Bathe in Love Inside

Satsang in Vrsac, Serbia, part 1

10th May 2016

Mohanji quote - Anger, hatred, jealousy

Q: How can we open up to love? I feel I have a blockage.

A: The answer is in the question. You are love by nature. Whatever is a blockage is unnatural for you. Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, insecurity are what we collected from outside. They are not from inside. But love is from inside. We are love by nature. Our natural expression is love. I’ll give you a clear example. Look at animals. They like to love more than they hate us, right? We are also the same. We like to love. But we are afraid of the society, people, what others think about us. So what we do? We suppress our natural expressions. You don’t have to do anything to be love. All you have to do is remove all that is not yours, whatever you have collected from the society. Understand, anger is related to something outside of you, not inside you. Jealousy is related to something outside of you. It is not inside. It is a feeling inside but it is related to something outside of you. Remove all these things, say,“This is not mine.” You have collected something from everybody. Say, “Take it, take it, take everything away.” What is remaining then? Love.

satsang (42)
Mohanji conducted a short lungs meditation, guiding the group to the inner space within, peace and love.

Where are the tears happening from? From love, from happiness.  Happiness and love are interconnected. When you are in love very much, you are happy. When you are very happy, you are in love. So it doesn’t need to be to another human being, it can be to the world, nature, anything, but these are tears of happiness. Because you found the truth. When a soul finds the truth, eyes will become wet. Tears will well. This is the sign of finding the truth. This is what you are. Anything else is not you. This happiness is you. You deserve this happiness. All of us deserve this happiness. We become too much adult, we forget to be a child. The moment we become a child, it’s a different world. What was the nature of Jesus, Krishna…? Happiness from inside. They were never bound by anything. That is why we follow them today. When you are happy from inside, there are no blockages in life. Blockages happen only when we are trying to be something else or trying to pretend. Then there are blockages. That is why I said,“I am coming here for the first time, but I never felt so. Maybe you feel you are meeting me for the first time but I never feel so. Because I see myself. There is nobody else outside of me. I can only see various expressions of myself.”

Have you noticed how relaxed we are here? Does anybody feel tense? Don’t you feel as if we have met a long time ago? Do you know why it is so? Because you recognize truth. When you recognize the truth, there is no alienation. There is only love. It’s a feeling, it’s togetherness.

Q: We are complete and have love within ourselves, but everyday life seems to negate that within. We feel stress, discontentment, etc., but we don’t need to. How can we protect ourselves from that negation of our love?      

A: What do you think?

Q: To let go?

A: Stop protecting. When the outside world is bothering you, the point is that we are exposed to the outside world, not the inside world. When can something outside bother you? When you are not at home. Home is inside. More than we meet things outside, we should spend time with ourselves. Shake hands with this person called Andriya, not personality. You have kept personality outside for the people to see. But there is a person inside who is projecting this personality.

At night, when you sleep, you switch off the personality and you sleep. But when you wake up you again switch on the personality and the world will see you. You must understand this clearly. When you say, “I know Mohanji,” you probably know the figure, the image, and the expression. But do you know the consciousness? Likewise you need to shake hands with your consciousness, the real you which is projecting this personality called Andriya outside. The moment you disassociate with personality and think,“I am the projector, not the projection, not the feature film,” then you understand – “Nothing affects me.” Nothing affects the projector. It only affects the screen outside of you. We all say we know each other. But we only know the personality, not the person. The moment we know the person, there is no fight, no war, nothing. It’s just love. Because person is the same. The person has various projections, various feature films. Some are comedies, some are tragedies, some are dramas, actions… these are all needed by the world. We all watch films and we are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry… When the projector switches off, the screen is black, then we come home. We may have some impressions about the film and one week later we forget. This is our life. It’s important to know that the projector is never affected by any film whether it is a comedy, a tragedy, a drama, or an action film. The projector remains the same. It keeps projecting. When it is off, it’s off – whatever film was there, is finished. Keep being the projector or at least remember you are the projector. Be the actor, not the role. Since you have taken birth here, you incarnated on earth, you must play the role of father, son, brother, sister, whatever… We have to play any role which is possible on earth, but understand this is just a role. We are not that. A husband is only a husband when there is a wife. A person is a father when there is a child. A guru is a guru only when there is a disciple. Otherwise, a guru is just another human being. Remember this all the time, then you will not be affected. So this is the way.

A Story of Buddha

gautam_buddha_the_lord_of_compassion.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0One day Buddha was sitting and talking to people like we are doing now. One man came and started abusing Buddha using very bad language, very bad words. Being still angry, he spat on his face. Buddha was listening to him. He didn’t even reply. After that the man left. The people around Buddha asked him,“Why didn’t you reply to him!? He was using very bad language, he was abusing you, he was spitting on you! Why didn’t you even reply?“ Buddha said,“Until now, ’nothing affects me’ was a theory. Now I know nothing affects me. That man did not touch me. It means I have attained what I am preaching. The moment outside world cannot affect you, you become very settled and very powerful. It’s easy for the mind to get agitated. Because if somebody abuses us, what aspect becomes angry or agitated? It’s the ego. Ego gets affected. None of other faculties get affected. Ego is the skeleton of your personality. Your personality is kept intact by the ego, just like the skeleton of a body keeps the shape of the body. Like that, your personality has a shape. Ego is the skeleton of your personality. The skeleton gets affected. Otherwise, if your ego gets dissolved, you feel nothing – ok, you say whatever you like, I’ll say whatever I like. That means you do not have to change your frequency for the sake of the world outside.

There are 7.5 billion people in the world, and there are 7.5 billion frequencies. This is how creation has happened. Look at animals, birds, plants, trees, human beings, every being on earth has been created with a unique frequency. That frequency is not equal to any other frequency. There could be resemblances. Maybe two buffaloes will look the same, but their frequency is different. Every being’s character and frequency is different. So when we try to change our frequency for the sake of somebody or to somebody else’s frequency, we have pain. Love is lost because we are unnatural. When we change our frequency, we become unnatural. That un-naturality is creating a crisis in this world. The moment you are natural, there is no crisis in the world. You are natural and people accept you as you because you are a natural human being. The government (I’m not talking about Serbian government, but any government) can try to change the frequency of people. They try to create everybody in the same way. It cannot be. Your thumb impression is unique, the retina of your eyes is unique in this world, nobody else is like this. How can we say that all people should be the same? This is fundamental in spirituality, we must understand that.

If we say, “If some person is abusing me, I do not want to go to that frequency,“ I am not saying be a doormat, but you respond, “Listen, you are not well today, let’s talk tomorrow.” Or,  “Let’s discuss instead of arguing.” If you are not compromising your inner peace, you are fully calm and quiet inside and you are responding to the world like that, they will stop abusing you or they will stop taking you for granted because you are not giving the usual reply.

In India, we normally leave the slippers or shoes outside. We do not take them inside. There is a reason for it. Shoes represent outside world. We keep the shoes outside, then we enter the house. That means you are not bringing the outside world in this house. When we go out, we take the shoes and go. This is one aspect. It means you keep your outside world outside. Do not bring it inside. Keep anger, hatred, agitation, all these things we encounter each day in the outside world, outside.

Audience: How do we achieve that?

A: “I’ll get there.” Then when you come inside, be 100% you. This is your home. What is a peaceful house? When the people of the house are peaceful. How do you become peaceful? You have to connect to yourself, not as a personality, but as a person. Which part of you is 100 percent truthful and honest? Your body. The Body never lies. It is always truthful. There is no change in the body or change in the sense. When you are hungry you cannot change your mind and feel that you are not hungry. When the body says it’s hungry, it is hungry. Just like children. When children say, “I need a toffee,“ they need a toffee! They mean it. If you have a very truthful friend, a friend who is very honest, what is the advantage? Even if it is not always so good to hear, he will always tell you the truth. Our body is like that. If you listen to the body, you will never have illnesses. Because when the body needs rest, it will tell you, “I need to sleep.” When the body wants food, it will tell you, “I want food.” When the body is thirsty, it will say, “I want water.” The body will say everything but we do not listen. How many times when we want to go to the toilet we don’t? Because the situation is not right. When does the body say it wants to go to the toilet? When it is the right time. But the mind says it is the wrong time. Mind has no idea.

So how do you connect to yourself? Connect to your body. When you actually connect to your body and feel the vibrations of your body, you will feel extreme peacefulness. Start feeling life, not doing life. Feel life, body, vibrations. You will have a totally different feeling about existence.

(Mohanji felt the vibrations of the audience and guided them into a breathing exercise, so that they could feel peace inside. After a few shared experiences, q&a continued.)

A: This silence within is your home.

Mohanji quote - The moment you start embracing silence

Q: What if we are too ambitious and want more and more of this peace within?

A: Not necessarily. Going home is not an ambition, it’s a necessity. Otherwise, where will you sleep? This is your rightful home. Absolute peace. If you keep on going there, you will start experiencing that peace, then even if you go out, if you have to do everything outside, nothing will touch you because you know where to go back. Many people are restless because they cannot find their way home. That’s why. Plato says, “If you have found light, show one person that light. Your job is over.” This is it. So the highest gift any master can give to any disciple is freedom. Freedom is something which sits inside us, not outside. My favorite examples are Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. They were in prison for many years, but they were not affected at all. They wrote and did so many things and when they came out, they only talked about peace. No hatred, no war. Why? They were already free inside. This is something which we must always remember. Freedom is our birthright and it sits inside us.

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom c

Then why are we not feeling it?

Audience: Fear?

A: Fear is only in waking state, when you are asleep you have no fear. It should be something which is there forever. The aspect which keeps us away from freedom is our mind. Waking state mind.

We have had various masters. If you look at the history of mankind, a lot of masters have come and told us, “This is what you experience, it is not you.” Find yourself. Most masters have the same message – find yourself. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” That means the Creator and Creation are one. He realized it and he was saying, “Now find it, find yourself.”  Find yourself as the Creator as well as the Creation. Time and again masters have come and told us the same. But we still do not understand and we crucify the masters. The mind makes us believe that we are very powerful. We are doing a lot of things in this world. Do you believe that we are doing a lot of things in this world? If this is so, who is doing your heartbeat, blood circulation, digestion, mental waves? The mind cannot control any of these. The mind is totally helpless when it comes to the systems of the body, the kidneys, pancreas… all functioning beautifully. Just imagine if the mind is controlling our heartbeat and we forget to go to the toilet or forget to make the heart beat? Finished! (laughs)

So the awareness that we could develop is that from all the activities that we do e.g. when talking, be with your talk. Let the mind be with the words you say. Don’t just talk, talk, talk, right? When you keep doing that, the mind is absent. Then you are talking nonsense. But when you are talking with your mind present you will only talk what is needed to be spoken. This is one of the secrets.

Likewise, we do so many activities. Especially those who smoke do not remember that they were even smoking. They keep smoking. If you are smoking, be with the cigarette fully. Just fully experience the cigarette. You will reduce your smoking to half or less than a half. Because when you are smoking, your mind is usually away. I am NOT telling you to smoke. If you are having a tea, be with the tea, experience the taste, flow with the flavor. Enjoy it. If you do all of your activities with your mind present, what will happen? You will be in control of the activities. When you start being present with your activities and your words, slowly, slowly, you will start experiencing your breathing, you will start experiencing your heartbeat, the whole system functioning. This is how various great masters connect to their body and go beyond the body. To bring yourself into your body, first, you need to bring yourself, which means your mind should be with the activity. Later on, you will start experiencing the whole flow of life. It doesn’t mean that you will stop interacting with the world and go to the Himalayas or some cave. It’s not that. We’ll be in the society, but all the time we are experiencing life, we are feeling life, not doing life.

Likewise, we are aware of all the activities, all the words, everything, when we are in the waking state. When you are conscious about your waking state totally, it will go even beyond your waking state into your dream state. Even when you are sleeping, you will not fall into sleep. You will slide into sleep, you will float into sleep. This is the secret.

Where do you start? Start now. Start with your words because thoughts are not easy to control. You don’t know what you will think next. Also when you are doing anything, make sure your mind is present. Just think for a moment, “Am I concentrating? Where is my mind?“ Just think for a moment, each time. It is easier for a city like this, it is not crowded much, but when you are on a bus in a place like New York, etc, it’s easy to be absent-minded, not concentrating. So use this chance, and this that city helps you.

The most potential investment any body can do in one lifetime is in awareness. Awareness means being conscious of your consciousness. This is awareness. It means you are conscious all the time. When I am talking, I am conscious, when I am not talking, I am conscious. Every time the consciousness never changes. You can see how the consciousness works in this VIDEO The Mohanji consciousness)

One scientist did an experiment and you can see some of the slides there how the brain works.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Counter Negativity with Positive Action

Satsang in Vrsac, Serbia, part 2

10th May, 2016

Mohanji Quote - If you convert pain to a purpose

Q: How to control our thoughts? Even if we are to be here and now, we need to control ourselves, don’t we?

A: Who will control? This is something which you cannot control. Thoughts are like our children. We don’t know who is coming. We become aware of thoughts only after they take birth. We do not know what we are going to think in the next hour. So thoughts can’t be controlled. What can we do about it? Don’t do anything, just watch them. Just let the thoughts come and go. You know that thoughts are happening, it’s coming, it’s manifesting, it’s going, it’s happening, you are not doing anything, you are not controlling. When I say control anything, control means violence . It means you need to put some pressure. How much pressure can you put? Just imagine a small glass. Try to hold it up in your hand for half an hour. You will have severe pain in the shoulder and hand. It’s not heavy. It is not about weight, but you cannot make pressure for a long time. Nothing which is violent will help us. Even if it is at the thought level, if there is violence, it hurts.

How do we look at our children? With a lot of love. Look at all your thoughts with love, but don’t participate. Just love. Let it be good thoughts, bad thoughts, ugly thoughts, dirty thoughts, no problem. All are your children. They are all your thoughts, just look at them it’s ok. Keep watching. The moment you start accepting your thoughts, you become free. The moment we start sitting and censoring our thoughts, we become bound.

Primarily we need to accept ourselves, this incarnation. You as an incarnation are absolutely wonderful – that acceptance should be there. Then only can we lean forward. When you start connecting to the person behind the personality, you only see beauty. Every thought is beautiful, every word is beautiful, every action is beautiful, all people are beautiful, so we see only love and beauty. That’s what we need to see. What do you want to see otherwise? We feel that we must talk all the time because we are used to talking. When two people meet, even if there is nothing to talk about, they talk. So, you know, ok he is a good guy, he talks. Otherwise, we think it’s rude not to talk. This is something in here (Mohanji points to his head, alluding to the mind). It is sometimes good not to talk. Not because you hate the person, but because love can be transferred through the eyes. The eyes will talk better than the mouth. We tell people, “You know something, I love you.” Then after some time, we say, “I never meant it.”

Audience: (Laughter)

So who are we cheating? Not the other person. We are cheating ourselves. It’s better not to say such things and convey the message through the eyes so that everybody understands. Animals understand. They see your eyes and they recognize you. You don’t need to tell them, “I love you, dog.” They know. With your very presence, they know whether you love or hate.

So this is something which we must always remember.

I used to go to the Himalayas a lot. Now I don’t have much privacy. When I used to go to the Himalayas a long time ago, I used to go alone. I used to sit with an old saint. He is still very close to me but he is very old. We were looking at the river Ganga. We would not even talk. I would be sitting, he would be sitting, looking at the Ganga, it’s like a meditation. We were looking at the Ganga for a long time, we would sit for three or four hours together but without saying a word. When it was time to leave, we would nod and go. Never ever did I feel compelled to talk to him. He is sitting next to me, I must talk – there is nothing like it. It was good to not talk. I still remember.

Sometimes he would suddenly say something and this has come true. Once, much before I founded the Ammucare/ACT Foundation charity platform, he said “Mohanji, do something for the children of mother Earth. You will have eternal peace. You will have glory.”  At that time I didn’t have any plan to start any charity institution. I was thinking if I start something, it will affect my freedom. Because it is an organization, I must spend time with it, and I was so busy as a CEO of a company in Dubai. I didn’t want to add to my pressure. But later on, in 2003 it started. Today, we are in India, America, UK, South Africa, Macedonia, Serbia… in so many countries and new countries are coming up. His words were like written on stone. It happened.

Likewise, another time he said, “Mohanji, you cannot hide for long. People will start recognizing you.” I joked with him, “Swamiji, let me hide as long as I can. When people recognise me, I will come out.” It has also come true. A lot of people come to see me in every country.

This is what I am saying: sometimes when you start to feel life, you will have much more clarity about life and existence. We are not feeling life, we are doing, doing, doing it all the time. So we are not catching the feeling of life every moment, the feeling of being you, the feeling of being you as a relative, the feeling of being you as a citizen or…In every aspect feel yourself, every answer is within you, it will all come out.

Mohanji quotes - Feel yourself, every answer is within you

Q: Throughout history, a large number of people have been exposed to wars, to extreme stress. So after that, it appears in life and in their dreams. How can one deal with these traumas which have remained in our subconscious memory?

A: This is in every country. In whichever country I go, some of them were slaves a few generations before, and in some countries there were wars. I always tell people, “When you are forced to experience negativity, the best way is to forcefully do positive things. Not try to contain negativity because it will not work that way. You need to increase the positivity. That is the best way to come out of it. If you try to address negativity or contain negativity, what happens is all this will come back to you and put you down. Because the moment you start touching the negativity your hands will become dirty. Instead, let it be there. At the same time, increase positivity. Try to help the helpless, try to do something in the society, even buying a tea to a man sitting in the cold is a positive action. In some way add value to the society. The question should not be ‘What can I do for you?’ but instead ‘What else can I do for you?’ That means you should be always doing something positive. Basically, the action of love is a positive action. It doesn’t need to be money. It can be just hugging somebody else saying,“Don’t worry. I’m with you.” That’s enough. It’s not how much money you spend, it’s about the attitude towards life.

Wars and destructions have happened because of the ignorance, non-understanding of people. Because death, destruction, assault, all these things are coming out of sickness, illness of the mind. Otherwise there is only love. So we should not sponsor or nurture it. We should cultivate love in every action. Just be love. Today, what have we done? One positive act. Start from there. Then it goes on and on. This is especially important for schools, small children. They should learn to love everybody. I saw a video of a small class in Japan, as soon as they come, everybody had to hug each other, express their love to each other, before they sit down in the class. They learnt to understand each other. They learn to connect to each other. This is important.

The world, the countries, the citizens… we are dividing people. We are dividing people in the name of religion, countries, cast, culture, colour…it’s all wrong, it’s all violence. There’s no division. The same heart, colour of blood, feelings, everything. This is something which we must experience and also share. It’s important. When my daughter passed away, there was a huge vacuum. I was very close to her. She was very integral in my life. I was thinking, what next? What will I do? Later on, that whole pain became a purpose. If you convert a pain to a purpose, your life becomes successful. Not only yours – you will touch hundreds of lives in a successful way. So we have the potential to make every pain, every trauma into a purpose. That means convert the pain into a purpose.

Likewise, if you look at the life of Jesus, he used to walk days on without food or water. He used to do things which were sometimes extremely difficult. But what was his driving force? Definitely not the people around him. Nobody was encouraging him. Nobody told him, “You should do all this.” Purpose was driving him. Purpose was powerful. Purpose makes you fearless. Purpose gives you courage, determination, everything is provided by purpose.

If you ask one question, what drives me, what is my driving force, there is one answer – purpose. Purpose is my driving force. That is what is taking me to all these countries. It’s not comfortable, different time zones, different people, different food, climate, sometimes it’s not good, but purpose drives me. Purpose takes me to places and purpose is also the fulfilling factor. So increase purpose.

Q: Everybody watches concerts and the audience cries, children cry, too. Why is there pain in love and how to deal with it?   

A: Don’t deal with it (smiles)… just experience it.

Audience: Just cry. (Laughter)

A: Yes, just cry, just experience the crying 100 percent. When you laugh, experience the laughter 100 percent, when you cry, experience the crying 100 percent, so that everything, every moment is fulfilling. This is what makes our life. When you laugh, you think about the sorrow then you neither laugh nor cry. Or when you cry, you are thinking about something. That should not happen. When you do something, do it 100 percent. For example, we are sitting and talking, we are sharing information, this receptivity should be like this, 100 percent.

Q: Some parts of life are boring, tedious, like scrubbing the toilet or washing the dishes. How to enjoy them 100 percent?

A: A beautiful question, I’ll also give you a beautiful answer. I don’t think that anybody in the world would say that washing the dishes is a pleasure, eating is a pleasure, but not washing the dishes! (Laughs)

Audience: Just to go through that experience?

A: I’ll give you the answer. Where is the tedium or boredom coming from? Where is the seed of boredom? There is an expectation. So the expectation is something new, but the result is monotonous  – the same thing. This is what is creating the tedium or boredom. There is a particular mantra in the scriptures. Roughly translated, it says,“When I am taking a step into today, let this step be towards You (to God). Whatever I am eating, let this be your gift to me.  Whatever I am saying, let it be your praises. It may not be chanting, but whatever I speak today, let it be like flowers at your feet.” Likewise whatever dishes you are washing, let them be God’s dishes. 🙂

Audience: (Uproarious laughter)

A: Then it becomes a meditation.

Audience: Changing the attitude?

A: Absolutely. But I like your question, you are very intelligent,  a nice question. I like these questions, it should be fun. People ask tedious questions, like about enlightenment, who wants it? Like this, first let’s talk about washing the dishes, then we will talk about enlightenment if we have time. 🙂

Q: I work at a school and have a problem with children who are rude and misbehave. It is obvious that they bring problems from home. How to help them?

A:  We have to continuously express our frequency, from the basis of love, so that they get an alternative. Otherwise, children do not get an alternative. They sometimes get influenced by the negative attitude of senior people and they believe that the whole world is like that. But when somebody behaves in a different way, with love, they start thinking, hey, look, there is something else here. 3yo7You know the story of Jean Valjean called “Les Misérables” (by Victor Hugo, made into a movie in 2012)?

This man was rejected by the society. Nobody wanted him, an ex-convict. The bishop gave him accommodation, food, and what he did was he stole the bishop’s silver plates and ran away. Later the police caught him, brought him to the bishop. The bishop said, ”I gifted it to him.” That changed him. How can somebody be so good!? The bishop did not betray him or said that he had stolen it. The bishop actually lied, but that lie was so powerful that it changed the man. Eventually, he became much greater than the bishop. When he told the truth in public forgetting about his status, forgetting about his stature, forgetting about his social standing, he said, ”I was an ex-convict.” That guts came, that courage came to him because of the incident of the past. So we must only give love. It doesn’t matter how the children are. They collected from outside all the seeds of negative things. We give positivity. We give love. When we become consistent and stable, the children will love you, because they are used to unstable, inconsistent people. So we stay consistent, stable any time they come to us. For example, I look at everybody as my children. When they come to me, I give the same hug to everybody. So they say, “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow you are the same.” So there is one point they can be sure about. That’s all you need to give to the world, the world will be ok.

Remember we are all soulmates, let us be together. Love you all.

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


How to Use Solar Eclipse for Elevation

Solar eclipse

We would like to share Brahmarishi Mohanji’s tips on how to make the best use of Solar Eclipse for purification and spiritual elevation:

This year complete Solar Eclipse falls on August 21st, 2017. It will be visible in Americas, Canada, and some other countries.

solar eclipse 2017

Eclipse accents sadhana, so I suggest the following:

A. Consume food an hour or two before the eclipse begins.

B. Do not cook food and keep it during the eclipse. It deteriorates faster.

C. Cook food after an hour of completion of the eclipse. Do not consume any food of the past, cooked and stored. During an eclipse, even the food inside our body deteriorates much faster. Eclipse accents decay of everything including our body.

D. Chant mantras. The ideal ones are the Ganesha and Guru mantras that work as a sheath. One chant can be considered as 1000 chant during an eclipse. The effect is 1000 times more. So, during the entire eclipse period, avoid food and water, light a lamp in front of idol or image of guru and Gods and chant continuously, concentrating on your heart center. It will fetch you 1000 times effect per chant.

E. If you could, it is also a good day to perform selfless services prior to eclipse or after it. Do not serve food to anybody during an eclipse, which is considered as a sin. You can serve food before or after as mentioned above. This also will have a multiplied effect.

Wish you all happiness, peace and unconditional love.

The Stronger the Purpose, the Stronger the Will Power

Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 2

24th October, 2016

Q: How can I enhance my willpower?

A: Increase the purpose, then your willpower will be enhanced. If your purpose is very clear, e.g. heal the world, give a better life to people, take care of animals and birds, take care of environment… if you make your purpose very, very strong, your willpower automatically becomes strong. If the purpose is weak, willpower will be weak. It is connected.

Mohanji quote - Go for the purpose

What makes people daring, or what makes people fearless? Purpose. What was the driving force of Jesus and Buddha? Purpose. The purpose becomes so powerful, that even if it is death or crucifixion, no problem. When you are confident that what you are delivering is pure stuff and it’s worth delivering, nothing can stop you.

Our education system has given only a degree to find a job but has not given us sufficient power to lead a life. To make a life, to put a life in life, you need to create a purpose. There is no point in blaming the education system which is creating people ready for the job market. But a job is not what you were born for, you were born for something much higher. There is a thing called being in this life i.e. being complete in this life for which you need to create and recreate yourself. Spirituality comes to help in this journey.

(Mohanji talks seeing the questions hovering in audience’s minds,  so without interruption, he starts answering the question before it was asked 🙂

Please remember spirituality is not religion. You are free to follow Jesus, Buddha, Krishna… it is your personal choice. Spirituality is your connection with your soul. The job of people like us is to shake hands with your own soul – connect to yourself. We have nothing to do with religion. Religion is your personal choice. Spirituality is your nature. Whichever God or religion you follow, you can still be spiritual if you are connected to your soul. Do not think that being religious is being spiritual. Always connect to yourself, be natural, keep flowing and keep your purpose very high i.e. you should be able to give back to the earth much more than you take from it, thenyou will be fine and you will be respected by generations to come.

 Q: How can we understand that going to church and being Christian doesn’t conflict with meditation on our spiritual path.

A: I think I’ve already answered this. You are free to go to church, you are free to connect to Jesus, He was a powerful master. You are free to follow any system, that’s not a problem. Meditation is a state when the mind is still. So whatever makes your mind still, no movement, peaceful, this is meditation. Meditation is not an activity. It cannot be an activity. When all activities stop, then you are in meditation.

Many people ask me, “I have a problem. I am following this particular religion. How can you help me stabilize myself?” I said, “Why do you think a religion is a disease? It’s almost like you are saying, I have cancer, how can you help me? Religion is what you are born in, or what you have chosen. Let it be. There is no problem. But if you connect to your body, you will be body oriented, if you connect to your mind, you will be mind oriented, if you connect to your ego, you will be ego-oriented, if you connect to your spirit, you will be spiritual.“

Please don’t think meditation is an activity. Then you do not understand meditation. Meditation is a state you reach when all activities stop, especially when the mind is still. When you sleep, but you are awake. But this is not absent-mindedness  – when you are sitting while your mind is elsewhere. That is something else.

Q: Can you tell us any experience by an athlete who is on the spiritual path?

A: There are many people. In fact, there are sports people who are following me, whose names I am not disclosing out of security. Because of security reasons, I tell them not to come and meet me because a lot of people would come. We are in touch but in a different way. Like pop singers, too. I was told recently that in a pop singer’s house in a place near Hollywood, there is a wall fully painted with my face. I said,“Amazing.“ 🙂

Anyway, these are all connections which we can’t disclose because it’s a high-security issue. People have a lot of questions, I stay away from all these things.

There are many people who are connected, especially in the jobs or activities where you have to keep performing. They connect to me in a particular way where I tell them,“Stop being you. Be me. Shift the personality to something else while you are performing, so that the burden, the weight you have on your shoulders is also shifted.” That helps them. Many times it’s a success. Because the pressure of performance is removed, people perform beautifully.

I’ll tell you one example. Actually, there was a situation where one guy had to perform in a sequential way, like in a few days and he became so paralyzed, he couldn’t think about pulling himself to do this job because of some kind of remark he received from his superior. Then I told him, “You see, nothing can affect you because you are not doing. I am doing. I will do it.” He just went and performed. Eventuall, he succeeded in this whole thing. It’s not about my power, it’s about right attitude.

Q: What do you think about Theta healing?

healingA: I don’t like to talk about something I did not experience. I’ve heard of this but I am not familiar with it. But as a thumb rule, whatever is selfless, I appreciate. If the intention is pure, I appreciate it. But the moment you take responsibility of healing, if you hit the karmic pattern of a person, the healer is affected. The healer is a facilitator. Healing is up to the receiver. We can use any tool for healing, but if the person who receives not to be healed, nothing can work. Then the healer sometimes uses force, uses more energy, more power. Then what happens is the healer takes the disease on. Sometimes I have asked some people, you don’t have a problem, but why are you taking other people’s burdens? Because most of us suffering today are not suffering because of our own karma, but because we have taken burden from other people and that too without knowledge. When you heal you should be totally neutral and totally selfless. Then you are safe.

Q: Theta healing is a process where a healer goes to a state where brainwaves are 4-7Hz, yogis do it in alpha state, but theta healers do it in 4-7Hz and the healer raises himself to the seventh level, where the source heals in a second. Do you believe in it or do you have any such experiences?

A: I understand that point, but then, most of the healers do not reach that state. Gravitation is so powerful that it doesn’t allow you to reach any higher states. If you can reach a level where you can receive the guidance from the source, you don’t need any medium, you just command. At that time, be very careful about the karmic pattern of the individual who is receiving. I do believe that everything is possible, because nothing is impossible, but then sometimes it’s illusion, mind projection which is working rather than healing. That’s why results sometimes do not happen. Then the healer gets angry or agitated. Then what they do, they interfere in the karma and they have it. A perfect channel has zero mind. Then they become a total channel of the source.

Q: How do you overcome sadness of losing someone who is very, very close to you?

A: Do something in their name all the time. Keep their name alive in the most positive way. So that their name will become your inspiration. The moment the loss becomes an inspiration, you become very powerful and that’s the best gift you can give to the departed one.

Q: How to protect our children who are very sensitive? We have a 5-year-old daughter who still wanders in her dreams at night and is very, very sensitive, she talks with other entities, shrieks, we cannot wake her up…

A: That’s very simple. Connect to a frequency of higher masters, proven masters who are connected to the path. They will just connect and they will channel themselves. The path of the white masters, the path of liberation is very, very strong. The moment you channelise the children on that path, they catch the vibration and they go. The way to connect to them? choosing-better-read-aloud-booksYou can do that by telling them stories, life stories, autobiographies, explain to them, through hardships they went, but they still connected to the source and walked the path all the way and nothing could stop them. Every setback, every betrayal, crucifixion gained them more strength to move forward and deliver further to the world. Furthermore, they were all selfless. They did nothing for themselves. They did not make big establishments or lived with a lot of money and stuff. They always delivered, delivered, delivered, and then they dissolved in the whole thing and these people are now considered as great masters.

All you can do is just channelise them and they will go on their own.

Q: First I want to say thank you for all the lovely lessons you have given us today…

A: Thank you. That is because you are there I am talking.

Audience: (Laughter)

Q: As a healer, how to know whether it is karmically predetermined for a person to get healed or to go through the disease?


A: Make a mental prayer: “If it is karmically correct, let the healing happen.” That means you surrendered it to the karmic pattern and you are safe. You are just being a facilitator for energy to come to them.

Second, you can connect to any master who is unlimited source, it can be any of the past masters who walked the Earth and take opinion, advice or protection. They all work, they all support. Angels support. But you should be able to connect to them. So it’s probable you will connect to somebody whom you know so that you know you are there. Like a master who walked the Earth, who has a proven record of being kind and compassionate, say, “Please protect me so that no karma enters my system and let me heal the person if it is karmically correct for them.“ Because many people kept the disease as part of their karmic agenda. They are not supposed to be healed. They don’t like healing. They will tell you, their mind will tell them, “Oh, please heal me,“ but inside they say, “Don’t heal me.“

I’ll tell you one example of the soul deciding to leave.

A STORY of a person deciding to leave

This happened in 2010. I had a programme in Dubai and after the programme it was late. So I was sleeping around 12h. By 2AM I was getting a lot of SMS messages. It was bothering me. So I looked at the message, one man wrote to me that his wife was dying. It was in Mumbai. Doctors said she would die soon and informed everybody, so this man was in panic sending me messages, “Mohanji, please save her!“ So i shifted to her room in Mumbai, 2,000 miles (over 3,000km) away, astrally. When I was entering, the soul was coming out of the body and the parameters of the machine were stopped. I just stood there.

I asked her,“What is your plan? It’s ok. If you want to die, die. I have no objection. But you will come back. You are leaving unfinished work. You are not supposed to die now. But because you are so negative and you don’t want to be in the body, die. Go. No problem. I allow you to go It’s ok, but remember: you are going to take another body and have double the suffering than what you have now and you will have to complete whatever you could not complete. You make a decision now.“ I scolded her a little bit more, I am not explaining the whole thing. I said,“You are a coward! You are not even eligible for life. Get out! Go!“

Suddenly she stopped and moved back. She entered her body back, came back to life and recovered completely. When she woke up, my pictures were on the walls in the house and there were also other masters’ pictures.

She said,“Remove all these pictures.“

Because when she looked at me, she could only see fire. She remembered the scolding, but she could not remember who scolded her. But when she was looking at the picture, she said,“Look at the picture, it’s fire!“ She made all the pictures removed. So this man was very unhappy.

He said,“I hate to tell you, but she is removing your pictures.“

HA HA, I said, I understand, don’t worry. Remove them.“

From then onward, that lady was totally different. She takes control of the house, she takes charge of the bank account, she takes charge of everything. Her life totally changed. Like a rebirth, but with a lot of power.

You see how souls work. Sometimes in one life they go into depression and they want to leave. The moment they leave and return it’s a different life. All these patterns are existing in one constitution.

So when you try to heal, remember it is not that personality you are healing. You are healing much differently.

Q: Is it possible to heal ourselves and if yes, how to do it?

Mohanji quote - Healing is a natural processf

All the beings of this world. Take any being including a human being, have the power to heal within us. You see cats and dogs in the street even if they had an accident, they heal themselves. They have that power. Every being has power to heal. For us the mind is overwhelming this is exactly what prevents healing.

There are two things which we actually need to practice.

One is, there should be no eating after the sunset. No food after the sunset. Eat between sunrise and sunset. That means e.g. 6.30am and 6.30 pm. So you fast for 12 hours. You allow your body to be natural or detox for 12 hours. If you observe this as compulsory, you will be very, very strong.

Number two, most of us do not sleep on time. We should sleep early, wake up early. That is a good ingredient for health. E.g. if you go to bed at 9.30pm or 10pm maximum, and wake up at 4am or 4.30am, it immediately shifts your metabolism. Normal, routine life itself, if regulated, can bring you a lot of energy and power. That heals you. So sleeping is important, eating is important. These are two things which are preventing us from living. We stay awake at night, drink things like coffee, alcohol, concentrated stuff, etc. which actually affect the metabolism.

Then our body is not actually conducive for meat or materials like that because it stays longer in the body, releases toxins and most meat on the market is from animals which were injected antibiotics and so many things into them. All these are coming into our system. All these are making us sick. Then the vaccines are making us sick. Quite a lot of things are there.

But if you are able to detox on a regular basis, e.g. decide you will not eat anything after 7pm and you will go to bed maximum by 10pm so that you have a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle itself will give you balance and longevity.

These are two aspects.

Third and the main aspect is mentally you can decide you will be fine, healthy. It’s a mind’s decision. Also never stop from what you do. If you are ill or whatever, if you have an agenda, perform it so that you are not surrendering to the disease. Like that we can recover from everything.

In January this year, I admitted myself in a place of naturopathy, where everything is fasting.

They asked me,“How much can you fast?“

I said, “It’s up to you. You tell me.“

They said, “Three days?“

I said, “No problem.“

First day it’s only water. Just water. Second day they give you one glass of coconut water along with water. Third day they give you one glass of orange juice along with water. By fourth day you are fine. You can fast forever. I fasted for 87 hours like this and there was no problem in the energy, I was doing my work, everything was fine. They only said, “You should sleep 10 hours and one day you should not speak.“ So this was the pattern. After that I lost my weight and was fully charged, there were no medicines, nothing. Just regulated food. So this is in our control, that is what I want to say.

Q: Is there any difference between God and Mother Nature and if yes, what is it? Second, what is the essence of the soul?

A: God is pure energy. Mother Nature is its manifestation. Mind is the faculty which cannot understand either God or Mother Earth. God has no form, it’s pure energy and will remain pure energy and whatever is manifested as part of God has duration.

The constitution of soul is God, pure energy. But when soul sits in the body, it adapts to the requirements of the body, its constitution, character, personality, form. Soul is connected to all these aspects. But soul is always aware and clear that it is not the body, nor the personality, nor the constitution, nor the character. The soul is clear. Soul’s aim is to be one with God, which is its Father, that is why Jesus said, “Me and my Father are one.“ When Jesus was connected to his soul, he said, “There is no difference between me and my Father which is pure consciousness.“

In a way, soul is one, bodies are many. Soul-wise we are related. It’s the same soul in everybody because soul is not bound by the character or the personality. Mother Earth is a living being, just like us, it is occupied by energy. Every living being is occupied by the energy, and that energy is God.

Q: How to deal with present situation in my country?
A: What is the problem with the country?

Audience: (Laughter)

A: I fancy one thing. Every country is the same in this world. If we look at a country and say, “Oh, this country is not right,“ think again, “Who does this country belong to? What does this country consist of?“ It’s us, people. If everybody decides to do more for the country, the country will be better. If you are talking about politicians and ministers, they are all part of the society. If the society is better, the country will be better. So everyone can contribute for the betterment of the society. Don’t think, “It’s not my job, it’s only the ministers’ job or the politicians’ job.“ It is not so. They are all part of us. Everybody has come out of us. So if we decide to change, if all of us decide to do more for the country, suddenly it will start changing. So it’s up to us. We make the country or we break the country. All countries are the same in the world.

Q: How to deal with stress?

A: It’s very simple. Don’t identify with stress. Instead identify with love. Stress is always connected to personality. Personality is what you have projected from the person. It’s like a projector and the feature film. You are projecting a personality to the outside world and you believe that the personality is you. Like a projector projects drama, action, comedy, tragedy, all these things on the screen, we are constantly projecting something into the world. So how can you release stress? Be aware of it. You are not on the screen, you are the projector. Keep projecting romantic films 🙂 Love can conquer everything.

Q: Alzheimer and dementia – if possible, which actions to take or how to avoid these disorders in cases where they already appeared in one’s family as a genetic disorder?

A: Many of the things are coming out of vaccinations. Because vaccinations as far as I understand, are all experimentation. Each fifty years they say that vaccine was wrong so we use the new one. So they were all experimentation on human body. A lot of this experimentation is affecting people in the long term while World Health Organisations and powerful bodies like that insist on vaccination, so most people cannot avoid it. This is probably the reason for autism and quite a lot of diseases today. -anti-vaccination-the-vaccinesThe awareness should change in people so that this kind of thing becomes a choice, like, you choose whether to have vaccination or not. Today it is not so. Today it is compulsory thing. Then you are bound to go through the suffering. Then it helps medical industry. Because you can produce medicines to prevent it. First you create a disease, then you solve the disease. Anyway, humans suffer. We are guinea pigs of the world. We are all being tested on. Once it happens, it is not so easy to prevent it. Probably the way to prevent it or the way to control it is by reversing it and reversal needs something from a much higher intellect mostly related to nature. Because nature has been handling all these things since long and nature has no problem. Why do human beings have all the problems? First of all we are overpopulated with eight billion people. There is hardly any space for people now. Then we have encroached on the nature, destroyed it, so we don’t have recycling happening spontaneously. All this is affecting our life. Then the food habits, the life habits, all sorts of things. Look at everything. It’s affecting all beings, not only humans. We are in that state at this point in time. Neither I nor anybody can give direct solution unless the whole pattern changes. Every country, everybody should believe that there should be a change and there should be selflessness happening in this world. But the medical, food  and war industry won’t allow this to happen. They all need business.

Q: How much does sadguru’s grace mean when void occurs because many come back and say there is nothing further than that?

Mohanji in Ahobilam

A: I think it’s a big blessing to be connected to a sadguru or a master who is connected to the source, especially at the time of evolution because when you are connected to a master who is connected to the source, they work directly on your causal layer. Causal layer is a layer where the seeds of all your lifetimes’ karmas are still and we do not know what is in it. We can only see the effect in life. We do not know what is creating the cause. We only see the effect. If you are connected to a master who is powerful, who is connected to the source, it directly works on your causal layer and burns the seeds there so that you do not return back  after reaching a certain level. The state of void is the state before the fullness. The state of void is not a permanent state. You achieve it when the mind is still and there is a vacuum for some time. A caterpillar is one state, cocoon is another state, butterfly is the third state. When a caterpillar enters a cocoon there it is the void state. Then from there a butterfly happens – that’s a completion. Even as a butterfly you will not stay. You will dissolve completely and become pure consciousness. So in a state where you are in a cocoon, the master holds you. I feel that the presence of a powerful master is a great blessing. But many people do not have it, even if some people find the master, they miss the master because the mind has frames. They try to put a master in the frame and he doesn’t fit so they sometimes miss it. This also happens.

So I believe, especially since the master works on the causal layer, it’s very important to have the connection, you don’t even have to ask. Just be present, be there and whatever has to happen, will happen. Just have faith, keep the doors of the mind open.

Read part 1 Increase Your Frequency

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Increase Your Frequency

Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 1

24th October, 2016

 Mohanji quote - The only way

Q: How to deal with people who make us feel guilty?

A: All of the experiences of life right from our childhood till now, all the people who came into our lives, all the locations, everything, even the food you eat, the air you breathe, the place you stay in – this is all karmically connected. In a way, you have attracted all the people who have come to you in your life. We have attracted every word, every thought, every experience. So there is no coincidence. If something has happened in our life, we have attracted it at some point in time. We have attracted most of this unconsciously. We have not been thinking. For example, if you criticize somebody, then you attract that effect into you.  It was scientifically proved. You tell everybody, “Hey, you look beautiful, you are wonderful,” you automatically start experiencing the beauty and the grace on yourself. People will look at you and start telling you, ”You look beautiful.” The more positive you become, that’s the kind of karma you attract. On the contrary, if you attract and participate in gossip, then your whole energy shifts to that mode and you attract negativities.  Your whole frequency reduces. The lower your frequency, the lower energies you attract to yourself. For example, if you say you are launching an alcohol party, how many people would come? When there is Mohanji giving Satsang with Shaktipat, 100 people. If it is an alcohol party, there would be a thousand people. Why is it so? Something which reduces your frequency is more attractive. The more you reduce the frequency, that kind of crowd you attract.

Spirituality is an individual journey. You should increase your frequency gradually so that you become completely immune to all the lower frequencies. The only way you can survive in the variety of frequencies is by increasing your frequency. You have that capacity. This is the advantage of human existence. You have the capacity to achieve the highest point in one lifetime. This is what we call the level of immortality.

There are masters in the Himalayas who have defied death. They have proven that they have been there for hundreds and thousands of years. There was one poet who writes four verses a year and he has written 3,000 verses. So he has lived 750 years. Anyway, the potential for us is unbelievable. Know one thing: we must believe that this personality which we keep projecting to the world, is our limited personality. Our personality is much more than we choose to project into the world outside.

Know yourself Be yourself

One of the key aspects of this journey is to know yourself and being yourself. If you start feeling your body, connect to your body. I’ll tell you your body never lies. It always tells the truth. If you start connecting to your body more and more, hear each cell talking to you. Each cell has the potential to be a new you. From each cell, you can create a new being like you. So each cell contains the ingredient called you. These cells will start talking to you. Each cell will tell you where you stand. That is the biggest awakening you can ever have while you are alive.

flowchart-no-worriesInstead, what are we listening each moment? We listen to our mind all the time. The mind tells you, “You are lazy, it’s time for eating, it’s time to go to the toilet, it’s time to do this… I don’t like this, I don’t like that…” The mind says all these things. So the mind is, in fact, controlling you. Our daily existence is controlled by the mind. Your daily life is so much controlled by the mind that you fail to be happy. What prevents happiness? If you ask anybody in this world, eight billion people,“What do you want in life?“ Everybody will say,“Happiness“. But the question is,“Why can’t you be happy?“

What prevents happiness? If you ask anybody in this world, eight billion people,“What do you want in life?“ Everybody will say, “Happiness.” But the question is, “Why can’t you be happy?“

the blame game 2They will give a lot of reasons,“If my mother-in-law was better…if my child was studying well…if my husband smiled at me every day…if my car worked well…” There will be some reason for us to be unhappy. It is our birthright to be happy. There is no way you cannot be happy and if you look inside, you will know the man, the person or a being which makes you unhappy, which prevents you to be happy. The only thing which prevents you to be happy is your mind. All of us would have said, “I don’t like that person, I like this person.”

Why would we like or dislike somebody at all? Why should we dislike anybody? We don’t pay their bills, do we? Please understand, this is again the projection of the mind.

So, to answer this question, if we are unhappy with anybody around us, we are unhappy with ourselves. We have nobody outside us. If you do not exist, there is nobody outside of you. When you are in deep sleep, is there anybody else around in the world? You are sleeping, you cannot see anybody. Everybody is in a state of their own and they are projecting all these people around you. It is up to you to be happy inside so that the outside is also good for you.

People give you so many things, we get a lot of feedback from the society. People tell me, too, “Mohanji you should look like this, you should walk like this, you should talk like this.” I always say this is how I am. What can I do? I cannot change my face… all the time. So people will have their opinions. They will tell you what to do, what to feel, what to believe in, but at the end of the day, it is YOU who is experiencing. If others give you so many things, you don’t have to buy everything. You cannot. Please remember, YOU are important. Don’t believe anybody who says you are not important. I am telling you, you are important because without you the life which you talk about is not there. If others give you love, take it. Give more love back. If you sow more love in the ground, you can reap a lot more love. I am telling this from my personal experience. We all have a choice to be unhappy, but if you spread happiness, it comes back to you. I was walking down here with Maya, all people are strangers and they were looking at me like something from the zoo 🙂 so I tried smiling at a few people and they were looking, who is this fellow? See, this is what I am saying. Nothing should stop you from smiling. Whether you get a smile back or not, it doesn’t matter. If people don’t smile back at you, that is because they are carrying a lot of weight. Please appreciate that. When you have the ability to smile without any reason, it means you are light inside. You have the right, you have the ability and you have the power. When you walk in the street you will know this very clearly. You can see so many people going around. You hardly see the faces, you see the weight. I always wonder why are people so heavy? They are walking as if they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. You see them in the streets.

Nothing should stop you from smiling. Whether you get a smile back or not, it doesn’t matter. If people don’t smile back at you, that is because they are carrying a lot of weight. Please appreciate that. When you have the ability to smile without any reason, it means you are light inside. You have the right, you have the ability and you have the power. When you walk in the street you will know this very clearly. You can see so many people going around. You hardly see the faces, you see the weight. I always wonder why are people so heavy? They are walking as if they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. You see them in the streets.

Mohanji quote - If others give you love, take it

Many years ago, I was talking at a girls’ college. We were looking for volunteers for doing some charity work. I was addressing a group of girls. I think there were about 400 students and out of them, 280 registered to do voluntary service. We sent one batch to a place with abandoned people. They asked me, “What should we do for them?“ I said, “Nothing. Just put your hand around their shoulder and say, I love you.” They did that. Later on, when we were taking the feedback from these girls, many of them were in tears. They said, “We will never abandon our parents.” These people who were abandoned were waiting for these girls to come next time. Some of these old people kept some things to give them, even gold or something they had saved for a long time, but had nobody to give to. In the last stage of their life they found love. What else can you give to this world? What is more precious to give than love? When we love the helpless beings, we expect nothing back. We just express love. What you are expressing is the purity inside you. The genuineness, the love – the soul is expressing itself. The abandoned people in the society are a reflection of the heaviness of the society. When people in the society are heavy, then they abandon people. Who can you abandon? Those who are helpless. This is a shame of the society. I was telling this to the students. Look here, “You are responsible for bringing them up, bring love in this world. When people say, I would like to do something, then I say, ‘Share love’. This is all you should do. That changes you, transforms you, then you will not have any problems with anybody in this world even if people are angry, because you are so powerful the anger will not affect you.

Q: How to open up again towards love in one’s life after being disappointed with people? How to come out of the hell of depression and again build faith?

A: I think I have already answered this. Life can give us anything, various emotions, situations, experiences, but it is up to us to decide what to give back to life. When I was working for a company, one of my colleagues came to me very angry, “You know, I cannot work with this man. He is disturbing me so much, I cannot sit or work with him. I’m going to do the same to him now.“ I was the head of the company so I had to make a decision, either to shift him to another room, or do something with the other guy. I asked him one question,“Imagine that man is walking in the street without clothes. Will you do the same?“

He said,“No, my culture doesn’t permit it. I cannot become so cheap.“

Then I said,“Then why are you affected by him? You show your culture, your dignity, your elegance. Why do you have to fall down to another person’s frequency?” We have every right to maintain our elegance and our frequency. We must. The moment you become natural and elegant, I guarantee you nothing from around will touch you. They will try to bait you, don’t bite it, you are ok.

Gautama Buddha

Buddha was sitting with his people, giving a talk. Suddenly, one of them came very angry, upset and started abusing Buddha, “All spiritual teachers are fraud, they are fake, they are misguiding people…”  He was abusing Buddha by telling quite a lot of things, that affected the other people who were listening. Buddha stopped talking and he was looking at him without any emotion. Then he spat on Buddha’s face. Suddenly everybody got up because they were very unhappy to see this happening. Buddha said,“Sit down.“

Then this man left. People asked him,“Why did you not respond? He was shouting at you, he was abusing you, he spat on you and you were keeping quiet!? Why did you not respond?“

Buddha said,“I am teaching people that nothing in this world should affect you, you should always remain peaceful. Am I eligible to teach this? This man was my examination. Now I know I am eligible to teach. Otherwise, if I am telling people, ‘You should not be affected by the world,’  and if I get affected, then I am not eligible to teach. This man came as an examination, a test. Now I’m fine.”

When disappointments happen, understand they are your tests. Are you eligible for life? Say, “Ok, test me.” Welcome them, face them. Succeed in it and eventually you become a master.

As I said in the beginning, if there is no destiny, there is no meeting. If there is no destiny, there is no experience either. I guarantee you I never thought I would sit and talk to people like this. I never knew people would come to see me. It’s all a surprise for me. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that I talk to people. Destiny gives you place, awareness, momentum and experience. And destiny is defined over time. Today, on 24th October, at this time, we have to be here. There is no way we can be in Belgrade or Novi Sad at this time. So whoever came into your life, whatever experience you had, ok, look at them, smile at them, keep moving. Gain strength. Be powerful. That is your birthright. Nobody can affect you unless you allow them to.

Mohanji quote - When disappointments happen

Q: I’d like to go back to the story of Buddha. Where is the limit of patience? We are to be calm, relaxed, serene and then somebody comes like to Buddha who tolerated it all. Now I can be a girl or anybody, at work where you are tortured, it could be even harassment or rape. Should I just say, ok it’s karma, will it be a boy or a girl? Where is the limit if it exists? When to stop tolerating it?

A: What happens in life is induced by karma. Behind every experience there is karma. But a larger perspective of existence is controlled by dharma. The sun comes out in the morning, nourishes the Earth, retires in the evening. Sunrise, sunset, clouds, rain, the growth of vegetation, the birds, the animals, everything is controlled or oriented by dharma. Even though the activity, the experience is karma, the whole tapestry, the whole machine is run by dharma. Every master who has come to earth, or who has guided people, guided them based on dharma – truthful duty. None of the masters ever interfered in anybody’s karma. They only guided people on the path of dharma. It’s dharma of the police or the department of law to take care of the welfare of the citizens. Whatever is the reason for a war or rape, etc. we should be protected and controlled by the law. That is dharma of the department, dharma of the police, dharma of parents is to take care of the children, dharma of the children is to take care of the parents. Dharma of a teacher is to deliver messages to the students. Dharma of a student is to study and become more useful to the world. So the thread of dharma works through the whole existence, every aspect of existence. All of us are delivering or experiencing karma. Base on the ground is dharma on which we are experiencing karma. If you understand a larger ocean of dharma, on which karma is happening, then you will have the answer for your question.

In the battlefield, when Arjuna said,“I cannot fight with my grandfather! I cannot kill my cousins. I cannot do this war! I’m sorry.” Krishna told him,“ Don’t be a coward. You are born a warrior. Your job is to bring the war. Win the war.“

When you see somebody is suffering, it is your responsibility, your dharma to help the person. Karma brought you to the person. Somebody is starving and you have two burgers in your hand. Offer one burger to the starving person. You are performing your dharma. So there is a difference between karma and dharma. The karma of the person was to be hungry, but your dharma is to give food to them. He has the karma to receive food from you. It works in that way. Everything works in the tapestry. Everything has a connection.

For example,  somebody had an accident. It was their karma to have an accident. But you went there, saved the person and took them to hospital, so you performed your dharma and that helped the person. Being kind, compassionate, loving is dharma.

If you look at my core teachings also, it’s just dharma. There is nothing else you can tell the world. You can only tell dharma, because there is nothing karmic to tell the world, “Aha, you are already experiencing your karma. Nobody can tell you that you have all your karma because karma is based on time, last year, this year, next year… It will continue. But dharma is a message every master is giving to the world. When Jesus said,“Love thy neighbour as thyself,” that is dharma. There is no karma to teach. Karma is only to experience.

Q: What to do when somebody deliberately abuses or hurts us, when to stop tolerating it?

A: That’s what I told you about Krishna telling Arjuna. You probably have to hiss like a snake so that the other person knows that you are dangerous, but you don’t have to bite. When you bite, it becomes karma. When you hiss like a snake, you give a message to the world, “Look here, I could be potentially dangerous. Don’t touch me.”

Q: After cleansing of karma with some person, what remains? Do emotions also get cleansed or remain? How does love we feel for the other person change during and after cleansing?

A: I am not sure what you mean by karmic cleansing. Karma is unfulfilled desires. Karma is agenda for an experience. A regular way of cleansing karma is experiencing it. When you have experience and accept that experience, karma is gone. Karma for that experience is gone, not total karma. When total karma is washed away, it’s instant death. You don’t need to be alive.

Prarabdha karma, or the path of destiny is set before the birth, continuously until the end of life. In the proximity of masters, or with Shaktipat, the junk which you have collected over a period of time called Agamya karma (which means you picked it up from life, as you live) and the part of which is not necessary gets burnt. But we do not touch the line of destiny which allowed you to take birth and which will continue until death. No master will ever touch the main thread of destiny because then it will be death for you. What you do is reduce the weight. When weight is reduced, the journey is easier. That’s the job of people like us. We are like washing machines 🙂

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A: We clean up people 🙂 One good thing is you don’t know how much dirt you have. So it’s easy.

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A: It’s a cleansing job anyway. That is why people come to see people like me. It’s time for a good bath.

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A: Now falling in love or feeling love for somebody, whether it is higher energy or lower energy, this is the natural process in the mind. We fall in love every moment, right? I think we are all very romantic by birth. It doesn’t need to be a human being. Being romantic is a beautiful idea. You can be romantic to the wind, birds, plants, everything. Then you start seeing only romance in life. The only problem is if you are romantic to another human being and you don’t get it back 🙂 Because there will be an expectation. That is why people keep dogs rather than human beings in the house. Because they will be natural with the dogs 🙂

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A: I’m joking, don’t take me seriously (smiles). Don’t replace your husbands and wives with dogs 🙂 But being romantic is beautiful. You should be romantic by nature. The moment you are romantic, you are romantic, you appreciate the sunrise, the sunset, you appreciate everything, even a bird, a flower, the ground that you walk on, everything will be beautiful. You spontaneously say,“I love you.” It’s a beautiful feeling. It need not be to another human being. Somebody has put this idea in our mind that we need to have a soul mate or another human being to love. This is actually a big, heavy thing on us. You know how beings respond to you?

Mohanji feeding fish

I took Devi to a place in India where we were feeding some fish and turtles. They were all coming out, the fish were coming out of the water, taking things from our hands. Turtles came out of the water to receive food from our hands. How the romance works!
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Normally, the fish do not come out of the water. They were not standing out of the water, they just came, picked up and went away. All these beings are connected to us, the moment you become romantic, you actually see the life in everything. You see the love in everything. I always feel I am a chronic romantic.

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A: Because I do not expect love back, I’m fine. We have a problem only when we expect love in return.

Q: Very often during meditation, I get a strange sensation in my hands. I subconsciously visualize my palms growing very big and a feeling of bloating in them.

A: Sensations are part of your constitution. You are oriented to experience something like that. Whenever you feel there is expansion happening in any part of your body, or energy conglomeration, visualize someone who needs it, even if it is someone in the hospital or sick people. Mentally pass it on or surrender it to the masters or surrender it to the mother earth.

Q: I dreamt you, is it possible to connect with you even through dreams?

dreams340x255A: It is not necessarily dreams. There are multiple dimensions of all of us. When you look from the earth perspective, an astral experience can also be felt like a dream. Many of you have connected to me astrally. That’s equal to an earthly connection. When you are connected to me here it’s very likely that you will be connected to me astrally. Why some of you came here is also because of that connection. This meeting is natural for you. Because we already met. It was important to meet here.

So any dream, as you interpret it as you wake up,“It’s a dream, I met Mohanji,” may not be a dream. It could be a connection which we had astrally. Sometimes I have conveyed messages astrally, too. I said certain things which people remember. Sometimes they wrote back saying, “We had this discussion. This was clear and I wanted that answer.“ That means it was all real. Many of you are also connected to me from other lifetimes. Our meeting is not a coincidence.  Most of us met before, in other lives, so this is just a culmination of this journey.

I’ll tell you something funny. I was sitting at the airport waiting for the flight. I think I was completing final revision of The Power of Purity book. While I was busy finishing this, one guy sitting next to me said,“Hey, I know you! I’ve seen you!“ I looked at him. He was a stranger in this life, but I understood that he knew me from another life. I didn’t want to tell him, so I said,“No, no, no, you don’t know me.“

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A: But he insisted,“I know you. I’ve seen you somewhere.”

I kept denying and he kept asking. I saw I couldn’t do my job. Finally I said,“You met me in a zoo.”

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A: He looked at me like this and he walked away. You sometimes have to avoid people, you know 🙂

So there is no coincidence in life. Every meeting has a connection. Sometimes you may not know the connection, but eventually, it will wake up in you. That is why I always say, “Don’t be in a hurry to make a relationship, but experience and enjoy the connection.“

Q: What is the reason for being born and growing up in a city that we do not love?

cityA: There are usually a lot of different combinations which have provoked an existence. I’ll give you a hypothetical story, but don’t take it too seriously.

A hundred years ago, a group of people were living together. You were connected, like you are connected to a lot of people in this life. You say, “You will take a birth, I will also come to be with you.” It doesn’t matter which location, but because these souls are coming together, you also came as a child of these particular parents, with a particular uncle, or aunt, or anything. You took birth in a particular place because you made a promise to a set of souls. You can call them soul mates. The promise became a destiny. This promise continued as a destiny so you are stuck in that place. While living, you can always go out and experience other places. I was born in a small place, but I am all over the world. I don’t know which is my home country now. After a while every place would feel the same. All people are the same, all are part of you.

If you don’t like and you resist the location, it is very likely you will come back to the same location in another life. Because whatever you love and whatever you hate, stays. What you are investing in, grows. If you invest your energy in hating something, it becomes stronger. Invest your energy in loving something so that it stops there. You love something, you love your life, you love your place, people, environment, dog, everything. Don’t blame your parents or the place. There is no use. You are already here. Accept it and move on. Be peaceful in every situation is real spirituality. Acceptance has a big role to play in this. You have to accept yourself. If you cannot accept yourself, you cannot accept anybody else. Remember.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic