How to Become a Mohanji’s Disciple

If you want to be my disciple, you should not exist. There is no guru or disciple.


How does one become Mohanji’s disciple and a part of the Guru Parampara? Is there an initiation process?

Mohanji: Is this a very well-thought question? You should be careful about whose disciple you wish to be. Why should there be a disciple and a guru? Nobody is perpetually a guru nor perpetually a disciple.

When does one person behave like a guru?  

When another person decides to be a disciple. It doesn’t need any initiation. The moment you feel that you need knowledge, knowledge comes to you through somebody.

What exactly is the guru?  

Somebody who shows you some light.

And who can see? Who is capable of seeing?

One who has eyes: you should at least have the eyes to see.

There are probably  many beings in this room apart from what is in the body. Can we see them? But, if you  bring a dog in, the dog will be able to see. Every being has a different capacity of vision. We may not see  many things, but another being will be able to see.  Each person has a different capacity. So, when you decide that you are a disciple, automatically another person becomes a guru. It is as simple as that. There is no need for an initiation.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

”How can I be a part of the Nath Tradition? The Tradition, the Parampara?”

He said: “Jump into the river. The river will take you.” There is one decision to make, and that is – to jump into the river. The firm decision is “Whatever happens in the world, I am going ahead in  this path.” That is all you need. Then it is the job of  the  guru to provide you.

No guru says: “ Hey you! Come here and do these things.” What was the teaching of Shirdi Sai Baba? He was not teaching hatha yoga every morning. Nevertheless, people around Shirdi Sai Baba were getting everything what they came for. That is the power of the Parampara. The Parampara provides. All you need is eligibility.

What is the eligibility?

Receptivity is eligibility. You need to be receptive. If you go to test or taste, nothing will happen. You will go back and say: “Ok, I had another experience. I saw another person.” That is all. But, if you come surrendered, inner transformation happens. Surrender does not mean physical surrender. Surrender means surrender to the path of spirituality.

What is the path of spirituality?

If you are alive, you are spiritual because spirit sits in you. And when spirit leaves you, you are called a dead body. When your soul is not in the body, you will be called a  dead body. When the soul is inside, there is a spirit. Your relationship with your soul is spirituality. All people are spiritual. All beings are spiritual. There is  none that is not spiritual.

Mohanji quote - Practical Spirituality 2

How can you  really be these terms which we talk about – liberation, spirituality? How do we become really spiritual? How do we feel it?

When your priority is connection with your soul, then you are spiritual. This is exactly what any guru gives you. You have a physical body, physical aspect. You can see in the case of serious  body builders;  they  are very concerned about their body, always looking into the mirror, and assessing  how well   their muscles they have developed. They drive much joy through this.   Then, there are certain people who are very emotional, mind oriented. They get involved in everything emotional. They like watching soap operas on the television. They get involved in   the lives of others  and make a mess. These are emotional people.   There are intellectual people, who  like knowledge. They like to read books, assimilate ideas and also  vomit it wherever they go.   People really hate them because they keep talking knowledge. Besides these,  there  are a group of people who are personality oriented, egocentric. The skeleton of personality is ego.  Just as we have the skeleton which keeps the body in shape,  one’s ego keeps the personality in shape. And people recognize you based on your personality. When I say: “I know Sanjay” that means I have seen the physical form and I have experienced this personality. We connect to people based on personality, not the person.

Please, always remember, we project the personality, like a feature film projector projects a feature film on the screen. What we project, people recognize. We may project  romance, horror, drama, comedy, tragedy… We project various things in one lifetime, like a feature film projector. And what we project on the screen is what people see. When people see and say: “I know this person.” They are only saying that they watched the feature film called you. They have never seen the projector. Have we ever looked at the projector when went to the feature film theater? When you went to see Dungal ( a Hindi feature film), did you see the projector? Nobody saw the projector. Likewise, nobody connects to the projector, we only watch the feature film and  decide that we know the person. The feature film keeps changing on the screen. Likewise, all the personalities keep projecting various aspects or various dimensions at various times because that is what they are. They are not just one thing, they are everything. When we project this personality, some people are oriented on the personality, like rock stars, film actors, etc. They are oriented on the personality, and this is what people recognize. When you recognize a film actor, when people follow a film actor, this is all because they appreciate the projected personality. So, they try to maintain it. These people are personality oriented.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 22

There are very few  who understand that the physical, emotional, intellectual and the personality are all projected by the soul. That is why Adi Shankara said: “Nobody is worried about the soul aspect.” Nobody  remembers that there is a soul sitting inside, until the time of death. Not the death of other people, other people’s death is sometimes a relief (laughs); but, when we die, it is a different story. That is the time when we realize that something is leaving. At the time of death, there is a fast rewinding of all the major episodes of this life which you have stored.   You see all these things you did in this life; you think, “My God, this is it!”  and the soul leaves! Thus the  rewinding happens and the soul leaves. That is when we realize that this was our life!  We take all the baggage, cabin baggage, and then it is goodbye, no more anything!  We will have to come back again and step into another flight. It goes on in this manner….

Hence, if your priority is your connection with your spirit, you are in the path of the spirituality. Otherwise, we could go to a temple, mosque, or church, begging for something: please give me more money, please give me something materialistic… This is what we do. If you want to be my disciple, you should not exist. Both of us cannot exist. Because you – as an egocentric personality exist, I as an egocentric personality exist; it is like this with 8 billion people in the world…. The moment you stop existing,  I become you, or you become me completely. In that way, when your ego dissolves, you become spiritual. When you become spiritual, you are everything. There cannot be anything apart from you. Then you also realize that the guru you follow is also inside. Everything is inside, there is nothing outside. What do you see outside?  Yourself.  There is no guru, no disciple. You don’t need a guru or a disciple. Until then, a guru is a road sign or a mirror, so that you can look at the guru and understand yourself, not the guru. You need to understand yourself. The whole journey is reading, understanding, assimilating and dissolving YOU. Finally, you have to dissolve yourself.  If you exist, I cannot exist. Simple!

So, the initiation happened now. If you have understood what I said, you are initiated (smiles). This is all you need to do.



Transcribed by Stasa Misic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan

From a Seeker to a Disciple

Mohanji quote - Importance of Spiritual Anchoring

Why to be close to a guru? 

Mohanji: The main reason why we should be close to a guru is because the guru directly affects your causal layer. You can do hours and years of practice, but still you cannot touch the causal layer because as a human being, as a being living in this plane, we can only see the effect. Do you know the cause of any of the things that have happened in your life, including your relationships, your job, the place bought, including the snake outside? You have no idea what the cause is, right? Only the effect is visible. But, the guru’s proximity directly goes to the cause, and it burns from the cause. The cause is burnt. You can do whatever you like, but to burn the cause you need to have the proximity of one who has already burnt the cause. Otherwise, it is all the same. You can do the practices, but again you are effect-bound, the cause is not visible. The fire is sometimes not visible, only the smoke is visible. This is something which we must understand. We must understand this and it is for this reason that we must be connected to masters of power.

Thus, your causal layer is cleansed, all the pockets are empty. Causal layer has plenty of pockets, sufficient for many lifetimes. The master takes the things out of these pockets and makes them empty. Then there is no effect in life. When there is no cause in life, there is no effect, and then you become one with the consciousness.

Q: Inner peace rather than running for sensations?

Mohanji: Peace is byproduct. When you have no desires, no effects, spontaneous effects, random effects where you have no control, when that stops, there is only peace. There is nothing else, just peace, complete peace. To maintain that emptied existence of the pockets, all you have to do is to be more and more helpful to the world outside. That is why I constantly say that the enlightenment is not for you it is for the world outside. When you are enlightened, the world is better, the world feels better. The world has become better. More than you experience, the world should experience it. Like that, imagine if out of 7.5 billion people one million become enlightened, the world will be brighter. There would be no competition, no wars, no hatred, no jealousy, no judgment, no accusation,… Mind your own business and be happy. But, at the same time not in the selfish way, be helpful.

Master is like the sun, shines on everyone equally

Q: Isn’t it more important to a guru or a master to focus on the ones who are really ready for your message of consciousness?

Mohanji: That aspect is a doing aspect. A master focusing on a disciple never happens. A master is like the sun, giving light, then the disciple is automatically nourished. A master doesn’t ever look at somebody and say: ‘Oh, I’ll give more light to this person, less light to that person.” That never happens because a true master cannot operate from the state of the mind.  If I choose, I am not the master. The sun never chooses whom to give light, which country to give more light to. The sun just nourishes the whole earth and everything grows. The same sunlight falls on a temple as well as a gutter, and the rays are not affected, the sun is not affected. There is the same sunlight everywhere.

So, there are no choices made. Disciples happen when they have decided that they are disciples. If somebody decides – I am a disciple to this guru, then the discipleship happens. Then the guru gives. The only thing that the disciple needs is surrender and acceptance. When acceptance happens, delivery automatically happens. It is almost like opening the tap. When you open the tap, the water flows. When you switch on the light, the light shines through. It is as simple as that. That’s the way it works.

No master says: “I choose.” Of course, masters like those who are evolving and becoming masters, so they give them more guidance and support, if it is possible. Otherwise there is no discrimination. Like Govindapada said: ‘Why Adishankara – he could contain the ocean in a bowl. So, he is Adishankara, he is powerful, he is eligible to teach the truth to the world.’ If such a student comes, masters will empower them further. That is sheer eligibility. There is no discrimination, no likes or dislikes. No master has any likes or dislikes, he cannot. What do you like?  Physical form, money, status? These   are all temporary, you have to leave them behind. Your possessions, your money, your status in the society have no value there. But, your stature has value, your emptiness has value, your eligibility has value, and that is exactly what takes you higher in spirituality, nothing more.

Mohanji on Surrender

Question is about surrendering to the higher purpose or to the master or to faith.

Mohanji: You have surrendered when you know that you have, as I said, the guidance from the soul. When the soul guides you, surrender is spontaneous. When mind and ego guide you, surrender is very difficult. If you look at our own life, 80% of the guidance happens from the mind or ego. But, sometimes the soul connects and says you have arrived, you have reached the source. Then there is no more reasoning, no more doubting, no more questioning and then surrender is spontaneous. For that surrender, there is no effort from your side, it happens by itself. Also, faith is spontaneous as well, faith happens as well. Then there are no more questions. That is why Shirdi Sai Baba said: “My guru was very powerful, but he taught me nothing. From morning till evening I sat and looked at him, and he gave me everything. ”

It is like a monkey child. Monkey child does not have the power to climb the highest branch, but the monkey’s mother has the power and the skill. The child clings on the mother monkey, the mother climbs the tree, and the child reaches the highest. So, by connecting to the consciousness of the higher master, automatically your consciousness develops or expands. There is nothing to do, it is all beingness. Doingness has always the limit, beingness has no limit. It is very simple. That is the point. If something is complicated, it is not true. The truth has to be simple.

That is why I say – keep laughing. In every situation keep laughing. When you get angry, keep laughing. When you are jealous, laugh. Because if you take life without seriousness, if you don’t take life seriously, then life becomes very easy. If you can laugh at your highest sorrow, the whole life would be full of laugh. 🙂 It is possible. 🙂


Transcribed by Stasa Misic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Be Brightness, Give Light – part 2

Mohanji Speaks – Diwali Zoom satsang – part 2

7th November 2018

People connect to the stature or STATE of the master, and then to the CONSCIOUSNESS. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master.

Q: Is it possible for someone facing the challenge of fatigue with autoimmune disease to make spiritual progress?

Mohanji: Definitely. What you are and how your state is has no value when it concerns what you want to achieve. It’s an internal thing.  The physical, emotional, intellectual, egoistic, have no value with regard to spirit. Spirit is just facilitating them. So what is your state has no value; if you have FIRM CONVICTION in yourself, believe in yourself, and have clarity of purpose, it is enough. You will reach the highest.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 21

Q: What does it mean when Mahavatar  Babaji appears in dreams and meditations frequently? Even if you are not attached to it, you do not worship Him and you do not even know anything about Him?

Mohanji: Reminding you –  of the path, of the tradition, of what you are. If you are connected to a master through lifetimes, that reminder comes at certain times. All you have to do is –  just continue to be natural, be you, concentrate on your progress, have clarity of purpose and reach the highest. Every appearance, every master talking to you through dreams, or in person physically, or in any way that the communication happens – sometimes it’s just a word or an alphabet, it comes to you as a reminder of your journey, of yourself and of your destination.

Q: Can you guide us on karma and resolving negativity? How to develop awareness and accept situations?

Mohanji: Karma is what you are experiencing right now. Karma brought you here, karma is maintaining your life, karma will lead you to dissolution. How to experience life – it is exactly what you are experiencing now, there is no other way to experience life. Each person experiences life in his or her own way. People have a boundary by way of karma – time, a boundary of awareness, the frequency with which they experience. But how you can progress in spiritual evolution is  to be aware that you have a spirit which is running the show. Always remember that you have physical (the body), emotional (the mind),  intellectual (the analysis aspect) and ego (the personality), plus spirit. Spirit runs the whole show. Thus body, mind, intellect and ego are run or operated by spirit. If you are clear about this, then it is all fine. The awareness that –  “I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the intellect, I am not the ego, I am more than that”. Start connecting to the energy which runs these faculties. Once you are clear about that, you will not be too connected to anything outside of you. Once you are slowly, slowly detaching from all the things outside of you, then you start realising that this is the real thing. That means  the understanding that, “I am not the personality or what I am projecting to this world as an incarnation, but I am much beyond, as an imperishable expression, which is continuing through lifetimes. I have had many lifetimes, I reached here, I may have a few more lifetimes before I dissolve further.” This understanding becomes very clear so that you will not be derailed and you will be in the right track. You will progress smoothly and spontaneously. And then after a while you will realise that anything external is only a symbol for creating some impression or some feeling inside. The people, the places, the time, the energies, whatever you see outside, whatever you experience outside through your eyes, ears, nose and skin – are all triggering something inside. You will start concentrating more on the energy aspect. The external becomes a kind of invalid. It will not have much value in your life. You will do your job, you will exist and work, but nothing will affect you. Freedom settles in. When freedom settles in, your life becomes more and more meaningful. You will cherish every moment. You will be happy with everything. You will be contented with everything you see or for that matter don’t see. Your contentment factor will be very strong. When you are contented with each moment, you have no expectation or disappointment and you have no give-and-take, then you are free. That freedom will show and that freedom will make you glow.

Mohanji quote - Anatomy of Peace

Q: Spirituality teaches us to live in the present.  If we have to live in the present to what extent is our past experiences valuable?

Mohanji: Past experiences only tell you that you have travelled this path, that’s it. All the happenings of the past are memories of experiences which are completed, just as a number of people who lived before us, walked this space on earth. We don’t know them. We don’t even care. Even in our family, our grandfather, his grandfather, and so on lived before we came here. We don’t care and we don’t know. We don’t even know the names. Think about a few generations before you. Do you remember the names of 4th or 5th generation? You have not seen their images. We do not know whether they were good or bad people in the society, we don’t know anything!

We all are incarnations at this point in time and we are expressing something which we are tuned into, something that we came for, that is our natural expression, based on our orientation, our character and constitution. That’s all we are doing. Five generations down, our descendants may not remember us, they may not know us. If someone says in our family, there was this man, he did these acts…. if we do great things in the world, it could pass down to the fourth or fifth generation. Otherwise, there are many rich people who had wondrous lives – but do we remember them? We do not recall from memory, nobody knows, nobody remembers, and nobody really cares. Hence existence is all about right now. Past is only a reminder that you have gone through all this. If you don’t leave the past where it belongs, you are only carrying the baggage without your awareness; just as a donkey carries a lot of weight on its shoulders and has no clue as to why it is carrying it, when it is actually carrying for someone else! Just like that, we carry the burden of the past because we don’t know how to shed it.

As we go through time, our body is travelling through time too and we know it because we grow old. We started as a small child, a young boy and later evolved to our current state. After a while we will become very old and we will shed our body. We know this process. This is what’s happening. In between we have many needs, greed, many things that we need from earth, or those that we wish to experience. We feel that these experiences are very important. Maybe they are. But as soon as you experience it, you have to leave it behind. You can’t carry the burden of it further, because if you carry the burden of the past further, you are asking for a similar experience. If you have deeper memories of something, you are asking for reincarnation of those experiences which may lead to your own incarnation i.e. another body. Therefore it’s important to leave our past behind, just accept and enjoy right now and do your best now. We have not seen tomorrow. We have seen so many people very disappointed at the time of death because they could not do anything in life. Never let that happen, do your best, give more to earth, give much more than you thought you possibly can and then you lead a contented life. The more you give the more valuable you become in this world. Instead if you take more, you are only showing your insecurity. This is something to remember all the time. That means we are complete by birth, we have a journey ahead, and in that journey, keep reminding yourself of only one thing when you wake up: what else can I do for this world? That’s about it. Then you’ll have a great life.

Mohanji quote - Living Consciousness

Q: There is increasing violence in the world. Can spirituality reduce this violence in thought, word and deed? Does the world have overall karma leading to this violence?

Mohanji: It’s the collective consciousness which has created this, but rather than spirituality, MATURITY is needed in people. We are all asking for more from earth. Earth has its resources. Today, population is growing rapidly, for 7.5 billion people, the same earth with the same resources is available. In some countries, we are destroying excess produce; we are throwing away foods, while in others, there is total starvation, famine. There is terrible imbalance and it is one, we humans created, it is man-made.

So, what created this situation? Collective consciousness of a group of people. They all came together, and the frequency (the first level of creation is thought) has to change from the thought level. It has to start changing from childhood; in school we should teach the children it is important to share, it’s important to care. Instead, we are teaching children to compete and win, to make a living. This is the problem. Therefore it’s important for today’s education system to change to sharing, caring, loving, which should be given more importance, the goodness factor should be nurtured. Today, we only respect those who have money and others are insignificant. We call them poor. Sometimes on the inside, they are richer than rich people, but we still call them poor based on the physical richness. It is important to understand that at the grass root level, from childhood, we should educate them that caring is beautiful, sharing is beautiful, loving is beautiful. This makes you rich and also makes the frequency better in this world and if you can care and share, all people will have food to eat. It is through countries, through every place.

Mohanji quote - Citizens of each nation-contribute

Like, we have been discussing about the system called circular economy where the countries do not have to buy outright. Instead, they can loan it from other countries, e.g. one country needs materials. Another country supplies it and similar to the rent we pay, in such an economy, we pay every month so that no country goes into debts. Such solutions are being worked out; there should be alternative systems that have to function well because whatever has been tested and proven is going into a line of disaster and additionally creating bindings, ailments and confusion; countries are going into wars, the great ice of Greenland is melting about a million litres per second! So from a 5km radius it has come down to 2km. At this rate, all the ice will melt and a many countries will go under water. This is all man-made. It is created by humans – the pollution in the air, etc. Human activity is causing the imbalance in the system, in the society, in the tapestry of existence. There is a need for enlightened leaders, who are selfless. These leaders are not going to drop down from the sky; they have to come from the society. We need to have an enlightened society, enlightened leaders who are selfless and who mean good to people.

First of all, the basics should be taken care of – food, clothing and shelter. Next is healthcare and then education and so on. Thus various needs have to be taken care of. If this is done in a systematic way, we will see a big difference in this world without much confusion. Furthermore, we need to be very aware of population. It’s very important. We can’t have even more mouths to feed, when we can’t feed the ones already there! We need to have clarity, maybe a system where the government should take care of the first child, or even the second child; no more children should be taken care of because there should be some kind of a boundary. In this manner, the government could support; the governments of the elected board or the leaders could define a clear pattern for the people living today, take care of their upbringing, health, education, etc., but the basic ingredient should be love, caring and sharing.

Mohanji quote - Love

Q: Can one attain enlightenment without a Guru or guide? Is there a mantra to chant? Or pure devotion to Babaji will help me find a Guru?

Mohanji: We call enlightenment self-realisation. Self-realisation and enlightenment are more or less the same. Where is the Self sitting in you? Self is born with you; self is with you every life. Realisation of the self is the whole story. If you can realise yourself without any help, it is good, but the presence of a Master helps. First of all understand that Guru is not just a human being. Guru is a reminder. Guru is a state. All Gurus are states.

Mohanji quote - Guru material

Why somebody connects to a Guru is because they are connecting to a state that Guru exists in. If you are clear about that, then your connection with the state of a Guru is sufficient for you to realise yourself. Realisation can happen only when something already exists. You cannot realise something that does not exist. Self exists within you; the soul aspect of you exists within you. It is the 33% of your system, the other 33% is physical and the next 33% is emotional, mind-oriented.

At some point in time you realise the 33% soul aspect   that we are the self – otherwise we think we are the body, we are the mind and we are this personality, that is why we have conflicts with people, we are angry, we sometimes have hatred, all these happen because of ignorance; it is the only reason why we do not like each other. When we realise that we are the self, beyond all these divisions, that realisation is called enlightenment. If it is achieved through own activity, it is good enough. However, usually Guru’s hand helps because we may not know how to REALISE ourselves. That way, somebody who has already travelled that path can hold your hand and say that this is the way to go. There are numerous methods or paths that Masters have pointed us towards over time. These are based on orientation. Masters have guided people to understand themselves – bhakti yoga (devotion path), karma yoga (activity path), jnana yoga (knowledge path), and Raja yoga (dissolution path). They have been reiterated time and again, by various masters. They are all reminders. They are telling you what you are and that there is a path to follow – what do you think it is for? For recognising and realising yourself, your Self. Self-realisation happens when everything else goes silent. The body, mind, intellect and ego become silent; you then start experiencing self and self-realisation takes place. There’s a stabilisation of a frequency. You stabilise in that frequency, and that’s permanent. It’s almost like graduation. Once you graduate, you remain a graduate. Like that, you stabilise there. To get there Guru’s presence helps.

Mohanji quote - Finding Oneself

Q: How many years is the gap between human births and how to reduce this gap?

Mohanji: This is continuation of the previous question. We cannot say how many births it will take. It depends on how many desires you carry in each birth. If you have many desires, anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge, then you will take many more births to experience it because lower frequency always ensures that you come back. That is because you will be focusing against somebody or something. Even if it is a resistance, it is against something, against somebody. That provokes more incarnations. How many births you will take we cannot say because it’s purely based on what you are, but in the process, how do you evolve? As you evolve, you start connecting with your real you. The real you is beyond your emotions, thoughts, expressions, concepts, feelings and such. Whatever your mind is occupied with, beyond that there is a personality, if you are constantly aware of that personality, that’s it – your journey will be faster. If you need nothing from earth, if you need nothing from anybody, you are already free. That freedom will mature into liberation.

Q: If everything is Maya then why do we have to suffer from Karma?

Mohanji: Who said everything is Maya? Your life is real to YOU. How are you asking this question!? How are you typing this!? It is all real. Maya is relative truth, something which is temporary – it is Maya. Life itself is a relative truth. We exist now, fifty years later we may not be. This is why we call it a relative truth – Maya. Not that at this point in time it’s a Maya. For example, when you are eating, you are experiencing the taste of food. It is not an illusion, it’s real. Thus at every point in time what you are experiencing is definitely real, but at the same time, it is a relative thing. That means this moment it’s real, the next moment it’s unreal. Therefore whatever is not real all the time, is Maya. Whatever is real all the time is Mata. Mata means consciousness, spirit. This is something which has to be very clear. We need to understand what relative truth is and what non-relative truth is, what is permanent. With that approach, you can’t call everything Maya. Then why was it called  Maya? Maya is definitely not an illusion. Your hunger is not an illusion, your anger is not an illusion, your very existence on earth is not an illusion, your expressions are not illusions.  If you look at Maya as an illusion, you may not understand the meaning. You should look at Maya as a relative truth, then you will know what is real and what is permanent? What you are when you are awake, when you are dreaming and when you are in deep sleep, you are the same thing all three times of the day – what you are when you are awake, when you dream and when you are in deep sleep, that is the permanent you. That is continuous. That is the consciousness we are talking about. That is truth. Maya means relative truth. If you look at relative truth versus permanent truth, then you understand this much better.


Q: How can a master work outside his body and how can he help us in various ways from that level?

Mohanji: These are all states. When you reach a certain state, and from that state your presence in the body becomes negligible, your expression outside the body becomes more (powerful). First of all, you have to become one unit.

I have explained earlier

When you become a unit, then the expansion is in 360 degrees. That means, first and foremost, you conglomerate yourself and become one unit. There is nothing outside of you. You have no mind outside of you. You brought back all your scattered mind – from your past, your future or materials around you, emotions – all these things are discarded and then you bring your mind back to yourself; your mind is within, intellect is within, personality, ego, everything is within, you are one unit. Then you start expanding in 360-degree awareness. That continuously expands, you become everything: the plants, trees, animals, birds, the wind, the Sun, the Moon… everything is you. You are totally expanded in that mode. Body becomes only one aspect to say that you have incarnated. That is all. When you are expanded and stabilised in that mode, even if you leave the body, that stabilisation does not end. When people connect to that physical form or that name, that conglomerates the energy again. Energy is already spread all over. Energy is not in the body, only because the unit has already become the universe. In that mode, when somebody connects to this unit, the form which is familiar, in fact they are connecting to the universe because the unit has already become the universe.

The first, the foremost and the last step is to become a unit. Becoming the universe, which is expansion in 360 degrees, happens automatically. When it happens automatically, it stabilises after a while, and when the Master leaves the body, it is not leaving the body, it is expanding and stabilising in expansion. That is why the bodies of masters who have left in that mode are still places of power.  Thousands of people are attracted to those places and those bones are still talking. Their mortal remains are still talking, still working, continue to make a difference and bring about transformation in people.
The master who left the body has become the universe. Universe is permanent, perpetual. When you have not become a unit and you die, death then means leaving the body. It is like leaving a rented house. Once you leave there is nothing to be done with the house anymore because it is not yours. But when you are expanded, you do not have to come back because you are everywhere. There is no point in taking another unit unless there is a need on a dharmic level. Otherwise a master won’t take a body. One unit or body is taken, only for representing a particular tradition or a particular stature or state to the world. People connect to the stature or state of the master, and then to the consciousness. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master. There is no difference because the unit has connected to the universe which already exists in the form which they like, which they connect to and then they merge with the universe. They become one with the universe so they also dissolve into this universe. The potential of a unit to become the universe is enhanced or stabilised by the master’s presence.
While living itself, if you are expanded, you are everywhere. If somebody thinks about you, you can be there. That shows the stature of the master, the level at which the master is operating from. It means he has already collected himself into one unit. Not only that, he has already expanded sufficiently, to be with anybody who is connected to him. This is while “living”. While “leaving”, it just stabilises. The master does not leave at all. For generations to come, the master will still be functional, working and supporting, guiding and also liberating.


So, first of all you have to become unit. It means your body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit together as one unit. You stabilise yourself as one unit. Then you are expanding beyond this unit and you are slowly becoming the universe. First and foremost, we have to bring all scattered pieces of us together in one unit, which is: mind scattered in the past, anxious about the future, all over. We have to bring it all together and become one mind sitting inside; intellect – stop analysing, stop processing all the information, and start sourcing from within; ego (personality) – it doesn’t matter whether people like you, dislike you, love you, hate you, it doesn’t matter, keep giving, keep delivering. Thus, there is no expectation; you are fully clear about your purpose of existence so that personality is also settled. So body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit are all settled. And the body is always truthful. If body is hungry, it will say it’s hungry. Whatever the feelings are, it will express spontaneously and in silence you can listen to body talking, every organ talking. Every organ has a frequency and every organ has an expression and a reason – so they articulate. When you are in silence more and more, you will know how each organ functions, what is the reason is, all those things will be clear.

So body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit are all together then you become a unit. Once you become a unit, you are fully settled inside, and then you are like a huge receiver. Anybody connecting to you from any location is within you, because you are so expanded and there is nobody outside of you. There is no vibration possible outside of you. All the frequencies, all the vibrations are you. You become everybody, everything. That time when somebody connects to you with deep intensity, you materialise there. Physically or non-physically, energetically, or non-energetically, this is the case.

If you connect to certain masters, who have already established themselves in this unit level, they become very powerful, because the reason for their existence is clear, the purpose is clear, the yoga – the appointed reason is clear, and then they will operate in different levels. They are already settled in a state of samadhi. They have no needs. They have no wishes. There are no desires, there is no karma. All they are doing is serving the society. And their intensity will depend on the need of the society. The intensity will also depend on the area of service. Some masters are not only bound to earth. They also serve in other planes. They serve in astral plane and the plane beyond. They are intergalactic masters.

First and foremost you have to become a unit. Then comes the expansion. The primary expansion is in your society, then you expand beyond and some masters expand much beyond after they leave the body. This is because while in the body they would have served one locality or society; once they leave the body they start serving in a much larger way and they continue to serve for hundreds of years after leaving the body. This is because they maintain a form as a POINT OF CONTACT for people. The point where people can connect. Because the faculties such as eyes, ears and nose that people use to connect need a form or a structure to connect. They have already transcended, but they maintain the form so that people can connect to them. And then they operate well beyond that form. These are the methods of existence. We cannot say what the reason for existence is; each master has his purpose. Furthermore, there are numerous masters who operate without even meeting people. They will be sitting in some corner of the world, but they operate, they guide, they help, they deliver. And they are all doing their work. All these masters are doing their work. So you cannot say that something is right and something is wrong. After a while when a master is a complete unit, they will not be following the boundaries of the society. The socio-moral existence will not have much role. They only go as per dharma, they only deliver as per what is needed to be delivered. This is the way they operate because their only aim will be: what else can I give to this world? And they provide depending on eligibility. They continue to provide. They do not expect anything. They need nothing from anyone anyway! No person can give them something from earth because they are very powerful and can obtain anything they wish to from earth, but they don’t want anything. So this is the operating level.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Walking Brightness, Living Brightness

You are what you are connected to. You are what you are addicted to. You are what you worship, what you believe in. Deep connection with consistency becomes integration. When a master deeply connected to the supreme consciousness walks into any space, he also brings the energy that he has become. The energy of that space shifts to his energy or his acquired energy. Purification becomes spontaneous. Space becomes sanctified. The other side of this coin are those who are connected to dark energies. The energies of binding emotions, divisions, confusions, contaminations, concepts, fears and hatreds. They carry such energies and deposit them wherever they go.
Both are carriers. We all are carriers of what we believe in or what we are consistently connected to. If we are deeply connected to brightness, lightness and supreme brilliance of God, that is what we carry with us knowingly or unknowingly.
Brightness is the need of the day. Keep shining your highest truth. Let it show as compassion, kindness and unconditional love. No fears. No hatreds. There is nothing absolutely right or absolutely wrong. There is nobody absolutely good or absolutely bad. All exist in different dimensions of brightness and darkness. Hence, do not judge. Just Love. The world needs light today. Be the brilliance that you naturally are. Express your highest brilliance today, every day. Be aware of it always.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

A Good Disciple and Stories About an Avadhoota

Characteristics of a good disciple


Q: As a Guruji, do you want your devotees to be independent or dependent?

Mohanji: I would like my people to be self-sufficient. So, that we have a permanent relationship. When they are too dependent on me, sometimes they become blinded. I would like them to connect to me with awareness. If somebody connects to me just by looking at my form, they get nothing. But, if they connect to me as a consciousness, they get everything. There is a big difference between these two. I would like my people to be fully connected with awareness. When you stop being you, you become me. Me is not this this body, but the consciousness that I represent. As long as the mind is running the show, there are a lot of limitations. We are already always in frames. When the frame is removed, that moment we embrace, we become one, and that is eternal. There is no way there can be separation. And that is not something which you understand with the mind, this is something which you experience on a daily basis. You know that you are fully and 100% I, me and my consciousness. That is why people talk about miracles. It is not just dreams, or this kind of things. It is because the unity of consciousness has projected the whole thing into another dimension. That is what is miracle.


If Baba left his body almost 100 years ago, how is he so active even now? The barrier of the body is broken. And even when he was in his body he used to attend quite a lot of things around the world. But, there is no way that he can be bound by the body. The expression becomes explicit when he actually shed the body. That is the time when he actually came to our notice. The man does not exist in the body, but the man exists. That gives a lot of awareness into the whole thing. However, when the person is in the body, you tend to get connected to the body and then you miss the show. So, if you connect to the consciousness while the person is in the body, there is nothing more than that. You are connecting to the body and you are connecting to the consciousness, which means that you have no conflict with the body (body in a sense personality also), and at the same time you are totally occupied with the consciousness. That is a beautiful state for which you need to have pure awareness.  First of all faith should be firm. Faith is like a bridge you create between two entities. And then through faith, you add the subtle aspect, the dimensional aspect. You say: ‘All these are expressions and this is me. I and my guru are one.’ Like Jesus said: ‘I and my Father are one. Through me you reach my Father.’ The guru is connected to the supreme consciousness, in that way the guru is supreme consciousness. I am connected to the guru, so I am connected to the supreme consciousness. That means you are fully occupied in the consciousness. Then there is no separation between the guru and disciple – when the guru thinks, the disciple acts. That kind of disciple is a big blessing to any guru (smiles).


A story 1

I will give you an example. There was one master. I think he left his body in 70s or 80s. He was a great physician and he was an avadhoota. All the time he was smoking. He was sitting and smoking. Sometimes his dhoti would have gone, he wouldn’t remember. He was a great physician, so whatever he had in hand he would give to people as a medicine. He wouldn’t even go to fetch the medicine. 🙂 If somebody came with an ailment, maybe he had peanuts or cashew nuts, he would give those couple of cashew nuts and said that it was ok, and they would get healed. One of his disciples was talking to me. He said it was very, very difficult to manage him because he had no order. There was one central minister who had some problem and was coming to see him.

The avadhoota told his disciple: ‘That car that is coming with the police, tell them that physician is dead.’

Disciple: ‘I can’t go and tell them the physician is dead, you are sitting here, smoking. How can I tell them that you are dead?’

Avadhoota: ‘Then what kind of a disciple are you? You don’t even follow what I say.’

Disciple: ‘I can’t lie.’

Avadhoota: ‘I made you lie. Then I am taking the karma why aren’t you obeying it?’

Disciple: ‘I will not go.’

Then this master/avadhoota went himself. Without a shirt just a dhoti. He went there and the minister was coming out, so he said: ‘What brings you here?’

Minister: ‘I came to see the physician.’

Avadhoota: ‘Oh, I am so sorry, he died.’

So, they left. The disciple came back and the master was sitting there, smoking.

The disciple asked: ’Why did you send this guy off?’

Avadhoota answered: ‘You know that man is like a mosquito. He is sucking everybody’s blood. He is a bad guy. I don’t want to keep him alive for a longer time.’

He was telling the truth. He said: ‘That man is actually a parasite, so why should I treat him and give him more life, so that he can suck more blood? I will not do that.’

Like that, the disciple was saying: ‘Many times I did not understand my guru. Whole life I lived with him and I never understood him because I always considered him as mad. Because he was behaving like this.’


A story 2

He told another incident. A group of tribal people came from the forest.  There are siddhas meditating inside. These people are connected with the siddhas, they don’t even come to the open. Deep in the forest in the area of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They came and wanted to establish a temple in one of the caves. He told his disciples: ‘A tribal group is coming and we must really take care of them.’ So this tribal group came. They were hardly any dressed, they wore only dhoti. The master said: ‘Come on, get tea, coffee,…’ They seated them, gave them food, etc. The disciple was surprised, what’s going on. Because they did not even discuss what they came for and the guru was treating them and giving them food. (laughs) Whenever they tried to say why they came, he would object. They needed support for building the temple. They just wanted two murtis, I think, because that was a cave. So, before they spoke, he would object, blocked it and they could not speak at all. Then it was evening and they wanted to leave, but he said: ‘No, you are not going, you are staying here.’ And all these tribal people stayed in the ashram. Again they gave them food and everything. These people said: ‘When can we get to speak to him?’

In the morning, at six o’clock, the guru came, woke up everybody and asked: ‘Why are you sleeping here?’ Then they did not know what to say. 🙂 ‘You should have gone yesterday. Now it’s already very late. Go, go, go.” He sent everybody back. Then one of them said: ‘Swami we wanted some money or support with the murti.’ The guru said: ‘Do you think I have any money? I have no money. You should ask people who have money, not me. Go.’ They looked at the disciples who were feeding them and they were all looking to the other side. 🙂 They didn’t know what to do. 🙂 It was terrible embarrassment, right?


A Story 3

The disciple said: ‘I had never understood this guru.’ The story is that one night the guru called his disciples and said: ‘Put a white cloth here, I am dying.’ So far they had experienced so many things and they never believed whatever he said. (laughs) They said: ‘You will never die. You will smoke and sit here all the time.’ But he said; ‘No, no, no I am dying. I am going to die. Put the white cloth.’ The disciple said: ‘You are not dying. Many times you felt you would die, you never died.’ Then he himself went inside, took a white cloth, spread it and he lay down. He said: ‘Call the ambulance. Take me to the hospital.’ (laughs) The disciples thought, ‘What would they say? It will be like making fun.’ They didn’t want to do it, but he insisted. Then he himself called the ambulance and they came. The disciples said: ‘There is some drama going on.’ The ambulance came, took him and put him. He was talking all the way to the hospital. He said: ‘At this place we should have a cowshed here, we should have this here, etc. ‘ He gave all the instructions for the land. The moment the ambulance reached the hospital, he closed his eyes. The doctors said, ‘He died two hours ago.’ Actually, the moment he lay on the cloth he died, but he continued to talk and act and he gave all the instructions. That is exactly how they made the ashram later.

My point is that disciples may not even understand the guru while the guru is in the body because they get too preoccupied with the personality. What happens then is that suddenly the guru dies and that is the time when the whole thing falls into place.


A Story 4

This guy was crying. He said Mohanji: ‘I am a sufficient idiot. I lived with him and all the time I cursed him because he was always putting me into problems.’ Sometimes a vehicle would come to deliver something and he would not pay the man. And he would keep the vehicle there the whole night. Then these people had to serve him food and other things and all the time they would be cursing the driver. In the morning he would say: ‘Why are you keeping the truck here? Why are you not paying?’ So, very, very crazy.


A Story 5

Next to the room where I was staying in the ashram there was a tree. I stayed in the doctor’s room because I was ‘VIP’ supposedly. So, I stayed at the doctor’s and next to the room there was a tree. There was apparently Yaksha Gandharva staying there and people were afraid to go there. One Mataji came. When Mataji entered the ashram he looked up and saw this person on the tree and told this guru: ‘You know, there is yakshi in you are ashram staying in the tree.’ He said: ‘Oh, yes, yes. She is my company.’ (laughs) Very good. Sometimes he goes and sits under this tree. People are afraid to go near that, but sometimes he goes and sits under the tree. When I was staying there, they asked me: ‘Are you afraid to stay there?’ I said: ‘No problem. This is ok.’

This is how some of these masters work and the disciples will have no clue. They only see the external and they decide, they criticize, they curse. And finally, when they leave, they are all regret. The same thing happened with Shirdi Baba and everybody, all the masters. Most of the time they did not understand. Who understood Osho? Today, we read these things and we quote him, etc. But, did we understand? Do you understand him now? It is not easy. We quote past masters on Facebook so that people know that we have some knowledge, but do we know what we are quoting? If we actually understood that quote, we would never be the same.

Transcribed by Staša Mišić

Be Brightness, Give Light – part 1

Mohanji Speaks – Diwali Zoom satsang – part 1

7th November 2018

Happy Diwali - by Mohanji


Q: Are we as human beings able to choose the place, action and thought, where we can get more  divine rays of light and if yes, what is required to find that place?

Mohanji: The answer in one word is awareness. The time, space, frequency of action, all these things are connected to destiny. We call it prarabda karma – the karma which brought you to earth and which is helping you to continue in the journey. This has prescribed your space on earth, the time, the type of activity, your orientation, all these things are connected to destiny. Only one factor which can make a difference in this whole process is the awareness. The flavour of experience changes with awareness because experience is something which you carry out of the whole event. An event happens at a particular place, at a particular time, to a particular person, or a group of individuals, each one experiences that event based on their orientation and their capacity i.e. their level of awareness. With change in awareness, your level of experience changes and that becomes your residual memory. That’s what creates new karma, a new item, an ingredient for the destiny. So awareness is the main thing in this whole journey. The higher your awareness, the higher the expression, that will be your experience. Otherwise it will be the lowest at all times, or it will be fluctuating.  We have been told about the vices: kama (lust), krodha (anger), moha (attachment), lobha (greed), madha (overpride), matsarya (jealousy), and ahankara (ego).

Thus, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge are all lower levels of expressions, which bind you to the lower frequency all the time. Instead, if it’s higher, if you are always compassionate, kind, loving, caring, if you are able to share, all these things will keep your experience level high.

If you look at the entire life, when you leave this place, or when you leave this body, what are you carrying forward are the residual memories of experiences you have had in this lifetime. Each person, everybody is the same in this regard. You are carrying forward the residual memories of experiences that you had in this lifetime. You might have forgotten many of them, you may not remember many, some you will remember – something which has affected you or has had an effect on you, you will remember. That’s what you carry. There are many things that we have stored and have remained dormant. How do you know they are dormant? They are not expressing themselves all the time, but at certain points in time they start manifesting in your memory. Like, you experience a similar thing which caused that past experience or you came across such a place or a situation, event or a person that provokes the old experience again. Once again you will have that memory; it comes back to you and causes a similar feeling, an experience. It can be even a fear. Some people have fears associated with certain things. That is connected to the stored data, to what you have experienced before and its residual memory.

Mohanji quote - Dissolution

In the whole tapestry of existence, while you are living and leading your life in the path of destiny, awareness is the main investment or the main sadhana to place emphasis on, which will take you to the higher levels of awareness. It is the aspect you have to be always careful about. As for awareness, it is just being aware of yourself as a human being, existing in this time, this space, carrying out a way of life, living/leading your existence in this way. Be aware of everything that happens through the day. Take a step above emotions and you will watch it all. You are watching yourself working, doing things. This will be your pattern and THAT will give you a different flavour in existence. Otherwise, we are only in the level and realm of the mind. When you are existing in that realm, it’s always two sides – either agony or ecstasy, in these two planes. We are always like a pendulum. We are going in the mode of agony, pains or ecstasy, happiness. But we usually do not even remember ecstasy. Many people ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?” As they go through various agonies in life, they ask, “Why are these pains coming to me?” Everything has a root. Everything has a reason and that reason is connected to past residual memories. This is why it’s important to have a great life – to grow beyond emotions and invest in awareness. Investing in awareness is very important. Be aware that everything is transitory, everything is impermanent. As you lead your life, everything comes and goes, nothing stays. Whatever is born, will die. Whatever comes, will go. Like that, if you look at the whole tapestry of existence, it’s very easy to understand that you as an ‘experiencer ‘and also the creator of your destiny is continuing through situation after situation. And these situations have no value unless you have emotions connected to them. You will automatically understand these situations if you look into them deeply, the emotions that you are bringing forth, are creating a flavour difference to this life. I hope this is clear.

Mantra chanting

Mohanji quote - Consistency

Q: How can mantra chanting help in stabilization and expansion of consciousness? If we chant a mantra without initiation, can we succeed in sadhana?

Mohanji:  Initiation basically means tuning yourself to receive it properly. Mantra is equal to frequency. Mantra is initiated into a person from a master, the master orients that person or aligns his frequency to receive the mantra. That is initiation. It helps one in the practice of chanting the mantra. When you are oriented to receive something or when you are trained to use a machine, you can use the machine very well. Thus initiation helps the right using of the frequency. Mantras are frequencies. They are sounds which create frequencies. The more you chant each mantra, the more you are aligned to the frequency of the mantra. Mantra chanting is definitely good because whether you are initiated or not and whatever be the mantra you are chanting, the mantra stabilises you at some level. Please understand that all the deities that we worship in temples are all frequencies. All the idols are connected to ideals i.e. ideal of something. Every idol has a meaning, a reason, a form, a name, a frequency and also a structure.  All these are connected to aspects within us. We are that. We are all these idols; all the frequencies that the idols represent are us. The more we explore, the more we understand that we are all these, the more complete life becomes. Your level of detachment to something that is binding you will change into “you are everything”. That is the journey – from unit to universe. In that journey all these frequencies help.

Fundamentally, you have to stabilise in some frequency so that you can grow. For example, the ground should be very stable so that you can build on top of it. Likewise each mantra stabilises you in a certain frequency, but you need to have consistency. For mantra siddhi i.e. stabilisation in a mantra – Namah Shivaya, 500 000 chants are required. In other words, if you chant Om Namah Shivaya 500 000 times, it stabilises you. If it is Shodashi, it’s 1.6 million times. Like that every mantra chanted frequently, consistently, with conviction and discipline, changes your structure. It raises your frequency. Hence mantras are very good.

Lightness vs. darkness

Mohanji quote - Being against sth

Q: What are dark forces? If they comprise of evolved spiritual beings, why would they embrace negativity? If their minds are dissolved, would they still be creatures craving for power and control? Can you please share some experiences with dark forces?

Mohanji: The idea of dark forces is connected to our existence. When there is light, there is darkness. Absence of light is darkness. When there is light, there is shadow. So we consider as dark forces those that are unknown, unclear, sometimes those that bind you. Truly speaking, they are all children of the same God which means Pure Consciousness. There is only one Pure Consciousness; that Pure Consciousness has many dimensions. And we look at those that bind you to earth and to certain things of earth as not so good. This means our path is that of liberation. We are brightness, we forgot we are brightness, then masters and deities came and said, “Look, you are not this incarnation, you are well beyond it, you are actually brightness.” We forget it many times, therefore as we go through the journey and face situations which are not very pleasant in our life, we become pessimistic. Alternatively, we have conflicts with things around us, conflicts or disagreements; we fight against something, we have resistance towards something; these are the times when you feel very vulnerable. That is the time when you feel darker energies working in you.

Mohanji quote - Energy exchange

Therefore if there is light, there is shadow. And the source of shadow is light. We have to look at anything which binds us to this aspect of existence – that means the cause is light. Father is light. Father is brightness. Whatever is not brightness is also created by brightness in some ways. For example, light is falling on me, so I have a shadow. If I am sitting in darkness, I have no shadow. Thus the cause of shadow is light. Likewise the cause of darkness is brightness. Let this be very clear. There are numerous beings of varied nature. When the first creation (the atom) happened, the space happened. The Supreme Consciousness is beyond any dimension, you cannot even begin to understand it, because it’s infinity. Even Infinity is just a term; no human mind can fathom the size of the Infinity. Nobody can understand it. It is so large, so bright. It is pure brightness. It is vastness. From the Infinity the need for separation from it happened and then the big bang happened and an atom was born. When out of pure energy, matter happened, matter created the space, the reason for creation and the creation needed space to create in it, space formed. And space also created time. Time is a distance from here to there. This was created. So creation of one piece of matter created space, or in other words, space which is tangible space. There is always space as expansion, vastness, but because there is nothing else, you cannot compare, you cannot understand. But understandable space happened, i.e. tangible space. Tangible space created time – that means from here to there, travelling. That is movement from tangible space. And tangible space rests in intangible vastness. This is the way creation happened. That is why it is said the whole created world is just like a small pimple on the face of Shiva. Shiva is so big, so vast, so large, and the whole created universe is just like a small pimple on the face of Shiva, that small. That means the entire galaxy, the entire manifested universe, which we are talking about, is small compared to the large,  unmanifested universe.

Thus when creation happened, the Creator did not sit down and create various beings. Then how do you see numerous beings on earth and numerous beings on different planes? They are created by creations. Just as we create our own existence, we create our own destiny, creations started creating creations. Then all these numerous beings we talk about are creations of creations, we created. If we have a lot of pessimism, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge… we create a similar destiny. Just like that, the beings using their own frequencies, started creating own beings of that frequency. Trillions of frequencies have been created out of one thing – what is the one thing? Supreme Consciousness. That is why the ancient rishis said we have 33 crore (330 million) gods. That means 330 million decipherable dimensions of Supreme Consciousness. That means 330 million different dimensions of One Being – Supreme Consciousness, they could understand and they could give a structure, a form, a meaning, a reason, a frequency, a mantra. All these could be given to each. For example, you see animals, birds, insects… so many beings happening here in this world. And there are numerous beings – creations in many worlds. All these have Fathers. There are creators and each creator operates in different frequency. When that happens, these good, bad, ugly, all these things have some Father.  And based on whichever frequency created them, they operate mechanically.

So coming back to the question whether there are darkness and light – definitely there are, they are all doing their job. Now why do WE fall into the frequency of the negative? Unless YOU have an orientation towards it, you won’t fall. If you are NOT oriented towards the negative, you are not oriented towards anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and such, you will not fall. You will have nothing to do with these. Instead, you choose to only express happiness, love, sharing, caring, compassion, kindness, unconditional love. There will be jealousy anyway, that is bound to happen because there are numerous types of people, numerous types of creations; there will be various effects in the world because of your existence. This is all bound to happen, but if your focus is clear, if your purpose is clear, if your orientation is clear, there is nothing to worry.  The purpose of every incarnation is fulfilment. Somebody who is revengeful will get fulfilled through revenge. Somebody who is angry will probably get fulfilment through anger. Everything has its orientation and fulfilment. We should not really worry about all this. I always tell people that if you choose to be brightness, stay that way. Don’t worry about darkness. When you are concentrating or looking at darkness, then your brightness is affected. Let negativity remain where it is. You focus on brightness; through that brightness, you will achieve whatever you want to achieve and you don’t have to reduce your frequency. Never reduce your frequency for the sake of other things. Focus on positivity, good action, being good; doing good, delivering more to the world, delivering beyond expectations, these are all high level of existence. The highest possibility of human existence is consistent expression of compassion, kindness, unconditional love. You have every right to it. It’s extremely important to understand.

Now, to the question whether there is dark energy… of course there is dark energy, because there is bright energy. Whenever there is bright, there is dark. Everything exists. But whatever you invest in stays with you. You become that thing. This is what you need to understand. We don’t need to dissect the types of dark energies. You can see them at work. When someone is always angry, abusive, expressing hatred, revenge, operating in the level of comparisons, and so on, you understand some things operate that way. But that is not our concern. Are we consistently compassionate? Are we consistently kind? That is the only thing we need to look. That’s about it.

Life is prescribed. We have a boundary for life. We are born at a particular time; we’ll die at a particular time. Within this boundary, what best can you express on earth? We believe we have a lot of time to spare and compare. I always say it’s not worth looking at negative sides of life. It’s not worth it; it’s a waste of time. Instead, use every moment to be positive. Do your best and also don’t have any expectation of results, because if you have any particular expectation of a result and that does not happen, you will have sorrows or disappointment. Expectation is the cause of disappointment. On the other hand, if you are sacrificing the thought or expectation and allow anything to happen with the attitude – “I do the job right, I deliver all the time, nobody goes from me empty-handed,” our job is done. All we have to do is to make sure that whatever our actions are with approach – ‘Let them be pure, let them be beneficial and let them be kind’, that’s all.

Mohanji with lion cubs

If we consistently follow these principles, it doesn’t matter what others think about us, what others expect from us, because we do not discriminate. We do not dissect an activity. We do not enter into the mode of violence in thoughts, words or action; the level of purity is maintained, our delivery is always good and our approach is: what else can I do for this person? We give everything possible because whatever we hoard is not ours anyway. Whatever we collect from earth has to be left when we die. We can’t take even one pebble from here. All the property, possessions, positions, everything goes away. Hence when we leave the body, we leave empty-handed. So what is the best thing to do? Care, share, and give everything possible to everybody so that all people become better because we exist. That’s the right way of life. If we follow that, goodness comes to us, grace comes to us – deities, saints, gods, everyone come to you, just because your inner space is clean and good. Don’t worry about negative energies, whether they are intelligent or not, it doesn’t matter, because whatever there is in the positive is a possibility as negative too depending on the way it is used. If you look at the story of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was always beneficial; He only looked at how to preserve dharma. On the other hand, Shakuni and Duryodhana were selfish. They wanted everything for themselves. “I will not give five houses to Pandavas but I will keep the whole country,” is what Duryodhana said. Shakuni, his uncle, instigated him to say it. What happened? When he died (in the Kurukshetra War), the whole country did not belong to him; he needed just 6 feet of land. So what is the big deal? Care and share, let everyone be happy so that life is peaceful. Krishna said the same thing.  There is one important remark Krishna made when he was concluding the Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna; He said, “Arjuna, don’t accept anything that I said because I said so. Do not accept anything that I have explained to you because I said so. Churn it through your mind, digest it, and then, if it is suitable for you, take it. If it is not suitable for you, leave it.” So Krishna Himself gave Arjuna full freedom of rejecting what an Avatar said! This is our tradition. Our tradition is never compelling, never binding. Binding is connected to negative things because if I say I am the only one and you have to only follow me, I’m binding you. That is NOT our path. Our path is that of liberation. FREEDOM. Freedom is our nature. That is why the land, Bharata has given so many pathways to reach the Ultimate because there is freedom and there is no binding. Nobody binds you to anything. Freedom has to be maintained and always remember what Krishna said in the Bhagawad Gita, if it is suitable for you, accept it. If it is not suitable for you, it does not matter. It doesn’t matter who said so. Don’t take it.  You maintain your freedom, your mind is free, your activities are free and that is the way to express the brightness, to live with brightness inside. This is something you always need to remember. If Jesus were in this world, if he were walking with people today, he would say the same thing. He would say be yourself, be free. That’s the story of brightness. That is exactly what brightness would talk. That means you are born unbound, you remain unbound and you dissolve unbound. This is the story.

Mohanji in South Africa - Jesus statue
Our path is that of liberation. FREEDOM. Freedom is our nature. If Jesus was alive today, he would say the same thing.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof Read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Accept Yourself the Way You Are

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang, part 2

21st October 2018


Naga Loka

Q: Can you please explain the following quote on Naga Loka? It’s usual reflection as in the mind and skin, allergies and skin issues, all those things are usually connected to snakes. So if someone has skin problems, what can be said about the lineage and what can they do to manage it? See Nagaraja pranapratishta by Mohanji in Skanda Vale

Mohanji: This is more of an astrological and Ayurvedic issue.  Usually skin ailments as well as the lungs issues are connected to snakes, rather the worship of snakes. There are many rituals or prescribed methods for this.  You can learn more about this if you go to a snake temple.  In India, we have always worshipped snakes. We are connected to the Naga Loka and   we have coexisted. In every house or property, there used to be a forest-like area  and these used to be snake temples. There were not many rituals or and pujas conducted there. They would light a lamp and once a year perform a small puja. But the approach was basically, “Leave us alone.  Don’t touch our environment, we leave you free.” Today what has happened is, we have encroached far too much, destroyed the forests, and  taken  the lands of all the other beings, so it’s not only snakes. We have actually destroyed all habitats of all the beings. Why do tigers and lions come into cities now? Wild elephants enter cities. Why?  That’s because their habitats are destroyed. Everything is affecting us in an energetic way. Numerous insensitive things which we have done as human beings are affecting all of us and snakes are a part of this. The deep connection and state of “live and let live”, is affected. We destroyed and used everything possible for our selfish needs. And we never cared. We made mansions, we waged wars, and in a way destroyed the tapestry of coexistence and that’s affecting us today.

However, if you want to know not the spiritual, but the therapeutic side, I would say that you should speak to some ayurvedic practitioner or an astrologer. They will tell you exactly what is causing what.

Mohanji quote - Living Freedom

Q: I have been attacked by negative forces such as entities and spirits. Why am I vulnerable to negative forces? And how can I protect myself daily?

Mohanji: Why is not the question here.  I can explain it in one word and say that it is the constitution which attracts.  Our constitution is what attracts beings to us, be it positive or negative. Then, how do we protect ourselves? The best and the most powerful way is to chant mantras. If you chant the Gayatri Mantra every day with full concentration, connecting to your heart centre or stomach centre, that itself will take you away from all the negative; you’ll become very strong internally. The lamp has to glow within very strongly, so that you become very well protected. If you chant Gayatri,

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tát savitúr váreṇyaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

1008 times with the deep concentration early in the morning, between 3am and 6am, you will see a drastic difference. Likewise there are many different mantras and mantras which are useful for self-protection. This is all good.  As you keep chanting more and more, you become more energetic and your aura becomes stronger. Nothing can touch you then.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 20

Q: What is  a good method to balance the five elements and the three doshas in our body? Is doing a Surya Namaskar each morning a good practice for this?

Mohanji: Surya Namaskar is definitely a good practice. Also, pranayama – the Nadi Shodan, Anapanasati, and also the various types of pranayama which we practise in our meditations will help. Wherever we do Power of Purity meditation, there are certain breathing techniques, such as five-speed breathing, which are practised. If you do these, usually everything gets aligned. So both Pranayama and Surya Namaskar together will be a very good way of balancing yourself.

Judging children

Q: Why do we judge our children so much? How do we ensure we aren’t using our mind, concepts and judgement with our children?

Mohanji: Because we judge ourselves. It all starts with us. All our emotions, moods, feelings, everything, starts with us.  We have not accepted ourselves completely. That’s the reason we   judge others.  Not just children, we judge everybody – we judge a Guru, we judge God, we judge methods, we criticise everything; all because we have not accepted ourselves. You need to remember one word: acceptance. Self-acceptance. That’s the core of it. If you accept yourself, everything else is fine. Then you will live and let live. You will not judge anybody. Everything happening in us and also around us, has a reason. You cannot ask ‘why’ all the time. There will be states, where you may not understand why certain things are happening, but there is a cause. Without a cause, there is no effect. Every effect has a cause and if there is an effect without a cause, that is definitely not in the human world because it has to be completely a supernatural thing or something like that. Even then, I feel there is always a cause before an effect.  So why we judge at all is because we have learnt as a habit to judge ourselves. We are judging ourselves all the time and that’s why. How much have we accepted ourselves? That’s the fundamental question. If the acceptance is absolute, there’ll be no judgement.

Mohanji quote - True nature

Fight depression with clear purpose

Q: How do we counsel people suffering from depression, but who may not have the spiritual inclination?  It becomes harder if they are related to us, or if they are in the same family.

Mohanji: For treating depression or counselling someone, you don’t have to involve spirituality at all. Spirituality is fundamentally your relationship with your spirit, which means your connection with the spirit aspect of you, the consciousness aspect. That is not important here. The antidote of depression is CLEAR PURPOSE. If you engage the person, it has to happen when the symptoms start. When one is terribly depressed and in drugs, etc. it’s very difficult to revive them. However when someone is just beginning to get depressed, asking questions, such as, “Why should I live or what is the  reason for my existence?”,  immediately divert    them to a larger cause.  It is important to bring in a great purpose, not just making a family or falling in love or getting married or having children. Those are lesser purposes.

Instead, it should be a purpose where you make a positive difference in the society around you; one where you bring forth warmth and brightness in the world.  It should be real, natural and of larger consequence.

So the antidote for a depressive state is a clear purpose. You don’t need spirituality in this. You can guide people to causes like taking care of abandoned children or abandoned old people and such. There are so many issues in the society where they can get involved and that will bring their purpose up. When they wake up each morning, they should feel, “Hey, I have something to do today.” When that happens, automatically they will be happy, they will come out of depression. The right purpose always gives us momentum and inspiration. We should make them self-inspired. You can’t inspire them each time.

Mohanji quote - Purpose, re-invent yourself

How to find a husband

Q: I cannot find my husband and start a family. Why is it?

Mohanji: You are very lucky (chuckles) actually; I can give you a one-word answer: if you can’t find your husband, it is probably karmic.  However, let us imagine this situation I tell you (laughs) don’t take it seriously I’m just trying to explain the situation in a bit of a comical way.

Imagine you had a husband who was beating you up and your only prayer to God was, “Please God, take this guy away from me,” or “I don’t need to have a husband anymore”.

What happens next? That life is already determined because you have a husband who beats you.  Your next life happens and your prayer is answered. It took a lifetime to get your prayer answered!      Thus, in this lifetime you don’t have a husband. Now you are praying, “Oh, God, give me a husband!” So that guy is maybe still waiting to come to you (laughs) and continue with his journey – not your journey, his journey.

I’m joking, please don’t take it seriously, but understand there is always a reason for everything and the causes are usually the prayers or the deep desires of last life. It’s usually the case.  A person, who was in extreme poverty, craves for money and in the next life they become rich. Because in that life it was not possible, as per the karmic configuration…

Mohanji quote - Stable awareness

Q: How to develop awareness?

Mohanji: To develop awareness you actually have to connect to yourself. Everything has to start with yourself. Like I said earlier, your thoughts, words and actions, everything should be aligned and everything should be connected to your conscience. That means you are acting, doing things and expressing yourself this world in different ways and everything should be aligned. That will lead you to increased confidence in your activity. If you are completely scattered, your thoughts are scattered, mind is scattered everywhere, your activities are scattered, and then to consolidate them it will take a long time.

So whatever you do, do it with concentration, do it with dedication, as worship and then you can develop more and more confidence.

Q: Bhagawan Sathya Sai often says “finishing the game” – whether be it sports, life or the toughest thing. What about finishing the game in spirituality? Can you shed light on this?

Mohanji: Finishing the game means completion. Whatever you do, complete it. Don’t leave loose ends. I did not hear this statement before, so I am just guessing. What Bhagawan would have probably meant, is that whatever you start, complete it beautifully, as best as you can. Don’t leave loose ends because whenever you leave loose ends, you are asking for a new incarnation. So do everything as best as you could and conclude it. That is what he would have probably meant.

Mohanji quote - No procrastination

Q: Is it possible for a Shambala energy practitioner to connect to Mohanji as the source of healing energy?

Mohanji: Well, connecting to Mohanji energy is natural. I think most people are connecting. How best you are able to use it depends on the purity of your connection. If your activity and connection are pure, in other words, it is for a pure and good purpose, the connection will be consistent. On the other hand, if the connection is used for an impure purpose,   such as hurting somebody, or talking bad or gossiping, it won’t work. Because the energy, the flow is in the path/way of purity. The source is pure.

Therefore your connection will depend on how pure your intentions are. If your intentions are pure, connection will happen, connection will always remain.

Mohanji quote - Samadhi

Q: No mind or Nirvichara samadhi – what’s their relationship with self-realisation? Are they states related to each other?

Mohanji:  Imagine your mind is like a reflector. Like you see umbrellas reflecting certain frequencies, certain waves into the sky, the satellites, etc. satellite receivers and stuff like that. Imagine this is like a projector. Thoughts are getting projected through this projector into this world. And when thoughts are not happening this projector remains as it is. When thoughts get completely wiped out, there is no source of thought, then this projector remains as it is and collapses i.e. loses its importance.  That state is the state of liberation.  From there onwards you do not return because there is no source – the source is not providing any vibration – no thoughts. When no thoughts are happening, there is no use for the projector. There is no data coming into the projector to project into this world. Then this whole projection will stop and projector remains invalid. And in that context liberation stabilises. From there onwards it is nullification. Whatever you have accumulated, that gets nullified, then it’s complete dissolution.

Mohanji quote - Samadhi 2

Q: The more the vibration of the Earth is rising, the more immune system of people is deteriorating e.g. they suffer from allergies to everyday things. What is the solution?

Mohanji: Our disconnection with the nature is the main cause of all this.  Nature has always had equilibrium.  If you look at – the entire nature, the plant world the animal world, they are   all interconnected and self-sustained. However, we human beings (7.5 billion people), have overpopulated ourselves and have conquered every aspect of the Earth: the air, the water, the earth – on every level we have encroached.  This has created a huge imbalance and this imbalance has resulted in melting of the ice, changes in the world temperature and a paralysis of ecosystems; all of these are connected to our “over-existence”, our predominance.

The main reason for our ailments is our insensitive lifestyle. The food we consume, the emotions we consume, the knowledge or the information we consume – all these affect our usual life process.

The solution  is to CONNECT WITH YOURSELF, have  fewer needs, have no greed, share more and give  more, so that whatever you  may be, you can be self-contented i.e. contentment factor will be very high.  At that level you can detach from many of the things which are compelling us, in the society which compels   us to that kind of existence. We can withdraw a little bit and that will give us more stability.

Mohanji quote - Peaceful with yourself

A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is needed for a larger change in the world. We need to have a collective consciousness. The whole generation should feel that we need harmony. We need to coexist. We need harmony. When we die, we cannot take even a pebble with us. This understanding should be very, very clear to everybody right from the childhood, from the school days until we die. We should always remember we carry nothing when we die. We came empty-handed, we leave empty-handed, and all that we seemingly conquer is temporary. Imagine four generations before us in our own family, do you remember those people? For example your grandfather’s grandfather? Or his father? We don’t even remember them. We don’t know them, not even their names many times! We don’t know where they came from, what emotions they handled, how much land they conquered, how much property they had… None of these things matter to us because our reality today is all that we have in our custody.

This is our existence, four or five generations later, who will remember us?  This understanding should be very clear so that greed is removed…  Once that happens, things are fine; you will start experiencing harmony. We can coexist,  share what we have,  love more than we hate, we do not have to compete or compare, we will accept people’s weaknesses and strengths, let it all be. Because, why do we criticise anybody? Why do we only look at the weaknesses of people? Everyone,   even our grandfather’s grandfather had weaknesses. All people have weaknesses. We have weaknesses. We have our needs and greed and our emotions. Let it all be because that is what human life is all about.

Mohanji quote - Being oneself

With that awareness, you take the next step. It will be more stable, it will be very peaceful, and then you will see a lot of ailments leaving you. We have captured and conquered and kept ailments because of our emotional clutter. This will start dissipating. Our concepts, our ideologies, our moralities, our thoughts process, all these things are affecting us and we are unable to come out of it. That’s why I am saying that we need to start thinking differently, accepting things differently. Furthermore, stop hating. Hate nothing. Hate nobody. Also, use every faculty to love. If you cannot love, better detach, not start throwing stones or fighting because when you throw stones, you are injured more than the other person. Negativity affects you when you “train” in negativity; it affects you more than the other person, so this is all causing us ailments, allergies, feelings. And when we have deep irritation inside, it comes as skin irritation. It’s visible on the skin. It’s always like that. When we do not have proper sleep, when we are suffocated with life, it affects us that way. All these are affecting us. This is important to understand.

Mohanji quote - Awareness through acceptance

Mohanji’s message to all, emphasising acceptance

Always remember this – Self acceptance cannot be compromised. You need to accept yourself and that is the deep message that I would like to give you.  If you do not accept anything else it does not matter but you need to accept yourself. If that does not happen, one lifetime will get wasted. So, get on with it, practice acceptance. Whenever you have anger, look at yourself as an angry person, it goes away. When you are feeling sad, look at yourself as a sad person, it will go away. When you are happy, look at yourself as a happy person, and that also goes away. Everything is coming and going. Whatever comes will go. Whatever is born will die. Use this life to empty yourself. There should be no clutter. There should be no hatred. There should be no enmity. Don’t be rude with people, don’t be rude with yourself. Always love, always connect to yourself and BE HAPPY! WISH YOU GREAT HAPPINESS, WISH YOU GREAT SUCCESS.  Thank you.

Mohanji quote - Citizens of each nation-contribute

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                                            Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan