Mohanji’s First Interview in the USA

Ganesh Venkatachalam: Namaskaar and Good Afternoon. We are delighted to welcome Mohanji to the United States. Mohanji is well-known for his impactful writings, meditation programs, and retreats that are conducted all over the world. He has a growing followership of 300,000 worldwide, including USA where people read his blogs and practise his meditations. We welcome Mohanji for his first interaction with the US audience.


I would like to begin with your recent visit to the Himalayas in Uttarakhand where you witnessed the enormous damage caused by nature. Could you talk a little bit about that experience and how it is being addressed?

Mohanji: Our group of five travellers happened to be there during the cloudburst, in a place called Joshimath about 30 km from our destination, Badrinath. When the roads were swept away, we were stranded but safe at the India Tibetan Border Police camp. The devastation was terrible – the fatalities have been under-reported in the media. My conservative estimate is that 20,000-50,000 may have perished .We couldn’t do much then since roads behind and ahead of us were non-existent. We had to stay put there till the skies cleared and helicopters arrived. We returned by road five days later after the skies cleared and roads became pliable.

Now our charity organization, Ammucare is adopting the villages. Most of the public aid and support relief has reached only the tourist locations. The villages that were deeply affected and previously reachable only through miles of walking, remain stranded. So we are trying to provide them with basic necessities, medical care for the sick and wounded, and education for the children.

GV: So how can people from the US help and participate in rebuilding efforts?

M: I presume that people in the US can work with ACT Foundation USA and coordinate with Ammucare activities there. We work with various organizations that provide food packets and medicines. It is also possible to work directly with Ammucare in India but our platform in the US may be more convenient.

Unconditional Love

GV: More information is available on the website and the email address for ACT Foundation USA is
My next question is regarding the theme of your teachings which is unconditional love and peace.

M: The basic nature of every being is unconditional love. Nature expresses herself as unconditional love. You can observe examples of such expression in trees that provide oxygen, shade and shelter to all impartially (even to those who cut them down) and in the sun that nourishes the earth everyday, rising and setting unfailingly.

We forget our own true unconditional nature, getting caught up in competition and one-upmanship in the everyday rush of life. The dualities of failure and success push us to behave in transactional ways, leading to misery. When we start being selfless and expressing unconditional love spontaneously, bindings will disappear and we will discover a peace within – a peace not available outside. We may go to the Himalayas in search for that peace, or to other places conducive for meditation but the mind may still waver. Accept that it is in the very nature of the mind to waver and observe it without participating. Observe all its pluses and minuses, the good, bad and ugly sides. Persevering in that journey of observation, you may notice yourself gradually becoming more powerful – because you are no longer being dragged along by the mind. Then peace will descend.

For peace to settle in, unconditionality is a necessity. And for unconditionality to happen, we must decondition ourselves. We must dissolve the frames that we keep creating all the time. People are even framing happiness levels that they think they ought to enjoy – imagining and pre-deciding what happiness is! And if something higher than anticipated does come along, they are unable to enjoy. We create frames for people too, expecting them to conform to those frames, refusing to accept them for who they are. We do however show some unconditionality in life where our own children or pets are concerned.

So it is all relative. The absolute truth is not accepted because the mind is afraid of losing its stance. But if we opt to link the mind with the intellect, we will respond instead of reacting. Peace will naturally result.

By observation, just being, understanding yourself before trying to understand anything, a lot of peace can be gained. Unconditionality then becomes your nature. You have to work on cultivating it, it cannot be bought.

Awareness is the key

GV: So would you say – to nurture unconditional love is really to be aware?

M: Yes, awareness is the key. Being aware of who you are, of every thought, word and action. It is not about regression, past lives or visiting places or gurus. Understand who you really are at this point in time, the true hardcore you- without adding pepper or salt. Everything else will just flow. You will understand and accept- “This is me, these are my weaknesses and strengths, but they are all part of me. There is nothing apart from me.” You will then understand the universe that you are- every cell of your body contains your characteristics. If you think about it, your body did start off as a single cell once.

Each cell has the potential to add on to the character of our being. Each cell has contained or maintained a certain aspect of you. If you could image a person assigning various colors to anger, jealousy, hatred, happiness, love etc, you would see different colors to your cells. A conglomeration of all those aspects is the real you. When you say you know someone, you are really viewing them as a collective being of numerous characteristics.

In this mode, you can understand that you symbolize the universe you had been searching for all these years. Then you will easily see yourself in the whole world. When your personality is understood well, it overflows and merges with the personalities of the world and you see your own reflection in other people’s eyes.

Spirituality is You

Mohanji quote - We worship various deities

GV: A lot of people consider spirituality too abstract and wonder if it practically impacts daily life and whether it can help them become more effective in all facets of life…

M: Spirituality can never be apart from you!
(Not referring here to any religions or roadmaps to the one God).

Spirituality is something that is your very nature – it is what you really truly are, your origin. Remove the skin, conditionings, body – everything temporary and removable – and you will discover a side beyond all dualities, from where you began your journey and from where you have progressed. That Me plus religion equals completion. Sometimes not. It is the usage of the mind that creates divisions, barriers, and ideologies. These creations will further provoke various thoughts, actions, and words. We then start to believe and “buy” into them.

Away from all this, you are complete. Away from a guru, away from a path, completely self-sufficient within you – that is the spiritual side. True spirituality liberates and keeps you unbound. You can measure the degree to which you are liberated or spiritual by asking yourself if you feel bound by any ritual or philosophy or person. Are you fine the way you are, are you joyful and happy with or without a thing? When that is clear, fearlessness happens. Is there really anything to be afraid of? We have taken this body only for some duration – we are going to shed it anyway. In a hundred years from now, it will be a completely new generation. So we must spread unconditional love today- love every being, love every object, animate or inanimate. And whatever we are here for, we must deliver well. That will automatically lead to liberation.

If spirituality does not lead to liberation, it is not worth it. We already have plenty of habits. Do not add on another habit and say you cannot exist without it. Anything has the potential to bind you. Perhaps you are attached to the image you see in the mirror today – tomorrow if that image changes, you may become sad. Some days you win and some days you lose but you must still flow on like a river. Spontaneity elevates and spirituality liberates you. These are the signs of the white path, the path of liberation.

Mohanji quote - Some days you win


GV: Tell us about your meditations.

M: Both meditations are free to download from

Power of Purity meditation is basically a communion with yourself. You are forgiving, unhooking, releasing and liberating yourself. It is like a daily bath. If you practice this everyday, huge changes can happen within your consciousness. Circumstances may not be fine but you will be fine. Dependencies on external situations, objects, and people will reduce.

The 360 degrees meditation is for rooting yourself in your spine. The spine is your stairway to heaven – the more you root yourself in it, the less you associate yourself with the usual 120 degree ear-to-ear operating level. When remainder of the 240 degrees that we miss everyday is added on, we operate in the 360 degree mode wherein we become immune to the usual drama of emotions and egoistic arguments. If we operate in this absolute level, we will no longer be vulnerable as we were in the usual front-footed way. The intellect will be in charge and we will respond more than react. Balance, peace and equanimity prevail and the operating platform changes to unconditional love. Arguments, fights and anxiety reduce, and as a result energy is preserved.

Most importantly, be aware of every thought, word, and action on a daily basis. Decide that no thought will pass in an unconscious way, no words will be uttered without your mind being present, and that no actions will be performed without conscious participation. If this is done consistently, you will not have much sorrow and will grow to become more powerful and successful.

Be aware, be in the now, be in the beingness. A lot of doingness never gives peace, it merely entertains the restless mind. Mind may be happy but it doesn’t promise any elevation.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava


Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts and hold on to faith

Watch them, do not participate, do not energize them. The more you energize them, the more they stay. Also, as we evolve into silence and enlightenment, year by year or lifetime by lifetime, all our fears have to come and go. Even if one small fear lies in our system, it traps us back to Earth, it brings us back. So it is very simple. Start looking at yourself. Look at your own mind and simply watch your thoughts. Thoughts are just like our children, we have no idea what is coming until it comes. We cannot predict! Once the thought occurs, we understand it. We can neither control it nor decide what to think! We believe that we decide, but usually, thoughts flow on their own. So, watch the thoughts. There is a rush of thoughts in the mind. Say, a policeman is standing at the gate, as a crowd enters the stadium. Even though the policeman does nothing, people form a queue just because a policeman is watching them. People start behaving themselves. Just like that, thoughts start to get in line. We are not doing anything, neither judging nor censoring, just closing our eyes and watching our thoughts. This is possible; this is a meditation and can lead to perpetual states. Thus when you keep watching your thoughts for some time, your thoughts start falling in line. You can’t do this in one day. Take your time, there is no hurry, nobody is going to watch you. Slowly, as you continue to keep watching your thoughts, what will happen is there will be small gaps between thoughts. This is exactly what we are afraid of in normal life. We don’t like gaps of thoughts, and that is why we try to fill them in with activity, either mental activity or physical activity. In some way we try to fill in the gaps, but we start noticing that there is a gap between the thoughts and we start falling in love with the gap, slowly. So when this gap occurs, this silence happens, and the first reaction is that our fears start surfacing. Our fears have remained suppressed, because when we are hyperactive they cannot surface. However, in silence, the first thing that happens is that the fears come out. In fact these fears come out from each cell and sometimes it’s terrible! Again you have to hold on with faith. This is why sometimes Gurus help. You trust in the Guru, you have faith, so you hold on. A fear which has remained trapped has to go through your mind, please understand it. It cannot come out in any other manner. Something which you have to experience in a dream has to be experienced in a dream; you cannot bring it to the physical state. Similarly, you cannot take a physical experience to a dream state. You cannot swap these things. This is how we are programmed. So when we experience silence, when the gap increases between thoughts, and we start loving this silence, we have to face lots of fears. Sometimes you will be surprised at the number of fears. We might have no inkling that so many of them exist! These are not always fears from this life; they are fears from many lives. They have been suppressed and remain stored in our cellular memory. As they come out, allow them to go. Simply witness it. How do you witness? Be in the spine. If you participate it is possible that sometimes you feel that these are not mine or that you start feeling scared of them. If you do, they get again trapped and are pushed down. The moment you touch the fear, it goes down. You have to just watch it, not do anything. Then they come out and go through your mind. As the fears escape, you will start feeling lighter. Please don’t think this can happen in a period of six months or a year. It’s a process. Otherwise, everyone would have attained enlightenment quickly. So remain patient and go through the process. As the process happens, the fears completely vanish over a period of time. Then, freedom happens, liberation happens. When the fears vanish, you will be in perpetual silence. The mind will be extremely calm because along with the fears, many desires which are of no use also leave. So when desires go away, fears leave, you empty yourself and then what happens? You observe the silence, like a watchdog, and then God fills in, the God element fills in. You start feeling being God, being Shiva, being Jesus and this is exactly the consciousness we are talking about! This is exactly what we want to achieve. Then we feel, we understand and we realize, “Aham Brahmasmi”, “I am Brahman, the Infinite Reality”. So fears have to be tackled through observation.

Mohanji quote - Guru brings the fire of awareness

Q: At the feet of the Guru and God how can one end the prarabda karma?
Mohanji: Prarabda karma is a set of desires, which you chose, before you took birth. This is why you were born. A guru brings the fire of awareness so that you can easily handle your karma. Say you are bicycling uphill, the Guru oils the bicycle so that it becomes effortless. Then, of course there is the protection factor…
However, please understand, there is a big difference between an Acharya and a Guru.
Many times, people say practise this for some time. So we keep experimenting, and trial and errors take a lot of time in life. Some people search their entire life for the path and they exit without finding the path. Then they have to come back. Of course it is possible to have many lives, so it is not a problem. When people search their entire lives and do not find a path, they feel disillusioned. You can see this quite often in the Himalayas. People try various paths, various Gurus, but still do not know their way out. Then they may decide to teach (HA, HA) so that they feel better off, just joking….!

Q: How to find peace when the mind is disturbed?

Mohanji: Watch it. Do not participate. Only when you energize, does it become alive. As the worries are happening, watch them. This is when faith comes into play. How deep is your faith? Usually, we say we have faith and we say we surrender. However when you surrender something at the feet of God, it should leave your mind. It should not remain there. Don’t hold on to it and then surrender. People say Baba I leave it to you and then they take it back. Baba cannot work on it because you have not left it behind. Baba says, “If you leave it at my feet, I will take care of it”. So LEAVE IT! Don’t take it home. Surrender should be complete. Do not partially surrender. It is of no use. If you do not, you might as well carry it home. If you can handle it, please do, it is not a problem. However, if you wish to surrender something, surrender completely. Then you are relieved of it. It’s akin to saying, “It’s not my baby anymore, now you take care of it.” This works very well, because such powerful entities like Jesus or Baba can perform miracles. However, you should allow it to happen. Faith should be absolute, not partial. You cannot say, “If you do this, I will have faith in you, otherwise I won’t”. Faith should be absolute, with awareness.

Mohanji quote - Like a loving mother

Q: Is it “Saburi” (patience)?
Not Saburi… as there is no faith, one’s faith is a shaky faith. Understand that there is no degree of faith. Either you have faith or you don’t. Having ten percent faith is useless! Either I have faith or I have no faith. Our mind can categorize in many ways. Saburi is not there. That is why Baba kept repeating Saburi. Have patience. We want everything happening yesterday! As if we chose that way!


Q : How to seek true forgiveness and how to forgive others, when saying sorry to the person concerned physically does not work ? What do we do in this situation?
Mohanji: Forgiveness is actually unburdening and helps liberation.
When someone is agitated, if you ask them to forgive you or you say that you forgive them, their response may create more emotions. The first level of creation is always the thought. You start forgiving at that level. If you talk, it might actually create another situation. Words are always in your control. As I said before, you do not control your thoughts but with words, you do have control, because you can choose what to say. Likewise, with actions, you definitely have control. You can choose how to act and what to act on. So start forgiving at the thought level. It’s a mental wave and creation happens there. So you keep forgiving the person who hurt you or whom you are hurting or you think you have hurt. Start forgiving in the mind, “I, so and so, forgive this person, please forgive me and release me too.” Thus it is unhooking. You have to keep unhooking the person or they cannot leave. Suppose I tie your leg to mine, I also cannot walk! This binds two persons or a set of people. Thus forgiveness should be total release. And it should first happen at the mind level. If you keep repeating it at the mind level, the vibration reaches that person. It is subtle, but it does actually reach the person. Some people say Manasa Pooja, i.e. that Pooja in the mind is more powerful than an actual ritual. This is because if the mind is traveling while doing the ritual, then the ritual is of no use. However when the mind is doing the Pooja, it is more effective. Why? Because the mind is constant on the activity. Thus the mind has to be present for any result. Any ritual which is done mechanically is just an activity, it has no value. So the first level of forgiveness is in the mind. When the situation becomes conducive to speaking, you will know. Till such time do it in the mind, and do not say it. When you are ready to speak and the other person is ready to receive, you can sit down and talk. Otherwise further emotions are created. Emotion is the glue that attaches a thought, a word or an action to the subconscious, and that creates Karma and unfulfilled desires. That is why I always say, while the body is moving with time, from 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock why don’t you take your mind with you? Why do you leave it behind? Take the mind with you, and then it will not be stuck with events. Your mind will be free and you can keep traveling ahead. This is good and you are staying liberated. You are moving with all your properties and belongings. In contrast, if you leave all your belongings in various places, you have to go back and collect them! This takes time and energy and also creates agony, at times. Thus whenever your mind is stuck with a past event, there is guilt or fear or inconvenience at the least! Leave the past behind. The past is over, you can never go back and correct anything. Who is to say that we should have done better? Others can say it, but others do not know you. You did well in the past. You did the best that you could. No one does things deciding that he or she would like to mess them up, right? We all try to do our best, every time. So accept that! I did my best at that point in time and it is good enough. Move on. The future may show that it was a blunder. However it is alright, because my awareness only gave me so much capacity. What can I do? My intention was to lift 100 kilos, while my capacity was only 10 kilos! I can only use my capacity. I cannot use someone else’s capacity. I cannot be Sylvester Stallone, nor can Sylvester Stallone be me! This is how the world is created. Every person is unique, they have a value, a function and they are supposed to be themselves, not someone else. However sometimes we do not allow that to happen. Thus forgiveness is first of all an understanding and the first level of forgiveness is in the mind, followed by words and after that comes action. Thus just like many thoughts, fewer words, lesser action, there should be more forgiveness in the mind, fewer words and lesser action. Before the action occurs, the situation should be sorted out. Then, it’s liberation.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Edited by Caroline Moscato

Listen to Your Soul, Not the Mind

If you listen to your soul, everything will be fine, but you listen to the mind

Like mind, intellect also keeps changing. So when the body is lying dead, we call it Mohan’s body. Who was Mohan? The soul connected to the body is called Mohan, and when the soul leaves the body, it becomes a dead body. Thus, the soul element is the God element and this is exactly what we need to know and also connect to.
Who is closest to you and who is your personal Guru? Other than your own soul, no one else can be your personal Guru. The soul guides you and if you listen to the soul, everything is fine. However, we listen to the mind, we listen to our habits. We listen to our micro existence. Hence at times you do not get the required satisfaction. So, who is God? You are God!

Question: What about reincarnation?
Your desires, your pending shopping list, brings you back. When you started the journey, you brought sufficient money to complete the journey. The path was fully decided from birth until death. This is what we call destiny. Destiny has been chosen, or Prarabda Karma, i.e. the karma from birth till death has been chosen, and you do not have much choice in terms of detours or deviation. So where is free will during this journey? There is very limited free will. The journey does not allow free will. Perhaps the free will I have in this second is to lift either this hand or that hand! Once that second passes by, the free will is also gone! It is that limited! You actually do not have much free will!!


However, there is a Dharma aspect parallel to the karma aspect. The first and primary Dharma is to your own family, your immediate family. You are supposed to take care of them. This is called Putr Dharma, Pitr Dharma – the Dharma or duty of the parent towards the child, the child towards the parents and husband to wife. These Dharmas run parallel. If you do not fulfill these Dharmas, you leave behind a debt. The second dharma is dharma towards society; you should be doing something for others. This way you are paying your debt to Earth.

So firstly, you pay the debt of your existence, to your parents and to your children. Secondly you pay your debt towards the Earth because you are using the Earth for expressing and experiencing. Hence this is important, very important.
That is why most religions suggest doing something for the world, by way of selfless service. People escape to the Himalayas or other places where they meditate, shed and become liberated, but often they come back because they haven’t taken care of their debt to the Earth. They come back to fulfill this. So even if you leave as “JeevanMukta” and give up your body, you come back because you have something to clear here, just like a rented a house. You rented a house, stayed there and left without paying the rent. So someone reaches out to collect the rent. In this case, Earth catches you and brings you back. In contrast, say you paid the rent while living, and I am not talking about elaborate selfless services, paying millions for services. It could be the simple act of buying a meal for a poor man. Do what you can afford. When someone is hungry offer food or buy water, perform spontaneous acts. It does not have to be that you will do “Annadaan” for a hundred people. You could if you desire to, but that is not asked for. Do what you can for the world, according to your capacity. This will keep you liberated. It is also part of Karma yoga.
So, you cannot control your destiny, because you chose it. You chose the whole path, the entire journey and brought the petrol to complete the journey. However, during the journey, you find other things that interest you and this was not part of the original agenda. This is like if you went out to buy a Maruti car. Then en route you see a Mercedes and decide that’s what I want, not this Maruti! Since you didn’t bring sufficient money, what do you think happens? You come back, with more money! This is how we expand our plans and keep coming back. What can change this and how can we change this? Only one thing can help, and that is awareness! Awareness of who we are. Being aware that we are God, that we are a part of God.
This is a role play and in the next one hundred years, even a child born today will not be living on Earth. There will be a completely different set of people walking here. So what are we holding on to? What can we hold on to? Nothing! Again quoting Krishna, “There are hundreds of sense objects in the world, these are there for you to enjoy or for you to use. To understand these hundreds of objects, you have been given five senses, eyes, ears, nose etc. At a given point in time, if your mind is not with these senses, you cannot understand them”.
If the mind is not with the tongue, you will not enjoy the food. If you are watching TV and you are eating, you are eating unconsciously. Either your mind is on the TV show or on the food; it cannot be in two places at the same time. There is nothing called multi-tasking. It’s like we are mechanically trying to do many things together and probably messing it up! You could probably increase your speed, but if the mind is not held constant on an activity you will not enjoy it. You are looking at a beautiful landscape, your eyes are looking at it, but the mind is elsewhere, you don’t enjoy it. Beautiful music is playing, ears are hearing it, mind is elsewhere. Will you enjoy the music? Hence, in order to enjoy something, you have one mind. Five senses and one mind. So one hundred became five, and five becomes one! At a given point in time, you only enjoy one thing! Our conscious, waking state capacity is so limited.
We do have high potential, but how do you increase the capacity? Shift from the senses to the third eye, to the higher. That is why we keep saying, shift to the spine. When you shift to the spine, you are operating from the spine. Usually our operating level is 120 degrees, in other words the level at which our head can turn, but the remaining 240 degrees is missing. When we go to the spine, we also start accessing the remaining 240 degrees. Thus it becomes 360 degrees. Your awareness shifts, the way you look at the world changes. When awareness shifts, your whole outlook changes. Many things that you think are essential for existence may not be important anymore. Thus I always say that in this world, there is only one thing worth investing in, awareness! This is because you take it further when you go. When the soul leaves the body, it takes the desires, and it also takes the awareness. So, you start from where you stopped. Understand that spirituality doesn’t end here. All your material wealth, all your relationships stop here when you die, but awareness is brought forward. It goes along with your desires; it becomes part of your character. You will then take birth in a location such that you will be able to continue your journey. So awareness is like a progressive graph. It does not stop anywhere.

Question: Reincarnation?
Mohanji: Reincarnation happens based on unfulfilled desires. When you go to the astral plane, there are Masters equal to what we have here. However we have two types of Masters here…

Who is actually a Master?


One who has mastered the mind, one who is beyond the Gunas, i.e. the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas, one who operates on a perpetual plane, and one who enjoys perpetual bliss is a Master. His mind has dissolved into his soul. He does not have a separate mind that drags him, and he is operating in 360 degrees all the time. His awareness is complete. He is beyond the Gunas which means there is no high or low. He is operating on a perpetual plane, he is a real Master. However, what has happened is that Acharyas or teachers are called Masters because we give titles like Swami and we blur between these two. Acharyas are basically exponents of knowledge. Like college professors, they know certain things and they transfer it to people, but they are not connected to the Higher. Those who are connected to the Higher may not be literate. What was the qualification of Jesus Christ? He was a carpenter, but he was sufficient to teach great scholars of religion. Where did the knowledge come from? From the Source! ”My Father and I are one”. This means, the limited consciousness and the infinite consciousness have merged together, we have become one. When you actually become one, there is no difference. I do not exist. I dissolve into the Higher Consciousness. Likewise when our consciousness dissolves into the consciousness of the whole Universe then everything is within you. And the whole knowledge is yours. So that is why we say, the state of Shiva is something which you should understand, you should be in it. To know Shiva, be Shiva.

Anxieties and fears

Question: Life at this moment looks difficult; there are fears that cloud the moment and the mind. How can one overcome the fears, the anxieties of the future?
Mohanji: Well this is everyone’s problem. Where are the fears coming from? They come from lack of understanding or ignorance. Primarily, fear arises because we feel we are doing acts. Do you realize we have no control of over 80 percent of our vital functions? Who is controlling our heart beat, digestion or circulation? Thus most of the activities which keep us alive are not in our control. So, we first of all understand that there is a large subconscious that is running the show. Our conscious mind has very big limitations. As I said earlier, hundreds of sense objects, five senses and one mind to operate it all. So at a given time you can only experience one aspect of something. We should have the understanding that we are limited in our capacity.
Secondly, we believe we could have done better, but please understand that you have chosen the destiny, from one point to the other, from birth until death. You have chosen the destiny in such a way, that it gave you the time, space, intellect, awareness and the surroundings, to operate in it, to experience or express. So within that space and time, you have to do (acts), you cannot be at another location, or in another space, because it is not part of your plan. I can only start walking from here. I cannot start walking from another position because I am sitting here. This is the truth of the day. So acceptance of who you are, as you are, is important. We never do that. We do not agree that we are fine. We always feel we are insufficient, because we keep comparing. As I said earlier, your original agenda was to buy a Maruti car, but then you decided that’s not what you wanted. So you keep changing the goal post and as a result what happens is that you feel you are insufficient, that there is something wrong with you. This is not true, we are absolutely fine, we have been created in perfection, and we are operating in perfection. This is exactly what we have to understand, and the path is through the spine. If you establish yourself in your spine, you see the whole perspective. If I said I knew you, it would be a lie. How do I know you? I am trying to judge a person based on how he or she looks and what he or she says. We do not know, because each individual, within 24 hours, goes through 3 phases of life, waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. Thus if I know the person in all these states, in 24 hours, I can say I know you. But do we? It’s impossible! Else you should reach that kind of awareness! So fears are coming out of insecurities, insecurities are coming out of non-understanding. If a person is fully conscious of whom he is and operates in that level, there will be no insecurity. There will be no competition.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Why Don’t We Know We’re God?

The Supreme

If you say I am God intellectually, it is ego. Actually, it’s an experience. You experience the God element in you, and at that time you call yourself enlightened. However, before that if you call yourself God, it means you are trying to become egoistic, you are trying to portray what you are not. You have not understood. Somebody says you are God, so you say I am God, but what is God? God is the substratum. Everything is formed out of him, and everything will dissolve back into Him. That is what Krishna says in the Bhagavat Gita, “You can offer even a leaf or a flower to me, but understand that it belongs to me anyway! Please offer, there is no problem, but eventually it is all mine!” Who is that mine? The Supreme God, the “Para Brahman”, not a finite form which we call Krishna. He is talking in the terms of The Supreme “Para Brahman”. Likewise Krishna also says you can make an offering to any deity you like, your “Ishta Devata”- a deity that you like, you can offer them anything, it all comes to me. So who is this Me? The Supreme “Para Brahman”, from where all forms arose, all forms came out, and eventually into which all will dissolve back. So this is the process of existence. We come out of somewhere, we shed the body and dissolve back somewhere.

Why is it that we have to come back to earth again?

Because the shopping list is not fulfilled and we keep adding to it too! We keep adding desires. Usual desires which are weak might not create another birth, however the deep impressions or the deep desires which have to be fulfilled, whether they are positive or negative, definitely create another birth. There are subtle desires also which we can avoid, and which are not of much seriousness.

Why do we not know that we are God?

So who is God? You are God. But why do we not understand this? Have you ever thought about that? Why do we not know that we are God? It is a question worth asking. Do you know why? It’s because we always search outside of us. We are always looking for God outside. We go to temples, we do Poojas, thinking that God is sitting outside. There was a great saint called Avvaiyyar in Tamilnadu. She was sitting in the temple with her back towards the deity and eating something. Two Brahmins came and said what are you doing? Your back is towards God. She said, “Really? So God is there, I never knew.” We think God sits in the idol, but God is everywhere. We need an idol so that we can focus, so that we can relate to it. Idols are usually created based on certain characteristics of ours, which is why we have 33 crore Gods. Since each person is unique, everyone cannot connect to every God, everyone cannot connect to every Guru. So, we need to have different Gurus, different Gods, different religions, different paths, so that each person can identify themselves with one of them. However, it is all one, it is all the same. You can choose a Guru you like, you can choose a religion you like, you can choose a path or a God you like and that is how it must be. Only then will there be progress, and once you choose a God or a Guru, go all the way till the end of the road. It’s all inside. First of all, you have to feel connected inside and when you know that you are connected, make the effort to go all the way, till you realize that you and I are one. So what is realization? The understanding that there is nothing apart from us, that it is all a part of us.
During the Kumbh Mela, I met an Avadhoota who lives in a tree.


He does not have voting rights, nor does he pay taxes. He doesn’t have an ATM card or a bank account, a very liberated being. A saint who was with us told us that this person is very evolved and enlightened. So we searched for him. We had about 30 French people with us and we searched, but could not find him. Finally we saw him inside a forest, sitting under a tree. There were a few people around him and he was talking. He asked those around him a question, “Can you hear the birds chirping?” It was a forest, so of course, the birds were chirping. He asked, “Where are the birds? Are they outside of you, or inside you?” If they are outside of us, we have something to do. We have to bring them inside. That means we have to expand our consciousness so that we become all encompassing. When we merge our consciousness with the consciousness of the Universe, we become God, we feel what God is. If the birds are outside of you, you are a unit, and you have a lot of work to do. The main work to do is shedding, annihilating the limited ego, the limited identifications, such as my name is Mohan, and I look like this. All these identifications bind you to an image, to a certain identification. Each night, we shed it.

Shedding during deep sleep

During our deep sleep state, we do not know whether we are man or woman, we do not know the time or space, and we do not know our qualifications. We know nothing. When we wake up we bring everything back. So, we have a stage, which teaches us that there is an element of nullification. This is also like a death state, where you have no identification.

Experiencing and expressing in dreams

The dream state is equal to the waking state because the dream state also spends a lot of energy. It takes energy and is another state just like the waking state. The only difference is that you have a different canvas to work on, you have a different frame to exercise and probably your identities are not blocking you in exercising and experiencing. The reason you are here on earth is to experience the world outside with whatever it is, and to express your constitution to the world. You are doing these two activities in dreams also. The images which you capture in your waking state are not available in the dream state, but you have a different frame to work on, which is much better sometimes. Also you do not carry forward or remember some of them in your waking state, because you don’t need to remember. If you were to remember, that could become a trauma. In an Astral experience your body is in a deep sleep state. Please understand the deep sleep state is always replenishment time. It replenishes you, it charges you back up like a battery charger, like your mobile charger. That is when you are completely replenished. So the deep sleep state is a state where you are fine, where your body is in a suspended state, and the waking mind does not exist. Thus you are able to travel and you can actually go out and come back. The astral world is where we usually go after our death and it is very familiar to us because we have gone there many times. Maybe you don’t know the roads here, but you definitely know the roads there, because you have been there many times. On Earth you can take birth in any location as per your karmas, as per your desires. However in the astral plane you already know the road map and the roads, and experiences such as, when we meet people, talk to them, and share experiences are brought forth by you into this physical world, i.e. the conscious world. You will remember because you need to remember. These are messages conveyed in a particular plane for exercising in the waking state. You will remember them though you may not remember dreams. So please understand the difference between astral experiences and dreams.

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Edited by Caroline Moscato

The Power of Devotion

Weekend Programme with Mohanji ‘Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015; day 1, part 3

 The photo of Mohanji reflecting Hanumanji. It was taken in the USA when our USA family asked Mohanji to bless them on Hanuman Jayanti.

Q: Are devotion and service the same?
A: They are interconnected.
Q: Could you tell us a few examples about devotion and service? And could you tell us the story of Dipaka?
A: I’ll use the example of Hanumanji. He was serving Lord Rama, but his attitude was that of devotion. Whatever he was doing, he never felt that he was doing it. Real service is when you do not count your service. The moment you think you are doing a favour to somebody, that’s not service. If you start counting your charity, make a list and tell everybody; it’s not service any more. It’s like a favour. Service is a kind of surrender where you feel blessed that you can serve others. That is the right service. Otherwise people say, “I’ll write this cheque for you, do whatever you like.” That is an activity, not real surrender or service.
When your attitude is of surrender (whatever you do is for the sake of God), service becomes devotion. Nobody becomes enlightened through service, but they can become extremely purified through service. When you become very, very pure, you will either get into devotion, or acquire more knowledge to connect to the higher, thus leading to liberation.

Mohanji quote - Service is a kind of surrender


There was a great disciple named Dipaka. He was serving one Guru who had a few other disciples. One day the Guru called all the disciples, and said, “Through my practices I reduced almost all my karmas. I have only a few sins left, which I want to finish in this life, so that I become liberated at the time of my death. For removing these sins, I must go through certain suffering. So I am going to Banaras to contract a disease called leprosy and suffer for 12 years. Then I will be ready for liberation at death.” Dipaka said, “Master, why don’t you give this to me? I will suffer on your behalf.” Master scolded him, “You did not understand my teachings! A person’s karma cannot be transferred. This is the basic of karma. But if you want to serve me while I am with this disease, you can come. Otherwise you can stay here.”
They both went to Banaras, and the Guru contracted extreme leprosy. His body disfigured and puss came out of the body emanating a foul order. Someone with a terrible disease also get a terrible mood. Even though Dipaka was taking care of him and doing everything possible, his Guru was always abusing him. Dipaka was always quiet, he did everything possible to clean the house and his Guru- he washed him, bathed him, removed the puss and begged for food. Beggars can’t choose food, so whatever he received through begging, he brought to his Guru. When the Guru saw this food he would say, “I can’t eat this food, what dirty food it is!” and he would sometimes throw the food away. Dipaka would go again, beg and bring other food. It was a very tough situation but he never protested to his Guru. He obeyed everything, surrendered completely and performed his duties with full respect and reverence even though his Guru was abusing him every day.

Banaras is a place for worshipping Lord Shiva with a very big temple called Kashi Vishvanath. That’s a very, very powerful temple. Lord Shiva was watching this combination of extraordinary disciple and the very abusive Guru all the time. He appeared to Dipaka and said, “I have never seen any disciple like you. You are very patient, without expectation or anger, surrendered completely to an abusive Guru. I would like to give you some blessing. Ask me what you want.” Dipaka replied, “I want nothing for myself. If you can heal my Guru, it is ok. Wait a minute, let me talk to my Guru first and I’ll come back to you.” So he asked Shiva to wait! He went to the Guru and said, “Shiva has come. Can I ask him to heal you?” The Guru abused him again, “Are you fed up of looking after me and that’s why you brought Shiva? I don’t any support from anybody! You know very well that karma has to run its full course and if it is partially done, I have to suffer again in another life. I am not coming back. You go away.” Dipaka went to Shiva and said, “My Guru is very angry. I don’t need any blessing, please go.” Shiva was sad because whenever he came, he gave something to people. This man never wanted anything. He told another powerful master Maha Vishnu, “In my town, there is a disciple who has such a powerful personality. He is not affected by anything. He is very peaceful, he is serving an abusive Guru and I have never seen anybody like him on earth.” Maha Vishnu also went to see Dipaka. As soon as Dipaka saw Maha Vishnu, he prostrated at His feet and said, “Please, I don’t need any blessing.” HA HA .
(Laughter in the audience)
Lord Vishnu said, “I have to give you something.” Then Dipaka said, “If you want to give me something, give me more devotion to my Guru. If I lack something, please fill that so that I can serve Him better.” Maha Vishnu was happy because at least he could give him something unlike Shiva. He blessed him and he left.
Even though Guru was far away, he knew what was going on. He later asked Dipaka, “So Maha Vishnu met you? Just by serving me, you brought all these Gods to you, who people usually take years to connect and bring. You have become bigger than anybody on earth in devotion. And you will be known much more than me because you have already grown much bigger than me. I release you. I liberate you.” He crackled his fingers and in the blink of an eye, the disease has gone. He said, “I actually have no disease. I just helped you in liberation.” He blessed him and left.


I’ll also tell you a real story. I always visit this place near Bombay. There is a small room with the presence of Bhagavan Nithyananda, and two Nath Gurus, Macchindranath and Gorakhnath.

An 84 year old man, Vasudevan has been serving in the small temple for many years. He just washes the place and keeps the deities ready. People rarely visit the temple. This man is unbelievably powerful.


One day somebody gifted him a book in English about Bhagavan Nithyananda. He wondered, “What will I do with this book?” And in the evening Bhagavan Nithyananda came to him in a dream or in real, and said, “Give this to Mohanji.” He asked, “How will I meet Mohanji? He is always out of India.” Next day I reached there. He said, “Yesterday I was thinking how to see you and you came.” I said, “You were not thinking. You were pulling me! HA HA.” I was there during Kumbh Mela in September.
His mind is totally empty. Every thought is powerful. Do you know how he prays? He doesn’t pray in detail, he is very old. He says, “Oh, Lord Krishna, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Now my eyes are very weak, when will I see you?” And Lord Krishna appears. He not only appears, but leaves His impression on the wall. So it’s not imagination. He becomes excited like a child. If you go there and ask him, “Where did Lord Krishna come? Where did masters appear?” He will be very happy to show you, “Come here, I’ll show you.”

While I was sitting there, Hanumanji was meditating in the temple. He said, “You know, this is where he was sitting.” And there is an impression of Hanumanji on the wall.
This time when I went, he could not even stand upright, he was bent. He was taking a bucket of water and cleaning. I asked him, “How are you lifting it?” “No, no, no, this is ok, I am serving God. I have no pain.” I know that he cannot walk and is full of pain. There is sacred ash emerging there. He keeps all the ash, and if any person with any ailment goes and says, “Please pray for me,” he will use the ash and it’s guaranteed to heal. I sent many of my followers there just to demonstrate to them what devotion is. Masters come to you not for the countless chants but for the purity of your heart.

I told some people, “Get him some nice clothes” since he wears torn clothes. When I met him next time, he kept all these clothes there. I asked him-
Mohanji: Why are you still wearing the torn ones? Where are other ones?
Vasudevan: Mohanji, don’t send me good clothes, I was afraid to look at them, because if I wear all these, people will think I am a rich man. You take it.

This time also he gave me a lot of clothes.

Mohanji: Don’t give me all these clothes, I have clothes.
Vasudevan: No, I kept them for you, take it.
Mohanji: I can’t take all these clothes, there are too many.
Vasudevan: Ok.
Mohanji: What will make you happy, if I take all these clothes, or if I leave it?
Vasudevan: If you take all these clothes, I’ll be very happy.
Mohanji: Ok, then give them to me.

He is an amazing man but local people don’t even know him. His neighbours have no idea who he is. When I visited him this time, he told me how at night some people threw stones at him. Being partially blind, he couldn’t see who threw stones. No stone hit him. I asked him, “Did you tell the police or anybody?” He said, “You know, that’s the beauty of karma. If somebody throws stones, it is their problem, not mine.”
He said, “We should not even think bad about anybody. When they throw stones, they also take the karma. We should not be worried.” His eyes showed that he has just a few more months maybe. One person came to him while I was there. I asked, “So you have an assistant now?” He said, “No, he is a spy. He came to check how much money I am earning.”
There are various people like him but not visible to us. You cannot estimate the power of a master because if you start analyzing, you lose him completely.

When I told the story of Dipaka, I suddenly remembered this man. Unfortunately after his death, this temple will probably also wither. If you just tell him my name, he would start crying- there is so much love, he doesn’t know what to do. I met many masters like him but they are not in the public light. You hardly see them, but if you want to experience real love, you have to meet such people.

Q: How can I hope without expectation?

A: I would say that expectation is a stronger binding. Hope is like an inspiration. Yet both tricky expressions of the mind, like two sides of a coin. When you have hope, it automatically goes to expectation. When you have equanimity of the mind, you will neither have hope nor expectation.

Q: What about sankalpa? (intention)

A: It is the substratum, having its root in impression. We are collecting impressions. Now when the people look at me, they have an impression of Mohanji. This impression is processed in individual minds. This impression could be close or faraway from truth. Not all sankalpas are pure and true.


Hanumanji makes Lord Ram yawn

This incident is from the Ramayana at the time when Lord Rama had been crowned king upon his return to Ayodhya after the war in Lanka. His paramabhakta or prime devotee Hanumanji was as always by his side, continuing to serve him with deepest devotion.

The other bhaktas or devotees, however, were getting more than a little peeved and annoyed with Hanumanji. He was so prompt and attentive in noticing and fulfilling every little need of Lord Rama, that it was impossible for anyone else to get an opportunity to serve Him! So they discussed among themselves as to how they could enter the picture. The plan was to go to Hanumanji and tell him kindly that they were henceforth relieving him of all duties. But he would naturally protest since his very reason for existing is service to the Lord. So they told him that they were assigning to him the single but very important duty of snapping his fingers every time Lord Rama yawned. He just had to stay out of everyone’s way by sitting outside the royal chambers. They claimed that this was a very important job, because of the common belief that if the fingers are not snapped at the time of yawning, the lifespan of the yawner is reduced!

Hanumanji agreed. But the problem was that sitting outside, he would not be able to see Lord Rama’s face to determine when he was yawning. So his clever solution was to keep snapping his fingers continuously. That way when the Lord did yawn, he would not miss it.

And it so happened that Lord Rama could not stop yawning! People started wondering and getting worried, and the Lord himself commented that he couldn’t stop the yawning. So they had no choice but to beg Hanumanji to come back inside and resume doing whatever he was doing before.

If devotion is perfect like that of Hanumanji, the master melts. There is no way the connection can then break, there being no substitute for pure selfless service.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic and Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava