Q&A in Muscat, July 2nd, 2010

Synopsis: What if I don’t feel anything during meditation? When to come out of the meditation? Everyone is unique -why? Deterioration in purity – Masters and Acharyas – true Masters always GIVE unconditionally. Can we measure the Grace?

In the Subtle lies the Beauty

Q. I do not feel anything during meditation!

A: If you do not feel anything; it is ok. We are used to the gross body, mind and intellect. Subtlety is not easy. In this world, we mainly operate with the gross. We do not think of the subtle throughout the day. Do we think of our soul during the day? We do not think about our soul till death! By that time, it is too late. So, it takes time to feel the subtle. But once you feel it, it makes you powerful. Nothing outside will affect you. Internally, you become so strong that nothing can shake you. This is not easy. The same mind, which always goes out for a stroll with the senses should be tuned back – same vehicle, different purpose.

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Q. How do you decide to come out of meditation?

A. It depends upon where are you meditating and how you tune the mind. Are you meditating in a group or alone?  The group energy works. It is like a herd – cows automatically follow each other. 🙂 When in group, it cannot be our ‘will’ to come out of the meditation. The collective consciousness of group works on you.

It is different when you are meditating alone. It depends on how you tune the mind. You may sit longer then. You will be restless if mind is not tuned well. The job of mind is to be restless. It also depends on the day and the surrounding. Sometimes, when you go far away from home, you meditate well. Different environment makes the situation conducive to meditation. Sometimes it is also good at home. It all depends. It is difficult to generalize.

Meditation works!

Deep meditation works well on your system. We do internal cleansing here. We carried garbage through life times and never bothered to clean it or leave it! How do we know we never left the garbage? Look at the child and its character. We may say that, ‘This child has so many traits of the grandfather!’ But it is not true. Every child is unique and comes with a distinct character. A child may be born to parents who are doctors or lawyers. But he wants to be a pilot! There is no one in the family who flies an aircraft! But child has a distinct character. Where has it come from? It comes from the pattern that one carried over lifetimes. It is in the subconscious and that collectively works on the destiny of the child. And parents have nothing to do with it. Child has its own karma.

Everyone is unique and has a distinct character. Conflicts are created when we do not understand it. We take ownership of our son or daughter. We also feel that they should listen to what we say. But we do not understand that they are operating their karma and not ours. We come together when karmas are together. At night, everyone is operating at their karma level. We forget our name, gender, qualification, time and space at night. Everything comes back when we get up. But we attribute a lot to the waking state and identify ourselves…..this is me! We try to express the same to the world and the world may not accept it. The conflict starts then. Internally we have expectations that my husband, son or daughter will behave this way. When they do not, the conflict begins. In society, we behave the same. We expect certain things here as well – like, people will be kind to me, they will love me.. When it does not happen, conflict starts with society, nature etc. Restlessness gets expressed in the society. We see calamities taking shape, growing and destroying the very fabric of existence.

Honoring our rich tradition...

Our rich tradition is our bank balance. The tradition where we welcome every one, we never harm anybody and we always provide to the whole world. Which Master was taking-oriented? All the past Masters always GAVE everything they had, without any expectation, unconditionally.

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Q. We see a lot of deterioration in purity these days. Why is that so?

A. Deterioration has happened everywhere. Look at old Sages and Maharishis. None of the sages ever proclaimed that they are Enlightened. Now-a-days people say …. “I am Enlightened”. They create a website for that ….. “I am Enlightened and I will make you Enlightened”. Who can guarantee Enlightenment in this world? No one can guarantee Enlightenment. Enlightenment can only happen, based on the eligibility of the seeker. Nobody can sell it or buy it from any shop.

First of all, Why do you need Enlightenment? Is it another trophy on the wall? Is it a thing to be collected? Look at our tradition. No Master, whether Ramana Maharshi or Bhagawan Nityananda or Sai Baba, ever told that He is Enlightened.

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Q. These Masters also never said ‘I will give you Enlightenment.’ Is it that disciples are glorifying the Masters?

A. Disciples do not want to call themselves fools. Otherwise, society will ask, why are you going after this Master? They hate to call themselves a fool! Even if one Master is not carrying any weight on him, you put a weight on him!

When you glorify, two things can happen… 1) The person cannot take the weight and he falls; 2) He can develop ‘hyper-ego’ and will fall any way. Ego makes you so heavy that you fall!

Not only today’s Masters but also look at the modern doctors and engineers. They are not serving people, they are just trying to make money. Your competence is judged on how much money you make. There is no Satya or Dharma.

So love my Ego!

Let’s look at how things evolved. During Shri Rama’s time, great Sages were guiding kings sitting in their court. They never wanted anything from the Maharajas. They had simple existence. Now business men are controlling the empires. They count only profits. How much have we traveled– from sages guiding the empire to businessmen guiding the country! The makers of arms and ammunitions are controlling the empires. The result is war. We deteriorated so much. Humanity has no value. Human life is traded in the street.

The same deterioration also affected spirituality. There is competition in spirituality. How many disciples you have and how many I have! If I have one more, I am better off. So sad! Satya Sai Baba never told anyone that he is enlightened or that he needs money – and nor did Bhagawan Nityananda and Shirdi Sai Baba. But look at various spiritual websites of our time. Spirituality is being so heavily marketed. People need to declare that their Guru is an Enlightened Master!

If a person is complete, self sufficient and Enlightened, he will not come back to tell you “I am Enlightened”! He will never criticize anybody. He will do his job and say bye bye! Bhagawan Nityananda, Shirdi Sai Baba or Ramana Maharshi never invited you to their camp and promised more ladoos to eat! They said, “I am available. You can come here if you’d like, but you are free to go where ever you like!” Nobody can bind anybody. Because, the very path is that of liberation, not binding.

Many saffron-clad people that we see today are just Acharyas, pretending to be Gurus. They have theoretical book knowledge. But they pretend to be Enlightened Masters. There is nothing original in them. They have to create ideas to attract. They collect material from many terrestrial sources, make different modules, and present it all to the world. As I always say, keep in mind that We get the Guru according to our eligibility. A post graduate professor is of no use to a first standard student. He will not get him either.

Government will only be according to the type of people who created it and the type of people who voted them to power! Ministers are made out of people. They reflect the society. Corruption happens because the society’s consciousness is such.  Similar thing happens in spirituality. You will get a Guru according to your eligibility and calibre.

I met a person in Himalayas. She came from Brazil to learn Hata Yoga to go back teach in Brazil. She ended up in a camp on beautiful banks of Ganga. The camp taught all types of yoga. The first posture they taught her was to keep leg around the neck!!!!! She became like a question mark!!! Nobody told her that one should be doing this posture only after the body becomes very flexible. Camps are advertising and damaging people. This is a reality in Himalayas nowadays! That posture was advertised because it looked very interesting. It is eye catching! (Picture of touching the feet appears too simple). But, at the end you may get injured. Who cares? You cannot measure teaching. When you do not do well, it is easy for a teacher to say …. I taught you perfectly. But Oh! You did not learn properly!

Theoretical knowledge does not take you anywhere. Sometimes practice makes you perfect. There is no mission or vision about what a person needs. This happens only when a person with higher awareness looks at you. Only he comes to know what you require.

Looking through the Higher Awareness

A disciple comes to a Guru and tells him “I heard about you and know you are somebody great.” The Guru said, “I do not think so! This kind of thinking is your problem and not mine.”  This is the way of their teaching. So strong! Only then, if disciple clings, Guru accepts him. The situation here is different. You expect disciples to come from other camps! If one Guru falls, the other Guru is happy. He rejoices as it is more meat for him! What kind of canvassing is this? When you look at the pockets of disciples, then the degeneration is guaranteed!

Grace of Guru cannot be bought from the Market! Grace has to happen. Sadashiv Brahmendra or Bhagawan Nityanata -you cannot imitate these powerful masters. Can you just wear a langoti (loin cloth) and become Bhagawan Nityananda? But world is operating by imitating somebody. You may become physically similar to him but not by stature. As Shankaracharya said, most of these things are ‘gimmicks’ just to fill the stomach and make a living.

Shaktipat is a big task and a big responsibility. Those who give Shaktipat are aware of it. It is not easy to give and take Shaktipat. Some may say……Oh, I have been giving experiences, let me start my own Shaktipat camp! Be aware! God will pull the plug. It will be like a refrigerator without electricity.

Let me tell you a real story. My friend was fortunate enough to interact with Mahavatar Babaji. Babaji came in the physical form and was guiding him. Babaji made him grow from the level of individual interaction to the level of conducting seminars. So many people were benefited from him because he spoke truthfully and of high value. He also started TV programs. Lectures and seminars started in USA as well. His EGO got bloated up. He thought I am somebody great and I can do these things. One day show was on, TV was on, live program was on and… Babaji disappeared! This fellow was standing on the stage with no knowledge. He knows nothing and went complete blank. He did not know why he was standing there. His ego got completely deflated. Then he prayed to Babaji…. Babaji please help me. Babaji did not come! He realized the grace element. Then he finally surrendered to Babaji and said, “I have understood the point. I am no one without your grace.”

Mahavatar Babaji and the Eternal Grace

Grace can not be taken for granted.  If you take grace for granted, you will be deflated sooner or later. Once he understood that, he left everything and disappeared.

We think everything is easy. I can also give Shaktipat. Please go ahead and do it. It is not my discretion.  I will not pull anyone’s plug because I am not the one who is doing it. There is a higher grace. That grace is much higher than me. That grace must flow.  Criteria for grace are faith, surrender and purity.

Grace does not care about your money. No Masters ever equated any disciples with money. But these days, it is happening. Let me tell you clearly, those who are equating disciples based on money are Acharyas as they need the money for their living. They conduct seminars about the “secrets” of making money, while they themselves struggle for money. Their disciples struggle for money. True Gurus never cared about money. They cared only for purity of the heart. Irrespective of whether you are rich or poor, you were not allowed in if you were not pure at heart.

Some are also portraying their pictures with movie stars to attract the crowd. This is because they need glamour. They need to say that, ‘these big people are coming to me so you also come!’ Common man falls prey to this.

My intension is clear. Please differentiate between Acharyas and Gurus. Acharyas are always plenty and many times pretend to be enlightened. They operate at your level to please you. They tune things for you to make you feel comfortable. True Guru like Shirdi Baba may scold you or even hit you. But, they are real and you will be immensely benefited by their grace. You will be cleansed of life times of karmas.

The unpredictable Shirdi Sai Baba beyond all frames

Story: A king came to meet Akkalkot Maharaj. As soon as the king entered, Maharaj slapped him! Everybody was shocked. His crown flew to the far corner of the room. Maharaj said, “I am the king here. Nobody comes here with ego.” King immediately realized that he is a true Guru and prostrated. Maharaj blessed him and everything was fine once again.

People do not like this kind of treatment. They want to be respected. People do not want their ego to be bashed. Those who want their ego to be massaged and maintained will go to Acharyas. Acharyas will give you all sorts of comfort. When this comfort zone is created around you, disciples do not progress.

True Gurus do not let their disciples fall. Even is they fall, Gurus will bring them up. A true Guru does not need propaganda. They do not need a Public Relations Officer. What ever they talk is original. Acharyas usually copy-paste from others teachings and pretend it to be their own.

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Q. I have heard that Shankarachrya Chandrashekhar Saraswati would discuss nuclear physics? And Chandrashekhar Saraswati….

A: Oh, Chandrashekhar Saraswati was an amazing Master. He was an ocean of knowledge. A Great Master indeed.In those days, there were no means of communication like internet or computers; similar to Kabir Das, and Shirdi Baba. How would people recognize them? Now visibility and communication is more due to technology. But true masters have gone to Himalayas. World is contaminated. They do not want to stay here. There are at least 20,000 people meditating at great heights in the ice! Those who want to reach them will reach them. These masters do not care about rat race. They do not care about their photos – whether they are taken with lights so that they show glow on the face, or not! They are glowing naturally.

There are 100s of different ways of attaining God. There are people staying in deep jungles or in burial grounds like Aghoris. I am not only talking about them. Of course, they are sincere sadhaks. They want to conquer fear and attain Shiva. They want to transcend fear of death and ghosts, which are major fears in our life. They have chosen their path. I do not want to talk about them. It will take hours to discuss that. Each one has their path. Please, identify your path.

We must differentiate between a Guru and an Acharya. I told so many times already that Mohan does not exist. Mohan was never born and will never die. But the principle called Guru will always flow. This body will die. But the principle called “Guru” will keep flowing through different bodies. We have to catch hold of the ‘Guru Principle’. The principle of Guru has gone over many, many mouths over a period of time.

Look beyond the frame, see the Guru Tatwa

I repeat again, do not equate a Guru with an Acharya. You may find others expressions in Acharyas. They collect materials from various sources and present to you. The expression of a true Guru is always original.

Acharyas also tend to ask their disciples not to go here and there to other Masters. They create fear and guilt in you to bind you. It is very easy to put trash in your inner space. But it is difficult to purify you. In the garden, it is difficult to cultivate a rose but weeds grow and spread very easily, without your nurturing it. Your minds are the same. Contaminating someone’s mind is very easy. Acharyas may create fear saying that- if you leave me, you may fall out of the grace. Something wrong will happen to you. But if your pockets are empty, they do not need you. A true Guru will never bind you. If you want to leave him, he will simply say, “Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God). I am always available. It is up to you”.

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Q: I feel, the critical thing is we can not measure the effect of meditation. Many techniques and packages are projected to make mind feel that it is great. We cannot measure the grace.

A: Let me tell you a story that I heard today. I am equating that to spirituality.

In a village in India, a raging bull attacked a boy and tore one of his eyes out. He was taken to the hospital. After the usual first aid, he was immediately shifted to the neighbouring city. A good ophthalmologist gave a sincere and truthful opinion, ‘I am sorry. Nothing can be done to save the eye.’ But unconvinced and relying on hope, relatives went to another eye doctor. Doctor no. 2 said, “Oh, very critical. Let me try. I will do an immediate surgery.’ He quite knew that it is useless to do any surgery. He took the patient to operation theater, stitched the wound again,charged Rs.40,000 and then said “Sorry! I tried my level best, but his eye could not be saved.”

Both doctors said the same thing. One doctor was straight forward and told the truth upfront and other cheated the boy’s parents. People want those who would say –‘I will help you’ with undercurrent of cheating! When someone talks straight, people do not like it. I hope that answers your query… God Guide You All.

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Expansion brings out the Beauty

Q&A in Dubai – 25 June 2010

Experience vs. suppression; Does Jnana (knowledge) increase the ego; At which point is a person ready to become Guru; Path of annihilation; Why do we change Gurus; Whatever you deserve, you will get; Shaktipat is changing your software; How do we know that our Guru is the right one; Should one ask people to come for meditation; We can only start walking from where we stand now; Why is surrender so difficult, etc. 

The most loving communion is possible only at the depth of one’s consciousness

Three levels of creation are thought-word and action. The fourth level of creation is collective consciousness. A team of people thinks that you are a good man. That affects you. Thoughts, words and actions are coming from vasanas, basic inherent desire. Constitution creates thought, word and action. Behind the vasana is the Karma. This is the clock … karma – vasana –thought, word and action and again it creates karma. That is why we keep taking birth after birth. We cannot stop it because we produce a new karma every moment. Then more desires happen and more thoughts happen. The ingredients of one’s karmic baggage will also consist of the baggage of the clan (inherited from ancestors), family as well as society. But, we could say that all these are our chosen baggage as we chose the parents as well as the corresponding experiences among a set of people and places.

If someone does not have a desire to smoke, he will never smoke. If you suppress something, it will sprout at the right point in time. You cannot suppress something in life and move ahead. You cannot suppress something for a long period of time. It is like a spring. If kept pressed for some time, one time you have to take your hand out. It springs up. It bounces back. Similarly, whatever you suppress, desire will spring up and will become a reality in your life at some point of time. You must experience things and move on.

Each person expresses based on the consciousness that he exists in. If you require lot of knowledge to satisfy intellect, then you will read a lot. You will join classes to acquire knowledge. You will be provoked to attend classes. Desire makes you move from one place to another. Desire for an ice cream will take you to the place where you can get ice cream. When you want an ice cream you may also pull your friend with you. ‘I do not like an ice cream and he also should not!’ It does not happen like that. Each individual is complete by himself/herself. You come together because karma brings you together. Otherwise you cannot come together, you will not express anything together.

The place where you are born, the events you went through, everything is predetermined through your Prarabdha karma, the karma which provoked an existence. Uncompleted desires at the time of death, provoked this existence. You went to the right womb and right place, where you can complete this journey. We take birth and go through the journey. While we are going through, we add more karma. But we do not have enough petrol to complete the added journey. Your agenda increases. So we take another birth with more fuel (breath), and continue our journey in a new car (body)!

What is jnyana? Jnyana or knowledge is only for the mind or intellect, mostly intellect. If jnyana becomes a rope to climb higher in spirituality, then it is good. If jnyana creates ego, it becomes a burden. Craving for understanding of the fabric of life is in everybody. When we take birth, we operate from limited consciousness. Mind, the intellect (or buddhi) is from this life. The consciousness is from the other lives. The soul which is the petrol of your car, cannot operate on this level if you do not allow it to. How will you reach your soul? The same mind which goes out with the senses should be brought back. Sheath by sheath it should penetrate. Then it reaches the soul. That is why sadhana has to be intense. Desires may be intense in the beginning, then, once fulfilled, they will drop off. When you achieve Shiva, desires are not there.

Q. If Jnyana creates Ego; and it blocks the progress, how do we stop it?

A: First understanding, then observation. Observe your thought, word and action. You have two choices to deal with the society- 1. to react, and 2. to respond. 

Reaction is always a consort of emotions. It always originates from emotions. When you are agitated or someone abuses you, you react. Buddhi or intellect is out of focus at that time. Buddhi becomes blurred and does not exist at the time of reaction. This is why whenever you get angry, since intellect is not there to control it, you will regret later.

When you respond, buddhi is working. Emotions are not circulating. Response will have longevity.  Reactions have a short life and also it leads to catastrophes of life.

Life gets deeply affected when person is in the reactionary mode all the time. It creates a lot of guilts and calamities. All this needs – is to be observed. When you express something, observe. E.g: When you get angry– you have to express anger, so that the other person understands. Express anger, but do not get emotionally involved with it. A child is sick and is not taking medicines. Mother gets angry and says, “I will not give you sweets if you do not take medicine!” Here, mother is not angry with the child, she is doing it out of love.  At the same time, if you are emotional about it, or you behave in an authoritative or ownership way, the mother-child relationship gets strained.

Knowledge or jnyana is not a burden, provided it is useful for your further journey. Knowledge is a burden if it becomes intellectual weight. If knowledge is a key to open a door, it is good. If you are using knowledge to “show off ”  in front of others, or using it to express your ego, it is a burden for you.  “In the feast of EGO everyone goes home HUNGRY”. No one is satisfied with ego. We all live this way!

Anger, ego, hatred – everything can be tackled only through observation, clarity, awareness. Mind also can be tackled through observation. Nature of mind is to be restless. You cannot do anything about it. That is the way you are born. When nature of mind is restless, allow it to be restless. At the same time observe and be detached from it. Watch how the mind functions. When you watch how your mind functions for a period of time, it itself will stop functioning. The gap between thoughts becomes longer. The empty space gets extended. That is the place of peacefulness and silence. That becomes you and your character. Your expressions will change.  You will operate with peace in the society. That attracts people to you. When we need something, it annihilates peace to certain extent. When you need nothing, peace happens within and expressions of peace within, happen outside. We will operate with unconditional love. We will love for the sake of love, and not out of any desire. We do not need anything from anybody. Once that happens, we are liberated. All thoughts, words and actions based on unconditional love are liberation. You will not take more births!

Otherwise, we keep coming back. There is so much of pending activity. If you are tired of today’s work in the office, you have to come back tomorrow and finish it! Is it not? Nobody else will help you. Same here!

The happening called Guru

Q: At which point is a person ready to become Guru?

A: A Guru should happen. You cannot become a Guru through doing. You can become an Acharya or a teacher through doing. If you learn  from a lot of books, you can become an Acharya. You can be trained to become a teacher! To become a Guru, it should happen by itself. That means, ‘You becoming a Guru should happen to you’. Guru-ship or Gurudom should fall in place. That time you may not want to talk to anybody. A true Guru is deeply connected to the source and operates in perfect equanimity with no desires. Acharyas (teachers) are plenty. True Gurus are very rare.

Q: Is it similar to Tatwamasi?

A: No. What is tatwamasi? Thou art that! That means You are God. If it is just an intellectual understanding, it means nothing. When you repeat this understanding in mind, it means nothing. You become God by expressing God. What is God? Unconditional love, being  full of love – you have no desires, your existence is for the sake of love. You exist in bliss state, beyond all duality. That is god hood.

Guru is absolutely detached. Look at Bhagawan Nityananda, Shirdi Baba. They wanted nothing. In 20th century, people were talking of haves and have nots! But, in India, we always had a third class, who could have everything if they had wanted, instead they wanted nothing. Tatwamasi is a great principle. If you understand Tatwamasi, it should be in experience and not intellectual understanding. People most of the time talk about ‘Tatwamasi, Aham Bramhasmi or I am God’ – that is  probably out of intellectual understanding. The real core meaning of Tatwamasi is becoming Parabramha, Father or Allah, whatever name you want to call it by. Become that, be that. It is formless imperishable entity. The representation of that entity in you is your own soul. Be the soul. The soul needs nothing from you. It never interferes in your journey. When soul leaves the body, we call it a dead body. You will call it ‘X person’s body’. When soul exits body, the body has no meaning anymore. Soul takes away the name of the body.

We are such fragile creatures, and still we have a lot of ego. 80% of our vital functions are not controlled by us; heart beat, circulation, digestion, respiration. We take some silly decisions and then become egoistic about it. I am saying this for the sake of awareness. If our awareness level is high, we will accept our daily life as it is, and we will be peaceful. Suppose, someone tells you that ‘at such and such a date and time you will die’ – some people will panic as we are so attached to the body. They  will feel, “Oh!, my body is going, what will I do now?” But, some people will be okay with it. They will accept it as a true possibility, an inevitability and will be comfortable with it.

We are worried about small, small things. Will I get parking today? We operate only in ‘this’ level of consciousness. Baba can give you enlightenment but you ask Baba for vehicle parking space! He can take you at the highest level of awareness. Every day you are asking about car parking! And you do get parking. Faith is working and we do not realize that faith is working.  We do not use the available rope to climb to the highest point in this life, instead, we stay stuck in our mundane troubles associated with our daily existence.

Q: If faith is working, then why do we shift to so many Gurus?

A: There are two things. The first thing is that restless mind takes you to too many Masters. Mind says, “This is not good enough, look at him. Let’s go for somebody higher.”   Usual result is disillusionment.

Second thing is, you elevate yourself to higher level and then the old Guru may not be able to teach you  anymore. When you go from 2nd to 4th standard, the same teacher cannot teach you.  In the 10th std another teacher must come. This is elevation. This way you will change your Gurus or rather, the guru may change. But this has to happen. Here, you are not changing anything. The new Guru is happening in your class. When mind says “I do not want this Guru, he smokes!”  you are disowning that matter which would have elevated your consciousness because of your prejudice -you dis create your requirements from that particular Guru. He does not vibe with your prejudice. Naturally he will not. The problem is not with the available guru, but the mental image that you created for yourself. Your husband, son, daughter will also not obey exactly the way you want. Same like that. Another person who is Guru and you say he should not wear jeans and T-shirt! This is mind’s job. Mind is telling you. Mental images are blocking you. Then we change the Guru. We keep changing the Guru especially if the true guru dish out bitter pills, and finally, we do not know where we are going. Then you surrender. You say I had enough of this. Sometimes it goes to suicidal tendencies because you think you wasted your life. Most people spend their entire life in searching and not finding the Guru. When the actual Guru comes,  you cannot identify him because your mental images blocks recognition!  What a tragedy!!!

You already created mental pictures of Guru. You already bought the frame. If Guru fits into the frame, it is fine. What if Guru is bigger than the frame? We discard the Guru and not the frame. This is how we function. Let’s take a closer look at ourselves. We are indeed like that.

Q: What are the qualities of a Guru? If we are looking for Moksha, the liberation, then how do we know whether this guru will help us?

A: Qualities of a Guru depend on which class you are studying in and from which level you are operating. Do you know the class you are studying in? The Guru which comes in front of you is the right one for you. A student in 2nd standard cannot decide what kind of teacher he needs because he does not know. This is a basic truth. So, the teacher who comes in the class is the right one for you. If your quest is true, the right Guru will happen in your life. For that, we have to accept and be non-resistant. This is a fundamental principle of spirituality.

“The food that comes on table for you today is the medicine for you. So say the Vedas”.

We may not like the food nor maybe we never chose that food. We wanted biryani but got the dosa! If you accept that food as medicine, then there is no friction within. When there is no friction within, peace descends upon you. When peace descends, you operate at the level of equanimity. This continuously brings you good things.

In our path of Shiva, quality of Guru will be the one who helps in annihilation or destruction of all baggage, desire, vasanas, habits and all that is binding one to earth. More things will be shed from you. Look at all the Masters of Dattatraya tradition. They never wanted anything. They were leaving everything. They were detached from everything and helped people to stay detached or unattached.

Why does Shiva wear ash on the body? What does ash means? Ash means complete nullification of everything. Fire burns everything indiscriminately and forms ash. This is what exactly we are. Liberation happens out of ash. Shiva wears nullification on the body. It means I belong there –  i.e in perfect nullified state. The principle of Shiva is dissolution. This is even bigger than Enlightenment. Do not confuse between enlightenment and dissolution.

The Enlightenment is a shift in consciousness when you develop a much larger awareness.  The Nullification or Dissolution is a further process.

You have to observe each process and detach completely. Perfect ‘shanti’ then falls upon you. If you are on a path of leaving the house to go wandering, Guru for this path will happen to you. That Guru may not wear cloths or may not look crisp, clean or attractive in the terrestrial sense. But in a city like this, if someone does not wear the cloths, you discard the Guru! This is our level of operation. I have written about the Principles of Guru in one blog. I do not like to mince my words.

Whether same or different, love them all

Q: I talk to my colleagues and friends about the spirituality. But I get negative answers from them, most of the time. What is this?

A: You cannot force anybody. If you are here today, that means, you have that particular vasana and karma in you, that brought you here. Otherwise you would have been in a movie theatre. What made you come here may not be the same constitution for another person. That person may not understand what you are talking about.  Do not force anyone. Tell them once, twice, and no more. If they are interested, they will come to you, asking more questions. If not, they are not interested and leave them alone.

My path is a no nonsense path. This is a path of annihilation. This is not a path of ‘feel good’.

This is the simplest possible path. The reason is this path is like a monkey child clinging onto mother monkey. It does not do anything apart from clinging onto the mother. Mother is climbing the tree. Shaktipat is the power that is changing you, not only this meditation. This meditation is just words and will work, if your mind stays within you, following it, without wandering off. If mind is unavailable, if words can change someone, everybody would be changing. The software change that happens within you is also through the Shaktipat. The Shaktipat burns the unwanted chaff or debris of karmas. This clears your path. This works at physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and all other levels. It works in various planes. Each Shaktipat has the clear potential to make distinct changes in the receiver. It is life-changing. It is a very serious thing. All the people who are empowered to give Shaktipat have taken big responsibilities.

In answer to your question, if somebody does not come, it does not matter. If somebody comes it does matter, because there is reason for his/her coming here.  We deliver with utmost purity and dedication with no second agenda.

Q: Should we ask people to come?

A: I usually DO NOT ask people to come for meditation. When this whole thing happened to me, I told all Masters that, “I am an introverted person. I cannot invite people and deliver talks”. Masters said, “That is not your problem. We will bring people to you.” So, I always believe that, those are attending my sessions or the BTW meditations, all over the world, are sent by the Masters.

I deliver whatever I can in one go and within your capacity or whatever you can effortlessly carry. Even if we do not meet again in life, I have delivered what I could today. Tomorrow if you bring a bigger bucket, I will fill it up too. Today you have received according to your capacity. What people get out of this class depends upon what sort of utensil they bring. If someone is inspired by you to attend this class, it is because their Karma drives them here. Their eligibility brings them here. We have a lot of desires which do not get fulfilled. Whatever we deserve – surely we will get it. This is the fundamental principle of life. If something has not come to you means you were not eligible for it. But our EGO does not allow us to understand and accept this.  

You can tell people that you had a good experience. I always encourage people to write their experiences. Tomorrow your mind might say that, oh, that was an imagination. You can only start walking from where you are standing, right now. Similarly in Spirituality, start walking from which position you are standing in. If, you are in grade A, start from there and go to B, C, ….. Your mind may ask to jump to F or G; there is no shortcut, you must walk from A to G. This can happen through lifetimes, not only in this life. You have done what you could do in this life. You may continue in next life. Let it be. What is the big deal? Start walking from where you stand.

Guru is holding your hand. You are walking. Guru cannot walk on your behalf. Guru can secure your walk. He will not allow you to fall. He is just a road sign. He gives direction. Walking and travelling you have to do.

When you radiate That, all the friends gather

Similarly for your friends, tell them that it helped you. It suited you. They can try, if they like.

Take it if it suits you. Discard it if it does not suit you. If you approach with equanimity and objectivity, it will stay. But what happens in reality, we say ‘Oh, my Guru is the best and the perfect one!’ We sell the Guru. Then others get bored and probably suspicious. Friends may turn away thinking you are mad.

Q: Why is surrender so difficult for people?

A: EGO. Surrender means egolessness. When you prostrate, heart and head are in one line. Why we touch somebody’s feet? We consider that, this man, whose feet we are touching, exists in absolute consciousness.  This is our assumption.

When we touch elderly people’s feet, that does not mean that they exist in absolute consciousness. We respect their age, experience and evolution. Actually, soul’s age should be considered and not the physical age. Physical age has no value because everyone will get old one day. Consciousness level in which he operates is the most important thing.

Enlightened masters like Shirdi Baba and Bhagawan Nityananda behaved like ordinary people or even like beggars. It confused people. How can he be an enlightened Master? Again, mental images block our vision. Our mind does not allow us to touch their feet.  Mind pushes us to touch the feets of the glamourous, articulate and pompous, than the true and the real!!! Thus we miss great opportunities. He is available!! He is standing there with his feet for you! 🙂

Q: A question about the  Shaktipat process – is it to correct the deficiency in the body or transfer the energy for the purpose of healing?

A: The tradition of Shaktipat is to speed up the spiritual process. You can do sadhana and achieve. Shaktipat aligns the system to receive the energy. The one who gives Shaktipat is able to handle much higher energy than a receiver. The bulb is only of 20 watts but electricity line carries much higher energy. Bulb is tuned to receive only 20 watts. When it is transferred, you receive the quantity that you can handle. So you are not burnt! It operates at physical level because it has healing powers. It operates at emotional level to heal emotions. It also operates at intellectual level so that you think clearly and your awareness can grow. It shifts your consciousness to a plane of spiritual progress. Your awareness is shifting, which you will know in the days to come. The Shaktipat energy works over a period of time. The cleansing is continuously happening. You are evolving. Tomorrow your capacity will change. You will be given Shaktipat or will receive shaktipat according to your capacity.

Initiation – the sacred, eternal mark of Love

To be capable of giving Shaktipat, one needs initiation. The main criterion is that person should be operating from the level of purity, not from the level of desire (desire to become a Guru, desire to have money, etc.). It has to come to you. If you decide, that desire becomes your blockage. When you are pure, the perfection of transfer happens. Receiver and the giver are in perfect mode. The receiver will get what he or she deserves.

Q: What is the purpose of being in Dharma mode?

A: Dharma is not a purpose. It is a pure duty. Animals always operate on dharma mode. Sun. moon and stars operate in dharmic mode. They have a specific system of operation. If there are lot of deers and few tigers, a tiger will never kill a deer for sake of fun or to control the population! Tiger will kill a deer only when he is hungry. We humans do not do that. We kill for pleasure. Thus it becomes Karma. The Sun is rising every day. It does not say “I am tired today; I will come tomorrow.”  Dharma is the base and basis of the universe. Karma is the basis for individual life and its corresponding happenings and experiences.