Purifying Yourself Within

Satsang with Mohanji during 2015 Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage in Nashik, India, part 3

The best way to unhook from all the karmic linkage is gratitude.

Participant: Can you explain the significance of doing Shraadham , tarpanam etc. on Amavasya and other such days?

Mohanji: When you get up from this place and go, if you take a picture of that place, it will still have your residue, and this is proven. Certain cameras which are sensitive will show this, not normal cameras. So even when you just sit in one place for some time and leave, that place occupies your aura body, and hence some energy. So whatever you do, when you are living on this earth, in this plane, you are leaving behind a residue. It could be good, bad or ugly, but every incarnation leaves a residue.
You are born to your parents, they to theirs and so the lineage continues on. You took birth in a certain family, to a particular set of parents, and you have a specific set of experiences, thus binding you to the lineage. There is a level of obligation involved. When you connected to me and started learning from me, or started experiencing some truths through me, a link was formed. If you meet another person and connect to him, again a link is formed and all this is karmic. The best way to unhook from all the karmic linkage is gratitude. Shraadh is one way you express gratitude to the dear departed. You are actually saying thank you, be liberated. Thus it releases you and it releases them and it helps the journey. In our system they say that at a specific point in time, our ancestors come very close to the earth and will look for their dear people and if at that time they find that you do not care, they will feel sad. In order to satisfy them, you must do the Shraadh. If you would like to believe this, it is alright because again, it is expressing gratitude. I would not term this as superstition, because whatever the reason, gratitude always liberates you, while anger and hatred bind you. When you harbor anger and hatred towards someone, it binds you, but if you have gratitude and love, it liberates you. Understand everything in simple terms, don’t try to complicate it. There may be various reasons given for doing Shraadh, let them be. We don’t deny them, but our understanding should be that it is an expression of gratitude.
We are saying thank you for coming into our lives, thank you for what you gave us and we love you. And you express this through a ritual. So what happens is that you feel nice and liberated and they will also energetically feel liberated. This is unhooking. You are unhooking from your past, the people, the situations and moving towards freedom. Whatever contributes to your freedom is good for you. Whatever binds or controls you is not good for you. That is why the Power of Purity is giving so much peace and solace to many people. It is because actual unhooking is happening to those that sincerely practice it. They have no idea of the amount of release happening.

Mohanji performing purifying ritual for all the participants during Kumbh Mela trip

When the soul departs from the body, at the time of death, it is very painful. Why? Because all these cells have occupied, collected some impressions that are stored. Say for example, you have a lot of hair on your body and you try to pluck each hair out. Wouldn’t it be painful? So also when the soul is retrieving it all and leaving, it is very painful. You might have noticed that sometimes people urinate at the time of death. That is because they are suffering severe pain. However if you are detached or unhooked while living, the soul makes an easy exit as if it were a smoothly oiled track. It’s a painless smooth death. When we perform all this, we are actually preparing for death. Some day you have to die. There is no way you can be here forever. We have no control over it. Why don’t we prepare for it, through good activities and less attachment to everything? All these things aid you.
To explain this further, our body and its organs are in a functional mode because of heat inside it. This heat is provided by the energy within and when it withdraws, our organs start shrinking. Our internal organs have a certain lightness because of our soul which permeates into them. The fire aspect provides the heat and without it, there is no air too, and the body became heavier after death. What was supporting the body has now left it. Death can be very painful. Some people even feel cramps inside. Many are completely connected to the earth and not in any way connected to something higher. Hence they have more suffering. In contrast, if you are connected to a higher Master, are involved in practices that release you from anger and hatred, are peaceful inside and are expressing kindness outside, when you leave, it will be a smooth exit.
Hence, I always encourage people to do their Pithru Karmas. It always helps to have gratitude to the lineage.


Participant: Can women perform these, if the male in the family does not?

Mohanji: I think everyone can do it. You can do it in your house, in whichever way you like. These are all situational. Just follow the practices involved.
In fact, I don’t believe in gender at all. Being a man or a woman is the physical aspect. What is the gender of your soul? What is the difference between your soul and that of another? Gender lies in the physical form and is taken for a particular experience. While you chose a female body, someone else chose a male body. That is all. I believe it’s a wasteful exercise to bind gender to any rituals. How can God discriminate between people based on gender? When they say that women should not visit temples when they have their period, there is a reason for it. A temple has a murthi with Prana Prathishta. We are inducing energy into a particular stone or idol, and certain rituals are needed in order to maintain it. It is like bringing a soul into a body, and food and water is required to maintain the soul. In other words, it is the manner in which you retain the energy in the body. During your period every month, the dead cells are sent out. A dead cell is like a dead body. The eggs which are not fertilized go out of the body. That means it is like death and this process takes 4 or 5 days. At that time, in your total energy level, you are at a lower vibratory level. In order to get into the normal vibratory level, you attract more “prana” from the idol. In other words, you draw more energy from the idol! It takes more effort for the pujaris/priests to maintain the energy level. Hence they ask you not to come in at this time. This is the science behind it and the intention is not to discriminate between genders. While the original idea was that Prana Prathishta needs a certain level of energy to maintain the sanctity, the manner in which it is now interpreted is human interpretation. Even now every year, the temples have to renew the energy and bring in more, because a number of people visit it and the energy is being circulated. That is also why they say that one should not come into the temple after eating meat. Meat has no prana, and hence the body draws more energy for digestion and other functions. Hence the reason women should not enter temples during their period and everyone after consuming meat, is that it is a low energy time. Otherwise there is no gender discrimination at all.

Participant: Can we light diyas, pray etc. during menstruation?

Mohanji: Yes, you can read books. You may read the Sai Satcharita or chant mantras. I am only referring to a temple which has Prana Pratishta. I do not believe you have Prana Pratishta in your house, because then you would have to do pujas in that manner, that way. When someone dies in the family, you don’t perform the puja; it’s a similar concept.

P: Can we go to the altar?

M: Don’t go to the altar, but you can connect to the Masters, chant mantras, and so on. No one can prevent you from doing so. That’s why I said, don’t be bound by the gender. God does not discriminate so. I truly believe that we can never discriminate between a man and a woman spiritually. People ask me why there are fewer female enlightened masters than male. Who says so? There are many enlightened masters who are female. They do not come out and tell the world that they are enlightened. The male of a species is more extrovert by nature. You may observe this in many animal species. Nature created them so. Women are more introverted and hence even when they become enlightened, they tend to keep to themselves. How does one become enlightened? It happens when you connect to yourself more than to the outside. Outside, you are always chasing sensations. However, when you are connecting inside, feeling and understanding yourself, you are definitely in the correct path.

Participant: Could you explain the significance of the Kumbh?

Kumbh Mela 2015 1st Dip with Mohanji
Kumbh Mela with Mohanji – 1st dip

Mohanji: There are certain planetary positions which increase the “amrit” element of the earth. The earth is connected to the solar system and the Milky Way, whatever it may be termed as, in the gross level and in the subtle level to numerous other “lokas”. We are thus connected and are interacting with various frequencies at various points in time, some of which we know, and others that we do not. Just because we do not know about some of them does not mean that they do not exist. They all exist. So we operate in various levels of subtlety. At specific times of a year, certain planetary positions align in a way that the entire energy or frequency is higher on earth. That’s the best time for inner purification. This is referred to as taking a dip and involves a few aspects. One is that we are surrendering to the water. Second while we are purifying the external body, the inner body is also getting purified and third, we are using the right planetary positions to elevate our consciousness and our awareness. Numerous reasons are also given to it.
During “Amritmanthan”, it is said that the drops of the Amrit fell at Nashik, Haridwar, Allahabad and Ujjain. Hence these places became more suitable for that aspect and the planetary positions created the effect of Amrit. Amrit should be understood as that which elevates your awareness and gives you moksha. You elevate your awareness when you are not bound by your mind. If you are bound by your mind, you will be judgmental and look at life with a critical eye. Acceptance, continuity of life, peacefulness, love, kindness and compassion are higher levels of awareness. The shift we expect through these activities is from selfishness to selflessness, from “Shav“ nature to “Shiv” nature i.e. unconscious existence to fully conscious existence. This is the shift we are looking at. In all this we are also surrendering. We take a few dips, first of all for our ancestors because without them we would not exist, then we take a dip for our dear ones who are living, third we take a dip for ourselves, and others associated with us. We can certainly take more dips such as for Gurus and for Gods. That will also help. So there is surrender in everything and nothing is selfish. It is not as if we take three dips for ourselves and stop. If we do, then we are not increasing our frequency. I think this explains it in a nutshell and I believe it is enough to know so much. You can certainly read more about it if you desire, but why would you want to do an analysis? We should understand the purpose, and that consciousness is being elevated, awareness increases, and that we move from a state of unconsciousness to a state of full consciousness.

