Move like Water, not like a Rock Block

Weekend Programme with Mohanji ‘Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015; day 1, part 2

Q: I know my gut feeling points me in the right direction. But at the same time, emotions create karma. How to feel intuition without creating attachment and karma?

A: The root cause of disappointment, disagreement or anger is expectation. Breathe through pain and difficulties. When you breathe through emotions, as if they are vapour, they come and go, they never stay. No emotion stays for a long time. When emotions are not there, expectation is also not there. When you are floating through life like that, which means things are happening, everything is an experience. In that mode, no karma is created.
Imagine you put a coin on your hand and press it. Emotion is pressure and subconscious is like your hand- the more intense the emotion, the deeper the impression. So if you handle emotions without much pressure (“Emotions are coming, ok, let them come and go”) then you have seen through them and let them go. There will be no impressions on the subconscious. Whenever we store anger, hatred, emotions, judgement, criticism, pressure is created. The bigger the pressure, the bigger the storage. If you are just going through feeling life as it is, you become light like a bird.
Q: What about good emotions?
A: Emotions are emotions. You experience both because when there is good, there is also bad. Both are ok. Life is always duality, two things. Sometimes we are in a very good mood. Sometimes we are not so good, without any reason. This is how it is.

One of the best and most reliable ways to release mental blockages is to connect to the sky.

One of the best and most reliable ways to release mental blockages is to connect to the sky.

When you connect to the sky, you expand. That is your actual state of your heart. When you empty yourself, you feel like a child. We feel weight because of our ‘adulthood’ feeling. Children do not have concepts, conditioning or cages.
When we are open, so many things happen in life. But mostly, mind is so closed with prejudices that nobody can help you.

Q: How is it possible to stay light as a child when we have a job, family, etc.
A: Be Mohanji. Haha.
(laughter in the audience)
I tell people to meditate on children, not gurus or masters. Because sometimes these masters express a particular character or constitution. But children are always in the present, spontaneous, energetic. Once masters are completely liberated, they are just like little children. So just go with the flow. Whatever happens in life has a history. If you think, “I have decided to come here, Mohanji is coming…” there is a deeper root for it. Something else from another life or from the past brought you here. Just accept it as it comes, do what you can at that point in time, decide your mind is present with all that activity then most of the anxiety will go. Mind hovering in the past or future creates guilt and drains energy. The main thing about Conscious Walking is that you are in the present. That is why it energises you so much.
Sorrows are low frequency. Happiness is high frequency and needs effort. It is easy to catch sorrows since no effort is required. You say, “I am suffering because of this person, situation, etc.” and just become low frequency- consuming alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. If anybody continuously operates in high frequency, do not leave that person. It helps you come up. Many people who keep crying and complaining have low frequency. You can try to help them, but if you cannot, what do you do:

Satsangatve Nissangatvam
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam
Nirmohatvam Nishchalattvam
Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih

Satsanghatve Nissangatvam. If you are in good company, it elevates you and you learn to detach. Detachment is not escapism; it means you are free whether a thing, person or situation is available or not. Such a person will learn not to have more desires (Nissangatve Nirmohatvam). When there are no more desires, the mind is absolutely still, like calm water (Nirmoatvam Nishchalattvam). Then you are liberated (Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih).

We mostly gravitate towards people who say that things are not right. People say, we cannot do these 15 things. I say, tell me one thing you can do and start talking from there. Often when you talk with accountants or lawyers, they will tell you so many things you cannot do. While it’s good to know what you can’t do, a liberated or positive person will ask, “What else can I do?”

Q: How to give to the earth more than we receive? Mohanji quote - Be wealth to the world

A: It simply means understand your strength and share it. Maybe your strength is knowledge, money, love or time. The more you share, the richer you become inside. Most people think when I say do something for the world: “Oh I don’t have a lot of money.” It’s a misconception. I have seen many wealthy people who are insecure or poor in heart, worried about hoarding their wealth.
Some feel they can buy everything with money. I had an experience where somebody tried to buy me also. A man with few Rolls Royces invited me home saying, “I would like to discuss a business proposal with you. These are my buildings and offices, you have worked before, so you can be our consultant and run this company, and if you want to give me some profit, you can. But all your programmes should be under my company.” He wanted to claim me as one of his business establishments. So I said, “I am not for sale, neither is my spirituality.” He told me, “Denying my offer is foolishness.” I said, “I understand, but I prefer to be a fool here.”
Nobody can say, “I have nothing to give to the world.” Everybody has something in abundance. If nothing else, at least time. If you share what you have with the world, the inner richness will increase and cleanse you. The space will be full of happiness and richness. For that you need only one question, “What else can I do today?” The moment you ask that question, you are fine, you are on the right track.

Q: What is the purpose of life?

A: Whatever you are doing now is the purpose of life. You were born at a particular time, you will die at a particular time, not a day earlier or later. What you experience at the age of 50 cannot be experienced at the age of 5; all experiences are laid on time. At every moment, a new situation or reality will come up. Experiencing life is everybody’s purpose of existence. This is why we say live and let live. Because all the beings on earth have the same purpose.

Q: There are other people who have tragedies and they are not enlightened. How come you became enlightened? What can we practically do to be as close as possible every day to someone who is enlightened?

A: This is a fundamental question. Certain questions like this come from the soul, aiming at fundamental shifts; otherwise most come from the mind. How do you perpetually connect to the consciousness?
The scriptures talk about many different ways and subdivisions of connection. There are numerous ways you can connect, but what suits you is good for you. Some people can connect through service. When you serve the beings around you, you serve God. Some people connect through learning because they are intellectuals. Some people connect through feeling, chanting, connecting in an emotional way (which becomes devotion).
The secret of perpetual connection is lack of ego. When ’I’ stops existing, God exists and takes over. The ‘me’ and ‘Him’ factors are the distance.


Hence one of the greatest devotees in history is Hanumanji. He was supremely powerful. He told his master, Lord Ram, by this body and this mind I am your servant but soul-wise, we are one. The moment I realise you, I’ll stop serving you because we are one. Let me stay in this body so that I can serve you. So the absolute awareness of a devotee about his master or his object of worship can be achieved when you surrender completely. Surrender happens in two ways. We become so helpless that we say, “Please God, help me.” That is the lowest level because you can’t do anything, you are completely drained and you are asking for help. The other one is perpetual awareness. You are aware that you are just like a small ant in this world and this world is like an ant in this universe. Once you understand the insignificance of existence, you realise the whole show is run by an omnipresent God.
People ask me, “How can I stay connected to you?” The presence of mind is the connection. If your mind is with me, you are connected with me. Even if your body is with me, you are not connected to me if your mind is elsewhere.
So knowledge path, devotion path, service path are the three powerful paths. A more powerful path of connection is the path of annihilation. Knowledge, devotion and service are all gains in some way. Annihilation means you lose all your identification and just merge with the supreme unmanifested God. No signs, no manifestation. This is called the Golden path, raja yoga, the royal path. In royal path, there is no other aim, just liberation. Whatever you do every day, it takes you one step forward to liberation. The fundamental tenet of that path is things are happening; there is no ‘doing’, only ‘being’. You say, “God, use me for the higher purpose. I do not exist, only you do.” Even Shirdi Sai Baba used to say everybody is owned by the same God, there is no difference.

I do not exist. Only You exist, my Lord.
I do not exist. Only You exist, my Lord.

Q: I wake up in the morning, I exercise, cook lunch, take care of the children, do my job, I do what I love to do so I know that’s the way to God. Is there any other way to go in the right direction?

A: In this whole talk there is I, I, I… This ego element is exactly the wall between you and God. The moment YOU do, you can’t be connected to God. If ‘I’ is not there, then you are connected to the supreme consciousness. It is not ’I’ do, but ‘IT IS HAPPENING through me.’ When it is a flow, all these things are happening, and you are doing your best without ownership.
If everything is ‘I do, I do…’ then God says, “Ok, you do.” How much can you do? Allow it to happen. Mind, emotion, ego, intellect and intellectual analysis together make a big wall alienating you from reality.
Spirituality is not a daily practice; it is your life. The key teacher anybody can have is life. Life teaches you lessons like nobody’s business. Life is the only platform where you can work. In that platform, how are you managing? We can either move like water or like a solid block. 

Saint John
Saint John

Elevated masters like Prophet John (Jovan) never cared. He said, “If you want to take my head, take it. If it makes you happy, I have no problem.” He was completely detached. That is the state of an avadhoota, a very high master.
A normal person in the physical world has to exist with his family and other activities. For him, the best and the most spiritual way is to be fluid, just flow through life like a water on the leaf of lotus. Water never gets connected to the lotus, but stays fully intact.
There are two reasons why you have taken birth. One is expression- to express your unique beingness to the world outside. That is why your thumb impression and eyes are unique to you. Second is experience – to experience the earth, using your mind, senses and constitution.
You are expressing your character to the world, you are experiencing the world. You can do this in two ways- either react or respond. Reaction means resistance i.e. non-acceptance. Response means being peaceful with every situation, whether good or bad. If you are consistently responding, the whole world will love you. If you are consistently reacting, the whole world will detach from you. I am making is extremely simple, like baby food so that you have a complete picture. In that picture, I don’t have to tell you how to go.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava

4 thoughts on “Move like Water, not like a Rock Block

  1. Like Prophet John, Didn’t Adi Shankaracharya have the same story, He was asked by and Aghori,”If you are not attached to your body, can I have it, for my sadhna so I can elevate myself.” Adi Shankara instantaneously agreed. He was following the aghori sadhu to the smashan ghat, where he could give up his own body, by his own will so aghori could use it.
    But it just so happened, on his way the aghori who was walking in the front got attacked by a lion. He died instantly, he knew he had made a mistake so his last words to Shankara were, ‘yachita te sharirm, arpita me sharirm.’ I asked your body, but gave mine.
    Such are the ways of the divine. Fully trust and you are fully protected.
    Jai Mohanji

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