Allow Grace to Happen

Satsang in Gurgaon, March 2014, Part 2


Devotion Happens when Awareness Grows

Q: How would you define devotion, Swamiji?
A: Devotion is something which happens when your awareness grows. It means you understand the entity or the object of your devotion as the supreme. It flowers in the heart. It happens to you. Then it is fine. But devotion as a colloquial term is just like one cow follows other cows. And it also depends on the constitution. Like, if you are more of an emotional nature, devotion is easier for you. If you are of an intellectual nature, Jnana Yoga is better for you. Ideally, devotion is something which happens with awareness. Then it’s a flow. Bhakti Yoga is the best path to reach the infinite more easily. Jnana Yoga is always difficult because you always have an object outside of you which you compare with and will never understand. Through bhakti, you can nullify yourself, and you can become the deity, the object of your devotion. So, devotion is actually a product of awareness. The more aware you become, the more surrendered you become. Because you detach from your physical constitution, mental constitution, intellectual constitution and you are one with the universe. Hanumanji is a great devotee, one of the greatest devotees the Earth has ever seen. You must have heard that Hanumanji told Rama, “Body-wise, I am your servant. My mind is close to your mind, your wish is my command. But soul-wise, you and I are one.” This is the awareness of a devotee. With that awareness, you become Rama. Hanumanji had a tough time too. When Rama was sending Sita to the forest, many people were against it in the court. They tried to influence Hanumanji saying that the king was not doing the right thing. Hanumanji said, “I trust that my Lord knows exactly what he is doing, and he has much higher awareness than me. I am nobody to question him.” He kept his devotion intact. That is why there are more Hanumanji temples today than Rama’s temples. Because he became an epitome of devotion. He did not sway with people’s thoughts or people’s opinions.

Q: Mirabai is another example…
A: Yes, of course. Mirabai was born to be a devotee.

Q: What is the difference between conditional devotion and unconditional devotion?
A: Conditional is from the mind. Unconditional is beyond the mind. Mind cannot hold the state of unconditionality. That’s why I wrote on my Facebook wall today, “Awareness and unconditional love are related. As awareness grows, unconditional love happens. If unconditional love grows, awareness happens. They are married to each other. One leads to the other.” Unconditionality automatically happens when awareness grows. You will not love something for the sake of something else. You love because you like to love. It makes relationships easier, not only between human beings, but also with God.

Mohanji quote Practising higher awareness

Q: Certain people go to temples and ask and wish for certain things. Is that a creation of desire?
A: That is the creation of the priest. 🙂 Our system is influenced a lot by the priests. First of all, we don’t know the Vedas, we don’t know the mantras, and we think these are something great. Secondly, we make a transaction with God. We think that God is sitting there expecting our money. First of all, God has nothing to do with money. God is within you. The moment we start having a God outside of us, we have problems. Then so many things come in between. We will be pulled to do certain things. This is good for the priest. Recently, when I went to a temple, I had an argument with the priests. I asked them, “Do you think you are Brahmins?” Everybody was quiet. I decided to counter them head on. I said, “Why are you asking for money? Money should fall on your lap if you are good enough. You should be selfless, you should be existing in sattwa bhaav, to serve, not demand. You are looking for outside benefits and you call yourself a Brahmin.” Because you are existing in an energy plane, everything will happen to you – not only money. But we need to understand that there is no guarantee that any of the rituals satisfy God or make changes. But mantras have power. Mantras are a configuration of words which invoke certain things within you, because they work on certain parts of your system. Just as each chakra has a particular flavour and there are certain words attached to those that correlate them. Similarly, there are certain patterns and methods. When mantras are chanted, it cleanses a lot in you, it invokes certain qualities in you.

Invoke Divine Qualities within You

Q: So mantras are visibly for within, not for without?
A: Not for without. Because if you chant a devi mantra, it invokes the devi within you.

Q: Well, our concept is usually that enlightenment will happen, rainfall will happen, this will happen, that will happen.
A: No, it’s all within you and if you see, there are some old pictures where you can see there are deities positioned in various parts of the body. Various parts of the body have different flavours, even gods are created like that. Each organ, each part of the body, each pancha prana, pancha bhutha, pancha kosha – all these things have flavours (bhaav). Everything has bhaav, so associated gods have been created. But unfortunately, we get stuck watching on the outside instead of watching on the inside. Hence, we lose touch with ourselves.
That is why in the past, they would ask you to chant the mantra from your stomach centre and not from the throat. This is because you invoke from inside. If you chant from the throat, it is only noise pollution.

Invoke Deities Before you Eat Food

That is why I gave some simple techniques yesterday so that you can invoke all the deities before you eat the food. I am not telling you to go to the pooja room, etc. I tell all my people that all poojas start with invocation of Lord Ganesha. Hence, we should offer whatever we eat first to Lord Ganesha. And then offer it to your Kul Devatas (your family deity), then to Naag Devatas who are an important and integral part of our system responsible for education or knowledge, well-being and relationship. Then offer it to the Ishta Devatas (your favourite deities). Then Pitra Devatas (your ancestors). Then Guru Devatas (your Guru and the Masters). So offering the food to these five plus Lord Ganesha takes about thirty seconds. You offer it three times every day. Offer it mentally and visualise or imagine that you are handing it over to them and they are happy. Then consume the food. It becomes prasad (consecrated food). Many, many problems can be sorted out with this simple practice.

When you offer food to the masters, deities and ancestors (Lord Ganesh, family deities, Naga devatas, favourite deities, masters, ancestors, etc), do not consider that you are doing a favour by  offering it to them. It is not a privilege for them to have your food. Everything belongs to them anyways. Instead, it is a privilege for you to have that food consecrated by them. So when you offer food to the masters and deities, keep that feeling that you are lucky to have that food because of their grace. Their grace got translated as your deserving level. Everything we eat, everything we wear, every place we sleep, every information that we receive, every event, every bit of awareness, every relationship, every emotion, everything is given. It is all given. The core of actualisation is grace. So if we maintain the attitude of gratefulness for everything, then there is no accumulated baggage based the usual cause and effect mechanism. Hence, when we offer the food to the masters, deities, ancestors, bear in mind that it is definitely their grace that has brought us the food that we eat. You are consuming the food that actually belongs to them. So in reality, it is their favour towards you rather than your favour towards them. This is the true attitude of surrender. This is surrender with awareness. Every moment will be a moment of fulfilment. Gratitude will coat every breath. Grace will flow.

Mohanji quote - Before eating always offer food

There is no guarantee for it when you go to the temple and do pooja. Temples have power because it is Prana Pratishtha. Particular mantras are chanted and energy is invoked into the idol of the deity. The connection is usually from our third eye to the third eye of the deity, and from our anahata (heart chakra) to the anahata of the deity. This is the motion when we pray in the temple. So, there is definitely the reason, the purpose. Shiva lingam is powerful.
Q: Basically, it raises the vibration when we are there.
A: Correct. You can’t say that no temples are … that is why we go to pilgrimages, etc. But if we go there with expectation like you said, “Please give me one million, I’ll give you ten million rupees.” This is a transactional thing which we tell God. That is non-understanding.
Q: …belittling us.
A: It’s total ignorance. But if you do ‘trikala’ pooja three times, like temple pooja, and offer whatever you eat, see the difference. See how things change. Yet, I look at it like that, it should be effortless for you. Wherever you are you can close your eyes and do it. If you are in a restaurant, that’s fine, one prayer. And this is enough. None of the deities are demanding. Understand that. Why Naag pooja happens only once a year? There is no demand from them, they only look for acknowledgement. But we make it complex, ritualistic. This is our insecurity. Naag Devatas never ask you to do pooja. They are satisfied with pooja once a year. Kul Devatas only ask you to light the lamp. But we are not even lighting the lamp! That is where the problem is. Your father, mother, your boss in the office… you are dealing with many people every day. They are all different, having different demands. Like, you were born in a particular family. You chose that family. You chose those parents. You chose the lineage. So you have to give gratitude to them This is basically the expression of gratitude only.
Q: Is it expression of gratitude to God in them? Because God is one…
A: It’s all God. But if you theorise it, or if you try to intellectualise the thing, what happens is the grace is stopped. Well, I understand offering from the heart. But when you start analysing the whole process…
Q: Now I’ve started analysing 🙂
A: Yes, where is it coming from? Either ego or intellect. That is exactly the blocking factor.
Q: Is it because my family lineage, ancestors have been praying to that, keeping in mind their love for that particular god?
A: Usually, maybe one of your great-grandfathers invoked the deities and brought them to the house, and installed them, like family members, and said, “Take care of my family, we’ll worship you,” but it has not been handed down properly. This is how it happens. This is how many houses disintegrate after five generations. It’s… Normally a family grows two generations, stabilises two generations, then declines two generations. Or sometimes, if you are like, three-three-three generations. It’s like that. This is because complacency takes in, then you start selling things or ignoring. Prana pradishta has a meaning, like there is a deal, you are in a rented house, you sign an agreement with the landlord saying, “I will pay you this much money, so that I can use your facility.” Now you decide, “Ok, there is no need to pay every month. I’ll pay once in two months.” Then the deal is broken, isn’t it? Then he may come and harm you, or say, “Get out of that place!” Like that, every deity you worship or brought forward, has an expectation attached. You created that expectation when you brought the family deity. Every house had a deity in the past. Some inherited deity, too. E.g. When there is nobody to do pooja in one house, they bring the deity to another house. This has also happened in the past. If you look at the history, you will know. Then if you do not attend to them or take care of them, then calamities start. Many problems happening in today’s families are because of that blockage. Because the energy flow is blocked! There was a grace flowing. Shirdi Baba used to say, first you go to the temples you want to go, then you come to me. Somebody told him, “You are everything.” He said, “No, go there where you wanted to go first.” Why did he say so, as everything is one? Then Shirdi Sai Baba would have solved it. That is not so. Because human creation has an expectation attached, and also a particular constitution attached. Respect that constitution. That’s where the point is.
Among five aspects of existence, one is Kul Devtas, then the lineage, parents, ancestors. Then, third, Naag Devtas who are almost like teachers, they taught us a lot of structures and systems of dharma. But we harm them. We never take care of them. Fourth, gurus are important, and finally, fifth, your favourite deities which you acquired in this life. Because it helps you, because you love…

aarti to Mohanji 2

Multidimensional Operation is Possible and is Real

Q: Yoganandaji mentions different kinds of galaxies, rajasic, tamasic and sattvic. He said that we are in a rajasic galaxy. As we are now, as I understand time now, in relativity, at this particular time, there is a simultaneously sattvic galaxy going on. Or does the manifestation happen in sattvic galaxy when the Sathya Yuga starts?
A: Do you mean whether your particular constitution is happening in another galaxy, or galaxy is happening?
Q: Is another galaxy happening at this point of time?
A: There are numerous galaxies happening, millions of them, not just one. We wouldn’t even understand it. It’s too big for the brain to understand the function. Brain has limitation. It’s not easy. This is definitely rajasic and I would say more of a tamasic galaxy. Lazy. Action is not for the sake of improvement, action is for the sake of greed. So where is the fuel? Tamas is the fuel. Black gold (petroleum) is tamas. God has given us three fuels. One is sun, second is air i.e. wind, third is water. But we chose to dig the black gold. Black gold is created under the Earth as a lubricant. Like there is a lubrication in a car, in a shock absorber. If there is no lubrication in the shock absorber, every time there is a whole, your back will break. So there are earthquakes, and there is fire underneath which has come only until this area, and it will come out as a volcano and will finish it off. But now the lubrication is removed, so it directly affects the continents. We’ve done enough damage to the Earth. It’s a shame. Yogananda is a very good man. He wanted to pacify people, don’t worry, you are rajasic. But I would call it tamasic because of the laziness and greed, look at the whole world.
Q: But he said that this is the world in which you can achieve the fastest spiritual growth.
A: That’s absolutely true. You have options here. Play the games the way you like. Each individual is a different constitution. It is definitely true.
Q: In the first part you said, that my constitution exists here as well as somewhere else?
A: It is sometimes true, but not always. Because there have been creations which are multiple dimensions. But you need to be detached from this dimension to be elsewhere. Like, Babaji is multidimensional. To achieve that, you have to have less dependency on your physical form. But if you are too intent on your physical form and the things around you, it is very difficult to have a multidimensional operation. Naaga Loka is real. There are very highly evolved entities who have helped mankind since generations. They live in deathless states, they live in immortality. But why aren’t we able to see them in real form, as real beings, but only as snakes is because our capacity is only this big. They chose the form of snakes in order to be left alone. Still we destroy them. We took their land, we took their property. Looking back we have nothing to be proud of. We’ve been destroyers out of ignorance, greed, and also others’ opinions.

There are Various Types of People

Aggressive Good
Very few people are Krishnas, they are like Krishna, who are aggressive and use the intellect, they have plans and can execute them. They have that capacity. And their heart is benevolent. There are very few such people in the world, but a few are enough. They can influence quite a lot of stuff. Those are the people who lead people to liberation. Their intent is good. Whatever they do is good. They are extremely intelligent, and their operating level is intellect and they mean good for the people, so people evolve into higher dimension.

Aggressive Bad
In the same way, there are aggressive bad people. Not the dictionary meaning of ‘aggressive’. By aggression I mean using the intellect. By passive, I mean using the emotion. So people who use the intellect for their personal benefits, or personal gratification, always bind and control people. They pull them down and make them invalid, so that they can get their job done. There are many people like that. You can see people in conglomerates, and many dictators, they are all people who have used people for their purpose, not for the higher evolution. Like, what is justification for killing two million people? And in a very ruthless way, like taking the children, saying they will put them in a children’s place to look after them and then kill them. How do they do it? Very selfish…

Passive Good
Then there are passive good people. They are good by nature, but they are emotional. They can only follow. They cannot lead. There are many like this. Even institutional managers are very good people, but extremely passive, but cannot lead a team. They might be doing a job, they are also unselfish, but they can’t be effective. There are many like this. They can be put in a place where things are pretty stable, and they will just run the show.

Passive Bad
Then the passive bad. Passive bad are emotional bad, like Dushasana (in Mahabharata). Tell him to kill a man, and he’ll go and kill a man. He wouldn’t even ask his brother, “Why should I do this?” They are passive just by nature. There are a lot of people like this. They drink alcohol, they beat women, they don’t take care of the children, they do so many things in the world.
That is why Upanishads say there should be sadam, dhanam, bhedam, dandam, four ways of handling people. One is that you can tell certain people, “Look, this is not right.” They will understand. Some people need to be scolded. Some people need to be bribed, which means to give them a gift and say do this. Some people have to be beaten, to be given a kick. That is exactly what Krishna did. But we blame him today.
Q: But these people are all ignorant.
A: They don’t know they are ignorant.

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Having Everything, Needing Nothing

Satsang in Gurgaon, India, March 2014 – Part 1


The More You Unlearn, the More Powerful You Become.

There is nothing to learn from outside, it’s only to unlearn. Because what we think we are, is all collected. Once you shed it you are real. Actually it’s very simple. The more you unlearn, the more powerful you become. “I’m not this, I’m not this…” Neti, neti… That is why I was telling you about the avadhoota we saw in Vrindavan. He sleeps on the side of the road. He is powerful.
Q: Mohanji, what are these terms, avadhoota, siddha, …?
A: Avadhoota is almost always in the samadhi all the time. He is not even aware of his body. He is just using the body as the point of his existence. Then he is not in the body, bzut much more expanding.
Q: And siddha?
A: A siddha is one who has siddhis, who is a master of siddhis. It means there are Ashta siddhis like Hanumanji siddhis, you can grow bigger, you can reduce your size, there are also other siddhis… If somebody has all these in control, he is a siddha.
Q: Has everybody who would be in nirvikalpa samadhi already crossed these stages?
A: Not necessarily, whether it is part of your agenda or not.
Q: So it also depends on them… but generally all the saints want to be one with god, don’t they?
A: Everybody would like to be one with god, all rivers lead to one ocean, whether you go through the Kriya path, or Datta path, or Siddha path, you reach the same place, but tracks are different.
Q: So your learning will be different?
A: Yes, learning will be different, because everything suits someone’s constitution. Everything cannot be handled by everybody.
Q: Samadhi is the final form, right?
A: Samadhi has various forms. It is when you are not even connected with your body. You are completely detached. There are various levels of samadhi. But my suggestion is don’t get stuck with all these names like, kundalini, chakra, yoga, samadhi… Because mind is used for all this and energised with it. Mind is thinking whether this is all the same, all these thoughts happen in the mind. The less you use the mind, the easier you will get out of the mind. Shed the concepts. Don’t think about concepts.

Mohanji quote - When we try to limit God

One lady used to come, she had the power to see people’s aura. She once told me, “After the meditation I am helping people with their aura and I tell them this is what you are.” I said, “I don’t think you should do that, because you are actually putting them into a compartments.” Then people started calling me saying, “Mohanji, we are disturbed.” Because she used to tell them, “You are like this… your aura is like this… “ One month later she came to visit me and said, “I am doing a big seva.” I asked her one question, “Please tell me. From the time you were born til the time you die, does the aura or chakras remain the same?” She said, “No.” “From the daybreak til the sunset, or til you sleep, does the aura remain the same?” “No.” “Then, why are you bothering the people?”
Q: True.
A: She tries to cover her insecurity by this thing so that she feels important. Many of the practitioners are like that. They somehow want to make you feel that they know something. My suggestion is avoid all these kinds of things. You are connected to your guru, guru will take care. Whatever the aura is, guru will take care. So that you have that faith and leave it, so that mind is not occupied with it. And guru is a principle. Anybody can come and help you. The moment you surrender, some form will come and cleanse you and let go. You should be that open, “Ok, everybody is a guru, guru principle can work through anybody, through sun, the moon, the stars, through people, situations. All are guru tattwa.” So your usage of mind is much less. When you use your mind lesser and lesser, you are liberated.


Q: Could you tell us about intuitions?

A: Intuitions are given to you. The moment you leave the body, the time stands still, there is no past, present or future. Time is connected to the body, because it is like a rent-a-car, isn’t it? So from the moment you take the car til you bring the car back, the clock is running… From your first breath till your last breath, the clock is running. You are in linear time, going parallel to time. There are moments when you connect to the absolute time; where past, present and future are collapsed. There you have the ability to go backwards or forwards. Because there is no forward or backward in that, there is only the absolute space. THAT gives you intuitions. These are right. If you remember them, they are good. Even if I am in waking state you can sometimes connect to it. People have that ability. It is easy. If you connect to your spine more, you will have more intuitions. The spine is the stairway. The more you feel the spine, the more changes you’ll see you have. Your perceiving ability will be much bigger than front-oriented i.e. sense-oriented understanding. You will be able to visualise, you will be able to see, feel the things ahead. That can be cultivated, when you are spine oriented. Otherwise, also for everybody, there are times when you are in absolute consciousness. That time you can understand anything. But when you are in that level of consciousness, you will bring back only what you need now or in the future. Otherwise you will not remember. That is why most people do not remember astral travels, because they don’t need it. I am 100% sure some of you will meet me astrally in the future. You may think I met Mohanji, I spoke to him, but unless it is relevant in today’s existence, you will not remember the words. Just like you don’t remember your past life. That’s erased before you were sent back. Because otherwise you will be confused. But people ask me questions telling, “I met you, you told me this…” Some people remember. They remember because they need it. They need that information. I talk to people. Some of them get understanding. I guide people, so that some of them remember, some of them just do it. So spontaneous action is better, then there is no mind playing, “Ok, Mohanji told me this, I am doing it.” Then it’s fine. Otherwise, analysis happens, then they email and say, “What is this?” Then I don’t normally reply. Take it or leave it. Because the instruction is given there itself. Now if you want further analysis, I am not interested. Mind is playing. I tell people, “Use the mind less and watch it. Never censor it. Mind may bring you things so that you think it’s not good enough. Don’t think like that.” It’s all part of you, because it’s collected, it’s inside. The moment you think, “This is not good, this is dirty…” Then, it is suppressed for another time. It will come back again, probably in an aggressive mode. So accept, “This is happening, I am fine. I am good, bad and ugly, it’s not a problem…” Acceptance is very important, the way you are, not the way you should be. The way you should be is a concept. The way you are is your reality. Marry reality more than the concept.

Mohanji quote - be always aware of your spineQ: And people say they think with heart. Wouldn’t that make them emotional?
A: Heart is very large stuff. Spiritual heart is different. Yogananda spoke about spiritual heart. Spiritual heart is the core of your existence. That is your connection or your link to the higher. This is OK. But emotional heart is something which is detrimental. It also nurtures some ego. I wouldn’t call it a very nice thing to do. If you think from emotional heart, it’s not a good idea. But if you think from a spiritual heart, it’s relevant to you spiritually, it’s a good idea. Whatever is not relevant spiritually, whatever is not elevating you, discard. Even if it is people, places, situations, time. Whatever is not uplifting you, discard it. Move away from it. Then marry, embrace whatever is elevating you, satsangs, the saints, the books… Whatever is elevating you and giving you the higher dimension, is good for you. Move on with it.

You are not the Body

Q: You are actually disconnecting from your bodily form.
A: Yes, I have already explained that. It is true because it is a binding factor. You look at the mirror and say “This is me.”
Q: What I am probably asking is that you treat your body as secondary source.
A: That is ignorance. You should respect your body, because you took it. It’s like you went to Dubai. You go to the airport and you want to go around Dubai, you rent a car. You take a rent-a-car for a purpose. You told the guy, “I will use this car until I come back.” You paid the money and took the car. If you treat the car very bad and if you disturb the car, when you come back, if you give it back, what would they say? “Give me the cost of the car, isn’t it?” It is your duty to take care of your car, in this case, the body, while you are using it. Also understand that body has a duration. You have taken it only for a time, and the purpose is experience. You wanted to experience Dubai, so you took the car. You wanted to experience the Earth, so you took the body. That bhaav and respect has to go through the body. That’s why kshetra (the temple) is where the soul dwells. For the soul to sit, the body should be good. We should take care of it, respect it.

Q: That is probably the reason why we should do exercise and eat right.
A: If you stop being emotional about food, it’s good and automatically eating will be fine. Second thing is that if your each breath becomes deeper, if you are conscious of your breath, the need for food reduces. The prana level will be higher in the body, so the need for food will be less. It’s about 1400 breaths a day or so, don’t worry about all this now, I’m giving an example. If that is the case, you can have a one meal in a day. So it’s interconnected. All these things are interconnected. The more food-oriented you are, mind is in control, emotion is in control. Third, if you eat when your body asks for food, body tells you, look here, there is a need. Then it will digest it 100%. And the food should be maximum two thirds of your stomach capacity. Now we put four thirds 🙂 that is not good. Fourth thing is that whenever you need to go to toilet, the body responds, do it right away. Because after half an hour, it releases toxins. It sends them back to the body, as the body feels that you are not going to do it, it has to say, “I don’t want it now,” so it affects you. This is why they say the moment the call happens, go. In offices, it is sometimes very difficult. What happens is, “Ok, I’ll go during noon time, during lunch…” So you become contaminated further and further. About consumption, when the body calls, “Consume,” consume. We are mind oriented, when mind says, “It’s one o clock, have food.” Body doesn’t want food, but we cram it. In such cases it is best to have very small meals, so that the body is not worried about it, and not too much energy is spent on it. Once in a while emotional eating is OK, because that’s not affecting you too much. I always face it, wherever I go, people want to give me food, and sometimes if I don’t eat, they think the food is bad. They say, “Mohanji we took a lot of effort to prepare it, we didn’t sleep last night… 🙂 all this was prepared for you, so please have a little bit.” And then a buffet, ha, ha. Like that, it’s not a good idea.
Q: This is how it is… When I was very small and my cousins were coming from Canada, the girl came and asked me, “Is it a custom here that you should love people by feeding them?”
A: Actually this is a human tendency. You are expressing your love through food. It has quite an emotion attached to it, and sometimes a custom attached to it. If a person comes to Arabs, they kill a goat. In that way you are actually honouring the guest. So there are a lot of customs attached to food. And how do most of the people vent? Through food. All their aggression goes on food. But look at an animal. It kills a lion only when it’s really hungry. Otherwise, it doesn’t. They have a clarity about the whole thing because they listen to the body. Just start listening to the body, you don’t need to meditate.

Mohanji doing shiva lingam abishek
Mohanji doing abishek to shiva lingam

There is Nothing to Gain from Spirituality, only to Lose Fears, Anxieties, Phobias.

There is nothing to gain from spirituality. There is only to lose. What you lose is your anxieties, fears, insecurities, phobias. When all this is gone, only one thing exists – shanti.
Q: Fearlessness?
A: Fearlessness is a state which happens when there is no mind to handle fear. There is nothing to hold fear. I always tell people, “Why do you have fear at all?” Because any way it’s a game. I look at life as a joke. It is actually a big joke, we are too serious to handle it. When you look at life, there are actually very funny people. We are taking life too seriously. Then what happens is we fail to live. We are constantly under pressure of performance. We actually perform nothing. Things are happening through us. When we detach from above and look at it, it’s a really funny game. I said, “What is the big deal about XX (1:28) movie? Whenever he cracks jokes we laugh, whenever he cries, we laugh. So it’s full laughter, everything is accelerated, so we keep laughing the whole film, ha, ha. This is the film.”
So there is nothing to gain from spirituality. Gain is a state of mind. Mind says that we have to gain and that is only conditioned mind, because we have a thought, if you go somewhere, get something. Gaining, holding, storing, these are all conditions of the mind. But mind doesn’t need anything. Remember, only in India, there were saints abroad, too, but in India, who brought the 20th century forward? 20th century became what it is, or evolution happened, in the west, mainly because of three people: theories of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud. This changed the thought process from the biblical time. Then Karl Marx’s philosophy of haves and have nots, became very popular, even created philosophies of countries, communism. At that time there were some people in India who had everything but needed nothing. This was never mentioned in any script, any western philosophy, they never understood it. You have everything, but you need nothing. Is that possible? The haves always want more. That is the way we are taught, “Never be satisfied. You should have more. You should be better than the other person, better than your neighbour…” But the saints were a community, who were extremely rich within and they could have attained anything. Forget about physical richness, they could attain anything they like, but they wanted nothing. So along with haves and have nots, there was another class of people who had everything, but needed nothing. This is the state of absoluteness, where everything is in your command. Because when you become sukshma, energy oriented, when your operating level becomes energetic, then the material is at your feet. Because you can create anything you like, but you will not create, because you don’t want it, “Why I have dispersed all the baggage and I am sitting quiet and easy, then why should I create more bags?” This is the point. It’s only about shedding. The whole raja yoga path is about shedding! Not shedding consciously, but because you don’t want it, it drops off. The moment you say, “I don’t want this,” and you move something out, it will stay. Its residue will stay. But if it goes off by itself, because you are not using it, it will not come back. That’s the point.

Mantras, Yagya, Sarpa Dosha

Q: Going back to mantras, when we are calling a priest home, doing pooja, we can’t even understand what he or she is doing, we just sit around. Does it help?
A: Well, it helps the priest for sure. And also mantras have some power. It usually changes the vibration in the house. I’m not telling that none of these are good, but I am saying that our approach to it should be different. Nothing should bind you, you are born free. Communist group went the other way saying this is all not important at all. That is an extreme. But understand the relevance of each and respect them. That is important.

Q: What is the significance of Yagya?

A: Yagya is completely different. Yagya can be compared with the sun rays coming to the Earth. If you put the lens, you can burn the paper. Yagya is concentrating the mantras in such a way that it creates an event. It means a number of mantras in a ritual in a focused way, the energy can flow into three fourth of India. If it is done in one place, it can spread. It’s like when you put an atomic bomb, and its effect goes to many places, this is negative side. But Yagya in a positive way affects a lot of area.

Q: So all these bigya, yagya, ashurweda… have a different purpose?
A: Yes.

Q: Why don’t we do more Yagya today when there is so much of greed among all, won’t this be a very effective tool?
A: Do it.
Q: We can, can’t we? I do it regularly at night.
A: But that is not Yagya. That is Havan. In Yagya I think a priest has to take a reverence for a year, too. And both women and men attend it together. The man and his wife should be equally important. It’s a Shiva-Shakti kind of thing. We need to prepare for Yagya a year before, and you cannot meet people, you have to chant a lot before and increase your energy level just before it. It’s a tedious process. It is not easy.
Q: If someone told you get let’s say, thousand pooja done, it’s the planets…
A: Karsalpa is not planets. Sarpa dosha always happens when you have dieties snakes in your family, but it has not taken care of over three generations. Then it evolves into Karsalpa dosha.

Q: Should we get these poojas done?
A: I believe so. I always say, if you appease all those deities, we have integrated connection with it. Like in Nath tradition, the tradition is interlinked. We are not immune to all this. Because why we took birth here, in this particular environment? So that we have a lineage, we have a connection. But understand that many priests or astrologers say is not real, they do it for money. That is the problem. But if you see that the Sarpa Dosha has to be sorted out, do it, so that it relieves you. But go to a place where there is a real snake oriented temple. They worship properly. There is one in Ujjain, then a very powerful temple in Subramanyam, Vasuki…
Q: Someone told me that I have Sarpa Dosha. Do you think I have inherited it?
A: If you are married to another family, you may not have. Because normally in Indian tradition once the lady goes to the husband’s family, it is not so. It usually affects the lineage. I like to revert all the elements, all the devatas of the sky, of the water. If you read the Kailash book, there is a description of it. It was a sailor, one man who was clear how the water works. When he offered, every deity came to receive it. So there are devatas in the sky, just like us. Yet they are invisible. Then devatas in the soil and in the water. If you are benevolent to everything around you, they all support you. If you are completely ignorant and you are just insensitive, then we isolate ourselves. I am talking about sensitivity. Snakes have a major role to play in our life on earth, because major portion of the Earth was for them. Don’t think they are the normal snakes you see here. They are the devatas who came from Naga Loka. And they are different in complexion. They come in snake form only so that they would be left alone. Nagaraja, etc. are from Naga Loka.

Real Meaning of Some Sayings.

Body is actually borrowed from the Earth. You have to give it back to the Earth when you leave. Don’t give too much importance to unity aura. Like, many people talk about periods. They ask, “Why shouldn’t you go to temples while you have periods?” Because it’s prana pratishta. With particular mantras an idol is being consecrated. The power is brought to the idol in such a way. What are periods? Dead organisms leaving the body, so they do not have prana. When you go like that to prana pradishta, you tend to attract more prana from wherever. Like when you consume meat. Meat hasn’t got any prana. It consumes your prana than any other food, like vegetables which have prana. The same philosophy, the same idea is here. You are in a period, you go in that mode to the temple, you tend to squeeze out from the idol. It dulls the idol. That is why they say, “Don’t come to this idol.” But we are always imaginative, 🙂 and make many stories out of it.
Earlier they used to say you should sleep by sunset. One hour after the sunset, you should go to bed. It is a good idea. Because then you do not operate in tamasic time which is between 3pm-3am, i.e. for twelve hours. Your less operating in tamasic time means you have more energy intact. The more you operate in tamasic time, the more energy you lose. Sattwic time is only 3 hours, from 3am to 6am. That is the time when maximum energisation happens. That is why people meditate at that time. So when they said you should sleep all those days, at that time there was no electricity, and oil was expensive. The more oil you burnt, the more expenses there are for the house. That is why they said, “Don’t cut your nails after sunset.” Because it will fall into your food. Or, “Don’t comb your hair, negative forces will attack you…” ‘Negative forces’ means your hair will fall into the food.
Q: Nothing works better than fear, so they scare you 🙂 ha, ha
A: There is a reason in all these sayings. Theoretically speaking, if you go to bed by nine, you will be much stronger. And the scriptures say if a person starts operating in Brahma Muhurta, you can never be defeated in the world. Because you become so powerful, that whatever happens outside will not affect you. Your inner strength is your real strength. Your inner richness is your real richness. If that is aplenty, outer richness has no value…

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AWARENESS is the Key

Mohanji quote Awareness is the bridge to completeness within


M: Expectation is even more difficult to conquer than your ego or anger. Expectation – we don’t even know that it exists until it manifests. But anger or ego or other things we can even see, we can see, ‘I am getting egoistic,’ but expectation is much more tricky. Now in relationships especially, when expectation is more than love there is pain, but there is a give and take and there, an associated expectation is a part of the pleasure of the relationship. But, when a person is consistently pulling you down or making you feel miserable because your expectation and the delivery is not matching, it is time for you to detach. It is important because there is a problem in the whole configuration; either it was not supposed to be, or it was a wrong choice. So in that context the best thing to do is to alienate yourself. Probably take some time to look it over if required, you cannot throw it away but, that is not cutting the chord I’m saying; look at it and say, “Okay, this is my experience – consistently it is not up to the expectation or it is not fulfilled or I am not getting fulfilled, then in that case probably I will take a step backwards because also karmically it is so that your path with that person would have ended there, possibly… Or, it was not supposed to be. So either way better, rather than a conflict. I would prefer not a conflict because that gives a scar, it creates a scar in you and that scar, wound takes time to heal; some time lifetimes depending on the depth of the wound. So it is not worth it.

Mohanji quote - Expectations create calamities

Maintain equilibrium as much as you can. It is not only about that, like infatuation, sometimes you tend to have infatuation about something. If only this material is with me I will be full,complete,happy. This is very common with the new mobile phones because new brands come, new features come and people think, “That is exactly what I was looking for.” But once you buy it, you play with it a little bit and then another one comes. So these kinds of things you can take a step backwards and look at it, “Is that required or I may wait for another year and bring out the next model!”
There are so many insignificant things which are not detrimental in life, this is not as serious as the relationships. Relationships are more tricky because there are other individuals involved. So you have to be more careful and have an objective vision more; the more subjective you are the more vulnerable you are, you have pain. The more objective you are; okay do it, does this make you happy? Please go ahead. Like that you will be able to take a step back, first look at it and then sometimes get involved, sometimes come back. So you maintain your flexibility all the time. This is what I told that woman that ,” See, you can have expectation but always remain flexible so that in need you are able to extract out of that”. So the other person also feels bit more breathing space. It’s not breathing on my neck all the time so that relationship is more free. In a relationship there is nothing right or wrong but many people pin down a person’s movement in a relationship, 80 out of 100 times they jump the wall. Instead, go through the process and finish it off. If you have a particular moment which makes you feel nice or comfortable and it definitely compliments your life, go through the process and settle it, move on. Otherwise, the more restrictions you have, the more tendency will be there to go beyond the dotted lines.

Mohanji quote - Relationship 2Q: If you consciously move yourself from a relationship which for some reason is not functioning well, is it karmic?
M: It would have ended, most probably it would have ended. That is what is ignorance you see. Sometimes what happens is you may develop an awareness that it is finished but the other person is probably depending on habit. Habitual connection, habitual relationships are very common, more than the actual need for a relationship. Like for example, in animals you can see this distinctly like a cow and a calf, it nurtures the calf to such a level that it is on its own and then the cow pushes it away, “Go away.” Like in humans the relation is different because we are experiencing relativity to relationships. Animal is not so fully. Most of the animals are also enjoying the relationship as the clans as the superiority and groups, but for human beings relativity is put into relationships as a tool of understanding relativity, as a matter for understanding. So that has further dimensions and also society has created a lot of morality which makes people jump the wall. This is another problem. If you just allow people to be natural there will be lesser crimes. But when restrictions are imposed, movements are restricted then the mind works overtime. I am not talking about anarchy. We need to have roots which will put things in place otherwise everybody will do whatever because each person is operating in different consciousness. Every rule may not be understood the same way by a set of people. Some people think like that, they operate in the lowest possible level where consciousness is only that much. Destroy the problem then solution happens, right? But that is not the right way to do! So rules and regulations should be in order, it should be well-kept but at the same time it should not be a blighted or a two-dimensional thing. They should have a vision about why does one person do a particular thing. There is always a reason. A person will not harm anybody unless either he has a tendency to do that, which is again ignorance (these are all understandings) then you need to clear that ignorance; that is important, you have to make them understand that look here same like when you get hurt you have pain, another person has pain.

Your Conviction Takes You Forward

M: You take out any human being’s essential nature, it’ll be love. Whatever is on the top is not the essential nature; whatever is on the top is the acquired nature. You keep a crystal ball here for some time. There will be a lot of dust accumulated on top. The dust is not what it brought. Dust came from the sky or the environment. Like that what we are today has a lot to do with what we have acquired. It is not what we brought forward. What essentially is you is probably much different than what you are expressing or representing now. So I cannot say, “This is you.” This is what you are expressing. But you are something else actually, you will go back to that level. This is the point I am saying. You go back to your nature, your true nature and then your expressions are powerful because this is what you are. The pretensions stops. Pretension is not a calculated pretension, it is an acquired pretension. You have to do it this way because you think the society is like that or whatever you acquired made you pretend like that. But that is not you. That is an expression of you, which is not yours. That should end and you should come back to your nature, your own nature and be real with it, that will happen. Then it’s a different equation. Then you are not the same anymore. You are very powerful. You will be operating in truth with your full elements. Then whether you are living or dead is not a problem. If one day you are living, you have lived that life. This is the difference between Masters and the other people. When a Master lives his life, it is with full intensity. But normal people live with a lot of confusion, lot of doubts, lot of things and they waste their time, they beat around the bush and feel no satisfaction. But when you look at a Master, a true spiritual Master, not the seeming ones who roar but are not representing that. So those who live with intensity, have conviction. What gives you intensity? Conviction gives you intensity. You are sure what you are doing and you are sure where you are going. It gives you intensity because there is no distortion anymore. But if mind is dragging you, mind is operating and mind is giving you suggestions, mind makes you feel what you are, who you are, how you are, how you should be… This is a different ball game, then you are not living intensity, you are living a relative existence. Huge difference. But if you are clear, if you have clarity whether you are good, bad or ugly, or whether you are black or white, doesn’t matter. Your conviction leads you, takes you forward. And that life is full of intensity, otherwise we think we want something or we think we need something or we think we are something that is relative. Many times it is a facade. Most of the times it is an illusion
And that is when we look at illusion with so much of intensity.

Mohanji quote Passion and conviction

But intensity is not like that, 120km road but you push the pedal and the car is going at 240km/hr, that is not a safe driving. When you are actually living in illusion, using intensity is a false speed, there is no speed. It is like false appetite. Your stomach suddenly starts growling and you say I need food. That was acidity, not appetite. Then when you eat what happens, you develop further acidity. So false appetite is not a good idea. The real appetite is a good idea because the digestion happens. This is the difference I am saying. So when you are actually clear about your path and you are living in intensity it takes you forward and there is zero time wasted, there is nothing to waste and you are in absolute awareness. You know this is how it should be, this is what to do. Other people waste your time that is different, but you will not waste your time. You know exactly what to do, who to talk, what is to be done not for any commercial reason, not for any particular selfish interest of your own, just for the sake of a larger good. That is the difference, your personal interest will die. You will only exist for a larger group in which you have to make love or make war, you do. That is the life of Krishna. Look at Krishna’s life. Fully intense! Krishna could have avoided Mahabharta war but He did not do it. Because He said okay this cannot be mended, let it be destroyed. You can’t salvage it, destroy it, then recreate it. Jesus was very clear that He will be crucified because He was directly challenging established priest. Who will accept that? If you look at any priest, even today, if you challenge him in mantras, if they have gun they will shoot you. So crucifixion can happen even now. But He was not afraid. Why He was not afraid? Conviction! He knew what He was doing. His job was to put things straight at any cost and there is no tragedy or comedy in this, just the purpose. Purpose brings you conviction. Purpose brings you in the track. Purpose liberates you otherwise we are just thinking something, we are doing something and we are not getting satisfaction because purpose is not clear. When purpose is liberation everything else is clear. Purpose takes you forward. That is why I always ask the question, “Are you after sensations or are you after God?” If you are after God, forget sensations. Catch Him! Don’t waste time or don’t lose time until you reach God. Because it is not worth it. That is the difference between ‘Shava’, the unconscious and ‘Shiva’, the fully conscious.. Either you remain as unconscious, you think you are this. Let me tell you one thing, in spirituality there is nothing to know. There is no knowledge required. It’s only reveal, understanding of who you are at some point in time. Because you are already that. There is nothing for you to acquire, achieve, from outside. You cannot achieve anything from outside. There is nothing apart from you. But for that understanding to happen, you need to unveil or segregate yourself from all the acquired things, acquired tendencies, acquired emotions, acquired habits, acquired phobias,fears. Once you segregate yourself you start peeling the onion and finally everything is gone then you reach a state where, “I am That.” So it is only revealing yourself or unveiling yourself or whatever you want to call. Basically you are that already. There is nothing a Guru is doing, actually speaking I do not want to disillusion you. A Guru is only helping you to reveal your full potential. There is nothing else a Guru can do. You do any course you like, go to any Guru you like. I am telling you, you try that. What can a Guru give you. Nobody can put you on the shoulder and walk, isn’t it? They can only show you the direction. But what a Guru does is give you clarity so that you shed your non –understanding, you shed your negativities, you shed your phobias, fears, and you say, “Okay, this is me,” and then peace settles in. And the clear sign of spiritual growth is inner silence. Whatever happens outside, perfect shanti, peace inside. Nothing can tilt you and nobody can touch you. Once this is achieved there’s nothing more to achieve. Everything else falls in place. There is no more search anymore. There is nothing to search. What will you search? We are searching outside you see. That time you wasted in searching outside if you had searched inside you would have achieved God already. Whatever we have searched outside, even sensation is outside according to me, because you need a mind to have sensations and mind is outside of me. So mind is also a problem in the path of spirituality. But you need a mind to know whatever you came here for, to experience, to express, this is needed.

AWARENESS is the Key

Mohanji quotes - Awareness brings clarity

M: If a new aspect is happening in life that means the old aspect has ended. It is finished. Then the life is taking a new turn. If you resist at that point in time you will have agony because in the whole process, the road map, your covered region, now you cannot say that I want the same experience which I covered. Life is taking a new turn, just go with the flow. Then there is no resistance, there is no agony. Otherwise what happens is at every point in time mind catches on to a repetitive activity and when life changes the activity or life moves on, we feel pain. We say this is not what I wanted, I wanted that. Now that is over, finished! Just like our age, “If only I was 20…” It will never come back. You have to take another life for it. Like that there is no way of looking back and saying, “If only…” That doesn’t make any sense. Like in spirituality especially, because we evolve, same experience will not come back. Same meditation if you practice at least over a year you know how experience has changed. That is because you have moved on, you have taken a different turn. Why I always ask people to practise the same meditation, Power of Purity, for example, because can you stop taking a bath in the morning or whenever you take a bath, “I don’t like to take a bath anymore,” is that possible? People will not come close to you. Just like that, this is internal bathing. You’re taking a bath internally with this meditation, it is purification. You are using water for taking a bath, here you are using ‘prana’ for unhooking, releasing yourself from the events of past, people, places. So how do you substitute it? You have gone through situations, you have gone through places, you have gone through people, experiences. You have to unhook from them to move on. So you can’t have a different meditation each time. You have to go through the same process and repeatedly cleanse and cleanse and cleanse, so that finally you are liberated. It takes time because you have taken time already to reach this level, to this age, so it must take time for you to cleanse as well. And how many lifetimes we have taken, we have no clue, we have no idea. We have probably taken lifetimes to acquire what we have acquired today, including the spiritual experience. It is not that we just landed into this spiritual experience. It has a history, a past, which we may not understand; and need not understand because actually it is only an academic interest to know that you have been with another Guru in the past life. What is the use? That Guru is not there, nor are you there. So it is a new Guru, it is a new system. But the point is that it evolves, it changes but certain things in life you have to continue. Just like the food you consume, you have to consume food, there is no alternative to it. Supplements are only on a certain level but you must eat, right? And like you must take bath at some point in time, every day (or every year) 🙂 So in spirituality it is fundamental to know that change is all about and go with the change. In practical life also, in our physical, daily life also it is good to follow the same path. Just flow with the time or just go with the flow. Then what happens is there is no agony. There is only contentment all the time. See, as a matter of fact this is the only time which is available for you as of now. If you think, “I could have had another set of activities or a different time.” Not possible! Because time goes linear, one o’clock to two o’clock, it goes on like that. You cannot extract anything out of it nor you give anything into it; it just goes, it just flows. So you are here now. Enjoy that point in time that you are here, now. “This is the only reality I have. I cannot have another reality at this point in time.” Finished!

Mohanji quote - Just flow with the time, go with the flow

So again as I said, you know, it is good to sit at a reasonable distance from the fire because the fire gives you warmth. But if you are too far away from the fire it makes you cold and also sometimes helpless. So truth is the same. Truth and Master and God are one. God is equal to Truth. You don’t have to look at God as the form. He is all over, every form is God. So if you say, “This form is God”, that might be a lie. Every form is God. Every being is God. So Truth is like that. Everything has a truth but we are so addicted to relative truths, you know, in relation to something we are looking. Likewise, mind for example, mind is creating things, mind is creating phobias, mind is creating doubts, criticism, suspicion, mind is creating restlessness, mind is creating uncertainty – all is created by the mind. Minus the mind – it is a completely different world! Totally different world! But it is not easy to minus the mind just like that. It is not like we choose to remove the chip. But you have to constantly observe it and make it insignificant. How do you make it insignificant? You observe it,”Okay, mind is playing, let me watch the show. Each emotion it brings – let me watch it; I am enjoying it.” And the moment you start enjoying the show then mind loses interest in you. You are not getting affected. So if you are not getting affected then the mind’s play reduces. That brings you more power. So the difference between a powerful personality and a weak personality is the element of the influence of the mind in the personality. If the personality is more and more powerful that means the mind is in control. There are some scriptures which say, “There is only one conquest that you can actually do or need to do in one lifetime, is the conquest of the mind.” But again, mind can never be conquered. Mind brings forth various desires, various restlessness, various feelings, various emotions; allow it to happen. At the same time, don’t bind to it.
Recently I was communicating about relationships. One person had asked, “Why am I having so much of pain?” I said because you are expecting too much. “So I am expecting from my husband, what’s wrong with it?” I said nothing is wrong with it but you are not getting it, that is the wrong. You know your expectation is alright but nothing is happening. If nothing is wrong with it there should not be any pain, right? So pleasure is not happening means there is a problem. And what is the problem? Expectation is the problem. “So it’s only natural to expect from your husband”, I said, “Very good! But don’t be dependent on it. Make that expectation flexible. If he does it or not does it, it is okay. Then there is no problem. Have your expectation if you really want to have that, but dependency should be reduced.”

Mohanji quote - Expectation often destroys relationships

Dependency on the expectation always pins you to that situation. You may actually get succumbed to it and it can totally disillusion you. It can make you weak. It can make you vulnerable. It can make you depressed. This is all related to expectation. At the same time it is human nature to expect. Please do! But again, keep it flexible. Keep it fluid. Keep it as independent as you can. Means, if a thing is available or not available, if situation is available or not available, food is available or not available, it is okay! We can manage. That way you are freeing yourself further and further. And that brings power. That brings a lot of strength because self-reliance becomes important. You are actually becoming self-reliant because this is the only thing possible. And that understating happens sometimes through trial and error but more through awareness. Awareness that this is passing away. I am depending too much on another personality, another individual, who has his agenda. He is born free. He is born alone and he is dying alone and I may not be with him all through. So, I have to leave him with his cup of tea, with his Karma, with his baggage. And I need to be left alone as well, with my baggage, because I am born alone and I will die alone. In between we have connected at various points in time – that is okay. We are going together anyway. We are going to one destination, we share the care. This is okay. But the moment when the ownership starts then the problem starts. So it’s all interconnected. The point is freedom. How to maintain freedom is to be self-reliant more. How to be self-reliant? Through awareness. Awareness is the key. Awareness is the most important thing. Be aware of every emotion if yours, every anxiety of yours, every uncertainty of yours, every aspect of love of yours.

Mohanji quote - To maintain freedom, be more self-reliant

There is nothing right or wrong in life. Absolutely! Because somebody’s wrong is somebody’s right. And it is always in relative terms. That is why I say we do not know or accept or understand absolute truth. We only understand or accept or play in relative truth. This is our bottom line. We are only used to relative truth. This is the problem. So when somebody says absolute truth we crucify them because we don’t understand what he is talking about. When somebody says time is still; there is no past, present or future, we put him in asylum.
Awareness is important to overcome or to understand or to see from above the reality, the truth. So when you are absolutely focused on the truth all the time, all relative truths will have their particular level of glow or shine. Like this lamp has a particular glow. It cannot enhance it to another level. That is its nature. In comparison to the light it has a lesser glow in relationship to something else. Otherwise it is absolute. If you do not compare one with another, it is absolute. But in comparison, this to another, it has a relative relevance. So if you look at life in that angle, even your emotion, is it relevant at all? I am getting angry with you, but what for? Is it relevant at all? Then what happens is that gets diluted. I am having a doubt now. Is that doubt relevant? As a question yes, but after the answer has happened or the question is clarified that doubt is dissolved. So again it was relative. It was a bubble which was in the air for sometime then it merged back into the old form. Even our life is like that. We are projected into the scene for some time, once the job is over, we are dissolved back. Recycled. We are fully recyclable. This is our advantage. But we still maintain some hard parts which take time to recycle. So we take new births. We keep coming back to finish off the hard grudges, the hard desires. But otherwise if you look, we are fine. We are flowing. There is no blockage. There is no obstacle. There is a flow. And this is the difference in the consciousness we are talking about between a totally ignorant man and a completely enlightened man. The difference is in the awareness. Physical body has no difference. What is the difference between your body and my body? Both are perishable. Nothing. No difference. It is vulnerable for changes, old age, all the weaknesses and strengths of the body that every body has, all people. So it does not matter if the costume is different or the form is different or the shape is different, the communication is different, no difference. But consciousness is where the difference is. That makes the difference in the world. A person with a very low consciousness will be greedy, angry, spiteful, will be moving around destroying things because he is not aware. And a person who is existing always on an unconscious plane, a plane of repetitive action, without any thought, without the mind on it, like you are repetitively doing things every day, without actually thinking about it, even if it is a murder or a person who is abusing alcohol, anything you take, that is because the unconscious activity has taken over. There is no time for the conscious mind to properly put its thought on an activity, “Is this activity relevant? Is this making me happy?” By default you are having alcohol, imagine! So it has already become a habit and that habit has created a particular process in you. And the constitution has decided that this man needs to have alcohol and you are repeatedly drinking it. There is no way you can extract it unless you put your attention to it and say that at this point in time I am consuming this drink. But this drink is not me, nor am I the drink. The drink is probably complementing me, my stature, or my structure or contradicting it. It can be either complementing or contradicting; and until that analysis happens there is no way you can have a change in you. Nobody has to change you. We were discussing yesterday, there was a question – who is the greatest teacher you can ever have? My point is still it is life. Nobody can teach you better than life. A Guru or a guide or a text book or information can only be an external thing, still, because it can go in only if you allow it to go in. And also it can be digested only if you have the capacity to digest. Like, you can have a table full of food. How much can your stomach take that is only thing you can digest; even not as much as your stomach gets it. Two-thirds of what the stomach contains can only be digested; one-third has to be left alone for the cycle to operate. But because we eat in a particular way – with a little bit of gravy, little bit of rice, little bit of fear, insecurity, uncertainty – we fill up more than the size of the stomach until here (the throat). And then there is no way to digest. So the food is wasted. Just like that, any information, any knowledge, any aspect of existence – if it is too much to handle, it goes wasted. It has to be like that. This is the way life operates.
So coming back to the same point, we are vulnerable beings. So let us be aware of that. There are millions of sense objects in the world. To understand them we have been given five senses. And when the mind is with one of those senses, we are able to enjoy. This is the truth of our existence. There is nothing called multi tasking; it is the repeated operation of the same thing. You are tuned to that activity. So you try to do it fast. Mind is not present at all during that kind of activity. But what I am talking about is actual living not existing. Existing – you can do multi tasking; mind is not needed. You are going through the process, the day is finished, you sleep. But when you are living you should enjoy each moment. Whether it is positive or negative, be here now. And when your eyes are looking at something mind should be at the same place. In Martial Arts they say, where your eyes go, the mind should go; where your eyes go, your arms should go and your mind should be with it otherwise you cannot win an opponent. Like that it goes. If that is not there, mind is elsewhere, eye is elsewhere, hand is elsewhere, somebody will beat you up if you are having a duel in Martial Arts. So, same thing – what you can enjoy at one point in time is one thing, not at all two things because time is linear. Then it becomes the next minute. Then you can enjoy something else. That is okay. We are talking about the absolute time; the time that you have in your hand. So this is the only point in time you have in hand. Next moment happens-that time you have. Then it’s another time. Like that it goes. In between the more confused you are, the lesser you enjoy. The weaker you are. So clarity is important. And to have clarity you should be able to digest the knowledge that you acquire. Once you digest, it goes into the bloodstream. The bloodstream is life. So it should be visible in the life. Otherwise we can say I have been with numerous teachers, numerous books, but I am still the same.

Mohanji quote - The greatest teacher you can ever have is life

Transcribed by Neeti Nagpal Roy

What is the Meaning of Life?

Satsang with Mohanji in Skopje, Macedonia, May 2014

Mohanji quote - The highest achievement .


Q: I have a big problem. I love to be alone and feel very blessed when I am alone. And I don’t know how I will continue…
A: I understood your question before you spoke. When I was in the first or second class, teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I said, ”I want to be alone.” Then the teacher called my mother and told her, ”This child cannot sit in this class, because other children wrote they wanted to be a doctor, engineer, whatever, but this guy wants to be alone! He is a retarded boy. He may need a special care.” My mother was confused because the teacher wanted to change my school. Then she spoke to my grandfather. He said, ”Just leave him alone, he will be fine.” You can ask Biba how difficult it is to come in front of people and talk. I’ll avoid it as much as possible. I always prefer being alone. But there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Being lonely is a state of the mind. Being alone and wanting to be alone is a state of elevation. Being happy within yourself means you are moving into the mood of silence inside. You are enjoying the silence inside. At that time it is difficult to bring back the sound.
Q: I am sometimes tired of that silence.
A: The element which becomes tired of silence is the mind. Because silence means death of mind. When you say, ”I am tired,” it is not you, but the mind which is tired of silence. Mind is telling, ”Activity, please!” So if your mind is very active, your mind is much in control, you will go back into an activity. But if the mind is not in control, your determination for silence is very high, you will destroy the mind further. It means if activity is not given to the mind, mind has no role.
Being alone is a good idea. Because the highest of achievements one can have in one lifetime is silence of mind. Absolute stillness, no desires, no movement of mind. That is a very high achievement in your lifetime. That means you are in control of your life, you operate without excesses, on absolute clarity. But being lonely will lead you to depression. That is a different thing.
Q: But I am very happy 🙂 When I am alone and when I am with people, I have the same feelings.
A: Be happy in every location and every place. That is exactly the perpetual happiness I am talking about, ”Whatever the situation is, I am fine.” This is a power, this is a good idea.


Mohanji quote - Your NOT being a victim of your mind

Q: But how to continue? Where to find the meaning of life?
A: Meaning of life? This is exactly the meaning of life. What you are experiencing is the top meaning. Your NOT being victim of your mind is the highest meaning you can have.

We are confusing between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is usually related to senses, eyes, nose, tongue, skin. Happiness is related to constitution. We always have pleasure. Every sense is after pleasure. Mind is after pleasure. E.g. ”I have an ice-cream now, I am happy.” One day later you would like to have another ice-cream, which means from one object to another, from one place to another and happiness depends on other people. Then it is even more problematic, if they are unhappy, you will be unhappy. Pleasure is always a momentary thing. This is how life goes. If pleasures are all finished, you will become empty, then mind will say, ”Activity again!” Who is forced into thinking, forced into talking, forced into action by the mind is called a victim. If that is a situation, you are a slave of the mind. Most of the people have given the remote control of their happiness into other people’s hands. Mohanji quote - When you leave the remote control of your happiness

Then our happiness depends on other people. What do they do? They keep changing channels. What do you get out of it? Frustration. Understand the difference between these two. If pleasure is pushing you, making you feel, ”I am missing something,” mind is trying to get back to its seat. And mind always tells you to compare, ”Look at the other guy, you are being a fool sitting in this place.” So comparison is one of the strategies of the mind to make you unsettled. The mind can settle in fears, saying, ”You sit like this, you see everybody is progressing, your friend has bought another car, a house, got married or has children, why are you sitting like this?” So the fears come. Then fears start working on you and you become very restless. This is the second aspect of the mind.
Please understand, if you are on periphery of happiness which is static state, don’t leave the place. You took a lot of time to climb up there. Don’t come back to small pleasure. It is like post-graduation, don’t go back to the tenth class.

Q: But I don’t know where to take the next step in life.
A: There is no next step to make. Stay there. That is the point I am telling, ha, ha. Next step is from the mind. Most people work hard to earn money thinking, ”I’ll enjoy this tomorrow.” So every time we are postponing our happiness for ‘tomorrow’ and ‘tomorrow’ never comes. Other people are happy because there is an income anyway. They enjoy. Some people struggle, fight, and build up the life, other people will enjoy it. So enjoyment is today. Enjoyment is now. Right now, here. There is no way you can plant something for tomorrow, and imagine you will have happiness then. No guarantee.
There is a phrase Sukh Prapti, which means ‘attainment of happiness’ never happens. It’s imagination. Be here, now, enjoy now. If tomorrow happens, enjoy tomorrow, too. As the happiness is your birthright, nobody has the right to question it. Enjoy every moment.

Q: But I feel I have to change this experience with other people and I can’t change it because they are in confusion.
A: People are very intelligent, don’t underestimate people. They know what they are looking at. We can never fake. It is actually a big misunderstanding that we can cheat on people. It doesn’t happen. My concept is that nobody is a fool. They may pretend to be for some reason, that is their problem, but nobody is a fool. If you have transformed inside, they will come to you. That is the only time you have to speak, you don’t have any other responsibility.
Q: That means you have to enjoy?
A: You have to live what you are.
Q:… to enjoy this moment.
A: Yes, that is why we are here for, but you have to LIVE what you are. You will become like a magnet and they will come and ask you, ”How are you so peaceful in all these calamities? I’m restless. How are you peaceful?” That is the only time you need to talk. If people don’t come to you, you have to live your life. They have to find you. It’s like this. This is how the world is configured. People have the eyes to see, and they will see.
Q: I feel most of the people ignore me, I think they fear of my peace, ha, ha.
A: It’s good, they fear of my peace, they are afraid to come to me as they do not like the stillness of the mind. They want action, and in reality I am much more active than them! But they are afraid of stillness of the mind. The mind asks for new things. If they do not cater to the mind, they are afraid.
Q: Most of them ask, ”What is happening with him?”
A: That is a good question. I would recommend two things for you. One is, live your truth, whatever other people say. Second is whenever other people criticise, you just deliver your truth, without expectation. People can say anything they like, but they are not paying your bills. So it is worth living the truth at every point in time. And kindness may be considered as weakness by somebody. This is definitely not our problem. Still be kind. This is worth it.


Blended-family-treeQ: When I meditate, when I try to do something really pure which comes through me, many times it gives totally the opposite, if I have the pure intention, it’s like evil, I don’t know why, I know mind is playing tricks, why should I be evil? Of course I could not do that.
A: I’ll tell you. Most of us carry burden from the past, from the ancestors. We not only inherited the property, we also inherited the emotions. Many times the weight on our shoulders was not created by ourselves, but is inherited from the ancestors, from the lineage, from the country, from the tradition… We have carried a lot of weight. The weight is always negative, lightness is positive. Whenever we are heavy, we carry unnecessary burden. But unfortunately we don’t know. We can call it donkey’s business, a donkey carries a lot of weight, but it doesn’t understand what it carries. So we are human beings, but we carry a lot of weight which is inherited, collected and eventually, we do not have our identity, we do not know who we are. This is exactly a blocking factor. It is not your mind which is blocking. It is the concepts and inherited property that you have that is blocking.
I’ll tell you one example. The weight which the ancestors give, all my fathers, brothers and sisters are well educated. They were saying, ”We don’t understand what Mohan does. We don’t understand what he speaks. This will not be of any value to the society.” This was told to me fifteen years ago. Do you know what they were doing to me? They were selling their concept to me. They were trying to tell me to come back, get involved in studies and get a job… of course I was working, but they were saying that serving the public was not a good idea. Get a job, earn money, get a house, have family and then die. This is what they were telling me. But today when I see the smile on thousands of people when they see me, I’ve done my job. I’m happy. I am happy that I did not buy anything from them.

Mohanji quote - Make one decision Garbage is not my business
My point is, when you go to the supermarket or hypermarket, you can buy only things which you can consume, right? Why do we buy things which we do not need? Ok, we bought it, why do we store it? Distribute, finish it off, move on… you need to be light all the time. It is your birthright. That’s the point.
If you take a decision right now, ”I will not accept junk,“ life changes. I am telling you, make one decision, ”Garbage is not my business, I do not need it.“ So many friends who keep giving you garbage may disappear. We do not understand, we love them, so we keep them, and they keep giving you trash and you sometimes collect it. They will go away because, ”This guy has changed!” Then some people will criticise you, saying you are insensitive. What is their requirement? To listen to all their crap. Some people may say that you have become completely business-like, or not good to deal with. This is very good, that means you are changing 🙂


Do you know what the possible height of success in one human life is? Conquest of the mind. Because this is exact path of raja yoga, the king of yogas, the highest success means zero mind. Empty. Then you are completely in life. Otherwise you are completely in relative life. Yoga chitta vrtti nirodha.

Yoga Chitta Vritti NirodahaThis is the statement which starts Patanjali’s book. Yoga chitta means the substratum, or you can also call it mind, vrtti means ”activity”, nirodha means ”demolishing”. That means if you perform meditation, if you do yoga, activities of the mind will be demolished, destroyed, removed, so the mind becomes still. Mind will refuse to die. Mind will give you all sorts of reasons to stay alive.
Imagine while you are walking along the street, some dogs start following you. If you run, they will run more. Just turn around and look at the dogs, they stop. Mind is like that. The moment you decide to face the mind head on, if you look at the mind into the eyes, mind shivers, you win then. So face your fears. Say, ”Come, I’ll handle you.” They will come one by one, look at them, do not participate, do not energise. Never be afraid, there is nothing to fear in this world. Fear is a completely useless emotion which is coming out of ignorance. As Jesus said, ”You and your father are already one.“ What is the dividing factor? The mind.

So the decision should be, ”I inherited from my lineage, parents, family, I have collected from the society, I have brought some of my karmas with me.” This is fine. Accept it. There is no difference between you and me. We have the same kind of body that we took at one point in time, and we will give it back at some point in time. The only difference is in consciousness, that is why I am sitting here and you are sitting there. Understand it is the same consciousness. Small gap is the gap of the mind. There is nothing I can give you which you do not already have. What I am giving you, I am showing you the light. With the light you can see things better and spirituality is individual journey, nobody can carry you on their shoulder. Never be weak, it is not worth it. We should roar our truth. It is very, very important. Never miss the life. It doesn’t matter which religion, guru or path you follow, all are the same, everything is good. Just accept what is good for you. Some people feel if we change the track we can be faster, but remember the saying, ”When you change the lanes, that will usually be the slowest.” 🙂

Mohanji quote - Do not be a slave of your mind

Those who were very restless, understand that mind is playing really, really well. All the restlessness sits in the mind. I saw people shifting, being restless, thinking about food, thinking about wife, girlfriend, a lot of thoughts were coming while meditation was on. 40 minutes of meditation the mind could not stay still! There is work to do. Don’t be a slave of your mind. Mind belongs to you, you should not belong to the mind. The moment you belong to the mind, the mind will take you on a tour full-time. Some of you went very, very well deeply inside. I am very happy to see that. They are not victims of the mind. This meditation is particularly important because it is about unhooking. Mind is hooked on various things, time, space, people, since we were born till now, mind has been scattered on many places, and that gives us pain. When mind is scattered, you are not yourself.
Imagine the materials of your house being in many places. How can you manage your life? Just like that, if mind is not within you, and useful to you, it is totally useless. Peace is your nature. Your nature is happiness. If there is no peace, if there is restlessness, you are not with your nature. Happiness is your nature, if you do not have happiness, that means you are not with your nature. No person, no situation, no place can guarantee happiness. One thing can guarantee happiness. When mind is still, you are happy. Mind will give you all sorts of things, when meditation is on, this left leg is aching, this right leg is aching, and it’s itching… mind will give all sorts of things because it doesn’t want to be still. In 24 hours, you will want to go to the toilet exactly at the time of meditation. Where is the problem? Mind is the problem. Please understand there is work to do and you can win over the mind. This is within your control. Your age, qualification, constitution do not matter. The moment you take a decision, ”I will not surrender to the mind, the mind will surrender to you.“

Don’t be serious, let us joke a little bit 🙂 Because in life you should never be serious. Whether you are serious or not, life goes on. I always look at life as a big joke, because we become very serious about nothing and things change…


Recorded by Zoran Stefanovski
Turned into blog by Biljana Vozarevic

Time with Mohanji, Part 3

Interview with Jolita Kelias


Power of Purity  - kerala-meditation-J: Does ego like gratitude?

M: Ego is against gratitude. Ego and gratitude do not go together.

J: I have practised gratitude and also through Power of Purity meditation. I understand that gratitude is a big part of Power of Purity meditation.

M: Gratitude is substratum on which the life is built, life in the sense ‘known’ life. Gratitude is an expression through which we will eradicate the blockages or the baggage which you’ve been unknowingly carrying for a long time. It also prevents from further accumulation of negative stuff within you. It clears it off. Just imagine your inner space being full of junk, how do you feel? Just like when our house is full of junk, how do you feel? Like the house, our inner space has to be cleaned. The best way is move on into the action of selflessness, gratitude, love. It automatically opens the doors and windows and cleanses the whole area. It’s not about your spiritual practices, you can do sadhana for quite some time, but if inner space is not clean, it will not work on you. You can have an elaborate meditation processes, programmes, gurus… You can do all sorts of things, but if your inner space is contaminated, how do you progress? You can’t progress. So this is very important to know that your inner space has to be maintained clean. If your inner space is clean, even if you don’t do any sadhana, you automatically evolve.

J: Is shaktipat during the meditation one method of cleansing?

M: Shaktipat is a software change. It changes your constitution in one go and that helps you to move into different awareness levels. It burns the debris, or chaff that was accumulated within in one go. Just like a sudden fire or electricity which burns the chaff. Then you have better space. You have a better view of things, from a better perspective. It actually changes your awareness levels. And you will know the results in the days to come. You may not know it immediately, but in the days to come, you will feel the difference. Something has changed. Something has happened. the results depend on your constitution, it could be lightness or something else. Some people tend to sleep more. Why do they tend to sleep more is because in order to absorb the energy which they acquired into the system, you need silence. The best way is to sleep so that it soaks into every cell of your system. Some people become hungry, some people lose appetite, so depending on their constitution the effects would happen. They will be different, but they will happen for sure. Hundreds of testimonials are coming by people who are contacting me because of that.

mohanji giving shaktipat

Shaktipat removes your blockages, it shifts your consciousness, it shifts you in such a way that you can access a different consciousness. That is the point. Some people do not get any result. Why? If you bring me a cup filled with water, what more can I pour for you? If you give me an empty cup, I can fill it up. Some people come with filled up cups. I can give them nothing more because they are already full. They cannot take anything more, even if I give, it will overflow and spill over. So some people who say they have never got any experience, brought me a full vessel. People who are initiated into shaktipat give the same results, they deliver the same staff.

J: Can anyone give shaktipat?

M: Everybody has the potential to give shaktipat, but the thing is that for me to initiate somebody, that person needs to be able to carry the energy which I transmit. (Watch Who gets initiated into shaktipat)

J: How do you know when the person is eligible?

M: It’s a spontaneous awareness, when somebody comes in front of me I know that is the person who might get initiated. There aren’t any guidelines to do that, but it’s like you know, “OK, this is the person.” And it is hundred percent correct. Those are the people who give shaktipat. Otherwise even if I initiate one, they cannot give any experience to people. It depends on their capacity to contain the energy which I transmit through them. This capacity has to be perfect, otherwise I cannot initiate. Even if I initiate, it would not work.


J: Mohanji, what is the real story of the Power of Purity meditation?

M: The meditation came to me in one of my communions. I woke up early in the morning, I was telepathically communicated, “Write something.” I opened the laptop and started typing. I had no clue what I was typing. And the whole meditation was typed in about ten minutes, even the ambience was given. Then I asked the question (it is all telepathic communication with higher masters), “What am I supposed to do with this, am I supposed to meditate?” So the answer came, “No, you are supposed to teach it.” I said, “I am an introvert. I am a person who wouldn’t like to go out in front of people and conduct a meditation programmes, it is very difficult for me.” Then I got the answer, “That is not the problem. People will come to you. And those who come to you, please understand, are sent by us.” That was the answer. Then it automatically developed into the shape it is today.

J: How long did it take to evolve into what it is today?

M: From 2007 to 2011 (now). It has been translated into many languages, into German, Russian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Indian languages such as Hindi, Malayaman, Tamil… Many people practise it and get results. If they did not get results, they would not come to me, right? So this was a higher plan which happened through me, I would consider this as an honour.

ShaktipatJ: Have you ever wished for this process of Power of Purity meditation growing and expanding faster?

M: Actually not. I decided to settle down away from people in Himalayas three times. I actually went there three times, and all the three times I met somebody and they sent me back. My idea was to renounce and go to Himalayas and meditate for the rest of my life. But apparently that is not the plan of the divinity. This meditation was given and I am talking… It is not easy, because people do not look at you with kindness, they think, “This guy has some interior motives.” Even though I don’t charge money, even though I do not demand anything, even a cup of tea from people. But people will still accuse of having a private agenda, or saying that he is selfish, whatever. I work for a living so that I can give this free, as service from my side. It is not easy to operate in the world with a tool such as purity, because people will not even buy purity, they do not believe that such thing exists. Or if you say “unconditional love”, they would say, “Unconditional love? What are you talking about? It doesn’t exist. Are you joking?” Something like that.

Power of Purity -meditation-in-the-house group healing the abused girls in Johannesburg
Power of Purity -meditation-in-the-house group healing the abused girls in Johannesburg

To express, to practise and to make a movement out of it is not easy. But a few people who really have eyes to see will see. Those people will come. The rest would come and say, “No, no, no, there must be something else,” because they are suspicious. Doubts are a part of human existence. Mind poses doubts. Mind must pose doubts, because that is the nature of mind.

J: How do you react when you see people doubting in such a way?

M: I do not try to reason them. I tell them this is what I am trying to do, but if they choose not to understand, I leave them. OK, there is no problem. For human eyes what glitters is gold. People like glitters, they like to see a big organisation, big gurus, big posters, things which are accepted by the masses are accepted by the common man. So they like to follow something which is accepted by all, thinking that this will be the right thing. When you say something that is completely different, and then you try to move into the same society, the same thing for free, they think, “Oh, this should be some fake stuff.” Or they say, “You practise the same meditation every day!? Don’t you get bored?” Where is the boredom happening? Because the mind needs variety. It craves for variety. And if you insist on having the same thing done every day, the mind falls apart. Because of repetition, mind has nothing to feed on. Also, each time you perform this meditation you have a different experience. All the people who connect say, “I have a different experience, I have a different feeling, I have a different awareness.” Why is this happening? Because you are getting the space to feel between the thoughts. Otherwise thoughts are in a rush. You get a space and then you have an experience. This is exactly what happens. I feel nothing, if people do not understand, what can I do? It is their awareness level, some they may understand. But I don’t try to push myself, I don’t impose myself. I tell my people not to impose myself or Power of Purity meditation on anybody. If they spontaneously get attracted to come, they are welcome. If they want to go, they are welcome. I never said this is the only path. There are hundreds of paths, hundreds of rivers leading to the ocean. This is one of the paths. If you like to walk this path, you are welcome. If you do not like, no problem. Do not feel guilty, nor feel anxious, and don’t do things for me. Do something for yourself.

J: I noticed that way you conduct the Power of Purity meditation is quite interesting because I saw yesterday there was food that you put at the feet of masters, you blessed it and did a meditation, and everybody who participated in that meditation had that meal and it was all free. I understand that this is your vision, to give food that will be free of charge, accessible to everyone who is a part of that group.

M: For a hungry man food is god. Or god comes in the form of food. If you are very hungry, the only thing you have on your mind is to have food. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to human beings, or any beings on earth is food. I surrender everything to the masters, or the gurus of the traditions. All traditions are one. I offer that to the gurus and in the name of that, I offer it to people. When I have my own space, or build a hermitage, I would like to feed people free. Whoever comes will get food free. I hope I can do that. It is not for any cause, this is our expression of love. We give food for free; regardless of whether a man is rich or poor, whichever religion, cast, creed, colour, nothing matters. Everybody is the same. When we are in deep sleep state, you don’t know whether you are a man or a woman, to which country you belong to, we are all one, aren’t we? I don’t believe in any kind of demarcations. I don’t believe in any barriers. I don’t believe in any religion or I believe on ALL religions. It should be common to all. Everybody has the same feeling when they are hungry. Everybody feels sad when they are sad. Sadness is the same, it doesn’t change with nationalities. So I like to give food and if possible, I like to give clothes as well. Furthermore I’d like to give medicines. You may say it’s too ambitious, but that’s what I’m trying to achieve. If I have my own space, I would like to give all this.

J: Well, you have to start from something.

M: Yes.


Mohanji quote - Unconditional love isJ: You talk and promote unconditional love a lot. What is unconditional love?

M: Expectation is opposite of unconditional love. Whatever is without expectation, whatever you give spontaneously, out of selflessness, is unconditional love.

J: We believe and we know that it works like that, when we give we will also receive. Is this still selfless?

M: No. You have a desire there. You have a desire for something to receive, that is not unconditional.

J: I have a desire to do selfless service, to give. Universe or masters will automatically deliver to you.

M: Yes, but you don’t have to think about that. You don’t have to think now what you are going to get, because it comes. If it doesn’t come, it’s OK. Unconditional love is a state where the tree gives shelter or shade to the woodcutter. Have you observed a tree? It never gives shade for itself. Have you watched a candle? Candle is not burning for its own sake. It doesn’t need the light, it gives the light.

J: By being an instrument?

M: By being an instrument to illuminate the world. It is not worried about the light it gets. A candle is not worried about its own light. A tree is not worried about its own shade, it never basks in its shade. We cannot hide under our own shadow. This is unconditional love. If you are like a candle, there is no worry, no anxiety, no fear. And when you are completely in the mode of giving, the whole world is yours.


mohanji-namaste 1J: Once I was thinking what my purpose is, what I would like to do… Then I had a beautiful vision where I saw myself in a dark place in a circle with and saw a master appear to me saying, “Jolita, your light has no shine. Let your light shine.” It happened in 2010. I remember asking myself, “What light is he talking about?” I was happy meditating, seeing myself covered in light, etc. Later I met an artist at an exhibition, who was a photographer who offered me to write an article about her. That is when I understood that my job would be to be an instrument of shining that light forward. People live an inspirational message. People live inspirational work. Putting that forward myself, through my own effort, with me myself being in the background.

M: Not necessarily. You are doing a great job. You don’t have to worry about it. You can also lead by example. Because when you are visible, you have more mileage. People recognise you, “Jolita is doing this, so I could also try it this way.” You could lead by example. Of course, support the poor, support the helpless, support the needy, definitely. But lead by example so that ten other people get inspired to also do the same. This is also a good karma or good thing to do for the world.

J: Yes, I do see myself leading through example by channeling myself through my hard work, facing the difficulties and challenges that are coming and just pick it up.

M: Very good idea.

J: And that is what you are doing, just being…

M: 🙂 Ha, ha.

J: And I am just coming, basking in your energy, getting that energy, getting cleansed, leaving all those dirty things here and I go back to London. Fantastic, isn’t it?

M: It’s amazing.

J: I am very, very grateful to be here in hour home, your presence, very grateful to know you, to be a part of this family…

M: Spread the light around. When you are light, spread it around. Remove the blockages, so that you let the light shine further. If everybody does that, the world will be full of brightness. I personally do not need anything. My requirements are very low. But I always tell people, if you want to do something for me, spread the brightness, in your own way, in your own style. Help ten people, birds, animals… Everything that moves has a soul. Let the brightness touch that soul and that soul is part of your soul. So there is a brotherhood there. If you nurture that brotherhood, you are automatically elevating yourself. When your consciousness spills over and spreads, when you see your own reflection in everybody’s eyes, you are universal.

J: It is a wonderful feeling.

M: Yes, it is a wonderful feeling. Otherwise you will not see your reflection anywhere. Then you feel, “What is my worth? What am I supposed to do here?” This is depressing. People roam around searching for the purpose in life. Purpose lies within them! Spread the brightness, that is the purpose of most people, everybody can do that. And if you spread the brightness, the world will be brighter.


Mohanji quote - Be the sun to lifeJ: Somebody did ask me a couple of days ago, “How can I find purpose?” The only thing I could think of to say was “What makes you feel good, what talent or gift you possess, that is your life.” Do you think I answered correctly?

M: Let’s define “purpose”. First, you will fulfill your karmic purpose anyway. That is from birth till death, you have a shopping list to complete. You have the fuel for the complete journey. You brought it. You decided, “I need this much time to fulfill this many desires.” So you have taken the body, the mind and intellect to fulfill the journey. This is within you, at your hand, you do not need to do anything for it. Second and third are the two things which are non-karmic. One is dharma towards your own family where you were born as a child. We play various roles within the family. We are responsible and have to fulfill them to the best of our abilities. To take care of the children, take care of the parents, we protect them, we love them, make harmony within the family. The other one is dharma towards the society, or making harmony within the society. If these three are put together, this is the purpose of everybody’s existence. So karmic journey is happening whether you like it or not, don’t worry. Dharmic journey needs to be cultivated. Cultivate it, one is domestic, the other one is outside the house, when these three are put together, you do a fulfilling job, your life is complete. Each individual has a different flavour. Someone is an artist, somebody is a painter, somebody is an engineer, somebody is a doctor… OK. Walk your own path.

J: In other words, be of service to other people?

M: Correct. So that your life becomes worthwhile, your life becomes complete. Otherwise, you will always feel, “Oh what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is it worth it?” And then your self-esteem goes down. So what is the reason for losing self-esteem? It is lack of awareness, lack of understanding, in a word – ignorance.

J: Now looking at me, what advice would you give to me?

M: Spread the brightness.

J: Even if I face challenges, difficulties?

M: Challenges are all right, they are a part of life, keep going. Challenges have to be tackled, or just observe them. Nothing stays forever. A road block has to be cleared some day. If you can take a detour, take a detour. If you can’t take a detour, wait until it’s over, have patience and when the road clears, continue the journey. But don’t stagnate there, stagnation is death, movement is life. You cannot drink stale water, right? If water stagnates for a long time, you cannot drink it. While if fresh water pours all the time, you can always consume it. Let the life be like that. Keep nourishing people, so that it’s always fresh.

J: Be visible?

M: Be visible not for the sake of your ego. Be visible for the sake of giving more, because you want to give more. That is noble. But if it is for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of selfishness, e.g. I want to be visible because I want to make money etc., this is negative. Where will you take the money? You have to leave everything before you go. When a person dies, they carry nothing. Even the body is left behind. Whatever you make here has to be left behind. We come empty-handed, we go empty-handed. Whatever you accumulate in between, even the qualifications, awards, recognitions, all is left behind.

J: Only the name stays?

M: Even the name sometimes does not stay. E.g. our great grandfather was a great man, but do we know him? Do we know his name? We don’t. So, it’s as good as that. Temporary. Maybe our next generation will think about us. The generation after that may not even think about us. Because they don’t know what this fellow had been doing all those days. And if we nurture our anxieties and fears it is all absolutely useless, because it is what our forefathers had been doing, and probably the next generation will do. So use the time for something better, something more meaningful. That’s worth it.

J: This conversation with Mohanji has been an enlightening journey for me. It lasted over an hour, however I hope that the questions that I asked and the conversation that i had with Mohanji did help you.

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Time with Mohanji, Part 2

Interview with Jolita Kelias



J: When we talk about selfless service, you created a beautiful organisation called “Ammucare Charitable Trust (ACT)”, per your daughter Ammu who died in 2000, at the age of almost 5. Now it is spreading worldwide where you are encouraging people to do selfless service. You give blanket distributions, you give food… I know you do a lot in India.

M: Ammucare was founded in 2003. That time, my idea was to have a charity organisation where there are no compulsory payments, and no membership fees. So when I conveyed this message to a few people who mattered, who could possibly put these together, they did not want to support me. They asked, “Where would you get the money? Who will pay you? How will you make the money?” I said, “I have an idea.” We could do charity events and programmes in various cities.” I also suggested that , as there are so many dying performing art forms, many people do not know they exist, they do not care, even the government could not help much. What I said was, “Why don’t we rejuvenate them, take them to various countries, perform them, support the people who are involved i.e. the artists, document it for the sake of universities, at the same time create money for charity? Let’s showcase them, let’s take them out into the open… or probable fusion programmes with other similar art forms.” First of all it would help preserve a dying art form, it will also document it on CDs, DVDs, etc. At the same time we will raise the awareness to charity at all these places and we tell people what we do here, in this town. It is not that we do something far away, collect money and then disappear. It will not work. This was my idea, and I said we would do it this way. Then people came to me and asked, “Do we have a team to do this? Do you know which art forms are dying?” I said I had some idea, but I needed a team. For this kind of things you need a good team to perform, to organise and get this up there. Finally, after a lot of debate from 2001 to 2003, Ammucare started in 2003. We communicated through the internet, we had a group called “Mohan’s Friends”, discussing some nonsense all the time through the group. We set up an organisation and I said we would do meaningful charity. This is the platform, if you want to do meaningful charity, you can come on board and perform. It will be transparent, it will be audited and filed with government. So that you can check everything till the root. At first there was a child aged 5, who had a whole in the heart, and her parents didn’t have the money to pay the surgery. So we arranged that surgery.

Ammucare blanket distribution

J: Was it in India?
M: Yes, in India, in Delhi. This was the first event. Then one day while I was reading a newspaper, I came to know that there were so many people dying, especially elderly people, in the north parts of India in winter. I investigated why it was happening so. Then I realised that they were all sleeping outside in the open and it was freezing winter. That is why they do not survive. So we decided to distribute the blankets. We started blanket distribution event in India. A lot of things happened like that, and then we founded ACT Foundation in Dubai with a group of people who are working but they have charity in mind. They did a lot of work through that as well. Likewise charity activities are spreading. Now when I started conducting meditations and seva this is also service for me, I tell people if you do want to do something for me, take care of the poor people, take care of the birds, the animals, then you are serving the world. When you serve the world, I am served, because this is what I am trying to do. This is how Ammucare evolved and our meditations evolved. People who are coming together to me or to our meditations, are the people with an ambition to do something for the world, and also to evolve themselves higher through increased awareness.

Mohanji quote - Let every breath we take

J: Evolvement is shedding the skin and getting a new one?
M: Evolvement is basically like growing from 1st standard to 2nd standard, 3rd standard… to 10th standard… like that.

J: Is there any end to that?
M: It is not related only to this life. We have been continuously evolving now and again. Even in psychology and psychiatry they do past life regression so there are proofs that we had many lives and we will probably have lives in the future. One link which connects all these lives is increase in awareness that never gets diminished. When new body is taken, new shape, form, name, education, etc. happen. But awareness remains the same, that is why we see distinct people in distinct societies. People have distinct character, children have distinct character. Even if they are born to particular parents, they express a completely different trait from their parents. So not each parent of Buddha is enlightened, are they? 🙂 But the son got enlightened. His eligibility or his level of evolution was different from that of the parents.


J: But you know, Mohanji, there are still many many people who do not believe in incarnation. They would argue it, they would debate it, or they would say it is nonsense, even I know a person who, whenever I talk about spirituality or mention incarnation, we immediately stop communicating because he just can’t handle that subject. Now when you are talking about reincarnation, there are a lot of people who agree with that and are familiar with it, but there would be also people who would say, “Prove it!”
M: That is exactly why I said there are regression therapies now which prove your past lives. How can you prove that you have a brain? I do not see it. But you do have a brain which operates, right? Like that, there are so many things which we cannot see, which we cannot perceive.
I’ll tell you another thing. The dogs and cats can hear the sounds which we cannot hear. But we cannot hear it, we need certain equipment to prove it. Likewise, how does distinct character happen in people? If there is only one birth and one death, where did you come from? Where are you going to? There are all the answers given by various saints in the past. But depending on your level of awareness, depending on your level of understanding, we may take it or we may leave it.

J: Is there an end to incarnation?
M: Yes. Complete dissolution. You have no more desires, nothing to come back for.

Mohanji quote - When you realise the soul is imperishable

J: And you don’t come back?
M: Absolutely.

J: Where do we go then?
M: It depends. Once you finish your work on earth, which means there is nothing more to achieve from this earth, you dissolve yourself into another dimension. Like, we call life on earth a karmic life. There is definite duration between birth and death, and there is a definite agenda which we fulfill with this birth, new desires, new things to fulfill, and then we evolve further and then we reach a stage where everything is done. There’s nothing more to do. Then the shift happens from karma to dharma. Dharma is a kind of duty, or things done for a higher purpose, like the sun. The sun rises, the sun gives nourishment, and the sun sets, doesn’t it? It does not wait for anybody. If you consider the sun which nourishes the Earth, it flows. Just like that your life will flow. So you would probably exist in another zone without a physical body and doing another purpose, which you wanted to do or which you are asked to do from a higher entity, or you just dissolve into the supreme consciousness which you can call Father, Allah or Parabrahma.


Mohanji quote - When total surrender happens suffering is removed

J: When you are talking about all the flow, are you talking about full surrender?
M: Surrender is a spontaneous thing when you have deep faith, you automatically surrender, but the word meaning does not signify the effect of it. We can say ‘surrender’, but according to me, when you surrender your desire at the feet of your guru or God, it should leave you. It should not stay inside again. If a desire stays within and you say ‘I surrender’, it has not gone. You have not surrendered it. Actual surrender should be an eradication. Because you are trusting the desire with somebody else, with an entity outside of you, or your existence, or you can call it any god. If it has not come out of you, nothing has happened, you are still the same, so it is just a word. When you really surrender a desire or a pain at the feet of the masters, or at the feet of god, if it goes away from you, excellent. Then you have done the job.

J: So with surrender, another thing happens, effortless living?
M: Yes.

J: You call it spontaneous living.
M: Yes. Because we are not the doer. Things are happening through us. If we are the doer, doing everything, who is beating our heart? Who is making the cells grow and die and replace them? How is everything happening in the most synchronised way?

J: So it’s like being fully present in every second of your life.
M: Yes, being aware of it.

J: It is not an easy task, not everybody can do it. If we can do it then not for long, maybe a minute, five, ten… Maybe in a certain environment we can do it for a day or two, but once you go back into your normal life, you can make a living, go back to your family, have food and all kinds of thing, you somehow slip into the world of material world of living.
M: This is a constant struggle. Everybody goes through it. But understand one thing. Whichever plane you are operating in… Like I operate in many planes. I operate in commercial world, I operate as a husband, father, I operate as a spiritual person, I operate in the charity field, but if you look at the whole perspective of all the operation that I do, it’s continuous, there is no any barrier, or any kind of shifting stances, you do not shift stances, perpetual awareness has to be cultivated, it’s over a period of time. For example, you think about or you have hundreds of thoughts coming in your mind. They are rushing, rushing, trying to enter the space at the same time and you are in a kind of stress because of the thought process. Just for a moment, stay back and watch your thought process. Let it happen. Just like a loving mother watches her children playing, without interfering, without censoring, without criticising, without judging, without appreciating, just watch. Then, what happens when you watch somebody for a long time? They become conscious, don’t they? Then the number of thoughts starts decreasing. The thoughts will start having space between them. This space is very important in our life. Because we are usually afraid of that space. Human beings are like that. That is why we try to fill it with the internet or something. This is exactly the space which we try to avoid all the time.


J: The space within, the space of being alone?
M: Yes. We are afraid to be alone so we are trying to get into a relationship and we sometimes make a mess out of it. Otherwise we try to fill that space with alcohol, with activity, so that we are always occupied. When you watch, observe, then the gap slowly, slowly increases. As the gap increases, you start falling in love with the gap. This is a continuous process, don’t expect that to happen in one day. It may take a year or two, have patience. We need to have patience and just keep observing, go through the process and let there be a gap. Once you go deeply within this gap, the push of the thoughts increases to a great extent. As the gap increases, you will be operating perfectly well in this world. But you are not pushed by the thoughts. You are not pushed by the senses, you are not pushed by the mind. What does this gap replace? Mental activity. Lack of thoughts is a lack of mental activity. When you are not dependent on mental activity, when you are not dependent on mind a lot, what happens is you have a space which is beautiful and it’s your own. It’s a clean space. And you start falling in love with that clean space. That space is your equilibrium, your power, your strength. Then your subtlety starts growing. You start feeling subtler and subtler. Because you are not filled with thoughts just like waves. You will be the deep ocean where you feel fully tranquil and you feel good. But at the same time you are not avoiding any of the daily activities. You are operating but you are not pressed for anything. You do not take ownership for things i.e. “Things are happening through me,” this is fine. Also, you will not harbour guilt, fear or anxiety. Because, you don’t know whether you will be alive the next day. This is your day.

J: Does it mean that desire cannot live?
M: Desire cannot happen. When you work objectively you do not create any further desires. You tackle the existing desires without creating further ones. Then it makes you lighter and lighter, and it helps your liberation.

J: Can you do it in one life?
M: Yes, you can. You need application. You need to try. Keep trying. Don’t give up halfway. The power of mind is very strong. When you progress a little further, mind will give you something else to play on. So you take a detour. From a detour it’s difficult to come back. Likewise, after a few detours, you will drop it. Because you will say, “This is not working. It’s not going to work for me. Maybe it is working for Mohanji.” Like that, you start blaming a system, blaming a person…or blaming yourself.

J: Is it better to do on our own or to have a guru or a master?
M: Your primary guru is your own soul and soul is silence. The soul is like petrol of your car. It will never tell you which destination it prefers. It’s never told you where to go but it has always been aiding to your journey. The soul has always been your companion, your primary guru. The moment you start embracing silence, you start knowing the vibrations of your soul.


Mohanji quote - The moment you start embracing silence


J: When the student is ready, teacher appears.
M: Yes. Only when the student is ready, the teacher is useful 🙂 Imagine you are sitting in the third class. If the teacher who teaches in the tenth class appears, how can a third class student use him? Only when the student is eligible. You can’t jump, because you created that agenda for yourself. There are experiences from the third one to the tenth one. Different experiences, different flavours that you chose to enjoy, and you cannot escape them. Escaping them means only postponing them. In case you try to escape them and make a jump, what are you doing? Only postponing it to another date. That is not going out of your system, is it? So better to go through the system, enjoy it, finish it and move further. I always recommend, complete something and move further. Do not leave lose ends.

J: Though it may be painful, challenging…?
M: Pain is in the mind, only in the conscious mind. The same pain does not exist in the deep sleep. Understand that you are one third of an entity in your waking conscious mind. You have another state, dream state. A part of you is highly operational at that state. Third, there is a deep sleep state which is like death. You lose all your identities, you don’t know whether you are a man or a woman, you don’t know time or space, you care about nothing, you sleep. Only when you wake up you realise, “Oh, I slept.” So if you consider yourself only in the waking state you only consider your one third state. What about the other two thirds? If you do not consider the other two thirds as well, then deficiency happens. You have to accept or understand yourself in the three states. That is why the awareness in 360 degrees is important. Not in meditations, but in real life. 360 degrees is an important factor, because that is what you are, and we consider only one third, so there is deficiency all the time, and with that deficiency we try to move on and compare with another person. Isn’t it foolishness? If we compare one person’s 360 degrees with another person’s 360 degrees, it’s a good idea, because you are total, comparing totality with totality and you cannot see any difference. But when we compare one third of a person with one third of another person, we see with deficiency, and with such deficiency we judge people. Where is the deficiency? In our judgement, in our mind.


Mohanji quote - Whenever we feel we are better

J: In other words, when we judge somebody, we automatically try to impose our values and our opinions on another person?
M: We consider ourselves as the perfect being in the world. We like to justify our mistakes, and we say we are the perfect person in the world, everybody else is wrong. This is what we are, that is why there are conflicts in the world. The difference in opinion is good because it provokes thoughts. But when it becomes an ego war, it only breeds negativity. It is anti-creation. When arguments are happening, they do not become creative every time. They sometimes demoralise the whole event. Likewise, everybody has two opinions of everything.

J: But ego can be very strong.
M: Ego can be the biggest wall. Ego is the biggest wall between you and god. The highest wall between you and god is ego, because man minus ego is god.

J: How is ego being created? What makes ego?
M: Ego is created for the sake of identification for a limited existence e.g. Jolita. You need to have an identity. If they ask you, “Who are you?” If you say, “I’m not sure who I am,” then there is a problem. So you say, “My name is …” This ego element is created to give you that identification.” But when it grows, it explodes, ha, ha. What happens? People stay away from you. When everything is in the right quantity, it has value. But if things go overboard, it’s a nuisance, it’s a problem.

Mohanji quote - Success without humilityJ: How do you handle a person with a huge ego?
M: If I don’t have to handle that person, I’ll avoid them, ha, ha. It’s very simple. A person who has a bloated ego, is a problem in the whole society. It’s not only for me. But if I have to interact with them, the best way to handle a person with a bloated ego is to allow him to have a bloated ego. Better not to touch it.

J: Don’t you try to scold a person?
M: Why should I? What is my problem in that? The person likes or has chosen to be that way. Do you know what the antidote for ego is? Helplessness. It’s a hard push. When the ego gets too bloated, something happens in life which makes you completely and totally helpless. Then the balloon gets burst. Because ego gets nullified. Helplessness and ego cannot sit together. When helplessness happens, ego gets nullified. This is exactly what happens to people who have a bloated ego. They have severe problems in life, helplessness takes place, ego gets nullified.

J: But there are people who know that we have huge egos, we want to eliminate it, we want to minimize it, but we don’t know how.
M: Only way to handle ego, anger, all sorts of emotions is by watching, observing as an outsider, as a witness. When you start observing ego or anger as a witness, it starts reducing, just like it happens with the thoughts I talked about. Like a loving mother, watch yourself becoming egoistic. Watch yourself, but don’t identify yourself with that. If you identify yourself with that, you fuel it, you influence it to grow. Be egoistic, but watch. Also when you are angry. Be angry, when you watch yourself becoming angry, it doesn’t hurt you. That moment when you start detaching from each point, you become neutral, you become detached. There is a deep peace within. You’ll be expressing anger for the sake of expressing anger to convey a message to somebody, but you will not be influenced by it. You will not be bound by it. The moment you are free from it, fine, relaxed. Nothing is absolutely good or nothing is absolutely bad, it depends on what you choose.

Mohanji quote - When ego gets too bloated

J: The more I look at myself, the more I observe myself, sometimes I think how I am going to clear it, to replace it with white space. I see habits could be changed or replaced, patterns eliminated, new ones created and sometimes when I see so much I get disappointed, thinking, “Where should I start now?” Sometimes you could get angry with yourself to get to such a love, or you just don’t know how to change yourself.
M: It is not complicated. How do you ever feel that YOU are changing things? Who is this ‘you’ who will change things?
First ask yourself this question. Then say, “Ok, I am like this. I have a lot of pluses, I have a lot of minuses, this is fine. Everybody else is like that. I cannot be different from the whole world. I have my weaknesses, I have my strengths, I accept myself like this.” First war is won.
Second thing is non-resistance. The food that came to you today is the medicine for you. Just understand, “This situation has been created by me. I created it. Ok, no problem.”

J: Like you are taking the full responsibility of your actions in your life?
M: That’s right. Acceptance is important, non-resistance is important. Accept yourself as you are, accept everything as normal, as you created it.

Third, while you are at it, be objective. Do not participate. Never think, “I have to change something.” Can you change something? Consciously you cannot. Because unless you know the root of the cause, you cannot change it. It may disappear for some time, but unless the root is removed from the causal layer, it can sprout any time. What is the best way? Watch yourself. Do not give it nourishment. When nourishment is given, it fades off. What is the nourishment? Thought, word, action. Energy is the nourishment. Energy is released towards a particular thing. When you are more and more objective, when you are more and more in a witness mood, you are more and more liberated. So stop thinking, “I have to change, I have to do this, maybe I am an inch lesser than the other people or maybe I am one inch more than the other people, forget about all this. I am what I am. I am fine.” This is not just faking your mind. This is the truth. Do not try to cheat your mind. You cannot cheat yourself. You have to accept yourself as you are. And some of the thoughts are dirty in a moral context, “Who cares? These are my thoughts.”

J: Can we own thoughts?
M: We cannot own thoughts that way because thoughts appear without your permission. Only after they come, you know they came. But you can watch them. Watch them even if they are dirty or they do not suit your moral standards, because morality is induced on you, but in real life, in karmic life, where is morality? It’s all about experiences. I am not saying kill somebody because there is no morality, that is not the point here. The point is accept yourself as you are and accept the thoughts as well. To work on those thoughts or if you want to make them further into an action mode, it’s up to you. And while the thought is being created, you cannot control it. But you can control corresponding word. And of course, you can control an action. So decide to express love instead. If anger is the thought, you say, ok, anger is my thought, I understand that but I prefer to express love and situation changes.


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Time with Mohanji, Part 1

The interview with Jolita Kelias

1J: Mohanji, there’s so much love around you. I’ve spent more than a week in Oman, and whenever I think of you, whenever I see you, I smile from within. How are you aware of that love? How do you feel?

M: It is spontaneous. It is not articulated, but it exists. And it is felt all over. Whatever you try to articulate, has always limitations. Whatever you spontaneously express, stays forever. Just like the sun. The sun does not shine and look at the border lights. Sun shines all over. And the sunshine’s unmistakable. So, like that, love is a continuous activity, flow, and you don’t need to do anything specific, to create love. Be love.

J: So you are love, and that’s why I receive love.

M: Whatever you express in the world, you receive in multiplicity. So, if you choose to express love, you get love in return. Whatever you sow, that you reap. So, it is important to sow love.

J: The number of people coming to you, from Italy, from around the world, has grown. Even me, far away from Europe came to see you. Have you ever envisioned whatever mission that you are here to accomplish?

M: I do not plan anything, nor do I envision something related to what I do or how I live. I am spontaneous. I give love spontaneously. And I act spontaneously. I do not think or plan various things ahead. It is not possible, actually, because when we think or plan, in which consciousness you operate? This is more important. If you are operating from the plane of mind, it is going to be quite shallow, not having a deeper impact. When you are operating from the consciousness, from a much higher level, your spontaneity will remain at the same time. You are not stressed out to behave in a certain way. I do not envision anything about myself or my mission in particular. Things have happened and things will happen further. People will be receiving love or they will be feeling it and they will feel it further too.

J: You are an ordinary man living an extraordinary life. You combine material world with spiritual world. You live in material world, you pay taxes, you go to work, because you decided not to be dependent on anyone, at least financially, and also in your free time, you do spiritual work, this wonderful work, every day, every night, every evening. And people come to you for healing, for your presence, for your advice. How do you deal with this pressure, Mohanji?

M: Well, first of all, there is no pressure. As I said – spontaneity. When we feel we are doing something, we have a pressure. When things happen through you, we don’t have a pressure. Just like, for example, your heartbeat pumping up your blood. Are you pressured about it? You will not be. Why? Because you are not consciously doing it. Subconscious is doing it, isn’t it? Your digestion is happening properly, blood is circulating properly, breathing is happening spontaneously, we are not pressured for any of this. Just like that, when expression is love, and the mission is in your blood, it is all spontaneous, there is no pressure. When people come, they can get what they came for. But if it is a selfish thing, selfish interest, it may not happen. Likewise, there is a large substratum of operation which we hardly see, we see only our perspective. But, take the whole universe, so much activity is happening, so many thoughts are integrated, so many emotions, so many feelings, so many desires in the universe. Everything will not become fruit, everything will not happen by itself. So, whatever is supposed to happen in the right perspective, there are so many permutation combinations at work before the event happens. So, before the event happens, all these configurations have to be in perfect order for the event to take place. Likewise, activities are happening through me, and will continue to happen through me. And I’m not really stressed out to perform, because I have nothing to prove. I keep doing that spontaneously and it goes through me. People are getting experiences and it is influencing lives in the positive way. This is thanks to the Almighty.

2 J: You said, you are all about giving experiences.

M: Yes. That is the only thing which stays. Your experience is true to you. It may not be true to another person. Likewise, when you read something, this is somebody else’s information or somebody else’s experience or idea. Until that becomes your own, until it’s put into your own system, and experienced by yourself, it doesn’t become yours. It’s still somebody else’s words. So, we cannot own things based on what we know from the books or from an outsider. Until a thing becomes your own experience, you never own it, isn’t it? So, the experience is a place from where you can start your journey. Just like I can start walking from where I sit, I can’t start walking from another distance. Another person is sitting there. He can walk from there, I cannot. So limited we are. When you say, I know about it. Do you buy it? Do you feel it? Or do you experience it? We have to think like that. Once we know, ‘This is my experience and I have to start walking from there’, and never discard your experience at any cost. Sometimes we discard our own experience for the sake of somebody else’s words. This is a big mistake. Because your experience is unique to you. It is never unique to another person, it’s never the same to another person.

J: Sometimes people do things, but we think we have been mistaken or that we have just been imagining an experience, especially when we share experiences with other people and society or whoever who are not familiar with this kind of thing would say, ‘Oh, you have just imagined it.’

M: That is why I always say, lead by example. If you try to articulate, ‘Listen, I had an encounter with Jesus, Jesus was speaking to me’, what will people call you?

J: Cuckoo?

M: Yes. ‘You are hallucinating. You are not real.’ So, instead, if that experience is real for you, if you have actually spoken to Jesus, it would have happened as a transformation from within. You would have transformed. You would have actually changed. If you communicate with the higher entity; definitely, 100%, change has to happen from within. Your vibratory level would have changed. Your subtlety would have increased. So, it has to happen! This is the law of the nature! If you have to stock to some higher entity, you have to shift your vibratory level to receive that, or to communicate further. Just like there are various radio waves going through this air, but our radio can catch only some of them. Because the capacity is the point here. Likewise, there are so many channels, but how many channels your TV gets connected to? Your antenna can connect to only certain ones. Likewise, our frequency has to match that of Jesus, or to Shiva, or to Buddha, or to Allah, or whatever, to get the frequency. So, you have to raise yourself up to that level to receive. So, when you say, ‘I had a communion’, if that communion was transformative, it was real. If it was just an imagination, you would be the same. You would still have the same anxieties, you would still have the same fears. And you wouldn’t have changed an inch.

J: If a person questions his/her experiences, does it mean that he/she doubts?

M: Doubt is the nature of the mind. The mind always poses doubts. Because this is how mind is programmed. I’m talking about conscious waking mind, the waking state. In the dream state, no problem, no doubts at all. Conscious mind creates doubts. So, you have to counter the doubts with the help of the intellect. Understanding. Awareness. ‘I experienced this, let me take the next step. Until one experience becomes perpetual, until one experience continues, and repeats by itself, (not exactly the same way, don’t expect the same situation to repeat twice! It may not happen), but communion can repeat itself, in a different level of vibration, different dimension. Once that happens, once that kind of evolution happens, you know that this is for real. And then, one sign that you can definitely depend on is the birth of silence within. You would become slowly introverted. … introversion because the silence is more deep and profound within. You cannot find this happiness outside of you.

J: When you start trusting your inner self?

M: You start living in you inner self. You start enjoying the space within. You start enjoying the silence within. This becomes your perpetual nature.

Mohanji quote - This body has a name This flow has no name

J: And do you also manifest things out of that?

M: Manifestation is just an expression. When you become the CEO of the company, you get the benefits related to the position, right? Just like that, experiences happen related to the eligibility. When you reach a certain level of evolution in spirituality, you will automatically start having siddhis, manifestation powers.

J: How can I know whether I am eligible?

M: Eligibility you will know only through the experience. When you are eligible, you will know. If you are not eligible, you will not meet the Master who will give information. If you are not eligible, you will not have an experience. Even if you have an experience, you will not enjoy it or you may not even know it. You will not even understand it. So, experience will tell you where you have reached. But don’t stop there. You don’t need to know. What I suggest is, ignore things, move on. Accept experience as a landmark, or a milestone, and continue the journey. Don’t stop. Do not get stuck with the experiences and do not expect the repetition of the same experience. That would be a big mistake.

J: You and also people I talked to mentioned that not everyone is able to reach you. And I am also aware of the fact that people do come and see you, they come once but they never come back. Does that mean that they are eligible to see you, but they choose not to come back?

M: Actually, if I offer you some food which you cannot consume, what would you do? You would reject it. But you came all the way and you saw the food but that’s not your food.

J: So, when I came, does that mean that I’ve become eligible to see you just once?

M: Yes, you are eligible to see me, otherwise, forget about me. Any person, for that matter, if you were not eligible, you would not meet that person, isn’t it? Only at a certain point in time in life you meet certain people. You will not meet that person one year before, or you could not meet that person one year before, nor will you meet that person one year later. You would have to sit here and talk to me just now. And you are doing that. One or two days before, why couldn’t we do this? Two days later you probably aren’t here. So time and space is all interconnected. It’s built in the certain order. And we are going parallel to time in that order, from one point to the other. And we continue our journey like this. So, the best medium of travel, the vehicle to travel is gratefulness. Be grateful about everything, even for an experience you consider sometimes as bad, be grateful, and sometimes for an experience you are happy with, be grateful. Like that, if you perpetually travel with gratefulness, all the things which you are eligible for, happen, and while it is happening, you will enjoy it. Otherwise, when the thing is happening, you may not even know, that ‘this is something I could have enjoyed’. You miss it. That is why guilt is happening. Guilt is formed because of the thought ‘I missed something in the past’. You couldn’t have done anything different because your awareness was different. You could not have handled it better. But you don’t know that. When you look back, you say, ‘Oh see that, I missed it’. So, what is the best remedy? ‘Thank you very much, my awareness was only that much at that time, I’ve travelled further, if it comes again, I will handle it better.’ So, take your ‘mind you tube’ wherever you are going, don’t leave your mind behind to hang on with the guilt.

J: So, guilt and regret are the same?

M: Guilt and regret are like the chains around your feet.

J: How do you get free ourselves?

M: By awareness. By understanding. Time has moved. Body has moved. Mind should move with the time.

J: Because, while we are growing, we get so much conditioned by the society, by family, friends, teachers, and guilt is something which…

M: People give you free.

J: Yes!

Mohanji quote - Accept yourself the way you are

M: Very generous. So, this is exactly the point I’m telling. Being rooted and rooting should be on perfect awareness of how things work. How do things work? Things work as per the travel of time. From one o’clock to two o’clock to three o’clock to four o’clock. You cannot jump from one to five. Nor can you go back to twelve o’clock, eleven o’clock. So, with this clear understanding, ‘I’m travelling with the time, I am to move with the time’… The more he is travelling with the time whether you like it or not, then, take the mind with you. And other people can voice their opinion, they have their free will to do that. But is that applicable to you? That is the question you should ask yourself. Maybe my best is not good enough for another person. So be it. Accept yourself the way you are, with full conviction, full happiness. Because you created this life. You created this life, accept it as it is.

J: I understand that gratitude could play a huge role in eliminating guilt, eliminating regret, faults that you had or mistakes that you made and things that you missed. So being grateful for whatever there was, ‘At that hour I was at certain level of awareness, now I’m at this level’.

M: Yes, we’re evolving every day. We evolve every moment. We are not the same tomorrow.

J: Are there people who do not evolve? Who are stagnant for years and years and they just don’t move on?

M: It depends on what is their agenda. Each person has a different agenda. World is full of variety. There are no two stones the same way, isn’t it? Every stone has a different character. Likewise, every person has a different character. So, it’s not in everybody’s agenda to evolve spiritually. Or even to have awareness of spirituality. How many people come to me and say, ‘I want to be rich, give me a mantra which will take me to richness.’ So, after they become rich, what will they do? They have no other agenda. So, they may become rich before they die, and they die. Basically, we don’t know the evolution of many of our wishes or desires. We just desire, we just wish. I need to have a beautiful wife, I need to have a house, I need to have children, I need to have money, I need to have a jet plane. Like that, we can desire, desire, desire… And then, after having all these, what will you do? Oh, well…? You see. This is the point. So we do not even know the evolution of our desire. Why let it? This is our nature. This is human nature.

J: Ok, if my desire is to have a jet plane, should I feel guilt about it or just go and fulfill that desire?

M: Never feel guilt about it because this is a part of your existence. Enjoy everything while you have it. Enjoy things the way it has come to you. There is an important message in the Upanishad. It says, ‘The food that came to your table today is the medicine for you.’ It may not be the food that you chose. But something came to your table today. Why did that food come to your table today? What is the reason? That is the medicine for you, accept it. Likewise, if richness happened to you, enjoy it. At the same time, be socially committed. So you are striking a balance there.

J: Socially committed means charity work, help, selfless act?

M: Yes, depending on money you have, how much resources you have. You can even buy a tea to a poor man or buy a meal to a man who’s hungry. Or feed the birds, feed the animals. That way you are giving forth a part of what you have. So you enjoy, definitely you enjoy, never discard anything because that would be poverty consciousness. When you have it you say, ‘Oh, this is too much for me, that means you are inviting poverty. That is not a good idea. Enjoy everything, enjoy abundance, at the same time, share it. Share it meaningfully. Not share just saying, Ok, I’ll give you hundred thousand dollars. That is not the point. Share with love, share with affection, and at all points in time express love.

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The Space between Inhalation and Exhalation

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia, 1st March 2015, Part 2

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia, 1st March 2015Q: Should we introduce meditations in schools and why?

A: I would say that meditation is a process, not the end. But because people started using the word ”meditation” (dhyana) very commonly, many people start thinking that this particular thing as sitting quiet in one place watching breath etc  is meditation. What you need to teach children at school is that competition is not life. You do not have to use force in life. This is a wrong understanding we teach children. Love is much stronger that force. You can change the world inside and outside with love.

Act to stop hungerSo what is the meaning of meditation? Withdrawing the mind which is used to going outside into yourself. Mind is usually going outside searching for pleasure of the world, we are withdrawing the mind and going inside and searching inside. This is all. The first step for any child is to accept themselves. They should feel comfortable with themselves. Introduce themselves to themselves. This is the first thing which should happen before meditation. When you do not accept yourself, when you do not understand yourself, when you are trying to become somebody else, there is always conflict. Every child is born with a distinct character, distinct idea, distinct constitution. There is nobody same as the other. All are unique creations. There are seven billion people and numerous kinds of other beings, they are all unique creations. Why are there numerous different types of people in the world? Because the world is full of dimensions. Everyone is experiencing a different dimension. There is no comparison. There cannot be any comparison because of difference in constitution of each creation.The world has multiple dimensions. Each person contributes their own dimension into the world. We need that kind of variety. Just imagine, if a person is peaceful with himself, the whole world is peaceful. They are not peaceful with themselves, that’s why they are finding fault with other people. And why is there always difference in opinion? There is difference in opinion and lack of tolerance because we try to impose our knowledge and understanding on  the other person. I always say, “You can show a person where to look, not what to see.“ There is a huge difference here. You have seen the light, so tell the person ”Look there, there is light.” But you should never tell them what light is or how to see. That is their job. Don’t underestimate people. They are all the same, all brilliant. We are never something better than the other person. If we feel that way at all, understand that ego is working. Understand that it is ego which makes you feel better than another person. Stop it immediately for your own benefit. Learn humility.

I like the question, ”Which is the best religion in the world?” The answer is very simple, what you are used to, what you are comfortable with and what you are perhaps born in. It may be that the religion you are born in may not be what you are comfortable in. But what suits you is good for you. There is nothing absolutely good or nothing bad. By changing into another religion or following another religion, there is no guarantee that you will be happy. Jesus Christ was not a Christian. Based on him further generations founded Christianity. Buddha was not a Buddhist. Can you call Krishna a Hindu? This is exactly the point I’m saying. All masters are universal. They cannot be bound to any religion or path. They travel the pathless path based on sheer purpose and need of the hour. We have based the teachings of great masters and we have formed a certain way of living. This way of living is like a rope with which you can climb to the highest level of awareness. This is why we have religions. But the moment we start looking at religion as ”My religion… yours is different…” and we start having conflict, the whole idea about religion is finished!Mohanji quotes - Divinity is in unity, togetherness, oneness

So what should we introduce to the children? Themselves. Not meditation. Introduce children to themselves. Let them understand themselves. Let them understand that 90% of their vital functions are not in their control – heartbeat, blood circulation, digestion, activity of the brain, the system working – all these are happening spontaneously, automatically as per the inherent programming. There is no room for ego here. Once they realize such truths, that these are not in their control, there will be less ego in life. What will be in their control? A given situation, a time, knowledge and we are only working, acting in it. They should learn humility. They should learn tolerance. Then meditation happens. It becomes automatic. The result of every meditation or every spiritual activity should be inner silence. When mind is at peace, meditation is spontaneous. It is easy to withdraw our mind to the peace within. When mind is agitated, its impossible to gather the mind. Hence, avoid agitation through awareness. Be aware of every moment and accept them as they come. If inner silence can be achieved through anything – any activity or inactivity, e.g. some people achieve it through serving people, serving the world. Some people achieve it through meditation, prayer, or chanting… anything is fine as long as you have inner silence. Silence means mind is silent.

And when is the mind really silent?
When the mind has nothing do with you or you have nothing to do with your mind. When you are in absolute realm of acceptance. There is a tangible way to connect there. You have to catch the space between your inhalation or exhalation. And the same space re-appears between your exhalation and inhalation. This is the space worth a billion dollars. 🙂 The space that leads to stillness of mind. In this small space between you inhalation and exhalation as well as exhalation and inhalation, there is a bit of stillness. That bit of stillness if you can develop, that can consume you and lead you to enlightenment.

Remember, our mind is most virile and in the present usually when it is entertained with negativity such as gossips, mediocrity, judgement about other people, criticism, hatred, anger, etc Mind thrives on them. These are the favorite cuisines of the mind, And these are all “fat building” dishes. It builds much fat and obesity in our system. It gives us “jaundiced vision”. It makes us immobile and inflexible. But, when you are on a strict diet, you will be healthier. If you shun these kinds of food, the system will remain clean and healthy. And we will experience a lean life and a clean life.

So when we ask which one is better, religion or humanity, I would definitely say humanity. Which is better meditation or humanity? I would always say humanity. Humanity comes first. Tolerance comes first. We should accept ourselves, we should accept people irrespective of their color, caste, creed, culture, country so on and so forth, we should accept our environment, and then raise it up, raise the awareness and elevate ourselves into subtler consciousness. This is the way to go. Meditation is good, it is definitely much better than competition, but understand what exactly meditation is. What we need to do in the schools now is avoid competition and make them be themselves 100%. Then their potential, their creativity, everything will be high. They will have a bright future. Bright future always depends on how comfortable one is in the present. When you are close to your own inherent nature, you are peaceful and comfortable.
In the scriptures it says, ”Meditation by itself has no value. But introspection leads to contemplation (manana), manana leads to dhyana.” So you have to contemplate on yourself who you are, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, some locations make you happy, some make you moody… There are so many complexities in us. We need to understand them, and we need to address them, from there you automatically slip into meditation. That meditation is real. Then you are meditating on the real you, not just on a concept or imagination. I am in support of meditation, don’t think I’m objecting to it, but I’m telling you do it with awareness.

Mohanji quote - There is a small space, a bit of stillnessQ: How to know if doing service cleanses and liberates us or accumulates karma of doing service in next life?

A: A very good question. It depends on how you do it.
When you feel you are served when serving other people, there is no karma. There are some very rich people – we all have come across some of them, who would say, ”Look, I’ve given a fat cheque for charity.” So they are happy. They have no idea what has happened to the cheque or how it has served the purpose. This is ego, ignorance or you are just escapism. We should feel what we do. It should be from the heart and we should mean it with all humility.
But if you feel yourself as served, which means you feel gratitude for being able to offer something to the world, then it’s fine because it’s humility. Ego keeps the karma. Humility reduces the karma.

Your participation, your feeling towards the world, your commitment towards the world is what makes you real. Otherwise you’re just following others’ instruction, like ”Mohanji said we should do charity, so “because Mohanji said, I am doing it.” It should not be so. It should be because you are feeling this myself. Otherwise you should not do it. Because somebody said you should do, then if somebody else says ”Don’t do it”, then you’ll stop, too.
As for karma of doing service for next life instead of liberation, don’t worry about next life. Because we do not know. Let’s not worry about what we do not know. What is the guarantee we will have a next life? This could be the last one. Let us consider what we can do today, this moment is our only reality. If tomorrow happens, we’ll do something better. But how can we guarantee tomorrow? There is no guarantee. So whatever we do, let us not talk about tomorrow. When we talk about tomorrow, it is non-understanding. Of course if you are a corporate manager of a corporate company, you may have to plan for the next year. Do that, because that’s a part of your job. But understand that is not your nature. Your nature is being here, now. Do whatever you can do right now.

Q: I am no longer in the darkness of unconsciousness and not yet there, at the end results you are speaking about.

A: You see, there is always evolution in existence. One day you did not become xy (your id in this life). If everybody could switch over to the other states so effortessly, then seven billion people would be switching states all the time.

Q: That was an introduction to my question. I am talking to my brother who tells me about things I haven’t done properly, which is perfectly true, he is right, but the problem is that I am aware of it, and still haven’t corrected it completely…

A: Nobody can say that you did not do something in the past right. You did what was “your right” at that time. Past is dead. You cannot bring it back to life. Do what you can do now. Make it better if you could. It all depends on your awareness or capacity at the given point in time.

Q: The person is literally yelling at me.

A: Avoid it if you could. Why do you accept somebody yelling at you? Brother means brother in this life… But the thing is everybody has their space. Every car has its speed or its particular constitution. So you can take an advice, ”I’m suggesting you do it if it is good for you.” You don’t have to buy yelling from anybody, even from a close relative. Nobody has the right to impose anything to anybody. In spirituality, definitely. Because that doesn’t work.

Q: But how should I answer? How should I behave?

A: Behave quietly, with calmness, and say, ”Don’t worry, I am addressing this issue. I have taken your point, it’s well noted, ‘you honour’.” It takes two hands to make a sound. When you are not affected, it is like one hand waving through the air. What happens? No sound. When you are affected it means you have something to do with it. When you are not affected, ok, he is expressing his character. I told you a story in the last retreat, remember? One person was calling another person donkey, monkey, jackal… all sorts of names, and the other person replied with you apple, orange, banana… When asked the calmer guy why he is using the names of fruits, he said – I am expressing my character, he is expressing his character. You have every right to express your calmness. You don’t have to be affected. Just watch it closely. What is happening here? You are not affected, only your ego got affected. This is a god given opportunity to grow beyond your ego. Reply with calmness, you have to practice it, it doesn’t fall from the sky. i often do not respond to people’s mails filled with ego, arrogance and comparisons. I also do not reply to mails echoing ingratitude from people who have been immensely benefited from me in the past and because of someone’s opinion, words or guidance, ignore all the good experience and slander. Better to allow them to keep their opinions and lead our own life in peace and do what best we can do for the world. When we are focused on what more can we do for the world without discrimination, life becomes more purposeful,
These kind of things happen in everybody’s path. I met one girl during one of my programs. She approached me saying, ”I do pujas three hours a day because one guru told me. I am not finding sufficient time to study.” And she was suffocated because of this. She was scared. She thought that if she missed it, she would have a problem – like curse from the Gods or Gurus. Fear has fallen into her. I told her to remove these three hours, and I assured her that if God has any problem, I’ll talk to him. 🙂 🙂 She said, ”Can you tell this to my father?” I told her father the same thing. Let her study, she wants to study, because she’s got examinations coming up. Her father understood. No true God wants anything from you. God is within you. Your inner peace is most important. And Godliness will shine forth when you have inner peace.

Unfortunately, this is not how the world operates, the world gives fear and controls people. Whether it is a relative or anybody, it is all the same. Whatever binds you is not good for you. Whatever liberates you is good for you.

Mohanji quote - Stay with inner peaceQ: Can we achieve higher levels of consciousness not only with initiation by a guru, but also on our own?

A: It’s very simple. Most (ALL) of us have carried certain seeds of enlightenment or spirituality in us. It doesn’t matter which religion, which parents, which society, but we brought them when we were born. So we automatically have a road map in hand. We travel through that and some people reach very high, like in the case of Adi Shankaracharya. At the age of eight he chanted ”Mano budhyahankara…” I’m not the mind, I’m not the body, I’m not the intellect. If at the age of eight he could say that, he had already brought it, which means no guru has taught him. But generally, people who are seeking something outside of them, need somebody to tell them, ”Look, what you are seeking is inside you.”

Q: What is discipleship?

A: Humility. When you feel you don’t know, there is humility. Discipleship is a state where you feel you need to get guidance. It is not a permanent state. It’s a state which gives you that feeling, ”I need to get some information, knowledge,” and you connect to the person who can give you that knowledge. Not only knowledge, it can also be guidance, companionship, anything… but discipleship is something which is truly beautiful.

There is no perpetual disciple or a guru. Only when one feels like a disciple, another becomes a guru. It’s all situational. They are all states and let them be states rather than concepts. There are no people, there are only walking and talking concepts. Who wants concepts?

Q: What is darshan? What happens to a person during darshan?

A: Darshan means to see. To witness. If you meet god or a guru, I would say, it is fulfillment for you.

Q: What is the difference between self-realisation and liberation?

A: Self-realisation is like graduation. You’ve attained a state which is not shake-able. It will not change, it is perpetual. Liberation is an everyday thing. You can be liberated now, you can be staying liberated from your mind, your ego, situations, time… This is liberation. Liberation is more on a general basis. If you are totally liberated while existing, you are totally liberated while leaving. But enlightenment is a state where you achieve a certain level of stability.

Q: Is there a level over which we should not go?
A: There is a saying, “My eyes are already up, what am I doing on earth?” The same thing. Your frequency is already high, so your dependency on earth is less. You will be walking on the Earth, you’ll be doing everything, but your frequency is already connected to dimensions much subtler and intangible on earth. This is the state of many great yogis. Understand that this is all spontaneous, just like the scenes that we see through the window of a running train. States and experiences keep shifting and changing.

M 249There is nothing like a level over which we should not exceed. Because it is not that you are choosing. It’s happening. The moment you start meditating you are connecting, evolving, growing, shifting states… For example, in the early 2000s, I was living alone and I was having a job, no family, nothing, so at that time I was meditating from 3am every day. I used to wake up at 2:30am, take a bath, meditate at 3am, up to 8am I was meditating. I was the head of a company, so I had some freedom. I was completely cut off from the world for five hours, in total meditation. Then it also shifted to the evening. But normally in corporate jobs, we had parties and business meetings in the evening, I started losing interest in all these things. I would attend the party just for the sake of it because I was the head of a company, but otherwise I used to meditate. When I would come home, I sometimes used to meditate until 11 or midnight depending on the mood. There were times when I meditated the whole day till the next day. This was spontaneous, not that I chose it. I don’t choose it. If there is an opportunity, it happens. Being spontaneous is the key. Purpose should be clear total liberation. It is like setting your navigator for a particular destination. Then, if you will not take detours, the navigator will take you to where you want to go. So you are neither bound, nor you are committed to anything, it just flows. And frequency shifts are spontaneous. I cannot say which frequency I can shift to because I don’t know the frequency. I don’t know what is possible. But it’s spontaneously shifting to different dimensions and that is why I never told anybody until now that I’m enlightened, or even a guru, because these are all concepts which you don’t have to carry. Why to keep a lot of weight on your head? we don’t have to prove anything to the world. What can you prove to the world? Something tangible.Right? I can only give you something which I can bring or deliver. I cannot give you an experience, which means I can guide you to an experience and the experience has to happen within you. I can only give you what is outside of me, which is temporary. But if you are connected to my consciousness, you’ll probably achieve the state I am in, which is relatively permanent. You understood the difference? So frequency shifts are spontaneous, automatic and inevitable. You don’t have to do anything for it. All you have to do is, I always say, keep going ahead. Do not stagnate. If you happen to come across or connect to a master of higher frequency and you are convinced about it and you are sure that he is not pretending or you are infatuating, until death, don’t leave him.
I have met many great souls who look like nothing in real life. There is a saying “Great lovers of the world looked nothing in real life”. Like wise, great spiritual masters lead extra ordinarily unassuming existence. One of my experience – It happened last year. One person, a master, who wears normal trousers and shirt, goes in public bus, you would not even know that he is a master, but he is a very, very evolved person. I connected to him. He was in his 70s, hospitalised due to a stroke. I was doing a programme in Bangalore. He was in the hospital – in another city about an hour away by flight. He thought about me.“If only I met Mohanji.” It was just one thought. He was just wishing inside, he didn’t tell anybody. He just thought “I want to meet Mohanji.” I could not sit in Bangalore. I took the next flight. Something was telling me, “I must go now.” I told the people who were organizing the programs to get me the ticket that very day. I immediately took the flight, went there, reached the hospital, and saw him. Then he said, “I was thinking, oh, if only I met Mohanji, I would be happy.” His thought was so strong, I could not sit there! I went there. So this is the connection we are talking about. You don’t need to say anything, it is so strongly felt. Then he told me, “You should give me shaktipat.” I told him, “You are a great master, I am a small person, I shouldn’t …” He said, “No, you must give me shaktipat. This is my wish.” I remember giving him shaktipat. I have given shaktipat to thousands of people in this world. I touched his third eye with my thumb, and this is what I was feeling, I my eyes were closed, a golden ball left my hand, went into him, it fell down into him, inside him, from his head, which was completely empty. He was like an empty pot. There was nothing inside him. It fell down, hit the bottom and it just came up like a wave. Such an amazing experience! I went into trance, I fell into a meditative mode, he also went into a trance state, and we sat like that for half an hour… And then he told me, “You have arrived.” I said, “Thank you.” This is the beauty. I can cross the seven seas to meet one person who is really ready and eligible. This is my satisfaction. But a person who is empty like this, and just completely vibrant, that is amazing! That is why I say your frequency is all spontaneous, and it’s such a beautiful feeling. It’s not a ritual, no doing, nothing. It’s connection from the heart, and you love for no reason, you just love. Love is what we are!

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

The Pathless Path

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia on 1st March 2015, Part 1

Mohanji started answering the questions directly from the list prepared from emails so that no time is wasted on waiting until somebody breaks the ice… He looked at the list and said, ”I could answer all these questions in a one-word sentence – AWARENESS. Awareness is the key. Awareness opens the door and wisdom flows.”
But he patiently talked more for the sake of clarity, feeding and soothing the hungry minds hoping there will be more inner silence and peace inside everybody.
After the satsang, during the inverted pyramid cleansing technique, tears of bliss and relief from discarded heaviness of mind were rolling down some faces… it was the preparation for shaktipat – gifted directly by Mohanji, people were thirstily soaking in as much divine energy as they could take… Mohanji 1 Q: Could you explain the difference the difference between pathlessness and non-commitment?

A: Pathlessness is our daily life. Look at what thought is going to happen in the next moment. Do you know what you are going to think in the next moment? Only when a thought happens you understand or realize that a particular thought has happened, and one thought leads to another, and that one leads to another… This is our existence. This is exactly the pathlessness. We flow just like a river, the river flows in its own way and reaches its destination – the ocean. As the river eventually becomes the ocean, limited beings flow through lifetimes and finally when all their individual karma ends attains immortality. This is pathlessness. It means accepting the reality as it is and also accepting the environment as it is. Accepting yourself and the environment fully and completely and flowing with life without fear, guilt, judgement or self-pity is pathless-path.

Non-commitment is something from the mind. That too, only from the waking mind. You cannot have non-commitment when you are sleeping, or when you are dreaming. You can have non-commitment only when you are awake, and that is completely with the mind or the intellect. It has nothing to do with your true reality. You are committing or non-committing based on your likes and dislikes, not based on the reality. Reality could be something else because you see the world as you are. You do not see the world as it really is or as it is. You see the world as you are. That is why I explained the story of five people going to see “The Titanic“ in the previous satsang. Five people had five different opinions about the film. Why is it so? It is the same cinema, the same director, the same actors, everything is the same, but five people had five different opinions about the film. This is because each individual and each person is completely original, not duplicated. Every person is original, that is why everybody has original opinion, original understanding. In our path, we call it pathlessness because whatever comes is accepted. Whatever happens is accepted. There is no resistance. You can see pathlessness in action with animals very well. A car hit a cat on the road and one of its legs was broken. It cried for some time and soon it pulled itself to one side of the road, safe from traffic, stopped crying and started licking its wound and it started adjusting to its new life realities. Look at ourselves – We would have cried all the time until the leg is fully healed! This is because of non-connection to the reality and emotions churned out by concepts as well as expectations. We compare, “My neighbour didn’t have an accident. I had an accident, so it is not justified.“ We always ask “Why Me?” whenever there is a personal sorrow. We compare and we suffer. We manipulate it in the mind. We think and manipulate. Otherwise the reality is happening, “Ok, it is raining so I need an umbrella.“ So you’re adapting to the time, adapting to the situation. Pathlessness is being in the now, being in the present, and being in the reality, accepting the reality as it is and ourselves as we are. We cannot be another person, everybody else has already been taken 🙂 We can only be ourselves, hence we have to accept ourselves completely. And nobody is higher or lower in creation. Please understand that clearly. Nobody is permanently a  guru or a disciple. A guru happens only when there is a disciple. When a person decides that he is a disciple, then there is a guru. Otherwise it’s all human beings… or just beings. And also they are just functional roles such as a guru can also be a father, a husband, a son, a lover, a brother, an employer or an employee or something else – or all of it – everything. He is not a guru all the time. So everything is relative in this creation. We must understand that it’s a flow. The flow is going on. It’s happening beautifully all through the time and in the world. So don’t be stagnated at any point. Do not be bound by any concept. Take what is good for you, leave what is not good for you. Mohanji quote - Pathlessness is being in the nowWhen I’m talking to you, I assume the role of a teacher. When I walk in the street, I’m a pedestrian. When I’m playing with Mila, I’m her father. So each time it’s not the same. There is one individual and his various dimensions. The moment you stick yourself to one dimension and consider yourself as that, you’re stuck. Then there is no movement. You are stagnated and suffocated too. Otherwise, you are flowing. You are flowing through each dimension and you are happy in each dimension. There is completion at each level. Happiness is a perpetual thing. It cannot be only at certain times. It has to be together, it’s a flow. So happiness is flowing and you are in various roles at various times. In literature, there is a term called “round character“. Round character is something which everybody can connect to at every level. It says, Lord Krishna is one of the prime examples of round character. He had a life of everything. He was playing around as a child, he was a king, he was also a good politician, a lover, a husband, God… every angle you take, Lord Krishna can fit into it. likewise, all of us have multiple roles. Why aren’t we able to become a round character all the time is because we do not adjust to every level. We do not accept it. We do not accept, not that others do not accept. But one person will be looking at you as a friend. Another person will be looking at you as a lover, another will be looking at you as a father… like that various people will be looking at you in various dimensions from their own perspective, so everything is you. There cannot be something which is not you, whether your mind accepts it or not. This is the truth. So the pathlessness is being yourself 100% and being with the time, flowing with the time, and being fluid, being like water. This is pathlessness. Non-commitment is a mental thing and it can change. Whatever is in the mind changes, and keeps changing. So non-commitment is a thing from the mind, and only when you are awake, so it’s very small and no comparison to the state of pathlessness.

Q: Spiritual people are depressive because they are anti-world…

A: This is absolutely a terribly wrong understanding. If spiritual people are escapists, then they are definitely depressive to the other people. (laughing) There is a big difference. When you are in depression, and are in no mood to meet people, and you are in isolation, this is totally different.

But in spirituality, when you attained inner peace and you are absolutely still inside, and you are not pushed into speaking, pushed into acting, or even pushed into thinking, this is a completely different state. From outside it all looks the same. depressive The key reason for every depression is expectation. You are expecting something from the world, or the people, or the time, or the situations, or environment and from yourself. If it consistently does not happen, the person falls into depression. It can be that we can neither handle our expectation, nor others’ expectation. Both can lead to the same situation. But in spirituality, step by step, you are withdrawing from everything which is probably binding you on earth, and you are connecting to your inner core and you are bringing all your senses, the mind, intellect, everything onto one point, and you are absolutely still inside, the mind is absolutely still, it’s absolute peace, absolute silence, and absolute stillness. When you look from the outside, you may not know the difference.

STORY 1 – Sitting quiet saint

peace withinIn one temple, there was one saint who was called “sitting quiet saint”. Nobody knew his real name. There were many saints who used to live in the temple premises along with our Sitting Quiet Saint. The temple was a rich temple. The other saints used to help in some chores of the temple while this saint never used to do anything. He just kept being quiet and totally idle. As the other saints were staying in the temple, but they were all participating in various activities, while this man was not doing anything and he just sat in the corner, quiet, the authorities of the temple became unhappy. Even when the people come to sweep the floor in that area, he wouldn’t move. They all got annoyed with him. The temple used to give food to all the saints there. All the people working at the temple, used to get food from the temple. One day the authorities decided, ”This man should not be given food. He is not doing anything.” And they didn’t give him food for a couple of days. He didn’t say anything, he just sat at the same place without food. One wise man told the authorities, ”Can one of you try doing the same? Can you sit idle without any talk or any movement for two hours?” Nobody, not even the other saints could sit quietly for a few hours. Then they understood that this man has completely silenced his mind. So, from outside, you can never understand the consciousness. You can only have the physical form and the expressions. Unfortunately that is the only understanding you will get. But the moment you start connecting to yourself, to your inner core, you will start to understand the inner core of other people, too. So it is important that you have to go inside, to see outside. That may look like depression to people.But, the effect of inner silence is fulfillment, contentment, absolute stillness and state of bliss. So I already destroyed this question or rather statement HA HA Spiritual people are not anti-world. They have nothing to do with the world. That is why. They have nothing to do with people, they have nothing to do with time, situations, money, nothing. So you may think they are anti-world. They are very happy with the world, but they want nothing from it. This is actually a very funny statement for me that saints are depressive, ha, ha. No complaints to the question, I see it from the other angle, that’s why I am laughing. Ignorance of the world. What else?

STORY 2 – Concepts buster

There was a great saint called Shankar Maharaj. He left his body many years ago. His tomb is in Pune in India, near Mumbai. He was an amazingly powerful master. Do you know what he used to do full-time? Drink alcohol. He used to sit in one corner and drink. people would come to see him, give him alcohol and he would drink and smoke. Shankar MaharajA lot of people would sit in front of him. He would not be doing anything. He would be sitting and drinking alcohol. All the people around him would be drunk without consuming a drop of it. He would still be fine. He was not sharing any alcohol, he was drinking it all himself. But everybody got intoxicated, and nothing happened to him. Even today, people offer cigarettes at his tomb. Instead of incense sticks and flowers they offer cigarettes. And they give the ash of cigarette as a his blessing. Why did he do that? Just to destroy the concepts of people. If we start drinking because our guru did, we will just become drunkards and we would not become enlightened, ha, ha, ha. But why did he do that? Because we have a concept of a guru. We say, ”Guru should be like this… ” or a spiritual person should be like this, he should not do this or he should not do that… He wanted to destroy the whole thing. Now, how do we know then that he is a real master? There are various stories. He would suddenly go to a house at random, when the master of the house was probably not there. He would tell the ladies of the house, ”Please bathe me.” What would the ladies do? It’s a big embarrassment right – to bathe a complete stranger. If a stranger comes into your house, and asks you, ”Please bathe me.” What would we feel? Sankar Maharaj would understand that they are embarrassed and didn’t know what to do with his request. Suddenly, he would become a small child. Then they would bathe him, and once he goes out, he would become normal again. He was so powerful. He could change his form, he could have multiple dimensions, but he lived a life which is probably not agreeable to many people of the society. This is what I mean to say. They are not anti-world. They are destroying your illusions. There have been many people. Shirdi Sai-Original-sitting-on-stoneShirdi Sai Baba, for example. He used to sit in one corner and smoke. When he smoked, other people’s karmas would get burned. And at that time, because he smoked and ate onion, many people said, ”We don’t want to follow a master like this.” Who lost the opportunity? People lost the great opportunity because of their concepts. This is how it is, ”Everybody should look like Jesus,” ”Everybody should look like Krishna or Buddha…”, We have this thing in our mind. So what we do is we do not accept a living master. We accept somebody who is already in the past, who has been approved. There was also a very powerful master Adi Shankaracharya. He lived only 32 years, yet he did so many things. One day, while he was wandering, he suddenly became hungry. So he went to one house and said, ”Please give me some food.” They were a very poor family. The lady came and said, ”There is nothing in the house. Even we do not have any food to eat, here.” But they were very pious people, very good people. He told the lady, ”Please go to the kitchen and check, there will be something.” She said, ”No, I’m coming from the kitchen, there is nothing there.” He insisted, and she decided to go and check again. She checked every place, there was nothing. Then in one bottle, there was one gooseberry, the small fruit. There was just one. She brought it and gave it to him. He said, ”I told you, there will be something.” He ate that fruit and threw its seed away, there was immediately a sudden shower of golden gooseberries on the ground outside. Wealth in the form of Golden gooseberries flowed to them. They became very rich. This family still exists. It is a true story. In the past, no household used to leave any wandering saints without giving them some food to eat. And they used to shower blessings on the household. A wandering monk! We may not even feel anything, but there are very high potential masters, and they wander like nothing. Not because they are anti-world, they have nothing to do with the world.

Q: How to develop proper relationship with the world of Maya (illusion) which gives one joy, but not to be attached to it? Mohanji quote - The more external you areA: This is very simple. There are temporary pleasures, and there is perpetual HAPPINESS. Discriminate between these. E.g. I am having a good meal, at that time I’m happy, then I need another meal at another time. This is our usual thing. One pleasure leads to another, then to another and another… Because there is no way we can extend these pleasures. You need to connect to something which gives you permanent happiness. That CANNOT be a material outside of you! Because whatever is outside of you whether it is a person, a time, a situation or an event is temporary. It changes. The moment it changes, it starts affecting us. When someone who we used to live with dies, we cry ”Oh, if only the person is alive!” But when the person is alive,  all our concerns will be such that he is snoring or he is boring, or he is drinking rakija (Serbian brandy), all such things… We fail to appreciate the goodness in anyone and we fail to love them. HA, HA. The moment he dies, we wail ”Oh God, You took him away, what will I do now?” This is human life. The world of illusion is something which gives you temporary pleasures. The world of spirituality is one which always keeps you permanently happy. This is the discrimination which we should have. And how will you have it? Only when you start connecting to yourself. You are happy when a person is around, you are happy when the person is not there, too. If you are bound by a time, a situation, a place, a material, food, anything…, you are not happy. Because if you don’t have that, you will become sad. But if you are comfortable whether it’s there or not, you’ll always be happy. This is the difference. This is the understanding we need to have. Understand what is binding you, whether it is a place, a situation, a time… be careful… anything. Be aware of the things that bind you. Even if it is a guru or a method, a teaching, religion. Anything without which you cannot survive means you are bound. You are born free and you will die free. You are born alone and you will die alone. There is no compromise here. This is the way we operate. We are all human beings, we are all equally powerful, everybody has every potential. go within

Don’t think that enlightenment is coming from outside into you. Enlightenment is sitting inside you. When you remove all your inner darkness, enlightenment happens inside you! It must sprout from within, not from outside of us.

We are all searching outside for knowledge, enlightenment… all these things. That is why we fall into ritualistic activity. And that is why we cannot find it easily. We are searching at the wrong places for the right thing. All the time whatever you ever needed is within you. So how to develop a proper relationship between illusion and joy? Awareness. Simple. Be always aware. You can mainly be aware when you are in a waking state. But you can also be aware when you are sleeping as well. You will not “fall” into sleep, instead you will slip into sleep. When you are constantly aware of your waking time, which means you are aware of your time, your space, your movements, activity, thinking, talking, everything you are aware of, then it will transcend to moving into sleep state, too. So your awareness will always be above you. It will reach a state like that. You are going above and you are going through the states i.e. waking state, dreaming state, deep sleep state, all the time you are watching from above. You are not bound by anything on earth. At the same time you are fully active on earth, because you are like a child, innocent and happy. You are happy with people, with situations, you are happy with good and bad, happiness or sorrow, night and day etc. Otherwise you are always in the doing mode, ”I have to do this, I have to do that…” working, stressing, heart beating faster, and tired and exhausted. This is the difference. This exhaustion is non-understanding, freedom is understanding. You are born free, and you have to die free. This is the understanding. Children express freedom full-time! If they don’t get the chocolate, they will cry. We also like to cry, but we consider ourselves as adults. This is the big problem. Do we have to fall into the ”brackets” of being an adult if the cost is detachment from spontaneity and our very nature? Or if the cost is masking or losing ourselves, our individuality, naturality and flexibility? This is not necessary. Being ourselves is very important rather than “doing” ourselves. We are in a hurry to “do” ourselves based on our acquired concepts. In this rush, we fail to “be” ourselves. This is the cause of all insecurities and fear of failures. If we are being ourselves, there is no room for any fear. When we are ourselves, we are complete. When we have to be someone else, we are unnatural. This is the same with living and managing expectations of others as well. Whatever affects our naturality is not good for us. Be Aware.Mohanji 1 Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic