ People are ignorant, they spoil your life and they go, ha, ha. It is their job. But in the bargain, you are learning to detach. “Go, I bless you.“ The more you bless, the more you release.
Understand there is nothing called forgiving. Forgiving is a word which is egocentric. Ego can use this word, “I forgive you.“ Who are you to forgive anybody? But you can definitely bless. If you bless somebody, you are compassionate inside. You want good to happen to everybody, right? This is good because you are full. If you are not full, how can you feel good? So by nature you are kind, you are compassionate so you bless, “I bless you.“ You can actually play fruitlessly with all these things like forgiveness, but the moment you say you forgive you actually think the other way,“That fellow…I’ll kick him one day!“ (laughter) This is in the mind. Outside you will say, “I forgive you.“ I’m talking about unconditional love, no mental manipulation, no expectation. No expectation is difficult. But reduce expectation so that we have more release, more freedom. And then you want to play; you play and you go. Imagine somebody is abusing you,“Monkey, a donkey…“ and all that and you keep on smiling. What will that guy do? After some time they’ll say, “What’s wrong with me?“ (laughter) “This person is not getting affected.“ What is the usual response? “You two monkeys, two donkeys…“But if there is no response, this guy becomes completely disillusioned. That way you can free yourself, unhook from the situation.

A Story
Once I was in solitude in one place, but somehow a 60 year old, retired person met me. He said, “I am very peaceful, settled, children are married, but one person I want to kill!“ (laughter) It was his boss who prevented his promotion. I said, “You are in the wrong place. I don’t belong to the mafia (laughter) for this killing job. I am supposed to be guiding people.“ Then I asked him, “Now you have this deep emotion about this one man. You believe that this man prevented your promotion and you did not get proper benefit after retirement so there is a big anger in you. You are 60 years old. Imagine you live another 30 years. Do you think this anger will go away from you? It will multiply. It is so strong at this age. You will have to take another birth to settle this anger. You will bring this guy also to settle this. And then either you will kill him or he will give you another job. Something has to happen. Do you really want this? He was not too happy with my answer because he wanted a solution which I cannot offer.

I say this now because in our hearts, we suppress resentment, hate, anger. We pretend that it doesn’t exist but it does. If you look at your life you see which all places the mind has been kept hooking. So many places mind has been hooked. Your body has travelled through time. You cannot stop time but your mind is stuck in many places of the past and that is creating pain today. That is the seed of diseases tomorrow. All illnesses are rooted in the scattered mind in the past. You have to carry your baggage with you.
Unhooking is very important. It is also unconditional love. When I say my base is unconditional love, it includes no expectation, or less expectation as well as unhooking from the past. Be here now 100% so that you are a free person and you are not bound by things. Things are happening through you, you are happy. You experience, you enjoy. This is ok, you’ve deserved it. If you ask 7 billion people in the world why they are here, what is the reason for birth, everybody will say, “Happiness“. Nobody will say, “I wanted to experience some sorrows, ha ha or kill another person.“ So you have every right to be happy. Then how can you be happy? When you have nothing to do with mind. Like a child, life will be filled with wonder. You’ll be happy now, you’ll be happy all the time.
When I was working, I used to have some money kept in a box. This was charity money. If somebody asked me for borrowing, I gave him and after ten days he would give me back. Even if he didn’t give me back, I would give it as charity. Some people bring the money back saying, “Oh, this is for charity, I’ll give the money, too.“ So look at life like this. When you give, give, ok, it’s finished. If you expect, then you are asking for pain also. Because there is a compromise here. You are being conditional. You are not being unconditional. Whenever there is conditionality, there is a possibility of pain. Living a painless life is being unconditional. Ok, you are having your experience, I am having my experience, you are happy, I am happy, keep flowing.


Q: Can you tell us about non-attachment?
A: Non-attachment from the mind is a useless exercise. Mind has to attach to something, whether people, a person, place, time, situation. Otherwise there is no mind. Mind means attachment to something. Actually God is completely formless. God means brightness, all those who have experienced God have said that. It’s brighter than a million sons. Then why do we need deities or to put any form to God? This is because we have a mind. We need to connect to something so that we know this is representation of God or Godlike. As long as we have mind, you must have sufficient attachment. How do you detach? When you say, “Ok this is happening.’’ When your awareness grows. Imagine you are a ten-year-old and somebody gave you a beautiful doll. You have become very attached to that doll. You grew up, you became sixteen, seventeen, detachment from the doll started. It’s ok, the doll is nice, but you’re not as attached as when you were ten years old. Then you became twenty. Somebody gave you a scooter or some vehicle to travel. Then the doll is confined to the showcase. You are not attached to the doll. What happened to you then? You grew beyond it. Like that, we grow beyond things. This is the detachment. Stage by stage, gradually we become beyond it.
This also happens in relationships. Some relationships are extremely important for some time, then we grow beyond it. Like a child with a mother. When a child grows up, starts falling in love and stuff, then parents are useless, ha, ha. Otherwise, they are very important. I’m joking, don’t take it seriously.
This is how we evolve. Detachment is as spontaneous as attachment. Everything has a duration. But if you are aware, everything is coming and going, “My happiness does not depend on any material, person, time or space.“ When the awareness is clear, you will love everything equally but at the same time you will be detached from everything equally. This is the secret. That gives you a lot of peace of mind. That keeps you spiritual. You enjoy everything, but you are not bound by anything. This is freedom. You can experience a nice cup of tea 100%, only when your mind is present. The next day you don’t get the tea, it’s ok, no problem, another day you experience the tea, you enjoy again. So you are not bound by material, person, time or situation and you are flowing. That is detachment- spontaneous.


Shaktipat by Mohanji
Q: Please explain to us what shaktipat is.
A: Shaktipat originally means invoking or raising the energy shakti which is basically the kundalini energy. Kundalini energy should move directly up. That’s what Osho says, yes, no, wow. That’s experience. When it goes, it just flows like a volcano and you are in a different dimension. This is the usual way the energy moves up. This is normal. You will be in absolute bliss state as long as it takes. My experience is that when the time is right, it spontaneously moves, it needs no push or artificial act. I do not like to ever jumpstart the kundalini. I have certain reservations based on my experience so what I do is cleanse the path. Why? I’ll give you one example. There was a 21-year-old girl who met me in India. She is a very intelligent and educated person and she went to this particular guru, did a ritual and jumpstarted the kundalini energy. So what happens when the channel is blocked? It can either move to the Moon or to the Sun. When it goes to the Moon, it’s all hallucinations. When it moves to the Sun, it is madness. This went to the Moon side in this girl and she started having tremendous hallucinations. She wouldn’t remember whether she was dressed or not, she became totally invalid, she would start walking around naked, and when she looked at a person, she saw a devil or animal. She then contacted me. I had never met her before, somebody guided her to me. I told her, “Go back to the same guy, ask him to reverse it.“ She said, “I’ll have to pay so much money.“ I replied, “Don’t worry about the money now, give him whatever money he wants, but do tell him to reverse it the same way he jumpstarted it.“ So she went back and he charged money and tried, but it didn’t go back. Then he said, “I don’t know how to do it.“
In such cases of forcing, there can be terrible issues. I’ve been to many countries, nowhere do I encourage people or recommend such jumpstarting of energies. When it is ready, once you cleanse yourself, when the path is clear, it spontaneously moves. There are many people I am interacting with, those who are following me also, who say they have tremendous experiences- meditation is happening, things are flowing so I always like to recommend natural progression. Nothing artificial. With our shaktipat, we are cleansing the channels, equivalent to rejuvenating the shakti energy in you. We dilute physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual blockages through shaktipat- even my initiates do the same- so that when the time is right, it moves. And then it is – WOW! If it spontaneously happens, that means you are eligible.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse