From Duality to Oneness

From Satsang at Sediba Retreat, South Africa, September 2013


Q: Each of us will attain liberation one day, nobody will not attain it. It is a fundamental truth about Christianity, at this cross section, somebody will go to Heaven and somebody will go to Hell.
A: In principle, everybody will have salvation. Everybody has to go. It’s like the supreme Father has to go, so when the show is over, “Come back!” So all the good and bad will come back, merge and finish. That’s it. Once it’s dissolved, there is no duality.

Q: The cycle will not continue after it?
A: Cycle can continue, it depends on the maintenance of duality. It goes on for trillions of years. However, if we consider it from our limited duration, e.g. 80 years, we will not understand the size of that activity. Now consider this in an objective way. Wherever there is brightness, there is the possibility of shade as well, darkness. When light is absent, there is darkness. When light comes, darkness disappears. So there is distinct duality on the plane, the light and the shade.

What maintains duality


Mohanji quote - Wherever there is brightness

In that context, shade means ignorance or non-understanding, or tamas, inertia. Brightness and white light is full understanding, consciousness, purity, beauty. If you look at the path of beauty, purity, bright light, you can say that every being will merge sooner or later. Temporary detours do happen, but finally they will merge. In the case of shade, shade is dependent on light for its existence, but at the same time, it also has its relevance. I’m just throwing thoughts to consider. Shade has its validity. Shade says, “This area, this is the reality.” You cannot see, you have to believe. “You are not as great as you think, you are only this.” So you automatically have a conflict there. This conflict happens in everyone’s mind. This light-and-shade show goes on in everybody’s mind! Nobody is immune to it. That is also the reason why we doubt ourselves – because we listen to the shade and we feel, “Maybe that is right, I must consider that.” But if you consider light, I’d say, “No, I am the absolute brightness, I’m fine. I’m moving on.” Shades will happen, like the saying, “If you start throwing stones at every dog that barks at you, you will never reach your destination.” Ha, ha. It is similar. We have to contain this sound, but often we can’t. Somebody will say something. It could be a human being, a thought, a message, an email, facebook, whatever, but it provokes an action or reaction from us, within us. And that delays us. It makes us take a detour. This is one side.

Negative entities

So on one side, liberation, yes, it is guaranteed for all, no problem.

Second, there are negative entities, the entities who chose to stay in the negative, and thus duality is maintained. Just like us, just like the white, negative entities are all the same. Their interest is sadistic pleasure, more or less. Like, you bought a beautiful car, one boy was jealous, he picked up a stone and threw it at the car. His job is done. He is happy. He manifested his jealousy in a ‘beautiful’ way, “ha, ha, he is out of the game”. You have to repair the car, right? This is the point I am making. It’s easy to throw a stone, but to rectify the whole thing, takes time, and that’s agony. You have to spend money, you have to spend time… all these things will happen.
If everything is good, you will never understand what good is. If there is no villain in a fiction film, you will never know who the hero is. Who will James Bond fight with? 🙂 You need to have an opponent. The opponent is one that binds you, controls you, enslaves you, makes you do things which you probably never wanted to do, and makes you miserable. That aspect is there. Many people go through that process. How do you get there? It’s primarily because you do not know where you are going. There is confusion in your existence. You do not know the journey. You do not know what you are here for and also you think that this is what you are here for.

Following the crowd

The third thing is the attitude of “I do not want to think, let somebody else think for me.” So you follow the herd. If one cow goes, every cow will go. That aspect, for e.g. “My neighbour is attending this programme, or this particular thing, so let me go as well. She must be right. I trust her, so what she does must be right.” We never know. We have to use our intellect, our understanding, our awareness. Take your time to choose your guru. It is your right to take the time. But once you are clear and convinced, follow till the end of the road. Otherwise you will be neither here nor there, anywhere. So how do beings who like to control and own operate? They capture souls who are weak and vulnerable. First of all, understand clearly that every soul has the same power. There is no weaker or stronger soul. Clear that notion away. However, the baggage has various flavours. This is the point I am making. The soul which is operating with the baggage is weaker and can be controlled. Like a soul which is has the baggage of ignorance can be conquered and controlled. So these are the beings who control such people. Not just human beings, any beings. That is why if you look at the weaker, the victimised, mostly such souls are operating. Why aren’t they able to get rid of the victim cycle? It’s because they are put back by these master entities, who captured the souls and put them into the bodies of cyclical victims. This is what we are talking about in the dairy industry, animals in captivity, tortured animals. When these souls get out of the body, they get caught again and are put back. They control the operation. This is not on a karmic level. Ok, even if it is a karmic birth, it is controlled by other entities who are conquering nature. So it is even more important to be associated with the powerful, with the white side, and have nothing to do with the dark. So this is the third aspect.


Mohanji quote - A mind filled with doubts

Fourth, in human beings doubts are put in. If a person is climbing up well in the path of spirituality, suddenly a few doubts come in. Immediately the fall happens. It is usually said, partially as a joke, that whatever you hear from the left ear is from the right side. Whatever you hear from the right ear is from the left side. If you are hearing oriented maybe it is a good thing to consider. But you can see this in life a lot. We will be progressing well over a period of time, then suddenly – we drop. Even people who have had great experiences fall. It is often not their fault, however they did buy into this idea, they bought into the idea of the negative. They started feeling, “Oh, that could be true.” This is exactly the point.

The astral planes

Q: What is happening on the astral plane?
A: Don’t look at dimensions at the astral level. Because that is more or less connected to our existing dimension. See, there are business lounges, economy lounges, first class lounges, etc. at the airport. On the astral level it is almost the same. Let us not distort our thought process. The point is that you get a general understanding. Based on your level of consciousness, you get that kind of master. Like if a person speaks Italian, and a French master comes, he will not understand him. Think in practical terms. When you go up, from this body, you are at a particular level of evolution, and a corresponding master will come. You can call this a different level of astral plane. If the astral plane is a trade center with a hundred stories, you reach different locations 🙂 But in the whole perspective, in the whole structure, there is no difference. The purpose is the same. Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of deathThe purpose is actually recycling. What you are catered into depends on what your merit is. And what you are connected to at the time of death is also very important. If you are deeply connected to my consciousness, you go back to my consciousness. That is what Krishna says, “You can merge with any consciousness, but it is mine anyway.” Krishna is talking here about Parabrahma, the supreme Father, within which the astral plane also exists. Every plane exists within him. Levels and layers are there. Why I am not giving too many details is because intellect is too strong in all of us. We would start churning all that now. But our aim is not analytical or academic ideas. Our aim is to liberate, right? Just a basic understanding is good enough, no more, because there is no written exam tomorrow 🙂 What we do though is we collect these, and we start going through the Internet, and we start adding more. This is human nature. That is why I am giving only a basic understanding. This is the inner field. There are many lokas, or worlds, which are also similar and where we can exist like here. Like if the fire that we had in the morning had been more powerful, you would have run away, right? Our body, our vulnerability could not handle it. In that context, there are other lokas where there are different levels of existence. And that is directly reflected on those beings, what their capacity is, what they can do. But our capacity is limited because we are made out of elements. If you say, “Let me meditate under water,” you will have to come up after one or two minutes, breathe and go back again. Because of our limitation, we need oxygen. We cannot have too much fire, and too much air is also not possible. We’d be bloated.

Q: And too much knowledge is also not really valuable?
A: Yes. It is good to know, but then it is only catering to the intellect. And the intellect will churn out more, “I want to know more about that.” It is just wasting time. The intellect is just taking it easy, taking time. It says, “I wanted that information. I want to know more.” But what for?

Stay connected, the rest is guru’s job

Q: Sometimes when you fall, your awareness is not enough to pull you back and your will is not enough. What else can you do?
A: In our path, the path of Shiva, it’s usually the guru’s job. When you fall, guru holds you. What happens is you are allowed to experience, and at the same time, you are allowed to come back. The door is always swinging open in our path. Datta tradition is like that. Nobody will judge you. Nobody will criticise you. Everybody is accepted as they are, because your free will is intact. And you wanted to experience something else, you even wanted to experience the fall. This is allowed so that you know what it feels like to fall. Then again you are lifted back, you are embraced. Guru needs nothing in our path. Guru delivers everything. It’s not in teaching. It’s in activity that everything is achieved. monkey mother and childFiguratively said, it is like a monkey’s child. The monkey’s child does not have the power to climb the tree. It’s small. But it clings to the mother, and mother climbs the tree, so it reaches the highest branch. So you are lifted. The path itself lifts you. And the corresponding gurus will come and hold you. Sometimes, if you did not understand the fall, you may not understand the elevation. That is also part of our path. You may fall, but then the fall is not permanent. But if you operate on the ego plane, then it is more of a permanent nature. Again, it is not absolutely permanent, but still in repetitive activities. Especially when you have a feeling, “I am doing it, so I am achieving.” Then it is even more difficult to get up after the fall. But to slip up and down is normal, as long as there is the mind. That is mind’s job. Mind keeps you up for some time, then pulls you down, then pulls you up. That goes on. So just watch it with amusement, watch the play. But our tradition has always said, “Stay with the guru.” Guru or path, let’s say, if you do not like to have a physical guru. It doesn’t matter. Or if the Guru has left the body, it is also ok. They are equally powerful. Even if they have left the body, their consciousness stays. They are here, now. If you connect to Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Akkalkot Swami, Jesus, any guru whom you are able to connect with, that is enough. Because that consciousness is available to you all the time, just like the sun is available to all beings. Your job is to stay connected with all your tenacity and conviction. The rest is guru’s job. 80% is guru’s job. Even now during the retreat, too, this is how we work. That is our way of operation. That is also the beauty of the path. The beauty is not in the activity, it’s in beingness. That is also the difference of this path. The beingness is well established with every activity. Activity is there, but it is minimal. It is not in the activity that you grow. Activity is used to occupy the mind only. Activity occupies the mind, but it cannot guarantee your progress.

Consciousness is one

Q: Does the guru have to be in the body to physically transfer that special current?
A: No, that is exactly the point I made. In our path of Shiva, guru happens when you need him. When in the classroom, you never invited a teacher to come and teach you. They walked in and they started teaching you. And that was the right teacher to take you to the next level.

Q: We have had many lifetimes. We may have even met Shirdi Sai Baba, or other masters in other lifetimes, but here in this lifetime we haven’t actually physically met them. Are we still connected from other lifetimes?
A: There are two questions in this. The first question is whether you are connected from other lifetimes. Definitely. First, otherwise you wouldn’t have this information today. Second, you did not meet Sai Baba or Jesus, these are the bodies who existed in those times. Then how will you meet them in this time!? Consciousness is still there, but you are looking at the physical form. I do not guarantee that this physical form will exist. I am here today. Ten years later, there is no guarantee. So twenty years later, if somebody says, “I have never met Mohanji in this lifetime,” that is not the proper question at all because how do you expect to have longevity in the physical body? Consciousness-wise they will meet me all the time. Consciousness-wise you can always stay connected to Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, because consciousness never goes. It’s one consciousness. It can operate through many bodies. Even if Krishna came back today, he would not come with a peacock feather and a flute and walk along the street. This would be like a comedy show! He would probably come as a doctor, an engineer or a computer expert, or maybe Bill Gates, ha, ha. Just joking. This is my point. An avatar can happen, consciousness can take any number of incarnations, but it may not be in the same form and it isn’t valid in the same form either. However, unfortunately we are stuck with images. We want to see that in this context. That’s where the problem lies. Then we suffer. Because that’s not possible. The form is taken only for a duration and a purpose. After that the form is shed. How do you bring the form back again? Technically yes, Babaji has lived for thousands of years. That is technically possible. Even if your intent is very strong, Krishna can happen, but not as a birth and death, i.e. taking birth, living and dying. He can appear and disappear because this is not a big deal.

Mohanji reflects Hanumanji 1 Our USA family asked that Mohanji bless them on Hanuman Jayanti last year. These photos, taken after the Hanuman puja that same day, reveal and uncanny reflection of Hanumanji in Mohanji's photo. The pure intentio
Our USA team asked that Mohanji bless them on Hanuman Jayanti in 2014. This photo, taken after the Hanuman puja that same day, reveals an uncanny reflection of Hanumanji in Mohanji’s photo. The pure intentioned wish of a true devotee is always granted. All masters are one… where does Mohanji end and where does Hanumanji begin?

When you are operating in the plane of energy, you can conglomerate matter at any point in time through centuries, no problem. My point is that if Krishna came back, he would take another body, another name, another identity. But Krishna’s consciousness is available.

Q: Even Babaji or Hanumanji will not appear in the same form?
A: There are many entities of that nature. Babaji is one of the most powerful and interacting. Babaji is actually guiding a lot of people, and doing a lot of things. Even now, I don’t think he always comes in one form. At that level of operation, when you are completely operating on the energy form, the form has no validity. He will probably choose a form that you will understand, so that you know that Babaji came. Otherwise there is no problem. Babaji could come as a cat or a dog, or a bird, too. The idea is to convey a message or do a thing.
Coming back to your question, reincarnation may not be in the same form or the same flavour. He could be of a different flavour. Consciousness is one. Once you merge with one consciousness, all the consciousnesses are the same. We have given various names to various bodies, like we have today. And we are trying to reproduce that body or the name, to clone in another life time. That is not possible. But the consciousness is coming back now and again, it is possible.

Progressing Further

Access Your Real Self

Usually people have only very small blockages within them, which prevent them from experiencing the ultimate or the highest. Sometimes if there is a problem with our body, we do not realize until it becomes serious. In the same way, we are used to carrying a blockage over from many life times, so sometimes we do not see it, or feel it because it’s part of our system. But in such a communion you are able to access your real self.

Mohanji a I wouldn’t call the Power of Purity a meditation because it is more of a communion. The 360 degrees is a meditation because you are deliberately cleansing the chakras in a certain way so that the higher energies can be accessed. Furthermore, it’s more serious and time consuming, and unless the person has perseverance, he cannot get through it. But the Power of Purity meditation opens all the channels, and then the communion becomes easier. This is more of a communion than a meditation. So you are able to access your real self.

I will briefly explain what this accessing is all about.

When your soul first took birth in this plane of Earth, the soul was fully in communion with the Higher Entity, i.e. there was no difference between the Higher and you. It desired to take a certain unit, such as a body, only for certain experiences. At that time, I would call it a dharmic experience, or something which is not of a karmic nature. It wasn’t binding, it always had a choice that it could go back whenever it needed. Later on, what happens is relationships happen, bindings happen, ownership happens, attachments happen. Then you go through the process of births and deaths. So when you go through the process of births and deaths, the unit becomes further unitized i.e. you start feeling that “I am a unit. I am not part of the Higher Existence”. This is just a notion that the mind gives you, but reality is different. We don’t access reality because we don’t know how. It is something unknown. For a conscious mind, for a particular body, for a particular duration, you have taken it on to experience certain things and to express certain things. And like that, life has gone by. Many lives, many births have happened. And over this time, the consciousness which was one started segregating. You can always access the Higher Consciousness – just like the transformer outside, but it had to go through a smaller unit to give you electricity in the house. Like that, you started operating with a smaller infrastructure. But the Higher always exists, and you can always access it, provided the blockages are removed.

So now the situation is that you have gone through various lives, experienced enough and you think, “This is all temporary. I have been doing this for lifetimes. Where is the relief now?” Then you start getting back to your real nature. This Higher – what I call “transformer” – starts coming close to you. And you are in the process of merging with it. Again back to your old form, which is all powerful. Which is not different from the Higher energy that created the world. It’s just a unitized form, that’s all. Like a drop of sea water has all the properties of the mother ocean. Just like that, you have all the properties of the Creator. But you will start knowing that and feeling that and experiencing that. Knowing has no value, because then the mind always plays games, “Oh, you were probably imagining, you never really experienced it”. But experiencing and owning that experience takes you to the next level. Because this is 100% personal material. Nobody can have the same experience that you have had, because you have earned it. Because of your past life sadhanas, you have reached a particular level where you got the eligibility level to experience such a thing. So you have that prarabdha with you. And that created that experience for you. In such a case, nobody can take it away from you. Like your experience in professional life – nobody can take it away from you. Maybe they can steal a seat, but not the experience – that belongs to you. Just like that, whatever you have earned is yours. And you are travelling from there. The best thing about spirituality is – wherever you stopped in your last life, you continue from there in this life. There is a continuity. But as regards the physical, mental, emotional – there is no continuity, so each life, you cut it off and you start again. Sometimes we feel the familiarity of emotions and people, that’s about it. Once you travel through this path of experience and evolution, detachment happens. Whether a particular thing or person is with us or not with us, it doesn’t make a difference, we are still the same. We are actually immune to all the external affairs. We are very happy with our internal strength and that is what you call God. So this is the process, in short.

Q: Today, while doing the meditation, despite the physical discomfort due to not being used to sitting down, somehow I felt that something was moving inside, under the skin on my forehead. I don’t know what. I could visualize everything while blessing, but somehow I could not visualize myself. Then you were telling us to “visualize friends, relatives”. I could visualize everyone, but when it came to visualizing myself, I could not see myself. I don’t know why.
M: There are two reasons for that. First of all, acceptance of ourselves is much more difficult than accepting other people. This is our truth. This is often why we have conflicts within. We can probably accept another person, just as we accept film heroes, or we accept gurus, or others. We accept or do not accept – both are the same, both we can do. Definitely you have the faculty to accept an external being. But internally, we say we are not up to the mark. We feel we are somewhat short, as we are very judgmental of ourselves. Sometimes we are judgmental about other people and they go away from us. This also happens, but essentially we are very judgmental of ourselves. In order to come together with you, or with the world, or with any activity that you do, first of all, acceptance of yourself with all the pluses and all the minuses is very important. With that, deep peace falls over you. Maybe other people will say that you are not up to the mark. That is their opinion. That is not your reality. Please understand that clearly. If someone comes and tells you Person X is not 100%, that is their opinion. Does that person know you? In all your states? It can never happen because you have 3 states every day.
One is the waking state where you are sitting now. Then there is a dream state, where you are also operating, using energy from the system, but you are operating at a much wider angle than you can in the physical form because sometimes you can see yourself in another country, USA or some country in Europe. You are probably married to another person. So many dreams happen, and there you are sorting out so many issues. So you have an active dream state.
Then you have a 3rd state – a deep sleep state where you are completely nullifying all your identities. You do not know whether you are a man or a woman. You don’t know whether it’s day or night. You don’t know what the time is. Time, space – everything vanishes. Your identity is also dissolved. That state is the state of replenishing, astral travel and all such things, because your identities are not bothering you. Then you wake up, you bring back all the identities of this life. And you start believing that this is my qualification, this is my job. Like that, if some person is giving their opinion about you, how much of you does he understand?

This is why I say that there are 2 nonsensical things we always do. We start talking about other people, and say, “I know him. He is like that”, etc. This is only 1 part of him, his activity which we are expressing. This is a waste of time.
Likewise we become too judgmental about ourselves and we undervalue ourselves. Or overvalue. Some people have more than required. That is also not good. Be real. “I am like this”. That is why yesterday in Chandigarh, I said this – like a mother, observe your thoughts. Some of the children, i.e. some of the thoughts, are very naughty. Let them be. Do not try to censor it, manipulate it, criticize it, or block it. Let it all flow through your mind. Don’t participate and just watch. When a mother watches the child very closely, the child will behave in a normal way, without any interference. Like that, you can detach yourself and watch your own thoughts. When that happens more and more, your detachment becomes much easier. So you will start accepting yourself from every angle. Once you start accepting yourself from every angle, it’s easy to bless yourself. Because you are an entity, just like any other entity. There is no difference. You have taken this shape for a particular experience, or for a set of experiences or expressions. Whichever way you look at it, this is fine. Nobody else is like you, nobody can be compared with another. So where is the conflict? Everything dissolves. When everything dissolves, there is a deep shanti, a deep peace within. And that peace is transferable. When you are in the company of other people, they also feel the peace. Similarly, when we are agitated and we try to mix with other people, they also feel the same agitation. This is because they can catch it – it’s subtle, but it’s potent, so they catch it. Like that, if you keep practicing this, if you like to practice it, practice it. If you cannot meditate due to bodily discomfort – whether you are sitting down or not, that is normal. Meditation is a stage where the mind is getting dissolved. So mind will protest – it’s like when someone is drowning. They will desperately try to get a breath. Like that, mind creates certain situations where you are unsettled. You feel restless, and that has to happen. Because then you know that mind exists. Then you have to look beyond the mind. “Ok, mind, you are fine, you are doing your job. I am doing my job as well. I am not you. You are a part of me, but I am not you.” Detachment happens. Then it’s very simple. Discomfort? You won’t even feel you are a body; this gentleman here felt the same. He was completely expanded – I was watching. You know, he has done tremendously well in one go. That eligibility achieved – I hate to compare, but you can achieve the same thing too.

Mohanji quote - Look Beyond the mind

What I am saying is – walk the path. Do not measure your progress. Do not compare yourself with another person. Keep walking with faith and 100% purity. Not for a particular reason, but saying, “Whatever result happens, I accept it.” Whatever food comes to your table is your Prasad, your gracious gift, for the day from the deity, from God. Like that, you accept it as it is. No harm will happen. Faith will make sure that no harm will happen. Like that, if you go further, things start clearing. And particular gurus will come and give you information as well. You won’t know where they came from, but you will get your information. And Guru is not just one individual or an image. It is a sanskara, it’s a tradition. Guru is a tradition. You will get your apt information at the right time, whether you follow a guru or not. It is also essential not to be bound by it. I have a tea today, I am happy. If I don’t have a tea, well enough.
If you exist that way, all the frictions will vanish. There are no conflicts within any more. Like that, you can progress further.
Transcribed by Madhusudan Rajagopalan

Reach the Substance Beyond Form


Mohanji quote - God does not ask for any worship        God does not ask for any worship; God does not ask for anything from you. Or Guru, true Guru doesn’t need anything from you. But You, you have to feel connected to him. See, it’s like I say I know Silvester Stalone very well, but he doesn’t know me. You know- it’s always one way connection. So how do you feel connected? You are to move in with the consciousness of the Guru. That is the real connection. Otherwise, you look at the image, you look at the manners, you look at the action, and you’ll say “I know Him”. That’s not true; because that only signifies a very small aspect of the whole consciousness. So, when your consciousness is connected, what ritual will help you? Nothing. But if certain rituals the Guru does for you, or guides you, that is to relieve you from some afflictions; something is being changed, that is good for you. Otherwise it becomes another ritual. Many people do fire rituals every day, without meaning it. So it’s wasted time, waste of effort. But the Guru says “OK, do this, break the coconut now,” or do something; that way something is removed. That is okay, because Guru can see from above. He can see that this is the constitution this person is operating, “Let me take this away, so that the operating level becomes more free.” That shows in life, it will be reflected in life; otherwise it’s not a good thing to do. I’m not ritual-oriented either, I’m not into spirit rituals, because rituals bind you. Activity per se is not compulsory. None of the rituals are compulsory. But they might help at certain times. If you do not do something, even meditation, if you do not practise one day you feel miserable. “Ooh, I didn’t do it; I don’t feel nice.” That is binding. You should be staying liberated, “Okay, whatever it is, I am connected to the Guru”. In the Nath tradition the Guru delivers most of the stuff. That is why just by being with Shirdi Sai Baba people attained the highest, not because he asked them to do so many things. He will ask them, “Okay, you sit here.” That’s all. Then what? Just sitting and connecting, that’s it. So rituals have no deeper value on an individual basis, unless it’s asked by the guidance by the Guru, “Do this.” That takes you to the next level. Otherwise, we become habituated. Habits are not good, whether they’re good or bad. Whatever enslaves you is not good. Whatever binds you is not good, in the spiritual path.


I would call Dattatreya as The Supreme Father, The Para Brahma; Because Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the sustainer and Shiva is the dissolver. Those are three aspects of our life. That means we are born, we sustain our life, and then we die; three aspects of our existence are united into one saint, called Dattatreya, so that means He is The Supreme. But, Dattatreya also represents nature; because if people ask Him “Who are You?” He would say, “I am a worshiper of Nature.” So, Nature is the Guru for Him; He learned everything from the Nature. His Father is Atri Maharishi, and Mother is Anusuya. They were some of the most powerful saints who ever walked on Earth. So, Datta then incarnated into many bodies, later on – Shreebada Srivallabha, Narasimha Saraswati, Sai Nath Shirdi Sai Baba, Akkalkot Maharaj, Manik Prabhu, so many avatars he took, and each avatar is distinct. There are no two avatars in the same way. Each avatar came in a particular time, for a particular purpose – that means the body was taken for a particular duration. But each avatar has always been unique and distinct. Navnath1Datta Tradition is a continuation; it’s also interlinked with Nath Tradition, because Dattatreya formulated the Nath Tradition. Nath tradition is when you are fully in control of each and every vibration of yourself. The tradition is in such a way that you occupy the whole body on a cellular level, and your consciousness is interlinked. It is actually interlinked but we do not have conscious control, because the mind manipulates. Beyond the mind we go to the whole consciousness and in total control; you can be everywhere and you can be nowhere. Every possibility is in your hand. And there is always a natural shine on the way. Any Nath Guru you take – there is a shine, because actually they recycle the energy within all the time. Nothing is dissipated. Thoughts take energy, and then words and actions take energy away. This is all controlled in this tradition. It’s interlinked and Datta actually formulated the tradition. Also, Datta has many aspects, like He is a healer; there is a mantra particularly for the power of healing. Datta tradition is a particular tradition where the whole idea is to have a balanced life. It’s not just spirituality. See, you can be highly spiritual and very poor materialistically, it wouldn’t work. You need to be balanced in the material plane and balanced in the spiritual plane. Otherwise, what happens – there will be huge imbalance in existence. So in the tradition of Datta it never happens. There is always a balance in both ends – the material balance, and spiritual balance. Like Shirdi Sai Baba used to bless people with money, with health. But one thing you must understand – what you do, what you need for living, for comfortable existence, is rightfully yours. What is the excess should be used for higher purpose. If people start holding, the grace will go. So, you’re getting a million but your expense is a hundred thousand, you should use the rest for the welfare of the world. This is the understanding. But what happens is when money comes, then possessions come, materials come, people hold it, then they beat it. Then the downfall starts. So, many people do not understand that when they are with a Datta Guru, they get material benefits: salary gets increased, money comes, bonus comes, and all these things come, “Oh, I was waiting to buy a new car.” There’s no need for a new car, but they buy; likewise, a new house and expansion of property. They get immersed in material wealth. Then it’s a deviation from the spiritual. But the Guru will never object. The Guru cannot object. This is your free will. But your life depends on your free will anyway.

Mohanji quote - What you need for comfortable existence Why is it so rare to “know” Krishna?

Q: “Krishna said that of a million people one will look for Me. And of those one in a million, one will find me. Why is it so rare?”

A: Because of the Karma, the maya. See, delusion always stays, right? Right from out childhood until we die we think we are something, we feel we are something. All the time it’s relative truth. We are not actually catching the real truth. Krishna is the real truth. So, very few even get to know that there is a real truth apart from this relative truth. Very few people even get that thought, or emotion, that there could be something beyond all this, there could be something beyond what is in front of the eyes; there could be something which is extraordinary. We are so stuck with the ordinary. We are so stuck with our fears, phobias, conditionings, concepts. Beyond that, there is something much larger, but we don’t get that thought because we are so stuck with our routine, habitual stuff. Very very few people are able to go deeper and get it. Those people are very rare, and for them the thrust of karma will be less. So they’re not pushed into thinking, pushed into talking, pushed into action. Then they think, ”What else is there? What am I looking for?” or “Who am I?” this kind of stuff. Very few people have the notion and even if you have the notion it takes time to find the truth. First you have the thought: “Okay, there could be something else,” then you have the thought, “Oh, what is it? What is that thing which I’m looking for?” In spirituality they have already given the answer: Tat Tvam Asi, You are That. But it takes a lot of time to understand what you are. For an average seeker the main barrier is the form of the Guru, because he connects to the form first. Probably he is guided to the form with a few teachings, but when he reaches the form he gets stuck with the form. And then it takes a long time to go beyond the form to the truth. What is visual, what is audible, what is the fragrance, all these things are the first lures of our existence. You are to cross everything. And then you reach the substance which causes all this. So once the action goes to the cause of the action then you are transcended. Then from the cause you reach the super cause – the manifested cause to the unmanifested cause. Like that you transcend. It takes time. So when Krishna says, “Very few find me,” it’s 100% true. What is visual, audibla, fragrant are the first lures of existenceWhat are we like when we were in Vrindavan? Full of romance. We were seeing the romantic side of Krishna, the youth of Krishna, the dancing, the gopis, the singing, Radha. Radha is His consort. It fascinates, it gives a lot of joy, it gives bubbliness. But finally, they reach Krishna, the real Krishna, the one who has the capacity to deliver Bhagavad Gita. It’s not easy to deliver Bhagavad Gita. To analyze various aspects of existence in terms of the truth is not easy. We can only talk about relative truths all the time. Look at another aspect: you look at all seven billion people of the world – most are physical, they are only physical gratifications, extraordinarily physical gratifications. You can definitely say that their level of evolution is on that range; that can be good or bad in them. Good in the sense they are good in nature, bad is that they are pretty harmful in nature, so this is this way. Then you can see something slightly higher- an emotional growth. They operate in the emotional plane. So the largest is the physical then the emotional plane. And then you see a group who are on the intellectual plane. So it’s like a pyramid: physical, emotional, intellectual. Then again, from the intellectual people cross over to spiritual. By the time it will become a smaller triangle: the bottom is bigger, then the next, then the next, then the smaller triangle – spiritual is there. Then you cross over the pyramid. That is maybe one. Out of a million. Or ten out of a million, if you can be very optimistic. You understood how it works? So usually you are to cross over from physical, to emotional, to intellectual, to spiritual. When I say spiritual I mean real spiritual. In all these physical, emotional, intellectual there will be an element of spirituality, but what is that spirituality? Ritualistic, or given by somebody, or herd-following – one cow goes, every cow goes, or it can be out of fear, God-fearing. God is never to be feared, first of all. But, the herd of God-fearing is all from the lower level. Then there are “bookish knowledge”, they have quite a lot of knowledge and they say,“I have a lot of knowledge about spirituality,” this is somebody’s knowledge handed or taken over or acquired. And then they feed us. In emotional it’s bhakti – a lot of people chanting, they are emotional by nature so they like to chant, they like to pray, they like to visit temples, ring the bells-make a lot of noise, thinking God is happy. At all these three levels mostly people think that God is outside of you, God is away from you, and you are to make that God happy. They never think that God could be within us. For that you are to even cross over intellect, to really feel that God is inside. Whatever rituals we are doing is to awaken the God inside. That thought does not come in the physical, emotional, intellectual level. It comes only in the spiritual, also only in the higher levels of the spiritual, means you are to still evolve higher. There could be a bit of trial and error. If from intellectual you reach, like from Vedas to the Upanishads, like that you reach slightly higher. And then you start feeling, “All these deities are signifying various aspects of me.” The energy aspect can be considered as the mother, the yogi – the fully withdrawn and fully connected in the omnipresent aspect can be connected to Shiva. Like that we worship various deities because they represent various parts of our constitution. We are actually awakening that aspect in us. So when we are praying to a particular deity, when we are doing something for that, or chanting the mantras, that aspect is awakened in us. Mohanji quote - We worship various deitiesThat awareness happens much later. It takes time to know that. And once you are there, you are settled within, by the time you are inside – all settled. Because by the time you see everything inside, all the expressions on the outside you see as your own reflection. Then you are omnipresent, already expanded. If you are realized well, you will understand that this is how it goes. There is nothing to achieve outside. All the gods, all the goddesses are happy as long as you are happy. They are the reflection of you. By going and paying money to a temple no god is going to be happy. What will god do with the money? Priests will take it home, or the owner will take it home. No way the god is going to say, “Thank you for giving me a million, I’ll give you two million.”

Q: …“I will give you enlightenment. Haha… “

A: Are you asking for enlightenment? What is enlightenment at all? It’s just a word with a dictionary meaning for many people. People do not understand enlightenment. They think it is something which is: “OK, everybody is talking about it, you read books of Paramahansa Yogananda, books of Vivekananda, so it must be something great, let me also have it. I already had my Marutis, I already had my Mercedes-Benz, so now let me have enlightenment, that’s about it, that much. But I don’t want to leave my judging, censoring, criticizing mind.” Then how will you evolve? Mind is such a big trash can. All the trash is in the mind. You have to empty the mind and then throw the mind out. First of all you have to remove all the trash out from the mind, then throw the mind out. If you don’t have trash – you don’t need a trash can. Maybe you will have some trash in the future? Forget about it, you don’t have it. If you don’t have trash this week, you won’t have trash next week. Cause you will learn not to have trash. Once you learn to have no trash you don’t need the mind, mind will dissolve. You will not need a thing which is useless in your life. As simple as that. Truth is as simple as that. But we are actually going round and round and beating around the bush, unfortunately not knowing what we are looking for. And when you find it you don’t recognize it. You find your Guru but you don’t recognize Him because the image is not suiting the guru’s frame. It’s a tragedy. Why? Because you are mind-oriented. You are operating only from the mind. “I want my Guru to be a celibate, but I want to get married,” or, “Because the guru is married he should be a little less than the other gurus who are unmarried.” How do you know? Don’t judge another person from your perspective. That’s the biggest mistake you are doing in the spiritual path. You are to accept everything as it comes. If the teaching is good enough take it, if the teaching is not good enough – leave it. Nobody’s judging you, nobody’s criticizing you. It’s your journey, it’s your path. Nobody has the right to judge you, nor criticize you, nor control you.

Mohanji giving blessing through "Power of Purity" book
                Mohanji giving blessing through “Power of Purity” book

Transcribed by Barbara Dizdarevic

Spirituality is You

Mohanji’s Satsang in Mumbai, Part 2
Date: 30th March, 2015
Venue: Life Positive Soul Space

Mohanji Satsang in Mumbai 2015(Laughter )
M: No no, I answered all your “stupid” questions on mail also, so let it be direct.
Q: As I understand, spiritual evolution or growth for liberation has nothing to do with materialistic things. And materialistic desires are always endless. But there are needs and wants in this life by human beings which can be satisfied only with material things. So does acceptance of this situation, as it is, put you into the correct spiritual track? Or does non-acceptance of the circumstances and working towards a better materialistic life make you spiritually regressive, or more greedy or selfish?
M: Who said this is a stupid question? Why you framed it before uttering? This is what we do, you know. We buy the frame in advance and then try to put the picture. If the picture is bigger than the frame, we cut the picture, we don’t change the frame. This is not a stupid question, this is a good question. Don’t underestimate yourself; I never underestimated you. You are a soldier (to someone on the side – “he’s a military man”).
You know, first of all, who’s deciding all this. Do you think you have that kind of choice? It’s a flow. Life is a flow, mostly predetermined. The thing called destiny – from your first heartbeat till your last heartbeat: done, decided. You will take birth at a particular time and you will die at a particular time; nobody can change it. I’ve written a story about it (In Search of The Precious – 3)


mahakaliWhen Mahakaali came, she saw one avadootha. Kaali said to him, “I want to give you a boon.” The avadootha said, “I don’t want your boon.” Kaali said, “No no, I am a goddess, and if I see a man, I give a boon.” The avadootha said, “I need nothing; I actually don’t have any needs.” But Kaali insisted on giving a boon, so he said “OK, give me one year more life.” She said, “No, I cannot do that. You already decided your fate before you came here; I cannot change that.” Then he said, “OK, give me one year less life.” Kaali said, “I cannot do that either. This is chosen, predetermined, destiny. You have to live your life as per your agenda”. Then he said, “One month more? One week more? One day?” Kaali said ‘No’ to all these questions. So he said, “Basically you have no power, so don’t give me a boon,” (loud laughter in the room).
So Kaali said, ”No no, you ask me something which I can give you.” The avadootha had elephantiasis on one leg. So he told her, “This leg is suffering for too long, so now please shift this to the other leg,” (laughter in the room). Note that he never asked for healing, you see.
Can I change this track, can I opt for that? These are all our mind projections. You are here now – this is your only reality. Even if you wanted to see Dhoom-3, it is not possible. Because you are here now. You have to listen to my bul.$..t. (loud laughter). There is no other way.
Now, spiritual path is part of you. There is nothing called spiritual path which is apart from you. You cannot create another path which is not yours. Spirituality is a kind of training, where you are trading your worries for emptiness, for peace. We use various methods for it – we go to temples, we go to gurus, we go on the knowledge path, we go chanting, seva, anything you like. So that at the end of the day, you become empty, you become purified and you become peaceful. This is spirituality. Ultimately, when you have no more desires, you don’t come back. This is what we are talking about, right?
In this mode, OK, I go materialistically – 10kmph speed, 100kmph speed. Do you think you can speed up like that? It depends on the road and on your car, and your capacity. This was chosen before. And it is happening at a time. What is happening right now is only happening right now. Tomorrow I’m in Delhi; I can’t speak to you, except on the phone of course. But this is the situation – we are here now. I am talking, you are listening. Between the “talking” and the “listening”, there is an essence called karma. Why I’m talking what I’m talking and why you’re listening to it is because of the karma. There’s no change to it. We have a notion that we can go material for some time and then we go spiritual for some time. Which is better? There is nothing like it. Everything happens at the right time in the right ingredients.
That is why I said it is not a bad question. You got the point?

Q: Somewhat.
M: Ask again, ask more.

Q: I have a follow up question. Whatever is this framework of destiny, how does free will play a role?
M: Let’s say you decide to make a house. You want a 21-bedroom house, a very big house. You tell the architect – here’s the money, this is what I want. In the middle, there should be an area with the sun coming down, on one side there should be a swimming pool, one bedroom should face a particular side… all these things, you tell him. Now it’s the architect’s job to make the design. He made the design and you approved it saying, “This is good,” and you give the approved blueprint to the builder. Builder started building it, and the house is built. Your money is spent, you are happy. Now if you want to change it, what would you do? You have to spend again, if you have that kind of money. Or you have to wait till a particular time when you can either sell it or you can change it over. This is exactly how life is. Your blueprint was done before your birth, the whole tapestry of life was decided. There is no free will amount later. That’s why the saints always say – you have power over destiny, provided your agenda changes. This changes sometimes. Kuppuswamy became Swami Sivananda. At one point in time, the same body, this path ended, another path began. And it completely deviated the whole track. And there is a fulfillment there. This is over – the commercial world is over, and the spiritual world opened up. That is a total deviation. This is possible, in the same body. But that is not possible as long as desires are getting built up.
So the house is an example of how you make your life. So where is the agenda coming from – it is pre-birth. After your death, before your birth, you decide, “This is what I want in life.” So many times, your decisions are going not so good, because the ingredients are like that, your data entry is like that. A person who says, “I don’t want to see this world, I don’t want to see,” will become blind in the next life, because he keeps projecting the image of not wanting to see. So subconscious takes it literally – “this person doesn’t want to see,” so that goes into the blueprint of not wanting to see. Again, in the next life, he is born blind. This is how the cycle goes. This is non-understanding. What you utter, “I hate this, I hate that,” those people will get those things. Some people criticize, some judge – all these things are detrimental because you are keeping those impressions inside. Everything in the elementary level is impression. That becomes an expectation, that becomes a concept, and that becomes a reality. This is how it’s evolved.

Mohanji quote - Spirituality is totally individualistic

Q: Do you have to be religious to pertain to spirituality?
M: No way. Religion is like a broad guideline. This is based on various people’s various experiences and a path is created. So for a normal person who doesn’t know where to go, can use the methods or activities of religions, or guidance for a certain result. But they are broad guidelines.
Spirituality is totally individualistic. You need to grow beyond any religious ritual to be spiritual. And how is that? It is internal exploration, not outside. Basically all religions tell you to go within, to love, to be kind, to be compassionate, to do charity. This is all good. But you have to evolve it yourself. Normally what happens is that people say, “Our religion has said this,” and they mechanically do a ritual. Nothing will happen, it is just entertaining the mind. “Oh, I went to the temple, church or mosque. Now I’m happy.” That’s it, but is there any inner transformation?
The whole idea about spirituality is silence within. Complete shanti, peace within, “Whatever happens outside, I am not affected.” Here, we are affected by everything. We have opinions, we judge, we indulge in criticism, we censor, we suppress. Then there is nothing, I mean, we’ve understood nothing. Religion is good, as long as there…I would say, even books that way – you can pick up something from a book. See, you can only eat as much as you can digest. Knowledge is also the same – you pick up something which you can digest and convert to experience. Otherwise it’s just knowledge sitting and people think, “I know so many things.” But what’s the use of that? When we die, it’s anyway all gone. But you can pick up something which will help you in the journey and experience it in its time. This is OK, this is very good. So books can be used as a guide and move on.
Q: What is confusing the state of the soul during birth?
M: Soul is not confused during birth. It is completely neutral. Birth is like releasing a car into the market. Another body coming into the world. But soul is just travelling, it’s going on. All the shocks are sitting in the constitution, or in the consciousness level. That is where all the impressions are stored. Otherwise the soul has no confusion. Soul is never confused, it is pure. Soul is a vehicle, soul is a carrier. In a way, it is like the petrol in your car. Soul has no interest in your destination, it just helps / aids the journey.
Q: Is it like the engine in a car?
M: No, engine has a role in the journey, engine is your brain. It propels your movement, but soul aids your journey. We drag soul into everything, you know. Soul will be laughing – look at what this fellow is talking (laughter). Just imagine all these things from the standpoint of the soul., “Look at this person thinking, all nonsensical thoughts. Because… You know, what is he doing? “
Q: Continuing the Kuppuswamy story, so was there a blueprint for him to become Sivananda?
M: Yes, there was. Blueprint is always there. Otherwise what happens is that at certain points, you edge towards a soul where you are available for dharmic activity. And then the soul is given back to the body. That is not a karmic life. That is a dharmic life. For the sake of preservation of dharma, you continue in the body. That has happened to many people; their expiry date was over, but they continued.
Q: Does that also happen if you don’t have any more desires?
M: Not necessarily. Desires are different. Even if you don’t have any more births or desires, sometimes you see, that is why some people get connected to powerful Masters and then they may say, “I might as well serve you”. So their life is extended just for the sake of serving. That happens, but then their whole awareness is there, they have a clear picture.
Q: When you say the blueprint is already decided – the start, the end and also the journey, does that mean that its not very important to work hard on whatever we’re doing in our daily life, to have aims and ambitions. Because everything is pre-decided. So how does this fall into place?
M: That is exactly what I was telling him. Even an activity is propelled. We do not know, unless you check astrology or something, what comes next. There is a surprise element in everyday life. That surprise element is connected with the mind and hope etc. and that propels you. Like, “I want to make money, I want to do this.” These thoughts are sprouting from a desire – “I want to make money, I want to enjoy this meal, I want to go to this place.” All these things are going on, they are sprouting from desires, or karma. So karma is what propels you. So if you want to sleep more, procrastinate, not do anything – that is also propelled by karma. Some people get very depressed when the astrologer says that for the rest of your life, you are doomed (ha ha). Then suddenly something happens in their life and they get totally rejuvenated. Then they will prove the astrologer wrong. The astrologer was wrong anyway (laughter). But what happened was that this was triggered by the force of destiny. So whether you want to work hard, or you want to sit idle, this is part of the agenda. That is not changeable. A particular information comes to you at a particular time, and that triggers an experience. And that experience provoked a certain emotion in you. And that emotion worked for sometime. And then that emotion went away – anyway emotion never stays for ever. Then you start doing something else. This all goes on and on. So if you have hyper-action in your life, it is chosen, you will not be able to sit idle, you can’t change that. It happens. One way or the other, it gets triggered.

Mohanji quote - Continue to flow
Q: People and situations happen in your life. And there’s this thing that they mirror what is inside. So if I am facing again and again a particular situation, where I’m feeling a thing, I’m feeling angry or frustrated…

M: Yes, that is a pattern, you’ve kept a pattern.

Q: And there is something in me which is mirroring outside. Is that true?
M: Yes, correct. You have collected a pattern. That’s what I said – impression. Impression is the first level. As I said, if I say “monkey”, you remember the picture and the characteristics of a monkey in your mind, when I just use the word. Like that, every time you are collecting impressions. So some people say – “All gurus are bad.” Definitely not. Who’s good, who’s bad? How do we know?
So these impressions are stored and we make them into concepts. We have made expectations, we have made certain theories in our mind. This is what we are manifesting. This is why being fluid is very important. A situation is not the same, time is not the same, people are not the same. Continue to flow. Even the same set of people in a different situation could be different. So we need to be fresh at every point in time. If you say, “This is how my life happens,” then you will be forced to continue that way.
Instead you choose, “OK, this is all happening, this is all projection of my own mind. There is no good or bad that way. Life is flowing,” and then you continue to act on that. Life definitely opens up. Even if it doesn’t open up, you will have lesser impact of it. Even if nothing is changing (which is unlikely), if it doesn’t impact you, you are immune. You are free.
Q: I will be a bit more specific. If I feel at any point of time that the situation doesn’t allow me to be free, to be the way I am, what I want to express, what I want to do, if I am not allowed to do that, if I feel that I can’t do that, I feel restricted. There are times in my life – and this is a pattern I’ve noticed, it’s coming from some impressions, I know this is a pattern, but I don’t know how to help myself.
M: Look, you cannot change the situation. Now it is night. I cannot make it morning, right? You have to use the situation as it is. This is unchangeable. But your approach can be changed. Being in the situation, being in the particular environment, with a particular knowledge, with a particular set of people, you choose to be objective. For example, this is what I could do and this is what I’ve done. I could have done better in a different environment, but I will do that later. So objectivity comes into play. When you are objective, there is no pain. You have done what you can.
If you could have done better, you would have done better. But you could not do better because the environment wasn’t helpful. See, I am sailing towards the east, but the wind is towards the west. I slow down, I cannot change the wind. Suddenly the wind changes direction, my ship is faster. Something like that.
So you need to use the environment to your advantage. With awareness. You need to be aware that this is the environment and this is OK. You’ll not kick yourself. Otherwise what happens is frustration, anger, and then you give it to somebody else. This is a cycle which happens.
You just say, “This is the best I can do,” and do your best. Maybe other people will offer their opinion that you didn’t do this well, etc. But that is their opinion. They didn’t understand the wind. They may say, “You should have reached earlier.” But that was impossible. So you do as per your capacity, as per your full capacity with full conviction without judging yourself or others, plus the lack of ownership, no ownership. You surrender whatever you do at the feet of the Lord – “Narayanaayeti samarpayaami” and then you do your best. So that karma does not get accumulated.

Q: What I am hearing is that there is a huge amount of illusion of choice that we have. Things actually happen. And that’s why you used to say – become more aware, so that you can allow things to happen. So I wanted to ask – nowadays I am finding it more and more difficult to meditate. Is meditation one way to increase your awareness?
M: Meditation is useless if you can’t meditate. (laughter). See, something is of value to you only if you can use it. So if you cannot meditate, accept that as your reality. It is not necessary to do anything which is not practical. See, you couldn’t meditate today. Doesn’t matter. That doesn’t diminish you or increase you. We need to accept spirituality or anything else as practical. In life, everything should be practical. “I’m able to meditate more today,” no problem, meditate. If you cannot meditate, don’t meditate. But one thing you can still do – Practice awareness. Feel yourself. Watch yourself. Witness yourself. Decide that no word will come out of your mouth without you being aware of it. Decide that no activity will happen from you without your mind being present with it. That is meditation, practical. If you do that in all your waking hours, you are fine. You’ll see how your awareness grows. And as your awareness grows, you will be meditating all the time. Perpetual meditation. This is the way to go.

Mohanji quote - Feel yourself watch yourself witness

Sitting down in meditation is possible. See, first of all, you are faking most of the meditation. During meditation, what are you doing? Your mind is going elsewhere, you are sitting here. This is what I am saying. You are real only when your mind is present here. Rest of the time, you are not real. Mind is elsewhere, and body is here. Only when body and mind are aligned, that is the time you are actually living. You are living only when your body and mind are together. Otherwise I am talking, your mind is elsewhere, what is the use? It’s all wasted, isn’t it?
I think we spoke about this earlier. Your practical time with me is when your mind is with me. Even if your body is away. We talked about it. The real time you are spending with me is when your mind is connected to me, not when your body is near me. This is the truth. So if you cannot meditate, its not a handicap. First of all, don’t have concepts that, “I must meditate.”
Some people send me messages, “Mohanji, I am ashamed to come to you because I don’t practice your meditation!” I said, “I am not asking you to meditate anyway. Why are you ashamed?” I never bound anybody with anything. This is not my path. I say, “The meditation is available. You want to meditate, you meditate. If it helps you, do it. But basically it’s your growth.”
Spirituality is an individualistic thing. You cannot absorb it from another person. You can probably take a cue. But if you follow someone else, if he jumps into a well, you’ll also jump into the well. That way, it will not work. You need to adapt it to your thing. You bought the cloth, you stitch it as per your size. This is the way it should happen. So spirituality is like an ocean. You take the water from it as per the utensil you have. And use it, so that there is no guilt, no fear, nothing. There is no need for any of this…
Q: No judgement.
M: Yes, no judgement. And never do anything because Mohanji said so. Mohanji can say anything. Can you do all those things? That is not the point. The point is whether it is suitable to you. Anything for that matter. In life, if you decide like that, life will be much more free. You will learn to say ‘No’ to many things. Otherwise, you would go, “This man is saying many things. It is important, I must listen.” Not so. The point is, does it suit you? Can you do it? For example, if I am giving a great curry and meal, which is amazing, you know, like royal family stuff. But it doesn’t suit your stomach. What will you do? It can be anything like this, you know. This is the thing.
Understand: spirituality is you. Not a part of you. It is nothing outside of you. It is you. Then the whole answer comes. The right answer comes to you. The right guru comes to you. This is what I always say, “The guru that appeared to you is the guru for you.” Why? Because if you chase, what will you chase? First of all, you do not know which standard you are going to enter. The guru knows. We always want to enter the post-graduation standard. But we haven’t completed the 10th class. One guy was saying, “I wanted admission in IIT, but I didn’t complete my 10th. They didn’t give me”. I said, “Beautiful” (laughter). He said his biggest ambition was to be in IIT, but he couldn’t overcome the hurdle of 10th . This is how it goes. (laughter)

Mohanji quote - Understand spirituality is you
Audience: We can request you to give a double promotion. (laughter)
M: The guru can get that (ha ha).
It’s like that – in one comedy programme, one guy is sitting on the side of the road with a lot of amulets. It was written that if you wore that amulet, you would attract a lot of money. And there was a queue of people standing to buy this. You have to tie it on your body and you will get money. So one guy was asking, “So if I wear this, I will get a lot of money?” The seller says, “You will get nothing, but I already got money.” (loud laughter). This is the way we are!
Doctor says that you should jog for one hour. So we get somebody to jog and we sit at home. Spirituality has become like that. You pay the money to the guru or to the priest and say, “You please talk to God and get that for me.” (laughter). It never works like that.

Recorded and transcribed by Madhusudan Rajagopalan

One with God

From Satsang in Cape Town, and Sediba Retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa in September, 2013

Be Based in the Spine

Awareness is almost like your shadow. It follows you, always ready for you to tap into. But we don’t know that it follows us 🙂 , we don’t look at our own shadows. We do not even remember that there is a shadow, so we don’t tap into it, we get caught up into daily life. Once this is conglomerated, we are complete again. This is why it is important to base oneself in the spine. We have to shift from the front to the middle. Anxieties, fears come into us making us vulnerable, incapacitated, disabled, only when you operate from the front. The same things cannot touch you when you are based in the spine. Try it, you will know.

Mohanji quote - Awareness is almost like a shadow It follows you

I’ll give you another example:
When you sit down quietly, just sit down quietly and feel the spine, any part of your spine. Automatically your consciousness would have shifted to the third eye, the space between the eyebrows. This is the proof. We go beyond the normal senses to the higher dimension. Third eye is a higher dimension, it is the pathway to the higher dimension. We have that faculty within us, you don’t need any religion, any guru, any guide, anybody to tell you this, because you are complete. This is the truth. All of us are complete. Gurus and masters are road signs, they just tell you this way you go to reach the destination. It’s up to us to walk. This is an individual journey. Because we came as individuals. We were born alone, we will die alone, we are experiencing various aspects of relationships while we are here.

Stop Cruelty to Animals

When we walk, so many insects get crushed, not deliberately. Deliberately is not good, like, if you want to crush an ant, it’s not a good idea. That amounts to murder. But sometimes nature uses you for spontaneous removals, this is OK. Because you are just being an instrument. Nature uses various materials for its balance. Maybe you will be one of them. That is OK. But look at the animals. They have a clear-cut definition of stuff, like, they do not kill for pleasure. They kill because they are hungry. When they are not hungry, they do not touch anybody. You can see a lion sitting and watching a deers walking. The deers know the lion is not hungry. At the same time, when a hungry lion comes, they are all bold, they go. Also, any being kept in captivity, suffers. Their death is not at all smooth. But if it’s a war, it’s a different feeling. Like in the forest, a lion hunts a deer, that’s a game between them, because it’s supposed to be. And there is an element of sacrifice in it. The deer says, “All of you go, I’ll sacrifice, so that you can escape.’’ And they know that this is the equation. But when we capture, and kill,… one third of the total grain that we use in our Earth, what we produce is for cattle. It is like ten pounds of grain produce one pound of flesh. How much of wastage! If that much grain is given to poor people, there will be no famine or no starvation on the Earth. This is all bad, this is manipulation. Because of the taste of our tongue we grow cattle and we kill them, this is very bad and is affecting our society, these are bad vibrations. Millions of pregnant cows are killed in countries. It’s cruelty, absolute cruelty. We can never agree with it. And one of the most beautiful relationship of the world, because we experience relativity more on relationship basis, one of the most beautiful relationship in the world is mother and child. And we segregate the child from its mother, this is cruelty. Mother does not get to see the child! It’s not able to give its milk. Agony! And they cry, and cry… And if it’s a male calf, it is assassinated within three days. During these three days, they don’t even feed them! Mother is crying and crying for the child, and the child has already been transported for killing. This is cruelty. This is atrocious. These kind of vibrations can never help the Earth. It brings more and more agony and tragedy. Because the Earth catches vibrations. It catches the subtle vibrations and stores them, and creates events. So much such killing, just imagine! It creates further and further agony.

dairy. industry

Q: What happens to your body when you eat meat?
A: When you eat meat? First of all, meat has no prana. When you take a picture of a person, you can see aura, right? It is prana. But in the meat, which is dead organism, there is no aura, there is zero prana, it goes into the stomach and sucks all the prana which is available for digestion… and it takes more than it gives. If it’s a vegetable, even if you cut it, e.g. a tomato, and take a picture, it has prana. So that gives prana when it is in the stomach. This is one aspect.
Another aspect is, when an animal dies, it dies with a lot of pain and fear. Because it has got central nervous system, it’s not like a vegetable. fruitVegetables are usually like our nails. Mother plant produces a mango, or a tomato, for further generation, reproduction, so that further plants are produced and further mangos or tomatoes happen. It doesn’t get hurt when you pluck a tomato. It is like cutting your nail. This way is fine. But for an animal, it goes through tremendous fear and pain because it has central nervous system and it suffers a lot. So what happens when you are afraid? You shrink. Your stomach becomes all churned up. When you face sudden fear, what happens? The whole system becomes shaken up. The same thing happens to the animal. They become tremendously shaken up. The toxins are released into the blood stream, and that affects the meat. So what comes into us is meat with toxins, and on a subtle level elements of fear, agony, victimhood. That merges with our constitution. So we tend to create further cancer, not only physically, but cancer in our character, behaviour, in all these levels. Plus there is no prana. So overall it is negative.

The Nature of Maya

Maya actually means non-realism or non-truth. Truth is one. E.g. there is no you separate from Mohanji. This is the truth. It means physical body is separate. You took the physical body because you wanted to experience what you experience in life, but consciousness-wise, you can’t have a separation. That is the truth. Maya makes you feel we are separate. Maya gives the illusiary side of the existence. The same thing happens in our mind, that is why mind is the child of Maya. For example, mind controls even our laughter. Sometimes, even if there is the greatest of jokes, we fail to laugh because mind gives you some other input. The situation is nice, it’s comical, but mind is giving you a different vaccine, so you fail to laugh. It happens many times, that the truth is in hand, but you fail to see. That is not your fault, that is because mind did not allow you. So mind is the Maya there. Mind is the illusion there, so you could not see this thing.

Q: Illusion of separation?
A: Illusion of separation, illusion of non-identification or non-understanding, basically illusion of ignorance. This is the right word. Because the truth is one, which is the same for everyone, it cannot be relative. Like the taste of the food actually has to be the same, but each time it has different understanding of the taste and sometimes rejection as well. That doesn’t mean that the food is the culprit there. Our level of awareness is the culprit. Our capacity for assimilation or capacity to understand is different. At that time mind has a big role to play. That is why we categories between spiritual teachers, too.


Mohanji quote - What is actually the core of spirituality 1

What is actually the core of spirituality? To be one with God. There is nothing else you need to know in spirituality. If you ask, the answer would be in a word – liberation. There is nothing else you need to know or do. But why do we go through various processes? Because we try to take detours from the mind. And mind also plays all with us. It takes you on detours. Finally mind becomes tired. Then we reach the absolute truth, “Oh, it was so close!” Many times it happens like that, “Oh, I knew it!” until other person tells you. But we fail to see it. That is not our incapacity, that is the way our state is made. Our state is like that, it gives that feeling and it gives many inputs. Physical possibilities, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, every aspect has a contribution to it, which alienates you from the truth. But truth can never be two. Truth has to be one, but we fail to see because that is the state we are operating in.
One more thing, there is a lot of difference between stature and status. You can buy or probably acquire state. Like if somebody gives you a title, that is a good thing, but stature has got to be earned. Stature is something where you stand or where you are operating from, which level is your level of operation, that has to be earned, which means you have to reach there, and for that reaching you have to dissolve yourself. If you dissolved your identities quite a lot, then what fills in is more of a cosmic identity, or a consciousness of a larger nature. If you always exist as your limited identity, then you and that are always separate. The moment you start dissolving, you become like a candle, you melt and melt and become just light, only that, emptiness. If you are separate from another, there is always a comparison, there is always non-understanding. But when you become one with it, even mentally,… Like, how do you unite? People get married, as they have some compatibility which they feel they have, and that brings them together, and then they go on for some time until they realise it is not so true 🙂 but illusion stays for some time, right? That time is enjoyable. That is what life is all about. You cannot ask for permanent enjoyment, because we hop from pleasure to pleasure, not perpetual happiness. This is the difference. When we move from one pleasure to the other, there is always deep decline. But when we are in perpetual happiness, that means we are self-reliant, self-sufficient, we operate in our own strength, that time happiness is perpetual because it is not dependent on anything. Expectation level is low. Satisfaction level is high. This is the point here. When life gives you a sting in the tail, then we are suddenly jerked, we feel we have to do something. At that point in time if you take it as, “OK, this is an opportunity, completely dark, but it’s fine,” then we start looking for the matchbox and finally we find the light, that is a different room, a different scenario, probably different set of people, different life. It is probably reinvention. And that reinvention is always good for life because you transform yourself. You shift yourself to the next level. Sometimes life gives that, kicks your butt, because you transform yourself, you shift yourself to the next level. Life kicks your butt, you can’t handle it, you are forced to shift. But if you shift with awareness, this is better, so that your equilibrium is always maintained. It is not that you are put into the forest and you are fighting for your life. That is different. But you went into the forest saying, “OK, let me navigate through it,” and use your skills to go through, that brings you more power. Both are going into the same direction, but the positive one is the one with more awareness, which means you are using your awareness to navigate. This is more important than to be pushed into it. Destiny pushes you, that is also possible.

Liberation is the Path and the Destination.

Q: After liberation…
A: Let me correct the question. What we are is liberation. What we are after is nothing. Liberation is the path and the destination and we are liberated. That is why no binding, no liberation. “I am already Shiva, but that understanding is not happening.” That is exactly what we are trying to achieve on any spiritual path. That’s not true. We are already liberated. We are completely liberated, this is the truth. But because we are operating with the mind factor, mind does not allow to clearly feel it, experience it. That is why this question happens.

Q: Are liberation and enlightenment the same thing?
A: No. Liberation and enlightenment are not the same thing. Enlightenment is like graduation, the state where you are able to understand things from a higher perspective. But that does not mean you are liberating yourself completely from that state and going. You still have to be liberated from enlightenment, to dissolution. It means you are completely nullifying yourself, dissolving yourself, and becoming one with the cosmic energy which you can call Father or Parabrahma or God… So enlightenment takes you to the level of awareness where you don’t normally fall down again. But you still have the body, activities of the body, you will be hungry, you will have to go to toilet, you will have to take a bath, you will probably have some of emotions as well. But again, you are operating from a higher perspective, the higher level, so the impacts are different, things are less. It is like you have graduated, you will not go back to the tenth class again. There is no need to go back. Like that, graduation or post-graduation is like a state. Enlightenment is a state. In that state you are a different person, you will probably be able to see in 360 degrees, you are able to perceive more than you see, all these faculties will work. But again, liberation means complete moksha. Liberation means dissolving and going. You have nothing to do with the Earth. You want nothing from here. Nothing here pleases you, makes you happy. It doesn’t mean that if you want to have a cup of coffee, you don’t have it. Nothing is binding you. Nothing is making you hooked to the Earth. You reached that plane, “I am happy, I am always in bliss state, and then I merge with the consciousness of the God. Like Krishna says, “You can worship any deity, but you are coming to me anyway.” So all deities are expressions of one consciousness, supreme energy, any form is representation of supreme energy. Form is conglomeration of energy. Matter is conglomeration of energy. All the matter you see around is conglomeration of energy. If you go to atom level and dissect the atom, it becomes raw energy. So this is the truth of existence. In that level, you become completely disintegrated, you become light body, you become subtle, and you are ready to merge, expand into the ocean. The drop becomes the ocean. That is not enlightenment, that is beyond enlightenment. You have to be established in enlightenment and then you utterly have to shed. That is why seva or service has a lot of value. When a person does a lot of service to the humanity, to the people, animals, birds, at that time big cleansing happens and detachment happens. And then the path is easier. That is why many of the gurus insist on serving when you are evolving, it goes hand in hand. When you become more and more helpless, it helps the dissolution. It’s enlightenment, too.

Mohanji quote - Liberation means dissolving and going

Q: So, with enlightenment there is a possibility that you can drop back, but not with liberation?
A: No, with enlightenment it is very unlikely that you will drop back. There are two things. Like, you become another, some time. That can cause your fall. Like, some people get attracted to you because of your energy and your power. And you can probably become that person for some time, or reflect that person. That is a falling in an overall thing. But I do not think that you will ever fall from the state, you are probably taking a temporary detour. This is my opinion. You are not per se falling. But in the path, you can fall many times. Until you reach that state, until you reach the plateau and get established there, there are a lot of opportunities of falling. You see that in all the seekers, they climb so much and fall, then they climb so much and fall again… That is because of the play of the mind. Mind manipulates you, then you fall, then you climb up… but your guru is with you aiding you, helping you, holding you. That faith in the guru and faith in the path will help you. Now if you do not have a physical guru, if you have faith in the path, gurus will come and help you.

Q: And if one is a spiritual traveller, not in the sense of human activities, but the ability of enlightened soul to travel the dimensions beyond mind…?
A: I feel that would be a wrong understanding, in the case of absoluteness. Because you need to have a unit to move anywhere. If you expand beyond this form, then where are you moving? The state of Parabrahma is immovable. State of soul in reality is immovable. A soul, when sitting in the body, the whole substratum, the whole configuration is moving. And then we have the false feeling that soul is moving. But the soul is connected to the supreme God, and that is immovable, omnipresent, present everywhere like air, an aspect of air can move but air itself is not moving.

Q: The soul does not have light body or shed body as well?
A: They can dissolve back in the ocean, then you would not even know the identification. If you become the ocean, then there is only vibration, not a movement. But if you choose to stay in the unique form of whichever capacity, whether it is a human body, or another body, or no body, if you choose to have unique form, then you can have motion, because then you are still in the realm of relativity i.e. you can move from here to there. But if you are fully expanded, where are you going to move? You are already everywhere! That is the structure of God, right? The supreme Father is everywhere. There is nothing beyond Him. Everything is formed out of Him, and all the matter you see is the reflection of him. And in that level the matter can move. Because the matter is only representing him and it can move and it has got a mobility because it operates on relativity, it operates on duality. But once you merge with the whole consciousness, you become one with the universal consciousness, you have no identification any more, you do not exist as a unit, where will you move from where? It’s only omnipresence.

Q: Beyond universal consciousness?
A: There is nothing beyond universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is the supreme. And also there are layers of that. But you can never understand that using your intellect, because the stature of God has to be experienced. Until you become that, you will never know. For example, what is Mohanji’s consciousness that you saw? You will never understand by seeing a video until you become me. Once you become me, “Oh, OK, this is the game,” you understand. I am saying on the minimum level. That is the same as Krishna’s consciousness, Jesus’s consciousness. That is why people criticise. Why do we criticise another person? Because of ignorance. We have set certain norms and we expect a person to operate in that level because we don’t understand his consciousness. Can you put Krishna into any slot? Impossible, because they operate beyond that slot anyway.

Q: Once the soul completely merges with the universal consciousness, becomes that, can you go back in the real body?
A: You can, because consciousness has multiple dimensions, you can extract yourself and bring yourself back. But it may not be to the Earth plane. What will you do here? It may not be on the Earth plane, it may be on the more purposeful level. Like, you have to do some activity, or something is important, or on a cosmic plane there is validity for that activity, you may withdraw yourself from the ocean and become a unit and come back and merge again. At that time there is no karmic binding. Karmic binding is usually related to the body. Or in other planes, also, there are certain planes where karma works, but again that is related to a particular unit, or form and it has a duration as well, a particular longevity, from now to then. Understand one thing. Whenever you rent a car, it has duration, time span, you can’t keep it forever unless you buy it. Body is like a rent-a-car. This body is occupied for a certain period of time. It could be one year, two years, ten years, hundred years. But beyond that, you have to turn it back to where it came from. Even if you buy a car, you will probably have to change it, right? Similarly. That is the understanding we must have when we move on.

Q: But understanding must translate into experience.
A: That is exactly what we are striving for. That is why we are talking. First is the knowledge, then comes the wisdom. If knowledge does not get converted into wisdom, it’s absolutely useless. It’s a bothering for other people, ha, ha, keep talking what we do not know. Most of the time we talk what we do not know, because we collect book knowledge, and we articulate it, but with zero experience. If you do experientially, you may not even talk! Or if you experienced it you may not articulate it.

Q: You said when you reach enlightenment, chances for falling are almost none. Before that, climbing and falling, climbing and falling… Is the value of climbing and falling again and again in increasing awareness?
A: In principle yes, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Because if the mind is ruling, it will keep on shifting the goal post. That is where you fall. And by the time you are ready to score the goal, the goal post has moved. This is the play of the mind. The mind is making that happen. That is usually reason why you fall. Actually speaking, the main reason for everybody’s fall from the progress is the mind.

Mohanji quote - Mind is our medium to the world outside

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The Twice Born – the Interview from “Life Positive” Magazine

This is an article with the interview with Mohanji by Suma Varughese, published in the April 2015 issue of “Life Positive” Magazine.You can find this article here:

The twice-born

April 2015

By Suma Varughese

From being a top executive in the Middle East with a wife and daughter, Mohanji’s life turned around 360 degrees when he lost everything, and found a second life as a spiritual teacher and guide, says Suma Varughese

MohanjiI first met Mohanji in 2012, when he spoke at the Mumbai Life Positive Expo. I was disarmed by his friendly, approachable demeanour, and deep warmth. Tall, well-built and good looking, he has a charismatic personality. And yet there was no mistaking his spiritual power. I recall a meditation he conducted at our Life Positive Soul Space, which took most of us to stillness. His answers to questions too were penetrating and perceptive. A few days later, I joined a small group of his disciples for Guru Purnima. The love and personal warmth with which he enveloped his people was palpable. I came in for a hug too, and still recall the love that it transmitted.

Mohanji’s story, like almost any guru’s, is a fascinating example of the many ways Spirit draws its chosen ones on to the path. A successful senior management executive in the shipping trade, with a wife and a four-year-old daughter, Ammu, life was going smoothly on track, when the rug was pulled from under his feet. It began with the death of his daughter Ammu in a tragic road accident on August 23rd, 2000. Thereafter, his life unravelled. He and his wife separated in 2003, he lost most of his investments and his belongings in India in 2004, and eventually his job as well. He had touched the bottom of the barrel – a place where grace resides!

Sure enough, he began to get guidance from many realized masters both in the body and beyond, including Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba and Mahavtar Babaji. He retreated to the Himalayas until his inner shift was completed. Thereafter, Mohanji continued to work for a living, but his spiritual work also began. He was inspired to produce two powerful meditations which he offered to the world free of charge. Slowly, satsangs and talks happened. His social organisation, Ammucare Charitable Trust, offers food, clothing, shelter and medicine for those in need. Presently living in Dharamsala, Mohanji is now married to Biba, a Serbian, and the couple has a daughter, Mila, who will be four this year. In many ways, life has come around full circle for Mohanji. Excerpts from the interview:

What would you say is the mission that you have been entrusted with on Planet Earth?

I believe that anybody who is guiding anybody can have only one mission – liberation. All the masters who ever walked on earth or guided humankind, have only focussed on liberation from terrestrial existence. This is a process. That is why there are numerous paths and techniques. Every path, every technique, and every exponent has value to some seeker out there. The opposite of liberation is bondage. Irrespective of whether we are bound by a positive habit or negative, it is still bondage. Bondage has multiple levels, such as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Man needs to get out of all bondage to liberate himself from the compulsive birth-death cycle.

There appear to be many masters coming up around now who are linked to Mahavtar Babaji – like yourself, Sri M, and Dadashreeji. Why do you think Mahavtar Babji is so pivotal to these times?

I believe that Babaji is guiding millions, directly or indirectly – not just a few who are communicating with people. I came across an elusive saint who communicates with Babaji. He said that Babaji wears a body only when it is absolutely necessary, and that too its density depends on the consciousness of the person in question. Otherwise,
he operates only in his subtle form. I would not freely use the name of Babaji as I consider it as far too sacred than we can ever imagine. But I do believe that Babaji is moving a large mission on earth which is to raise the collective
consciousness of the human mass, and shift their basic operating root. I also feel that when we say Babaji, we are talking about a state in consciousness. A totally liberated existence. Just like we experience states of tranquillity or samadhi when the mind becomes totally still, we achieve Babaji consciousness when we shift gears to a higher frequency. Babaji represents the no-nonsensical, straight path to highest awareness. It is not the privilege of some to access such a consciousness. All have the same potential. The subtler your operating level, the more connected you are to that consciousness.

What do you think has been your special contribution to spirituality?

I would like to believe that if I am of any value to some people, my life is well “used” by Existence. I try my best to not be stuck to any frames so that I can experience freedom every moment. If this can be understood by the people who look at me, I believe that is the only message that can be effectively given at all. Walking the path of pathlessness needs alert  attention at all times. Acceptance of reality as it is and being fluid and flexible at all times is very essential. Changing realities should never affect our journey. We should glide on in life like water on the leaf of the lotus – unaffected and unattached.

Looking back, what was your early childhood like? Was there ever an indication that you would become a spiritual teacher?

I would modestly refrain from creating a halo around myself. One point I remember from my childhood is that when my class teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said I wanted to be alone. Naturally the teacher was not happy. She considered me “retarded”. She informed my mother who complained to her father, my grandfather, who was a great personality. He casually remarked, “One day, you will be proud of him.” My mother had mentioned in an earlier interview that I was smiling when I was born. The mental restlessness that I felt later in life was probably because I was not satisfied with relative truths, and was craving for the ultimate truth.

Do you think that your birth in a Malayali Namboothiri family has helped you in your evolution?

My father was a medical doctor, and I never had a regular Namboothiri type of childhood. None of my relatives have any serious spiritual inclination as far as I can remember. Some also considered caste to be utter nonsense. I believe that life creates a Brahmin and not birth. When the heart overflows with love, when we need nothing from the world, when we prefer to serve than to possess, when one’s whole life is established in the bliss of beingness or the purpose of service, a true Brahmin is born. I believe that birth in the caste cannot ensure it. It takes efforts to nullify one’s selfishness, greed, and jealousy.

You went through a personal tempest after the death of your daughter, when your whole life fell apart. What would you say is the role of suffering in evolution?

There is a saying that a compelling sorrow enhances awareness and detachment. This is not the same in everybody’s case, though. Detachment does not mean renunciation. It is not escapism. It is intense objectivity. It is a state of emptiness and fearlessness that nothing matters and we suddenly stare into the eyes of stark reality. This happened with me. Extreme objectivity took place. Nothing mattered. Life on earth was not the same anymore. Thus started the spiritual awakening too. The world is not always kind to you. When society constantly hurts us and judges us unfavourably, we learn to detach and find peace within. When those whom you love most leave you or betray you, you are forced to find your independence.

How can the seeker use suffering for personal evolution?

Through clear objectivity. First and foremost is acceptance. Never entertain self-pity or other’s sympathy. Both will paralyse you. Always be objective. Face it head on. Introspect – contemplate – meditate. Look at the essence of the seeming reality. Thus, transform oneself.

Every event, word or thought creates an impression. Impressions trigger emotions. Emotions trigger karma. Mind uses the root impression to create a tsunami. We should be well aware of this.

Thus, we need to restrict the entry of impressions.  These impressions create our realities. In order to re-create our life, or re-invent ourselves, we need to control or restrict the data entry, the input. A personal tragedy often forces us to look within. It can release us from various binding concepts of happiness, sorrow, power and life. Nothing matters anymore. Life takes a different turn. Its meaning and purpose changes too. If we can effectively stay away from our concepts, we achieve much freedom and happiness within. Happiness without reason! We will stop judging, criticizing, condemning or ridiculing self and others. Concepts always stop us from being spontaneous and natural.

You emphasize looking after birds and animals as part of selfless seva.

Indeed. This world equally belongs to every being. The intellectual supremacy of humankind has created a stark division between human species and all other species. Humankind has experienced suppression and torture through wars and dictators. All other species are experiencing it every day. I believe that there is no better action than sharing food with the hungry beyond the species barrier. Sharing makes you rich inside. Humankind must re-emphasise co-existence. Every species likes to live and be free. We chain them and kill them. Each abattoir is an Auschwitz. The goodness in humankind needs to be expressed through caring and loving every species unconditionally. Consistently sharing food with the hungry and poor will make a rich society. And it wipes out many blockages in the karmic cycle. It releases stress and helps cure depression.

You also emphasize the power of gratitude.

Man minus ego is equal to God. Gratitude is the opposite of ego. Just like humility, gratitude helps elevation or awareness. Gratitude spontaneously happens within us with awareness. Gratitude should begin with oneself. Be grateful that we are living; we have a body, a mind and intellect. We have awareness, knowledge. We are able to experience happiness, sorrows, good and bad. Then, gratitude towards our parents who helped us stand on our own two feet, the teachers who guided us, the life that taught us the most valuable lessons. Be grateful that the sun shines and we are able to experience it, as also the rain, the breeze and everything on earth. Be grateful for the trees and plants which breathe in what we breathe out and thus help us live. There are numerous invisible allies. The ants, the bees, the flowers and fruits of trees and plants. Gratitude enhances our life. It helps liberation. Be grateful. Feel gratitude and let it show. The constant flow of gratitude is a sign of operating in higher frequency. Such a person will have no room in mind for jealousy, hatred, anger or fear.

You regularly organise pilgrimmages to Mount Kailash. What is its significance?

Mount Kailash is a power center. It represents stillness, beingness. Kailash represents our soul, the unbound, uncontaminated and ever-free Shiva within us. It represents the ultimate state of liberation aspired by every being. There are certain points in the world where energy gets conglomerated. Like a powerful magnet, it attracts aspirants as well as beings of higher frequency. When you enter an oxygen room, every cell becomes fresh; likewise, Kailash represents the stillness of mind and universality of being. It is the original Shiva Linga. A still mind is a state in samadhi which reflects the true universe. In absolute stillness of the mind pure consciousness is reflected. Apart from the Kailash in Tibet, there are four more similar places in Himachal Pradesh.

What is enlightenment? Would you call yourself enlightened?

Enlightenment is a state in awareness. We can call this our original state. Mind, which is supposed to help us experience the world, starts controlling us. When awareness grows beyond the mind, and mind becomes insignificant, we become universal. I would not call myself enlightened or not enlightened. I do not create frames. Frames bind. Hence, I take care to be like water – fluid and flowing through given situations. Situations, time, space, awareness and the actors are provided. All we have to do is be objective and flow through it, without stopping to analyse whether it is good or bad. Just flow. One criterion that I use for myself and I recommend for others is to avoid violence in thought, word, and action. This will keep you free.

Those who are eligible for the New Age will survive. The rest will perish. Eligibility is selflessness, unconditional love and emptiness of the mind.

What is the state of being enlightened? How does life happen for you?

The state of being enlightened is being free. Freedom is in the potential to have everything – but needing nothing. Freedom is staying unbound to people, society, places, situations, habits as well as materials. You can be everything, you can use anything, but you are not bound by it. This is freedom. The state of the soul is the state of being enlightened. Never bound and always free.

Life is a continuous flow for me. Unstoppable and often irrelevant. Time, place, people, situations and events do not bother me. I do not consider myself as significant or insignificant. I do not consider myself as enlightened or a guru. I avoid all kinds of frames and titles to maintain my freedom. I believe there is nothing to prove on earth. Those who have “eyes” to see will “see”. I talk to those who come to me. I never call nor promise. I give what I have without fees and expectations. We announce programmes, but never canvass. I keep flowing in life, as a river.

What awaits us in the future?

The roots are shifting. The emotional root which is creating emotional chaos, breeding more and more concepts, is coming to an end. The intellectual root is beginning. This will stabilise the available species including the human, much. The sixth root is the spiritual root, the basis of consciousness of great masters. The shift between roots could see much destruction.

I envisage a world beyond gadgets. Today, gadgets own our time. Through gadgets commerce controls us. Gadgets have “minimalised” human existence. This establishes the emotional root. This will change. The generation that is dependent on satellites will change. Satellites will become unavailable and all corresponding gadgets will cease to exist. Man will become free once again. Man will recognise man once again. Brotherhood based on respect and kindness will begin.

The New Age or Golden Age is about equanimity. No barriers or divisions. Togetherness, love, compassion and kindness beyond species, time, space, and colour barriers. Those who are eligible for it will survive. The rest will perish. Eligibility is selflessness, unconditional love and emptiness of the mind. It is understood that the 10-year period between 2012 and 2022 is crucial for this shift. Awakening is happening across the globe. We can look forward to a world based on dharma, ahimsa and peace.

How should we prepare ourselves for its challenges?

Unconditional love is the key. Give, share and nurture. Do not judge, criticise, condemn oneself or others. Cultivate the attitude of giving and sharing; gratitude towards everything around you. Unselfishness. Love unconditionally. See yourself in everyone. Operate with your focus on the spine more. The rest will follow. 

First Resolve the Conflict Within

Satsang in Mumbai, India, 30th March 2015

Mohanji giving satsang in Mumbai

Cycle of Yugas

Q: Yesterday we were going in circles, at the same time repeating certain word. What is the purpose of this?

A: It’s a recycling process. Each yuga had its duration. There are four yugas separated into four textures, four different feelings.

The Golden Age is where good and evil even do not exist in one place. Good is in one place, evil is another world. It is completely good, that is why frequency is very high. The lighter the frequency, the lesser is the operating level for many beings. Only those who operate in higher frequency can take birth. So number of people, number of beings is smaller. At that level there is no contamination, it’s pure, it’s a beautiful process.
Then comes the Treta Yuga, where good and evil are not in one place, they are in different continents. It is symbolic that they are in different continents, so that the contrast is clear. There is already duality. In the first level there is no duality, it’s only goodness. In the second level, there is duality.
Third is Krishna’s time. Good and evil are in the same family. The fight happens between family members.
Fourth is Kali Yuga where good and evil are in the same person. There is a cycle happening.

yuga-cycle     At this time there are so many souls taking birth. It is a very funny situation, the whole fight is within us. What you see outside is much lesser than what is inside. The whole conflict is happening inside, that is what you see outside. Outside is much lesser that way. Numerous thoughts, lesser action. Numerous people, numerous beings too. That is when the whole cycle of yugas changes. There is so much distraction, then the rebirth happens.
There are frequencies which we cannot hear. There are a lot of sounds outside, but you can’t hear many of them. You only hear those which our ears can understand. Likewise, we can only see what our eyes are capable of. There are so many things in the air. Even on our skin there are various organisms walking around. You can’t see them with naked eyes. There are so many things which we cannot see. This is the level of operation. When frequency changes, only that kind of beings can come. And there are no stories about Golden Age, there is nothing to talk. Stories are all related to hero and villain. That comes only with the duality.


Duality brings forth all the drama, and the basis of drama is emotion. Emotion is also energy and it is also survival. Minus emotion, there is no conflict. Minus emotion, there is no need for the mind. Mind creates emotions. Many emotions are created by non-understanding. E.g. I assume you are like this and I start behaving to you like that. What will happen? You will fight back. Where is the problem? The problem is in my notion. I think you are like this. You are probably something else. The cruelest looking person might be very kind, but we already judge a person before we talk to them. And what happens? The same reaction. Then you suffer. So this is the cycle which goes on and on. In Kali Yuga where good and evil are in the same person, life is repeated because we keep the emotions inside. We store them, the impressions are stored. They sprout and they create a new life. So each life you repeat the same cycle. This is how it works. People say, “Be good, do good,“ because if you want to harm or hurt, you need to exert more. Being good is a spontaneous thing for everybody, so there is less exertion, and the better is your inside, you are freer, quieter, calmer.
Why does life repeat? Because so many people wanted to experience so many things. That is why there are seven billion people here. Seven billion people wanted to experience something. That is why they are here. And sometimes we try to experience what other person cooks, or others’ life. We do not have original experiences, we do not even think about it. Why can’t I have original experiences? The beaten track is very easy. For example, somebody has written a book about kundalini experience, ”I read that book, I like it, my experience should be like that.“ Do you think it is possible? Awakening has various manifestations. Each person experiences a different manifestation. Why not? As you are a unique being, you should.

Mohanji quote - Awakening has various manifestationsBut what happens? Even when an awakening experience happens, we deny it saying that this is not as per notion of our thing. Like that, the concepts are very, very heavy, ”This is ok, this is not ok.“ Who says so? We arrest ourselves to various things and we try to strangle ourselves and we fail to live. Then we take another birth because we never lived. Live today 100%, then you’re fine, you don’t have anything more to do. Curtailing desires is one thing, but expressing desires properly is another thing. If we do not express a desire in real life properly, it will come back. That is why unconscious desires keep repeating. If you smoke a cigarette, not being aware of it, thinking of something else, you will want another cigarette. Whether it’s coffee, ice-cream, tea, it’s the same. The more you are involved with an activity, the less the chance you will repeat it, because there is no need to repeat it. One activity itself was fulfilled. It was complete. That is why I wrote on facebook, ”The difference between binding and liberation is your doership.“ Simple. The more doership you have, the more binding you have. The less doership you have, ”I’m surrendering everything,” or, ”I surrender everything at the feet of the lord Narayana,” Narayana means Parabrahma, then you are not the owner any more. Every action is like that. Every thought is like that, every word is like that. So you don’t own it, you don’t earn it. If you own, you earn. It’s a cycle. That’s the clarity we should have. The more you feel you are doing it, you have doership, you have ownership, the more weight you will be having. Otherwise activity will be perfect, result will not be a problem. And the proper activity will have a proper result. Today, the child who came earlier said, ”I want to make a lot of money.” I said, ”How do you make a lot of money?” Simple. Become perfect in what you do, money is a byproduct. Instead, we chase money and nothing comes, we are frustrated and then we try to manipulate the whole thing. Instead, perfect what you do, your perfection will bring in money, support. The point is, are you 100% involved in what you do? If you are, that is enough. It is not about your background, it is about your attitude.
So this is the difference between yugas, too.
HanumanHanumanji did not support Lord Rama, thinking that, ”I will get something out of it,” even though he was aware that he was the same consciousness as Rama. He thought, ”The moment I realise you, I will stop serving you, so I would rather stay unrealised for the sake of serving you.” Powerful bhakta. Great powerful bhakta. That is why we worship him so much today, because he epitomises an amazing, powerful bhakti. True bhaktas ask nothing, have you observed? Those who are on the borderline, always want something. They go to the begging mode, ”Please give me this, please give me that…” and they also try to bribe god, ”Give me this, I’ll do this.” God is not interested in your begging at all. This is exactly the point I am saying. When you need nothing, you have everything. Real richness is in absolute non-wanting. You are absolutely rich inside. Everything comes to you. This is the theory of Ananda Shaila is the same, Maha Vishnu lying on Ananda connected to the supreme consciousness, infinity. Lakshmi is at the feet. You connect to the energy which is Maha Vishnu, the supreme power, completely neutral, as a witness, and full of silence, complete silence, full yoga nidra. Lakshmi being at the feet means the material wealth will come, will happen, that is not what you chase. Your, your stature, your position brings it. Otherwise, you chase Lakshmi, Lakshmi runs away. Not the Lakshmi in your neighbourhood, ha, ha.

Q: I have a question regarding that there are a lot of beggars around. Should we select them and then give…?
A: I always say, keep the biscuits or whatever in the car or with you and distribute it…
Here, it’s an organised setup. There are rich people behind some of these beggars, so it’s not a good idea to give them money, but if somebody is hungry, give food. That’s a good thing. A small packet of water and a packet of biscuits, sufficient for one time. If you do this, the job is done and there is no shedding out money. And how can you be selective?

Q: In terms of money, e.g. if some people work…
A: It’s not a clean stuff, it’s not easy. Of course, if someone can work… Well, there was one guy who was telling how he took a vow, that he would go begging into a lot of houses, and then go to a temple. It means to ward off evil things. So he went into one house and he was begging. They asked him, ”Why are you begging, you are a very able man!? You should be working.” He said, ”No, I have taken a vow to beg in so many houses and go to the temple.“ The man from the house said, ”This is amazing, every day I am praying to god please don’t make me beg, and you want to beg!? I am not going to give you any money, it’s an insult to god.” Ha, ha. There are people like that, we never know.
In India, there are so many systems, different practices, different rituals, you cannot say, ”This is right, this is wrong…” Because it is all individualistic. That is why we have 33 crore gods (330 million). Why do we have 33 crore gods? 33% of you is God, so everybody is God in a way. How can you worship 33 crore gods? 33% of you is the soul element. The rest is junk. Mind factor, physical factor, you have to leave all that and go. But the God element stays. It never goes. It is always there. That is why 33 crore gods. 11057389_229680247202589_1102678018233963217_n
It also says, ”Respect individuality. 33% of you is God, respect it as a part of God. We should respect everybody. There is nobody higher nor lower, because all are equal, animals, birds, everything. They are equal because they have God element in them. The godhood in them. This is very difficult to discriminate. My suggestion is if anybody is hungry, don’t think twice, give them food, water. This is the best of sevas according to me, because you have done the job. There is no way you can provide for all the people for all the months, then you will need many jobs and many salaries 🙂 Who comes in front of you, take it as your responsibility, ”Are you hungry? Yes? Ok.” I do that, you must have seen. We take them to the restaurant and they eat with us. What happens is that time is finished. Next time I don’t know. That way destiny will take care of him. The more selfless we are, the more connected we are. We are only asking from world, what are you giving to the world? Being wealth of world and being a burden of world are two sides of the coin. On each coin one side is being wealth to the world, the other side is being a burden to the world. Being a burden is always asking, never happy. There is nothing you are giving to the world. Other side of being wealth is you are happy with what you have, and you share what you have. I am not saying that you should starve and give food to other people. Eat well.

Violence is Ignorance

Mohanji quote - Violence is ignoranceQ: What is violence? Can you explain violence in today’s world?
A: Violence is ignorance. The highest and the most powerful of all emotions is love. When there is no understanding, there is violence. Violence usually comes out of expectation. There is an expectation and unfulfilled expectation. Expectation which is not fulfilled creates reaction in people. So, first of all, it stems out of non-understanding. The cruelty, sadism… all these things come out of non-understanding. But it has become a culture. What are our movies giving you? A hero who is very immature and intolerant. love-enemiesHe will make a reason for killing, but again, it is violence and it’s appreciated! We don’t know how many heroes there are who are reasonable, and violence has become a culture basically because of non-understanding, non-understanding of the reality. You can counter everything with love. Love is a very strong and powerful tool. If you choose to love, it disarms the person. Love disarms, you don’t know how to do with the person loving so much. But hatred is easy, ”I don’t like this, I don’t like a person…“ it goes on.

Q: A thought also comes in violence?
A: That is again suppressed emotions. Why are emotions suppressed? Because you do not know how to use them. First of all, never suppress anything. You have a desire, vent it out, not to other person, but through understanding, using the intellect all the time. Emotion is always coming out of the heart, not spiritual heart, but spontaneously from the mind. Intellect always gives you reasoning, it is never involved in anger or any emotion. So touch base with intellect. What happens? If somebody calls you a donkey, what will you say? ”You probably need to check your eyes. You need to wear specs, you can’t see well.” But if it is mind, emotions working, you will say, ”You are a bigger donkey!” Then there is a satisfaction. Where does the gratification happen? When you counter, retaliate. That is because of non-awareness. You have every right to be deeply equanimous, contented personality. The more expectations you have, the more disappointments are possible. And you chose your parents, you chose your environment, you chose everything before you took the birth. You could have become American president too, but you chose this place, these parents, all these things. We can’t deny any of these. This being the situation, what else can I do? That is the only question possible. This is my given situation. I cannot change the situation, what can I do from here onwards? When this is clear, then there is no problem. “OK, this is happening, I’ll handle it… another thing is happening, I’ll handle it…” You do not curse, you do not scream, you do not try to emotionalise the whole thing. It gives deep peace. I am not saying, “Be spiritual, meditate etc.” I am talking about the attitude.

How do you handle life?
Either you become aggressive, this is not good, because you are against something all the time and what you are against comes to you. Other thing is being a doormat. “OK, I am lying down, this is life, everybody walks over me… “That is also bad because it affects your self-esteem. What is good is being practical, being reasonable, “I don’t want to have this, and this is OK… Fine, please have it.” So there is no conflict. You are not supposed to buy what you don’t want to buy at the supermarket, right? There are so many things there. Most of the things we don’t need. We only buy what we need. Choose to buy love! Then, when you are completely balanced, there is no way somebody can walk over you. Otherwise we are bound by society, bound by education, parents, situations… there is no you, only some bound stuff! Reality is that.

Q: You said, ”Don’t suppress your desire.” If I am indulging a desire it means I am attached to it. Does it mean with awareness to actually know what to indulge…?
A: Absolutely. When I say, ”Express it,” e.g. you have a desire to have pizza. Don’t think how the whole society thinks about it, have it, but when you have it, you should be there. Feel it, enjoy it, experience it. Each time you convert a desire into an experience, there is a bigger chance of its getting eradicated. When a desire remains a desire, it can manifest any time. This is what I call suppression. The situation is not right, so I am not doing it. You have seen many drunkards drinking in daily life and destroying everything. Why do they drink so much alcohol? This is because something was really, really suppressed at one time. It manifests at another time. And it manifests in a violent way, you have no control.

Q: Is it OK that they drink and finish it off?
A: No, this is not under their control. Push of destiny does that. You can say that this is not good, they are aware of all this, but they can’t stop it. The thrust of destiny is doing this on them.

Q: Unless they know they are doing it…?
A: When they know they can convert the whole thing into a different activity. It means you should use that energy for something very positive. Not just making a family or building a house. But you should do something which is very good for the society; educate children, something which is a really good thing, something which is sustainable. Then what happens is the whole thrust goes in a different direction. Mind cannot handle the vacuum. So you should not allow the state of vacuum. No activity means doing the same habit again. You should divert this into something which is higher and engages you.
Mohanji quote - You shouldn't allow the state of vacuum
Even now there are so many options even on the internet that you can do. You don’t have to go somewhere physically if you don’t have enough money. You can do so many things through web. Not just copy-pasting somebody’s quotes because that is useless. First of all you don’t understand the quote and then you tell other people. I mean something which provokes an activity of a positive nature. Like, there is one group of people recovering from drugs, and there is a foundation which brings this people to normal life. They pick up people who are completely wasted and they try to bring them back. They send all these people to support initiation for protection of dolphins, against killing them. And they are very good people. They are under the influence of drugs for a long time so they lost sensitivity, but they are completely different after that. Because the purpose really hit on them! And they said they didn’t even need a salary, they would work. This is what I am saying, you can do so many good things in the society. Think differently. I supported this one because I liked the approach. You collect people who are drug addicts and nobody wants them, you give them some kind of orientation and bring them back and you put them onto a project which is really compelling. They were taught swimming, etc. I was impressed. What I am saying is, channel it into something more beautiful, creative, and then it helps the society, and then it helps you. So you will deviate yourself from something very negative into something very positive. Everybody has that connection. All people can do it. But the more you suppress, the more depressed you will be too. The more you suppress, you will start feeling useless, ”Oh, I came here, I took the body, I took the birth for so many things, I am doing nothing except eating, drinking, sleeping.” That is something which we need to avoid. That is why I suggest that you channel properly.
Another thing that is very important. You need to have a good company. This also matters a lot in life. We are sometimes attracted to company by default, or we choose company which is convenient. Choose company which is elevating! Even if it’s far away, this is important.

Mohanji quote - As we walk the street
Satsang has a lot of value. It is very important. Satsang is not sitting here and talking. Satsang is companionship, it’s good company, good activity, good thought, based on truth. There is a lot of value and depth to it. If you are connected to a team of people who think or do things of higher nature, it will definitely help us speed up. Individually we have limitation. But collectively, you are a force. Likewise, even in an activity, conglomerate with people who are reasonably selfless and have a larger goal. Have you seen? Their whole business flourishes. People who were uneducated were taught to make handcraft which were sold and they survived. We need something like that in Himalayas. There are various widows who get married very early and whose husbands had a couple of drinks and as there are all high mountain ranges they die. So we educated them to make greeting cards. This was many years ago. Now nobody needs paper greeting cards. It’s all on the internet. The greetings cards were made of recycled paper and Himalayan flowers, everything was eco-friendly.
Mohanji quote - Be wealth to the world (2)Each girl used to make approximately twelve cards a day. At that time they got 25 rupees a day, then it was a good amount. They earned a living with that. I always tell people, when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, ”What else can I do for the world? How can I be wealth to the world? Not a burden.” Otherwise, we are only criticising people, ”Oh, because of that guy I’m like this…, ” things like that. Completely unproductive style. But this, ”OK, I am here, now, this is my situation, no problem, let me do what I can,” changes you. And there is no age barrier to it, anybody can do it, whether you are ten, twenty, sixty or eighty, no problem. You can do it in your way.

Recorded by Madhusudan Rajagopalan
Turned into blog by Biljana Vozarevic

The Blood Moon Eclipse

We would like to share a guidance from Shri Mohanji regarding the The Blood Moon Eclipse today.

blood moon eclipse

The scheduled time of eclipse in India is mentioned as 2.31PM to 8.29PM
Total eclipse time is 6 hours.
The maximum visibility time in India would be 6.40PM
Food deteriorates faster and the atmosphere contains toxins during eclipses. Hence, it is recommended not to eat or drink during the time of eclipse. It is preferred to avoid food between one hour before eclipse to one hour after.
Our body is food sheath. Food sheath absorbs toxins and hence is recommended to stay indoors.
Chanting or havans are the best things to do during this time because it strengthens our aura. Kul Devta (Family Deity), Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Hanumanji, Mata, Moon for lunar eclipse and Sun for Solar eclipses are worshiped as per the inclination of the devotee.

Some people perform Navagrah poojas, too.
Why we refrain from consuming food during eclipse is because the deterioration level is almost 18 times more than the regular level of deterioration of food. Cooked food usually have less praana. During eclipse, whatever exists in the cooked food quickly deteriorates and becomes “posion”.
Shri Mohanji says, “Our body is sustained by food and water. Annamaya Kosha or food sheath is supported by food and water. Hence, contaminated food contaminates our anna maya Kosha.
Food sheath is also connected to mano maya kosha. One contaminates the other. Also, the Moon works on mind and emotions. Hence chanting works well on mind sheath.
It is always recommended to take a bath after eclipse heart

These all are generic answers to the questions that we all need to know and will benefit us all.

Question: During the time of eclipse, why are temples closed? How can God get contaminated?
Answer: The atmosphere gets contaminated during eclipse. That is why people do not eat or drink during eclipse. Praan pratishta (the idol which is physically energised for the sake of worship) is being protected. God can never get contaminated. God is pure energy and brilliance. Objects representing God can get contaminated because they are only representatives of the supreme unmanifested God. They are not God. Matter that can be perceived with our senses can get contaminated. God cannot be perceived with our senses. It has to be experienced beyond our limited operating tools.

Remember… You’re Immortal

Satsang with Mohanji in Gurgaon, March 2014 – Part 3

 Time and Space are Byproducts of Relativity


Q: The saints say that in reality, in truth, there is nothing called time and space.
A: In the original state there is no duality. Before the Big Bang, before the first creation, there is nothing, emptiness. Emptiness or fullness.

Mohanji quote - Emptiness is fullnessIt’s actually fullness where Parabrahma was existing. The conglomeration happened and the energy became matter. Then the creation possibly happened. With the formation of matter, relativity was formed. With the Big Bang, relativity was formed. When relativity happened, when the explosion happened, numerous pieces of Parabrahma, the superconscious unmanifested, had many manifestations, time is formed. It was from here to there, you measure the space with time. That is how time was created. So time is a byproduct of relativity. Relativity is the main clay for God to create. But then, after the first explosion, the numerous forms happened, they evolved into creators. So creations created more creations. That is how it goes. You created your destiny, you create your next life. Like that, numerous beings created and then the evolution happened… It’s a spontaneous flow. God has nothing to do with this. He is watching the show because it’s a divine play over the universe. Numerous beings, combinations, permutations, sizes, all these things are happening. We are reasonably ignorant because we are operating from the body made out of elements and we think this is it. That is why. Otherwise, we know everything. If awakening happens from inside, if you are kissed from inside, you know everything. Then there is whole knowledge, there is no difference, there is no variation. This lack of awareness is good in a way, because you have to enjoy the karma. For example, you wanted to experience only things in the world, from the first heartbeat till the last heartbeat. You wanted to experience certain things over time. Just imagine that you suddenly became aware of the whole tapestry. Then you stop experiencing! So it’s reasonably nice to have ignorance 🙂 Just joking. It is not good to be ignorant, it is good to be aware, but be in the game by being aware, “OK, this is play going on, I am an actor participating and I have a purpose of participation. That is why the show is going on.”

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom c

You are Immortal, but You don’t Remember it

Q: There are a lot of people who are sincere devotees on the path. Maybe they’ve just started or they’ve been there for a few years, but their immediate family members, like a husband, wife, parents, may not be supportive for this particular soul to follow this particular path. How does this soul balance dharma that it has towards husband, wife…
A: Dharma has nothing to do with expectations. Dharma is an adaptable tool. You can only deliver as per your capacity, and that is only what is expected. So somebody may say, “I want much more from you,” but if it is not your capacity, you’re not supposed to deliver. Stick to your capacity and be satisfied.
There are two mistakes which we make in the path of dharma. One is that we decide how other people should do, say or think. This is not our business. We are not supposed to do that. Nor we take opinions of other people and we try to bend backwards, forwards, sidewards… This is also not our problem. Because we brought our constitution before we took our birth. Why are you here in this form, in this particular place, in this particular system, with intelligence? It’s because you chose it. This is the only way to experience what you came here for. Let’s say you are a Hollywood actor. It would have been a completely different flavour of existence for you. Then you would not feel what you feel now. Likewise animals, birds, chose that kind of existence for that kind of experience. So, it is all experience-bound. There are two reasons why you are here. One is to express your individual constitution to the world outside. The other is to experience the world using your senses, mind, intellect, ego. So if you are clear about that, dharmic part is also clear.

Karma is a mixture of three types of karma. First, there is prarabda karma, karma that provoked your birth. Second is karma you inherited from lineage, your ancestors. It is ancestors-bound. Kul Devatas, etc. are all part of that. Third is the karma that you acquired from your everyday life in the society. Because you interact with people, you handle the emotions, you acquire dirt every day. This is the third level. Our karma becomes a mixture of these. When milk and water is mixed, it’s difficult to separate them. You cannot say, “This is from my past, this is acquired.” This is the main aspect of your existence, from your birth till your death. This is how it’s going.

Then there is dharma. Immediate dharma is toward your family members, that is why we call it Putra dharma, Pitra dharma… All these dharmas are part of the immediate existence. Because you are born in a particular family, and you collected a particular relationship pattern. You have to fulfill that. This is first. Second, dharma towards the society. That is what we say seva or charity. If these three things go smooth and parallel, your life is complete. And if you are objective about it, you will not come back here. You don’t have to come back here. Why we keep repeating life is because in all these places we have opinions, we block things. We expect things to be in some way. Expectation comes in, ego comes in, opinions, doubts come in. What happens is smooth flow is disrupted. That is why desire happens. I’ll tell you a simple example. You can think of this as why some things happen:

Mohanji quote - All are karmic beings

A STORY – How Karma Works

One lady married a particular person and every year she had a child. Ten children, twelve children… Her only prayer to God was, “Please save me from this.” But religion did not permit her to do the prevention. Her very, very strong prayer to god, from deep within was to save her from this misery. But her husband didn’t understand. Relatives didn’t understand. So she was stuck. Then she left her body, and she was born in the next life. She didn’t have any children. And she was praying to God, “Please give me one child!” This is how karma takes forward. What you intensely think or store, becomes your fuel for the next life. It may not be what you chose, you may not have thought about implication. The thought is happening, thought is the first level of creation, thought is sometimes with emotion, intense emotion. It becomes like when you press a coin on your skin. If you press it harder, the impression stays longer period of time. Like that, you pressured a particular emotion deeper and deeper in your subconscious, it creates your further destiny. This is how it’s formed. When you repeatedly do this, you cannot come out of it, or you do not know how to come out of it. That is why we have kriyas and certain methods which on one side cleanse and on the other side prevent. There is no point in cleansing and then putting mud on your body again. Prevention has to happen. Prevention has to happen first, before you start cleansing. How do you prevent? By taking emotions away from your system, “OK, this is my situation, let me handle it.” So that you do not approach life in a reactionary mode. Most people approach life in a reactionary mode. You can approach any situation in two ways. One is respond, other is react. Response is from the intellect. E.g. if someone calls you an animal. You can always say that that person has an eyesight problem. Maybe he doesn’t understand… But, what usually happens is to react, “How did you call me!? You might be a bigger animal!” Reaction happens. But response always helps you in reducing accumulation. The more you respond to the society, the less you are capturing, because thing happens and it goes away. An event, a person, a situation, a time happens, but it happens, evolves and it goes. So you are just a witness of the whole show. Then especially mind does not stay in the past. Mind is with you, in the present. That immediately takes away capacity for retention, because mind carries, carries and carries. We have to go back and correct them. That is why I responded to the question, “Why did Gandhi allow a partition?” I said, “Go back sixty years and ask him.” Today it’s history. Like I said in Europe, “Most of your TV programmes are dissecting the past. Move on. Past has happened and you reached a place. Now you have to walk forward. Otherwise you are sitting and blaming the past, saying, “Because of them we couldn’t do the job well or we can’t do the job well now.” This is useless.
So don’t expect your family members to understand your third dimension. People are three-dimensional. What you see and what is perceived, these are two. But there is a third dimension which is real you. You know how karma works, thought-word-action. Behind the thought is inclination. If somebody hasn’t an inclination for alcohol, they will never have alcohol. Before inclination, there is karma. What you wanted to experience, provokes an inclination. A person who is kind by nature, will only express kindness. Thoughts will be kind. There will be no thought of harming anybody. Karma leads to inclination, inclination leads to a thought. There are many thoughts, fewer words, and lesser action. It goes like this in a circle. In every point you have a chance of using an emotion, anger, all these things… In words you can put emotion, but it’s not what the saints do. They may scold you so that you get shaken up. Something is removed from you. Because they might be seeing some things through you, not the physical, or what is visible. Then they may scold something and it leaves you.
Your question is how to handle it when they do not support you. One thing is do not expect they will recognise your level of understanding. This is important to know. We don’t understand the consciousness of animals, right? They feel. But we hardly recognise them. We treat them as animals. Actually we are all in one way animals. So don’t expect they will understand your potential, your caliber, your relevance. That is OK. That is why I wrote in a blog, saint who is dead is much more acceptable to people. If anybody talks absolute truth, they are assassinated. Why? Because we only know relative truth. We cannot digest the absolute.

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Q: But in this case this poor soul was suffering in her first lifetime because of the fact that she had so many babies, and she wanted to get out of that misery, she was so unaware that her call was going to cause an impact in her future lifetime and she wanted a one child. Poor she, she couldn’t get that either… That sounds a little unfair, doesn’t it?
A: It’s a sign that there is nobody interfering in your free will. That’s the point. E.g. you decided to buy a car, you have sufficient money to buy it, and you saw one brand. Then along the way you noticed another brand, but you didn’t have sufficient money. But you felt emotionally about it, “This is what I was choosing.” But if you brought sufficient money, you can only buy a car which is affordable with that money. Then you have to come back again.


Q: Because you have a desire of that new brand…
A: Because in one time you could not complete that one desire, in next life you did. Nobody interferes. Soul never interferes in your journey. Soul is just like petrol of your car, it never tells you where to go. But it aids your journey. It takes you. Soul is always neutral. Parabrahma is neutral, God is neutral. The gods that we have created are sometimes demanding because we are demanding. That is why we have 33 crore gods ( 330 million) The whole system, point that you are also god, recognise that. Realise that. There is no difference between you and enemy. If you are aware and clear about that, then life is a smooth journey. Wrong understanding makes things complex. It is wrong understanding when we feel, “Oh, this is Mohan, I am Mohan, this is how I am, I look like this in the mirror…” and we are too attached to the body. That is why cosmetics is sold too much. Because of our insecurity, we do not like to grow old, we feel something is wrong. We like to arrest time. Arresting time is possible, the moment you become immortal. Then there is no time. We can become immortal when we are in samadhi states. In deep sleep state you are immortal. We cross over that path every day. We taste immortality every day. When all identifications die out and we are in complete rest. When you don’t even know whether you are a man or a woman, you don’t know time and space, you don’t know your qualifications, nothing matters, you are immortal. That is what you are. But the only thing is you do not remember it. You have to wake up to remember, but waking up is a different story.



Feel Yourself as an Entity Beyond Pains

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Spiritually, you don’t need to meditate. Without meditating you can also evolve. It is not through the activity that you will attain the highest. If you constantly feel yourself as an entity beyond pains or limitations, that itself will raise you. There are thousands and millions of paths which lead to the same place, lead you to the same ocean.


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