Creating Inner Stability – part 2

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 6th May 2018

Mohanji quote - Doubts


Q: How can we overcome doubts that the mind creates?

M: It’s almost like clouds which obscure the sun. Doubts are coming out of mind and doubts are created mostly well, we can get doubts from other people but if doubts are entering it’s the mind projecting an option of these things but what you need to do is stick to your reality. What has been your reality? What has been your experience? And what is the aspiration? If you stick to that, all the doubts-clouds will clear. Doubts will happen, but don’t allow them to stay. You look at it, say ok, it’s existing, but you are beyond doubts. Sun is always there shining. The clouds come and obscure it but sun doesn’t go away. The sun stays. So you are definitely in the sunshine, you are the brightness. Clouds will happen but we know very well that they won’t stay. They all come and go.
Better not to rain on other people. That is something which you can think about. When you have doubts, keep them to yourself and dissolve them without raining on other people i.e. without contaminating other people’s minds. Then what happens is, it becomes your responsibility to sort out those people. The more people you contaminate with doubts, the more responsibility you are handling. So be careful. To beautify somebody’s mind is good karma. When you contaminate someone’s mind is bad karma. So you have to pay for that too. So pay less. These are all my opinions.

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Q: How can we sustain the bliss of silence we create during the meditation all day long?

M: Initially whenever we have any bliss of silence during the meditation, it can’t be sustained more than certain. But when you repeat it, it starts expanding. It’s like thoughts start reducing. The first day they will not reduce. You have to go through the process over a period of time, it reduces. Consistency is very important. Then the effect will stay longer, longer, longer and finally it will stabilise, it becomes your state. Effect becomes your state through consistency. Consistency is very important in any sadhana, any practice. That is why the scriptures say one path, one guru, one practice. This is very important. So whatever you do, be consistently connected to one tradition, one guru, one path, one practice. Then it is guaranteed because the effect or the tranquillity which you experience through consistent effort becomes state. Once the state happens or once you graduate into that state it will not go away.

Mohanji quote - Consistency


Q: Do effects of the planets affect our energy and if yes, does the Navagraha  prayer reduce the effects of the planets?

M: Well, even the weather is affecting you, right? Sun, sunshine, summer, winter, spring, the surrounding, all these things have an effect on us. We are not segregated from this universe. We are part of this universe. We are within this universe. Every atom in us is connected to every atom in the universe. Everything has its power play. It has its influence. When you say Navagraha puja, it’s like increasing the positivity and integrating the alignment with the whole cosmos. In any prayer, any mantra, any ritual, which integrates your connectivity which is already existing, which you can’t avoid, with the whole universe, it will help you because it is one part of alignment. Whenever your body is perfectly aligned like, you are having a good sleep, good appetite, good exercise, if your body is aligned in a good way, that will help you all day. Like that, if your mind is aligned beautifully, that means moderate emotions, peacefulness, tranquillity in mind, etc. then your interaction with society is better. Likewise your intellect is aligned i.e. the information you are assimilating is not of violence in nature, it is connected to you, synchronised with your system, then intellect is beautiful and connects with the whole society. If every aspect is aligned, it gives you a better life. Likewise, if you are connecting to the planets which are already existing and influencing, not only ours, but the whole world, the whole universe, they are all interconnected, so if you are getting in tune with those planets, and your alignment is perfect, the effects are less i.e. neutralised. That is definitely coming. Puja, prayer, whatever suits you, it will work. The alignment is the main thing. Meditation is called alignment, rituals are for alignment, mantras are for alignment, everything is for alignment. It is including body, mind, intellect, ego, any structure. So alignment is the whole thing. Spirituality is fundamentally called alignment. In that mode everything works well.

Mohanji quote - Alignment

Secret to peace

Q: How can we be always mentally and physically happy without sorrow, pain, fear, grief, tension, etc. in all circumstances?

M: This is a wonderful question. I think you are already that. Then what is preventing it? Expectations, mind, right? You are already beautifully integrated into the whole universe. In fact, nothing can segregate you except your mind. Your mind creates analysis, mind creates doubts, mind creates segregation, alienation, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. This is all mind. Remove all these things from your mind and you will see there is no mind. When thoughts are taken out of mind, mind itself collapses. Your secret to peace is coming in tune with yourself. The secret to peace, stability, tranquillity, equanimity. This is definitely mind, your acceptance factor, your contentment factor. If you accept yourself and you accept the realities, and you are peaceful with everything, you don’t criticise, you don’t judge or talk bad, you don’t contaminate your space and other spaces, like that if you do, you will be peaceful. And it will show on your face. You will be like a magnet, you will attract so many people. That’s because you have stabilised. People would like just to see the stable mind. All the turbulence is temporary and it’s mostly in the waking state mind. Other states do not get affected so much. So in waking state mind be peaceful, choose peace, and also choose goodness, be good to people, do good, serve the world, all the time thinking, “What else can I do for the world?” it will give a lot of peace and tranquillity.

Mohanji quote - Secret to peace

Q: How to overcome tamas consistently?

M: Tamas is when you are in a mode of inertia. Your whole method, mode is inertia. So people sometimes drink coffee or smoke cigarettes just to get out of tamas. I would say that actually the only way to overcome tamas is to increase rajas, rajas means action. Whenever you feel, “Oh, I’m lazy, I don’t want to get out of bed,” get up. So that you do what is opposite of laziness. Go for the opposite. That’s the best way to overcome tamas and ensure that you are not tamasic in your mind, in the body, ok. Mind is influencing the body but the body’s putting the mind back to bed. It says, “Nice weather, sleep a little more.” Get up, go for a job or do something to counter it. So the best way to beat tamas is rajas, compulsive action. Not just walking, thinking, singing, etc. You have to do jogging, running, play football, tennis, something which will be really dynamic. That will help you.


Q: Do we need to chant different mantras or can we chant Mohanji gayatri mantra?

M: Whatever mantra you are chanting, do it consistently. At least partially with voice which means 90% of the mantra should be inside, 10% outside. It’s not like 90% sound outside and 10% inside which we see in places, people run away because of the noise pollution, but 90% of the mantra should be within, 10% should be outside. This is the right way to chant. So it’s only the limited sound coming out.

Secondly, use one mantra, whichever mantra suits you, consistently chant it for a long period of time. When you stop chanting with the sound, chant in your mind. All the time while you walk, talk, relax, chant it in the mind so that what happens is your alignment never changes. Mantras build alignment. They synchronise you. That will stay. Mantras are good if chanting is consistent. At the end of the day, it is consistency. The more consistently you do it, the more effect you will see.

Mohanji quote - Mantra chanting


Q: How to get a status of no expectation?

M: Our mind expects by nature. It’s like a habit. We have developed the mind to start expecting so we expect. But just by being aware of your expecting, your will start detaching from your expectations, that is a way to begin. It means, you expect to have breakfast in the morning. And then breakfast is happening in the morning, ok, it’s good. But then always be aware, “Oh, I expect, and this is sometimes binding.” So each point in time, if you are alert about your expectations, so many expectations will start detaching from you and instead of expecting, you will be in an acceptance mode. The moment you shift into acceptance mode, expectation takes a back seat. It means your method of operation becomes peaceful. You are peaceful. You are stable. And then, even if you have expectations, it does not have density, like an overwhelming expectation, anxiety, fear, discord with the people around you or imperils of life, disharmony, all those things will stop because there will be more acceptance, less expectation.

So to detach from expectation, first is awareness. Be aware that you are expecting. And it’s not a bad thing. Don’t think that expectation is bad and suppress it. It’s not that. You are actually experiencing expectation but at the same time you are being aware of it. But at the same time you are not bound by it. You are accepting the situation where it does not become as you expected. So that you are giving the room, you are leaving it open, that is acceptance. The more you develop acceptance, the less you are bound by it. Less expectation, less disappointment. So you will be free from that.

Mohanji quote - Expectations

Difference in frequency and orientation

Q: Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable at different places like someone’s home or Mandir?

M: It all depends on your frequency and orientation. Like, if a person who is interested in chanting, singing and dancing, goes to a very serious discussion on spirituality on intellectual plane, they will run away. They will feel something is very wrong. Because their operating frequency is different. They operating frequency is chanting, singing, dancing. But the place provided is that of serious silence, meditations and stuff. So every place, every person, every location if it is not integrated into your frequency or if it is not in tune with your frequency, you will feel very bad or you will feel suffocated. That’s the reason. But understand that there are 7.5 billion people on earth. They are not of the same frequency. Everybody has variety, difference and there should be variety, difference. That’s the flavour of life. If everybody is the same like bricks of a wall, there’ll be no fun. The fun of life is about variety. The world has provided sufficient variety. It’s important that all these are part of creation, part of the universe and understand that the whole creation decided to have this in this time. So instead of resistance, learn acceptance. Also, if the frequency does not match you, like, if you cannot relate to somebody, leave peacefully. Don’t sit down criticising, judging or scandalising him or make life miserable for yourself and others. Instead you can peacefully leave – it’s not my cup of tea. How many times you have done that, right? Sometimes something comes to us that does not suit us and we have to leave it, like food, our clothes… Sometimes it does not suit us, so we switch out of it, go out of it and leave peacefully. That’s the way to go. Incompatibility of the frequency is not a problem, it’s not your deficiency, please understand. If you cannot be compatible with everybody, every place, idea, or emotion, it is not your deficiency. It is only talks about your orientation and how you are created. It is not a problem. Don’t look at it as a problem. And if you try to match all frequencies, you will never succeed anyway. Please understand that.

Mohanji quote - Frequency difference

The right path

Q: Father, please advise me the right path I am stranded in dejection? How will I get real peace of mind to concentrate on You?

M: Don’t try to concentrate on me. First you said, please advise me the right path. YOU are the right path. Without you, there is no Mohanji, right? You are the most important being you have met in this life. Now, if you haven’t met, make sure you meet yourself. This is very important. If you don’t meet Mohanji, it will not change anything. But if you don’t meet you in this life, you’ll lose a lifetime. It’s important that you should spend time and understand, recognise, shake hands with yourself. So the right path is YOU. When I say ‘you’ you need to understand assimilate yourself totally, not as a father, brother, sister, husband… it’s all relative relationships in waking time. I’m talking about ‘you’ which is the same in waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. So be that person who is the same in all three states which the society will not see. Society only sees that which you project, so society makes a decision based on your projection and basically doesn’t understand you. You need to understand yourself, come in terms with yourself, you need to be with yourself so it’s important that you have to accept, recognise and assimilate yourself and that’s the path. There is no other path which is more right than that, there cannot be a path which is more suitable to you than yourself. Because you have been a complete creation which you probably never recognised. And don’t look at Mohanji or some other guru or some other thing as perfection, because that is your mind telling you. But what about you? If you can’t meet you or see you or understand you or assimilate you, there is no way you can meet anybody else. Everything has to be within you. It’s important to understand.

Q: How will I get real peace of mind?

M: When you find yourself, you are only peace. There’s nothing else. All the emotions are because you do not find yourself, you are looking outside. You are looking outside for happiness, relationships, for everything. So you do not get sufficient time to meet you so that you are peaceful. But when you meet yourself, you know that everything is you. Then you are very, very peaceful. There can’t be more peace. Otherwise you are in pieces.

Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself

Q: Recently, whenever I see time, I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33… Is it just a coincidence or is there any meaning to it?

M: I think you look at the clock only at those times (laughter). Because, see, such analysis will not help you. If it is a clear sign of something, these numbers are all patterns, symbolic patterns, patterns of life, patterns of mind, patterns of something, so it is probably a projection of your state, not balance, or original state or perfect balance. But why do we analyse? Ask yourself, am I balanced? If the answer is yes – enjoy. If the answer is no, try to get that balance.

Q: Is it ok to do sadhana when someone dies in the house? When we practise sadhana or Consciousness Kriya, and those rituals go in home?
M: Yes, technically yes, but then ritualistically we would say that the whole area is in mourning time. Mourning time practices are not effective because energy levels are low. That is why people say don’t practise anything during the time of death in the house. But in principle it is not disallowed, you can do any practices. But will you be in a mood to practise when somebody dies in the house? That’s the question. So it’s all connected to how you feel about it. There is no right or wrong there.

Silence in mind

Q: Can we really do anything including Kriya to increase our spiritual evolution?

M: Increasing your evolution pattern or your spiritual evolution, the sign, the structure or the benchmark is fewer thoughts in mind. Whatever practice you do which helps you to have fewer and fewer thoughts in mind, that is good for you. That means less activity in the mind. Silence in mind. That is where any practice should lead to, including Consciousness Kriya. Even connecting to your master. The time is so fast, it’s moving so fast, even remembrance of your master is good enough. Mantra, chanting in the mind is good enough. Everything will help you.

Mohanji quote - Practice for silence of mind

But understand it is not the hours of practice but the intensity of practice which makes the difference. People practice for hours, absent-minded. That won’t help you, but intensity of practice will. Like, you practice one hour, you connect to your master for one hour, you definitely switch to His consciousness. So that intensity has a lot of value. But it is not the same as the longevity. Sometimes people don’t understand. They say, oh, I’ve practised for ten hours, fifty hours, hundred hours. Maybe then nothing has happened. Still the mind is turbulent, noisy, then it does not work. So whatever you do, make sure it’s intense. That is why Consciousness Kriya is ten minutes. Ten minutes is because you need the intensity. Then you repeat ten minutes so that intensity is not compromised. That’s why.


Q: How’s it that our family and everything is predestined and our path talks about non-doership?

Yes, everything is predestined, but then it doesn’t mean that we just sleep. All things are predestined because you created them in the past. What you create in the present has value for the future. You need to create a good future. That means you need to work harder, and you need to work in a synchronised way now, to stabilise yourself and then your future will be bright. This is important. It doesn’t mean that whatever has happened or will happen is because of the past and now I do nothing, because your future will be completely confusing. So it’s important that you do the things right and in the right way, using the right system, right opportunities, right masters, right methods, then the future will be beautiful. Because you have only right now to work on. Work on that beautifully and the future will be extremely good. It should not be for somebody else. It should be for you. Understand 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion karmic beings. Everybody is only experiencing themselves in relationship with something else. Not that they are experiencing something else. All of us are experiencing only our incarnation and our incarnation versus something outside of us, not something outside of us all the time. We get that feeling because mind is outside. But actually speaking, we are only experiencing our existence and that too only in the waking state mostly, dream state partially, deep sleep state not at all. So this is the system.

Mohanji quote - Destiny

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


Let This Be Your Spiritual Practice

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Just sit quietly for a while. Stop whatever you are chasing. Just let go. Just contemplate. It is high time you do that.
Imagine your total existence on earth is just about 29,200 days if you will live for 80 years in this incarnation. This is about 700,800 hours. If we sleep for 6 hours on an average, we have only 525,600 hours to experience life. If we use an average of 3 hours for bathing, eating and other chores every day, we will have only 438,000 hours left. We may fall sick sometimes. That is a further loss. Few years we spend as a child. Few years in old age. Effective years can be considered about 40? That is about 14,600 days on earth. Do not believe me. Do your own calculation. Contemplate on it.

Ask yourself:

A. What do I want from this extremely limited incarnation?

B. Are this comparisons, anger, hatred, jealousy, competitions, conversions, revenge and all other emotions that make mind suffer worth it?

C. Do we really have to lie, cheat, steal, betray, doubt, condemn or convict at all?

D. Why do we choose violence at all? Is the violence our true nature or considering the limited hours on earth, is it worth it?

E. Why do we ever consider other species as lesser than ourselves and decide that they deserve only a second preference?

Contemplate more. Contemplate a lot more. Make a sea of change in life because every life meets with death. Every river meets the ocean sooner or later. Make a lifestyle change today. Right now. Life is not worth all those emotions and sufferings. Life has to be light and love because you are light and love. Keep remembering how tiny, small and fragile is our existence on this tiny planet in the cosmos called earth. Be aware. Shed your ego. Shed all unwanted emotions and catch up with what is lost already in the department of love. It is time. It is high time. Let that be your spiritual practice. Be good. Do good.

With Love

Creating Inner Stability – part 1

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 6th May 2018


Mohanji 15 - Creating Inner Stability, Zoom satsang
The aim is to create a society based on STABILITY. When I say stability, it also means internal maturity, richness, ability to give what you have in abundance.

Handling life

Q: If everything is happening through us, then all this confusion, good or bad, is meant to happen. So surrender, morning and night?

M: The will which created this effect has already happened. That is what we call the past. In the past we have done so many things and the effect of that past is happening now. If you look at our general life, you can see, the results of most of the things we do now, are coming later. Just take a normal life. Whatever we do know, the results happen later. Like that, the things we have done in the past, the emotions, the feelings, the effect of all those things of the past, is happening now. The cause is sitting there, its effect is sitting now. This stream of events is what we call life. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Bad means it gives you pain. Good means it gives you pleasure, happiness. So life is going like a wave between the good and the bad, i.e. happiness and sorrow. It’s like a continuous flow. This is how it works.

When we look at life with expectation, the intensity of pain is higher, but if you approach life with acceptance, the intensity of pains is lower. When you accept a situation, spontaneously, you will feel lighter. If instead of acceptance there is expectation, there is resistance, then the pain is sustained. But please understand that you can’t stop the flow of life. It just happens, it keeps flowing. You need to remember that in that flow, the best thing for you to be as painless as possible, is accepting as it happens: ok, this is happening now, let me look at it peacefully and whatever caused it, i.e. whatever happened in the past which created this effect, I don’t want to know. Because analysis makes the pain persist. The more you analyse, the more reminded you are of the pain. Instead, it is better to leave the pain. Let the thing of the past remain the thing of the past. This moment is exactly what you have to do or experience. When you experience the current time to its fullest, without expectation, automatically you will feel better. This is the time when you can really work on. This time is very important. Present is very important. That awareness is the only awareness to lead a peaceful, beautiful life and that waking state time – time when you are awake. In the time when you are awake, you should also be alert i.e. you should be aware that this is happening and at the same time not resistant – ok this is happening, let me go through it, experience and let it go.


Mohanjis visit at Nan Hua Temple Walking (9a)
Let the thing of the past remain the thing of the past. This moment is exactly what you have to do or experience.


Q: How to ensure protection for ourselves and our extended family?

M: The aspect of protection is inherent in every being. Every being, every species you take, has an instinct to survive. We also have the same. But because we operate through intellect much more than instincts, we have developed so many factors which can change the structure of our life and sometimes even put in a kind of dark spot. So it’s important that you keep chanting and connecting to your inside. Explore your full potential, by connecting to your inside. The whole power and the whole protection stays within you. What prevents it is the mind factor or the mind stuff which comes and overlaps it and makes you feel vulnerable. You just go beyond the mind stuff which is almost like clouds. Clouds obscure, fog obscures the road, then you cannot see. If you remove your mind stuff and look at life, immediately you can see that the whole power and the ability to protect yourself and the environment sits within you. It starts with intention. Second is connection. Intention means – may I with all my strength protect myself, may all my connections strengthen and protect the environment. In that mode, first is that you have to intend properly, then connect to something higher – to your master or to a particular deity. Third is surrender. Intention, connection, surrender. Surrender means you are accepting that unlimited power available for protecting yourself and the environment without conditions. No conditions. Unconditionally. That power is with you, within you and accessible to you. You must understand that and surrender to those powers.

Keep chanting and connecting to your inside. Explore your full potential, by connecting to your inside. The whole power and the whole protection stays within you, you have that.

So the right approach is that known path. When I say known path it can be the tradition, it can be your master, it can be a your process or it can also be your practice. There is no compromise or no substitute to practices. When you connect to yourself, when you connect to your practice, when you chant… you are surrendering. Nothing, nobody can touch you. Whenever you are mind subject, mind matter or mind stuff then you are as vulnerable as anybody can be. Because mind stuff is connected to something which is temporary. Mind is connected on a transactional or transitory level, mind is used or given or provided to experience the Earth, various matters of Earth. So mind has limitation. But we are talking about something which is unlimited, the whole force which created the creations. That’s always available to you and you are a part of it. Please have that remembrance, that you are ever unlimited and you will not be limited, ever. If you are clear and aware of that, guaranteed, you will automatically have instincts which are very sharp so that before something comes to you will know, or when you meet somebody, interact with somebody automatically your sixth sense will work better, so that will help you, prevention is always better than cure. It will help you.

Secondly, when you are deeply, deeply, connected with yourself, you will know everything before it happens. This is very, very important to understand. Connection with yourself is the feeling, acceptance is the way and then I said intention should be clear and pure, never intend anybody’s destruction, never intend anything selfish and always intend something good to yourself and everybody, Lokha samastha sukhino bhavantu  (May all the beings of the Earth be happy and peaceful). So if you consistently intend something positive, the positive comes to you.


When you have money, power, position, siddhis, if you do not have equal amount of maturity, it can all be harmful. But if you have maturity, then money, power, position, siddhis, all these things come handy.

Q: You said siddhis bind us, but don’t people who heal use siddhis? Can their whole journey be delayed?

M: Not necessarily. Everything is connected to maturity. When you have money, power, position, siddhis, and you do not have an equal amount of maturity, it can all be harmful. But if you have maturity, then money, power, position, siddhis… all these things come handy. Whatever you do with your mature outlook becomes beautiful. However, when you handle anything with an immature attitude, it will become a burden. It is important to understand that you are definitely mature in your outlook. When you have siddhi, money, power, when you are in position to do something nice, good, always do that with utmost kindness, compassionate attitude, attitude of service, gratitude. If you do that, automatically your lifestyle will change in a very large way. Inner richness will happen. When inner richness happens, then your life will be good.

Q: How can I deepen and strengthen my connection with You? Do all healers use positive energy to heal? Sometimes I feel I was healed with negative energy and felt subtly disturbed. Is it possible? How will I get to know from whom to take a healing, especially to get rid of enemies?

M: Enemies are sustained because of our own patterns structure or how we are constituted. Nothing is permanent and do not classify anything as enemies. People we do not agree with we call enemies. Those are not permanent at all. Nothing is permanent. Do not classify anybody as an enemy. There is a disagreement, that is ok. In life there will be disagreements of various nature, even with our family members, with the society. We agree with so many political decisions, sometimes we don’t agree … this is all part of existence, as we are all karmic beings essentially. We do not have to agree with everybody, we do not have to agree with everything, but at the same time be tolerant of the whole world. Better not to classify anybody as enemies. Somebody who does not like you or somebody whom you do not like, or behaves in a particular way, my suggestion is to avoid them. If you cannot handle something, better to stay away. Choose peace. Choose peace all the time. Choosing peace is very important. You need not interact with something which is negative by nature because that is a parameter that we would always be fighting . Many people in India are only thinking about their enemies but they do not think, “What else can we do for the world?” So please remember one thing, when you are connected to a good source it needs nothing from you. A source which needs something from you may not be a good source. A source which needs nothing from you and only needs your well-being, is a good source because the benchmark is, “What do they want from us?” Surrender or supplication, whatever you call that attitude. If nothing is needed, then the source has to be good. Because the source itself is self-sufficient. Source itself needs nothing. You need to understand, if the source is self-sufficient and needs nothing from you, you can definitely rely on that source. You can source energy from that source and you have nothing to worry about.


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A source which needs nothing from you and only needs your well-being, is a good source. Because the source itself is self-sufficient.


Secondly, always be socially committed, which means all the beings of this Earth are good and they need support. We need to be connecting with every being irrespective of species. When our aim and our ability are used to integrate the inter-species relationship of every being we come across, we can spontaneously, say by even giving a blessing like , “May you remain good, may you remain healthy”, the chain of reaction, emotion will increase the energy and the flow of energy spontaneously within yourself and within the society.

The aim is to create a society based on STABILITY. When I say stability, it also means internal maturity, richness, and ability to give what you have in abundance. You can’t give anything which you don’t have. What you can give is only what you can, what you have. This is something which you should always remember. So, there is nothing called bad energy that way. Because if you are adding to selfish or self-centered source, then it has to be bad because there is an expectation. Expecting is bad, not that it is bad by nature. When there is expectation, when it is not unconditional, when it is conditional, then the source is limited. Anything unlimited is never conditional. It cannot be.



Stillness is our original state. What is the meaning of sound? Sound is a state which we choose to make happen and it’s coming out of silence. Sound happens from silence and goes back to silence. Like that, stillness is a state where the mind is absolutely still, without thoughts. No thought state. In Sanskrit it’s called Nirvichara Samadhi – the state of no thoughts. When there is no thought, spontaneously the mind is quiet, it is still and when there are no thoughts the mind factor itself will become minimal. It will not be an exaggerated mind dwelling on anxieties, fears, guilt, all those things which the mind projects from things of the past will all die, and it will be just happiness and bliss because your mind will be steady or still in whatever is there to be present. In the present state, the mind is actually close to still mind. But if the mind is wondering and is anxious about the future or feels guilty of the past, then the mind will be very turbulent. Especially when we analyse the behaviours and various things of life: we keep on analysing and then it increases anxiety. It makes us very, very anxious. That is the other side of stillness.

Stillness is no movement, less thoughts, more stillness. This is how it works.

Mohanji 47 Creating inner stability - Zoom satsang
Sound happens from silence and goes back to silence. Like that, stillness is a state where the mind is absolutely still, without thoughts.

Q: If everything happens with God’s will, then what is my duty and my role? Can’t I change that?

M: Your duty and your role is to experience the current moment, this moment. That is already happening. You are already experiencing this moment. You don’t have a choice. You can’t go back to the past and experience something. It’s already finished. And the future has not yet come. You’ll reach there. So you can change patterns at this time. God is allowing you to experience life. This is God’s will (laughs). God is not living the events of life. God is allowing you to have the expressions you like to experience. Like, you’ve entered the house and the landlord is allowing you to stay in that house. The landlord is not influencing your life. He is not making the decisions of your existence. Like that God is allowing you to have all your expressions and all your experiences. That’s it. So, God is not involved: but why do we experience certain patterns? It’s because in the flow of life, all these events which have come forward are all connected to things of the past. You see the effects now. The cause is in the past. You made some decisions or had some emotions, some drama of life which influenced you, and the memories of are causing the current effect. Every thing you do today will have its corresponding effect much later. So it’s not God who is making this happen. God is facilitating it. Just like electricity is facilitating the light . Because of the light we can see. It’s not that electricity decides the light, but without electricity there is no light. You should understand this in a very clear way because this is about your life, all the events of life. Everything you do has a link to something from the past. Your decisions, emotions, interactions, everything was created by a cause. You are experiencing the effect now and God is not involved in it. God has only provided a platform for it. Please understand, don’t blame God. Don’t blame anybody for the experiences.

Every thing you do today will have its corresponding effect much later. So it’s not God who is making this happen. God is facilitating it. Don’t blame God for your experience.


Q: My wife left me and I still love her. My heart is broken. Is it possible to make up with her and be together again?

M: This is a question about relationships. You know relationships. If you just look at your own life, you can see certain relationships happen. Any relationship, right from your childhood until now happened at a particular space in time. At a particular point. Some relationships have continued through time. They have survived time. Some relationships did not survive time, but everything has its corresponding value. Some have given pleasure, some have given pain, some have given lessons. Everything has something to do with you and your life ahead. In any relationship you enter, always understand, you will be with the particular person only as long as the karma of two individuals correspond. Not a day later, not a day earlier. Every relationship is connected to a certain frequency and certain duration. If you understood this, then you can understand the whole tapestry of life.

Basically what is happening is, we are living a life with EXPECTATION.  Like, we meet somebody and we think, ok, this person will be with me forever. But then, expectation breeds more and more expectations, and eventually reaches the level where you cannot even handle the expectations, forget about the relationship. Then there is bound to be a separation. Now you back track: how much expectation did you have about a particular relationship and what did you do about it? That tells you how the relationship happened. How the relationship survived time.


Man's divorce - depressed
If you give freedom to the other person and allow that person to be 100% themselves, you know, without any expectation, you will always see that the relationship exists.

What you need to do in order to maintain a successful relationship – you must LET GO. If you give freedom to the other person and allow that person to be 100% themselves, you know, without any expectation, you will always see that the relationship exists. Whenever somebody comes to you and builds up the expectation to a great extent, guaranteed disappointments will happen, at least to some degree es and that will lead to alienation, disturbance of mind, separation, anger, hatred, revenge, anything you call it. It can change its forms at any time.

All your connections and all relationships are based on HOW you see or feel with relationships. My suggestion has always been, whenever you meet somebody, MEET THEM WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Just connect to the person fully, with full understanding that that’s an individual, a new karmic being, a person who has a perfect karmic agenda. It doesn’t matter which nationality, gender, age: these things are not of value. But everybody is a perfect karmic being who is expressing their karma through time. And in this whole journey you are dumped somewhere. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything. In fact, you are probably adding a flavour or probably adding a lesson to it, or probably adding some expectations to it. The more expectations there are, the more chances are for disappointments.



couple ending relationship
The more expectations there are, the more chances are for disappointments.

So acceptance is definitely important, but also remember how deep your expectations are about other people. That tells you how deep your relationships are in the world. The world is almost like a mirror. The more expectations you have, the fewer friendships you have. It is almost as simple as that. Otherwise, people will just love you because you look at everybody as yourself and you DON’T BIND people. You love them, you don’t mind them and you do not talk negative things. You do not say, “I expect you to do this, I expect you to do that.” So many different expectations and you are bound by it. That is probably why many relationships are getting separated.

But how do you counter it?

  1. Be aware of your expectation.
  2. Live or consistently express this ‘new you’. The ‘new you’ means a person with lesser expectation.

Consistently live that and the person will know that a change happened inside. Only we can change ourselves, we cannot change other people. Because they are all karmic beings and they only live within their boundaries. We can’t change it, nor can we change ourselves that way, but we can change our ATTITUDE to life. We can definitely look at life from a larger perspective and that will help you in all your relationships.

Mohanji speaking
People are only karmic beings living within their boundaries. We can’t change it. We can only change ourselves.


Read the part 2

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Babaji Is in Every Tradition

Mohanji’s Talk in Belgrade

on May 20, 2017 (Satsang with Mohanji and Umashankar)


The Tradition of Masters who are married and settled – one person asked George Bernard Shaw “Should I get married?”  He said, “Definitely you should get married.  If you’re very lucky you’ll have a good life.  If not, you’ll become a philosopher.”

To start with I would like to tell you, I’m kind of a melting pot of various Traditions.  But please understand, in India, all these Traditions are interconnected.  Like for example, there are a lot of rivers but all these rivers are connected internally, underground.  So if you take one Master, such as Babaji – Babaji is in every Tradition.  You would not see one Tradition where Babaji’s not.  So which Tradition does Babaji belong to?  Difficult to say, because all the Traditions are connected.  And why are there various Traditions?  Because there are various types of people.  Everybody cannot understand or follow every Tradition.  So there are a variety of Traditions, variety of Masters, paths, reaching the same destination, eventually.

Encounter with Babaji

I’ll brief you about my encounter with Babaji.  I think maybe many of you have read my blog, Babaji Beyond Definitions (part 2,3) which is translated into various languages.  When I came to know about this man who is deeply connected to Babaji, called Babaji Boy – nobody knows his name, really – everybody calls him Babaji Boy.  And he is always in meditation.  If he sits for meditation he’ll get up only after seven days.  So, I wanted to meet him because I heard about him and I heard about his deep meditations.  So I was curious.  I was just like any of you.  I was seeking.  I was trying to understand what is true spirituality.  So I wanted to meet this person.  The person who is associated with him said, “Mohanji, don’t waste your time.  You know, if you go there, he may not even look at you.  So why are you wasting your time?”  I said, “I just want to see him.  It’s a curiosity.”  Then he said, “Ok, no problem.”  He gave me the address.  This guy is from Malaysia but he was visiting India.  I actually landed that morning from abroad and I was all too eager to meet him.  I went to him and he opened the door and said, “I was waiting for you.”  I was surprised.  Does he know me?  Because there was no introduction ever and he’s constantly in meditation.  There’s nothing you can tell him anyway.


Please remember this was in early 2000.  I was not actually praying to Babaji or connecting to Babaji.  I was actually an ordinary seeker in that context.  And he opened the door and said, “I was waiting for you.”  And then he said, “Babaji told me yesterday you’re coming and I have something to tell you.”  I was eager to hear what he wanted to tell me.  Then he said, “You know your problem?  Your mind is all over.”  I said, “Of course, I know that.”  This doesn’t need Babaji to tell me.  Then I said, “What do I do with it?”  “Babaji tells you that the technique is to split your mind into two.  Look at one part of your mind with the other.  When one dissolves, the other will dissolve.”  I said, “Amazing.”  A technique is given – just like that, casually.”  That was the beginning.

I promise you, I did not understand the story fully.  I understood the words but I did not understand the meaning.  How do you split your mind into two?  First of all, you cannot catch mind to break it into two.  Then he said, “Come inside.  Let’s meditate.”  That was my biggest fear because he wakes up after seven days.  I cannot sit for 15 minutes.  [Laughter]  I went inside because I could not say no, and he immediately sat down, closed his eyes – finished!  I’m sitting down looking at him.  I’m thinking about all the things.  I’m listening to the sounds outside.  Everything was happening in my head, and I didn’t know what to do.  I sat for thirty minutes maximum.  Then I prostrated at his feet.  He was already gone.  I prostrated at his feet and I left.  But that gave me one answer – that Babaji knows me and Babaji’s talking to me.  Maybe he couldn’t talk to me directly but I got the message.

IMG_9401Second part of the story:  this is almost 10 days later.  There was a function.  They were honoring a few people and they wanted to honor me for my charity activities.  And I was really not too keen to get honored, but I was told that Babaji Boy’s coming there.  So I thought, “Okay, if I go for this function, I can probably spend some time with him.  And I was hoping that he will be awake, not in meditation, so that I can ask him something.  I reached there.  First question was, “Where is Babaji Boy?”  They said, “Behind the stage, there is a room.  He’s sitting there.”  I went into the room and as I expected, he’s sitting like this [shows meditation pose, eyes closed], cross legged.  I didn’t know what to do so I sat in front of him.  Suddenly, he opened his eyes, looked at me, nodded and closed his eyes.

That moment – you must have experienced when you pour soda water in a glass, you see how the bubbles come? – something like that started happening inside.  Quite a lot of bubbles were happening from every cell of my body.  I had to sit down in front of him, and there was only me and him.  These bubbles were coming and I was losing my awareness. I was kind of getting blurred and blurred and I was losing the consciousness of the environment.  Something was happening inside.  I had not started splitting my mind at that point in time, because I did not know how.  But at one side of my mind I was knowing that the function was happening and they would call me to honor me.  On the other side, I knew I could not move.  So this was a very, kind of difficult situation.  “What if they call my name? – one side of the mind is working.  And how will I get up and go?”  And the second side is, “I don’t want to leave this.”  So this was going on and in between I open my eyes and look at him and his eyes are closed, so nothing can happen.  So I was just there, waiting for something to happen.

DSC_1169Inside, I was crying, “Somebody help me.”  There were a few people on the stage, and there was one Saint on the stage.  Suddenly, this Saint comes inside.  He walks straight in.  He just brushed my head and he left.  He went back.  This all started subsiding, and I could get up.  Babaji Boy was still in the same state.  Nothing has happened.  I came out and exactly at that point in time my name was called.  They were explaining what I did and all the stuff and said please come on stage.  At that point in time I came on stage, I received the award, and then they said, “Would you like to speak some words?”  By that time I was already occupied in silence.  I said, “No speech, thank you.”  I just left.  Then I went back to Babaji Boy.  When I entered the room, he was standing up.  His eyes were closed but he was doing some kind of yoga posture.  I was not too interested to see that, because if he had asked me to do the same posture I’d have needed an ambulance to go home.  His one leg was up and one down and his hands were elsewhere.  If I did that I’d be totally dislocated.  (If I remember right, at that time I didn’t have much insurance coverage.  Especially for disability.)  And then he looked at me.  He said, “It’s over – go!”  He hardly speaks, you know, so these were very precious words.  He said go, okay that’s it.  That itself is good.  That means he acknowledged my presence and he’s allowing me to go.

Ten days later, he was going to Himalayas to be with Babaji.  I could not meet him in between because it is difficult to meet him.  All the time he is in meditation.  I wanted to meet him but there was no chance.  The evening he was going I’m getting a call from him.  This is a great surprise for me.  He said, “I want to meet you.  I’m going, I want to meet you.  I’m coming to your house.”  I thought, “This is amazing.”  Then I said, “Babaji Boy, can you come for dinner?  Let’s have dinner together.”  He said, “Yes, I’ll come for dinner.”  I thought, “My God, this is like Babaji himself coming.”  I was so eager to see him.  He came to my home.  He said, “I want to talk to you alone.”  I said, “Sure.”  We were in one room.  Then he said, “I’m going back to Malaysia.”  I said, “I thought you’re going to Himalayas to meet Babaji.”  “Yes, Babaji scolded me.  He asked me, ‘Do you think I’m sitting in Himalayas?  Then who is sitting with you?  You have to come to Himalayas to see me?  Are you crazy?  Go back home.’ ”  “So,” he said, “I’m going back.”  He uses one card, one picture of Babaji.  That is his passport or his gateway to Babaji.  Babaji told him, “Give this to Mohanji.  You don’t need it any more.  Give this to Mohanji.  I will be talking to him.”

How Babaji started talking to me and how he gave me whatever I have now, this is all written so I don’t want to elaborate, especially since time is short.


A message from Babaji’s Guru, Bhoganathar

Last year, one of my followers, a chartered accountant, visited one Master.  This Master is deeply connected to the Siddha Tradition, which Babaji is part of.  He’s 70 plus years old.  When he saw this person, he asked, “Who’s your Guru?”  He said, “Mohanji.”  “Ah, I was waiting to talk to him.  I have something to tell him.”  And he told about me and he even told about Mila, my daughter.  Then he said that Babaji’s Guru, Bhoganathar, has been asking him to contact me.   He said, “Bhoganathar wants to talk to him.  I must speak to Mohanji.”  Normally, nobody has my number.  My phone number is not available.  So this chartered accountant contacted our people and said this person is asking for Mohanji’s phone number, can we give it?  I said, “Give it to this person.  It’s fine.”

IMG_9253He calls me and says, “I have important information for you.  Bhoganathar wants to get back to you and remind you of your days with him.”  Then he gave me a mantra, which is a particular mantra.  This is for me to connect to Bhoganathar.  He said, “Forty-one days you should chant this.  After that, Bhoganathar will start talking to you.”  I could not sit down 41 days, not even 41 hours.  So till now it has not happened.  I have kept the mantra.  I do have intention to sit down in some corner and chant, but schedules are not permitting so far.  And then this Master told me we must meet.  I was also with you in that life.  Of course, I could not get much time to meet him, but then I met him in December, last year.  We had a very, very detailed discussion.

One question I asked him:  “Tell me whether my understanding is true.  Bhoganathar was clear that Babaji is an Avatar of Lord Muruga, son of Shiva.  Was he clear?”  He said, “Yes, you’re absolutely right.”  He was an Avatar, just like Sandipani Maharshi knew that Lord Krishna is an Avatar.  There’s nothing to teach him.  He already knows everything.  But to keep the Tradition going, they attended the Gurus and the normal path of learning.  But they were all enlightened by birth.  They were all Avatars.  Just like Adi Shankara.  Adi Shankara at the age of eight, when he went to Govindapada, Govindapada asked him, “Who are you?”  Then he said, “Mano buddhya-hankara chittani naham, Na cha shrotra jihve, na cha ghrana netre, Na cha vyoma bhumirna tejo na vayuhu, Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham.”  “I’m not the mind.  I’m not the body.  I’m not the organs of action.  I’m not the organs of perception.  I am Shiva.”  If you can talk like this at the age of eight, what will you learn from anybody?

A communion with Babaji


So later on, of course, one incident I remember when I was having the communion with Babaji.  I was so expanded.  When Babaji speaks to you, there is one advantage.  You cannot even move your finger.  Forget about your mind wandering.  Your mind itself is dissolved.  You can’t even move your finger.  It will be like just reception.  That’s it.  So at one point in time I was feeling overwhelming love for everything.  Just love.  I couldn’t even contain the love – too much love.  I told Babaji, “Babaji, you know something, I really love you.”  Babaji said: “Cut that nonsense.”  Later on I understood various dimensions of Babaji, just like I said.

Boganathar, Babaji's guru
Siddha Bhoganathar

Sage Bhoganathar, great Siddha, when he wanted to make the idol of Lord Muruga in the temple of Palani, Babaji was his model.  Lord Muruga is called Kumara.  He’s not growing beyond sixteen.  He arrested his growth beyond sixteen.  And that you can see in the Nath Tradition very distinctly, which I’ll explain later.  Bhoganathar combined the 9 poisons in a particular order, created the idol of Lord Muruga based on Babaji because he is the Avatar.  There was no other model needed to create Muruga.  The 9 poisons mixed together in such a way can cure every disease – all diseases.  Even now, if you go to the temple of Palani, they do abhishek.  They pour milk over the idol and they give you the milk.  That is supposed to take away all the toxins from the system.  This is one example.

Nath Tradition

Nath Tradition is one of the most powerful Traditions of India.  As I said earlier, there is a connection between all Traditions, through the underground.  Outside it all looks like different rivers, but inside it’s the same water.  Nath Tradition has its origin from Lord Krishna.  When Lord Krishna was leaving his body, he decided that after leaving his body his teachings could get destroyed.  So he told Lord Dattatreya to codify the Nath Tradition, and he asked the nine Narayanas, which are actually his own sequential parts, to come to Earth and attain the body of Navanath – nine Nath Gurus.  And in that Tradition, Adinath is Lord Shiva, Balaknath is Babaji.  When I met Avadhoota Nadananda . . .  I think some of you have read the Autobiography of an Avadhoota – a very, very powerful autobiography.  If you haven’t read you should read it.  A man’s quest from atheism – not believing in God – to the Pontiff of Gyanganj.  Great journey.  That book is available in Serbian language too.  You must read it.

Our job is to empower you

Nath gurus

When I met Avadhoota Nadananda, he asked me one question.  “Why did you come here?  What do you want from me?”  I said, “I just wanted your blessings.  I came to see you.”  I never go to any Master requesting something because that’s the silliest thing you can do.  If you go to a Master and ask for something, he may give it, but if you’re supposed to get a Mercedes why do you settle for a cheap car?  Might as well keep the mouth shut and receive.  Every true Master understands who is coming in front of them and knows what to give.  If a Master doesn’t know what to give, that means he is operating at the same level as the person who has come.  I have tested this.  Actually, I’m very, very naughty with this kind of stuff.  I went testing one Master – an 80-year-old man.  He has his own helicopter.  He’s so busy he flies.  To meet him, it’s a big problem.  One of the people said you must meet my Guru and he took me.  I said I will come, I will not tell who I am.  And I was in jeans and t-shirt and bandana and all that kind of stuff.  So no way they can think I’m somewhere connected to spirituality.  They will think probably I’m a musician or somebody crazy.

He was sitting down.  A lot of people were sitting.  I sneaked in, I sat in one corner.  He was talking to everybody.  Suddenly, he looked at me.  He asked, “Who are you?”  I said, “I just came for your blessings.”  Then he started talking.  Again, he looked at me.  “Who are you?”  Something was bothering him.  He was not leaving me.  Then he held my hand for some time.  “Ah, no mind.  You have arrived.  Why are you sitting here?  What do you want from me?”  What I’m saying is, if you go to any Master, actually you don’t need to ask anything.  They understand.  They give to you.

Mohanji and Nadananda

So with Avadhoota Nadananda, I said, “I need nothing, I just need your blessings.”  Then he said, “I will get the information.”  And Gyanganj, especially, is a place where you cannot go.  It’s actually a location in Tibet, but even if you ask the monks in Tibet they will say there is nothing like that.  But there is a place where great Masters are meditating and that place belongs to numerous Masters who have been on Earth but relocated, kind of, after death, after attaining samadhi.  Various Masters are existing in that realm and that is the causal layer of the Earth.  Causal layer is where everything starts from, that is, where all the seeds are sitting, all the impressions.  So this is where whatever Traditions are happening in this world, they have a root there, in Gyanganj.  And Nadananda was the Pontiff of Gyanganj.  I didn’t want to express too much about what I do to Nadananda because he’s a great Master.  He’s a Pontiff.  I just prostrated at his feet and took his blessings.  And then he said, “I will get information.”

Next day I was there.  Suddenly he comes into the room and says, “I want to honor you.  Babaji told me, ‘We sent him there.’ ”  So that Babaji is Mahatapa.  He’s known as Mahatapa in the Avadhoota Tradition.  In Gyanganj, Babaji is known as Mahatapa.  So we know Balaknath, Mahatapa, Lord Muruga are all one person.  Different costumes or different manifestations, but it’s all same.  I’m hearing about Gyanganj for the first time.  Then it went on – like that it went.  He honored me, etc.  And then it was in June, last year, I had an invitation to inaugurate a restaurant in Shirdi.

Mohanji and AvadhootaI was going there and Nadananda was also invited, so we were together.  I call Nadananda “Guruji.”  So Guruji calls me and says, “Mohanji, I want some time alone with you.  Can you arrange it?”  I said, “Guruji, definitely, we’ll have time together.”  We had breakfast.  Then Guruji said, “Let’s go.”  He said nobody comes with us.  We two were walking.  And remember, Guruji has sixth stage cancer.  He’s suffering from cancer.  He was walking.  I was walking.  And then while we were walking he was telling me some things casually.  But you know what?  Whenever a Master speaks I do not ask why he is speaking this, or I do not think.  I just listen.  He was telling me, “Mohanji, you know something?  When Baba came to this place there were only some snakes and foxes.  Nothing was there.  Now you look at all these buildings, all these restaurants, all these hotels, brimming with business.  Millions of people are coming here.  Remember how many people are eating food in his name.  When Baba was here, he was like a wandering beggar.  He was visiting houses for food and people were feeding him.  He lived a poor man’s life.  Today the whole place is brimming with life, activity, money.”  He said, “You know, this is the way we live also.  Tomorrow, a lot of people will eat food in our name.”  I said, “Guruji, but it’s okay.  Why should we worry about it?”  “No, no, I’m just telling you so that you know.”  “Ok.”

Mohanji-and Nadananda233I never ask any Master where we are going.  I just walk with them.  So I didn’t ask Guruji where we are going, and we were walking.  And suddenly he said, “Mohanji, we’ll not go into the temple.  Those who have to see us will come outside.”  I said, “Ok.”   But I realized something is going on.  Some ritual is happening, even though he was not telling me.  When we were walking around, we went around the temple, where Shirdi Sai Baba’s body is.  Then we went to the water well where Baba used to draw water a hundred years ago.  He used to draw water and use it to water the garden.  We went there and now that place is closed.  You cannot actually go to the water well.  When we reached close, one security guard came and opened the gate and said, “You’re welcome to go in.”  I was surprised.  They don’t even know us.  They allowed us to enter.  Guruji said, “Look into the well.  Can you see your face?”  Then I looked and I could see my face.  I said, “Of course.  In the water you can see your reflection.”  I said, “I can see my face.”  “Ok, job done.  Come.”  We walked and then we sat down in one place.  And Guruji was saying, “Mohanji, your followers and my followers and all these people, we are thinking we are doing a lot of charity.  But what charity is it?  There’s always doership.  (Means I’m doing something for other people.)  That means even there is a bit of ego, you know, I like to give to you.  You remain poor always so I can keep giving to you.  You know, this kind of ego.  In fact, if we are delivering something to somebody, there is no somebody.  There’s nobody outside.  You are actually giving to yourself.  There’s nobody outside of you.  If that attitude doesn’t happen, charity is not real.”  I told Guruji, “Guruji, I’m telling this to the world all the time.  Whenever you do charity, don’t have doership.  Don’t think you are doing.  You should always have gratitude.”  I said, “This I teach wherever I go.”  He said, “Ok.”  Suddenly he got up and said, “Get up.  He’s waiting.”  I had no clue who’s waiting.  We got up and we came around the Shiva temple on the other side of the samadhi of Baba.  There was one man standing there – very, very thin, very lean, with the hair tied on top like Swamiji,* much more, and just wearing one cloth, nothing much.  He looks like a wandering monk, very, very lean – dark, lean, thin.

Shirdi Sai BabaI did not carry any money, so Guruji took some money from his cloth, gave it to me and said, “Give it to him.”  I went, he looked at me and kind of nodded his head.  I gave the money, he received it and then Guruji said, “Let’s go.”  We walked.  This Saint looked around 30, maximum you can say below 40.  He looked young.  Then later on, while walking, Guruji said, “You know who this was?  This is the Guru of Bhagavan Nityananda, Bhruguram Paramahamsa.”  If you read Autobiography of an Avadhoota, you will read this name.  He’s the Guru of Bhagavan Nityananda.  “He’s the one who took me to Gyanganj.  Now you have given him dakshina – the donation – you are directly connected to Gyanganj.  My job is over.”  He said, “When Shree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa empowered Vivekananda, he did not create a Saint, he said he created a lion who could roar in the world.”  He said, “We are empowering you to roar in the world.”  I had no clue how to roar but okay.  But one thing was clear – all these Masters, like Bhruguram Paramahamsa left his body well before.  His Guru was Keenaram Paramahamsa, and Keenaram Paramahamsa empowered Guruji with the siddhis of door shravan . . .  You can hear from a distance, you can see things at a distance, all these things.

IMG-20170113-WA0002So all these Masters are working simultaneously.  Tradition is working!  You know, when you become part of the Tradition, there’s nothing for you to do.  He told me, “Your job was to come here.  Our job is to empower you.  Now you don’t have to walk.”  This is the promise of the Tradition.  Please understand.  All the Traditions – including what Swamiji was talking about – the Tradition is empowering you.  Even Buddha faced this thing.  Buddha was meditating for a long time and nothing was happening.  Finally, he got fed up.  He said, “What am I doing?”  Activity was not giving the realization.  Then he said, “Enough is enough.”  He dropped everything.  Then what happened?  Enlightenment happened.  What he felt, he was so expanded that the leaf fell from the tree – “It fell through me.”  That means you are beyond your size, you have expanded so much, everything was inside.  So your activity can take you only to a certain level.  Beyond that, it’s Beingness that works.  You have to just Be.  Tradition helps you.  Tradition empowers you.  It takes you forward.

Traditions are interconnected.  Why Traditions are different outside is because you have a different orientation.  Each person has a different orientation.  We talk about this path of devotion, path of knowledge, path of activity and path of dissolution.  All these paths are suitable for somebody.  So every path has value.  Every Master has value.  Every Master is delivering something unique.  Never compare.  All Masters are valuable.  Every Master is sent.  And who is the right Master for you?  As per your orientation, what you can do and who guides you, that’s the right one for you.  [Holds up a glass of water.]  What is the strength of this glass?  The space.  This is exactly the strength of a disciple.  If you are empty, you are eligible.  If you’re filled with concepts, filled with fears, filled with ideas, filled with prejudices, you have no space for any Master to give you anything.  As I said, I had no clue what to ask any Master.  This was my biggest strength, because if I had asked for something small I would have gotten it, probably, some siddhis, for example.  Actually, this is one of the things which Babaji told me in my second communion.

Second communion with Babaji


Those days I was practicing.  From 3am to 8am I used to meditate.  I was working as well.  Those days when I look at a person I see through the person, all the past lives, future lives.  Everything I can see.  And I had no idea what to do with this information.  Should I tell this person?  A couple of times I tried telling and it became a disaster.  I was a general manager of a company.  They started asking, “Are you some kind of an astrologer?  What are you talking about?”  Then I had to explain too much and I thought this is not good – better keep quiet.  Then when I had the second communion with Babaji, Babaji said, “Look here, you can actually tell the future of everybody and sit in one corner and everybody will come to hear their future out of insecurity.  Is this what you want to do or would you like to take people to Liberation?”  I said, “Definitely I would like to take people to Liberation, if I can.”  Then he said, “Tathastu. [So be it.]  Drop the siddhis.  You don’t need it.  Drop them.”  I have never checked if I have any powers afterwards, because I realize having powers is easy but to have maturity to maintain them is very difficult.  Sometimes you get carried away – oh, I know all these things so I can probably do something.  That is a trap.  The moment you start using any power, it becomes your trap.  People may appreciate you because you’re extraordinary, but that again is a trap.  If you’re walking the path of Liberation, everything is a trap.  So might as well be empty – nothing.  And the highest feeling you get when you reach a certain stage is that you know nothing.  Then you are home.  Then you are fine.  If you feel you know something, mind is involved.  If you feel you know nothing – empty – good enough, you are fine.

Be empty, then Master fills in

IMG_9134Please remember, only when you have ownership of activity you have karma.  If you do not have ownership of activity . . .  Like Lord Krishna says, “If you surrender your action and the results of action to me, I release you from the karmic binding.”  Same thing.  Like Swamiji* was explaining – what is the state of emptiness?  It’s a state where TPS is very low – thoughts per second is almost nil.  Empty state is that you are not thinking when you are sitting in front of the Master.  You’re just allowing the Master to operate through you.  And also, never judge somebody whose frequency is beyond your imagination.  Never criticize.  Never try to measure an ocean with an ounce glass.  If you don’t do these mistakes, you don’t need to do anything else.  The Master fills in.  Or that is the emptiness – as I said the strength of the glass is in the space.  If the space is not there, then what can a Master give you?  So, as a fundamental principle, all you need – your whole eligibility – is about being empty.  And sometimes you have to unlearn a lot of things for that, because we have collected so much data into the system.  Like Swamiji was explaining, the computer is about to crash, so what you need to do is throw away a lot of stuff, create some space and allow Masters to work through you.  That’s all you need.  And as I said, in my experience, when I was wandering, I was searching, various times I felt, what am I doing?  There’s no meaning in action.  There’s nothing to do.  Just be available.  Just be you.  Then the Master takes care of you.  You don’t need to do anything.  This was the truth which kept coming back to me.

Encounter with a Guru at Kumbh Mela

We’ll just conclude it.  You know, she [Devi] comes with me to certain programs, especially like Kumh Mela, etc., and puts me in the soup.  One time, it was in 2010 I believe, we were standing outside.  She was with me.  And we saw one Saint and he resembled Osho very much.  I went to him and I said, “You look like Osho.”  And he started laughing.  His beard and everything was looking like Osho and I couldn’t resist.  Then he said, “I came with my Guru.  My Guru is here in the neighborhood.”  “Oh, you have a Guru.”  Then he said, “He’s a very great Master.  He’s one of the key Masters of the Kumbh Melas.  So if you like to meet him I’ll take you.”  I said, “Definitely, I’d like to.”  So we went, both of us, and you know, I normally don’t open my mouth in front of Gurus.  She talks. [Laughter]  So when we went, he was lying down – he’s a 90-year-old man – lying down on a bed.  And this “Osho” took us straight to him and asked us to sit next to him.  When we sat down, he sat up.  He asked, “Who are you?”  I didn’t say anything.  I just bowed down [shows hands in namaste].  She said, “He teaches meditation.”  [Laughter]


He was looking at me.  “What meditation are you teaching?”  I said, “Nothing.”  Then he started asking me questions, one by one, like a bullet.  He was testing me, whether I know something.  And in Hindi – my quota of Hindi is very limited.  I answered in Hindi.  Six questions he asked.  I answered six questions.  Then he smiled, then he tapped me and said, “Good, you have arrived.  Eat from my ashram.  Go.  Take them.  Give them food.”  Then I told her, “Never, ever, say things like this in front of any Gurus, because we have no clue what they’re going to ask now.”  And she was sitting quiet.  She was enjoying this game.  The moral of the story is never put your head in a lion’s den.  One question he asked, I remember, is:  what is your purpose?  Not exactly what is the purpose of life – he asked me, “In spirituality what is your benchmark?  What have you set for yourself?  I said, “My presence should be more powerful than my teaching.  If that is not happening, I’m not worth it.  My energy and presence should be powerful enough to transform, rather than my teachings.”  Then the last question in Hindi, he asked, “So what would you like to teach the world?”  “Nothing,” I said.  That he liked.  He laughed, actually.  He said, “This is the right path.”  He said, “Don’t think that people need to know something.  They already know.  All you have to do is, just with your emptiness, allow them to reveal themselves.”

* “Swamiji” refers to Sunyogi Umashankar, who spoke earlier at this event.

Transcribed by Natesh Ramsell

Happy International Women’s Day

Mohanji 1

Today is the second day of Ugadi Seva, and it’s also the World’s Women’s Day. So we just think of the women who have been the backbone of the society ever since the mankind began.
India has a deep culture where we have always respected women. There haven’t been any discrimination. If you look at the history, whether it is Ganga Mata or Anasuya Mata, or any of the great mothers whom we respect, we have always had the strength of womanhood in the society which established or which helped establishing dharma in the society.
The key aspect of being a woman is being a mother. The most powerful expression of a woman is being a mother. And that is the main aspect. So I say empower men as a joke. Because there is no need for any empowerment for women because a woman is a mother by nature. So there is no need for empowering women from the outside. Probably men need empowerment to be stable.
But we have always respected women as equal partners in the society, where they could make decisions, they could lead men and because of them, there were fewer wars at one time. No woman will say go and kill somebody.

If you look at the mother aspect, the shakti aspect of creation, shakti aspect is both mother and a protector. Why does goddess have a lot of weapons, etc.? These are all symbolic to kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya (Arishadvarga i.e. the six passions, negative characteristics which prevent a human from attaining moksha or salvation) aspects of human existence, and mother helps to prevents these aspects. This is important to understand. Because when we worship mother, we worship stability, motherhood, and also dharma without contamination. Mother will never say go and kill somebody. It’s all men’s world. Men’s world created wars, not the women’s world.

Today being a World’s Women’s Day, it’s probably good to think what is missing. What we have lacked all these years. It’s discrimination created by the men’s world. And that is only for the sake of power, position. Not for the sake of love.

When I say the strongest expression of a woman is motherhood, no woman will ever want any kind of violence in the society. Anywhere. If a woman is leading, it’s unlikely that there will be any violence in the society.

I believe that the key message today is empowering the world to understand that womanhood is very precious, very pious and very remarkable and because of womanhood we have a generation coming forth, generations happen.

Also, the shakti aspect which we respect, or which we worship, the shakti of the whole creation, maha shakti, kundalini shakti, mother, is a basis of creation. If you take shakti away, then there is only tamas, there is nothing. So shakti aspect is the fundamental aspect of creation and that is why we have various dimensions of deities representing them. This is empowerment by nature. By nature it is empowerment because there is no need for external empowerment. For a woman to be empowered, it has to be from the inside. And stability is the sign of empowerment. If a person is stable whatever happens in the society, that means empowered. If you have a skill, the skill can go only until your graveyard, until you die. But empowerment which is from within stays forever. It also leaves a mark in the society.

I wish all the women today the very best and please understand you are already empowered. There is no need for external empowerment. All you have to do is to recognise it because as I said, motherhood is the most powerful expression of a woman and nobody can snatch it away from you. Nobody can take it away. You are already empowered creating the next generation.

I always used to say, ”What is the best way to bring up a child? Tell them stories of the powerful people who never swayed with emotions. Just bring them the idea or understanding about people who have been stable in life, not about people who made a lot of money and died. History is full of those kind of stories, i.e. conquering, capturing, killing and destroying. That is not a kind of thing which children need to know. What the children need to know is stability, stable life. The right person to express that is a mother. Only a mother can influence the thought process of a child right from the childhood because the child is closest to the mother. And the mother has the connection with a child much more than the society because the child was inside the mother for 9 months. Connection of a child with the mother is always 9 months older than the connection outside. This is important to understand. So the stories, vibrations, frequencies that you convey to the children will definitely help build the society.

This is a message for today to all the already empowered women.
My salutations. Thank you.

Jai Ma!

We Are That Which We Are Looking For

An interview with the Serbian newspaper “Dnevnik”

(Saturday, Dnevnik Magazin, issue 26th Nov-2nd Dec 2017)

MOH by Marko Milovic FB (4)What does it mean to be a spiritual teacher? How does one become one, and what responsibility does it include?

The spiritual teacher itself is a concept. I would say you don’t need to teach a fish how to swim. Like that, you don’t need to teach anybody to be spiritual, because you are spiritual by birth. When I say you are spiritual by birth, every being, forget about human – every being has a physical  – body aspect, mind – mental aspect i.e. emotions, the intellectual aspect which is knowledge, intellect, intelligence and ego aspect – personality. The personality is connected to ego. These are the four major aspects of every being. Even if it’s a dog or a cat, it’s the same. What makes all these active is the spirit that means the soul. When the soul leaves the body, everything goes down, everything is collapsed. So, being aware of the soul is spiritual. When you are aware that it’s a soul which is making your body function, your mind function, your intelligence function, that the energy behind ego is soul, that everything is connected to spirit or soul, then you realize you are spiritual. That realization is the only realization you need. This is beyond religion, you can be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, no problem, you are spiritual. You cannot be non-spiritual. But some people are not aware, some people are aware. When a person is clearly aware, he is called a spiritual master. When a person is fully aware that there is no physical, no emotional, no intellectual, no ego, but only th soul which is making all this function, and when the soul leaves, everything goes away, when you have that awareness, you are called a master. So everybody is a master in some level. I do not call myself a spiritual teacher or a master because everybody is a spiritual master or teacher in their own way. I think my existence is the teaching, my living certain principles is the message to the world, not that what I teach. Nobody can teach anybody about soul, you have to experience it and everybody experiences soul in their own way. I cannot say – this is the way to experience soul, nor can I say – this is right, this is wrong. You experience all in your own way. A cow experiences soul in a particular way, a dog, every being experiences soul in a particular way, in different ways. I think if I say I’m a spiritual teacher, it is my audacity; I should rather say that if somebody is benefitted because of what I speak, I’m happy and grateful because there is a saying: if you have seen light, show one person that light and your job is over. So if I have seen light, and if somebody sees light through me, I’m happy. I’m grateful.

Q: Thank you. Why have we been taught we thrive through suffering and not through joy? You have had some experience. Why is it so?

A: Yes, well, it is said there is a difference here. One is that there are millions of things outside us, literally billions of materials, people, places, time, things outside us and the purpose of our incarnation is experience, so we are supposed to experience all these things in whichever way we can connect. To experience them, we have been given five senses – eyes, nose, ears, mouth, skin; and to experience through these five senses – one mind. That one mind can only experience one thing at a time. Even though we talk about multitasking, multitasking borders on absentmindedness. I’m talking about full-mindedness, full concentration, full being. We can experience only one thing – either happiness or sorrow. This is our life – billions of things, five senses, one mind, one experience at a time which can be classified as happiness or sorrow. Everybody’s existence is like that, at every point in time. So where does the suffering come? When we’re experiencing sorrow, if we resist, it becomes suffering. We do not resist happiness. When we’re happy, we don’t resist, so it’s okay. But when we have sorrows, we resist. It becomes suffering. And when it becomes suffering, the problem is it goes longer. The period becomes extended. Then it’s prolonged suffering and the cause is resistance. You’re pushing it away. So, in my life, I believe (which, when I look back, I completely understand), all these things which have been taken away from me, all the things which I was very close to, or deeply connected to, which I thought were very precious, have been removed. If they were not removed, today I would not be sitting in front of you. I would be fully occupied with those things – myself, my family, my pleasure, my things. When it was all taken away, I became the world. So I believe the purpose was very clear at that time and the purpose is clear today because I’m talking to people and people are getting benefitted. And if I had a fully good life, a pleasant life, if I talked to somebody who has gone through pains, he would ask me: you have not experienced anything, how are you talking? Now nobody can say I have not experienced anything. I have experienced much more than most of the people, so I’m talking from personal point of view.
Now, if you look at the story of Lord Ram, he’s supposed to be an avatar. Just a few hours before he was made the king, or crowned as the prince, he was sent to forest. Political turmoil happened, he was sent to forest for fourteen years, with his newly married wife, bride. They were all in the forest. An avatar went through this process and then his wife was kidnapped and he went through the whole journey to find her. And he found her – a big battle, he won the battle, rescued the wife and brought her home, etc. A life full of struggles. Why was an avatar created that way? If he has not gone through pains, he cannot talk. People will not accept him, they do not feel connected.

For example, Jesus was very powerful, unbelievably powerful. He could have easily changed the destiny. He could have avoided the cross. If Jesus had been afraid of the cross, there would be no Christianity today.

So if you look at the past, everybody who has spoken to people, has spoken from the platform of pains. It’s not necessary, I’m not saying it is necessary, but pains are all part of life, and they all say – don’t be afraid of pains, don’t resist them; let them come, let them go. Like pleasure is coming and going, suffering and pain is coming and going. When you push the pain away, it becomes suffering. So suffering is our choice.

Bosnian pyramids FB (1)Q: There are many people for whom it is difficult to discover their purpose, mission, goal, path. Can someone like you teach them and help them?

A: You know, we all have taken birth with only one purpose – experience. Another purpose, if you can say, is expression. Because we are not higher than anybody, lower than anybody, equal to anybody. We are unique. As a creation, we are complete and unique. There’s nobody like us. So we are expressing this uniqueness into this world. Like, you are expressing your uniqueness, I cannot do that. Only you can. Like that, if everybody, 7.5 billion people understand the uniqueness, and share what they have, there would be world peace. You wouldn’t need anybody to talk about peace, there would be peace. So why then is there a conflict and struggle? Because we do not recognize that we are unique. We think we are incomplete. It’s a mind thing, mind is creating that effect. We are complete. We are full. We are unique. And this is exactly what we need to express into the world. So, that is one job, one aspect.

Second, our life starts with the womb of the mother. Our longest relationship in a lifetime is with mother, because before people started seeing you, you have connected to your mother, nine months before. At least for these nine months, you have a deeper connection with your mother. So starting from the mother’s womb, your life starts; until your grave, it continues. And in each point in time, experiences are different and you may not have consciously chosen them. For example, we are sitting here and we are talking. This time last year we did not know we were going to talk, this is it. So time, space, situation, communication, experience of the communication, all this is destiny, predetermined, determined before, this is called destiny. At that point in time, experiencing that thing is a purpose of every existence. This is what we call purpose. Purpose of every incarnation is experience, and experience is laid out in time. What you experience today, you cannot experience tomorrow. Being in the present, fully conscious of the experience is the best way you can lead a beautiful life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s happiness or sorrow. When happiness happens, be happiness, when sorrow happens, be sorrow, so that both of them become complete. Life is not always happiness. Life is not always sorrow.

Q: Why?

A: Because that’s how it is. Because our own operating platform works like this – happiness and sorrow. This is the way the world is created, everything is like that. Like we grow older, like when we were ten years old, it was a different feeling, experience, body, everything. When you became twenty, it became different, when you hit thirty, it’s different. So things are like that. It’s like a wave, happiness and sorrow. It continues and it has nothing to do with other people, it’s a personal experience. So the purpose of every experience, of every life is experiencing whatever you’re experiencing. That is why you took birth in Serbia, or I took birth in India. Or all these things are connected to that experience. You could not have had the experience you had in your life if you hadn’t taken birth here. That is why the play of destiny is very, very real. It’s unchangeable. So that’s the purpose of life.

Now, how can you make the higher purpose of life, make the purpose of life higher, better? Very simple, just ask one question, ”I am a citizen of Serbia, how can I call myself a citizen of Serbia and what have I done for or given to this country.?” It will be enough. Your purpose becomes higher. Don’t worry about the political situation, who’s the president, who’s the prime minister, it doesn’t matter. What, as an individual, have you given back to Serbia? Of course, everybody has taken from the country. We’re all taking lots of things from the country. That doesn’t make us great citizens. What you have given to the country makes you great citizens. So if you want to build up your purpose, build the purpose with the motherland. Make sure you contribute to the motherland, much more than you take from the motherland. Then, purpose is very high. And then, don’t look at other people. Is government appreciating, is media appreciating, other people, it doesn’t matter. Are you being real? See, it’s an individualistic thing. But if I am confident about my life on earth, I will not care about what others think, because I’m doing the good thing. If I’m doing bad things, then I should be careful. But if I’m serving the country in my own way, I’m contributing to the country in my own way. And how can you contribute to your country? It need not be money, it can be time, it can be knowledge, it can be love, it can be skill, it can be your experience converted into upliftment of the poor, in your own way. That makes your life purpose complete. And if you’re concentrating on that life purpose, I’m hundred percent sure there’ll be glory, there’ll be greatness.

Mohanji on Bosnian pyramids
The best medicine for feeling incomplete is awareness. Just ask one question, so what?

Q: Some people feel they have some emptiness, that something is missing in their lives. How can they be given hope?

A: I’ll give you one example. You know, mind asks for completion. Something is not right. I want to be complete. So we fall in love, we have relationships, we have materials, new mobile phones, new refrigerator, new gadgets, this is all to fill up the vacuum of the mind. But have you ever thought about one situation, in the night, when you sleep, you keep all the gadgets away, and you are content in your sleep. So you don’t need anything to be happy. In deep sleep, you’re very happy. If you’re really sleepy, you don’t even need a bed. This is human nature. So waking state mind will always push you and say I want this, I want that. It also compares – oh, she’s not like me, or I’m not like that other person. This is all the mind’s game. So what you need to do is be aware. Mind is like that, mind will always talk about deficiency. Mind will say this is not right, oh if only I was born in America, things would be better. No guarantee. Every place is the same in the world and I don’t think any place is good or bad. It’s how we create it, how we are, that is how our experience will be. This emptiness is happening because we are craving for something, emptiness is coming out of lack of something which the mind is telling.

But at that time, the best medicine is awareness. Just one question, so what? When you say – oh, you are not like somebody else, you are not a millionaire – so what? Where is richness sitting? In my ability to share. A real person’s richness sits in his ability to share what they have. Like you have a piece of bread, you share half the bread with somebody. You’re rich.  Not that kind of richness where you share nothing, they are glorified poor people. You know, many of the rich people are very poor people, poor inside. They are afraid of their own wealth, they’re afraid of losing things. You can see some people, there are some documentaries they’ve done, researches they’ve done with homeless people. Somebody gives them bread, and then somebody else dresses up as a poor person and says, ”I didn’t eat anything, can you share some bread with me?” They immediately share. That man has not eaten food, and he got one piece of bread, immediately he gives half of it. That is the heart of richness. Maybe he’s homeless, but the heart of richness. That is the remedy for the “vacuumness”. You look at the world and see what you can share. You will be very rich inside.

Q: How to deal with negativity?

A: Negativity is the reality. Like there is positive, there is negative, there is night, there is day. Negativity travels with positivity. I always tell people: don’t deal with negativity with negativity, your hands will become dirty. You should deal with negativity by increasing positivity. For example, somebody is talking bad, you constantly turn to good talk. If you feel somebody is not doing the right thing, you constantly do the right thing. Invest in positivity, more and more. For instance, look at this cup. Imagine there is some mud in the cup, and there is water. So mix water and mud together and you cannot drink. But you keep pouring the good water. After a while, all the mud will be washed away and the water will become pure.  Pour more positivity into life. Good thoughts, good words, good actions, these are three levels. So consistently have good thoughts, for example, “What can I do for Serbia?”, “How can I improve the lives of people around me?” not expecting anything in return, that is very important. If you expect, then people sometimes criticize you. So don’t think about anything, just concentrate on the positive: thought, word, action.  That will be a good counter for negativity. Negativity will get fed up of you because you are not interested (laughter). You know, imagine I’m abusing you, I’m calling you a monkey or a donkey, and you’re just sitting and looking at me. After a while, I’ll get bored with it (laughter). So this is the best way to handle negativity, increase positivity. Thoughts, words, action. Whenever someone tries to talk negative about someone, just say, “That’s not my cup of tea, I’m not interested”. When somebody says to me, ”You are not a good person,” why should I know this information? To me, I’m happy with you. I look at this in this way: everybody is good and everybody is bad. In today’s time, good and bad sits in the same person. I’m not perfect, so I can expect the other person to be perfect? I have my weaknesses, I have my strengths, everybody has them. So why do I highlight only the weaknesses? People love to highlight weaknesses. You say that, you have all this information, keep it with you, don’t tell anyone, this is very precious.

Q: So, this is like the story about good and bad wolf, do you know it?

A: Yes, yes. Absolutely.

Q: Nowadays, more than ever, there are many different spiritual practices, how do I choose the right thing?

A: That’s a very good question. Today, it’s an information explosion, too many things. I like to believe that every spiritual teacher, practice, religion is good, because they are helping somebody. Like churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, everything is good for somebody. But what suits you is what you can do without effort. Something is effortless for you, like the dress you wear. If I give you double the size of the dress, maybe this is a very good quality dress, but you can’t use it, because it doesn’t suit you. Likewise, I’m making excellent food, but it’s all made out of dog meat and cat meat and stuff. I say this is amazing food, but you will say? Thank you very much, you eat it, I don’t want it. So what suits you is the most important thing. Everything starts with you, and ends with you. All the spiritual teachers, and teachings are outside of you, just like buffet, but you pick up what suits you, and make sure you can digest it. If you eat something you cannot digest, it’s totally wasted. It’s not about what the mass follows, many people are following one, one master, one teaching. Maybe that’s not suitable for you. So you don’t have to follow the mass, you have to follow what suits you. There is a general thumb rule: what is suitable for you comes to you. Also, always make sure you try to practice it. If it’s not suitable, be bold enough to say it’s not my cup of tea. You don’t have to do it, it’s not your way to go. It’s not compulsory that you must practice to grow. It’s more important to connect to yourself and see – how is my heart beating? Who beats my heart? How is my respiration happening? Every hour my nostrils are changing, one hour this nostril, then the other one, who is making this change? Start exploring yourself like that and you will start understanding yourself much more. Then the information that is suitable comes to you. We do not even try to explore ourselves, we don’t spend time with ourselves. Instead, we spend time with a master, or a book, or a teaching. That is why they are not able to connect. The fundamental problem why you can’t connect to something outside is you are not well connected inside. If you are not well connected inside, you cannot connect outside. This is the difference. I always tell people, “If you want to read one book, that book should be called you”. You are the only book you must read in this lifetime.
Explore like a child – hey look, my nose is shifting, who’s doing it? Likewise, the heart is beating, without a stop, and the hearting is resting, it’s beating and resting. Then, one kidney is resting, while the other is functioning. Who’s running all this show? And the secretion of body juices, e.g. when the food goes from mouth, at that time through the pipe, that secretion is different, each time it’s different, each organ is fun, how is it synchronised so well? Each organ functions properly. If this was upside down, everything goes waste, or nothing works.  So that exploration is very important. You can start with the breath, then listen to the sounds inside you, then feel, connect to the spine. You will become so connected to yourself, that you will automatically become really powerful. Then you see the masters who suit you. I’m 100% sure the right master will come to you.

Mohanji - satsang
if you are doing one practice in your life, practice being with you. Spend time with you. Alone. Feel. You don’t have to meditate, just explore yourself. Just be yourself. Appreciate yourself, accept yourself. It will give you amazing power.

Q:  If I’m only focusing on myself, am I selfish?

That is different. Selfishness is something from outside, you want only for yourself. When you look within to feel yourself, this is self-sufficiency. Big difference. Selfishness is when you want  everything only for yourself. Place, people, material, food, time, all for yourself. But when you’re connected to yourself, and not really connected to the world outside – of course, you go to work, take a bath, eat food and all that – but at the same time, you are occupied inside, that is self-sufficiency. I believe if you are doing one practice in your life, practice being with you. Spend time with you. Alone. Feel. You don’t have to meditate, just explore yourself. Just be yourself. Appreciate yourself, accept yourself. It will give you amazing power.

Q: So many people use things like gadgets and such, that get us away from oursleves.

That is because it’s easy to connect something outside. It’s difficult to connect with yourself. See, you can appreciate another person, but can you appreciate yourself? Mostly, we can’t. We love another person, but how much we love ourselves? It’s easy to accept Mohanji, but that doesn’t matter. Are we accepting ourselves? That matters. You love Mohanji, okay, this is very good, but do you love yourself? If you don’t love yourself, even if you love Mohanji, you will not be complete.

Q: In Serbian language, “spirituality” and “humour” are very similar words. What is true spirituality? How does it connect with humour?

True spirituality is you being you. Completely being yourself. Then happiness happens. When you know that you are everything.  In Sanskrit, there is one saying, the ultimate message: TAT TVAM ASI. It means: YOU ARE THAT. Whatever you are looking for outside is within. They give a comparison of a musk deer. I think the deer’s musk is somewhere near the groin or navel.  So the deer feels this nice smell and it’s searching where it’s coming from. It does not know it’s coming from itself. Human beings are like that.  We forget that everything is within us. We are complete by creation, we are complete by destination. We are that. This is true spirituality. True spirituality is recognizing yourself. You being you.

Humour means, when you look at this then you start laughing at this whole world, because this is a joke. People try to conquer, make things, big buildings… and they die. At the end of the day, there’s nothing. You came with hands open, you will leave with hands open. Whatever we did, finished. So I look at life as a joke. People say, ”My religion is better than your religion,” I say ,”Be whatever religion, it doesn’t matter,” (laughter) when we die, we all end up in one place anyway. Like that, everything is momentary. Just be happy and love unconditionally. I should love you not because you are somebody, not because you have something in your pocket, I should love you as I love myself. When I look at you, I cannot see another person, it’s me in another body, experiencing different things. Simple.

Q: What should we do to make this world a better place?

Two things. We must share what we have. Time, money, knowledge, material things, love. You can share. You must share. You should share what you have in abundance, not what you don’t have, of course. Number two, we should look at every being on earth as equal. It can be an ant, an elephant, a whale, a human being… All the species should have the same right. Same existence so that there is no energy conflict. We will all look at all the beings in the same order. That is how creation has maintained the species on Earth, the wild and the civilised, etc. everything is connected and interconnected but we have separated ourselves from the nature. We do not know nature, we have disconnected from it. That is why we fall sick, because we are in a stale atmosphere, that is why we have this problem. World peace is definitely possible, only if we enhance the goodness factor with two things. Be good. Do good. That’s it. Don’t worry about spirituality and meditations and all this, just be good. Be good first to yourself. This means accept yourself. Be good to the world and do good. Do good means do something that makes people happy. Share things, this is it. That’s the way we can have more peace.

Q: Would you like to tell us as a Serbian son-in- law, how do you see Serbia now and in the future?

In fact, I really like Serbia, not because my wife is Serbian, but whoever I met, I never felt any separation. I felt I’m loved and respected. It’s a very good feeling to be here. One thing I have experienced here from the spiritual point of view is that lots of people are interested in true spirituality, which means, inner exploration. Not books or things outside, but exploring yourself inside, spending time with yourself, recognising and accepting yourself. Many people are interested. That is a very good sign. If you are exploring inside, society will be better because when you see yourself in everybody you will have no conflict  with the world. You will love, and you can only love, because it’s all you. So I believe I am contributing to the society. Since the time I first came here, in 2009 or 2010, till now, if a few people have transformed into positivity, I am very happy. I always make it a point, that wherever I go, I add value to the society. I don’t take anything from the society. I add value so that the world will be a better place. The secret is this: if more people are happy in the society, society is peaceful. Then if society is peaceful, the country is peaceful. If countries are peaceful, world is peaceful. So I always believe that whatever I can deliver, I would like to deliver. Even if there is only one person receptive, I give them. And I don’t preach religion. Religion is an individual choice. I respect all religions, and all paths, because it’s suitable for somebody. I never say, something is right, something is wrong. Only an insecure person will blame another person, or say something is right, and something is wrong, say some religions are good and some are bad. I don’t have that problem, I’m not insecure. I would like to make that stability in the hearts of people, which I am seeing happening. That way I like to believe that I am contributing to this country so these visits aren’t wasted and if I see that reflected in the society, I’m very happy. Today, or tomorrow, whether I’m alive, I don’t know. But today when I’m talking I am adding value. This is what I feel. I feel good to be here. I don’t come here as often as I should, because there are so many countries and activities, but I make it a point to come here at least once in three months or once in six months.

Mohanji - satsang in Skopje, Macedonia, questions, answers
Only an insecure person will blame another person, or say something is right, and something is wrong, say some religions are good and some are bad. I don’t have that problem, I’m not insecure. I would like to make that stability in the hearts of people, which I am seeing happening.

 Transcribed by Tijana Sladoje and Monika Dizdarevic



Those Who Love Me Have Me – part 2

An Interview with Mohanji for Serbian Magazine ONA – part 2

(November 2017)
You can read it in Serbian here.

Heroes of My Mission

Q: Mohanji voluntary clubs exist in 15 countries. How much has their work contributed to You becoming becoming a global phenomenon?

A:  I have never measured how much my work has travelled, in various places based on my teachings organisations have mushroomed and I would like to believe that  it is giving benefit to the local people of those countries. Whatever has any master ever said in the world the understanding levels have always been different. I would like to believe that I have made my teachings in a baby foot format so that everybody understands without distortion, this is what I feel. I sit and clarify points time and again so that people remain with the right understanding, I put a lot of effort in that. Nevertheless all these places, in the 16-17 countries, I’ve never counted. It’s growing, it’s grown by itself and people are benefited. They are practising meditations practising various things like Kriya, healing, Conscious walking, all these things which are all helping somebody in this world. This is the only thing which I look at – are all this activities beneficial? If they are beneficial, I’m happy. If they are not beneficial I tell people not to do them, because whatever you do without any reason, or without any conclusion, or without any purpose is a burden. So I tell people don’t do it. It’s growing and I’m happy to see it growing, I’m not putting any special effort or doing anything specific to make anything grow. Our people have taken it on themselves – the people who love me, the people who feel connected to me, they are putting in the effort to spread the word – and that’s how it’s growing. So on the whole credit I would like to give to the people who are deeply connected to me, they have been inspired and they are spreading the inspiration. It’s the effort of all the people who are selflessly working for this mission without my asking for it. These are the real heroes of this mission.

Mohanji 6
When I see the continuity factor I also see the seriousness, I also see that they are determined. All those things are very attractive to me.

Q: Before the retreat at Bor Lake you will be staying in Switzerland, then Slovenia, Macedonia and India. Do you like travelling? What do you like to see in most new places?

A: I do not fancy travelling, or I do not foresee travelling. What I do is that when people call or when people say that they would like to be with me or want to see me I do not deny it. From July 2012 onward I have not stayed in one place for more than 10 days. It’s a bit tedious that way, so I can’t say that I’m enjoying all these travels but I travel, if I have to. For the sake of people who call me with love. See, there is one thing which nobody can deny, the effect of love. When somebody calls you with love, nobody can deny it. All of our programs in the world are more or less free, except the retreats in which we have to pay for the resorts and the pilgrimages, where we have to pay for the facilities and the travel. Apart from that all of our programs in the world, all my public Satsangs are free. So it’s not that I would like to go and do it, but when people are getting benefited and they call, I go because this is exactly what I am here for. Otherwise there is no purpose for my existence. The relevance of Mohanji today is the positive changes that he’s making in people’s lives. This is the real purpose of my existence. In order to have that happening, if I have to travel, I travel. It’s not that I foresee a lot of travelling in the future, I don’t. I also believe that I will probably be sitting in one place and people, if interested, will be coming to see me there and we will be talking every evening in a systematic way. All these things are in the mind but until then, if I have to travel, I will travel but that’s not something I’m looking forward to. I love all these places and the people, the main thing about the places are the people sitting there. Their love attracts me to those places, otherwise the whole world is the same. I love the beauty of various countries, the beauty of locations, I love them – it really enchants me. This is all fine but at the end of the day it’s the love of the people that brings me to those places, which I respect. I respect anybody who loves me unconditionally because I feel that this is the highest wealth I have ever earned in this life. The love of the people. Even if somebody hates me I sometimes feel sad, why do you have to hate me? Because I have only love to give… This is the way it goes, all the places I have visited I visited because of the loving people of those places. I think it’ll continue for as long as it takes but I have not kept any agenda.

Q: When do You consider your mission with individuals, with your spiritual disciples, complete? What do you like to read or hear from them? What makes you happy?

A: There is no beginning nor end to the spiritual mission as long as the individuals have spirit. That means as long as they have a soul, there is room for spirituality. Your awareness of your soul is spirituality. The more awareness happens about the soul which is running the show, the more spiritual you are. If you develop awareness more and more about your soul, you are spiritual. As long as there are human beings there will be spirituality and it has nothing to do with religions, nor gurus, nor masters, nor books. This is something internal. The more people are connecting to their inside, to the subtleties, the subtle aspect which is the soul, the more spirituality there will be. My contribution, as I said earlier, is based on time and space. If there are people who like to listen to me, I will talk. If there is nobody to listen to me I won’t talk. I have not kept any agenda about this. I am happy when people come to me. I’m not sad when people don’t come to me. Fortunately that has not happened so far but I do not keep any agenda, nor do I keep people bound to me. I never give fear to people, fear is opposite of liberation. So what I will do in the future, how long I will do in the future, I do not have a direct answer. I can only say – as long as it takes, and as long as the tradition of liberation wants  me  to speak, I will speak. A lot of masters have spoken in the past and a lot of people will speak in the future, while I am alive in the body I will speak. If I have spoken well, probably my teaching will travel beyond time. I don’t know whether it will travel beyond time, nor am I worried about that. Today I am talking and that’s about it, that’s all I can guarantee. Tomorrow what will happen, it’s up to the tradition. If tradition loves what I am doing it’ll keep it alive, if the tradition finds a better master or a better exponent of the tradition it’ll change me. So there is no big deal about it, it has no agenda, no expectation, no worries. We perform it to the best ability today – right now, tomorrow we don’t know. So we will do what we have to do today. It is not pertaining to what others think. Others can think anything they like, as long as our inner space is pure, whatever others think has no value because it is in their mind. Like if somebody hates somebody, the person who hates the other is more contaminated than the one who receives it. I do not abide anything apart from love. When people love me, I respond positively, if somebody hates me, I ignore them. What can I do? Because I don’t expect anybody to hate me and I don’t do anything particular for people to dislike me, but if somebody decides, or is prejudiced about me, I can’t help it. I don’t look at people, I look at what I can give at this point in time and every point in time, that’s all I can do. That’s all that I look at. There is no agenda, nor have I any kind of plan for the future. As the river flows I am flowing, I am the river and I am the flow.

 Personal Connectivity

Q: Is it possible to acquire teaching through your books and blogs? Is it possible to meditate in front of your photograph without previous initiation?

A: It is possible to get what I am speaking through publications, through blogs, through meditations and if you connect to the picture, the image also, it is possible. But having connected to me personally also helps because that’s where you’re connected to an energy directly. If you resonate with the energy, which is represented by me, you may want to continue connection – but otherwise numerous masters have spoken the same thing over time. Books are available methods are available, teachings are available but how much of those can you actually transform into your life? This is the question. Unless teaching is converted into wisdom and you’re experiencing that in life, the teaching remains in the book. You may have understood the point but if it is not getting reflected in your life it’s not yours. A teaching is a teaching, and every teaching is good and everything has relevance but if you’re not able to transform that into your daily life, you must work harder, do something different, do something else and insure that even if the quantity is small, that limited quantity enters your system, transforms you and is reflected in the society. So goodness, kindness, compassion, the major things the masters have been talking about, must become you, otherwise they’re only in the books. We can see so many quotes from so many masters getting viral through Facebook and other social media. How many of them are read, how many of them are understood? How many of them are digested? These are all entertaining the mind thing. Mind is entertained by this information and sometimes the mind understands this information. It stays in the mind, it doesn’t stay with the life unless something happens in life, which is transformational and unless there is a visible transformation which the society can understand, nothing has happened in life. All these books, the series, the teachings, everything is wasted if it is not transforming you. I would always say: if you are walking the path of spirituality look for transformation, not for activity. Activity will come and go, but transformation makes you and takes you further.

Mohanji 7
I like to believe that I belong to the world. Even though I have been married to a person who’s Serbian, I do not think I am of one place. Because boundaries don’t suit me, I am beyond the frame.

Serbian Son-in-Law

Q: You have been a Serbian son-in-law for seven years already. What do you find the strangest and most beautiful in Serbia? Do you know any Serbian words?

A: Well, I like to believe that I belong to the world. Even though I have been married to a person who’s Serbian, I do not think I am of one place. Because boundaries don’t suit me, I am beyond the frame. I know a few Serbian words and I love the people because actually when I come to Serbia I feel like coming home, I like the people. There’s a lot of similarity between the culture, where the Serbian open-mindedness attracts me a lot. A lot of people are very open-minded, open to information, there are a lot of serious practitioners and so there are so many things which I like in Serbia as well as in Macedonia and other places. I have not seen people, especially those who are connected to me, seriously for all these years. I mean the continuity is very important. There are people who have come and gone due to various reasons and those who have stayed due to various reasons. Having said all that, when I see the continuity factor I also see the seriousness, I also see that they are determined. All those things are very attractive to me. As for Serbian words, I know some of the words. I don’t think I can actually communicate in Serbian. My daughter speaks it very well and I feel that that’s not important. I think people see my heart and my communication with the heart, or through the heart is really reaching people. A lot of people respond from their heart and it reaches me, so I like to believe that it’s more than a son-in-law. I think I am a son of Serbia in that mode. Because it is as much as my country as any other country is. When I go to a place I don’t feel like an alien anywhere. I have travelled quite a bit and I travel quite a bit and every place I go I feel I belong there because of the people there. It’s all because of the people. Any country is a country because of how we connect to the country, culture and people. One reason I find Serbia very natural is because my wife is Serbian, my daughter lives in Serbia. More than that because of the love I get from the multitude of people, I feel very connected. Also, there are no strangers. There are a few people that I have not met yet, but I don’t feel strangeness in any place that way, including Serbia. Overall, I belong to the place, so it’s difficult to say. I don’t like to be categorised as something because that’s very limiting for me. It’s like saying that you are the body. What about your consciousness, which is all around? Something limiting doesn’t suit me, I don’t like to be inside frames because frames are supposed to be broken. Then you become frameless, then you are everything.  In the places I visit I see myself reflected through a lot of people. They’re all me and I love Serbia for that matter, I see a lot of myself in a lot of people. They love me like they love their closest relative, you know? There’s no barrier, there’s no boundary, that love is spontaneous and it’s a great feeling. So I really love the country, love the people.

Q: What is your view of love in marriage? Do you have any advice for those who are not happy with their marriage?

A: Love and marriage are both binding and both liberating. We’re talking about love as love between a man and a woman, love affair, or things like that. First, it is initial attraction, physical attraction, then it is emotional attraction. Then the moment intellect comes in, alienation starts and sometimes it happens that we will wonder why we are even together at all because the reasons for starting a relationships may not last for long until, or unless, a relationship is of a higher nature where both can walk together for a higher purpose. Otherwise it doesn’t not stay. If a marriage is out of compulsion, out of reason, it won’t last. I would say marriage which is the union of two people for a much higher purpose will always last. So the reason for marriage should be a higher purpose and the match should be frequency, because each one likes the frequency of the other – you feel nice in the other person’s connection or presence. That way it’s good. I have nothing against love or marriage, in fact I do not endorse love or marriage just as a norm. I like to say that you can fall in love with anybody, you can be with anybody, you can be anybody, this is all fine if it suits you. We are nobody to say something is right and something is wrong in that context, if you are not karmically bound to meet another person you won’t even meet them. What is the flavour of your relationship? It depends on what you wanted out of all this. It’s not something which other people can decide, likewise marriage. Marriage is a kind of combination, which is a connectivity or a route from the past, so marriage is to be respected as a bonding for a purpose. That’s what I feel otherwise you get married and then you don’t know what you’re doing and a lot of people are emotionally divorced. While in marriage, after a couple of years, you don’t feel a connection and then you want to stay away from the other person. I would say that this is all torture but if there’s a deep connectivity, you love the other and there are big things to do in life, it’s a good idea. You can have a trusted partner and you can walk together otherwise it’s a burden. So this is an individualistic thing, I normally don’t give my opinion on love, marriage, or divorce. This is not something which I, as an outsider, should decide. These are individualistic things, partners can decide whether to be in a relationship, inside a marriage, or divorced. What have we got to do with it? I think we should celebrate divorce more than we celebrate marriage so that we understand this thing in a better perspective.

Mohanji 8
Root yourself in love and make sure no negative emotion enters you.

Do Good!

Q: Do you have any practical advice to share with the readers of ONA (English = SHE) magazine?

A: Be good, do good. This is exactly what I would like to recommend to people more than spiritual practices. Being good and doing good cleanses you so much that it automatically leads you to a spiritual background, backbone. When I say be good that means be always kind, be always compassionate. Root yourself in love and make sure no negative emotion enters you like hatred, jealousy, anger, especially ego, all those kind of things. It should not enter you, let it be outside of you. That is being good, then doing good is the expression of it on a consistent basis. I think this is exactly what the world needs today. Be good, do good and the goodness factor should tell who you are, your highest statement in this life is your own life, how you live your life. If you’re showing vulnerability, you’re showing helplessness, you are showing ingratitude, or insecurity in this world the world will give it back to you the same way. So show greatness, kindness and inner richness by being good and doing good, that’ll come back to you and you will be respected and honoured by the society, by the world. This is my message for this group who are reading it and I thank you for this interview, I really appreciate you asking me these questions and I wish everybody who’s reading this: have a very beautiful and peaceful existence. Thank you, vidimo se! (Serbian= see you!)

Transcribed by Lana Simic