Partial Faith is Useless

How Masters Heal – To Hug or not to Hug!

Question: How do you heal people through hugging?

Mohanji hug... BG 3rdMay2014

Mohanji: Understand that all of us are operating in our own frequencies and vibrations; the lighter and subtler you become, the more you become like a magnet. In spirituality, subtlety is equal to power and strength. So, what happens when subtlety increases and you become like a magnet? Wherever you go and whatever you do, you collect certain negativities, and with spontaneous compassion you burn them through you and your system. The moment you feel that you are doing it, you suffer. If you are sure and you are confident that it is happening through you, it doesn’t matter, it comes and just goes.

Something starts melting and releasing.

All illnesses have their basis in trapped emotions. Emotions are trapped as created illness.

Where are these emotions sitting? They are sitting in the mind. Thus, when a higher energy comes in contact with this structure of the mind and emotions, there is a change that happens in the frequency and vibratory levels and so something starts melting and releasing.

Where will it go? It goes to the subtle. It gets attracted to the magnet. That person gets relieved from that problem. If that person may have individually taken, let’s say, three years to complete that problem (because it has to work its way out), this goes out and reduces it to a few months. The collected material which comes into the Master doesn’t stay in him because he doesn’t hold it. It travels through him, and in a few days it gets finished and released.

Imagine there are some ice cubes here and there is a blow heater. If you point the blow heater like this onto the ice, do you think it will melt? It will not melt easily because there is insufficient heat to melt the ice. So a quick hug doesn’t matter because nothing will come of it, but if you hug long enough, for instance, if you hold the heat long enough near the ice, it will melt. Likewise if the hug is long enough, then there is a transfer and transformation.

My advice to people who are practising and evolving, is you must avoid such contact. I had an experience in early 2007 – 2008 where I was in a communion and a Master said, “It is better to slow down because you cannot handle so many people right now. Walk slowly. Take one step at a time.” So it is important that you are self-sufficient before you start giving, otherwise you will collapse.

No Master is interested in interfering with anybody’s karma. He should not. This is the ground rule. No body interferes in anybody’s karma because you created it. Karma is saturated desire or, desire saturated is karma. You had a desire for a particular experience and that became karma so nobody externally, whether it is a master or a disciple, has any right to intercept anybody’s karma. This is the basic ground rule of spirituality.

So how do people get healed when coming into contact with Masters? Jesus said, “Let your faith heal you”. Thus it is faith that opens one up, and then the Master takes over. Faith makes you surrender and when you surrender, the illness naturally leaves you. I have said it is better to have zero faith or full faith, not partial faith because partial faith is absolutely useless. Okay, let me see what this guy can do?! There is nothing he can do, because he is not your cleaner you know (laughter). It is best to have full faith or no faith. If you have no faith then you have the entire way to go. It is still possible, there is still a big possibility. If you have full faith, okay you have arrived. However, partial faith is neither here nor there and there can be a lot of expectations, disappointments and crises. All these things are related to having partial faith.

Mohanji quote - It is better to have full faith or zero faith...

Trust Yourself

Many people do not even trust themselves, so how then can they trust another person? Thus whenever people ask the question about trust, I always tell them, first you must learn to trust yourself. This is where you should start. I also say to people, don’t trust me before trusting yourself because if you cannot trust yourself, then you cannot trust me either. Also, please do not trust me because I look good, or because I speak well or because I smell good (laughter). Trust me because you trust yourself. Then the basis is trust, which is very strong. The foundation is strong. Otherwise, we are playing a game of hide and seek. Some days you win, some days I win. There is no end to this game (laughter). Mostly life is like that. We are playing hide and seek and we are never addressing the situation. Either we are avoiding and escaping, or compromising. Both are weaknesses. Avoiding is a weakness, and compromising is also a weakness. Accepting and addressing is strength. If we cannot accept and address ourselves, which is a basic thing, then what else can you address? That is why Osho said, “Forget about spirituality, first learn to accept yourself”. That is the most difficult thing you will ever face in life. If you are able to accept yourself 100%, then you have already become spiritual. Then there is no other spirituality apart from this. Instead we are looking for spirituality outside of us, and not addressing and accepting ourselves. We often do not understand ourselves. It is not happening. I am sure some of you will have seen a Facebook post of mine, “A spiritual Guru is almost like your plumber or your electrician”, and you contact him when you are in deep crisis! (laughter). This is our situation. ‘What will happen to me in the future?’ This is one of the usual questions that I get. I tell them, “my friend, I don’t even know my future, how will I tell you your future?!”. Even if I knew the future, then why should I arrest you to a reality which is created by me? I like to give you freedom, not a concept. It is easy to sell a concept. It is like saying that you can think about everything except a ‘black monkey’. What will you then think of? This is exactly what is happening in the world. They are always telling you what you must see, but they are never telling you where to look. They are not allowing you the freedom of seeing what you like to see. This is not spirituality, this is binding.

So coming back to the point. When you become very subtle and you cleanse out of compassion, not out of anything else, just out of sheer compassion for the fellow being, then you churn it through you without ownership. It never stays with you. Your body just becomes a means for a release.

How to trust ourselves when there are so many concepts?

It is very simple. Understand yourself. Look at yourself. Feel yourself. Understand what makes you angry and what makes you sad. Certain places make you happy and certain people make you happy. Certain people make you agitated. It is like a room, when some people enter, the room brightens up because you like the person and you like their energy. Likewise when someone leaves, the room brightens up because they left! (laughter).

So understand what you actually are. First and foremost, try to find you.

Shake hands with yourself, know yourself

In two words, it is ‘accept yourself’. Don’t try to pretend. Never pretend. You should be established in silence to give silence. Silence is equal to less tps. (thoughts per second). When there are no thoughts per second, then you are absolutely in silence. All other forms of silence are pretensions. If you keep verbally quiet, other people are happy, but that is not transforming the mind and person or the tps. So the whole point is know yourself. Be with yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself. This also makes it easy to seek relationships. The moment you start accepting yourself, you have many relationships because others start accepting you. The reason somebody cannot accept another person is because you have not accepted yourself. How can other people accept you? We want everybody to accept us but we cannot accept ourselves! This is our situation. If you take care to spend some time with yourself – I am not even talking about meditation or spirituality – just be with yourself, just understand your thought process, just understand your vibrations and frequency, then you will automatically start accepting. You have never shaken hands with yourself. You have only been shaking hands with other people. Shaking hands with other people really doesn’t matter. Other people have their own things to do. If you start accepting yourself, and if you start merging with yourself, then the whole world will be with you. The whole world will want to see you and want to look at you. They will come and accept you, even without your effort.

All the powers and all the siddhis that we have ever talked about, everything is rooted in ‘silence’. Whatever skills we may learn and perform, it is inner silence itself which gives us all the skills. When you do things without that kind of balance there is a greater chance of regrets later on because things often happen unconsciously, through emotions, spontaneously, or not in a positive way. Whenever the root cause of an activity is via the emotional, then there is always pain.


Mohanji quote - Your state is absolute silence

Did we fall from spirituality into the physical body?

We have scientific proof that when an atom is dissected in a particular way, raw energy is released. That is what we are talking about. Reversing the process, when energy is conglomerated it becomes an atom. Thus energy has various frequencies, various levels of subtlety. Only a certain frequency of energy can create an atom. Creation is based on energy. All that we see, eventually rolls back into the energy form, has the potential to roll back into the energy form, because every matter has a duration. In the scriptures, it says don’t think that the table, the chair, the wall and the materials around you do not have life. If you go to the molecular level, you can see movement. Thus every material, whether it is animate or inanimate, has life in it. That is why we need sensitivity. We need to be very sensitive. The more sensitive we are, the more we can see life in everything. There will be no wastage, nor will we think about destroying things. Thus this is a subtlety which we need to cultivate within our children because they have to move the world after us.

Creation is based on energy. I could spend a lot of time explaining this, but for now let’s just say that creation has its own subtlety levels, which created eras. The four eras put together become one conglomeration. So on the Earth plane, we are currently in the eighth particular phase of this evolution.

1. The subtlest possibility is called the Golden Age. The Golden Age consists of people who are of a very highly elevated consciousness. They have all the powers and are not dependent on any assistance from anyone. They are completely self-sufficient. This age has a duration of 1.7 billion years.

2. Then comes the next age, which lasts approximately 1.4 million years. This era is the era of duality, the good and the bad. There is a struggle to preserve dharma, which is truthfulness on one side, and selfishness on the other side. The good and the evil, greed and selfishness are in conflict. There is a conflict between these aspects on external grounds.

3. Then comes the next age, which lasts 800,000 years. The struggle between good and evil closes in and becomes closer. Conflict is more or less between the family.

4. Then comes our current time, which lasts 400,000 years, and where the conflict is within us, within the individual.

Thus you can see we have moved away from a frequency where everyone was self sufficient, fully aware and there was neither hatred nor negativity. Step by step we have come down to a level where greed, power, hatred, wars and all these things control human beings. There are less people in the first level because not everyone can be in that very high level of elevated consciousness. A lot of people can be born into the lower frequency. Thus if the population is 7000 in the golden age, it is 7 billion in this age. In the Golden Age life was also different. You decided when to take birth and you decided when you should die, because you had full control. It was not that we were keeping and maintaining the body, falling and dying at one point in time. It was all individualistic, that means there was nothing controlled by the subconscious, it was fully controlled by the conscious. The degeneration was from fully conscious to fully unconscious. In the Golden Age, birth and death were up to you, over a duration of 1.7million years, and you could take birth for one million years or one year. It doesn’t matter at that level. Then comes the next plane, where duality starts, the negative and positive start. There, the lifespan was 10,000 years, again the population was not large. Then came the era just before our current state, lasting 1200 years of life. That is when Lord Krishna existed. He lived for only 125 years. Actually he died very young, he had a very short life span. As per our current standards, 125 years is a very, very long life, but our lifespan in this era is only 100 years.

This is the degeneration. These four put together are one phase. The Golden Age plus the other three ages, are one. We are at the eighth conglomeration now. So life always moves from high consciousness to low consciousness, then again a recycling happens towards high consciousness. And this goes on.

So how is Earth shifting and adjusting to this? It does so through the polar shift, which is what we are experiencing now. The polar shift helps in the recycling. This is the phase we are experiencing now. This is why we are experiencing greed-based governments, wars, plus natural calamities. This is all aiding the times for recycling. One route is shifting to another route, where route means the basis, or the platform. We are on an emotional platform right now, this is the basis that is now operating. An emotional platform means dealing with everything emotionally, in a manner where there is no continuity. There is anger, hatred, greed, wrong concepts, and religions are playing games. All these things are in the emotional plane because emotion is the best way to manipulate people.

Where are we shifting to? We are shifting to the ‘intellect’ route. The intellect route is where people operate through better awareness. Mind clarified is intellect. When we are using our intellect, we are never emotional. We are not angry, we are not having hatred, and we don’t work on the basis of greed. Intellect also means give, live and let live, give and let every one survive. It is at that level, rather than ‘let me have everything’. This shift towards intellect itself along with the polar shift, can remove almost one third of all beings in the world. You will see so many things going on around the world. Death, destruction, annihilation, all these things are happening in the world right now. If there were 7000 (I am just giving a number here) elevated souls living in the Golden Age, they are still here. These people can leave their body anytime they want, but they continue to be here. These people are still here guiding people, and telling them “look here, this is not what you are. You are operating in a delusion, you are much higher than this’. This is constantly being told, but people don’t understand. People want the small things: I want to educate myself, get a job, get married, have children, have a life. So we cannot get out of this cycle. The higher beings say ‘this is all just a role play, you are much higher’. This is constantly being told. In every generation there are masters connected from the Golden Age operating in this plane also.

In earlier eras, the kings or the rulers were dharma-oriented, they were duty bound, operating in truthful duty. Thus they used to consult with the Saints. They consulted them by asking whether this was good for the country and good for the people? That came down to a level where they no longer checked with the Saints, but started checking with the people who were selling things. Then the whole degeneration started affecting the world. (Read more about eras in Changing the Frequency Changes Your Life)

If there is wastewater, there can be a lot of mosquitos breeding. What do mosquitos do? They drink blood, and they also spread diseases. Thus the degeneration happened through time and created a time on Earth similar to a breeding ground for many mosquitos. You see them in the society, they drink blood and spread diseases. This is the sign of the times. What is the solution? Total destruction. So at each shift now the saints are still there (about 7000 people), and they are constantly telling the governments and the people, ‘look here you are doing the wrong thing, don’t waste your time. Connect to God, you are much higher than you think you are’.


Address the real you, with pretentions you cannot evolve!

We have carried a seed of each lifetime into this lifetime. Remember that all those lifetimes have left an impression, a mark in this canvas of consciousness. All these impressions are part of this life also. So don’t think that you are this particular animal that you see in the mirror! You are much deeper. There is a history attached to you and that history is manifesting as your character, as your constitution, as your awareness, all those things are connected to that history. Thus it is important that you are aware of yourself in this life so that you do not carry this forward into other lives. Your blueprint contains all your lifetimes. Thus each individual blueprint is a clear sign of who you are, not what you demonstrate yourself to be. We demonstrate ourselves to be a great personality, so many things which we show on the outside. This is just a protection, but the blueprint is the real thing. This is exactly what we are addressing through these retreats: the real you. If you do not address that real you, you will continue to carry on with this pretentious life. We dress ourselves up properly before we leave the house, we keep a face that is good for society, this is how we normally live. This pretension is why we cannot evolve. Then we request Masters or Gods to “help us”. So it’s like you are holding onto a lot of things, while saying “Please take all this away from me”. The Gods and Masters are ready to release you from all of these things, but you are not releasing it yourself. This is the whole point. I cannot say it more directly than this!

Transcribed by a volunteer from the UK
Edited by Caroline Moscato


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