Don’t Light the Fire with a Firefly


We would rather continue to remain within our frames

We would rather continue to remain within our frames and believe in them, than take a Master’s words of wisdom and transform ourselves.


There is an ancient story about a monkey. The monkey was feeling very cold in the tree and wanted some heat.  A firefly was flying in the sky.  The monkey caught the firefly, put some dry leaves down and started blowing to try and make a fire.  A bird who was also sitting in the tree, and watching this show, said to the monkey, “Look, it doesn’t have any fire. You cannot light a fire with a firefly!”.  The monkey said, “Go away, I know my job!”.  The bird kept quiet.  Again the monkey blew and blew over the firefly and leaves. Still nothing happened. Again the bird said, “Look this is foolish, you cannot light the fire with a firefly!”.  So each time, the bird would tell the monkey the same thing, and the monkey became more and more upset, not because of his failure, but because he refused to accept the wrongness of his action.  He refused to accept that he was not doing the right thing. Finally, the monkey caught the bird and killed it.  What is the meaning of this story?  The Masters have always been telling people, “Look here, don’t try to light a fire with a firefly”.  What do the people do? They kill the Master. No generation is any different.  The same thing happened to Jesus, the same thing happened to Socrates, Naneshwara and Osho.  This is the world we live in.  We would rather continue to remain within our frames and believe in them, than take a Master’s words of wisdom and transform ourselves. We don’t do that.  So what is the solution?  Our own karma will destroy us.  There is nothing anybody can do.  It is then recycled back to the Golden Age where there are very few people, all are enlightened beings, higher masters, and where there is no duality. Then 1.7 billion years pass and the level of consciousness comes down again. This cycle has been going on for some time, even for the Gods and Deities connected to this era.  This set of eras will get recycled. Please understand that this is not just about the Earth. It also applies to all the planes connected to Earth or connected to this substratum.  The whole substratum changes, so it is not just a polar shift on Earth. There are various, more subtle layers connected to this sphere.


Those who are eligible, meaning those who are empty, receptive and flexible enough to go to the next plane, will automatically get elevated because they are already detached from this life. For them detachment from everything is not a big deal. However, those who are ownership oriented and bound, those who are focused on the Me, the Mine, and who are selfish and greedy, will have to be annihilated.  In the bargain a lot of other destruction will happen. 


Now, in this situation, what is the main deciding factor which creates all this unrest?  Have you ever thought about it?  Time.  Time is the factor which is creating this.  By the time we wake up, it is already night.  We are moving at full speed in a time where we are not allowed to use our intellect.  Everything is continuously on an emotional plane. It is even more challenging now to use our intellect, and transcend being merely emotional and unconscious.


We are sleeping.  How do we become something

We are sleeping. How do we become something, or move along further, if we have not woken up?


Last week, a boy wrote to me and said he wanted to place one message on his wall, something beautiful, something which would remind him of what he needs to do every day.   So I told him, “WAKE UP!”.  Write it in big letters, “Wake up!”  In order to become something, the first step you need to take is to wake up!  We have not woken up.  We are sleeping.  How do we become something, or move along further, if we have not woken up?


Q:   How to Let Go?


A: In the first instance, you have to accept yourself and you need to know what you are accepting.  You need to know what you are accepting, and to do this you need to know what you are.  As I said yesterday, “You need to shake hands with yourself”. You need to address and accept all your strengths and weaknesses alike.  Once you do that, then you know what the blocking factors are. 


Secondly, you should accept the environment you find yourself in, and which you chose before taking birth.  The environment includes your relatives, your parents, your children and your family. They are all part of the environment you chose before you took this birth.  This is exactly the expression that you wanted to have in this life, so stop resisting it.  Do not resist your environment.  Accept yourself and accept the environment.  When you accept yourself and you accept your environment, you automatically start releasing emotions. Resistance retains emotions. Acceptance, releases emotions.  When you constantly accept the environment, yourself, and move without resistance, then karma gets diluted.


When you look within, you will see everything

When you look within, you will see everything. When you see yourself, you see the whole universe. Everything is interconnected. Life becomes easy.


When you are operating in the current moment, with what is available, you will automatically release all your concepts as well.   When you operate in the present, with full acceptance of yourself, knowing and accepting your capacity and operating to your full potential, this is the time when you are actually free.  When in that mode, write down whatever you see as a blocking factor on paper.  What are the blocking factors, the factors which are blocking you from accepting yourself as you are?  What are the factors which make you compare yourself with other people?  You cannot be another person, because that person is already taken. What are the factors which make you angry and upset with life?  What are the factors which make you sick and what are the factors which make you happy? This requires meditation and internalization.  When you look within, you will see everything.  When you see yourself, you see the whole universe. Everything is interconnected.  Life becomes easy.


Know Where Your Feet Should Be And Where Your Head Should Be


Earlier, to attain something, we used to do penance, deep penance, for years in isolation in the forests.  Now, if you close your mind and connect, you can get there, you can get it.   Thus, time is helping you in another way.   The main challenge is, how do we extract ourselves from social movements, such as emotional movements? An example is Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  For how many hours did we watch television to know who slept with who? Is it a serious matter at all?  Do we really care who Bill Clinton sleeps with?  This is exactly where we stand. Degeneration is at its height.


Degeneration is at its height. We spend a lot of time

Degeneration is at its height. We spend a lot of time on matters that are not really needed.

Meanwhile, organized crime is happening on a large scale and various organizations are money laundering.  The forests are being destroyed for the sake of cattle farms. There are a lot of animals. A lot of vaccines have been created. These vaccines are killing children. Yet we are not worried about this. Cattle farms are increasing the temperature of the Earth, producing biogases in the air.  The oil wells are causing pollution. Yet none of these things are creating any discussion or outrage.  Instead, we are interested in knowing with whom Bill Clinton sleeps with!  This is exactly the degeneration that I am talking about. Does it matter? These are very small things compared to the Earth, which is getting destroyed. These are clear signs of degeneration.   We are more interested in voting over the phone so that someone wins. It is glorified begging. We all vote, the person wins and he gets his money! We spend a lot of time on matters that are not really needed. I am not saying that you should bore yourself to death, that is not the point. However, it is important to understand where our feet should be and where our head should be.


Q:  When Can We Expect The Golden Age?


A: The same question was asked to Sathya Sai Baba. Somebody asked “When can we expect the Golden Age?” and he said “Now! Wake up and then it is the Golden Age!” (to cheers, laughter and applause).


Q: How Do You Know You Are Living The Truth?


A: You know you are living your truth when you are relaxed about what you are doing, and when you are peaceful about it.


Q: Sometimes I wake up and feel everything is okay, but tomorrow I might wake up and I just don’t see the point.


A:  That is the way the mind works. Everybody’s mind is the same.  You cannot have consistency with the fluctuating mind. It’s not just you. 7 billion people are also affected. What they call “a bad hair day” is for everybody’s sake.  Some days are like that. It never styles or sits properly!


The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do

The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do. If you do not have a choice between what you have to do and what you love to do, then start a hobby and do what you love to do.


However, it is easy to know if we are in the right activity, because we feel good about it.  The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do.  If you do not have a choice between what you have to do and what you love to do, then start a hobby and do what you love to do.  I will give you an example. Say you are a bank clerk, but your passion is singing.  Definitely do your banking job so you have your income and support, but do also have a hobby on the side of singing somewhere, so that there is always a balance between what you have to do, and what you love to do.


Q:  What about the time factor?  If you are a bank officer, you may not have the time.


A:  You cannot sing at the bank and also do the banking job. (laughter) Time management is something you really have to consider.


Q: I feel unhappy all the time doing my job for income. I do it 8 hours a day. Is this okay?


A:  No, this is not okay. This is pressure. You are doing something for the sake of income. It is forced and there is no satisfaction. If it is a compulsory activity that you cannot change or leave for whatever reason, then you must have something else that will compensate for the stress here.  Also, if your hobby is exhausting, then understand that it is not a hobby.


Q:  What if you are just exhausted?


A: If you like what you do, then you are never exhausted. How many hours do I work every day? I never get exhausted.


Q: If you have a job you don’t like maybe?


A:  Sometimes you cannot cut off a certain source of income, because there is no other source. You have to continue, and go through it.  At the same time, however, do something which brightens you up, something which lights the lamp within you. This should also happen on the side.   At some point in time, you should then decide okay now this is enough. That call to change things will come from within.  Nobody else can tell you. That call will come from within you.


Another point is, do not try and do everything yourself.  It is very important to connect to people who have the same tastes as you.   I like to say, find your own blood, meaning find the people who have the same tastes or aspirations, and the same hobby as you. Conglomerate, and then express yourself as a group.  Most music bands are simply a conglomeration of people coming together for the sake of expression.


When we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us

When we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us. However, those who have failed many times are often very successful later on.


Do you know why people get stuck in certain situations for a long time?  It is due to the fear of failure.  The fear of failure is very, very strong.  The fear of success is okay, it is manageable! (laughter).  However, when we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us.  I say to people, why do we think everything should be successful? In my experience, those who have failed many times are often very successful later on. I have found this to be true especially with those who are non-educated, illiterate. I worked for many years in Dubai. Some people arrive there on a visitor visa, not even an employment visa.  Some of them are unskilled. They don’t even know what 2+2 is, but they are ready to work. What happens is that they will scratch somebody’s back, get some piecemeal job and then it will catch on and on.  Finally they get an employment visa and then again they will connect with someone else.  Again, you scratch my back and I scratch yours, and after some time they have something of their own. I have seen that happen. What most people do however, is sit near the swimming pool and put their finger in the water, wondering whether the water is hot or cold, and they never take a dip!   A decision is never made, and that is why nothing ever happens in their life! I say fail for some time, no problem. It cannot rain every day. There has to be sunshine on some days!  Take the walk. These kind of people talk about various aspirations, “I want to go here, I want to build this, I want to do that”, and alas they do this until retirement and maybe even until death, but ultimately they have nothing of their own in their pocket.  It’s an utter waste of time! Run away from such people. Those who are realistic, will not talk much but they will do more.  This is good company. They know what to do. They will not talk much and they can be trusted. They are active.


This reminds me of a joke. A man comes home from work and he hears the children crying and shouting.  He asks his wife, “Why are these children crying? I have tremendous stress at the office, and I have to come home to all this noise!  I cannot even enter the house!”. She replies, “They are crying because they want to watch the National Geographic Channel and see the animals”. He says, “Then why don’t you switch on the TV and show them the channel?”.  She says, “I have been telling you to pay the bill for the last month and a half, and now they have cut that channel.  There is nothing on the television”.  He could not blame anybody else. He went to the toilet, and when he returned the children were calm and had stopped crying. He asked his wife, “How did you manage to pacify them?”.  She said, “I gave them our wedding album and they are looking at the pictures of your relatives!”


Transcribed by Jayshree Mene

By mohansuniverse

Connecting to your Higher Self

An excerpt from a satsang is South Africa, 2014

Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see

Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see things from above and you are not bound by emotions or activities.



Q: Is it possible to connect to our higher self?

A: Your higher self is already with you. As I’ve said before, the blocking factor is the mind. We already have a higher and lower self. There is only a difference in frequency. Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see things from above and you are not bound by emotions or activities. You can see the whole tapestry of the situation from a higher perspective. Once you are able to see that, then you are operating from the higher self. This is your choice. You can operate from your higher self anytime you like. It’s up to you. And how do you do this?
First of all, you need to start keeping a gap between your activity and yourself. There is you, your activity, and there is a gap in the middle. Don’t be the activity. Usually what happens is that we indulge and completely dissolve into action. Likewise with you and the world. You are observing yourself talking, observing yourself thinking, observing yourself acting and doing things. Whatever you do, you are a witness to it. Once you slowly, slowly enter into that mode, then the higher self is operating one hundred percent. This is because you are not bound by the results of your actions. You are acting on a purposeful basis. Whenever there is an action on a purposeful basis, it is only the higher self.


If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid

If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid of anything at all, then these are clear signs of operating from higher frequency.


A prime example is how Jesus operated. If you read the Bible, it is clear that he never wasted a moment. Where was this energy coming from? It happens when one’s operating level shifts to the level of one hundred percent purpose. You have a clear purpose, a clear objective. You accomplish what you must within a particular period of time, and then you exit the body. In the case of Jesus, the particular time period in which he went about as a wandering preacher was probably only eight years. However those eight years were intense because he was operating one hundred percent in higher frequency. This is exactly where higher energy operates through you. Then you are not tired. You have no fear, no tiredness. These are the signs. You are also absolutely peaceful inside. Irrespective of what you may be experiencing outside, you are not ruffled inside. This is a clear sign of operating from the higher self, from a higher frequency. If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid of anything at all, then these are clear signs of operating from higher frequency.


Conviction alwazs comes from the truth...

Conviction always comes from the truth. When you are operating at the level of truth, then conviction happens spontaneously. Fear will leave, because there is nothing to be afraid of.


This can be achieved. In order to achieve it though, you need to maintain a separation between your thought, word, action, and you.  Ultimately, this practice will evolve into a state where everything happens around you, or through you, but you are not bound by any of it. You are not controlled by any of it. You are fearless. Remember Jesus. He was playing with fire. He was encountering and fighting with the established priests of his time. Nobody wanted him to stay free. Even today, imagine if you go and fight with all the great priests of the temple, church, mosque or any such place. Do you think they will let you go like that? They will say “Who are you to talk like this? We know the scriptures.“ And this is exactly what happened with Jesus. Where was his conviction coming from? Conviction always comes from the truth. When you are operating at the level of truth, then conviction happens spontaneously. Fear will leave, because there is nothing to be afraid of. What is the maximum you can do to me? Kill me? Ok go ahead. You will kill the body, but never the spirit. Thus with clear understanding, and clarity, if you are operating in such a way, then it is definitely from the higher self. Yes, it is indeed possible to connect to your higher self.

Transcribed by Milica Bulatovic


By mohansuniverse

Keep the Lamp Burning

From satsang during Serbian retreat in May, 2015


Attachment and letting go

Mohanji quote - Suffering is a byproduct of resistance 2

Q: You speak about attachments, bindings, letting go and accepting oneself 100%. However, some people have reached a certain age, have certain professional duties and commitments in their careers, and cannot just drop everything – in the middle of life we cannot tear up our diplomas. The only thing we may be able to change is our perception of the situation. Perhaps during a later time, we may be able to change the situation.
So what exactly are attachment and binding, and how do we choose what to let go?

A: I think the questioner has already answered his query: it is indeed about perception, all you can do is change your perception. Acceptance is a perception. Acceptance means you are not resisting the situation, you are not tearing away the certificates. You are happy, you are doing the job, the chosen job in the given environment, or the given family. You are peaceful with everything. You are changing your perception to accommodate everything, and growing old gracefully. However, resisting those things or situations will result in internal conflict and war.

Whatever you need to let go of, is up to you. Let go of what is inducing resistance. I cannot tell you to leave your husband or brother or mother – you must accommodate every situation. What you have to let go of is probably your anger or resistance, an individualistic thing. However, nobody can come up to you and tell you what you must let go of. If they are doing so, that is originating from their perception about you, which may be untrue.

An analogy: let’s say you have collected sufficient money to buy the car of your choice, a Toyota. Now when you arrive at the Toyota dealership, you notice a Mercedes showroom next door. Although you know well that a Mercedes car is going to cost at least twice as much as the Toyota you came here for, you still decide to step into that showroom. And when you see the Mercedes, you are now convinced it is the very car for you. So the earlier and later perceptions of car choices don’t match. The reality of the situation forces you to drive off in the Toyota, but now accompanied by emotions of discontent and inner resistance. You know that you will have to work for several more years in order to save up for that Mercedes.

Before you took this birth, you wanted to be a medical professional. That is why your environment in this life created that experience for you. However your mind now says something else, “no-no, this is not at all what I wanted”. No matter what other profession you take up, your mind will protest. So where will you run away or escape to? Accept what you have been given. You might consider taking up a hobby to provide the satisfaction you crave. Realize that what has been given to you, or that what is happening to you, is not an imposition – it has not been imposed on you. It was chosen, and what is manifesting or unfolding in your life cannot be changed. This is what is called destiny.

What you are referring to in your question, is actually related to mental satisfaction. This is different from karmic satisfaction. Karmic satisfaction continues to manifest through the active fulfilment of desires, in the form of that which was chosen, which is why you have become a doctor. Now to create the mental satisfaction you are missing, take up singing or dancing or boxing or anything that will satisfy that longing.

Avatars and Avadhootas

What is the hierarchical difference between an ascended master, a saint, and an avatar? Are they moving in separate ways to get to a path, or is one above the other? How do they function?


It’s quite a broad categorization and not always easy to tell one designation from the other.

Numerous beings exist, operating in various levels. Similarly to the way we have school teachers for various classes, we have various beings performing at various levels. Broadly, we can say they are all ascended masters.

Avatars happen based only on collective consciousness. They don’t make the choice of their birth. It is when a generation or a few generations crave intensely for redemption that an avatar happens. They descend for a specific duration and for a purpose or duty, then achieve that purpose and dissolve. Usually there’s no associated karma – they appear only for the sake of dharma or truthful duty. Lord Krishna, Lord Dattatreya, Jesus, and Adi Shankara may be considered avatars. They were all renunciates and saints as well.

Now many people calling themselves avatars have no real eligibility. Perhaps they adopted that label because they liked the sound of the word! (laughter). Likewise, titles given to saints are of no value either, unless it came upon them naturally. Today however, titles are chosen and used for marketing purposes.

Ascended masters operate in higher subtle dimensions. They operate as guides, helping gross seekers to evolve to higher dimensions. Some have a bodily existence and some do not, but the essential function is the same. They may transfer thoughts and guide people. They may also contact directly and speak. However, technically, embodied and disembodied masters function the same way. They choose their life span or duration – how long they are going to be on the earthly plane is up to them, and they also choose the dimension of operation. They have this choice because they are not bound by the body.

Babaji is a multi-dimensional master – the operating level is not only just on Earth.

Now saints are basically renunciates – they have renounced a certain lifestyle, opting for spirituality and detaching from mainstream life. Any seeker can be termed a saint, and a saint need not necessarily be enlightened. There are various levels here too, just like school teachers. There are those who opt to become teachers of philosophical knowledge. The garb of the ochre robe, shaved head, long hair etc are all choices they make depending on the path or order they want to follow. They follow a certain discipline for a particular duration in the mode of renunciation. Sainthood is a broad definition. Note that this is quite different from the sainthood conferred by the Christian Church.

Note also that miracles are a spontaneous thing. When dimension changes, many things just happen around you. This is not a big deal in that plane of operation. You can appear and disappear in various places. It all happens spontaneously. The action is according to necessity.

Then there are the avadhootas, very high and powerful Masters, completely unaware of their bodies, not knowing if they have eaten food, or if they have slept. They are in supreme bliss all of the time, connected to the Source, in God-consciousness 24/7. They have the ability to transform people with a mere look. Examples include Bhagavan Nityananda and Shirdi Sai Baba, who took bodies for the sake of the people.

However the position of Bhagavaan (like Bhagavaan Satya Sai Baba, or Bhagavaan Ramana Maharishi) requires the fulfilment of certain criteria. A Bhagavaan is self-illuminated. He is self-sufficient, with no need to source knowledge from outside. Knowledge comes from inside. He is unbound by any earthly material. He is not controlled by elements. He has transcended all requirements of human existence, and the duration is finite and chosen.

What it means to be connected to the Source


When I say someone is connected to the Source, I mean that they have already dissolved all their identifications. They do not exist.

The difference is between “I do” and “It happens through me”.
When I do, all my identifications are present. I have all my character traits and I have ownership.
When it happens through me, I am just like a conduit or water-pipe. Nothing stays with me.

When a healer gets emotionally involved with the one being healed, it only implies that the ego identifications of the healer still exist. Furthermore, he is interfering with the karma of the patient.

Now some patients may also choose to hold on to their diseases, because they want to experience them. What is the cause of the illness that manifests in someone? In 80% of cases, it is trapped emotion.

How do emotions get trapped and why does someone entertain emotion at all?
Because of ignorance. Me, mine, I – all these are signs of ignorance. The physical body is temporary, taken for a particular duration, from the first to the last heartbeat. After that last heartbeat, the body is of no use anymore. However, while you live temporarily in that body, you often carry a lot of the weight of identifications, such as your name, your qualifications, your social position, what you do, what you say, what you look like. All these are weights on the system.

One of the major weights is ego. You can note its influence when you realize how in thinking about other people, you are wanting them to perceive you in a certain way, how you compare yourself with them, or how you want to impress them. And when someone says “I hate a person (or situation, time, environment, etc)”, what makes them hate so intensely? It is again ignorance. It is because of not understanding that everything that happens in your life, is happening because it has been chosen. Whether it causes happiness or sorrow, it originates from your choice.

So, when we ourselves have chosen a particular time, a particular space, a particular situation, a particular face, a particular environment for our birth and experience, what really is there to complain about? If you are sitting here and listening to me right now (which I sure hope you are), it is due to karma too. Everything is conglomerated, pre-planned in that mode.

So if in that mode, you happen to be a healer, with the attitude of letting the healing happen through you if it was karmically meant to be, then you are just being a channel for healing. Nothing will happen to you.

On the other hand, you might choose to get emotionally involved with patients, and harbor a desire for them to get better. You might forget or ignore that the cause of disease was the patient’s free-will. Then you attract that to you.

However nothing will stay with a healer truly connected to the Source, because the existence of that connection implies that he is free from ego identifications – he and the Source are one.

Q: How to stay unbiased?

A: Be objective. Realize your role is just that of a channel. If you project yourself as more than you are, or as a guru to impress others, understand that ego is at play. However if recognition by others is happening naturally and spontaneously as a consequence of your actions, that is ok. No comparisons, no judgements, no slandering. Do the job to the best of your ability, and move on.

The more dissatisfaction, the more births you will take


I don’t think that you’re actually bothered about the next birth.
We know that there is the possibility of rebirth, but rebirth need not always follow or even be necessary.
However when desires keep increasing, a way or a platform has to be provided in order to exhaust them. If the current platform is insufficient in providing the means for that satisfaction, another platform may be needed. That may be a continuing process. The more dissatisfaction you have, the more lives you will need.
There is really no compulsion for a next life. The Chinese government has banned rebirth – a birth cannot take place without permission! (hey, it is even a law there). (laughter)

Reincarnation is not a necessary or compulsory thing. It is up to you.

Keep the lamp burning


Once there were two saints, living in two different caves in the Himalayas. One of them, totally blind, lived downhill from the other saint who could see. Every day the blind saint would walk up the hill to visit his friend and return before dark. However one day when he was visiting his friend, the blind saint happened to stay a little longer than usual. The sun had set and it was now quite dark. So his friend, the saint who could see, lit a lamp and placing it in his hand said, “Keep this lamp with you.”

The blind saint replied,” Are you making fun of me? I can’t see anything. How does it matter whether I have a lamp in hand or not?” He was a little upset.

So the friend replied, “No, no, don’t misunderstand me. It is true that it cannot help you to see. However others can certainly see you by its light. So please do hold on to the lamp.” The blind saint held the lamp and left. And it helped. Nobody ran into him since they could see him. There was no collision, no accident.

The blind saint continued the daily visits to this friend up the hill, most of the time returning back to his own cave before sunset. Then there came another day, when again he stayed on until dark, and just like before, he carried a lamp and walked down. However this time, before he reached his cave, someone collided with him so hard that he fell backwards. He was very upset and asked, “Are you blind? Can you not see? Couldn’t you see the lamp in my hand?”
The person he collided with replied, ”So sorry Swamiji, but your lamp has gone out. There is no light, so I couldn’t see you.”

Keeping the lamp burning is our job. Others will see. This is a very important story you should remember and ponder on.

All you have to do is keep the lamp burning. And do not think you can see with this lamp. A burning lamp has no interest in its own light. Look outside – no tree eats its own fruit. This is the truth of existence. If you understand this, you understand all the philosophies of life. There is nothing more to learn. Keep the lamp burning.

To persist in effort or to let go

right decision wrong decision choice

Q: How do we know when to remain persistent and move forward, to push further or when to let go? Of course I can reconcile that the situation was meant to be a certain way, but sometimes I am not sure whether to put in more efforts and continue persevering?

A: Do you really have a choice? We have this feeling that we are the decision-makers at various points in life, say for example in pursuing a degree or going for post-graduation etc. That is an illusion. However, there is also no way you can be stagnant either. You certainly have to put in some work, the job demands that effort. Suppose I want to go to my room from here – that will require me to step out and walk. Merely sitting at this spot and repeating the intent to myself is not going to make it happen. Every point in life is like that.

When we speak of having various options, usually it also means that we know all the possible outcomes connected with those options. However when we decide that we are not going to concern ourselves with the outcomes, the moment we stop worrying or getting anxious about results, our activity then becomes spontaneous. Connection to the result of the action binds us and that is the reason for our success or failure.

If we always use this criterion of not connecting actions and results, we can achieve a complete and glorious life (note that by glory, I do not mean awards or accolades). When you are perfect in what you have to do, success and glory are a natural and spontaneous consequence. Don’t however fall into the error of assuming that you created the success and glory.

Today, even though I never invited any of you to come here and listen to me (I have never even physically met some of you before), this get-together still happened. That is how it works. Realize that situations and events, specific to a particular place, person or time are all happening spontaneously. Your degree of freedom lies in the ability to perform to your best with the resources available to you.

You cannot be at a different place, at this time. By the time you decide to be in another place, that second is gone. That’s why the acceptance of a time, place, situation, is very important for success. Definitely do apply for a different job if you feel like it. If it comes, it comes. Ultimately, be at peace always. If you use your intellect and don’t get too emotional about anything, you should most likely be fine.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Edited by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Partial Faith is Useless

How Masters Heal – To Hug or not to Hug!

Question: How do you heal people through hugging?

Mohanji hug... BG 3rdMay2014

Mohanji: Understand that all of us are operating in our own frequencies and vibrations; the lighter and subtler you become, the more you become like a magnet. In spirituality, subtlety is equal to power and strength. So, what happens when subtlety increases and you become like a magnet? Wherever you go and whatever you do, you collect certain negativities, and with spontaneous compassion you burn them through you and your system. The moment you feel that you are doing it, you suffer. If you are sure and you are confident that it is happening through you, it doesn’t matter, it comes and just goes.


Something starts melting and releasing.

All illnesses have their basis in trapped emotions. Emotions are trapped as created illness.

Where are these emotions sitting? They are sitting in the mind. Thus, when a higher energy comes in contact with this structure of the mind and emotions, there is a change that happens in the frequency and vibratory levels and so something starts melting and releasing.

Where will it go? It goes to the subtle. It gets attracted to the magnet. That person gets relieved from that problem. If that person may have individually taken, let’s say, three years to complete that problem (because it has to work its way out), this goes out and reduces it to a few months. The collected material which comes into the Master doesn’t stay in him because he doesn’t hold it. It travels through him, and in a few days it gets finished and released.

Imagine there are some ice cubes here and there is a blow heater. If you point the blow heater like this onto the ice, do you think it will melt? It will not melt easily because there is insufficient heat to melt the ice. So a quick hug doesn’t matter because nothing will come of it, but if you hug long enough, for instance, if you hold the heat long enough near the ice, it will melt. Likewise if the hug is long enough, then there is a transfer and transformation.

My advice to people who are practising and evolving, is you must avoid such contact. I had an experience in early 2007 – 2008 where I was in a communion and a Master said, “It is better to slow down because you cannot handle so many people right now. Walk slowly. Take one step at a time.” So it is important that you are self-sufficient before you start giving, otherwise you will collapse.

No Master is interested in interfering with anybody’s karma. He should not. This is the ground rule. No body interferes in anybody’s karma because you created it. Karma is saturated desire or, desire saturated is karma. You had a desire for a particular experience and that became karma so nobody externally, whether it is a master or a disciple, has any right to intercept anybody’s karma. This is the basic ground rule of spirituality.

So how do people get healed when coming into contact with Masters? Jesus said, “Let your faith heal you”. Thus it is faith that opens one up, and then the Master takes over. Faith makes you surrender and when you surrender, the illness naturally leaves you. I have said it is better to have zero faith or full faith, not partial faith because partial faith is absolutely useless. Okay, let me see what this guy can do?! There is nothing he can do, because he is not your cleaner you know (laughter). It is best to have full faith or no faith. If you have no faith then you have the entire way to go. It is still possible, there is still a big possibility. If you have full faith, okay you have arrived. However, partial faith is neither here nor there and there can be a lot of expectations, disappointments and crises. All these things are related to having partial faith.

Mohanji quote - It is better to have full faith or zero faith...

Trust Yourself

Many people do not even trust themselves, so how then can they trust another person? Thus whenever people ask the question about trust, I always tell them, first you must learn to trust yourself. This is where you should start. I also say to people, don’t trust me before trusting yourself because if you cannot trust yourself, then you cannot trust me either. Also, please do not trust me because I look good, or because I speak well or because I smell good (laughter). Trust me because you trust yourself. Then the basis is trust, which is very strong. The foundation is strong. Otherwise, we are playing a game of hide and seek. Some days you win, some days I win. There is no end to this game (laughter). Mostly life is like that. We are playing hide and seek and we are never addressing the situation. Either we are avoiding and escaping, or compromising. Both are weaknesses. Avoiding is a weakness, and compromising is also a weakness. Accepting and addressing is strength. If we cannot accept and address ourselves, which is a basic thing, then what else can you address? That is why Osho said, “Forget about spirituality, first learn to accept yourself”. That is the most difficult thing you will ever face in life. If you are able to accept yourself 100%, then you have already become spiritual. Then there is no other spirituality apart from this. Instead we are looking for spirituality outside of us, and not addressing and accepting ourselves. We often do not understand ourselves. It is not happening. I am sure some of you will have seen a Facebook post of mine, “A spiritual Guru is almost like your plumber or your electrician”, and you contact him when you are in deep crisis! (laughter). This is our situation. ‘What will happen to me in the future?’ This is one of the usual questions that I get. I tell them, “my friend, I don’t even know my future, how will I tell you your future?!”. Even if I knew the future, then why should I arrest you to a reality which is created by me? I like to give you freedom, not a concept. It is easy to sell a concept. It is like saying that you can think about everything except a ‘black monkey’. What will you then think of? This is exactly what is happening in the world. They are always telling you what you must see, but they are never telling you where to look. They are not allowing you the freedom of seeing what you like to see. This is not spirituality, this is binding.

So coming back to the point. When you become very subtle and you cleanse out of compassion, not out of anything else, just out of sheer compassion for the fellow being, then you churn it through you without ownership. It never stays with you. Your body just becomes a means for a release.

How to trust ourselves when there are so many concepts?

It is very simple. Understand yourself. Look at yourself. Feel yourself. Understand what makes you angry and what makes you sad. Certain places make you happy and certain people make you happy. Certain people make you agitated. It is like a room, when some people enter, the room brightens up because you like the person and you like their energy. Likewise when someone leaves, the room brightens up because they left! (laughter).

So understand what you actually are. First and foremost, try to find you.

Shake hands with yourself, know yourself

In two words, it is ‘accept yourself’. Don’t try to pretend. Never pretend. You should be established in silence to give silence. Silence is equal to less tps. (thoughts per second). When there are no thoughts per second, then you are absolutely in silence. All other forms of silence are pretensions. If you keep verbally quiet, other people are happy, but that is not transforming the mind and person or the tps. So the whole point is know yourself. Be with yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself. This also makes it easy to seek relationships. The moment you start accepting yourself, you have many relationships because others start accepting you. The reason somebody cannot accept another person is because you have not accepted yourself. How can other people accept you? We want everybody to accept us but we cannot accept ourselves! This is our situation. If you take care to spend some time with yourself – I am not even talking about meditation or spirituality – just be with yourself, just understand your thought process, just understand your vibrations and frequency, then you will automatically start accepting. You have never shaken hands with yourself. You have only been shaking hands with other people. Shaking hands with other people really doesn’t matter. Other people have their own things to do. If you start accepting yourself, and if you start merging with yourself, then the whole world will be with you. The whole world will want to see you and want to look at you. They will come and accept you, even without your effort.

All the powers and all the siddhis that we have ever talked about, everything is rooted in ‘silence’. Whatever skills we may learn and perform, it is inner silence itself which gives us all the skills. When you do things without that kind of balance there is a greater chance of regrets later on because things often happen unconsciously, through emotions, spontaneously, or not in a positive way. Whenever the root cause of an activity is via the emotional, then there is always pain.


Mohanji quote - Your state is absolute silence

Did we fall from spirituality into the physical body?

We have scientific proof that when an atom is dissected in a particular way, raw energy is released. That is what we are talking about. Reversing the process, when energy is conglomerated it becomes an atom. Thus energy has various frequencies, various levels of subtlety. Only a certain frequency of energy can create an atom. Creation is based on energy. All that we see, eventually rolls back into the energy form, has the potential to roll back into the energy form, because every matter has a duration. In the scriptures, it says don’t think that the table, the chair, the wall and the materials around you do not have life. If you go to the molecular level, you can see movement. Thus every material, whether it is animate or inanimate, has life in it. That is why we need sensitivity. We need to be very sensitive. The more sensitive we are, the more we can see life in everything. There will be no wastage, nor will we think about destroying things. Thus this is a subtlety which we need to cultivate within our children because they have to move the world after us.

Creation is based on energy. I could spend a lot of time explaining this, but for now let’s just say that creation has its own subtlety levels, which created eras. The four eras put together become one conglomeration. So on the Earth plane, we are currently in the eighth particular phase of this evolution.

1. The subtlest possibility is called the Golden Age. The Golden Age consists of people who are of a very highly elevated consciousness. They have all the powers and are not dependent on any assistance from anyone. They are completely self-sufficient. This age has a duration of 1.7 billion years.

2. Then comes the next age, which lasts approximately 1.4 million years. This era is the era of duality, the good and the bad. There is a struggle to preserve dharma, which is truthfulness on one side, and selfishness on the other side. The good and the evil, greed and selfishness are in conflict. There is a conflict between these aspects on external grounds.

3. Then comes the next age, which lasts 800,000 years. The struggle between good and evil closes in and becomes closer. Conflict is more or less between the family.

4. Then comes our current time, which lasts 400,000 years, and where the conflict is within us, within the individual.

Thus you can see we have moved away from a frequency where everyone was self sufficient, fully aware and there was neither hatred nor negativity. Step by step we have come down to a level where greed, power, hatred, wars and all these things control human beings. There are less people in the first level because not everyone can be in that very high level of elevated consciousness. A lot of people can be born into the lower frequency. Thus if the population is 7000 in the golden age, it is 7 billion in this age. In the Golden Age life was also different. You decided when to take birth and you decided when you should die, because you had full control. It was not that we were keeping and maintaining the body, falling and dying at one point in time. It was all individualistic, that means there was nothing controlled by the subconscious, it was fully controlled by the conscious. The degeneration was from fully conscious to fully unconscious. In the Golden Age, birth and death were up to you, over a duration of 1.7million years, and you could take birth for one million years or one year. It doesn’t matter at that level. Then comes the next plane, where duality starts, the negative and positive start. There, the lifespan was 10,000 years, again the population was not large. Then came the era just before our current state, lasting 1200 years of life. That is when Lord Krishna existed. He lived for only 125 years. Actually he died very young, he had a very short life span. As per our current standards, 125 years is a very, very long life, but our lifespan in this era is only 100 years.

This is the degeneration. These four put together are one phase. The Golden Age plus the other three ages, are one. We are at the eighth conglomeration now. So life always moves from high consciousness to low consciousness, then again a recycling happens towards high consciousness. And this goes on.

So how is Earth shifting and adjusting to this? It does so through the polar shift, which is what we are experiencing now. The polar shift helps in the recycling. This is the phase we are experiencing now. This is why we are experiencing greed-based governments, wars, plus natural calamities. This is all aiding the times for recycling. One route is shifting to another route, where route means the basis, or the platform. We are on an emotional platform right now, this is the basis that is now operating. An emotional platform means dealing with everything emotionally, in a manner where there is no continuity. There is anger, hatred, greed, wrong concepts, and religions are playing games. All these things are in the emotional plane because emotion is the best way to manipulate people.

Where are we shifting to? We are shifting to the ‘intellect’ route. The intellect route is where people operate through better awareness. Mind clarified is intellect. When we are using our intellect, we are never emotional. We are not angry, we are not having hatred, and we don’t work on the basis of greed. Intellect also means give, live and let live, give and let every one survive. It is at that level, rather than ‘let me have everything’. This shift towards intellect itself along with the polar shift, can remove almost one third of all beings in the world. You will see so many things going on around the world. Death, destruction, annihilation, all these things are happening in the world right now. If there were 7000 (I am just giving a number here) elevated souls living in the Golden Age, they are still here. These people can leave their body anytime they want, but they continue to be here. These people are still here guiding people, and telling them “look here, this is not what you are. You are operating in a delusion, you are much higher than this’. This is constantly being told, but people don’t understand. People want the small things: I want to educate myself, get a job, get married, have children, have a life. So we cannot get out of this cycle. The higher beings say ‘this is all just a role play, you are much higher’. This is constantly being told. In every generation there are masters connected from the Golden Age operating in this plane also.

In earlier eras, the kings or the rulers were dharma-oriented, they were duty bound, operating in truthful duty. Thus they used to consult with the Saints. They consulted them by asking whether this was good for the country and good for the people? That came down to a level where they no longer checked with the Saints, but started checking with the people who were selling things. Then the whole degeneration started affecting the world. (Read more about eras in Changing the Frequency Changes Your Life)

If there is wastewater, there can be a lot of mosquitos breeding. What do mosquitos do? They drink blood, and they also spread diseases. Thus the degeneration happened through time and created a time on Earth similar to a breeding ground for many mosquitos. You see them in the society, they drink blood and spread diseases. This is the sign of the times. What is the solution? Total destruction. So at each shift now the saints are still there (about 7000 people), and they are constantly telling the governments and the people, ‘look here you are doing the wrong thing, don’t waste your time. Connect to God, you are much higher than you think you are’.


Address the real you, with pretentions you cannot evolve!

We have carried a seed of each lifetime into this lifetime. Remember that all those lifetimes have left an impression, a mark in this canvas of consciousness. All these impressions are part of this life also. So don’t think that you are this particular animal that you see in the mirror! You are much deeper. There is a history attached to you and that history is manifesting as your character, as your constitution, as your awareness, all those things are connected to that history. Thus it is important that you are aware of yourself in this life so that you do not carry this forward into other lives. Your blueprint contains all your lifetimes. Thus each individual blueprint is a clear sign of who you are, not what you demonstrate yourself to be. We demonstrate ourselves to be a great personality, so many things which we show on the outside. This is just a protection, but the blueprint is the real thing. This is exactly what we are addressing through these retreats: the real you. If you do not address that real you, you will continue to carry on with this pretentious life. We dress ourselves up properly before we leave the house, we keep a face that is good for society, this is how we normally live. This pretension is why we cannot evolve. Then we request Masters or Gods to “help us”. So it’s like you are holding onto a lot of things, while saying “Please take all this away from me”. The Gods and Masters are ready to release you from all of these things, but you are not releasing it yourself. This is the whole point. I cannot say it more directly than this!

Transcribed by Jayshree Mene
Edited by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Talk on Shirdi Sai Baba


Though I had heard about Shirdi Sai Baba many years ago, I considered him just another saint and had not given him too much thought.


In 2004 on my return from Iraq, someone requested to film an interview with me on the subject of spirituality in management. At that time, I had not yet started teaching. This was being filmed as a conversation on a stroll by the beach. It so happened that the first shot was right in front of a Shirdi Sai temple. I did not know anything about him at that time. But just like I always do when near the shrine of a saint, I offered my respect and surrender in the form of prostrations at the feet of Baba’s idol. In exactly two weeks, I was in Shirdi, and I consider this a miracle.


Soon after the filming of the interview, I happened to be in a bookstore in Mumbai. I found myself asking for a book on Shirdi Sai Baba, though I had not walked in with any intention of purchasing one. This book was the Sai Satcharita. I started reading it and as mentioned earlier, reached Shirdi not long after. Stepping into the temple felt like I had finally reached home; it was such a great feeling. My visits continued and the connection grew. Later my job took me to Dubai, and when I had to visit Mumbai for a meeting, I planned a trip to Shirdi as well. I made arrangements for a cab to go to Shirdi straight from the airport. While at the airport, I was talking on the phone to a friend, a saint with powers to foresee. He remarked that a big miracle was awaiting me at Shirdi. The human mind being the way it is, my mind then tuned to expecting one, and other things went out of focus.


Mohanji feeling the Saligram stone gifted by Sai Baba to Nanasaheb Dengle. Photo taken  in December 2015, while filming in Shirdi. More photos


After reaching Shirdi, I told the cab driver I needed to get materials for the dhuni, giving him sufficient money to purchase them. We proceeded to Dwarkamai. The setup for the darshan is that the line moves one-way only. I placed the offerings into the dhuni and was heading to the exit door when an old man came in with a child, stopped me, and held my hand. He had actually walked in through the exit. It didn’t occur to me at that time how improbable that was. I doubt if there was any other witness either. He addressed me, or rather commanded, “Idhar aao, sar idhar rakho” (Come here and place your head here). This was on a pillar that Baba used to lean on every day, when he lived there till 1918. I obeyed, spontaneously placing my head on the pillar, my mind blank. But the memory of that firm grip on my hand remains. Then he said, “Ab jaao” (Now leave). I obeyed and left. In any case, one can’t linger because of the constant flow of devotees.

When we were preparing to drive back to Mumbai, I called my saint friend again and told him I had not seen anything that could be described as a miracle – no spectacle or jaw-dropping incident. He asked me if it wasn’t good enough that Baba himself had come to meet me? That’s when it dawned on me that the old man had been Baba himself! And of course, he always chooses a form different from the picture we imagine in our heads – he may appear as a beggar or a bird, or in any form of his choice. And only if it is his will, can we realize his presence.

That was the turning point of my existence. Baba asked me to put my head on the pillar he used to lean on. That was the highest surrender I could have possibly done on the spiritual path in 2004. Every later visit to Shirdi also felt great with special significance each time. But it is important to be aware that the mind likes repetition and expects something every time. In true and complete surrender, there will be no expectation. Baba is more active today than he was when he was alive, when he had to work with the constraints and limitations of a physical body and the associated personality. People create mental images. We think that if Baba appears, it must be in the form that we see in his pictures. That cannot be true.


Shirdi Sai Baba, original photos

Shirdi Sai Baba, original photos


Another occurrence involved a great artist named Sudhakar Kaskiwalla (now in his seventies), who had once worked as a set designer for the producer and actor, Raj Kapoor. His father and grandfather had lived with Baba in Shirdi and so there was a very deep connection. He paid a visit to our home in Kerala. When I presented him with a gift of two pictures of Baba, within just five minutes his son called from Bangalore and asked him, “Papa, if you’re passing this way, I’d like you to please bring me two pictures of Shirdi Baba.”

Even though disabled by a paralytic attack, Kaskiwalla had been inspired to do a sketch of Baba. Later when I visited him, he showed me the sketch. He narrated that long ago when he had visited Shirdi with that sketch, some people who had lived with Baba were still alive. On seeing the sketch, those people were simply amazed at its resemblance to the Baba of their memories, and wonderstruck how Kaskiwalla could have drawn such an absolute likeness without ever having seen Baba. The sketch was treated reverently like a blessing from Baba and puja offered to it at home. Many copies have been made of the picture, so I requested Kaskiwalla for a copy, but he was silent. Then just as I was taking leave from his place, he asked me to wait, and taking down the original sketch, he offered it to me! I was overwhelmed because to me this was too priceless a piece, made from the heart like a miraculous living image of Baba, confirmed by Baba’s contemporaries. I kept insisting that a copy would be just fine, but he pressed on saying that I deserved it. Feeling that it wouldn’t be right to accept without paying, I offered to do so. But he refused to take anything saying the piece was beyond price labels. But since I kept insisting, he said to make an offering instead at the picture of his art guru, which I did. I still have the picture today in my house in Kerala.

Shirdi Sai and a dog, original photo

Shirdi Sai and a dog, original photo



I have experienced many, many such incidents in life. It was a long cherished desire of ours to construct a Shirdi Sai temple in the Ammucare village in Kerala. We ran into funding problems, so we thought of building it at our Maharashtra ashram instead, but still faced financial issues. A friend, an ardent Sai devotee who has visited Shirdi almost 4000 times, was going to be visiting Shirdi again, and we asked him to surrender our thought at Baba’s feet there. He did so, praying to Baba to grant it if it was His will. As he came out of the temple and was getting into the car, a man approached and handed him a heavy package saying, “You are planning to construct a Sai temple, here’s something for that purpose”. Our friend opened the package to find Baba’s padas or feet in marble, meant to be installed in the temple. When he looked up, the man was gone. Baba himself had delivered his approval! Those padas are currently in our pooja room or home shrine since the temple is not yet a reality, though it soon will be, if Baba wills it.

Shirdi Sai sitting in Dwarakamai, original photo



Another incident that occurred was when we were dealing with a business venture, which wasn’t doing well and we wanted to wind up and close shop. Our chartered accountant directed us to get back all the shares distributed to various people, and submit them to the government for nullification. Locating the shareholders was proving to be very difficult, in spite of our best efforts. The deadline date for submission was nearing and I explained to the accountant how impossible it was, to get hold of all the shares again. The next morning, my father opened the door to our pooja room at home as usual, and saw an envelope sitting on top of Baba’s marble padas. Opening it, we found a bunch of papers that contained every single share that had been distributed at the start of the business venture. It was astounding: nobody could have gone and collected them – most of the shareholders were untraceable.


V     The Navanath Tradition

Mohanji_DattaShirdi Sai Baba is a guru of the Nath tradition, a tradition formulated by Lord Dattatreya based on the instructions of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna, an avatar of Mahavishnu, had incarnated in order to preserve dharma on earth. In order to continue that mission after his passing away, Lord Krishna summoned to earth the Navanarayanas or Nine Narayanas of the cosmos (really extensions of Mahavishnu) and asked them to establish the Navanath sampradaya or Navanath tradition. Adinath, the first of nine Naths in the tradition, is Lord Shiva. He was followed by Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath and several others- the tradition flows forever. The text Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham mentions the saint Sripada, incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, calling upon Hanumanji to take birth as Shirdi Sai Baba. Hanumanji is an immortal or chiranjeevi, so Shirdi Sai Baba may be considered an amsha or part of him.

The distinct feature of the Navanath tradition is the absence of formal procedures or teachings; everything happens in the presence of the guru. Proximity to the guru is paramount; by just being present in his energy field, one gets cleansed and liberated. Navnath1

Shirdi Sai Baba often asked for the two coins of shraddha (devotion) and saboori (patience) from those who came to him. These two may be considered to be like walking sticks for any seeker in the tradition. The path may sound simple but it is difficult in practice – since even a speck of ego or doership is unacceptable. Total surrender to the guru or master is a must. The importance of this is reflected in a quote by Swami Muktananda- ‘I never asked my master why’. Often, no explicit guidance or instruction is given by the guru. Yet everything is delivered. Shirdi Baba himself said that though his own guru was very powerful, he taught him nothing but delivered everything. Actually nothing can be taught verbally: teaching by talking is an activity or expression of the mind. It is really in beingness that the disciple receives the transmission.


I have numerous stories about Baba. Several accounts are from people whose lives changed for the better after they received the Sai Satcharita book from me. Baba operates 24/7.
Today people from all over the world visit Shirdi- not because it is a fancy place, but because their experiences created faith and brought them there. You can see the faith brimming in their eyes. Baba never behaved according to norms and frames in his lifetime. Like any Nath guru, he was unpredictable. He was taken to court, some thought him a madman, others were disillusioned by his mannerisms. Historically, spiritual masters have always been misunderstood by their society. Examples are Jesus and Sant Jnaneshwar. Jnaneshwar lived in the Maharashtra region of India and attained liberation by age 22. He and his siblings had been orphaned in childhood and all were highly advanced spiritually. But society treated them very cruelly, pushing the family to suicide. Such societies have always existed, unable to understand subtlety and persisting in the materialistic view.

Baba’s enduring popularity shows that saburi or patience worked beyond his passing away in 1918. He is more popular today than when he was alive. People often have a hard time acknowledging a guru’s stature when they meet him in the flesh. People arrive with some kind of mental image of what an enlightened master should look like and how he should behave. When the guru’s personality doesn’t match up to that image, they are shocked – “Oh, I didn’t expect the guru to behave that way” or “What, he smokes a chillum”. Baba sometimes would express interest in a new brand of cigarettes; he shouted and screamed at other times. This kind of commonplace behavior would confuse people, creating conflicts in their minds. What is not known is that a guru, a liberated being, never ever feels pushed to talk or act in a certain way, or maintain a certain appearance. A true guru is free in the real sense of the word, unbound by a thing, person, situation or habit. And Baba was always in absolute beingness – he was everything and he was nothing. This truth most people could not understand.

If you do not demolish preconceived notions or concepts of the mind, you will be unable to catch the truth; it will slip past. If you hold on to a mental picture of Baba, imagining that he appears only in that form or body, it will be difficult for you to “see” him. Instead if you drop that mental picture and reach for the consciousness that Baba is operating in, that will be a genuine enduring connection where you will be able to actually feel and experience the oneness. Otherwise you are only talking of a few miracles, just mild expressions of the huge Consciousness. Look upon Baba as omnipresent, powerful, ever available and surrender to him without expectation, without barriers, never asking for anything. Everything will be delivered. Why would you go to Shirdi asking for worldly, mundane things when Baba can merge you with his own or Shiva consciousness?



There was a devotee, a woman named Radhakrishna Mayi living in Shirdi near Baba. She became pregnant and Baba was blamed: that was the level to which petty minds were stooping in order to torment him. Of course today we know that he was beyond all that. But Baba never felt the need to answer to such people or seek their approval. He had incarnated with a purpose, just like Jesus, to do what rightfully needed to be done at that time. There was no deviation from that purpose, but remember that his body was like any other human’s regarding food and sleep, and subject to pain, decay and death. Thus we must understand the entity in absoluteness. Otherwise limited vision will cause us to miss the truth – a reason why many people are not attaining the highest point in the path of spirituality. Disillusionment or fall will happen afterwards and it takes a long time to climb back up.

0 Baba

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse

Achieve Balance in Life

An interview with Mohanji that took place on 27th February 2016, and was published in the Speaking Tree magazine


Achieve balance in your life by maintaining 80 per cent practicality and 20 per cent spirituality, says MOHANJI to PRITI AGRAWAL

Why is there so much suffering?

■ Suffering does not exist except in the mind. Every situation or experience helps us evolve.You are born free, and you are only bound by your mind. If you have that clarity, then every situation you face is a step towards ultimate liberation.Nothing can bind you. For instance, Nelson Mandela was in jail for 30 years, but he never felt bound,he was fully himself.That’s why when he came out, he delivered the message of world peace. If he was bound by his mind,he would have delivered the message of hatred.Therefore, it’s our own perception which we can use to free ourselves.

How does one face life’s challenges?

■ Number one is acceptance — first accept your own self, because you created this existence as an individual. Second, acceptance of others such as a material, a person, a situation, you have come across in your life — they are things you chose for yourself.You can’t be any other person.Everything is related to our nonacceptance.The moment you are not satisfied with what you have,you will be reborn, because you are not happy with this body. So fundamentally, you should be happy with what is available, then everything comes to you and calamity does not exist at all. Every step is a step towards liberation. Take life as it comes to you without escaping or avoiding it, and you will be liberated. If you experience pain, know that nothing can stay forever. Pain and pleasure come and go, but you float over it and that’s life.Then there is grace which comes,when you have faith in energy that is much higher and more conscious.

What will make us more conscious of other species?

■This is our misconception that human beings own the earth.Earth equally belongs to all beings. But human beings have over-populated the planet, and started operating on the basis of conquest and control.Eventually, it has become a species divide. All the other species are at one side and human beings are on the other.Therefore, nature has become imbalanced. If we don’t realise the pain and fear of other beings, there is no point in meditation. First we have to create balance and take the responsibility and enjoy what we have created.Then the world will become a better place. I don’t believe in spirituality which is impractical. If we teach something that nobody can use, then what is the purpose of that teaching? I would say that we should focus on 80 per cent practicality and 20 per cent spirituality. If we ignore the pain of other beings and sit and meditate then what is the use of such spirituality? It is just a mask. Spiritual people should come forward and do something to spread awareness that violence only leads to violence. I always endorse nonviolence. Let more and more people adopt the principles of nonviolence then the thought will turn into action. If you are eating nonvegetarian food, then be aware of what you are eating. Don’t be an ignorant consumer. Don’t eat anything unconsciously. First level is awareness. We need to be aware where it is coming from, how it is being processed. First have a clear picture about what you are eating then give importance to your taste. So first is clarity, then taste. If you eat anything with awareness, then you eat less.You eat too much when you eat unconsciously. I don’t want anybody to change a habit by force for then it will not stay.We have craving for more food after having it already, because most of the time we are not aware of what we are experiencing. Through natural awareness, you can overcome a habit.

What is the power of gratitude and how does it work?

■ Gratitude should begin from you saying — I am grateful that I am alive, I am breathing and I have reasonably good health, I have food to eat and I have shelter. If you establish yourself in personal gratitude,then it overflows to become public gratitude.We should teach this to children and ask them not to complain,be happy with what they have. Be happy and grateful without any reason as you are alive; you have love and are protected by someone. If you practise gratitude then grace flows. Gratefulness is practised with humility and it is egoless.You can never pretend to be grateful,for this is natural.The moment you pretend to be grateful, it becomes fake.Gratefulness comes from the heart.

How does one popularise the concept of an inner pilgrimage so that it becomes as popular as travel?

■When you travel to the mountains or any pilgrimage site, something opens up inside.You are living in a frame at home and you may not think beyond it,but when you go to a different location, some dimension opens up. But God does not sit there. An upanishad says,“Please forgive me, because I tried to put you in a name, in a form and in a place, while you are everywhere.”We don’t go to spiritual sites thinking that God resides there.When you go there and you come across difficulties, then the dimension opens up for you to become a different person.A personality shift happens.That way, a pilgrimage is good, because every location is an extension of yourself.Realisation can happen at the time of pilgrimage or at any other time.Everybody eventually comes back home to themselves.You may go anywhere,and you may meet many masters and people, but finally you realise that none of these things are important; everything is within.Then you look at yourself and realisation happens.

What is the state of being enlightened?

■ Freedom from the mind! Everything is an extension of yourself, so you don’t feel disconnected and lonely. Because I and everything around me is me — whether it’s something materialistic, a person or a situation — it’s all me and belongs to me. Real freedom is that you don’t want anything and are not bound by anything.You are happy all the time whether anything is available or not, whether somebody is there or not. Happiness has no barriers.That is total liberation and you can also call it enlightenment.Speaking Tree magazine
Achieve balance in your life by maintaining 80 per cent practicality and 20 per cent spirituality, says MOHANJI to PRITI AGRAWAL


By mohansuniverse

Mohanji’s First Interview in the USA

Ganesh Venkatachalam: Namaskaar and Good Afternoon. We are delighted to welcome Mohanji to the United States. Mohanji is well-known for his impactful writings, meditation programs, and retreats that are conducted all over the world. He has a growing followership of 300,000 worldwide, including USA where people read his blogs and practise his meditations. We welcome Mohanji for his first interaction with the US audience.


I would like to begin with your recent visit to the Himalayas in Uttarakhand where you witnessed the enormous damage caused by nature. Could you talk a little bit about that experience and how it is being addressed?

Mohanji: Our group of five travellers happened to be there during the cloudburst, in a place called Joshimath about 30 km from our destination, Badrinath. When the roads were swept away, we were stranded but safe at the India Tibetan Border Police camp. The devastation was terrible – the fatalities have been under-reported in the media. My conservative estimate is that 20,000-50,000 may have perished .We couldn’t do much then since roads behind and ahead of us were non-existent. We had to stay put there till the skies cleared and helicopters arrived. We returned by road five days later after the skies cleared and roads became pliable.

Now our charity organization, Ammucare is adopting the villages. Most of the public aid and support relief has reached only the tourist locations. The villages that were deeply affected and previously reachable only through miles of walking, remain stranded. So we are trying to provide them with basic necessities, medical care for the sick and wounded, and education for the children.

GV: So how can people from the US help and participate in rebuilding efforts?

M: I presume that people in the US can work with ACT Foundation USA and coordinate with Ammucare activities there. We work with various organizations that provide food packets and medicines. It is also possible to work directly with Ammucare in India but our platform in the US may be more convenient.

Unconditional Love

GV: More information is available on the website and the email address for ACT Foundation USA is
My next question is regarding the theme of your teachings which is unconditional love and peace.

M: The basic nature of every being is unconditional love. Nature expresses herself as unconditional love. You can observe examples of such expression in trees that provide oxygen, shade and shelter to all impartially (even to those who cut them down) and in the sun that nourishes the earth everyday, rising and setting unfailingly.

We forget our own true unconditional nature, getting caught up in competition and one-upmanship in the everyday rush of life. The dualities of failure and success push us to behave in transactional ways, leading to misery. When we start being selfless and expressing unconditional love spontaneously, bindings will disappear and we will discover a peace within – a peace not available outside. We may go to the Himalayas in search for that peace, or to other places conducive for meditation but the mind may still waver. Accept that it is in the very nature of the mind to waver and observe it without participating. Observe all its pluses and minuses, the good, bad and ugly sides. Persevering in that journey of observation, you may notice yourself gradually becoming more powerful – because you are no longer being dragged along by the mind. Then peace will descend.

For peace to settle in, unconditionality is a necessity. And for unconditionality to happen, we must decondition ourselves. We must dissolve the frames that we keep creating all the time. People are even framing happiness levels that they think they ought to enjoy – imagining and pre-deciding what happiness is! And if something higher than anticipated does come along, they are unable to enjoy. We create frames for people too, expecting them to conform to those frames, refusing to accept them for who they are. We do however show some unconditionality in life where our own children or pets are concerned.

So it is all relative. The absolute truth is not accepted because the mind is afraid of losing its stance. But if we opt to link the mind with the intellect, we will respond instead of reacting. Peace will naturally result.

By observation, just being, understanding yourself before trying to understand anything, a lot of peace can be gained. Unconditionality then becomes your nature. You have to work on cultivating it, it cannot be bought.

Awareness is the key

GV: So would you say – to nurture unconditional love is really to be aware?

M: Yes, awareness is the key. Being aware of who you are, of every thought, word and action. It is not about regression, past lives or visiting places or gurus. Understand who you really are at this point in time, the true hardcore you- without adding pepper or salt. Everything else will just flow. You will understand and accept- “This is me, these are my weaknesses and strengths, but they are all part of me. There is nothing apart from me.” You will then understand the universe that you are- every cell of your body contains your characteristics. If you think about it, your body did start off as a single cell once.

Each cell has the potential to add on to the character of our being. Each cell has contained or maintained a certain aspect of you. If you could image a person assigning various colors to anger, jealousy, hatred, happiness, love etc, you would see different colors to your cells. A conglomeration of all those aspects is the real you. When you say you know someone, you are really viewing them as a collective being of numerous characteristics.

In this mode, you can understand that you symbolize the universe you had been searching for all these years. Then you will easily see yourself in the whole world. When your personality is understood well, it overflows and merges with the personalities of the world and you see your own reflection in other people’s eyes.

Spirituality is You

Mohanji quote - We worship various deities

GV: A lot of people consider spirituality too abstract and wonder if it practically impacts daily life and whether it can help them become more effective in all facets of life…

M: Spirituality can never be apart from you!
(Not referring here to any religions or roadmaps to the one God).

Spirituality is something that is your very nature – it is what you really truly are, your origin. Remove the skin, conditionings, body – everything temporary and removable – and you will discover a side beyond all dualities, from where you began your journey and from where you have progressed. That Me plus religion equals completion. Sometimes not. It is the usage of the mind that creates divisions, barriers, and ideologies. These creations will further provoke various thoughts, actions, and words. We then start to believe and “buy” into them.

Away from all this, you are complete. Away from a guru, away from a path, completely self-sufficient within you – that is the spiritual side. True spirituality liberates and keeps you unbound. You can measure the degree to which you are liberated or spiritual by asking yourself if you feel bound by any ritual or philosophy or person. Are you fine the way you are, are you joyful and happy with or without a thing? When that is clear, fearlessness happens. Is there really anything to be afraid of? We have taken this body only for some duration – we are going to shed it anyway. In a hundred years from now, it will be a completely new generation. So we must spread unconditional love today- love every being, love every object, animate or inanimate. And whatever we are here for, we must deliver well. That will automatically lead to liberation.

If spirituality does not lead to liberation, it is not worth it. We already have plenty of habits. Do not add on another habit and say you cannot exist without it. Anything has the potential to bind you. Perhaps you are attached to the image you see in the mirror today – tomorrow if that image changes, you may become sad. Some days you win and some days you lose but you must still flow on like a river. Spontaneity elevates and spirituality liberates you. These are the signs of the white path, the path of liberation.

Mohanji quote - Some days you win


GV: Tell us about your meditations.

M: Both meditations are free to download from

Power of Purity meditation is basically a communion with yourself. You are forgiving, unhooking, releasing and liberating yourself. It is like a daily bath. If you practice this everyday, huge changes can happen within your consciousness. Circumstances may not be fine but you will be fine. Dependencies on external situations, objects, and people will reduce.

The 360 degrees meditation is for rooting yourself in your spine. The spine is your stairway to heaven – the more you root yourself in it, the less you associate yourself with the usual 120 degree ear-to-ear operating level. When remainder of the 240 degrees that we miss everyday is added on, we operate in the 360 degree mode wherein we become immune to the usual drama of emotions and egoistic arguments. If we operate in this absolute level, we will no longer be vulnerable as we were in the usual front-footed way. The intellect will be in charge and we will respond more than react. Balance, peace and equanimity prevail and the operating platform changes to unconditional love. Arguments, fights and anxiety reduce, and as a result energy is preserved.

Most importantly, be aware of every thought, word, and action on a daily basis. Decide that no thought will pass in an unconscious way, no words will be uttered without your mind being present, and that no actions will be performed without conscious participation. If this is done consistently, you will not have much sorrow and will grow to become more powerful and successful.

Be aware, be in the now, be in the beingness. A lot of doingness never gives peace, it merely entertains the restless mind. Mind may be happy but it doesn’t promise any elevation.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava

By mohansuniverse

Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts and hold on to faith

Watch them, do not participate, do not energize them. The more you energize them, the more they stay. Also, as we evolve into silence and enlightenment, year by year or lifetime by lifetime, all our fears have to come and go. Even if one small fear lies in our system, it traps us back to Earth, it brings us back. So it is very simple. Start looking at yourself. Look at your own mind and simply watch your thoughts. Thoughts are just like our children, we have no idea what is coming until it comes. We cannot predict! Once the thought occurs, we understand it. We can neither control it nor decide what to think! We believe that we decide, but usually, thoughts flow on their own. So, watch the thoughts. There is a rush of thoughts in the mind. Say, a policeman is standing at the gate, as a crowd enters the stadium. Even though the policeman does nothing, people form a queue just because a policeman is watching them. People start behaving themselves. Just like that, thoughts start to get in line. We are not doing anything, neither judging nor censoring, just closing our eyes and watching our thoughts. This is possible; this is a meditation and can lead to perpetual states. Thus when you keep watching your thoughts for some time, your thoughts start falling in line. You can’t do this in one day. Take your time, there is no hurry, nobody is going to watch you. Slowly, as you continue to keep watching your thoughts, what will happen is there will be small gaps between thoughts. This is exactly what we are afraid of in normal life. We don’t like gaps of thoughts, and that is why we try to fill them in with activity, either mental activity or physical activity. In some way we try to fill in the gaps, but we start noticing that there is a gap between the thoughts and we start falling in love with the gap, slowly. So when this gap occurs, this silence happens, and the first reaction is that our fears start surfacing. Our fears have remained suppressed, because when we are hyperactive they cannot surface. However, in silence, the first thing that happens is that the fears come out. In fact these fears come out from each cell and sometimes it’s terrible! Again you have to hold on with faith. This is why sometimes Gurus help. You trust in the Guru, you have faith, so you hold on. A fear which has remained trapped has to go through your mind, please understand it. It cannot come out in any other manner. Something which you have to experience in a dream has to be experienced in a dream; you cannot bring it to the physical state. Similarly, you cannot take a physical experience to a dream state. You cannot swap these things. This is how we are programmed. So when we experience silence, when the gap increases between thoughts, and we start loving this silence, we have to face lots of fears. Sometimes you will be surprised at the number of fears. We might have no inkling that so many of them exist! These are not always fears from this life; they are fears from many lives. They have been suppressed and remain stored in our cellular memory. As they come out, allow them to go. Simply witness it. How do you witness? Be in the spine. If you participate it is possible that sometimes you feel that these are not mine or that you start feeling scared of them. If you do, they get again trapped and are pushed down. The moment you touch the fear, it goes down. You have to just watch it, not do anything. Then they come out and go through your mind. As the fears escape, you will start feeling lighter. Please don’t think this can happen in a period of six months or a year. It’s a process. Otherwise, everyone would have attained enlightenment quickly. So remain patient and go through the process. As the process happens, the fears completely vanish over a period of time. Then, freedom happens, liberation happens. When the fears vanish, you will be in perpetual silence. The mind will be extremely calm because along with the fears, many desires which are of no use also leave. So when desires go away, fears leave, you empty yourself and then what happens? You observe the silence, like a watchdog, and then God fills in, the God element fills in. You start feeling being God, being Shiva, being Jesus and this is exactly the consciousness we are talking about! This is exactly what we want to achieve. Then we feel, we understand and we realize, “Aham Brahmasmi”, “I am Brahman, the Infinite Reality”. So fears have to be tackled through observation.

Mohanji quote - Guru brings the fire of awareness

Q: At the feet of the Guru and God how can one end the prarabda karma?
Mohanji: Prarabda karma is a set of desires, which you chose, before you took birth. This is why you were born. A guru brings the fire of awareness so that you can easily handle your karma. Say you are bicycling uphill, the Guru oils the bicycle so that it becomes effortless. Then, of course there is the protection factor…
However, please understand, there is a big difference between an Acharya and a Guru.
Many times, people say practise this for some time. So we keep experimenting, and trial and errors take a lot of time in life. Some people search their entire life for the path and they exit without finding the path. Then they have to come back. Of course it is possible to have many lives, so it is not a problem. When people search their entire lives and do not find a path, they feel disillusioned. You can see this quite often in the Himalayas. People try various paths, various Gurus, but still do not know their way out. Then they may decide to teach (HA, HA) so that they feel better off, just joking….!

Q: How to find peace when the mind is disturbed?

Mohanji: Watch it. Do not participate. Only when you energize, does it become alive. As the worries are happening, watch them. This is when faith comes into play. How deep is your faith? Usually, we say we have faith and we say we surrender. However when you surrender something at the feet of God, it should leave your mind. It should not remain there. Don’t hold on to it and then surrender. People say Baba I leave it to you and then they take it back. Baba cannot work on it because you have not left it behind. Baba says, “If you leave it at my feet, I will take care of it”. So LEAVE IT! Don’t take it home. Surrender should be complete. Do not partially surrender. It is of no use. If you do not, you might as well carry it home. If you can handle it, please do, it is not a problem. However, if you wish to surrender something, surrender completely. Then you are relieved of it. It’s akin to saying, “It’s not my baby anymore, now you take care of it.” This works very well, because such powerful entities like Jesus or Baba can perform miracles. However, you should allow it to happen. Faith should be absolute, not partial. You cannot say, “If you do this, I will have faith in you, otherwise I won’t”. Faith should be absolute, with awareness.

Mohanji quote - Like a loving mother

Q: Is it “Saburi” (patience)?
Not Saburi… as there is no faith, one’s faith is a shaky faith. Understand that there is no degree of faith. Either you have faith or you don’t. Having ten percent faith is useless! Either I have faith or I have no faith. Our mind can categorize in many ways. Saburi is not there. That is why Baba kept repeating Saburi. Have patience. We want everything happening yesterday! As if we chose that way!


Q : How to seek true forgiveness and how to forgive others, when saying sorry to the person concerned physically does not work ? What do we do in this situation?
Mohanji: Forgiveness is actually unburdening and helps liberation.
When someone is agitated, if you ask them to forgive you or you say that you forgive them, their response may create more emotions. The first level of creation is always the thought. You start forgiving at that level. If you talk, it might actually create another situation. Words are always in your control. As I said before, you do not control your thoughts but with words, you do have control, because you can choose what to say. Likewise, with actions, you definitely have control. You can choose how to act and what to act on. So start forgiving at the thought level. It’s a mental wave and creation happens there. So you keep forgiving the person who hurt you or whom you are hurting or you think you have hurt. Start forgiving in the mind, “I, so and so, forgive this person, please forgive me and release me too.” Thus it is unhooking. You have to keep unhooking the person or they cannot leave. Suppose I tie your leg to mine, I also cannot walk! This binds two persons or a set of people. Thus forgiveness should be total release. And it should first happen at the mind level. If you keep repeating it at the mind level, the vibration reaches that person. It is subtle, but it does actually reach the person. Some people say Manasa Pooja, i.e. that Pooja in the mind is more powerful than an actual ritual. This is because if the mind is traveling while doing the ritual, then the ritual is of no use. However when the mind is doing the Pooja, it is more effective. Why? Because the mind is constant on the activity. Thus the mind has to be present for any result. Any ritual which is done mechanically is just an activity, it has no value. So the first level of forgiveness is in the mind. When the situation becomes conducive to speaking, you will know. Till such time do it in the mind, and do not say it. When you are ready to speak and the other person is ready to receive, you can sit down and talk. Otherwise further emotions are created. Emotion is the glue that attaches a thought, a word or an action to the subconscious, and that creates Karma and unfulfilled desires. That is why I always say, while the body is moving with time, from 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock why don’t you take your mind with you? Why do you leave it behind? Take the mind with you, and then it will not be stuck with events. Your mind will be free and you can keep traveling ahead. This is good and you are staying liberated. You are moving with all your properties and belongings. In contrast, if you leave all your belongings in various places, you have to go back and collect them! This takes time and energy and also creates agony, at times. Thus whenever your mind is stuck with a past event, there is guilt or fear or inconvenience at the least! Leave the past behind. The past is over, you can never go back and correct anything. Who is to say that we should have done better? Others can say it, but others do not know you. You did well in the past. You did the best that you could. No one does things deciding that he or she would like to mess them up, right? We all try to do our best, every time. So accept that! I did my best at that point in time and it is good enough. Move on. The future may show that it was a blunder. However it is alright, because my awareness only gave me so much capacity. What can I do? My intention was to lift 100 kilos, while my capacity was only 10 kilos! I can only use my capacity. I cannot use someone else’s capacity. I cannot be Sylvester Stallone, nor can Sylvester Stallone be me! This is how the world is created. Every person is unique, they have a value, a function and they are supposed to be themselves, not someone else. However sometimes we do not allow that to happen. Thus forgiveness is first of all an understanding and the first level of forgiveness is in the mind, followed by words and after that comes action. Thus just like many thoughts, fewer words, lesser action, there should be more forgiveness in the mind, fewer words and lesser action. Before the action occurs, the situation should be sorted out. Then, it’s liberation.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Edited by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Listen to Your Soul, Not the Mind

If you listen to your soul, everything will be fine, but you listen to the mind

Like mind, intellect also keeps changing. So when the body is lying dead, we call it Mohan’s body. Who was Mohan? The soul connected to the body is called Mohan, and when the soul leaves the body, it becomes a dead body. Thus, the soul element is the God element and this is exactly what we need to know and also connect to.
Who is closest to you and who is your personal Guru? Other than your own soul, no one else can be your personal Guru. The soul guides you and if you listen to the soul, everything is fine. However, we listen to the mind, we listen to our habits. We listen to our micro existence. Hence at times you do not get the required satisfaction. So, who is God? You are God!

Question: What about reincarnation?
Your desires, your pending shopping list, brings you back. When you started the journey, you brought sufficient money to complete the journey. The path was fully decided from birth until death. This is what we call destiny. Destiny has been chosen, or Prarabda Karma, i.e. the karma from birth till death has been chosen, and you do not have much choice in terms of detours or deviation. So where is free will during this journey? There is very limited free will. The journey does not allow free will. Perhaps the free will I have in this second is to lift either this hand or that hand! Once that second passes by, the free will is also gone! It is that limited! You actually do not have much free will!!


However, there is a Dharma aspect parallel to the karma aspect. The first and primary Dharma is to your own family, your immediate family. You are supposed to take care of them. This is called Putr Dharma, Pitr Dharma – the Dharma or duty of the parent towards the child, the child towards the parents and husband to wife. These Dharmas run parallel. If you do not fulfill these Dharmas, you leave behind a debt. The second dharma is dharma towards society; you should be doing something for others. This way you are paying your debt to Earth.

So firstly, you pay the debt of your existence, to your parents and to your children. Secondly you pay your debt towards the Earth because you are using the Earth for expressing and experiencing. Hence this is important, very important.
That is why most religions suggest doing something for the world, by way of selfless service. People escape to the Himalayas or other places where they meditate, shed and become liberated, but often they come back because they haven’t taken care of their debt to the Earth. They come back to fulfill this. So even if you leave as “JeevanMukta” and give up your body, you come back because you have something to clear here, just like a rented a house. You rented a house, stayed there and left without paying the rent. So someone reaches out to collect the rent. In this case, Earth catches you and brings you back. In contrast, say you paid the rent while living, and I am not talking about elaborate selfless services, paying millions for services. It could be the simple act of buying a meal for a poor man. Do what you can afford. When someone is hungry offer food or buy water, perform spontaneous acts. It does not have to be that you will do “Annadaan” for a hundred people. You could if you desire to, but that is not asked for. Do what you can for the world, according to your capacity. This will keep you liberated. It is also part of Karma yoga.
So, you cannot control your destiny, because you chose it. You chose the whole path, the entire journey and brought the petrol to complete the journey. However, during the journey, you find other things that interest you and this was not part of the original agenda. This is like if you went out to buy a Maruti car. Then en route you see a Mercedes and decide that’s what I want, not this Maruti! Since you didn’t bring sufficient money, what do you think happens? You come back, with more money! This is how we expand our plans and keep coming back. What can change this and how can we change this? Only one thing can help, and that is awareness! Awareness of who we are. Being aware that we are God, that we are a part of God.
This is a role play and in the next one hundred years, even a child born today will not be living on Earth. There will be a completely different set of people walking here. So what are we holding on to? What can we hold on to? Nothing! Again quoting Krishna, “There are hundreds of sense objects in the world, these are there for you to enjoy or for you to use. To understand these hundreds of objects, you have been given five senses, eyes, ears, nose etc. At a given point in time, if your mind is not with these senses, you cannot understand them”.
If the mind is not with the tongue, you will not enjoy the food. If you are watching TV and you are eating, you are eating unconsciously. Either your mind is on the TV show or on the food; it cannot be in two places at the same time. There is nothing called multi-tasking. It’s like we are mechanically trying to do many things together and probably messing it up! You could probably increase your speed, but if the mind is not held constant on an activity you will not enjoy it. You are looking at a beautiful landscape, your eyes are looking at it, but the mind is elsewhere, you don’t enjoy it. Beautiful music is playing, ears are hearing it, mind is elsewhere. Will you enjoy the music? Hence, in order to enjoy something, you have one mind. Five senses and one mind. So one hundred became five, and five becomes one! At a given point in time, you only enjoy one thing! Our conscious, waking state capacity is so limited.
We do have high potential, but how do you increase the capacity? Shift from the senses to the third eye, to the higher. That is why we keep saying, shift to the spine. When you shift to the spine, you are operating from the spine. Usually our operating level is 120 degrees, in other words the level at which our head can turn, but the remaining 240 degrees is missing. When we go to the spine, we also start accessing the remaining 240 degrees. Thus it becomes 360 degrees. Your awareness shifts, the way you look at the world changes. When awareness shifts, your whole outlook changes. Many things that you think are essential for existence may not be important anymore. Thus I always say that in this world, there is only one thing worth investing in, awareness! This is because you take it further when you go. When the soul leaves the body, it takes the desires, and it also takes the awareness. So, you start from where you stopped. Understand that spirituality doesn’t end here. All your material wealth, all your relationships stop here when you die, but awareness is brought forward. It goes along with your desires; it becomes part of your character. You will then take birth in a location such that you will be able to continue your journey. So awareness is like a progressive graph. It does not stop anywhere.

Question: Reincarnation?
Mohanji: Reincarnation happens based on unfulfilled desires. When you go to the astral plane, there are Masters equal to what we have here. However we have two types of Masters here…

Who is actually a Master?


One who has mastered the mind, one who is beyond the Gunas, i.e. the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas, one who operates on a perpetual plane, and one who enjoys perpetual bliss is a Master. His mind has dissolved into his soul. He does not have a separate mind that drags him, and he is operating in 360 degrees all the time. His awareness is complete. He is beyond the Gunas which means there is no high or low. He is operating on a perpetual plane, he is a real Master. However, what has happened is that Acharyas or teachers are called Masters because we give titles like Swami and we blur between these two. Acharyas are basically exponents of knowledge. Like college professors, they know certain things and they transfer it to people, but they are not connected to the Higher. Those who are connected to the Higher may not be literate. What was the qualification of Jesus Christ? He was a carpenter, but he was sufficient to teach great scholars of religion. Where did the knowledge come from? From the Source! ”My Father and I are one”. This means, the limited consciousness and the infinite consciousness have merged together, we have become one. When you actually become one, there is no difference. I do not exist. I dissolve into the Higher Consciousness. Likewise when our consciousness dissolves into the consciousness of the whole Universe then everything is within you. And the whole knowledge is yours. So that is why we say, the state of Shiva is something which you should understand, you should be in it. To know Shiva, be Shiva.

Anxieties and fears

Question: Life at this moment looks difficult; there are fears that cloud the moment and the mind. How can one overcome the fears, the anxieties of the future?
Mohanji: Well this is everyone’s problem. Where are the fears coming from? They come from lack of understanding or ignorance. Primarily, fear arises because we feel we are doing acts. Do you realize we have no control of over 80 percent of our vital functions? Who is controlling our heart beat, digestion or circulation? Thus most of the activities which keep us alive are not in our control. So, we first of all understand that there is a large subconscious that is running the show. Our conscious mind has very big limitations. As I said earlier, hundreds of sense objects, five senses and one mind to operate it all. So at a given time you can only experience one aspect of something. We should have the understanding that we are limited in our capacity.
Secondly, we believe we could have done better, but please understand that you have chosen the destiny, from one point to the other, from birth until death. You have chosen the destiny in such a way, that it gave you the time, space, intellect, awareness and the surroundings, to operate in it, to experience or express. So within that space and time, you have to do (acts), you cannot be at another location, or in another space, because it is not part of your plan. I can only start walking from here. I cannot start walking from another position because I am sitting here. This is the truth of the day. So acceptance of who you are, as you are, is important. We never do that. We do not agree that we are fine. We always feel we are insufficient, because we keep comparing. As I said earlier, your original agenda was to buy a Maruti car, but then you decided that’s not what you wanted. So you keep changing the goal post and as a result what happens is that you feel you are insufficient, that there is something wrong with you. This is not true, we are absolutely fine, we have been created in perfection, and we are operating in perfection. This is exactly what we have to understand, and the path is through the spine. If you establish yourself in your spine, you see the whole perspective. If I said I knew you, it would be a lie. How do I know you? I am trying to judge a person based on how he or she looks and what he or she says. We do not know, because each individual, within 24 hours, goes through 3 phases of life, waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. Thus if I know the person in all these states, in 24 hours, I can say I know you. But do we? It’s impossible! Else you should reach that kind of awareness! So fears are coming out of insecurities, insecurities are coming out of non-understanding. If a person is fully conscious of whom he is and operates in that level, there will be no insecurity. There will be no competition.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse

Why Don’t We Know We’re God?

The Supreme

If you say I am God intellectually, it is ego. Actually, it’s an experience. You experience the God element in you, and at that time you call yourself enlightened. However, before that if you call yourself God, it means you are trying to become egoistic, you are trying to portray what you are not. You have not understood. Somebody says you are God, so you say I am God, but what is God? God is the substratum. Everything is formed out of him, and everything will dissolve back into Him. That is what Krishna says in the Bhagavat Gita, “You can offer even a leaf or a flower to me, but understand that it belongs to me anyway! Please offer, there is no problem, but eventually it is all mine!” Who is that mine? The Supreme God, the “Para Brahman”, not a finite form which we call Krishna. He is talking in the terms of The Supreme “Para Brahman”. Likewise Krishna also says you can make an offering to any deity you like, your “Ishta Devata”- a deity that you like, you can offer them anything, it all comes to me. So who is this Me? The Supreme “Para Brahman”, from where all forms arose, all forms came out, and eventually into which all will dissolve back. So this is the process of existence. We come out of somewhere, we shed the body and dissolve back somewhere.

Why is it that we have to come back to earth again?

Because the shopping list is not fulfilled and we keep adding to it too! We keep adding desires. Usual desires which are weak might not create another birth, however the deep impressions or the deep desires which have to be fulfilled, whether they are positive or negative, definitely create another birth. There are subtle desires also which we can avoid, and which are not of much seriousness.

Why do we not know that we are God?

So who is God? You are God. But why do we not understand this? Have you ever thought about that? Why do we not know that we are God? It is a question worth asking. Do you know why? It’s because we always search outside of us. We are always looking for God outside. We go to temples, we do Poojas, thinking that God is sitting outside. There was a great saint called Avvaiyyar in Tamilnadu. She was sitting in the temple with her back towards the deity and eating something. Two Brahmins came and said what are you doing? Your back is towards God. She said, “Really? So God is there, I never knew.” We think God sits in the idol, but God is everywhere. We need an idol so that we can focus, so that we can relate to it. Idols are usually created based on certain characteristics of ours, which is why we have 33 crore Gods. Since each person is unique, everyone cannot connect to every God, everyone cannot connect to every Guru. So, we need to have different Gurus, different Gods, different religions, different paths, so that each person can identify themselves with one of them. However, it is all one, it is all the same. You can choose a Guru you like, you can choose a religion you like, you can choose a path or a God you like and that is how it must be. Only then will there be progress, and once you choose a God or a Guru, go all the way till the end of the road. It’s all inside. First of all, you have to feel connected inside and when you know that you are connected, make the effort to go all the way, till you realize that you and I are one. So what is realization? The understanding that there is nothing apart from us, that it is all a part of us.
During the Kumbh Mela, I met an Avadhoota who lives in a tree.


He does not have voting rights, nor does he pay taxes. He doesn’t have an ATM card or a bank account, a very liberated being. A saint who was with us told us that this person is very evolved and enlightened. So we searched for him. We had about 30 French people with us and we searched, but could not find him. Finally we saw him inside a forest, sitting under a tree. There were a few people around him and he was talking. He asked those around him a question, “Can you hear the birds chirping?” It was a forest, so of course, the birds were chirping. He asked, “Where are the birds? Are they outside of you, or inside you?” If they are outside of us, we have something to do. We have to bring them inside. That means we have to expand our consciousness so that we become all encompassing. When we merge our consciousness with the consciousness of the Universe, we become God, we feel what God is. If the birds are outside of you, you are a unit, and you have a lot of work to do. The main work to do is shedding, annihilating the limited ego, the limited identifications, such as my name is Mohan, and I look like this. All these identifications bind you to an image, to a certain identification. Each night, we shed it.

Shedding during deep sleep

During our deep sleep state, we do not know whether we are man or woman, we do not know the time or space, and we do not know our qualifications. We know nothing. When we wake up we bring everything back. So, we have a stage, which teaches us that there is an element of nullification. This is also like a death state, where you have no identification.

Experiencing and expressing in dreams

The dream state is equal to the waking state because the dream state also spends a lot of energy. It takes energy and is another state just like the waking state. The only difference is that you have a different canvas to work on, you have a different frame to exercise and probably your identities are not blocking you in exercising and experiencing. The reason you are here on earth is to experience the world outside with whatever it is, and to express your constitution to the world. You are doing these two activities in dreams also. The images which you capture in your waking state are not available in the dream state, but you have a different frame to work on, which is much better sometimes. Also you do not carry forward or remember some of them in your waking state, because you don’t need to remember. If you were to remember, that could become a trauma. In an Astral experience your body is in a deep sleep state. Please understand the deep sleep state is always replenishment time. It replenishes you, it charges you back up like a battery charger, like your mobile charger. That is when you are completely replenished. So the deep sleep state is a state where you are fine, where your body is in a suspended state, and the waking mind does not exist. Thus you are able to travel and you can actually go out and come back. The astral world is where we usually go after our death and it is very familiar to us because we have gone there many times. Maybe you don’t know the roads here, but you definitely know the roads there, because you have been there many times. On Earth you can take birth in any location as per your karmas, as per your desires. However in the astral plane you already know the road map and the roads, and experiences such as, when we meet people, talk to them, and share experiences are brought forth by you into this physical world, i.e. the conscious world. You will remember because you need to remember. These are messages conveyed in a particular plane for exercising in the waking state. You will remember them though you may not remember dreams. So please understand the difference between astral experiences and dreams.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Edited by Caroline Moscato

By mohansuniverse