A Snake Story

snake - Mohanji's story on a snake
Snakes have venom, right? Why do they have venom? – For protection. When the snake feels that it needs protection then it is personal, it is itself. It has no trust, no surrender. But, when the snake feels: ‘Why should I have venom?’ I am protected.’ Venom is just like a temptation that you can be your mind. At that moment, when the snake understands it is protected, it will not use the venom. Then it will concentrate on the venom which gets saturated and becomes a diamond. The venom is not used, and also it is meditated on. It is like the heat of the meditation that saturates the venom which becomes more precious than any diamond. On the other hand, when the snake uses its venom, it adds karma and it has to come back. However, when it does tapas, then it becomes enlightened. It goes back where it came from.

So, you do have the venom to create karma if you want. But, if you install divinity in your heart center, then you become that. Then other things don’t matter. You don’t need protection, you don’t need support, you don’t need anything because you have everything, you have all those things. When we feel we need protection that, means we exist. That is why the snake has been given poison.  If the snake feels it is an individual, it will use the poison because it is afraid. The moment it knows, “I am protected. Why should I use anything?”, then it liberates. The liberation happens. That’s the point. 

You can watch this story here. 

Transcribed by Stasa Misic   


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