Mohanji on Satanism and Its Connection to Music Industry

Mohanji 212Q: What do you think about Satanism and can you say something about musical industry that more and more propagates it?

M: Satanism is an aberration of the mind. Satanists look at dark as dark or evil, something which is possessive, controlling, binding as the ultimate or as a passion or power, rather than liberating, loving, enhancing, things which are from the white side as the ultimate. The Satanist activities and movements are created by inertia, people with inertia or kind of inertia, who have an urge to control, possess and manipulate. But, the real path is the path where it liberates, everything liberates, where everything is to enhance you, your energies to the highest potential. And the modus operandi (the matter of operation) is love, kindness, compassion, nurturing, sharing, caring… all the good things which expand your heart. That is the path.

Music industry and various industries only look at what sells. Sometimes what sells is something which makes fears in you or makes you feel under control, your usual social notions like dos and don’ts, breaking the moral pattern and all those things may feel like the right thing to do, but that is the wrong thing to do. What is the right thing to do is what nurtures you, what enhances you, what makes you reach inside, what makes you feel good inside, good in the positive way. And that’s the right thing to do. If you continuously do that, then not only you, the society will also be cleaner, brighter, and also it will generate that kind of good energy in the society. This is our world, and we have to give the brightest light and the right energy into this world.

Transcribed by Stasa Misic         


Interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji for the Awakening Times ~ Part 3

Author: Katyayani Chowdhry

Read the original interview in the Awakening Times magazine here.

Mohanji in Delhi - interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji for the Awakening Times magazine, part 3

What is the Guru Mandala? Are all the Gurus and traditions connected? If so, does that mean when you bow down to one, you also honour the other? What can we do for our Guru? How can one become a true and sincere disciple?


Mohanji: Guru Mandala represents a state, a Realm of Masters. Please understand there are not many Masters- there are only states. You call someone a Master based on a state. When a person achieves a certain state, we consider that person as a Master and there are certain signs that people connect to- a person who is contented with existence, a person who is able to deliver with conviction, a person who has consistency, a person who stands with you today, yesterday, tomorrow and every day, every hour, every minute, and does not fluctuate- i.e. stability, stillness of mind. These are all signs of being a Master. So there are various states which are possible in the path of evolution, into higher levels of stability.


The Guru Mandala means the zone of the Masters of the same frequency. When you are in a certain state, your expression will be of a certain frequency and in that frequency a lot of different Masters come together and they expound or they emit that frequency- that is what we call as Guru Mandala. And this leads to a transformation in you.


If you are in the company of such Masters, (just like when you are in a place with lots of fragrance, your whole body and your dress will also be fragrant), your aura changes, your energy changes, your pattern changes, your blockages get removed. When you are working in tandem with Masters, then evolution becomes much faster. That is why the company of Masters is always recommended in Sanatan Dharma. It may not be easy- because there will be numerous dimensional destructions happening in the company of Masters- because there are numerous blockages that we have accumulated over a period of time which we may not even see; but when you are actually with the Master, the Master understands these blockages you have and then starts breaking them. It might be very painful and sometimes it can be very traumatic. So there are certain things like concepts- the usual concepts about behavioural patterns, sexuality, the money aspect, the upbringing and the educational aspect- so many different aspects and concepts we have already collected and we think are boundaries.


Masters may destroy all these boundaries and say- Look here, all your experiences are connected to you as an incarnation and Karma is the only rule– then Masters, i.e. Masters who exist in a stable inner state, break all these things. When you are in connection with them, or when you are serving them or working with them, they start breaking all these things up. Then it might be very traumatic and fearful for some time, but after that it’s 100% freedom. You actually experience freedom because freedom is equal to lack of dependency. A Master holds your hand until you become totally free.


Total freedom is freedom from your own mind, a mind filled with concepts, fears and phobias and all the other needs. It is totally annihilated and not even a thought happens in the mind- total freedom- so a real Master creates more Masters- then you also evolve into that state and you too become part of the Guru Mandala.


You can connect to any form, because when you connect to one form, you connect to all. Forms are not that important here, the frequency is the main thing, stability is the main thing. When you connect to any form of that frequency, then you connect to every form of that frequency. For example, if somebody is an alcoholic, he will have many friends who like alcohol. Similarly, when you connect to a Master then you connect to all Masters of that frequency. That is how it works.


And are these physical realms? No. These are frequency realms and frequency realms have no physical meaning at all, it can be anywhere. So when you say Masters of the same frequency flock together, it’s true. Where they are needed, that’s where they are. So they are all based on need and necessity. It is not based on what place they like to be. There is no “like” here. It’s all necessity. What you have to do, it will be done. What they have to do, they will do. The mind has no value here. The mind does not exist here. Purpose alone takes it forward. It is only about purpose. That is the Guru Mandala.


What can you do for a Guru? A Guru needs nothing from you. If you are steady and steadfast and consistent and you have conviction in the Guru, then the Guru delivers. This is exactly how it works.

Guru is a state. When you decide to serve a Guru in a human form, you are actually serving the state. You are actually serving a frequency. Guru does not need anything from you. What does a Guru need from you? Guru is here to deliver. And what does the Guru deliver? A Guru delivers stability, a frequency, a state to you. If you are talking about a Guru in the human form, your reason for connection to your Guru is your aspiration – you would like to be in that state of the Guru.


As the scriptures say, there are no disciples for any Guru, but every disciple has a Guru, because there is an aspiration for the disciple to come to that state. So if you are serving a Guru, then basically what you need is the conviction, you need to believe and trust that you are doing the right thing. Consistency- yesterday, today, tomorrow- you should do the same thing. And continuity- whatever you do should be continuous. Not that you serve the Guru today and tomorrow you don’t have the mind or you change your mind and you do a different thing. That will not help. These are all mind related things. Guru has nothing to do with mind things.


And also, a Guru does not have any needs.  A Guru will survive, it is not a problem. But you need the Guru because you need to reach the state the Guru exists in. Now the detrimental factors are doubts. If you doubt a Guru, if you criticise a Guru, if you judge a Guru, the Guru material inside you dies. The Guru aspect in you becomes dim. It’s like a lamp without oil in it; it is a burning wick with very little oil in it, so it can’t burn well. But if you are full of gratitude and love for the Guru as he is, every Master will have his own flavour. That is the way it is chosen, because the world has 7.5 billion people and 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion frequencies. When a Master has to address these 7.5 billion frequencies, he has to have certain characteristics and constitutions to address them. Maybe he is not addressing the whole lot- but even a segment of it- he will have that kind of flavour.


Jesus had a particular flavour to address his people. Prophet Mohammed had a particular flavour to address his people. Krishna, Buddha, everyone had their own flavours and constitutions. Guru Nanak, Shirdi SaiBaba, Mahavira- all these people addressed the generations of their time and in the language and configuration which they could understand. Because the teachings were beyond their generation it survived, otherwise they were there for talking to the people of their generation.


Why did they take bodies? They took bodies so that they could convey something to the people- it’s not because they needed the body. Basically, when a person becomes a state, the body becomes insignificant. So when you are established in a state, the body is not the thing, communication is the main thing. You keep the body as long as you need to say something. That is completely based on the purpose of life, i.e. when you do not have any need of your own, then the purpose is of the higher level, or the purpose is that of service. So for that purpose, they keep the body as long as they need, to talk to people, to convey the message. Then they dissolve, and the message continues through lifetimes, through generations. And that message becomes clarified or becomes more like a philosophy which can even cause a religion. Religions are formed out of philosophies.


Philosophies are created for a certain generation and then transcends generations. This is how it happens- so if you are actually getting connected to a living Master- there is no better luck that you can ever imagine in life.


You can have any possessions you like- you can have buildings, cars, children, relatives – but the connection to a state which is represented by a Master is highest possible in any lifetime. If you can achieve that, then the next thing you need to cultivate, nurture within you is “no doubt”. No doubt, no criticism, no judgement, no fear- then you stick to the Guru with total acceptance. You will automatically raise yourself to the level and state of the Guru. Even at certain times in the past you have seen that happening.  When a person increases their capacity, the Guru delivers himself completely into the disciple and he disappears. We have seen that happening- that means the disciple raises his capacity from a glass to a bathtub and to an ocean – then the Guru delivers the ocean which is himself- to the disciple and he will just be dissolved. So this has happened in history and it can happen again, but then why it is not happening frequently is because there are no disciples with full conviction, with full commitment, full consistency- for whom only guru matters, nothing else. Those kinds of disciples are not there, it’s missing- that is why no Guru is able to deliver anything to anybody- because there are no vessels to receive it.


Then what happens is that the Guru sometimes transcends himself and dissolves and leaves his body as space for people to visit, or a place of worship, a Samadhi– for the future people to connect to. Then again, it is not his body, it is not his constitution, it is his state that is creating that vibration- for that place becomes a shrine and lot of people get benefited even after his death.


But a true Guru is looking for a true Disciple all the time. The biggest achievement, the greatest pleasure for any Guru, is to have a true disciple- who does not judge him, who does not criticize him, does not doubt him, and stays there as a complete vessel so that the Guru can deliver himself into it. This is all beyond gender, it is not man or women or anything, or child or adult or anything, it is just the capacity.


If you want to do something for the Guru, be consistent. Be complete with the Guru and always look at the Guru as the ultimate option. A true disciple does not exist, apart from being a shadow of the Master. Guru is the light, a disciple assumes the form of a shadow and then he moves along with the light, with the Guru. A Guru may be a drunkard, an alcoholic, a drug addict or whatever, it doesn’t matter if you know that this person has a state- stick on. That is the highest you can do for a Guru, being there, being stable, it is up to the Guru to Deliver, but being consistent is up to you. You have to be consistent beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything. Understand very clearly, all that you have earned from the outside world you have to leave when you die, but what you have earned by your connection to a Master – this continues through lifetimes and that is your biggest asset, biggest income, biggest bank balance you can ever earn. Beyond that, there is nothing in life.


If you clearly realise that this is the highest bank balance possible, you will definitely focus on it as your first top priority. Usually, we see in the outside world, Guru is one of the options- you have nothing else to do, you will go meet a Guru. Even if you understand that this Guru is not ordinary, he has transcended time, he is eternal, he is in a very high state of awareness, still, the Guru does not become your priority, he becomes an option,  “I have nothing else to do- I’ll go today.” What happens then? The Guru will only give you drops, he will obviously deliver, but you have only limited capacity. When you have the capacity of an ocean, you get so much water. But if you only bring an ounce glass, Guru can only give you a few drops, that is all you are bringing, your capacity is only that much. That is why a true disciple cannot exist apart from a Guru. A true Disciple and Guru are one.


What is your explanation of the Divine Feminine? Has it played any role in your life/enlightenment? How can we access this divine feminine grace? How can women today bring about well-being and prosperity for their families on an everyday basis? 


Mohanji: Divine Feminine or Shakti is the creative aspect of Shiva. Shiva is pure consciousness and without Shakti there is no creation. So Shakti has three aspects- Iccha Shakti, Gnyana Shakti, Kriya Shakti – the power of will, the power of knowledge, the power of action (respectively). Feminine does not mean a female body- that is a wrong understanding. Feminine is the mother aspect, the creative aspect. Mother is more natural as a creator than a father. Father is a source aspect, but the mother is the creator.

Every woman in this world is a Mother by nature, whether they have children or not. The feminine is connected to motherhood, motherhood is connected to creation. So motherhood is vital, it is inevitable. You can’t really put any kind of frame to motherhood. Motherhood means what we see in this world. The whole created universe is connected to Mother, divine feminine. Shiva without Divine Feminine has no expression, he is pure Consciousness and he is complete by himself and the Divine Feminine created the creation, created the universe. All the forces of the universe derived out of Divine Feminine.

Again I repeat, it is not about a female body; when you look at a female body and decide this is Divine Feminine- we don’t understand creation at all. Feminine is part of Shiva. There is a part of the feminine in every masculine. Masculine does not have its own existence, everything is interconnected. These are all aspects of creation which are essential to continue the creation in the world and also for the universe to exist. So Divine Feminine is you and me.

But when the infusion happens, which means that the energy flows into the creation and becomes a creation, a manifestation, then that becomes actualization for the feminine. Like if you take a human Mother, or a Mother of any being, the actualization of Motherhood happens when the child happens, that means the creation happens. And every creator has a need for creation – otherwise, he is not a creator. Creator aspect only becomes reality when there is a creation happening- in the mind level it doesn’t happen. So divine feminine is real, it is powerful and if you understand that you are representing the Divine Feminine as every woman of the world- then you understand the whole structure.

Mohanji visits Mohanji Ka Aangan in Delhi - Ammucare Charitable Trust children

Why there is this question at all is because we have attached certain sins connected to sexuality, sins connected to certain aspects of feminine- that is when all these things become contaminated. Actually, there is no sin – the only sin as I said is the violence aspect. When you are violent about something- when you are denied something and you become violent that leads to complications. So the denial is connected to certain states of morality which we think are essential, but the real state of existence is in the flow of karma; the flow of species, the flow of life is itself the Dharma. Sanatan Dharma says that every day is existence, every day is a flow; and in the flow there are twists and turns and ups and downs- that is exactly how creativity works.

In the aspect of the Supreme Consciousness, in the absolute Shiva, there are no ups and downs and twists and turns, because of its’ permanent existence. But in the aspect of Shakti, there are 3 aspects- levels of creation, dualities, time and space, utilization of time and space. All these aspects come within creation, and without this, there can’t be creation.

So when we are talking about creation, without Shakti, Shiva does not have expression and without Shiva, Shakti has no power. They are interconnected; they are two aspects of one thing. The created universe is connected to the non-created or unmanifested universe. Every manifestation has come out of the unmanifested. Every sound has come out of silence.

If you understand this then the whole thing is beautiful, it’s vibrant, it’s beautiful there is nothing right or nothing wrong. Whatever is your aspect of creation or actualization of that aspect is right. If you suppress the actualization then it is wrong because you are again making it a pending matter and only in the mind it exists. The do’s and the don’ts, the good and the bad- all exist in the mind- and once you cross over the mind, it’s beautiful, it is a grand creation in a much larger order.

You can only wonder at the creation, the Creator, and the whole aspects of feminine and masculine both. Both are two dimensions of the same thing. Both are two sides of the same coin. Just like our existence, the duality, the nature of our existence maintains the drama of life. If there is no duality, if there is no drama of life- then life is bland. Even if you are completely away from all this and you are completely withdrawn inside and not connected to it- the drama still happens. Drama of birth and death happens, drama of emotions happens, everything happens- but at the same time if you are not affected then you are stabilised in the Supreme Consciousness- that is the only thing you can connect to, the only thing you can aspire for or merge into, that is exactly what our whole life is about.

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Interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji for the Awakening Times ~ Part 2

Author: Katyayani Chowdhry

Read the original interview in the Awakening Times magazine here.

Kumbh Mela 2019 group photo

Why should an ordinary human being, struggling with mundane life be attracted to “spirituality”? How can it help? To cut through directly, can spirituality make one rich? How? Because only if one has the luxury of material abundance can one look beyond the mundane…

Mohanji: Why should one go to spirituality? The answer is – Because one is not “going” to spirituality. Spirit is part of you. Spirit is running your body, mind, intellect, ego and all the other aspects. So, at a certain point in time you will have to connect to the spirit. Spirit has dimensions- waking state, dream state, deep sleep state- whatever you see outside is not yours. You can talk about any material, any person, any position, you can talk about anything in the outside world- it is not yours, and it’s only temporary. You are custodian of that for some time, after that it goes away. What is inside, permanently, continuously, guiding and delivering experiences which is part of life-that is spirit. You will get to know that at some point of time in life. It’s not that we choose – “Ok now we have had enough of the external world, we go inside”. It is not like that. It is something which is already sitting in you and you are reminded about it. You become reminded of the real factor, the real aspect of you. You understand that all these illusions apart, I am a real being, I am the Spirit inside that has activated the mind, body, intellect and ego- that is exactly what I am and that connection, the deepening of that connection is the deepening of spirituality. This is what Spirituality is.

It is not what you think is an activity. You can use any activity to reach that experience of Spirit. You can use kriyas, you can use yoga asanas, you can use meditations, contemplations. You can take any path, any deity, any worship, hatha yoga, dhyana yoga, karma yoga– but at the end of the day you are only using them as vehicles to reach a state where you are one with the spirit. So, Spirituality is You. Everybody is equal here- nobody has higher spirituality or lower spirituality- there is higher connectivity and lower connectivity. When I say higher connectivity, that means more connectivity with Spirit, lower connectivity means more with the external world. Apart from that, there is no one higher or no one lower. Some people who are fully connected to the Spirit- we call them MASTERS.

We get attracted to them because they don’t need anything from the external world, they are fully connected to their inside world and they are very happy and contented, because inside world is permanent, outside world is not permanent. People are generally emotional, in the emotional state, in the thought state- ideas change, ideals change, materials outside change- everything changes, so we are fed up of these changes after a while. None of these things are permanent, not even this body- it is not permanent.

While you are existing, while you have this incarnation, use this incarnation to connect to yourself- and reach the highest state you can as an individual and that is obviously the spirit state. You establish in the Spirit state- that is the Shakti-state also, self-realisation state and also that is a permanent state. It has its own permanence and then you reach the state of soul- the Shiva-state- where everything becomes you. You have nothing else to look at. What you look outside is you, all the emotions outside is you, all the people outside are you, everything is you. So, that state, it is a natural progression for every individual, it is not like at one point you stop the other and choose this, it doesn’t work that way. You are always flowing, reaching a state where nothing else matters- only the Spirit matters. This is how it happens.

Mohanji at Peace Pledge Project in Delhi - Lotus Temple - Active Peace

How can people get unstuck in life? There are karmic patterns that keep repeating cyclically in many cases, and people are so stuck that even though they want to, they can’t get out of their situations and just can’t seem to move on, even though they have the awareness to see that it is a repetitive pattern: be it financially, maritally, socially, health wise…etc. Is there a mantra to get unstuck and move on in life? I don’t mean it in the context of escapism, but in being aware that it is some sort of karma- but you still want to move out of it, without playing the blame game.

Mohanji: Whenever we are stuck with something, it means that we are succumbing to our dependencies and expectations. Expectations and tendencies are the cause for getting stuck at every level. Mostly expectations are controlled by certain desires and wrong understandings as well. So, if it is a situation or a person or a place or anything of this aspect including things like marriage, a particular position in the society, wealth, assets- all those things, they are all connected to certain concepts which we are digesting or we have acquired. It is not yours, you have collected it from the society and society tells that you should get married, society tells you should have children, society demands quite a lot of things- because society cannot see the Karma, society is two dimensional. Society does not understand Karma at all. Why a certain person behaves in a certain way- the society cannot understand. We acquire it and try to practise it. So, every dependency causes pain.

Whenever you are dependent on something external, that causes pain. You are free by birth. Freedom is your birth right and freedom is your nature. So, any binding, even if it is small or big- it leaves pain, it gives pain. This is one aspect. And expectations about individual relationships- that causes pain. These are the two things that we say we are stuck in existence. The remedy, the way to get out is – perfect awareness.

First and foremost, understand that you are a Karmic-being. In that situation, because your Karmic structure chose that, your Karmic configuration created that situation for you. You may like it or you may not like it, that’s different- it depends on this life and this existence. Now you have a choice – that you become aware and you accept, you allow it to happen. Then you choose no suffering. This whole situation will dilute. The mantra to get unstuck is awareness. Practise awareness. Practising awareness means that you are aware that you are existing, that you are going through a situation and this awareness should be combined with non-resistance. No resistance at all. Total acceptance- ok, this is my situation, I accept it, be very cool about it and you handle it. Only when you resist it becomes painful. Whenever you resist any situation it becomes painful and that memory goes deeper. So, before something becomes a pattern- there is a deep memory connected to it. A memory which is very deep becomes a pattern.

A memory which is very deep always reminds you that it exists- just like a big tree is more visible than the small bushes or shrubs or grass- like that you need to understand that everything is created by you in this way. May be it was a small incident that left a memory, then similar incidents add up to that memory, this memory becomes much deeper and more solid, and after a while it becomes a pattern. This memory creates its’ own existence. Something which is already in the ground – it grows and it creates a pattern and life becomes repetitive. Something you think you are stuck with- there is always a deeper impression which is keeping you there. So it is important that you need to dilute this impression.


Now going to the system, how it operates- the impressions that you are sending out of residual memory- stays waiting for the right position and right time to materialize into a form, into an activity, an experience- so when it really matures, when the environment is right for it to express itself, that’s the time when you are resisting again. When you are resisting, it is not going away, it’s staying back. Each time you resist any situation, that goes back into the mind and again it comes out, so that eventually becomes a pattern. Each time you put anything back into the line again, it goes and comes back again. So every situation you push away becomes your reality sooner or later on a much more permanent level- that’s what you call the successes and failures of life, but if you accept every situation: alright, this is happening, I have to handle it- and you are not even actually handling it! Like Bhagawan Krishna says- Surrender all your activities and the results of it to me and I will release you from it. When you are surrendering all your activities and all results- and you are just existing as a person completely occupied in Self, then all these things will diminish after a while because once they can’t manifest in you with full intensity, then they lose importance.

Whatever loses importance in life drops off and whatever drops off is gone forever. Then you do not even have a memory. You may have a faint memory that something like that may have happened in past lives. It drops off and finally you become empty- when you become empty, you become complete by the divine spirit. So you can definitely get out of this experience with one mantra- PERFECT AWARENESS- that you exist and only you exist. Everything you are experiencing – you have collected at some point in time. Whatever is outside of you are only triggers of what lies inside you. Everything outside remains outside as long as you don’t take it inside- that’s not yours and you are completely free from it. If you have clear awareness that you are a complete being experiencing something called life with this incarnation, then you will be free from it easily. It is an attitudinal thing.

If you are suffering, resisting or complaining, you are actually reinforcing. Likewise if you are criticizing, judging, scandalizing, taking revenge etc- the poison sits in you more than in other people. So when you mislead somebody, or when you criticize somebody, you are actually criticizing yourself, because you are creating all those energies inside and it flows out. Then what happens is that you as a source get more contaminated than the world outside. So it is always the case that where ever there is suffering, where ever there is a situation of pain- look at the source- where is it coming from? You will see a memory which you have stored, which is a part of your pending disorder pattern; if order is happiness then disorder is sadness. So this disorder pattern is created. In the absolute sense there is no disorder, it’s all experience and you are aware that this is all just experience and you have nothing to do with it, it is just happening through you- then you will survive- you will be free from it eventually.

When people pray to energies in a temple or a church or a mosque…, is Anyone actually listening? If no, why did prayer develop, because it seems to have been embedded in civilization since the beginning of it? If yes, how do we pray, especially if you need help? What is the most efficient way to pray so that Someone answers? Or do we not pray at all?

Mohanji: Human beings understood that there are higher powers than themselves, so they created systems over a period of time that they could ask somebody to help them. There are numerous beings that are very benevolent in the created universe. There is a created universe and there is an uncreated universe; the uncreated universe is much more than the created universe. So if you feel and you understand that the uncreated universe created the created universe which is part of our existence as well as yourself and the universe which is tangible, then there is a creator who is the unmanifested and uncreated. Thus people tend to connect to the unmanifested as the source and that is where the prayers developed from.

Mohanji feeding a monkey - Interview with MohanjiEventually the saints and the seers understood that to reach the uncreated universe you can’t go outside to reach – you have to go inside and reach. So they developed systems where they withdrew themselves from the senses, they withdrew the mind into themselves, then they stabilised the mind into the soul- which is the spirit- and they stabilised the intellect into the spirit, ego into the spirit- and they completely withdrew themselves into silence and connected to the source which is the actual source particle within them- which we call soul; then the whole connection started with the outside universe, because when you connect to the source inside- you connect to the actual source outside. Then they realised that there is no inside or outside because this whole thing that we consider as incarnation is just an illusion, meaning it’s just temporary. Nothing tangible is an illusion- it is a temporary thing. When they realised this connection to the inside, they became self-conscious or they became aware of the Self, then they became aware of the cosmic self. So this is the way.

In our case when the mind is praying to something outside that is mostly connected to insecurity or connected to some needs- that’s a very fragile way of praying and that is rooted in

non-understanding. There is no master or teacher sitting in the outside world, as a being who is granting wishes and boons like that. In the structure of Sanatana Dharma, we have deities- deities are all connected to ideas. We have various types of deities- 33 crore deities- meaning that there are 330 million dimensions of the Supreme Consciousness, which is pure energy. The great Masters codified or gave a structure to the 330 million dimensions possible of the Supreme Consciousness and they have given it a name and a form corresponding to their ideal or what they are representing. They created yantras or sacred geometry structures. They created mantras to activate or maintain them. These great Masters understood them and made them tangible for the people to worship. When you worship them you actually worship that aspect within you.

As I said in the beginning, the people who recognized that the whole creation and the creator sits inside them- they started connecting within, withdrawing the senses, withdrawing the mind from the senses and the intellect and Ego from the outside world and bringing it inside and then they started actualizing it. They realized that there are numerous dimensions of the creator, and each creator will create a different creation based on its dimension. So you are also one force- you created yourself and you have power to create new existence, so you are Shakti. In the same way, every being is shakti, every being is a creator and the creator has big force. That possibility is segregated and classified in 330 million forms by great Masters and they said, “Look here, all these dimensions are real to you and are inside you. But you connect to what suits you because you will naturally connect to something which connects you to the state that is close to your state”. What suits you is what you can digest and like a food you consume. So you will connect to a God or a Deity that’s natural to you, that is why in the Sanatan Dharma tradition, everything is a deity – a tree is a deity, a plant is a deity, because every being which has the power to create his own clan or a class or his own is a deity, because he is a creator. So, a human being is also a creator.

The soul-aspect has the power to create more bodies, so naturally we have the power and the presence and the dimension of the creator. Hence, we respect everybody as ourselves, as a potential creator. That is why we do Namaste- that is, we respect the creatorship in you and I respect you as a creator. So when you pray to something outside, what you pray to and which level you pray to – this is very important to understand. The highest and the best prayer is the prayer of Gratitude. First of all, you should be accepting of whatsoever is happening in you, your body, your mind, your intellect, your ego, your positioning, your possessions, your upbringing, your lineage, your family, your parents- then there is a larger flow of life that made this possible. There is a larger pattern, there is a larger configuration, so first you respect that and it will lead you to contentment: “I am happy with what I am, I am happy with this situation, I am happy with this incarnation.” At that level, the only prayer that is possible is gratitude- I am grateful, for all the pain and the pleasures of life are a part of it.

There is nothing good or nothing bad in life. We say something is very bad only because you did not accept it as that thing- that’s all. You cannot talk about any aspect of existence as good or bad, you can’t blame somebody, because everybody exists in their own karma. They are all travelling in their path, and what can you call as right or wrong, it is very difficult to say. I always say that violence is wrong- violence is bad because it breeds more violence. So when more violence happens, then emotions are running and you are connecting to it and your affinity with yourself reduces, that is why I say violence is not good. If you get love, you can accept, you can literally embrace it as it comes, then your connectivity inside is stable. That is more relevant and effective to connect to the larger aspect of existence. That is why I always say connect to yourself and do not be violent in thought, word and action. Accept and move forward. I am not saying be a doormat and suffer, what I am saying is accept everything with awareness and know that- this has come to me, there is a reason for this happening to me; these people have come to me, they are sent- otherwise they wouldn’t have reached me. There is a larger configuration, there is a larger perspective- everything that has happened in your life has a purpose, you just accept the purpose. Some of them are painful, some of them are pleasant –“Oh I didn’t expect this person to behave like this!”, or, “Oh I expected this person to behave like this!” – all these things are in the mind. So you take your mind off and give an expression of gratitude and life will clear up spontaneously.

People think that there is some God or someone outside listening to your prayers. When you go and see a deity, that deity belongs to you- he is a part of you- you are actually accepting that aspect of you and then you are praying to that aspect of you within you. That is why we close our eyes and pray, we don’t open our eyes and pray. Why? Because spontaneously we know that when we are praying, we are praying inside and not outside. When you open your eyes you are looking outside. When you look outside- what you see are images, forms, and you get diluted – that that is what is going to grant you your wishes- it is not so.You are actually unlocking yourself to receive it,that is when you are actually getting the results. So when you pray to something outside and you close your eyes and say- God please do this for me, or, Please help me, so inside you are asking for the blockage to be removed. And who is removing it? You are actually allowing it to be removed, so it is getting removed. Not that God is sitting outside and says- Ok now I remove this thing from you!


It is not so. It is actually internally that you are doing it. Everything is inside- understand- the world outside has no existence apart from you. When you look at the world outside, the world exists, when you don’t look at the world outside it doesn’t exist. So everything is inside, all the creations are inside, that’s why great Masters created 330 million dimensions of the Supreme Consciousness and said now you connect to anything you like. But they are not insisting that you connect to anything, that freedom is there. If you are only looking at one dimension, then you do not even understand Creation. Look at an average human existence – you are a father, you are a son, you are a spouse, you are an employee, employer, a pedestrian, you are a consumer- you have numerous roles in everyday life. So its not one dimension that you live all the time. Just like that, deities and gods have numerous dimensions- that you understand and connect to, and then you can be in tune with creation.

So prayers are good, but prayers with the awareness that- they are to ourselves, it is all inside; and deities outside are our own representations. There are deities who are angry deities, there are deities who are loving deities, there are deities who will give you wealth-(if you pray to them you will become rich- they are to provide wealth), there are deities to provide success, there are deities to remove blockages. All these deities are dimensions of you and when you pray to them you are actually giving commands, intrusion into yourself, or your affirmations to yourself that- let the blockage towards this be cleared and let me be successful– this is how it works.

Then how do gurus work differently? Gurus are people who have actualized themselves. When you connect to the energy of the Master, then like a mirror it reflects into them and comes out. They are very similar to deities but Gurus work differently. Gurus with their accumulated grace factor are able to change things in their outside world.

That is because they have collected something. Like, see you have earned a million dollars, so you can spend a million dollars. If you have not earned a million dollars then you cannot spend it. So through good work, activities, prayers and meditations, chanting and so many different things that gave them strength and power, they have collected them over life times and that bank balance is what they are using for your benefit. So that is the way that Guru sometimes changes your destiny- because they have already earned that bank balance and using that bank balance they can help you.

They will help you provided you deserve the help. It’s not like they like you, they look at your face and they like you and they help you. It does not happen like that, eligibility is a very important thing- eligibility means purity of thought, purity of word, purity of action- that’s the main thing, the purpose should be pure. If the purpose is to harm somebody or hurt somebody or possess somebody or control somebody- Gurus may not be interested to help you, because that may not be the cause that they stand for. Sanatan Dharma does not support wrong action- which means actions that control people, manipulate people, or any of those actions that are not good for society. Sanatan Dharma stays with the dharmic people- dharmic people are enforced by Sanatan Dharma; and the Masters that enforce the Sanatan Dharma will only help those people who are actually doing something for the world.

You cannot even imagine the quantum of that help – it ‘ll be like a huge force of a million horsepower or a billion horse power or something like that, provided that you are doing it for the sake of the larger good of the world. So this is also one suggestion that if you want to get out of your small states of fears and phobias and binding- you have to get into the larger worldview and get into larger action, so that spontaneously larger forces come through you and work through you and that automatically dilutes and dissolves these smaller aspects of fears, phobias and bindings.

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The Mohanji Foundation, set up in 17 countries across the world, is an embodiment of Mohanji’s vision to help build a more compassionate human space. It offers selfless service in many areas, such as providing free meals and medicines, orphanages, old age homes, shelters, relief, etc.

Kriya is offered by Mohanji for those who are eligible and apt for it. It is a practice that has long been preserved and protected by this tradition; ensuring the flow of grace from the Masters through initiation by the Guru.

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Maitri Healing is a system of energy healing, available to all, those who are sick or suffer blocks, children and pregnant women, individuals or groups, available in person or via distance.

Mohanji is the source of healing in this methodology, his grace is invoked to remove karmic blocks at the causal level by the healer, as the healed allows it to flow unimpelled.

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Interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji for the Awakening Times ~ Part 1

Author: Katyayani Chowdhry

Read the original interview in the Awakening Times magazine here.


The Golden Path is a living tradition of teachings that expresses purity and non-violence in thought, word and action.

Mohanji is an enlightened being who is an exponent of this revered tradition. Albeit reluctantly, he embraced the elevated status of becoming a Guru himself post-enlightenment, having been coaxed to do so by the Masters of the tradition.

Unpretentious, unassuming and disarming, he connects to your heart the moment you lock eyes with him, even for the first time, eroding any unfamiliarity in less than a moment.

I know him! From before!” you might find yourself smiling unwarranted, when you meet him. Well, at least that’s how I experienced him when we first met only about three months back.

In an interview that followed over email, he shares his deep insights into everyday affairs of the mundane kind, the kind you and I may struggle with, (or not), in his signature style: simplicity.

I hope this conversation I had with him, affects you in some way that is positive, and even more importantly, helps you, as it did me, to drop some of the unnecessary baggage we accumulate over years in life. We don’t really need it after all…

1/ Enlightenment doesn’t come easy, so it is believed in eastern traditions. Did you do sadhana over a course of many lifetimes before this one? Who was your Guru, what lineage do you follow? How did your sadhana build up to your present birth and enlightenment?

Mohanji: First of all, I do not consider myself or I do not like to call myself as enlightened, because these are all boundaries and frames which people give to people. I would like to call myself as another being, as another incarnation in this world, with a mission and a purpose with clarity,

That is more or less about it. I always believe that my contribution to this world is more important than what I am or what I have collected from this world. So, in that context, what I am giving to the world has more value than what I have taken or what I am. Whether I am enlightened or not is not so important.

Coming back to the question,what can lead to enlightenment? BEING ONE UNIT, that means you have a body, you have a mind, you have an intellect, you have an ego, you have a spirit- all these should come together as a total unit. Usually we have our mind scattered all over; a mind filled with desires, a mind filled with memories, past, guilt, fears – all lead to a state where you are completely scattered. That is the opposite of enlightenment. So bringing it all together: body, mind, ego, spirit, intellect- then you become one unit- you are reaching a level of stability. Stability is what we call enlightenment. It’s like graduation.

P1850213Once you are stable in that mode, then you are stable for ever. This is a journey from a scattered state to a state of being one unit. Once a person becomes one unit, then the expansion begins from within. It’s like the embryo inside the egg becoming the chicken. The embryo expands and fills the space inside the shell, and then it breaks it to come out as a new life. So, this way a person becomes one unit and incubates inside and expands outside and begins a new life. So, this is the journey we are all walking, all of us are going in that path.But we are bound by several things around us- our families, our limitations, needs, desires, possessions. Because of all this, we fail to understand what we are here for. We get stuck with all this, we think this is real and what we actually are is unreal. There is a silent factor which sits in you. So, the journey is from a unit to the universe and that is exactly what I have been travelling through.

At a very early age, the reason for my existence came to me as a question – Why am I alive? What is my job here? What am I supposed to do? This question was very deep and painful for me. I needed an answer for it and I started wandering alone. I did not have any Guru at that time, I did not follow anybody. I had some reading experiences like everybody else, but apart from that, no particular Guru.But when I came to the Himalayas, I was enchanted. The primary feeling was that nobody really worries about who you are, what’s your position, what’s your possession. You don’t need anybody’s approval. Everything you are is fine. No need to prove that you are somebody. All these things attracted me because mostly in the world that we live in, we need to keep a social status, certain class or positioning. That is very heavy most of the time. Most of us don’t even know that we are struggling to keep a position in the society. All these things were not really my cup of tea after a while. So when I came to the Himalayas for the first time, I felt that “Oh! Here I am free”. That is where it all started and I started meditation, more of contemplation, more of Manana than Dhyana and then I reached the spine. I was sitting in Vashishta Cave when this thought came “Go to your spine”. Then I was aware of my spine for a long time.

Then I evolved into a state of 360 degrees where I could expand beyond the body. So, that was the time when I was actually becoming one unit. The whole journey was from a scattered state – of not understanding, not knowing what you are, what you need- to a state of you being one unit and nothing matters. So that was the journey… From there on, people started getting attracted to me and my teachings and it started growing. I did not do anything consciously to make a mission grow or create anything. I did not even make a conscious effort to make a ‘Mohanji Factor’ in this world. When you become a unit, you don’t have any agenda of your own. Then the Supreme Consciousness uses you as it is appropriate in the world. So that is exactly what I was doing and it was all spontaneous. I did not plan anything. I had no agenda and still have no agenda. The growth, the development, the meditations, the kriyas– they all came spontaneously and naturally, because when you walk in a track- like you are travelling on a road- there are places that you will see on both ways, whether you like it or not. In that way, people came, situations came, meditations came, kriyas came – I just delivered them as an instrument. I still remain as an instrument, I don’t want to make any claims, I don’t tell anybody I am a Guru. I never talk to anybody as a Guru. I do not claim to be enlightened. I do not have any particular kind of discipleship or any order of initiations and stuff. I have guided people so that they find something attractive or something that suits them- so that they practise it. That’s how all this is happening.

So to answer your question again in summary, Enlightenment is a state where you come to realise that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing. That state happens to you at some point of time in your pursuit.

2/ Could you share with us the most significant experience that has led you to this present state. What does being in this cosmic state actually mean and encompass?

Mohanji: There are numerous experiences. At a certain point in time in my practice- my practice was basically being aware of the spine – it was more or less like the awareness, the Bodh aspect. So, I was in a continuous state of awareness- whether I was working or I was doing things, I was always aware. At that point of time, in the early 2000s, I had a very compelling thought: Why am I important? Why is Mohanji so important? Are you this Mohan factor? So that was a very demanding thought which needed an answer.Then it so happened that I completely tilted so much that I staggered for my stability. If not ‘Mohanji’, then what next, what else? So then the thought that I am so-and-so got diluted. This ‘Mohanji’ is only a mind factor and it started becoming lesser and lesser important and that was called a Dimensional Destruction– the dimension that I was used to as ‘Mohan’, as a social and karmic being, as somebody’s son, husband, father, employee, employer- all these factors became insignificant because everything was connected to this one factor called ‘Mohan’. When this one factor started diminishing and then got eliminated, all factors associated with it also became insignificant. You can call it detachment, but an effortless detachment. Detachment when spontaneous is powerful. Detachment when done consciously- it is painful. So, in this situation when the dimensional destruction was happening, detachment was spontaneous and in a very fast pace. You are disintegrating into an empty space where you are not at all important, you do not exist.

So that was one of the most compelling experiences I could think about and it existed for a few months. I could not practise anymore and I didn’t know if I was on the right track, obviously I didn’t know who to ask and I was feeling that this whole thing is breaking up. It continued, but it started stabilizing- looking outside- I only saw myself in everybody and I had no boundaries or barriers anymore. I did not care whether somebody respected me or criticized me, because, “I” didn’t exist first of all. It’s like you are criticizing thin air, how would you feel?! Or you are respecting thin air- it’s almost like that.You just don’t exist. You do have a form but that form is for a purpose and that purpose is usually to convey a message or something to be done in the society or something to be delivered. As long as the purpose exists, that form will exist, apart from that I have no other need or greed or necessities in this world.

P1900585 - Copy

Another problem with it was that along with it may come a bit of intuitive power- you may tend to see stuff of people, you may tell people what they are and they may disagree with you. So I realised that silence is very important at this stage. At this stage, you shouldn’t speak; you should be silent and just exist as a non-entity. But this was the time the Mohanji Factor also strengthened – that was the challenge. Because if I have to convey a message to the world, I have to have a name and form otherwise people won’t value you. Numerous people talk from their intellect and people don’t appreciate it or people don’t take it seriously. But when you are talking from a state of absolute non-existence, it is a powerful way of expression. At the same time unless you have a name and a form and an image to recognise, there won’t be any people listening.

The purpose is to convey and you must maintain that. But it is a challenge that you must not get attached to even that. You need to be away from all that and at the same time you have to be that. It was challenging in the beginning, later on I got accustomed to it. And then the websites came, the functions came… all things just happened. There are few other experiences also but this is the most predominant experience which I can possibly talk about because this can happen to anybody – from a state of being scattered into a unit. At some point in time, you will completely disintegrate, you will not care about your form, your money, your wealth, your possessions, your positions, and you realise you have no existence even. So that is a very big challenge and I am 100% sure that every master, who is called a master, has gone through this process of disintegration. How long will it last? I don’t know, I think it will last as long as you don’t resist.

So, usually what happens is that you will be clinging on to the form you are familiar with, yourself, this is my body, this is my mind, this is my name, this is my form, this is my wealth, these are my possessions, this is my position, these are my people, etc. The “I” will be very strong in the beginning and you resist breaking it up, but if you don’t resist and it naturally dilutes itself, then I think it will be very fast and very quick. The process will only take time as per your resistance or if you are blocking that progress. So this might be useful to the world. You have to walk through a lot of thorns before you reach the roses- this is part of the journey. If you are afraid to walk through thorns, you will not find the flowers.

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The Mohanji Foundation, set up in 17 countries across the world, is an embodiment of Mohanji’s vision to help build a more compassionate human space. It offers selfless service in many areas, such as providing free meals and medicines, orphanages, old age homes, shelters, relief, etc.

Kriya is offered by Mohanji for those who are eligible and apt for it. It is a practice that has long been preserved and protected by this tradition; ensuring the flow of grace from the Masters through initiation by the Guru.

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Maitri Healing is a system of energy healing, available to all, those who are sick or suffer blocks, children and pregnant women, individuals or groups, available in person or via distance.

Mohanji is the source of healing in this methodology, his grace is invoked to remove karmic blocks at the causal level by the healer, as the healed allows it to flow unimpelled.

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The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga- HSTY, propagates yoga in its traditional form, as codified by its’ progenitor Maharishi Patanjali. It helps you to recede to your simple, natural and original state.

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Mohanji Youth Club is open to all between 18-30 years of age. It engages in activities that are motivated by selfless service and love, and passion for compassion.

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Awakening Yoga Nidra is spiritual method offered by Mohanji for inner cleansing and evolving spiritually. Besides this, there are also retreats and pilgrimages available throughout the year for detoxing, purifying and grace transfers.

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A Letter of Gratitude – Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2019

After Mohanji’s birthday celebration, He wrote a letter of gratitude. However much we try to express our gratitude to Him by living His teaching, He always gives more. Read another pearl of wisdom from the timeless ocean of love.
With love,
Mohanji Team

Mohanji m org

“My dear embodiments of purest love,

I am deeply grateful. While I write this, I am filled with gratefulness to each and every one of you and your families for taking me to your heart and doing good for the world on my birthday and beyond. My heart is full because, at least on this day, so many people of various species slept peacefully, with food in their stomach, a clean cloth around them or slept peacefully feeling and understanding that someone out there cares for them. Your kind gesture fills me up. The most precious wealth that I have earned in this life is your love. My favourite abode is your hearts. I love to live there. I love it there. The “life” in your hearts is my inspiration, love in your heart for me is my food and energy. I love you and care for you more than you perhaps are aware. I work all the time for your welfare and well-being. I do not live for myself. I do not need anything more than the human basics. You are truly my family, my true family, who stood by me through sunshine and rains, thunders, lightnings, tsunamis, earthquakes, summers, winters and springs of life. How can I leave your hand ever, since you have never left mine? I am grateful.

Food, Clothes, and Shelter are the basic human needs. Health care, education etc. follows. It is the responsibility of every citizen of this world to share food, clothes and shelter with those who do not have them. Compassion is the higher consciousness that we have inherited from the great selfless masters who guided us selflessly. What you share, you have, as grace. Whatever you earn from earth, we do not have forever. Give more than we can take from earth. Share whatever you have been empowered with. Our net worth on earth is what we are able to share with the world, not what we earn temporarily from here and leave behind when we leave. Our signature on earth is the ability to share unconditionally. This is the real humanness.

My birthday is not so important. If February 23rd reminds you of your highest consciousness, where the expression of it is compassion, kindness, selflessness, unconditional love, Ahimsa (non-violence), purity in thoughts, words, actions, sharing whatever you have in abundance and caring for all living beings equally, without discrimination, I am grateful. Do celebrate it. I am not so special and nor is my birthday. I am just like you, a living, talking, eating, sleeping, working human being. I have no greatness more than you have. Yet, if you remember me as “consciousness”, and if my presence is a reminder to you of what we truly are, (that you and me are one), do celebrate. And celebration should be strictly by adding value to the society around you, in whichever way you can. Look at all the people of all the species, through the eyes of compassion, kindness and love. Serve them. Love them. This should be ideally a consciousness day, not a birthday.

We have been talking about the reason for us coming together here on earth, in this space, now. It is perhaps the urge of our souls for liberation, as well as experiencing a full and complete life, while we are in the body. This needs consistency in practice. Consistency is not easy, primarily because of the pressure of memories or impressions of past pleasures of life, including relationships, spaces, events and materials. It is not easy to detach from them and focus on completion. Karma demands natural fulfilment. Fulfilment is its completion and culmination. Then why is it getting repeated? The answer is memories, impressions of pleasures or pains that keep re-appearing to bring us back to the terrestrial path of wishes, desires and fulfilment. Combined with our inherent instinctual ownerships (me and mine), we get trapped again and again in the cycle of karma, which means re-births and re-deaths as bodies. If we have come here, come together at this time, for the sake of stabilising this awareness and moving beyond it together, as one family, you need to have consistency, conviction and compassion.

Ego is a silent killer. It kills the beauty of relationships without us being aware. And so are our ownerships. The medicine for ego as a disease is humility. If we consciously practice humility, we will certainly have a good life. Likewise, one of the projections of ego is social importance. This is a silent enemy too. It walks with us and makes us dissatisfied with what the society offers us. The medicine for this is practicing insignificance. Humility and practice of insignificance will give our lives immense stability and satisfaction. Along with this, if you also learn self-acceptance with all your weaknesses and strengths, you will add to your stability. And finally, of course equally important is your ability to expect less from the society and environment around you. The less the expectation, the higher the satisfaction. So, this year, let us consciously practice these as part of our higher consciousness. Humility. Insignificance. Self-Acceptance. Less Expectations. Once again, contentment per second is a clear sign of spiritual stability.  So,

Ego X Humility

Self-Importance X Practicing Insignificance

Insecurities X Self-Acceptance

Disappointments X Less Expectations

Thus, let us practice positivity, totally ignoring negativities of life. If people love you, be grateful. If you get help, be grateful and reciprocate. Always give more than you receive, thus maintain your inner richness. And do not misuse or waste any materials or means that you get to handle. Be life always, consciously. Live your highest consciousness.

We are experiencing various kinds of dense energies which are causing much confusion in many minds around the world. We have to be aware of the dense energies. But, we must definitely handle those situations with maturity, calmness and perfect awareness that whatever comes to you is indeed food for experience, whether we like it or not. Acceptance. Acceptance without expectations. Look at it calmly without emotions and allow the storm to pass without ruffling your inner space. Not everything in life will be palatable always. Sometimes we have to live with bitter stuff too. This is part of life. Accept it. Allow it to come and go. Do not resist it and prolong it.  When you are unaffected, everything vanishes spontaneously sooner or later. When we resist and fight it, it stays longer.

Once again, immense gratitude for your kind gestures, including positive actions, words, expressions, thoughts, calls, messages and everything else. I love you and am always with you. Wish you and your respective families, good health, wealth, abundance of love, happiness, peace and spiritual bliss.

Much Love Always




Mohanji on Shiva and Shivarathri

Om Nama Shivaya. Namaste
Welcome to the divine day Maha Shivarathri, the most glorious of all days, especially in the worship of Lord Shiva. When I say, “worship” it is more of a recognition, more of understanding, or even acknowledging the fact of something which is unknowable. We cannot know it, we cannot even think about it, we cannot even fathom it – it is so big. I say it because Shiva is definitely not a person. Shiva is the vastness. Shiva is the state. Shiva is everything. Shiva is the manifested and the unmanifested. The Earth is actually a very tiny planet in the whole cosmos, all the galaxies, the created universe. The Earth is very small and on earth there is an extremely tiny particle called humans. There are 7.5 billion people and because we are born as humans, we started recognising ourselves as these identifications, rather, we started identifying ourselves as individuals, we stopped understanding the vastness that is the Creator, the Source, the essence within us.
Yesterday I was discussing about the Shiva principle (the Shiva Tattwa) with some people and I wrote down a few points, which I will read out. It will quantify and make the point clearly understood.
I say the REAL because the REAL or the most real or the exact real is Shiva. There is nothing more real than Shiva. Please understand that Shiva is not a being, not a form. It’s beyond everything. It’s the created universe and the uncreated one or the infinite universe which cannot have any beginning or end, rather, it doesn’t have any beginning or end.

The REAL needs no display. The REAL needs no sound, form, colour, fragrance or communication. The REAL has no dependency on space, time, events or experiences. The REAL is unbound. The REAL is eternally independent. The REAL is always free. That REAL is what we call Shiva. That part of it in us is called the Soul, Soul or Aatma and Shiva are one. Both dimensions are eternal.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa - Shiva principle

Higher than the highest, larger than the largest, bigger than the biggest, harder than the hardest, deeper than the deepest, smoother than the smoothest, heavier than the heaviest, lighter than the lightest, still beyond stillness, bliss beyond happiness. Detached beyond perfection, unknown and unknowable to human mind matter, which is mind, ego, intellect together, eternally liberated exists the real one, the unfathomable Shiva.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa2 - Shiva principle

Shiva is beyond explanation, notion, understanding, or even awareness. Shiva is The Beyond. It has no comparisons, it has no boundaries, it is beyond dimensions. It is an experience that the experiencer dissolves completely into.
It is Shiva.


It is what everything is made of. It is what everything depends on. It is the Source, solution and dissolution. It is the essential life in all creations. It is Shiva. It is the moving and the immovable, it is the immortal within all mortals, it is the vastness within the limitedness, it is the Father, the Source. It is the dispassionate witness. It has no beginning or end. It never began and it never ends. It is Shiva.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa5 - Shiva principle

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa6 - Shiva principle

It is the Source of mind, yet it is no mind.
It is the Source of desires, yet it has no desires.
It is the Source of sounds, yet it is silence.
It is the Source of elements, yet it has no dependency on them.
It is the Source of time, yet it is timeless.
It is the All Space, yet it is unfathomable space-less space, complete and full, beyond fullness.
It is the soul of the fire, water, air, earth, space, suns and galaxies, yet it is independent from all of it.
It never gives or takes.
It is never born or has death.
It is expansion, bliss and beauty.
It is unexplainable.
It is Shiva.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa7 - Shiva principle


Then what is Shivarathri?

That’s the time when people, the conglomeration of the planets, the position of the planets, gives us the time, the subtlety to connect to something which cannot be defined through any words. Thus, Shivarathri is the day where the prakrti (nature) connects to purusha (the Supreme Soul). The Supreme Soul is the Source of the nature and the nature is dependent on the Supreme Soul, but the Supreme Soul has no dependency.
So we, as incarnations, as units, are trying to connect to the vast consciousness which is the Source of everything, but has nothing to do with anything. That reminder is the point of Shivarathri.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa8 - Shiva principle

Maha Shivarathri is a great day for remembering, reminding ourselves through chanting, through feeling, through experience, through awareness, what we really are. We are the essence, or in other words, the essence within us is the REAL us and it’s a time, day, a particular configuration which helps us to connect to the subtlest aspect of us and through that subtlest aspect we experience, we realise Shiva, the vastness. It’s vaster than the vastest, it’s deeper than the deepest, it’s REAL. The only REAL is Shiva. Again I am telling you Shiva is not a human form, it isn’t a form, it is pure energy brighter than a million suns. We cannot even define it. We cannot even feel it or witness it because we don’t have those faculties. Our faculties for perception are mind, intellect and ego. They are too weak or inadequate to understand Shiva, but at the same time we have to use them, or bring them together as a unit i.e. body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit should come together as one unit, one microcosm, to experience the macrocosm, the largest, the Supreme Consciousness. But always remember that the Supreme Consciousness exists in us as part of our existence and THAT is exactly what we are connecting to.
In summary, all you have to do during Shivarathri is to chant within om namah shivaya, or om hreem namah shivaya to balance the Shiva and Shakti. And concentrate on your heart centre, bring the energy there, focus on it and you can do fasting, you can do abishek of Shiva linga (pouring water over Shiva linga) with the chant. Or you can go into a deep meditation, penance. This is all to bring you to yourself.
So Shiva is you. Shiva is not separate from you. And no individual can be called Shiva because Shiva is vastness. Everybody, all the bodies are limitedness so we cannot call limitedness the vastness or the unlimited. However, we have that element in us which is unlimited and that’s the Soul. And the Soul is the only one which is immortal, real, eternal. Hence if we understand the Soul deeply, we understand Shiva.
It is connecting with ourselves, a day to connect to ourselves, a day to bring ourselves inside, and stabilise. Stillness is Shiva. “Stillness” means Shiva has no desires, desires bring thoughts, thoughts bring movements, thoughts create relativity, time, space… and Shiva has nothing to do with it. Shiva is the platform on which all this is happening, but at the same time it has nothing to do with it.
Almost like – on our body there are probably numerous bacteria, numerous beings living. We are not even aware of them. But if you put your skin under a microscope you can probably see many beings walking over the skin, they are living there. However, as a body, as an incarnation, we are not even aware that they exist on our body.
Like that, the huge Consciousness and the created universe, created world which is like a small speck of dust, or a stone in the whole vast ocean, that ocean doesn’t even know, doesn’t even feel that the stone exists. That free, that detached is the ocean – so free and so detached. It doesn’t even know, it doesn’t have to know, it’s not dependent on the created universe. So this awareness is what we need on Shivarathri.

Mohanji quote - Shiva Tattwa9 - Shiva principle

I wish you a great Shivarathri and I wish you a great union with the Lord Shiva. Shiva is not a lord, Shiva is a state, Shiva is an experience. I said “Lord Shiva” for the sake of focusing on something because mind needs something to focus on. That’s why I use the word “lord”. But please always remember that it’s not a personification, it’s a state, it’s consciousness.
Om namah shivaya


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                                           Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan