Connect to Yourself – Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia – Part I

12th November 2017

Mohanji quote - The only practice

M: This is my sleeping time in India. So if I sleep in the middle, please understand, it’s the middle of the night 🙂

Kailash and Machu Picchu

Q: Why Kailash and why Machu Picchu?

A: That’s a very beautiful question. In fact, when we went to Kailash for the first time in 2012, I didn’t know why we were going there. But there was a strong urge to go there. Later on, as I have written in the current Kailash book, the depth of Kailash as a power center started becoming clearer to every pilgrim. Kailash represents formless power, energy or consciousness. We have various energy centers in our body, which we call shakti points. Just like our head is very important because some of the major energy points exist in the head, similarly, Kailash has a value as an energy center in this world. Also, there are numerous points connecting the Earth with various dimensions, various worlds, various centers. In that context, Kailash is like an oasis where a lot of beings from various planets or various centers of the universe come or drop into Kailash.

I could speak about one of my experiences. In 2016, about 18 went inside to climb the Inner Kora of Kailash. It was very tough. Almost 22,000 feet high and it was a kind of life or death situation. We climbed up on a series of mountains (en route to Kuber Kund). By the time you reach the very top, you’re tired but you cannot stop there and need to keep on walking because other people are climbing up behind you. At the top, you need to walk on the edge of the mountain with a very steep fall on one side. So you had to be careful and go around the rock to reach a safe plateau. It was so tiring because there was very little oxygen and we were suffering from hypoxia (breathlessness).

When I reached the plateau, Kailash was behind me. I decided to lie down and rest. When I lay down, a voice told me, “Don’t lie down here. Keep moving. If you lie down, you will not be able to go. Nobody comes to Kailash to go. You come to Kailash to stay.” What does ’stay’ mean? You leave there or you live there. I walked further and then so many revelations happened.

They said enlightenment is only one part of your existence. Enlightenment is not the end. Dissolution is the end. When I said ’dissolution’ after enlightenment even at the subtle level you will still be alive. You have to dissolve your subtle form, which means a drop should completely become the ocean. Even without the body, you can exist in subtle form. You have to leave that form and become Shiva, become consciousness, no form, become a complete ocean. Until then, the journey is not complete.



Kailash with Mohanji, Shiva energy
Enlightenment is only one part of your existence. Enlightenment is not the end. Dissolution is the end.

So Kailash represents Shiva, the supreme consciousness, while Machu Picchu represents the Shakti energy, the power aspect of our existence. The major Shakti aspect of our existence is Iccha-shakti, which is the power of will, Jnana-shakti which is the power of knowledge and Kriya-shakti, the power of action. At the physical level, the power of knowledge is connected to the third eye. The power of will is connected to your heart center. The power of action is connected to your navel. If these three powers are in alignment, your life is powerful. So when you chant anything connected to your third eye, to your heart center and to your navel, you will feel the alignment happening in life, i.e. your energy centers are active. There are numerous other energy points, but these shakti centers are vital for a successful life.

So, Machu Picchu represents Shakti, the energy. Shiva is the dissolution, supreme consciousness, Shakti is connected to our existence. When supreme consciousness and existence unite, life happens. This is the reason why we go to these two places. But if you cannot go to any of these places, it doesn’t mean that you do not have shakti. You can bring them inside. Please accept yourself as you are. That’s the secret. If you say I’m fine with full acceptance, shakti gets activated.


Telepathic communication

Q: Were those voices you heard clairvoyance or telepathic communication?

A: All my communications in my early days were telepathic. This was in the early 2000s. One thing I was doing was that I used to go to the Himalayas and I used to feel peaceful. Once when I came back, one of the telepathic communications was,“Why are you going to some place in search of peace? Can you bring that peace from there to here? It’s faking peace. There’s no peace there. A location can give you peace, but if you cannot create peace inside, it’s not yours.” In search of silence, I was traveling a lot. We all do that. Finally, I got the answer. If you cannot find the silence in the midst of noises, you cannot find silence anywhere.

Don’t go anywhere, sit where you are and find silence in the middle of noises.  The telepathic communications came more often. Then I realized, even that communication is noise. It went on for some time, then I started seeking deeper – where the word ’silence’ means no thoughts. That is silence. There are no thoughts happening in the mind. If one thought happens in the mind, it is alive and that is noise. So you arrive at a space where there are no thoughts. There’s nothing to think. There’s no pressure to do anything. There’s no world outside unless you create it. Then you start sinking into silence, absolute stillness.

Mohanji quote - Find silence in the midst of noises

And what’s the beauty of this? You do not need a guru or a master. You are everything already. You are complete by birth. So this was one of the strongest realizations that I had at that time that it’s not somebody else outside of you giving this to you. It’s that happening from the inside. Whatever we are searching for is already there. When you remove the lid of your mind, you see silence inside. At that time, there is no ‘you’ to see the silence because you become silence. What’s the use of living masters then? They are living examples.

So even one thought, for example, I’m going to be enlightened, means that the mind is alive. This thought is alive. ‘Going to be’ is a concept. There is no ‘going to be’ – you are already that. You are already complete by nature. Only one small correction, that is, who is running the show. Consciousness is more important than the mind, but we all look at the mind. We are controlled by the mind. When that is removed, you become complete and you are everything. You realize you are everything.

Q: I had a similar experience, but then it disappeared.

A: You experienced communication which is a continuation of past lives. It means you have been doing some work and you had certain communication going on, but in this life it’s new. So when it happened, you felt fear. When fear happened, it blocked that communication. That happens. I always tell people, whatever happens, allow it to happen, just watch it. There’s no need to participate. If somebody wants to tell you something, listen. There’s no need to react, respond or do anything. Just listen. Sometimes it might be something very important for you in this life. But what happens is, we are something which we are not used to – we block.

Earlier you had fear and what you have done in the past lives, where you have reached, that communication is continuing.  You may call it clairvoyance or anything else, but the mind of this life may not understand the mind that happened in the past. All you need is acceptance and receptivity. Just see what’s happening but always be yourself. Be connected to the supreme consciousness. Don’t deviate but allow the information to come.

MAR_4400 FB

Karmic concept amongst Orthodox church, Indians, and American Indians

Q: In Orthodox Christianity, there is family karma or family curse, the curse of the ancestors. Can you make a comparison between that karmic concept in the Orthodox church and ancestral karma in India?

A: Yes, this is absolutely true. On the one hand, the reason for your birth, unfulfilled desires, are what we call the part of destiny. Unfulfilled desires are a journey from your first heartbeat to your last heartbeat. That journey is happening whether we like it or not. Everything is connected to this – how we will live, what we will do on earth, what experiences we have, what we will look like, where you were born, etc. This aspect of family karma is not just in Orthodox church but even in the American Indian community. The American Indians knew it as well. There are a lot of communities who have acknowledged that there is a stream of karma from the lineage, from the ancestors, that comes and joins you. Take any family in this world. You can see that it has growth, stabilization, and decline. It is defined in such a way that every family has three to five generations growing, three to five generations static and three to five generations going down. It’s like a wave.

The remedy people usually talk about to reduce the weight of the lineage karma is to feed animals, birds, fish in the wilderness. Not the fish in the fish tank, but outside 🙂 What usually happens is that it reduces the effect of the activities done by the ancestors, the residue of which stayed with the family.

Then you have patron saints of the family. Their job is to reduce this intensity from the family karma and give you a peaceful life. If you can go to any traditional family in India, the first food they make in the kitchen is always given to the birds and other animals. They put this little food on the wall outside the kitchen. So squirrels, birds, ants and other insects can all come and eat it. This is for the lineage karma. Some people keep a ball of sugar syrup on the wall or near a tree near the house for bees, ants, etc. This is also for clearance of ancestral karma. I think people in most communities are aware that there is ancestral karma. If you have done good, it will help the coming generations as in the family will be experiencing good things in life. But what do most people do? Eat, drink, sleep and then die (laughs). We don’t do anything substantial for the world or do anything selflessly. Hence, this has a stagnating effect on the whole family.

Purushartha, the structure of human existence

I’ll explain to you the structure with which we, especially in India, have classified or considered our existence in life.

We have the definite definition of human existence. It’s called purushartha. Purushartha essentially means the essence of your existence. It has four aspects. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. Dharma is righteousness, the right attitude, the right way of living, truthful life. Artha is material support we need for our life such as these clothes, chair, food, etc. Kama… Everybody knows the “Kama Sutras“ so they think Kama means sex. (Audience laughter). It’s not about sexuality, sex is part of it, but it’s not sexuality. What exactly is Kama? It is the desire aspect – the desire for anything in life. Anything which you need, anything which drives you or anything which you want is Kama. Last but not least is Moksha, salvation. You can look at the whole world. You can see Dharma, Artha, and Kama active in any part of the world.

What about Moksha salvation? Who speaks about it? This is why people used to come to India because Moksha is a very important subject in the spiritual ancestry. So Dharma, Artha, and Kama can probably give you a good life. But if the last part is missing, there will be something missing. That means Dharma, Artha, Kama will put you in the cycle of motion – birth, life, death, birth, life, death, birth, life, death. But when Moksha is added, then this changes and eventually you will look at subtler aspects of life. Beyond this existence, you will start feeling, experiencing or aspiring for higher aspects of life. That is where spirituality becomes important. All Masters have acknowledged this fact – salvation has equal importance to life. Liberation has equal importance to existence. Liberation while living has different dimensions to it. After death, what happens? Do we know? Do we care? Does it matter? Will we have next life, is it important? But what we have now is important. So Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha are stressing having a good life right now. You must live well. You must experience yourself well.

Millions of things, materials outside, to experience them we have only five senses. This is to experience our life. At one point in time, you can experience only one thing – either happiness or sorrow. Even if you want to experience both, it’s not possible. This is life. In this life, how can you be complete? How can you experience the maximum every day? There is a manual for it, a book. Do you know the book? Anybody? It’s a very important book – how to live, how to have a good life, how to be complete. The name of the book is YOU. The only book you need to read in one lifetime is you. We read every other book, every other person, we have opinions, judgments, criticisms, is it important? Whether you like somebody or not does it matter? Do they care? But if you don’t like yourself, you have a problem. So what do the scriptures say, what should you do as practice? Spend time with yourself.

Spend quality time with yourself. We are eager to spend time with other people. That’s the easiest thing we can do, then we can criticise them, judge them, kick them, but (laughs) that is not important. Please understand. The other person is there because you are there looking at them from the outside. It’s not going to reach anywhere. We keep looking at people outside and we think, “me and other people“. It will not take you anywhere. When will this game end? After a while, you will see nobody outside of you. You will only see yourself. There will be no different people, there will be different forms, expressions, but it’s mine. I’m expressing through another person. How can there be different people? The moment you start shifting your awareness, it’s spontaneous. Please understand that you don’t have to do anything for. Just connect to yourself more and more, you actualize yourself and then you realize, “This is me” in various forms.

MAR_4144 FB Mohanji
When did you love yourself last time? Without judgment, without criticising, without comparing with other people. Total acceptance.

A Story: Work hard until you see nothing outside of you

One person went to a great master and said, “I’m tired of these people around me.

The master asked,“Which people?” He said, “All the other people.”

The master asked, “And who are YOU? If you have other people around you, that means you are just your mind. You have work to do until you see nobody outside of you. You have to leave your mind alone until you see nothing outside of you. Work hard, it’s important.”


This is the practice all of us must perform if we walk the path of spirituality. That means connecting to yourself, read yourself, recognize yourself, accept yourself, be yourself. Don’t try to prove to another person. You don’t need anyone else’s approval. Whether people love you or hate you, you cannot change your face. So accept 100 percent and connect to yourself, feel yourself, feel life. This is the secret of being universal. That is also the secret of experiencing purushartha (which is Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha) 100 percent. That means you have to be you to experience everything. So I always recommend please spend some time with yourself. Don’t worry about spending time with a spiritual master or something like that. That’s not important, but spending time with yourself is very important. This is something which you must understand. If you take home something from this programme, please take home one word which is acceptance. You can never be somebody else, guaranteed. All other people are already taken! If you want to be somebody else, you would have to take another birth now.

One thing I can tell you. As you evolve more and more into silence, one thing will become clear: we are chasing rainbows all our lives. Another thing which comes to our awareness completely is that we are only entertaining our mind the whole life. We are afraid of our minds. We are entertaining the minds. Mind gets bored so we play with it. We give the mind something to work on. It’s like a restless monkey. It keeps jumping and you have to provide branches for it. So in this whole structure of life, we are just like a servant of our mind and is it worth it? Mind is never satisfied. It can never be satisfied, so is it worth it to spend all the time with the mind?

Love without judgment. Because it’s you. Every being is you. You will only see yourself.

Secondly, what about ourselves? Have we ever taken care of ourselves in our life? We have taken care of other people and we thought we were doing a favor to them. That’s not important. But have you taken care of yourself? Have you accepted yourself? When did you love yourself last time? Without judgment, without criticising, without comparing with other people. Total acceptance. When did this happen the last time? If you are clear about it, then there is progress. It’s not that there are so many spiritual practices that you do. All the spiritual practices are to empty you, not to add more habits. Most people go into meditation, do various things and add more habits and think that without it they cannot live. Also regarding rituals, they sometimes think,“God needs my ritual. God wants me to come to the church, mosque or temple.”

It’s for us, it’s for emptying ourselves, to remove all thought and make the mind empty. This is what all these practices are for. Once you achieve it, you realize there is nothing to search. When you accept yourself fully, what is your expression? Love without judgment. Because it’s you. Every being is you. You will only see yourself. Sometimes people will think you are crazy. Have you seen, when you walk in the street smiling at a stranger, they will worry why you are smiling, right? They don’t think you are smiling without any reason. Either you should be mad or there is something wrong with their face (Laughs). But you will have no weight when you accept yourself and the expression would be a smile, because you are peaceful.

You already have mastery in you. You have been complete by birth. The time, space, people, material, situations are NOT needed for you to be happy.

Why do we carry so much weight?

Have you observed? Have you asked yourself? Number one, because we think we are very important. Number two, we are trying to be somebody else. Number three, we are trying to do too many things. Number four, we count our age and we say, “I’m old, I’m young, I’m a teenager.” These things are all concepts. We keep counting. Fifth, we take responsibility of people who do not want you to take responsibility for them. Six, ownership – my mother, my father, my wife, my husband, my children, my dog, my donkey, plant, tree,… everything. Seven, we think what will happen in the future. This is insecurity. There are so many things, I don’t want to confuse you further. But please understand, are all these things important at all? In this race or in this weight, have you found yourself? Not what your mind finds. Forget about the mind, it is a monkey anyway.

But have you found yourself? Have you connected with yourself? That is the only thing you need to do in this lifetime. That’s why I’m insisting on it. The only one practice you must do in this lifetime so that you don’t take more births, is to connect to yourself, recognizing, accepting, and finding yourself. Acceptance. Accept yourself. Again accept yourself. One more time, accept yourself. Let people call you mad, it doesn’t matter. Let people have any opinion about you, it’s ok. As long as you accept yourself, there’s nothing to worry. Nobody can disturb a person who has accepted themselves completely. Otherwise, we are like dry leaves in the wind. Every emotion will move us. When you give the remote control of your life in somebody else’s hands, they keep changing channels. Keep the remote control with yourself. Please don’t underestimate yourself, you are beautiful in this incarnation. In the next life – I don’t know whether we’ll have the next life – but this life is important, this time is important.

Accept yourself and be the light. Shine bright.

What about religion? Don’t make it a burden. Follow whichever religion suits you, just like you wear the clothes that suit you, just like you eat the food that suits you. Be comfortable. There is nothing high or low or equal, everything is unique. It’s your choice. Do not make anything in life a burden for you. How do you know that something is good for you? Of course, the connection from the heart. More than that, you should feel nice about it. Have you not felt it? For example, you wear a shirt or a dress and you feel good: oh, this is nice, I’m comfortable. That is exactly the feeling. You feel no pressure if something suits you and is good for you. It will be a pleasure, not a pressure. Same with everything in life. Don’t do something because another person is doing it, it probably doesn’t suit you, but you are all comfort-zone oriented without thinking whether it’s suitable to you. Then what happens? Eventually you get frustrated, “Oh, it’s waste of time.”

Have you ever thought that you are complete by birth? Have you ever considered this thought? When?

Audience: When I’m in nature, I feel complete.

M: Yeah. That is because of the material, there is something outside, so you feel complete. I’m talking about you without anything. Without a time, space, people, material, nothing and that you still feel complete. Have you felt it?

Audience: When we were babies?

M: Good idea. Absolutely. When you were small babies, you were complete. No problem, you were spontaneous. They are the true masters, please understand. Small children are true masters. People like me are all useless.

But children… They have no ego, they are true masters. So that proves one thing. You already have mastery in you. This is all I wanted to prove to you today. You are born complete. This is important to know. You already know, but you should remember, that you have been complete by birth. Tell me another time when the time, space, people, material, situations are not needed for you to be happy. Don’t tell me after death.

Audience: In deep sleep state.

M: State of sleep. It is what you experience every day. When you put your mobile phone away, the TV is off, lights are off. You are not worried about food, people, time, anything, you are sleeping and you’re happy. So what did we prove here?

We don’t need Whatsapp or Facebook to be happy.

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji quote - Happiness is within you

M: Right or wrong? We have happiness sitting inside us. This is what I’m trying to tell you. You don’t care about your husband, boyfriend, neighbor or anybody while you sleep. You are happy without everybody. When you wake up, you worry about everybody. That’s different. So number one, happiness is within you. You were born complete which was proved by your childhood. Now, every night when we go to bed, when we sleep, we don’t need anything, we are contented. Happiness is inside you. If you remember these things, transfer that same contentment into waking state. Be happy with what you have. Be peaceful with everything. If somebody scolds you, ok, he’s expressing himself. If somebody loves you, this is good. If you handle everything that way, you become a saint, sainthood happens.

Are you more confused than when you came here?

Audience: (Laughter)
(to be continued)

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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