Welcome to this collection of transcribed Q&A sessions with Mohanji which usually take place after our meditations. These answers flow through Mohanji from the higher consciousness, i.e. while he is in expanded state.

We have received numerous testimonials that the answers received correspond to the questions persons practicing our meditations at different locations across the globe had in mind before coming for the meditation. This is not a coincidence. No matter how many meditations are conducted at various locations, all tune into Mohanji’s consciousness (i.e. the field of his expanded awareness covers all of them) and he thus delivers the answers that are most needed/relevant at that time.

All people practicing meditation are therefore encouraged to read the precious answers given unconditionally, and apply this knowledge in practice.

The sole aim of this blog/Q&A sessions is to speed up our liberation. As long as mind is harboring many questions and the clarity is not established, our BEING state and depth of meditation will not be achieved. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of  this knowledge.

May all our questions wash away as we dive into the depth of surrender and continue to bless the world in our unique ways, as the pure instruments of Divine.

Mohanji Team

Q&As with Mohanji – casual but profound!

14 thoughts on “About Q&A with Mohanji

  1. Dear Mohanji, PRANAM.
    As you know, my son is Dyslexic. Apart from the Saibaba vruth from my side, and other ways of education support given to him, do we need to do something else? Especially from my side – what can be done? Am I being ignorant or confused. I would like to get a reply by email.

    Apart from everything which is going on in my life I just want to thank you for everything. In our day-to-day Life we don’t get enough time for spirituality or love for masters..so for all that u have done and are doing for your children (us) . i can just be thankful and can’t really express my gratitude and love in words..
    love u always..

  3. Dear Mohanji
    Sorry I missed you at Monkey Valley . My friend Margie, a wonderful and pure person who has helped so many and was a channel for Love when she did healing broke her foot and leg, went through a year of pain and disability to move and then a year later broke both her wrists very badly and was unable to do anything for herself for two months. She is experiencing great pain in her wrists, head and her fractured vertebrae.

    I long to draw the universal love to heal and help her as she has for so many. She feels completely off balance and unable to draw it for herself. her name is Margie Jarvis and she lives here in Noordhoek right next to the beach. We were racking our brains to think of a loving person who could lay their hands on her and heal her and then I came home and saw your book on my table. I know you will help her become connected again and out of pain.

    Love you very much.


    1. Dear Judy
      Thank you for the lovely welcome and hospitality that we experienced during our stay at Monkey Valley in Sept. It was indeed a great previledge and honor for us. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your kindness and hospitality. I shall do whatever I can for Margie Jarvis from here. It would be my pleasure. The rest we shall leave it to God Almighty. Usually, many compassionate people pick up on themrselves some of the negative effects of other’s burden. Then, they suffer. This could be such a case. We shall see.
      Wish you good health and happiness.
      Blessings always

  4. Mohanji,
    I have a very important and serious question to ask you and get guidance. How can I get in touch with you through email? Please help!

    Earnest spiritual seeker,

  5. Pranam Mohanji
    Thankyou for guiding us and blessing us. I have read your blogs. I wanted to know which village in uttarakhand did mooli baba reside.Pranam.
    nitin joshi

  6. Dear Mohanji,
    generally people with good karma meet big saints like babaji and their life turns like for e.g Shri M but I dont know whether i did good karma or bad karma but i want to meet babaji and do good for people and guide others. Is it necessary to go to himalaya and meditate for that. How should i achieve this. Please guide.

    1. It is definitely not necessary to go to Himalayas – Sradha. Babaji can appear anywhere. My second encounter with Him was in Dubai. The only eligibility is emptiness. When the individual ego is nullified, what remains is divinity. Guidance automatically happens.

  7. Greetings to you Mohanji
    I have always been told that it is necessary to have a Guru. This I clearly can see why, one needs someone to guide and mould you.It is also often said that you are sought out by your Guru and not you seeking a Guru. Is it true? Please clarify also if it is wrong to go to various discourse by various Masters. I have venturing into different faiths e.g. Buddhist, Art of Living, Hare Krishna and of course your retreat. It is not for spiritual shopping as some of my colleagues has put it but, just wanting to find which one works best for me. I want a connection with a Master to guide me. I love meditation and I suppose that is what is made me venture. I did not do it to compare but just finding myself in the spiritual realm. Wanting to connect to my silence and going back to where I belong. My personal opinion is that all true Masters teach you the same thing, connecting to your higher self. I have noticed that, I also want to thank you for all the soul connecting posts. I have certainly learnt alot from you. You are a true inspiration.


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