Integrating into Consciousness – part 2

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 24th June 2018 – part 2

Being divine

Q: How to increase the capacity of divine love in our heart?

Mohanji: If you have clear understanding that it’s divinity happening through you, it is only divine love. If you do not use your mind, like judgement, criticism, concept about people, etc. and if you are very clear, it is only divine love. Whenever you love somebody unconditionally (which I am sure you have experienced with your children; whatever they do, we love them because they are our children), if you can transfer that love to everybody, to every being, then it is BEING DIVINE.

Mohanji quote - Comparison vs non-judgement

That is why in The Upanishads this question was asked by a son to a father (How am I divinity?).

You say, “I am divinity, but I don’t feel like that. I feel more like a personality.” Why do we feel like a personality? Because we are operating from the level of mind. When we are operating from the mind, we feel that we are this individual, this personality.

The father said, “I will explain to you why you are divinity. Do this – get me some fire.”

The son brought a lit lamp.

Father said, “Why have you brought a lamp? I told you to bring fire.”

Then the son said, “Oh, (maybe) I should do something else.” So he brought a charcoal burning in a bowl.

Father said, “I told you to bring fire. Why have you brought this charcoal?”

Then the son asked, “Father, how can I bring the fire alone? Fire cannot be brought without a medium.”

To this the father replied, “This is exactly the answer. Divinity needs a medium to express and that’s why you are here.”

Always remember that. Divinity is expressing through you. Let it be the highest possibility i.e. compassion, kindness, non-violence. Let all these things which are attributed to the divinity’s nature come through you. Then you will know that you are actually divinity at work.

You have a choice to decrease your frequency to lower emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, concepts, judgement. What are we judging? We are judging karmic beings. We are judging people and their activities. We should understand we have no right to judge because we are also the same. Which level can we judge? A person who has reached post-graduation can talk about another person in the same level of post-graduation. If a tenth class student talks about somebody sitting in post-graduation level, there is no matching (it is not appropriate) because we can’t see certain levels. Likewise, in the states of samadhi – when we have attained a level of no mind, we can talk about a state of no mind. Otherwise it’s just a theory; sitting in the first or second level of Samadhi, you are talking about a state of no mind -that’s just a theory. We are trying to understand a theory using our faculties which are basically the mind, intellect, and ego. Then you will not be able to understand the whole picture. That’s the level from where we are judging. There is no bigger foolishness than this. What I mean to say is – you are divinity expressed, so always make sure you live your highest truth which is compassion, kindness, unconditional love and purity in action – unselfishness, all the things which expand you and which are attributed to the highest existence.

Mohanji quote - Divinity is expressing through you

Spiritual path

Q: How are people’s paths decided (religion, guru, etc.)?

Mohanji: Orientation is the reason for people to decide on their path. Some people are emotional by nature, they like devotion. Some people are intellectual by nature; they like to have questions and answers – knowledge path. Some people are by nature charity oriented, they like to serve the world – they go to karma yoga. Each yoga is based on orientation of the person. Everybody is a mixture of everything, but whichever one of these – devotion, knowledge and karma or selfless service path, is the predominant one, that becomes your reality. The master, the path, the tradition, the knowledge, the practices, everything is connected to your overall orientation. Orientation determines your nature. Some people are loving by nature; they may not even go to church, mosque or temple, but they just love. These people do very well in the society as selfless servants.
Orientation creates your nature; your nature makes the presence. Nature determines your character, your constitution, your personality. Orientation is the key. It has a lot of things behind it, such as impressions of the past lives, past, various things which you have collected over a period of time. All these things collectively become your orientation and that becomes your nature. Even your likes and dislikes are connected to your orientation.
There are certain things we like, and certain things we don’t like. We can never say something is right, something is wrong or that somebody is right, somebody is wrong. We can never say that because we do not know, why this orientation (that someone behaves in a particular way) has happened. There is always a history. We do not see the history. We do not see the cause i.e. the causal layer. We only see the expressions, the effects. When you only see the effects, you can never determine what caused it. When you do not know what caused it, you can never judge another person. Everybody, all the orientations have a background. There is a basis for it. We have to just accept that, “Ok, this person is like this” and we accept the person as he is. This has to start as self-acceptance. You have to accept yourself as completely, 100% original which is the truth. Your thumb impression is unique to yourself. When you accept yourself totally, unconditionally, 100%, with all your weaknesses, all your strengths, all your orientations, you will start accepting the whole world and the whole world starts accepting you. Those who stopped to judge you have no clue, because they have not accepted themselves. That is why they are talking about you. Nobody has the right to talk about another person because each person is a unique combination, orientation, nature and that’s how they are. That’s what makes them real in this world. Otherwise it will be just like another brick on the wall. There will be no identity, identification. Each person is unique because they are created unique. The creation is like that.

Mohanji quote - Non-judgement

Spiritual progress

Q: How to assess progress in meditation?

Mohanji: The way to assess progress in meditation is inner silence. If the mind is more and more still, you are progressing. Always use transformation as your benchmark. As I said earlier, the transformation that has happened to you, i.e. you had a lot of likes and dislikes in the past and that has reduced; You wanted many things from life, that has changed; In other words, you wanted many things, but you don’t care (for them) anymore. It means you are transcending various levels each day. That shows that you are progressing.
The progress can be measured through inner silence, being peaceful inside, not being worried about other people; we will not even be bothered by what other people talk about you, think about you, or what they are giving you; expectations will reduce, instead we deliver more. Our only question would be, “What else can I give to this world?” The aspect of being something for the world or the state of responsibility for this world increases, rather than, “What should I get from the world?”
We are all in a kind of greed-oriented existence (education system creates that: go, fight, get a job, compete etc.) However, we will have nothing to do with any of these things. Instead we will be self-sufficient. The highest level of self-sufficiency/contentment shows you have reached a level of samadhi where nothing can tilt you anymore. If you need fewer things from the world, you are freer. If you need nothing from the world, you truly are an emperor. You are very powerful. Emperorship means needing nothing. You may probably have the whole empire but you need nothing from the empire. Then you are really an emperor. If you want a lot of things from this world, you are a slave of all those desires. You can never be a free person. Freedom is not needing anything from this earth and that is a clear sign of spiritual progress.

Mohanji quote - Freedom, emperorship

Challenges in spiritual practice

Q: How to focus on kriya when external circumstances of life are extremely adverse?

Mohanji: Discipline is needed for a certain amount of time, until you stabilize. External things will always test you. Even when you have evolved to the highest level, it will always test you. In Atmananda story we talk about the “Chaaya vairi”, the ‘shadow enemy’. A ‘shadow enemy’ takes birth with you and it will die only when you die. Its job is to ensure that the other side is shown to you all the time. Imagine you have a weakness. You will be always reminded of it, and thus you will always feel incomplete. When you are constantly worried about weaknesses, you will feel incomplete. This aspect is always with us. It’s a silent ego which sits with us and which is worried about the external factors. However, kriya is something which takes you inside. Kriya is you. Kriya is a state. Kriya, meditation or even “ Manana”, contemplation are all inside things. The higher the resistance, the stronger should be the resolution. If you are resistant like, “Oh, I will do it tomorrow,” or “I am lazy to get up from the bed today,” etc. immediately jump out of bed, get up, do it. This is what resolution is. When resistance happens, the resolution should be stronger. The resistance is given so that your resolution is tested.

External factors are not a problem. Let them be there. Let them always give you a bit of test. Then you will be stronger. You’ll fight harder. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Mohanji quote - Resistance and resolution


Destiny and awareness

Q: It is said that we are powerful beings who create our physical manifestations. It is also said that we have predetermined destiny including the time of death. How can these two truths exist at the same time?

Mohanji: Our life span has a limitation. We were born at a particular time and we will die at a particular time. That means we have taken this body for duration, like a rent-a-car. You cannot own a car; you have to give the car back at a certain point in time. However, your experience with the car is up to you. You can take the car for a beautiful drive to a village with beautiful settings, etc. Just like that, what you experience out of this incarnation – it can be the highest of experiences, or even if things are adverse, you can still do whatever you can e.g. you change your mode to giving rather than taking. You always have something to give. It need not be money, any material or possessions. It could be your time, your knowledge, your love. In some way you will always add value and that makes your life more meaningful. Destiny’s boundary has no value for the level of experience we choose to have. This is called awareness. Awareness is your choice. Destiny has provided a body, situation, time, space, but awareness is your choice. Awareness at a point in time is what gives you a successful life. A successful life means life unbound by concepts or various aspects of life. If you are unbound by things of this life, internal (emotions and feelings) as well as external (materials), you have a great existence. THIS is your choice. You can reach there. The level of experience determines you. You can definitely be there, it is up to you.

Mind vs. intuition

Q: At what time does mind take over from intuition?

Mohanji: Mind is always coexisting. Intuitions is that which you can experience, but only when mind is not bothering i.e. the state between waking state and dream state or the state when mind is reasonably empty. That’s the time when you are experiencing frequencies which are of slightly higher nature. However mind is always hanging like a cloud. It sits there. How can you know whether it’s proper intuition? It’s applicable to life. That is the benchmark. If something is applicable to your life, it’s proper (appropriate). If it is just an imagination, it wouldn’t work. Mind projects so many things, so you should never be confused about all those mental images.

Overcoming fears

Q: How to overcome fears of swimming, driving and other?

Mohanji: Jump into it. The practical way to overcome fears is by facing them. Because beyond the fears there is freedom. Fears are binding and they are definitely not an experience you want from this life. You do what you have to do with this life. Fears bind you to certain boundaries. They tell you, “You can’t do that. This is not yours. It is not possible for you. You are not good for that…” That’s the time when you have to face it. You say, “Ok, what can happen? Maximum is that I will leave the body. I will die anyway.” When you face your fears directly head-on, they go or they dissolve. When they dissolve, that’s the beginning of greatness. If you are able to address your fears head-on, then the other side is greatness. Every time you think that there is something which is trying to block you, take a step forward; say, “It doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, I am taking the risk. I am going ahead.” Then you will break one boundary after the other, and when you look back, you realize which things were binding you and where you are now reaching. At that moment it will be a very fascinating thing to do (exercise). A lot of obstacles happen when we choose to walk alone. People who are afraid will always criticize you, “I told you, don’t do it. Don’t be a fool!” I am not saying that you jump from roof and see if you will die (laughter) that’s not the point. The point is when you have a serious fear and you know this is a binding factor, take an effort to go over it and then the greatness will happen. Difficulties, roadblocks and detours of the path are part of our life and don’t be afraid of them. Even if you take a detour, if your purpose is clear, you will reach your destination. Purpose must be made very clear and that should be with full awareness. Full awareness means understanding the duration of life and that you are completely unique, you are original, you are authentic. You are neither above, nor below nor are you equal to anybody. You are unique. So your experiences must be unique. They are original. It is not necessary that another person’s experience be suitable to you or comparable to you. That’s not important. You are original; your experiences have to be original. If you understood this clearly, then there is no boundary. There’s no problem. Then you are moving ahead in life.


Mohanji quote - Fears

No fears. Fears have no value in the spiritual journey. You should burn all your fears and become completely and fully powerful.

Soul vs. consciousness

Q: What is the difference between soul and consciousness?

Mohanji: Consciousness is the operating energy, just like the transformer outside this house, which is a major transformer. That transformer is giving electricity to various houses. If you get that electricity directly to your house, it will blow off all the bulbs here. Therefore it is brought to a smaller transformer and that transformer is actually operating all the machines of this house. Just like that, soul is the larger transformer, and it is connected to an even larger transformer, which is the Supreme Consciousness. Consciousness is operating in three levels – waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. The same consciousness is operating these three states, but in a different mode because the experiences are different. That is the difference between the consciousness and soul.
When you know very well that you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the intellect, you are not the ego, then you start connecting to something which is running the show (body, mind, intellect, and ego) and then you realize it is THE SAME during waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. That awareness will take you further – closer and closer to subtler aspects, such as soul and beyond the soul.

Letting go of a trauma

Q: How to clean or release sexual trauma from childhood from my inner space?

Mohanji:  Not only sexual traumas, but also various other traumas, which we have picked up and collected, are (there) because we had certain experiences, which were amounting to some kind of violence in nature or something which is not leaving our system, and this is what creates a pattern. Whether it is teachers talking bad or some problems in the classrooms, sometimes bullying, etc. various things from childhood when the child felt helplessness about it (the situation), you have to work extraordinarily for those kinds of people outside.
When you are grown up, you need to help the helpless more and more so that you are able to come out of it. That means, when you have some trauma sitting inside, say, bullying, sexual abuse, etc. at a certain age, go ahead and serve that part of the society which is going through a similar situation and empower them. Say “this is done”.
If you keep the trauma, it will ask for a repetition. Only if you have that particular effect, or the memory inside, it will create such an event. If you have completely agreed and accepted that memory, you started releasing it and you use your trauma as your strength to serve the world, it will completely dissolve from your system and it will give you so much of power that it will not come back again.
First accept the situation, then let go of the past and use it for the world in a proper way. That means you help the helpless, you try to do something for the society which is going through the same situation and make a difference there so that you automatically grow beyond the trapped emotions. This is the way to come out of it.
Do not sit down and brood over it, cry and re-emphasize it because then it becomes a pattern in life. Even if you take many bodies, you will always choose bodies where the same situation happens. That is because we are fighting it, resisting it, trapping it. Instead, release it. That’s the way you can be free and then it’s out of your system.

Mohanji quote - Trauma



Q: How to detach from emotional relationships?

Mohanji: You need to raise the purpose. If relationship is emotional, you are bound by it and you are having trauma, you should increase the real purpose of existence, e.g. you are doing a larger good to the world and two people are walking together for that. The purpose should be much larger than your emotional attachment. When two people are together for a large purpose the individual interactions become more meaningful. Increasing the meaning of existence, the value of existence is the way to overcome the emotional binding, expectations, control, possessiveness, all the things which are connected to insecurities. That will change because you have a purpose. The purpose gives you strength. The more clear the purpose is, the stronger you are. Nobody can touch you. Nobody can defeat you. Always look at the purpose. The purpose should be very, very clear and it should be beyond your family, beyond your society – something much larger.
It doesn’t matter who you are. It is not that only certain people can do something in the society. Everybody can contribute in some way. If you feel you are not powerful enough to contribute, understand it’s your mind. Mind is telling you this, but that is not the truth. In the scriptures it says, “What you give is what you have.” If you have time, give time. If you have love, give love. If you have skill, teach people skills. If you have money, support people with money, do something which will enhance peoples’ lives or the life of animals or birds i.e. all species. Only share what you have in abundance. If this is clear, then life is clear, everything is clear.

In every relationship after a while, some kind of binding happens, some kind of expectations happen. Possessiveness comes, ownership comes. That brings a lot of emotional bad blood in the whole system. I always tell people – just increase your purpose, do more for the society, use this relationship as a good means to serve more. Then all other things will become automatically diffused.

Mohanji quote - Relationships

Handling insecurity

Q: How to deal with unpredictable situations in life like job loss, etc.?

Mohanji: There is nothing unpredictable. You are going from one situation to the other. The way you got the job, you may lose the job too. It’s like that – we have relationships, we have various factors in life, which are all flowing. If there is up, there is down, if there is happiness, there is sorrow. If there is good, there is bad. We live in the midst of duality. There is no way that every time we have a job very few people, “lucky people” have it. Some people had had extreme poverty before they became extremely rich. Everything has an up and a down. If you ACCEPT that situation, “Today, I have a job, I am happy. I can perfect my skills with it. Tomorrow, if I don’t have a job, that’s the time when I need to sit down and sum up what I have and what is possible to do to have a job, to create my company or create my own existence or a particular structure, a path for other people to walk.”
In every situation you can do something better and bigger. There is nothing called space of nothingness. There is always something you can do. Never underestimate yourself because of a situation, that’s a big mistake. You cannot underestimate your potential and your originality, ever, because you are unique. Don’t worry about other people, whether they accept you or reject you. That’s not a problem, you must understand that you are original and this is your strength. Your originality and your authenticity is your strength. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your qualifications are, where you were born, whether you are a man or a woman, it has no value. You are original. That originality is your biggest strength. Just explore this. This is also an idea in the American Indian culture. They say that your originality should be your expression and they were insisting on it. It’s not that you follow a pattern. Of course, there are rules and regulations in the society, but beyond that, your originality has to be your strength. That also is connected to your orientation. Somebody likes to be a doctor, somebody an engineer, somebody a pilot, somebody an artist… That is all connected to what you love to do, and what is your nature.

Don’t think a job loss is an unpredictable situation, etc. Every time as we talk, things are changing in this world. Numerous situations are happening. Don’t look at them as problems. They are not problems; they are all situations which you must handle in some way. If you understand that clearly, that’s about it. You know you can do your best.

Mohanji quote - Originality

Thirst for God

Q: Is trying to be one with God or guru also a desire?

Mohanji: It is a good desire. Trying to be one with God or guru is a nice desire (smiles). Keep that desire. Because your highest growth happens in your strongest integration. If you are plugged in properly, the electricity is transmitted to the machine. If you are not plugged in properly, then the electricity may not happen, so it may not be able to operate the machine. The integration into this higher source is always a good idea. Of course it’s a desire, but I would always say it’s a good desire and keep it. If desires are unselfish, then it is important to understand that it’s ok. If you have a desire to be one with God, then your expressions become unconditional love, compassion and kindness in the society, it’s definitely good. When you become a brighter bulb, or you become sun, you give a lot of light to the society (which becomes better). Instead of being dull and dark, confused, insecure, fighting against things, fighting with people, which society does not enjoy (because your existence is being diminished to certain emotions), be kind, compassionate, loving because you are integrated to the guru or God. This is beautiful. Be solid (bright) like the radiant sun. Be a radiant being and that’s good for the society. Whatever is good for the society is good for you. Those desires are nice.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan and Barbara Dizdarevic

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