Participant : I was reading about Brian Weiss, on past life regression. In the technique that he uses, is he removing karma?

Mohanji: Regression involves going back in time to when the issue started and solving it there. Everything you are manifesting now, has a root in previous lives. So in this process you go back to that life and root out the problem. Unfortunately, today, regression is being done more for fancy purposes, and expressions like, “Oh, I went to my past life and saw I was a king or a queen” are common. Many times these are not real. However there are masters like Brian Weiss who have pioneered it and they might be doing the right thing.

Participant: Is it removing the karma?

M: Yes, it is modifying the whole thing and removing the bindings of karma. Whenever there is a release, there is definite progress. When you are angry or harbor hatred toward somebody, you are bound. But the moment you let go, accept what happened, say it is alright and express the desire to be completely free, there is progress. You can experience this practically. Whenever you release, it helps you. However we keep hatreds and soap operas aid us in this. The soap operas lead you to believe that the world is as they portray, and we hold on to hatred. This binds us because otherwise, we are born free and have every reason to remain free.

Kumbh Mela with Mohanji – last day


Participant: If we are free then how will society and nations at large be maintained?

Mohanji: It is not because of the people with hatred that are controlling them. When you are free from within you will perform to the best of your ability. You are not bound by concepts any more. You will do what you have to do, not what you love to do. Notice, there is a difference, because you will always do whatever is needed. Then the whole of society will be free. When you have no selfishness, you are very confident. For example, if I would like to possess whatever is in your pocket, I might have to compromise. However when I do not need anything from you, our relationship is clear and I can be free with you. When expectations arise, so do problems, because usually, expectations lead to disappointment. Thus when you are free from inside, you are not bound by anything, you are normal, not controlled by expectations or concepts or agendas. Then, you will do what is required of you at the given time, spontaneously like a child. As adults we are controlling and masking. That will go away and you become natural. When you are natural, you are powerful. That is how society should be. You can only lead by example. You cannot preach it. I have to live what I preach. Otherwise I am not eligible to preach.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Awareness Makes You Go Veg

Satsang with Mohanji during 2015 Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage in Nashik, India – Part 2


Participant: I have one more question about being a vegetarian. I am very fond of non-vegetarian food. From time immemorial, nature has classified wild animals like lions, tigers et al to be carnivorous and elephants, goats et al to eat only grass. However, the human body throughout has consumed everything, vegetarian and non-vegetarian – be it somethings that swims, flies or walks. This has been so for a very long time. We hear that our teeth and intestines are not properly designed for non-vegetarian food, yet we have consumed it. Now, we are learning that eating non-vegetarian food creates blockages in our spiritual journey. With due respect to all Gurus, my question is that if this is true, then nature should have classified it at the very beginning itself. Why was it not done and what does it mean?

Agony of animals is humanity’s heavy karma.

Mohanji: Look at the variety of human beings and observe their awareness. Some have very high awareness and some have very low awareness. Those who destroy, kill or torture have very low awareness. Their frequency is low and so is their operating level.

Then there are saints and people like Gandhi and Tagore, who only talk about peace and love. Thus you see the variety, and how different they are. Most people are greedy. They want to capture and conquer, and are not sensitive. I say this is because this is the preliminary or elementary understanding we should have.
When humankind started, maybe millions of years ago, it was evolutionary. It’s not that one man started living and the whole of creation began around him. Then another level of creation happened because it was evolutionary, and it was also guided by various factors. There is an intelligence level where guidance can happen. Beings of other zones also communicate and help them with life. Thus an evolutionary growth happens. They practise what they see.
The understanding level of an average animal is that of a two or three-year-old child. If you look at all the animals, they feel fear, love, they like connecting to you, and they like to love. All animals operate in that plane.

Mohanji quote - All the animals like to love

However as human beings we have grown further with different levels of awareness, and the result is the Vedas and Upanishads. We started going deeper into life and have learnt from nature.
If you observe animals you will notice that when they feel hungry, they hunt. If they are not hungry, they will not care. Likewise, nature has its own system of balance. Various beings control other species in a certain order. Human beings are the only ones who do not seem to understand this. Now, whether killing is good or bad depends on how it happens. Controlling a being, keeping it confined and suffocated and then finally killing it is not good, because the agony factor is there. E.g. with  a mother cow anxiously protecting her newborn baby from being separated from her.

Agonised, she cannot protect it. You can watch the separation sin.

Suppose there is a herd of deer and a lion becomes hungry, and starts to hunt. The deer know that one of them will have to die. They choose amongst themselves, and when all the deer are running in one direction, one of them turns to the other direction and that one is killed. So when there is an element of sacrifice, there is not much pain. Don’t you feel better when you sacrifice? However if somebody victimizes you, or forces something on you, you don’t feel nice. Say you had a very nice dish to eat and were about to eat it when a poor person came in. You were not obliged to give it to him, but you decided that he deserved the food more and gave it to him. That person was happy because he had not eaten in many days and you also felt good. Thus the sacrifice you made enriched you, made you better. This is similar to the forest scene, where one animal takes care of its herd and feels it is alright to give up its life. Thus there is an understanding and collaboration between the species, within nature. Human beings do not have that. We do factory farming, we control and manipulate growth, we control species, we torture them, kill them, and so on. This is why we ask that you do not involve yourself in this chain of activities, which spreads negativity.

Animal Freedom Fighter - no tanks no chains no cages
Source: Animal Freedom Fighter

To look at it from another aspect, Sri Rama was non-vegetarian, Sita was non-vegetarian, and you can see Agastya had eaten meat. In those days, most of the Kshatriyas were non-vegetarians. If you read our scriptures, our saints have eaten meat, so it’s not that kind of a taboo. However when you were hungry and you ate with “bhaav” or feeling of gratitude, it was OK at that time. Today, we don’t have that. We are insensitive to nature. Hence we advise you to stay away from it. Human beings are a species who can connect to something much higher than what they are operating from. Any food that you consume, which has pain and agony attached to it, pulls you down, and makes you heavier. So, on one side you are trying to grow through spirituality to higher realms, and on the other side, whatever we do, pulls us down. So it is conflicting. That is why we say that it is not so good.

How do you become a vegetarian?

Spontaneously, through awareness. That means that at one point in time you will not be able to eat it because your energy level becomes so high that you can’t eat anything which contains pain, agony or suffering. It starts disturbing you, and at that point in time, you start staying away from it. Then it will not come back, because you are already elevated and your food habits elevate you further. Then you will not go back and start over. It’s very unlikely. We need a level of awareness to understand this though.
We are habit oriented, my grandfather, my father, myself, and it goes on. Thus habits are transferred. Habits come partially from heredity, and partially from society. Everybody is doing it, so it’s ok. However sometimes you choose to become the odd person and say that it’s not ok. We see that there is something seriously wrong with the whole system and start talking about it. That strength arises from within and we are not afraid of the others. We will stick to the truth and speak only the truth. When I was in the USA, I was being interviewed on television and I spoke about the killing of one-day or two-day-old calves! Eight million calves are killed every year in the United States of America alone.

Source: Animal Freedom Fighter – LET ALL SENTIENT BEINGS LIVE AND LOVE, FREELY and please, treat all like they are your family, because in truth, that is what they are. All hearts beat the same rhythm… all eyes show we have a soul, all love their young as humans do…

I was talking about the cruelty and was told that if I spoke about all these issues, I could be very unpopular and people may not like me. I said that’s ok. It is not a problem. If I lived for only one day, I would like to speak the truth and live it. Tomorrow if people do not like to see me because I told the truth, I am happy, because I lived the right life. Thus we need to speak the truth in every situation so that within, there is no pretense and we are absolutely clean. We have no control over what others think about us, they can interpret it in any way they like, but if we are bound by it, then we have a problem. If we worry about popularity, we will have to compromise. How much will you compromise? How far? And sometimes the difficult thing is that if you lie, remembering the lie becomes a problem! With truth you don’t have to worry. However if you are lying, you have to remember the lie!
Human beings are impressionistic. We saw animals hunting and wanted to try meat. Then of course the food industry gives you all sorts of ideas. If you do not eat enough protein, you will have health issues. They never state that beans and other legumes have much more protein than meat.

Protein in plants
Source: Animal Freedom Fighter – plant protein is easier to assimilate for humans… and it does not come with the toxic side effects of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and so many other diseases…

Then they bind you to a taste. “Aha – Pizza Hut, amazing! Once a week, we must go to Pizza Hut, or McDonalds!” They bind us through taste. We are bound through two white things, sugar and salt. These are two main factors between you and enlightenment! It is because we are bound strongly to the earth by these, that we are not able to cut across and go further. That is why most saints have one meal a day, bland, with neither salt nor sugar. Then slowly they make it two meals a day. It’s very difficult. We are habituated from childhood. All these packets of crunchy snacks contain large amounts of salt. They are addictive and control you. So it is for sweet snacks also. Other addictions like smoking or drinking are manageable, and you could probably come out of them. However with the addiction of salt and sugar, these are silent and you wouldn’t know that it is a problem. We don’t even think about it. Aerated drinks have a lot of sugar, and we are consuming it without our knowledge. To counter it we choose diet or zero calorie drinks, but they are equally bad. Though the sugar level may be different, it is a wasted food. It slows down our digestion. However today in every fast food outlet, this is free. You buy a pizza, and you get this Cola for free. In any case you are dying, so you die faster!! (laughter)

The food culture/industry has bound us and we should not be thus bound. Imagine if you were not fussy and were fine with whatever came your way, then you would not be bound by choices. Just imagine the freedom! What comes to you is good for you, i.e. the food that comes to your table is your medicine, as the Upanishads say. That means, you eat whatever comes to you. Then you reach a level where you are not bound by taste. Shirdi Sai Baba used to wander. People would give him various eatables, and he would put it all in one bowl, mix it and eat it. It had all the flavors of life – salt, sugar, sour, etc. So he would mix all aspects of life and eat it. But we cannot do this. This is because we are taste bud oriented, we are bound by it, and we program our life to suit our taste buds.
Did I answer your question? The reason is that we have levels of evolution, some are of very low frequency. They do not understand, and are habituated and passive. They go about life in a ritualistic way, and believe that ”My elders were doing this and hence I follow it. We have all always eaten meat.” In fact I was reading today that God asked Abraham to sacrifice that which was most valuable to him. He was very close to his son, and hence decided to sacrifice his son. On that basis, animal sacrifices are happening now.

Animal Sacrifice misunderstanding

Participant: In our temples too we used to sacrifice lots of animals. What is the connection then?
Mohanji: Let me explain. Goats or cows are replacing sons. These animals are not inseparable from us. A goat is very valuable to the goat’s mother. However for a human being, it’s another being and doesn’t matter. In the cartoon I read, God says, “I asked you to sacrifice that which is very important to you. When you give me what is most precious to you, you detach from it. It is meant to teach detachment, so that you come closer to me, but here you are sacrificing somebody’s child. How are you interpreting my words?” Now coming to the animal sacrifices, a lot of things are connected to certain superstitions. Superstitions are very powerful, never underestimate them. Human beings have had insecurity since birth.

Human insecurity

What is the main insecurity? Death. The second is failure, and the third is society. There are numerous insecurities. Death is a big problem. We wonder, if I am doing all these things to accumulate wealth and if I die, what happens? So we don’t like to die and we try various ways to beat it. Second are our failures. What will I tell my father if I failed? Right from childhood, we are afraid to fail. We never teach children that failure is a good lesson for them so that they can prepare better.

I was talking to a girl. She prepared for the Indian Administrative Services. She did very well, passed all the tests but failed the interview. She was devastated and she stopped talking to her family and friends. One of her aunts wrote to me and asked me to talk to her. I was traveling and hence sent a message on Facebook asking how she was doing. She opened up to me and said that it was devastating. I asked, ”Why was it devastating for you?” She said, “Everything was OK, until the interview. Why did I lose in the interview? Why did I not get into the Administrative Services? “ I said, ”The answer is in your question. After the failure, how did you handle it? Peacefully with maturity, or with immaturity and insecurity?“ She said, “With immaturity”. I said, “You cannot handle failure yourself. How can you manage thousands of people? When you become a collector, you will be responsible for a State or a District. You cannot even handle your own life, how will you handle others? This is why you failed. You have to understand, you are not eligible. Where is your eligibility? It’s in your ability to handle a situation peacefully. Situations will come and go. This is certain. Everybody faces situations. It has to happen. It is human existence. However how you handle it, shows who you are. If you want to become a Collector, you should definitely be able to handle yourself, at the least, at the minimum! If you cannot even handle a small failure, how will you handle a large number of people?” She understood. I told her. ”You created a lot of problems in the home, because of your failure. Patch it up now. You have created insecurity in the home and this is what you need to sort out right now. If you do, then you are successful in the first level. That means that you have managed your home well. First learn to manage the home well before you try to manage society.“
What do people do? They go to a temple and say, ”God please don’t let me fail. I will give you something.” This is how we talk to God! As if God is sitting there saying give me something, I will do something for you!!
Participant: We are giving – Rs 10 or Rs 5?
Mohanji: There is something else here. When you go to a Guru or God, there is a Dakshina. Dakshina in that context is surrender. It means you part with what is valuable to you. You surrender it to a Guru or to God, so that it’s a commitment. This is an old system. Do not confuse this with what we do at a temple. That is bribing! We tell God, I will give you Rs. 10, show the currency (M waving an imaginary note), provided you give me Rs. 1 million! (laughter) God doesn’t need money anyway, so it’s alright! So this is a type of bribing that’s happening all the time, and it is frustrating for God. He probably thinks, this idiot is coming again with all his money, here he comes!!! (laughter) This insecurity has also been supported by certain greedy priests. They may unnecessarily ask you to do a Pooja, in order to protect yourself from some calamity that they predict!!
As I said earlier, God has no form. We created Gods with forms for our needs and gratification, not God’s! We are not doing anything to please God, we are doing it for ourselves. Further, we created a God who needs blood! It’s as if he ordered, ”Kill animals and give me blood, then I will give you something!” Do not underestimate the power of superstition. People kill their own out of superstition, and this is triggered by those who need money. I was watching a movie in which a person goes to an astrologer who knows nothing, but is posing as one. He has a lot of rings near him and a board saying that if one were to wear the ring he would become rich. Many queue up. One of them asks him,” If I wear this ring, will I get a lot of money?” The astrologer says, “If you wear this, you will have a ring and I will have a lot of money!” (laughter) Society thrives on insecurity! People say that they believed in a Guru or Master and were cheated. Again, this happens because of insecurity. Why should you be insecure at all? What is spirituality? Being secure, with what you have. You have created a form, a structure, an identity, a constitution. What is there to be insecure about? One need not be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, right? We can be ourselves. We need not be someone else. There is no need for comparison, or to prove something to the world. Even if you did, there is no assurance that the world would understand you.
We need to understand the modus operandi in many cases. Some of these sacrifices were supported by the traders of leather and meat! They gave large bribes to the priests and Government officials to continue animal sacrifice festivals. Hundreds of thousands of animals were brought and slaughtered and the beneficiaries were the leather and meat industry. Most of the priests were bribed! Is this spirituality?
Scriptures allow symbolic sacrifices where ones are required. We can use a cucumber, apply red vermillion color on it and cut it. Pooja will be complete. However in this temple, they insisted on animals, because of the money involved, not out of Bhakti! If we dig deeper, we understand the details. Most people coming to the temple were probably illiterate and they only understood fear. If someone were to foretell a large problem for the family, even if a child hurt his knee, they would wonder if it was because of the prediction! They started looking at everything in a negative manner. Very soon, they would probably sell everything they have and buy a buffalo for the sacrifice. Once this is done they believe life will be good.

No true Guru or God is dependent on any sacrifice or food or any such thing. They have crossed over all these requirements to reach a state where they are absolutely fine just as they are. So when we believe that Sai Baba or some Master asks for something, understand that it is our creation. Baba is completely self- sufficient. Otherwise, how could he deliver to so many people in this world? He and other Masters do so because they have attained self-sufficiency. However we don’t accept it. If we say, Baba did ask me, it’s just manipulation. If indeed Baba spoke with you, you would have attained peace.

krishna buddha jesus baba Mohanji quote - Let brightness of wisdom
Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Baba… all masters were self-sufficient they are not dependent on any sacrifice.

Your frequency has to increase so that Baba can speak to you. Furthermore, once you actually communicate with Baba, Jesus, Krishna or Buddha, you will not stoop down to a level where you ask for something. It is impossible, absolutely impossible! This is so because now you do not feel compelled to even meet people or talk to them. There is so much Shanti inside. Every cell inside has melted and you are in peace, a level of Samadhi! At that point you would not want something small from others.
When a saint asks you to wear something, for example, when Yukteswarji wanted Yogananda to wear a particular object for some time, it is different from the above. The Guru would have considered a higher objective and might be delivering it to you in this manner. Do not confuse this with asking for money or some such favor.
Exploitation happens when there is insecurity. Of the seven billion people on this planet, would anyone say that they have no problems? They might say that all is going well, except for one issue. That one problem is enough to create more. In a comedy program, someone asks a fake astrologer, how his future will be. The astrologer predicts that the next five years appear bleak, and that the person might even be reduced to begging on the streets. Worried, the person wants to know how it will be after the five years. The astrologer quips, he will just get used to it after the five years!!! (laughter)

Countering Insecurity

The only way to counter insecurity is to have firm faith. Where would you place this faith?
Fundamentally, primarily, in yourself! You are not born bound. Mind has bound you! You are not bound by birth! Observe a small baby. Notice its spontaneity. When it wants to cry it will, when it wants to eat food, it will cry and indicate that and when it is happy, it will play. There is no binding. We are bound only by the mind. Your freedom is of utmost importance to you. It is your birth right. So the fundamental is faith in oneself.
Then, faith in the continuity of life which we call God. It does not matter which God or Guru we believe in. A Guru is a mirror. The Guru’s objective is to show you to yourself, not to carry you along. This is true for a real Guru, not Acharyas. Acharyas are preachers, who talk and guide you. However a true Guru is one who is connected to the Source and gives you only your image. This is your true image, not the mask. The world only sees your masked face, because we always pretend. We try to adjust to society and don’t reveal our real selves to anyone. We hold secrets and in some ways even that is beneficial because otherwise the world would have more garbage! The guru sets you walking on a path and if you need further guidance, he will guide you. If you do not need guidance, you do not need a Guru. Every river reaches the ocean, sooner or later. There is no way you can speed it up. Just as a river flows at its own pace and finally reaches the ocean, so you will also finally merge with the ocean whichever path or method you follow. This is certain and definite. The pace or speed of travel does not matter, because again this is a question arising from the mind. The mind wonders if it is the right track. Say you are not on the right path, is there anything you can do about it? You would still have to lead your life as it is! And then we need to understand, we are in the right path. A wrong path is one that binds you and makes you suffer, because you are supposed to be free and happy. If you are happy with what you have, are good and kind by nature, if your constant expression is that of non – violence and you are living your everyday life, then everything is absolutely fine. Nothing more needs to be done.
When we talk about being manipulated by Gurus, understand that it came about because of your insecurity and desire for sensations. We are greedy and to satisfy that greed, we agree to do poojas. I have received calls where priests have said I have done this Pooja for you and please pay so much! We do not have to do all this because God is never insecure. The only Pooja I recommend is one where at least three times a day, we offer whatever we eat to the Gurus, to God and to your ancestors. Do so in your language, not in Sanskrit or through mantras. The food becomes Prasad and is good for your stomach too. This way we are expressing gratitude to all the deities, Gurus and ancestors and it does not take much time, maybe about 30 seconds. You do this in your mind and your connection is direct, not through a priest or a Guru.
Mohanji quote - Before eating always offer food
Again, if you are connected to a powerful Master like Shirdi Sai Baba his presence and the energy level will elevate you, just as your shirt smells pleasant when you are in a fragrance filled room. When you are in the proximity of a powerhouse, you will also start changing. Because of the proximity, the energy starts shifting within you. That is why I say, for every true Master, the presence is more important. Shirdi Sai Baba said the same thing, “My Master, my Guru was great, but he taught me nothing. Right from morning till evening, I looked at him and I got everything.”

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Who Created God?

Satsang with Mohanji during 2015 Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage in Nashik, India – Part 1

Satsang with Mohanji

Question from a participant’s child: “Who created God?”
(Mohanji throws back the question to the audience and some answers come up. One of them is, “Consciousness”.)
Mohanji: Individual consciousness only creates forms, and that we have created in plenty. Who actually created God? Isn’t that a good question, and from a 6 year old! When she asked me the question, I said I would explain this in a better environment. Krishna had to explain Life’s greatest philosophy to Arjuna in the battlefield, in order to equip him for the battle that had to be fought for justice. It wasn’t easy. However the purpose was served and Arjuna fought the war.
Answering this question is not easy because the human mind cannot understand it completely. It cannot fathom a self-generating, self-forming, self-maintaining structure of existence. For example, when I say God is pure energy which is invisible to the naked eye but very much visible without the naked eye, is it any easier to understand? It’s just theory, it doesn’t touch you. There was no creation beyond or before God and there will be no creation after God.

What is it that we understand?

We understand things which have a shape, a form, a flavor. How do we know Lord Krishna? We look at the image with a peacock feather and the flute, and identify Lord Krishna. However, Lord Krishna as a person only lived for some 125 years. However, again, there is life before and life after, just as it is for us. All of us have lived different lives and in different times.
Let us understand that God is not a form, not a person, not an individual, not a shape. God is perpetual energy. Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. We can modify energy, we can change energy from one form to another, but we cannot create energy. It already exists. We regulate energy, we make changes to energy for different purposes, and this is what we have done. That’s all. We have neither created nor destroyed, and we cannot create or destroy. Thus, God does not need a father and a mother, because God is not formed. It is only when you have a form, only when you need a form, that you need a creator. When you do not need a form, you are always there. You are there, forever. And what will die? Only that which is created will die. Only matter which has a shape or form will die. Anything that is created has a duration, and will die at some time or other. However, if you are not created and you are not bound by any form, there is no death. It is immortal. Thus God is never created, never destroyed. God means something which runs the show. In our system, what is God? The soul, the energy that runs the body. It maintains the body.
Explaining what ‘runs’ means, is akin to a refrigerator. We plug it into an electrical outlet, energy flows in and it starts working! Conversely, if it is not plugged in, the refrigerator will not work. Similarly, when the energy is inside us, we work, move, do things, walk, talk, laugh, cry. It’s all happening when the energy is inside. The same energy is sitting inside us when we sleep, though we don’t walk, we don’t cry, we don’t talk. The same energy is running through the body. It is always there, either with the body or without it. The same energy is inside all of us. We are all related, it is the same energy, there is no difference. There cannot be any difference amongst us, be it any country, animal or bird. In everything, the same energy is there, just as electricity operates all types of machinery. That energy has been alive for a long time, and nobody knows when it began nor when it will end.
This is the truth and it is not easy to understand. Can we make it simpler in some way? While we can talk to adults, who have some idea, it isn’t easy to talk to children, especially when we have to explain the highest philosophy.
Mohanji to the child: Would you like to ask more questions? Did you understand it?
God is something which doesn’t have a body, does not have a creator. God is energy which creates, which maintains, which dissolves everything, and it has no form. No form. Here there is God, God is everywhere, within us, outside us, and inside everything there is God. Consider this table, if we go deep inside there is an atom, and you will see movement inside, which is produced by God. Everything is God, within everything is God, outside everything is God, and there is nothing which is not God. However, for our understanding, we have created God, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Hanumanji. All these Gods have been created because we need a body for connection. If there wasn’t a body sitting here, and your father said Mohanji is sitting here, would you believe it? We need a body to see Mohanji, right? That is why Mohanji has a body, otherwise there is no need. Thus God is everywhere. God has no shape, no form. God is bright. God is inside us, outside us. God is everywhere. God is not created, nor can God be destroyed. God is always there. So who is the father of God?
The child: Nobody.
Mohanji: Nobody. Hope you now have some idea.
It is not easy to explain a detached existence, just like human existence, I am into everything, but not into anything.
Participant: Can we say that Albert Einstein described God by virtue of his theory of quantum physics?
Mohanji: Everybody has had some spark of understanding. How did the saints understand that there is a certain rhythm and sound inside the sun? It’s not that they visited the sun or used any equipment. However they understood that there is a pattern, and that the energy produces a sound. Hence, I would like to believe that all these people had some sparks, however usually education binds you. Education creates frames, and so we try to see if the truth fits the frame. If it does, then we accept it. Conversely, if the truth does not fit into the frame, we disown the frame. That is why I believe many scientists could not perform well, especially in other countries.
Nikolai Tesla said that a time machine is possible. How can you travel back and forth in time? Very simple, it’s when you do not have matter to talk about. When you have matter, you have friction. When you do not have friction, you can travel easily. So if you bring yourself to the subtlest point, and your friction is very small, you can move within the zones.
Participant: “Is it Sukshma Sharira?”
Mohanji: Not just “Sukshma Sharira”. They reach a level where friction is minimal. The less the friction, the more the velocity, the movement. This is the technique. He almost made it. Then why did he destroy it? He said it was because the world was not ready for such information. If the machines were to be in the hands of dictators, they would go back and forth in time and create untold suffering. Even otherwise, about 119 billion people have died, that we know of, from wars alone. There are those who like to control, who like to have power. If a time machine were in the hands of such people, they would destroy everything, maybe the whole of creation. That’s why he said we are not ready for it. There were various scientists who were masters, and they saw that so many things could be done in the world, however the world was not ready. The world is not ready. We are not ready. We are still in our emotional plane. We worry. Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to the neighbor? I am not winning the lottery, etc. We desire money, power and position. In this context, if we are given anything which is of a higher nature, it will be misused or used for personal purposes.
Apart from Einstein, I like to believe that Robert Oppenheimer was also capable in that way. The formula, E= MC2 created a lot of ideas in peoples’ heads. However again, even in the scientific world the level of operation is quite low. Intellect is a higher plane. Most people are physical. If they have physical gratification, say through eating and sleeping, they are happy. Some are emotional people, and soap operas satisfy them. Then there are the intellectual people. It’s a higher adrenalin, they feel highly superior because through the intellect they are able to analyze and understand, but it’s a trap. This is not being spiritual, it is actually a state where one is stuck in a frame. They are not able to connect to something higher because theories and concepts bind them. They are not able to cross over. Once they cross over, then the whole world is theirs.
There are various scientists from America and other places, who are coming and meeting masters 20,000 feet high. There is proof. They are communicating with Nath Gurus and the Gurus are guiding them, telepathically and otherwise. These saints are not coming down, however they are helping them to create certain things that facilitate life’s movement. It’s all happening.


Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Words That Change Vibration

An excerpt from the Serbian retreat in May 2015

These are not just words but a change of vibration

Mohanji on Andrevlje May 2015 FB
These are not just words. Understand, as I said, a frequency is being built. This becomes a command to your subconscious and that triggers the transformation.

These are not just words. Understand, as I said, a frequency is being built. This becomes a command to your subconscious and that triggers the transformation. This is very important to understand. It’s just like people who sit around a Master. The Master doesn’t even speak, with one glance, with one look, he transfers, and huge transformation happens. Thus, shaktipat happens through drishti (focused gaze), through walking, when I talk, through the eyes or actual physical shaktipat. It happens on all levels. If you choose to disconnect from some, you will stay where you are. Actually, energy is transferred through words, it goes into the system and it triggers something, it creates miracles.


Compassion is a very clarified kind of love. If your level of operation is compassion all the time, then you are already in a high level of spirituality. This “me”, “mine” and all those selfish and personal words show that you are operating in the level of ignorance. However when you see yourself in everybody’s eyes, you are already spiritual.

Lead by example, not by preaching

Q: Sharing deep spiritual experiences with others, yes or no?
A: Write it down. It depends on who you are sharing with. If you are talking to a wall, it’s of no use. Many people are like that. When I used to have great spiritual experiences, I never used to share. Even with Biba, we never discussed many spiritual experiences. First of all, it takes a level of connection. Secondly, frequency matching is required, and third, the person should be able to understand what we are talking about. Otherwise, it’s better to talk about a film or good music. This is ok, because they will understand. However, you should write your experience down, it is important to write it down. This is because, if at any point in time the mind says that it did not happen, you can always read it. Yes, it happened.
It’s better not to talk to people who are not receptive. They will think that we are trying to prove something to them. They will not understand, they will think that we are eager to prove something and then it will be a very bad situation. Nobody can understand our consciousness, unless they have raised theirs to that level. However always live your present state. When you have inner peace, let it show. Not by talking, but by living.

How is our spiritual growth relevant to past and future generations?

It’s because you took birth in a particular family. There is something called lineage karma, and it runs through generations. It’s like your parents have a property and you inherit it. Your parents have their parents, and they inherited it from them. Like that it goes, it runs through the generations. In some families there has been a lot of richness, probably in the royal families, so they would have accumulated a lot of karmas, both positive and negative, and that also runs through the family lineage. Understand, everything is vibration, various levels of vibration, frequency. This vibration continues. Even our character has a lot of input from society, family, from all the things we have seen and heard. Like that, everything moulds us, everything makes us. When you do good things, there is a disconnection happening in some level, it’s all frequency. When we consistently express compassion, the energy which we create around us and in our family disconnects from some of the negative vibrations that have been coming through the channel.

Mohanji quote - The best method for unhooking... Gratitude


It’s like this: I’m holding her and she wants to go outside. If I don’t let my hand go, it’s not possible for her to go. With my good activity I’m releasing my hand, she is free. So, unhooking is what’s happening, we are unhooking from various levels of vibrations, frequencies. The best method is gratitude. The more gratitude you have for everything behind you and everything ahead of you, the more you will be free. Gratitude has a lot of power. The opposite is hatred. Hatred pulls you down, binds you. Gratitude liberates you. It’s important to have gratitude for everything, even the air we breathe, the food we eat, the environment, everything. That automatically releases you. When you understand the vibrations and when you look at the whole of life as frequency, you will see how it gets disconnected and connected. For example, all the people who are sitting here now have some connection with me, otherwise you would not be listening to me. Or even if you listened, you would not understand. The connection has to happen. When connection happens, everything else is spontaneous.

How to dilute and complete karma

It’s not easy to understand what brought a particular result. That which makes you experience the world is all karma. However, is it what you brought forward, is it from your lineage or is it from time? It’s not easy to understand why you are actually living it. Thus, the best method is being objective at all times. In Sanskrit it’s called Nirvitarka samadhi state. That means, something is happening and you are fully aware that the situation is happening, but at the same time, you accept it as it is. “This is ok”. That means, you do not allow your mind to be ruffled by anything. What normally creates anger or frustration is expectation. The more expectation you have, the more disappointment you also have. This is a vicious circle. So, when you handle life say, “Ok, this situation is happening, let me experience it 100%”. That way everything becomes conclusive, complete. When everything is complete at each point in time, your life is complete also. Otherwise, the mind will be like “this one or that one, did I do it right or wrong”, guilt or anxiety, life goes like that. You cannot prescribe a particular format for this. Life does not have a format. Each person has a particular time of birth and time of death. This moment is the only reality. What happened in the past is finished. We do not know what will happen in the future. So let’s not worry about it. If something good happens – good, if something bad happens – ok, we’ll handle it. If you look at life with that kind of equanimity, life is complete. I like to look at life as a joke. Because the more serious somebody is, the more acts of foolishness they will perform. I meet hundreds of people, I see a lot of very serious people committing a lot of acts of foolishness. However if you are able to laugh at life, then the whole life is laughter.

When all temptations are over, you will reach there

It’s always the case. Look at the transit from your 1st standard to 2nd standard, to the 3rd class. Each time the hurdle is bigger. When you graduate, you have crossed over various hurdles. In the journey, the whole power and protection is given. This is if you are connected to a master, a tradition, a proper method, that gives you protection and power. Secondly, you are transiting from unconscious to conscious. Unconscious is gross. We go about our daily life in a routine manner. It’s almost like an animal’s life. We wake up in the morning, go through the chores of life and then we sleep. There is nothing happening there. Every day and every night, it goes on and on. This is unconscious existence. From there we are trying to achieve conscious existence. So the transition is from gross to subtle. The journey is clear. So, where is the problem? The path is stable, the road is stable, the guru is stable, the method is stable, there is no problem. The problem is in the mind. We are handling a mind which is unstable. It applies to all of us. Nobody can say my mind is absolutely stable, or else they wouldn’t be sitting here. We are talking about an unstable mind, which is trying to be stable. What to expect? Instability. Up and down swings. Some days very high in connection, some days no connection. We have to walk with this reality. There are zero shortcuts. However, if all of the time, you are aware of where you are going and what your destination is, and if you have conviction, then you will reach it. You have perhaps heard this English story. A mother gave some money to her 10 year old child and told him to fetch some bread. The boy went all the way and there were various other shops. He resisted many shops, but there was one sweet shop he couldn’t resist. He spent the money, ate the sweets and came back home without the bread. Mother was not happy. She gave him more money and said “don’t do that again and this time get me bread”. The next time he could not resist the toy shop. He came back with a toy. The mother was definitely not happy, yet gave him more money and again sent him out for bread. The third time he got the bread. This is our state also. We travel, and on the way we see various things, other emergencies come, then we lose the destination, we forget what we need to do. However, again, we go back. Thus, keep the consistency, as this is the way to go. One thing you can be sure of, is that one day you will reach the bread shop. When all the temptations are over, you will reach there. So, I would say it’s worth the walk.

Every guru is valuable, just remove the frame

This is every man’s question, glad you asked it. I am falling in love all the time. She (Biba) doesn’t know. First point: Why did you feel sad about the first guru? The love was there, definitely there was love, however with the love there was conditioning, expectation. The same thing has happened in history also. Some people found out that Paramahamsa Yogananda, one of the greatest teachers the world has ever seen, had children. He was supposed to be a celibate swami. So many people stopped practicing kriya. Paramahamsa Yogananda didn’t lose anything, the people lost. What was the problem? We have created a frame about a particular individual. We should never marry the Guru, only marry the teachings. The trap is expectation. We are binding a person to an expectation. If that person sticks to the expectation that we have, we like him, otherwise we hate him. All these masters are one. There is nothing new I can teach you. What others have said, I am saying. Probably in a different language, using a different style, different expression, method of communication. However, what Lord Krishna said, and later on what Moses and Jesus said, everybody said the same thing. You are that. This is what everybody said. At the end of the day, there is only one message: What you are looking for is already inside you. This is the only message. If you look at all the religions, all the teachings, traditions, ultimately it amounts to “You are that”.
We are experiencing life at every moment. We are experiencing gurus at every moment. We are experiencing places at every moment. Why do we go to a place, or a particular guru, or a particular book? Because it opens up a different dimensioning in us, which was sleeping before. Some of us went to Kailash last year, a long distance, 21000 feet high. People asked, “Are you crazy, why are you going all the way up there? What is there to see, is there a big temple?” I said there is nothing, just a hill, just a mountain. However, the location opens up a dimension in you, which you cannot open up yourself. There is no need to reconnect, you are already connected, with every guru. For example, there are many bricks in this wall, and all these bricks are valuable. If you say these couple of bricks are not needed, maybe the whole wall will collapse. Like that, in our life, every moment, every message, every guru is valuable. However, remove the frame, remove the conditioning from this relationship. Ok, you want to enjoy life – enjoy life, I love your teaching. Then you are free and they are free.

When you love one master, all masters receive love

There was a great master who hardly spoke. He would just sit and meditate. All the people would sit around him in his energy field, they all meditated and got various levels of awakening. One day he wrote on the sand “I will speak tomorrow”. His disciples were excited. The next day, everybody was ready to listen and he said “I am leaving my body, I’m dying”. All these days they had been waiting for some words from him and finally they heard the words, however he said that he was leaving his body. Before he left, he wanted to give all of them the biggest gift any guru could give to any disciple. Everybody was excited. He said “I give you freedom, go. There is nothing bigger than that. I give you freedom. But remember, do whatever you like in life, alcohol, prostitution, anything you like, except, do not sell God. If you sell God, God will not complain. However, you can’t handle the weight of God.” All the gurus are aware of it. That is the real masters, not the ones who sell God. Thus, when you connect to such real masters, there should be no conditions. They will operate in a completely different perspective and frame. This is because they are not bound by conditionings. For them, karma is equal to fulfilment. What is the source of karma? Desire. Why do we have a desire? We have a craving for fulfilment. A strong, unfulfilled desire becomes karma. So, karma has to be fulfilment, right? True masters operate only in that plane, there is nothing else, nothing behind, nothing forward. There is only yes or no, there is no maybe. So, we cannot judge a master. Why this master is operating in that plane, we do not know. For example, Shirdi Sai Baba used to sit and smoke for hours. However if we start smoking because Baba smoked, we will become smokers. We will not become Baba. We had another great master, Shankar Maharaj. His body was deformed. They say he had eight deformities on his body, so he did not look so good. He used to drink alcohol and smoke all the time. He would sit in a corner, people would come to see him and give him alcohol, and he would drink. Again, he never used to teach anybody anything. A lot of people would look at him drinking and sit. Many of them became terribly intoxicated, even though they didn’t touch the alcohol. How do we know he was a great master? Suddenly he would go to some house in the neighbourhood, mostly in the morning hours when the husbands or fathers were not in the house and only women were there. He would say “I need to take a bath, please bathe me”. How could anybody do that? A deformed stranger coming in and saying “Please bathe me”. He understood the dilemma and suddenly became a 2-3 year old child. They would bathe him and then he would again go back to his old form and walk away. So what is the reality here? Is he actually a deformed man or is he a child? Or is it an illusion? The reason I’m telling this story is that do not think that what you see, or recognize, is the truth. What we are trying to do is understand subtle matter with a gross mind. Subtle matter remains subtle, flexible, it can be created, uncreated, however, gross remains the same and our perception remains the same. So, whenever we have a frame we also have pain. What are these frames? Our concepts. Concepts sit in the mind and prevent us from progressing and seeing the truth, reality. The reason I have told all these stories is because everything is here, in our mind. All masters are one. When you love one master, all masters receive the love. There is no barrier there. It’s all one consciousness. Just a bubble which has come out for the sake of expression, and the bubble will die and go. The ocean will remain the same. It’s all in us. I hope you have understood. The main point is to break all the frames and look from the higher perspective. Everything is clear. All the masters are one, taking various forms, but one consciousness. Each form has a duration and a purpose. Once the duration and purpose are finished, they dissolve and another bubble comes. That bubble’s job is the same. Maybe time is different, language is different, expression is different, looks are different, but the point is the same. YOU ARE THAT. One master is every master. Yogananda said “If you consider me as your guru, I am all masters. Everybody is represented in me.” Likewise, every master is represented in every master. So there is nobody higher or lower, it’s all one.

Guru principle, Guru Tattwa

Guru is a principle, not always a human being. The principle can also work through a human being. When there is a disciple, I assume the form of a guru. Otherwise, I am not a guru all the time. When I play with Mila, I am a father. She wouldn’t look at me as a guru. Everything is situational. When the child comes you become the father, when the wife comes you become the husband, when the lover comes you become the lover, when you are going shopping you are a shopper, when you are walking on the street you are a pedestrian. It’s all situational, all of life is situational.

I’ve nothing to give you, I’m empty, I can give you only emptiness

I’ve been talking since 2008, so I decided this is enough, too much talking. I decided to pull out from the public life. Because I started feeling that I’m wasting my time and other people’s time. There was a great master called Vittal Babaji, he left his body last year, and died at the age of 102. He used to consider me like a son, so I had the freedom to ask him a few questions which are not normally asked. He is the one who gave me the title Raja Yogi.

Vittal Babaji and Mohanji
Vittal Babaji and Mohanji

I told him that I needed to talk to him privately. So he sent everybody away and said “Ok, ask, what’s your question?”. I said “I need permission to withdraw from public life”. He asked “Why?”. I said “I have nothing to give to anybody, I don’t know why they are coming to see me. You know, honestly, I am empty. I don’t want to boast or pretend.” So he said “This is exactly what you should give. People are all filled up. Give them emptiness. That is why you are here”. See, this is the truth. The whole of spirituality is about being empty. Gurus appear, gurus fill, gurus take you. However the basic quality a disciple needs to have is emptiness. I shall never forget his words. He said “You give what you have. Don’t try to give what you do not have. Then it is pretension”. The biggest gift you can give in this world today is emptiness. Completely empty, free.

When love connects, there’s beauty in it

When love connects, there is beauty in it. When expectation connects, there is no beauty, it is like a dead body. Once the expectation is finished or not attended to, it dies. However when love connects, there is always a blossom, a flower. There is a swami of my age, that I really love, and he loves me. He is actually celibate and the head of an ashram. He was telling me, “Mohanji, I don’t like to go to Europe. Somebody told the people that I don’t like to eat food.” So I said “Swamiji, why didn’t you tell them that you were hungry?” He said “I told them I was hungry so they gave me some grass. I told them to give it to the cow and to give me some bread”. Then the lady of the house said “Swamiji, you eat bread?”. Then he said “When is the next flight, I’m going back”. Another thing he said was that it was very cold, it was winter time and there was one only a mat on the ground for him to sleep on. He was shivering in the cold, it was not good enough. Somehow he managed until morning, he sat and meditated and finished the night. Then they came and asked “Swamiji, did you sleep well?” and he said “Yes, yes, I have never meditated like this in my life”. They said “Swamiji, but in your ashram we slept like this”. Then he said “Yes, but that’s a tropical country, there is no cold like here”. So, my question was “Swamiji, why don’t you come to Europe?” and he said “No, no, no, I had one experience and that’s enough”. The point is that the concepts are the problem. Somebody said that this man doesn’t eat food, maybe just raw food, and that he sleeps in a modest way. However, that is in his house, in his climate. So I told Swamiji, “One thing I have learned in all my travel is that the most precious thing that we hardly get is common sense. So if you find somebody with common sense you’re very happy”. There are a lot of people with excellent education, good knowledge, who are very great speakers, but…

Free yourself from yourself

Have you ever thought why certain things stay with us, why they are not leaving us? Actually speaking we are suffocated with this baggage. We are tired of it. However, something in us does not allow us to leave it. That is the ego. Ego creates fear. Ego creates such fear that if you lose it what will happen to you? This is because it will create a situation where you will feel an abnormality. So freedom is actually freedom from yourself. When you are free from yourself, you are free from the whole situation around you. Spiritual powers are spontaneous. They are automatic. They happen to you when you are empty. You don’t need to go searching for them. Inner peace is the same. Emptiness is the same. Your effort is in letting go.

Mohanji quote - The basic quality the disciple needs to have


Transcribed by Tamara Bobic
Edited by Caroline Moscato

Interview with Mohanji in “Wide Angle”, part 2

The interview with Mohanji in New York, on ITV in the programme “Wide Angle”, part 2

Ashok Vyas: Namaskaar. It is difficult to comprehend the experiences which have been a part of the fabric of Mohanji’s life – staying 5-6 days in each continent, on the move always, traveling all across the world through places like the Vasishta cave, the Himalayas, meeting spiritual beings, doing sincere explorations and experiments. And as he mentioned, it is ultimately You who is your own guru. Most people however are lazy in making such attempts at inner exploration and their curiosity provokes questions. For instance, recently someone, feeling that your eyes were shaivic, asked: “Are you Shiva?” And you said – “Yes, I am Shiva” Was your reply in full seriousness or was this a spur-of-the-moment response?

Mohanji: (smiling) Yes, I am actually Shiva and you are Shiva as well, the only difference may be your lack of awareness.
You have the choice to be either “shava” (totally unconscious) or “Shiva” (fully conscious). Shiva is according to me, not an individual but a state – the state of being so fully conscious and so fully aware, that not even a drop of blood passes through your veins without your awareness of it.
Not just your words or activities, but your presence itself must be transforming. You can teach anything but if your presence is not transforming, it is not worth it. There are many powerful saints sitting in the Himalayas who do not come out in the open, since they want to be away from distractions, contamination etc. But there is also no division amongst them – they will never tell you not to go to this or that saint, or not to follow this or that – but only to aim for the highest attainable (even Kailash if you can), and never stop anywhere in the middle.
So when I said that I was Shiva, I meant it. Why not? Do you know, you are the same as well – are you aware of it? If you are not, become aware of it – not in an intellectual way but experientially. Be an experiential spiritualist, not a theoretical one. Theory is very easy, and too much of knowledge makes your brain obese. (laughter) Intellectual obesity is more difficult to handle than physical obesity.

A: ‘Kailash with Mohanji’ is another book, a travelogue compiled by those who traveled with Mohanji to Kailash.

M: It is not a book authored by me but one compiled and published by fellow travelers, who shared experiences of their personal quests on this journey. Kailash is not easy. Dolma pass is at an altitude of about 19,000 ft with 30% oxygen and it’s a real ordeal. We went last year (2014) via Kathmandu.

A: Mohanji, you are immersed in such bliss, then why do you come back and interact with people, sitting here in this studio in New York? When you are in your travels in a hundred countries, do the low consciousness levels of people and their level of questioning bother you? Why did you make this choice? Also, how has your experience with siddhis been?

M: Siddhis are spontaneous – just like when you become a CEO and all associated perks come to you without any negotiations. When you evolve spiritually, siddhis just happen, but the trap is that sometimes one can get too fascinated with the siddhis. A small example – I might like to know what you, Ashok, are going to do in the next hour after I leave the studio. I could use my power or siddhi to divine that, but it can become a trap for me in the future. Hence it is important to completely ignore all siddhis until you become one with God. This is what sage Patanjali says as well – whenever a siddhi happens, leave it and move on. In my communions with Babaji, I was told about this trap and started ignoring siddhis from that time on.

I started teaching the meditation(s) in 2008, first in Dubai. It spread around the world by itself – I did not do anything specific for it. The meditation has been translated into many languages, by people of their own accord when they experienced transformation – and not at my bidding. We never canvas people. When people come by themselves, they are really sent by masters. If you canvas, then people show up just out of curiosity, and receive nothing. If someone comes with a full cup, what can you give? The strength of a seeker is their emptiness. Only when someone comes to you with an empty glass can you fill it up! And that is happening – a lot of people are coming- genuine seekers wanting to take the next step and evolve.

Mohanji quote - Make one decision Garbage is not my business

In the path of Shiva, the Nath tradition, there is no ritual, not even a meditation. What meditation was Shirdi Sai Baba teaching? The Master delivers everything, provided the disciple is eligible. The eligibility is emptiness. All you need to do is keep the inner space clean- through thought, word, action, non-violence and selflessness. I only speak of two things: purity and faith. Keep the inner space pure through continuous observation, witness-hood, selfless action and nonviolence in thought, word and action. Then the space stays clean; the rest is the Guru’s job.

AV: Ego obstructs our growth too. To overcome ego, one way is seva. Mohanji Foundation is active in various parts of the world. Share with us how this foundation came into being. Does your background as general manager help the organization in the seva activities?

M: I believe that everyone has great potential. So in most countries, for instance in the USA where ACT foundation is registered, people come together, express their deepest qualities and take things forward. The service or seva work first started with Ammucare, formed in India in 2003, with several activities including the distribution of blankets during winters when many people die from cold. This work has been happening every year in eighteen cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Haridwar and regions of Jammu, Punjab and Uttarakhand.
Initially, we used to announce that blankets were available for distribution, and people would line up to receive them. But these days in order to make sure blankets actually reach the needy and eligible, we have five or six students drive out into the night, to railway stations and streets, to find the needy and cover them with blankets. So we look for practical and realistic solutions. In South Africa, we are currently propagating vibrionics, a treatment based on the vibration of the body, that is effective and offered free of cost. We empower people- those of lower socioeconomic status- by training them to administer medicines. In the US, programs serve food to the homeless, in the UK there is Food Seva, and food is also being sent to the homeless and itinerants in the Balkan states.

Ammucare has been working in Uttarakhand, especially in the aftermath of the flash floods and extensive destruction there. I happened to be present during that time: we were in Joshimath on the way to Badrinath. Rain was heavy, and traveling on road, we watched a huge boulder roll down the mountain. I casually observed that the water current must easily have been 300 hp in power. It did turn out that it was the result of a cloudburst, and the sheer force had washed away a 100m road from Govindghat. I had an invitation to visit ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) camp because a person practicing our meditations had requested me to bless those soldiers if we were to pass that way. After entering the camp and having food, people informed us that we could not travel further – the road was gone. “Could we then go south and turn back,” we asked, and they said no, there had been 500 landslides that way. So we were stranded for five days in that camp. And though we hadn’t carried sufficient cash, we bought food to serve the refugees with whatever we had. Many rescued people were coming in, even at 8000 ft altitude. Kedarnath is at 12000 ft where everything had been washed away – only the temple remained. The casualty statistics were unavailable since no logs are kept about movement of people in that heavy traffic. There were at least 4000 registered horses and horsemen in Kedarnath alone, what about them – they must have all gone. This is just to give you an idea of the size of the devastation. People rescued from Govindghat were streaming into Joshi Math area; many of them had lost all their relatives, vehicles and belongings. We were able to serve food to them at least a few times with our limited resources. Getting hold of money was a challenge because of the blocked roads. Only when the roads became reasonably open, were we able to come down. I was asked if I wanted to go by helicopter but I refused requesting that the old and sick be sent first, followed by women and children. They had marked me as a VIP because they knew me, but I told them that my preference was to stay and let the others go instead. The sorties were happening with the helicopters carrying people.

We came down to Haridwar and Rishikesh later on, where a few people told me that all aid efforts were being directed to tourist areas where the roads were refurbished. But the villages did not receive any aid. So Ammucare is now focusing on the villages and we are adopting them since nothing reached there. One mail from our crew recently mentioned that the villages could not be entered because of the stench of rotting corpses. Our efforts are focused on adopting villages, and taking care of necessities. Three truckloads have gone from Delhi – our boys and girls are doing a lot of work there.

AV: When you sit in meditation, do you talk to higher beings to find out why it is that people who are apparently so innocent, are taken away?

M: Everything is related to the path of destiny, but that is easily said. First, the irreverence, second the insensitive government. If you go the Himalayas today (and I have been visiting there almost every year since 2000), you will see a lot of rafting /camping type of activities. Earlier it was a sacred place known as the Valley of Gods, but today it is a valley of tourists. There is no bhaav, feeling, surrender or devotion. It is just a picnicking spot with people shouting and screaming.
God doesn’t need anything from anybody. No true master needs anything from anybody, they are self-sufficient. Are you after sensations or are you after God? If you are after God, you go to these places for being in oneness with God. What you experience is shanthi – silence within. God is in silence. If you shout and scream and elbow others in activity mode, are you going to get silence at all? The bhaav feeling is negligible these days.

Mohanji 1
A guru may guide you to Tat Tvam Asi (You are that), but it is up to you to realise that.


Secondly, if those in charge of governing are looking to preserve the area, they definitely need to do much, much more. Or are they, in more likelihood, looking for profits? Sixteen new dams are coming up in the Himalayan belt, which being a geologically younger and hence taller mountain range, breaks more easily with consolidation of water mass. The dams are the reason why you see many more landslides happening today.

In contrast, in the USA there is awareness and emphasis on environmental conservation. The flash floods wiped away all campsites off Vasishta cave. Around 1956, the Ganga had risen up close to the cave’s edge but had not entered inside. The Ganga acted furiously now and after 60 years, actually entered the Vasishta cave and deposited mud inside. Swami Chaitanyananda, an 82-year old saint living there, told me he had never seen such devastation ever in his lifetime. The room where we stayed had 7 feet of mud deposition, so you can imagine how much the Ganga must have risen in two days. It’s nature fighting back, but many people suffered in the bargain, my estimate being 20-50,000 deaths. Statistics are not available, so we have to estimate on the basis of available numbers of pilgrims and those reported missing. And this number does not even account for the villages.
What if we had gone to Govindghat instead of Badrinath, where most of the devastation happened? Why did we halt at ITVP in Joshimath? While travelling, passengers in the car saw a boulder coming down the hillside. I told them not to talk to the driver and asked him to keep driving – the boulder passed down behind our car. If it had hit us, we would have all perished for sure. Those with deep faith and surrender are rescued. It’s a clear sign that divinity works in its own way. It’s all grace – grace is available, provided you are eligible or able to create eligibility. Eligibility is simple surrender or deep bhakti, sincere, not transactional. Most bhakti these days is transactional- going to the temple has become like going to the supermarket and this does not interest God in the least. Lord Krishna said – if you offer just a leaf or a flower to me, I will be happy, but remember, even that belongs to me anyway (smile).

AV : In order to connect to the Omnipresent, we in turn need someone connected to it, and a purity of mind, with deep longing, love or intensity. Words fail to picture that moment when a person becomes one with that One. The way that Oneness manifests in Mohanji is amazing and inspiring, turning disbelievers into believers – and really, into belief in themselves. Mohanji says your guru is within you and becomes available when you surrender. To conclude this conversation, I would like to again mention the two books “Power of Purity” and “Journey to Kailash”. In addition, mohanji.org has free downloadable guided meditations available as well as other information.
A final question, we hear that japa is important and that some scriptures may also help in streamlining our minds to the right rhythm.

M: These days, pace of life is much faster than say 20-30 years ago, when people had more space and time. Time seems to fly – days into nights and months gone seemingly in a flash. In today’s pace, sitting down and meditating is sometimes difficult, unless it becomes your inherent nature. When manana turns into dhyana, you find yourself already in meditation. So it is important to understand and to feel who you are. A guru may guide you to Tat Tvam Asi (You are that). But it is up to you to put efforts to realise that.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava