Are you connecting to the Consciousness?

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia 7th May, 2014

Q: I had super sensations during the meditation this time, really. I saw my hand with my eyes closed with beautiful white light, and I couldn’t believe it, I just moved my hand in front of my face. This was the first time I saw this.

A: This is normal. These are stages of evolution. When you come to subtler level where gross is not blocking you, like, body is very gross, mind is also gross, intellect is gross, ego is gross, you’re going beyond it to your real form which is very soft and subtle, which is bright. The moment you touch that, you can see all the gross. Maybe you have seen my pictures with the hands transparent. Actually it is true. It is not imagination. When you are connecting to very subtle energy and you are conveying it, you become like that. The whole constitution changes.

Q: I know theoretically that we are beings of light. But for the first time I felt that.

A: This is my job.

Q: I feel happiness, and gratitude, and…

A: You are connecting to me very deeply, so the level of grossness is dissolving. That’s why.

Q: Aha, ok.

M card - eyesA: Why do we keep the picture of the eyes in the card? Because when you connect to the eyes, you connect to the consciousness. That’s why. Eyes are like gateways. Through the eyes you connect to the consciousness. So when you connect deeply, that is the consciousness working on. So you are able to see through. That is why people are coming to me.

Q: But I didn’t even try!

A: No need to try. The moment you try, the mind comes in the picture. When you don’t try, the mind is sleeping.

Q: That is tricky thing, I know…

A: That is the point. Most of the people connect only to the gross, terrestrial, “Why is this happening, why is that happening…can you do this, can you do that…” These are all immaterial. What can you BE is material. This is what is more important. You can be absolutely powerful when you are absolutely subtle. The moment you connect to the gross, the aches and pains, and the changes are there. You cannot avoid it.
And if you noticed, the subtler you become, the more you want to detach from people. The more you want to be silent. Even small sounds might not be good for you. Do you know why? Because our nature is silence. Sound is not our nature. So once we transdcend over, we start loving silence. Silence is not even somebody not speaking. Even silence from inside will be beautiful. So we will be more connected to the silence and we will detach from the sound. We may even detach from the people. Like one person from Belgrade wrote to me today, “I just want to sit next to you because I never felt so much silence with anybody in life.” He said, “I met you for a few minutes and I became silent and this feeling hasn’t gone yet, after two or three days. He said, “I just want to come and sit near you. Don’t talk to me. Don’t even answer my questions. Just let me be near you.” Why is this happening? Because this is your nature. When you find your nature, you will not leave it. Otherwise you will keep checking, searching. The search will go on. The moment you find the nature, your true nature, you will never leave it.
Another thing in the same context, the more you are checking why this is so, why that is so, or is this real, we are entertaining the mind. We are energising the mind. Mind is the storehouse of questions. So the more we search why, why, why, we are just making the sound in the mind. The more we are entertaining the mind, the longer mind will stay. When the mind stays, you can never connect to the truth.

Mohanji quote Be Intelligent

Q: Very simple. And very hard at the same time!

A: But the diagnosis is more difficult than cure. So diagnosis is done. The cause of the problem is mind. Now the cure is easy. The medicine is simple. Do not energise your mind. Dont think it’s difficult, because thoughts come without our calling. But don’t entertain them. Feel them, leave them. Always feel your thoughts, feel your actions, feel life. This itself will be great. Rather see, and listen and make voice, feel. Feel life. he moment you start feeling, it’s not normal senses which are working. You are internalising it. So if you are touching and feeling life… children do that, you’ve seen. Children feel materials, they are more feeling oriented until we tell them “Look here…” In our path we only tell people where to look, we never tell people what to see. Because you already know what to see. And you will only see what you need to see. When you start feeling life, feel the sun, feel the moon, feel the cold, feel the heat, what happens is there ends desire for feeling. You will not postpone it. Feeling need not be from the mind. The mind can be used to feel, but mind is not the only faculty which can feel. When you read a book, you feel something. It’s reality for you. That is not from the mind. It’s from the intellect. You operate in multiple levels, but the moment you start feeling from inside, the desire ends there. There are no more desires. For example, you have coffee. You feel the coffee. Then you have no more desire for a new coffee. But if you are watching the television and having the coffee, half an hour later you want another coffee. Why is it so? The feeling is not registered inside. You were not here while you were drinking coffee. Like that, repetition happens, if your mind is not present, or you are not feeling. So, feel more than see or hear or think. And when you start feeling yourself, most of the questions end. Because you connect to your own nature. See, the only reality for you is your own nature. Each person has a different nature. You are born with it. And that is the nature which you have to connect to, for being real in this world, for being successful in life.

Mohanji quote - Your mission in this lifetime

Q: During the meditation I felt I was in some state between dream and peace. I cannot define it nor did I want to analyse it. I felt I was radiating from third eye chakra, solar plexus and my hand, as if some kind of beam was coming out of me. When we finished, I saw a white belt around you and people who were next to the wall, looking like a cloak. It wasn’t a play of shadows, a reflection of light.

A: There are various energies in the plane of existence, not only here, everywhere. THey are all looking for redemption, they are all looking for elevation. And many of them get a redemption also, in our process. This is one side. Second is for you what happened was you reached the state of altered consciousness. That means connecting more to the soul. When you are connecting to the soul, that is exactly what we are trying to do in our meditation, we are bringing you from the gross to the subtle, and then you reach a state of altered consciousness, where you can see much more than you can normally see with your senses, eyes. In that state you will see much more. That is why i said connect to my consciousness, that is why we keep the eyes in the card. States change very rapidly provided we allow it. Your receptivity is very high. It is normal that you are able to see much more. Because you are able to move into the consciousness. The mind is the blocking factor here. Mind confuses between the superficial like the body and expression, and the real, they say, “I know Mohanji, he is this, or how he talks…” But it is nothing. The moment you connect to the consciousness it’s a completely different world.

Mohanji quote - We are all one soul

Q: When some people started crying, my heart was aching tremendously. Like I was crying, too.

A: Because it becomes one consciousness, like my extended consciousness, and I take out things. When this meditation happens, even when I’m not here, it works the same way, that is why it’s going popular all over the world. Actually speaking, we are all related that is why we met. We can call ourselves as soul mates. Soul mate is not husband and wife. These are a set of souls who decided to meet at this plane. We have taken this decision well before. So we decided to come here and experience life and interact in some level at some point in time. And some of us will connect for some time and then they go on their own, some of us will be connected for a longer period of time, so the time span of connection has no value here. We are connected. That has value.

Q: Meditation is more intense with many people.

A: Yes. Meditation is like a passport. It’s just used to be united. But more than meditation what is happening is the consciousness is getting connected. You can say meditation is a tool to bring everybody together, but more than meditation what is happening is the marriage of consciousness. This has more value. You can think of meditation as a boat to cross the river, but the consciousness is continuing. And mind can never understand this. The moment we start analysing, we fail. But soul understands. And the connection is from the soul level. That is why we will not leave. We are connected, not only from this life, but we will continue in that mode. We can say that the thread continues. Whatever happens id doesn’t matter but we are united in consciousness.

Q: This is intellectual trap.

A: Yes, the moment we analyze we fail to understand. This is why people get confused. I sometimes get messages which are crazy and I don’t even reply, I say, take your time talk to yourself. Get back to me once you have a proper question. I say, I will not wash your clothes. Wash yours.:)
Ego plays a major role. When people come to me and say, “Oh, I’ve done this course, I’ve done that course…” I say, “Please continue.” 🙂 Because what will I do? What we have done in life has no value apart from what we are. The more courses we do and ego gets more and more pampered and stronger, it’s very difficult to cross over. It is like a gate is small and the person is very fat. Intellectually you can also get very, very fat 🙂 Today, a person, I think he is from Netherlands, sent a message to me saying, “Mohanji, I follow you and so many changes have happened. But that final uncaging, that lion is ready to go out of the cage but can not break the cage. How?” I said, “The only blockage you have, the cage, is your mind. Lion is ready to leave any day. But what keeps the lion inside the cage is the mind. So the more solid the cage is, the more difficult it is to break. We need to dilute ourselves, and to empty ourselves so that the cage itself falls down.” I said it symbolically, but this is the point.

Mohanji quote - It is mind's job to create doubts

Q: Only observing the thoughts and not paying attention to them, not energising it, is the trick, not dealing with mind at all?

A: Correct. Just less energising the mind will decay the cage. And also one more thing we must understand clearly. Mind has a tendency to project a situation which may not be real. E.g. a man said, “I am deeply connected to you, I look at your picture 24 hours a day.” But it need not be. It is mind confusing you. It’s not your connecting or not connecting to the picture. It’s that are you feeling me? Are you being me? This is the point. I receive a lot of emails people ask me, “I’m deeply connected to you, are you feeling me?” I say, “Don’t worry whether I am feeling you, but are you feeling me?” ha, ha. I’ll give you one example. There is one medical doctor in Dubai. She connects to me and gives answers to people. She has no idea how the answers come. She has never read anything, but she does that. In 2004 or 2005 when I met her I said, “One day, you will be representing me.” I told her at that time. She is married and has children. At that time she didn’t know it but later on, she started talking thing which she was surprised, “How do i know this?” But answers are real. Because people who receive the answer say, thank you, I’ve got the answer, or , the problem is solved. She used to call me saying, “Mohanji this is working wonderfully! How is it happening?” I said, “Stop calling me now. Feel me now. Do not talk to me on the phone or use anything. Connect to me.” Because then you have to take the next step. Once this is happening, go to the next step saying that 100% conviction we are connected and act on it and feel it and move it. Then eventually, we are connected 100%, full time, you are operating in that plane. So consciousness is one. How we use it is the most important thing. The moment you feel Mohanji is separate from me, or the consciousness is separate, the wall is the mind. And mind projects you are very well connected to me because there is a picture on the wall. That is nothing. Many times it’s like that.

Consciousness is important at this time because most of us are beating around the bush. We are practising something, it doesn’t matter what you practise, which guru you follow is also ok, which god you connect is fine, but are you connecting to the consciousness? This is the most important point here.

One example of the connection is a three-year-old boy. We came back from Belgrade at night, that night Biba was not there, they forgot to put the blanket on the bad so I was feeling cold. He woke up his mother in New Delhi and said, “Mohanji is feeling cold” and took my picture and put it under the blanket. If you ask him now what I’m doing he will say. Deeply connected to the consciousness. Why I’m giving this example is, this is a state you can achieve. We should be so deeply engraved in consciousness, when you should not feel difference from me.
Another aspect is, the moment you start evolving in consciousness, such people will get attracted to you. There two ways they come. Sometimes a person of negative nature will come to you, for taking the energy, like they want help. So it’s up to you how much time you want to spend with them. This is for sure. Second is that likewise people will come to you. The people who are evolving will come and hold your hand. This will become a beautiful family. I always tell people, if there is a problem in relationship, evolve yourself and then the relationship that comes to you will stay. Because they are not judgmental. Otherwise usual relationships are based on expectation, and judgement. You keep judging a person based on whatever awareness you have, and you expect. So whenever a relationship is based on expectation, and it moves in a kind of judgmental way, “If you do this I like you, if you don’t do this I don’t,” there will be conflicts all the time. But the moment the consciousness grows, the relationship shifts to purpose, “We are together because there is a higher purpose to achieve.” This is beautiful. Then, there is no conflict because there is no room for conflict. There is nothing to fight for. This is to be understood clearly. Whenever there is a blockage in relationship, evolve and catch the higher. Then the whole thing comes up. Only such people will meet you. The rest will leave you because you are useless to those people.
It is extremely important to cultivate awareness. Normally we do not see the consciousness and say, “This man looks good, I want him.” That’s nothing. Because sometimes he is carrying so much of baggage, a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter, we fall for the looks, senses take you to the looks and then we suffer. It is not easy. How do you know? It is important that you raise yourself so that you attract that kind of personality into your life. This is also not only marriage, I’m talking about any relationships in life.

Mohanji quote - Concepts distort experiences

Q: Don’t look for a perfect person, be a perfect person.

A: Yes, be the perfect person, don’t need to look anywhere. That comes to you. Then only it stays. Otherwise every relationship is based on expectation and emotion. And respect happens with the higher consciousness. Respect comes to you. Respect has to be earned. You can probably get a state, e.g. somebody tells you, “You are the president of this place.” But the stature has to happen through maturity, through approach, through the higher awareness. Then only it stays. Otherwise you can see many people attaining a position and falling down.
One person asked me, “How can we keep you here longer?” I said, “I never leave this place. If you are able to see, you will see.” Physically, it’s very difficult, because there is only one body. But otherwise I’m here.

Q: You are everywhere.

A: Yes.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

About Letting Go, Mantras, Shaktipat and Nath tradition

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia on 4th May, 2014

Mohanji 3Q: During the Power of Purity meditation my eyes by themselves rotated for about 60 degrees upwards so that I almost had to opened my eyes. I don’t know what happened…

A: When you connect to the third eye and your eyes rotate to the third eye, that means you are in the mood of forgiveness, you are forgiving, you are letting go. On normal eye level we always attract, collect and store. But the moment it shifts to the third eye, we start letting go, we release. So you are ready to release, this is the sign of that. We are by nature collection oriented. Through our eyes, nose, ears, all our faculties we attract information, we attract experiences, we attract a lot of things and we store it. And the more we store, the heavier we become. It’s natural. So what happens is, the experience also starts getting repeated. It is called purva samskara, which means past impressions. We collect impressions and we repeat them in life. It is important to let go, to release because every second is fresh, every moment is fresh. If we bring something from the past and put it in the present, we miss the fragrance of the present, or the flavour of the right moment, this moment. What usually happens is we are usually superimposing. E.g. “I knew this before, or I’ve know this person before, I’ve known this situation before, I’ve known the place before,” but every moment is changing, just like our body. It’s changing. Change is part of life. Change is part of earthly existence. We must look at life fresh. Then we start enjoying life. Then we are in the present. So in the meditation that we’ve just practiced we are asking people to connect to the spine. When you are connected to the spine, automatically your eyes close and you shift to the third eye. Then you are ready to release. Otherwise you will not release. Even normally when we sit down and close our eyes, we do not release, we are just trying to manipulate on our stored impressions. That is one of the points.

Mohanji blessing the grouip during Power of purity meditation
Mohanji blessing the group during Power of purity meditation

Normally we meet a person and say, “I’ve met him.” What you are meeting is the physical form, and the expressions of the person. But there is a deep inherent consciousness which is expressed through the person. Like, if you say, “I know Mohanji” that means you know this physical form and my way of expression. That’s about it. But where it is coming from it is not possible for you to know. For knowing that, you must be operating more from the third eye. So when you meet a person you actually understand him. Otherwise all we are doing is meeting the physical form and collecting the expressions and judging a person. This is very wrong, this is not the way. That is why we have conflicts. Normally when we meet a person we see the differences. But when we operate from the third eye we see the unity. And simplest technique for operating from the third eye is connecting to your own spine. I’m not saying “meditate”, but “connect”. When I say “connect” it means when you are walking, feel the spine. When you are sitting down, feel the spine, even for five or ten minutes. It is not that you feel the spine all the time. Eventually, with every activity, if you start feeling your spine, you start operating from the spine or from the third eye. Even if you close the eyes and feel the spine automatically you will know that you are operating from the third eye.
When you start operating from your spine, the difference would be less emotions, and more of awareness. As awareness grows, you will increase in strength, you will become stronger. This is very simple. You do not have to go to any guru or any particular place to do, while you lead your life, you can connect to your spine, you can be peaceful and also you will enjoy silence when the mind is getting stiller and stiller. And when you thus establish yourself in awareness, you will be detaching from your mind, you will be detaching from your body, at the same time you would be functioning very well. But you are not controlled by the mind or the body.

Q: How to get rid of anxious state?

A: I already explained that, connect to your spine, feel your spine, stay away from your mind, start watching your mind, detach from your mind, and slowly, slowly, slowly the mind will become still. It is like, when you do not energise one hand for one year, you won’t be able to use that hand because the muscles become weak. So if you do not energise your mind, especially your fears, your anxieties, your insecurities, they will start dropping off. They will not be there. Detaching from the mind is very important. When I say the mind, it also contains ego and it also contains intellect. The discriminating factor, the emotional factor, the ego factor.

Q: How does mantra chanting fits in this whole story? What is its use? Is it good or not?

A: Each mantra is a configuration which helps some part of your constitution. Sometimes it is to rejuvenate, sometimes it is to calm… Each mantra has a purpose.
Normally a guru gives a mantra to the disciple looking at the constitution of the disciple. That is like prescribed medicine. There are mantras like “Om namah shivaya”. People say this mantra is enough, no other mantra is needed, which is true. It is very, very powerful. I’ve given the explanation of each word in it.

AUM NAMAH SHIVAAYA explained by Mohanji.jpg

That constitutes every aspect of our existence such as the fire element which constitute the body, the five types of air that circulate the body, and the five types of fire, five types of existence. Every aspect is covered in this five-digit mantra.
The same fire can be used to cook the food and burn the house. It’s up to us to decide what we need out of the fire. People like to have powers. So they configure mantras to give that effect. And there are mantras for protection, like a sheath. Gayatri mantra has the power of protection, and also power of elevation.

Mohanji Gayatri Mantra with meaning
Mohanji Gayatri Mantra with meaning

So every mantra has a reason and power. But if you connect to the white mantras, like “Om namah shivaya”, etc. no harm will happen to you in any way. About other mantras, power-oriented, you should be careful. They can help us and they can also hurt us.

Q: How to know which one is maybe dangerous?

A: The mostly recognised, the mostly approved pleasant chants are from the white, because it enhances your protection, your energy, and your wellbeing. They are fine. Or you can check with your guru who understands and they will recommend.
We can also individualise mantras. With certain mantras, if you use, you will have a particular effect, another person will have different effect. So mantras cannot be generalised all the time. But this question is very important at this time because energies are changing very rapidly on earth now. A lot of calamities are expected from now to 2022. This is because the energies are shifting rapidly. And you can see the effect of it on people. Mind is restless. Mind is controlling. To connect to the higher frequencies has become difficult and meditation has become difficult. So chanting has much more value today than meditation. And chanting can lead to meditation. It is usually said that you should contemplate on yourself, on what you are before you go into meditation. And then when you contemplate, ”Am I this anger? Am I this form that I see in the mirror? Am I this expression? Am I the mind? Am I the intellect? Am I the ego? Am I so and so son or daughter? Am I the husband or wife?“ These questions come and finally the answer will be no, no, no… after a long time when you finally start feeling yourself, then you slip into meditation. That meditation is real for you. And that meditation will have much, much impact and effect. Because you have recognised yourself. Now most of the people, I’m not underestimating, only have a vague idea about who we are, or who they are. Mostly when I ask, ”Who are you?” They will say some name which is connected to this life. Actually speaking, all of us sitting here are related in consciousness. All the people outside including plants, animals, birds, are connected in consciousness. We are all one soul. Because we look different or feel different, we consider we are different. So this is a good time for the chanting. When you chant, chant from the stomach center, not from the throat. Stomach is the seat of the fire. And when you enhance the fire, it burns the stored emotions. When you keep chanting positive mantra, in the stomach center for the period of time, scripture say that you can even change the weather, climate or even the destiny.

Q: Is it important to calm your mind while chanting?
A: Calmness happens to the mind when you are connected to the mantra.
Q: So it doesn’t matter if the mind wanders around?
A: Mind will anyway wander. You cannot control the mind and start the show. It never works. Please understand that mind is the most restless factor in your system. It is never stable. Don’t think that we can attack your mind directly. It’s impossible. Mind will catch you every time 🙂 and also mind will manipulate you. That is why I say if you depend on the mind, mind will keep you the same and mind will help you change the guru. Mind is filled with concepts from the society, from the education, from the parents, from every aspect of our existence. We have collected the concepts and filled our mind. And our life is equal to which concepts allow us to experience, not the reality. We are not experiencing the world in reality. We are just trying to sound it off with our concepts. The more concepts we have, the more inflexible we are.

sathya_sai_babaHas everybody heard of Sathya Sai Baba? There was a boy staying with Baba for many years to do service. It was going on well for a few years, he was serving Baba, he was happy, Baba was happy. One day he decided to leave Baba. People said, ”Are you crazy, a lot of people are waiting to serve him, and you are with him! Why are you missing this opportunity?” Then he said, ”I saw Baba shaving. How can God shave?” He forgot that when you are in the human body, you have everything related to the human body including growth of hair. So what was the problem? He had a concept that Baba as God should be like this, in a particular way. And when he realised that this concept does not fit the man, he was completely affected. He couldn’t accept it. So he missed the big chance. He could have reached the highest if he was not concept oriented, if he was not bound by concepts. All of us are like this. We have limitations. We buy the frame in advance, then we cut the picture inside. We never buy a frame for the picture. Frame is equal to concept. And picture is equal to reality. We cut the picture (reality) for the concept.

Q: Is it important how we pronounce a mantra or is it all right if we pronounce it as we feel?
A: Most mantras are in Sanskrit and the diction and writing is more or less the same. Pronounce every word. Don’t swallow words. There are numerous languages people speak in the world. I never think it’s 100% accuracy in anybody chanting. But the nearest possible should be ok because that’s the best you can achieve.

Calendar_IconTo go back on the topic of TIME, as I said, energies are changing very rapidly on earth now. A lot of calamities are expected from now to 2022. This is because the energies are shifting rapidly and you can see the effect of it on people. Mind is restless. Mind is controlling. To connect to the higher frequencies has become difficult and meditation has become difficult. So chanting has much more value today than meditation and chanting can lead to meditation.
The time is shifting and from 2012 to almost 2017 time is more dense and dark in nature. And from 2018 to 2022 would be more of the lighter, softer, subtler nature. This is what is expected. You can see the basic instinct or the basic aspect of the character of the people has been enhanced in the last few years. People who are oriented to spirituality, meditation, exploring themselves, have intensified it. Because at this time the Earth is spinning faster. A little effort from you helps much more. One year is almost equal to fifty years. So if you invest in awareness now, it will help you to achieve your goal much faster. This year, 2014, is important as the year of creation because of the moon. Moon means water, water means new life. It’s a new creation. It’s a good time for starting things anew. New effort this year for something very specific, 95% chance is it will happen. If you are taking one message from here, this should be the message. Nurture positivity now, or positive aspects now, or clear purpose, ”This is what I want to be or achieve in the years to come” or ”I want to be liberated in the years to come.” That kind of powerful decision, powerful purpose, if you sow the seeds now, it will grow beautifully in the years to come. This is very important to remember in these ten years between 2012 and 2022. It would be a good idea for that seed to be liberation because we are stuck with so many things created by the mind. We are dividing more than uniting. We are all related, but our mind doesn’t accept it. Mind likes to keep differences and divisions rather than unification and unity. All we need is love.


Q: I had an intense experience of the colours during the meditation, is that the mind or reality?
A: Colours are usually expressions of our constitution. Because we are a collection of various factors. There is love, anxiety, fear, goodness… as a mixture sitting in you. And this gets reflected in colours. But it is a good idea because once you see it, probably they are leaving you as well.

Q: It is well-known that most of the masters from the Vedanta tradition use mantras for initiation. As far as I know you do not do that, at least not in that way, but you use shaktipat. Does shaktipat play a similar role in all these or is it somewhat deeper and more direct than that? Can you say a little more about shaktipat?

A: There are numerous paths leading to the same ocean. In the tradition that I follow, the path of Shiva, the more activity is done by the master. In our path the biggest requirement for any disciple is an empty space. It is not on activity, it is on being. We say that in our path, it’s like a monkey’s child. Monkey’s child clings to the mother. It doesn’t have the power to climb the tree. Mother climbs the tree. All the monkey’s child does is cling onto the mother. So in our path it’s complete connection with the guru or the path or the tradition, and everything is delivered. Have you heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi? Somebody asked him, ”How was your guru?” He said, ”My guru was very powerful. But he taught me nothing. From morning till evening I kept looking at him. I sat down and looked at him. And he gave me everything. Here the practice is being empty and surrendering and just by connecting to the guru, you achieve the highest.
I’ll give you another example, Shirdi Sai Baba’s example. There was a saint Upasni Maharaj.

Upasni Maharaj
Upasni Maharaj

He used to do tremendous practices. And he was more or less playing with life. He would go and sit in the cave in the forest and meditate, and for days on without food, without water, and he would go to various places where people could not go. He would just sit and meditate just to attain the highest possible level a man can grow. He was not connected to Sai Baba, but whenever Baba saw him he would catch him and bring him and put him in Shirdi. But he couldn’t sit there. He was used to the forest and other places. When Baba was not looking he would run away. Baba would catch him again and bring him and put him there. A few times he did this, and he became as powerful as Baba. Once he attained the highest level he was living in the burial ground. It’s about 4 or 6 km from Shirdi and whatever happened in Shirdi he would know sitting there. When one man went to Sai Baba and saw Sai Baba smoking, he was disturbed. He said, ”This is a guru? He smokes? I don’t want to bow down to him” and he went away. Then he came to Upasni Maharaj and tried to bow down, but he said, ”No, go away. If you cannot bow down there, don’t come here.” This was in 1900s, so there was no telephone to tell. In the path of Shiva, it’s all about the dissolution. Each and every aspect is dissolved, ego is dissolved, mind is dissolved, intellect is dissolved, you become completely one with the perfection. When all the limitations are removed, you become extremely powerful, you become one with the universe.
Shaktipat is cutting down whatever is stored which you do not need, which is acquired and stored. This is what we are burning through Shaktipat. What you cannot take out yourself, or will take a long time for you to clear, through Shaktipat we are dissolving. This is what Shaktipat is all about. Original idea is shakti energy which is already in human beings is enhanced and allowed to evolve from the lowest to the top of the head, the highest. When you enhance Shakti energy, it burns down so many things which are not wanted. It should not be enhanced when the karmic push is strong. When karma is strong, that means you have already created an agenda for life, in our path, guru never ever interferes in one’s free will. No manipulation, no forcing, it should be spontaneous, and if a person comes to you, surrendered, in the sense like ”Please help me” or ”I’m ready”, that’s the only time when guru helps.

???????????????????????????????And Shivapath is transfering the same energy or the same power of the guru to the disciple. This is very, very rare. Because the person has to develop to that level to receive it. And a guru has to be very lucky to get such a disciple because it is very rare and difficult. One African American came and met me in Virginia, the USA. I was surprised when he asked me, ” Can you deliver Shivapath to me?” I said, ”I can give you Shivapath, can you take it?” A lot of people come to see. Very few become higher. This is not the problem at all. It depends on the receptivity of the seekers. Many flowers happen in the tree, very few become fruit. In our path, there is only one criterion: empty space. And there is no other criteria, whether you are black or white, rich or pure, from this country or that country… Only criterion is, ”Are you able to receive?” But the guru will test the eligibility. I was talking to one divine mother in the Himalayas. She said, ”People climb the mountain to reach the guru. After a lot of effort, you reach the top and meet the guru. First thing the guru does is kick. So sometimes they get disappointed, ”Oh, I climbed all these mountains and he kicked me.” But some people kiss the feet. That time guru hugs him. If you survive the test, then you are taken in. Then there’s nothing to worry, ha ha. It’s a joke, but it gives an idea about the path, which means, only eligibility is emptiness. No ego, no mind and then God fills in. And there are many gurus in our tradition starting from Shiva, we know Shirdi Sai Baba quite well, and then there are numerous gurus who walk the path and there are two rivers merging as one. One is the Kriya Yoga with Babaji and all the other gurus and the other one is gurus of the Dattatreya tradition. These come together. So Dattatreya side is all siddhas, all who have powers, of course all gurus have powers but there are more siddhas, like Shirdi Sai Baba was not teaching anybody any Kriya. On both sides there are powerful masters.

bhagwan-nityananda But each caters to some people. Some people need activity and doing certain things to reach there. But for a siddha it’s about emptying, nullifying. Even Lord Dattatreya, when they asked him about his guru or who he was, he just said, ”I’m just the lover of the nature.” So that level of humility, nullification, this is the sign of our tradition. The tradition is called Nath tradition. There are many Nath gurus. Nisargadatta Maharaj was a Nath guru ,

Nasargadatta Maharaj
Nasargadatta Maharaj

Bhagawan Nithyananda from Ganeshpuri (he left his body in 1961), Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, they are all Nath gurus. They can sit in one place and work in many places. They are only using their body just to be on earth. But their consciousness is very very wide. So if you connect to the consciousness, automatically you’ll be elevated. And the only criterion is: keep emptying, ”This is not me, this is not me…” and once you nullify yourself, they completely take over. One person asked a Nath guru, ‘How can I get initiated into the Nath path?” He said, ”That’s very simple. Jump into the river, the river takes you. All you need is simplicity, love, compassion and just emptying. Remove all the concepts. Be naked.” When all the ego, hatred, division, all the things which we have stored in the mind go away, the mind itself will go away. It’s like if you don’t have any trash at home, you don’t need any trash can. Trash can is our mind. We are producing trash and keep it in our mind. If you do not remove your trash from you household for one month, you can’t enter the house. Our mind is like that. We can’t enter now. It’s lifetimes we have kept it. That’s it. Throw the trash can away. I always tell people if you want to leave something here with me, leave your mind and go. Be free.

Jump into the river, the river takes you. All you need is simplicity, love, compassion and just emptying. Remove all the concepts … Be free

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by a volunteer in the UK

Q&A Brightening the Inner Light

This is a compilation of Mohanji’s answers to the questions he got and which are general enough to share for the benefit of everybody.

Mohanji quote Be Intelligent
“All of you who are deeply linked to my consciousness, there is no ritual to connect to me. Be Mohanji to experience Mohanji. One consciousness and many manifestations. There are no many masters. There is only One master and His or Her many manifestations. The various forms are illusion. Your mission in this lifetime is to stay linked to the unmanifested behind all manifestations.”
“Do not waste time on sensations. Invest in silence inside. Invest in awareness. That is the only material which is worth investing on. Life goes on comparisons, images, names, forms so on and so forth. We are eager to create frames and lock personalities inside it, even calling titles like father, mother, brother, friend, lover, husband etc. This is complete waste of time. Just be and just let be. Keep connecting to the unmanifest inside every manifested beings. ”


There is no point in preaching at all, if you do not have conviction and if you are not consciously living it. All people are sharing their opinions into this world constantly. Social media supports it. But, nobody is listening! Nobody cares. The world accepts and discards everything almost simultaneously and moves on to the next sensory pleasure. Human retention levels are very weak unless they are shocks of life. Good things are forgotten easily.
Living your deepest conviction is the key. Do it without inhibitions. Do it without expectations. When you live it consciously, it becomes a bold statement to the world. You may be criticized or ridiculed by your contemporaries who may not understand your consciousness, but, if your intentions are pure and non-violent, the world will read your message and may take inspiration from it sooner or later. Yet, this should not be our concern at all. When you are concerned about your future status, manipulations may take place consciously or unconsciously. You may tend to harbor pretensions. This should be avoided at all cost. Never pretend. Be spontaneous. Always live your life without expectations. Whether the world appreciates you or not, live your highest truth. Live your conviction. Those who understand you will gather around you. One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.
Those who do not understand us are not our concern. Those who understand us are also not our concern. Those who cannot understand you will leave you. Those who understand will follow spontaneously. Staying steadfast with our truth is definitely our concern. Consistency is our concern. Truth expressed unselfishly becomes a movement. Those who crave for truth will recognize it and follow it. Those who cannot, need not. Your life should become your bold statement. The rest is not your concern.

Mohanji 3
One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.

The success and failure factor in human relationship depends on higher purpose and expectation. Clear higher purpose helps maintain a healthy and successful relationship while expectation systematically destroys it.

Q: But what if people in any relationship are on different awareness levels? Is that incompatibility even if without expectations? How to deal then Ji?
A: If the purpose is clear and selfless, awareness shifts to the required frequency.

Question: Secret of a successful Life?
Answer: Just glide like water through life. Keep flowing.

Q: What is Sukh (Happiness) according to you?
A: Fulfillment and Completion.
Q: Why is Sukh transitory?
A: What ever is transitory is not Sukh. It is just “asukh” (whatever is not sukh -illness in one sense which could also be interpreted as ignorance or non-understanding) All that is transitory are momentary pleasures for the mind which pretend to be happiness.

Question: What is the root cause of ego?
Answer : Ignorance
Question: Do we have the right to be occasionally egoistic?
Answer : No. That leads to decay of awareness. Only one entity has the right to be egoistic in the whole universe. The original creator who began with the creation of relativity. Then again, he is full, free and complete. He is complete awareness. Complete awareness is lack of ego. Enjoy.

Pinky’s Dilemma: I am at the train station. Hundreds of people buzzing past. Faceless. Where are they all going? (Philosophical question.)
Answer: Rushing in the conveyor belt of time that recycles existence. Watch closely. They are all walking on destiny towards dissolution.

Mohanji quote Do not do life

Tanya’s Question: Read your blog Who is afraid of the truth 1&2 which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet, one clarification if I may please. In one word, who is afraid of the truth?
Answer: Cowards.

Shortened question: You mentioned that all masters are echoing the same truth through time. Is there anything original in this universe?
Answer: Yes. GOD.

Question: How do you connect with us while you are physically so far away?
Answer: I connect when you connect. I connect when you do not connect too, just like electricity stays at the switch board on your wall. When you think or talk about me, irrespective of whether it is good or bad, you are connected to my consciousness. I am always with you, whether you see me, feel me or awaken in me. I am not the body. I am the consciousness that this body represents. There is no distance in consciousness.

Question: Your opinion about social media…
Answer: Sign of times. One of the key aspects of human existence is expression. Time has provided this opportunity to virtually express oneself. If it is not used well and positively, we can consider ourselves as obsolete. I believe we can use any platform we like, as long as positive expressions flow uninterrupted.

Question: Is there a measuring tape for higher and lower awareness?
Answer : Yes. It is LOVE.
If your awareness is filled with cause less love without discrimination and expectations, you can consider yourself quite high in awareness. If there are even small particles of doubts, jealousy, anger, hatred, comparisons or anything that is not causeless and unconditional love, you still have to cleanse yourself further. Hope this gives clarity.

Mohanji quote Life depends on How you interpret it

Question: Where is the light – Mohanji? (From Ann)
Answer: Within you. The light that you have always been searching for outside of you has always been within you. Turn inward. Be persistent. Be patient. You will find it sooner or later.

Question: What is the original meaning of Satsang? (Question from Anca)
Answer: Elevating company. The most elevating and fulfilling company in your system is your own soul. Being one with your own soul. Soul is the only factor in our system which is totally still and unaffected by the internal and external factors of our existence. Being with the soul means having your mind still. When mind is still, you can see the true reflection of yourself in your self.

Q: How to let the past go?
A:Through objective awareness. Be aware of the present which should have nothing to do with the past. Past will leave its impressions on the present. Be aware of that too. When you become constantly aware of your present thoughts, words and action and handle it objectively, you are always in a meditative state. This will release the past from the present.

Question: Is the soul a perpetual witness?
Answer: Only in human context, we can consider so. This is because we have many other layers of witness-hood to consider. The mind, ego, intellect etc. In that context, we can consider the soul as the final witness. But, in absolute sense, soul has nothing to witness. Soul is everything. The witness, the witnessed and the object. Neither is soul anything. Soul has no agenda. Soul is always free.

To Anu… (Unconditional love does not exist in the world. What do you recommend? – Condensed question)
Do not blame the children. They do not believe in unconditional love because we are not demonstrating it by “living it”. Try living unconditional love, not only your children, but the whole world will reciprocate. The whole world is the expression of the supreme soul. It’s nature is unconditional love. I know what you mean – the world today is conditioned for conditional love. Even if you love unconditionally, they may suspect you and will never accept it easily. My suggestion is to keep trying. It is worth it. At least, your inner space will remain clean and pure without any expectations. So, I still do recommend it.

Question: How do we live with people who pretend to care yet do not; who praise you in front of you and talk bad about you elsewhere?
Answer: Ignore them. Behave with them as you would to a person who is ill. Be kind and compassionate, yet detached. Do not carry their baggage on your shoulders.

Question: How can I achieve a fundamental shift in character, habits and such bindings this lifetime?
Answer: Choose to energize positiveness in life. Discard everything that is negative in nature. Energize merits. Ignore demerits. Cherish what you have in life. Ignore what you do not have. Be in the present and do your best right now. Keep re-inventing yourself every moment with the question – what else can I do for the world? Explore yourself more. Be positive against all odds of life. Good life is a choice. Good life is an attitude. This is an attitude which is worth it. This is the secret.

Q: What makes people wander in the spiritual journey?
A: Unsatiated mind that creates expectations, falls for sensory glitters, nurtures concepts and non-understanding and makes one believe that peace is always elsewhere.

Mohanji quote Fear cripples

Compiled by Biljana Vozarevic