Satsang with Mohanji

Satsang with Mohanji
on 29th March, 2014

Our gratitude to Mohanji for taking time to answer some of our questions. There are a few questions that we received online. Questions are related to the shift that we are currently experiencing, connecting to higher beings, escapism and protecting natural resources.
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Raise your vibrational level to connect to the higher

Q: Why is the shift taking place now?
A: Well, the shift is not taking place now. It is a gradual process, it has evolved into this kind of situation. According to me, the shift has started much earlier, at least in the last fifty years. It started becoming evident in the mid 1980s. Then it started triggering and it evolved almost in tune with technological era, technological revolution. It may more or less coincide that way. The momentum has increased slowly, slowly, slowly, and in 2012 the spinning of the Earth changed and it also coincided with the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan. That was a very major shake-up. Then there were five eclipses last year. These are all various aspects which change the structure of the things on the Earth. So the shift is basically the shift of consciousness. The shift is in the consciousness. All other things, the environment, the mindset, the speed of time, all these things aid the shift of consciousness. Those who cannot cope with the shift of consciousness, they fall into depression. They become more mind-oriented, they become more suffocated. You can say the shift is shifting from the mind to the awareness, to the consciousness. If you are still stuck with the mind, then it is very likely that you will suffer a lot (the emotions, the problems, the situations…). Everything will squeeze you. But the moment you come above the mind, in such a situation, then you will start experiencing freedom. You will start feeling freedom, the liberation. All these things happen when you are in the mode beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, beyond the restrictions of the body. Restriction means the space which is called the body, as mind, ego, intellect, all these things attached. Once you break free and you are able to go beyond it, then it’s a free flow. Then you will flow through time, flow through situations, whether they are good or bad it doesn’t matter. Flow through time, flow through situations and you will have a smooth journey. So, the shift has happened well before and it’s a continuation. I would say that even now, after 2012, it is continuing and probably in the middle of 2010s, probably 2016-2018, you will still see major shifts happening. This is a process. By 2022-2023, things would be settled down. Upheaval is happening, and to see the smooth flow, it will take further time. Because now the things are changing. Once the eruption happens and the things are moving, then it settles down over a period of time. The sky will be full of ash and smoke. So you won’t be able to see what’s going on. But it’s worth the journey. What helps this transit is faith. You say, “Ok, beyond the smoke and ash there is life. Once you know that we can move ahead, with faith, life is smooth. During this time the main thing to hold on is the faith. And ACT. Keep moving.

Q: Thank you. Is there any specific spiritual or physical practice to help us be in tune with the shift?
A: Being in NOW. Being in the present. That is perpetual meditation. When the path is slippery, when you are walking through slippery grounds, what would you do? You will hold on to something so that you are steady and you are moving. Like that, hold on to faith, and be in the present. This is the biggest and the best sadhana you can do during times of transition.

Q: And how to know that we are in tune with the shift?
A: You will know that whatever is happening outside, it is not affecting us inside. It is a clear sign of your progress. To achieve that kind of a state, you have to be objective. Extremely objective, “Things are happening. Fine. Let me handle it.” It is not like being emotional about it, crying over it, and blaming other people. All this should stop. Just stay focused. Just be. Just be in the present. And keep looking, “ Hey, who is suffocated now? The situation is here. Who is getting affected? If it is the mind, go beyond the mind. If it is ego, go beyond the ego. But be aware. Be aware of all this process, all that is happening in you and outside you. Just be aware. Just be aware all the time. And, “Things are happening, things are flowing, this person is giving me pain, this person is giving me pleasure, both are fine. Both are different flavours of life. This person is taking me to higher realms, another person is trying to pull me down.” Avoid the person who is pulling you down. Embrace the person who is taking you higher. If you move objectively like this, that is it. That is the practice you need to do. Be in the present. Accept the reality. Move on.

What helps this shift is faith. Hold on to faith and be in the present.
What helps this shift is faith. Hold on to faith and be in the present.


A few questions that are not related to the shift:

Q: I want to associate with positively advanced higher beings. How to do that?
A: It spontaneously happens when your frequency changes. Higher beings will come in contact with you when your frequency is higher. Even if you want to get in touch with higher beings, if your frequency does not match it, you will not even get connected! There are various television channels going on in the air. But there is a big limitation of your television to connect to each and everyone of them. Or, there are channels which you pay and subscribe to. You have to pay and subscribe to reach there. In this case, you need to increase your level of vibration, so that you can connect to the higher beings. A fifth class student is put into the post-graduation class. Do you think that child will be benefited? He will understand nothing. Once he grows up, and he increases his awareness level to the level of post-graduation, that time, if he is sitting in the post-graduation class, everything makes sense to him. Everything becomes meaningful. So this is the situation. If you would like to connect to the higher beings, increase your vibratory level. And to increase your vibratory level, you need to be extremely objective. You need to be in the now. You need to be in the level of acceptance. You need to have gratitude for everything. And life should be wonder-operated, you should be wonder-fuelled i.e. fuelled with wonder. That kind of life where, “Oh, this is a wonderful life, there is a lot of creation, not bagging on negative things, “Why is this man talking like this? Why is this person behaving like this? He should have done this way, he should have done that way!” Like this we are comparing, judging, criticising, censoring… This should stop, because these are all lower vibrations. It sucks you and pulls you and binds you in the lower vibration. You need to raise up. You need to go beyond. And then you reach a state where, “All these things are fine, but I have nothing to do with them. I choose to buy only love. I choose to “sell” only love, or, I choose to operate only in love.” When your unconditionality overflows, when your personality overflows, you will attract such crowd, such people. They come to you. Even people who are operating in the lower vibratory level, they will come to you and say, “Please, let us be together. So, you can choose to give them something. In that position when you are in position to deliver, you are more powerful. Automatically your power increases. Your connectivity becomes better. That way you move forward further. So, If you like to be in the company of higher beings, become one. Become a higher being. This is possible. Just by being, just by being objective, just by choosing to express only unconditional love, just by choosing not to be connected to any negative things and if you get a master of higher nature, never leave the master. Walk till the end of the road with the master. If a master is delivered, don’t sit down and criticise or compare or judge. Because that would be the biggest mistake you would be doing. If life gives you a master, if life allows you the company of any higher being, choose it, accept it, move with it till the end of the road. This is very important. The moment we start judging, we miss the whole point. Because we are judging from our frequency. The person whom you are going to ask is operating in another frequency. For example an avadhoota who is probably not even wearing clothes. He is walking in the street. You saw a person lying in the street in Vrindavan. You know, he is lying in the street for the last 16 years. When some people give him food, he eats. He is a very high being. In the normal standards of our community or society, he is a mad man, isn’t that so? Why does somebody have to lie in the rain and in the sun? And not even asking for food? The four dogs and the cow whom we fed, remember? These are all signs of higher beings. There is no discrimination. Even a dog or a cow. And there was a monkey who asked for food next to him… So, all these beings are one. The same consciousness, moving on. They are just different expressions in different bodies. How much peace we felt when we were sitting next to him! He was not even telling anything. But the consciousness was visible. Audible. Feelable. It was so, so striking. But, for an average seeker, he would mean nothing. You have to increase your level of vibration to understand this all operation level. It is good to choose or it is good to decide, “I need to be in the company of the higher masters.” But always ask yourself, “Am I preparing for it?” First is to avoid bad company. Bad company means company that pulls you down all the time, who feeds your mind with negative thoughts, who does not elevate you. Gossip is very easy because it is from the lower level. E.g. “Oh, why should he behave like this, why is he talking or behaving like this, why is he going to the pub, why is he going to the brothel or why is he going to eat this food, why is he going to eat that food, why is he wearing glasses, why is he wearing perfume, why is he wearing a watch…?” All these why, why, why will happen. All these WHYs will end. Then you are free. Then your mind is uncontaminated. Uncluttered. That is the time when you can start seeing the truth. The reality. The clutter, the smoke, the fog, should go out of your mind. And this is all created by impressions of the negative nature. “This is how it should be” thoughts. We have many concepts that create our thought process. These concepts should be completely extinct. It should be out of your system. And take life as it comes. Approach every moment or every situation objectively. “Oh, this is happening, let me handle it.” “This happened because of this man, I’m suffering ”, that is the wrong attitude, wrong understanding. You should think, “Ok, this is happening, let me take the next step now. Let me do what I can.” You can see this very well in animals. For example, a car-hit dog. The dog is injured. It cries for some time, because there is pain. Pain makes that cry. After one hour, if you helped it, fine. If not, and if you go after one hour and see, it will be handling the situation. It understood, “Ok, this is happening now, let me handle the situation.” And if you are able to help the dog, it will be very grateful. That is why I always say, help spontaneously. Don’t even think. If you find a problem with a dog, or bird, animal or a man, woman or a child, just help the way you can, spontaneously. Don’t think, “What can I do? Can I do this?” Just do what you can. So, this will all elevate you to the higher consciousness. As I said, awareness is the best investment possible in one’s life. Invest in awareness. How do you invest in awareness? Just start asking questions, “Is this expression my true expression? Am I delivering truth? Am I pretending? Am I masked? Have I put a masked on my face?” Ask such questions. And then things will start flowing. You will remove your past, you will start seeing with clarity, and then who comes in front of you will have meaning for you, whether it is good or bad, and you will handle your situation without crying. This is the way to go forward. You will also be able to say, “I do not want to participate in this nonsense. The “No” aspect will be sharpened because you are clear. Many people cannot say NO. They will take all the dirt because they cannot utter the word “no”. But once you are objective, you will say, “I like this, I can do it, and I don’t want that.” There is liberation. When you are not getting contaminated spontaneously, you have freedom. That is how you enjoy freedom. Be that. Be objective. Be free. Be elevated.

What is the garantee that you will be fine there? The same mind will start provoking questions and thoughts and problems in any place you go.
What is the guarantee that you will be fine there? The same mind will start provoking questions and thoughts and problems in any place you go.

Q: I don’t feel like anything except searching for wisdom. I want to move or run away from society, away from my professional work and relations. Any remedy, or should I face the consequences?
A: This is called escapism. Sheer escapism. You cannot run away into anything. Mind is telling so. What faculty in you is pushing you like this? Your mind. When the mind says, I don’t like this, I need to go elsewhere, what is the guarantee that you will be fine there? The same mind will start provoking questions and thoughts and problems in any place you go. Now you don’t like this because it’s routine, it’s creating boredom, fine. Go elsewhere, the same thing will start. Don’t think that spirituality can be enhanced through running away from realities. Instead, being in reality and being one with reality and operating in reality will enhance your spirituality. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in Himalayas or in busy places in Mumbai. You can still be spiritual. This is actually the thing inside. You can be completely spiritual. I’ll give you a small example. One person decided to leave everything and join an ashram, a guru. He went there and he saw that most people were sitting down and meditating so he also started meditating. Then every second day, they had to clean everything. The guru came and said, “Now, this group cleans the garden, this group cleans the temples, this group cleans the dormitories. A few groups were formed and they went around cleaning. Then this man said, “I didn’t come here for cleaning, I can do that at home!” Then the guru said, “No, this is the seva we do for this ashram.” And with a lot of difficulty he cleaned, but most of the time he was cheating on it. He was just pretending to be cleaning and he was not doing it. Then the guru said, “Today we are fasting.” So this man became very upset. He said, “No, no, no I don’t need to fast. I’m not interested in fasting. I only like to meditate, that is why I joined this ashram.” Then the guru said, “This day we need to detox. Fasting is just to detox. It is not for anything else.” At 10 o’clock in the morning he started having headaches and he fell unconscious, then the guru allowed him to have some food and he was ok. In one week’s time, by doing all this, he came to the guru and said, “Guruji, I thought the ashram life is much easier. There is a lot of peace here, we sit and meditate, at the right time we have food, at the right time we get up.” Then the guru said, “This is all fine, but what about your duty, your dharma? Seva? That should also happen simultaneously. Ashram is not for escapists. Ashram is really for those who want to evolve spiritually, and be focused. There is a single-point focus for one activity or one purpose. That purpose will take you further. That is why this ashram life is prescribed for some people. Ashram life cannot be for you. Then he went back. Because he could not stay in the ashram. He wouldn’t want to indulge in any of these seva activities like cleaning or cooking or anything. He just wanted to eat, sleep, read some books, and meditate. But that is escapism. No true ashrams allow you to be an escapist. No true ashrams will give you room for escapism. But it’s wrong understanding, “Oh, I don’t like this, is there an escape?” Where is the escape? You cannot escape from life! Then, what are we talking about? What are you escaping from? Wherever you go, whichever place you are in, you have to do what you have to do. We are not escaping from food, are we? We don’t escape from going to toilet. We mostly escape from taking bath but this is also essential because we are in the society. All these things are a part of us, so what are we talking about? Where are we going? I want to leave this job. Then what? You create sufficient sustenance even if you leave the job. Who will give you sustenance? You have to create your sustenance, right? Everybody is expected to work. Don’t think that gurus don’t do any job. Gurus work. They empower people, and they usually work more than normal people. They create various ways where people can understand some tough material in simple terms. They create much of baby food. This is work! And many of the gurus are deeply involved in sevas. This is work. It’s not that they are sitting idle and sitting quiet. Now if they are getting funds, funds are also used for serving people. Even if you give me ten meals, I can only eat one meal at a time. The more money you have, the more visibility you have, don’t think that the more you can consume. Greed can happen in every path, but it doesn’t take you anywhere. It is complete ignorance. Greed is equal to ignorance. So, that is not a solution. Thus leaving one place thinking the other is better, that is also ignorance. Wrong understanding. It cannot take you anywhere. This is the answer.

Sun, wind and water are natural energy resources that do not contaminate the Earth.  And we chose to use the oil...
Sun, wind and water are natural energy resources that do not contaminate the Earth. And we chose to use the oil…

Q: The current development all over the world is actually leading to destruction … How to go back to ancient systems e.g. free electrical energy? Not using and depleting fresh water, coal and oil, etc?
A: There has been an evolution in the thought process in the period of time. And it is mostly based on greed. The mighty always control. The mighty whether in terms of wealth, or in terms of political connection, power, they control the weaker. This has been the system going on. I’m not saying this is the ideal system, but it is the system we are experiencing. E.g. a person with power, runs over the not so powerful. This is continuously happening. So, to instill the awareness in people, or to bring forth the changes for the better, the awareness of the people should be increased. This has to start from top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top. This is a process. What happens is, in the past, people who were more sattwic and wiser, created so many things, but by the time technological upraising happened, the greed-based economies happened, e.g. ammunition is made to protect the country. But they have duration, an expiry date. So, what happens is, before their expiry date, they want to use it. War has to happen. Destruction has to happen. So, this kind of wrong understanding, wrong calculations, wrong moves, first of all, war creates pain. It creates agony. If people decide that peace is more important, no wars, that itself will cut down the expense on the military. And every country should cooperate for it. The politicians should feel for the people, for mothers, the children. They only look at their wealth. None of the politicians have gone down in today’s political world in economy, finance or in stature, whatever. Some scandals happened and they came affected. But they all started somewhere and they made much more money in months and years. Nobody has been doing service for the people. Politicians are supposed to serve the people. But more than serving, they have earned quite a lot. So in this kind of situations, what sells is what they are capturing. It is not what is good for people that they consider. What they consider is what makes profits, what is more beneficial for them. When rulers are like that, the society is already contaminated. And society is forced to feed to them. And manufacturers are controlling the politicians through bribe and through these things. When such a vicious circle is going on and on over a period of time, destruction has to happen in the civilisation. Because if free building through awareness cannot happen, awareness has to rise and rebuild the whole system, like I said earlier, the god-given energy resources are sun, wind and water. These are the god-given energy sources. None of these contaminate the Earth. We chose to take the oil. We chose to break the mountains. We chose to dig and the digging has affected the Earth. Because it’s puncturing the Earth too much. What will happen if that is the case? Destruction. Only destruction can happen. Then only things can be rebuilt. Because the Earth is already devastated a lot. In the last fifty years, the Earth has suffered more than ever in the human history. The last fifty years have made things worse for the Earth much more than any time of the human history. You can imagine that such an intensity of destruction, the rainforest going, the animals are losing habitats, thousands of species are wiped off, and cattle farming is producing more toxins in the air than any kind of situation… All these things. Especially the food industry. Food industry is contaminating the world. Because, two thirds of the total grain cultivation is going for cattle. And twelve pounds of grain produces one pound of flesh. So, suffering of the cattle on one side, wrong distribution of food, and people are starving. Some people are fighting obesity, on other places some people are starving, there is unequal distribution. All these things are created by man. When all these things are man-made, how do you solve this? You have to solve this through reconstruction. For reconstruction, there is sometimes need for destruction. So, destruction may need to come, and then, construction has to happen. If we cannot change, time changes you. If we do not change ourselves, time will change you. And this is happening, especially during the shift this is to be expected.

to instill the awareness in people, or to bring forth the changes for the better, the awareness of the people should be increased.
To bring forth the changes for the better, the awareness of the people should be increased.

Bless All

Transcribed by Bilja V.