Time with Mohanji, Part 3

Interview with Jolita Kelias


Power of Purity  - kerala-meditation-J: Does ego like gratitude?

M: Ego is against gratitude. Ego and gratitude do not go together.

J: I have practised gratitude and also through Power of Purity meditation. I understand that gratitude is a big part of Power of Purity meditation.

M: Gratitude is substratum on which the life is built, life in the sense ‘known’ life. Gratitude is an expression through which we will eradicate the blockages or the baggage which you’ve been unknowingly carrying for a long time. It also prevents from further accumulation of negative stuff within you. It clears it off. Just imagine your inner space being full of junk, how do you feel? Just like when our house is full of junk, how do you feel? Like the house, our inner space has to be cleaned. The best way is move on into the action of selflessness, gratitude, love. It automatically opens the doors and windows and cleanses the whole area. It’s not about your spiritual practices, you can do sadhana for quite some time, but if inner space is not clean, it will not work on you. You can have an elaborate meditation processes, programmes, gurus… You can do all sorts of things, but if your inner space is contaminated, how do you progress? You can’t progress. So this is very important to know that your inner space has to be maintained clean. If your inner space is clean, even if you don’t do any sadhana, you automatically evolve.

J: Is shaktipat during the meditation one method of cleansing?

M: Shaktipat is a software change. It changes your constitution in one go and that helps you to move into different awareness levels. It burns the debris, or chaff that was accumulated within in one go. Just like a sudden fire or electricity which burns the chaff. Then you have better space. You have a better view of things, from a better perspective. It actually changes your awareness levels. And you will know the results in the days to come. You may not know it immediately, but in the days to come, you will feel the difference. Something has changed. Something has happened. the results depend on your constitution, it could be lightness or something else. Some people tend to sleep more. Why do they tend to sleep more is because in order to absorb the energy which they acquired into the system, you need silence. The best way is to sleep so that it soaks into every cell of your system. Some people become hungry, some people lose appetite, so depending on their constitution the effects would happen. They will be different, but they will happen for sure. Hundreds of testimonials are coming by people who are contacting me because of that.

mohanji giving shaktipat

Shaktipat removes your blockages, it shifts your consciousness, it shifts you in such a way that you can access a different consciousness. That is the point. Some people do not get any result. Why? If you bring me a cup filled with water, what more can I pour for you? If you give me an empty cup, I can fill it up. Some people come with filled up cups. I can give them nothing more because they are already full. They cannot take anything more, even if I give, it will overflow and spill over. So some people who say they have never got any experience, brought me a full vessel. People who are initiated into shaktipat give the same results, they deliver the same staff.

J: Can anyone give shaktipat?

M: Everybody has the potential to give shaktipat, but the thing is that for me to initiate somebody, that person needs to be able to carry the energy which I transmit. (Watch Who gets initiated into shaktipat)

J: How do you know when the person is eligible?

M: It’s a spontaneous awareness, when somebody comes in front of me I know that is the person who might get initiated. There aren’t any guidelines to do that, but it’s like you know, “OK, this is the person.” And it is hundred percent correct. Those are the people who give shaktipat. Otherwise even if I initiate one, they cannot give any experience to people. It depends on their capacity to contain the energy which I transmit through them. This capacity has to be perfect, otherwise I cannot initiate. Even if I initiate, it would not work.


J: Mohanji, what is the real story of the Power of Purity meditation?

M: The meditation came to me in one of my communions. I woke up early in the morning, I was telepathically communicated, “Write something.” I opened the laptop and started typing. I had no clue what I was typing. And the whole meditation was typed in about ten minutes, even the ambience was given. Then I asked the question (it is all telepathic communication with higher masters), “What am I supposed to do with this, am I supposed to meditate?” So the answer came, “No, you are supposed to teach it.” I said, “I am an introvert. I am a person who wouldn’t like to go out in front of people and conduct a meditation programmes, it is very difficult for me.” Then I got the answer, “That is not the problem. People will come to you. And those who come to you, please understand, are sent by us.” That was the answer. Then it automatically developed into the shape it is today.

J: How long did it take to evolve into what it is today?

M: From 2007 to 2011 (now). It has been translated into many languages, into German, Russian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Indian languages such as Hindi, Malayaman, Tamil… Many people practise it and get results. If they did not get results, they would not come to me, right? So this was a higher plan which happened through me, I would consider this as an honour.

ShaktipatJ: Have you ever wished for this process of Power of Purity meditation growing and expanding faster?

M: Actually not. I decided to settle down away from people in Himalayas three times. I actually went there three times, and all the three times I met somebody and they sent me back. My idea was to renounce and go to Himalayas and meditate for the rest of my life. But apparently that is not the plan of the divinity. This meditation was given and I am talking… It is not easy, because people do not look at you with kindness, they think, “This guy has some interior motives.” Even though I don’t charge money, even though I do not demand anything, even a cup of tea from people. But people will still accuse of having a private agenda, or saying that he is selfish, whatever. I work for a living so that I can give this free, as service from my side. It is not easy to operate in the world with a tool such as purity, because people will not even buy purity, they do not believe that such thing exists. Or if you say “unconditional love”, they would say, “Unconditional love? What are you talking about? It doesn’t exist. Are you joking?” Something like that.

Power of Purity -meditation-in-the-house group healing the abused girls in Johannesburg
Power of Purity -meditation-in-the-house group healing the abused girls in Johannesburg

To express, to practise and to make a movement out of it is not easy. But a few people who really have eyes to see will see. Those people will come. The rest would come and say, “No, no, no, there must be something else,” because they are suspicious. Doubts are a part of human existence. Mind poses doubts. Mind must pose doubts, because that is the nature of mind.

J: How do you react when you see people doubting in such a way?

M: I do not try to reason them. I tell them this is what I am trying to do, but if they choose not to understand, I leave them. OK, there is no problem. For human eyes what glitters is gold. People like glitters, they like to see a big organisation, big gurus, big posters, things which are accepted by the masses are accepted by the common man. So they like to follow something which is accepted by all, thinking that this will be the right thing. When you say something that is completely different, and then you try to move into the same society, the same thing for free, they think, “Oh, this should be some fake stuff.” Or they say, “You practise the same meditation every day!? Don’t you get bored?” Where is the boredom happening? Because the mind needs variety. It craves for variety. And if you insist on having the same thing done every day, the mind falls apart. Because of repetition, mind has nothing to feed on. Also, each time you perform this meditation you have a different experience. All the people who connect say, “I have a different experience, I have a different feeling, I have a different awareness.” Why is this happening? Because you are getting the space to feel between the thoughts. Otherwise thoughts are in a rush. You get a space and then you have an experience. This is exactly what happens. I feel nothing, if people do not understand, what can I do? It is their awareness level, some they may understand. But I don’t try to push myself, I don’t impose myself. I tell my people not to impose myself or Power of Purity meditation on anybody. If they spontaneously get attracted to come, they are welcome. If they want to go, they are welcome. I never said this is the only path. There are hundreds of paths, hundreds of rivers leading to the ocean. This is one of the paths. If you like to walk this path, you are welcome. If you do not like, no problem. Do not feel guilty, nor feel anxious, and don’t do things for me. Do something for yourself.

J: I noticed that way you conduct the Power of Purity meditation is quite interesting because I saw yesterday there was food that you put at the feet of masters, you blessed it and did a meditation, and everybody who participated in that meditation had that meal and it was all free. I understand that this is your vision, to give food that will be free of charge, accessible to everyone who is a part of that group.

M: For a hungry man food is god. Or god comes in the form of food. If you are very hungry, the only thing you have on your mind is to have food. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to human beings, or any beings on earth is food. I surrender everything to the masters, or the gurus of the traditions. All traditions are one. I offer that to the gurus and in the name of that, I offer it to people. When I have my own space, or build a hermitage, I would like to feed people free. Whoever comes will get food free. I hope I can do that. It is not for any cause, this is our expression of love. We give food for free; regardless of whether a man is rich or poor, whichever religion, cast, creed, colour, nothing matters. Everybody is the same. When we are in deep sleep state, you don’t know whether you are a man or a woman, to which country you belong to, we are all one, aren’t we? I don’t believe in any kind of demarcations. I don’t believe in any barriers. I don’t believe in any religion or I believe on ALL religions. It should be common to all. Everybody has the same feeling when they are hungry. Everybody feels sad when they are sad. Sadness is the same, it doesn’t change with nationalities. So I like to give food and if possible, I like to give clothes as well. Furthermore I’d like to give medicines. You may say it’s too ambitious, but that’s what I’m trying to achieve. If I have my own space, I would like to give all this.

J: Well, you have to start from something.

M: Yes.


Mohanji quote - Unconditional love isJ: You talk and promote unconditional love a lot. What is unconditional love?

M: Expectation is opposite of unconditional love. Whatever is without expectation, whatever you give spontaneously, out of selflessness, is unconditional love.

J: We believe and we know that it works like that, when we give we will also receive. Is this still selfless?

M: No. You have a desire there. You have a desire for something to receive, that is not unconditional.

J: I have a desire to do selfless service, to give. Universe or masters will automatically deliver to you.

M: Yes, but you don’t have to think about that. You don’t have to think now what you are going to get, because it comes. If it doesn’t come, it’s OK. Unconditional love is a state where the tree gives shelter or shade to the woodcutter. Have you observed a tree? It never gives shade for itself. Have you watched a candle? Candle is not burning for its own sake. It doesn’t need the light, it gives the light.

J: By being an instrument?

M: By being an instrument to illuminate the world. It is not worried about the light it gets. A candle is not worried about its own light. A tree is not worried about its own shade, it never basks in its shade. We cannot hide under our own shadow. This is unconditional love. If you are like a candle, there is no worry, no anxiety, no fear. And when you are completely in the mode of giving, the whole world is yours.


mohanji-namaste 1J: Once I was thinking what my purpose is, what I would like to do… Then I had a beautiful vision where I saw myself in a dark place in a circle with and saw a master appear to me saying, “Jolita, your light has no shine. Let your light shine.” It happened in 2010. I remember asking myself, “What light is he talking about?” I was happy meditating, seeing myself covered in light, etc. Later I met an artist at an exhibition, who was a photographer who offered me to write an article about her. That is when I understood that my job would be to be an instrument of shining that light forward. People live an inspirational message. People live inspirational work. Putting that forward myself, through my own effort, with me myself being in the background.

M: Not necessarily. You are doing a great job. You don’t have to worry about it. You can also lead by example. Because when you are visible, you have more mileage. People recognise you, “Jolita is doing this, so I could also try it this way.” You could lead by example. Of course, support the poor, support the helpless, support the needy, definitely. But lead by example so that ten other people get inspired to also do the same. This is also a good karma or good thing to do for the world.

J: Yes, I do see myself leading through example by channeling myself through my hard work, facing the difficulties and challenges that are coming and just pick it up.

M: Very good idea.

J: And that is what you are doing, just being…

M: 🙂 Ha, ha.

J: And I am just coming, basking in your energy, getting that energy, getting cleansed, leaving all those dirty things here and I go back to London. Fantastic, isn’t it?

M: It’s amazing.

J: I am very, very grateful to be here in hour home, your presence, very grateful to know you, to be a part of this family…

M: Spread the light around. When you are light, spread it around. Remove the blockages, so that you let the light shine further. If everybody does that, the world will be full of brightness. I personally do not need anything. My requirements are very low. But I always tell people, if you want to do something for me, spread the brightness, in your own way, in your own style. Help ten people, birds, animals… Everything that moves has a soul. Let the brightness touch that soul and that soul is part of your soul. So there is a brotherhood there. If you nurture that brotherhood, you are automatically elevating yourself. When your consciousness spills over and spreads, when you see your own reflection in everybody’s eyes, you are universal.

J: It is a wonderful feeling.

M: Yes, it is a wonderful feeling. Otherwise you will not see your reflection anywhere. Then you feel, “What is my worth? What am I supposed to do here?” This is depressing. People roam around searching for the purpose in life. Purpose lies within them! Spread the brightness, that is the purpose of most people, everybody can do that. And if you spread the brightness, the world will be brighter.


Mohanji quote - Be the sun to lifeJ: Somebody did ask me a couple of days ago, “How can I find purpose?” The only thing I could think of to say was “What makes you feel good, what talent or gift you possess, that is your life.” Do you think I answered correctly?

M: Let’s define “purpose”. First, you will fulfill your karmic purpose anyway. That is from birth till death, you have a shopping list to complete. You have the fuel for the complete journey. You brought it. You decided, “I need this much time to fulfill this many desires.” So you have taken the body, the mind and intellect to fulfill the journey. This is within you, at your hand, you do not need to do anything for it. Second and third are the two things which are non-karmic. One is dharma towards your own family where you were born as a child. We play various roles within the family. We are responsible and have to fulfill them to the best of our abilities. To take care of the children, take care of the parents, we protect them, we love them, make harmony within the family. The other one is dharma towards the society, or making harmony within the society. If these three are put together, this is the purpose of everybody’s existence. So karmic journey is happening whether you like it or not, don’t worry. Dharmic journey needs to be cultivated. Cultivate it, one is domestic, the other one is outside the house, when these three are put together, you do a fulfilling job, your life is complete. Each individual has a different flavour. Someone is an artist, somebody is a painter, somebody is an engineer, somebody is a doctor… OK. Walk your own path.

J: In other words, be of service to other people?

M: Correct. So that your life becomes worthwhile, your life becomes complete. Otherwise, you will always feel, “Oh what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is it worth it?” And then your self-esteem goes down. So what is the reason for losing self-esteem? It is lack of awareness, lack of understanding, in a word – ignorance.

J: Now looking at me, what advice would you give to me?

M: Spread the brightness.

J: Even if I face challenges, difficulties?

M: Challenges are all right, they are a part of life, keep going. Challenges have to be tackled, or just observe them. Nothing stays forever. A road block has to be cleared some day. If you can take a detour, take a detour. If you can’t take a detour, wait until it’s over, have patience and when the road clears, continue the journey. But don’t stagnate there, stagnation is death, movement is life. You cannot drink stale water, right? If water stagnates for a long time, you cannot drink it. While if fresh water pours all the time, you can always consume it. Let the life be like that. Keep nourishing people, so that it’s always fresh.

J: Be visible?

M: Be visible not for the sake of your ego. Be visible for the sake of giving more, because you want to give more. That is noble. But if it is for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of selfishness, e.g. I want to be visible because I want to make money etc., this is negative. Where will you take the money? You have to leave everything before you go. When a person dies, they carry nothing. Even the body is left behind. Whatever you make here has to be left behind. We come empty-handed, we go empty-handed. Whatever you accumulate in between, even the qualifications, awards, recognitions, all is left behind.

J: Only the name stays?

M: Even the name sometimes does not stay. E.g. our great grandfather was a great man, but do we know him? Do we know his name? We don’t. So, it’s as good as that. Temporary. Maybe our next generation will think about us. The generation after that may not even think about us. Because they don’t know what this fellow had been doing all those days. And if we nurture our anxieties and fears it is all absolutely useless, because it is what our forefathers had been doing, and probably the next generation will do. So use the time for something better, something more meaningful. That’s worth it.

J: This conversation with Mohanji has been an enlightening journey for me. It lasted over an hour, however I hope that the questions that I asked and the conversation that i had with Mohanji did help you.

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