Guru Poornima Message from Mohanji 2012

Dear All Family Members,

3rd July 2012 is the Guru Poornima, the most important day to offer deepest of our gratitude to our Guru. It is a full moon day of the Ashadh month from the lunar calendar. Delhi BTW family has decided to plant trees as an expression of gratitude towards Mohanji. Many others are also going to plant trees on this day. We will all nurture these plants. Soon these big trees will be useful to others. Let everyone’s contribution in planting trees please the Mother Earth.

On the occasion of Guru Poornima, Mohanji has given following message to all.

Love and regards,

BTW Family


Compassion deep within…

My Beloved Embodiments of Love,

Happy Guru Poornima to all of you and your families!

Thank you for all the wishes, prayers, healings and concerns over my health. It was not serious though and I am feeling much better now and should be fine in another day. I would physically meet some of you who are here in Muscat on the Guru Poornima day. All of you who are not in Muscat, I will certainly meet in the energy plane and you will know my presence.

Let me share a few of my thoughts today. Since we have not communicated much off late, this could be a long letter. Beware! 🙂 I am looking at the world and am looking at you, too. Please do read without prejudice, which would do a lot of good, if digested well.

If you have firm faith and conviction in your path, tradition or Guru, that itself will lead you, guide you. All you need is firm faith and conviction. When asked how he received his powers, Baba Muktananda said “I never asked my Guru (Bhagawan Nithyananda) – “WHY?”.” He just followed the instructions of Bhagawan without questioning or analyzing. His faith in his Guru gave him everything. This is the path of Shiva. This is the path of Dattatreya. This is the path of Nath Gurus. All you have to do is take the plunge. The river itself takes you to the destination. Sometimes you may feel there is no movement; that nothing is happening. Sometimes, repetition of the same thing may give you boredom. Patience. Devotion and Deep Faith. You will be tested for your determination and endurance. The path of Shiva is not an easy path. Dissolution means agony before ecstasy. If you survive with determination, it is the sacred golden path where only Unconditional Love exists. No expectation or binding exists. When you take the plunge, you become the river. Beingness! Total Beingness! There is no duality anymore. Only oneness exists.

Patience. Devotion and Deep Faith. You will be tested for your determination and endurance.

Natural acts of kindness and compassion truly make us human. It elevates and maintains consciousness at a higher level. It helps endure and erase the emotional terrains of our existence. When kindness and compassion overflow from deep within, man becomes human. My sincere appreciations, blessings and congratulations to my beloved Delhi team for their continuous expressions of selflessness against all odds. Ekta, Smriti, Yamini, Sakshi (Jammu), Bharati, Dana, Joga, Shashank, Phani, Sumit and all the lovely team members of Delhi and Jammu, I am so proud of you. I am also proud of Namrata and her teams efforts in Mumbai; Annette, Hein and their team in South Africa. These acts of compassion and kindness are the most splendid Guru Dakshina any Guru would cherish.

Guru Dakshina is an expression of gratitude. Prior to the foreign invasions into India, and commercialisation as well as communalisation of our educational systems, India used to have a system where those who seek knowledge or those who have eligibility for knowledge were attracted to the abode of teachers, stayed with them, served them and attained knowledge and skills. Education was spontaneous. Teacher delivered to each one according to their nature, level of receptivity or capacity. This was a beautiful system where the bonding between a student and the teacher automatically opened all channels and the eternal wisdom of the master enriched the seekers. It also gave practical training in life and living. Before the student left, as an expression of gratitude, Guru Dakshina was offered to the Guru. It used to be whatever is available in the neighborhood, as the students were not earning money and the teacher’s abode usually used to be in the forest or at least in remote villages, away from the contamination of city life. Guru Dakshina also used to be selfless service to the Guru and his mission. So, what can the student give to the teacher? A fruit, a plant or in some cases, a thesis work on what he learned from the Guru. Guru never expected anything from his disciples and delivered everything that the disciple could digest without expectations. Guru would be well pleased when his disciples live his teachings rather than imitate his lifestyle. This was such a pure relationship. Even Great Avatars like Krishna, Rama, or Adi Shankara were students like this. They were the source of all knowledge, what did they have to learn from anyone? Just to establish the dharma and faith on this beautiful system, they set the examples by subjecting, committing themselves to it. Remember, the real test of life is in enduring and navigating successfully through the winding roads of karmic life itself, and not in the marks you scored in your examination. This needs FAITH. This needs GRACE. Knowledge may not come in handy at all times of turmoil. If one has deep faith, grace is always around them. Grace never leaves their hands. They are always protected.

Man becomes a ‘human’ when kindness and compassion overflow from deep within…. Mohanji

The criteria for admission to such Gurukuls were eligibility, receptivity and never purchasing power. You can understand the depth of degeneration our education system has undergone as of today. Education has systematically become degenerated over the years. Education is another commodity for sale. It is sold and bought, and there is no value system in its true sense. Superior knowledge is used for gaining supremacy over people, institutions or governments. Education is invoking competition, one-upmanship. Students are forced into studies, which they do not often like or are opposite to their natural aptitude. They are forced to compete with one another. They are insensitively called failures, which ruins them for life. Our system demands the fish to climb the tree and when the fish fails in its attempts, it is branded as a failure! Children suffer like this. It takes away their faith in education and even in parents who force them. They become tired. They rebel. They find solace in drugs or unholy company which preaches destruction. There is no peace at home. Parents are anxious, often angry and insensitive. They push the children to the edge, society and teachers do the same. Their inherent anger instilled by the system is nurtured by negative company. They destroy themselves and the world. Self-destruction is so rampant today. When a person is self-destructive due to bottled up anger within, one destroys the society too. Lack of real spiritual grounding  beyond the walls of religions and emotional existence is the curse of our society today.

Children exist in virtual world of make-believe. Relationships are virtual for them. All gratifications are virtual. Nothing is real. They are scared of the real. They expect the ease of make-believe in real life and suffer miserably when alternative realities hit between their eyes. They create friends on-screen and create a virtual life on-screen. Sometimes the speed of connectivity also determines the speed of failure in relationship. When constantly in the virtual word, when a child creates its own sunshine and the wind, it fails to accept or appreciate the real Sun. Real Sun becomes too harsh and intolerable and so does nature. These children become misfits in the real world. If any catastrophe happens, they perish. Nobody can prevent the decay. Society is creating them. Society  will also destroy them when they are not needed anymore. Awareness is the key. Nurturing awareness of who you are and instilling it in the children will keep them grounded. You could use any gadget, as long as nothing enslaves you.

Intellect provides artificial comfort and a feeling of superiority over others, at least temporarily. When you know things better than the other, you feel better off. This is also bondage. “One who is proud of his intellect is like a prisoner who is proud of his prison cell” – Fr.Antony D’mello. This is the truth. When knowledge becomes escapism and a means to show off, man binds himself. These are all subtle traps of our existence on Earth and should be extremely cautious about.

Guru would be well pleased when his disciples live his teachings rather than imitate his lifestyle…Mohanji

We cannot ignore the world and stay spiritual. Spirituality is not escapism. Spirituality is being natural, being flexible and spontaneous. We need to be aware of life, living and the suffering of the new generation. We are constantly creating a restless world which thrives on emotions and emotional outbursts. Parents are destroying the children because of their undue anxiety and total ignorance of karma. Every child is a karmic being and will go on with its individual karma whether you worry about it or not. Society is destroying the children because of its insensitiveness and silly judgements such as winners and losers. Nobody is always a winner or nobody can always be a looser too. All are relative terms. It depends on many factors. There is no faith, there is no trust. Just sheer competition. Success in life and not in examination, is real success. This means a life lived with peace and purpose. A life lived in kindness and compassion, satisfaction and acceptance. A purposeful, purpose bound life will be a complete life. An emotional life overflowing with desires and judgement will never give any satisfaction at any point in time.

Guru is a primarily a principle. Life is the biggest Guru. Nobody can teach you anything better than life itself. Nature is Guru. Every event, every moment gives forth some valuable lesson. We can continue to learn if we have the eyes to see or entertain average receptivity, from everything around us. Yet, your personal Guru is your own soul. All the spiritual guides who ever walked on earth are reminders of certain eternal truths of existence. Simple truths such as whatever you learn externally, has to be unlearned and nullified before you transcend to the highest, or before you dissolve completely. Whatever you learn externally must be shed to “become the knowledge” and merge into it. Knowledge lies within. Your soul knows everything. You have to transcend the intellect to reach the soul. In order to achieve that, we must systematically detach from the external. And detachment should happen spontaneously, when requirement for it ceases. Only what drops off by itself drops off forever. Whatever you forcefully shed, only get suppressed and will sprout back at another point in time.

Eyes when connected with, fill us with his consciousness leaving no space for negativity.

When you grow beyond all gunas, after nullifying the binding karmas, you merge with the source, the supreme. The supreme contains all knowledge. The supreme is the knowledge. So, when you and your Father (the supreme) becomes one, there is nothing for you to know anymore. So, it is through shedding that you evolve, not through accumulation of knowledge. There is no need to chase knowledge. Much knowledge does not help you with liberation either. Sufficient knowledge, which would be promptly delivered time to time by the Guru-principle is sufficient for one’s spiritual progress. Need for more knowledge than that is greed of the intellect, just like material greed, for the sake of some intellectual gratification. That will not help spiritual evolution. It is not in knowing, but in being, that awareness grows.

Seeming illiterate masters like Jesus, Bhagawan Nithyananda, Akkalkot Swami Samarth etc. proved this point with their own life. The learned men of their time asked, “How can an illiterate carpenter teach scriptures to the educated priests?”. It is possible when you are the source, knowledge, or when you actually merge with the source. Acquired knowledge has limitation. When you become knowledge, there are no limitations and you are not bound by the intellect either. They taught simple things and that too, non verbally, mostly through their own lives. Simplicity is Godliness. Real spirituality is having access to everything – but not needing anything, even knowledge.

Another important matter is “understanding yourself and your guide”. Shirdi Sai Baba did not even have a name. Mhalsapati called him Sai and others followed. What was the real name of the one whom we call Akkalkot Maharaj? Great masters never even had a name of their own, while today, we see gurus sporting big and long titles. Even a name is binding, just like fame. In the path of dissolution, all names, forms and titles are barriers, one way or the other. When the matter that the Guru delivers is profound, no titles are required. In today’s spiritual climate, titles are a clear sign of deep insecurity of the teacher. A sign of doubt within themselves whether they are recognised and revered or not. Beware of fancy titles; which do not confirm any spiritual stature. They may have acquired knowledge and certain siddhis. But, that is the minimum you can have in any case. All that glitters is not gold.

We cannot ignore the world and stay spiritual. Spirituality is not escapism. Spirituality is being natural, being flexible and spontaneous. We need to be aware of life, living and the suffering of the new generation. We are constantly creating a restless world which thrives on emotions and emotional outbursts. … … Mohanji

This is your individual journey. If my image or what I teach is seemingly blocking your progress, be bold enough to remove me and my teachings and progress further. If history proves that it was a mistake to leave me or the path that I am taking you through, welcome back, my doors are always open. Just do not develop regrets or guilt.

The path of Shiva is the path of dissolution. There are no stops or detours until we become Shiva. There should be no mid-way stops. There are only two possibilities here. Either we are SHIVA (The Source or the conscious) or Shava (the unconscious, the Ignorant or insignificant or another brick on the wall…). 🙂

True Gurus need nothing from you. Every seeker should have eyes to see this. Who is a true Guru? One who exists beyond gunas, One who is always connected to the source and the sign is usually silence and reluctance to be visible in public. He will not be bothered about siddhis and will be usually the matter-of-fact. He would be deeply rooted in non-duality. All the rest are acharyas holding fancy titles. Beware. As Swami Rama said, most are chasing siddhis (miracle powers) to earn their sustenance. They make tall claims and if they could not deliver, they blame the inefficiency of their disciples. Adi Shankara said the same thing; that it is for the sake of a square meal, these people are dressing up in weird ways. One truth that Swami Rama categorically expounded makes real sense even today. When a man spent years to learn the siddhi of spitting fire from his mouth, his Guru said, “Oh, that is sheer waste of time. I would rather buy a matchbox!” The avadhoota whom we met in Kumbh Mela said, “When will people drop the craving for finding aura, chakra, or kundalini and catch God?” We are indeed beating around the bush since lifetimes! Craving for smaller siddhis does waste our lifetimes. When will we shed the dark, thick wall of our conditioned ego and embrace the overwhelming light? From Darkness to Eternal Light!

We must develop eyes to see the truth. A true master has truly mastered his mind, elevated himself beyond gunas, and existing in eternal bliss state. He lives beyond all barriers. This will be unmistakable, too. Love is the expression along with perpetual compassion and kindness towards all beings. Keep your inner eyes open, you will see.

Inner eyes! That is what you must nurture. Inner eyes always shows us the truth. External eyes are always confronting illusions. Poor guys, they are confused. They cannot see what is real and what is unreal. And when they finally decide and focus on the real, the image changes and they get disillusioned again. Trust your inner eyes. They never deceive you. They are always open and focused on the REAL. They are married to higher awareness, too.

Keep your inner eyes open. Liberation is the ultimate aim of every soul. Any knowledge or any path that makes it take further detours is its enemy….. Mohanji

There are masters in all planes of existence, not only on Earth. They are the conduit between the gross and the subtle. They are the eternal connectors. They are the promise of higher connectivity. Delusion is mostly in earthly plane because we use senses much more than our inner eyes, intuition or the sixth sense. We hardly use our inner eyes consciously. External eyes follow what glitters. We chase spiritual powers and get stuck with it. We flaunt it and pull ourselves down and away from the path of liberation. Liberation is the ultimate aim of every soul. Any knowledge or any path that makes it take further detours is its enemy. This is one criterion for knowing the right path. A path that keeps you liberated (unbound) and takes you towards liberation is the right path. All that binds you to rituals or gurus are wrong paths for the soul. Everything should be dissolved before the final exit. So, lesser the baggage of habits and demands, the easier the transit! True Gurus keeps you liberated. Acharyas bind you to systems. Systems give solace to mind because mind needs consistency. It cannot accept changes. Change is inevitable. Everything changes. Nothing can remain constant forever. Being flexible is important. Just by watching your thoughts, words or actions you can reach the highest. Being aware is the key, not “doing” many things. Doing keeps you busy and makes you feel fine. But, ask yourself – are you being occupied or are you actually evolving? Have peace settled in? Is your inner space clean? Do you entertain anxieties and worries? Has your awareness shifted? Do the same anxieties and fears still bother you? Think again. Walk away from anything that binds you as this is your individual journey. No Guru will carry you on his shoulder.

Help the helpless. Our family members are doing a lot, Mohanji Seva Foundation and Ammucare in India, ACT Foundation in South Africa and through UK. Participate, support and if you cannot be of physical assistance, be morally present. Let us see if we can wipe the tears of at least another being today and every day. You will remain immensely blessed.

Having said all that, I wish you a Happy Guru Poornima. Surrender your thoughts, words and actions at the feet of your Sadguru, whoever it is, with deep faith and belief that he represents the Supreme Father, Parabrahma. Do good to the world and your fellow beings, so that you live the teachings of your Guru. Express your Guru in your daily life. Be one with your Guru. Be one with His consciousness.

Love You Eternally.


Mohanji offering Gratitude to all Masters.

18 thoughts on “Guru Poornima Message from Mohanji 2012

  1. Baba,there is nothing one can offer at your Blessed Lotus Feet but one’s head,please accept this and do with it what you will,for now you are and i am not.ever in deep Gratitude for all your Eternal Love and overflowing Grace and Mercy,this child that you gave the name tara.

  2. Beloved Mohanji, we humbly thank You for Your selfless and unpretentious love. Today, we will spend in silence, introspection and gratitude for a blessing such as an enlightened Being, taking an interest in our little family here in South Africa. There are no words to explain the incredible elevation that Your omni-presence has effected our little lives.

    At Your holy feet in deep gratitude

    ACT South Africa

  3. Trees can’t be planted here until autumn
    And I wanted to show my gratitude’s blossom
    Though I will plant one on some later datum
    Let me humbly offer now this lightsome poem

    Whoever’s aware to walk towards the soul
    is to be aware of the ultimate goal
    to reach it, unshakeable faith is the tool
    apart from conviction, there’s no strict rule

    Sometimes you may feel nothing is moving
    Sometimes you may feel nothing is happening
    Sometimes there is only repeating
    Sometimes it is all too boring

    But as you took that one plunge and the river flows
    it itself is taking you to life’s hugs and blows
    Solution is Patience with capital P
    and with it Devotion, to teach you how to be

    Whether you’re determined, life will give you tests
    you cannot be lulled by false security nests
    life will send agony before it sends ecstasy
    rely on the faith in everpresent mercy

    Liberation is the aim of every soul
    dissolution, sacred golden path is the goal
    where only pure Unconditional Love exists
    one’ll reach there who on this path endures, persists

    You cannot be broken if you practise kindness
    if you help the helpless, wipe tears, stop blindness
    Compassion elevates, makes us subtle, human
    selfless service takes higher, whether you’re man or woman

    It will take consciousness higher and higher
    regardless of which sadguru you love or admire
    immitating lifestyle is not spiritual fire
    Live the Guru’s teachings is His only desire

    He does not need anything from you
    except: to yourself please be faithful and true
    whether you are champion, ruler, husband, wife
    you’re successful if you pass tests of real life

    A real test of life is not scores in exams
    but how you endure the path of joys and sorrows,
    navigate through winding roads of karmic life
    This needs FAITH and with deep faith GRACE follows

    And how’s the faith destroyed nowadays?
    Society lacks real spiritual grounding
    education is now a commodity for sale
    for competition, supremacy, frustrating and binding

    Children become tired, rebellious, angry,
    self-destructive, restless, with no peace within
    emotional outbursts with peace as secondary
    that is what happens when faith is fragile, thin

    Growing up in virtual world of make-believe
    virtual gratifications, life and relationships
    children are growing up scared of the real
    breaking down when real life brings real hardships

    Solution is not removing virtual world
    but being aware, not enslaved by it
    with awareness one can handle many worlds
    with awareness child will not feel a misfit

    Pushing the children, pumping intellect
    in order that they feel better off, proud
    is a trap and binding, when enslaved by it
    sun of name, fame, titles, then has a grey cloud

    Tailoring children to be competitive
    dividing them into winners and failures
    is destroying their faith, inner stability
    insensitive society makes unstable seniors

    Real success is not to become one above all
    Each of us is one of all, that is not the goal
    but how we learn from life, nature, our own soul
    then everything can play our own guru’s role

    Real success, to see the truth, develop our inner eyes
    to learn to see, accept the real with unshakable trust
    to master our mind aspiring to the highest
    consciousness in life is inevitability and a must

    Dissolution, transcension, merging with the source
    shedding, dropping off, not cutting by force
    every knowledge unlearned, dissolved, nullified
    inner letting go of whatever’s acquired

    We evolve through being, not doing or knowing
    not by whatever is our ego’s blowing
    limitlessness, the conscious, is becoming THAT
    cause only then there’s ONE from which we’re not separate


    1. The whole essence of living and having faith has been captured beautifully in this poem by you.Reading this lovely poem at the beginning of my day has already made my day blissful.Thank You

  4. As I look at the Full Moon on this special day, heart immediately expands – and then I look around me and witness how life brings many challenges & uncertainties, hectic work schedule and routine often drains the energy, and the fulfillment of the most noble spiritual goals remains as far as the mighty Kailash right now.

    This Gurupurnima, my heart is filled with sadness that I cannot join the loving group now travelling with Mohanji to this most amazing place on planet Earth – but ‘Let it be Thy will’, let the wings of Shradha and Saburi show the way. All the answers are within, fulfillment is within, and through the Heart we remain connected always, regardless of physical separation.

    On this special day, there is so much to thank for, but I especially thank Mohanji for all the scoldings that he blesses me with so often, for I know they are delivered with the purest Love and for the highest good….. It is that Love that makes life so worth it, of every moment that makes eternity.

    Nothing but Love,

  5. Dearest Biba,
    I just read this post and the responses, and can truly resonate with your feelings. I could not meet Mohanji during this Dubai visit (for the first time) as I had just returned from Vipassana Dhamma Seva and we had a meeting with the Regional Teacher that evening. I was supposed to go after the meeting, but it got over very late and I was not sure if it would be too late to go at 10 pm. I did not feel guilty at all, for as Mohanji always says, physical presence is not the only way we meet. The past 15 days have been extremely hectic at work with late nights and many other issues, but there is an intangible energy that keeps supporting me against all challenges, however bizarre they may be. The awareness of the true self and connection with the supreme consciousness keeps us content even if we are not able to be where we want to be or do what our heart wishes to do many a times. The reminder to just Be, is in itself a lesson, a progression towards liberation.
    Shraddha and Saburi will indeed show the way my beautiful sister.
    Love & Joy

  6. Found everything about u and your exxperiences. Even reading a paragraph of your teaching was a spiritual experience.
    Thank u & love

  7. i am stronger believer of lord hanuman and shridi saibaba. today i searched about shridi saibaba wallpapers it will goes to some important websites.among that i went to your website. i earned more knowledge about the yoga and meditation. so i am very happy. i want learn more. so kindly help me.

  8. Dear Mohanji…i came across your teachings while surfing the internet and have been reading your blogs for a past few days.Somehow i have found solace from the immense emotinal turmoil and restlessness that i have been experiencing for the past few years. I need your guidance and blessings and feel that you can make me realize my higher self. Someday when the right time comes i would like to meet you but till then i would utilize my time to make myself eligible to come in your divine presence.

    1. Welcome to the family dear Trishita! Please take time to practice the Power of Purity meditation and you will surely meet Mohanji sooner than you think :-). With love, Biba

  9. SIR/MADAM.Please can you give me the headquarters e-mail address. I am interested in this path. I found by chance. Please help me contact the correct persons to speak to I am in South Africa. i cannot find a site to give me the contact details.
    Regards Ammanta Shah Ramson

  10. SIR/MADAM.Please can you give me the headquarters e-mail address of Guru Mohanji. I am interested in this path. I found by chance. Please help me contact the correct persons to speak to I am in South Africa. i cannot find a site to give me the contact details.
    Regards Ammanta Shah Ramson

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