Children of Mother Earth

Weekend Programme ’Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015, Day 2, part 3



Q: How can we give children unconditional love without spoiling them?

A: You give nothing to children. Children have their intelligence. Do not think they are raw and you need to make it processed food. If you just lead your life the way you want your children to lead it, that’s enough. If you consistently express peacefulness with every situation, children automatically follow it.

The problem is when we are trying to teach children, and most of the time we are teaching them what we cannot do ourselves. For example, I could not become a doctor, so I’ll make my child a doctor. Thus we twist and bend, move up and down, and we create a doctor. And he is never happy. This is why we have too many old-age homes now. Children put their parents into old-age homes because their parents manipulated them when they were young. There are a lot of factors involved in this, but insecurity plays a major role. Most of the time, if you look at the whole of society, it wants to create people in frames. Parents say learn this, become independent and earn money. They are constantly under pressure. You can see that stress in society – the stress of trying to prove something. What is the core of success? How can you be successful? If you are perfect in what you do, you are successful. Who are the people we remember or have recognised? The original people. Only those people have delivered something to the Earth. Look at the rest of the seven billion people. Just one of the bricks in the wall. What do they contribute to the world instead of taking from it? So we definitely have to nurture the individuality of children. Everybody is coming with a spark, then with education we destroy it, and make another brick to put in the wall and we are happy. Individuality is compromised. When I was at school I was not considered a bright student, and even sometimes considered a retarded child. A teacher told my mother, “Take him to another school because he cannot cope with the education here.“ Actually I was saved by my grandfather who was a great visionary. My mother told him, “This boy cannot cope with education,“ It was 1st or 2nd class. Do you know how they assessed that I was retarded? The teacher asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up?“ I had no plan to grow up. I don’t consider myself grown up even now. It’s a state of mind. You can always remain a child and play with life. So I wrote, “I would like to be alone.“ The teacher freaked out. What do children usually write? A policeman, a pilot, a fireman, a doctor… Once you write that your coffin is sealed. My grandfather said, “One day you’ll be proud of him.“ I am 100% sure my parents never believed it, because I never walked the beaten path. I always tried something new and I was never on a regular track all the time. People asked me why I was always changing tracks. It’s because when you see all of life as a roleplay, that you are acting your part, then if you understand that, there is no seriousness in anything. I experienced this at various points in time. I learned a lot of things myself, nobody taught me to ride a motorcycle, to drive a car… I was just experimenting and it worked. The same with spirituality. I wanted to have a proper Guru who has seen light, and who could take me there, not a teacher who would say read this book, and you will reach somewhere. In 2000 I went to the Himalayas and when I reached there it was like great freedom. Nobody asked me who I was, how much money I had in my pocket or in the bank, where I was from, where I was going. No questions. You are accepted as you are. I met a spiritual mother and asked, “Can you guide me?“ She said, “I am your mother, not your teacher.“ I asked, “Where is my teacher?“ She said, “Divine will show you the way.“ What does that mean at a normal level? It’s even more confusing. So where to look, what to see? Then I was meditating in the Vasishta cave one day. I was feeling different energies and it was becoming more and more crazy. I went into some kind of blank state. That’s interesting. You are constantly being told who you are and then you reach a state where you don’t know who you are. This is nice. Many times I experimented with this in various locations. Meditating in the desert, in water between rocks in the Ganga river, it was very cold, I was sitting and went into a blank state. All these experiments were my teachers, and at each point in time there was a shift. The fundamental shift was lack of dependency. I loved everybody but was not dependent on anybody. I was always ready to help. I had a charity organisation and we did a lot of work, but at the same time I was totally away from everything. I was there, I was here, but there was a big gap in between. Then various experiences happened, some of them I wrote about in my blog, some of them I don’t want to write about, but the point is at some point in time, you have to shift. There is no other way – in this life or in another life. It’s inevitable. You can’t escape. We may not understand that in that intensity, but it will strike very hard at some point in time, “Come on, what am I doing here? Is this exactly what I want to do?“ This question will be like a big Mike Tyson’s blow to your face 🙂 At that point in time, none of the things around you will make much sense. Then there is a kind of freedom and power that comes from within, it’s unbelievable. I can’t even explain it. Along with the peace of beingness, the biggest thing you experience is fearlessness. Zero fear. You can dare the whole world. It is not that fearlessness which cocaine gives you, which is temporary. This is a perpetual fearlessness. You will look at the world and say, “Come, face me.“ Everything will be like that. And your eyes will start reflecting it. Because eyes can never lie. They are always truthful. If you want to see someone’s consciousness, look them in the eyes. After some time you will know, Ok, all these things which I am doing are just part of the whole show, and there is no me, nor the other person, nor the activity, permanently. It’s all like a flow, all happening. And you start seeing the show from above. Like you see all of Earth and the activities here. People taking birth, dying, cars, everything you see from above. Then nothing matters. Just your existence on a platform and that’s it. This is not something you can give to people unless they are ready to take it. How many people can take it? It is easy to give, but if I give you something very heavy, and you do not have the capacity to lift it, is it useful? So I understood one thing very clearly. There is only one criteria, it is not complicated. Just be empty. No mind, no ego, just emptiness. Then you are everything. That realisation that you are everything starts getting reflected in the world outside. Initially you will be surprised, because you will think, “Why are people coming to me? What is in me?“. This is because in the state of emptiness you feel empty, like an empty pot, and what is there for people to see? Another thing is that nature starts reflecting back to you – the animals, birds, all these beings start connecting to you, they come to you. Then when you look into their eyes, you see yourself. Then there is no difference. Same soul, various bodies. And then you are one with everything. This is the emptiness that is complete. In that emptiness you are everything. This is the only thing you can share. There is no knowledge to share because you know plenty of it. There is nothing on earth you can share because you don’t own it anyway. Your money, car, wife, building, house, property, everything is temporary. However if you share consciousness, it’s permanent. You and I are connected. Married. True marriage is the marriage of consciousness, not two people. This is the only marriage which is worthwhile. And that marriage has no barrier of gender, number, time, space or anything else. Marriage of consciousness is the highest marriage. How can you get married that way? Both have to be empty. This is it.

Artificial insemination

Q: What is your opinion about artificial insemination? Is the consciousness of children born as a result of artificial insemination different from those born through natural impregnation?

A: Good opinion, ha ha. Let there be more people.
As a principle I am not for anything artificial, but we have to accept the sign of today’s times. Times are in a confused state right now, because there is a lot of information. We do not know whether this information is right or wrong. Then there is experimentation, and experimentation sometimes leads to catastrophe. This cycle is continuing. There is experimentation with medical systems, medicines and even education. None of our history is right. We are in a very beautiful state now. In this artificial insemination there is also one of the experimentations. It’s like what we did with cloning. We created many people and sheep. However, we still cannot catch the god particle – the soul element. We haven’t been able to catch it so far. So we can create a machine, but we can’t put a soul into it. The technology hasn’t reached there yet. By the time it reaches there I think one third or two thirds of the population would have gone. Globally, if you look at all the 240 countries in the world, all of these countries are controlled by two major industries. One industry keeps people alive beyond reason – the medical industry. The other industry is the war machine industry. They create wars and kill people. So one side keeps the people alive, and the other one kills them. This is how the world is run now. What's In a VaccineNow people are talking about vaccines which are making people disabled or mediocre. This is exactly what society wanted. We like to have people who will never question. Now we are talking about how to come out of these vaccines. We have already injected everything into people, and now we are talking about how to reverse it. This is what homeopaths are doing –trying to find antidotes so that you can at least create people naturally. After creating all the problems, we are trying to solve them. What should I add about it? Actually my opinion has no validity here.

My opinion about the whole species divide is that we have the human species, a very big bulk of human species, a population of 7.3 billion people growing every day. Then on the other side there are all the other species as victims, in a victim kind of state. This is creating a huge imbalance on Earth. In this kind of scenario there has to be calamities because Earth cannot handle it. So why should we create more of those like us? alopJust imagine if there were many Mohanjis, one alone is terrible (ha ha)… could you handle many? Better to not think about it. It’s time to be aware. Simple. This is why I always say, before being spiritual we should be practical. You will definitely become spiritual because this is part of you. However being practical is very important. Having common sense is even more important. We have intelligence but zero common sense. And what is our education giving to children? Simple, restlessness. It teaches them to be never satisfied. When you are never satisfied, somebody can sell something to you all the time. This is the idea. Imagine if you were satisfied, then you wouldn’t need anything, industries would close. So they keep you restless, this is good for them. In between, by accident, somebody becomes intelligent and says, this is not right. What do you do? We crucify them. Now we don’t have to go to certain places, you have Facebook. You can make a mess of people just through Facebook.
I talk about this everywhere. I have no problem in saying it. One of the worst scenarios today is the dairy industry which is creating high pollution and increasing the temperature of the earth.


Calves not used for dairy industry are tossed into crude cages on the side of the road with no food and little shelter

I said this in America, too, and they said, “No, no that is not to be addressed.“ Ultimately, it has to be addressed because there is no point in saying the sun is shining, while knowing very well it is night.
Let’s put it in simple terms, and not complicate it with science. What makes a woman complete? A child. A child makes a woman complete. No man can ever make a woman complete. This is a basic ground rule of existence, not only related to humans, but to all species. This is a basic truth. Now every being whether it is a bird, animal… any species you take, for them their child is very dear to them. Do we ever care about the children of other beings? If we are human and if we think we are powerful, then express kindness. If you just care about mothers and their children, the world will be a better place. And this should be beyond the species, not only humans. We should take care of every species. This is spirituality, being aware all the time is spirituality.

Mohanji quote - When we kill another being

You cannot seek or be something else. You already are that.

There is no differentiation in consciousness between me and you. I am everybody. You can only see yourself in me. There is no way we can be separate except in the body. We have taken different bodies so that we can have different experiences. However we are essentially one and the same. You are looking into your own eyes and eyes never lie. Eyes always tell the truth. This transcends through time. We have taken various lifetimes, but the eyes are the same. So this is the proof that we are connected, that we are one. When you see yourself different from other people, there is always ignorance. When you see yourself in every being, you have arrived. One consciousness, different bubbles. Ha, ha. Beautiful!

A Story – One consciousness, different bodies

There was a woman, she is a great devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.


She was studying in Baba’s school and living in Puttaparthi, so she knew Baba quite well. She had visions, Baba visited her every night for nine days. Every night Baba appeared, talked to her and asked her to look at my YouTube videos, my pictures, my blogs, and that is how she came to know about me. She looked at the picture and saw another man, not Baba. She thought, “Ok, I should talk to him.“ She asked for the number of my personal assistant and called him. She could not talk to me. He said, “He is busy, you cannot talk to him.“ On the ninth day, the same situation happened. Baba came to her, and his face became mine. This happened for nine days. On the ninth day she told Baba,“If what you are telling me is true, then I should talk to him today. I am not able to reach him, but I need to speak to him today. If this does not happen, I will not believe you, it is my imagination.“ She called my p.a. and at that time he was talking to her. He was answering the question, “ No, no, he is busy, you cannot talk to him.“ I said, “Who are you talking to? Give me the phone.“
So I spoke to her. She was crying. She was overwhelmed. She explained everything to me. I said I understand all this. Then I asked,“What do you want?“ She said,“I want to see you.“ I said,“I won’t be able to see you because you do not understand the consciousness, you only understand the form. So you should always be connected to the form of Baba, which you like, not to another form. You will be even more confused if you see another form and imagine this is the same power (and obviously it is not). Each incarnation and each avatar comes with a different power. If you do not understand the unity of consciousness, you do not understand the frames.“ I told her we should not meet because it would only confuse that person.
That night Baba appeared and delivered Shaktipat to her. She went into a trance. She went completely into bliss state. She was looking and she saw me walking away. Until now we still haven’t met. Ever since then, the vision also ended for her.
The point I am making is that the moment you realise you and I are one, then there is nothing more to seek. You will realise that you will always be seeking yourself, not another person, or another situation. You cannot seek or be something else. Please understand this clearly. You cannot seek or be something else. You already are that.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato


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