Guru Principle

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014


Q: Could you please explain the guru principle to us?

A: There was a great sage called Narada in Hindu mythology, who worshipped Mahavishnu, the Maintainer. Narada went to Mahavishnu and asked, “I have been praying to you since time began. Why am I not achieving the highest grace? What is the blocking factor? I am not able to achieve the perpetual bliss state where I am always happy and blissful for no reasons. Why isn’t it happening?”
Mahavishnu replied, “That is very simple. You don’t have a guru, that’s why.”
Then Narada said, “Oh, if that’s so, then please guide me to find my guru.”
Maha Vishnu said, “Tomorrow, early in the morning during Brahma Muhurta, the subtlest time between 3am and 6am, the softest and subtlest possible time, you walk on the banks of the river Ganga – you’ll find your guru there.”

So Narada went to the river and started walking. He walked and walked and there was nobody. He continued walking. After a long time, he spotted one boatman in a boat who was there to help people cross the river. Narada was disappointed. He thought that Mahavishnu had made fun of him. So he went back to Mahavishnu and asked, “Why did you make fun of me? I couldn’t find a guru, I walked all the way, miles and miles, but there was no one. Just a boat and a boatman.”

Mahavishnu appeared very angry and said, “You could not find your guru. And you discriminated. So now I curse you to take one thousand births and only after that will you find your guru.” Narada was devastated. He was sure there had been a mistake. Mahavishnu had told Narada to take the first man he met as guru. And that had been the boatman. But what could a boatman teach – that had been Narada‘s thought. How could a great sage like him take a boatman as his guru? But Mahavishnu was angry because he had not followed the instructions completely.

So Narada went to his father Brahma and said, “This has happened and I’m very, very devastated, what should I do?” Brahma had a solution. He said, “Go back to Mahavishnu and and ask him to write the scripts or horoscopes of the thousand lives – what you would do in the thousand lives.” Narada went back to Mahavishnu and asked him, “Would you be kind enough to find out my destiny for the next thousand lives?” So Mahavishnu replied, “That’s not a problem.” Being god, he wrote the whole thousand lives’ horoscope and gave it to Narada who then took it to Brahma. Brahma said, “Ok, lie down on the floor. Spread it. Roll on it from one side to the other.” He rolled and Mahavishnu said, “Ok, I relieve you from this problem, now go back and walk on the banks of Ganga again to find your guru.’’ So all three were happy now.

Narada went for a walk on the banks of Ganga again. This time too he found only the same boatman. But he had already learned his lesson and so he didn’t want to take a risk. He went to the boatman, and requested him to accept him as his disciple. Narada then realised this was Lord Shiva.

So, Narada’s problem was a concept in his mind, ”A guru should look like this”, etc. Nobody can attain any guru as great as Lord Shiva. He is the yogi god, or the highest of yogis. All yogis aspire to be like him. And Shiva is not exactly an entity (though in this story it’s an entity) but Shiva is a state. The state of Shiva is a perpetual bliss state: Sat-Chit-Ananda. ‘Sat’ means the essence of the universe, essence of creation, of everything, of the creator. ‘Chit’ is our substratum which is the unitised form aspiring to merge with and be the essence of the creator. When the ‘Sat’ and the ‘Chit’ merge, it’s pure bliss, absolute joy, ecstasy, that is Satchitananda, the state of Shiva. This is what every being aspires for. This is what all spirituality is about. Don’t think that Shiva has an image with the snake on the neck. It’s a state that every being wants to achieve  – consistent never-ending absolute bliss and ecstasy without any reason.

All the pleasures that human beings know of, are temporary. If certain things happen, we are happy, if certain things are absent, we are unhappy. We are like a pendulum going from happiness to sorrow. What we are looking for is perpetual happiness, the state where we are absolutely happy with or without a thing, a person, situation or time. In that state, whatever, wherever, or whoever you look at, you only see the vibration. You only see the brightness, whether it is an animal, a bird or a plant, a tree, fruit or a human being, we cannot differentiate. We will only see the brightness, the love, and the unity. The consciousness gets united, and this is absolute freedom, 100% freedom because there is no duality. There is no you and I, there is only oneness.

Q: If we are ill or have a bad period in our life, how to recognise whether this is a situation requiring action,  or if this is cleansing and I should do nothing about it?

A: Any pain or illness is acquired and collected, because of suppressed emotions. It’s all related to the mind. Disease is enhanced and decreased by the mind. Even if the healer heals you, it is temporary, because with the same mindset, it will reproduce. Many people say, “I don’t like this, I like this. Or, I don’t do this, I do this…’’ This is a clear sign of having a very controlling mind. We should actually flow like a river, because what life gives you should be enjoyed whether it is good or bad.

If we are neutral, there’s no suffering. Otherwise, the mind makes us suffer: “this is not what I want’’. And therefore, acceptance is zero, resistance is high, suffering is absolute. I’ll give you a simple example. When do we eat food? When the clock says it’s time. Not when the stomach says it’s time. Fundamental problem. Because the mind is in control. Mind says it’s 1pm, go and eat. Stomach doesn’t even want the food. But we pump it in. This is number one. Likewise, if you listen to the body, it always speaks the truth. But we listen to the mind instead. Then what happens? Suffering and diseases happen.

Some people told me yesterday that when they are with me here, there’s no hunger, there’s very high energy. So I asked, ”What is it like when you are in the city in your normal life?” They said, ”We eat a lot.” In a different environment, when the mind is absolutely still, the energy is absolute. Otherwise mind takes most of the energy away. Between our senses, it is our eyes that consume most of the energy yet they cannot unless the mind is there. In our everyday life too, mind takes more energy because of its oscillation between the past and future: guilt over the past or anxiety over the future. By the evening you are tired. And if you consider – all this time, you have not listened to the body.

The simple remedy for most of the illnesses is listening to the body. Not after the diseases happen, but on a daily basis, even if you are very healthy. There are certain advanced kriyas which need master’s guidance – you can’t do them yourself, but the master guides you. The first level is breath which is easier to catch and once you catch the breath then you start going inside. You will drop the breath and you will become the breath particles or the prana which flows through the meridians. We shift from the breath to the prana. After you connect to the particles of prana, which go through the meridians into your system or parts of the body through 72,000 meridians, the next step is you get connected to the sound (nada). And once you go to the nada, the first ever nada that is caught is the heartbeat, the loudest of the sounds. Then we go to the vibrations of the nada, from the heartbeat to the reverberations. That is the first sound and the reverberations, like ripples of the water. Once you reach the reverberations, you are entering into every cell of the body, each organ of the body. Each organ has a different sound, a different vibratory level and different kind of flavour, flavour in the sense like nature. Each organ is distinct in our system. Not only in our system, it is true for animals too. Once you connect to that, you will understand, each organ talks, it responds and it has a different style or character. What you call a human body is consolidation of all these characters. We fail to see it, that is why we are asking a question about how to heal ourselves. Every yoga posture that has ever been created or taught, is in tune with these vibrations of the organs. Each posture caters to or corresponds to the vibrations of each organ. This is specific, distinct and relevant. Every microcosm has a distinctive character. And every macrocosm is a collection of microcosms. Various characters mixed together is a macrocosm. That is the visible side of it. But the microcosm which is the invisible side of it, will still have the character. Like if you take one drop of water from the ocean, it has its own character. It definitely tells where it has come from, it will have its taste and feel, but it has a consciousness of its own.

What we are looking for is perpetual happiness, the state where we are absolutely happy with or without a thing, a person, situation or time. In that state, whatever, wherever, or whoever you look, you only see the vibration. You only see the brightness, whether it is an animal, a bird or a plant, a tree, fruit or a human being, we cannot differentiate.

Q: Why does the unconscious mind attract negative thoughts much more easily than positive thoughts?

A: If you have land, you don’t have to cultivate weeds. They grow by themselves, but to have beautiful plants, you need to plant and nurture them. Likewise, negativity grows by itself. If you don’t want it, your neighbour will give you. But you have to nurture positivity almost like a soldier. Because negativities like hatred, fear, anxiety, insecurity are of lower vibration are easy to access. While kindness, love, compassion are of more subtle nature. You have to tune into them. So, if you have to stay in these subtle higher vibrations, you have to make some effort for them. But the other ones come to you.
For example, if you drop a ball it will bounce a few times, settle down and stay there. The moment your mind settles down on the lower, such as watching soap operas, or gossiping – you will stay there. You cannot evolve higher because all that the mind is capturing, storing, churning, and contributing to the world, will be of lower nature. When you start expressing your higher nature, you need some effort, and there will be much opposition. Place the seven billion people on the planet inside a pyramid. At least 40% are physical people – they only understand physical gratifications such as alcohol, food, sexuality etc. Their gratification level stays there. You can easily see these people. They will be happy only with physical gratifications.
The next level is about 30%. They are of emotional nature. These are the people who watch soap operas. These people thrive on emotions. They feel better than the physical people, because they might be writing poetry, or drama, etc, but at the same time they cannot handle life, they are operating in the emotional plane. You can operate in the world in many ways, but there two main ways: one is respond to the world, second is react to the world. Reaction is from emotions. Response is from the intellect. Some people are reacting all the time. The more you react, the more you fight, resist and complain.
Then, the third level is intellectual people. They are the scientists, creators, the architects, they feel better off than the physical and emotional people because they use their intelligence, but they stay there. The intelligence itself is such that it’s a harder ball to crack. It’s an artificial comfort, ”Oh, I’m aware of all this, I know about atomic theories, or astrophysics.’’ So you feel much better off than a normal man. But again, they cannot handle even a small occurrence in their life.
Either it is physical, emotional or intellectual, there is always a deficiency factor. The deficiency factor is the strength of spirituality. And there is always an element of ego in all these three layers. The next 15% are the spiritual people. They feel better off than everybody else because they are in the spiritual path. But again, they are dogmatically connected to spirituality, like an obsession. Most of these people are still searching. They haven’t found what they are looking for but they realise there is something beyond the physical, emotional and intellectual and there is a spiritual plane which is much more reasonable and valuable, or relevant in one’s existence. You can see many such people in places such as Himalayas. They think they can find what they are searching for there and they get stuck with various fake gurus, exercises and different activities and then they try to brainwash themselves. They try to tell themselves that they have found it. But they are searching and they may not even understand. They delude themselves by saying that they’ve achieved it or they’ve found it. But the criteria of real spirituality is inner silence. If this question is asked, they will have no answer.
And the 1% of the people grow beyond the spiritual, into real realms of spirituality, which is complete nullification. They attain the true spirituality, complete emptiness inside, complete purity, no mind, absolute stillness and perfection, always in the bliss state. There is no duality, no you and I. There is only oneness. This is the absolute state of spirituality. This is attained by very few. Because most people don’t know what they are looking for, so they go for sensations, like, ”Oh, I had a great experience in the meditation today. I spoke to Jesus.” Then I asked, ”Ok, what did Jesus say?” ”He said so many things, you are a great man and all that.” Usually, if you have connected and spoken to an entity as powerful as Jesus, you will not even talk later. You would have attained absolute silence. The whole idea of spirituality in whatever path you follow, is to attain stillness of mind and absolute silence of mind. If this is not achieved, we are moving from one sensation to another sensation. It’s like going to a different café or a restaurant each day. You can taste various food and you can have some sensations then you go home and later on you are hungry again. So even a spiritual path is often like that. This is why in one lifetime if you can catch the highest, you have done with your life. You have done a great job in your life. Otherwise sensation after sensation…with the mind stuck at every level. Body is moving forward, while the mind is stuck in various places. This is agony.
When this communion started, when I was talking to various entities, at one point in time, my urge to be silent and my urge to be away from people was increasing. In fact I was working at that time. But the inner withdrawal was happening and as the silence was increasing, the peace was overflowing. I can tell for certain that if we are able to communicate with any entity, even an entity on the level of angels or guiding patrons, whatever you call it, you become almost silent inside. The mind will become still. This is for sure. And the mind projects reflections, like you are craving to speak to higher entity like Jesus or baba or Babaji, after some time mind will project, you may get a feeling, oh I had a great experience, I spoke to him, but again, coming back to your daily life, if you are still turbulent, if your mind is still restless, this is an absolute sign that this was a projection. Nothing has happened. So we should make sure that we are not deluded at any point in time. This is very important to know in the path of spirituality. We should always remain clean and pure. Otherwise what happens is delusion after delusion and we get stuck with delusions and we even become egoistic about it. We tell people, “Look here, I’m always in touch with the higher entities, I’m talking to Jesus, I’m talking to Shiva…’’ But people will not take you seriously because they know how restless you are.
If you really, really want to pursue spirituality with 100% conviction, and 100% will power, determination, remember three things.
1. Detach from people’s opinions about spirituality. Detach from such people and all concepts. And understand yourself.
2. Number two, if you get a chance to connect to anybody who’s operating on a higher, subtle plane, never leave that person. Out of seven billion people, there are hardly 5% who are connected to the source. So if you get such a person, connect to them like a leech. Because such opportunity doesn’t come twice in one lifetime.
3. The master who came to you is the one sent to you. Don’t go searching for the master from your imagination. He may not fit your will or imagination. You may have imagined a master in a particular form, whom you have seen in a picture or your imagination. But that doesn’t matter. One who came to your class is the one who will take you to the next level.
If you clearly understand these three principles of true spirituality, digest it, practise it, 100% guaranteed, you will touch the highest. Because all these years, you have been only searching for yourself. But you have been searching outside of yourself. That is why you couldn’t find yourself. Remember these principles.


Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Shift to Beingness, Feel the Absolute

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Q: Could you tell us more about how to handle collective karma in certain country, in Serbia or South Africa?
A: Collective karma can never be handled individually. We are at a particular place or time because we are supposed to experience a particular karma. This is also why we are born in a particular place, to a particular set of parents, and we had a particular type of education, knowledge, awareness, understanding- this is all fundamental. Likewise, collective karma, collective consciousness creates events. And many people get affected or get fulfilment from the events. This is because we chose it. We wanted to be there in that environment.
Many people who had been with Jesus, have come back many times over into particular places because they had to experience similar or exact type of events and emotions so that they could clarify themselves, overcome and then merge with the consciousness. So every place and situation has a reason, amounting to our experience in the deepest way. But whatever the situation is, if you have seen the light, or if you have higher awareness, you are supposed to express it. You are supposed to live it. And lead through life. This is what Mahatma Gandhi did, this is what all the great leaders did, they lived the truth. They lived the conviction. Maybe that specific generation will not understand, but generations to come will understand. Usually, anybody who spoke the truth, was not appreciated by the contemporaries. But eventually, they became heroes. This is ok, this is the way the world goes. You are seeing the light and you are eager to convey it. The world may say you are crazy, they may not appreciate you, but that’s not our problem. Our purpose is to express, because we have our body. What we are expressing is ultimate truth. If you are living one day, live your conviction. If you are living one day, live truth. If you are living just one day, live like a king.

Mohanji quote - Whatever the situation is

Q: If we are supposed to help somebody and that person is a victim, and we become addicted to that role. Then it’s not actually a helping hand. It is difficult especially as we aren’t established in total awareness. Both professionally and personally we are selfless, but how to respond when at the same time I feel I’m not helping that person. The same thing is with a beggar in the street. I know I’m not helping him if I just give him money. Begging for a living is his lifestyle, he may even be a part of illegal begging business.
A: A school teacher told the children, you should be kind to people and every day you should do some act of kindness. Next day one child said, ”I helped one woman to cross the road.“ Another child said, ”I also helped a woman to cross the road.” Fifteen children said the same thing. Then the teacher realised they were taking the same woman from one side of the street to another 15 times, ha ha. So, if a person is married to victimhood, all you can do is to show the light. You are not supposed to interfere. Victimhood is sometimes chosen. Forget about the victimhood. Any act of kindness or charity that breeds dependency is not an act of kindness at all. You should stay liberated and if you can, liberate another person. This is fundamental. Second thing, you are only supposed to do within your capacity. You cannot change all the beggars in the street because that’s the government’s job. Individually you have limitation. You could join hands with government and help them if you could. But understand you are supposed to do only within your given capacity. Most importantly, any act of kindness cannot be subjective, it has to be objective.

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Q: What effect would the meditation have on children? For example a child aged three or four, or pregnant women? Is it good to bring children to meditate?
A: One-word answer is tranquility. Meditation is actually a serious affair. The meditation won’t help much if children don’t know what they are doing. Children might want to explore life, to experience, express and if we make them sit and meditate, they might not enjoy it. They might be very restless.
I would say that the best thing to do for children is to tell them stories. The bedtime stories are very effective and very useful. Especially the bedtime stories about saints and people who positively influenced the world. How powerful they were. They could have anything in life, but they didn’t want anything. This is strength. When you can have everything, but if you don’t need anything, you are bigger than a king. If you tell them these kind of stories before sleep, this will work during the sleep. It is good to tell children something which will enhance their life.
In my opinion, most of the nursery rhymes and these kind of things which children get to sing and experience, do not help them at all in their character building. For example, ‘Humpty, dumpty fell down, broke his crown. And neither king nor queen or anybody could not help Humpty Dumpty.’ What is the child learning? Helplessness. Like, ”London Bridge is Falling Down…” teaches Destruction. We should give the children something which will strengthen them, make them optimistic. We should ideally teach the children about gratitude, love, compassion and about people who always looked ahead (‘What else can I do?’) Those who are weak, without energy to move on, they always bang on the past, ”This happened in the past, so I am like this.” This is escapism and of course these are unsuccessful people. Those who are successful always looked ahead, ” Ok, this has happened now, let me move ahead.” These are the stories children need to know. And when you convey such stories to them, they will reach a state of meditativeness automatically. They will contemplate on it. This will work in their mind. There are possibilities of this nature. Not the stories of greed, of conquerors who conquered a lot of places and then died.
”Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda influenced a lot of minds, turning them towards spirituality because people realised that there might be life beyond what we see or experience with our limited awareness. And this helped people to explore further. Likewise, you can start with children and bring them to the level of awareness where there are very high possibilities on Earth. You are not born here for nothing. You are here to change the world for the better and if we start creating the thought process of children in that mode, you will have a much better world. And children will be peaceful. reading bed-time storiesThey will be strong. Today education is driving people crazy, ”Compete. Fight. You can even step on other’s toes. Kick the other guy, but win.” Competition is taught from the schools. And it’s not helping the children. They are suffering right from the childhood till they die. So give them right thoughts. Children are born with consciousness. They will take time to evolve to the state to see what we see, but they are fully aware in their state. So we can show them where to look though there’s no need to show them what to see. They will look at these guidelines, and they will evolve, contemplate and automatically meditate. Meditation is not essential in life. If our mind is staying with every thought, word, action, we are meditating all the time. Meditation helps when mind is scattered. Osho says that everybody should meditate at least twenty minutes per day. But if you are too busy, you must meditate for one hour.

Q: Is there a practical way to differentiate between our own desires and desires that we collected from others? Between the inherent ones and acquired ones?
A: If it is our own, we will have pleasure derived from it. If it is others’ we will have pressure. The difference is pleasure or pressure. Everyone has a nature. And if we do what is our nature or what is appropriate for our nature, it’s always pleasurable. That is why a person who wants to be a photographer, will enjoy photography even if he is penniless. Because his heart is there. If you put him as an oil field engineer, he will have a miserable life, although he earns a lot of money. Connect to your nature, so that you are doing what you love to do. Similarly, if we are doing dharma, what we are supposed to do, we will have pleasure, happiness, because there is relief or fulfilment attached to it. Otherwise it’s always pressure and lack of fulfilment.

Q: Can you explain to us the tiny difference in the spiritual path between discipline and contentment in routine? As you said, we should not be bound by anything, but in being disciplined we very often fall into a routine. How to recognize that? Routine is not good.
A: Be conscious about it. It is the nature of subconscious to accept things as they are and store, repeat and reproduce what you repeatedly to. Subconscious cannot see. So, even if you repeat an action for discipline, it will be considered as ‘this is how should be’ by the subconscious and will be repeated. The moment subconscious takes over, conscious mind is not available. For example, when you sat for the first time on the driver’s seat, you were fully conscious about all the techniques that would help you to learn driving. But once you learnt driving and got your licence, you are not so conscious of your driving, you may be singing a song or thinking about food, but the car is going. Similarly, subconscious takes over and manifests, so at every point in time be conscious or disciplined.
Real discipline is equal to conscious discipline, not subconscious routine. Discipline is a good idea, especially in the spiritual path. If you are disciplined about your spiritual practices, for some time, it helps to bring the mind to one point. But if it slips into routine, then there is no control on the mind again. It might have slipped on. That is a very thin line which you should be conscious about.

Q: Adults may talk whatever they want, but children watch their example and learn that way. I can recognise myself reacting like one of my parents. I’d like to know what is them in me and what I am? Is there me at all or do I only live them?
A: Children do absorb impressions. This is why it is always said that parents should lead by example. They should live the life they want to see in their children. Now it is very difficult to differentiate what you have inherited as an entity before you came, and what you have acquired from your parents or your society. It’s very difficult to say, once water and milk is mixed, which is water which is milk. Of course, if there is an imitation of responses or reactions, it clearly states that it is collected from the society or parents.
Q: As for routine and discipline, where is the place for the heart?
A: Discipline is just to bring the mind to an order. If the mind is scattered, there is no heart anyway. Once the mind is stable in one order, it’s only heart. To see your own reflection in the canvas called consciousness, we need to have the mind still. Once the mind is still, there’s only heart.

Q: Mohanji, you are teaching us these days that we need to be witnesses. Can you tell us about the point where we need to cross that line and participate?
A: Witnesshood is also an exercise, you know, where mind is involved. So, first level of witnesshood is in the mind. Then you realise there is something witnessing the mind as well. For example, you see a beautiful flower. Eyes are looking at the flower. If the mind is not present with the eyes, you will not see the flower. You will look, but you will not see. So, mind has to be present for the eyes to see. There are five senses, and to operate these five senses you have only one mind. When we observe that the mind is witnessing the flower, what is this factor that witnesses the mind? We go backwards like that, it’s like peeling an onion, you peel layer by layer and finally there will be nothing. Like that, if you keep witnessing, the witnesshood witnesses itself. Finally there will be nothing to witness. There will be no witness either. It all dissolves. That is why I say an activity should shift to beingness to feel the absolute. There’s no effort in it any more. The effort is in the first level of witnesshood where you have to train your mind. After training the mind, just as you learn driving, the first task is to configure the whole mechanism, and make sure that the mind flows in the right direction, so that you can drive the car. But once you learn to drive, the subconscious takes over. Likewise, once you train the mind to witness, and then the witnesshood becomes the nature, then you are going layer by layer. Effort is to stay in the witnesshood position. Things are happening, you are staying as a witness all the time.

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Connect to your nature. If you do what is appropriate for your nature, it is always pleasurable.

Q: Do healings in us happen when we reach a certain level of witnesshood? I’m asking this because of my personal experience. One is when my severe pain disappeared when I simply surrendered to the divine. The second situation was when somebody was near me helping me to go into meditation and due to that the pain disappeared. Was I witnessing it and induced the healing that way? Is it possible to heal when one reaches certain level of witnesshood?
A: It’s not witnesshood. It’s being in the present. Healing is our very nature. Look at the animals. They lick their wound and finally they will be on the road if you don’t interfere. Likewise, we human beings have the capacity to heal ourselves and other people. But our mind is too complex. We gather a lot of dust from the surroundings. We have ignored the ability to heal ourselves and other people. We do have a power to heal, even if you have not learnt any skill. See, if you learn a skill, you are just being conscious that power to heal is activated. The initiations are all activations. We already have something. If you do not have copper in the wire, then you cannot transfer electricity, right? The copper inside the wire is essential for the electricity to travel. Likewise, your base, your substratum is substantial for any type of healing to happen. Whenever people initiate somebody, they are just activating that skill in you which is dormant. And why is it dormant? Because our mind is overworking. Mind is full of phobias, fears, trash, anxieties, which has subdued our nature. The moment we start understanding and appreciating our true nature and decide to explore it, it’s there. It’s already there. We are everything. We have diminished ourselves to nothing. This is why we are suffering.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Your Strengths Lead You

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Q: In my case, difficult situations in life didn’t strengthen me or made me grow spiritually, but they pushed me even lower, almost disabling me. For example, I cannot do yoga, I have difficulty to meditate… I feel that fear totally controls me. I went through hardships, my father died, I lost my job, everything happened in a moment and I remained totally frozen. Then such heavy emotions started overflowing. I try to hold on something. Job is not a good idea, they threaten me every day, situation in the country is discouraging, too. I can’t find my peace. I try to connect to you, but it seems that these are all much stronger. Why would I choose that?
A: Because of lack of awareness. It’s getting repeated. That’s why I said, purva samskara (past or past life impressions) come back again and again. Whatever you have trapped inside gets repeated in life. If you keep this as your single-pointed intention during this retreat, things can change. What you cannot do yourself, you can do collectively. If the intention is very clear, it has to manifest. But clarity should be there. Absolute clarity, “That is what I want to be.’’ When that clarity is there, things will happen. Otherwise it’s a mixture, always a mixture. We collect various things from various places. We collect from the fiction films, television, people, society, education, religion, from everything. And we mix it up completely, so we get a confused result. But you can have clarity, you have every right to have clarity. Keep a single-pointed intention that total cleansing will happen this time, and keep that intention clear, see how it happens.
I have power to change, but I do not have authority to change a person without the free will of the person. On the white path, it’s always free will. If you are ready to let go, we can help. But free will and Karma are never intercepted or interfered into. No manipulation is allowed.

Mohanji quote - If the goal is total liberation

Q: Why doesn’t the highest materialize more often in the actual world?
A: First of all, stop production of negativity. Production also means accumulation. I’ve written two blogs, Who is Afraid of the Truth 1 & 2 where I’m covering one of these aspects. Negativity breeds negativity; it doesn’t need to be cultivated. But to stay positive and to cultivate positivity, you need to have extreme determination, tenacity, clarity about where you are going and what you are doing. Many people are just ritual oriented with spirituality- they get trained in some programme and they just continue. They think that this is what takes them higher. Any practice or path that you take is just a boat to cross the river. If you stay in the boat forever (and you can), you will be entertained but will not reach the destination. It’s important to set the goal. And if the goal is liberation, do not stop at any sensation or anything smaller. Until you stay totally liberated or attain total liberation, do not stop. Do you know why we usually do not progress in spirituality? Because we get stuck with sensations. We get stuck with some experiences and we want them to happen all the time. If we see colours during meditation, we expect the colours to come each time. It shouldn’t, it need not- you might have evolved further. Just like a river, keep flowing. And whatever twists and turns happen, just flow. This is fundamentally spiritual growth. Then you reach a stage where you are totally peaceful, totally at ease. There is no expectation, contamination or agenda, and it will reach a stage of total bliss at any point in time, any place. There’s one thing you must definitely understand when you are walking the path of spirituality. There is nothing to learn, there is only to unlearn. Whatever you want to become, you already had. And what prevents you from this understanding, is the mind. If you clearly understand this idea, half the war is won. All that you are unlearning is what you have acquired from here. If you decide to be flexible, if you decide to flow like a river, you will 100% eventually reach your destination.

Mohanji quote - Whatever you want to become you already had

Q: Suppose we feel that a person is annoying us for a long time and anger has accumulated to the point of boiling stage. Then for our own release of that emotion, is it ok to e.g. go into the car and shout it out into the ether so that we do not harm that person, but nevertheless let it out of our system?
A: I would rather take it head on, this is my habit. I normally never like going elsewhere or diverting it. I like to face things head on, address things head on and sort it out at that point in time. Do you know why? Because its trace is settled. There are three ways to handle every situation: emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
Spiritually, you will not even be affected. You may not even know that this guy is abusing you.
Intellectually, you will say, “He is expressing his character. My character is different. I need not respond.’’ You have every right to express your character, your constitution and your mindset. And if you are established in spirituality, your only expression will be love, compassion. And hatred, jealousy, these are all sicknesses. As a doctor, how will you treat a sick man? The same way you are treat a person who is suffering all this. With a “Can I help you?’’ One man was abusing another man. He was calling him donkey, monkey, useless, stupid… So the other guy was calling him, “You orange, you apple, you plum.’’ So one guy asked him, “Don’t you hear? He is abusing you in very bad language.’’ He said, “He is expressing his character, I’m expressing mine.’’ This is possible, this is from the intellect.
If you have a need to express any kind of negative or low emotions, understand there is a weakness. If you feel unaffected with whatever happens outside of your body, in the society, in the environment, or in the workplace, understand you are strong. This is an expression of a still mind, a mind which is satiated, which is clean, which is pure, and which is fully established in truth.

Q: If one is unfair to me, and I see through it, and that it stayed in me biting me from the inside, I would like that it doesn’t touch me at all, but it nevertheless does. Why would I unnecessarily be bothered? What could I do to be peaceful and not affected by it?
A: I handled corporate business for many years. It is always said, when you are at the top of the company, you are always lonely. There could be poisonous snakes inside and outside the office. I always used to handle them head on. I tell them I understand their problem, or I understand their ways; I could be pretty dangerous if they want me to go in that way. I sometimes challenge them. I say, “You do whatever you like, but you must be able to stand what I do. If you are able to stand, then let’s have a deal.’’ It works. Mostly the manipulative people are cowards. They cannot look eye to eye. They shiver. So, the moment you are stronger, they go underground. I’ll give you one example from my professional life.

I was the country manager of the company in the early 2000s in Sultanate of Oman. We used to handle car carriers and oil tankers. So my standard instruction to my operation team was that which tanker comes first is boarded first. This is the standard instruction. They do not have to check with me which shift to board first. Once I was attending the conference in Hong Kong, I had a paper to present and I was talking in the programme and I was very busy that day. So I saw a lot of missed calls from my office. Normally this guy calls me from the office only in the case of emergency. I went into the office and called the manager of operations and asked, “What’s the problem?’’ Then he said, “There is an instruction from my head office in Dubai that we should board a particular vessel first, even though it has not come first. What should we do?’’ “I’m responsible.’’ I said. “Follow my instruction. Don’t follow anybody else’s instruction. Just follow ethics in business.’’ So the operation manager went ahead and boarded the first vessel first. Instead of flying home directly to Muscat, I flew to Dubai. I went straight to the office. I met this man who was head of Dubai operations, the country manager. I told him, ”You interfere in my work, you take the responsibility. If you take the responsibility, you can do this. Otherwise, don’t mess with my work. Let me do my job, you do your job.’’ Ever since I had no problem from Dubai. You know what I mean? Better to face it on and talk straight. It’s not rude. It’s being practical, and it’s 100% ethical. Nobody can say that I did something wrong. If it was the other way around, if I had allowed it, this would have undermined my position, as well as position of the operations manager and my staff. They would be disoriented. The point I’m saying is, you can always stay with ethics in business or in any activity in life.
If you are not affected, it surprises the person who is trying to harm you. They may try something more. Otherwise, the best thing is to confront the whole situation head on.

Q: Thank you. Then what about people who are deliberately cynical and manipulative, though I may do what you suggested? Like in “The Antichrist” by Friedrich Nietzsche, what if they persist in this negative intention until they see the effect? And then you have to do something while it keeps bothering you?
A: These manipulative or negative kind of people are working from the level of insecurity. They have to cling onto something for survival, while we don’t have to. Because the white path, the path of liberation is powerful. We are liberated in existence while we are living every moment. So, if you continuously express liberation, let them do whatever they like, it doesn’t matter. In the spiritual world also, there are manipulative people. There are people who blame each other, that’s why I said, ”Who is afraid of the truth?’’ I mentioned all this. Either they kill the true master, or they character-assassinate the true master or try both. But eventually, truth will always win. So it’s better to always be truthful. Whatever you do, it should not be for a selfish interest. That is power. Real power. The moment we have a selfish interest, we have a manipulative mind, then we have to safeguard ourselves. If we have the intention that it’s good for the people or situations, or being kind by nature, we are powerful.
Let them do whatever they like. We cannot change the situation. Accepting yourself as you are is very important. You can’t be somebody else. As the saying goes, ”All others are taken already.” Ha, ha… You have to be yourself.
Second, accepting the environment which you chose consciously or unconsciously. This also you need to accept. These two are essential in everybody’s life, whether you are spiritual, or non-spiritual, it doesn’t matter, but these are realities. You cannot change them.
There’s one more thing. What attracts these things to us? Have you thought about it? What is attracting such situations and such people into our life? There’s something in us which attracts. This is what we must consider. The same thing which attracted me to you, or you to me, similarly, something else attracted this, too.
Number two, think about another thing. ”Can I use this to step higher?” or ”Can I climb higher using the negativities?” This can make you stronger, your will power can be stronger. Use this as a stepping stone for something higher. This is possible as well. So two things. One is introspection, ”What attracts these people?’’ Secondly, negativities are actually good, because they help you to introspect. If you do succumb to it, it is powerful. It can help you to take one step forward. You attracted this group to you. This is not a manipulative group. But another set of people who are probably manipulative has also come. So there are various aspects of you in this plane, isn’t it? It’s worth analyzing, and worth detaching from.
You should also remember, whatever you resists, persists because you are energizing it. Which plant grows more? The one which you water and muck more. So here you are energizing a negativity, it will grow very tall.

Q: I agree completely, but what is older, hen or egg? I would absolutely love to let go of this magnetism for this negativity. I’m looking forward to getting up one day and saying, “Wow, it’s gone!’’ But how?
A: I took your anger away. I can also take this away. Remember how angry you were? Now there’s no anger.
Q: (Sighing with relief) Yeah…
A: There are two things to understand.

Number one. Without the learning happening, the thing should not be removed. This is a karmic theory. The learning has to happen. That is why even great masters allow you to go through the process, so that you understand, this is the story. Then they help you. It’s not that they want to test you all the time, but learning has to happen, otherwise there is no progress.
Number two. The moment you surrender, I remove it. Right? That is how you met me. Give full application, surrender whatever you can and tell me what happens in three months time.

Q: What about family members in such relationships?
A: Certain set of souls come together in a family, and you are a part of it to experience a particular set of relationships. If we are talking about manipulative, not so good relationships in this life, it could be your colleague in the office. If it is so deep and intense, it could be your relative in your next life. This is how it happens, you cannot avoid it. Whenever there is an emotion overflowing, it definitely creates a destiny. It doesn’t die just like that. It leaves a deep impression in your subconscious, which provokes a new reality. It materializes into a new life. Feeling of injustice always leads to anger. Anger leads to further emotions, sometimes guilt. It’s a vicious circle. One leads to the other. And that gets imprinted so deeply in our system, which provokes an experience of that nature.
This is exactly where we have to stop. This is where we need awareness. This is why we need to be connected to the higher vibrations or higher frequencies. When we are connected to higher frequencies, none of these matter. “Ok, this is life, this is happening, I move on.’’ That level of detachment will keep you strong. Then you will live your life in a completely different way. You will dare. You will have no idea what fear is. We are too much in a hurry to be a good boy or a good girl in the society, for which we move backwards. We follow other people’s opinions about us. They have no idea who we are. They are only looking at the physical form. And our expressions end up deciding who we are. We must understand that even we do not know who we are. This is why it is important to connect to your nature. There are some strengths in you which are going to lead you through life, which stay from the birth till death. And there are some weaknesses in you, which if you do not energize too much, they will drop off.
Energize the strengths, and do not energize the weaknesses. It means if you concentrate on your strengths and build upon it, 100% guaranteed you will be successful in life.
And in the case of relatives you don’t have a choice- they have come to your life together as soul mates. All the people who are associating with you in this life are your soul mates, you cannot change them because you took the decision before you started this journey. Let it be. No friction, no resistance. But when you are choosing certain friends, choose the friends who elevate you, who will pull your hand and will not judge you. Instead of friends who will constantly talk about other people, and try to drag you down into discussion about people. Discussion about people is absolutely nonsensical because they have nothing to do with us- they are not paying our bills. And if you concentrate on holding somebody’s hand and helping them take the next step, your life is worthwhile.

Mohanji quote - Take one decisionI always say, give more to the world than you have taken from the world. Take one decision, ”I’m going to give much more to the Earth, than I have consumed from it.’’ Your life will be a totally different story. We are only demanding from the Earth, we are not giving anything back. This is why we have agonies. We don’t feel. We are asking for more but we should give back more instead. And giving to the world is not a big deal, it’s not about money. Actually the most expensive thing which you carry with you is time. Because you have chosen a particular duration for this life, every moment has a value. Spending time is money in real terms, much more important than physical money.
So, when I say, give back more than you take from the Earth, e.g. a small child is crying. You put your hands around the child and say, ”I love you.” Mean it. Not for the sake of pleasing somebody, but from the heart you say, ”I love you.” That is enough, because the child will understand. Likewise, you deal with life or the world with love. That itself is a big favour to the Earth. Decide there will be no violence in your thoughts, words, actions, and you’ll consistently express love in every segment. It’s not in spending money, it’s in your attitude, that the Earth is happy.
Whenever you say, ”I love you” to a person who is suffering, your only interest should be his or her happiness. There should be no selfishness. As I was explaining to somebody earlier, when you give something to somebody, whatever you can share, always give with a feeling of gratitude that this person has enhanced my being because he or she accepted it. Not because ”I’m better off, and I’m helping”. That should not be the attitude. The attitude should be that of gratitude. That person has made my life better, and I’m grateful for that. So that all the time you are operating in the selfless mood. When you are hugging somebody you mean it. Then there is nothing to worry. The moment that we are masking, or the moment we decide to pretend, we have to remember the pretension. The moment we are real and true, there’s nothing to remember. We can be natural. I am telling you to be natural, so the mind is clean.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Bodies and Souls

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Dialogues with Mohanji, part 1

Mohanji opening the retreat in Serbia 2014
Mohanji opening the retreat in Serbia 2014

As I explained earlier, time is very fast nowadays so our actions get enhanced in real time. Hence this time is very suitable for something drastic to happen in life or you can make genuine life changes using this time. This silent environment also helps enhance your actions.
This whole programme is also in tune with the current times when the Moon has more strength. Moon controls a lot of factors, with a direct impact on water element and the mind. We do all the transformation and work while feeling silence in every aspect. Whenever you try to become silent, the mind will be more active. Mind will want you to talk, so please be aware. You have to do this consciously.


Q: I stopped smoking two weeks ago and now it is very difficult for me to breathe. And I also feel emptiness. Is that the void that I used to fill with my smoking?
A: If you leave anything for some time, not only cigarettes, it will leave a vacuum. This is very normal. There are two reasons.
One is that you left smoking, so there is a vacuum. You are undergoing a change- doing a completely different thing from your normal activity and in a different environment. The best way is to fight and overcome it. If you surrender to it, the tendency will resurface. First, satisfy the mind with the right thought, “This is ok, I’ve had enough, I’ve gone through it, I don’t need it any more. This is fine.’’ Then, substitute the habit with breathing.
The second reason is stored emotions. One of the powerful techniques we do during the retreat to expel the stored emotions, is gapless breathing in the morning.

The body craves for nicotine. Scientifically, I think it takes about 12 days for the body to adjust to the state of no nicotine. So this is normal. And breathing will improve slowly, slowly. Allow, but continue with the breathing.


Q: I learnt that when you breathe in, you go down taking the air to the base of your spine and when you breathe Mohanji MMS_7752out, you go up the spine. Now we are doing it the other way round. We breathe in, taking cold energy up, and we breathe out taking hot energy down. Is there any difference between the techniques?
A: It is like drawing water from the well. You are taking stuff from the inside and throwing it outside. The whole exercise is to expel whatever is stored inside. If things do not get expelled, it is very likely that you will continue with the habits, the same routines. You have to have software change inside, for which you need to empty. If we do not empty ourselves, we cannot fill in anything. Because we are already over-full from many lifetimes with past experiences, impressions and the samskaras. So we are consciously trying to remove everything and become ourselves- completely empty. I’ll explain it in a simpler way: imagine the body as a trash can, without head and limbs. The impressions of every encounter with people, places and situations leave a residue into the system. The heavier the impression is, the lower it goes. The lighter stays up.
When you breathe, you consider the spine like a pillar which you use to reach the highest. but the actual spine is in the middle of the body. But if I explain it like that, you will never be able to meditate. How will you know the exact centre of the body? So, I always say ‘spine’ because it is easy to connect.
When you take the things away, the topmost point is the top of the head in our system and the lowest point is the space between your anus and scrotum. This is the central line. The kundalini has to start from the lowest point and reach the point of the head. So breathing has to change from the front to the middle to reach the highest. The whole breath pattern must change, but you can’t change this in one day. You need to try and slowly detach from the front to the middle and start breathing like this. Work together. There are techniques but they can be taught only when you reach a certain level.
So the initial thing is to expel, to throw out. And then you start feeling with silence. The scriptures say, “You must taste each breath.’’ Don’t just breathe, but taste it. That means you should be really, really aware of your breathing and breathe so that it will be only in the vertical level. The advantage of having vertical breathing is that, whatever happens outside, it will not touch you. You will not be affected by people, places, situations, events. You would do your job but you would always be balanced and firm. Absolute silence. But it doesn’t mean we are sitting and procrastinating, in the jungle or caves. We are not affected by anything. We are absolutely superbly peaceful inside, for which this breathing helps.

And the other aspect is, if you breathe like this, there is 80% or 90% chance that when you die, the soul leaves the body through the top of the head, the same place where it came inside the body as a child. For 90% people, the soul exits through the mouth with the last breath upon death. This is a 100% chance of having another birth. The whole aim of the spiritual path is to bring the soul back through the same point (top of the head) so that you can die at will. The main reasons for the soul not able to come out through the top of the head are ego, mind, concepts, all sorts of blockages we have collected from the society, education, parents, religions etc- all this clutter makes us heavy. So the soul can only leave through the mouth with the baggage. Whatever we have accumulated is carried forward to the next birth as a pending agenda or desires.

Slipping into sleep and slipping into death is almost similar. For example, we have no control on our sleep, we just lie down and go into sleep. If you are able to sleep consciously- which means your consciousness is available during transition from waking to sleep- then at the time of death, the same will be available. If you can maintain the awareness through waking, dreaming or sleeping states and if you transcend these two states with awareness, that means you are fully aware all the time.

This is a very powerful technique, this meditation during sleep, or during transition from waking to sleep. Basically you are watching yourself slipping into sleep, which means you are aware of the transition from waking to sleep, so you are an external entity watching yourself and seeing yourself changing realms. If that can be done, there is a major shift in the consciousness. Most of your thoughts will die, most of your desires will die, and you will be steadfast with your lean karma- only what you are supposed to do on Earth.

Q: How can we use this vertical breathing as an introduction for the meditation “360 degrees’’?
A: The purpose of 360 degree meditation is also to bring the breath to the centre. Rooting in the spine means breathing through the centre. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot say to concentrate on the exact middle of your body because you will get confused. So, it’s better to say the spine. Even in 360 degree meditation we are talking about prana. Prana is not entering through the breath. It’s entering through the top of the head. This is why even if some refrain from breathing, they have no shortage of prana. But we have to say breath, otherwise we would confuse people. E.g. ‘Concentrate on your nose, breathing, etc.’ They will get completely confused. We have to use certain generic hings so that it helps. If people ask me specifically, I answer. People asked me, “Where does prana enter the body?’’ I answered, “The same place where the soul came from.’’ Because it’s all the same. Prana nourishes the soul. So 360 degree meditation is basically vertical breathing in a systematic way so that it teaches you to stay in the center. That is why it is quite popular now. A lot of people are meditating and they are moving into silence. See, whatever takes you to silence is good for you. Because mind is restless by nature.

Q: When we did breathing exercises when we were lying down, I couldn’t breathe. I feel I stopped breathing and floated upwards. It’s a new experience to me, is it ok?
A: In such situation be natural, because naturally you detach yourself from your body which is anyway a thing to be detached about! When you detach from the body, so much release happens immediately in your system. While this is not enlightenment, during the stage of enlightenment, the soul expands suddenly, and the body is oriented only by prana (from the top of the head) and independent of air or breathing. This air constitutes the pancha prana, the five types of air which are running our body. When breath becomes still, immediately it’s switched over by prana. This is not the death state. It’s an absolute state.


Bodies and souls

Q: Historically, it seems to me that we have more and more bodies and less souls because a lot of souls are not turning back to bodies. What can you tell us about this? Is it possible that there are bodies without souls?
A: You need to have a body to experience this plane of existence at Earth. Technically, from the dark side, you can also have a body without a soul. They can rejuvenate a body without a soul and operate on it, akin to charging the battery of the mobile phone. As long as the battery exists, the phone works. We don’t practise these kind of things. But to have normal expressions and normal experiences, you need to have a soul. A soul is needed to have the path of destiny, a pattern of life, experiences, expressions and character from birth till death. But Earth is a plane almost like a laboratory. You can have multiple experiences with the same body. Even in general terms, one person can be a father, a child, a husband, or a brother, any different kind of combination. In this plane, the main expression of relativity is through relationships. And generally, the string that links everything is called emotion. This is our plane of operation.
When the Earth started taking a different speed from 1986, the whole vibratory level and behavioral pattern of all beings have undergone a structural change. So, whatever was the basic nature, got enhanced. In the last 4-5 years, you can observe that people who are spiritual by nature, became more spiritual. Negative people became more negative, kind people became kinder. As I said, this is the plane where body is required for experiences and positive and negative can exist at the same time in almost equal power. Many souls have come to experience this speeding time, both positive and negative. As per my calculation, all the emotions have to come out by the end of 2017. All the negativities have to be cleaned. From 2018 to 2022 in the second half of the transition, you will see things settling down with a lot of stuctural changes across the world. I’m expecting a lot of destruction and calamities, akin to a house that cannot be repaired any more. You have to demolish and rebuild it. People are becoming more emotional, chasing terrestrial things, finding no satisfaction, coming back and searching elsewhere. They cannot find it searching outside and then they start searching inward. All these phenomena are happening simultaneously now. One year is equal to fifty years today. Your effort is multiplied at that level. If you put an effort in the positive way, it multiplies in that level. If there is a negative effort, it also multiplies. We have to be very conscious about it. If there are many on the path of enlightenment, there are as many on the path of depression. This is a sign of the time. Also, it is very difficult to differentiate between the positive and the negative even in the spiritual path. But you will understand on close observation. Negative always uses fear of the mind. Cults always use fear to bind people. Positive has nothing to do with fear ever. I always say, “I don’t know what fear is.’’ There is no room for fear. We are actually extremely powerful, until the mind blocks us.
But true spirituality is always the path of liberation. Liberation means you are liberated on a daily basis and at the time of death. It means, we are fine today, whether there is a particular place, food, situation or person available or not. That means we are peaceful every moment. If we are peaceful that way, how can there be fear? Many masters, paths, or teachers today (I’m not talking about religion, religion is not from today, it has been since ages) are using the white symbols, such as liberation, to bind people. This plane is the plane of manipulation. So we should be careful about this, too. In reality, you are born free and you have to die free. There is no way you can be bound by anybody. This is unfortunately why when any master speaks the truth, we kill him as soon as possible so that people can use their teaching the way they want.

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Sleeping with awareness

Q: Three weeks ago, I was completely aware of the moment when I slipped into the sleep state. But that happened only once.
A: This is good enough, but there is good news and bad news.
Follow-up Q: Bad news first 🙂
A: Bad news is that you are not in control of the situation. Good news is that you experienced it. Now you know what to experience. You know this thing now, so you can practise it consciously.

Q: When I fall asleep, I am aware of everything, both the dream and waking reality, even the surroundings, but I can ask questions to the unconscious me who is sleeping. And I get immediate answers which I almost cannot catch and remember. They are like a flash, and I get the complete answer to my question.
A: This is what we call trance. That is not what we talked about earlier. In the state of trance, there is no ego so you will usually connect to any body, person, entity or even your higher consciousness in that state. The masters who are connected to the source are always available, just like electricity, all you have to do is switch on. The moment you move into the trance, you are connected to the masters. Or you could be connected to me as you are close to me. So, it doesn’t matter which body, but the source is one. Expressions or the bodies are different because of different reasons. In the higher level, it is one consciousness, many expressions. If you just transcend one level from the Earth, you will know that these names have no value, like Mohanji, Baba, Jesus… everything dissolves. Then it’s just consciousness. So, mostly when you are in the state of trance, you connect to the consciousness which is available. But on the terrestrial plane you might be connected to me- a person called Mohanji- but through him, ultimately connecting to the consciousness. Bottomline is you get your answer. But the mind will discriminate, oh, did Mohanji speak, or did another person speak, did Jesus speak, or did Baba speak? But in absolute sense, it is all one and the consciousness answered you. Generally, if you are able to see yourself in the trance state, your breath pattern will be vertical. Secondly, when you are in vertical breathing, you can easily slip into trance state, too. This is not a meditative state, it’s beyond. Furthermore, you will be in 360 degree awareness.
Follow-up Q: I am using this also for problem-solving. I trained myself to wake up and write down these answers I get and then go to sleep.
A: Problems are only on this plane. Other planes don’t have problems, haha.


Q: Yesterday and today, when I closed my eyes, I see a yellow square. I think that is a symbol of muladara, or something like that.
A: It is not yellow, it is golden. It’s the symbol of the path. Symbolwise, it’s the fire, stomach centre. But this is not that actually. Many people see the golden square or golden triangle. That is because that’s our path. Golden path is the path of liberation in the ultimate, which means we are travelling towards total liberation where we are merging with the supreme consciousness, having the brightness of a thousand suns. In Ganesha mantra it says, “Surya Koti Samaprabha”. Surya means the sun. Koti means ten million, one crore. Brightness of ten million suns, that is the body of Lord Ganesha. Similarly, the path is total brightness, which means everything dissolves and you become the total brightness.

Q: When I meditate, I can see my eyes circulating around looking at surroundings, and I breathe spontaneously, is it right way to do it, or not?
A: Continue with it, what works for you may not work for other people. The aim is that you reach silence and 360 degree awareness. Somebody may not need this action of moving eyes around, but will immediately reach stillness in all directions. When there is action, mind is working. Whichever direction there is difficulty, that is the sign that there are blockages. The more blockages, the more difficulties. And that is usually related to relationships. What binds you to the Earth are relationships, e.g. my family, my daughter, my son, my wife, my house, my property, my dog… everything. Solution is awareness, witness it, detach from it, witness it, detach from it. “Ok, this is happening, I move away. Again it’s happening, I move away.’’ This is a constant exercise.
Finally you will be automatically in the detached position and watching even while in relationships, while people are becoming extremely emotional. That solves relationship problems.
The main reason for gravity is our guilt from the past. Second is our concept about morality against fulfilment. Life is about fulfilment. But morality makes us bound. So there is a struggle between fulfilment and morality or even character. These are all related to relationships. I’m not saying fulfilment is killing somebody; fulfilment means harmless fulfilment. If you are able to stick to the fulfilment, then you are in the right track. Fulfilment is always related to karma. Karma -> fulfilment, karma –> fulfilment. That is how life goes. Blockages are related to mind. Mind has concepts, morality, guilt and all sorts of garbage. When we take a decision about our life with all that garbage, we have failures.

Acceptance and objectivity

Q: When you are living with the people of very negative…
A: You are lucky. You can develop objectivity, that is the best thing. See, when you are with the negative, we become extremely detached and objective. Have you noticed? This is a good thing.
Follow-up Q: Well, I have a mother-in-law…
A: I can’t help mother-in-law… This is my experience, I meet thousands of people. The people who have a beautiful family life, stick to a comfort zone spirituality, which means they do it just for the sake of practice. I hardly see them evolve to higher dimension. But when there are many problems, for example, one man used to come to me in Dubai many years ago. He was a watchman of the port. His salary was very, very small. But religiously, he would come and he used to give me some money. I said, “I don’t want your money.’’ I never used to take money anyway. He said, “What is the difference between my money and rich man’s money?’’ I said, “Your money is much more valuable. That is why I’m not taking it.’’ But he would insist and he was evolving so high that sitting in the port that he would know what I was doing. The connection became so strong that he would be sitting there and he would say, “Mohanji, you met these and these people. One person was very sceptical. He was not receptive.’’ How much he evolved by just connecting! But everything was going wrong with him. He had no money, stayed with 8 people in one room, could afford little food but all the difficulties strengthened him in spirituality. On the other hand, very comfortable people with nice family etc keep asking the same questions for years. Not an inch of progress. Fundamentally, your destiny is decided. When you took the body, you decided, “In this time period, location, body, I will live on earth.’’ So positive or negative surrounding is also selected before you took the birth. It is acceptance that is very important. Accept yourself, you chose this body, you chose this life, and you chose the situations. People come to your life at certain points in time, but they will come. So there’s no value in such things as “Why did they come, I never expected it!’’ They were supposed to come, they came. Even your meeting me today was decided before. Otherwise you could have met any of the other seven billion people. But we met. We are sharing the space. This has value. So acceptance is primary for spiritual success. Unless you accept your situation you cannot evolve, because you are in conflict with the basic.

Mohanji performing Havan, ritual for cleansing
Mohanji performing Havan, ritual for cleansing

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Passion for Compassion

Talk at the MeVeg Congress in Dubai on 3rd December 2013
meveg- Dubai 2013 Mohanji Passion for Compassion
Have you thought about why we have discussed food so much today? Because something is terribly wrong with the whole thing. Something is not right. That is why we are talking about food so much. Whenever we disconnect from ourselves, we have to release the stress in some way. So we either eat a lot, or we indulge in sensory pleasures. This is exactly why we are discussing food so much. The moment you start connecting with yourself and listening to your own body, your vibrations and eating habits will completely change. You will eat only what you need to eat. Diseases are also similarly related. Whatever you trap, becomes disease.

I look at life in simple terms. Because I do not understand most of the things you have said. I feel that intellectually we can analyse so many things, yet analysis never helps you to convert it into wisdom. It is good to know and all these things are important to understand, but unless knowledge becomes wisdom, there is no change in life. Knowledge has to be converted to wisdom. Knowledge sits in the head. It only takes you up to your grave. When you die, it dies. But wisdom sustains you, it sustains the species outside on the Earth. If you look at the scriptures of any religion, all the prophets, all the great masters have spoken simple truths. We have complicated it. We have interpreted it in the wrong way. So my understanding of life is keep it simple. Eighty per cent of our vital functions are not in the control of our conscious mind. That is why we are alive here. Heartbeat, circulation, respiration, digestion and most of the other vital functions are controlled by the subconscious mind. We have nothing to do with them. So when we have nothing to do with it, we stay alive. However, the idea is to be conscious about it. The first level is be conscious about the breathing. Be conscious about the vibrations of yourself, that is from swara to nada, (nada is the beats of the body). Heartbeats, circulation, there is always a rhythm. Be aware of the rhythm. Then you start going within and you start transferring things which the subconscious usually handles, to your conscious mind. You can stop the circulation of your blood. You can eat what you like. You can digest at will. You can do everything which you call a miracle play, and which masters are performing.

MeVeg Congress in Dubai - Mohanji - Passion for Compassion
I’ll tell you my experience. Many years ago I used to go to the Himalayas. Even now I go. Actually I am just returning from the Himalayas. Yesterday I was there. I was also exploring. I met a man sitting outside an ashram. The mother of the ashram was taking food outside the ashram to give to this man. I asked her, “Why are you taking the food outside? Why can’t he go inside?“ Then the mother said, “He does not eat food.“ I said, “Are you making fun of him? You are giving him food?!“ She said, “No. If you give it as an offering, he will consume it.“ Then I was curious to know whether he actually ate the food. He was a young guy. He looked like he was in his 20s, and sufficient food for four people was given to him. He consumed the whole thing. I said, “Mother, you said he doesn’t eat. He eats! I cannot eat half of what he has eaten!“ She said, “He consumes food, but he disintegrates it from the throat. It doesn’t go down. He has already stopped the secretion of juices inside. So he does not actually need food, but if somebody offers him food as a blessing, he eats it. “ And so he had disintegrated it. He had already stopped the functions, so he was safe.
This was interesting for me at that point in time because actually this is exploration. Perhaps you may have read Encounter with an Ageless Saint of Himalayas . This is a true living guy. He is more than a hundred years old. He asked, “He was chanting the mantra to avoid food. What actually happened? I can chant the mantra, and the food is still consumed. Where is the problem?“ So this mantra, chut dipasi, was chanted to disintegrate the food from the throat, and there was no appetite. But what happened is it was in the mind level. Whatever you do in the mind level cannot be converted into reality. It just happens in the mind as a routine. So it should go within. Deeper. Whatever you try to do as a method to convert yourself should be deeper. This is the point.

passion for compassion 2 Mohanji

If you read that blog, the story is there. It might be interesting for you. I won’t talk further about it. My point is that it’s interesting to know there are so many variations.
Now the subject I’ve been asked to talk about is Passion for Compassion. This is basically because, as you have said, the population of seven billion people is growing into nine billion people. What have we consumed? We have almost consumed all the forest. We have consumed most of the animals which are in the forest. We have almost consumed all the animals which are in the forest and taken their land. One third of the total grain cultivation is used for feeding animals. To produce 1 pound of meat, you need 12 pounds of grain. If you give this 12 pounds of grain to one small family, that family will survive for a month. One pound of meat will fulfill only once. So our whole ecological calculation is wrong and we are trying to firefight now. Where is the problem? The problem is in our understanding. We have no idea how the Earth feels about it because we form and we destroy. On average (I’m not a person of statistics, please forgive me for that, this is from what I’ve read on the internet) seven billion people consume millions of other beings. You can imagine how much space is consumed, how much food is consumed, and at the end of the day, what are we producing?
And no animal in the world dies with happiness. Forget about the pictures in the advertisements. This is not true. You know, a happy cow removing its meat and giving it you. It is not so. It is killed. And further, I was not aware, until I watched programs from the USA, I never realised that the dairy industry is equally responsible. I never knew that eight million calves are slaughtered per year in the USA alone. I never realised 1.5 million pregnant cows are slaughtered in London alone. Just imagine! I feel that motherhood is one of the most beautiful things on earth. Completely unconditional. A mother feels unconditionality towards the child. And the cow cries through the night. You can see the videos on YouTube. The cow cries the whole night through looking for her calf. The calf had already been killed. It was a male calf and it was killed because the dairy industry does not need it. And then, the cow is slaughtered later.
Likewise, one of our people in Europe, made a blog based on my speech called Velocity of Violence I asked, “What changed you? What made you feel so?“ One thing I saw. A herd of cattle was taken to the slaughterhouse. One of the cows delivered a calf in the truck. The truck driver had promised to deliver the cows to the abattoir at a particular time, otherwise he would lose his job. So he put the calf outside on the road, took the cow and slaughtered the cow. The calf was rescued by the police. The pictures are in the blog too. This was very hard. The new mother was slaughtered because the world needed the meat. And the calf was fortunately taken away, otherwise it would have been taken to the slaughterhouse as well. This is one thing which touched my heart.
The second thing was some CCTV footage from the UK. A flock of sheep was coming in for slaughter. One lamb was drinking milk. First he killed the mother, then he killed the baby. You know, while the child was drinking the mother’s milk! I cannot even believe that we do this kind of things! These are a few things that really touched my heart.
And how does passion happen? When conviction is clear. When your conviction is absolute, passion is automatic. What was Jesus’s strength? He was fighting against the established systems. Dangerous. He ended up getting assassinated. But what saw him through? Conviction. Conviction leads you to passion. And especially anti-cruelty. I am not a campaigner of any food habits because I do not really know what it is all about. I have understood something from what all of you have said here. But if you ask me about any technicality, I will not be able to answer. However, I believe in non-violence. If you have to consume food, let it be non-violent. A tree produces an apple, an orange or a tomato. We do not cut the tree to pluck the tomato. It’s like the nails. It doesn’t hurt the plant. If you pluck a mango from the plant, it doesn’t hurt the plant at all. And actually the plant wants it because this is for the continuation of the species. When you throw the seed away, it grows into another plant. So, the total alignment of the whole thing should be understood clearly. Earth wants that. Earth would like to have continuation of species. Not destruction of one species for the creation of another one.
Second thing is that, some people have sent me emails asking what about forest animals. There is a programme on National Geographic Channel which provides clear guidance on that. A herd of deer are running and lions are chasing them. They all move in a particular direction, and then suddenly one particular deer takes off in another direction. It’s like an understanding amongst this clan – ok, you people escape, I will sacrifice myself today. Sacrifice and victimhood are two completely different things. What motivates a person is the sacrifice. Sacrifice motivates you. Victimhood, i.e. if you are bound, captured and destroyed, is a completely different ball game. It amounts to murder. Sacrifice is not murder. It actually gave its life away for the survival of the rest of the species. This is an understanding. And the same video shows lions being fully happy. They have eaten, they were sleeping while the deer were slowly walking in front of them. So there is an understanding going on here. Nature is always wise. It is justified. Things they do are well justified. They will never do something like what we do. We kill for pleasure. Three days ago I was recording a video because Animals Australia wanted my opinion or comment, whatever you call it. So I recorded it and sent it to them. One person asked me what was the role of humans in the preservation of nature. I said it was only destruction (laughter). We have already destroyed nature because of our non-understanding. We have no clue. That is why so many species are extinct today.

Gift of the basil from MeVeg
Gift of the basil from MeVeg

You can also watch this talk:

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is not passivity

Q: Unconditional love is our true nature. How is it possible in this world, where somebody can attack your wife and children? There is a lot of aggression, isn’t it justified to respond and defend yourself? So how can you not respond in a violent way if something like this happens?

M: Unconditional love is not passivity. Unconditional love is basically the nature of life. Everything is coming out of unconditional love, everything is dissolving back to unconditional love. But people who do not understand themselves or adopt other desires and characteristics; they express various emotions in daily life. When the Shaolin Buddhist temple was established, the whole warfare of kung fu was taught only for self-defense, not for attacking. Why do monks established on the spiritual path, learn martial arts? You have to defend yourself.

Shaolin monks
Why do monks established on the spiritual path, learn martial arts? You have to defend yourself.

But attacking somebody is violence. Defending yourself cannot be called violence. So definitely unconditional love is our true nature, but that doesn’t mean that you can become a doormat and let everybody walk over you.
You know, this non-understanding has affected many people. They became spiritual and became helpless. And when they become helpless, they expect other people to come and help. It doesn’t happen. So, unconditional love is definitely our true nature and we should defend ourselves, but not attack.
Another thing – if somebody abuses you, and you don’t respond, they get confused. They will do everything possible to intimidate and provoke you, but if you continue to be uninterested or unresponsive, they will go away. You have every right to express your true nature, which is unconditional love.

Tests of unconditional love

Mohanji quote - People take many births

When Jesus was alive, many people were connected to him. Not only his disciples, there were so many who were not walking or travelling with him yet were deeply connected to his consciousness. Many of them were really committed and really affected when he was crucified. But they were helpless to fight against the masses. Those people lived his teachings of unconditional love but failed to express it when a crisis like crucifixion happened. So, those people take many births further, to learn to be loving in all situations and conditions. Because conditional expression blocked them from their interest of becoming one with Jesus. So they took many lifetimes to feel, experience and then again express unconditional love always like Jesus.
–“How can somebody do injustice? How dare they?” These questions keep coming back, anger happens and then you slip in the path again. Even today, how much we resist in our own lives? We resist every situation, we want analysis for every action. And analysis takes the fragrance from every experience. It’s very, very important to be one with the experience and float with the experience. It doesn’t matter whether it is good, bad or whatever; just go through the experience. Because that will keep you in the now, in the present.

Have you ever wondered, if we just look at the masters of the past centuries and just understand them, there is no need for any further masters or guides in life. Each one of them expressed completeness, in all aspects. But each one had a flavor and they delivered the truth in their own way, for their people and their period.

Q: So masters have to keep on coming?

They keep coming, yes. If you take the Bhagavad Gita, which Krishna delivered to Arjun; Arjuna understood that time. Today we need explanation after explanation for every 4 verses, and still we don’t understand. That is our nature, we have diluted ourselves many times over. Krishna is a very potent and flamboyant character who has provoked various expressions in people over generations. Each point of his life is celebrated – as a child, youth, warrior, politician and also saint. He lived every aspect. But I have seen some interpretations where RaasLeela- the union of all people together when Krishna arrives- is interpreted as sexual union. There are even pictures of Krishna with many women together. Actually, Krishna has a very high consciousness, he is an avatar. So, all the entities, the men, women, children, cows or animals, everybody would like to be in his presence and energy, because his energy is so powerful. People didn’t want to leave. When Krishna is there, everybody likes to be with him. Same was with Jesus as well. Wherever Jesus went, people got attracted. Not because of their knowing who he is, but the energy pulled people like a magnet. Similarly, wherever Krishna went, people, animals, birds, everything got attracted to him. So that is why in many poems, people are crying – when will Krishna come back? This is not a sexual union, it is basically the union of energies, i.e. a unit energy is merging with the ocean, the unlimited energy. So, this is the actual idea of RaasLeela, of everybody coming together , dancing and singing when Krishna comes. So the union of energies is like “we”/ our soul, merging with the supreme soul.
People even talk about Krishna’s 16008 wives. They take it as a licence- Krishna had so many wives, so I can have many as well. I remember one master used to smoke, so he told his disciple, “It’s ok, you smoke, but you will not become me just by smoking.” By imitating the master, he will not become him. He will only become addicted.
Krishna basically killed a particular king who had many prisoners. When Krishna conquered that land, he freed the prisoners: “Go home, you are free now. If you have a problem, come back to me”. So all the prisoners- men, women, children, even those imprisoned for 40-50 years, went back home. W But the religious didn’t receive them, because they were ex-convicts. They didn’t even have food to eat as nobody wanted to welcome them home. So they went back to Krishna and told him: “When we were in the prison, we used to get 3 times food, now we can’t even get 1 time food, but we are free. For what?” Krishna immediately ordered all these women to be given the royal wives’ status. Royal wives means they get some money from the court or the kingdom. When everybody got a house and monthly pension, their status rose in the society and they were accepted. They were all given the status of the royal wives, not that he married everybody. You can’t find such a great administrator ever. You can see the power of all aspects in him- the wisdom, action, speed.
When you operate from a high level of clarity, there is no confusion. Confusion always lies in the lower aspects of our existence. For example, when we are operating from the mind level, should we do this or should we not? We always go up and down. It consumes a lot of energy and has a bad effect. And our dependence on external factors for our satisfaction can also change and affect us a lot. This effect isn’t due to our incapability but because we are pulled down by our dependence on other situations, people or objects.

Mohanji quote -- Float with the experience

Transcribed by Tamara Bobić