Satsang in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Satsang in Sarajevo, Bosnia

16th May, 2017

Mohanj quote - Other people are your extensions and expressions

Q: Had a person who committed suicide planned it before and if yes, why would they choose that?

A: Look at our life now. We have strong feelings and strong convictions about certain things. How many times have we said, “I am suffering because of another person”? Have you said something like that?

Audience: All the time.

A: All the time we say, “I am suffering because of another person.” Suffering is never outside of you. It’s inside you. It’s your choice. By connecting with yourself, you choose whether you should suffer or not. Whatever happens outside, if you do not take it inside, you are not suffering.

We even detach from masters because of our reason. To get a human body is very difficult. To get connected to a master is even more difficult. So on the one hand, it is very important to appreciate that you have a human body and that you are linked to a frequency which is higher than normal. Only then, the elevation of awareness happens.

On the other hand, “I am suffering because of the world ” is ignorance, non-understanding. Such feelings along with their intensity make you feel unwanted, miserable and pessimistic. Value for life goes down. You believe life is worthless. What is the next step? End it. This is how the psychology happens for suicide. This is all rooted in non-understanding.

Firstly, we believe that our happiness depends on other people, which is a fundamental mistake. Happiness is your choice. You can choose to be happy all the time. And this concept of justice and injustice is also within us, it is not something related to outside. Even if somebody harms you, abuses you, why do you take it inside? Imagine this is your living room. Will you bring a donkey inside?

Audience: (Laughing)

A: Then why do you bring all these donkeys inside and say, “I am suffering!?” You WILL suffer because you are bringing all the donkeys inside! Firstly, we should keep our living room (mind) neat, clean and tidy and decide who comes in. You can choose to bring in happiness all the time. Otherwise, don’t open the doors.

Secondly, we believe we are deciding our life. We are not deciding our life, life is deciding us. If you are deciding your life, you will definitely make sure that there is no rain outside. Can you stop the rain? Then what are you deciding? So life is as it happens to you. Accept it.

Thirdly, as we live our life, we have collected so many things of the world, e.g. whatever is in the house, you have collected from the world and you start owning them. How long have you owned anything? There is a time limit. Things come and things leave. Relationships happen and relationships dissolve. Life comes, death comes. All you have to do is experience life right now. The past is finished, we have no idea about tomorrow. So many factors have to come together for an experience to take place. So whenever you feel you are down, you are handicapped, you are a victim of other people, etc., kick your butt! Don’t even wait. Say, “Don’t be stupid!” Nobody can do anything to you unless you allow it to happen.

Furthermore, please remember one thing. Don’t have a wrong notion that everybody cares for us. Who is caring for you? Do you want the absolute truth? Nobody. Be free. If you feel somebody is caring for you, ask the question, “How long?” A lot of people say, “My wife is very important for me. My children are very caring. My father is amazing.” Everything is ok. After some time, a small thing happens, everything collapses. I was reading about a famous atomic scientist, I think he is a Nobel prize winner, whose grandchild died. He attempted suicide three times. This is not an ignorant, illiterate man. He is one of the respected scientists in the world, but he couldn’t handle the death of his grandchild. However, since suicide is not his profession, he was not successful. So understand how our mind works. We are based on nonsensical theories and concepts. In it, failure is not an option. When failure happens, they feel lost and this is the time when people go to the extremes. What is the solution?

Awareness is the solution. Be aware. Firstly, you are original, there’s nobody like you. Secondly, you are here only for a certain time, you cannot extend it even for an hour. If you are in this life lucky enough to connect to any master who is connected to the source, even if you die, don’t leave him or her. Thirdly, don’t hesitate to surrender to destiny. Whether you surrender or not, destiny is at work. Destiny is bringing you each moment, each experience, and you cannot avoid it. Somebody asked Ramana Maharishi, “What can I do for other people? He said, “Where are other people?” Other people are your own extensions, understand. Other people are your own expressions. Other people are your extension and expression. If you have anger inside, you will see an angry man responding in an angry way because that is what you are resonating. You chose everything you are experiencing including your spiritual elevation. In fact, only you exist. And you project various dimensions and you suffer. This is the truth. Lastly and most importantly, stop asking, “What am I getting from life?”, instead ask, “What am I giving to life?” Till now, if you have lived 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years, ask yourself, what have I given to the world? If the answer is zero, start now. That’s all you need to do. There will be no thoughts of suicide at all, because you’ll have something to do. If you keep counting, “What has life given me?” then forget it.

Did I destroy the question?

Audience: (Laughter)

A: I can answer in one word. Why do people think about suicide? Ignorance.

Mohanj quote - Suffering is never outside of you

Q: My mother is in depression, and I am very concerned and afraid, how can I help her and myself?

A: I suggest, if you have physical ailments, a psychosomatic disease, talk to Devi or other Mai Tri healers and we will work it out. People say they are going to causal layer and bring out things from past lives. If that layer becomes clear, body becomes clear.

Q: I’m often in a situation where I have to choose between two options. This is very difficult for me, I analyse too much and burden myself with it. How to know what is best at the moment of dilemma where both choices have good and bad sides?

A: Very simple. Stay with truth, do what is right. Always stay with truth, then you won’t have a problem within. If you stay with lies, cunningness, deceit, hatred, then you have a problem. If you always stay with truth and it keeps your conscience clean, there’s nothing to worry. Whatever the world thinks, no problem, because you are perfectly clean inside. And do what is right. How do you know what is right? What is right according to you? Very simple to remember: what expands you is good for you, what shrinks you is not good for you. Always work with simple philosophy, do not complicate life.

Imagine you are very hungry and you got some food. As you were eating, suddenly you saw a very hungry woman with a child. The moment you share your food with her, do you feel much better? How will you feel? You’ll feel very rich. This is what is right. What is right is what makes you expanded. If you stop asking, “What am I getting?” and start asking instead, “What can I give?” it will make you much better. So how do you do the right thing? Whatever you analyse, it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t expand you, making you feel better, it is not good for you. Stop being selfish always thinking, “What about me?” Keep thinking, “What else can I do for this world?” But while doing it, don’t expect anything back from the world. Jesus healed ten lepers. None of them turned back and said “thank you” and remember there was no medicine for leprosy at that time. Nobody said “thank you”. Only one person turned and looked at him. This is the world. It is more interested in crucifying people than supporting goodness.  Unfortunately today, we do not count what people have done for the world. We only see how much they have earned. They live with the money, be very selfish and only look after themselves. They hardly do anything for others or they do some charity which is nothing compared to what they can do, for e.g. if they earn a million dollars, they give ten dollars for charity. That is probably what leaks out of their pocket. So this is the world which we have started to appreciate. This is complete wrong understanding, a wrong notion. Your worth in life is not how much money you have, but what you can do for the world.

When I was working, one man came and met me. He was looking for a job for three months. He asked me, “Can you help me find a job? Any job, I just need some money. I haven’t earned anything for the last three months.” I said, “I have no vacancy in my company, but I can recommend you. I called a few friends, he went to a few places and finally he got a job the same day. That was not a very big job, but for him there was no money, he was without an income, anything would do, that’s what he told me, too. Then he went around the whole world saying, “You know Mohanji could have found me a better job but then he didn’t care about me. I got this job which is a very silly job. I am not getting the salary I’m supposed to get.” Not a word of gratitude. I am not saying you should expect it but this is the way society works. We should not be affected by it and stop helping people. You continue to help people, though some of them will be like this. I’ve seen quite a lot of this stuff. This is also a thing related with people’s ego. You cannot change it so don’t even worry about it. Let it happen.

Q: I never know when to stop giving to people. I cannot sometimes decide whether I should continue or stop. I am giving myself much and I am often suffering, and I know it is not good to stop because if I don’t care, I do not see anybody else who will do the work.

A: Ideally, stop being you. I am not separate from what I am doing, in other words, the best dancer is when the dancer becomes a dance. The best singer is when the singer becomes a song. The best life is when you become life. Then there is no one to suffer. You are not doing it. It is your lifestyle. Suffering is our choice. We can choose whether to suffer or not, but when you stop doing what you do, then what are we doing? What is our worth? For example, if we do nothing for the world because people are ungrateful, we stop, etc. Then it shows our integrity. I believe we should not worry about what people say. We continue doing it. Even a lot of things are recognised after death. When Jesus was being crucified, nobody said, “Oh, you shouldn’t do this because he is an amazing master!” When did we realise he is an amazing master? Much afterwards. This is usually the case with life. After they die, we say, “This was a great master,” or “This person was good.” It is sometimes like that but we should not worry about it. We do our job that we should do.

I follow very simple principles. Number one, I never stop giving. I give myself. I often do not even think what will be the repercussion tomorrow. When they come, I fill them up. I have had various problems with it, too. Many people misinterpeted, manipulated, twisted the whole thing and made it look very bad. This is what I also experienced. But I was not worried about that. My conscience is clear. My intention was clear. All we have to worry about is that our conscience should be clean. Our intention should be pure. Another thing is don’t expect everybody to recognise you. I always believe, those who have eyes to see, they will see and they will never leave. Those who do not have eyes to see, even if you show the highest, they will not see because they do not have the power to see. So we should not worry about all this drama of the world. If you are honest, if your conscience is clean, don’t worry about the world. Maybe in this life they will not understand you, but the future generations will. And all the people who set trends in the world have walked through thorns. Nobody walked on rose petals all the time. They have suffered, fought against everything, but eventually, their life became their message, so this is worth it.

Lastly, no master ever lost or missed anybody. Generations lost the master. Jesus lost nobody, he was fine. Socrates lost nobody. But generations lost masters. It’s still happening. Today there’s no physical cross, but Facebook is the cross…

Audience: (laughter)

Mohanj quote - We believe our happiness depends on other people


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic






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