How to Use Solar Eclipse for Elevation

Solar eclipse

We would like to share Brahmarishi Mohanji’s tips on how to make the best use of Solar Eclipse for purification and spiritual elevation:

This year complete Solar Eclipse falls on August 21st, 2017. It will be visible in Americas, Canada, and some other countries.

solar eclipse 2017

Eclipse accents sadhana, so I suggest the following:

A. Consume food an hour or two before the eclipse begins.

B. Do not cook food and keep it during the eclipse. It deteriorates faster.

C. Cook food after an hour of completion of the eclipse. Do not consume any food of the past, cooked and stored. During an eclipse, even the food inside our body deteriorates much faster. Eclipse accents decay of everything including our body.

D. Chant mantras. The ideal ones are the Ganesha and Guru mantras that work as a sheath. One chant can be considered as 1000 chant during an eclipse. The effect is 1000 times more. So, during the entire eclipse period, avoid food and water, light a lamp in front of idol or image of guru and Gods and chant continuously, concentrating on your heart center. It will fetch you 1000 times effect per chant.

E. If you could, it is also a good day to perform selfless services prior to eclipse or after it. Do not serve food to anybody during an eclipse, which is considered as a sin. You can serve food before or after as mentioned above. This also will have a multiplied effect.

Wish you all happiness, peace and unconditional love.


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