The Power of the Subtle – Q&A18 June – after BTW in Muscat, Oman

Topics: Power of Purity and Karma eradication; Creation-reflection of our consciousness; Is Universe still expanding?; Only two choices left: either to operate at the level of emotions or at the level of awareness; Subtlety is power; Limitations of free will, etc.

The color of the Photon Belt and flowering of consciousness

In response to mobile that rang just at the completion of meditation…

In any meditation class, your mobile should be switched off. This is because you are going deep within. External sound gives sudden jerk on body. It is very bad for your system. How will you feel if someone pours water on you while you are in deep sleep? You will be shocked and jerked from sleep. It will not be a welcome experience. Loud sound of mobile not only shakes you but also others. It is not good. This is a general guidance for everyone.

Mind and Activity: Small innocent things that attract mind could become a trap in the path of liberation. Small things may also include music or food etc. This attraction of mind and senses could be very detrimental in the path of liberation. It is not easy to avoid all these traps. But what helps – is being aware of the trap.

You should enjoy everything; but enjoy with detachment. This means, whether that particular material is available or not, life goes on. Mind should be fully present with every thought, word and action. This is very important to avoid repetitions. E.g- while eating an ice cream, your whole concentration should be on the ice cream. You must be fully present. Each bite should be completely enjoyed. Then, second ice cream could be avoided. Temptations could be avoided. If you are fully present in the activity, second time mind may say…. Umm not again! An activity with emotion becomes the memory. When the emotion is missing, an activity does not stay in your sub-conscious as deep as it would, while with emotion to glue it there. If you are doing activity subconsciously, mind will say…. ‘Yeah, no problem, do it again!’ This is because our wandering mind prefers a repetitive action rather than a conscious action.

Power of Purity Meditation: Most of the time, while doing an activity, mind is elsewhere. I thought to share this important understanding. Cleansing is happening with every Power of Purity meditation. But when you go into the world outside, contamination happens again. If you want to maintain the purity achieved during this meditation, be aware of every thought-word-action. Whatever you carry within should be pure stuff. What is a pure stuff- something which is not selfish; something which is absolutely selfless. No rituals can bring that purity which you can cultivate from within. Selfless actions elevates man to the highest.

Any kind of mantras or poojas cannot eradicate karma beyond a certain extent. In fact, it can only dilute it a bit, if at all.  But presence of mind in every thought, word and action can eradicate karma or at least nullify its effects. It can liberate you. Rituals can bind you. Certain poojas you are stuck with can bind you. Rituals are experiential in the beginning but soon becomes habits. Though you start rituals with experience but later on, when it becomes a habit, you cannot live without it! Thus it binds you. Any habit whether extremely good or bad is ultimately a habit because it binds you. How can liberation be possible when you are bound?

When the richness of the inner world glows through the eye lids…

Q: This meditation cleanses one’s body or mind, or both?

A: Body is cleansed while taking bath. Body is gross. It is made out of elements- fire, water, earth, air and space. Elements are gross. What is cleansed with this meditation is the inner space. Inner space is fully made up of emotions/impressions of various degrees from various lifetimes. This can be cleansed. This is what we are trying to do in this meditation. Purified inner space makes us feel lighter. The Shaktipat is like a trigger. Gross karma provoked you to take birth. Shaktipat penetrates through these gross karmas, eliminates chaff and makes further progress easier.

Be clear about one thing- whatever you wanted to achieve in this life with this birth, you have brought enough fuel to achieve that. Whether you like it or not, things will happen, as per the master plan of this life. This is called destiny. The fuel is not sufficient for the additions. Your destiny made you come here and sit. You may not know me before. Maybe you never heard these words before. These words are provoked by your destiny because you were supposed to hear them today. You could not have been elsewhere today. This is what we called the “Time-space junction point”. You can be only at a particular space at a particular time with a particular constitution. It is impossible for you to get different place and time at this moment.

What you do not know in your conscious mind is what provoked this birth after you are born.  Ours is kind of an unconscious existence. You exactly knew what you wanted to do before getting into the human womb. After birth, social and other conditioning made you forget what provoked this birth. You continued to exist thinking that, “I am doing the right thing”!

The 80% of our vital functions are not controlled by you. Your heart beat, circulation, respiration, digestion are not controlled by you! The brain is not controlled by your conscious mind. Limitations are so heavy that what we control is nothing compared to what we do not or what we are, in totality. With this understanding you can do one thing that is ‘allow lesser things to go within your mind structure and thus create lesser karma. Be in the present and avoid resistance of all kinds, because you created your situations, sub-consciously.”

How is Karma created? The thoughts are first level of creation and energy is required for that. Words are second level of creation. Energy is required for each word uttered. Last level is action. Major karmas are created through emotions attached to each thoughts-words-and-action. Emotion is the glue which attaches every thought-word-and-action to your subconscious. This makes you take birth again. Being detached from your action, observing yourself and being fully present with every thought-word-and-action liberates you. You will not be bound or emotional. You must feel for other people but not emotional about it. Feeling is a part of the system. This also means that you should do 100% of what you can do. Then offer gratitude and remain detached. Do not get affected by what you have done. This detachment is your liberation. You will always do your best when you operate in the detachment mode. You will not compare yourself with another person. You are unique, other person is also unique. You are a karmic being; other person is also karmic being. Different karma, different constitution! How can you compare different constitutions? When comparison stops, heart becomes lighter. You will not be worried. …. then no anger, no jealousy, no hatred! You are then operating in the plane of absolute consciousness.

All scriptures are teaching us the same. We get stuck with words and forget the essence. Hence we do not progress. All Masters who came to this earth till today said the same thing! Times were different, situations were different and people listening to them were different. Collective consciousness was different in the past and is different in the present too. The past masters had to use certain words and ideas to address their subjects; but essentially, essence is the same.

What is cleansed through this Power of Purity meditation is your inner space. This also cleanses your activities. The roots must be clean so that the sprouts will also be clean. We dress up well and show to the society, but usually, inside is terribly contaminated!  We are still keeping a lot of bags, trash and heavy burdens, but we smile externally and deceive others and ourselves! Pretensions! Grave pretensions!!! That is why people cannot trust anybody. They do not trust themselves too. When they start trusting themselves, they will also trust others.

Surrender your pretensions – with the power of purity, even angels become tangible..

Q: Can you speak on Creation?

A: Creation has happened at various levels. There are ‘beings’ of various levels of consciousness in the universe. All these beings are not created by the same consciousness. E.g. you give clay to a 4th grade child and also to a master architect. The child will create to the best of his ability but what will master architect create? He will create a completely different thing. Same clay, same material but different expression! Or, even the same clay in the hands of two people will attain different forms. How is that happening? This is because consciousness of creator of these clay models are different. Similarly, universal consciousness has different expressions. Material of creation is the same. Energy is the clay. From a unicellular being to reptile, birds or animals to humans, all have happened with different levels of consciousness. Hence expressions are different, quality and texture of creation are different.

Your perspective or understanding of the higher consciousness  may not be true. E.g- a whale or a dolphin are creations of higher consciousness and are beings of higher consciousness. Scientific proof says that they contribute to the oxygen levels of the universe. What is their relevance in the universe? They are not just heavy beings floating in the ocean; they are contributing to the ecosystem. Creature which contributes to the ecosystem of the earth is definitely a creation of a higher consciousness, much larger awareness than ours, as we humans have only destroyed the ecosystem. If we are given the same energy, what will we create? Our creation will be a reflection of our consciousness. Indeed, we are creating our destiny every moment through every thought, every word and every action.

We are pretending that we are great; which we are not. I am a post graduate student, so I feel that my neighborhood degree class student is not great. This is my ego and nothing else. If one feels that “I am better because I have degree and other level of awareness” is absolute nonsense! Each entity has a purpose. Each one has a value. Every animate and inanimate object has consciousness. Each does its role. Some are tangible. We may feel that a stone lying on the road has no value. But tomorrow, when the same stone is used to build a wall, gets a value that it is used to construct a house! Everything has had a value, has a value and will always have a value. This is the way world was created. This has been the ways of expressions of various levels of consciousness.

Human beings are of a different level of consciousness because we have the ability to realize the highest. We have the ability to liberate ourselves from the birth-death cycle. Some other beings might have the same capacity as ours, we do not know. We cannot say that we are higher just because we created these cities! We are definitely higher because we are expressing our creativity at our level with tangible material! And because we are using our intellect for our survival. Other higher beings are creating things or matter from energy. They created matter which is recyclable. We spill the gut of the earth and we cannot recycle it. This is our level of consciousness! Same situation is given to two different people, it creates two different feelings! With a knife, someone may cut a vegetable and someone may stab a person!

Q. There are people who are going through similar experiences to learn the same lesson. When I am learning a particular thing, some other person from different continent also is learning the same lesson? Why is this required?

A: This is because awareness is different  agenda is different, and also karma is different. There could be similarities in desires, or even pattern of existence between two individuals. But, they are not exactly the same. The syllabus is the same for all students of a classroom, but the purpose and consciousness is different. Even if they learn the same subject, their understanding and assimilation would be different. Two bodies are taken by two different souls because the aim is different experiences.

If you take a step further, this can be a completely different topic, just like life. Your understanding of a matter will depend on where you stand. It depends on where you can see, what you can see or how far you can see. This is why a judgement based on partial understanding could become quite catastrophic for many. Eg: Dictators who ravaged nations and life. Selfish politicians elected by the people for the people working only for themselves.

Creation is dharma-bound. What you are saying is karma bound. Human experiences are related to karma. You do not know what makes your reality. You are creating karma through thought, word and action. So you get parallel experiences. But creation is something else. The macro creation is about consciousness and dharma or duty. You are supposed to create. An architect is supposed to design a building and it is his dharma. Karma provokes life.

You know how karma is produced through thoughts, words and actions plus emotions. Collective consciousness of society also contributes to it. If people or society feels that you are someone great and behaves that way with you, that could build on your ego and karma. You may also think that particular person is good but others may not think so – this is individual perception! Some people are humble and well-balanced while some behave in a humble way because of low self esteem. Two dimensional society but society can see only their expressions not their dimension. Rich men may think that  people love him because of the attention that he gets from the society, but usually, people  might be loving his money and not the man. You can see this kind of disproportionate life everywhere.

In the highest consciousness, there is no lack of proportions. There is no inequality. There is one existence. Expressions of one existence, I am you and you are me. Gender, time and space cannot matter. You express what I want to express. This is why, all Masters are at one level. All Masters operate from one consciousness; you name Krishna, Jesus, Buddha etc. You choose what you like. No problem. But, consciousness remains the same and the operating level also remains the same- completely unconditional  completely selfless, dharmic operation and not karmic. Krishna, Jesus, and Datta have no karma. They came to safeguard the dharma. Do not confuse between our karmic operating levels and higher consciousness creation levels.

One Consciousness

Q: Is universe still expanding?

A: Universe is infinite. Universe is alive. It is expandable and contractible. Universe exists within God. His will can spontaneously change its dimensions. Just like huge stars disappear into nothingness, just like huge new stars are created, universe is dynamic. This is a live, pulsating universe. It is infinite and infinitely alive. It can grow or shrink. It is a flexible universe.

Are we familiar with our symbol Ananta, the snake whose head and tail cannot be traced? Lord Mahavishnu sleeps on Ananta. Ananta signifies infinity. That is a stature of God, Parabramha or Allah….. whatever you want to call. Everything happens within Him. Time and space are measurable only on the earth. When soul exits body, time and space do not exist. Gross can only measure the time and scale and not subtle. Soul is subtle. Supreme father is subtler. Soul is still an entity. When soul completely merges with the Father, it cannot be identified, just like a river merging into an ocean. A merged soul extracts itself when there is a need for a dharmic existence. That birth is not due to karma. It is not like our birth. It is a birth purely out of dharma or duty. Like, the Sun is doing its duty every day. This birth is pure, uncontaminated and without any emotions or karmas. Emotions contaminate our birth. It becomes lower level of existence. Lower level means more dense or more gross. More gross means it is prone to rebirth.

Q. Why are we of higher existence?

A: This is because we chose intellect over might for our existence. This is because we have ability to realize the highest. Animal lives a pre-planned existence. It goes through birth, life and then dies. It is not the same with humans. It has different level of existence. We have the power to realize the Highest. The Highest is our creator. As we go through the process of realizing higher, we become more and more subtle. Subtle means lighter. Body is the grossest which you can feel. Senses are subtler than body. Breath is even more subtler. Soul is perhaps the subtlest which you can experience. After death, even our soul still remains gross than the Father. The Father is subtlest and invisible. We go through the various levels of filtering till we become one with the universe. We travel from limited body to unlimited expanse of the universe. Each location has its subtlety. Each loka or world is different in subtlety. Earth, moon, Mars and Venus have different levels of subtlety or grossness.

This transformation of ‘limitedness to unlimitedness’ cannot be achieved through doing. Doing only helps you to be with you. When you do Hatha Yoga etc., you may feel better. But, doing yoga with a mind wandering somewhere else is of no use. It may help as a physical exercise but will not tune your mind. Most of the people are doing yoga at physical level because no teacher tells them that ‘this is for you to bring yourself to you’! Scattered mind which goes out of the system with senses should be brought back to your system. Then it becomes very powerful. Then, you become powerful because lesser energy is wasted. Energy is money. Energy is power. Let anything happen outside, it will not affect you. When you are with your soul more and more; you become subtler. Your words become command to the universe. This is how Masters operate. Stop the rain and rain stops! The subtler you are, the more powerful you become!

Q. Is evolution linked to awareness?

A: Spiritual evolution is indeed linked with awareness. Awareness is expandable. In the path of evolution, it may take lifetimes of cleansing to experience the subtler. Mind gives you many options of enjoyment. When senses get attracted, body follows. We existed for many lifetimes like this. One day we feel that let this all be enough. Voluntarily, few things are dropped from heart. Process takes time. How difficult is to drop those impressions of many lives which you carried to create this character!! You must recognize and understand each aspect of yours that built this character and then unwind it. This can happen only through, recognition, contemplation, and meditation on yourself. When you are with higher consciousness, lower automatically drops. A doll which was important when you were a child is no more important when you get a bi-cycle! Thus evolution occurs. Some at lower consciousness cannot see the higher consciousness. It may take them life-times to realize, but eventually it will be realized. From spiritual point of view, let it be!

Time is speeding up. 24 hours just go like that! You have only two choices: either to operate at the level of emotions or at the level of awareness. We had more time and space 10 years before. Today, weeks go so fast! While operating through emotions, one cascade will lead to another, and eventually it will crash somewhere. Those who can catch the higher awareness will catch now. Those who are at borderline may fall into emotion side. This is the way things are happening. This is a very interesting time. Just watch global happening and you will understand the changing time.

Nature is responding. Things will get better. If someone is travelling at a speed of 20kmph, how far can you follow him by walking? You will need another mode of transport to catch him. Similarly choices are to be taken now. Earlier procrastination was allowed. Now no more! Either play the game or get out of the field.

Q. How to choose a field?

A: Field is provided. The earth is the field.Field had to happen as per your karma and eligibility. It is not your choice. That is why I was talking about destiny. Certain activities and certain thoughts, words and actions have created the field for you. You are given the field. You are given the consciousness to operate in that field. You also have been given the right understanding to perform. How you perform in the field with the surrounding is up to you. Once you decide to lift one leg, another cannot be lifted! That is the field of free will. Free will is limited after birth until death. It stops when one action is done.

We have the free will till we decide. Once you decide to lift one leg, you cannot reverse. Your free will is dissolved. You have to wait for another situation!

I Love You


The subtler you are, the more powerful you become!

Q&A after BTW on 21 May 2010, Muscat, Oman

Topics: Pretension & Cults;  How to know we are progressing spiritually; Accepting physical aging; How not to dissipate our energy; Great Masters put the axe at the root of the expectations; Increase in elligibility is always based on detachment; Third dimension of a person…   

Open to receive the Grace

Q: I was thinking today that we always say that Masters’ grace is there, but it depends on our receptivity to receive it. I feel receptivity is not only listening but completeness of listening-understanding-assimilating-(and) implementing. Will all 4 together become receptivity?

A: Yes, and the core is faith. The spine of all is faith.

Q: So, if we have faith then all the four will follow?

A: Yes.

Q: Sometimes we just listen and neglect what we heard.

A: No. Not only that. Most people live based on pretentions. You know we pretend to be what we are not or we pretend to be what society needs us to be. This is why we are not progressing spiritually. The moment you accept your weaknesses, the moment you accept who you exactly are, without adding pepper and salt, that time we start progressing. But we don’t allow that. We pretend to be what we are not over a period of time, maybe till the end of the life as well. Sometimes we even enter into certain ‘cults’ or we happen to be in some spiritual sects – we make ourselves believe that we are on the right track and then we adjust to it. It is almost similar to the frog syndrome – you adjust so much to the temperature that you cannot get out of it. We adjust and we move on with the same process until we are not able to get out. A lot of insecurity is created, like ‘if we get out, what happens?’ The comfort related to the sect, or comfort related to the situation, bogs us down, i.e. kind of destabilizes or immobilizes us. The whole energy to get out of the situation never happens.

This is not spirituality. This is anti-spirituality. Actually if you want to be spiritual you have to be kind of fluid. Keep flowing. It is a journey in which you get a lot of road signs. The choice of looking at the road sign is yours. If you know the way, you can go. Gurus are only road signs, just directing you to yourSelf. Gurus have no further role. Of course, the grace element will be there provided there is an attitude of surrender and deep faith. The divinity then takes over. Otherwise, when we are progressing in the path of spirituality, we just go through the path and follow the road signs correctly and then there is no problem 80% of times.

But what happens is that somebody else guides us who is also a seeker…. saying- ‘Oh, I had a wonderful experience – why don’t you come along?’ This could be that person’s experience and nothing to do with you. We still go for it or make ourselves believe that it is the right path and get stuck there. Like that we get stuck at various points. Our journey is delayed. Eventually, you will reach the destination. But it may be a long travel, for many lives!

To measure how far you have progressed in this life, revert back to how much you have travelled in past life. We have done some spiritual activities in the past life. We can’t prove them scientifically; (now you can prove to an extent through regression therapy, etc.). We do not remember them because we are operating from a new intelligence and not from the old subconscious when we did the activities. This data has been carried in the form of ‘impressions’ to this life. But the faculty we are using is the new fresh body, fresh mind and fresh intellect. This fresh stuff which is the conscious mind, body and intellect cannot understand a thing happened in past life as this did not exist in that life. It is the new tool. Bulb doesn’t know where the electricity originated. We go on like that. That is why we always have to shut off the conscious mind to revert back to the original self. That is why we are practicing meditation.

Everything is important, everything is good. The most important thing is this- Where do we want to stand? And where do we want to go?

Q: During the meditation, I felt like I was moving in this merry-go-round and also had glimpses of people I didn’t know.

A: Yeah. All those are glimpses from a realm which you are otherwise unable to tap into. These are all also collectors as well. Means you have to meet them – shake hands, and depart. Or it could be something which was exiting you.

In this meditation, tremendous cleansing happens. You get relieved from a lot of stuff which pass through your mind. Some entities, which may or may not have a body, pass through your mind and exit. So, you will feel something has left you and/or that you have met somebody. Mind will try to contemplate, but consciousness cannot understand because this probably is related to another life. So it can only be felt. It can never be perceived exactly. In such cases what you have to do is -watch it like a movie and do not get attached. Sometimes the traumas are tremendous. It really gives you the squeeze and your emotions will overflow. That time also, just watch it like a movie and let it go. The more you hold it, the more agony. The lesser you hold it, the lesser is the attachment or agony. We have to be very objective about all these experiences. Just watch. Say – Ok, Fine. I had this experience. No problem. And go on.

The more you root in your spine, your stability will increase. Your strength happens when your subtlety increases. In the gross level, you are weak as you operate through the senses. For example, it is like when you go to, let’s say, a bakery. You see a lot of pastries there for sale. Automatically half of your strength is gone there because senses have pulled you already. And then your mind is already weak since senses say “I want to taste this”. Then you are just going through the process of paying for it, buying and consuming it. The more you get to the spine and exist in your spine, the push or the pull of the senses will be much less. That becomes your strength so that you will not easily be swayed by what is visible outside! This is why sometimes Saints operate in jungles. They do not even want to get exposed to the sensory objects, including people. Sometimes someone comes to you with glass, ornaments and stuff like that which you might get attached to.

Be rooted in the spine – then nothing can shake you!

You look at the mirror many times in a day and re-establish your own image to yourself! If something happens, you fall! If the image remains intact, and you are liking what is in the mirror, good enough! But if there is a change, such as old age, then what happens? It’s annihilation of some image. When that annihilation happens some people just go haywires. They cannot accept old age gracefully. This is human nature. Whatever we are getting over attached to is not good. Of course, as a lady, you need to be presentable, I can understand that. But how dependent you are on your own image? This is one aspect of how you are attached to your own life.

The changes happening may not be graceful. They may be forced changes. I cannot help it. I cannot get it. I am getting old. Then, we start getting frustrated about all the age-related problems.

This is because we are not deciding the changes. Society decides and we obey. Society decides that a 20yr old must have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or should get married, and we inherit that. It is our responsibility to practice it! At no point do we think why not I be different!?

I like to walk alone. I wrote that in my blog. One relative asked me what you would like to do. I said that I’d like to be alone. He got annoyed, since he thought I am making fun of him. Because he cannot understand a situation where one would love to be alone and that it is possible. It’s fine. I am alone. It should not be escapism though—‘I am not able to get friends so I want to be alone’.

Choosing to be alone with full integrity and strength for the sake of subtlety (means, pulling away from the senses and gross body, to the level of the soul) where you are all powerful; then you are definitely very powerful. This is a time when people get attracted to you, whether you want it or not – because your strength is much higher than that of an average person. The dissipation of energy is much less in you. How is energy dissipated? It is through the senses and the mind. It is getting dissipated through oscillations of thoughts between your past and future, i.e. guilt about the past and anxiety about the future. These 2 things suck your energy away. That completely annihilates you. And this is not annihilation of Shiva, or annihilation for the sake of dissolving, it is of the karmic push. It is painful, and then you crave. When you crave, emotions happen. When emotions happen, another life happens! That is why over lifetimes situations are repeated. We have the choice of what to do with the situations in this life. You have only the present to work on. Nothing else. Future does not exist if present does not exist. That is why all the Masters always point their fingers to the present and say “Do this now.” If you are in the present all time, then no need of meditation, no need of Gurus, Just Be.

This is theoretically easy to understand, but practically very difficult; because there will be always someone who gives you anxiety of the future saying what will you do after 10 years? That is all! This is what we are. That’s our nature. Let’s accept it. Only through acceptance can we correct it.

Our reality is absolutely perfect for us. First is shaking hands with our reality. It is not a coincidence that you are at a place at a particular time, at a particular juncture, with the particular intellect and the particular body. This is not co-incidence and it was all supposed to happen.

Everything is pre decided. So now what you do with that system, infrastructure and the available incidence is what is more important.

Do you get the point? It’s nothing to be scared about. It’s just to operate in the present.

Firstly, acceptance as I told last time. Second, non-resistant to situation i.e. if some food you never ordered came to you, just accept it as it is. This is not passive acceptance, not being a door mat.

There is a difference. Being a door mat is kind of victim feeling of being a victim. It is like—‘this is a situation today. Let me go through the situation. So that I get empowered’. There is no friction or resistance within. This empowers you. You are stronger when dissipation of energy is less and resistance is less. We are a body. Body has a constitution and the consciousness. Accept that.

Whatever it is, it is fine. Never compare. Somebody else has a better body. Arnold may have better muscles and body than me. We can never get satisfied if we compare like this. We always look at somebody who is better than us. … in our mind. We never look at somebody lower than us and say….. I am better than him!

When we stop comparing and accept ourselves as we are, there begins the liberation. Less friction and resistance leads to liberation. Feeling that- I did not get what I deserve is wrong – because, again, we are comparing. The Dharma of existence is that everyone gets what they deserve and NOT what they desire.

Q: Is it possible that, even though there are friends, you know that you can be without them. You are not dependant on them. You are there for them rather than needing them. What do you do in this case? Can you stand alone?

A: Yes. Be yourself and be benevolent. Express love and compassion. Standing alone should not be escapism. I stand alone because I do not have friends…is escapism. You have friends, you love them, but you are not dependent on them. Dependency leads to emotions and expectations. Expectations always bring agony. We were supposed to go for lunch together but he did not come!

Friction. Agony. Expectations are difficult to handle in life. We all have them. Great Masters put the axe at the root of the expectations. Hundreds of people are waiting to see a Master, and he never turns up. You shout… I waited for you! I wasted my time…! Those eligible will wait. And even if you do not see me you will still get me.

Q: Is it possible that, you may not find someone whom you can look up to?

A: It is possible because it depends on what you need or deserve. What if you increase your deserving level? How can you increase your deserving level? If you have experience and qualification of a CEO, you enter CEO position. Can a 10th std student become a CEO? Increase in eligibility is always based on detachment. Why after some time your friends change? It is because your position changes, as well as your communication level. Only corresponding friends will happen. Some previous friends may not understand what you are doing! They may not understand your evolution.

You may measure the progress by the number of friends dropping away!

Measure the depth of expectation of yourself. Write down all expectations and then ask yourself….. “Do I deserve all this?!” Don’t underestimate or judge. See where you stand. We always analyze other persons and never ourselves. But be aware that we can never understand the thirddimension of another person. We see what we can see and see how they operate in the external world. The tragedy is that, most of us operate in the external world on pretensions of what we are not!We are dependent on society to call us good!

Faith is important. I have faith…. This statement is not important. Faith should be practiced at every point in life, with surrender. E.g. this is a situation, this is me and my intelligence, and I have done 100% from my side…. Rest, leave it to the Masters, whichever Master(s) you believe in.

Surrender at His feet and never look back. It will work. Or it will be like planting a seed and digging it out all the time to check whether it sprouted.



Surrender and never look back – be in the Eternal Now