Making Masters

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang – part 2

25th August 2018

Mohanji 176


Q: How do we know that emotions we express in this lifetime pertain to this life or a past life?

Mohanji: I don’t think we need to know that, right? Emotions are happening, so they could be acquired emotions from the life, probably acquired during growing up or we could have collected and trapped them from another life. If they are trapped from another life, we call it a pattern because then it keeps repeating like a broken record, i.e. the same thing will come back again and again. If they are collected from here, they exist for some time and then they get dissolved because they don’t have a deeper root. Depending on the deeper root, you understand whether it is from the past or this life. But I believe we should not even look at it because it is a complete waste of time. When you are concentrating on emotions etc. your frequency is of that level. Instead, I would say concentrate on the sunshine. Be brightness. Awakening. That is much better because emotions do not have a permanent existence anyway. Emotions stay for some time and then go away. Neither you are the emotions nor the emotions are you. They only have entertainment value, whether they are good or bad. Therefore I would say that you should not concentrate much on emotions.

How to live a “normal life”

Q:  How do we live a normal life without attachments in this turbulent time?

Mohanji: How else can you live? Ask this question. When you say “normal life”, what is the criteria of normal life? We are all living normal lives as we know, as we are, as our frequency permits us. Don’t think that normal life is something else. That’s mind’s separation. What you are experiencing right now is your normal life. Now have that awareness. That’s the only thing we can do. Time, space, situations, experiences are all programmed, prescribed and they’re happening. We cannot change them. I am here in our ashram in Toronto, Canada. If I am not happy to be here and would like to be in Paris, at this time, is it possible? It’s another location, another place and I need another time to reach there. We are all bound by time, space, situations and certain emotions. So accepting them completely without resisting and enjoying them whether they’re good or bad, is our maturity.

Mohanji quote - Accepting others

Spiritual maturity is in the levels of acceptance. When we are really mature, we will be very accepting. We will accept everybody, everything, as they are all our expressions. There will be nothing like right living and wrong living. What is right and wrong? Everything is experience. When everything is experience, we can’t say that something is right or wrong. I always talk about one thing: ahimsa (non-violence) in thoughts, words, actions. That is because violence creates energy which binds you. When you are violent in thoughts, words and actions, it binds you. Instead, be kind in thoughts, words, actions, it liberates you. That’s being on the path of liberation, which I propagate and for which, it’s a good idea to be kind, compassionate and loving. Do not talk negatively about anybody, including you. Nobody needs to know your weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses, just as everybody has strengths. I have all the weaknesses and all the strengths of the whole world. I don’t consider myself special in any way. When you put yourself in cages or frames, you have to live it and it’s a big burden. Instead, a liberated existence means total acceptance of the way you are. You may not be perfect in your eyes and in the eyes of others. It doesn’t matter, this is an incarnation, a flavour you have brought forth. This is how it is.

When we accept ourselves totally in this manner, as we are, 80% of the war is won in the path of liberation. We are already treading the path of liberation. Acceptance takes us to liberation, to a liberated existence. Liberated existence has a lot to do with acceptance of yourself (self-acceptance) and the acceptance of the environment. Even if you cannot accept people outside of you, if you accept YOU completely, automatically everyone accepts you as well as you accept everybody. It becomes spontaneous, that’s why. The brightness which we talk about should start from inside and it should reflect outside.

There is nothing called right person, right living, dos and don’ts. When I say “don’ts”, violence is the only thing I talk about. Don’t express violence in thoughts, words, actions. This idea also extends beyond species. Everyone should feel nice and comfortable; we should take care of ALL beings in the same way. Every being has the urge to live. We have no right to capture, conquer, kill or torture. We should never do that.

Mohanji quote - Self-correction 

We need more councellors, more human humans

On another note, I was talking about having more counsellors, i.e. those who counsel, rather than law enforcement groups. What happens is that sometimes a person is hungry and he has no money. He might have stolen some food, but then we brand him as a thief. For life and beyond he has to live the life of a thief. Instead we should understand the problem and help. We could bring him out of the situation by giving him a job or teach him some skill. This will have a REGENERATIVE EFFECT. We are trying to make someone stable in his existence. When instead, we brand people as criminals or thieves, what happens is that firstly, you come into that kind of frequency. Secondly, the other person does not have a chance or a choice. We need more people who can counsel affected individuals out of their aberrations, fears, perversions and so on and then stabilise them at a certain level so that the society is better because of their existence rather than being fearful of them. So many fears can be removed in such individuals by nurturing truth in them. All of us have weaknesses. When we concentrate on weaknesses, they stay. When we concentrate on strengths, they grow. We should concentrate more on growth, stabilisation and strengths.  We should then express that in the world. That is why I keep saying at this point in time what we need is more human humans – people who are nurturing, loving, caring, compassionate and kind, who are very conscious about what they do, what they eat, how they interact with the society. This is important today, even more than sitting down and meditating in a corner. Many times the act of meditation itself becomes escapism. Instead, you should be responsible. Responsibility should be reflected in the society as what you are, how you are.

So I believe there is nothing called right living or wrong living. When I say right living, it refers to anything which leads you to liberation further and further while wrong living is anything which binds you further and further. Very simple.

Mohanji quote - Effective living

Being in more places at once

Q: How is it possible to be in more places at once?

Mohanji: (Laughs) It’s very simple. Become a unit once. You should align yourself, collect the scattered mind, and put it together. When mind, body, intellect, spirit are in alignment and you exist as a unit, then the expansion happens, because expansion as a state is already there, just as the energy is all over, everywhere. Ether or energy is everywhere. You are scattered, so you are not able to see the energy. I am not saying that you are scattered, people are scattered because mind is scattered. Therefore we are not experiencing THAT energy. Rather, we are experiencing emotions. When you go beyond your emotions, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect and you are aligned perfectly, once you become a complete unit, then expansion is your nature. You automatically start expanding. When your unit energy becomes the universal energy, when the unit becomes the universe, you are everywhere already. When people connect to you intensely, in that place you form or you intensify in that place, automatically. It is not as if that person says to himself,  “Now people in India are thinking, so let me go there.” It is not like that because you are already there. You are already everywhere, but when people connect with intensity, that’s the space where the energy conglomerates. The intensity of connection is the factor for intensity of the presence. So when one connects with intensity, full of bhav, full of bhakti, full of devotion, then the form also intensifies. The energy becomes more conglomerated. When it is weak and casual, it becomes that much less conglomerated. Essentially everyone has the potential to become the universe. However, first and foremost, you have to become a unit. First you become you, and then you become the universe. That’s the secret. Very simple. Easy.

Mohanji quote - Guru material

Awareness leads to detachment, not vice versa

Q: Do we need to detach from the outside world to become a unit?

Mohanji: Can you? Actually, there is no outside world. Can you detach from anything? Can you detach from food for a day, or water or relationships? You don’t have to detach from anything because the awareness, the state, settles in, when you realise that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing. It is all situational. Everything has come together for experience’s sake; various experiences, which could be good or bad. You can’t really detach and you can’t detach consciously with the mind. When we detach what we usually do is, suppress it. When someone says, “I don’t want this,” then that person always thinks about it, but keeps it under wraps. That is even more dangerous because it will come out at some other point in time. So what you need to do is, you need to grow inside even more and the outside spontaneously becomes insignificant. That is the best way. Do not use the mind to detach. Don’t detach from anything. Whatever may come your way, receive it. When you are completely a unit, nothing outside will affect you anyway.

First and foremost, your being a unit is about your growth inside, it is not connected to anything outside. That is why I said God is not outside. When you grow inside and when you are energised inside, the sun rises inside, you become aware that the God factor exists within you. Then, if you look outside, you only see the God factor. There is nothing else. This is exactly how we evolve. It is like an egg. When an egg is broken inside, it becomes a new life. When an egg is broken from outside, it’s death of existence. This is exactly how it works. Always remember this carefully – you can’t detach from anything and you should not. Let everything that destiny has given you, exist. It can be good, bad, nice, not so nice, everything. Let it all exist, while you have nothing to do with anything – that’s your freedom. That is when you are actually experiencing freedom. Otherwise it’s all mind’s play. Mind keeps illusions. It says, “I don’t want to be here, so I’m going away.” This is the dimension of likes and dislikes. “I like, I dislike…” – this is mind. In fact, there’s no like or dislike! You are everything. (Laughs) What can you like? You can’t say, “I don’t like my right hand. I love my left hand” or something along those lines. It doesn’t matter because it’s all part of you. All people, all beings, all places, all situations, are part of you. You are everything. For that realisation to happen you have to exist inside. Otherwise it remains just an imagination where you say, “Oh, I’m everything.” Some people say, “I’ve realised God.” When you have realised God, you have nothing to say, because you see God everywhere! When you say, “Am I enlightened?” what is the big deal? It should reflect as kindness, compassion, love, intensity of activity and clarity of purpose. Only then do you know that you are fully settled. Otherwise, they remain mere words or ideas.

Mohanji quote - Unconditional love

So you don’t have to do anything, you only have to go within and integrate more and more. Connection inside starts with contemplation. You connection with yourself starts with contemplation, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” and that should spontaneously lead to meditation. It is not that you meditate first and then you connect. You ask yourself questions, next you integrate yourself, then it becomes meditation and awareness grows; awareness stabilises and you become Buddha.


This is how it flows. It is all from inside, not about outside. Also, whether you like or dislike a guru, whether you like or dislike a path, it is purely the mind’s play. The path of the guru has nothing to do with it. Some people might say, “I love him,” the very next day they say, “I hate him.” Again, it is the mind’s play, because the mind cannot stabilise you in any way. Mind’s nature is instability and that is what you are expressing. If you really love something, there will be a pleasant, consistent connection. It will be a connection forever, very pleasant, loving and without expectation. And then you are not looking at him and judging, “Oh, is he looking at me? Is he smiling?” Whether he smiles or cries, it just doesn’t matter; the connection is forever. When you are stable and mature in your own inside, your connection outside also reflects that. Everyone will be happy with you, you will be happy with everyone. It will be a deep and profound integration, the whole world is you. That’s why I always say stabilise inside. And it’s not about an activity. It’s about our conviction. We have to stay connected in that way. We should have deep conviction.

Mohanji quote-I am a simple mirror

With or without a living Master

Q: Is it possible to be liberated without the presence of a living Master?

Mohanji: Definitely, because you are liberated by existence. You are liberated by nature. A living Master is an expression, a kind of a road sign. All masters are states. All beings are states. You, as a unit are expressing a particular state of existence in this world. Likewise each Master, each creation, each incarnation is in its own state. It’s incomparable. That is the uniqueness of creation. Every being is representing a state of a particular existence, and when you connect to that being, i.e. integrate into that being, you are internally saying, “I want to be in that state of awareness.” That is why gurus are given by nature. Guru means “somebody who is established in a state as a guru”. Guru doesn’t necessarily mean a human being. Dattatreya had 24 gurus and most of them were from the nature.
24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Colage 2a

There was no living guru teaching something to people.

Silence of Shiva - stories about an avadhoota Atmananda, written by MohanjiLikewise in the book Silence of Shiva  Atmananda’s guru Shantananda was not teaching Atmananda anything, he only emptied him. He made him completely empty, like a fully open bottle and in the end filled his consciousness inside. The highest delivery of most of the masters is emptiness. But emptiness is not a permanent state; it is like a transit lounge at the airport. Once you are empty, then you fill up. What is filled is pure consciousness, which you already are and which is your real nature. If you are clear and aware of your real nature, then you are able to walk the path. You don’t need any assistance. You don’t need any guru. But gurus are a state which is your aspiration. Masters represent your aspiration for a particular state and that is the state you are looking at. That is also a reminder: “I am that state, I am not this bag of emotions, and I’m not the mind matter (mind, ego, intellect matter). I’m well beyond and that’s the nature.” We are all perfect by nature. By birth, we are perfect. But the mind matter came in as sheaths over our perfection, our complete awareness about us, and that kept illusions. Once the illusions are removed, you are the same. A Master’s job is to take you to a state of Buddha – mind-less (i.e. no mind) state. It’s a state of mind-lessness. When thoughts disappear and the mind also disappears, then the consciousness merges. Then YOU become a Master. Mastery means mastery over mind. When you go beyond the mind, you are a Master. Don’t think that masters are always masters. That’s how you look at them. Everybody is an individual. They are all expressing certain frequencies. They too have weaknesses and strengths. So nobody is a Master, as you think, in a frame. They are all liberated. They have enjoyed freedom. When they see people bound by the mind, unable to enjoy freedom in its fullness, they guide them. They say, “Come this way. I’ve found freedom, I’ll take you there.” It is up to you to go there or not. Nobody will force you. Nobody should force you. And no force is forceful enough. Whenever you resist, it persists. Whenever you block, it remains. Whenever you judge, it affects you. Thus, the whole creation is operating on certain principles of nature. When you are aware of all these principles, you are liberated.

So, you don’t need a Master if you are clear about your destination and the road – the path, the journey, the destination – it’s all the same. Path is called liberation, journey is called liberation, destination is called liberation, because you ARE liberation by birth. Always. The liberated aspect within every unit is the soul. The soul is always liberated. It has nothing to do with your karma, it has nothing to do with anything. It allows you to have a full experience of what you came for. You really don’t need a Master, if you have a clear road map. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to connect to somebody who’s actually connected to the Universe.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Always remember: do not judge, do not criticise, and do not look at that person as the ultimate. Rather, look at them as your own reflection and they will only reflect what YOU are. Their job is to show you what you are, not what they are. What they are, you may not be able to see because you have to rise to that level to see the level at which they operate on. Only a graduate will understand another graduate. A student sitting in grade one may not understand what it is to be a graduate and until he becomes one, there is nurturing to do. So a true Master reflects to you what you are, not what they are. There’s nothing to show because you are everything. A true Master is because when the mind is dissolved, you are every mind, every emotion, every creation, so there is no need for them to express any particular one aspect because they are all 33 crore (330 million) dimensions, they are everything. Therefore what they will reflect to you is what you are, that’s the only thing you can talk to, and you can only talk to yourself, or what you are, your frequency. That is what the true Master gives you.

If you start judging a true Master based on your frequency, you are judging yourself, not the Master, the Master is only reflecting. What is inside you, you are seeing in the Master and he is reflecting it back to you. So when you judge a Master, you judge yourself. Because when you are saying he is not right, you are saying that you might not be right. Understand this clearly.

First and foremost, the truth is always the truth and you are the truth. Secondly, if you are always confident and have conviction about the truth, you don’t need any assistance. Thirdly, if you are confused, if you need a road map, definitely use a road map. It is up to you. And fourthly, you and the Master are one. The Master is your reflection. He will reflect to you only what you are, not what He is because what He is, He cannot reflect. That is for you to find out. If you have understood this, you have understood the entire spiritual journey.

Mohanji quote - Making Masters

I wish you all the best and I’m happy to speak to all of you. I hope you had a great time and I wish you great days ahead. Lots of love.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan


Light Is Your Truth

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang – part 1

25th August 2018

Mohanji 175

If you understand the atom, you can understand the universe

Q:  We have heard you say, “When you understand the atom, you will understand the whole creation.” Can you tell us more about this?

Mohanji: The microcosm is a representation of the macrocosm. We are a representation of the Universe. Every being, every creation, in fact everything you see around you is all interconnected in that sense, because everything has come out of energy. The first ever creation that came out of energy is the atom. The atom represents the first possibility of creation and when I say “the first possibility of creation”, it also means the existence of something which is tangible. An atom was the tangibility (matter), and from there, every creation happened. When the atom was created, space was created, because space was otherwise immeasurable without a material or a matter. Matter defined spaces, spaces defined time, and between space and time, creations work. All of us occupy space and a certain time. If you recognize the creation of an atom, you automatically recognize the creation of the whole Universe. When you recognize the creation of the atom, you understand the Universe. When you know the microcosm, you know the macrocosm.

Hence I said, we are all divine beings walking this earth. The mind has distracted us from believing it because mind has connected us to materials around us. Materials and even relationships are fine as experience, but from a larger perspective, when you are talking about the truth, it’s a distraction because they are all dimensions of truth not the absolute truth. Whenever we connect to relative truth, we get stuck with it, based on emotions, ownership, do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes, and so on. If you look at each incarnation, it has come with a density and intensity required for fulfilling a certain set of karmas, which is how you see in the world, too. Some people live their life intensely. They may live for a shorter period of time, but they live their life with a lot of passion. Some people take it easy; they are not too worried about their life. They may indulge in so many things and it could be mostly unconsciously, too. When you look at every being, the intensity of their incarnation is connected to their purpose. Intensity is connected to purpose.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 8

You will start understanding all these dimensions of existence when you connect to yourself as the microcosm. In fact you are also a macrocosm inside this microcosm. Of course you are a Unit and the universe is outside of you, you see that and get deluded that we are a human incarnation. We fail to see the larger picture because of our existence as an incarnation. However, when you start recognizing yourself more and more, as you go deeper and deeper inside, you start to understand that you are the universe you have been exploring. When you understand the inner universe, you understand the outer universe. That is why I said if you understand the atom, you can understand the universe.

Q: Can you tell us what sustains the atom?

Mohanji: Energy sustains the atom. Atom has come out of pure energy and dissolves back to energy, just as we have come out of elements conglomerated and we will go back to the elements that came together as a conglomeration, as a human incarnation.

Significance of Machu Picchu

Q: Can you tell us the significance of visiting places like Machu Picchu?

Mohanji: They are places of power. Earth is broadly categorized into negative, neutral and positive.  Negative means something which binds you, that which reduces you, or that which takes your energy away. A place which is positive means something which enhances or energises you. When we visit places of higher energy, they enhance your energy, align your system, such as mind, body, intellect, ego, and spirit. That alignment happens in a better environment easily, more easily than in a neutral environment.  Most of our living spaces are neutral, they are neither good nor bad, and then we have to put in our effort to make it better. We have pictures of Masters, temples and we light the lamp in order to enhance the energy of our living space. Places like Machu Picchu, Kailash, etc. are all also a confirmation that you are on the path of liberation; your own conviction takes you there. When you go to a place like Machu Picchu, it is predominantly Mother energy. Mother energy is alignment, nurturing, it’s like the womb experience, experience of levitation, etc. When you go to some place like that, you automatically start feeling perfect alignment, as if you are in the womb earlier… you probably don’t remember it, but that’s the experience. When you go to Kailash, you are taking a step in the direction of liberation. It is a confirmation that we are walking the path of liberation. Shiva means liberated existence, existence where you belong to nobody, nobody belongs to you or you are everything.

Mohanji quote - States of Liberation


These are the stages which we recognize in our own life. The first level is that you become a human, you start experiencing being a human. This means that you start expressing kindness, compassion, love, the higher qualities beyond all dimensions, i.e. you naturally start expressing love, expressing kindness, compassion, and you can’t express anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge. That is being totally human. This is the first level, that is, the stabilization you need in that level. In the next level you become a saint human. As a saint human, again it is a state, not that you become a saint or you run away into a forest or something like that, it’s a state you achieve where you become very clear that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing, you belong to nobody, nobody belongs to you. You become actually aware of your existence as a complete unit. Then you evolve further into the level of God Human. When I say God Human, again it is not that you are egoistic and you are telling everybody, ”Look here, I am God. “  It’s an experience where you feel that you are everything, the plants, animals, birds, all the people, all the insects and everything around you, that’s you. So you see yourself in millions of dimensions. That experience leads you to a state of complete fulfillment or completion.

We experience these stages at various points in our existence, maybe in one life, or many lives. But a place like Machu Picchu or Kailash stabilise the state you are in, such as being a human. The space helps stabilization of the state you have reached, of what you are. That is why we go to places of power. It’s not that the place will change you completely, it helps you to nurture and stabilize what you already are. Definitely, we need to walk. We have to walk. It is an individual journey. Spirituality is definitely an individual journey. A teacher’s job is as a road map, road sign, or a guide.  Likewise places also help you to stabilise in certain levels you have already reached and if you are consistently following the same path, they help you to nurture that further. From human to saint to God, transition becomes easier. Do not understand it using the literal English meaning; a saint doesn’t mean you actually wear a particular type of garb or that you walk or talk in a particular manner. Also being God doesn’t mean you tell everybody, “Now I have become God!” Actually it’s an experience inside and you would not talk about it outside, because there is nothing to talk, nothing to tell, nothing to say, your own experience will express itself around. You can’t hide the way you live, the way you are, because you have become so powerful, you’ve become so expanded, and it really starts working on other people. So people will start having changes because of you, your presence. Things like that will spontaneously happen, it’s not about how you communicate, what you communicate, who you are, where you are from, what’s your colour, community, country, religion, nothing like that. It’s a state. These are all states we achieve, and each state will demonstrate who we are and that will be a clear definition in the world.

Machu Picchu

True silence vs. complacency

Q: How do we differentiate between true silence from silence which may come from complacency?

Mohanji: True inner silence is expansion. Complacency is contraction. When mind is inducing a kind of a state where you don’t like to work or you don’t want to move out or talk to people, such as depression states, that will reflect as contraction in the world. This means that they are dull or not able to perform or there is no power of will, power of action, power of knowledge. Nothing will be visible. But in deeper silence, when you are established in a type of silence where you are stabilised in a particular state, it reflects as brightness, brilliance, benevolence, love, compassion and so forth. Always understand, whenever we talk about anger, hatred, jealousy, and lying compulsively – people lie because they are in a particular energy level, it is all connected to certain frequencies. A frequency which is induced by certain emotions or certain situations, will not have that power to change anything. It will be more like a sleepy or drowsy state. However, when the Iccha shakti (power of will, intention), Jnana shakti (power of knowledge), Kriya shakti (power of action, manifestation) are all balanced, i.e. it is overflowing or more powerful  than your emotions, and that is what is driving you, it will be visible in the world as great personalities who are well stabilised, contented, happy with what they have, not chasing anybody, not comparing, judging, criticising… They are not doing anything which is of negative nature. This will be visible very clearly. And you will love to be with them, because they always make you feel better. They always take you to the next level. They always try to help you climb the ladder of liberation. So, this is very, very clear and you don’t even have to ask. That’s the point. The point is they are by nature kind, benevolent, compassionate, helpful, so you will never have to ask, “Can you do this for me?” or “Can you help me?”.

On the other hand, when you are dull, depressed, etc. even if others ask you to do something, they would say, “I’m tired, I can’t do it.” There will be a very drastic difference between these two.

Mohanji quote - The Art of Peacefulness

To stay in higher elevation or the level of liberation or the path of liberation is not easy. It needs firm conviction. Determination. And you need to be very clear that this is what you want to achieve in this lifetime. Then it comes to you, or it’s more meaningful. Otherwise, people always go for the tangible. When people talk about spirituality, for them it means some experience, e.g. “I had a great experience some time.” But always remember: what does not stay, does not belong to you. If a state has happened to you and it stays as it is continuously, today, tomorrow, the day after, yesterday… every day, then it’s yours. Otherwise, states come and go. People chase those states – it’s a mind’s game. Mind likes to have experiences. Mind likes to have breakfast, then it is lunch and then dinner, there is no satisfaction, no contentment; it’s stages of discontentment, one after another. So when we know that we are fully settled and completely happy and contented with what we have, we are not judging or criticising anyone, we are not assessing or comparing one with another, we accept everyone’s weaknesses and strengths, then we have stabilised. If we don’t accept the weaknesses or strengths of others, just as we don’t accept our weakness or strength, we are in a stage of instability. In this state there is no way you can progress. Therefore first and foremost we must become a human human – a  human who is able to accept everything, accept everybody, share what you have. It doesn’t matter what you have, but whatever you have, you have the ability to share and you have the ability to nurture yourself and others, that’s being human. From that level, you will spontaneously raise yourself to the level of saint human where you clearly know that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing. Nobody belongs to you, you belong to nobody. So the ownership aspect goes out completely. You will not have ownership. When there is no ownership of an activity, there is no karma attached to it. Karma is connected to ownership. This is one word you should remember. Karma is connected to ownership, liberation is connected to acceptance. If you accept yourself more and more with all your weaknesses and strengths, you are already on the path of liberation. If you are constantly judging, criticising, comparing yourself with other people and also discontented all the time, you are definitely in the path of binding, path of gravitation. That will create more lives. That will create more karma. Always understand this clearly: acceptance helps liberation, ownership keeps you bound, this is important to remember, and ownership leads to stages of depression.

Mohanji quote - Doership&ownership vs freedom

How to help a depressed person

Q:      What can we as individuals do to help people who are depressed or dull?

Mohanji: The same way the sun brightens the earth. Be the sun. Be the light. Be the brightness and that’s the best way to tell the world that the darkness is temporary. When there is light, there is no darkness. There’s no way you can change somebody by asking them to change. If you try to preach, they will become stronger in their conviction that they should not change! Instead, you be the change. You have to be the change. You have to be bright. You have to be contented. You have to be satisfied with what you have. You should be grateful for what you have. All these qualities will help you to be the sun in the society. You will be as bright as the sunlight in the society. Then the society will start taking you seriously. They start following you. And all of that is because YOU are bright.

Now, if you are discontented and angry, full of hatred towards somebody, then the society will take you as that because they don’t want to buy that from you. Always remember that society responds to you as you are.

Mohanji quote - World is our reflection 2

The same applies to people in the house or elsewhere. You have to be as bright as the sun. Then there will be sunlight and that sunlight will be good for everybody. Don’t ever think as to who is benefitted. A lot of people will benefit from what we are. And do not count. If you count, this is where your mind is getting involved. Don’t look, just spread the sunlight. Keep spreading sunlight. That’s all you need to do. Just like the sun. The sun is a great model for liberated existence. Just be the sun. Spread the light. It doesn’t matter who is benefitted. Just keep spreading.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 12


Q: Can you please explain the meaning of a true brahmacharya?

Mohanji: Brahmacharya is a state where you are completely connected to the Supreme Consciousness, Brahma. Brahmacharya is somebody who’s walking the path of Brahma, somebody connected to Brahma. What you are connected to, that’s what you are. Brahma is Supreme consciousness which is fully bright, fully liberated and completely without boundaries – no form, no colour, no taste, nothing, it’s beyond everything – Absolute Consciousness. When you always walk on that path, you are a Brahmachari. There are also some discipline methods which traditions have prescribed to be there. Look at the state of an avadhoota.

Mohanji quote - Connection with God


Here is a story of Vyasa (a great saint who wrote the Mahabharata). Vyasa was sitting on the banks of Yamuna and the Yamuna was overflowing its banks. Some people wanted to go to the other side, where Krishna was sitting. They found that there was no boat to go there, because the river was in spate. They then saw Vyasa meditating under a tree. They sat down around him and waited. When Vyasa opened his eyes, he saw them and asked, “Why are you here?”

They said, “We wanted to go to the other side of the river to meet Krishna, but the river is overflowing so we can’t go.”

Then Vyasa said, “Ok, I understand. What have you brought? Have you brought something for Krishna?”

They were all cowherds. They said, “All these sweets we made out of cow’s milk and ghee (clarified butter). We’ve brought all these in packets.”

Vyasa said, “Can I see?”

They showed him and he started eating… He ate almost half of what they brought! Then he said, “I can’t eat any more. I’ll help you.”

He went to the river and said, ”If I have not eaten, let the river part.”

The river parted!

Everyone saw him eating! But what did he say? “If I have not eaten anything, let the river part.” The river parted and they crossed over to the other side. On the other side, they walked a little bit and then they saw Krishna lying on a bench in a garden. They went to Krishna and He said, “I’m happy to see you. When did you come?…” He then saw the packets and asked, “What is this?” They said, “We have brought all these sweets for you”. They were reluctant to give Krishna this half-eaten basket because Vyasa had already eaten from it. With a bit of shame, they said, “We brought this for you but had to share it with a saint.”

Then He said, “No, no, no, I can’t eat anything. My belly is full. I ate the same thing just a short while ago.”

So, when Vyasa was eating, Krishna was eating. That is, he was deeply connected to Krishna, the Brahma. There was no ownership on the part of Vyasa, therefore when he consumed, Krishna consumed. When you are one with Brahma, then you are a proper Brahmachari. That is what we should understand. A proper Brahmachari is always in that consciousness. It doesn’t matter what he does, but the consciousness is intact. Integrated. That is why I always say your highest achievement is in your INTEGRATION, not in your activity. You can do meditations for hours. You can do chants for hours. If you are not integrated properly to a consciousness, progress will be slow.

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The same happened to Radha. Radha was devoted to Krishna. When Krishna’s wives became jealous, they brought boiling hot milk to Radha to drink, saying Krishna sent it to her. She was overwhelmed, “Oh, Krishna sent me milk!  Krishna thought about me! I’m happy.” And she drank the whole pot without thinking much. Nothing happened. Krishna’s wives were surprised that Radha’s throat was not burnt.
But when Krishna came for lunch, He said, “I cannot have any food today, my entire mouth and throat are burnt.” So, when Radha drank the milk, she was so integrated into Krishna that everything she ate went to Krishna.

What we should understand is a proper Brahmachari has no separation from the object of worship. When we are totally integrated, when we are deeply connected to the consciousness which we consider as the Supreme, then nothing comes to us. Everything will stay with the object of worship. It doesn’t get filtered to the other side. If you understood this, you have understood the entire philosophy, the whole spirituality. Everything is about how deeply you integrate. If you are really deeply integrating, you are free from everything. Even at the time of death, your soul will be integrated with the object (of devotion, worship) you are one with.  If you are integrated with a guru, who is connected to the Supreme Consciousness, or to any object you like, that integration should be clear, no wandering, no judging, no criticising, no doubting. Full and clear connection. Then at the time of death, you will merge with Him because there will be no karma for you.

Mohanji quote - Guru material 4

In the book which is coming out soon “The Silence of Shiva”, I talk about this subject. When Atmananda left the body, he took away the karmic baggage of Srinath, too. Srinath was liberated while his guru was leaving the body. Both happened simultaneously. That’s because he was connected to only one object and he had nothing else in this world. The guru was the consciousness for him or, he was guru.  He was one with the consciousness of the guru. Whichever way you look at it, they were together, one. This oneness is enough for the highest to be achieved. However, we normally don’t practise that. We judge the guru, we compare, we have a conditional relationship with the guru or God. Even when we go to temples, we may have conditional aspects, i.e. we go for a particular reason. In contrast, when you are full of gratitude, reverence, and you are deeply connected to consciousness, i.e. inseparably connected, then you have no karma anymore. Your karma will be wiped away by the guru’s consciousness or energy. This is the easiest and the strongest path to liberation. But that doesn’t happen because the mind comes in the middle, meeting a master or being with a master becomes the last priority. Then it doesn’t work that way.

Furthermore, people approach a teacher for only small things like, “Can you get a job for my son or my daughter married?”. Then it rests in the terrestrial level. That’s why nothing is happening on the consciousness level.

So, being a proper Brahmachari is a whole-life effort. It’s an integration into the consciousness.

Ownership vs. responsibility

Q: How do we differentiate between ownership and responsibility?

Mohanji: Responsibility is dharma, ownership is an aberration. Responsibility means that as a father, a mother, a child, we are responsible for various matters of life. Ownership about that is an illusion. It means that you forget that things are HAPPENING.  The feeling of doership comes because of non-understanding. We feel we are DOING. At that time, you need to remember only one thing: who is doing your digestion? Who’s doing your blood circulation? Who’s doing your heartbeat? Then you realise that you are not doing anything. We have no control over any of the vital functions in our system. When you are clear that you have no control over your own vital system, you realise that all the things outside are also HAPPENING THROUGH ME. It is not that “I am DOING.” When this understanding settles in deeply, ownership dissolves. When ownership dissolves, karma starts dissolving.

Mohanji quote - Citizens of each nation-contribute

Your responsibility is that if you have taken a body, you have the responsibility towards yourself first, then to the world outside as well. What you see outside is your own reflection in various ways. If you see an angry person, he represents the anger within you. If you see a jealous person, it’s the jealousy in you represented in another person. All the things you see outside are expressions from you. The outside is just like a mirror. The mind is a mirror, too. Mind projects what is inside you. When you are angry, there is anger sitting inside you projected through the mind. When you are happy, happiness is inside you which is projected through the mind. Like that, the whole world is a mirror. What you are gets reflected to you through people, through situations, through time, through events, through nature. Everything is coming back to you exactly as you are. If you understand this clearly, your responsibility will be to express kindness, compassion, love, share everything as much as you can, include everything and everybody because all people are you, there are no other people. It’s all expressions. Everybody is an expression, so you do not even think “this is mine”, I should keep it for myself. For how long can you? If you really understand that you cannot keep anything with yourself for long, then you will start sharing. That awareness is essential. You own nothing, nothing owns you. You own nobody, nobody owns you. It’s this ownership of “me and mine” which binds you to earth and makes all karma.

So responsibility is what you have to do and ownership is connected to your ego and mind. This is something which you should clearly differentiate. What you have to do, you should do, what you like to do is what your mind allows. “Like” is connected to mind, “have to do” is connected to dharma (righteous duty) which you must perform.

How to deal with negativity

Q: How can we stand up against the negativity around us and not hide from it?

Mohanji: Don’t stand up at all against negativity. Instead, make friends with positivity. You don’t really have to stand up against anything in life. There is nothing to resist in life. Whatever you resist, will persist, will stay with you more. What you have to do is, sponsor positivity, act positively, think positively, do positively, talk positively, be kind, be compassionate and nurture positivity.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 15

Negativity is like a shadow. MATTER is required to reflect a shadow. LIGHT is your truth. Light reflects on matter, creates a shadow. So truth is light. Stay with the truth. Truth is brightness. Truth is your highest order. Compassion is truth. Kindness is truth. Being love is truth. That is what you should sponsor and perceive all the time. Negativity means insecurities, fears, something unknown, all of which are creating a confusion in the mind. That’s the negative matter we are talking about and that’s binding you, making you depressed. Don’t look at them. Let them exist, what’s the problem? Whenever there is a positivity, there will be negativity. Wherever there’s light, there will be a shadow. Why do we worry about the shadow? Let’s look at light. Learning to always see the light is our effort. That is our meditation. Always see the brightness, always see the love, always see the compassion, always see what else you can do in this world in the most loving, compassionate way. Before you speak, think, “Am I speaking with kindness?” If you are not, then it’s better not to speak. If you constantly express that, the negativity we are talking about that bothers you, that binds you, will lose its significance. They will try.  Of course, when the brightness increases, so does the shadow. All of these are part of life. But it doesn’t mean that you should not increase your light or that you should not go towards light even more.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 14

I always recommend, do not fight with the negative, instead make friends with the positive. Be with positive. Do positive. Be kindness incarnate. Feel compassion. Keep asking, “Is there anything I can do for you?”. Don’t look at “What am I getting from this whole thing?” That is selfishness. Instead ask, “What can I give you?” Then, what happens? Like a water well, when you draw more water from the well, fresh water comes from the earth into the well. Likewise, when we share more, more resources will come to you to share because inner richness makes you richer. It’s all about inner richness. We are rich by birth but we don’t know this because our mind made a cage for us. We are sitting in the cage of the mind. The moment the cage is broken, you realise that the whole world, the whole universe is yours. And the universe starts reflecting to you the same thing because the universe is a mirror. When you look at the universe with anger, the universe shows anger to you. Similarly, when there is a continuous tamasic greedy activity happening, there will be a calamity.

So everything is connected to the collective consciousness you have nurtured inside and outside. A group of people thinking positively will enhance the energy of a place. This is what we should achieve. That’s the actual spiritual growth. First be human, then we will talk about being a saint. You will reach it automatically.


Mohanji quote - Mantra chanting

Q: When we chant a mantra, do we need to focus on the words or on the deity?

Focus on the vibrations. Mantras are vibrations. When you chant a mantra, only 10% should come out (be heard) and 90% should be within. You are solidifying inside. Concentrate within and chant, preferably from the navel. 90% of the sound, of the vibration is inside, 10% outside. This is the right way to chant a mantra.

Mantras are vibrations meant to align you or awaken you. Aligning and awakening. That’s the true purpose of a mantra. First of all it aligns you, then it awakens various aspects of you, just like the 33 crore (330 million) gods of the Hindu tradition. 33 Crore gods sounds like there are too many gods, but they are all 33 crore dimensions of human existence. When you chant in a particular order, that aspect in you gets enhanced. It awakens that aspect in you.

Everything is about awakening and aligning. All the mantras are good, nothing is bad, but the manner in which you chant it should be internal. You cannot awake anything outside you by your own will. What you can do is awaken inside you. It reflects outside. When you awaken yourself completely, it shows outside as brightness. If you focus on outside instead, nothing will happen. Vibrations are good, energy will be good around, but more will happen if you awaken yourself from inside. Then it will stabilise outside, it will be reflected outside. That’s the right way to do it.

Mohanji quote - Alignment

Transcribed and proofread by Biljana Vozarevic and Vidya Rajagopalan

Path to Freedom

Satsang in Maryland, The USA – Part 3

26th August 2018




Q:    When people asked Ramana Maharishi a question, he always guided them to the quest “Who am I?”, to the appropriate root, “Who is asking this question?” which I never really understood. That is one part. And the second part is he always asked people the same question, “What is your personality in deep sleep?” Because in deep sleep there is no one to know “Who am I?”; because there is no one there. It is just a state called deep sleep and when the brain comes into the picture, I wake up and the word  “ I “ comes into the picture and then other parts follow it. So it’s baffling why he gave this example in order to answer the question to some of the followers. Is there any significance to it?

Mohanji: I think the right person to answer this question is Ramana Maharishi himself.

Ramana Maharishi
Ramana Maharishi

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji: I’ll try. He is a great master. I can’t even begin to explain how great he is. In my limited way, I will try. Manana (contemplation) is beyond dhyana (meditation). Meditation is a state you achieve when you are fully concentrated on and occupied with one matter, one subject, such as ‘Om’ or breath or whatever. That’s a state of meditation. Actually meditation as an activity does not exist. Meditation is not an activity. It is a state when your mind is occupied completely with one thing, which means it is fully here. That’s meditation. In activity of meditation people will be thinking of all the things in the world and sitting in one place, closing the eyes. That’s not meditation.

On the other hand, contemplation is very important as a means to reach a state of meditation. That is what Ramana Maharishi probably would have meant by this. “Who am I?” is a good position to start at some point in time because we always get connected to the incarnation that we are projecting to the world. We project these to the world: “I am so and so. This is my name. This is my form. This is my country of origin. This is my passport number (laughs)…”  “Who am I?” is a good question when used as a tool to go within and explore yourself. You then arrive at certain answers, which, as Adi Shankara said (in the “Nirvana Shatakam”),

Mano-Buddhi-Ahankaara, Chittaani Naaham

Na Cha Shrotra-Jihveh, Na Cha Ghraan-na-Netre

 Na Cha Vyoma Bhoomir, Na Tejo Na Vaayuh

Chid-Aananda-Roopah, Shivoham Shivoham

”I’m not the body, I’m not the mind, I’m not the intellect, I’m not the ego, I’m not the personality, I’m not the organs of action, I’m not the organs of perception, I’m Shiva.”

To arrive at the point where you realise that you are Shiva, you have to discount many things. For example, in the immigration form, a question is asked, “What are you carrying?” Whatever you are not carrying, you put ‘x’ mark. Similarly, we delete numerous things, delete, delete, delete… Then what are you? You arrive at the stage, ”Aham Brahmasmi”. Thus in order to reach that stage, a lot of deletions are needed because “I think  I am the body, I think I am the personality, I think I am the mind…,” some people say “I think therefore I am”, that’s not true. You think because you have a mind. But you are not the mind anyway. Thus, many things have to be deleted, before you arrive at, “I am pure consciousness.” However, pure consciousness is an experience, it’s not knowledge. You can’t know pure consciousness. You have to experience pure consciousness. Therefore all these things get deleted, and ask not only “Who am I?” but also “What am I? What is my structure? What is my form?”. Theories explain many things, but that’s not ours, right? Books would have explained too, that is not ours either.

Who am I - satsang with Mohanji in Maryland USA
Photo taken at Madison Retreat with Mohanji

We have to go deeper and deeper and understand: “What am I?” Then another question comes, “WHY am I? Why is this whole show? Why is this drama, this situation?” The Upanishads, scriptures have answered it. In one of the Upanishads, a son is asking his father, “You say I am divine incarnate. I don’t feel like one. I feel like a stupid human being.” How can you say that I am a divine incarnate? Can you prove it to me?

Father said, ”Bring me some fire.”

The son brought a lamp, lit, with a flame.

Then father said, ”I told you to bring me some fire, why have you brought a lamp?”

The son brought a charcoal which had fire on it.

Then father said, “I told you to bring me some fire, why have you brought a charcoal?”

The son asked, “Father, how can I bring fire without any means?”

Then father said, “How can divinity express itself without any means? You need to connect to material, to matter,  to understand truth.”

It’s not possible to directly connect to truth with a human mind and that is why masters have guided you “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” Then you arrive at a certain truth. Adi Shankara who came fully awakened, said at the age of eight,  “I’m not the body, I’m not the mind, I’m not the intellect,… I’m not what I SEEM to be. I’m not that.” Then, what am I? That’s when I realise, I am the consciousness, the pure divinity, expressing through this incarnation. That’s an experience. That’s the experience Ramana Maharishi probably wanted everybody to achieve. This is my limited knowledge and I cannot even begin to explain, Ramana Maharishi is like an avatar, so there are masters who walked this earth but their aim was to take you to yourself. Path is you. Destination is you. Experience of journey is you. Journey is you. What is remaining? You.

Audience: (Applause)

 Mohanji quote - True Identity


Q: Namaste. What is the role of experiences?

Mohanji: It’s role is similar to milestones in your journey. When you travel from here, let’s say to Florida, at a certain stage, you say, “ Ok, we are so many miles away from Florida”. So, what does that milestone tell you? That you have travelled so far and you have to travel further, if you want to reach the same destination. Otherwise you can go elsewhere too (chuckles). That is the role of experiences. Hence Patanjali always said, “Keep moving. Ignore. Keep moving.” Because experiences can be traps. People have told me, “Mohanji I had a great experience during a particular meditation. That’s not coming back” and I said, “Congratulations.” (Laughs) It should not come back. It means you have moved forward. That is important. Because in this journey, experiences are the states that the mind is reflecting to or something which you experience for some time. If a state happens, it stays. A state doesn’t change. It is like when you graduate. The next day, you will not become an undergraduate. Graduation is forever. Like that, until and unless experiences stabilise into a state, it is not yours. So experiences will come and go, and they must come and go as road signs.  But they are not staying because it is not your state yet. How do you understand the state of bliss happening? You will be like a child. You can see young children, they don’t care about your meditations and stuff. They play. They are happy. They are in the moment. They are great teachers. Small children are great teachers. Be in that moment, whatever comes, experience it and let go,  like the meal you had at noon. That experience is over, isn’t it? Now, since you had that experience, does it mean that you don’t need food anymore? You must have dinner. Like that, every situation is evolving. What you experience at each point in time is very important. It is definitely important, but don’t stop there. You may reach a state of complete no experience, where the mind is dying.

Higher states of consciousness

Samadhi is a state where the mind is stable. The third state of samadhi is a state where your thoughts will be outside of you. Thoughts will not be inside. You see your thoughts outside of you and they stop having the power to make a difference or to have an effect on you. Your own thoughts will not be yours. They exist as thoughts, as a kind of possibility, but not a reality. There is a difference here. It exists as a possibility, but not exactly a reality. You think, “Ok that’s mine, but I don’t need it…” like people walking outside along this road. Would you care who is walking? They are walking. You know they are walking, but it doesn’t matter to you, likewise thoughts stop bothering you.

Then the next state is when thoughts die because they can’t do anything to you. Say, someone is abusing you, calling you monkey, donkey, and so on, but you do not respond. If you are not at all responding, what will that guy do? He will stop calling you names, because there is no use. Similarly, when we are not affected by anything, even experiences, progress is very fast because you are not bound by them. Experience is happening, good enough, it is not happening, good enough. Then you are just being you. You will consolidate yourself into a unit, powerful. Then all experiences become yours. If someone cries at a distance, you will know. If someone is laughing at a distance, you will know. If someone is feeling something, you will know – not just human, everything. You will stop having any differences in existence. You will feel even if a plant is in pain. It’s not that the pain belongs to you. It passes through you. Everything passes through you because you are everything. Everything is inside you. When everything is inside you, you are everything. In that journey, small experiences are hindrances, but you can neither really block them nor accept them. They are happening – thank you. Like that, just let them come and go.

 Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself


Q: How can we accept everything?

Mohanji: The simple and direct answer would be, “Do you have a choice?” Whatever happens in a day or in a moment, it has happened because the configuration has created it. We call it destiny. Something created it, a time, a space, a group of people, an event, and a corresponding experience, something would have created all this. If you do not accept, it can become a pattern. We have seen that the same or a similar pattern repeats in life. Similar effects also happen. And if you go deep inside each pattern, you will see that there was resistance. You have something to do with whatever happens in your life in a particular moment, or over time. At some point in time or at various points in time, you collected that and put it inside as an essence, as a seed, as an impression. The residual memories of experiences become seeds. They are stored as impressions. Residual memories of experiences, such as, you had lunch and you have a memory of the lunch. That is the impression that stays inside. Then it produces likes and dislikes.

It produces situations. There is what we call mind matter or substratum which has three aspects: mind, intellect and ego. Put together, this is mind matter. What activates mind matter is breath. We have a specific number of breaths before we leave, which means duration. That’s why I said that if you live for 80 years i.e. 29200 days, you will breathe. And the breath or the prana activates the mind matter, impressions are the fuel, and they become thoughts. Then they become expressions and later become actions. Many thoughts happen, fewer expressions happen, and even fewer actions happen. This is our life. This is how we are flowing.

Why are certain things coming back again and again? Because at some point in time, we resisted them. So, is acceptance better or resistance? That’s the point. If you look within, you will know, I do not need to explain. I’m not better than you, because we are all in the same journey; we are going towards the same brightness. We know very well that every moment, reality is given – time, space, situation, there is a boundary within which an experience is taking place. Whether you take it in, accept or reject, it stays. It happens.

Mohanji quote - Accepting others

How do you make all the situations or events or experiences, reasonably edible? Through acceptance. When Ramana Maharishi had cancer, someone asked him, “Is it very difficult?” (laughs) Of course it will be difficult if you have cancer. It’s not a pleasurable experience, right? Ramana Maharishi said, “I have pain because I have a body. But I have no suffering. Because that’s my choice, I refuse to suffer.” That’s our choice because suffering is connected to the mind. Body is there. You will have everything associated with the body. Hunger is happening because we have a body. You have to feed the annamaya kosha (food sheath) so hunger will happen. Because you have a mind, you handle emotions. We talked about a family. But everyone is the same; there is no one apart from you, even though somebody is your wife or child or father or mother. Each of them has a different constitution, but they are the same as us. They have their uniqueness, they have their differences, constitutions are different, maybe the experiences and the assimilation of experiences could be different, but they are all units. It’s all the same. Although somebody is your wife, you cannot own anybody. You own nobody in this life.  Although somebody has come to your life as your child, you can’t own that person. If you try to own a child for a very long time, they will put you in an old age home later.

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji: Why do we have so many old age homes today? Because children are fed up of the parents. Because we (as parents) “own” them (children). There is no ownership possible. Nobody can own anything. You cannot own even your body. Everything comes and goes. If you operate with that awareness, everything is pleasure, happiness. You become light. Like a breeze, you flow through life. It’s your birthright, you see? If resistance is the other option, is acceptance better?

(The questioner nods)

Mohanji: It is much better.

Mohanji quote - Trapped being

Streams of thoughts

Q: How to change the streams of thoughts that we are trapped into?  We know that these thoughts should not come but they just come back again and again. How to just change the series of thoughts?

Mohanji: Thank you. Thoughts are coming out of impressions sitting inside and the impressions are coming out of residual memories or fears. Memories can be fears. Memories are probably not from your own experience. They could be fears you have collected from this life or another life or from people or from society. This is the cause for those thoughts. When you look at those thoughts, as if they are children playing in a garden, you are looking at them. You are neither happy, nor sad. You are just looking at them and if you can look at your thoughts like that, they will become weaker. When you are involved in thoughts or when you are affected by them, they stay longer or they keep coming back, especially so when you are affected. We may have experienced, for example, if someone we deeply love, behaves in a very bad way with us, we become affected. We are unable to do anything that day because we feel very depressed. There is an expectation connected to it. When that expectation is broken, we suffer. If there is no expectation, what would be the feeling? Nothing can tilt you. Nothing can destabilise you. Our thoughts are merely our own children. They have happened because there is an impression connected to it; when mixed with breath, it became a thought. These thoughts will keep coming and allow them to come, but have nothing to do with them. You are then watching them. You are experiencing a particular thought. This is one option.    Another option is to surrender them, “They are not mine, I leave them at Your feet.” To you guru or God or whoever you trust, keep surrendering, “They are not mine.” Detach from it. One is objective observation, second is detachment. Both will help to reduce the intensity of thoughts.

And how do you know whether it is leading you to liberated existence? Its frequency reduces. It’s not that in one day such thoughts will go away, because there is a habit connected to it. People are habitually thinking, habitually doing, habitually performing. Habit. Thoughts are also connected to certain habits. We are habituated into thinking in certain ways. That will be there for some time, then the habit itself will become weaker because you are not receiving any pleasure out of it. When I say pleasure, even a pain is a pleasure in that context, remember. We always keep thoughts which are painful, even more than the happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are not stored much. Why do painful thoughts stay longer? Because of resistance. We try to push them away, so they stay. So why do we go to a gymnasium? We practise resistance so that we develop good muscles. Resistance is also connected to endurance.  Looking at it positively, resistance is keeping it. But now when we are not resisting – it’s coming, it’s going, so what? When you have nothing to do with your thoughts, neither entertaining, nor rejecting them, then they start to weaken. That’s why I said earlier, sometimes they are outside of you, they can’t influence you and they die.

Mohanji quote - The seret to peace


Path is you

Q: So Mohanji, all of us who are here tonight together, we have so many difficulties, so many challenges, we live in the world of duality, in the world of opposites where our emotions get in the way. When we leave here tonight, we need help. So what is out there, to be able to help us? The expectations are so high to be good, to be kind, to be compassionate, to serve our families, to serve humanity, and we are not there yet, we do good a little here a little there. So what resources do we have when we leave tonight to be able to help us on our way?

Mohanji: Can I give a one-word answer? (pauses) …You.

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji: You have no other resources. Actually, it is the honest truth. There is no way any external thing can be useful in any level of calamity inside us. Situations outside have not happened in one day. Something matured into that state, whether it is positive or negative. There is a beginning, growth and a culmination for everything. It’s as an evolution. You can’t change that course, even negativity for that matter. It rises, it stays and it dies. Positivity is the same. What is your best bet here? You. You are the best bet. And how can you be very effective, your most effective expression? Consistency, conviction, expression. You have to be very consistent in what you believe in, with conviction and expression. That becomes purpose, clear purpose, clean purpose. When I say ‘purpose’, it’s a positive purpose. A purpose of regeneration. A purpose of love, kindness, compassion… and imagine you become sun and you become bright, and you inspire other people to be bright, it becomes a movement. That’s the best and most powerful movement.

Mohanji quote - Consistency

Centuries ago, say a 1000 or 2000 years ago, there were these writings about all individuals who are going to take birth in this world, we call them Nadis. You may call them astrological predictions. In the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu there are many such thesis works. These Nadis had super accurate predictions because they are on thesis works. Masters who consolidated it became one unit and they were able to become the universe and from that angle they have predicted that these things will happen in the future. One of those things which caught my attention, rather, I was told is, there was a small write-up about a person who would live in the future, maybe a thousand years later. It said, “At the time when the world believes in dressing up, there will be a man who will surprise the world with his nakedness and he will change the course of the history of this country.” It was about Mahatma Gandhi, written at least a thousand years before he was born! And that man changed the course of the history of the country – with what? Resilience. Conviction.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 3

He knew what he was doing. He stood by it. By resisting we may not change things. Resistance is good for negativity. It loves resistance. It stays stronger. When you resist something, that stays longer. Instead, express what is the right way. Say for example, you are being LOVE continuously and it is visible in the society, people automatically get attracted to you. Why? Because this is pleasant. To be with love is much more pleasant than to be with anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge, and that is because such an emotion contracts you. It makes you dull, it makes you limited. On the contrary, if you are connected to love, it expands. There is nothing to prove. It expands you. Freedom. Live freedom.

Mohanji quote - Anatomy of Freedom

That is why I say, if you are always against something, we are always weak. Therefore you need to bring love into the society and change the society from inside. It’s important at this point in time. When you are looking at things from the outside to support you, what can support you? Nothing is permanent outside. Even people. We ourselves have experienced that with people. Some people stay for some time, some people stay slightly longer, some people come and go, some others stay forever. Very few people stay forever. All these things are unpredictable. What is outside is unpredictable. If you want to make something predictable, that can only be from within.

Guardian angels

Q: So Mohanji, what about the concept of guardian angels? And also where does the essence of the Guru principle enter?

Mohanji: Guardian angels are your complementing factors. When you are doing something, it accents you. For example, you are being in a particular state, that state is complemented by factors associated with that frequency. If you are in a particular frequency, similar frequencies support you, protect you.

Then, the Guru principle is a guide principle, which is within you. It’s a state you achieve where you are having the larger awareness. That larger awareness, stability, a state of being a mirror happens to you. That is the Guru principle, which everybody has. All of us have it. That state comes to you from within.

Mohanji quote - Path is you, destination is you

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                                          Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

Every-Moment Practice

Satsang in Maryland, The USA – Part 2

26th August 2018


Q: I’ve seen that all the great Masters, which includes you, have done intense spiritual sadhana (practice) to realise the state you are in, to be one with this world. But nowadays what’s happening is, people are given these techniques such as Kriya yoga and such and asked to do it for a few minutes. But I don’t see the intensity in people, including myself, to experience that wholeness. So without that intensity, by just doing some practices for a few minutes a day, is it possible for people to become one with the consciousness? Even the techniques you recommend such as contemplate, look around and spread the compassion, etc. are not gelling with me, especially when people including you have struggled so hard. I have read some part of your history and know you have practised for 5-6 hours a day. Without that kind of intensity, can we achieve our purpose? Are we giving false promises to people? I’m sorry for this question.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 0

Mohanji:  No, I like this question. This is a very good question. In a state of calamity, can you meditate? Is it a good idea to tell someone, “Sit down and meditate for 5 hours”? It wouldn’t work. So, what is the right practice for practical life? When we are away from all troubles and in isolation, it’s a different story. But in this society, being with your family and your work, how can you practise? Every-moment practice – everything you do, every person you meet, every emotion you handle, that is your practice. It’s not sitting down and meditating. See, most of these kriyas or meditations are reminders. Even a guru is a reminder. What is he reminding you of? He reminds one of a human possibility of a state. All the masters are reminders. All of them represent a certain state which all of you can access. There is no way a guru is always a guru. When he eats food, he is a hungry man.

Audience: (laughter)

Mohanji quote-I am a simple mirror


Mohanji: When he walks along the street, he is a pedestrian. It is a state that you are connecting to and call that person a Master. Fundamentally, “mastery” is mastery of the mind and there are stages to reach there which have been defined. I am not going into these stages. If there is a deeper need for any of you to know the stages, I can explain. But every moment, whatever you do, in everything you do, having that awareness is the real meditation. Imagine you are getting angry, you are finding, seeing yourself get angry. Imagine you are in a mode of agitation. Sometimes, when you meet someone, you feel very awkward or uncomfortable. On the contrary, when we meet some others, we feel nice and would like to be with them more often. There is a reason, something within us which is responding, and you are not controlling these responses, you are not deciding it beforehand i.e. before you interact. It’s happening spontaneously. This getting to know yourself more and more, deeper and deeper and accepting yourself at every level, this is the real practice of a normal human being. This is what you need to practise. We have certain notions about us such as: we need to meditate for a long time. If I meditated, there was a passion connected to it. There was a pleasure aspect to it. In spiritual practice what is right for you is what is effortless for you. Anything which needs effort is not your cup of tea. It can be a great practice given by a great master, no problem, but something which leads you to a state of being under pressure is not yours. That is actually going to take you away from this whole idea of being one with yourself.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 2

As I said earlier, all practices, be it karma yoga (activity path), bhakti (devotion path), jnana (knowledge path) or liberation path, are meant to make you into one unit; completely one unit. Then from unit to the universe is a spontaneous journey. Once you establish yourself as a total unit where body, mind, intellect, ego or personality and spirit are aligned, you automatically become the universe. Then the growth is horizontal. First you become vertical, then the growth is horizontal, then you become one with the whole universe. As I said earlier, when you become a God human, you experience a state where “everything is me”. Thus from a seed you become a full tree. All these practices are only boats to take you from one shore to the other.  They are given by various great masters over time, to tell you that these practices can be useful, not that you must do everything. Some of them may be useful, but some of them may not be suitable to you, for your constitution. It doesn’t mean that it will not be suitable for another constitution. So all these masters are needed. From the time when human beings started asking the question, “What is the purpose of my existence?” Masters have come forward and guided people. Therefore, all these practices are necessary. Everyone has expressed themselves and there is nothing great or low about it. I don’t consider myself as a great Master or anything like that. My relevance today is that I’m talking, tomorrow someone else may talk. Everybody is playing a role. You are also playing your role in this world, expressing what you have come for, expressing your unique constitution. Coming to terms with your unique constitution is the real spirituality and settling into it with full acceptance, makes it complete. That needs time with yourself. That’s why I said that if you want to read one book in this life, read yourself.

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 3

Mohanji: It is very important; it is the greatest book you can read in a lifetime. All other books are guides. All the gurus are guides. When you look at a person whom you consider a Master, it could be a benchmark for you, “Ok, that’s the state I want to reach!” A state where the Master has stabilised, is what is good for your aspiration. You want to reach there, and that is exactly what you are looking at. In that sense, every Master has value; not every Master suits everybody because that is not everyone’s aspiration. The highest aspiration is probably not important for some people because their life plan is not to reach there. That’s why I said it takes 5000 human births to become a human human. Then it takes another 70 births or if you consider it extended, 700 births, to become a saint human. After that it is 70 or 80 more lifetimes to become a God human. This is the journey and each time there is a different level of awareness. So, what happens when you are deeply connected to a person who is established in one state? You immediately connect to that state because we are like a sponge, we absorb. That is why proximity of a Master is always recommended, because when you constantly connect to that person, who operates from a level or a state (of the Supreme consciousness), you also constantly connect and you become that, probably not in this life, but you will, sooner or later.

Mohanji quote - Making Masters

In a new book I wrote called “Silence of Shiva”, a person (a fictional character), was connected to a Master and asked nothing from him. He never asked a question and the Master never told him anything too. They just moved together; he was one with the consciousness. Earlier someone told him, “Connect to the sky. Be the sky.” He was looking at the sky and when he constantly looked at the sky as an object or as an aspiration, he expanded. Because when you constantly connect to some object, you attain the quality of the object. That was his practice. There was nothing else. And that Master did not sit down and teach him anything. He was walking by, and said “Be the sky” and walked away. Initiation already happened! As the follower kept looking at the sky for a long time, he expanded to a certain level. Then the Master Atmananda walked by, looked at him and just signalled with his eyes “Come with me.” He just moved his eyes, that’s all. He did not even speak. The follower also got up and followed him. There was no communication like, “Now what am I supposed to do? What do you want from me?” Nothing! No communication, no questions, no answers. When Atmananda left the body, whatever remnant of karma this follower had, he took away. Atmananda liberated him before he left. So the whole process was EMPTYING. Empty, empty, empty… you become nothing, then it’s all filled in. Empty state is not a permanent state. It’s like the lounge at the airport. You have to catch the next flight, otherwise they’ll throw you out! Empty state is a state where you are preparing yourself to be filled in and the filling in happens. Then you are complete. This is the journey.

Mohanji quote - True spirituality

Therefore all the things you talked about, the practices, kriyas, etc. are all boats to cross the river. However you don’t carry the boat on your head all the time. That means the approach is tamasic. It means we are ritual bound. If you have a feeling that this ritual is important for me, otherwise I am incomplete, think: who says this? Mind, for the mind to survive, not for you. Mind likes to survive and says, “This is amazing, you are doing an excellent job, continue so that I can stay alive”, while the whole journey is about emptying the mind. That’s the difference, the true path is a path where you are one with the universe. You become the unit, which becomes the universe. First and foremost you have to become a unit to align the mind with the constitution.

Mohanji quote - Homecoming

Q: Traditions have given one pattern for each symptom for a person. I found there is one mantra for each type of problem. There are lots of books on mantras for different types of problems. So if a person has multiple problems, then how many mantras are we to chant, what is the solution to this?

Mohanji: Thank you. Mantras are frequencies, codified to create a certain effect. So each mantra has a different reason and a purpose. Each mantra, especially the seed mantras which we call “Beeja mantras”, activate certain aspects in you. That is why there are mantras in that frequency. Mantras are conglomerations of words, to create a certain frequency within you. One medicine will not suit every disease, right? Like that, one mantra may not suit everything. What are the mantras for? For alignment. To stabilise in frequency. You chant the mantra which suits you or which the guru has given you. That is individualistic. That’s the only thing which suits you, just as a physician tells you, “Take this medicine for your problem or disease.” That is exactly what you should take. If you say, “This medicine doesn’t look good. I’ll change it”, then it will be for another disease. A guru or a person who can understand, gives you something for your particular situation. And that’s exactly what suits you.

Now, where does a “problem” come from? It’s always mind. They are all actually situations. Mind says, ”This is a problem you have to deal with.” Why? So that the mind stays important. Always, everything is a situation and no situation lasts forever. Situations keep shifting. One leads to the other and then another. That’s why I said the two possibilities of human existence are happiness and sorrow. Nothing stays forever. Neither of them stays forever. Mind always hooks on something and says, “Hey, look here, this is a problem.” Problem comes out of expectations. Mind expects happiness all the time, rejects pain all the time. So what stays?

Mohanji quote - Mind

Whatever you reject, stays. That which you accept, comes and goes and merges with you. Whenever you look at life, look at how much you are rejecting or what you are afraid of. That is what stays. What you love is your state. If you are happy, you will not even know that it stays. It will stay, but silently. However, we tend to resist things for a long period of time. We especially do not agree with any of our weaknesses. Name one person in the world who does not have weaknesses. It’s not that we have only strengths. We have strengths and we have weaknesses. And we should have, all of us, 7.5 billion people of the world have strengths and weaknesses and that’s the way it is. Now when we say, “I have no weakness” – we are lying. Isn’t it? We try our best to cover up all our weaknesses and show the strengths. Then we have to wear masks. We are being hypocrites. This is exactly what is creating situations or “problems”. If you are natural, if you are spontaneous, if you are yourself, nothing stays as a problem. There will be situations, but you will easily flow through all the situations because you are not bound by its results. You are accepting it, “Situations are happening, I’m responding.” Whenever you resist, there is a friction, there is a conflict. There is a violence connected to it. When there is violence, there is pain. It could be just a thought, or a word or an action. When there is negativity or resistance, there is always pain connected to it. But if you are love and look at everybody as yourself, you see yourself. Actually, there is nothing apart from you in this world. All the people you come across or all the situations you handle a day, are your reflections. When you have tremendous fear about something, it comes to you, because you are attracting it. The same applies to love. When you love something, especially when you love yourself and accept yourself, you attract all the goodness of the world. When we store more and we are very, very reluctant to share, we are expressing poverty. Then what do you get from the world – poverty (a state of being poor). This is how it works. Look at life from a very large perspective. You understand that everything is your reflection. You created the whole thing. Then there’s no good or bad here, no dos or don’ts.

Mohanji quote - World is our reflection

I always say that there is only one thing that I don’t like in this world, which I don’t recommend to any of those who follow me. It is violence in thoughts, words and actions. Otherwise, everything is okay. I say violence is not good, because it creates that kind of effect. When you’re angry with somebody, you are actually angry with yourself. Where does anger come from? Some disappointment, and disappointment is rooted in expectations. If I do not expect anything from you, I can love you without a reason. It’s beautiful. You can love somebody without a reason. It’s amazing. However, if I expect something from you, then I’m already thinking, calculating, planning, judging. All those things happen. We contaminate the whole system.

First and foremost, understand that there are no problems anywhere, except in the mind. Even that is only when you are awake. When you are dreaming the same problem doesn’t exist. When you are in deep sleep, no such problem exists. When you wake up, you bring back that problem. Everything is a situation which you must handle because you brought it, you brought them to reality, not necessarily consciously, maybe even unconsciously. You watch something on television and get deeply involved in it. You then attract that emotion into you. That will probably reflect in your life. You may not have experienced it yourself per se, but whatever happened on television, you thought it was yours. You captured that feeling inside. It can happen. We are like a sponge. Therefore, living kindness and living compassion has a great, deep value. And it has got a lot of power. That will change collective consciousness. The vibrations change. Frequencies change. With your life, that’s the best message. Life is your biggest guru. Life. Life is the greatest teacher. Nobody can give you better lessons than life. Accept life, embrace life. Love yourself. That’s a practice which we must follow. And always believe that God is inside. We are talking to a God outside, attributing that something else will come and give you something, but that’s not the truth. You get what you are. You receive everything from earth as you are. Exactly as you are. Destiny is as you are, not what you demand or what you aspire for. Everything comes to you – if you are peaceful, peace comes to you, if you accept yourself, acceptance comes to you, if you love yourself, love comes to you. When you love yourself, you can’t judge anybody because you only see yourself around. When you judge yourself, you judge others. When you criticise yourself, you will start criticising others and you’ll see problems everywhere. “No one else is good, only I am good!”

Audience: (Laughter)

Mohanji quote - World is our reflection 2

Mohanji: Is that possible? It’s all reflections. You have every right to be absolute love. Every right. Nobody can take it away from you, even if you are in the worst of situations. I always love to quote one example. There was a huge tsunami which hit Japan a few years ago. It was found that the young children about four to five years old at school, were carrying a little food and a bottle of water when salt water came into the city. There was no water to drink. These children shared their fresh water with others without anybody telling them. That’s exactly what we are. The children know it. Why can’t we know it? When did we stop knowing all these small but important things? When? When we decided that we are adults. Are we? It is again an illusion, right? We are all children of Mother Earth. It doesn’t matter what your age is! Age is just a factor connected to a body. You are ageless. You are eternal. Body has a particular age. That is because we have a prescribed duration, a boundary, that’s it, but that’s nothing. What is age? We are all children. Actually we are children of earth and when we behave like that, we share – then there are no problems on earth. No problems.

Thank you.

Mohanji quote - Kindness and compassion



 Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                        Proof Read by Vidya Rajagopalan

A Snake Story

snake - Mohanji's story on a snake
Snakes have venom, right? Why do they have venom? – For protection. When the snake feels that it needs protection then it is personal, it is itself. It has no trust, no surrender. But, when the snake feels: ‘Why should I have venom?’ I am protected.’ Venom is just like a temptation that you can be your mind. At that moment, when the snake understands it is protected, it will not use the venom. Then it will concentrate on the venom which gets saturated and becomes a diamond. The venom is not used, and also it is meditated on. It is like the heat of the meditation that saturates the venom which becomes more precious than any diamond. On the other hand, when the snake uses its venom, it adds karma and it has to come back. However, when it does tapas, then it becomes enlightened. It goes back where it came from.

So, you do have the venom to create karma if you want. But, if you install divinity in your heart center, then you become that. Then other things don’t matter. You don’t need protection, you don’t need support, you don’t need anything because you have everything, you have all those things. When we feel we need protection that, means we exist. That is why the snake has been given poison.  If the snake feels it is an individual, it will use the poison because it is afraid. The moment it knows, “I am protected. Why should I use anything?”, then it liberates. The liberation happens. That’s the point. 

You can watch this story here. 

Transcribed by Stasa Misic   

Human Progression in Spirituality

Satsang in Maryland, The USA

26th August 2018

The time that we are going through, the situations we are facing today, are built up over a period of time. I’m not talking about America, I’m talking about the whole world. Collective consciousness built up situations. That means, a generation or a group of people thinking in a certain way, creates events. That is what we are all experiencing; just as if it rains in a neighbourhood, anybody walking in that area will get wet.

The first time a being takes a human body, it would be a “raw human body” i.e. consciousness will be very raw. And they say it takes at least 5000 births before he becomes a “human human”. A human human is someone who is able to consistently express love, compassion, kindness and who has the ability to share what he has. To reach there it might take 5000 births i.e. before he actually becomes a human human. At this time, I think it is more important to consider being a human because we have to share this time and this place with compassion and kindness. And we should always remember what we are going to deliver to the next generation. Imagine the Earth is in your hands today. You can keep it for some time, but you can’t own it and then you have to hand it over to the next generation. How will we do it? Or what sort of earth are we going to give to the next generation? This is a fundamental question. Once you reach a state where you are actually being a human being, i.e. 100% human human where you are able to share, express love, compassion and kindness, without any hindrance or without any expectation, then you are established in the state of being a human being.


It is said that it takes at least another 70 lifetimes to become a “saint human”. Everything is a state. We are all in a certain state of evolution. When we connect to certain masters, we do not connect to bodies or certain philosophies. We connect to states. When we talk about a master, we talk about a state the person was existing in.  So when I say “a saint human” it’s a state where the idea stabilises in you, where you really understand that you belong to nothing or nobody, and nothing or nobody belongs to you. Neither anybody belongs to you, nor you belong to anybody. Understand that very clearly. That settles in. That clear understanding becomes you. Then you are a saint human. You have that full clarity and full experience that you belong to nothing and nothing belongs to you. Then freedom starts to be experienced. This is actual freedom.

It takes a few more lifetimes where you experience “being God”. When I say “being God” it is not an egoistic feeling of “I am superior to others”. It’s an experience where “everything is me” – Aham Brahmasmi (I am everything, I am the universe, I am the Supreme Consciousness).


This is the human progression in spirituality, in a nutshell. What we need today is that clarity that nobody owns any piece of land on earth. We are all walking here like tourists. We cannot own anybody. We cannot own anything here. If that understanding is clear, then the result is love, freedom. And when we are actually free from inside, there is no way you can stop reflecting it. You will be radiating that freedom, all the time. On the contrary, when we have a lot of expectations and needs and we believe that “this thing only belongs to me”, then it means we need to grow up that much more!

Therefore, first and foremost, we have to become a human human. Then we spontaneously become a saint human. Then again we spontaneously become a God human. There IS a state called God human. Many think it’s hypothetical, that we can’t be God. Of course, it’s an experience. God is an experience. God is not outside of you. You feel the state of being God inside you and it reflects, just like the sun. Sun gives you light. It never charges you. Furthermore it does not say, “I will give more light to Canada than America”. It will give the same amount of light to all places. Sometimes we feel like we are in darkness. We may not have opened the curtains and we feel that there is no sunshine. It is not the fault of the sun. The Sun is there, but we do not experience it because we did not open the curtains. These states exist because we have the mind. They are not permanent. When clouds obscure the sun it does not mean that the sun doesn’t exist. When the clouds rain off, the sun is there, visible again. What we need in the world today is this FEELING OF UNIFICATION, based on a stable state and frequency. That is why I always talk about BEING HUMAN NOW. When we see acts of greed, anger, hatred or jealousy, realise they are lower frequencies, essentially coming out of ignorance, not knowing that you can carry nothing from here.


You can carry two things. The first one is residual memories – memories of experiences you had in this life, the second one is desires. These are the two things we carry when we leave the body. We have residual memories based on many things, which are converted into impressions. These are the seeds. Impressions are the seeds which sit in us. Then we also carry desires, for example a thought such as “Oh, I should have had something better, I want this, I want that…” etc. Bhagawan Krishna explains this in a beautiful way. There are millions of things around you, all these belong to you. There are many objects we see around us as we live life. To experience them you have only five senses – eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. Out of these millions, you are narrowing it down to five senses. One mind. When mind is with your eyes, you see. If mind is not with your eyes, you look but you see nothing. When mind is with your ears, you actually hear. Otherwise there will be sound, but you won’t be aware. Mind is not there. Absentmindedness is a state where you are not aware of what’s going on around you. Mind with any of the senses gives you experiences and experiences are what we are actually born for. The clear purpose of existence of a human or any other body is experience. If mind is not with the senses, there is no experience. Mind is very important. What is your experience at the end of the day? Two.

So, millions-five-one-two.

What does two stand for? One is happiness, the other is sorrow. Either of them, that’s all you experience. Some experiences give you happiness, other experiences give you sorrows. This is it. This is human life in which, WHERE IS OWNERSHIP? WHAT CAN YOU OWN? YOU CAN ONLY ENJOY! You can only experience for some time. There’s nothing permanent here. Sorrow is not permanent, happiness is not permanent. It is in this duality that we exist. This is what we are. This understanding is essential today because we are in an ownership spree, “I own things, I gain things.” Now, there is this ownership of materials which we are very happy to do because that’s what we are educated for, “Compete and win.” Compete with whom!? And what do you win? You may win a few materials, but you may not win happiness. If happiness is what you are looking for, it’s an internal thing. Isn’t it? You can’t be happy with a thing outside because it’s not yours anyway. An outside thing can give you happiness provided you agree with it internally. There might be a lot of food on the table. How many types of food will you actually be happy to consume? Something which suits your body, isn’t it? Likewise, in a store, there are many different clothes. What do you buy? Something that suits you. We have limitations. Not everything is for everybody and it need not be.


We must understand these basic principles of existence. That will help us to position ourselves better in this world. The height of a good life or successful living is the attitude of contentment. Number one, we have to be contented with what we have. To explain this better, it is not a sort of surrendered or a complacent attitude such as (in a disappointed tone), “Ok, this is my fate, I can’t do anything more.” Instead the attitude is “Ok, this is happening to me. That’s fine. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, I always go to its limit or bottom so that it actualises itself.” Every situation of unhappiness gives you a potential for great happiness and every situation of great happiness gives you a potential for seeing the other side. It’s like two sides of a coin, happiness and sorrow, they keep changing.  When we resist something, it stays longer. When we accept something, it becomes our transformation. A good benchmark for spiritual stability or maturity is TRANSFORMATION. If transformation is not happening from an activity for whatever reason, stop to think, “Is this activity important?” Every practice is there to take you to a state of no practice, not that you get addicted to a practice for life. What we are doing then is that we are adding another addiction. That’s not what we want. We would like to stabilise. We should grow in the level of awareness, where you become a human first, stabilise in that being human state where you only express love, kindness, compassion, regardless of what the world gives you, then you evolve to a state where you stabilise in the idea that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing. Absolute freedom sets in there. Then you reach a state of being in a state of godliness, where you are everything.

This progression needs one step. Remember this word – ACCEPTANCE. Fundamental. The whole journey starts with acceptance. Acceptance of what? Oneself. Yourself. You have to look at yourself as an authentic, original creation. Everybody, all creations of this world are authentic and original. There is no way we can say any one creation is higher or lower. It has even been proved scientifically that if we take two leaves from one plant, each leaf is tailor-made i.e. it is authentic and original. If that is the case, then what about us, as a full and complete incarnation, with a capacity to experience higher levels of awareness?


We are really, really authentic. The moment you realise that and accept it 100%, then the whole world will accept you. If the world is not accepting you, ask yourself why. It always starts with self-acceptance. You have to understand this. There’s no compromise here. You are original. What can you do? Even if you feel, “I’m not like the other person,” you should not be. You should not be like another person. You have to accept your originality. Because this is the truth. If that’s not accepted, there won’t be a change in the vibrations in the world around you. When you accept your originality and authenticity, it does not matter whether other people accept you. If you accept yourself, you will start shining like the sun, bright. Brightness happens just because of acceptance. Brightness happens because you have come to terms with yourself. You can like or dislike anything outside of you. Nobody will care. If you do not like me, it will not affect me. But if you do not like yourself, you lose a lifetime. You should remember this. If you judge yourself, you will lose a great personality. If you judge me, I have no problem, I go home. But if you judge yourself, you lose a lifetime. This is the point. Why I am giving this as a practical example is because if you want to make a change in the world, start with self-acceptance. If that’s not happening, this is the sadhana (spiritual practice) which must be done, for which you have to spend time with yourself. You don’t have to spend time with me, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to spend time with anybody, that’s not important. But if you don’t spend time with yourself, you miss a lifetime. I’m giving you the fundamentals of philosophy. There’s no complication here, it is very natural, and when you think deeply about it you will know that it is true.    Rev. Genmanji talked about karma yoga. Karma yoga is a path of purification. When you work selflessly, when you are selfless by nature, when you live for the world, it purifies you. When you want more and more from the world, it contaminates you, because it involves processes where you have to compromise quite a bit. When you are serving, there is no compromise. There are also paths of devotion, path of knowledge, path of liberation, path of breath, kriyas and so on, which are all there to help you become one unit. What is the purpose of all the activities, practices, meditations, yoga, kriya…? They are all there to make you a unit, a complete unit. When I say “unit” it means body, mind, intellect, ego i.e. personality and spirit in one line, totally aligned, together, then, you are one unit. Body is here. Where is the mind now? Either in the past events, experiences you had, or in the future, by way of anxiety, “What will happen to me, my future, my children, my father, my mother…?” When mind gets scattered on numerous situations and materials, it is not you, as a unit. Ownership through “me” or “mine” is a big problem. We suffer due to ownership. What can you own? You can’t even own this body. This is like a rental car, taken for some time. You have to give it back, otherwise they will come and take it from you (laughter). You can’t help it. We are on a tourist visa here, right? In the immigration they ask, “How many days do you want to stay here?”  Before you started this journey, i.e. before you took this body, someone asked the question, “How many days do you want this body?” If it is 80 years, it is 29200 days. “That’s it. You can live 80 years, that is 29200 days. After that, go home. You want to come back? No problem, but you need to take another time span.” This is determined before. We all have a decisive time plan or a boundary. Boundaries are set. This is something we should always remember.


If you live for 100 years, it is 36500 days! It is not too many days, right? But we believe we live forever. We judge, criticise, condemn people, we say this guy is good, that guy is bad… all these are illusions. We play with emotions, illusions. Then, what happens at the end of the day? Suffering! When we don’t accept ourselves, nobody accepts us. You say, “Nobody is accepting me, what’s wrong with all these people?” There’s nothing wrong with people, they are all mirrors of you. Fundamentally, if you accept yourself, everybody accepts you. If you love yourself, everybody loves you. Because it is not selfish love, where you say, “All these things, come to me” – then, people love you to take them away from you. You probably know the story of an eagle which held a piece of meat and was flying. Suddenly a bunch of crows started attacking the eagle. The eagle wondered why they were attacking him. It forgot that it was carrying the piece of meat in its beak. Suddenly it realised, “They are all following me because I have this meat.” It dropped the meat and all the crows went away. Isn’t this our life? We all follow somebody or people follow us because there is something to take from us. If we are empty and fine with ourselves then people follow you because of your state. That is better.

Audience: (laughter)

When we are in a state of contentment and people tell you, “I like your state”, it is nice. It is also good. Instead, if you own many things, people could follow you. Consider the story of Nagarjuna, who was carrying a golden begging bowl. A thief was following him, not for his knowledge, but for the begging bowl. It was made out of gold and had diamonds studded on it. An amazing begging bowl!

Audience: (laughter)

When Nagarjuna was trying to sleep, the thief was behind a pillar, wondering, “When is this guy going to sleep?” Before Nagarjuna slept, he threw the begging bowl at the thief towards the pillar. It surprised the thief. He could not understand why Nagarjuna did not value the golden begging bowl with diamonds! The thief took the begging bowl. He was happy, he did not have to steal. He came to Nagarjuna and said, “I have never met anyone like you. You did not care for this golden begging bowl with diamonds!” Nagarjuna said, “It is so for you. For me, it’s a utility vessel. I can eat from the bowl, whether it is made of gold, copper or aluminium I have no problem.” To this, the thief said, “I have never met someone like you. Why did you throw it to me?” Nagarjuna said,”That is because, if you keep looking at me when I’m trying to sleep, in order to steal it from me, I won’t be able to sleep. And because I am looking at you to see when you are going to steal it, you will not sleep. Thus I will not sleep either. Instead, let’s both sleep. Isn’t that better?”

Audience: (laughter)


This is the situation in life. If you look at our own life, you see these things happening. Somebody is looking at you and you are not able to sleep. Give it to them and say, “You take it, go. You sleep, I sleep.” We must all sleep peacefully. This is our birth right. Sleeping peacefully is our birth right, remember. Being contented is our birth right. Being peaceful is our birth right. Why do we choose other emotions at all? Why do we choose anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge? Do you understand? This is the thought of the time. This is what we should think and this is what we should spread. How do you spread this in this world? Be that. There is no way we can preach. Nobody will take you seriously. Live it. Show it with your life. That becomes a message for the world. Whatever you cannot live is not good enough. If you cannot express it through you own life, it’s not powerful enough. People will look at you and say, “He is not following it himself, why should I follow it?” We have to LIVE peacefulness. We have to LIVE kindness and compassion. We have to LIVE contentment and tell the world “I choose peace and I am living it.” That makes a huge difference.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof-read by Vidya Rajagopalan

Mohanji as a Messenger of Peace in Assisi, Italy

Brahmarishi Mohanji, a spiritual leader and a messenger of peace, attended the historic Peace Pledge Project at Assisi, Italy from 28th to 29th June 2018. This historic event saw more than 100 spiritual leaders, business leaders, educational and environmental leaders who came together and emphasized the importance of universal loving-kindness and compassion for all beings. This global event demonstrated to the world our mutual friendship, respect and common goal for a peaceful world nurtured by wisdom, compassion, unity in diversity, forgiveness and reconciliation.


He also attended Peace Pledge Project in The Hague, Netherlands in 2017. You can read his speech here.

And watch the message

Assisi, a small but powerful town soaked with divine energy, the place where Saint Francis was enlightened and had communion with the Supreme Consciousness. With his love for nature and all beings of  Mother Earth, St Francis spent his life serving all beings from this pious place and finally attained liberation.

Assisi displayed the unconditional love, the warmth of compassion and peace in every inch. This resonated completely with all in the presence of Mohanji.


Many renowned Masters and leaders were gathered in this multi faith event which aimed at bringing awareness to peace in humanity.

Mohanji’s ease and compassion towards everyone was evident in His gestures and the radiance that He was bringing in their faces.

To simply observe how Mohanji was living “Loving-Kindness, compassion and unconditional love” every moment, not just in words but in actions, was a wondrous, eye opening experience.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 1

Mohanji’s First (recorded) Speech

During lunch time they explained this idea to me, the first thought was, it’s a conscious lifestyle. Being aware. Being conscious. We are controlled by the temptations of the media. One sign is, we keep changing mobile phones. I saw this mobile phone which can be pieced out and changed when needed. I think there is no such mobile phone available at the market today, because they expect us to change the mobile phone with the new features every time. This has become a habit. We have learnt to live like this because it is a consumerist society. We are not worried about what happens to the materials we have used and where they are going (i.e how they are disposed off).

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 4

Therefore I just categorised two aspects:

One is the internal space – the internal space which has feelings, emotions, etc. and it is also the seat of contentment. Furthermore, it is based on needs. It has a root, a bhaav or a flavour – silence.

The other one is external – the external is all connected to noises.  So one is silence and the other one is noises.

I am only talking from the spiritual point of view, as I am not an expert in the circular economy. But from the spiritual angle, I would say this is a conscious lifestyle. It is connected to the external space, our addiction to things outside and how this addiction is maintained by the media or the temptations that come out of the media which make us spend on a particular frequency, whether we like it or not. For example, “if you buy two, you will get one free,” – we will buy it even if we do not want it because of the temptation, the greed factor. It is not the need factor any more. It is the greed factor. Then it is unconscious existence. We are existing more or less unconsciously and we are driven by things outside. We do not even look inside (to see) whether this is leading us to contentment. Contentment factor is definitely not there. It is about just managing a lifestyle of unconsciousness. The noisy world is filled with materials and we are connected to the fancy towards it. It  is blind consumerism because we are not even worried about how it comes i.e. how it is produced or it’s source. Actually I was talking to my wife… my daughter was saying, ”I don’t like this food. I want another food…” so I asked her, “Does she know where this food is coming from? And how many people have worked to get this food on your table? It would be a good idea if she knows, because even if it is one grain, there is a lot of sweat and blood behind that grain. It is easy to discard it. We think it is ok, we will pay money and obtain it. We should also know where the money comes from. This awareness is missing most times.

The media control leads us to restlessness. When we see new things in the media, in advertisements, etc. we feel we should have it. Whether it is a car, a phone or anything new – “Oh, this has better features! It is better than what I am using now. Why don’t we go for it?” Sometimes it leads people to debts and further insecurities.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy

It maybe even connected to boredom.  We are bored with life, we are bored with monotonous things. Sometimes it is comparison with other people, “My neighbour has got a new car, so I would like to get another one.” This is triggering the need for changes. It is not that we need it. The car is still moving and working well. We can use it for some time, but we change it because we think it is time we have proven something to this world, it maybe to prove that you have more money or better means, or whatever. The greed factor is maintained all the time. It is not the need factor any more . Then it leads to insecurities. We are always in a mode of insecurity, we need more and more. We are  pleasure oriented, not satisfaction or contentment oriented.

The way we approach the world with surrender, things happen and we are reasonably contented with the lifestyle. The demands are less and that leads to peace. People are not talking about peace. People are talking about materials, what else we need and what other things are available. All in all, life has become an unconscious pursuit. We must lead to a  conscious lifestyle. It is all boiling down to conscious lifestyle. Being aware of what we are doing here, why we are doing the same and whether it is necessary. Buddha said, “Just before you speak, ask yourself, if you are going to talk with kindness.” Similarly, one could think, “ Do we really need it? Is this thing really needed or are we using our emotions and are getting carried away with what we see on the television?”

That is about it. That is more or less what I wanted to say.


Mohanji’s Speech at Basilica of Saint Francis


I bow down to the great Master who united us here. I also bow down to the traditions that we brought here. These are all drops of the same ocean.

This is a leased body. This is a leased life. There is a duration. This remembrance could help. When we feel that we own the land or own anything, when we feel possessiveness, possessions and various dimensions of ego, this remembrance might help – that we are here on a leased life, on a tourist visa, we have to go back. We only carry some memories and some desires. If we do not have control of our desires, we keep coming back. It is important to understand WHO united us here, I bow down to the great masters and the tradition that brought us here, all the traditions that brought all of you here. I bow down to all of you. When you do not exist, you see only yourself everywhere. If you see differences, understand it’s the mind. Only mind can see differences because you are always unique. That’s the way we are created. We are neither high, nor low, nor equal. We are unique. If we understand that, let us express our highest possibility into this world which is goodness, loving compassion, kindness, instead of greed, hatred, possessiveness, revenge and insensitive lifestyle.

I bow down again to the Lord who brought us together, who is called by many names, and whom we think of in many forms and formlessness. I bow down to the unique creations that He has brought on this world. Thank you.

Mohanji’s Speech at the Conclusion Ceremony 

on 29th June 2018


(Note: recording started after a few sentences)

…The second point that Swamiji said is about the conglomeration that is going to happen in Kumbh Mela. This is the highest message of peace at this point in time. At one place, millions are assembling in the name of peace. No conflicts. Everybody is the same. This is a very powerful platform to express something. And the third point to note is I have been assisting in whichever way possible; we have put out the Peace Pledge Project on our website last year and it is still there.

Visibility factor should not focus just on the websites. Not many people visit websites; not many use Facebook, we might as well forget about Twitter and other social media. Visibility has to be through multiple means. We have program called Conscious Walking. It is basically for unification, being in your own energy and walking. This is very popular in Europe. They have T-shirts: ” Walking for Peace”; “I am a Walker  for Peace”.


These T-shirts go very well. People look at it and say, what is this? What Pujya (which means revered) Swamiji said was the same thing, if you want to convey the message, convey it through pictures, images and that goes a long way. If we are talking and not expressing, it remains as a theory, an idea. Therefore I think the next step should be focusing on the visibility and that should not be only through the platforms which are type-cast, like Peace Pledge Project. We have united here to create a formula or patterns or an understanding. But peace is a state. It has to be a state. It is a state where you are contented, you are balanced. That state has to happen through various methods. When I was in Iraq in 2004, my bodyguards were kidnapped, my four-wheel drive vehicle was blown up; each day was a survival. I know how it is… a child once told me, “If I get a knife, I’ll kill a man.” He had that kind of anger, a feeling of revenge within him. Such situations cannot be changed just by talking about it. You cannot suggest to them, ”please meditate and improve.” It will not work. I can tell you right now; next generations to come i.e. future generations will look at us and call us a barbaric generation. This is going to happen. They will call us a barbaric generation because we have no idea of what we are doing. From a macro perspective, this is about all governments and people. People who believe in peace and who are doing something about it right now may look like fools, but in the future they will be trendsetters.

Technology has given us this opportunity for visibility and the highest level of visibility is through videos and short presentations. I fully agree with Pujya Swamiji in this regard. Attention levels are very short; today, it is 8 seconds. In 1986 we used to say that if one can convey a message within 15 minutes, it is good enough. Contrast it to today when it is 8 seconds! At the end of 8 seconds your attention is no longer available; so if you cannot convey something within the first minute or so, you cannot convey it. That is the level of our imbalance or disalignment. Alignment of body, alignment of mind, alignment of intellect, alignment of ego i.e. personality is important. But there is definitely no alignment at all. Through various religious paths, systems, methods, contemplations or meditations, we are trying to convey, but at the end of the day what we are achieving is complete anarchy in the whole world. We talk about religion and religions are killing more people, not diseases, illnesses or an epidemic.  Religions are killing people. What harmony are we talking about?


I completely agree with Swamiji, that we should use these platforms well, especially Kumbh Mela. It is a very, very powerful platform and people should wear T-shirts, hats or whatever it takes. I believe that if we present the idea to the corporates, they will fund it. The idea of peace is one everyone may feel about. We should not just talk among ourselves and within our organisation. We could be weak on our own, but collectively, we could be a power. If all of us can speak to our own network, all those in our contacts, it could be a movement. And it should be visible. If it is not visible, it is not good enough. Also, do not depend too much on websites and platforms like Facebook, etc. They are temporary and do not stay. They keep moving, so you have to keep telling something each day. And if you don’t have a team to keep inspiring people, the whole idea is lost. We will talk about the same thing in the next program; that is not good enough. People should FEEL. People should ALWAYS REMEMBER. Peace, as I said earlier, is a STATE. That state has to be attained. When the state is attained, nobody can disturb you. Until we reach there, we need to do something. This is my humble opinion.

Q: Can you tell us some recommendations how we can operationalise your insights?

Mohanji with the initiator of Peace Pledge Project Murshid Karimbakhsh Witteveen Chair Universal Sufi Council

Mohanji: I would like to continue what Pujya Swamiji said. One thing is that short videos are very powerful today.

Participant 1: How many videos do we have? Or speeches? They could be edited into short videos. I would say that we have at least 20 hours of material. Would that be correct?

Participant 2: Something like that, yes.

Participant 3: Johnathan, I have about 25 1-2min videos of many people.

Participant 1: Ok. So, Mohanji, we have potentially 30 high quality, high definition, really good quality material, we have about 20 very heartfelt, sincere, not only visually quality but high quality material. How can we get that to as many people in the best way possible?

Mohanji: Today, I was listening to a discussion on the media on how to grab attention. Even adults watch cartoons like “Tom & Jerry”, something funny, which conveys a short message in a short span of time, not long conversations or philosophies. They may not be interesting for all. For some people these might be suitable, but we are talking about 7.5 billion people. We need to have these videos or short presentations, which convey a message in a subtle way, while making you feel. This is a real art and many are practising it. We can also use images, like ice melting in Greenland, in other words,  make it visual, as much as possible.


Participant 1: So you are giving editing suggestions of the material and make it more compelling.

Mohanji: Absolutely.

Participant 1: You can talk to Jonathan about that.  Jully has the interviews which are just in a lovely environment that are not visually that striking but are short, crisp and content rich. How can we apply that?

Mohanji: It has to be edited into one sentence each and put together; it could be many faces coming forward so that in a minute about 30 or 50 people are talking, even one word will grab the attention; not necessarily a full sentence or complete conversation. This is because attention level is very weak these days. I think that is what you, Pujya Swamiji meant (turns to him) when you mentioned crisp videos. That is exactly the point.

Participant 4: Mohanji, I see two real needs from what you said. One is corporate sponsorship. We need, anyone who has talent in that, who has good will to help us. That would be tremendous. And the other thing is that in some ways, we need a whole video team, a team of people who have both good will and knowledge and understand our message.

Mohanji:  I am only talking about one thing – visibility. Corporate sponsorship is about their visibility. They do it for their sake, not for our sake, but that is good enough for us. What they contribute, we will say this was given by or sponsored by some company. If you are talking about professionals doing this work, they will pay. Because there will be cost and they will be shouldering it. Then it’s a question of reaching people. Facebook is a good platform for that. You can pay them and they will take it all over the world. It is like a country now.

Participant 4: That’s a resource we don’t have yet.

Mohanji: We may have to find it.

Mohanji as a peace activist in Assisi, Italy 3