The Secret of Enlightenment

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 3

23rd February, 2017

Mohanji quote - Your state is absolute silence -white

Q: Can every spiritual man get enlightened in this life?

A: My theory is that we are all enlightened by birth. Some people don’t know this because of the overwhelming mind. Enlightenment is like graduation, you are reaching a pedestal, you are becoming stabilized at one point and that stability we carry with us all the time. The answer to your question is yes, it is definitely possible, provided that you can stay away from your mind, look at your mind with your mind.

Do you know what happens when you keep looking your mind with your mind? You’re just sitting and looking at your mind, not doing anything. The mind will tell you, “Hey, look at here, check Facebook, Whatsapp, there are so many messages!” The mind will say all these things, but you are not doing anything, just sitting, looking. Then the mind will take the next step, “Hey, if you are sitting like this, your wife will beat you,” or, “Better cook your food before your wife comes.”

The mind will say everything to create fear. Still, you are sitting, looking at the mind, not doing anything. Day and night you are sitting and looking at your mind. It will bring everything from the depths of your storage box. It will bring all the memories you have stored – fear, anger, hatred, frustrations and all anxieties for the future.

fear hatred anxiety anger frustrations pandoras-box

Everything will come out through the mind. You are just sitting and watching, not doing anything. After some time they slow down. They slow down, slow down, slow down… and the mind becomes still. There is nothing in your box. Everything is finished. Until then you are looking at your mind through your mind. Then there will be no mind to look at because the mind is dependent on the materials which have been stored, either internal or external. If you are not interested in external materials and as internal ones are finished, then mind itself gets finished. When there is no picture to show, the screen is black. Mind vanishes. Then what will you look the mind with? Nothing. There is nothing called the mind. You realize that the mind is an illusion maintained by material or memory. When the material or memory dies, mind dies. Then you are enlightened. This is the secret of enlightenment. If any of you have understood this from the bottom of your heart, I guarantee you, you have the potential for enlightenment.

I’m not into kindergarten philosophy. I give hardcore stuff. This is the truth.

Audience: (laughter)

Mohanji quote - The language of your soul is silence

Q: When I meditate, I start to control my breathing, I stop breathing and feel as if I am forcing it. Why does it happen?

A: That is very simple. Your mind is getting involved and mind is trying to influence the process. What you need to do it allow the mind to get involved and don’t try to control anything. Just stay natural. For example, your body has synchronicity. There is a pattern with which the body operates. If you observe closely the nostrils, only one nostril is active every sixty minutes. Then it is the other one. When you look at the heart beat, the heart takes rest, then beats, takes rest, then beats. If you observe the kidneys, one kidney functions at one time. Like that, our body has a perfect system where one organ sleeps or takes rest while another one is active. Like that, if you keep observing this functionality of breath where one nostril is active while the other one is inactive, just observe it without getting your mind involved, just watching, not interfering, what happens? You will come to the mind or you will overcome the mind. The moment you overcome the mind, it’s peace. The mind will definitely get involved as it wants to stay alive. It will keep influencing your thought process, your activity, and even the result. So mind’s job is to get involved. Allow it, but don’t pay any attention.

Mohanji quote - There is nothing called the mind

Q: I am in a conflict between a desire to move to a quiet place on Fruska Gora and do my spiritual practice, deepen my connection with myself and raise my awareness, and a desire to fulfill the family commitments at home, responsibility to my husband and children.

A: We have a beautiful mountain range called the Himalayas in India. So many people go there and so many people come back from there. The point is in our life we are experiencing life through time. Time has given us relationships, experiences, various factors which we are enjoying, like our husband, children, house, time, place. While all these things were happening, what was always with you? Who was your companion? Your soul. Soul has always been there. You have always been spiritual. It is not another location, person or time. It doesn’t work that way. You have to be spiritual while you are with your children, husband, while you are doing your job, when you are farming, eating food…  Every moment the spine of life is spirituality. For this, feel life, don’t do life. Feel food, feel love, feel emotions, feel anger, feel hatred, feel everything. Everything is felt and it’s over. It’s done. When you feel and feel and feel life, you become complete. Do you know where Fruska Gora is? Inside you. Do you know where the Himalayas are? Inside you. Even if you go to the Himalayas or Fruska Gora, maybe mosquitoes will bite you and you will get bored with it. There is no guaranteed happiness in life. Bring Fruska Gora inside. All the things outside are just suggestions. What you take inside becomes your reality. Take Fruska Gora inside. Otherwise, if we avoid life, it is all escapism. You cannot avoid life. You cannot avoid anything. Any relationship, any encounter. People can criticize you and say,“He is not good. He is not up to the mark.“ They do not understand. You can’t avoid anything in life. Whatever has to happen will happen at the right time at the right capacity, in the right amount.

So, be happy right now. Be grateful you have your family, you have your nagging people around you 🙂 They push you to become spiritual. Be happy. If mosquitoes do not bite, you do not think about God.

Mohanji quote - In the university of life

Q: Can you tell us something about Ishta Devatas and connection with Ishta Devata?

A: Beautiful question. Where is this question coming from?

The favourite deity is something which is connected to what you are. We have all certain orientation. There are various gunas in people – sattva, rajas, tamas – which build our constitution. Based on our constitution we get connected to certain deities, certain people. This is because an ingredient for that particular energy is inside us. So your Ishta Devata i.e. your favourite deity is your own expression or what you are. You are seeing a form of a deity. It’s your own expression. In that matter, all the people coming to you in life are part of you because the kind of people who are coming to you, meeting you, interacting with you, sharing experiences with you, giving you experience irrespective of whether it’s pleasure or pain, are your own projections. The ingredient of them sits inside you.

Mohanji quote - All the people coming to you

Q: How much does food influence meditation and everything else? Yesterday I came back from India where I experimented a lot with my body, mind, soul, etc. I have an impression that when I am not full, when my stomach is empty as I didn’t eat or drink anything, then I receive energy much more easily during the meditation than when I meditate with a full stomach. It is easier when I am hungry or half-hungry, more energy flows through my body.

A: It has quite a lot of influence. We do not usually eat as per requirement of our body. We consume based on the clock or our emotion. That is not helping the system. The system is getting turbulent because of our consumption. The body doesn’t need all this food and the body has its way of replenishing itself. Let me give you one example, consumption of salt. As soon as we consume salt through food or otherwise, the body starts thinking how to throw it away now? All the fluids which come out of our body are salty. Body throws the salt out through sweat, tears… Body rejects salt through every level. Because if you consume salt, it prevents digestion to a certain point. Eating is our habit. One of our compelling habits is food. That influences our daily life. We say it’s time I must have this food, we are conditioned to think like this. We can very well reduce the quantity intake, however, especially if you are active, you must have certain replenishment, nevertheless, not as the quantity which we consume normally.

Furthermore, there is a lot of difference between raw food, cooked food, animal products.  each gives different effect to our life. The more raw the food or food which has seen the sun, and has grown without fertilizers or chemicals, the cleaner your system will be. Food has a big influence. When you eat less, you can meditate better, concentration becomes better, distractions become less.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic





Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambala)

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 2

23rd February 2017

Q: Did you ever have physical contact with Sathya Sai Baba, not just mentally or through energy? If yes, when and where?

A: I didn’t meet him physically. I saw him, but I never had an opportunity to interact with him. I saw him at a distance a few times. It was in about 2009, 2010. Of course, I met him earlier  – in 2003 and 2004.



Later on, I came in contact with various Masters. I have never searched for something, I’ve never even searched for a Master. Whatever came, came to me. I feel that in spirituality whatever has to come to you, will come to you. I never went searching. Even when I was visiting the Himalayas I never looked for a master or a method or a particular program. I met Vittal Babaji, a very, very powerful Master who left his body in 2014. I met him on December 19th, 2012. Then, later on, I also met Vasudevan Swami, who was a very humble old man. Bent, but so powerful that he had the power to call any deity and they came. Later on, I met Baba Ganeshananda Giri who lived with Shirdi Sai Baba. That was a very powerful Master, too. He was 105 years old and he also left his body, in April 2016.


Then I met Avadhoota Nadananda, another very, very powerful Master, who is still in his body. His autobiography is available as a book, both in English and Serbian. I met these Masters and they all added value to my existence, one way or the other.

Energy transfer vs. Connection with a Master’s energy

Mohanji quote - If you constantly think and connect to a frequency

Q: I am here for the first time, but I have meditated and prayed for a long time and I can go deep in my prayers. I have heard from my friend recently that a master transfers energy, which is called Shaktipat. I tried to connect with this energy and I think I succeeded in it. Can you say more about it and could you make me aware of the mistakes I make in my meditations?

A: You can be in my consciousness, and through connecting with my consciousness, you can experience it. But Shaktipat is energy transfer, you cannot connect to it. What we are doing is we are diluting or dissolving the blockages in the system and helping the energy to flow freely. So when all the blockages are removed over a period of time, energy will move freely and you will change or your dimensions will shift. This is Shaktipat. It is something which is transferred physically. But when you think about me or any Master over a period of time with consistency, your energy connection definitely happens. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. That is why I always say Lord Jesus is still available to connect. The energy called Jesus is definitely available. Lord Krishna is available. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. If you constantly think and connect to a frequency, you will spontaneously get elevated to that frequency. When you are sincerely connecting to a Master, just a connection with the eye is enough for the transfer to happen. There is no need for even touching.

There was a great Master… we cannot refer to him in the past tense, as every Master is still here. So there is a great master called Papaji who became enlightened, standing, when Ramana Maharishi just looked at him. Ramana didn’t even touch him. So whether they’ll get automatically elevated depends on connectivity, openness, and the faith of a person. Because how do you know that a person is deeply connected to a Master? When his mind is with the master. You can physically be with anybody. Usually, husband and wife live together, but physically they are together, mentally they are far apart. Similarly, if you are deeply connected to a master with the mind, you will get everything from him without asking.

Experience with Avadhoota Nadananda


I’ve never been to any Master asking for a title, or any power till now. Whatever has come to me, has been given by their own discretion with the consideration that I can handle it. All you have to do is just be empty. If you have this much knowledge, you have only as much as your capacity for receiving.  If your glass is totally empty, the entire glass will be filled. So this is up to us, we can be completely empty, we will be filled up. The right disciple is the emptiest disciple.

Avadhoota Nadananda, whose Autobiography you may have read, is still in his body. He is 76 years old. Most of us have practiced so many things and achieved certain levels. Before this Master actually attained all the powers that he has, his guru told him, “Go to the Himalayas, but with two conditions –  do not touch money, do not beg for food. I the food comes to you, eat it, if it doesn’t come to you, observe fasting. Consider that day as the day of fasting.”

So the young man goes to the Himalayas with the promise that he would not touch money and that he would not beg for food. Imagine how tough it must have been. Because Himalayan terrains are tough, the climate is unpredictable with extreme cold and sometimes warmth. Everything is unpredictable. This person walked, traveled in whatever situations possible, reached the Himalayas, attained the level of the pontiff of Gyanganj (Shambala) and came back with that. See, you can attain any level if it is your first priority. Most of us do not consider spirituality as our first priority. That is why many of us do not attain anything.

Furthermore, none of us can see our causal layer. We can only see the effects of the causes in our daily life. Gyanganj is a causal layer of the Earth. Whatever is happening in the world (and whatever will happen in Gyanganj) has its root cause based in Gyanganj. Nobody can stay there. They can only be trained there. People cannot even see it. You need to look through your third eye to see the location. Otherwise, it is just blank land. Most people, even Buddhist monks who live in the neighborhood had said that there is no place like this. It is just imagination. But this Master went there, got trained there and came back.

I’ll give you a short experience of mine with this Master.

Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambhala)

I was invited to inaugurate a restaurant in a place called Shirdi which is synonymous with Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba lived in this place, and a vegan restaurant was coming up here. And they asked me to come and inaugurate it. The restaurant is called ‘Ahimsa Vegan’.

Ahimsa Vegan in Shirdi

One of these restaurants has also opened in London. If you go to London you can taste the food there. In June 2016 I was going for the inauguration and Nadananda was also there participating in it. Before I actually took the flight to reach there he called me.

He said, “Mohanji, I would like to have one hour with you alone, without anybody. Can you give me this time?

I said, “Guruji, your wish is my command. Do consider it as done.We will meet and spend time.”

Once I reached there after breakfast, he said, “Come, let’s walk.”

So the two of us were walking along the streets of Shirdi and he was telling me various things, one of which is: “Look here. Sai Baba came to this place. It was totally empty. It was a very poor village. There was nothing here. Today you see all these big buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels, all this business. Thousands of people are eating food in the name of Sai Baba in this place. It’s the same thing with most of us. People may not recognize you while you are in the body. After your death, people will appreciate you more.”

I asked him, “Does it really matter? We are doing our job, we are conveying the message. Whether people appreciate it or not it doesn’t matter to us.”

Then he said, “No, I just want you to know.“

I said, “Ok.“

Nadananda quote - to Mophanji about Shirdi Sai Baba

Then we went to the temple. He said, “We are not going inside the temple. We are not going inside the Samadhi Mandir. Those who have to see us will see us outside.” I did not understand the meaning of what he said. Who’s going to come and see us outside? Maybe Sai Baba himself would come and see us but it’s all tall order, it’s not easy.

So we went around and then sat down and he told me, “Mohanji, you see, all our people are doing service to people. You are doing charity work. But that’s not the way to do charity work. There is nobody outside of you. You cannot serve anybody outside of you. You can only serve yourself in other people. There are no other people. What you see as other people, is your own extension. So you are serving yourself.”

I said, “Ok,” listening to all this. Then, suddenly he said, “Come, he is waiting for us.”

We went around and there was one man, naked and with matted hair, and a cloth around his waist, standing there looking at the Shiva temple. Avadhoota Nadananda gave me some money from his pocket. I did not carry any money. So he gave it to me and said, “Go and give it to him.”

I took the money, handed it over, and kind of bowed down and then Avadhoota Nadananda said, “Let’s go.”

We left together, went out, then he said, “This was the person who took me to Gyanganj. He was the guru of the Master, Bhagawan Nityananda, who left his body in 1961.“

So this Master had left his body before. Incidentally, only he and I saw this person standing there. Nobody else was bothered about him. Only we could see. Then he said,

“Now I have connected you directly to Gyanganj. My job is over.“

This is how masters work.

I have written a blog about it A Day in Shirdi with an Avadhoota.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2017

Mohanji 36

Good day to all of you. Happy Guru Purnima.

We spoke last year at the same time, I was conveying a message to you about Guru Purnima and a few other things as well. Today when I am sitting here, talking to you, I am remembering a story.

A young child was sitting with his grandfather. He asked the grandfather, “Are you going to be with me for long?“ Grandfather said, “You know, I’m very old, I could leave any day.“

Then the grandchild asked, “What would you like to have before you leave?“

He said, “Just peace. Nothing else.“

The child asked, “You don’t want anything else? Only peace? Where do you get it from?“

Then grandfather said, “You cannot buy that. You can’t get it from outside. It’s something inside.“

Every being on earth has only one aim – to live in peace.


We should always remember this. No amount of wealth, no amount of relationships, nothing that money can buy or money cannot buy, can guarantee peace. Peace is an attitude which you cultivate when you accept yourself and accept the environment around yourself 100%. You know that this is given, you are happy about it, you are contented, you are peaceful.

You can see this in the absolute reality in the animal kingdom. Imagine a lion is hungry. It expresses hunger. It hunts an animal. Then all the family members come together and they feed on the animal. Once they filled their bellies, they just disperse for a week or more. They do not even attempt to kill another animal. They just have their food, they take easy, the rest of the days are ok.

Human beings, because we are thinking too much, are always anxious about something which is probably going to happen in days ahead or in the future. But have you ever thought, whatever has already happened, until whichever age you have lived, did you have any real control over it? Did you believe that YOU chose those incidents, those places, those situations, those people, those experiences? Did you actually choose? It’s important to think. This is very important thing to remember that most of the things in life happened at a particular time, at a particular place, with a particular group of people and we just carry the memories of it. The incident is over. You cannot do anything about it. It’s done. You carry the memories of it. You keep some by remembering them every day or whenever possible, you discard some believing they are not worth it, but we mostly remembrance of sadness. This affects our life. When we keep the remembrance of sadness, it breeds more sadness. When we maintain remembrance of betrayals, it brings forth more betrayals. When we maintain remembrance of separation, it provokes more separation. This is the way life works. What you remember stays with you.  What you do not remember has gone with the past. It’s important to leave the past behind. You cannot carry it forward anyway. There is nothing to carry forward. Life is all about experiences. Every moment, every time, every day, in every situation, we are just experiencing our incarnation on earth. We are not doing anything else on this world. What else are we doing? There is nothing else. We are just experiencing this incarnation in multiple facets – different places, different people, different situations. All the time we are experiencing our incarnation in various dimensions. So as we are experiencing this incarnation, memories are bound to happen because experience leaves memories. Experiences have residue and residue is called memories. The more memories you store, they become impressions and the more impressions you have, they provoke a new existence, a new karma. So it’s important to understand that everything we experience must be left with the time, not in the mind. There is a way we connect to people, situations, times and places. Most of the time our connection is with the mind. When you connect with anybody with your mind, it’s always temporary. Just watch. But the moment you connect with somebody from your heart, without an agenda (heart doesn’t have an agenda, when I say heart it’s the center of your chest, we call it anahata or a spiritual heart whatever you want to call it), you have no prejudices, you have no differences, you are unconditional. One of the signs or examples of connection with the heart is between a mother and a child. The mother connects with her child without prejudices, without discrimination, without conditions and that’s a pure connection. Similarly, from a guru to a disciple, a true guru, one who is connected to a source, always connects with his disciples, his followers from the heart, which means he does not discriminate, he has no prejudices, he loves, just loves. What kind of love? Unconditional love, without any expectation. One of the highest and the noblest relationships is between a guru and a disciple. But a disciple often connects to a guru with the mind. There is a big difference here. The moment you connect to somebody with the mind, there are always possibilities of prejudices, doubts, anger, hatred, jealousy, separation, alienation, all sorts of stuff. Everything is possible with the mind because mind is like that. Nature of mind is like that. Mind always represents duality – here and there, up and down, good and bad. Mind represents relative truth or Maya, so when mind represents relative truth, our connection also represents relative truth. So when you are connecting to a master with the mind, you are connecting in relative terms – me and him. When the connection is with the mind, the chances for merger, unification of consciousness is very difficult. Why? Because mind never allows unification. It always maintains separation.

Food for thought: are you connecting to your master with your mind or with your heart? If you are connecting with your master with your heart, I guarantee you, you will never have separation in this existence and beyond. Instead, if you are connecting to the master with your mind, please remember, sooner or later, doubts will sprout, doubts can become confusion, confusion can become alienation, alienation can become separation. This is truth. So whenever you are connecting to your mother or you are connecting to your master, connecting to earth, beings outside, always connect with your heart. Even if there are bad experiences, because you connected from the heart, still, your level of purity will remain the same. Nobody can touch your purity. Furthermore, there is no expectation. This is a beautiful situation. You have no expectation from anybody, so whether you get love or hatred it is the same for you. You accept everything. Also, nobody can walk over you because they cannot do anything to you. You are so immune, so powerful.

So if a master is available in your life, connect to your master with your heart and never be separate. As a benchmark, always understand, when your connection is from the mind, how do you know it is from the mind? Your doubts are sprouting. This is one of the signs. Whether alienation is happening, whether separation is being felt. While the truth is not separation. You can never be separate from the true guru. But you are feeling separation. Why are you feeling separation? Because you are connecting with your mind, not with your heart. If you are actually connecting with your heart, you will not feel separation. that all idea itself will not come in your mind. This is so beautiful.

Likewise, there are certain things connected to your body, but we entertain them in our mind. For example, food. Why do we eat food? Because we maintain a food sheath i.e. the body. We maintain the body because we have to maintain an incarnation. We will maintain this incarnation as long as we have karma associated with this incarnation. We eat food to keep this incarnation, this body, alive. We eat as much as it takes to maintain this incarnation, no more nor less.

The same with sexuality. Sexuality is a thing of the body. Now food and sexuality. These two things are very prominent or predominant in everybody’s life. Where does the problem happen? When the food is a thing of the mind, we have a problem. If it is a thing of the body, we will eat as much as it takes. The same with sexuality. It is created and maintained for the species to continue. That is the original cause. Now, when sexuality becomes a thing in the  mind, it’s a burden. Mind is fluctuating. Mind is affected.

Keep your aspect of food and aspect of sexuality to your body, your mind is free from it. Think about it. This is something you must remember. Whenever you feel suffocated, embarrassed, confused or any kind of emotion which is not giving us a good feeling, this only means your mind has taken over something which is not mind’s own. Especially… we don’t need to think too much about food because the scriptures say,“The food that came to you is the medicine for you.“ That means, if you have an incarnation, if there is a need to maintain an incarnation for a period of time, food will come to your table one way or the other or you will have the source to get the food. So there is no need to be anxious about it. Likewise, if you are constantly preoccupied with your sexuality, same effect. Mind is confused, clogged and sometimes it leads to anger, frustration, all sorts of stuff.

So whatever belongs to your body, keep it with your body. Whatever belongs to your mind, let it be with your mind. What is the primary purpose of your mind? To be with the senses so that you can experience the life. Simple. Mind with your nose makes you smell. Mind with your eyes makes you see. Mind with your ears makes you hear. Mind’s yob is experience. Keep it that way. When you keep it that way, you are free. So relationships with the heart. Unconditional. What is supposed to be with the body, keep it with the body, not with the mind. Don’t transfer things. Don’t be preoccupied with the things which are connected to the body.

When the mind is clean it is easy to move to the states of samadhi. States of samadhi are states where the mind is still. These are states of meditation, states of stillness. It’s easy to move to those states when you are not borrowing or adopting things which are not the mind, the mind is not borrowing or adopting things which do not belong to the mind, you are free. So this is a sure step towards liberation. As we walk the path to liberation, keep the things with its own kind. Let the things of body be with the body, let the things of mind be with the mind, let the things of intellect be with the intellect, let the things of  personality be with ego. This is all fine. Everything should remain where it should be. If it is migrated, there is pain, there is confusion. I’m having something in my house which I don’t like or which is alien to me. Imagine there are two snakes in the house. Will you be able to be comfortable? Will you be able to stay free there? You will do everything possible to get rid of them. Then only you feel nice. Similarly, we borrow lots of snakes from outside and keep them in the room which is our mind and then you are suffering. You don’t know what you are doing. Remember. This is important to understand.

So in this Guru Purnima, like I said last year, I would like you to be real. Start recognising yourself. start understanding yourself. Spend time with yourself. You must spend time with yourself. It’s easy to spend time with other people. It’s easy because we are used to it. We talk nonsense, we talk something just to entertain the mind, to entertain people’s minds. Like that it goes. But at the end of the day, you gain nothing. You just made some noises. Beyond those you must now start to spend time with yourself in silence, without agenda, without asking questions, without even thinking, just be. You deserve it. You must spend time with yourself. When is the last time you have spent with yourself? It’s not important for you to spend time with Mohanji. But it’s very, very important to spend time with yourself. Mohanji’s job is to guide you to yourself, so you must spend time with yourself. Explore yourself understand yourself. Bring forth your fears, throw them out. Ask your mind,“Why have you kept those snakes inside?“ Why has mind stored these things? Most are habits, some are compulsive habits, some are residues of memories, one way or the other, we are victims of something. We shouldn’t be. We should be free. We deserve freedom, and to be free we must be thoughtless. To be thoughtless, there should be less impressions. To have less impressions, we should have less memories. If you want less memories, you should leave a thing of the past with the past. Keep the past with the past. Don’t carry it forward. You don’t need those memories. Whatever happened in the past has finished. You cannot do anything about it. It’s over. It’s done with. Now it you are still carrying the past,“Oh, this guy did that to me, this guy didn’t pay…“ whatever. If you still carry the weight of the past, YOU are suffering, not the others. You are suffering. Is it worth it? In this Guru Purnima, this is the only thought I would like you to have. What is life worth?

Find your answers.

I have always loved you, I am always with most of you, I never leave your hand, I will never, ever leave your hand. This is for sure. Try not to leave my hand, too if you can, for which you have to connect to me with your heart – no judgement, no prejudices, no alienation, no separation. We are one, we are one  consciousness. We have met in this life because of past life karmas, otherwise we will not meet. Since we have met, with whatever intensity, in whichever level, whichever position, and whatever our relationships are in this life, accept it. That’s it. There is nothing to reject, nothing to prevent. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to think. Why? Because the more you resist, the more you think, the more you confuse yourself, there is always more alienation, the heart loses itself, or heart releases it, mind takes it over, then it’s a relationship between the minds. That’s not a relationship. That’s a relative relationship. True relationship has no relativity. It has continuation through lifetimes. Relative relationships are very temporary, some fascination, some infatuation, some time, some space, that’s it. But our relationship is not that. Because we have met with this kind of intensity and feeling, that means the root is deep. Because the root is deep, we are supposed to be together as long as we are alive. For what? Elevation of awareness – liberation. Completion, fulfilment, liberation. Remember these words. Completion of everything that we are supposed to do in this incarnation, fulfilment is a by-product of completion, liberation is the ultimate end. Remember this, I love you, I am with you and I am always reachable – you think about me, I am with you. I really, really, love you. Thank you.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

The Secret of Empowerment

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part I

23rd February, 2017

 Mohanji quote - Most of us say I have found happiness

Q: Why should we be spiritual?

A: In this world of numerous expressions, it is not easy to feel spiritual. We see the world through our own eyes and sometimes we get influenced by other people’s eyes and opinions. Have you ever thought why we talk about spirituality? As we have various discussions in the world, numerous masters, numerous ideas, opinions, religions, why do we discuss about spirituality so much? Because ever since man has thought about who he is, “Who am I?“ a big question. Second question, “Why am I?“ What am I doing here?“ These are burning questions and they took people to various paths to discover who they are. And what is the result? Numerous paths. Can we ever say that some path is good and some path is bad? Never. Every path is valuable. Everything is valuable. It is important because you can only wear a shirt that suits you. We cannot wear a shirt which is double the size which we normally wear. So we have all chosen something which suits us and only this way we can attain the highest evolution. As I said at the beginning that I am happy to be with all of you, it is not just the happiness of the mind, it’s a feeling of oneness, we are all united, we are supposed to be together  at this point in time, at this place, and for this occasion. All the people in the world have one aim – happiness. We are all looking for happiness. Do we find it? Most of us say I have found happiness, but it is temporary. Spirituality is a journey from non-happiness to complete happiness. The whole spiritual journey is of that matter.

Mohanji quote - What is actually the core of spirituality

Q: What happens to a soul during or after sudden or forceful death?

A: Usually but not necessarily, when the soul has to leave the body in a hurry, it wanders. Sometimes a certain activity during sudden leaving the body, perhaps a connection to a master, or some kind of angels or some higher beings, help you. But as a general rule of thumb, when the souls have to exit quickly, they have a time of illusion or they wander until they can anchor themselves. Sometimes it takes ages.

Q: Who are the wandering entities and what can we do for them?

A: (Laughing) All questions are related to death and beyond (laughing). Nothing about life. Entities are beings. There are multiple layers in creation. It is not just one layer which we see such as the body. There are numerous layers or dimensions in creation, so there are some beings who do not have a body, but they need a body to communicate and experience life. They are basically helpless beings, they need help or somebody to express themselves, so what they do is they try to occupy a body which is suitable for their expression and experience.

Q: How do we help them? How to protect ourselves from them?

Very simple. If you don’t have any more space in you house, how can you accommodate more people? Fill up your space with energy. Think, walk, talk, eat, sleep God. When you consistently base or surrender all your activities to a master or God, when you think and talk about God, or your master, when you keep chanting, when you’re always in a prayer and when you’re more internal then external, nobody can enter you. Your space is fully occupied by yourself. Nobody can touch a person who has complete faith. First of all, be confident, have faith in yourself, believe in yourself as a true incarnation. Then it doesn’t matter which God you believe in, believe in that God 100%. Believe in yourself, believe in God you trust and spend time contemplating, meditating, thinking, talking, sleeping, walking God. When you have powerful energy, there’s no way anything dark or black can come and touch you. It will be around you, but it will not touch you. You are completely free. The same way, if you are deeply connected to a master, who’s alive, nothing can touch you either, because the master’s energy protects you. You are one with the master’s energy.

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

This is also visible in daily life. First of all, understand you are extremely powerful. It is only your mind which is creating doubts, anxiety, fears, uncertainties, lack of faith. It’s all in your mind. Please remember clearly. In the university of life, there is only one examination to pass – your mind. What is the wall between mastery and slavery? Between a master and a slave? It’s just the mind. You are master material by birth. Somebody who believes they have a lot of work to do to become a master has no idea. The only work you need to do is to disassociate from your mind and become one with yourself.

Q: How do you do it?

Secret of empowerment

Always remember. Imagine you are sitting at the movie theatre. You saw something on the screen just a while ago. Did the screen create this thing or is there a projector somewhere? The picture was projected from the machine. The screen cannot have a picture without a projection and the projector. Our life is a feature film. We experience romance, drama, horror, action, thriller, comedy, tragedy, etc. Everything we experience in life, where is it coming from? From you. Connect to the projector. Feel as the projector. Recognise yourself as the projector. So none of these things, action, comedy, drama, thriller, etc will affect you because you are projecting it and experiencing it all the time. If you stop projecting it, you are peaceful. We all have a personality. If somebody asks you, you say, I am so and so, a husband or wife of so and so, I’m the son or daughter of so and so. We explain who we are in terms of earthly existence. That is the personality we have projected. But is the person really aware of this projection? But this projection is valid only at certain time that is when you are awake. What happens when you are dreaming? Where are you? What happens when you are in deep sleep, when you don’t know whether you are a man or a  woman, Serbian, Macedonian, etc? Every night we die, every morning we wake up. So we understand that we are too preoccupied with our projection and we forget that we are projecting this whole story. Our love is our projection, fear, entities, life and death, all the things outside are our projection.


I can prove it.

You are sleeping in a beautiful garden. Does it matter whether you are sleeping in a beautiful garden or on a seashore? When you are sleeping, you are sleeping, it doesn’t matter where you are. This is what I am saying. We are in a state of dream even now while you are listening to me. You are listening to me through your ears, not actual ears. What are actual ears? Beyond the personality. When you remove your skin, your mind, everything, you and I are one. There’s nothing to tell, nothing to hear, to perceive, we are only one. Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m giving you the tips to be powerful. You are powerful by birth. Just a small fine-tuning and you will experience this power. When you stop being personality and you start being the person, you start being powerful. You will not see anybody else except your reflection in everybody. I’m sure all of you spend some time with the mirror every day. Why do you spend some time with the mirror? Just to make sure you are presentable when you go out into the world. When all the people around you and whoever you see along the way even the birds, animals,  trees, plants are your own reflection, is there any conflict at all in the mind? There cannot be any conflict at all in true sense. Conflicts happen between personalities and not between persons.

This is the secret of spirituality. Be the person. Detach from the personality. You are already detaching from the personality when you go to bed every day. I’m projecting the personality, but I am not the personality. Imagine the personality is standing in front of you and you are looking at this personality because you created it. The skeleton of this personality is ego.  Ego wants you to maintain your personality because ego is afraid if you lose this personality, what will happen to me? What will the society think about me? Do you really believe that society cares for you? Do you believe that governments care for you? These are all illusions we have maintained.

Who really cares for you? Yourself. Nobody else. Because we are in the relative world. Everything is relative, nothing is permanent. So when you do not endorse your personality and if you are not affected by other people’s personality, you have no conflict in life. No wars, You are at peace. This is a state of samadhi, a state of stillness of mind. That means your mind is constant and still irrespective of what is happening around you. If you think deeply, you will understand what I am saying. The person is not affected when you are awake, when you dream, or when you are in deep sleep state. In these three stages which we experience every day, a person is the same.

Mohanji quote - Pathlessness is being in the now

So what do you actually have in hand? Just now. Past is finished. Future is yet to be.  We have no idea about the future. What can you handle now and what can you work on, or what you have to live? Just this moment. Do you understand our limitation? Then what are we searching for? People ask me, do you know what is the purpose of my life? I always give one answer, “This moment.“ Every moment while you are alive is the purpose of your life and experience that moment is what you wanted to experience in this life.

So from entities I’ve given you the secret. (Laughing)

Do you know why I have taken you via the wild route? Because of empowerment. Empower yourself and no entities, nothing can affect you. You will always remain powerful, that is your birthright and there is no secret.

Q: How much can we actually influence our life and how to know when to change something and when to let go?

A: I think 100%. But always think,“Why we want to influence our life, why can’t we be spontaneous?“ When we say we want to influence our life it is usually because we compare with somebody else. We entertain expectation. That is not a bad idea, but that person is already taken. You can be similar, but you can never be the same. So why should you be somebody else? What is the use of being something else, being somebody else? I would say, instead be water. Keep flowing. Choose peace at every moment. That is very, very powerful. That is true spirituality. If you keep asking why, why, why, then anxiety builds up. In the true sense there is no why, there is only ’is’. Because whatever you are eligible for, comes to you, what you deserve comes to you, what you desire may not come to you. Flow in life. Be a flow like a river, reka Dunav (=river Danube in Serbian)

Mohanji quote - Just flow with the time, go with the flow

Audience: (Laughter, because Mohanji said it in Serbian)

A: It goes through many countries, many situations, you will anyway end up in the ocean, for sure. All of us will reach God, guaranteed. When is the only question. Maybe today, tomorrow or another day, but definitely all rivers will reach the ocean, so why do we worry? And no river hurries up.  It has its speed. You can only walk at your own capacity and speed. If you feel that you can walk faster, you will get tired sooner. Keep walking. That is the only thing you should do. Do not stagnate. It doesn’t matter which guru, tradition, religion you choose, guru will come as a milestone to tell you where you have reached. When you compare with another person, you suffer. Spirituality cannot be compared. There are not even two buffaloes alike. Keep flowing.

Q: What do you think about hypnosis as a method to get rid of beliefs which prevent us live a life that we want, e.g. a belief that we cannot be parents?

A: I thing it’s a good idea. Whatever can penetrate deep into you and relieve you from blockages which were created at another point in time, is a good idea. Man has perfected various systems. Some of these systems have been tested and proven. Scientific proofs, there are a lot of books written by regression therapists about their experiences with clients, which take you to the system of existence where you have certain karmic backlog and because you did not fulfill it you came back. Likewise, you have certain fears that got trapped and became your character or your constitution. All these things can be experienced in life. When you can experience something in life, it’s real and when they have found a method to go deeper and release it from that point, why not?

Q: You said hypnosis is a good thing, but isn’t it an outer influence we are not aware of?

A: We are definitely not aware of what is stored, either. We do not know what is inside us. So, whatever helps you to bring this thing out is a good idea. As long as you don’t know what is stored in your causal layer, your hard drive, it is good to take it out through some means. Everything helps. I am not saying this is the ultimate, but it helps. I think whatever helps us to dig deeper is a good idea, any tool for that matter, not just meditation.

Masters - by Mohanjis Devotee Sabrina Koletic

Understand, why do people say proximity of a master is vital for your spiritual evolution? Because they work directly on your causal layer. We have only capacity to understand the effects of life as we experience, we do not know what caused this effect. We do not know what provoked the effect because we cannot see. We only see the effect and based on the effect we try to understand life. But true masters who are connected to the source, go directly deeply into your causal layer and burn things there so effect itself will not happen.

So I think that anything which gets into your causal layer and removes things from there is a good idea, but I don’t think you should get addicted to anything. There should be a reason for searching inside and once the reason is completed, get out of it. No addiction is worth it.

Q: You talked about a man who wanted to prove that a date of death is not determined in advance, so he tried to commit suicide, but without success. What is with those who managed to do it? Was it predestined that they would die that way and if yes, why would a soul choose so if it is not good for it? Would a person die anyway even if they didn’t commit suicide?

A: (Laughter)

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji quote - If you  have taken one life, use it to become God

A: (Laughter) Why are we so preoccupied with death? Why don’t we talk about life? I’ll give a quick answer to this. It’s a beautiful day…

I think we have spoken about death sufficient for the day 🙂 In any case, if any event has to happen, there is predetermination. This is a proof that a person was supposed to die at a particular time, and even if he had tried to commit suicide before, he couldn’t do it and he died with natural death at a particular time. That proves that whatever decision that constitution took before birth, was executed perfectly at the time of death. The soul has no role in this. Soul is strictly like the petrol of your car. It’s just arranging the journey, arranging the experience, which means it gives electricity to the object. Probably the soul is laughing at this whole drama. For the soul there is no comedy, tragedy, drama, nothing, for the soul it’s just experience. Ok, you want this experience, take it. Soul is not deciding anything. Has the petrol of your car ever decided about your journey? It has no interest in your journey, but it comes with you so that you can travel. It was not the soul which decided to commit suicide, but the constitution. The car has not decided to make an accident. The man who was driving made an accident. What is this man made up of? Character, constitution, desires, concepts, prejudices, anger, fear, hatred, everything. The personality is the person that way. That means what you are made up of that has hired a soul to have an incarnation. That is what you are doing. Soul is completely neutral. Soul is extremely neutral. We put the soul into trouble. If you just start connecting to your soul, you would understand what I’m saying. What is spirituality? Your relationship with your soul is spirituality. Your relationship with your physical body is being physical. Your relationship with your mind is being mental or emotional. Your relationship with your intellect is being intellectual. Your relationship with your ego is being egotistical. Your relationship with your spirit is being spiritual. How much time you spend with your soul that determines how spiritual you are. How much time do you spend with your soul? it is not tangible, you cannot find it, it’s like oil inside an almond. People make almond oil, but can you find almond oil in it? It’s like that the soul is there but you can neither touch it nor catch it. Your connection with your soul is spirituality. How much time you spend with your soul, that much spiritual you are.

So try to become spiritual. By this I mean spend more time with your soul, less with your mind. Then you realise that the soul has no interest in all this drama. The same soul has been with you in every life. The soul would say,“Oh, in every life this fellow is playing the same game. The same emotions, the same drama, the same comedy, the same romance, the same tragedy… no change! When will you stop this game!?“ That’s the time when the soul says, “Hey, go to this person with the beard and hair. He looks as if he knows something.”


Audience: (Laughter)

A: So people go to the man with the beard and hair and what will he say?

He will say, “You are that.“

People will say, “No, no, tell me something more.“

Then he would say, “No, you are that, whatever you are searching for is within you. I cannot give you anything more.“

Then people say, “This guy doesn’t know anything. Go to another one.“

Audience: (Laughter)

Another guy looks at you and says, “Ok, spend so much money, and you will get enlightened.“

So people spend some money and see there is no enlightenment and say, “This man is not good.” So another one.

Finally, all activities end at one point in time. There is nothing to do. Then what happens? When everything becomes still, then enlightenment happens.


Buddha waited for eight years, doing meditation, strong tapas, no food, no water, trying to connect to the soul. Finally he was fed up. Nothing happened. Eight years were lost. He dropped everything. The moment he dropped everything, stillness settled in. From then, first stillness, then expansion, then completion. Most people think that activity is spirituality. It’s 100% wrong. Who is happy with the activity? Your mind. From birth till death, from life after life, we have been entertaining our mind, consciously or unconsciously, believe it or not. What have we been doing all these years? Entertaining the mind. Food, emotion, relationship, all the dramas of life, including spirituality, just to entertain the mind. People ask for experiences. Where are the experiences? In the mind. Until you drop the mind, there is no perpetual peace. This is something we must understand. If we are actually pursuing spirituality, ask yourself how many activities are we addicted to? We are actually addicted to spiritual activities just like we are addicted to our habits of the day. We are addicted to meditation, chanting, to so many things. This addiction is good for the mind to stay alive.

So please redefine yourself. Ask yourself a question, do not ask any master, “How much time am I spending entertaining my mind? How much time am I spending detaching from the mind saying, let the mind play, let the mind ask, I am not bothering. I’m not looking?“ That will be your game. The more you entertain your mind, the more mind will ask for. The mind will create habits, needs, demands and we keep feeding into it and get trapped into it and it is not easy to escape.

Mohanji quote - You are not what you seem to be in the mirror

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Satsang in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Satsang in Sarajevo, Bosnia

16th May, 2017

Mohanj quote - Other people are your extensions and expressions

Q: Had a person who committed suicide planned it before and if yes, why would they choose that?

A: Look at our life now. We have strong feelings and strong convictions about certain things. How many times have we said, “I am suffering because of another person”? Have you said something like that?

Audience: All the time.

A: All the time we say, “I am suffering because of another person.” Suffering is never outside of you. It’s inside you. It’s your choice. By connecting with yourself, you choose whether you should suffer or not. Whatever happens outside, if you do not take it inside, you are not suffering.

We even detach from masters because of our reason. To get a human body is very difficult. To get connected to a master is even more difficult. So on the one hand, it is very important to appreciate that you have a human body and that you are linked to a frequency which is higher than normal. Only then, the elevation of awareness happens.

On the other hand, “I am suffering because of the world ” is ignorance, non-understanding. Such feelings along with their intensity make you feel unwanted, miserable and pessimistic. Value for life goes down. You believe life is worthless. What is the next step? End it. This is how the psychology happens for suicide. This is all rooted in non-understanding.

Firstly, we believe that our happiness depends on other people, which is a fundamental mistake. Happiness is your choice. You can choose to be happy all the time. And this concept of justice and injustice is also within us, it is not something related to outside. Even if somebody harms you, abuses you, why do you take it inside? Imagine this is your living room. Will you bring a donkey inside?

Audience: (Laughing)

A: Then why do you bring all these donkeys inside and say, “I am suffering!?” You WILL suffer because you are bringing all the donkeys inside! Firstly, we should keep our living room (mind) neat, clean and tidy and decide who comes in. You can choose to bring in happiness all the time. Otherwise, don’t open the doors.

Secondly, we believe we are deciding our life. We are not deciding our life, life is deciding us. If you are deciding your life, you will definitely make sure that there is no rain outside. Can you stop the rain? Then what are you deciding? So life is as it happens to you. Accept it.

Thirdly, as we live our life, we have collected so many things of the world, e.g. whatever is in the house, you have collected from the world and you start owning them. How long have you owned anything? There is a time limit. Things come and things leave. Relationships happen and relationships dissolve. Life comes, death comes. All you have to do is experience life right now. The past is finished, we have no idea about tomorrow. So many factors have to come together for an experience to take place. So whenever you feel you are down, you are handicapped, you are a victim of other people, etc., kick your butt! Don’t even wait. Say, “Don’t be stupid!” Nobody can do anything to you unless you allow it to happen.

Furthermore, please remember one thing. Don’t have a wrong notion that everybody cares for us. Who is caring for you? Do you want the absolute truth? Nobody. Be free. If you feel somebody is caring for you, ask the question, “How long?” A lot of people say, “My wife is very important for me. My children are very caring. My father is amazing.” Everything is ok. After some time, a small thing happens, everything collapses. I was reading about a famous atomic scientist, I think he is a Nobel prize winner, whose grandchild died. He attempted suicide three times. This is not an ignorant, illiterate man. He is one of the respected scientists in the world, but he couldn’t handle the death of his grandchild. However, since suicide is not his profession, he was not successful. So understand how our mind works. We are based on nonsensical theories and concepts. In it, failure is not an option. When failure happens, they feel lost and this is the time when people go to the extremes. What is the solution?

Awareness is the solution. Be aware. Firstly, you are original, there’s nobody like you. Secondly, you are here only for a certain time, you cannot extend it even for an hour. If you are in this life lucky enough to connect to any master who is connected to the source, even if you die, don’t leave him or her. Thirdly, don’t hesitate to surrender to destiny. Whether you surrender or not, destiny is at work. Destiny is bringing you each moment, each experience, and you cannot avoid it. Somebody asked Ramana Maharishi, “What can I do for other people? He said, “Where are other people?” Other people are your own extensions, understand. Other people are your own expressions. Other people are your extension and expression. If you have anger inside, you will see an angry man responding in an angry way because that is what you are resonating. You chose everything you are experiencing including your spiritual elevation. In fact, only you exist. And you project various dimensions and you suffer. This is the truth. Lastly and most importantly, stop asking, “What am I getting from life?”, instead ask, “What am I giving to life?” Till now, if you have lived 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years, ask yourself, what have I given to the world? If the answer is zero, start now. That’s all you need to do. There will be no thoughts of suicide at all, because you’ll have something to do. If you keep counting, “What has life given me?” then forget it.

Did I destroy the question?

Audience: (Laughter)

A: I can answer in one word. Why do people think about suicide? Ignorance.

Mohanj quote - Suffering is never outside of you

Q: My mother is in depression, and I am very concerned and afraid, how can I help her and myself?

A: I suggest, if you have physical ailments, a psychosomatic disease, talk to Devi or other Mai Tri healers and we will work it out. People say they are going to causal layer and bring out things from past lives. If that layer becomes clear, body becomes clear.

Q: I’m often in a situation where I have to choose between two options. This is very difficult for me, I analyse too much and burden myself with it. How to know what is best at the moment of dilemma where both choices have good and bad sides?

A: Very simple. Stay with truth, do what is right. Always stay with truth, then you won’t have a problem within. If you stay with lies, cunningness, deceit, hatred, then you have a problem. If you always stay with truth and it keeps your conscience clean, there’s nothing to worry. Whatever the world thinks, no problem, because you are perfectly clean inside. And do what is right. How do you know what is right? What is right according to you? Very simple to remember: what expands you is good for you, what shrinks you is not good for you. Always work with simple philosophy, do not complicate life.

Imagine you are very hungry and you got some food. As you were eating, suddenly you saw a very hungry woman with a child. The moment you share your food with her, do you feel much better? How will you feel? You’ll feel very rich. This is what is right. What is right is what makes you expanded. If you stop asking, “What am I getting?” and start asking instead, “What can I give?” it will make you much better. So how do you do the right thing? Whatever you analyse, it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t expand you, making you feel better, it is not good for you. Stop being selfish always thinking, “What about me?” Keep thinking, “What else can I do for this world?” But while doing it, don’t expect anything back from the world. Jesus healed ten lepers. None of them turned back and said “thank you” and remember there was no medicine for leprosy at that time. Nobody said “thank you”. Only one person turned and looked at him. This is the world. It is more interested in crucifying people than supporting goodness.  Unfortunately today, we do not count what people have done for the world. We only see how much they have earned. They live with the money, be very selfish and only look after themselves. They hardly do anything for others or they do some charity which is nothing compared to what they can do, for e.g. if they earn a million dollars, they give ten dollars for charity. That is probably what leaks out of their pocket. So this is the world which we have started to appreciate. This is complete wrong understanding, a wrong notion. Your worth in life is not how much money you have, but what you can do for the world.

When I was working, one man came and met me. He was looking for a job for three months. He asked me, “Can you help me find a job? Any job, I just need some money. I haven’t earned anything for the last three months.” I said, “I have no vacancy in my company, but I can recommend you. I called a few friends, he went to a few places and finally he got a job the same day. That was not a very big job, but for him there was no money, he was without an income, anything would do, that’s what he told me, too. Then he went around the whole world saying, “You know Mohanji could have found me a better job but then he didn’t care about me. I got this job which is a very silly job. I am not getting the salary I’m supposed to get.” Not a word of gratitude. I am not saying you should expect it but this is the way society works. We should not be affected by it and stop helping people. You continue to help people, though some of them will be like this. I’ve seen quite a lot of this stuff. This is also a thing related with people’s ego. You cannot change it so don’t even worry about it. Let it happen.

Q: I never know when to stop giving to people. I cannot sometimes decide whether I should continue or stop. I am giving myself much and I am often suffering, and I know it is not good to stop because if I don’t care, I do not see anybody else who will do the work.

A: Ideally, stop being you. I am not separate from what I am doing, in other words, the best dancer is when the dancer becomes a dance. The best singer is when the singer becomes a song. The best life is when you become life. Then there is no one to suffer. You are not doing it. It is your lifestyle. Suffering is our choice. We can choose whether to suffer or not, but when you stop doing what you do, then what are we doing? What is our worth? For example, if we do nothing for the world because people are ungrateful, we stop, etc. Then it shows our integrity. I believe we should not worry about what people say. We continue doing it. Even a lot of things are recognised after death. When Jesus was being crucified, nobody said, “Oh, you shouldn’t do this because he is an amazing master!” When did we realise he is an amazing master? Much afterwards. This is usually the case with life. After they die, we say, “This was a great master,” or “This person was good.” It is sometimes like that but we should not worry about it. We do our job that we should do.

I follow very simple principles. Number one, I never stop giving. I give myself. I often do not even think what will be the repercussion tomorrow. When they come, I fill them up. I have had various problems with it, too. Many people misinterpeted, manipulated, twisted the whole thing and made it look very bad. This is what I also experienced. But I was not worried about that. My conscience is clear. My intention was clear. All we have to worry about is that our conscience should be clean. Our intention should be pure. Another thing is don’t expect everybody to recognise you. I always believe, those who have eyes to see, they will see and they will never leave. Those who do not have eyes to see, even if you show the highest, they will not see because they do not have the power to see. So we should not worry about all this drama of the world. If you are honest, if your conscience is clean, don’t worry about the world. Maybe in this life they will not understand you, but the future generations will. And all the people who set trends in the world have walked through thorns. Nobody walked on rose petals all the time. They have suffered, fought against everything, but eventually, their life became their message, so this is worth it.

Lastly, no master ever lost or missed anybody. Generations lost the master. Jesus lost nobody, he was fine. Socrates lost nobody. But generations lost masters. It’s still happening. Today there’s no physical cross, but Facebook is the cross…

Audience: (laughter)

Mohanj quote - We believe our happiness depends on other people


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic






Mohanji’s speech at inauguration of Ahimsa The Vegan Café in London

December 16th 2016

Of course I have been campaigning against cruelty for a long time.


From Washington after the programmes in America, I was flying to South Africa. I reached Cape Town and they had arranged a chef to make specific food for me and that chef was Vegan. He was Vegan but I did not know at that time that he would also have fish which wasn’t quite vegan for me! (laughter). He was preparing good food and I enjoyed the food and then I asked him, “Why don’t you start a restaurant? If this food can be made and if you can serve such food, why don’t you start a restaurant?”. He was happy with the idea. I said I would help him. That’s when we blocked the web ID Later on before I left, I told him to bring me a proper proposal of how he would like to do it. At that time, the idea was to do this on a moving bus, catering on wheels in Cape Town so you can move this bus to various locations and sell vegan food. It would be just 10 items on the menu and nothing too complicated. He came back with an idea and said, “I would like to add seafood to the menu!” (Laughter!). I didn’t take it forward!


That is when I came back to India and told Sumit about Ahimsa Vegan. Sumit had already started Madhuban Restaurant in Katra at that time. I asked him “Why don’t you look at having vegan food at the price of fast food?”   He said, “It was impractical because the cost cannot be the same”. I said to him “ There will be a way of making the cost very close if not equal”. Meanwhile, if I remember right it was in Nashville or somewhere in the USA, that I went to a vegan restaurant called ‘The Plant‘. The average cost for a meal there was over $100. That is just a starter, main course and a dessert.   I told Sumit, that if this is the kind of cost for a vegan meal out then it will be difficult for people come. Maybe you will get customers but everybody cannot afford this kind of price.   Unless the vegan concept reaches the grass roots, it is not worthwhile. It is not good enough.


The Ahimsa project then started and Sumit and his team spent a lot of money researching it. If I am right, the last count was about 3.5million INRs they spent researching how to do it and then they hired some consultants and the consultants said “This won’t work!”.   So I said let me meet them. I told them the concept I had in mind, something very close to Chipotle and similar kinds of fast food joints. Where you have a variety; a great salad bar and pita bread and then you serve it on a fast food basis so everyone can choose their meal and combination. That I thought would work because people want exclusivity, everybody could have their different tastes satisfied so it should work. Then the consultants said yes this idea could work. I said ‘Ok, roll it out!” So that is where it all began.


I later became very busy. I was not following the project up. The Vegan Café started in Shirdi and we inaugurated it in June 2016. Now I feel that if you look back after 5 years you will see lots of Ahimsa Vegan Cafe outlets in the world. This is my feeling because now we are on the track.


Every new venture endures start-up challenges and obstacles, everything will not be picture perfect in the beginning. Then you will make it. Nothing can be perfect, especially when it is something new and you want to make it unique.


I was explaining to Vijay only this morning that this café is a statement you have made to the world that you are taking this step. It is a sign of conviction.   So what exactly is this conviction? It is not just to make profit. Yes, you must make profit otherwise you cannot start anything new but more than profit this project supports nature. For instance, if one person stops eating meat then 70 animals are saved every year. That is one aspect, if 70 animals are not cultivated or produced for meat then that much water and grain will be saved. More than half the world’s manufacturing produce is used for animal farming. It has a huge impact on water table depletion, climate change, global warming, everything is related to the farming of animals even deforestation. The effect is much wider than one would think initially. So you are making a huge statement by opening the café; just look at the effect, layer by layer of great effect! This is equal to hours of preaching! I do not like to preach things, which nobody can follow. You can create something or talk about something that nobody understands and people may think “Oh, this is great stuff!” I would like to be practical and I would like you to be practical.  Give great food and make a statement with this food.


I was in Katra at Madhuban Restaurant. They have made great vegan food equivalents comparable to various (non-vegetarian) meals. They are fully vegan using, for instance, soya or other meat alternatives. Somebody said that if food like this can be provided then there is no need for meat. The taste of meat is what people are holding on to now, so if we are able to provide something alternative, which is equivalent to meat, this will help. We are globally addicted to taste and this is one of the bindings of life. We are addicted to taste and we feel that this is important. It is also the wrong notion that is cultivated into people that protein only comes from meat. This is a wrong concept.


There is a lot to do with this concept. It is not just about selling food. It is about creating a culture. Veganism is a culture, it is not about food – it is about a lifestyle. We should be very proud about what we do. We should be able to go out onto the rooftops and shout out about it and tell the world that we are proud to be vegans! This is something that is not just ethical. It is spiritual. When you are not being violent to the world outside, it has to start on the inside. You eat all sorts of stuff and then you preach non-violence outside, it just won’t work because your very cell is against it.  Every cell has absorbed the violent aspect of your food.  If your food, emotion, knowledge, if all these things are violent then how are we going to deliver to the world something that is non-violent, so it starts from here.


You are what you eat. You are what you think. You are what  you speak.

So all these expressions are very important. That is why I said it is a culture. This culture has to continue. Grace will happen for sure because this is very close to nature. When you do good work, nature helps you and it is 90% selfless. I still say you must make profit, because there must be many, many more vegan cafes available to the public as an alternative to the public’s acquired habits – not chosen habits. It is probably not chosen habits all the time, it is acquired habits because society is created in this manner. These acquired habits have to change, and if you do not give an alternative it cannot change. So it is the current culture.


I wish this project great success and I put my weight behind it, my strength behind and I have no qualms in endorsing it because it is noble and ethical. It is the need of the times. You must give an alternative to people so that people can easily, without any excuse, change over to something ethical.

Great job Vijay! Neeshal, all of you, Mita, Jayshree, Rajshree, Anuradha as well!!


Anuradha is an establishment not a person. She has, with my limited acquaintance (I think we have met only twice), apart from being the Head of PETA, done a lot of work on the vegan front.  There is a lot of work to do in the days to come. Apart from what you suggested, it’s a good idea that once a month you have a music event, have a buffet at a standard price to eat as much as you like, and you have music and she will sing.   Good idea.


This is just a phase. You should reach people. You should be in a position later to cater to airlines, cater to various star hotels. There will be various hotels who will be receptive yes? So, there can be numerous ways, not just catering to events. Ahimsa Vegan can be a regular supplier like a bakery making goods for other shops. They don’t have to store it in the shop, they can deliver to other shops.


When I read the VeganFirst article that you (Anuradha) had posted, it listed that there are many Vegan restaurants in London, so I said Ahimsa Vegan products should be in all these restaurants. You supply to all the restaurants things which are unique to you and you can probably get their unique products here too, so that way you help each other. Create a dialogue between the vegan community, think big, think out of the box. Anuradha has done so many things. For e.g. you can create spreads and packaged products. These can be Ahimsa Vegan branded and can be sold to supermarkets. So don’t stop at selling across the table.


Thank you for coming (Anuradha). (Applause)

[It was very tough for me to take 2 days off because I commit 10 days (every year) to Ganeshananda Giriji‘s trust, but this was essential and I thought it was my responsibility to be here in that manner. I do not know what communication you had had with the team, but when Vijay asked me to come, I said, “Yes, I will come”. I like to connect to the heart of the matter, technical stuff is not my job, so I am glad I am here and thank you for bringing me here.]


Transcribed by Jayshree Mene


By cheeroot

Experience Writing as a Spiritual Practice

facebook_1485586455128“Whatever people may say, whatever their interpretations are, experiences are our own. We can truly own only our experiences. No words can truly explain it nor other’s theories can nullify it. There is no need for explanations; and testimonials are usually for re-installing faith in the minds of the people. For the one who experienced it, there is no need to speak. If the experiences uttered will help others to see higher realms and understand unusual possibilities, it’s worth the breath. Faith makes us open to the Divinity. Faith makes us experience. Human mind always likes to reason and judge. Firm faith can move mountains while mind can create limitations and bind one to the lowest states while in reality one possesses the potential for the highest.” Brahmarishi Mohanji

We need to emphasize the benefit of experience writing as a spiritual practice. The process of writing helps one to relive the moments, that usually pass in a flurry in Mohanji’s presence, to uncover the nuggets of grace and wisdom that were showered by Him. This will help the person later in moments of doubt and darkness. Also reading the experience inspires and uplifts others so the writer gets more “good karma” points.

An experience sharing is not a favour to Mohanji and the tradition. It is an expression of a gratitude for the Grace that was received.

The tradition reveals its presence through experiences and testimonials. Case in point – the Sai Satcharita, the Bible and numerous other spiritual books. Hence, this is also the means of the tradition to guide and uplift people and point to the presence of a higher purpose, a higher possibility.

In these times of turbulence, emotions and the associated negativity are at a high. Doubts are rearing their heads and faith is being tested in these times. This is the time to ensure that there is enough positivity injected into the system to ensure that people are not overcome by darkness. 

Do yourself and everyone else a favour, write your experience today before the retreats, meditations, encounters, practices become just another faded memory.

With Love,
Mohanji Team

Reasons for experience writing

M: I have been stressing the point of sharing experiences, mainly because of two matters. 1. To own your experience(s). 2. When you articulate it, it gets re-confirmed or clarified to yourself or your conscious mind. Owning one’s own experience is very important to one’s spiritual progress. How will articulation help? Simple. We are constantly bombarded with tons of information and many comparisons. Each person is unique. We cannot and should not compare the experiences of one another.

But when you start owning your own experiences you will also develop a witness attitude (Saakshi Bhaav). You will start to observe yourselves more than listening to the words of others.

When we read books and hear the opinions of other seekers, we may feel either inferior or superior. Both are harmful. We are ourselves. We are incomparable. We can only start walking from where we stand. So start walking and be happy with your own pace and growth. Never compare with another. We are all like planets rotating around the sun, existing in its realms. Each one of us has our own beginning, end and unique track. Be grateful to existence and keep walking. Divinity is definitely guiding you.

What brought you to spirituality? The innate craving of your own soul for liberation from the endless birth-death cycle. All the Gurus have echoed the same philosophy, in different words and times. The core is the same. It is love. Love without conditions. Love without boundaries. If you are reluctant to share experiences, at least keep a spiritual diary. Note down your experiences with utmost gratitude.

Your mind will need reconfirmations and affirmations at each step, because, we are not immune to the outside world’s influence and opinions. At that point in time, when you will almost be ready to disown your own experiences because of other people’s opinions, you can refer to the diary and take inspiration to move further. Disowning your own experiences is equal to blocking the divine grace. Shyness to recognise and accept your own experiences could also mean that your ego is blocking total acceptance.

Lack of acceptance is also lack of faith in yourself and your experiences. Without faith in your own thought, word and action levels, there is no progress. Not only spiritual progress, there will not even be material progress. Faith in yourself and in God is truly essential.” From “The Power of Purity: Essential Essays & Answers | About Spiritual Paths & Liberation” by Mohanji


20 instructions by Swami Shivananda. The last one says, “Keep a daily spiritual diary,” the same point which Mohanji always emphasises.

The biggest mistake is to deny our own experience

The best master for you is your own soul. If you can follow the guidance of your own soul, you have everything whatever you need for this journey of life. Acquired knowledge, accumulated knowledge from others, sometimes is usable, sometimes it is a waste. The biggest mistake we can make is to deny our own experience because of other people’s words or knowledge. Accept your experience with gratitude. Please write it down. It is called spiritual diary. Because sometimes our mind will say it did not happen. You are just lying, or joking. But when you write it, it is there. You cannot deny it. And it makes you more powerful, complete.

The two fundamental mistakes we make every day are we think a lot what other people should do. They have their own intelligence. It is not our business. Likewise, we try to adjust a lot to other people’s command, including compromising our inherent qualities. Waste of time. If we can avoid these two things, we are fine. We are relaxed. There will be no fights.

Denying your own experience hinders spiritual growth

Tendency to swap our own experience for other’s words hinders spirituality. Man stagnates because of constant detours. Any kind of attachment and binding also hinders spiritual growth. This includes habits too. Liberation from everything is the aim. In order to achieve that, we should start accepting ourselves the way we are, with all our deficiencies, pluses and minuses. We should also accept our experiences and own them and be free to express them. It does not matter even if the entire world may laugh at you and consider you as a dreamer. Your own experiences should be cherished and honored. Belief in them is essential to transcend them. This does not mean that you can develop attachment to them. You should accept them as a personal experience and keep walking further. Never care for other’s opinions about it, unless it is coming from a higher master. Once we accept ourselves, we can detach from anything. (From “FAQ about More or Less Everything”)

I say no ownership, but the context where I say “own your experiences” is different. This means, when you have profound spiritual experiences, during meditation or in the company of masters, do own them, nourish them, cherish them. They are your own. That is the point from where you will grow. Mind may have some ideas, borrowed from others. That might hinder your progress by asking you to ignore your own experience and believe in someone else’s. That is a fundamental mistake. We are not another person. His experience is unique to himself. You are yourself. Your experience is unique to yourself. OWN THAT. Be proud of that. Start your journey from that point. You will evolve higher and higher. Information is in the air. When your antenna develops the capacity to decode information that you are eligible for, you will automatically receive it. The guru principle will make sure of that. So, no need to worry. Own your own experience and be proud to talk about it. Do not worry about others who might ridicule you. They are doing so, because your consciousness is unique to yourself and others cannot see what you see. Believe in yourself – Your SELF. (From “In Service of the Guru Principle”)

Cherish your experiences

M: Always bank on your experiences. People can have various opinions and understanding levels because every being is a unique constitution with his/her own understanding and experiences. So when they say, “This is right, this is wrong,“ please understand this is their opinion.Your own experience is the most powerful guiding factor in your life. Your experience is very important for you. Never ever discard your experience for the sake of anything in life. If you do, you disown your own growth or you are discarding your own progress. This should not happen. This is very important to remember. If your experience was good, keep moving ahead with gratitude. Love it and love yourself for whatever experiences you have gone through in life whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Experience is experience. Accept it, live it and move with it. (from Guru Purnima message 2015)

Q: After I did the Power of Purity meditation, I took a bath afterwards… I went into a different dimension while I was in a bath tub and you were there, but you were doing a completely different thing. It was a completely different life I had! It seemed as it was happening right now.

M: Because time stood still. See, in this physical form time is horizontal, linear time where you don’t even know what will happen tomorrow, next moment. So we have to experience this. But when the linear time goes away and the time is vertical, you see your association with me or my association with you, all these things, and you become aware that I’ve been guiding you since ages. When I say „I“ I do not mean this body, don’t think it as body, then you will never understand the truth. If you think of me as the body, this is a very limited understanding. This body is only for some time. I’ll leave this body, but I have existed always. That’s why I wrote in a blog,“I’m a time rider. As long as time exists, I exist.“

Q: But after the experience the time did not exist and I could remember what time it was, what time I had to go to work, where my work was, I had used my GPS to get there and I looked maybe familiar and I could remember my passport but I made it from the whole day and I worked, but I had my book to remind me of my passport…

M: You must write this down. That is why I always insist, “Please write your spiritual diary.” Because many people do not understand. I have seen some saints saying that this is hallucination. One man told me on Himalayas, “Mohanji, some of these people come to me and tell me these things, these are all hallucinations.“ So I asked him, “Then what is reality?“ He couldn’t answer me. If you have not experienced and others have, that doesn’t mean it’s hallucination. Some people cut it down and arrest you to this life, which is the most dangerous thing to do. That means you will be forced to take more incarnations, because of ignorance. I always tell them, “If you have seen the light, please go further.“ I push them,“…and don’t worry if you fall, I’m holding you, but you walk. Try.“ I like to see people walking on their own. I like to see that happening. Because you are independent by birth. Or before birth. You are independent and free by nature. So keep walking. My job is to make sure you don’t fall down. That is what I’ll do and you don’t have to ask me for it, meet me or tell me. That’s the role which I play.

Kailash with Mohanji 2016


Question: How do I connect with the soul?

Mohanji: Sit down and contemplate what you are not, for some time. Am I this anger? Am I this hatred? Am I these words that I am uttering? Am I this personality that I am projecting? Keep asking yourself what you are and what you are not. And then after a while, you are meditating only on that aspect, which is completely inside you. You can see it moving. It can move in any way, it’s so flexible, it’s transparent and it just moves like a jelly, much thinner than a jelly. And then slowly, you can feel it expanding beyond you, same thing, ether, expanded beyond you. And then it keeps on expanding, then it permeates into everything, all the animate and all the inanimate. If you do that for a long period of time, your physical itself will become less significant. The gross aspect itself will become less significant and you will connect more and more to the soul aspect.

Mohanji quote - If you are truly connected to God

If you consistently practice that for some time, you will again go deeper into the soul aspect, beyond the flexibility, the fluidity and all that, you will reach a level where you are only seeing the brightness, the auric (aura) aspect or you can call it just the brightness aspect. You will only see the brightness moving. When the soul is leaving the body, this is exactly what is leaving, that is the soul and the body (gross) remains. It will even cut across layers. At some point in time, you can see the sheaths/ koshas – the pranamaya kosha, annamaya kosha, etc. You will start experiencing and you will see the same energy transcending through this, moving up and down.

After some time, there is no body to talk about. There is nothing to ask. You will not even care if this body is looking good, bad, presentable, etc. – those are all very silly aspects, compared to the power of the soul. You may not even worry about how people think about you, how you are in the society, etc. It won’t matter so that you are fully occupied in the soul aspect. It is possible. Start with a small ball, in the heart center, and then very slowly, it expands, take your time, do it in your own way, and finally, you can actually feel it expanding all over. First, you will feel it in the auric layer and then it transcends further everywhere and then it just evolves into the whole universe.

That is why we are eternally connected to every being in the universe. We are all related. If you discount the physical aspect, the whole thing is interconnected. The problem is in the physical aspect, that’s the temporary aspect. Also, we are stuck with the personality aspect, we talk about the personality, not the person, so you swap the person to the aspect of the soul, then it’s a different ballgame. This is possible, very much possible. It will shift from a visualization to the experience of being the soul, that takes you to perpetual bliss state, Satchitananda. How does the bliss happen that way? When you are not attached to the available stuff, the intangible stuff, that is not in your control. So you need to detach from the tangible to reach the intangible if you make some effort to move from the tangible consciously, to reach the intangible.

I hope I did not complicate it too much!

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

Question: If we keep doing this, will we then feel the pain of other souls or other beings?

Mohanji: There is no other.

Question: So if someone is being tormented or is experiencing pain…

Mohanji: No, you are so expanded that it is all part of you. Imagine it is just one finger of yours. You are so big, there is no other. There is no other. First of all, understand that this is a personality we are talking of as other, and a body or a physical form, there is no other. In reality, there is nobody else. Once you clearly understand that, then you see the….. but you have to respond to the world in that way, as another, because if you say there is no other and I am everybody etc., people will not understand. So we have to talk in those terms, just for the sake of society, but internally you don’t need to endorse it. Inside, you are liberated, you know you are pure consciousness and you are experiencing that aspect of pure consciousness every moment. So you don’t need to subscribe to anything.

When you see that you are just moving like a jelly, moving around, there will be no blockages in your system, there will be no energy blockages possible, there can’t be. Why? Because you are not at all identifying with the physical, emotional, intellectual, egotistical, etc. The local mind is creating blockages, the unlimited mind has no blockages, where the identification has no value. Imagine someone has given you the power to see all your lives of the past and the future, you have a set of relationships in each life, right? Everything was important at that point in time, but you are looking from above at all these lives, do you feel any attachment to anyone in particular? It will all be like different people of this life, that’s the truth. That’s the truth. Can you call anything mine at all?

Mohanji quote - We are all one soul

When you see from above, all the 100,000 lifetimes are going on, and sometimes it is not a human body. You could be a cat with a few children, that’s you! A cow, a buffalo, a giraffe, but every being had a value at that time, when it was existing, and the value was lost at the time of death. This is the same situation in this life also, our value remains only as long as we are delivering or as long as we are doing something in the world. People become very sad when some of their family members pass on, right? After a few months, if you ask, does the same intensity remain? No. Why so? Time erases things. Time erases, time moves. So this is the reality. This has happened through many lifetimes, we have taken numerous incarnations, to sit here, in this place and we are unnecessarily energizing each situation, just creating blockages. These blockages become an ingredient for the prarabdha or destiny path of next life! Then we get stuck there, same emotional stuff, similar realities come and take over. But what are we?

I tell people to practice this meditation while you are traveling in the bus, or if you are not driving the car. (laughter) If you are sitting in the bus and there is nothing else to do, don’t look at other people, just concentrate on the inside. Allow the aspect of the soul to take over, and then it’s important to get off at the station. But until then if you can, and you have these mobiles which make sounds, you set the timer and then it will wake you up. And when you get off, like you look down from the airplane through the window, you only see ether after some time. You see the clouds all stuck in the ether. And when you start looking inside, it’s the same ether! I am telling you this, this is a tangible thing that I am talking about. Then you will feel, do I have a body? What is this for? It is for expressions, not to carry pains. So when you are plunging into Manasarovar, you are plunging into the ether, energy, soul!

Mohanji quotes - Divinity is in unity, togetherness, oneness

Jokingly – you should make a program in South African TV – Plunging into the soul!

Question: You go to a lot of pilgrimages right? What exactly happens? Is it a substitute for not doing sadhana?

Mohanji: You are provoking me. I told you earlier, I don’t go to any place for something. How can you substitute anything? Can I substitute myself with you? There is no substitution. Understand that if you do sadhana, you do sadhana. When you go to pilgrimages, go with surrender, that you become that. Why we do we go to places of power? To wake up that aspect sitting inside us, to the highest potential. You go to Kailash, the Kailash aspect is already sitting in us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t go there. To wake it up. There is no substituting anything and I don’t go there to get something or ask something.

Question: So you become God

Mohanji: Why do you become God? What are you now then?

Question: I don’t know that I am God

Mohanji: That is you – the mind doesn’t know, but the consciousness knows you are God. All these questions are coming from the mind. That’s why I am answering like that. Because this will never end. Mind will pose another question, in a different level. But the question is the same – different words – so it will sound different, but what is happening is that the mind is refusing to accept the full potential, and it keeps putting some block in the front. So what happens, eventually there is always a separation. Otherwise, you are already God, you are enlightened, you are everything. The aspect of the mind which prevents you from experiencing this is to be surrendered at all these places.


You and God are ONE

I am not being rude, I am being categorical. These things have to be told in a categorical way so that you do not forget it. So when you go to these power centers, you just become that, so that, that aspect in you, wakes up and it takes a dimensional shift. You are not the same anymore, it’s a total software change. The same thing happens when you are in the proximity of great Masters, they do not leave you empty handed. They fill you up and they change the software without even telling you. But what do we normally do, can you reduce my weight or do this for me? That is what you ask the Master, but Masters give you much more so that you don’t come back again to earth. But nobody asks for that!

Question: This might sound like a ridiculous question…

Mohanji: Then don’t ask, you are taking advance bail now! (laughter)

Question: You said there are hundreds of souls waiting to take human birth…

Mohanji: No one is waiting. It’s all a cycle. No soul waits. Soul waits only when it needs a particular environment or a body. If it is spontaneous cycle of birth and death, no soul waits. And each soul has the potential to take on multiple bodies, but usually it does not happen because the level of evolution stays there. And there are various levels and categories of ‘beingness’. Once you leave the body, say, you wanted to become the President of America. Then you have to stay on till you get that particular womb, which can cause an incarnation which will get you there. Otherwise, for a normal cycle of birth and death, there is hardly any waiting. It is always “prarabhdha” which keeps bringing you back.

The time delay as per the earth conditions happens only when there is some real agenda to fulfill. The soul can wait for thousands of years, there is no time in that zone. The moment you leave the body, you are beyond the time zone, you can stay on. Why? Because only a material made out of matter is subject to decay. Soul has no decay. And astral zone is more like a rainbow zone. Identification is only through a bit of color, like if you had only the chakras and colors and that’s the type of identification you can have. Great Masters who work in those zones, either use golden or just white, and that is the way they communicate. So it is not the same as physical…

Mohanji quote - Liberation means dissolving and going

Question: My train of thought was that – all these souls are waiting to take human incarnation and here we are, talking about liberation and leaving the body…

Mohanji: No, we are not talking about leaving the body, I think none of us are keen about that! Because someone has spoken about it or we have read about it, we are thinking it is not a bad idea! That is not our sole aim at this point, am I right?

If liberation is the aim, lifestyle would be different; you would not be worried about any of the aspects of life. As it comes, you will take it and leave it. Because you have to be liberated right now, in order to be liberated at the time of death. And liberation now means you are happy with every situation, that is liberation. 100 percent acceptance. Full acceptance. Happy with every situation. Flowing with life, flowing through life. No expectation, these are all signs of liberation. I have written few guidelines, about 20 or 21, in the Path of Pathlessness blog. These are all signs of liberation. If that is the sole aim, we will not sympathize… For example, if you have observed, I do not like sympathizing with people. When someone says he is very sick or ill, what do you do? You endorse his state of being ill. I don’t do that. I don’t have self-pity too! “Poor me, I am suffering”, I never do that. Instead I say, “Ok this is happening” and I move on.

Likewise, the more you sympathize with someone, even your children, you are making them handicapped. These are signs of anti-liberation, that is, you are not in the path of liberation. If you are actually in the path of liberation, every step would be in that direction. You will be more and more connected to the soul aspect. You will allow things to flow and you wouldn’t have your mind stuck on any of the events. You will not capture, conquer, torture. You will be fine, life is flowing, this is it! And what do we own on earth, … at all? Nothing! Not even this body, nothing we own! We are here in a temporary state, for the purpose of some experiences, and what are we carrying? Memories and desires, that is all we are carrying. If the awareness is clear about this, the entire ownership pattern will change!

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

Question: Are awareness and consciousness the same or are they two different things?

Mohanji: Consciousness is perpetual, always there. It doesn’t have any high or lows. Awareness is the aspect which we experience, in consciousness, which has highs and lows.

Question: Can you speak more about being authentic? Can you imagine the Divine as this feeling of being present? So if we are being authentic and we vibrate at a certain level, versus when we preach something and impress others, but actually we are not like that. I have heard one person say that the higher you go up the ladder of spirituality becoming more subtle, more divine, somehow the forces create an effect that something bounces back, your body starts contracting an illness or there are more and more obstacles.

Mohanji: Being authentic is your nature when you are connected to your soul. Being authentic is not your nature when you are connected to your mind. If you are always occupied in the awareness of your soul, you are always authentic, because there is no demand, no agenda, there is no high or low in this. You are always in a state which is a totally detached state. That’s where we stand. You can see Masters like Bhagawan Nityananda – they were unorthodox in that way. Like when someone had loose motion (diarrhea) or stomach was not feeling good, Shirdi Baba gave them peanuts to eat. Peanuts are bad for loose motion, but he got well. So these are the operating levels of these Masters who have nothing to do with this diarrhea! (laughter) They just delivered something as prasad (consecrated offering) and it solved the problem.

Mohanji quote - Concepts distort experiences

Authenticity is always only one aspect, the soul aspect. There cannot be any authenticity with the mind aspect. How can the mind be authentic? For something to be authentic, you need consistency. Mind can never have consistency because that’s the way it is built. The mind was created so that you can experience life. Mind with your eyes makes you see, otherwise, you will look, you will not see. Mind with your tongue, makes you feel the taste, otherwise, you will eat something but you will not know what you ate! So mind’s job is to make you experience Earth. So authenticity always depends on the soul level and if you are operating on that level, you attract nothing. And even if something comes to your body like Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharishi, it doesn’t matter. When someone asked Ramana Maharishi about his cancer, he said there is pain because there is a body, but there is no suffering because there is no mind. It’s very simple, suffering is related to mind, pain is related to your existence.

When people threw stones at Shirdi Sai Baba, he started bleeding, there was blood coming out, and he told people around him, “Blood is here, pain is with God!” He didn’t identify himself with the body. I was talking to Vasudevan Swamy, people threw stones at him, so I asked him, “ Did you see them?” He said, “ Mohanji, it is good that I did not see them. Why should I create a karma with them?” He was happy he did not see them. He was not resentful or angry about it. He said that because he did not see, it was nice! So when you are identified with your soul, whatever happens outside has no value. It’s all happening and it is fun, let the show go on! Did you understand about authenticity? Being with your soul is authentic. Being the soul is the height of authenticity.


Question: In other words, being with the soul is…

Mohanji: How do you know I am with the soul? Don’t make any judgments about it. I was telling somebody today. He asked, “How did you attain enlightenment”. I said, “Who told you I am enlightened?” Don’t try to create concepts and put me in frames because if you restrict my movement or flow, you will suffer, not I. I will flow as I like and you will feel. “That’s not the way I wanted him to flow”. So don’t think that I am only the soul, I am only the body, I am only the mind, I am the intellect, or that I am enlightened, I am Guru, etc. Don’t worry about all these things. Maybe I am not any of these.

Question: Let me put that another way… (Laughter). Then, none of us are authentic

Mohanji: (Laughter ) Don’t generalize. You can say I am not authentic.

That is the variety of existence which God has created. Each person thinks they are authentic and they are happy in their fool’s paradise. Let them be because that’s the flavor the earth needs, otherwise everybody will look like one. It would be so boring! Why the earth has created the variety? Everything is needed here. Violence is not good because it creates poison. In mind, in thought, word, intellect, if there is violence, it is poison.

Whatever makes you happy is nice, isn’t it? Milu has a dog which doesn’t know it is a dog! It is so small, it feels it is a cat! I asked her where did you get this cat? No no no, it’s a dog! All of us have this identity crisis because we believe other people. Other people believe that Mohanji should be like this or decide, Mohanji should walk like this, talk like this, move like this, and then I refuse to conform to any of those set ideas. Then what do they do? They discard me. Oh! He is not good. So that’s freedom, relief!

I think I destroyed your question completely! ( laughter)

Mohanji quote - Awakening has various manifestations

Question: When you ask how are you feeling, do you ask them about their experience?

Mohanji: I am asking from their level. People were complaining about body pains and aches, etc., so at that level. I talk to people at their level, what else can I do? I cannot ask how is your soul doing? (laughter) Communication is always in the frequency of the other. When you communicate to your child, you have to communicate in the manner the child understands, isn’t it? So communication always has to be in terms of the other. Non-verbal communication can be different. Verbal communication, and that includes, spoken and written, must be, has to be in terms of the other. If I tell you something that you do not understand, there is no point in my saying it. It’s a benchmark of communication, the other person should understand; similarly for language.

Question: How do I become aware of what I am?

Mohanji: I had explained this before you joined us. Sit down and contemplate what you are not, for sometime. Am I this anger? Am I this hatred? Am I these words that I am uttering? Am I this personality that I am projecting? Keep asking yourself what you are and what you are not. You will arrive at a state where you are 100 percent authentic. All these passing or temporary things, have no value. You need to have consistency in an activity because you are doing certain things, but that is because your existence is revolving around it. That’s OK. Apart from that, all these activities, all these thoughts and words, have limitations and they have longevity, duration. There is no perpetuity in it, no permanence. So you get closer and closer and closer to you, the only permanent aspect in you, you become totally authentic. All the illusions will die. So looking inside helps. And then at each point you can ask, hey, am I talking the truth? It’s a relative truth. There are always three truths – your truth, my truth and the real truth. These three truths are existing at the same time. I say something, that is what I understood as the truth, you will say whatever you understood as truth, about the same subject and there is the real truth which probably may have nothing to do with these two! (laughter). This is how life works.

So, when you go more and more into subtle, you will start seeing only the real truth, in its full light; you may not even articulate it because there is nothing to tell about it! Just acceptance, that this is the real truth, this is how it should be. Whenever we stop accepting the real truth and we stick to our truth, there is pain. Why? Because we are depending on partial truth. Partial truth essentially gives pain, agony, regrets, guilt – all these are based on partial truth. Real truth leaves no residue, that’s the flow of life. Sun operates on real truth. The basic codes or ingredient of Sanatana Dharma, which the Hindu structure follows, are based on real truth, only real truth. There is zero partial truth. There is no truth which has been told. When something is told, it could be to a version, not the real. So there is always a difference.

Mohanji quote - Make one decision Garbage is not my business

So, never base your life on versions, because you will have pain. When you know the real truth, you will have agony. But if you are based on real truth, you are always free. Freedom happens because you are conforming to the real truth all the time. That is why I say, always, do the right thing, based on your awareness. Be right, do right. Do right means something which is non-violent and not hurting other people, do what is right and then life will be fun! And keep introspecting, is this me? Is this aspect in me, which is real? If you consistently follow this you will discard all illusions. Illusions go by themselves. We are actually sponsoring illusions, that is why it stays. We subscribe to it, annual membership fee, so it keeps coming back. Illusions are flavors which life offers as entertainment. They are the television programs of life; these illusions, they exist only for some time and then go away. Like fools, one believes that this is real and then cry – even in relationships, no pun intended. (laughter)

Question: Perhaps you have explained this already, but I don’t understand the difference between being sensitive and being emotional. For example, I don’t read newspapers because I get upset when I read about the war in Syria or something like that. Am I being emotional or am I being sensitive?

Mohanji: That’s escapism, its none of these. If you are avoiding something, that is escapism. You should be open about everything. Why do you have to convert something into emotion and store it inside? Can you do something about it? For example, you see my Facebook Page. I talk about cruelty to animals, quite a lot. This is spreading awareness. People in the world have woken up to the idea and are conveying it further. So this is the job I am doing. So when you really feel something, you should convey it in a proper way, not in a violent or in a manner that it hurts other people, not like accusing or criticizing or judging someone, because that is going in a negative way. But you can definitely convey something saying, this is what I feel. You have every right to talk.

Remember the last words of Karl Marx, the founder of Communist ideology? People asked him, ”Do you have anything to tell the world before you die?” He said “ Last words are for those who could not express themselves while alive. So before they leave, they have to say something. Fortunately for me, I never had that problem.” (laughter). So, articulate while you can. See, there are some years of relevance for every individual. It varies from person to person. Saints have relevance through life. Jesus was alive and active for eight years and these are the years we are talking about. So his years of relevance, out of 32 is 8. Like that each person has a relevant time. It is up to you to make each moment relevant.

Mohanji quote - All I am talking about is pointing towards liberation

Then you become valuable to the world outside, not when you are asking more from the world. When you keep becoming valuable to the world outside, your years or moments of relevance increase. That’s what everyone should do! It’s not about spirituality, it’s about being more and more relevant in a positive way. It doesn’t matter whether you are sensitive or not. The problem with being emotional is that you keep adding junk into your system. Being sensitive is a good idea; I was talking to Avadhoota Nadananda and he had tears flowing from his eyes. I asked him, “Guruji, why do we have to feel, why should we feel at all ?” He said, “ Mohanji, sometimes, remember that you have a body.” That means that since you have a human body, be a human. It helps. So if you are a human being, you should be sensitive.

Be a human all the time, so feel, but don’t store it, because storing makes you feel terrible. Then you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, there are blockages, etc. but you understood a situation, assimilated it, passed it on and you moved onto the next. So, you are existing like a flowing river. You are always free and you are valuable to the world outside. If you look at all our activities, it is adding value to somebody. I am not asking you to do things for me. What have you done for me? But when you conduct a meditation, or when somebody says, I had this great experience and I could sort out this problem, how are you benefitted? You become the instrument or medium for something higher, for somebody, whom you do not even know! That’s where your relevance shows. It’s not that you promote Mohanji’s meditation, it doesn’t matter. That is why we put up all the meditations free on the website, you download, you practice, you benefit!

So, being relevant has a lot of value. Years of relevance is up to you. Most of the Masters you can see, like Prabhupada was dictating a book, almost until two minutes before he left the body! Most Masters have worked until the last moment. They have all been relevant to the world until their last breath. So this is something that you can definitely do. If you start looking at the world and say how can I add value, that is all matters. And it can be statements, even if you have a business, an ethical business can be a good statement. See, I do business ethically. And live it. That’s a good statement you are giving to the world. At every point it doesn’t have to be charity or spirituality, I am talking about lifestyle. Your very lifestyle can be like that. So it’s more of an attitude.


Question: During the Badrinath Yatra and here, there is a great feeling of contentment inside. I know it will only enhance for the rest of the duration of the journey, it’s also the setting, we are near you, the group is in a certain way. When we go back into the real world, we go back into our day to day lives, how do we protect this feeling of fulfillment and contentment, while we go through the daily duties?

Mohanji: That is why I said, write down, read it, meditate on it, feel it. This is very important. When you write down these things. See, what you felt, if you do not write down, when you are in real life and in the society, your own mind will say ,“it never happened!” So it is important to write down everything, the way you felt it, with the gratitude and all this is not for publication, there is no need to publish it; but your own mind will need reconfirmation at some points in time. Second is articulate it, not to unreceptive ears and you are not trying to preach, but whenever you have a few receptive ears, tell them, “ I had this experience and it was totally different from the usual insecurities and expectations. We were in a state where we needed nothing! “

When do you become a king? When you need nothing. We are all slaves in some way, we are slaves because we keep asking for something. Even if you need one thing, you are a slave to that thing. If you need nothing, you are fully powerful. So a state where you needed nothing, and everything was coming your way, when you need nothing, everything comes to you! So, write about it and articulate it so that you are spreading positivity and people will know that there are methods where you can get out of your tedium and connect to the higher. As I said, all this is available, the highest is available. Are we able to receive it ? Have we tuned our antennae properly so that we can receive the channel? That is the only question. All of us have the same capacity, no one is higher or lower. That is what I told you. No one can be called higher or lower. How do we know? Don’t think that I am enlightened. There is no need to think that. What if I am not enlightened, then the whole glass building will crash. What is next? Disillusionment! I am saying do not think one emotion is not there in your system anymore. That is why I said, avoid the concepts, accept the reality. Just flow, no problem.

Question: Continuing on the previous question, if we write down experiences, aren’t we creating memories?

Mohanji: But they are positive memories, aren’t they? You are definitely creating negative memories and storing them. Without your control, you are creating negative memories and storing them. Am I right? Yes! Then write something positive and store it.

Mohanji quote - One positive ACT a day

Question: But wouldn’t the mind expect the same thing again and again?

Mohanji: Let it be! At least this is positive. It elevates you. What is positive? Whatever expands you is positive. Whatever elevates you is positive. Whatever shrinks you or contracts you is negative. So look at that aspect and stay positive. Why do I say keep doing something for the helpless? It expands you, makes you rich inside. Inner richness stays forever. Outer richness we have no idea. People, relationships, we have no idea because mind keeps changing and then people change. So we don’t know anything about these things. But inner richness is your choice. You can serve and be rich. Terribly rich, much more than the billionaires of this world. Don’t think that if you have a lot of money, you will be very happy.

A lot of people will be looking at your money and you will be busy safeguarding it! Most of the rich people are only custodians of their property. They are just watchmen, they don’t sleep and they suffer because of the money. But some people you can see, even with little money, they share it, enjoy their food and sleep well. I am not saying, don’t have money. I am saying, opt for inner richness, much more than outer richness. When you have inner richness and outer richness comes, it balances itself. Everything needs maturity. Relationships need maturity, richness needs maturity, spirituality needs maturity, all of these need maturity. But when you are operating from your mind level, it cannot happen. When you operate from awareness level, it is possible.

Question: What is reality?

Mohanji: Who’s asking? (laughter) Only a hand answered!

One word answer – “ You”. As far as you are concerned, only you! Now you find yourself and find the reality. That’s all, there is nothing else more real than you.

Devi: I just feel that this is a unique chance that we are going to Kailash. I was really deeply touched by this book that I am reading, I still haven’t read the second half of the book.

Mohanji: You are lucky! ( laughter)

Mohanji, Kailash

Devi: Whatever I have read so far, creates an awe, of how special this place is and how profound it is that we have been drawn as souls to come. Unless we had this vibration in us already, we wouldn’t have made it. But it’s all about transcending. It’s not about just walking, and as Mohanji said, praying for something. If we just stepped there with awe, with gratitude, there are so many caves in there, so many special constructions made by highly evolved beings, which respond to our thoughts. It is said that there is a stone called ”Shantamani” in small Kailash which is right next to big Kailash. The stone is highly secure because there is no way one could reach small Kailash. The way it is made, it is inaccessible. This stone is such that it has the power of controlling our thoughts. It could never ever come in the hands of manipulative people but it responds to our sincere thirst for elevation. So if there is any prayer we should make, it is to transcend all our limits as human beings, full of thoughts, doubts and insecurities. As we walk and as we go through the challenges of the physical body, we should just embrace that elevated feeling of fullness and gratitude, keep on chanting something that will reinforce that feeling of fullness and gratitude and be in awe of the great ones there.

Our ancestors said that this was the city of Gods made 850,000 years ago!! It is mind blowing that we are stepping right there! And there are shapes that occurred over time, that open the space up to parallel worlds, that open the portals for space crafts to come and be there. All this is happening! He ( the author of the book) initially went with a scientist’s mind of investigating. And then he understood, he said he didn’t want this to be a topic discussed over coffee and cigarettes, of what this dude from Russia discovered. Because in a way you understand that these sacred things cannot be revealed to just about anybody, to people with lower vibration. Only those who really start becoming subtler and subtler, start expressing more love, more gratitude, will have access to this higher knowledge. So as our aura enters this field, through our system, we can imbibe so much blessing and knowledge and vibration, that’s way beyond what we can comprehend through our mind.


What we see in the movie, Matrix, is all real! We are multi-dimensional beings. So once we are there, we could enter a trance state and be teleported somewhere and come back and be aware of it or not be aware of it. We can usually jog for one hour and get tired or walk for three hours and also get tired without walking. If we can transcend our physical body, our body at some point walks by itself! This is what we are aiming to reach! So then there is no tiredness, simply we are carried by this vibration! I was also reading the knowledge of how this world was created – deep secrets exist right there in the Himalayas! There are underground tunnels, just like in the Bosnian Pyramids. The Kailash area is full of underground tunnels! So when we walk in the sacred grounds, there are so many beings there in Samadhi state, they are below our feet, so when we walk, we should do so with that reverence, and ask for the blessing of the connection being made in their presence. It is said that if you have negative thoughts, you can really have quite tough experiences. You don’t bring any of these vibrations in their presence. It’s like being in front of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. You don’t bring negativities there – like this person is very mean, he didn’t do this for me and have grudges against somebody, or complaints and so on. Don’t bring any of those in your mind, when you walk there.

Mohanji: That’s why I said sort out all your differences before you enter this zone so that you can elevate yourself to the highest point.

Devi: There’s one mountain which has the shape of a laser. They discovered that this laser beam goes to small Kailash and from there, to the top of big Kailash. From there, they made shapes just like a child would draw on a canvas! They made the shapes of the different mountains, and there are clear differences between nature made mountains and these that were made in this way! And whatever the excess materials were that were used to carve a certain shape, the laser beams could dissolve the excess materials that were used! Its mind blowing that it was all available at that time, and over the years, how much we have gone down actually! All the technology, even NASA and all that is not even 5 % of what we had at that time!


Mohanji: What happened was that as the evolutionary beings, like animal to human, started occupying the earth more and more, the transcended beings, left the place. There was no point in competing with the beings which are of much different frequency. I wouldn’t call anyone lower or higher, but frequencies which are much more basic. These are beings which learned the aspect of limitation. The moment you are able to handle limitation, you can move any material anywhere, including yourself. Some of these pyramids and other places we have visited, they are all signs of their existence. They left it as a kind of cage for humans to ….! And most of the people did not even see it, they made them burial grounds! They are not meant to be burial grounds, they are meant to be places of power!

Of course, Kailash is a place where lots of beings visit from other locations, who are evolved. They can come and go. And they do deliver if you are an eligible seeker. I was telling someone today, not sure who, that you can request the Masters to open you up! You can tell them that you are ready, at least deeper than your mind if possible, that I am actually ready for the highest or the higher and some of them come and help you. Some of them do appear, this is all part of it! And when you walk, please remember you are not walking, whoever brought you there, they are walking! You are just an instrument. Stop being you at least at that point! So you say that you are an instrument and you are being projected to that zone, for the higher, there are so many before you, after you!!!


Dinner time!

End of the beautiful satsang !!!

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan


Mohanji on Bhagavan Nityananda

Satsang in Sarajevo, Bosnia – 16th May 2017

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


Q: Everybody’s talking about Sai Baba, but there isn’t much information about Nityananda.

M: Just like we are born, at a particular time, at a particular place, for some reason, all masters are born the same way. They have a perfect reason for taking birth in a particular frequency, for a particular duration. Everybody – all of us are the same, so masters are not different from us that way. When you become enlightened, and then after enlightenment, there is a consistent effort to dissolve our unit structure and become the ocean. Then there is usually no reason to come back and take another birth. You don’t have to come back.

Nityananda was found on a small street as a baby. Nobody knows about his parents. There was a snake protecting the baby. We are talking about Bhagavan Nityananda who left his body in 1961. (There is another Nithyananda – Paramahansa Nithyananda – who is in the body)

He was taken care of by a family and was displaying many miracles right from his childhood. I can talk about a few of his miracles.

… I    The Ganga should flow here!


He traveled towards the north until he came to Bombay. On the way, he was settled in a place called Kanhangad. He was meditating there. As there was no water in that area, he said, “Why should the Ganga only flow in the north? The Ganga should flow here!“ Immediately water started flowing. That water is still there even today.

… II    Catching up with the bus


One day, he was standing at the bus stop. He was trying to go somewhere. He never used to wear any clothes. He only wore underwear, that’s all. A bus was coming, and he waved at the bus to stop. The bus driver looked at him and thought, “This man is not wearing any clothes,“ and decided against stopping the bus. When the bus reached the next stop, the driver found Nityananda was standing there as well. Then the bus reached the third stop and again the driver found Nityananda was standing there the same way. Finally, the driver stopped and Nityananda got on it.

… III   Miraculous touch


Another story, he was again standing at the bus stop. He saw one woman walking. He went ahead and caught her dress. People were angry. They were chasing him. He was shouting, “She’s healed! She’s healed!“ Nobody understood what he was saying. Then they asked this lady, “What was wrong?“ She said she had had breast cancer on both breasts. When Nityananda caught her dress, she was healed.

… IV     Train tickets


Once he was traveling by train and he did not buy the ticket. So the ticket checker came and asked him,“Where is your ticket?“

Nityananda said, “What ticket?“

The ticket checker said “If you want to travel by this train, you must have a ticket. Can you show me a ticket?“

The ticket checker showed Nityananda a ticket and said, “It should look like this.“

Then he took one ticket from his underwear and gave it to the ticket checker.

The ticket checker asked him, “So you’re going from this particular stop to that particular stop?“

“No, I want to go further”, he said and took another one.

Finally, he gave the ticket checker all the tickets – about fifty tickets in all – right from where the train was starting to it’s final destination. The ticket checker was really surprised, “How can this man produce all these tickets and he’s only wearing underwear? There’s no way he can hide these tickets. And the tickets were all for that day, not a collection of the old tickets from the past!”

… V     A pot of gold


There is always a group of people who talks bad about any master. The same thing was happening with Nityananda, too. Some people went and told the income tax authorities, the people who collect tax, saying, “This man is financing schools and so many institutions and he doesn’t have any income. How does he get this money!?“ So they said, “He is probably doing something illegal. Maybe he is printing money or maybe he is an agent laundering people’s black money.” So the income tax people came to Nityananda and asked him, “What’s your source of income? Show us where you got this money.“

Nityananda asked, “Who are you?“

They said, “We’re from the government. We’re income tax people. We want to know where you are getting the money.“

Then he said, “I pick it up from that pond,“ pointing to a water basin, “Whenever I need money, I pick it up from there.“

“Are you playing with us? Are you joking? We can arrest you. We’re powerful.“

Nityananda said, “I’m not joking. I’ll show you. Come with me.“

He took them to the pond. He jumped into the water and brought out a pot of gold. He said, “Whenever I need money, I go down, I pick one piece of gold and that is what I use.“

They could not do anything.

… VI A true master makes more masters


A true master makes more masters. He was a true master and most of his disciples became very powerful masters. This is a sign of a true master. It’s not one who teaches well. Anybody can teach well. But if you can create more masters, you’re a true master.

He was wandering and, finally, he reached Ganeshpuri. He used to sit there and ended up staying there for the rest of his life. A lot of people used to come and see him and they were very afraid to be near him because he sometimes slapped them or scolded them. He mostly scolded people. When he scolded people, big karmic blockages were removed. He would always be talking something to himself. So many people thought that he was probably mad.

Towards the end of his life, he wanted to go to the south where he came from. Then the people of Ganeshpuri said, “Guruji, you have lived here all your life. We would like you to leave your body here so that we can take care of it.” So he left his body there. Ganeshpuri is an amazing and a very powerful place.

VII How he was operating was difficult to understand or record


There are many, many stories of Nityananda, but the thing is it’s difficult to even understand how he was operating. He was such a powerful master. When a master is very powerful and his operating levels are multi-dimensional, it’s difficult to record it. If there is a pattern, we can record it. For example, if he was in one place and was doing certain things in a certain order and miracles were happening, these can be documented. However, if a master is working on a much larger platform, through lots of people, improving standards of lives, it’s difficult to document.

And many people do not tell the truth. They only talk something bad. How many people say there was an amazing transformation happening in their life? Very few people. Most people say, “Oh, I went to him. He didn’t give it to me. So he isn’t good.” This is what you hear a lot. Even now, if you look at how people talk, they like to talk negative. How many people talk positive? This was also the case with Nityananda. A lot of people did not even understand him and therefore documentation was not perfect. That is why we don’t know many stories of him. These are the stories which were told by people to people. They did not write it down themselves and it was finally recorded after a few generations.

I can talk about my experience if you are not bored already 🙂

My experiences with Nityananda

My first experience with Nityananda – Guided by an invisible hand


I did not know anything about Nityananda, like most people. One day, I was writing a blog and his image came to my mind, for no reason. Of course, there is a reason, but at that time there was no apparent reason. His image came to my mind and I just put his picture and wrote, “Earth became better because he walked on it.“ I did not know why I wrote that. I had no particular idea or a plan, but within a couple of months, I reached Ganeshpuri. My original plan was to go to the samadhi of Baba Muktananda (his disciple who succeeded him) first, then to go to Nityananda’s samadhi. However the car took me directly to Nityananda’s samadhi because the driver did not know the way. The car stopped exactly at the place where Nityananda’s body was kept. They allowed me to come inside where only the priest can go even though it was not allowed for anyone to go inside. Furthermore, those people did not know me. However, they said, “You can come in,“ and I did. I touched the idol where his body is kept. That was an amazing experience for me.

My second experience with Nityananda –

Meeting Nirmalananda, Nityananda’s disciple


There is a temple in the south called Mookambika. A bit high on the mountain where Adi Shankara did tapas (penance) and the Goddess appeared. She said, “What can I do for you?“

Adi Shankara said, “I would like you to come with me to my place so I can make a temple for you.”

The Goddess said, “Ok, you walk. I’ll come with you. But if you have one doubt in your mind, I will stop at that point and not go any further from there.” It means you should have so much faith in your mind that you should not doubt. If you doubt once, finished. Grace is gone.

Adi Shankara was walking and the Goddess was walking behind him. She was wearing anklets. The sound was coming, so Adi Shankara knew she was coming. After a while, the sound stopped. The Goddess was testing him. She held on to the anklets. Sound was not coming.

Adi Shankara walked for some more time, then a doubt entered, “Is she actually coming behind me?“ He turned and looked.

The Goddess said, “Doubt entered your mind. Grace is gone. Finished. I’m staying right here.“


That place is Mookambika Temple. That temple has been a heaven for many, many masters. Most masters including Sathya Sai Baba, have stayed there at that place. Sathya Sai Baba, Bhagavan Nityananda, Avadhoota Nadananda, etc. All these masters spent some time there, or they got something from there. Also, up the hill there is the spear of the goddess. Apparently the Goddess killed a demon there and there is a big spear sticking out into the sky. They tested the metal in the scientific labs. They could not find which metal it was made of. It is not from earth. That spear is still there. There are a few temples there as well.

So I was visiting these places and then I heard there is one disciple of Nityananda staying there. His name was Swami Nirmalananda. He has also left his body. Do you know how I reached this person? It happened like this. I was visiting the Mookambika temple. When I came out, there were a few people standing, begging for food and money. I saw one guy who was wearing a good shirt. He looked clean like he had taken a bath. But he was also begging. I asked him, “Are you hungry?“ He said, “Yes.“ I said, “Come with me.“ I was going for breakfast. I took him for breakfast. I told him, “Eat whatever you want, I’ll pay the bill.“ He sat at a table, he ordered only one dish, ate it, then he came to me and said, “I’m fine.“ Then I said, “Go. I’ll pay.“ I asked him one question, “What about lunch? Do you want to take some food now for lunch? I can give you.“ He said, “No. Somebody will give me lunch.“ That means he is a true saint. He isn’t worried about the future. He’s only existing at that time. He is happy that he got food. If he did not get food, he would fast. That means he had actually become a saint. Not worried about the future at all. He did not want anything for lunch, the next meal. I was very intrigued to have seen him and he went soon after that.

Next day, the same thing happened. I was coming out of the temple, this man was standing there, I asked the same question, before he asked me, I asked him, “Are you hungry?“ He said, “Yes.“ I said, “Come with me.“ The same thing repeated.

That day I was planning to go to the river to take a bath. You have to go further down about a kilometer to where the river that flows. I wanted to take a bath there, so I was going towards that direction. Suddenly, I saw the board of a temple. I don’t know why but I just felt like turning there. There were a couple of people with me. One of them was taking pictures. We went in and when we reached the temple, there was a small platform. This man who had had breakfast with me was lying down there. He looked at me, he was very excited to see me and he said, “Oh, you have come here, go into the temple.” Then he said, “Swami Nirmalananda who is a follower of Bhagavan Nityananda is there now, but he doesn’t see people. He is the same like Nityananda. His face is angry. You don’t know whether he likes you coming in or not.“

One person was taking pictures and later on when we checked, this person (who came for breakfast) was not in any of the pictures. There was no picture of this person. Who he was nobody knew. His job was to bring me there. After that, even though I stayed two more days there, I never saw him. Only those two days during breakfast and third time here. Then he disappeared. He was nowhere, not even in the picture. Then we went into the temple, which was full of pictures of Nityananda. We worshiped there and I asked the priest, “Can we meet Nirmalananda?“ He said,“Please wait, let me check.“ I said, “Just tell him Mohanji has come.“ If he can see through, then he will invite. Otherwise, if I am not eligible, I should not meet him. He called the three of us. By that time, he was very old and unwell. His leg was swollen and he was having tremendous pain. He asked me, “What do you want from me?“ I said, “Nothing, just your blessings.“


Then he said a few things about Nityananda. Nityananda told him, “I stayed three years in Mookambika, you stay thirty years.“ Before Nityananda left the body, Nityananda sent Nirmalananda to this place where Nirmalananda was presently staying. Nirmalananda has stayed here for the last thirty years. When Nityananda said, “Go to Mookambika,“ He did not go. He did not want to leave his guru. He wanted to be around the guru.

Nityananda asked, “Why are you standing here?“

Nirmalananda said, “I don’t want to go.“

Nityananda said, “Get out of this place!“

Nirmalananda said, “How can I go without you?“

Nityananda was covered with a blanket. He gave the blanket to him. He said, “This is me, take it. Go!“

Until now, he has been meditating on that blanket. When we went there, he was sitting on that blanket.

This is my second experience of Nityananda.

So I believe that NItyananda brought me to that temple to meet this Nirmalananda.

My third experience with Nityananda


My third experience with Nityananda was more interesting. Nityananda had created many masters during his time. Whomever he touched became a master. I believe that he has a role to play in whatever I am today. Nityananda had one disciple called Rakhadi Baba. Rakhadi means he only used to wear ashes on his body. Rakhadi Baba had a very, very powerful disciple called Poornananda who succeeded him. I had never heard of Rakhadi Baba nor Poornananda. In 2014, some people and I were visiting one powerful place of Lord Dattatreya. One saint wanted to see me. The saint didn’t speak English. For me, it was very difficult to communicate with him because I couldn’t speak his language, but he said,“I want to meet Mohanji.“ He came to this place where we went. His lineage is Bhagawan Nitynanda, Rakhadi Baba, Poornananda, Sadananda, then this man whom I met, Thyagananda. Poornananda left his body on April 6th, 2000. Before he left his body, he took out the mala that he was wearing, gave it to Thyagananda, and said, “One day Mohanji will come. Give it to him.“


Fourteen years later, I got it. He left the body on 6th April 2000, and on 24th December 2014, I met Thyagananda and he gave me the mala. Tyagananda asked Poornananda, “How will I recognise Mohanji?“ He said, “Look into his third eye. You can see a blazing sun.“ When I entered the room where he was sitting, he looked at me and he choked. Tears came into his eyes, he could not speak for some time. While I was sitting there, Poornananda told him,“Transfer all your powers to Mohanji. He has big work to do in the world.“ He asked me, “Can I transfer it to you?“ So I kneeled down. He transferred his powers, gave me the mala, gave me the garment and then we left. Poornananda was wearing this mala for a long time, it was like an atomic bomb, it was so powerful.


That is one part of the story. There are more miracles associated with it, but I am talking about the lineage. Bhagawan Nityananda’s lineage came through Thyagananda to me.

My fourth experience with Nityananda

Then, in 2015 I met Avadhoota Nadananda. I think some of you have read the book, “Autobiography of an Avadhoota”. I was in Benares (aka Varanasi). One family who knew me invited me for breakfast. When I went for breakfast, they gave me a book written by Nadananda. That is how I came to know about him. When I looked at the picture, I saw a lot of energy on the face, very powerful. I asked them, “Who is this person?“ Then the person who gifted me the book said, “He is a very powerful master who is still in the body.“ I said, “I want to meet him.“ He said,“I don’t know where he is, but you can meet him“ and he gave me a contact number.


Nadananda never takes calls. So I was trying the number for a long time but couldn’t reach him. Then I thought, “Ok, I can’t meet him.” Then I travelled overseas conducting programmes in various parts of the world. When I came back, I found this book was sitting on my bed! Normally it would be on some shelf. But this was on my bed. Then I thought, “This book is sitting on my bed, that means I have to do something.” I called the number again. But he was not picking again. So I said, “Ok, leave it.” and I put the book on the shelf.

In December, I was filming in Shirdi for a film in which I was acting. Nadananda was staying about eight hours from Shirdi. I decided to meet him. We went to meet him, myself, Devi, Mila and a few other people. We already informed him that we were coming and he arranged a room for us. The room was next to where they store the grains and that place was full of rats. The bed was on the floor. You had to ask the rats, “Can I sleep a little bit?” 🙂 But we never felt anything. We were coming to meet a great master and we were all happy to sleep with the rats. I was hoping there were no snakes because when the rats come, the snakes get tempted to see what they were doing. 🙂


When I met Nadananda for the first time, he asked me, “Why have you come? What do you need from me?” I never go to any master for getting something. I just go empty and whatever happens, happens. If we go with expectation, we come with disappointment. So I never ever visit any master for something or expecting something. I just go, whatever happens, happens. Later on Nadananda said, “Your job was to come, our job is to fill in.“ The tradition operates that way. If a person comes, they never go empty-handed. Whatever possible, masters fill in. When I said I needed nothing, he said, “Mother will tell me why you are here. Nobody comes to see me without a reason.“

Next day we were all there and suddenly he came and said, “I want to honour Mohanji.” Then he gave me a shawl and a Sri Yantra (a sacred geometry depicting the Divine Mother), etc. I call him Guruji. I said, “Guruji, I don’t need any honour. I’m fine. I’m not expecting anybody to honour me. I’m ok.“ He said, “No, no. It’s an instruction.“ Later he wrote about it. He wrote when Mohanji came he liked me because I was empty and I never asked anything. Secondly, while he was sitting alone, Babaji told him, “We sent Mohanji to you. Take care of him.“ Then I came to know about the lineage, Bhagawan Nityananda, his disciple Maa Taramayee, then Avadhoota Nadananda. So again the lineage came back.


More or less a similar thing happened. Nadananda transferred his spiritual bank balance to me like Thyagananda did. You see, again the river started from NItyananda.

My fifth experience with Nityananda

One more channel came. This is a master who is not in the body. Nadananda is in his body. This Swami was living in a temple close to where Nityananda was living in Ganeshpuri. Apparently, this is the place where Nityananda came first before he went to the place where he stayed later in Ganeshpuri. This man was bent. Some of you may have seen his picture. His name was Vasudevan Swamy. He was worshipping the padukas (footwear) of Nityananda.

One night, people threw stones at him. No stone hit him. The next time I went to him, I asked, “Swami, did you see who threw the stones? Did you complain to the police?“ He said, “No, no no, we should not look at who threw the stones because we will have anger towards them and our mind will get contaminated. We should not get contaminated. We should not see who is throwing stones. And we don’t have to tell the police, because their karma will take care of them. Why should we worry?“

Since then, he has also left the body.

The last time I met him he said two things. One,“ Mohanji, I always remember you. Every day, I think about you.“ Second, “Bhagawan NItyananda lives with you.“ He said these two things. These were more or less his last words to me.


In Conclusion

So this lineage came to me through various means, through various masters. And why don’t we know much about Bhagawan Nityananda? Especially when he created diamonds out of stones, i.e. out of normal people, he created masters. This is very difficult to see, very difficult to understand and very difficult to explain.

Sai Baba had done the same. He had created various masters. Every true master has created more masters. I think that’s about it, about Nityananda.

You are a Yogi

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Being a Yogi – is being yourself. A Yogi is an aspiration and a state. Being a Yogi truly is being exactly what you are, beyond your ego, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect, going to the core, the essence of you where you are united with every aspect of creation. There is nothing apart from you. Every being, every atom in this Universe is connected and it works in synchronicity with the whole creation of the Universe. Furthermore, a Yogi is fully tuned and attuned into this consciousness. Lord Shiva is our aspiration, a representation of the universal consciousness, always merged in the consciousness which is the basis of creation and always being impartial, neutral and at the same time fully available as the energy, the source which creates the whole structure of existence.

Mohanji - painting by Palak Mehta

Mohanji – painting by Palak Mehta

A Yogi is one who is connected to himself completely and a true Yogi is a true universal being. There is no selfishness. There is 100% commitment to the existence. There is no him, there is no Yogi, there is only beingness. When I say beingness, you are actually being one with the Supreme Consciousness which flows through you, into you and through you into all the beings around you. When you are absorbed into that consciousness, all the time, there is no ego, no body, no mind, you are fully integrated into the Supreme consciousness.

A Yogi is one who has gone beyond the gunas of existence. The gunas are the flavour which create a character, a constitution, something which makes you distinct from the world. Every being is a unique creation. All beings are unique. There are no two buffalos alike. There are no two beings alike. Every being is a different combination and all these combinations are important and that adds to the flavour of existence. This is not only about Earth – Earth is just one small tiny part of the whole cosmos. There are numerous, numerous locations in this universe. There are a lot of galaxies, stars, planets and satellites – quite a lot of things in this universe.


The moment you start feeling or connecting to the consciousness which is driving this whole machinery, you stop being you. You grow well beyond your limited frames and you merge into the consciousness of the society. There are numerous methods which ancient masters have codified and delivered to us, many of which are extinct. We never used them. Mostly in those days, it was only transmitted through word of mouth. It was never written. There were no scripts in print or in books. It was all written on leaves. So various things, great philosophies have already been eroded and later on various conflicts of humankind have destroyed quite a lot of substance.

Yet, what is known today as Yoga which means one who can aspire to be a Yogi by practising Yoga. Yoga is something which has survived the test of time because Yoga is nature. It can never be destroyed. Nature can never be destroyed. You may cut the trees or you may pollute the environment, but environment always restructures itself with or without human beings. So Yoga is something which has stood the test of time, this is because Yoga means being natural. A Yogi is natural. Everything amounts to being you, being natural and being one with the universal consciousness. This is a flow. This is life.


And what is life about? It is not about the paltry pleasures which we get from the outside world. Life is about being contented within and the expression of that contentment overflows from yourself into the world outside and it brightens up the world outside. That is exactly the life of a Yogi – a true Yogi. His beingness, his stature, his very existence overflows and brightens up the world outside. If each existence becomes such a glow, imagine a world full of happiness, full of glow – no competition, no anger, no jealousy, no hatred. There is no negativity of any kind. There is no comparison between people. We are all the same. Nobody is higher or lower. There is no duality. All you see is yourself in the other person. The moment you are connected to yourself in that mode, you are a true Yogi.

There is a saying,“If you consume food once a day, you are a Yogi. If you consume food twice a day, you are a Rogi i.e. a sick man. If you consume food three times a day, you are a Bhogi, i.e. a lustful person.“ There is a slight deviation to this adage. Some people say, if you eat food twice you are a Bhogi, and if you have food three times a day, you are a Rogi, a sick man. So when you are totally connected to your consciousness, when your energy flow is not wasted on paltry things outside, you won’t even need food. You will only consume what you essentially need. You won’t eat too much. You won’t eat in a kind of emotional way of eating. All our consumption, all our intake through mind, intellect, all this will be regularised so that health is maintained.

Mohanji meditating

When the richness of the inner world glows through the eye lids…

Being a Yogi is being healthy. Being healthy is a state of mind. When your mind is healthy, your body is healthy. When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy. So being a Bhogi means your are lustful in eating, which makes you sick. It takes the health away. Being a Rogi, which is a later stage, is a state where you are consuming indiscriminately not only food, but also emotions, intellect, knowledge, information, etc. When you cram all these things inside, it really chokes you. It really makes you obese. It can make you physically, emotionally, or intellectually obese. All kinds of obesity limit your movement, limit your flexibility, limit your freedom.

I wish all of you who are reading this a great state of being a Yogi. Being a Yogi is an individual path. You can do this yourself. There is no need for any external influence. You are a Yogi by birth. You are a Yogi. All you have to do is just explore it, bring it out and then start feeling it. You are a Yogi by nature.

Thank you so much. I wish you the very best.