Stay Steadfast on the Path – Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia – part II

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia on 12th November 2017, part 2

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Be more connected to positive and express positivity, so that society will be better, and please understand, your enlightenment and your elevation is good for the society more than you. Of course you are happy, but society is much more happy when there are a lot of enlightened people.

Q: Could you please explain the changes on earth in December 2017 which started in 2012?
M: If you ask a specific question, I think you know the answer. Period from 2012-2022 is a phase, a shift. I think most of you have already experienced it. The last five years have not be easy. What was happening was, various planets were opposing. I’m not an astrologer, I’m telling you this from the practical point of view. How would you feel if you walked in the river where water is flowing against you? You’re walking, but you aren’t moving. That was happening last five years and a little bit more, approximately six years. There was a huge planetary shift on October 26th in the positive. When I say positive or negative, it’s a relative term. I would say relatively positive or relatively negative. When I say positive, life is flowing. When I say negative, life is not flowing. So people have said two things, that a lot of positive movements will happen from December. What you will feel is like free breathing, things are better. When your life is moving forward from December onwards, you will feel that efforts are lesser. This is one side.

But technically speaking, from 2012-2022, there can be a lot of people recognising true spirituality from ritualistic spirituality or spiritual pursuit to true spirituality. This transition is possible. The time helps this transition. Some people have predicted natural calamities, earthquakes and those kind of things until 2022, which will be inconvenient for various people in various nations plus some people have predicted there must be some wars because then only recycling will be complete, but I opt for optimism. I don’t like to think in terms of negative and I don’t like fear. Fear does not exist in my dictionary. As I said earlier, true spirituality will be more visible and accessible.

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Invest only in positivity. You will be pure. Make sure that nobody can tilt you from the path. 

Faith vs. doubts

What is true spirituality?

Combining Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The purushartha becomes complete. So people will be more connected to positive and express positivity, so that society will be better. Please understand that your enlightenment and your elevation is good for the society more than you. Of course you are happy, but society is much more happy when there are a lot of enlightened people.

When there’s positive, there’s equal negative in the world. It’s not possible to have only positive. So how do we counter the negative? Allow the negative to be negative, you increase your positive. Think positive, talk positive, act positive – three levels of creation which are thought, word and action. The negative exists, you cannot deny it. It will be there. But if you fight the negative with the negative, what will happen? Your hands will become dirty. If you fight the negative with more positive, what will happen? You will remain pure. You will remain pure and it’s your birthright. It’s your right to be pure. It’s your right to be powerful. So it’s important to know that we are only investing in positivity. Invest only in positivity. It’s not worth spending time on negative. Imagine you are walking the  path of true spirituality which is becoming you 100%. How can negativity interfere in this? It’s your journey, your walk. Anybody?

Audience: It can’t.

M: Ideally, it shouldn’t. But what negativity does, you walk your path, no problem, but it puts a doubt in your mind. One drop of poison in the food. Doubt is one drop of poison in the food. What happens? You cannot eat the food any more. What is this doubt? “Are you sure you are progressing? Is this the right path? Is this the right guru? Is it the right time?“ Thoughts like this come and block your progress. “I am doing a lot of practices and nothing is happening.“ Then, “Thank you very much,“ leaving and you become negative. One drop of poison, doubt can make you negative. This is important to know. So, in the next months, time ahead, make sure that nobody can tilt you from the path. This is your individual journey. You are walking alone. You can’t compare yourself or your progress with anybody. You have to walk alone. But faith helps you. What destroys faith? Doubt. Doubt destroys faith. You must have a walking stick when you are going trekking and that stick is called faith. What is the fundamental faith? In yourself. You must have faith in yourself otherwise you can’t move. Then you should have faith in the path. Then you should have faith in the destination. You cannot have three or four destinations, then the journey would be confusing. One destination and that destination is called LIBERATION.

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Use this time a) to establish acceptance, b) keep walking, c) no confusion, no doubts, no fears, nothing, have confidence and faith. I will reach.

Until you feel me and my father are one, keep walking. Until you experience unity in consciousness with everything around you and everything beyond you, keep walking. It’s important to remember. So from December onwards you will see this happening. Use this time a) to establish acceptance, b) keep walking, c) no confusion, no doubts, no fears, nothing, have confidence and faith. I will reach. If you are connected to any spiritual master, even if your master is a donkey, no problem, but connect to something which will give you stability in your walk. And when you keep asking, “Do you think I am progressing?“ where is that question coming from? Mind. Sometimes you feel, “I am very close to enlightenment.“ How can you be close to enlightenment which is already in you? Where is that question coming from? Mind. So understand what the mind is projecting and understand what you are. You are complete by birth. We understood that earlier, right? Always remember who you have been in this life and what you can be. Think about your deep sleep state – “I can be happy without anything. I don’t need anything to be happy.“ This is a big relief, this is a big step towards freedom. So freedom is your birthright and is also your truth. When some people come to me, rarely, not often, they say, I found another guru, can I go? Do you know what I say? Please go, don’t miss this chance. Because where are you going? It’s a mind’s game. With such mindset even if they sat next to me I cannot give them anything. If there’s no receptivity, there’s no giving. When you know it is not guru who is giving you enlightenment, it is already sitting in you, a guru is just showing you the mirror, revealing it to you, that’s what the guru does. He reveals this thing to you because he has already reached there. It is you who is walking, it is not that the guru is walking for you. It’s as if a doctor told you to run every morning for one hour. You hire someone to run one hour daily. Is it good? You can’t run because you are lazy so you hire someone. You tell them,“Doctor told me to run. Please run. I cannot do it.“ (Laughter) It’s like that. Enlightenment cannot be delivered from outside. It is already in you, and what is happening in spiritual pursuit, it gets revealed at its time.

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When there are no thoughts, do you think there is mind? When there is no trash, there is no need for a trash can.

When I say no thought state is a state just before complete awareness. When there are no thoughts, do you think there is mind? When there is no trash, there is no need for a trash can. Please understand because this is your life I’m talking about and spirituality is not complicated, it’s not in what you do but what you are. We think “I’m doing meditation. I’m doing yoga, I’m standing upside down every day.“ It does not guarantee that you will become enlightened. Instead, removing your thoughts can make you enlightened. Some people say, “I have worked very hard, but nothing has come into my life.“ What is the secret of abundance? Inner richness. Most of us keep poverty inside instead of richness. That is exactly what manifests. When I say inner richness, it’s the ability to share what you have. I did not say share money. Whenever we say share something, it’s considered as money. Share what you have. If you have love to share, share love, if you have time to share, share time. If you have knowledge to share, share knowledge. If you have money to share, share money. What you have, share. So, everybody has something to share. Can you imagine, if that happens in Serbia, what will Serbia look like? Just look at the world then, 7 billion people are sharing what they have in abundance, do you think there will be poverty in the world? So goodness factor is a sign of spiritual maturity. If you are matured in spirituality, you own nothing, everything is yours and you are everything – all materials, animate and inanimate.


There’s one more trap in spirituality –  intellect. Everybody talks about ego as the blocking factor, but have you ever thought of intellect as the blocking factor? What happens with the intellect? Craving for more knowledge makes us obese  in the brain. There are a lot of people who know a lot of things, but they don’t translate that into experience. Knowledge sitting in the books remains as a burden. Whatever we consume more than we need leads to obesity. Mostly before attaining enlightenment lots of unlearning has to happen.

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When you are fed up eating excessive knowledge, then you come to me.

A Story – A trap of intellect on a spiritual path

One man came to a master and said, “You know, guru, I have read all the books available about enlightenment, now I need only one drop and I’m enlightened. Someone told me you are a great master and you can add me that drop.“

The master said, “ I’m waiting for the same thing, that drop which will give me the same effect!“

So the person got disappointed thinking, “Stupid guru“ and he left.

Then a disciple who was sitting next to the guru said,“Guru, you could actually help him. You are guiding all of us. Why are you not helping this man?“

Then guru said,“He is a confused person. He has to spend years to unlearn and empty his intellect. “

It’s like that. We eat a lot of food, at an amazing buffet we want to eat everything, then we think, my stomach is very, very heavy, what will I do now?

So we have been eating emotionally. We have been acquiring knowledge emotionally. What is happening at the end of the day is you have too much to handle. There is much more than you need. So when they see someone like this, with crammed up knowledge, true masters leave them alone, to eat more. When you are fed up eating, then you come to me.

A great master has said, “A man who is proud of his intellect is like a prisoner who’s proud of his prison cell.“

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Accept yourself as you are and accept life life as it is. Then spending time with yourself is important.

So there are a lot of traps. I’m telling this so that you become aware. We will be too eager to cram up things thinking that this will help us. But spend time with yourself. Reduce your TPS (thoughts per second). That will take you faster to realisation than your acquired knowledge, what you eat from the outside. Spending time with yourself is important. There are a lot of traps, ego, intellect, emotion, quite a lot of things, so empty, free, remove a lot of things and empty the space. When your space is all empty, enlightenment materialises from inside because you are already that. So if you are sincere in your desire for enlightenment, if you’re sincere in the path of liberation, it’s a good time.

Once again, acceptance. You must accept yourself, no choice. Don’t worry about other people, it’s not important, but if you don’t accept yourself, nobody can accept you, it’s going to be the same, never-ending cycle of emotions. And what is the advantage of being with a guru? He kicks your butt (laughter).

Audience: (Laughter)

M: Sincere masters are experts in kicking butts (smile) until you get fed up and run away or stay. Because we are too comfort zone oriented. We do a practice if our mind allows. Mind wants comfort zones, but in spirituality, you sometimes have to break comfort zones. We love them so that we can sleep.

Q: Why do many people who embark on the path of spirituality want to renounce physical or sexual experiences? Why do they consider that as a nuisance or an obstacle in reaching their spiritual blossoming?

M: I think the answer is already in the question. Which part is worried about sex? This problem is because, where should sex stay? I believe it should stay with the body. Why is it staying with the mind? That is the problem. I believe sexuality is something which is connected to the body because it’s connected to the species. For having the continuity of species, you must have sexuality. Not just human beings. Every being on earth enters into this activity at some point in their life. Why? Because the species must continue. That is why the creator has created this kind of effect. But human beings keep things in the mind, then there is a whole lot of problems. If you keep sexuality to your body, then there is no guilt or other things connected to the mind. This is why we are suffering. I believe that if we keep sexuality with the body, body needs sexuality, no problem, but the mind is keeping it and when the mind keeps something it enlarges it. If any event, anything you take in life goes through the mind, it changes its form. Then it’s a big deal. It’s a problem. Then morality and various things come. What happens? You suffer and then guilt happens. When guilt happens, sin happens. So a small thing becomes a huge mountain.

So my take on sexuality is very simple. It’s connected to the body, let it stay with the body. That’s it. Whenever we keep anything in mind for too long, it’s a burden. Whenever we suppress anything at all, it’s a burden. That’s why we see anarchy of morality in this world. Because of suppression. I don’t believe in sexual or any anarchy that way. But the thing is whenever somebody says,“Don’t do this, this is taboo,“ then we want to do it, right? If somebody says, “Don’t smoke,” you will end up smoking. If somebody says, “Don’t eat this food,“ you will probably only have that food. It’s like saying, “Think about anything except black monkey.“ What do you think about? Only about a black monkey! (smile) So human mind is like this. This is the nature of human mind. Do you want to store so many things in the mind? Release all these things. Why do you want to carry this burden?

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There was one man who decided to become a priest. He went to one priest and said,“Please teach me how to do this job. The priest said, “You can’t learn anything, you are so stupid, I can’t teach you.“ And this guy was not leaving the priest. Every day he used to come and say, “I want to learn.“ The priest got fed up with him. He said, “Ok, come tomorrow morning, I’ll teach you.“ And he taught him the method of worship. Finally he said, “When you do this, you should remember the great, bright face of the Lord, not the ass of a dog.“ (laughter)

Audience: (Laughter)

M: The last sentence was that, (laughter) and this man could never do the priest’s job because he always remembered the ass of a dog! This is how mind works. First he said, “Remember the great, bright face of the Lord,“ that is what he couldn’t remember, “not the ass of a dog,“ that is what he remembered.

Devi: Make sure we don’t end the satsang with any ass (laughter)

Audience: (Laughter)

M: This is an example how mind works. Mind likes to capture negativity. So if somebody says,“Hey, sex is very bad,“ we’ll only think about sex. This is how all these things are happening.

Also, don’t eat too many concepts, you won’t digest them. Many people cannot move on the spiritual path because they are following a concept after concept without even biting, chewing. Look at the world, 7.5 billion people, everybody is great. Whose property is morality? Have you ever thought about it? Morality is the property of the middle income group. The rich and the poor have nothing to do with it. The very rich live their life as they want. The very poor also do this. But the middle income group hugs morality and can neither swallow nor spit. I’m not saying that everything is ok, everything in moderation is no problem, but when you are concentrating on your spiritual journey, many other things become insignificant. You wouldn’t care, it doesn’t matter. 

Sometimes people gift very expensive alcohol to people to tell them that they love them. If that alcohol comes to me, it’s completely useless because I don’t drink any alcohol and I have no interest in it. So what happens with this kind of thing? The point I am saying is everything has a relevance in somebody’s life. We have no right to judge that relevance. For some people, this very expensive alcohol would be a great treasure, but for me it’s nothing. That’s a variation, that’s a difference. Relevance is different from person to person. So we should not allow ourselves to judge, this guy is right, that guy is wrong. This is all the problem, it’s all a mind’s game. I would say be natural, if this is good for you, then good for you, that’s it. You don’t have to prove anything. I don’t believe in do’s and dont’s written in stone.

For me a definite NO is violence. I don’t like violence. That’s why I always say ahimsa, non-violence is my religion in thought,word and action. If we don’t entertain violence, we are light and relaxed and we don’t have to really judge or criticise anybody because it’s a burden for us. When you talk bad about other people, it’s heaviness, it’s a burden. I prefer being light. Loving somebody is effortless, hating somebody needs effort. Choose love. Be light. Remain light. Shine bright.

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Choose love. Be light. Remain light. Shine bright.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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