The Cornerstones of Mohanji’s Philosophy

Satsang in Dubai  on 15th July 2015, part II

Visualisation and Chronology of creation

Q: You said that everything is predestined and perfectly timed. Then the process visualisation before we obtain what we want in life, falls flat, right?
A: What is the basis of thought? If you look at the clock of life, the basis of thought is inclination. You have inclination for self-realisation. So the thought for self-realisation happens. Where does inclination come from? Inclination always comes from karma. There is karma for all this. That is exactly the destiny we are talking about. Where does karma come from? Desire. Where does desire come from? Impression.
Everything starts with impression. It is the first seed. Impression means e.g. when I say ’donkey’, your mind immediately produces an image of a donkey and sometimes characteristics of a donkey. Where does it come from? There is a stored data, our subconscious. We have so much data stored in our subconscious. Everything has a root in an impression. Every point in time you are collecting more. This brings forth a desire, desire makes karma, karma makes an inclination, inclination becomes a thought, thought becomes a word and word becomes an action. So the environment is created. That is exactly the time-space junction I talked about. The environment of your destiny created a particular thing.

Mohanji quote - Chronology of creation
You are not thinking because you want to think. Many people do not even know there is a thing called meditation because it is not part of their agenda. There are numerous types of food that we do not know about. Why? We are experiencing only those things which are important in this journey, this incarnation. Especially the place of your birth, the friends, your experiences, your location, everything is collected that way.
There is nothing like ’you didn’t put enough effort’. If desire is compelling enough you will definitely put an effort. It happens. It is not that you are voluntarily doing anything. Conscious mind is very weak that way. We feel during the waking state that we are very powerful, “I decide“. But where does the decision come from? There is an inclination and opportunity is also provided for the inclination. This is how it works. Nothing is wasted at all. Every moment is fundamentally powerful. Sometimes it may seem like a very small moment, but it has a great value for something. You are completing things. Karma is equal to fulfilment. You are having fulfilment one way or the other. Everything leads to fulfilment.
Q: Is visualisation also linked to karma?
A: Yes, everything is linked to karma. But what you visualise also matters. Some people visualise a big house, some people visualise relaxation, or enlightenment… Everything is linked to karma. An architect visualises a building before he starts drawing. Everybody visualises something one way or the other and it’s important.
Q: I do not understand the process of asking and receiving. Just going down to earth, coming back and forth to the universe that co-creates it when we are looking for the peace ahead.
A: Good question. You feel you are separate. That is why this question is coming. If you feel that you are part of the infinity, then you understand there is no asking, nor receiving, for everything is yours. The unit is asking till it is complete. Basically you are asking yourself because you are complete. What tells you, you are incomplete is your mind or ego. You are saying that you are this simple unit, so you are incomplete. It is not true. You are complete all the time. What you ask,you receive, because you are just opening the door. When you ask, you are allowing the sunshine to come. Sun is already there, outside. That is why the question of asking itself is the same as saying, “I am ready, I am fine now.“
Let me tell you one thing. Elementally we underestimate ourselves. We think we are powerless. This is where problem lies. We think we have to get something from somewhere. It is not true. You are complete by birth. And you will remain complete all through. This is a fundamental choice you make: “Ok, I am ready for the bigger now, “ or “I’m not what I seem to be.“ Accept yourself as 100% potential, not what you see in the mirror or what others think about you. Others can think anything but that’s not you. Fundamentally if we knew we are powerful creations, powerful entities, which is true, then all the war is won. Everything will fall in place. Everything comes to you. There is nothing that you can acquire from outside. What you can acquire from outside is what you do not have, right? If you do not have something, you can take it from outside. What don’t you have?
In 2010, some of us went into the forest. One saint said, “I will connect you to a very powerful master, he lives on a tree.“ We went to see him. Because he knew we were coming, he ran away. Finally we found him sitting under the tree. The first question he asked was, “Why did you spend all the money to come to see me? What can I give you that you don’t already have?“ Second question he asked was, “Can you hear the sound of birds?“ Everybody can hear the sound of birds, it’s a forest, right? He asked, “Where are the birds sitting? Are they sitting outside of you or are they sitting inside you? Where is the sound coming from? If they are inside you, you have nothing more to do.“ It means you have expanded yourself so that everything is inside you. There’s nothing outside of you. Then you are already home. If the birds are outside of you, then expand yourself and bring them in. See? Simple spirituality. Then he muttered to himself, “How many centuries, when will people stop talking about chakras, aura, kundalini… and catch God?“ (laughter) He was kind of frustrated. “When will people stop these gimmicks? Chakra, aura, some sensations… finished. When will you catch God at the end of the day?“ And he ran away from us, ha, ha. It was an amazing experience. It was a very brief discussion but what he said made sense. It was a very clear statement to people- stop practising something silly. Catch God means catch yourself. Simple. See within, then only you can see God.
We are looking for God outside all the time, and then we miss our heartbeat. But if you look at yourself you will understand the beauty of creation. Beauty of creation is not outside us. Outside us are references, mirrors. What are they telling you? That you are beautiful. You are amazing. Why we do not feel amazing is because we do not see ourselves. How does heartbeat work so spontaneously every day in a correct manner from birth till death? How is the circulation synchronised? How are organs collaborating with each other? How does the brain function in a synchronised way? The brain never says, “Today I’m taking leave so you guys sleep.“ It never happens, right? How does this whole synchronisation happen? Beauty of creation is within. The moment you connect to yourself you understand the whole world is inside you! “There is nothing apart from me. There cannot be anything apart from me.“ This is the truth. There can’t be. How can there be something?
Why do we have 7 billion people and growing? All these people wanted experiences, that’s all. Their own set up experiences that’s it. There’s no difference between me and you. I’ll die someday, you will also die someday. We have all chosen incarnation for a duration of time. Nothing else you can do about it. Why do we complicate it in spirituality?
There are numerous religions, paths and masters because everybody cannot understand everybody. It is needed. Different people need different paths to reach the same ocean. We are all bubbles from the same ocean, but there are different ways to reach there. We do not understand this is because we look outside, “Oh, this person is black, that person is white, this person is yellow…“As we are looking outside, we cannot see into the consciousness. To see the consciousness of other people, you need to see yourself. There’s no other way.


Q: I did the meditation “Power of Purity“, I would like to hear more about purity.
A: Purity is our nature. Why are we attracted to small children? The innocence, the purity. Purity is something which you can’t ignore.
My whole philosophy is built two pillars: purity and faith. Purity means purity of thought, word, action, which also means selflessness in our path. Be a wealth to earth. Keep asking the question, “What else can I do for this world?“ Selflessness brings in purity. Agenda contaminates us and we lose innocence. If I need something from you, I need to pretend. But if something is spontaneous, then there is no pretension. We both are 100% natural without conditionality.


I believe in faith. You can believe in any religion, guru, path that suits you- it’s a personal choice which has to be respected. Analyse, take your time and choose- no problem. But when you choose, never change. If you keep changing the road, taking detours, you cannot reach the destination. You will only wander further, taking more time, finally to delusion.


The aim is – liberation. What I am teaching I can say in one word – LIBERATION. Liberation means you are totally free while you exist. People talk about freedom, but they have no idea about it. In Washington, an interviewer asked me, “Mohanji how can you say so confidently that we don’t know freedom?“ I said, “Because you have a mind. Forget about situations or other people controlling you. People can go away; you can get out of the situation. If your mind controls you, how do you get out of the mind? As long as you have a mind, and especially mind filled with concepts, you are totally in cages. That is why I confidently say that you do not know freedom.“ People do rituals and say, “Now I feel fine because I am doing these practices’’, but again it is a binding. Are you actually free? For that you should have nothing to do with the mind or if mind is there, you should not be connected to the mind. How do you get out of the mind? You should allow the mind to operate by itself. Never fight with the mind, you can never win. If you try fighting with the mind, mind becomes stronger. You will never get out of that situation. How do you get over the situation? ‘’Ok, mind is a monkey. Ok, I watch you, I have nothing to do with you, do whatever you like. You can have any opinion you like but I am not concerned.’’ When you stop energising that mind, the mind becomes diluted. Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of sense objects; you look at all of them as one. All the objects of pleasures, gratification are there, but you are not bound by the mind. Then you are free. So liberation is basically liberation from you own mind.
Enjoy the life, whatever is given to you, experience it 100%. Who said no? There is nothing good or bad. Experience it 100%, just flow with it but at the same time, you should not be bound by it. “Without this particular material, this particular person, I feel incomplete.“ You are wrong. Thus we are bound at every point. How do we get out of it? This is exactly the point. This is liberation. There is no complication here. If you ask, “What is Mohanji standing for?“ One word – liberation.

Unconditional Love

And unconditional love as the base. You need a strong base to create a foundation, right? You should have no expectation from people.The moment relationship is based on expectation, take it for granted – there is pain. Expectation leads to dissatisfaction. The less expectation, the more satisfaction. The more you expect from earth, from life, from people- there will be a lot of calamities in life.
When people come to me, I see through them. I tell them, “Ok, you are in a terrible war. Please understand yourself, catch yourself. Why are you stretching on? All the strings are in your hands and you are sitting tight like this. You cannot let go of anything. How are you going to achieve liberation? It is not something which you can pluck from a tree. You need to release. Unhook.’’ That is why in Power of Purity, you need to bless your worst enemies, “Ok, let go. Go, I release you.“ People are ignorant, they spoil your life and they go, ha, ha. It is their job. But in the bargain, you are learning to detach. “Go, I bless you.“ The more you bless, the more you release.
Understand there is nothing called forgiving. Forgiving is a word which is egocentric. Ego can use this word, “I forgive you.“ Who are you to forgive anybody? But you can definitely bless. If you bless somebody, you are compassionate inside. You want good to happen to everybody, right? This is good because you are full. If you are not full, how can you feel good? So by nature you are kind, you are compassionate so you bless, “I bless you.“ You can actually play fruitlessly with all these things like forgiveness, but the moment you say you forgive you actually think the other way,“That fellow…I’ll kick him one day!“ (laughter) This is in the mind. Outside you will say, “I forgive you.“ I’m talking about unconditional love, no mental manipulation, no expectation. No expectation is difficult. But reduce expectation so that we have more release, more freedom. And then you want to play; you play and you go. Imagine somebody is abusing you,“Monkey, a donkey…“ and all that and you keep on smiling. What will that guy do? After some time they’ll say, “What’s wrong with me?“ (laughter) “This person is not getting affected.“ What is the usual response? “You two monkeys, two donkeys…“But if there is no response, this guy becomes completely disillusioned. That way you can free yourself, unhook from the situation.

A Story
Once I was in solitude in one place, but somehow a 60 year old, retired person met me. He said, “I am very peaceful, settled, children are married, but one person I want to kill!“ (laughter) It was his boss who prevented his promotion. I said, “You are in the wrong place. I don’t belong to the mafia (laughter) for this killing job. I am supposed to be guiding people.“ Then I asked him, “Now you have this deep emotion about this one man. You believe that this man prevented your promotion and you did not get proper benefit after retirement so there is a big anger in you. You are 60 years old. Imagine you live another 30 years. Do you think this anger will go away from you? It will multiply. It is so strong at this age. You will have to take another birth to settle this anger. You will bring this guy also to settle this. And then either you will kill him or he will give you another job. Something has to happen. Do you really want this? He was not too happy with my answer because he wanted a solution which I cannot offer.

I say this now because in our hearts, we suppress resentment, hate, anger. We pretend that it doesn’t exist but it does. If you look at your life you see which all places the mind has been kept hooking. So many places mind has been hooked. Your body has travelled through time. You cannot stop time but your mind is stuck in many places of the past and that is creating pain today. That is the seed of diseases tomorrow. All illnesses are rooted in the scattered mind in the past. You have to carry your baggage with you.
Unhooking is very important. It is also unconditional love. When I say my base is unconditional love, it includes no expectation, or less expectation as well as unhooking from the past. Be here now 100% so that you are a free person and you are not bound by things. Things are happening through you, you are happy. You experience, you enjoy. This is ok, you’ve deserved it. If you ask 7 billion people in the world why they are here, what is the reason for birth, everybody will say, “Happiness“. Nobody will say, “I wanted to experience some sorrows, ha ha or kill another person.“ So you have every right to be happy. Then how can you be happy? When you have nothing to do with mind. Like a child, life will be filled with wonder. You’ll be happy now, you’ll be happy all the time.
When I was working, I used to have some money kept in a box. This was charity money. If somebody asked me for borrowing, I gave him and after ten days he would give me back. Even if he didn’t give me back, I would give it as charity. Some people bring the money back saying, “Oh, this is for charity, I’ll give the money, too.“ So look at life like this. When you give, give, ok, it’s finished. If you expect, then you are asking for pain also. Because there is a compromise here. You are being conditional. You are not being unconditional. Whenever there is conditionality, there is a possibility of pain. Living a painless life is being unconditional. Ok, you are having your experience, I am having my experience, you are happy, I am happy, keep flowing.


Q: Can you tell us about non-attachment?
A: Non-attachment from the mind is a useless exercise. Mind has to attach to something, whether people, a person, place, time, situation. Otherwise there is no mind. Mind means attachment to something. Actually God is completely formless. God means brightness, all those who have experienced God have said that. It’s brighter than a million suns. Then why do we need deities or to put any form to God? This is because we have a mind. We need to connect to something so that we know this is representation of God or Godlike. As long as we have mind, you must have sufficient attachment. How do you detach? When you say, “Ok this is happening.’’ When your awareness grows. Imagine you are a ten-year-old and somebody gave you a beautiful doll. You have become very attached to that doll. You grew up, you became sixteen, seventeen, detachment from the doll started. It’s ok, the doll is nice, but you’re not as attached as when you were ten years old. Then you became twenty. Somebody gave you a scooter or some vehicle to travel. Then the doll is confined to the showcase. You are not attached to the doll. What happened to you then? You grew beyond it. Like that, we grow beyond things. This is the detachment. Stage by stage, gradually we become beyond it.
This also happens in relationships. Some relationships are extremely important for some time, then we grow beyond it. Like a child with a mother. When a child grows up, starts falling in love and stuff, then parents are useless, ha, ha. Otherwise, they are very important. I’m joking, don’t take it seriously.
This is how we evolve. Detachment is as spontaneous as attachment. Everything has a duration. But if you are aware, everything is coming and going, “My happiness does not depend on any material, person, time or space.“ When the awareness is clear, you will love everything equally but at the same time you will be detached from everything equally. This is the secret. That gives you a lot of peace of mind. That keeps you spiritual. You enjoy everything, but you are not bound by anything. This is freedom. You can experience a nice cup of tea 100%, only when your mind is present. The next day you don’t get the tea, it’s ok, no problem, another day you experience the tea, you enjoy again. So you are not bound by material, person, time or situation and you are flowing. That is detachment- spontaneous.


Shaktipat by Mohanji
Q: Please explain to us what shaktipat is.
A: Shaktipat originally means invoking or raising the energy shakti which is basically the kundalini energy. Kundalini energy should move directly up. That’s what Osho says, yes, no, wow. That’s experience. When it goes, it just flows like a volcano and you are in a different dimension. This is the usual way the energy moves up. This is normal. You will be in absolute bliss state as long as it takes. My experience is that when the time is right, it spontaneously moves, it needs no push or artificial act. I do not like to ever jumpstart the kundalini. I have certain reservations based on my experience so what I do is cleanse the path. Why? I’ll give you one example. There was a 21-year-old girl who met me in India. She is a very intelligent and educated person and she went to this particular guru, did a ritual and jumpstarted the kundalini energy. So what happens when the channel is blocked? It can either move to the Moon or to the Sun. When it goes to the Moon, it’s all hallucinations. When it moves to the Sun, it is madness. This went to the Moon side in this girl and she started having tremendous hallucinations. She wouldn’t remember whether she was dressed or not, she became totally invalid, she would start walking around naked, and when she looked at a person, she saw a devil or animal. She then contacted me. I had never met her before, somebody guided her to me. I told her, “Go back to the same guy, ask him to reverse it.“ She said, “I’ll have to pay so much money.“ I replied, “Don’t worry about the money now, give him whatever money he wants, but do tell him to reverse it the same way he jumpstarted it.“ So she went back and he charged money and tried, but it didn’t go back. Then he said, “I don’t know how to do it.“
In such cases of forcing, there can be terrible issues. I’ve been to many countries, nowhere do I encourage people or recommend such jumpstarting of energies. When it is ready, once you cleanse yourself, when the path is clear, it spontaneously moves. There are many people I am interacting with, those who are following me also, who say they have tremendous experiences- meditation is happening, things are flowing so I always like to recommend natural progression. Nothing artificial. With our shaktipat, we are cleansing the channels, equivalent to rejuvenating the shakti energy in you. We dilute physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual blockages through shaktipat- even my initiates do the same- so that when the time is right, it moves. And then it is – WOW! If it spontaneously happens, that means you are eligible.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Watch the Gap between Two Breaths

Satsang in Dubai  on 15th July 2015, part I

Mohanji in Dubai - satsang 15July2015

Q: How to love yourself?
A:Love is a by-product. Love happens when all the clutter is removed. Love is spontaneous. If you look back into your life all these years, love has been happening by itself. You don’t have to create love. It’s like oxygen- you may not recognise it, but it is there.
So, how do you love yourself?


Number one is acceptance. Never compare. There is nobody else like you in this world. All are unique creations, absolutely unique and absolutely relevant. All people put together become the collective consciousness. Every ingredient has a particular reason and purpose. Can we say that any part of our body is useless? If you start accepting yourself, you start being spiritual. Most of us cannot accept ourselves- that is exactly why there is a conflict. We are trying to pretend through our life. The more you pretend through your life, the more you alienate from your originality, your nature. You are a particular creation, a creation for purpose, because you created this life.
From your first heartbeat till your last, everything is laid out properly. It means that what you experience at the age of twenty, you have to experience at the age of twenty. It cannot be postponed or preponed. Each point in time there is a setup experience. There is awareness connected to it. And each point in time, the time dimension is opening up. One way or the other, something is happening inside. But how will you know it? Only when you start feeling. If you look at life as an outside thing, you will never feel it. The moment you start feeling life, every moment there is something going on, something is opening up. Every incident, location, person in our life has a value. It is so beautiful when you look at the whole tapestry. Some people come to give us troubles (laughter) but we learn something or evolve into a different dimension from it. Likewise, there are a lot of paths, masters, rituals, practices; everything is valuable to somebody but not to everybody. All types and sizes of dress can’t suit everybody. So accepting yourself is fundamental.
There begins the journey. The more we accept ourselves, the more we accept other people, the better we are in the world. It all starts from ourselves and spreads into the world. You will sail through happiness and sorrows. No matter what others say about us, they have an opinion just like we do. Through all the positive and negative you say, ’’I’m fine. I feel fine in my skin.“ Otherwise we are in conflict all the time, ’’Oh, this is not right, that is not right…“ If there is no darkness, how can you know light? If there was light all the time, you would get used to it. But if there is darkness, you realise that light means a lot.

Be Here, Now

I always tell people, ’’Be what you are. Here at this time and at this location.“ If you are these three, you are fine. We are supposed to be here today and we will and we must. Don’t think this is an accident. There is a time-space junction. Sri Ramanaji had a simple theory: “A thing can happen only at a particular time and place, it cannot preponed or postponed. He told Professor Hardy, ’’I have life only up to thirty. After thirty I will die.’’ I suppose the professor said, ‘Don’t tell me this nonsense’. Ramana said, ’’I’ll prove it to you.“ He lied down on the railway line where a train was supposed to cross. The professor asked one man,’’ This fellow was supposed to lie down here, where is he now?’’ They went and realised that Ramana was still lying down, and the train, usually on time, was delayed. The professor asked, “What foolishness are you doing?““I wanted to prove that I will not die here,“ came the reply.
This is practicality, not spirituality and far more important. You don’t have to be spiritual because you are spiritual by nature. You don’t have to breathe consciously, you will breathe anyway. But if your mind is not in the present- you are absent-minded, in an unconscious existence, alienated from truth and not practical. Absent-mindedness is not practicality. That is unconscious existence. The more we exist unconsciously, the more we alienate from truth. The gap between the truth and imagination. You need to introspect to accept and know yourself. Ask yourself in the mirror, “What is this person all about? Is this who I assume to be? Is this who other people see? Do I compromise or am I real? Am I pretending in this world?”You could be pretending just to maintain a status quo or an image.
Many people aren’t original or real. All life they have pain and they can’t meditate or evolve. If you do not stop pretending you cannot evolve spiritually. Spirituality is being spontaneous, like your heartbeat. It’s in you. Enlightenment is already in you. All you are removing is the lid of the mind. Then you realise the self. There is no need for guru or master to guide you in that mode because you already know it.
The mind is the blocking factor between you and the self. How do you remove the mind? Accept yourself, Empty all the concepts and say, “Let me be me. Let me be unlimited potential which is me.“ Then life will manifest and we will actually start living, not existing in an illusion. Otherwise we feel that we do so many things. Some people feel they are moving the world – terrible illusion! Ha, ha.


Silence inside, a gateway to heaven

Q: What is meditation?
A:  Meditation is a state when you are centering in yourself, bringing yourself to yourself. There are hundreds of techniques for meditation, use any. How do you center yourself? There are numerous objects all around. Everything is beautiful. Senses, especially eyes, naturally go to them. If mind is not with the senses, if mind is not with your eyes, you will never see. You will look, but you will never see. The difference is when the mind is with the eyes, that makes you see. When mind is with the tongue, you enjoy the taste. When mind is with the ears, you hear the sound. So in meditation, you withdraw the mind from the senses, and mind comes inside. Then, withdraw consciousness from the mind. It’s not easy and will take time, but there are stages and a path to it. Once you remove the consciousness from the mind, mind has no role any more. And that consciousness automatically, spontaneously merges with the brightness of the soul. This is the actual meditation. It means you are completely occupied within yourself and you are not compelled to go out.
Otherwise, we think all the time there is something going on: I’m hungry, there’s something cooking in the kitchen, or a nice smell is coming from another house… All these things are going on in the brain while we are sitting quietly. That is not meditation or even awareness. You are in urge to get out of here and go elsewhere. So first, introspect, contemplate. What is contemplation? Analysis. Ask yourself, ’’What am I? Am I this anger, fear, insecurity? Do I become happy at some place? When I have somebody with me am I happy, when I am with somebody else, I am sad. Why are there these differences? Why isn’t there uniformity?“ This should be for introspection. This means you are trying to understand yourself through your character, likes and dislikes. You are shaking hands with yourself. Then you realise ok, that is approximately me, but this is not complete me. What happens to me when I am in deep sleep? I am perfectly still. Am I changing? Is there something going on? Exploration of consciousness is working deeper and deeper. That needs contemplation.
Then you shift to meditation. Spontaneously. You are centered because you are actually occupied with yourself. You are refusing all the stimuli from around you. Otherwise it’s the pull of senses tug your mind and it wants to go out.
This talk about our basic constitution may sound very simple, but nobody knows it. It needs silence. In simple terms, silence is a gateway to heaven.
One disciple asked his guru, “Everybody talks about this gateway to heaven. Where is it?“ ’’Oh, it’s very simple. The gap between two breaths is a gateway to heaven.There is a tiny drop of silence between inhalation and exhalation, exhalation and inhalation. If you concentrate on it, you will stop breathing. That is not good; it’s artificial. You should breathe normally and feel the small drop of gap between inhalation and exhalation. So that the gap starts increasing without your knowledge. Then you see peace happens, settles down, settles down, settles down.
And also silence triggers drama, because all the hidden desires, feelings, anger start coming out. Why do people become sicker at night? In the morning you are busy so you do not remember, but at night, when you are horizontal and reasonably quiet, everything comes out. Similarly, the more silence you are trying to gain, everything comes out. This needs real, real courage. All the fears have to go through your mind. Where else could they go? At that time, just allow it to happen, “Ok, these are fears, no problem, they’re going…“ Feel it and allow it to go and then it settles down finally. It is a lot of data, it needs a lot of time.
We have collected a lot of data in this life, but that’s only a part of it. There are numerous impressions from numerous lives. Imagine you have taken let’s say thousand lives (as humans animals etc.) for this. How are you going to shed them? Through silence. And silence is not ’not speaking’. Silence is silence inside. How do you know that you are silent inside? You will not be pushed into thinking, you will not be compelled to talk, or to action. Everything will flow through you. What you have to do, you will do spontaneously, not because you are forced by the mind to do it– “I must do it, I must watch this programme, this film is very important for me…“But whether you go to see the film, or not, you are peaceful – that stillness of mind brings out real consciousness which is you. That is the truth but we wear a mask so we do not understand, but when it comes out, then it’s beautiful. Then you really start living. Every moment is full of life because you have no agenda. There is no tiredness. Agenda pulls you down.

11235354_912408982152854_8539498481696123213_oDestiny, free will and visualisation

Q: Could you tell us something about destiny? How can free will change our destiny?
A: Not only an incarnation – every country and every matter too has a destiny. Whether it is a stone or a person or any level of operation, everything has a duration and that duration is called destiny. Imagine it’s a person’s time, the soul is leaving the body. Upon death, what does the soul carry with it? Character, constitution and pending desires – these are three bottles which are carried. When the soul ascends beyond the body, analysis and reflection happens. People with near-death-experiences, have come back and said, “We had a rewind of all that happened in this life.“ There’s a struggle when the soul leaves the body, but at the same time there is also a recollection. Then all the decisions are made, “Ok, I had these desires, I promised this person that I will be born as his child“ or “I wanted to be in the family“… Various combinations are discussed (internally analysed) and then it’s laid over time. “This much time I need to exhaust all these desires.“ E.g. one particular person wants to experience how it is to be a grandmother. So you need a duration of life. Also the souls who will assist you to become a grandmother have agreed in the larger platform and they all come together. We call them soul mates: a sea of unified or associated souls coming together to experience earth simultaneously. They are unified souls or they are associated; even your worst enemy is your soul mate because that experience also was promised. Remember: everything is experience. From the soul’s perspective, everything is experience. You cannot say this is good, this is bad as long as it flows as experience.
So this is chosen and durations fixed, then it’s a question, “Where will I incarnate so that I experience this? Then you decide it has to be Dubai. So the birth happens in a particular family, within this agreement of souls, and they come forth with a particular body. Some people are born in another location but they marry to another location. This is also a part of the show. Then it’s decided from the first heartbeat till the last heartbeat, “These are the things to be achieved.“ Once it is decided and stamped, there is no free will, only destiny.
Karma has multiple strings.
First, you have a desire pattern from your first heartbeat till your last.
Second, you are born in a particular family so there is a lineage karma. Your ancestors have all experienced earth on various levels. Some of them died, some stayed on, some were good, some not so good. So an element of this comes and joins the string when you took the birth. This is not only chosen but it is acquired.
Third is what you collect from the Earth. For example further desires, modifications of desires.
Fourth is the society.
So what you came for, what you inherited, what is collected and what is available in the society. E.g. if it is hot, everybody will feel heat. Nobody can say, “I don’t feel heat“ unless they are diseased. So this is the way destiny is created. This is unchangeable. That is exactly the point Sri Ramana was telling about. Once the destiny is stamped and approved, then it goes on. That is the duration of existence, too. But understand that this is for our time. This time- when an average lifespan is hundred years, but some of us have experienced eras where life span was longer, when you could take birth and die at will. Even some of the masters still experience it because they are operating from that time –when you choose and eject the body at will. If you want to continue, you can keep the body for a long time. These are all the states.
Free will is only associated with this point in time. Soul is like petrol of the car. Petrol is not interested in your destination but it helps your journey. Minus petrol you cannot drive. Imagine soul is exactly like that. Soul helps your journey but is not interested in your gratifications, your experiences. Because we keep it here, soul continues. But soul has a free will at all times because it is not bound by karma. Constitution is bound by karma. And constitution is incomplete minus the soul which means you, as incarnation, are bound by karma and you have the soul which helps your journey.


Q: Could you tell us about Consciousness Kriya?
A: Kriya is a technique, partial visualisation, partial breath. Breathing is the only thing you can regulate in your system. You cannot regulate the heartbeat digestion etc. Once this is combined together, it becomes like a knife– a powerful tool which can cut across karma and take you to the liberation. So the whole idea about Consciousness Kriya is liberation- from your bindings of life such as the place, the people, situations, to liberation while still in the body. It means you are changing your whole atom. This is the idea. Let me tell you a story. (Also in the blog Removing Concepts)


A King and liberation

Nath Gurus

There was a great king with a wish to liberate himself. Some great masters came to him; he gave them food, made them happy, and asked, “What is karma?“ The moment he asked this question, they disappeared. He was disappointed that they didn’t answer. Later,, another group of saints came. He asked, “If I ask you a question, will you run away?“ They said, “No.“ He asked, “What is karma?“ Then they said, “Now we understand why the previous saints ran away! If we use this life and a few more lives we will still not be able to explain karma. It is such a complex and deep subject. Instead, we will teach you Kriya which will cut across karma and take you to liberation. Then they gave him the Kriya. The aim of Consciousness Kriya is liberation and liberation should happen now, not after death. How do you know you are liberated? You are not bound by a place, a situation, a time, an event. Nothing binds you. You are fine in every situation. You are flowing and flowing… That’s beautiful. So Kriya takes you through the stages of evolution to the highest of awareness. Awareness is the best investment anyone can make in one lifetime.
What is awareness? Imagine you are standing on the first floor of your building. You have certain visibility and you slowly climb up to the twentieth or thirtieth floor, what will happen? You can see much more. The more you see, the more you become aware of the existence itself. This is awareness. Through this awareness, we sometimes realise that whatever we were feeling or perceiving earlier has no value, it was a waste of time. But as we become more and more aware, we start seeing through things. Such that you even see the future. Everything becomes so clear and spontaneous. So eventually you become extremely powerful.
How do you know that you are powerful? You are not compelled by anything around you. You are peaceful by nature. There is no doingness through you, things are happening through you, and you are very peaceful about it. How do you know you are spiritually grounded? When you are not affected by any storm of life. It is happening, you are going through it; once it’s over, you’re done with it. Whether there is a storm in life or not, you are the same – you are flowing and flowing… So that you live as wealth to the Earth.
Most of us are only taking from the Earth. Every moment we will be contributing something to the Earth. So you’ll become wealth and that means immense inner richness. Every moment, every breath will make you richer inside and nothing can take it away from you. Inner richness is the only richness which stays and grows beyond. Outer richness transfers from hand to hand. There is no way you can hold on to anything outside of you including relationships, places, people. We become very sad, when things change. But remember everything has to change. There is no other way. Then once we accept it and as we are moving forward, then we are fine. These are the tools to liberate oneself.
Q: How is Consciousness Kriya done?
A: There is a process… but we initiate. Unless there is commitment and conviction there is no point in doing it. No spiritual activity is worth it, if it is done mechanically. It should be felt. Then a lot of changes happen. Otherwise we are tasting many things. Remember, on, any path, the first stage is the stage of experience. When you do pranayama or a Kriya, you’ll feel something because an activity gives you experience. After that there is the stage of stagnation. The same activity is not giving you any experience. Then doubts occur in the mind. “Did I make a mistake, this is not giving me any experience like before?“ This is a very critical stage, when most people leave the activity for another activity. So people go in circles this way with experience- stagnation-new activity-experience-stagnation.
When you manage to cross over stagnation, there is vacuum space before the silence settles in. You are neither here nor there. That is even more hard-hitting. You think it was a big mistake to go to this guru, to do this Kriya, nothing is happening, life is wasted! If you still continue, then the bliss state occurs. Very few people reach the bliss state. A lot of people try various practices and have some experiences and stop there. Some of them cross over the stagnation, some of them cross over the vacuum, and few of them reach the bliss. You can take this as a benchmark. Whatever you practise, you will go through these stages.

Q: While we were breathing up and down, I felt spinning. Why is that?
A: First point is it’s individualistic. Second point is look at the creation, the Milky Way, energy movement. They are in spirals. You see the whole tapestry, most things are in spirals. When you go deeper and deeper, you are becoming subtler and subtler, you see energy flow is also in spirals. You experienced it, which means you have touched a level of subtlety. As I said it’s individualistic, everybody may not have that pattern, some people may feel the straight movement up and down. Some people may not feel anything. But it is important to know that there is a spiral movement happening all over, everywhere. Even people say that the life is in spirals. Like a few years later, a day comes and repeats itself. So there is spiral movement in the whole consciousness.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Dharmic Existence

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Q: I underwent a personal trauma- my brother died and it turned out that it was not an accident, but he was killed. At that time I didn’t read spiritual teachings. How to go back and apply what I know to that which happened in the past?
A: This is what you need to put here, in this box, the mind trash. Mohanji - burning people's mind trash
Even though he was your brother, he only experienced his individual karma. If you could have helped, you would have, 100% sure. Since his karma was stronger than your power for helping, what happened, happened. Accept it. Otherwise, this blockage itself will reduce your speed of travelling ahead in time. Offer the food you consume three times a day, to all the people who left before you, ancestors. And constantly express gratitude for him. You felt what it is like to be a brother. Furthermore, surrender all the traumas, all the pains, at the feet of your masters or god, whomever you worship. Awareness is the key. If you are aware of all these experiences in your body, mind and intellect, and you understand that you have no control over it, that itself will settle you. Whether experiences are good or bad, it doesn’t matter, express gratitude.

Mohanji (to the group): Do you feel the difference from when you came here, worried about time. You were worried about how much time you can spend here, ”I’ve so many other things to do…” But now there is a big shift. You are saying, ”Can we spend a couple of days more here?” Please look into yourself and understand how the mind is shifting. These are subtle things you may not recognise in the regular life. But there’s a shift which has happened already. There’s something which the mind loves now. If you look at that and if you concentrate on that, you will understand that this is a kind of thing the mind is looking for. Either stillness or calmness of the mind, or protection, tranquillity, continuity, consistency, healthy lifestyle… something is clicking. I can show you where to look, but I don’t want to tell you what to see. You see yourself. That’s the most important thing. You must see.
One important thing I want to warn you about, the mind has had a beautiful shift within and it needs just a little bit of exploration. But it’s possible that when you leave this place tomorrow and go back to work with memories of the good peaceful times, your mind will say this was all fake. And usually what happens is a good bit of feeling that, ”Oh, I wasted my time.” Or a thought can happen, ”Was it just a kind of illusion?”
Go to your awareness and see where you stand. You will understand what is real and what is unreal. Because the real world in which you operate is gross. So, the dense world will not allow any light. So any kind of light is considered as illusion- the mind will tell you didn’t have it, you didn’t experience it. That time, bank on your experience. Stay with your experience. Experience should talk. Ideally, all of you should write down your experience on a piece of paper and read it. Because tomorrow, or one month later, mind will say, ”This never happened. I never felt anything. It was just an illusion. Was I imagining?” These questions will come 100% sure. So write your experiences, put them on a piece of paper and then read it.
Mohanji - shaktipatI have worked on everybody who has come here. As I said yesterday, I cannot take things away unless you allow them to go. So I have worked on every individual through shaktipat and otherwise, and those changes will definitely be visible in life ahead. But understand that sudden, drastic or a revolutionary change inside is often painful. So I cannot do things of that level because you may not be able to take it. I have to do something which is acceptable and which you can handle effortlessly. I would like to remember and reiterate what I explained yesterday. If you just are in the bright path, you will evolve and stay safe. There will be tests for sure. And never go after powers or things like that and compromise your soul.
I want you to remember two things. One question has been, ”How can we access you?” You can write to When you have a burning issue and you start writing to me, it happens in my consciousness and I respond. So probably, before you get my reply, your problem would have already been sorted out. Because it’s inside my consciousness. When you write, you are connected to my consciousness, I receive it, I respond to it, so I do my job. Second thing is, some people asked me how they can serve me or my mission. There are so many ways. There are two different organisations in which I am involved in. One is my spiritual activity, which is Mohanji Foundation or Mohanji group, the other one is ACT Foundation which is completely and 100% charity. Biba is heading ACT Foundation. I am more involved in the Mohanji Foundation. But both are connected. So depending on what you would like to do, you can get connected to any of these. This is yours also. It would be easier that you suggest, ”I would like to participate in this way,” rather than to get an offer. South Africa and Serbia are very active. You may be from other countries, but we have activities in many countries, so depending on where you want to do what you want to do, we will find a way. Even with activity or without it, we are connected. Once connected, remains connected.
Fundamentally, it is not an accident that we met here. We have been destined to meet, and there is continuity. There is a past, present (that we are experiencing now) and future for every relationship. So consider that all of us are soul mates. We are all connected soulwise and we have transcended time to reach here. So please feel and understand that there is a familyship involved which is based on unconditionality. If you understand that, then most of the questions are answered.

Mohanji 4a
One more thing, each one of you will have a special relationship with me. This is not only here. Some people asked me, ”Can I call you father?” If that is you want to call me, why not. There is no need to think, ”How can I call you guruji or master…?” What is comfortable for you is fine. First of all, understand, a relationship should be completely unconditional. The heart, purity and intention matters. The purity matters. The intention matters. But how you address doesn’t matter. But be spontaneous. What you feel, that you express, so there is no mask in it. Masking is the problem. The moment you start putting a mask, ”Oh, what will the other person think?”, you will never be spontaneous. You will always be pretending. The moment you start pretending, you will never know how to stop it or where to stop it.
This is the practicality of life… Understand that whatever I do belongs to you as well. Never wait for invitation. Some of the things suit you. It is not Mohanji does something and I connect only through meditation. What I’m saying is that in unconditional family, there’s no barrier. There cannot be a barrier. There is unity. So as I was explaining, this association has a symmetry with a past, present and future.
I want to explain to you why I operate in this mode. Number one, purpose. Second is, I have to lead by example. What am I leading by example? If you have the will power, nothing is impossible. And I am not a person who will sit and preach. I am hands on. And I should be. Because there are many masters or gurus who say, ”Make a lot of money, then come to me.” For me it’s very important that you are financially stable, spiritually stable, and charity-wise stable. You have to be complete. If you are not complete, it’s not worth it. Some people are extremely greedy for money and extreme poor in spirituality. Some other people are extremely spiritual, but with zero money. Neither of it is good. I am not creating all these platforms for me. I only insist on one thing. 10% of your profit should be given for charity. This is the dharma I ask from every company which is started by my followers.
Third point is, if you have clarity, why should there be delay in action? And I feel clarity is your birthright. If you can go beyond your usual mind, you will have that clarity. Many people will say tomorrow, ”You have been preaching so many things. You didn’t do anything practical about it.“ I do the opposite, I am doing much more practical than I’m preaching. I have worked in corporates, and corporates do not take care of the people. So I said, we have to establish companies worldwide, which should establish dharma in business. So I mean what I say. And there is no compromise. The moment you deviate from dharma, you have no Mohanji with you. When every employee is like a partner, is taken care of, protected, nurtured, with the family safe, then you will do your best. Your work is a pleasure, your life is secure. This is the dharmic business that I want to see in the world. It is time for such business to happen. If somebody decides to take a walk, I provide the grace. Many people procrastinate. They expect everything to be delivered on a plate. I never cater to it. And I suggest you don’t either. Because you create people who cannot do anything in life. Individual strengths are tremendous, if you pull the experiences, it’s substantial. But everybody may not understand the philosophy, and I do not get involved in business, because I don’t have time, but I reply to all emails, at a reasonably fast pace, ha, ha. The point I’m saying is, if you decide to move on, I supply the grace, I move on with you.
I want to tell about the forthcoming restaurant chain called “Ahimsa Vegan’’. How it happened, I was in a car going from California to Nevada, Las Vegas. There was no vegan or vegetarian food available. Absolutely nothing! So I said, ”Amazing“. I was talking to people- avoid food which contaminates you, reduces your prana, so that you can be healthier. Then I went to Washington, and to Cape Town, South Africa, so there was one person who was arranged to cook for me. I asked him, ”What is your speciality?” He said, ”I’m a vegan chef.” I said, ”Amazing! Start a vegan restaurant, I’ll help you.” But I would like to see it running on wheels. We paid the bus, put a restaurant inside, and run it. You take the bus to places where people will come, and I’ll support you. He got excited, and he was cooking more for me, ha, ha, and two days before I left Cape Town for Durban, he said, ”But Mohanji, I want to add fish to it.” I said, ”Forget it then.” Because the moment I leave, it may become a completely non-vegan restaurant, because he would put his ideas. I want clarity of purpose. I immediately called the people running Madhuban, a vegetarian restaurant and said, start vegan. And in three years I want to see thousands of restaurants worldwide. Plan it that way. I think the first one is coming soon in Dubai, then in Kathmandu, Morocco, Germany, Spain. So, we have three years’ time.
I gave you these examples to give you an idea. Just to tell you, do not accept No as an answer. There must be a way. This is equally important in spirituality. If you are in a deep down depression or without the energy to move on, it is not meditation that helps you, it’s activity. You need to move into positive, purposeful activity, with conviction and clarity. Meditation can be done when everything else is ok.

Q: You often say that one shouldn’t be bound by concepts, but be fluid and spontaneous. How does it apply in following dharma according to which one is to live?

A: I maintain that one shouldn’t be bound by concepts, fears, any factor which you have accumulated or inherited into your life. I would say that you should be free, flow with time, through situations, with people… If you have to be spiritual, you should be spontaneous and flowing. Because wherever there’s a blockage, this is from the mind. When I say mind, it refers to ego, intellect, or both together. The difference between your full awakening and less awareness, is mind.
Concepts are acquired over a period of time, from education, parents, situations, religions, society and it has actually made many strong cages for you. You do not know how to break it or what to do apart from it. It is important that we destroy the concepts, and be real. How does it apply to following dharma? Dharma is not a concept, dharma is not a theory, dharma is reality. So how does the conflict happen in the mind and dharma? Dharma is the ground which you are walking on. Dharma of sun is to shine on Earth for a particular time, and then disappear. Dharma of water is to evaporate with the rise of sun, go to the sky, become rain and come back. There is dharma for every aspect, every element, like wind… Parents’ dharma is to nourish the children, that is why they are called parents. Likewise, children’s dharma is to look after parents when their assistance is needed, so we are actually operating in terms of dharma. The moment we deviate from dharma, we have a problem. Likewise, cheating, stealing, killing, selfish pleasures, or egoistic activities, or sadistic behaviour, these are all against dharma.
So when you follow such activities, you are automatically deviating from dharma. Even if it is a concept conveyed by religion, people or parents, understand whether it extends your heart, whether it expands you or whether it contracts you. If it makes you more sensitive, happy, real, it’s good for you. So, you automatically merge with the dharma. You automatically help people, because it expands you. You will not be happy if you disturb other people. This way it is all mixed or merged, there is no conflict in here. Concepts should definitely be diluted and dharma will shine forth. When all of the things are removed from the mind, you will be operating perfectly on dharmic principles. And dharmic principles are not created by man, they are the existence. Morality is written by people- ”You should do this, this is sin, this is blessing”. The gods that we understand are created by the people. How do you know that god has human form? And why should the god have human form?
A human form is required for people to recognise something higher, so we created that. We are creating everything with which we can relate to. We create a shirt which we can wear. If you look at yourself, you will understand what is dharma. The dharma of the heart is to purify blood. The dharma of the soul is to begin new life. Every organ of our body is performing its own dharma. When we have a very active mind, we deviate from dharma. And we feel the mind is supposed to be in tune with your destiny. But instead it deviates into various things, so we deviate from dharma as well. That is why Lord Krishna says, ”Whenever there is decay in dharma, I happen. Avatar happens.” This is to preserve dharma. The duty of all the masters who are connected to the source is to preserve dharma. There are no dos and donts on that path. If you look at Lord Krishna’s life, many of the things he did, might create objection by moral standards. But he just went on with his mission. Every aspect leads to fulfilment. There is no residue left. If you have to complete something today, do it, move on. You can’t leave loose ends and come back again. You will not come back. You’ll be just completing, moving on. So there’s nothing like “I’ll do it next week.’’
One last thing about this is, when the mind is still, you have no karma also. There is only dharma. Truthful duty, for the sake of society. You have no special personal agenda. You have completely nullified yourself. Then if your heart is still beating, if you still have the body, that is for the sake of society. That is a 100% dharmic existence. So if the mind is totally still, you are only operating in dharma. When there is karma, there are attached emotions, there are attached dos and donts, why, where, how…
We must understand that dharma is in operation at every point in time. There is no question ”If all the concepts are gone, how will dharma exist?” Dharma need not be a concept, it’s your life. The heart will beat anyway, it’s dharma of the heart. Like that digestion happens, circulation happens, thought processes happen, brain works… We are not controlling them. If we controlled them, they will stop working.

Retreat with Mohanji in Serbia 2014

Q: Is a man accountable for the thoughts he thinks, especially if there are some violent or reactionary ones, or is he accountable only for the thoughts that he put into actions?

A: There are many questions in it. It is certainly difficult to control our thoughts. Because thoughts are produced by inclination which in turn is produced by karma. If there is no karma to smoke cigarettes, you will not have an inclination for cigarettes. If you do not have an inclination for cigarettes, you will not even have a thought to smoke. If you do not have a thought, you will not have a word about it. You will not even tell somebody, ”I want to have a cigarette.” And if you do not have a word, there is no further action. Word means a particular activity, like, transaction, not just speaking. And it leads to actual activity, to actual smoking. So, what is in the beginning karma, end is fulfilment. Karma takes a course and it gets fulfilled. And if it is not fulfilled, it becomes another desire. E.g. ”I smoked this particular brand and I want to smoke another brand.” That is desire which is pending, the next movement is towards that one. Like this, we are going in circles continuously.
You said, ”Thoughts which invade our mind are uninvited.” Thoughts are created by inclination or vasanas. They happen only as per the linear time- from the first to the last birthday. We travel through time and all our experiences are according to time. So a particular thought can happen only at a particular time. For example, you cannot experience motherhood at the age of five. You have to attain a particular age to be a mother. So, each thought or activity will happen only as per the right timing. Thoughts are happening without our knowledge because that is the right thought at that time. If a 90-year-old man decides to do activities of 20 year old like “I want to go to college and get educated, or play football’’, it is impossible. Because the time has already passed. Likewise, everything is linear to time. Because the time induces the thought, and the vasana will become a thought only at that time. It cannot happen before or after. But these thoughts are uninvited because this is coming as per your destiny, the path of destiny called prarabda karma. Thought is the first level of creation. Energy is released with thoughts. So, the more positive thoughts you have, the more positive results and realities you will have.
Your question is, ”Is the man’s karma accountable for the thoughts?” Yes, it is accountable for the thoughts. The base of thoughts is karma. Karma becomes an inclination, vasana, then it becomes a thought. Thought has potential. Why are we blessing people in our meditation? It has positive potential. The blessing reaches them. Thought plus emotion is equal to karma. Thought minus emotion has no value.
The question is, ”If the thought stays as a thought, is the person accountable?” If there is an emotion attached, it can become a reality, sooner or later. Even if you are watching a television and you become very angry or upset, that can happen in your life. You may attract that emotion, it need not be what you are doing in life. But what you see, hear, gather from other people, are all inputs in your system. Please understand this clearly. All these things you people talk, you may think it is an innocent gossip, it is not so, you are storing its essence. Some day it will manifest, and you will probably suffer.
So it is very, very important to shed the bad company before you go to the good company. Bad means somebody who pulls you down, only talks gossip, pessimism or only adds oil to the fire of insecurity. There are many people like that. It is important to segregate into the positive. And if you can help them and bring them it’s ok, good. But you should not be try to rescue somebody who is drowning in the water, and you jump and they drown you. To those who have worked with me, I always say, ”Don’t tell me things which you cannot do. Tell me things which you can do. Let’s start working there.” People always come back and say, ”I cannot do this, I cannot do this…”, when you observe in the society. There are more ‘Nos’ than ‘Yes’. Where is this coming from? Insecurity. Inertia. Lack of energy. Lack of fire. So, this becomes their destiny. Nobody can help them. If you choose to bring the fire back, definitely a lot of people will help you. But if you choose to be in that inertia mode, it’s very difficult for anybody to help. And you can also think how many deep and dense and negative people I handle every day. But you can stay uncontaminated. You can stay pure. This is your choice. The right choice helps you.
Coming back to the question, ”Especially if there are violent and reactionary thoughts, is the person responsible for them?” I say yes. Because violent and reactionary thoughts are expressions of emotion. If the person is peaceful, there will be no violence inside. They will never hurt anybody. They will only love. So, all the violence inside is expression of emotions of the past. You have kept the violence inside. At some point in time the seed is emerging as anger, insecurity, hatred.
Someone asked this morning, what kind of person I support. And the answer is very simple. I support those who are helpful to the society wholeheartedly. I assist those people who assist more people, birds, animals. If a person is evolving to higher dimension, I support them wholeheartedly. I do everything possible to take them higher. Because this is my dharma. Second, if a person is helpful to the society, or doing something for the world, I support them. Because this is extended dharma. If I empower that person, that person becomes valuable for the society, and it is extended dharma. I support all those people who support other people. This is my generic answer. And you can see that in various aspects in life. And I do not discriminate in this, whether Biba does it or another person does it, I look at it objectively. Is it valuable to the world? Yes? I support. This is very objective. This is number one. I never support those who are selfish because there is no need.

Mohanji quotes - Awareness brings clarityAnd one more person asked a question, ”What sort of a person you value, or what can attract you?” Answer is very simple – Purity attracts me. If a person is pure at heart, whatever the person is, a drunkard or a womaniser, it doesn’t matter to me. If his operating level is purity, I get attracted to the person. I do whatever I can for them. Operating level should be purity. And second thing is that I love elegance in anybody. I really love elegance. I tell people, be elegant, 80% of your problems will be solved. That means, if you are elegant, you are operating more from the intellect rather than emotions. It is not suppression. Do not entertain suppression at all, because it will come out at some other time. Go through your experiences, but be elegant in every aspect. Elegance is a statement of strength, of character you are giving to the world. It’s a very important statement.
Regarding the question whether you are accountable only for thoughts which we have put into words and action. You are accountable for thoughts, words and actions plus emotions, for they become karma. Just keep that in mind, so there is no question whether it’s just a thought. Thought plus emotion is karma. If it is just a thought with no emotion, no problem. Then you are not storing it anyway. Many thoughts happen, many things you don’t even register. But the moment you start sitting and sensoring them, ”Oh, this are bad thoughts, this is dirty,” then emotion comes. Censoring, criticising, judging, these are all situations where it binds, or you bind the thoughts to your system. So, this is the answer to it.

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Fight Inertia, Your Inner Enemy

 Making a promise

Two fractions, two cousins were fighting a war. Lord Krishna was on the side of the 5 brothers (Pandavas) against the other cousins. So Krishna and the king- eldest of the 5 brothers- were walking on the battle ground one evening, to check the losses and take stock of what happened on that day. When they were walking, one beggar asked the king for some money. The king wasn’t carrying his wallet so he told him “Come again tomorrow and I’ll give you”. So the beggar left and Krishna started laughing uncontrollably. The king asked “I haven’t cracked a joke, so why are you laughing?“ He replied, “I am laughing because of the irony. We are staring at the battle field in the midst of war and you are sure you’ll be return alive tomorrow to give money to the beggar. I am not.” So, an avatar, Krishna was not sure whether he’d be alive tomorrow, but the ignorant brother was very sure – tomorrow he would come and pay this beggar.
This is the way we are operating. The ignorant are very sure and those who know have no surety. So, tamas is also ignorance, non-understanding. We may think that this is a very innocent action, e.g. the beggar has come, I said that I don’t have money, come tomorrow. But unthinkingly, we have made a commitment there. In consciousness, we have made a promise that we will do a particular action. If it doesn’t get fulfilled, we will come back and fulfil it. This is how karma works. Because the word is the second level of creation (thought is the first level, action is the third level). So when you spoke, you wrote “This is a pending matter”. Every thought, word and action has a value, so let it not be indiscriminate. If we cannot handle tamas (inertia, our laziness, sleepiness, non ability to counter such things in our system), life is going to be tough. The only way to counter tamas/inertia, is to opt for action, movement. If you are bound by tamas, all the activities also will be in that line, for example, ‘‘I will rather do yoga, I cannot jog“. Yoga is not bad, but you tend to be lazy about yoga also. Yoga done without awareness will not give that effect. The idea of yoga is to unite the wandering mind to this physical form and unite the consciousness of the higher and the lower. So, there are various unifications happening through yoga.

Q: How do you erase all the commitments you’ve made?

Through action. First of all, prevent unnecessary commitment. Don’t make promises unconsciously. But at the same time, if you promise something, make sure you deliver.

Q: Say if you don’t have enough time, say for example, you can’t do it.

Then you better say so. That’s why when asked “Can you come again this year?” I said I cannot. Because if I say I will try, that means it’s pending. I said that the whole year I’m busy. I would rather tell the truth and say there is no hope. Next year yes, we will plan. So, that way we can make a program, but next year if I have to come, I should be alive to come. So there is always a…


When you make a promise, keep it. Otherwise, do not make a promise. Promise could be even a word.
There are various signs through which we can understand how tamasic we are. Number one is postponement. “I am lazy today, let me do it tomorrow.” In real time, there is nothing called postponement. A particular incident has to happen in a particular time. It’s not in your hands to postpone first of all.

Q: Does that apply to thoughts as well?

Yes, but you have no control over thoughts. Thoughts are like your children; they appear and then you understand your thoughts.

Q: In Christian faith, there is the option of repentance in case we do make promises and we do not keep them or we make other sorts of mistakes.

Have you thought what makes you make promises? What is the provocation? One is social acceptance; number two is that we are trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations. So, if we are aware of these two things, we will probably not promise. We will say – if I can do I will do, but I’m not so sure. If it’s kind of an escapism, it’s not good.
My point is – try not to repent. Repentance has power, no doubt. In yesterday’s meditation, the Power of Purity, we blessed everybody, so it’s in a way repentance and forgiveness. You can do these very powerful techniques, provided there is a lot of backlog. But what I’m trying to say is – do not have backlog.
So, what provokes us to do this is our attempt to be socially acceptable. We are trying to please others or prove ourselves. Realistically, you cannot do more than what you are capable of. That should be very clear.
When I was running the company, if I say yes – it’s done. I know that this can be delivered. So the promises given are to be delivered. Otherwise, I will say that I cannot do it.
Some people may be angry with you, but our conscious is always clear. There is no need for repentance. Tamas, like cancer or garden weeds, binds and disables you by itself. You don’t have to do anything. To cultivate the good plants in the garden, you need to nurture and put the right materials, but weeds grow without effort.

Blaming others

Another clear sign of tamas is that we blame other people for our deficiency or our incapacity. This is escapism. We say that our failure is due to some other person. In that context we don’t understand what is expected out of us. What is expected out of us is actually, what is our capacity.
When we practised yoga today, we did not expect ourselves to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? We just expected to have flexibility. So that is the kind of understanding of our capacity, limits and duties towards society that we need to have all the time. That is – use the intellect. That is number one. In corporate and real life, you can see this all the time – people will say “I could not complete this job because of that man”. People will never accept that it’s because of tamas.


Comfort zones

Comfort zones are again a sign of tamas. The moment we try something new, mind blocks.

Tamasic time of the day

Now, what is the negative side of tamas? Look at it this way (before we go to the negative side), look at the whole 24h of the day. 12 hours is tamasic time, 3pm to 3am. Heavy, dense time. So if you look at the three times of the day, the subtlest, softest and the most sensitive time is 3am to 6am. Then the slightly denser rajasic (action) time is 6am to 3pm. Then come the 12 hours of tamasic, heavy dense time between 3 pm to 3 am. This is why in old times, people used to say – sleep maximum during tamasic time, because that is actually a dull time. It’s dense and heavy, so sleep. That is why our schedule also is to go to bed at 9 PM. Let us finish with tamasic time. That’s useless time, it does not rejuvenate you.

I said “sleep early” because if you sleep during the dense time, you are actually saving your body, mind and yourself from the dense energies outside. All the ghosts in ghost stories are active in the night, right? Not in the morning hours. Because they are dense, they are not trying to elevate people to higher consciousness. They like tamasic time. The darkness helps them. Whether there are ghosts or not, that’s not the question. Another thing is that, people go to pubs, bars and indulge in alcohol in the evening because the time favours it. The same thing is not possible in other times.

Q: What about trying to meditate during this time?

It’s not easy, because mind is active. During tamasic time mind is more fertile, active and not be very stable. So it is not easy to meditate. But if you are continuously meditating over time then it’s different- time has no value.

Q: In the Autobiography of a yogi, I think Paramahansa Yogananda said that you stay awake and meditate in the morning time and the late time when everyone is going to sleep.

Once you cross the barriers of time, then time has no value. But until you reach there, all this has to be followed. I’m talking about the people here, who are trying to cross the barriers.


Tamasic time instigates tamasic activity, such as eating tamasic food (alcohol, dead organisms that have no prana). Like that, there are various foods which have no value per se, these are more instigated during tamasic time. Likewise, if the character is also tamasic, we tend to drown ourselves with statements like “Oh this is not my cup of tea, I cannot do this.” The whole constitution is controlled by tamas, that is why we are not able to see beyond. Then we become stagnant, dull, wasting the whole life and going completely anti liberation.


We can talk for days about the many sign of tamas but mainly it’s like this: “I’m lazy, because of other persons, this situation is not right and that is why I’m not acting…‘‘ We point our fingers at various factors for our inaction, but the world exists expects you to just do what you can. Not the way somebody else wants; the way you can. So, once you are clear about that, there is no conflict, then you deliver- “Ok, this is the best I could deliver“- and you will try to deliver more, do more.
Then the next symptom is that you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Depression occurs.

Resistance to change

Another sign of inertia is that, if we cannot change, better to change the guru. If we cannot walk the path that doesn’t mean that the guru is not good. These are excuses mind finds for itself (“This is not your path”). That is why I always say – it doesn’t matter whichever guru, religion, path you choose. Whatever suits you, you can choose. But go until the end of the road. Otherwise, we just taste every bit, but the stomach is still empty.

Guard yourself from tamas like a soldier

It is very important to guard ourselves from tamas like a soldier. I tell people “Don’t practice yoga now, go for jogging!” Be physically active now, that is more important. When you are suffering from tamas, shake yourself up. Do an activity. Activity is the only way to counter inertia.
First of all, desire to get up early in the sattvic time (3am-6am); that itself is a big breakthrough. There are various reports and case studies where thieves were interrogated and they say that the best time to steal is 3am-6am. You know why? All the people are in deep sleep. Because 80-90% of the population is tamasic. He is the one who said that most people cannot wake up in the morning hours. The stealing happens at that time.
It is important to wake up in the early hours, so that you start to work in the right time, moving then into rajasic time, the action time. If we sleep through the entire subtle time, detoxing cannot happen in its full potential.
When I was a student I read a story of a very famous thief, written by a lady. She interviewed him when he was in jail. He gave various advices to the police. He said “I can open any lock, it’s just a technique. But there is one university professor who is more skilled than I am. He is not a thief, but that’s his skill.” Then the lady went and asked this professor “Can you do all this?” He said “Yes, but there is one thief who is better than me, he is behind bars now.” So, they were mutually appreciating each other. He gave many psychological insights into our sleeping patterns, which sync very well with Upanishadic principles.

Q: Is it better to get up at 3am and then if you have time, to take a nap in the afternoon?

That’s ok, still better than sleeping through. One it is easy to stay awake in the night (until morning if you like), because tamas suits the mind. But the mind is not happy when you wake up early in the morning. Mind is not required in the subtle; that is the issue. Mind is dissolving in the subtle. Basically, if we cannot wake up, it’s the mind in control. Are we a slave to the mind, or are we in control of the mind?
Mohanji quote - Those who resist changes

From a satsang in Serbia, May 2013
Transcribed by Tamara Bobić
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Real Gurus vs. Manipulative Gurus and Traps

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Q: If we look at the East and the West, and compare, we see complete harmony, yin-yang. In the previous years, the East was considered spiritual, and the West was considered material. Now this line is definitely shifting. There is industrialisation, materialization, in the East and more and more people turning to spirituality in the West. How do you explain that?

A: The East was not spiritual per se. There was a big difference in consciousness, or awareness. For example, Pilgrim fathers went to the USA and systematically destroyed the local people. This is lack of conscience, consciousness and awareness. There was complete destruction of the available tradition.
This was not the East. In Mongolia and those tribes there were conflicts, destructions and devastations. If you look at Hindu philosophy, the subject of tolerance was very important. If you read what I have written about the Siddha of Himalayas. In Siddha of Himalayas and the Farmer’s Son parents are transferring the knowledge to the children. The maintenance of the level of consciousness was happening in every family. Every family put together becomes the society. Meanwhile the conquests, capturing and killing were happening in the West. So the material interests or the interests of certain nations over others, etc. were continuously happening. And this spilled into India, too.
But today, the world is ruled by media so there is uniformity of lack of consciousness. To give you an example of Bodhidharma, a great saint and a great personality. We might compare him to Leonardo da Vinci.

The Story of Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma, Ukiyo-E print by Yoshitoshi, 1887.
Bodhidharma, Ukiyo-E print by Yoshitoshi, 1887.

Bodhidharma was asked by his guru to go to China and spread the teaching. This was probably in 5th or 6th century CE. So he left for China. That time, division of the countries was not as clear as it is now. He reached China to one of the villages of China, and just before he arrived, the village priest or the astrologer predicted, ”The devil will enter this village.” So when he came, they thought he was the devil and threw him away. So he lived in the forest. Soon afterwards, there was an epidemic like smallpox and people were dying. This is what the astrologer actually meant. The devil was a disease. But people looked at it literally, and they threw him away, ha, ha. What they used to do whenever somebody used to get ill, they would take them and leave them to die in the forest. They wanted to prevent spreading the disease. There were small children as well as elderly people. And Bodhidharma healed everybody, sitting in the forest. The village population became half. And the half of them were in the forest. Then after some time, Bodhidharma came to the village again. The people became very agitated, ”This man has come back again!” So he had a long shawl, he opened the shawl, and a few children emerged- some of whose parents were still alive. From behind, all people previously thought dead, returned to the village. Then they accepted Bodhidharma as a great doctor, healer. He was living in the village, treating people for their diseases, but he never actually displayed his full potential.
Next there was an attack on the village from a king and his army. Bodhidharma heard the sound of the slaughter in the village and he came out. By the time he came out, there was a crowd and only space for one foot. He started fighting standing on one foot, one toe and won the war. He had various powers like controlling the wind to create rain and storms, and saved the whole village. He is the founder of Shaolin temple. He settled the war for self-protection, not to fight, conquer, defeat, but to protect. This is the tradition of tolerance.

After some time he decided to go back to India, so he said, ”I’m leaving.” They all decided, ”We can’t send him off, we need him.” Because all of us are selfish that way. We like to keep good things with us. So they told him, ”Don’t go!” He said, ”But I have to go.” So when they gave him food, they mixed poison in it. He said, ”This food has poison.” They said, ”Yes, but we need your body here in our place.” He said, ”Aha, no problem.” He ate the food, left the body, they kept the body.
These are real stories. I am telling you these so that you can look at the consciousness, see the level of operation. Even now we are in a hurry to conquer, capture, say ”This is mine”. Ownership is very strong. But there are people who are highly powerful, yet they need nothing from you. This consciousness is slowly, slowly spreading.
This consciousness can happen anywhere- country is no barrier. Especially in today’s time, when the information is travelling faster than before. People are getting information, people are getting awareness, receptive people are getting the right teachers, and they are evolving. I would say that concentration of the level of consciousness is spreading into a larger periphery.

Siddha Bhogar or Bhoganatar
Siddha Bhogar or Bhoganatar

The same philosophy applies to Babaji’s guru, siddha Bhoganathar, whose samadhi is in the south. He is supposed to be in jiva samadhi (still alive). He was in China when many people said he was Lao Tzu. He is the founder of Kaya Kalpa, the preservation of youth. There are certain treatment methods in Ayurveda where they preserve the youthfulness of the body. The story goes that he was coming back with five disciples, and along the way he gave everybody one tablet. He said, ”This is my latest discovery, have it.” They were all pretty old by the time they were coming back. The moment they had the tablet, they fell down dead. Dead means unconscious. So the fifth one threw the tablet and ran away. Because people may think that he killed all these people. He went to the village and said, ”My guru and all his disciples are lying dead. Come and help me!” When they all came, they saw nobody there and at a distance there were five young people walking. This guy lost the opportunity. He had no faith. Then they came back to India.
So various methods of Ayurveda, astrology, martial arts are all products of great saints. They meant it as a medium for enhancement of existence, not for torture, capture, killing, binding. The wrong usage happened much later.
It is a good sign that awareness is growing. Yet many people are still searching, only entertaining the mind. If you want to find the truth, you must go beyond the mind, intellect or ego. But again, mind traps you back with this awareness. The Nath tradition says we should flow like a river. Just accept things as they come. Like Upanishad says, ”The food that comes to your table today, is the medicine for you. That may not be the food you chose, but accept it at that level. Perfect acceptance, zero resistance. Zero subjectivity. Be in tune with life. Be here, now, in the present. These are simple methods, but many people are getting trapped in rituals. Rituals done unconsciously are as useless as even smoking or drinking.
If the mind is present in any activity, it has value. If the mind is absent, no value. Likewise, you have to go beyond the mind to touch the realms of relativity, reality, truth. What is happening in India is the height of commercialism. India is growing as an economy. They want to sell everything including spirituality. But spirituality is not a tangible commodity so people can get easily disillusioned. For example, doing spirituality for the last fifty years, but nothing happens. This is very common. Because people sometimes do not know what they are looking for. Once you are clear what you are looking for- as I said yesterday, liberation – single-pointed, one word. Or you say, inner silence. Perfect silence. Stillness of mind. With these clear definitions, you will reach your destination.
Instead, people are looking mostly for sensations, e.g. ”I had this experience, I felt good today.” Tomorrow if you don’t have the experience, you change the guru. This is what happens, right? When you can’t change, better to change the guru! You know, this is again the play of your mind. In general, the world is appreciating higher things, but many people do not know what they are looking for. So they get stuck with the local mind, and get arrested there.

Fake/manipulative Gurus

Many times in the Himalayas, I’ve seen people stuck with fake/manipulative gurus who bind people using fear. The people from abroad get fascinated by certain lifestyles. Eventually they become drug addicts or fearful or trapped and can’t escape. I always tell people, ”Be very careful.” Because all that you see at the beginning are mostly fakes. Like if you go to Shivananda ashram or ashrams which were established by great masters, there is nothing to worry. They have a system, an order, and will never manipulate you. But if you go to the new people who are eager to make money and capture, this is very, very important to understand. I always say it is safer and better to go to known places, which is much better. In 2010 Biba and I had an experience in Kumbha Mela, we went to Rishikesh. We ended up staying in a tent 8 km away. I asked about the price. They said, ”12,000 rupees (150 euros).” I agreed. When we reached, they said 12,000 rupees per night! Completely different equation! For a tent and a common toilet! Each time you go you have to clean it first, ha, ha, we were cleaning toilet more that we were going, ha, ha. We paid of course, but we don’t calculate like that, you know. Once they get you, then they milk you. The funniest thing was that we didn’t know the roads as we were visitors. They said, ”Don’t worry, we are all going together, one group with a flag so look at the flag and walk.” And we walked. And at Kumbha Mela almost million people come to one place at one point in time. If you lose the way, you don’t know how to get back. So it was a very scary situation. We all helped each other and we were going. As per the system, first Naga Saddhus have to take a bath. So we were behind the Naga Saddhus, maybe a thousand naked saints, splashing in the Ganga. When they returned, we followed them. Then the saint who took us said, ”I’ve already taken a bath.” And he walked away! Ha, ha. The whole effort was to take a bath, and in the end he said he had taken a bath in the morning! I told Biba, come, rush, and we just poured water on our head, and we came out. Because if you don’t follow him, you don’t know how to go back! Ha, ha. It was such a ‘great’ feeling. After so much money and effort, we were going to take a dip in the Ganga, at the right auspicious moment, and we were missing it.
That is also a good occasion to see saints. We saw one man standing on one leg. He stands on one leg only. So I befriended and sat with him for some time and asked, ”How do you go to toilet?” He became angry with me! He said, ”Go away!” Ha, ha.
His disciple liked me and told me privately, ”He is only standing when people are coming. When people are away, he sleeps.”
You can see many examples… like, first time when I went to Haridwar in the early 2000s, I saw one saint jumping into the Ganga and floating up in lotus position. At that time another saint was with me. So I asked him, ”Where did he come out?” You know, if he went this way, he would reach Bengal! Ha, ha, ha. It’s not easy to come out of the river! Then he said, ”Don’t worry, on that side he will come out.” There are certain siddhis which they practised. He is levitating and he is floating, and people give money. See, understand one thing. If you have a siddhi, if you do not display it, that is your strength. If you have to display your siddhi all the time for a living, there is a mind at play. You attain something, but you are still insecure, which means you need to show something to some people, to attract money.
So when you go for Kumbha Mela, etc, I’m the devil’s advocate, asking the questions they don’t like, ha, ha. But these are the real points. Why do you have to display something to people? What are you trying to attract? If you have a need to display something to attract people’s attention, that means you are insecure. People get attracted to some siddhi because they think, ”This is what I’ve been looking for.” Then they are manipulated tremendously because people fall for powers, not for consciousness. At this Kumbha Mela, perhaps some of you have seen, one person was making money.

The Story of a money-maker

This was on every TV. Such a human crime, media was after this. One guru was sitting at one place, and producing a lot of money. Everybody saw it. He became famous over night. So many people were following him, ”Please teach me to make money!” and also every TV channel covered it.

Q: Was he creating real or fake money?
A: One of the primary principles of dharma is that we are not supposed to use anybody else’s money. We are not supposed to steal, we are not supposed to manipulate others for our money. But if somebody gives us money legitimately, we can use it. A business buys something for 10 euros, sells it for 12 euros. This is legitimate. Otherwise, if someone knowingly gives you money, it’s yours. But the moment you start playing with it, or using your powers for any kind of production, there is always a problem attached to it. It cannot be legitimate. When I was addressing the group in Mumbai, many people asked me this question. This was soon after the trip. ”Mohanji, what is your take on this miracle?” I asked one question, ”Who has the right to produce money in the country?” The government. If this man earned one million legitimately, hid it under his bed and produced it outside, it’s a beautiful magic show to make you happy. Like, they take a hat and a rabbit comes out. Or you keep money in the house, and using some entities you teleport the money here and produce it. This is definitely possible, again it should be legitimate money and it is ok. If he is actually making money, he should be imprisoned for running the parallel government! He is producing the money because he needs money and he is doing what Indian government is supposed to do.

One guy was inside the jail. Another guy asked, ”Why were you jailed?” ”I attended a speech of a minister, and then they caught me and put me into the jail.” The other guy said, ”Nobody will jail you for listening to the minister! You must have done something else.” He said, ”The minister said, ‘All you people should not depend on the government to give you jobs. You should find your own jobs, you should make (earn) your own money,’ So he started printing money himself. The police said this was not acceptable. So he said, ”My only fault was that I listened to the minister’s advice.” Ha, ha.

My point is never get deluded with any of all these gimmicks or some display of siddhi or magic. If you are connected to the path of Shiva, until you become Shiva, nothing else matters. Even if you get powers in the path, you have to ignore them. Because that could be your binding. You may be eager to display it and attract others. This is very dangerous. You may get stuck with this for a full lifetime or even longer.

Another trap on the spiritual path is people try to have powers. They do so many things to earn powers. And if they don’t earn powers in legitimate way, they contact the dark side for powers. Then they are trapped for life and beyond. In the dark path, minimum requirement is surrender your soul to them. You are a slave. In the bright path, it is liberation of the soul. This is the fundamental difference.
I always say, ”Please be very careful who you are dealing with. If you go to places like Himalayas, you can see many people, you can get fascinated with so many things, but always be very clear what you are looking for. If you are looking for liberation, never settle for anything lesser than liberation. Zero binding. Any person or a situation or a path which tells you, ”If you do not do this ritual, you will have a problem,” understand it’s a binding. The real richness is in the richness for which you don’t need money. I’m not against money, I love money as an energy, but I’m saying you should understand money and have maturity about it. You can surely do whatever is legitimate so that you are peaceful, but at the same time, whenever there is an urge for powers or certain siddhis, be very careful. Because then you are walking a thin line. You can fall anytime. Sometimes you can’t return back- you have to keep moving ahead. That is why people move from one trap to another trap the whole life and beyond. The darker path is the path of zero free will. The moment you commit your soul to it, then you are controlled completely. The brighter path is the path of complete liberation where free will is totally respected. So guru of the white or the bright path will never say, ”You must do this.” He says, ”If you like, I’ll help you. If you don’t like, you can have your free will.” But on the dark side, there will be insistence, ”If you don’t do this, you’ll have a problem.” I would say that if meditation binds you, it’s also a binding. You should be liberated at every point in time. But if you like to meditate, meditate. Your free will, your destiny path is yours. And this is 100% to be respected… In our spiritual path, we have to be very careful. To keep ourselves purified all the time, it’s not easy. We have to have clear vision to know exactly what you are doing or where you are going. The problem is there are ‘spiritual vampires’, people who use bright symbols such as Babaji or om, to manipulate
Normally a person cannot understand. There is a big temple of Babaji in one such person’s ashram. So people think that this is ok and they call him Babaji because of ”Autobiography of a Yogi”. There was a feature film, a long time ago, about a person who became sixty or seventy, and he contacted a saint. He said, ”I want my youth back.” So he taught him a very negative tantric method, where he can bring his youth back. He marries ladies and brings them, like a devils worship. And suddenly the youth is swapped. The other person becomes old and he becomes young. It’s like a boring horror film with no substance. But this is similar, to the trapping of consciousness while the predator thrives. These predators are also trapped but they don’t mind. It’s the suffering people who have a problem.

Q: How does Babaji permit that?
A: Your soul permitted your coming here, right? You never talked to your soul. In the white path, it’s always free will. You take care of your own karma. In the dark path there is manipulation. Your soul never interfered in your journey until this last fifty years or so. The same way Babaji, Shiva are the souls, 100% neutral. They never interfere. The moment you surrender, they take care of you. But they will never come and say, don’t do this, no, it’s not like a school teacher with dos and donts. Babaji will never interfere. That person will get results of his action. They have certain spiritual power with which they can manipulate your mind. I said, ”I’m not connected with that at all nor I want to.”

Q: Is it like a sort of hypnosis?
A: It is like hypnosis. One of my devotees who went to such a place said, ”When that person talked, I felt your fragrance Mohanji. I was so happy, it was just like attending your programme.” I said that was definitely not my programme.

Real Gurus

Q: Mohanji, can you tell us about your meetings with positive, real, live gurus. Which of them impressed you most and why?
A: There are many gurus I liked.

I really loved Sathya Sai Baba for his kindness and unconditional love. I consider him as an avatar.

Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai
Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba
Mohanji and Devi Amma from Bangalore, mother and son
Devi Amma from Bangalore

Then, currently living Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi– I consider her as an avatar. Because I deeply feel that motherhood is extremely important in today’s world. We are suffering because of greed and ego. We need a lot more love in this world and she is an epitome of love. I have a lot of respect for her, she is definitely in the white path. Then I sincerely appreciate Mooji, I think he is definitely a guru which the world needs now. And you might have read my experience with Babaji 1, 2, 3, but I would never like to boast about it, because this is his will, not mine. There is also Shirdi Sai Baba, whom I could meet personally, and cherish. Meeting him was one of my best shifts in my spiritual life. Then I travel in the astral plane and talk to various gurus there. Many of you have seen me in that plane and we have worked together.
Physically speaking, there is one old, normal saint who lives in the Shivananda ashram. He doesn’t have any disciples, but he has played some role in my life. I met him in 2001 after Ammu’s death and he said, ”Do something for the children of mother Earth, you will have eternal peace.” That time, I had no plan or no inclination to start any charity organisation; because I was withdrawing. But eventually a charity organisation happened. So it was like a prophecy from his side. I meet him very often.
Once I stayed in the Shivananda ashram. This swamiji arranged a room for me. That was next to the cave where Lord Dattatreya meditated. Now they closed it because of some illegal activity, like people having alcohol, etc. inside the cave. Or they found somebody making love inside the cave… Not everybody appreciates the sanctity of the cave. But I still like to be near that cave where Dattatreya meditated, so I stayed there a couple of days. But my problem was, at 7am they ring the bell for breakfast. If you don’t reach there till 7.15am, you don’t get breakfast. Then at 11am, they ring another bell for lunch. So I had to skip my breakfast, then I skipped my lunch, too. Then I told swamiji, ”I won’t stay here because I’m starving.” Ha, ha. Then swamiji said, ”Don’t worry. Come to my room. I will keep food for you.” It would be 9 am by the time I meditated and then would go to swamiji’s room, for my food. Then he said, ”Mohanji, you can’t hide for long. People will start recognising you.” I joked with him, ”Swamiji, let me hide as long as I can.” When people recognise, I’ll come out. His words became reality. People started coming to me. I never went after people, before or now. I don’t canvass. He is not a preacher, he wouldn’t take any classes, but for me he had a deep connection. Another time he said, ”In the years to come, you will explicitly express Shiva. Fire will come through your eyes.” And almost a year later, I had a vibhuti experience- Shiva experience. And eventually people started connecting to my eyes. We printed the cards with eyes. This was all spontaneous, we never planned it. And he told another person, ”Mohanji operates through his eyes. When he looks, he transfers.”

Mohanji and Vittal Babaji from KaruvapuramThen there is Vittal Babaji. Babaji said I should have an ashram within their ashram Kurvapuram (4-hour drive from Hyderabad. If you go there, you will automatically slip into meditation, there is such silence. For me it is a huge honour- Babaji himself creating a place to stay. This time when he came for the installation of the Shirdi Sai statue in the temple, Nandita Singh asked him, ”Why did you give Mohanji the title Raja yogi?” Because it’s a big title. He said, ”There is like a spiritual market now. I will not explain to you what the raja yogi is, because tomorrow a lot of people will say, ‘I’m also a raja yogi.’ But understand he is a raja yogi because I can see.” And then from his own phone, he showed the picture to Nandita where on Datta’s idol, my face has come. That picture was put on the Facebook page. Actually it was not supposed to be put, but somebody put it. Then Nandita asked, ”How did Mohanji’s face come there?” Babaji said, ”Ask him.” When he came to Bangalore, he said, ”I never allow anybody to sit next to me, but Mohanji can sit next to me, because he is equal to me.” And then his disciples started calling me. So I said, ”I am very ordinary, he is Babaji, so follow him.” I just excused myself. I don’t want to have any pretensions or any baggage in this life. I like to remain as pure as possible, so that I can deliver purity. So what I do is I look everything objectively with a lot of gratitude, but at the same time, I refuse to carry weight.

(Two months later, on 18th July 2014 Mohanji wrote:

“Vittal Babaji attained Maha Samadhi. I am on my way from Dharamsala to Sree Vallabha Puram. Babaji walked into my life almost two years ago. I have always followed my inner guidance in spirituality discreetly. Nobody initiated me or gave me any spiritual titles until then. As you know, I love to meet spiritual saints and whenever I go to them, I go empty and receptive. As soon as Babaji saw me, he said “Ah! Here is a precious diamond! From today onwards, you will be known as Raja Yogi.” He removed a ring from his finger and put it on mine. This was kind of approval of my stature or authentication. We connected deeply. He became my spiritual father and guru. He represented the golden tradition of Lord Datta. He always insisted on me sitting next to him which he never allows anybody. If I was a spiritual orphan, he made me belong. He gave me a home. I have always walked alone in life and I was never afraid. He reinforced me. I met him last month. I asked him if I can withdraw from public life and stay within to be without. He said “Not yet”. He understood my pain of violated stillness and said, “I will talk for you to people, if you feel tired of the superficial.” Thus he was ready to support me as if I were his own son. He even commissioned making my own exclusive space in Sree Vallabha Puram. Before leaving, he hugged me. I can never forget that hug. So much compassion and love. He autographed and handed over his English copies of Guru Geeta and Guru Charitra. He also asked me to address the people from my new abode at Dharamsala on Guru Poornima after handing over a big picture of Sai Baba. When I had to go to Mumbai to do Praan Pratishta of Sai Baba, I spoke to him on phone and took his permission. That was the last time we spoke. I have been like an orphan, finally finding a home and unconditional love from Babaji. I cherish the same feeling still. He hugs, he protects and he supports. I prostrate at his lotus feet with full humility and the love that I am capable of expressing. My humble salutations to a great soul. M.” Watch Tribute to Vittal Babaji)

Vanamali Mata a guest speaker at the Rishikesh retreat with Mohanji
Vanamali Mata a guest speaker at the Rishikesh retreat with Mohanji

Then there is an 82 year old saint within Vasishta cave on the Ganges, Shri Chaitanyananda Saraswati Maharaj. We have a heart-to heart connection. There are many actually, but my own friends are very old…
The translation makes the story a bit elaborate and the flow is interrupted. Biba adds her own story, ha, ha. But let me tell you honestly. When she met me I was not even talking to people. After almost two or three months she realised I was doing a job. I was a CEO of a company, so she asked me, ”What do you do for a living?” I said, ”I’m the CEO of this company.” So she never realised I was doing a job. There was nothing to talk. But after she joined me, haha…
B: It was contagious, it’s all my fault, ha, ha.
P: The power of talking, ha, ha, thank you Biba. Biba discovered you.
M: Yeah, absolutely. In fact, actually in one of the communions with Sai Baba I asked, ”Why are you sending a woman to me now?”
B: Oh, god…
M: He said, ”She will be the front who speaks, and I will be the power behind.” If left alone, I would never even meet people. Because I have no interest. I’m absolutely fine without any… ha, ha.
P: Anyone of us.
M: … any activity. I love people. Honestly, if I look at other people, I see myself. Because a part of me gets reflected. So I don’t see a different person, I see myself in fact. That is why I can love unconditionally. I do not put any conditions on my relationships. So this way I have to be honest that I love everybody. But I’m silent by nature.
I’m not comparing, but I’m telling the same concept. The story says, ”Shiva will be a yogi god, he is happy. When he married Parvati, the world became aware of that knowledge. Most of Shiva sutras, shaivism are his conversation with Parvati. I’m not Shiva, just Mohanji, but this is relevant. When she organised the first programme, there were forty people. Today, how many thousands… What did we do for it? People are connecting and coming. This is what I like.
When Parvati meditated for Shiva, Shiva came in disguise as a hunter and told Parvati, ”Why are you craving for this man? He doesn’t have a home, he wears ash on his body, he has a snake around his body, and he wears elephant’s skin for covering his nakedness. He becomes angry very fast, and he sometimes gets attracted to women, and he is not at all a suitable husband for you. You should marry somebody who is decent, normal person.” But Parvati said, ”I want only him.” Likewise, I told Biba, ”You will never have a normal married life, if you marry me. Because I will never be in one place. I will do things which are to be done. I am completely objective in my approach. If something has to be done, I don’t care about anything else, I’ll do it. So if you start putting in the social perspective or the perspective of the acceptance of life, it will be completely bizarre. I said, ”Think well before you marry me.” We had a discussion like that. I said, ”You may be married to me in terrestrial terms, but a lot of people are already married to me, ha, ha… in consciousness…

…The more aware we are, the less we need meditation. Be bold enough to discard what is not yours, such as required emotions, situational emotions or certain inherited characteristics. For example, you might feel you should behave in a particular way in a particular situation. It may not be true- we may just be habituated to behave in that way. Likewise, understand each activity and discard what is not yours or what you don’t need. That is a huge cleansing process; you will see emptiness emerging in three months, six months, growing over time. In the path of Shiva, in the path of dissolution, if you discard what is not yours, then what is yours will be very lean and manageable.

Q: How do we recognise what is not ours and what is ours?
A: By observing ourselves. When you start observing your thoughts, words and action, automatically things will go like emotions we acquired. In normal life we are like a sponge, absorbing everything around us. We get agitated when we watch a fight between two people. But the moment you start observing them, the input will be much less. It is all about being in the present. And understand the old principle of Upanishads- when the student is ready, master appears. He or she may not look like what you have in the mental picture. It is your free will to choose any guru or path, but walk till the end of the road; follow it till the last bit. If stopped halfway, disillusionment happens. If anything binds you, run away, as fast as possible. If anything liberates you, hug and don’t leave. You should stay liberated, and if you can, liberate the other person, that’s fundamental. If people cling onto you, that means you are not doing the right thing.
Secondly, you are only supposed to do within your capacity. You cannot change all the beggars in the street, because that is the government’s job. Individually, you have limitations. You could join hands with the government if possible. But understand, you are supposed to do only within your given capacity.
Thirdly and most importantly, any act of kindness cannot be subjective. It has to be objective. You should understand and act. It is not that ”I became emotional, so I remove my clothes and give them! They may sell the clothes and buy alcohol. We have to be objective and do what the situation requires. Emotional acts of kindness never, ever lead to the right situation.
We had a system in the place where I come from. Every night before you close the front door, somebody from the house goes to the gate, and shouts, ”Is anybody out there hungry?” If there is somebody coming in, you have to feed them before you close the door. People sometimes cannot afford food and will be waiting outside. They will be given whatever food you can afford. I don’t know whether it’s done now because people are always consuming fast food etc, so they may not be cooking at home, but, usually, when you are cooking at home, I feel this is a great thing to do. That you will not close the door when there is even one person hungry outside. It’s a great act of kindness.

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

The Birth of Dattatreya – Mohanji’s explanation

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014

Q: Can you explain about the birth of Lord Dattatreya?

A: Great masters never leave. So, there are two great masters in one family, a husband and wife, Atri and Anasuya. Atri was the saint and Anasuya was his wife. And in the Indian tradition, there were some very, very powerful women who attained the power by just serving the husbands. So Anasuya was one of them, Savitri was another. Anasuya attained her spiritual power by just serving the husband, her husband was meditating and he was a great saint. By just serving him, she attained great powers. The story goes that the gods became jealous of Anasuya and they wanted to test her spiritual power. So they approached the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to come to Earth and test this lady’s power.

Lord Dattatreya

They came as three wandering monks. In our tradition, if anybody comes home, they must be given food. It is not a good idea to serve them nothing. Anasuya was at home alone, Atri had gone to the river to have a bath. They came as wandering monks asking for food when the husband was not there and wife was alone. They asked her, “We are hungry, can you serve us some food?’’ She had not prepared any food in the house at that time. She said, ”Please wait, let me prepare something and give you.” They said, ”But we have one condition. You should serve us food completely naked, without any clothes.” In our tradition, if a saint asks for something, it is not a good idea to deny it. It is inauspicious to say ‘no’. So she was in a dilemma, how will she do this? First she has to give them food, and second she has to obey their condition, to serve it naked, which was unacceptable for her. So she said, ”Please wait.”

She went inside, took some water in her hand, brought it and sprinkled on them. The same moment they became small babies. She produced some breast milk and fed them. As all the conditions were fulfilled, they were very happy. Once they were happy, they said, ”We would like to bless you. Ask for a boon, we will give you.” She said, ”I would like you to come as my son.” They blessed her and they entered her womb, together as one entity. When Atri came back, he understood all what happened and he was very happy. And that is the son which we call Dattatreya. Atri said, this son will lead the world one day. Each yuga or era has an avatar, like Shri Krishna in Dvapara Yuga. Dattatreya was the Acharya or the key master of that era. Otherwise in our era that is the Kali Yuga, Adi Shankaracharya is the master. He is the supreme master of our era. Likewise, Dattatreya was the master of the era in which Shri Krishna came, 5000 years ago.

When Dattatreya was born he had three heads, of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. His mother said, in this way it will be difficult for you to survive in the society. People will easily see you and recognise you. So, they condensed into one head. Dattatreya temples today either worship him as Maha Vishnu, or as Shiva, differently in various temples. Because he is everything. Datta has taken various avatars, and the first avatar which we know of is Shreepadha Shreevallabha. That was probably in 780 AD. His life and teachings were recorded. But he said, ”It will take thirty-three generations to understand me or recognise me in my fullest form. So the book cannot be seen by people or published until it’s 33 generations. Now it has been published all these years after the first avatar of Datta.


Adi Shankaracharya


Usually, no master is really recognised during his time. If you look at the history, you will know. Adi Shankaracharya was never recognised during his time. Now we know that he was a very powerful saint, almost Shiva. Dnyaneshwar was a great avatar, and he was not recognised during this time. Like that, most of the avatars were not recognised during their time. Shirdi Sai Baba was also a prime example. Many people considered him as a mad man, an eccentric. It usually takes further generations to recognise a past saint. When a person is living in the body, people always see the superficial, the physical form and the mannerisms. They do not see the consciousness behind it. The moment you connect to the consciousness, you understand, this is huge! It’s bigger than the Everest! Then very few people are able to connect to the consciousness. That is why the recognition doesn’t happen immediately or even after ten times. You need to connect to the consciousness to know the stature of the saint. It is not easy. For that you need to connect to yourself first.

The next avatar was Narasimha Saraswati, third was Akkalkot Maharaj, all were very powerful avatars of Datta, and even today their places of existence are visited by many. The fifth avatar was Shirdi Sai Baba. All of them were avadhootas- someone who exists in the body, but is not at all connected to it, in complete abandon, in complete detachment from the body, but existing in the body. They may not even know there is a body, that level of avadhootas. So Datta and all his avatars were avadhootas. Somebody asked Lord Dattatreya, “Who are you?” He replied, “I’m just a worshipper of nature.” This is the nature of simplicity of any of the Datta avatars. You need clean eyes to recognise them. And it was Dattatreya who codified the Nath tradition, the tradition that we follow, the Nath gurus. Nath tradition is an everflowing tradition, and science of the tradition is detachment, nullification of the mind. The sole aim is total liberation. There are various Nath gurus at every point in time.

Nath gurus

The first Nava Nath saints were established on Earth by Lord Dattatreya, under the instruction of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna was leaving the body, he decided that the reason for his birth- the preservation of dharma- should continue after his death. He asked the Nava Narayanas from celestial plane to come to come to Earth and take birth as Nava Nath sadhus. So these are the fathers of Nath tradition. Then the tradition flows, Sai Nath Maharaj, Shirdi Sai Baba were Nath gurus. There are many Nath gurus even now, and the sign of nath is usually fire. People don’t often recognise Nath gurus, but there are certain records, citing Nath gurus in Himalayas 20,000 feet high etc. These are not written by saints or spiritual people. These are written by even army people when they were serving in some parts of Himalayas and they found certain people, with inner glow- they were having light from inside- walking in the middle of the night.

These are the signs of Nath gurus because they connect to fire so much, their inner glow is so high and there are certain techniques which they start training before the age of ten. I’m talking about men here. And by the time they attain puberty, they are able to recycle the semen backwards and the glow is preserved. The glow is 100% preservation of prana inside, and prana is used to rejuvenate the naadis and through the naadis it will be fully lit up inside. They operate in that plane. They are not particularly connected to food, water etc and they are not affected by very low temperature either. They would have walked naked at the height of 20,000 feet where it is very, very cold. So these are all signs of 100% detachment of Nath gurus.


There are various aspects of it, but I’m just giving a general idea. These are very high techniques. To bring all the chakras and establish them in the ananda ganda, the center just below the rib cage. And also from the vertical breathing, to have the Shiva Linga kind of kriya, this is actually kriya, so that energy preservation is very high. If you look at the whole world, all the atomic reservoirs are in the form of Shiva Lingas. So the breath pattern is changed into that form. And then your operating level shifts. You will start operating in a different form. These are all very high kriyas. You need to take a lot of steps to reach there. But the point I’m saying is that this is possible. The state of elevation is possible. We have horizontal breathing now. Our task is to make it vertical. Once you’re established in making it vertical, then you use the same breath to go in different forms, to control the spending of our vital sources or vital energy, and recycle it inside. This is the format which they use. I’m just giving an idea, please do not worry too much about it, these ideas might tell that there is higher and higher to go. Usually the blockage is in the mind level, the mind asks questions, compares, and this keeps us in the lower plane. Once you lift the lid of the mind, there are various opportunities.

There is also another sight, a picture from the satellite, where people have found many dead bodies, in a pond at a very high altitude in Himalayas. They thought it is an after-effect of some war, because of the cold temperature and bodies did not decay, but later on they found out these are all the bodies of saints who left the body in water. When it is time to leave the body, they understand. Or the call happens, ”Come and exit now”, they go to the water, they go to the near deep and they withdraw the soul from the toes, they bring it to ananda ganda, and take it up to the chest, throat, sahasrara and leave. Then the body will go to the water. This is also mostly Nath gurus. The way of exiting the body is the same, through the sahasrara up. So, their birth is by choice, and death is by choice. Even if the birth is not by choice, if you attune yourself by the age of ten, you can have the death by choice. So Kriya yoga is also part of the Nath tradition.

Masters - by Mohanjis Devotee Sabrina Koletic

It has started from Adi Nath, Lord Shiva, and Babaji’s Balak Nath, and likewise Sai Nath Maharaj, so many Nath gurus have walked this path. There is no differentiation in effect between Nath tradition and Dattatreya tradition. It eventually merges into one. And also you can see the Siddha tradition where great siddhas, like Bhagawan Nithyananda and the eighteen siddhas. That tradition is also coming and merging because Bhoganathar was Babaji’s guru. Babaji is one of the eighteen siddhas. He is the Nath guru. So you can see the whole link-up. There’s no differentiation, it’s all one order, although we feel they are all different masters.

Q: Are Paramhamsa Yogananda who wrote ”Autobiography of a yogi” and yogis mentioned in the book also a part of Nath tradition?

A: Yes, they are. Kriya is a part of Nath tradition. See, there are various offshoots. Like Ayurveda has various branches. Likewise various people have worked on Ayurveda. Vedic astrology has various branches. But if you look at the collection of it, it is more or less related, but people have followed various traditions. Like I was talking about a pamphlet which they received which was written 1000 or 2000 years before India’s independence, that one day a man will surprise the world with his nakedness while the world believe in clothing. That was Mahatma Gandhi and he will change the course of the history of this country. This kind of thesis works have been done by various paths. Even though gurus have invented their own systems and methods, the basic tradition remains the same, like the gotras. All the Nath gurus are from Bharadwaja Gotra. Bharadwaja and Maharshi, his clan. Likewise there are various flavours and dimensions. But eventually if you look, it’s all one umbrella.

For the Naadis there is an interesting story about how the Agasthya naadi, Shuka naadi came into being. Agasthya is a Maharishi and a saint. Shuka is a saint. So apparently they wanted to write a horoscope of Lord Shiva. Because they were great astrologers. They went to Kailas, and they were standing there waiting for audience from Shiva. Parvati asked, ”Why are you here, for a few days now? What are you doing?“ They said, ”We have written the horoscope of Shiva and we want to tell this to him.” This is a big adventure, you know, (laughs). Shiva is somebody who has not been born and will never die. Unborn, and no death. So Parvati said, ”Do one thing. Write the horoscope of all the people who will appear on Earth, from now, and before and later. After that come back.” So they started writing naadis, and those are the naadis which we see today.


There are also naadis like Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi. Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi looks like a white crow and lives in Kailash. People say that he is much older than Shiva. When Shiva and Vishnu had a dispute about who came first, they went and checked with him. It is available, I’ve seen it. Some people have it. There will be nothing on it. But if a person comes in front, there will be something for that person. The pamphlet is very open and clear. The Agasthya naadis and Shuka naadis will have something written on it, and, if it suits you, they will tell you your future or about your next life or past life. I respect and appreciate all naadis, because they have come from great saints.

But today, many people are exploited because they are keener to get the solutions, which will of course cost a lot of money. Many people have been affected because they will read some things and say this is how it is, and say, ”Pay so much money and gratifications and your life will be smooth.” Then after some time nothing has happened. They come back and say, ”We’ll help you further. Pay more money.” So, this is actually an insult to the great works. This is my personal opinion. The people who are using the older scriptures in order to exploit people, I think it is an insult to the whole tradition or the sanctity of the tradition. Normally I object to that kind of behaviour. But unfortunately there is too much insecurity, people come with expectations, so they take the money.

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

Mohanji and Lord Dattatreya

Reunion discourses from Swami Brahmananda & Mohanji

At the recent Lord Subramanium Festival in the UK, Mohanji gave a discourse about the purifying effect of Karma Sannyasa – desireless action in service to others. Swami Brahmananda talked about the power of Bhakti Yoga. Two enlightening messages for you… originally published on where you can also download the audio.

Reunion discourses from Swami Brahmananda & Mohanji


We have just celebrated our main event of the year – the Lord Subramanium festival, at which we were blessed with the presence of Mohanji. Swami Brahmananda and Mohanji both spoke about the purifying power of bhakti (devotion) and desireless action, in the service of others. We hope you enjoy these discourses.

Divine friends, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to this very auspicious day in Skanda Vale. It’s the culmination of our main festival, when we renew our mandate with the divine and refresh ourselves in the sense of purposefulness in our lives.

Today is a particularly auspicious day… particularly special because we have a very revered guest with us. Mohanji has come to join us, to celebrate this festival. The first time I met him yesterday it was like meeting an old friend.

All of us in the community had the grace to spend many years with Guru Sri Subramanium, so we are able to discriminate what the word Guru really means. Nowadays it’s used very loosely, and misused very often. But I’m very privileged to know that Mohanji is real Guru. And real gurus are a rare commodity. So we’re very blessed that the Lord has instructed him to come here, and he has brought a grace with him. I am very proud, and very happy that he’s able to come here and spend time with us in Skanda Vale.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about this festival, because many of you have only seen the very end part of it – the busy part. But a lot of hard work has taken place in the last 10 days which has created this vibration of grace which we enjoy now.

The Lord is depicted here with his two Shaktis – the male and female – Shiva and Shakti, embodied together as they should be. At the start of the festival the aspect of Shiva (the male aspect of the Lord) and the Shakti (the female, the creative aspect) are separated. And so we’ve conducted very elaborate pujas and celebrations of those two individual aspects, for the duration of this festival. That separation creates a tension. Because embodied in each and every one of you is also this combination of Shiva and Shakti.

Liberation, enlightenment… happiness for the human being is about that union of Shiva and Shakti. Embodied in you there’s Kundalini. That’s the female aspect of Shakti, latent within your own body, which is manifesting in different levels, in relation to your own evolution… to your own karma.

Our journey spiritually is the awakening of that Shakti embodied within us… to come on a journey of realisation, until the Shiva and Shakti are united in that vast realm of divine consciousness. That is Anandam. Bliss. The complete absence of any desire. The absolute fulfilment of our lives, and that is our aspiration.

Life is a joke! It’s a joke because the Lord has given you a body, and everything associated with that body; all the possessions that you surround yourself with, the friends, relations, family members… all are ultimately being transformed by the nature of time.

Time is also the manifestation of God. Very often it is overlooked. But God is time. And that nature of time overcomes everything. There is nothing that you can experience in the physical world that isn’t subject to dissolution, by the transforming aspect of Divine time. It would be a very cruel joke, but for the fact that the Lord has embodied himself in you. The experience we are taking from this festival is to learn to put all our eggs in the divine basket… so to speak.

It was a very beautiful thing to witness this procession of the Shiva and Shakti, coming here to be reunited. Because each and every person had a smile. Everyone was joyful. Where did that joy come from? It’s not related to anything in the world; that joyfulness came from deep within your own being. That joyfulness is your real nature. Your divine heritage.

We have a great task in our lives, and that task is one of transformation. This festival is an opportunity to look at our lives very honestly, and realise that we are here in the world wearing a body because we are imperfect. Because we haven’t yet discovered our divine identity.

The opportunity that we have is to forge ahead spiritually. To recognise that we are the people who have separated ourselves from Divinity, not that God has separated himself from us. He is infinitely patient. And infinitely forgiving… infinitely benevolent, giving us everything that we need to be successful spiritually.

The pressure and the tension that results from the separation of Shiva and Shakti has a great impact on the human being… bringing out of us all of the obstacles which are impeding the flow of Shakti, the kundalini, in the life of the human being. And those of you who have been here for the duration of the festival, will have experienced that.

You experience it as the manifestation of your own lower nature – selfishness, greed, jealousy, envy – very basic things. And if we’re honest with ourselves, all of us have some facet of these lower qualities within us. Our business is to transform those negative qualities, these negative emotional states, and transform them into something positive.

We have many tools at our disposal. In this day and age there are a lot of pressures in life. Simply surviving and providing for our families is a challenge in itself. And we are equipped with two very powerful tools to help us on this journey. One is bhakti – devotion. The power of bhakti means that inward expression of love.

First you must learn what love is in the world; loving your fellow human beings – your family and your friends, your relatives, every person you meet. As you go on that journey spiritually, that expression of love becomes an inward flow. And bhakti means turning that flow of love inside to reflect on your own divine nature. It is the most precious commodity that you can possess as a human being.

It’s very easy for that devotion, that bhakti, to be obscured by the qualities of our own minds. Simply singing bhajans, or chanting, or praying on its own is of no consequence without that empowering energy of bhakti, of devotion. Nurture that devotion within yourself.

Everything in your life is a vibration. Everything has associated with it a quality. And you have to protect that precious flame of devotion, that sense of loving God, of being united with God – you must nurture that flame of devotion within yourself, and not allow any vibration to interfere with it.

That’s a challenging task because the world is full of low vibrations. You must go into the world with your eyes open. Fully mindful. Because only when you’re aware of the vibrations around you, do you have a chance of discriminating between that which you wish to avoid in your life, and that which you wish to identify with. That is an individual task. No one is going to do it for you. But you are given intelligence, you are given discrimination, you are given the faculty of your senses for that purpose.

Divine friends, it is a duty and an obligation that we exercise mindfulness. From the moment that you wake up in the morning, to the moment you close your eyes at the end of a long day, you have a duty to be mindful. To register those vibrations around you, and protect that precious vibration of bhakti, of divinity, which is your link with God. To be nurtured, to be sustained – it will give you a lifeline in this crazy world.

Bhakti goes together with Karma yoga. Karma yoga means service. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to do service. That doesn’t mean looking after your family, or caring for your elderly relatives – that’s your duty. Karma yoga means fulfilling tasks which have no direct benefit to yourself. Where you have no vested interest other than to please God.

Look for those opportunities in your life, and you’ll find that every human being is the willing recipient of your love. When you go into the world with that love, you become the instrument of the divine. You transcend that limited idea that I am an individual person – that I’m separate from other human beings, then you begin to recognise that that I am not separate. We are one. We are all part of that nature of divine consciousness, and the purpose of our lives is to realise that.

It’s a very beautiful experience when we can worship the Lord and Devi in that consciousness of unity.

Thank you very much for your patience. Mohanji would you like to say a few words to these divine people?

Mohanji’s discourse on the purifying effect of Karma Yoga & Karma Sannyasa

Thank you Swamiji.

Whatever I speak now I surrender at the feet of Lord Muruga as flowers. Thank you for having me here. And it was indeed a divine presence, as well as an experience. No two ways about it.

I would like to take on from what Swami just said about karma yoga. Purification is extremely important in today’s world. And often we do not get time to purify ourselves. There is nothing better than karma yoga to purify ourselves. And if we can take one more step forward – when we surrender the action, and the fruits of action at the feet of the Lord, then it becomes karma sannyasa. That is renunciation. That purifies you like a rocket… in rocket speed! It really takes you to a different dimension within no time.

So I always tell people karma yoga is definitely the best way. And also try to surrender, without any expectation, if you can try to put all what you do at the feet of the God. Even the food you eat, the words you speak… or even your steps – everything is surrendered. It’s a constant thing. Objectivity at all times. And then the purification becomes almost immediate. And then it leads to bhakti.

Next step is devotion. Devotion flows from inside, we can’t create devotion – devotion is something which has to happen… just like life is happening. The moment we feel the devotion is happening then it takes over. You don’t have to do anything about it… just like the flow of activity we saw. It’s spontaneous and it flows, and then the dimensional changes happen.

As Swamiji was saying the movement of kundalini is spontaneous when the space is clean. The problem that we have is that we have too many expectations and desires, so sometimes it takes a long time to get through the expectations and desire – to evolve into the dimensional level – shift of awareness.

With practices, if you’re practising any path or sadhana practices – you can only take the energy up to here (third eye) and from here third eye on top it’s happening. So basically everything is happening – that means we have to surrender. Surrender should happen with awareness. So I always tell people if you want to invest in something in life, then invest in awareness. Because it always stays with you, and when you leave you leave with awareness.

So there is a story about bhakti, a story of devotion – a short story. There was a great saint many, many years ago who had a few disciples. So he wanted to test the commitment and the flavour of his disciples. So he said

“Through my practices, I have cleaned up most of my karmas. I have no sins at all connected to me, but I have a few things I want to clear in this life, so I don’t come back. I want to be liberated completely. So I’m going to wear a disease which is a very crippling disease, which is leprosy, and I will be based in Benares, in Kashi for 12 years. For 12 years I will be staying there I will exhaust the rest of my sins, and I will be free for liberation.”

So all the disciples heard this, and one disciple called Deepika came to him and said “Guruji can you transfer these sins to me? Let me suffer the disease and let me help you with cleansing it. So he said “Don’t you know the basics of karma? I can’t transfer it. What I do I have to also experience. Whatever I do, or whatever I commit, it comes to me.” So he said “I’m definitely going to Benares. If you like, you can come and serve me.”

The disciple said “I am coming to serve you”. He was the only disciple who decided to be with the Guru, the others were not so happy! [laughs]

As soon as he reached Benares, his whole body began to show signs of the disease – leprosy, the worst kind of disease. Overall it was very dirty – it was so bad. Deepika was wiping the blood, and all the things coming out of the body, he would clean, and Guru was in deep pain. All the time he was scolding the disciple, he was never happy with whatever he did, he was shouting and screaming and scolding the disciple.

And after cleaning or making the guru alright, he had to go out and beg for food and bring it to Guru, because they had no money. See, he would go out and he would beg for food, he would bring it to the Guru, and Guru would look at the food and say “Oh this is what you are bringing for me? This is… I can’t even let my dog eat it!” And he would throw it away.

So most days they were starving. This went on for a few days, and Kashi Benares is the place of Kashi Vishwanath – Shiva. Lord Shiva was watching this show for a long time, then he decided to appear in front of Deepika. And he said “I have never seen a disciple who is like you. You have been doing all this service to the Guru against all the abuses, all the bad things – you have full commitment, you are not affected. You have zero ego. So what blessing would you like to have from me?”

See it takes ages… years and years of tapas, penance to bring Shiva to you. Here, without any prayer, Shiva came to him. So he said “If I can have one blessing I would like my Guru to be healed. But before that, let me take his permission.” So he went to the Guru, and said “Shiva has come. Would you like to heal yourself?” [laughs]

Again he scolded! He said “You are not interested to treat me, or look after me, so you invited Shiva to come. I will not take any of those kind of steps.” You know… and he scolded him! So he went back to Shiva and said “Guru is very angry. Please… I don’t need any blessing of you. [laughs] Don’t give me any boons!”

So Shiva was disappointed. Then he told Maha Vishnu “In my place there is great bhakta, a great devotee, nobody can actually match his devotion – would you like to see him?” So Maha Vishnu came, and as soon as he saw Maha Vishnu he said “Please don’t give me any blessings! Because I have nothing to ask except the healing of my Guru, but he is very angry.” [laughs]

He said “Bhakta, I have never seen anybody like you, I would like to give you some blessing.” So he said “Please give me more bhakti, more devotion, if there is any flaw in me, may that be removed so that my devotion to my Guru becomes absolute.” So Maha Vishnu was happy – at least he could give him a blessing. He blessed him and he left.

So then he came back to the Guru, and the Guru asked “So Maha Vishnu also came to meet you? Now do you recognise that you have grown beyond me? You have become much higher than me. I have not materialised Shiva or Vishnu in my life, but because of your devotion to me, they came to you. See you are much higher than me, and you will have much more powers than me. You are the right disciple.

I told this story because today we are in a shopping spree to get some powers for ourselves. Actually, it is in shedding and removing that we get all the powers! [laughs] You know, it’s a simple thing, but I thought this was the message I could give you, because I saw the devotion here and it was overwhelming.

And once again, I’m so happy to be here. It is really my honour and my privilege, and my deepest appreciation for all that you are doing. And any time, anything I can do, it is at your disposal. Thank you. Thanks to all of you. [applause]