The Secret of Enlightenment

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 3

23rd February, 2017

Mohanji quote - Your state is absolute silence -white

Q: Can every spiritual man get enlightened in this life?

A: My theory is that we are all enlightened by birth. Some people don’t know this because of the overwhelming mind. Enlightenment is like graduation, you are reaching a pedestal, you are becoming stabilized at one point and that stability we carry with us all the time. The answer to your question is yes, it is definitely possible, provided that you can stay away from your mind, look at your mind with your mind.

Do you know what happens when you keep looking your mind with your mind? You’re just sitting and looking at your mind, not doing anything. The mind will tell you, “Hey, look at here, check Facebook, Whatsapp, there are so many messages!” The mind will say all these things, but you are not doing anything, just sitting, looking. Then the mind will take the next step, “Hey, if you are sitting like this, your wife will beat you,” or, “Better cook your food before your wife comes.”

The mind will say everything to create fear. Still, you are sitting, looking at the mind, not doing anything. Day and night you are sitting and looking at your mind. It will bring everything from the depths of your storage box. It will bring all the memories you have stored – fear, anger, hatred, frustrations and all anxieties for the future.

fear hatred anxiety anger frustrations pandoras-box

Everything will come out through the mind. You are just sitting and watching, not doing anything. After some time they slow down. They slow down, slow down, slow down… and the mind becomes still. There is nothing in your box. Everything is finished. Until then you are looking at your mind through your mind. Then there will be no mind to look at because the mind is dependent on the materials which have been stored, either internal or external. If you are not interested in external materials and as internal ones are finished, then mind itself gets finished. When there is no picture to show, the screen is black. Mind vanishes. Then what will you look the mind with? Nothing. There is nothing called the mind. You realize that the mind is an illusion maintained by material or memory. When the material or memory dies, mind dies. Then you are enlightened. This is the secret of enlightenment. If any of you have understood this from the bottom of your heart, I guarantee you, you have the potential for enlightenment.

I’m not into kindergarten philosophy. I give hardcore stuff. This is the truth.

Audience: (laughter)

Mohanji quote - The language of your soul is silence

Q: When I meditate, I start to control my breathing, I stop breathing and feel as if I am forcing it. Why does it happen?

A: That is very simple. Your mind is getting involved and mind is trying to influence the process. What you need to do it allow the mind to get involved and don’t try to control anything. Just stay natural. For example, your body has synchronicity. There is a pattern with which the body operates. If you observe closely the nostrils, only one nostril is active every sixty minutes. Then it is the other one. When you look at the heart beat, the heart takes rest, then beats, takes rest, then beats. If you observe the kidneys, one kidney functions at one time. Like that, our body has a perfect system where one organ sleeps or takes rest while another one is active. Like that, if you keep observing this functionality of breath where one nostril is active while the other one is inactive, just observe it without getting your mind involved, just watching, not interfering, what happens? You will come to the mind or you will overcome the mind. The moment you overcome the mind, it’s peace. The mind will definitely get involved as it wants to stay alive. It will keep influencing your thought process, your activity, and even the result. So mind’s job is to get involved. Allow it, but don’t pay any attention.

Mohanji quote - There is nothing called the mind

Q: I am in a conflict between a desire to move to a quiet place on Fruska Gora and do my spiritual practice, deepen my connection with myself and raise my awareness, and a desire to fulfill the family commitments at home, responsibility to my husband and children.

A: We have a beautiful mountain range called the Himalayas in India. So many people go there and so many people come back from there. The point is in our life we are experiencing life through time. Time has given us relationships, experiences, various factors which we are enjoying, like our husband, children, house, time, place. While all these things were happening, what was always with you? Who was your companion? Your soul. Soul has always been there. You have always been spiritual. It is not another location, person or time. It doesn’t work that way. You have to be spiritual while you are with your children, husband, while you are doing your job, when you are farming, eating food…  Every moment the spine of life is spirituality. For this, feel life, don’t do life. Feel food, feel love, feel emotions, feel anger, feel hatred, feel everything. Everything is felt and it’s over. It’s done. When you feel and feel and feel life, you become complete. Do you know where Fruska Gora is? Inside you. Do you know where the Himalayas are? Inside you. Even if you go to the Himalayas or Fruska Gora, maybe mosquitoes will bite you and you will get bored with it. There is no guaranteed happiness in life. Bring Fruska Gora inside. All the things outside are just suggestions. What you take inside becomes your reality. Take Fruska Gora inside. Otherwise, if we avoid life, it is all escapism. You cannot avoid life. You cannot avoid anything. Any relationship, any encounter. People can criticize you and say,“He is not good. He is not up to the mark.“ They do not understand. You can’t avoid anything in life. Whatever has to happen will happen at the right time at the right capacity, in the right amount.

So, be happy right now. Be grateful you have your family, you have your nagging people around you 🙂 They push you to become spiritual. Be happy. If mosquitoes do not bite, you do not think about God.

Mohanji quote - In the university of life

Q: Can you tell us something about Ishta Devatas and connection with Ishta Devata?

A: Beautiful question. Where is this question coming from?

The favourite deity is something which is connected to what you are. We have all certain orientation. There are various gunas in people – sattva, rajas, tamas – which build our constitution. Based on our constitution we get connected to certain deities, certain people. This is because an ingredient for that particular energy is inside us. So your Ishta Devata i.e. your favourite deity is your own expression or what you are. You are seeing a form of a deity. It’s your own expression. In that matter, all the people coming to you in life are part of you because the kind of people who are coming to you, meeting you, interacting with you, sharing experiences with you, giving you experience irrespective of whether it’s pleasure or pain, are your own projections. The ingredient of them sits inside you.

Mohanji quote - All the people coming to you

Q: How much does food influence meditation and everything else? Yesterday I came back from India where I experimented a lot with my body, mind, soul, etc. I have an impression that when I am not full, when my stomach is empty as I didn’t eat or drink anything, then I receive energy much more easily during the meditation than when I meditate with a full stomach. It is easier when I am hungry or half-hungry, more energy flows through my body.

A: It has quite a lot of influence. We do not usually eat as per requirement of our body. We consume based on the clock or our emotion. That is not helping the system. The system is getting turbulent because of our consumption. The body doesn’t need all this food and the body has its way of replenishing itself. Let me give you one example, consumption of salt. As soon as we consume salt through food or otherwise, the body starts thinking how to throw it away now? All the fluids which come out of our body are salty. Body throws the salt out through sweat, tears… Body rejects salt through every level. Because if you consume salt, it prevents digestion to a certain point. Eating is our habit. One of our compelling habits is food. That influences our daily life. We say it’s time I must have this food, we are conditioned to think like this. We can very well reduce the quantity intake, however, especially if you are active, you must have certain replenishment, nevertheless, not as the quantity which we consume normally.

Furthermore, there is a lot of difference between raw food, cooked food, animal products.  each gives different effect to our life. The more raw the food or food which has seen the sun, and has grown without fertilizers or chemicals, the cleaner your system will be. Food has a big influence. When you eat less, you can meditate better, concentration becomes better, distractions become less.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic





Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambala)

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 2

23rd February 2017

Q: Did you ever have physical contact with Sathya Sai Baba, not just mentally or through energy? If yes, when and where?

A: I didn’t meet him physically. I saw him, but I never had an opportunity to interact with him. I saw him at a distance a few times. It was in about 2009, 2010. Of course, I met him earlier  – in 2003 and 2004.



Later on, I came in contact with various Masters. I have never searched for something, I’ve never even searched for a Master. Whatever came, came to me. I feel that in spirituality whatever has to come to you, will come to you. I never went searching. Even when I was visiting the Himalayas I never looked for a master or a method or a particular program. I met Vittal Babaji, a very, very powerful Master who left his body in 2014. I met him on December 19th, 2012. Then, later on, I also met Vasudevan Swami, who was a very humble old man. Bent, but so powerful that he had the power to call any deity and they came. Later on, I met Baba Ganeshananda Giri who lived with Shirdi Sai Baba. That was a very powerful Master, too. He was 105 years old and he also left his body, in April 2016.


Then I met Avadhoota Nadananda, another very, very powerful Master, who is still in his body. His autobiography is available as a book, both in English and Serbian. I met these Masters and they all added value to my existence, one way or the other.

Energy transfer vs. Connection with a Master’s energy

Mohanji quote - If you constantly think and connect to a frequency

Q: I am here for the first time, but I have meditated and prayed for a long time and I can go deep in my prayers. I have heard from my friend recently that a master transfers energy, which is called Shaktipat. I tried to connect with this energy and I think I succeeded in it. Can you say more about it and could you make me aware of the mistakes I make in my meditations?

A: You can be in my consciousness, and through connecting with my consciousness, you can experience it. But Shaktipat is energy transfer, you cannot connect to it. What we are doing is we are diluting or dissolving the blockages in the system and helping the energy to flow freely. So when all the blockages are removed over a period of time, energy will move freely and you will change or your dimensions will shift. This is Shaktipat. It is something which is transferred physically. But when you think about me or any Master over a period of time with consistency, your energy connection definitely happens. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. That is why I always say Lord Jesus is still available to connect. The energy called Jesus is definitely available. Lord Krishna is available. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. If you constantly think and connect to a frequency, you will spontaneously get elevated to that frequency. When you are sincerely connecting to a Master, just a connection with the eye is enough for the transfer to happen. There is no need for even touching.

There was a great Master… we cannot refer to him in the past tense, as every Master is still here. So there is a great master called Papaji who became enlightened, standing, when Ramana Maharishi just looked at him. Ramana didn’t even touch him. So whether they’ll get automatically elevated depends on connectivity, openness, and the faith of a person. Because how do you know that a person is deeply connected to a Master? When his mind is with the master. You can physically be with anybody. Usually, husband and wife live together, but physically they are together, mentally they are far apart. Similarly, if you are deeply connected to a master with the mind, you will get everything from him without asking.

Experience with Avadhoota Nadananda


I’ve never been to any Master asking for a title, or any power till now. Whatever has come to me, has been given by their own discretion with the consideration that I can handle it. All you have to do is just be empty. If you have this much knowledge, you have only as much as your capacity for receiving.  If your glass is totally empty, the entire glass will be filled. So this is up to us, we can be completely empty, we will be filled up. The right disciple is the emptiest disciple.

Avadhoota Nadananda, whose Autobiography you may have read, is still in his body. He is 76 years old. Most of us have practiced so many things and achieved certain levels. Before this Master actually attained all the powers that he has, his guru told him, “Go to the Himalayas, but with two conditions –  do not touch money, do not beg for food. I the food comes to you, eat it, if it doesn’t come to you, observe fasting. Consider that day as the day of fasting.”

So the young man goes to the Himalayas with the promise that he would not touch money and that he would not beg for food. Imagine how tough it must have been. Because Himalayan terrains are tough, the climate is unpredictable with extreme cold and sometimes warmth. Everything is unpredictable. This person walked, traveled in whatever situations possible, reached the Himalayas, attained the level of the pontiff of Gyanganj (Shambala) and came back with that. See, you can attain any level if it is your first priority. Most of us do not consider spirituality as our first priority. That is why many of us do not attain anything.

Furthermore, none of us can see our causal layer. We can only see the effects of the causes in our daily life. Gyanganj is a causal layer of the Earth. Whatever is happening in the world (and whatever will happen in Gyanganj) has its root cause based in Gyanganj. Nobody can stay there. They can only be trained there. People cannot even see it. You need to look through your third eye to see the location. Otherwise, it is just blank land. Most people, even Buddhist monks who live in the neighborhood had said that there is no place like this. It is just imagination. But this Master went there, got trained there and came back.

I’ll give you a short experience of mine with this Master.

Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambhala)

I was invited to inaugurate a restaurant in a place called Shirdi which is synonymous with Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba lived in this place, and a vegan restaurant was coming up here. And they asked me to come and inaugurate it. The restaurant is called ‘Ahimsa Vegan’.

Ahimsa Vegan in Shirdi

One of these restaurants has also opened in London. If you go to London you can taste the food there. In June 2016 I was going for the inauguration and Nadananda was also there participating in it. Before I actually took the flight to reach there he called me.

He said, “Mohanji, I would like to have one hour with you alone, without anybody. Can you give me this time?

I said, “Guruji, your wish is my command. Do consider it as done.We will meet and spend time.”

Once I reached there after breakfast, he said, “Come, let’s walk.”

So the two of us were walking along the streets of Shirdi and he was telling me various things, one of which is: “Look here. Sai Baba came to this place. It was totally empty. It was a very poor village. There was nothing here. Today you see all these big buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels, all this business. Thousands of people are eating food in the name of Sai Baba in this place. It’s the same thing with most of us. People may not recognize you while you are in the body. After your death, people will appreciate you more.”

I asked him, “Does it really matter? We are doing our job, we are conveying the message. Whether people appreciate it or not it doesn’t matter to us.”

Then he said, “No, I just want you to know.“

I said, “Ok.“

Nadananda quote - to Mophanji about Shirdi Sai Baba

Then we went to the temple. He said, “We are not going inside the temple. We are not going inside the Samadhi Mandir. Those who have to see us will see us outside.” I did not understand the meaning of what he said. Who’s going to come and see us outside? Maybe Sai Baba himself would come and see us but it’s all tall order, it’s not easy.

So we went around and then sat down and he told me, “Mohanji, you see, all our people are doing service to people. You are doing charity work. But that’s not the way to do charity work. There is nobody outside of you. You cannot serve anybody outside of you. You can only serve yourself in other people. There are no other people. What you see as other people, is your own extension. So you are serving yourself.”

I said, “Ok,” listening to all this. Then, suddenly he said, “Come, he is waiting for us.”

We went around and there was one man, naked and with matted hair, and a cloth around his waist, standing there looking at the Shiva temple. Avadhoota Nadananda gave me some money from his pocket. I did not carry any money. So he gave it to me and said, “Go and give it to him.”

I took the money, handed it over, and kind of bowed down and then Avadhoota Nadananda said, “Let’s go.”

We left together, went out, then he said, “This was the person who took me to Gyanganj. He was the guru of the Master, Bhagawan Nityananda, who left his body in 1961.“

So this Master had left his body before. Incidentally, only he and I saw this person standing there. Nobody else was bothered about him. Only we could see. Then he said,

“Now I have connected you directly to Gyanganj. My job is over.“

This is how masters work.

I have written a blog about it A Day in Shirdi with an Avadhoota.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

The Secret of Empowerment

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part I

23rd February, 2017

 Mohanji quote - Most of us say I have found happiness

Q: Why should we be spiritual?

A: In this world of numerous expressions, it is not easy to feel spiritual. We see the world through our own eyes and sometimes we get influenced by other people’s eyes and opinions. Have you ever thought why we talk about spirituality? As we have various discussions in the world, numerous masters, numerous ideas, opinions, religions, why do we discuss about spirituality so much? Because ever since man has thought about who he is, “Who am I?“ a big question. Second question, “Why am I?“ What am I doing here?“ These are burning questions and they took people to various paths to discover who they are. And what is the result? Numerous paths. Can we ever say that some path is good and some path is bad? Never. Every path is valuable. Everything is valuable. It is important because you can only wear a shirt that suits you. We cannot wear a shirt which is double the size which we normally wear. So we have all chosen something which suits us and only this way we can attain the highest evolution. As I said at the beginning that I am happy to be with all of you, it is not just the happiness of the mind, it’s a feeling of oneness, we are all united, we are supposed to be together  at this point in time, at this place, and for this occasion. All the people in the world have one aim – happiness. We are all looking for happiness. Do we find it? Most of us say I have found happiness, but it is temporary. Spirituality is a journey from non-happiness to complete happiness. The whole spiritual journey is of that matter.

Mohanji quote - What is actually the core of spirituality

Q: What happens to a soul during or after sudden or forceful death?

A: Usually but not necessarily, when the soul has to leave the body in a hurry, it wanders. Sometimes a certain activity during sudden leaving the body, perhaps a connection to a master, or some kind of angels or some higher beings, help you. But as a general rule of thumb, when the souls have to exit quickly, they have a time of illusion or they wander until they can anchor themselves. Sometimes it takes ages.

Q: Who are the wandering entities and what can we do for them?

A: (Laughing) All questions are related to death and beyond (laughing). Nothing about life. Entities are beings. There are multiple layers in creation. It is not just one layer which we see such as the body. There are numerous layers or dimensions in creation, so there are some beings who do not have a body, but they need a body to communicate and experience life. They are basically helpless beings, they need help or somebody to express themselves, so what they do is they try to occupy a body which is suitable for their expression and experience.

Q: How do we help them? How to protect ourselves from them?

Very simple. If you don’t have any more space in you house, how can you accommodate more people? Fill up your space with energy. Think, walk, talk, eat, sleep God. When you consistently base or surrender all your activities to a master or God, when you think and talk about God, or your master, when you keep chanting, when you’re always in a prayer and when you’re more internal then external, nobody can enter you. Your space is fully occupied by yourself. Nobody can touch a person who has complete faith. First of all, be confident, have faith in yourself, believe in yourself as a true incarnation. Then it doesn’t matter which God you believe in, believe in that God 100%. Believe in yourself, believe in God you trust and spend time contemplating, meditating, thinking, talking, sleeping, walking God. When you have powerful energy, there’s no way anything dark or black can come and touch you. It will be around you, but it will not touch you. You are completely free. The same way, if you are deeply connected to a master, who’s alive, nothing can touch you either, because the master’s energy protects you. You are one with the master’s energy.

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

This is also visible in daily life. First of all, understand you are extremely powerful. It is only your mind which is creating doubts, anxiety, fears, uncertainties, lack of faith. It’s all in your mind. Please remember clearly. In the university of life, there is only one examination to pass – your mind. What is the wall between mastery and slavery? Between a master and a slave? It’s just the mind. You are master material by birth. Somebody who believes they have a lot of work to do to become a master has no idea. The only work you need to do is to disassociate from your mind and become one with yourself.

Q: How do you do it?

Secret of empowerment

Always remember. Imagine you are sitting at the movie theatre. You saw something on the screen just a while ago. Did the screen create this thing or is there a projector somewhere? The picture was projected from the machine. The screen cannot have a picture without a projection and the projector. Our life is a feature film. We experience romance, drama, horror, action, thriller, comedy, tragedy, etc. Everything we experience in life, where is it coming from? From you. Connect to the projector. Feel as the projector. Recognise yourself as the projector. So none of these things, action, comedy, drama, thriller, etc will affect you because you are projecting it and experiencing it all the time. If you stop projecting it, you are peaceful. We all have a personality. If somebody asks you, you say, I am so and so, a husband or wife of so and so, I’m the son or daughter of so and so. We explain who we are in terms of earthly existence. That is the personality we have projected. But is the person really aware of this projection? But this projection is valid only at certain time that is when you are awake. What happens when you are dreaming? Where are you? What happens when you are in deep sleep, when you don’t know whether you are a man or a  woman, Serbian, Macedonian, etc? Every night we die, every morning we wake up. So we understand that we are too preoccupied with our projection and we forget that we are projecting this whole story. Our love is our projection, fear, entities, life and death, all the things outside are our projection.


I can prove it.

You are sleeping in a beautiful garden. Does it matter whether you are sleeping in a beautiful garden or on a seashore? When you are sleeping, you are sleeping, it doesn’t matter where you are. This is what I am saying. We are in a state of dream even now while you are listening to me. You are listening to me through your ears, not actual ears. What are actual ears? Beyond the personality. When you remove your skin, your mind, everything, you and I are one. There’s nothing to tell, nothing to hear, to perceive, we are only one. Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m giving you the tips to be powerful. You are powerful by birth. Just a small fine-tuning and you will experience this power. When you stop being personality and you start being the person, you start being powerful. You will not see anybody else except your reflection in everybody. I’m sure all of you spend some time with the mirror every day. Why do you spend some time with the mirror? Just to make sure you are presentable when you go out into the world. When all the people around you and whoever you see along the way even the birds, animals,  trees, plants are your own reflection, is there any conflict at all in the mind? There cannot be any conflict at all in true sense. Conflicts happen between personalities and not between persons.

This is the secret of spirituality. Be the person. Detach from the personality. You are already detaching from the personality when you go to bed every day. I’m projecting the personality, but I am not the personality. Imagine the personality is standing in front of you and you are looking at this personality because you created it. The skeleton of this personality is ego.  Ego wants you to maintain your personality because ego is afraid if you lose this personality, what will happen to me? What will the society think about me? Do you really believe that society cares for you? Do you believe that governments care for you? These are all illusions we have maintained.

Who really cares for you? Yourself. Nobody else. Because we are in the relative world. Everything is relative, nothing is permanent. So when you do not endorse your personality and if you are not affected by other people’s personality, you have no conflict in life. No wars, You are at peace. This is a state of samadhi, a state of stillness of mind. That means your mind is constant and still irrespective of what is happening around you. If you think deeply, you will understand what I am saying. The person is not affected when you are awake, when you dream, or when you are in deep sleep state. In these three stages which we experience every day, a person is the same.

Mohanji quote - Pathlessness is being in the now

So what do you actually have in hand? Just now. Past is finished. Future is yet to be.  We have no idea about the future. What can you handle now and what can you work on, or what you have to live? Just this moment. Do you understand our limitation? Then what are we searching for? People ask me, do you know what is the purpose of my life? I always give one answer, “This moment.“ Every moment while you are alive is the purpose of your life and experience that moment is what you wanted to experience in this life.

So from entities I’ve given you the secret. (Laughing)

Do you know why I have taken you via the wild route? Because of empowerment. Empower yourself and no entities, nothing can affect you. You will always remain powerful, that is your birthright and there is no secret.

Q: How much can we actually influence our life and how to know when to change something and when to let go?

A: I think 100%. But always think,“Why we want to influence our life, why can’t we be spontaneous?“ When we say we want to influence our life it is usually because we compare with somebody else. We entertain expectation. That is not a bad idea, but that person is already taken. You can be similar, but you can never be the same. So why should you be somebody else? What is the use of being something else, being somebody else? I would say, instead be water. Keep flowing. Choose peace at every moment. That is very, very powerful. That is true spirituality. If you keep asking why, why, why, then anxiety builds up. In the true sense there is no why, there is only ’is’. Because whatever you are eligible for, comes to you, what you deserve comes to you, what you desire may not come to you. Flow in life. Be a flow like a river, reka Dunav (=river Danube in Serbian)

Mohanji quote - Just flow with the time, go with the flow

Audience: (Laughter, because Mohanji said it in Serbian)

A: It goes through many countries, many situations, you will anyway end up in the ocean, for sure. All of us will reach God, guaranteed. When is the only question. Maybe today, tomorrow or another day, but definitely all rivers will reach the ocean, so why do we worry? And no river hurries up.  It has its speed. You can only walk at your own capacity and speed. If you feel that you can walk faster, you will get tired sooner. Keep walking. That is the only thing you should do. Do not stagnate. It doesn’t matter which guru, tradition, religion you choose, guru will come as a milestone to tell you where you have reached. When you compare with another person, you suffer. Spirituality cannot be compared. There are not even two buffaloes alike. Keep flowing.

Q: What do you think about hypnosis as a method to get rid of beliefs which prevent us live a life that we want, e.g. a belief that we cannot be parents?

A: I thing it’s a good idea. Whatever can penetrate deep into you and relieve you from blockages which were created at another point in time, is a good idea. Man has perfected various systems. Some of these systems have been tested and proven. Scientific proofs, there are a lot of books written by regression therapists about their experiences with clients, which take you to the system of existence where you have certain karmic backlog and because you did not fulfill it you came back. Likewise, you have certain fears that got trapped and became your character or your constitution. All these things can be experienced in life. When you can experience something in life, it’s real and when they have found a method to go deeper and release it from that point, why not?

Q: You said hypnosis is a good thing, but isn’t it an outer influence we are not aware of?

A: We are definitely not aware of what is stored, either. We do not know what is inside us. So, whatever helps you to bring this thing out is a good idea. As long as you don’t know what is stored in your causal layer, your hard drive, it is good to take it out through some means. Everything helps. I am not saying this is the ultimate, but it helps. I think whatever helps us to dig deeper is a good idea, any tool for that matter, not just meditation.

Masters - by Mohanjis Devotee Sabrina Koletic

Understand, why do people say proximity of a master is vital for your spiritual evolution? Because they work directly on your causal layer. We have only capacity to understand the effects of life as we experience, we do not know what caused this effect. We do not know what provoked the effect because we cannot see. We only see the effect and based on the effect we try to understand life. But true masters who are connected to the source, go directly deeply into your causal layer and burn things there so effect itself will not happen.

So I think that anything which gets into your causal layer and removes things from there is a good idea, but I don’t think you should get addicted to anything. There should be a reason for searching inside and once the reason is completed, get out of it. No addiction is worth it.

Q: You talked about a man who wanted to prove that a date of death is not determined in advance, so he tried to commit suicide, but without success. What is with those who managed to do it? Was it predestined that they would die that way and if yes, why would a soul choose so if it is not good for it? Would a person die anyway even if they didn’t commit suicide?

A: (Laughter)

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji quote - If you  have taken one life, use it to become God

A: (Laughter) Why are we so preoccupied with death? Why don’t we talk about life? I’ll give a quick answer to this. It’s a beautiful day…

I think we have spoken about death sufficient for the day 🙂 In any case, if any event has to happen, there is predetermination. This is a proof that a person was supposed to die at a particular time, and even if he had tried to commit suicide before, he couldn’t do it and he died with natural death at a particular time. That proves that whatever decision that constitution took before birth, was executed perfectly at the time of death. The soul has no role in this. Soul is strictly like the petrol of your car. It’s just arranging the journey, arranging the experience, which means it gives electricity to the object. Probably the soul is laughing at this whole drama. For the soul there is no comedy, tragedy, drama, nothing, for the soul it’s just experience. Ok, you want this experience, take it. Soul is not deciding anything. Has the petrol of your car ever decided about your journey? It has no interest in your journey, but it comes with you so that you can travel. It was not the soul which decided to commit suicide, but the constitution. The car has not decided to make an accident. The man who was driving made an accident. What is this man made up of? Character, constitution, desires, concepts, prejudices, anger, fear, hatred, everything. The personality is the person that way. That means what you are made up of that has hired a soul to have an incarnation. That is what you are doing. Soul is completely neutral. Soul is extremely neutral. We put the soul into trouble. If you just start connecting to your soul, you would understand what I’m saying. What is spirituality? Your relationship with your soul is spirituality. Your relationship with your physical body is being physical. Your relationship with your mind is being mental or emotional. Your relationship with your intellect is being intellectual. Your relationship with your ego is being egotistical. Your relationship with your spirit is being spiritual. How much time you spend with your soul that determines how spiritual you are. How much time do you spend with your soul? it is not tangible, you cannot find it, it’s like oil inside an almond. People make almond oil, but can you find almond oil in it? It’s like that the soul is there but you can neither touch it nor catch it. Your connection with your soul is spirituality. How much time you spend with your soul, that much spiritual you are.

So try to become spiritual. By this I mean spend more time with your soul, less with your mind. Then you realise that the soul has no interest in all this drama. The same soul has been with you in every life. The soul would say,“Oh, in every life this fellow is playing the same game. The same emotions, the same drama, the same comedy, the same romance, the same tragedy… no change! When will you stop this game!?“ That’s the time when the soul says, “Hey, go to this person with the beard and hair. He looks as if he knows something.”


Audience: (Laughter)

A: So people go to the man with the beard and hair and what will he say?

He will say, “You are that.“

People will say, “No, no, tell me something more.“

Then he would say, “No, you are that, whatever you are searching for is within you. I cannot give you anything more.“

Then people say, “This guy doesn’t know anything. Go to another one.“

Audience: (Laughter)

Another guy looks at you and says, “Ok, spend so much money, and you will get enlightened.“

So people spend some money and see there is no enlightenment and say, “This man is not good.” So another one.

Finally, all activities end at one point in time. There is nothing to do. Then what happens? When everything becomes still, then enlightenment happens.


Buddha waited for eight years, doing meditation, strong tapas, no food, no water, trying to connect to the soul. Finally he was fed up. Nothing happened. Eight years were lost. He dropped everything. The moment he dropped everything, stillness settled in. From then, first stillness, then expansion, then completion. Most people think that activity is spirituality. It’s 100% wrong. Who is happy with the activity? Your mind. From birth till death, from life after life, we have been entertaining our mind, consciously or unconsciously, believe it or not. What have we been doing all these years? Entertaining the mind. Food, emotion, relationship, all the dramas of life, including spirituality, just to entertain the mind. People ask for experiences. Where are the experiences? In the mind. Until you drop the mind, there is no perpetual peace. This is something we must understand. If we are actually pursuing spirituality, ask yourself how many activities are we addicted to? We are actually addicted to spiritual activities just like we are addicted to our habits of the day. We are addicted to meditation, chanting, to so many things. This addiction is good for the mind to stay alive.

So please redefine yourself. Ask yourself a question, do not ask any master, “How much time am I spending entertaining my mind? How much time am I spending detaching from the mind saying, let the mind play, let the mind ask, I am not bothering. I’m not looking?“ That will be your game. The more you entertain your mind, the more mind will ask for. The mind will create habits, needs, demands and we keep feeding into it and get trapped into it and it is not easy to escape.

Mohanji quote - You are not what you seem to be in the mirror

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic