Move like Water, not like a Rock Block

Weekend Programme with Mohanji ‘Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015; day 1, part 2

Q: I know my gut feeling points me in the right direction. But at the same time, emotions create karma. How to feel intuition without creating attachment and karma?

A: The root cause of disappointment, disagreement or anger is expectation. Breathe through pain and difficulties. When you breathe through emotions, as if they are vapour, they come and go, they never stay. No emotion stays for a long time. When emotions are not there, expectation is also not there. When you are floating through life like that, which means things are happening, everything is an experience. In that mode, no karma is created.
Imagine you put a coin on your hand and press it. Emotion is pressure and subconscious is like your hand- the more intense the emotion, the deeper the impression. So if you handle emotions without much pressure (“Emotions are coming, ok, let them come and go”) then you have seen through them and let them go. There will be no impressions on the subconscious. Whenever we store anger, hatred, emotions, judgement, criticism, pressure is created. The bigger the pressure, the bigger the storage. If you are just going through feeling life as it is, you become light like a bird.
Q: What about good emotions?
A: Emotions are emotions. You experience both because when there is good, there is also bad. Both are ok. Life is always duality, two things. Sometimes we are in a very good mood. Sometimes we are not so good, without any reason. This is how it is.

One of the best and most reliable ways to release mental blockages is to connect to the sky.

One of the best and most reliable ways to release mental blockages is to connect to the sky.

When you connect to the sky, you expand. That is your actual state of your heart. When you empty yourself, you feel like a child. We feel weight because of our ‘adulthood’ feeling. Children do not have concepts, conditioning or cages.
When we are open, so many things happen in life. But mostly, mind is so closed with prejudices that nobody can help you.

Q: How is it possible to stay light as a child when we have a job, family, etc.
A: Be Mohanji. Haha.
(laughter in the audience)
I tell people to meditate on children, not gurus or masters. Because sometimes these masters express a particular character or constitution. But children are always in the present, spontaneous, energetic. Once masters are completely liberated, they are just like little children. So just go with the flow. Whatever happens in life has a history. If you think, “I have decided to come here, Mohanji is coming…” there is a deeper root for it. Something else from another life or from the past brought you here. Just accept it as it comes, do what you can at that point in time, decide your mind is present with all that activity then most of the anxiety will go. Mind hovering in the past or future creates guilt and drains energy. The main thing about Conscious Walking is that you are in the present. That is why it energises you so much.
Sorrows are low frequency. Happiness is high frequency and needs effort. It is easy to catch sorrows since no effort is required. You say, “I am suffering because of this person, situation, etc.” and just become low frequency- consuming alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. If anybody continuously operates in high frequency, do not leave that person. It helps you come up. Many people who keep crying and complaining have low frequency. You can try to help them, but if you cannot, what do you do:

Satsangatve Nissangatvam
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam
Nirmohatvam Nishchalattvam
Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih

Satsanghatve Nissangatvam. If you are in good company, it elevates you and you learn to detach. Detachment is not escapism; it means you are free whether a thing, person or situation is available or not. Such a person will learn not to have more desires (Nissangatve Nirmohatvam). When there are no more desires, the mind is absolutely still, like calm water (Nirmoatvam Nishchalattvam). Then you are liberated (Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih).

We mostly gravitate towards people who say that things are not right. People say, we cannot do these 15 things. I say, tell me one thing you can do and start talking from there. Often when you talk with accountants or lawyers, they will tell you so many things you cannot do. While it’s good to know what you can’t do, a liberated or positive person will ask, “What else can I do?”

Q: How to give to the earth more than we receive? Mohanji quote - Be wealth to the world

A: It simply means understand your strength and share it. Maybe your strength is knowledge, money, love or time. The more you share, the richer you become inside. Most people think when I say do something for the world: “Oh I don’t have a lot of money.” It’s a misconception. I have seen many wealthy people who are insecure or poor in heart, worried about hoarding their wealth.
Some feel they can buy everything with money. I had an experience where somebody tried to buy me also. A man with few Rolls Royces invited me home saying, “I would like to discuss a business proposal with you. These are my buildings and offices, you have worked before, so you can be our consultant and run this company, and if you want to give me some profit, you can. But all your programmes should be under my company.” He wanted to claim me as one of his business establishments. So I said, “I am not for sale, neither is my spirituality.” He told me, “Denying my offer is foolishness.” I said, “I understand, but I prefer to be a fool here.”
Nobody can say, “I have nothing to give to the world.” Everybody has something in abundance. If nothing else, at least time. If you share what you have with the world, the inner richness will increase and cleanse you. The space will be full of happiness and richness. For that you need only one question, “What else can I do today?” The moment you ask that question, you are fine, you are on the right track.

Q: What is the purpose of life?

A: Whatever you are doing now is the purpose of life. You were born at a particular time, you will die at a particular time, not a day earlier or later. What you experience at the age of 50 cannot be experienced at the age of 5; all experiences are laid on time. At every moment, a new situation or reality will come up. Experiencing life is everybody’s purpose of existence. This is why we say live and let live. Because all the beings on earth have the same purpose.

Q: There are other people who have tragedies and they are not enlightened. How come you became enlightened? What can we practically do to be as close as possible every day to someone who is enlightened?

A: This is a fundamental question. Certain questions like this come from the soul, aiming at fundamental shifts; otherwise most come from the mind. How do you perpetually connect to the consciousness?
The scriptures talk about many different ways and subdivisions of connection. There are numerous ways you can connect, but what suits you is good for you. Some people can connect through service. When you serve the beings around you, you serve God. Some people connect through learning because they are intellectuals. Some people connect through feeling, chanting, connecting in an emotional way (which becomes devotion).
The secret of perpetual connection is lack of ego. When ’I’ stops existing, God exists and takes over. The ‘me’ and ‘Him’ factors are the distance.


Hence one of the greatest devotees in history is Hanumanji. He was supremely powerful. He told his master, Lord Ram, by this body and this mind I am your servant but soul-wise, we are one. The moment I realise you, I’ll stop serving you because we are one. Let me stay in this body so that I can serve you. So the absolute awareness of a devotee about his master or his object of worship can be achieved when you surrender completely. Surrender happens in two ways. We become so helpless that we say, “Please God, help me.” That is the lowest level because you can’t do anything, you are completely drained and you are asking for help. The other one is perpetual awareness. You are aware that you are just like a small ant in this world and this world is like an ant in this universe. Once you understand the insignificance of existence, you realise the whole show is run by an omnipresent God.
People ask me, “How can I stay connected to you?” The presence of mind is the connection. If your mind is with me, you are connected with me. Even if your body is with me, you are not connected to me if your mind is elsewhere.
So knowledge path, devotion path, service path are the three powerful paths. A more powerful path of connection is the path of annihilation. Knowledge, devotion and service are all gains in some way. Annihilation means you lose all your identification and just merge with the supreme unmanifested God. No signs, no manifestation. This is called the Golden path, raja yoga, the royal path. In royal path, there is no other aim, just liberation. Whatever you do every day, it takes you one step forward to liberation. The fundamental tenet of that path is things are happening; there is no ‘doing’, only ‘being’. You say, “God, use me for the higher purpose. I do not exist, only you do.” Even Shirdi Sai Baba used to say everybody is owned by the same God, there is no difference.

I do not exist. Only You exist, my Lord.
I do not exist. Only You exist, my Lord.

Q: I wake up in the morning, I exercise, cook lunch, take care of the children, do my job, I do what I love to do so I know that’s the way to God. Is there any other way to go in the right direction?

A: In this whole talk there is I, I, I… This ego element is exactly the wall between you and God. The moment YOU do, you can’t be connected to God. If ‘I’ is not there, then you are connected to the supreme consciousness. It is not ’I’ do, but ‘IT IS HAPPENING through me.’ When it is a flow, all these things are happening, and you are doing your best without ownership.
If everything is ‘I do, I do…’ then God says, “Ok, you do.” How much can you do? Allow it to happen. Mind, emotion, ego, intellect and intellectual analysis together make a big wall alienating you from reality.
Spirituality is not a daily practice; it is your life. The key teacher anybody can have is life. Life teaches you lessons like nobody’s business. Life is the only platform where you can work. In that platform, how are you managing? We can either move like water or like a solid block. 

Saint John
Saint John

Elevated masters like Prophet John (Jovan) never cared. He said, “If you want to take my head, take it. If it makes you happy, I have no problem.” He was completely detached. That is the state of an avadhoota, a very high master.
A normal person in the physical world has to exist with his family and other activities. For him, the best and the most spiritual way is to be fluid, just flow through life like a water on the leaf of lotus. Water never gets connected to the lotus, but stays fully intact.
There are two reasons why you have taken birth. One is expression- to express your unique beingness to the world outside. That is why your thumb impression and eyes are unique to you. Second is experience – to experience the earth, using your mind, senses and constitution.
You are expressing your character to the world, you are experiencing the world. You can do this in two ways- either react or respond. Reaction means resistance i.e. non-acceptance. Response means being peaceful with every situation, whether good or bad. If you are consistently responding, the whole world will love you. If you are consistently reacting, the whole world will detach from you. I am making is extremely simple, like baby food so that you have a complete picture. In that picture, I don’t have to tell you how to go.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava

Crossing Over

Weekend Programme with Mohanji ‘Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015; day 1, part 1


Forgiveness vs. letting go

Q: How to forgive the near and dear ones, e.g. my mother who is a wonderful person but has always rejected me?

A: Why do you have to forgive?
Q: I have some resentment and sometimes tears come back.
A: Where is the forgiveness coming from? What is there to forgive? And who are you to forgive?
Q: To rephrase the question, how can I relieve myself from this situation?
A: That is the right way. I asked this just to open your mind to this idea. There is a meditation of forgiveness, just a play of mind. In Buddhism, there is a method to visualise a person who you do not like or have a problem with, and when the face comes in front, wipe it with your hand. It will come back again and again. After some time if you do it, you will not even remember the face of the person. This is a psychological thing.
But I would say this is all manipulating our mind. The mind says we must forgive this person. There is a bit of ego element in it – me forgiving somebody. I never recommend that because you are giving some food to the ego. Instead, the most powerful thing is to let go. Then mind is used less. Forgiveness is unreal, just a play of the mind. Letting go is real. Just let go, ok, allow it to happen. When children play pranks or do things that you don’t like, you tell them this is not good, but again you allow them to be themselves. If you continuously let go, there will be nothing stored inside. Whether it is good or bad, keep letting go. Let it happen. Then you will start accepting things. When there is acceptance, there is no need for forgiveness. We will accept everybody as they are because we cannot change them.
But we can change ourselves by letting go. If you do not give much energy to the mind or ego, you will be humble and that will bring a change in the other person. When you are very humble, it will have a powerful effect in the world. When you resist or react, the opposition stays equally powerful. When you love and let go, everything melts. Everything that happened last minute should be forgotten so that we are always like a fresh baby. And if you live like that, life is so easy. This is spiritual life. Just be.

Q: I read about this, but how to apply it, e.g. if somebody attacks you, you cannot meditate and do yoga in the street?

A: You read things, meditated and are doing all these things outside of you. How do you take this inside you? We are always in the doing mode. Information is collected like consuming food- you may eat a lot of food, but if your stomach cannot digest it, it’s absolutely useless. “I’ve collected all this information, give me something new.” You collect that too. Consuming a lot of food causes physical obesity, collection a lot of emotions gives emotional obesity and collecting a lot of information which we cannot use gives intellectual obesity. It makes you rigid and inflexible. If you take one decision right now, “I will give much more to the earth than I take from it,” life will change. It is not spirituality, just practical life. We are collectors- collecting so much information, food, materials from the earth. Whatever you collect intellectually goes to the grave when you die. It’s all wasted here. On the other hand, when you consume little food and digest it, gradually there will be a huge transformation inside.
I normally tell people two things. One is whatever you speak, make sure your mind is completely there. No absent-minded talking. Secondly, whatever action you do, make sure your mind is present. Just be mindful with your words and action. Eventually you will also be conscious of your thoughts. You will know how the thoughts are flowing through your mind. It will preserve your energy because you are within your aura field. It makes you really powerful and shifts you from dependency on other things, people, materials, places, information… They are all outside of you. And if they are complementary to our life, it’s ok. If they are not complementing to your life, you do not need it. So, the food is in the kitchen. Unless it comes to the table, we can’t use it. Likewise there is a lot of information, materials, places, people but they are not useful for us unless we experience them.
Awareness is a continuous, everyday process. I do not recommend meditation to everybody because meditation sometimes becomes mechanical and thus useless. Some people say, “I meditated long hours” then I know there is a problem at home otherwise you don’t meditate like that – you don’t want to talk to anybody so you sit in some quiet corner.
So a few words, a few actions but with awareness, will fundamentally transform you from inside. And you look at the world like a movie, a feature film. You will see every activity. After some time you will see the essence of the activity. Like now I am talking to you. First you hear the words. Then there is an unseen energy transferred through the words which you will start catching. E.g. the wind is blowing. You feel the wind blowing on your body and also start feeling its energy. You will slowly spontaneously shift into the energy field. Then you start understanding the realities because what we see, hear and sometimes experience is not the truth. There is something beyond it. There is a huge masterplan behind visiting this place now. All of these people came together. We often fail to see it because we do not experience things in the energy plane but after some time you will see only the blueprint, energy. And you will say, “Oh, this is how it’s happening.”

There are states of samadhi. Samadhi means still mind. First is you have a question and you must have an answer. Once you have the answer, your mind is still. Later, you have a question and you know there is an answer, even if the answer doesn’t come, your mind is still. Like that, evolution happens in stages and you will feel your body as a big peaceful organism like a universe. After that, even if you do not feel your body, you are still peaceful.
So these are stages and the beginning is to be always conscious about your words and actions. Awareness is being conscious of your consciousness. And this is the medicine for all of the questions. It is actually being conscious about your life, your talking, moving of your hands… everything. Soon you will start hugging you, embracing you.
Once you arrive in these states and look outside, there is nothing except you. You will stop seeing different faces. You can’t see anything except you. All different expressions of you and different flavours, sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, sour… it’s all you. This is the truth, all these are expressions- be it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Allah- are one consciousness.

Krishna Buddha Jesus Allah
All these are expressions – be it Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah – of one consciousness

There is no difference between you and me, except physical. Because we are all one consciousness, each of us chose a different set of experiences, so there are different bodies.
We are two pedestrians. When you ask a question, I give an answer, I play a role of a teacher. When I ask a question and you answer, then you play a role of a teacher. It’s all roleplay, all relative. When you look at this larger picture, there will be only love. There is nothing else. Just love will be overflowing because it’s all ‘me’. Hence I always say before any spiritual activity, first and foremost is, “Who am I?” Am I this person asking for information, am I this person asking for food? Keep asking this question. The more you ask this question and explore yourself, the more amazed you will be with information that comes from within. It will be much more real than any external information.
I’ll tell you a story.


The point is we can never underestimate anybody. We can never say somebody is higher or lower. All are the same.

There was a great, powerful saint, who had seen god. One very illiterate man asked him, “Can I serve you?” This man accompanied the saint and served him. Once he asked the saint, “You always talk about God. How does God look like?” The saint answered, “You won’t understand it. Don’t ask.” He asked again, “How do you see God? How does God look like?” Again the saint answered, “Don’t ask such questions, you haven’t learnt anything, you wouldn’t understand.” This went on for some time and finally the saint got fed up. Then he said, “Do you see that buffalo? That is how God looks like.” The man was surprised, “Oh, that is God!” They went on further. One day they were walking along a very narrow street. The man was carrying a rope in his hand. The saint passed through the way and this man got stuck. The saint asked, “Why are you not following me?” He said, “I can cross, but God cannot cross.” (laughter) So the saint asked, “Where is God?” “Behind me, the buffalo.” And he was pulling and pulling but it couldn’t come through this narrow way. Than the saint realised that this man has actually realised God. And that he is much more advanced than him.
The saint was egoistic but the man following him wasn’t. When we have nothing inside, the whole energy fills in. God is everywhere but we will experience God within us in our capacity. This saint was joking when he said the buffalo is God. But the man who was following him realised God in that form.

God is every form, but we connect to the supreme differently. The best way is by connecting to yourself, by being aware of your activities and words and always being present. This is the most practical thing I can give you.
Unfortunately spiritual world is full of rituals now. I doubt whether rituals can take you to higher dimension unless you are actually involved and experiencing it.
Being spiritual means being natural and thus absolutely powerful. You are neither less nor more than anybody. You are absolutely perfect the way you created yourself. This shaking hands with yourself is very important. Once you are clear and connected to yourself, you will let go of everything. Because you have nothing to store. The ego element will be very low and the humility will be very high.

Mohanji 9
The moment you start connecting beyond the physical form, beyond expressions and words- that moment you start connecting to the truth. That is why you should feel, not look.


Mirrors on the road

Q: How many real mirrors do we have on the road, like you?

A: Many. Anybody who crossed over becomes a mirror. When you have nothing to do with the world, you are the mirror. Some people choose to leave the world. But some people stay on just to reflect you to you.
When we say, “I am so-and-so,” we are talking about the egoistic us. It is identification. Second is when we pretend that we are somebody when we aren’t in reality but start believing in it. It is pretension.

A Story of Atmananda

There was Atmananda, a wandering monk with many followers but he didn’t give the status of a disciple to anybody. Some people stayed on for some time, some people came and left. After some time the number of people increased. He never used to sit down and teach things. He would just live and people connected to his consciousness and became flexible. The more flexible you are in the world, the more spiritual you are. This was exactly the message he was giving to the world. He was sitting among many people following him, and whatever little food comes to him, they would share and eat. So everything is related to what is available. Even when Jesus would walk, sometimes there was no food, and otherwise when there was food, everybody shared it.
One day Atmananda was walking along the street with about 10-15 people. Suddenly he turned to one man in the group. He said, “Go to that alcohol shop and have your drinks.” The follower panicked, “Swami, what are you saying? I don’t need any alcohol.” He said, “You need alcohol. I don’t. Unless you go you cannot follow me.” He went to the shop and others started walking. He never stopped anywhere. Another follower asked him, “Why did you send this guy to the alcohol shop?” Atmananda replied, “He follows me, but thinks about alcohol all the time. He can get nothing from me. If he does not love to follow me, or he is not connected to my consciousness, it’s an absolute waste of time. You should finish what you are supposed to finish and then come. By the time it will be ok.”

Many people in the spiritual world are like that. They follow somebody just for something, but their mind is elsewhere on other things. Hence so many people are not evolving. They just shift from one guru or path to the other but do not progress because there is no clear intention. Spirituality should never be a pastime. It should be a part of your existence.
So there are numerous mirrors, but sometimes we do not see them. E.g. what does a person see when they look at me? Physical form, the way I talk, the way I respond; but how many actually see the consciousness where I am operating from, where I am coming from? The moment you start connecting beyond the physical form, beyond expressions and words- that moment you start connecting to the truth. That is why you should feel, not look. Feeling reveals truth, looking reveals differences. There are many mirrors, but some are not even interacting with the society. Once I met a kriya yogi, who was learning from a master a technique for not having to breathe so that he could reach his Guru.
Liberation is very simple. How much are you contributing to the world, makes your liberation. You can be giving not only money; it can be your time, love, energy, whatever. If you continuously contribute to the world, you start feeling liberation because selflessness establishes itself.
Whenever people talk about my Guru, his Guru, etc. I feel like laughing. Because that is all one Guru, numerous expressions. You connect to what you like and nobody can object to it. What you are actually connecting to is yourself through that mirror.


Q: I am interested in the notion of acceptance. But there are some things I refuse to accept.

A: There is a saying, “Whatever you experience from the world is part of you.” Rejection/ non-acceptance of something is sitting inside you. This is exactly you need to introspect. Acceptance is a spontaneous thing. When you have nothing to do with something, you accept it. When you have something to do with something, then you have conditions. If you accept yourself 100%, the whole world will accept you. You should never judge yourself or others because we do not know why a person behaves in a particular way. So stop judging yourself. Don’t criticise yourself, don’t compare yourself with others.
E.g. sometimes you feel you made a mistake. So what? Accept the mistakes. Accept everything. Then you will say, ok, I fell down, tomorrow I may walk further. So everything is relative. There is nothing which will pull you down except yourself, except your mind. Please understand it is you who is creating your every day. All the teachers, masters are reflecting you like a mirror- “Look here, this is the real you.” Not ‘you’ that you see in the mirror, who you think you are or what others say.
Finally, stop expecting things from yourself. Whatever you can deliver, accept it that way, “This is my capacity.” I am not saying not to do anything. Do your best and accept that. Maybe I or another person will say this is not good enough. That is not your problem. It is their opinion.
So acceptance is spontaneous when you do not except, judge, criticise, compare. Then you understand you are a total universe. You are everything. The whole universe is based on you. Minus you there is no universe. Because you are creating your own universe. I’ll tell you a story about the universe you create.

A Story of the universe you create

Shiva-Parvati-Ganesha-and-Subramanya-Ganesha-FamilySaints gave a very tasty fruit to Lord Shiva. Shiva decided to give it to his sons, Lord Ganesh and Lord Subramanya.
So Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati are sitting and he called Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya. He said, “Whoever goes around the universe three times and comes back here first, will have this fruit.” Lord Subramanya immediately climbed his peacock and started travelling around the universe. Lord Ganesha went around his mother and father three times and said, “You are my universe.” So he was given the prize. When Lord Subramaya actually travelled around the universe three times and came back, fruit had already been consumed.
This shows your universe depends on who you are. What does that say? Never judge, criticise, compare, or underestimate anybody. Acceptance happens. This is why I’m saying use this day to connect to yourself. When you are in my energy field, it’s a different energy. Use this energy to go inside. Connect to yourself and you will realise you and I are one. Otherwise ego will always say there is a difference.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava

Children of Mother Earth

Weekend Programme ’Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015, Day 2, part 3



Q: How can we give children unconditional love without spoiling them?

A: You give nothing to children. Children have their intelligence. Do not think they are raw and you need to make it processed food. If you just lead your life the way you want your children to lead it, that’s enough. If you consistently express peacefulness with every situation, children automatically follow it.

The problem is when we are trying to teach children, and most of the time we are teaching them what we cannot do ourselves. For example, I could not become a doctor, so I’ll make my child a doctor. Thus we twist and bend, move up and down, and we create a doctor. And he is never happy. This is why we have too many old-age homes now. Children put their parents into old-age homes because their parents manipulated them when they were young. There are a lot of factors involved in this, but insecurity plays a major role. Most of the time, if you look at the whole of society, it wants to create people in frames. Parents say learn this, become independent and earn money. They are constantly under pressure. You can see that stress in society – the stress of trying to prove something. What is the core of success? How can you be successful? If you are perfect in what you do, you are successful. Who are the people we remember or have recognised? The original people. Only those people have delivered something to the Earth. Look at the rest of the seven billion people. Just one of the bricks in the wall. What do they contribute to the world instead of taking from it? So we definitely have to nurture the individuality of children. Everybody is coming with a spark, then with education we destroy it, and make another brick to put in the wall and we are happy. Individuality is compromised. When I was at school I was not considered a bright student, and even sometimes considered a retarded child. A teacher told my mother, “Take him to another school because he cannot cope with the education here.“ Actually I was saved by my grandfather who was a great visionary. My mother told him, “This boy cannot cope with education,“ It was 1st or 2nd class. Do you know how they assessed that I was retarded? The teacher asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up?“ I had no plan to grow up. I don’t consider myself grown up even now. It’s a state of mind. You can always remain a child and play with life. So I wrote, “I would like to be alone.“ The teacher freaked out. What do children usually write? A policeman, a pilot, a fireman, a doctor… Once you write that your coffin is sealed. My grandfather said, “One day you’ll be proud of him.“ I am 100% sure my parents never believed it, because I never walked the beaten path. I always tried something new and I was never on a regular track all the time. People asked me why I was always changing tracks. It’s because when you see all of life as a roleplay, that you are acting your part, then if you understand that, there is no seriousness in anything. I experienced this at various points in time. I learned a lot of things myself, nobody taught me to ride a motorcycle, to drive a car… I was just experimenting and it worked. The same with spirituality. I wanted to have a proper Guru who has seen light, and who could take me there, not a teacher who would say read this book, and you will reach somewhere. In 2000 I went to the Himalayas and when I reached there it was like great freedom. Nobody asked me who I was, how much money I had in my pocket or in the bank, where I was from, where I was going. No questions. You are accepted as you are. I met a spiritual mother and asked, “Can you guide me?“ She said, “I am your mother, not your teacher.“ I asked, “Where is my teacher?“ She said, “Divine will show you the way.“ What does that mean at a normal level? It’s even more confusing. So where to look, what to see? Then I was meditating in the Vasishta cave one day. I was feeling different energies and it was becoming more and more crazy. I went into some kind of blank state. That’s interesting. You are constantly being told who you are and then you reach a state where you don’t know who you are. This is nice. Many times I experimented with this in various locations. Meditating in the desert, in water between rocks in the Ganga river, it was very cold, I was sitting and went into a blank state. All these experiments were my teachers, and at each point in time there was a shift. The fundamental shift was lack of dependency. I loved everybody but was not dependent on anybody. I was always ready to help. I had a charity organisation and we did a lot of work, but at the same time I was totally away from everything. I was there, I was here, but there was a big gap in between. Then various experiences happened, some of them I wrote about in my blog, some of them I don’t want to write about, but the point is at some point in time, you have to shift. There is no other way – in this life or in another life. It’s inevitable. You can’t escape. We may not understand that in that intensity, but it will strike very hard at some point in time, “Come on, what am I doing here? Is this exactly what I want to do?“ This question will be like a big Mike Tyson’s blow to your face 🙂 At that point in time, none of the things around you will make much sense. Then there is a kind of freedom and power that comes from within, it’s unbelievable. I can’t even explain it. Along with the peace of beingness, the biggest thing you experience is fearlessness. Zero fear. You can dare the whole world. It is not that fearlessness which cocaine gives you, which is temporary. This is a perpetual fearlessness. You will look at the world and say, “Come, face me.“ Everything will be like that. And your eyes will start reflecting it. Because eyes can never lie. They are always truthful. If you want to see someone’s consciousness, look them in the eyes. After some time you will know, Ok, all these things which I am doing are just part of the whole show, and there is no me, nor the other person, nor the activity, permanently. It’s all like a flow, all happening. And you start seeing the show from above. Like you see all of Earth and the activities here. People taking birth, dying, cars, everything you see from above. Then nothing matters. Just your existence on a platform and that’s it. This is not something you can give to people unless they are ready to take it. How many people can take it? It is easy to give, but if I give you something very heavy, and you do not have the capacity to lift it, is it useful? So I understood one thing very clearly. There is only one criteria, it is not complicated. Just be empty. No mind, no ego, just emptiness. Then you are everything. That realisation that you are everything starts getting reflected in the world outside. Initially you will be surprised, because you will think, “Why are people coming to me? What is in me?“. This is because in the state of emptiness you feel empty, like an empty pot, and what is there for people to see? Another thing is that nature starts reflecting back to you – the animals, birds, all these beings start connecting to you, they come to you. Then when you look into their eyes, you see yourself. Then there is no difference. Same soul, various bodies. And then you are one with everything. This is the emptiness that is complete. In that emptiness you are everything. This is the only thing you can share. There is no knowledge to share because you know plenty of it. There is nothing on earth you can share because you don’t own it anyway. Your money, car, wife, building, house, property, everything is temporary. However if you share consciousness, it’s permanent. You and I are connected. Married. True marriage is the marriage of consciousness, not two people. This is the only marriage which is worthwhile. And that marriage has no barrier of gender, number, time, space or anything else. Marriage of consciousness is the highest marriage. How can you get married that way? Both have to be empty. This is it.

Artificial insemination

Q: What is your opinion about artificial insemination? Is the consciousness of children born as a result of artificial insemination different from those born through natural impregnation?

A: Good opinion, ha ha. Let there be more people.
As a principle I am not for anything artificial, but we have to accept the sign of today’s times. Times are in a confused state right now, because there is a lot of information. We do not know whether this information is right or wrong. Then there is experimentation, and experimentation sometimes leads to catastrophe. This cycle is continuing. There is experimentation with medical systems, medicines and even education. None of our history is right. We are in a very beautiful state now. In this artificial insemination there is also one of the experimentations. It’s like what we did with cloning. We created many people and sheep. However, we still cannot catch the god particle – the soul element. We haven’t been able to catch it so far. So we can create a machine, but we can’t put a soul into it. The technology hasn’t reached there yet. By the time it reaches there I think one third or two thirds of the population would have gone. Globally, if you look at all the 240 countries in the world, all of these countries are controlled by two major industries. One industry keeps people alive beyond reason – the medical industry. The other industry is the war machine industry. They create wars and kill people. So one side keeps the people alive, and the other one kills them. This is how the world is run now. What's In a VaccineNow people are talking about vaccines which are making people disabled or mediocre. This is exactly what society wanted. We like to have people who will never question. Now we are talking about how to come out of these vaccines. We have already injected everything into people, and now we are talking about how to reverse it. This is what homeopaths are doing –trying to find antidotes so that you can at least create people naturally. After creating all the problems, we are trying to solve them. What should I add about it? Actually my opinion has no validity here.

My opinion about the whole species divide is that we have the human species, a very big bulk of human species, a population of 7.3 billion people growing every day. Then on the other side there are all the other species as victims, in a victim kind of state. This is creating a huge imbalance on Earth. In this kind of scenario there has to be calamities because Earth cannot handle it. So why should we create more of those like us? alopJust imagine if there were many Mohanjis, one alone is terrible (ha ha)… could you handle many? Better to not think about it. It’s time to be aware. Simple. This is why I always say, before being spiritual we should be practical. You will definitely become spiritual because this is part of you. However being practical is very important. Having common sense is even more important. We have intelligence but zero common sense. And what is our education giving to children? Simple, restlessness. It teaches them to be never satisfied. When you are never satisfied, somebody can sell something to you all the time. This is the idea. Imagine if you were satisfied, then you wouldn’t need anything, industries would close. So they keep you restless, this is good for them. In between, by accident, somebody becomes intelligent and says, this is not right. What do you do? We crucify them. Now we don’t have to go to certain places, you have Facebook. You can make a mess of people just through Facebook.
I talk about this everywhere. I have no problem in saying it. One of the worst scenarios today is the dairy industry which is creating high pollution and increasing the temperature of the earth.


Calves not used for dairy industry are tossed into crude cages on the side of the road with no food and little shelter

I said this in America, too, and they said, “No, no that is not to be addressed.“ Ultimately, it has to be addressed because there is no point in saying the sun is shining, while knowing very well it is night.
Let’s put it in simple terms, and not complicate it with science. What makes a woman complete? A child. A child makes a woman complete. No man can ever make a woman complete. This is a basic ground rule of existence, not only related to humans, but to all species. This is a basic truth. Now every being whether it is a bird, animal… any species you take, for them their child is very dear to them. Do we ever care about the children of other beings? If we are human and if we think we are powerful, then express kindness. If you just care about mothers and their children, the world will be a better place. And this should be beyond the species, not only humans. We should take care of every species. This is spirituality, being aware all the time is spirituality.

Mohanji quote - When we kill another being

You cannot seek or be something else. You already are that.

There is no differentiation in consciousness between me and you. I am everybody. You can only see yourself in me. There is no way we can be separate except in the body. We have taken different bodies so that we can have different experiences. However we are essentially one and the same. You are looking into your own eyes and eyes never lie. Eyes always tell the truth. This transcends through time. We have taken various lifetimes, but the eyes are the same. So this is the proof that we are connected, that we are one. When you see yourself different from other people, there is always ignorance. When you see yourself in every being, you have arrived. One consciousness, different bubbles. Ha, ha. Beautiful!

A Story – One consciousness, different bodies

There was a woman, she is a great devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.


She was studying in Baba’s school and living in Puttaparthi, so she knew Baba quite well. She had visions, Baba visited her every night for nine days. Every night Baba appeared, talked to her and asked her to look at my YouTube videos, my pictures, my blogs, and that is how she came to know about me. She looked at the picture and saw another man, not Baba. She thought, “Ok, I should talk to him.“ She asked for the number of my personal assistant and called him. She could not talk to me. He said, “He is busy, you cannot talk to him.“ On the ninth day, the same situation happened. Baba came to her, and his face became mine. This happened for nine days. On the ninth day she told Baba,“If what you are telling me is true, then I should talk to him today. I am not able to reach him, but I need to speak to him today. If this does not happen, I will not believe you, it is my imagination.“ She called my p.a. and at that time he was talking to her. He was answering the question, “ No, no, he is busy, you cannot talk to him.“ I said, “Who are you talking to? Give me the phone.“
So I spoke to her. She was crying. She was overwhelmed. She explained everything to me. I said I understand all this. Then I asked,“What do you want?“ She said,“I want to see you.“ I said,“I won’t be able to see you because you do not understand the consciousness, you only understand the form. So you should always be connected to the form of Baba, which you like, not to another form. You will be even more confused if you see another form and imagine this is the same power (and obviously it is not). Each incarnation and each avatar comes with a different power. If you do not understand the unity of consciousness, you do not understand the frames.“ I told her we should not meet because it would only confuse that person.
That night Baba appeared and delivered Shaktipat to her. She went into a trance. She went completely into bliss state. She was looking and she saw me walking away. Until now we still haven’t met. Ever since then, the vision also ended for her.
The point I am making is that the moment you realise you and I are one, then there is nothing more to seek. You will realise that you will always be seeking yourself, not another person, or another situation. You cannot seek or be something else. Please understand this clearly. You cannot seek or be something else. You already are that.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Live a Dharmic Life

Weekend Programme ’Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015 (Day 2, part 2)

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Your parents and children are like extension of yourself. You have to take care of them.

Dharma and renunciation

Q: To be free in life, we have to be free from dependency. How is it possible in real life, when I take care of not only myself, but also of so many other people? How can you not depend on material things, because if you lose them it’s going to affect your kids, parents, etc. ?
A: The second aspect is renunciation. It means not giving up things. Non-dependency means that even if a material is available or not, you are neither affected, nor worried about it. However, basic needs do have to happen. The second aspect you discussed is giving up things. I am not talking about giving up things, like being a saint or a renunciate. When you have people who depend on you, you cannot be a renunciate. You have to take care of them, this is your duty. I always consider it this way. It’s just like, we have a body, arms, legs, eyes and face. The people who are connected to us are like an extension of our own body. I have a huge body in that way 🙂 If you look at it that way, then you will understand. Your parents, you children, are like an extension of your body. Then you will understand this answer. You have to take care of them. This is similar to taking a bath and feeding your own body.

Q: But I do worry, because if I lose this material support and they are dependent on me, how to just think God will take care of that!?
A: The best way to do that is to let all the anxieties and the worries happen. Take all of them, consider them, “Worries are happening, anxieties are happening“. Let it come. Do not stop anything. Because if you prevent, it will make more worry, so let it happen and consider them, and take them as flowers and put them at the feet of the Supreme consciousness saying, “You created us, you maintain us.“ It’s a mental thing. You keep surrendering. I always do that. If people praise me, “Mohanji you are wonderful, amazing,“ or criticise me, “You are a buffalo, a sheep whatever…“
I take them as flowers and put them at the imaginary feet of the Supreme consciousness. So that I always remain empty.
Second, is have more gratitude. “Because I am alive today, I am talking, there is food to eat, a place to sleep…, thank you.“ This is the only blessing we can have at this point in time, because we have not seen tomorrow. So, “Today I am alive, I am talking and I am grateful.“ If you swap your worries with gratitude, you will have more power. Just be grateful by nature.
There is one more aspect in connection to that. Whenever we expect consistency of emotions in people we will have sorrows. Remember this clearly. This is because the conscious mind cannot maintain anything consistently. Sometimes people tell you that you are amazing, beautiful, and all that, then tomorrow they may tell you the opposite too. Take both equally. This is especially related to infatuation. Infatuation means you get attracted instantly, falling in love at first sight. Sometimes when you fall in love at first sight, at second sight it will be hatred 🙂 So if you allow other people to be themselves, if you allow them to be as they are, it might be better for your stability. Expectation creates pain. The higher the expectation, the less the satisfaction. We need to be aware and do what we can with full honesty at every point in time. If it is not per the expectations of other people, what can we do? People come with expectation, leave with disappointment. People who come with full openness, leave with a full heart. There is a saying in the Upanishads, “The food that came to you today is the medicine for you. This may not be the food you chose, however the food which came to you is what is meant for you.“ This means you will only get what you deserve, not what you desire. We desire a lot of things, but our eligibility brings things to us. If you are supposed to feel pain or happiness, it will happen to you. There is no point in fighting or resisting it. At each point in time, observe life, “Ok, this is happening,“ and just flow with it. It will be a smooth life.

Never judge yourself or other people. If you judge, you will also be judged.

Expectations and judgement

Q: What happens with big expectations that we have about ourselves?
A: Dangerous.
When you have a lot of expectations for yourself, you will also have a lot of judgement of yourself. When you judge yourself a lot you have a lot of suffering. Never judge yourself or other people. Then you are free. Each person sitting here now is a universe by themselves. Can you say that anybody is higher or lower? Nobody is higher or lower. Each person is a unique universe. This realisation is not happening to people only because the mind does not allow that experience. The mind will say, “No, no, you are this body, this person.“ When you have a lot of expectations for yourself, you are actually punishing yourself. You are being very critical about yourself. This will create more and more anxiety, and it will pull you down sooner or later. When there is a lot of weight, the travel is difficult. Whatever you are is ok and is good. Accept yourself. Other people accepting you or rejecting you is not your problem. They may sometimes say you are good, and sometimes that you are not good. It doesn’t matter to us. Let us be 100% honest with ourselves and with other people. That’s the best we can do in the world. We should always mean good to everybody. Once again, never judge other people. If you judge other people, you will also be judged.

Living by patterns

Q: You mentioned that we follow patterns and live by these patterns, and we get what we deserve. So it means that if we are in a wrong pattern, we are going to repeat it over and over again and suffer. Or could we somehow break away from it?
A: Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Patterns are usually formed out of the unconscious. When your activity does not contain fulfilment, it becomes a pattern. In other words, when you are repeatedly doing unconscious activity i.e. doing things while the mind is elsewhere, then it can become a pattern, a habit, repetition. The deserving level is which frequency you are operating in and how you are handling it. If you are handling too many emotions, then so many things can get stuck to it. Emotions happen, and the essence of it sticks in your subconscious. It all gets repeated. What do you deserve? When you are repeatedly unconscious, you deserve such a result. It’s interconnected. How do you raise your deserving level? By detaching from it. That means when an activity happens, you are detaching from it and watching it happen, and you are involved in it as an outsider. You are seeing yourself doing it. Every word you are having at a distance, they are staying away. Life keeps moving like that. You always remain pure.

Q: Does it mean that we have to accomplish things we didn’t finish?
A: It will come to you. Don’t worry. All the loose ends have to be tied, don’t worry. If you are here today, there is a history behind you. You didn’t just appear like this.

Q: If we let go, does it come back?
A: If you have nothing to do with it, it stays away. However, most people let go and they keep it. This means you surrender it to the Supreme consciousness, but then you keep worrying about that same thing. That means there is no surrender.

Laughing and crying


Q: Could you tell us about laughing?
A: I’ll tell you about an experience. We were sitting in a cable car in Scotland. Raj couldn’t stop laughing for no reason. I didn’t crack any jokes. What happened is that he connected to my consciousness. Then deep joy happened. His stomach was hurting, but he was still laughing. So actual consciousness is a huge joy. He connected and connected, he was laughing and laughing, and after some time his mind became completely blank, totally empty. When we allow actual joy to settle in, the whole thing shifts. Why aren’t we experiencing full happiness? It’s because the mind is blocking it. When you deeply connect to me, we have nothing to discuss, we just laugh. Some people do that. They come and laugh and laugh, and they go 🙂 That’s because when they actually see the real ’me’, there is only happiness, joy. Otherwise what you see is the face, the beard, the clothes, etc. This is just another person, an individual. When I asked him, “Why did you laugh so much?“ He said, “I don’t know.“ This is real joy, when it happens inside, all other things go. Then the connection is real, you are deeply connected. This is some kind of meditation. Even if you watch a comedy it may not be because ego is still there, you and what you are watching. However when you become joy, it’s a totally different scenario.

Q: Could you tell us about crying?
A: Crying out of sorrow is relief. Crying out of joy is recognition. Whenever you recognise a higher truth, tears happen. This is because you know what you have found. Usually when the soul recognises the source, tears happen.

Tears of recognising the source - Weekend with Mohanji Oct 2015

Three levels of joy

Q: What are the three levels of joy?
A: There is the difference between pleasure, happiness and joy even though they sound similar. Pleasure is momentary. Happiness is perpetual, which means you can always be happy even without anything. Joy is recognition.


Most people only know pleasure, for example when you eat something, listen to music, when you do something, you have pleasure. Pleasure is compulsive. It repeats, and you ask for more. You have one cigarette and you ask for another one. Then when you are smoking, at that moment you have pleasure. After the smoking is over, then you want another one. Pleasure makes you a slave.


Happiness is a state. In that state, whether a person, material, time is there or not, you are peaceful. It’s a state of mind. In that state of mind, I say it is perpetual because the mind is still. In the still mind you are perfect.


When I say joy, even if it sounds similar, it sprouts when you actually connect to the source. When you meet a master who is connected to the source, and when your soul recognises, “Hey, look here. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time. Now we are connected and we will not separate again.“ That feeling gives tremendous joy. What do we mean by a master? It’s not the status. Status and stature are two different things. Stature is something like your experience in work. You have a lot of experience in work and nobody can take it away from you. Like that, stature is something which you have earned. Whether you are recognised by society or not, you still have the stature. Status can be given by somebody. What makes a master different from a seeker? A seeker is someone who seeks happiness and peace. It’s not that many people whom you see in the world are seekers, they have only found something. Like the students who have reached the tenth class. They are eager to share the knowledge of the tenth class. Many seekers who seem to be masters have not ’graduated’ yet. They haven’t stabilised themselves. However the world gives status to people. Sometimes this status is very temporary. You may have seen people given the status of a head of an organisation or mission or a priest. All these are statuses given by somebody. They do not necessarily have the stature. Spiritual stature is achieved during lifetimes, not in one lifetime. So what makes a master? Stature. If the stature automatically gives status, very well. Otherwise the master is not affected. Take for example Socrates, Jesus, or Shirdi Sai Baba…

While in the body, many people did not even recognise them. Now, many years after their death, we consider them as great people. This means society did not give them status, but they had the stature. Stature is like a diamond or pure gold, it can never be destroyed. It will shine any time. Even if pure gold is lying in mud, after the rain it will shine again. However there is no guarantee with status. Status is like plated gold. Sometimes if the plating goes, there is copper inside. You can see a lot of people have been given the status without the stature. Stature has to happen. Fundamentally a master should have stature. Secondly, a master should be above his mind. That means he is not a slave to his mind. Master means not a slave. His mind is in its minimal state which he uses for experiencing the Earth, but his mind is not binding him. A master can respond in any way. He can be happy, sad, angry, anything, but at the same time he is none of these. When the mind is not binding you, nothing else can bind you. Even if something is binding you, if your mind is not binding you, you are free inside. This is the stature of people like Nelson Mandela. He was in prison for thirty years, but he was never bound. He was already liberated from inside, so he was not worried about where he stayed. This is something which we must understand. How do we create a master? Slowly, slowly when you detach from your mind, and get involved in activities as normal, without any change, but at the same time with no ownership, no attachment and no doership. If you can go inside and be that, nothing can stop you.
Somebody asked me a question, “Why do all these people come to see you?“ That’s very simple. I have nothing to do with anybody. When you have nothing to do with anybody, you are free. I can keep one face, I can be a clear mirror, because what I show is your real picture. When people get fed up of the fake picture which the world gives, they sometimes need a real picture. That’s what connects us. There is nothing else to give you. That’s very simple. I am not giving you anything from outside. What is happening is from the inside of all of you. Sometimes just a thought or a word, or just an idea, can shift your awareness. Why do people meet people? Because you feel connected. There is nothing to think about. You are connected. Then it’s only happiness. If I expect something from you, I have to pretend. When I say I have nothing to do with the world it doesn’t mean I am indifferent. I see a complete world. I don’t see a world with deficiency. When I am complete and you are complete, where is the problem? Whenever we feel deficiency, it is a projection of the mind. Take any creation of the world, there can’t be deficiency. There can be handicaps, but not deficiency. Our mind creates deficiency. We say this is not enough. When we are not satisfied with what we have, guaranteed, you will come back again. When you are not satisfied with what you have it means you created this existence consciously or unconsciously, and now you are not satisfied with this existence, and that means you need another one. That’s why we create patterns of existence.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

It Takes Willingness

Weekend Programme ’Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015 (Day 2, part 1)

Your willingness to go back to your original state

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It’s important to understand that this willingness should happen from inside, by saying, “I must get back to myself. I must go back to my original state.“ Your original state is 100% freedom.

M: There is a room deep within. Various impressions are on the way. There are various doors to reach this room, various doors which are preventing you from entering this room. Some are collected from society, some are already inside you. Whatever is natural is good for you, even if it is your ego. Natural ego is minimum ego. What do you use this ego for? For identification. If I ask you who you are, you will tell me who you are. This is identification which is maintained by your ego aspect. Mind in the minimal stage is beautiful. How does that help you? To experience the world. How do you experience the world? Using your senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin. This is how you experience the world. Thus everything in its natural form is good for you. How can ego or mind become bad for you? When the mind starts to store things, keep things and accumulate things, and when you feel that all this together is you. Then there is a problem. When the ego starts projecting larger than your actual form, such as, “I’m so and so, I’m Mohanji, I’m a guru, people respect me, or people disrespect me“, all these projections keep the ego high. It is important to understand that everything in its natural form is good for you, while everything which has grown bigger is not good for you. It’s like a tissue growth, a cancer. All these processes therefore aim to remove this cancer and make you natural and original. What is the minimum requirement for that? The minimum requirement is your willingness. Your willingness to be you. Not the pretentious you, I am so and so and I have this knowledge, I have this money, I have this position. Forget about all that. What you are beyond all this position, power, money, that is the natural you. It takes courage to go back to your natural you, because all the time you are projecting the pretentious you in society. Thus there is a saying, “Diagnosis is more difficult than treatment.“ If the diagnosis is perfect, the treatment is easy. It’s important to understand that this willingness should happen from inside, by saying, “I must get back to myself. I must go back to my original state.“ Your original state is 100% freedom. Freedom means zero dependency. If there is any dependency, there is no freedom. Freedom means you are not concerned if a person, a place, a time, an event or a material is available in your life or not. You are still the same. You are peaceful by nature. Freedom is zero dependency. Once you are clear about that, then the only thing, the only mantra which will go on in your brain is liberation. Every meeting, every parting, every incident, every accident, everything is one more step towards liberation. Nothing is coincidental. So where is the resistance happening? In the mind. Mind always resists because mind likes repetition. Mind likes to repeat events, repeat patterns. When you were “speaking Chinese” yesterday did you feel silly?
Audience: Yes.
M: But what happened inside? There was some other dimension working. You wouldn’t talk Chinese with your family members, would you? However something was working inside, some new dimension was opening up. There is a potential, a possibility, a new door. And when you were talking to somebody imaginary, you wouldn’t do that on a normal basis, would you?
Audience: No. But we liked it.
M: There is a saying that whenever you talk, somebody is listening. There is an old story I read as a child, and there is meaning in it. A man had a deep urge to speak to somebody, but nobody was listening to him. So he went to the forest and shouted. The air carried that sound and it reached the king. The king then took action. Somebody listens all the time. The point I am making is that, at every place you visit, with every activity you do, something opens up. However, what does the mind normally like? Beaten tracks, predictable journeys. The mind likes what you are used to on a daily basis and it will give you enough reasons to continue with that. All this means if you repeat one thing every day, then the risk is very small. No risk, no growth. Understand, it’s just like that room where you have stored everything and where there are all these doors before you reach inside – the ego, the mind, the concepts, the fears. Everything creates one door after the other, and you have to cross everything until you reach the place where you have stored all these collected items.
Now I’ll take your questions.

Storage vs. Letting go

Q: We were talking about letting go, and when it happens it becomes ridiculous. However before that moment it is hard. How do we do it?
A: The opposite of letting go is storage, right? How does storage happen? When do we store things? When do we store things at home? We store things when we think we will need them for next time. How do we store things in the mind? When we do not have completion of activity. When an activity is incomplete, it goes into storage. When I say incomplete, it means that fulfilment did not happen with the activity. Thus, repetition happens when fulfilment is less. It keeps storing, adding things and becomes heavier and heavier. This storage is especially high when your mind is oscillating between the past and the future i.e. the sadness of the past and anxiety over the future. When the mind is moving like that, more and more things in the present are stored because you are not able to fulfil them. See, you are sitting here and your mind is elsewhere. Then later you think, “What did Mohanji actually say? Was it this or that? “That means the mind could not collect the data and process it at the right time. If this happens consistently, it creates more and more heaviness, guilt, and indigestion in that level. What is the best method to solve this matter? When you are doing something, make sure you are 100% there. No mechanical activity. Nothing which happens by default i.e. habitual activity. Habitual activity is more or less unconscious activity. If you are consistently in the mode of being with the activity 100% and you are not going into your past or the future, that means there is no storage. I told you on the first day, when you are having food be aware of the food, be aware of the quantity you are eating. If you are fully aware of your eating, without talking, and you are just concentrating on your food, then you will only consume one third of your stomach capacity. Guaranteed. When our activity is full and complete, there is no repetition. When there is no repetition, there is no storage. Always understand, whenever there is an incomplete activity, there is a postponement. When you are not satisfied with any activity, whether it is a relationship, food, or any activity which you experience in the world, if you are dissatisfied, guaranteed there will be another activity of the same nature. This is what we call a pattern. The pattern is collected like this. We create our pattern. And this pattern does not stop in one lifetime. It goes over to another lifetime also. That is why many people experience patterns in relationship in each lifetime. When a pattern happens it is difficult to reverse it, but we can prevent a pattern from happening. Let me give you a small example. A person cannot decide upon his relationship all the time. Many relationships happen during his life, but he is always not deciding upon it. What happens then? All those people coming to him cannot decide upon him either. That means we have created a constitution of rejection of a relationship. The same thing gets repeated like a mirror onto you.
So how does the letting go happen? Letting go happens when you are here, now. When you are present with all your activities. Every time it’s complete, and then it’s gone. Thus at every point in time, decide that you are fully with an activity, fully with an emotion, fully with the thought, and fully with the word. If you continuously do that, you will be finishing it all the time. Everything is completion. Completion means letting go. It’s not in meditation and it’s not in acquiring something from the outside. It’s an internal thing, and you will feel light and free every day. When your stomach is full with food, how do you feel? Heavy, sleepy. When the stomach is sufficiently filled, how do you feel? Light and happy. The same goes for storage. When you have stored a lot of things and you have ego associated with it, you will always feel heavy. When you have sufficient material which you can digest and use in daily life, you are free.

Thus whatever you eat – food, knowledge…, eat only as much as you can digest. This is because everything is consumption. You are consuming knowledge, food, emotion, everything. We are consumers. When you consume things moderately, you feel nice, fresh, and healthy. If you consume too much stuff, you feel heavy.

Needs and requirements

Q: What about our needs, like the need for growth and becoming conscious, are they also a part of ego and mind or a part of our being?
A: These are your birth rights. Peace happens when the mind is still. Otherwise it’s only artificial peace. When the mind is absolutely calm, that means you are neither anxious about your future, nor are you carrying the weight of your past. You are in the present and you are absolutely calm. That is when peace happens in you. Becoming conscious is something which you can cultivate. You can nurture it in you. That is what I have just explained. Be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions. Awareness means being conscious of your consciousness. You are sitting here, you are aware of it, you are feeling it, you are nurturing it, and then it becomes you. This is a full-time job. Whenever you are awake, be aware. When you are awake and aware, you will also become aware when you sleep. Feel yourself, feel the world, feel everything. If you keep feeling, you keep evolving.

Needs of a physical nature aren’t from the mind. The needs of the body for water and food, are from the consciousness of the body. Emotions are from the mind. The need for knowledge is from the intellect. Put together this is the structure between the body and the mind.

The soul has no needs. The soul is always full and complete. The soul is like the petrol of your car. It just allows your journey. If the soul leaves the body, it’s called a dead body. The soul has no interest in the body. However, this constitution which is called you has an interest in the body for experiencing the world, so the soul says,“Ok, I’ll come with you.“ Thus it’s a contract, and this contract goes through lifetimes. However, the soul has no sense of time. It is not bound by time. The body is bound by time. The soul flows continuously over time through various bodies, it keeps moving. Thousands of births, thousands of deaths, again birth, again death, it keeps going on and on. However, the soul is not connected to the body, nor to time in the absolute sense. The soul is active only when the body is, otherwise you would not even know there was a soul. There could be various souls in this area, but can we see them? Only when the soul has the body is it visible. We call it a person. However souls can wander around.

All the requirements are related to the mind, and mind means not just the mind, but the whole constitution. When you have a requirement for a particular material, that means the desire is already there. Desire becomes karma, karma becomes inclination (inclination means you like to have something), then it becomes a thought, then a word and an action. For example, say you have the desire for a pizza. The desire for pizza created that inclination, ’Oh, Pizza Hut, very good.“ Then a thought comes, “It’s good to have pizza.“ Then you tell somebody, “Let’s have pizza.“ Finally you eat pizza. At that time if you are thinking about a football match, you will not enjoy the pizza, and so you will again go to Pizza Hut. This is because you did not get fulfilment. It was not completed. This is how life gets repeated. We keep eating pizza.


Q: In our everyday life we have to multi-task and I am not prepared to be conscious of mechanical activities, so it drags us in like a whirlpool. How to get out of it?
A: This is an everyday question…
I was travelling with a group in the Himalayas. We had a bit of calamity and couldn’t go any further. We were staying in one place. I said, “Use this time to feel the Himalayas and meditate.“ One of the guys said, “Mohanji, I went into a state where it was beautiful and I was not here.“ Amazing, HA HA.
I said, “So you went home, you went to various places, you thought of how you would travel back, whether this problem would be happening continuously, all these thoughts have been in you?…And after some time you were lost in another world, but not Earth? This is called absent-mindedness.“ Sometimes we feel that the loss of mind from our body is bliss. This is not true. This means we are completely absent from reality.
Multi-tasking fundamentally, is using a learned skill at a fast pace. Imagine you have not learned how to drive. You cannot do multi-tasking, can you? Driving a car is multi-tasking. Just a small example for everybody’s understanding. I start looking at the road, the clutch and things are happening, the hands are moving, the gears, steering, and you are navigating. While you are driving, you are probably listening to music or also talking to somebody so your ears, eyes, legs and hands are occupied. This is only possible if you know the skill. Just imagine you can’t drive, then everything is difficult. How do you know where to look and use the clutch, break… So multi-tasking is doing things that have been learned, and reproducing them at a particular speed. Multi-tasking does not involve presence of mind most of the time. It’s mechanical. This is not really conducive for evolution. This is clearly defined in the Bhagavad Gita, where Lord Krishna talks about this. He says there are millions of things to experience in the world. To experience them you have five senses i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin. What are you experiencing from all this? Either pleasure or pain. Only these two things. Happiness or sorrow. I am bringing it down to the core. At one point in time you cannot experience both happiness and pain. I am talking about when the mind is present. To experience it 100% you have only one mind. Look at the millions of things around us. To know them there are five senses, one mind, and one experience at one point in time. If you understand that in this mode, then you can understand multi-tasking. So what are you doing? Learn a skill, and multi-task, unconsciously. This is multi-tasking. When you are talking on the phone and typing, you cannot be present in both places. Your presence is partial. This is actually accenting the restlessness of the mind.
I was working until 2012. Four companies were reporting to me. I was a General Manager of the company. The four companies had different activities. Somebody asked me, “How do you manage this?“, because that’s quite a large workload every day. I said one thing, “When I am with one subject, I am 100% there. When that’s moved, then another one. Everything is 100%. I don’t go back and repeat it. Once I have read a message or stamped, it’s gone. Finished. And I would tell my managers, “Make sure you cannot handle this subject. Exhaust all your capacities on any problem and only then, if you cannot handle it, bring it to me and put it on my table. Then go away. Don’t look back.“ So I filter it before it comes here. Once it’s on my desk, I have to do it, I do 100%, move it, next 100%, move it… Thus at each point in time if you are 100%, it’s complete. When you look at this whole scenario from above, you see the full picture. Then it is easy to work on. If you know the full picture, you don’t really have to understand more because you are aware of it. I developed the speed of three email messages per minute. This was my average speed. By 9am or maximum 10am I had finished all my emails.

Q: But multi-tasking is not good for us.
A: This is what corporates ask you to do. Or eight months I worked as a country head of five countries and was handling huge oil tankers (3 million barrels, etc.). Their main problem was different time zones. I was based in Dubai but travelling constantly, always in airports and hotels. I had to keep moving, again, productivity has to be maintained. These are the times when they really test you whether you are up there, and at that time there were no Android or smart phones. Only emails. It was not easy. This is where you have to be really efficient, concentrate on one thing, and complete it, because you cannot make a mistake. A mistake would cost maybe $25,000. So at each point in time if your awareness is laser sharp, you have no stress, no strain.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Choose Love in All Situations

Compilation of the selected questions Mohanji received personally, answered and, as they can be of use to anybody, posted on his Facebook timeline, in 2015.

Mohanji quote - Be yourself and express your true self

Q: What is TRUTH?
A: Whatever is not illusion is truth.
Whatever is permanent is truth.
Whatever is unchangeable is truth.

Q: Which festival do you celebrate?
A: A Festival called LIFE.
Migratory birds have no festivals.

Q: What does consciousness consist of?
A: Consciousness consists of itself. Nothing else. It has no other content. However, everything in the universe contains it. Consciousness JUST IS.

Q: What is the meaning of awareness that you keep suggesting as the best investment?
A: Being conscious of your consciousness is awareness.
Being conscious is the key.

Q: Understanding and awareness.
A: Understanding and awareness are two different ideas in the spiritual path. One may have an intellectual understanding about a subject matter. Awareness of that matter depends on experience. It is something like knowing versus feeling. Most who talk only know. Sometimes knowledge about something could restrict its experience.

Q: Your opinion on news and events.
A: While processing news and information on events, I think.
– Is this information relevant to me?
– What is my personal experience against the given information
– How true could this be? It could very well be a personal opinion, media opinion, assessment or criticism.
What is told to us could be by far detached from the truth. Hence, I never judge anyone or any situation prima facie. I always depend on my experience about an event or a person before swallowing others’ opinions. What is usually dished out is relative truth often based on assumptions and even bias. Hence, we should be extremely careful not to fall into it’s karmic trap through our habit of instant judgements about anything on earth.

Q: Could you please give me one clear sign of awakening?
A: Inner emptiness. Increased awareness that all you will know in this deepened pool of emptiness is that you truly know NOTHING. This NOTHINGNESS is a clear sign of awakening. Silence and witnesshood follow. Eagerness to prove anything and all comparisons drop off spontaneously.

Q: How to deal with my loss?
A: Your loss is your ADVANTAGE. Your gain is your RESPONSIBILITY. The more you accumulate, the more is your responsibility.
EMPTINESS is non-attachment. You may have everything in life, yet, non-dependency on anything is FREEDOM. When you are unaffected by the presence or absence of anything, it is liberated existence – it is LIBERATION. AWARENESS leads to WISDOM. WISDOM helps DETACHMENT. DETACHMENT leads to inner freedom and eventual LIBERATION. Be Aware.

Q: Simple tips for good relationship?
Allow individuality. Allow Mistakes. Allow Weaknesses. Allow Failures. Share SUCCESS.
LIFE will Blossom.

Q: I have met many gurus, done many practices, read many books. Now I feel totally confused and disillusioned. I want to leave spirituality completely and be free from this burden. Not many spiritual masters are accessible. Hence requesting you- Please help me come out of THIS.
A: You cannot leave anything in life. What has come to you is meant for you. Spirituality is the soul of existence, inherent in all beings. It stays forever like your shadow, awaiting fulfillment and completion.
The fundamental problem is that you have been “doing” spirituality all these years. You were trying to gather things from outside. Many gurus, many courses, many books! Because you were busy doing, you could not experience anything. This is the root cause of your disappointment and disillusionment. Stop doing and start being. Instead of many gurus, you could have connected to one. Instead of many methods, you could have anchored yourself in one. If you dig at one spot every day, eventually, you will get to the spring of water beneath the soil. Consistency. Conviction. Dedication. Purity. Clarity. Respect. Reverence. All these help in your inner journey.
Spiritual life means being YOU. Being Natural. Connecting to yourself. Recognising, understanding and merging with yourself. Gurus, methods and books could come handy provided you know how to use them to reach yourself. Otherwise, it will all become a burden for you. You wouldn’t know what to do with the materials you aimlessly bought. It will certainly clog your space. So, start entering your inner space, seek within. Respect all masters, books, religions and methods. But be yourself and express your true self. Concentrate on eliminating your inner ‘devils’ rather than gathering more tools from outside. Respect, Gratitude and Unconditional Love will work as fuel and protection in your journey. Wear them always. Bless you.

Mohanji quote - Less desires less expectations
Q: How do I know that I am on the right spiritual path?
A: When you start connecting to the source, the first sign is breaking up of comfort zones which you vigorously held on to. Turbulence of mind will intensify initially. If you gather more determination and keep moving, you will start experiencing peace. Peace settles, as silence of your mind. Desires will evaporate. Everything that would have normally troubled you will stop affecting you. You will stop seeking and start accepting life as it happens.
Silence of mind and associated peace are clear signs that you are in the right path. Fewer desires, fewer expectations, more contentment and unconditional love overflowing towards every being are clear signs that you are reaching your destination; your original HOME.

Q: What is spirituality for you?
A: Being Spiritual is Being FREE from within. UNBOUND. LIBERATED. Social acceptance has nothing to do with it.

Q: Success vs. failure.
A: Success and Failure are two sides of the same coin called Life. Merits and Demerits, Strengths and Weaknesses, Good deeds and Mistakes are all part of existence. All who are born have experienced falls. Being spiritual is our ability to accept these situations with equanimity, learn and flow. Sulking, criticizing, judging oneself and others, adopting self-destructive habits and vices like drugs are clear signs of immaturity. All beings are on the path of evolution. People fall many times before they learn to walk. Acceptance of its inevitability is Wisdom. None born on earth are immune from life and its constituents, including death.

Q: True friends.
A: Your true friends are those who stood by you at the worst of your times. The ones who believed in you and helped to stand on your feet against all odds. Never leave their hands at any cost. Never let them down. They are your true treasure, the true epitome of terrestrial relationship. They make our life worth living. Always give back much more than you ever received from them. Express gratitude in every way.
Those who are with you only during your good times will run away from you in every crisis. Be aware.

Q: If God wants to give a message to man, what could it be?
A: This question only God can answer. I would presume he would say “Whatever is on earth is my creation (sankalpa). Whatever you “seem” to own is mine. Whatever was and will be are also mine. Lose your silly ownership to enjoy it all. Ownership created greed in generations. Greed created insensitivity and destruction. If you had not devastated the earth, you would have lived in good health and abundance. Human greed has wiped off much wealth of earth. And it continues…
You killed the prophets I sent to bring you the light of wisdom. You kept fears and darkness instead. Why do you then complain – “God, have you forsaken me?” I have forsaken nobody. You have forsaken the Godliness in you. Care for the world and the universe will care for you. Shed greed and selfishness. Live and let live. Love and let love flourish unconditionally.

Q: What is preventing my growth?
A: You.

Q: Mohanji, how and who can meditate with their eyes open?
A: One whose mind is completely withdrawn from the outside world can meditate with his eyes open. One who has dissolved his mind into his consciousness and it makes no difference whether his eyes are open or closed can meditate with his eyes open. One who is not distracted by the world, people or any materials outside of him can also meditate with his eyes open. For such people, open or closed eyes makes no difference. They are always in meditation anyways.

Q: You have been a corporate manager. According to you, what is the time tested, proven and the best method of management and way of life?
A: Lead by example.
Live what you believe in 100%. Always be yourself. Never pretend. If you do not know something, admit it. Give more than you take. Be selfless. Do not interfere. Love yourself and others equally. Never discriminate. Choose love in all situations. Avoid hatred and hatred mongers. Choose peace above everything. Shift from “mine” to ours. See all beings alike and relate to the world with kindness. Avoid gossips. Discuss ideas but not people. Be good. Do good.

Q: What do we do with people who only see the negative ignoring all the positive?
A: Ignore them. Have nothing to do with them if you can help it.

Q: During the time of eclipse, why are temples closed? How can God get contaminated?
A: The atmosphere gets contaminated during eclipse. That is why people do not eat or drink during eclipse. Praan pratishta (the idol which is physically energised for the sake of worship) is being protected. God can never get contaminated. God is pure energy and brilliance. Objects representing God can get contaminated because they are only representatives of the supreme un-manifested God. They are not God. Matter that can be perceived with our senses can get contaminated. God cannot be perceived with our senses. It has to be experienced beyond our limited operating tools.

Q: How can man-made idols represent the formless God?
A: Formless God is the absolute. It witnesses, circulates, orchestrates, experiences and finally dissolves everything. This level of equanimity is represented by idols. Man can make the image of God the way he likes. He can decorate the idol the way he likes or the way he is. He can offer many objects to the idol as he likes or as he is. He can take things from his personal idol too. In short, he can give, take, decorate, make or break and the idol remains a witness, totally free from all demands, desires or needs just like God. Idol represents total equanimity and objectivity of God who needs nothing from you but is always present in your life the way or form you like to see. Man can easily connect to an object and through the object understand God as a witness without any demands. It helps man to connect to that consciousness beyond boundaries which is God. The journey from form to the formless is facilitated to the wise by the idol. All idols animate or inanimate including you and I are aspects of the same God. The God who is self-sufficient and needs nothing from us. It never complains. It accepts anything you give or take. It accepts you as you are. It loves you as you are. It is YOU.

Q: Many paths in life.
A: There is only one path for every individual at every point in time – the path in front.
There is only one time for every individual at every point in time – THIS MOMENT.
Waste of time is dwelling in the past or in the future, ignoring THIS MOMENT.

Q: When do we know that we have finally “arrived”?
A: When the mind surrenders and realizes that WE KNOW NOTHING. If we feel we know something, we are still learning. When everything dissolves, we have “arrived”.

Q: How would you like us to remember you, Mohanji?
A: As you are. As you like. You can remember me or know me only as per your inherent constitution. There is no other way. So feel free. Be natural. Like me as you are and not as I am.

Mohanji quote - Love yourself and others equally

Compiled by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato and Aviral Srivastava

Karma and Enhancing Awareness


Q: Mohanji, you just spoke about karma as a part of one’s life purpose. We’ve heard of karma being assigned as good karma or bad karma. This usually instils fear in people. What would you like to say on that?

A: Anything that elevates you is good karma, and anything that pulls you down or binds you is bad karma. This is a broad categorization and there could be various types of bindings. Thus, when people victimize others, create fear, bind people or even animals, or when people bind themselves through phobias and fears, it is bad karma.

Bad karma is anything which is not good when we consider the larger purpose of existence. Good karma is whatever elevates you, brings you forward and makes you free and liberated. Liberation is the primary cause of every existence. Liberation is exactly what everybody craves – be it a human being or an animal. That is why a bound animal suffers and a free animal is happy even though it endures the tests of nature. This is true for human beings too! Many a time, we may have noticed a boyfriend and girlfriend enjoying life much more than a husband and wife, because when there is binding there is also expectation and pain. The relationship sours. Until then, everything is beautiful. So whatever binds you is not good. I am not saying that marriage is not good. However, anything that binds or anyone creates pain is not good and this binding could be at any level.
So what is good karma? An activity that liberates you, even a lifestyle that liberates you. There are lifestyles that are liberating, and these do not even require you to visit temples, do puja or meditation. However, it is essential that you have a good heart, are able to express love all the time, and stay beyond the dualities of existence such as good and bad. Then you can feel free in all aspects of time and lead a liberated existence. This is good karma.

On the contrary, if you are feeling tired in the office, feeling bound by situations or people, and are forced to act, think and talk, it is binding and makes you feel miserable. That can be called bad karma. Heaven and hell are here. The difference lies in how we lead our lives.

Q: You said that bad karma could be like going to office, etc. But as a common man, I have to have a job, I have to take care of my family, I have to be in that office…
This is again an aspect of existence – having to do something versus loving to do something.
When you do something that you love, there is no pain. However, if you have to do it in order to survive, it is always pressure. T he difference between pleasure and pressure is your choice. Are you able to do what you love? Or are you just doing it because of some pressure? It could be social pressure, family pressure or pressure from the community. Even our levels of understanding or conditioning can be a cause for pressure. Persistence of agony is the result if we continue to live our lives in such a way.
We often start working in an organization and because we would like to survive, we do many things which further our agony. You can see this often in the corporate world. On the contrary, there are some who go off the track and achieve great success, because they do what they love to do! Thus, it is our choice. This means that if there is clarity in operation, there is no agony. Again, there is agony when there is monotony and repetition because of our lack of understanding.
The difference is realizing that you do not have to do whatever you are being compelled to do. Sometimes it may be necessary temporarily, but it is not your permanent existence. You have to slowly reverse the situation and work your way out, using your intellect, whatever your situation is. This situation might have been brought about by your lack of understanding. Also, it is important not to be emotional about it. The more emotional you become, the more you entangle yourself and become further bound. You might have noticed people saying, “Oh my God, this is not working, this is not what I wanted to do!” and cursing all those around them. Such people can never overcome the problem they face. When you remain calm, accept and understand the predicament, try to perform at your optimal level, slowly detach yourself and then move into activities which are enjoyable, you are on the right track! This is because the world is like a mirror. When you do not react too much, society allows you to function. The more you confront situations in an emotional way, the more society also throws back the same emotions and then you feel even more miserable!
Many in the corporate world come back and ask me the same question. “How do we get out of it?” Then the first question is,” Why did you choose it?”
There is a reason why you are at a specific place at a certain time. There is a reason why you are sitting here and listening to me. You may not understand that intellectually now, but you may understand in the course of life, “Hey this is the information I was looking for, this is what I have been waiting for!” and that becomes valid only at that time. Realities are situational. Realities are based on time. Now, the reality is that we are all here. Tomorrow, the reality might be different. Handle that reality as it is. If we make a frame and think this is how reality should be, we suffer. Either the frame is wrong or the reality is wrong. At the same time, if you are flowing like a river through the twists and turns of life, there is no doubt that you will survive, and agony will be less. You cannot change the situation, but you can change yourself. Situations will remain the same because they are made by collective consciousness, not individual consciousness. Society operates on collective consciousness that creates a Hitler as well as a Krishna! The collective consciousness of the world creates events, people, and rulers! They bring agony or ecstasy. So we get what we deserve.

Source: Internet

If an atrocity is taking place in society, it is because the collective consciousness demanded it. Wrong understanding, perpetually operating in ignorance, selfishness and ego, can create atrocities, wars and agony in society. Thus our operating level has a lot of value. We need to know what we are doing. We need to know where we stand, right? It is very important to know.

How to enhance awareness

Q: How can one enhance this awareness?

A: Awareness is always available to you. It’s just like your shadow. Awareness is not outside of you. Awareness to some degree is always present in us, or to any degree is available to us. What we choose to use is what the reality actually is, our reality. If you are able to tap into your own awareness much more, it will help. As I said, a big or huge reservoir of awareness is available, but we choose to use only a tiny bit of it. That is why we are conditioned, because our mind only uses a fraction of what is available. Since mind does not have the capacity, we have to go beyond the mind to reach the actual level of awareness. To give you an example, the transformer outside has high capacity, but that electricity cannot be used by this house. It has to be reduced through smaller transformers and then it can be used to light a lamp or operate a washing machine. Similarly, awareness is huge and it’s available to us, but we choose to use a very small part of it. In order to increase awareness you need to go beyond the mind, beyond your ego, beyond your intellect and beyond the whole setup which you normally use in your waking state. We have to change the pattern of what we use on a typical day, and the best way to do this is to watch – watch our thoughts, watch our words, watch our actions. It’s not that you stop doing things and watch. While doing things you watch them, observe them and are objective about them. Do not criticize, do not censor, and do not suppress. Then what happens is spontaneity. You are moving through situations in a spontaneous way. The more you move through situations in a spontaneous way, the more there will be neither happiness nor sorrow. There are only effects, and their particular experiences, be they good or bad. Since every being has a unique constitution, since there are seven billion people on earth with seven billion constitutions, there is uniqueness. There are no two people alike. So once we know that we are a unique being and that we are here to express ourselves in the most unique way, it follows that we cannot be stereotyped. We cannot be someone else and they cannot be us. Thus our expressions are unique and this is exactly what we are here for. Once we understand this, there are no ups and downs in our mind, we are relatively stable and also relatively detached from everyday activity. While we are doing it, we are detached from it. It is not that we are indifferent. We are enjoying it, but it is not like a craving, or front footed affair or like being in a pressured mode where awareness cannot survive because mind is taking over. When mind takes over, many negative things are possible, such as wrong decisions, pressured decisions, being pushed into thought, word and action. You are pushed into activity and it also distorts reality. The mind distorts reality. There is probably a reason for an action to take place in a particular location. The mind inflates it, connects it to our past. Sometimes it mixes our past events into an event of the current time and inflates the whole situation. It makes you feel this is very important or that it was bad and shouldn’t have happened! There was probably no problem and it was a very normal situation, but our mind created one! Say, we watch a feature film; some people really get affected by it, while others look at it as a nice movie with a good story and move on. Why is there such a difference in reactions? It is because the mind operates in different ways and our constitutions are different.

Mohanji quote - The more you operate with spontaneity

Likewise awareness is available 24/7 in the most expanded form. However what you choose to use is what your reality and understanding are. Your understanding level will depend on the level of awareness you are using. So the higher the awareness, the more the enjoyment. The higher your awareness, the higher your visibility. You can see things with clarity. You will see things in a clear and distinct manner and your vision will be based on necessity, so that even if you are interested in many things, you will be objective. You will do what you have to do and perform your duties in life, irrespective of who is around you and what the situations are. Often we are encouraged or discouraged by the people around us or the situations around us. Even issues such as our upbringing, a feeling that our parents did not do enough for us and hence we are angry, blaming others and so on could come up. But all this will change because awareness will take you higher. We understand that these were all situational. The situation is now over, we are moving forward and time is taking us forward whether we like it or not. When time takes you forward and you are existing absolutely in time as it moves, in other words neither in the past which is dead nor in the future which has not yet happened, you are existing in the now, which is the only reality. Let me be here now, that is perfect awareness. That is perfection in awareness, which means that the operational level has shifted to the now. Energy loss will not happen there because maximum energy is lost when you are either moving towards the past, entertaining guilt, or moving towards the future, entertaining anxiety. These drain you. Insecurity draws away your energy, and you feel tired and exhausted. Why should there be insecurity at all? It is because you are eating food today, and you want it tomorrow too! There is an old saying, that if God has given you a mouth, then he has provided the food as well! Trust that God, whichever God you like. This is the truth of existence. God has provided for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed! This is the difference. Thus, when you are existing with higher awareness, there will be no greed. You will be operating, more or less, perpetually in the plane of the Almighty. This is because you cannot be self- centered or narrow minded when you have higher awareness. Both cannot be together, both will not be together. What is the nature of God, the highest entity? Unconditional love, nothing else. The operating level itself is unconditional love, you and I are one! There is no duality. This is higher awareness. This is understanding. Thus higher awareness is available, and it can be easily achieved if you are able to objectively observe your thoughts, words, and actions. Objectively. Then the understanding is, I do not exist, a situation exists and I understand that the situation has been brought about by my inherent karma. This brought forth the situation, this time, this space and I into it. So be it. It’s fine. That awareness will help you to move on in life or float through life, without many upheavals. Even if there are calamities around, we will be fine. If society is filled with people who are fine, society will be a better place. Calamities, murders, rapes, all these will not happen. This is because suppression brings forth reactions. The more you suppress, the more the tendency is to burst the wall and come out. Eruption happens. So higher understanding, higher awareness always brings you into perfect balance. It gives you equanimity in existence. And equanimity leads to liberation.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato