Mohanji’s Message on Corona Virus Pandemic – 17th March 2020

Hello there.

As of today, there are about 80,000 people completely recovered from the effect of the virus and 7100 persons died. That’s the reported death and about 80,000 people recovered. So, what we should focus on is that 80,000 people recovered. That means, recovery rates are very good. How many people have been affected as per the records; 180 something, that means about 200,000 people out of 7.5 billion people. Please understand, out of 7.5 billion people, about 200,000 people are reportedly affected. Out of that, about 80,000 people have recovered and about 7000 people have died. They have not died because of this virus, this virus just lifted the immunity away and they had other complications. Those complications started working and that’s how they died. This is what I understand, if you’re reasonably healthy, you can definitely survive even if you are affected. If there are other complications already, that means there is definite ill health, and then recovery could be a problem. That is exactly why prevention is very important. I was watching the television: one more thing that I see is that the amount of emission has reduced considerably in the world. Air is much cleaner and there is much less emission from vehicles. From every aspect, there is less pollution. So pollution levels in the world, especially in places like China, have reduced a lot.  In many countries there is a reduction in emission and also pollution. So, this is one positive sign. I’m just talking about the positive things and how we can look at this whole thing.

Secondly, we are heading towards a recession. This is what I feel; that there is a crash in economy or the meltdown is happening. Already, various countries are now redefining their budgets; they have to because a lot of businesses are on standstill. They have all stopped. Transportation industry, tourism industry, various industries are suffering. They all are affected. That’s a real sign that we have to constantly be flexible with our economy. This is the time to remain flexible.

We have been unconsciously spending – income was happening, spending was happening. We were not really worried about all this. But now with this virus situation, each country has become an island – non-communicative, not reachable and they are all segregated from each other. Each country is trying to take care of their citizens and they are isolating others. So, the whole equation has changed, even though the world has many more borders than 100 years ago; there are many more new countries and we have many more borders than before. But now, all the countries are forced to be isolated from each other. That also means economically, there is no support. There is no purchase, there are no imports and exports, and there is no travel. There is stagnation of economy. So, countries and their political leaders have to redefine their economy and they have to use this money to lift their countries – once this epidemic situation is over -lift their countries back to the state which it was before at least. To recover completely takes a long time, it will take a long time. But at least to bring it back to the old state; this will take time. This is what I feel.

That is exactly why we need to spread the positivity, hope and higher awareness in this world today using your own platform. That’s what I have been saying in the last two days. Everybody who is connected to Mohanji and the Foundation, I would like all of you to reach out to any number of people you can and make a difference in their lives. Bring positivity to them, bring positivity in their lives, bring happiness in their lives, bring hope in their lives, and that way, at least to tell that we are all together, we are here to help you. That’s why I had asked if any of our people are stranded in any country. Please do let us know.  We will do whatever we can to help them. But don’t panic. Help is at hand.

So, I’m just summing up the situation as I understood today. These things are bound to happen. I consider this as a third world war situation, not that a third world war happened. But it is a similar situation. What will happen if there was a third world war? There will be prohibition on flying. There’ll be prohibition in cargo transportation. There’ll be prohibition in movement, traffic, tourism, all those things. Same thing has happened with this virus. And it is definitely a good time to think because we have a lot of time at home. Just switch off the television, switch off mobile phones, switch off everything and start connecting to oneself and redefine oneself. This is very important at this time. This is the right time for doing that. Because there is a forced isolation, you know, forced into seclusion. This is the time to redefine ourselves.

We can correct a lot of things. First of all, we can correct our insensitivity; automatic, spontaneous, unconscious insensitivity towards all the things on the earth. We have taken a lot of things for granted. We took food for granted; now that’s why we see the panic buying. Even if you buy more, can you store more? Can you eat more? You can’t. So, it is important that just like the birds or animals – look at them – they will tell you how to handle food. They will only consume what they can and they leave behind whatever they can’t. And they will know that there will be food; if you have a mouth, there’ll be food. So, it’s important; nature tells you what to do. If you look into the nature, nature has all the answers.  Today, I would like to say that you should connect to the nature.

If you disconnect, continue to disconnect, we will all be in an unconscious mode, running after profits, selling our time for money. This is what we have been doing. Now, it is time where you can’t sell your time for money because there is no money to sell for. So, this is one thing happening today and we have been forced to isolate from each other.

So, we know our relationships with people, dependencies, everything has to be redefined today. Eventually, we will all understand that we are born alone, we will die alone. And we will always have this understanding. We are owned by nothing, and nothing we can own. These are the things which we should really understand. And as I said yesterday, the fear of death is one of the most powerful emotions that everybody has including animals, birds, everybody, but you look at what we have done to this animal kingdom. We literally wiped out various species insensitively, unconsciously, without any remorse, without any guilt, or any kind of feeling. Now, it is time we think, they also wanted to live. They had fear of death just like us. We are facing it now, with this virus, a lot of people have real mortal fears about their dying, about this virus affecting them. We are experiencing that today.

So, this is something which we have to now think and we need to make people aware that – look here – the same fears that we entertain today, because this is the nature given chance for experiencing the fear of death, maybe all the beings that we have killed over these years have experienced. They had tremendous fears for dying. Tremendous fears when we were killing them, murdering them, for the sake of meat, for the sake of pleasure, for the sake of our skin, we were putting them in laboratories and inflicting pain, inflicting torture, torture through mutilation, all those things they might have felt, right? All those beings in the laboratories, in the circuses, in the zoos, in the abattoirs, in dairy industry, farms, in hatcheries; they would have experienced or they’re probably experiencing the same kind of fears, because fear of death is connected to our basic instinct, instinct of survival. We all have the basic instinct which is the instinct for survival. Fear of death is connected to it. And that way, death is an enemy. But death is an inevitability, you cannot change death. You cannot avoid death. You have to die one day. If you are born, you will die. So, this awareness is very, very important at this stage.

We own nothing on Earth, we can own nothing. We can’t say that we have an eternal state or eternity in us. We have eternity, if you’re considering the soul factor. But we don’t consider that usually, we look at this incarnation and we are trying to preserve this body, preserve this life. That is where the fear of death happens. But it is time to redefine. Every time when such crisis happens, there is a point of redefining. But this generation, I would say is very lucky. Because in an unpolluted atmosphere, when you are at home, when you are in forced isolation, when you are in a meditative state where you have nothing much to do and when things are not in abundance anymore because the production is affected, everything is affected, you are forced to consume what is necessary, not consume emotionally.

Also, when you have a lot of time to think and do, use your time well. First, use that time to connect to yourself and have certain understandings that you are walking this earth. Earth doesn’t belong to you, you belong to the earth and the earth will consume you sooner or later. So, in this context, you position yourself well: with kindness, with compassion, with gratitude, immense gratitude, with awareness and with selflessness, and consume what you want to consume, share what you have in abundance, and make sure that all the people around you are better, feeling better, have more hope, and more balance and stability because of you.

I wish you great happiness and great health. I’m always with you.

I love you.



Mohanji’s Message on the event of “Rejuvenate Yourself! A day in the Consciousness of Mohanji”, London, 27th October, 2018


Mohanji Foundation UK team had organised an event “Rejuvenate Yourself!” – A day in the consciousness of Mohanji that included some of the activities that MF UK offers, such as HSTY Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Walk, Spiritual discussion, Conscious Dance and Mai Tri Healing.

Even though Mohanji was physically not present for this event, He indicated His presence with us in the consciousness by sending an audio message, that was played in the start of the programme.

As always, His message was simple with absolute clarity and connecting to ordinary lives that will help every one improve their day-to-day life as well as help progress in spiritual life.

Below is the transcription of His message.

Hope you all enjoy this.

— Mohanji Foundation UK team

Mohanji’s address:

Hello everybody.

Welcome to ‘Rejuvenate yourself!’ programme in London. This is Mohanji.

I wish you a great time there. Lot of love, lot of affection and I wish you great transformation. The benchmark of spiritual growth is transformation. How do you know what is transformation or what is transforming in you? You will know by the things you do not need any more. There are so many things in life, which we consider as very important at various points in time, but they can keep changing. After a while, you realize that many of these things had no value in absolute sense and they drop off. What drops off goes away, they are gone. What doesn’t drop off means that you need it for some more time. Whether it’s a habit, or it could be a notion, a thought or a concept. It could be anything. But as long as it stays with you, within you, you need to do something about it.

So what drops off is a clear sign of deep transformation. A programme like ‘Rejuvenate yourself!’ is not just rejuvenation, it’s actually assimilation as well. That means you try to connect to yourself, you assimilate within yourself, you become yourself. And then you express that oneness, that togetherness, that unit factor, into the world outside. That is exactly your highest expression. When you are a total unit, when your mind, body, intellect, ego and spirit, all comes in one line, and you are aligned within, your expressions become powerful. And that exactly is your highest expression.

Getting together in programmes such as these, all activities of this nature, of what you’re doing now, is to become a full unit, something which is complete. We are walking towards completion, all the time, every day. But when you are fully occupied with yourself, your expressions become powerful. Your life becomes more complete. This is exactly the path. This is exactly what we are aspiring for.

We live in a world of frequencies. You are a frequency, a unique frequency. You are representing a kind of frequency which you came with and you are interacting with numerous other frequencies. How do you know about frequencies? It’s very simple. Some frequencies we like and some frequencies we do not like, it’s as simple as that. It means that with some frequencies we would like to connect – with some people we would like to connect, and with some people we do not want to connect. This shows that our frequency matches with some people and does not match with many. If your frequencies do not match, and you are still with those people, after a while, you will drop off. That’s because you can’t interact for more than a specified amount of time with something which does not suit your frequency.

You can see people coming into your life, dropping off at certain stages, or evolving their relationships with you. All those factors are connected to frequencies. So, how are you able to connect better to different frequencies? This is a skill and for that skill, you need to connect to yourself. You need to accept your frequency. You need to understand, recognize and experience your frequency, and from there you can connect to every frequency. So when you look out, you see your own frequency or you see unique frequencies reflecting their original qualities into this world.

That’s exactly what you’re doing as well. But when you are subdued, when you are not in acceptance with yourself and your frequency or frequencies or the dimensions that you have come with, then it will be difficult for you to interact with this world. That’s when we see introversion, depression and those kinds of things. That’s all due to lack of connection with oneself. If you are walking this path called spiritual evolution, or alignment in a much more practical way, you must connect to yourself, accept your frequencies and also help others to connect to themselves and accept their own frequencies. There are no failures in life and there are no successes in life in absolute sense. Whatever you call success is probably some material gain or some position or power or possession. But how long will it stay?

Ask this question to yourself. Is it worth spoiling a relationship, is it worth detaching from somebody who cared for you, or is it worth being in isolation and not wanting to do anything in the world outside? Ask these questions to yourself. Is it worth it? That’s the right way to start the journey. When you clearly know that it’s not worth to alienate, instead it’s good to love, good to share, good to accept people and accept ourselves, then life becomes more complete each moment. This moment is your existence. This moment is what you have. This moment collected together is what we call life.

I wish you great success. Be happy, experience happiness. Shine like a bright light into this world. Make your life shine like the sun and make your life meaningful to many, many beings around you, so that your life will become well lived.

Wish you success. Wish you happiness. I’m walking with you. And if you deeply connect to me, you will experience me all the time. Love you. Lots of love, hugs and wish you success once again. All the best!


Transcribed & Edited By – Mohanji Testimonials Team


Guru Paada Puja


During the recent visit of Mohanji to UK, few devotees wished to perform Mohanji’s Paada Puja. Mohanji kindly agreed to it. With a short notice, in the morning of 9th August, this programme was arranged and few devotees gathered. With utmost reverence and devotion, devotees arranged all the essentials required for the ritual. Flowers, Dipam, water, turmeric water and Kumkum water, fruits, dry fruits, were kept ready.


Devotees sat and waited for Mohanji to come and take his seat. Mohanji came into the room glowing like the warm morning Sun brightening up not just the room but the moods of everyone present there. With a smile that can melt millions of hearts but shining eyes with a bright aura around, Mohanji took his seat and asked, “Why do you all want to do this Paada Puja?


You must be very clear on the purpose and reason behind every activity that is performed, so that you can explain to your children and future generations. Don’t do any rituals just for the sake of doing it.” Devotees then requested Mohanji to kindly explain the meaning of “Guru Paada Puja” and the significance of performing this ritual.


A ritual soon turned into a satsang bringing clarity about this pure and authentic tradition which has been followed through ages! After the satsang, every one with much clarity on the significance of Paada Puja, then performed Mohanji’s Paada Puja with pure devotion and total surrender to the Guru and Guru Tatwa.


Amidst the chants of Mohanji Ashotottari and Guru Paduka Stotram, Mohanji’s lotus feet were not just washed with the water and flowers but with the pure tears flowing out of devotees eyes with love, devotion and surrender.

The simple Paad Puja ceremony became a highly powerful ceremony charged with immense love from the devotees to their Guru and from Mohanji to all.

Following is the transcription of what Mohanji explained to all regarding “Why Paada Puja?”.

Q: Why do we need to do Guru Paada Puja?

Mohanji’s Explanation:

“The Upanishad teaches us to ask questions and not to blindly believe. You must ask questions in order to be aware and to strengthen and deepen your awareness so that we can provide a perceptive explanation for future generations of the reasons for every action and ritual you perform.

The three reasons behind the Guru Paada Puja ritual:

  • Firstly, you must consider that the person whose feet you are washing is in a state of supreme consciousness. So, when you’re washing the feet, you’re washing the feet of this state of supreme consciousness; of being in complete balance.

  • Secondly, consider the contribution of this individual in society and in your life. What is the highest contribution of Mohanji? Take it in a tangible format. It’s not my teachings. It is Mohanji, The Platform. Why do you need a platform? Don’t you already have a platform? You already have a platform called life. Karma is a platform, right? Karma created you. Karma is maintaining you and karma will dissolve you. Therefore, you have a platform. Then why do you need another platform called Mohanji? What is the Mohanji Platform going to do for you? It’s very simple. For example, why do you do a job? To get money, to take care of the family and to have a life. Similarly, when you have a platform which is giving you an opportunity for selflessness, you are earning a spiritual ‘bank balance’.  What is the advantage of a spiritual bank balance? A literal bank balance, we already know, can buy you a certain gratification that is tangible to the senses. A spiritual bank balance?

This is what helps your ancestors, people who died before you in your lineage. When you do good work, you earn spiritual bank balance. Take, for example, our houses. Your parents, grandparents and so on are all in your house. When you cook food, everybody eats, not just you. It never happens that way, right? In the same way, the spiritual bank balance also goes to the ancestors. Imagine that this is one platform where your ancestors and their ancestors are all present. Because you are a part of a lineage, they all benefit. The ancestors are happy because they release themselves from so many things they couldn’t do. You are not separate from your ancestors. Your father and mother are integrated into you. So, don’t look at them as other people. Even your grandparents and their grandparents are all integrated with you. It is because of them that you are here.

The same applies with the next generation; your children, their children.  You are also integrated with them. When you do good work (not just Paada Puja, Paada Puja is symbolic) within a platform in the name of a guru as a selfless act, it helps the spiritual bank balance grow and this will help the next generation.

  • Thirdly, when you die, you carry this bank balance along. This is called Punya. So, in your next life you already have something to work with. There is some money in your account.

So, you have three levels of stability that you can create for your existence. These three levels are: ancestral, the next generation and your own continuation of existence. Through this symbolic Paada Puja, you honour the individual who was stabilising you in these three levels.


For example, it is because of the CEO, owner or founder of your place of work that you have a job. You don’t have to wash his feet all the time, but if you have a reverence in mind, it helps; “I never created the company. I never created anything. But because it existed, I survive.”

This is the best and most tangible awareness. If you are able to explain this to your children, they will understand the reverence between generations. They will understand and will not think that they are individuals that can do whatever they like. Whilst they can do whatever they like, there are repercussions which will affect your ancestors and the future generations, and you also carry the repercussions of whatever you do.

We are talking about a platform which is pure and what you earn from here is legitimate currency. When you do selfless things, there is a brightness, an energy happening within you. In this environment, if you continuously perform this, even in thoughts, words or actions, it creates a positive energy. For example, if you are criticizing, accusing or judging, or you are taking revenge on someone, it creates a negative energy within  you that can be transmitted to your children. This may cause these children to throw you out because they are nurturing this negativity. That is why it is common that there are bitter fights between parents and children.

Also, understand that this is an individual journey that nobody can walk on your behalf. If I have to exercise, I should exercise. You can’t exercise on my behalf. It’s always individualistic. Development is also individualistic. Evolution and dissolution are individualistic. Therefore, it is important to stay pure inside. No bad thoughts, bad actions or bad expressions. Be positive so that the lineage becomes very happy.  As they say, “amrutya putra”, meaning son or child almost like nectar. People say that if a person is born in a family with that kind of power, a minimum of seven generations before and seven generations after will benefit. So, depending on the intensity of your avatar or incarnation, further generations will benefit, not only your own family. Because of your existence, so many people will benefit. Then, the accumulated bank balance is much higher. That is the whole point.

How do you know that this is all real? Your level of contentment within your life will tell you that you are doing the right thing. If you’re angry, agitated, etc., you’re definitely not doing the right thing. Instead, if you’re happy, peaceful and content, then it’s a sign of perfect action.

It’s important to understand that every activity has a purpose. How do you express that you are grateful? One of the ways you can express is by this ritual. There are other ways too. Most importantly, giving the teaching is your greatest expression.

You should be able to explain this to your children, grandchildren or others in that way that will enable them to understand the benefit of an activity. Don’t include anybody in a ritual without an explanation because without proper understanding, they will reject it and become averse to it.”

Devi’s experience sharing on Paada Puja


“My first ever Paada Puja was a few years back, in Muscat. In all honesty, I was not familiar with the whole ritual, so I was kind of on the side. At the time I was pregnant with Mila.

It was a much elaborated Paada Puja during Guru Poornima . With time, as they were performing it, I felt a lot of beautiful energy and understood that the truth that we focus on, becomes our reality and we can actually penetrate it. Where ever the attention goes, the energy goes as well. One thus understands that the feet of the master are the tangible representation of an expanded consciousness of master. At this moment, I realised that it’s not Mohanji as a person sitting before me, it’s that consciousness. So, as I was doing the Paada Puja, I followed the instructions for the way it is supposed to be done and I kept feeling that energy. At one point, I felt inner guidance that I should put my Ajna chakra (third eye) on the big toe. I did that. While my third eye touched Mohanji’s big toe,  I felt as if I was receiving hundred Shaktipats! I could feel a huge energy transfer happened.


Then, I sat and I went straight into samadhi state for an hour or so. It felt as if somebody had put a glass ceiling around me, and within that glass ceiling, there was no sound or breath, there was just stillness. I could hear that there were people in the room, but it felt as if they were outside the glass ceiling and it was amazing. I just totally did not want to come out of it.

My understanding from this experience was that, when we do any ritual, we should always look at the essence of feelings from the heart rather than be mentally preoccupied with the process and the proper way to perform it. People often get lost in the process, but they don’t feel the essence of the sacred ritual. it’s not about the rules and regulations. It’s about how you feel and connect to the purpose of the ritual and then doing it through your heart. That gives the maximum benefit in whatever the purpose behind it.”



A Yogi’s Exit

A True Yogi

After Yogacharya Sanjay’s (fondly known as Sanjay Sir) sudden demise in a road accident in Jammu, on 9th May 2018, the entire Mohanji Global family was in shock and deep state of sadness. Many questions and doubts cropped up regarding the reasons behind the sudden demise and the manner of exit especially because those who knew him felt that he was a true yogi who was deeply connected to Mohanji. Also, there were questions regarding what could be done to help the soul. Mohanji patiently answered most of these questions in spite of his tight schedule of travels and programmes. We have collated the responses in a question and answer format since we feel that it is very relevant to most people.

Mohanji – Be Aware – A true master only tells you where to look and not what to see. Individual Karmic freedom is always kept intact.

“Mind goes in roller coaster state when unexpected things happen in our life. Bad and confused states of mind are totally connected to expectations. We expect that “only good things should happen in our life” or “we hope that we will live forever, happy and healthy along with all the people who we love and care for” etc. Expectations are totally connected to our waking state mind. Waking state mind alone.

Awareness is the key. Awareness of our existence leads us to acceptance of truth as all facets and experiences of life literally comes out of karma. Awareness of the inevitable flow of life through lifetimes and inevitable end of  incarnations based on individual karma, as well as the faith in the presence of a substratum, eternal divinity through which everything takes place, beyond any human boundaries, so on and so forth. This awareness becomes our support for any internal devastation due to various incidents of our life. They are all the same. All traumas have the same source – expectations and non-understanding of the flow of karma.” – Mohanji”

Mohanji & Yogi

Q: From a Guru’s point of view, please share your understanding of such incidents involving sudden death especially with people like Sanjay sir who was deeply connected to you and was a very close follower? It will be a big learning for all of us.

A: All of us habitually believe that we are here forever. This feeling is based on our attachment and identifications with things around us, such as our relationships with people, places, time, materials and emotions connected with all these external factors. Since there is continuity in our life and lifetime activities and this continuity of activity makes us hope that we will be like this or do this all the time. But we have created a duration in a space within the boundaries of certain time before we took this journey. So all of us have to leave someday, exactly at the appointed time. When can you stay in the body longer? Is there such a possibility? Yes. When the next incarnation is not so immediate or close by. This is one of the options. That means time of death and death state happens, and there could be another 10 or 15 years to go before the next incarnation. Therefore, the person can hang on in the body in coma kind of state even as a vegetable (without any activity), just because the karma with this body is already over and another body or the next life is still away. This means instead of meditating in another plane, until the next body happens, the soul may choose to hang on in the previous body, even though it is not in good condition to experience a normal life. Some of the bed-ridden people are in that state.

Otherwise, if a saintly yogic, purpose of liberation oriented person have to take such a decision, they may decide just to exit the body once the job is done with the body and that job is directly connected to their karmic agenda of this incarnation. Individual karmic agenda is usually not meant to be continuous fulfillment of other people such as relatives or friends.

Mohanji_Karma Path.JPG
Fulfilment of Karma

People may ask WHY because they all loved the person deeply. But for the person who exited (or exits), there is no “why” at all. It is purely the end of karmic allowance. In karma, there is no WHY. There is only fulfillment of completion based on certain karmic agenda, requirements or certain desires. So a person will just choose to leave, once the job with the current incarnation is completed. And the reason for exit could be anything. It could be cardiac arrest, hemorrhage; it could be any reason or any form of death. There could be things like “Akala Mrityu” – untimely death. Usually, we assume that a person should exist in the body the full time that is 100 years, 90 years or 80 years etc. But that’s not necessary. That’s just our assumption. What is actually happening is that, as per the karma, they stay in the body and they leave the moment karma is finished with that body. That’s why when an Avadhoota told Mahakali, “Can you extend my life for another month?” Mahakali said, “No. I can’t extend even for one hour. You have chosen your birth, you have chosen your time of death. So you will only abide by that.” Even Gods do not interfere. This is one aspect. (Read those stories written by Mohanji – In search of Precious in

Now, about leaving in a hurry or a kind of a sudden death – a person chooses sudden death because they don’t want to become a burden to other people, family, relatives, etc. They could have possibly stayed on for another 10 years, in an invalid or a paralyzed condition, but then what happens with the people supporting them? The initial enthusiasm goes as the days go by. