Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambala)

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 2

23rd February 2017

Q: Did you ever have physical contact with Sathya Sai Baba, not just mentally or through energy? If yes, when and where?

A: I didn’t meet him physically. I saw him, but I never had an opportunity to interact with him. I saw him at a distance a few times. It was in about 2009, 2010. Of course, I met him earlier  – in 2003 and 2004.



Later on, I came in contact with various Masters. I have never searched for something, I’ve never even searched for a Master. Whatever came, came to me. I feel that in spirituality whatever has to come to you, will come to you. I never went searching. Even when I was visiting the Himalayas I never looked for a master or a method or a particular program. I met Vittal Babaji, a very, very powerful Master who left his body in 2014. I met him on December 19th, 2012. Then, later on, I also met Vasudevan Swami, who was a very humble old man. Bent, but so powerful that he had the power to call any deity and they came. Later on, I met Baba Ganeshananda Giri who lived with Shirdi Sai Baba. That was a very powerful Master, too. He was 105 years old and he also left his body, in April 2016.


Then I met Avadhoota Nadananda, another very, very powerful Master, who is still in his body. His autobiography is available as a book, both in English and Serbian. I met these Masters and they all added value to my existence, one way or the other.

Energy transfer vs. Connection with a Master’s energy

Mohanji quote - If you constantly think and connect to a frequency

Q: I am here for the first time, but I have meditated and prayed for a long time and I can go deep in my prayers. I have heard from my friend recently that a master transfers energy, which is called Shaktipat. I tried to connect with this energy and I think I succeeded in it. Can you say more about it and could you make me aware of the mistakes I make in my meditations?

A: You can be in my consciousness, and through connecting with my consciousness, you can experience it. But Shaktipat is energy transfer, you cannot connect to it. What we are doing is we are diluting or dissolving the blockages in the system and helping the energy to flow freely. So when all the blockages are removed over a period of time, energy will move freely and you will change or your dimensions will shift. This is Shaktipat. It is something which is transferred physically. But when you think about me or any Master over a period of time with consistency, your energy connection definitely happens. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. That is why I always say Lord Jesus is still available to connect. The energy called Jesus is definitely available. Lord Krishna is available. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. If you constantly think and connect to a frequency, you will spontaneously get elevated to that frequency. When you are sincerely connecting to a Master, just a connection with the eye is enough for the transfer to happen. There is no need for even touching.

There was a great Master… we cannot refer to him in the past tense, as every Master is still here. So there is a great master called Papaji who became enlightened, standing, when Ramana Maharishi just looked at him. Ramana didn’t even touch him. So whether they’ll get automatically elevated depends on connectivity, openness, and the faith of a person. Because how do you know that a person is deeply connected to a Master? When his mind is with the master. You can physically be with anybody. Usually, husband and wife live together, but physically they are together, mentally they are far apart. Similarly, if you are deeply connected to a master with the mind, you will get everything from him without asking.

Experience with Avadhoota Nadananda


I’ve never been to any Master asking for a title, or any power till now. Whatever has come to me, has been given by their own discretion with the consideration that I can handle it. All you have to do is just be empty. If you have this much knowledge, you have only as much as your capacity for receiving.  If your glass is totally empty, the entire glass will be filled. So this is up to us, we can be completely empty, we will be filled up. The right disciple is the emptiest disciple.

Avadhoota Nadananda, whose Autobiography you may have read, is still in his body. He is 76 years old. Most of us have practiced so many things and achieved certain levels. Before this Master actually attained all the powers that he has, his guru told him, “Go to the Himalayas, but with two conditions –  do not touch money, do not beg for food. I the food comes to you, eat it, if it doesn’t come to you, observe fasting. Consider that day as the day of fasting.”

So the young man goes to the Himalayas with the promise that he would not touch money and that he would not beg for food. Imagine how tough it must have been. Because Himalayan terrains are tough, the climate is unpredictable with extreme cold and sometimes warmth. Everything is unpredictable. This person walked, traveled in whatever situations possible, reached the Himalayas, attained the level of the pontiff of Gyanganj (Shambala) and came back with that. See, you can attain any level if it is your first priority. Most of us do not consider spirituality as our first priority. That is why many of us do not attain anything.

Furthermore, none of us can see our causal layer. We can only see the effects of the causes in our daily life. Gyanganj is a causal layer of the Earth. Whatever is happening in the world (and whatever will happen in Gyanganj) has its root cause based in Gyanganj. Nobody can stay there. They can only be trained there. People cannot even see it. You need to look through your third eye to see the location. Otherwise, it is just blank land. Most people, even Buddhist monks who live in the neighborhood had said that there is no place like this. It is just imagination. But this Master went there, got trained there and came back.

I’ll give you a short experience of mine with this Master.

Initiation into Gyanganj (Shambhala)

I was invited to inaugurate a restaurant in a place called Shirdi which is synonymous with Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba lived in this place, and a vegan restaurant was coming up here. And they asked me to come and inaugurate it. The restaurant is called ‘Ahimsa Vegan’.

Ahimsa Vegan in Shirdi

One of these restaurants has also opened in London. If you go to London you can taste the food there. In June 2016 I was going for the inauguration and Nadananda was also there participating in it. Before I actually took the flight to reach there he called me.

He said, “Mohanji, I would like to have one hour with you alone, without anybody. Can you give me this time?

I said, “Guruji, your wish is my command. Do consider it as done.We will meet and spend time.”

Once I reached there after breakfast, he said, “Come, let’s walk.”

So the two of us were walking along the streets of Shirdi and he was telling me various things, one of which is: “Look here. Sai Baba came to this place. It was totally empty. It was a very poor village. There was nothing here. Today you see all these big buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels, all this business. Thousands of people are eating food in the name of Sai Baba in this place. It’s the same thing with most of us. People may not recognize you while you are in the body. After your death, people will appreciate you more.”

I asked him, “Does it really matter? We are doing our job, we are conveying the message. Whether people appreciate it or not it doesn’t matter to us.”

Then he said, “No, I just want you to know.“

I said, “Ok.“

Nadananda quote - to Mophanji about Shirdi Sai Baba

Then we went to the temple. He said, “We are not going inside the temple. We are not going inside the Samadhi Mandir. Those who have to see us will see us outside.” I did not understand the meaning of what he said. Who’s going to come and see us outside? Maybe Sai Baba himself would come and see us but it’s all tall order, it’s not easy.

So we went around and then sat down and he told me, “Mohanji, you see, all our people are doing service to people. You are doing charity work. But that’s not the way to do charity work. There is nobody outside of you. You cannot serve anybody outside of you. You can only serve yourself in other people. There are no other people. What you see as other people, is your own extension. So you are serving yourself.”

I said, “Ok,” listening to all this. Then, suddenly he said, “Come, he is waiting for us.”

We went around and there was one man, naked and with matted hair, and a cloth around his waist, standing there looking at the Shiva temple. Avadhoota Nadananda gave me some money from his pocket. I did not carry any money. So he gave it to me and said, “Go and give it to him.”

I took the money, handed it over, and kind of bowed down and then Avadhoota Nadananda said, “Let’s go.”

We left together, went out, then he said, “This was the person who took me to Gyanganj. He was the guru of the Master, Bhagawan Nityananda, who left his body in 1961.“

So this Master had left his body before. Incidentally, only he and I saw this person standing there. Nobody else was bothered about him. Only we could see. Then he said,

“Now I have connected you directly to Gyanganj. My job is over.“

This is how masters work.

I have written a blog about it A Day in Shirdi with an Avadhoota.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


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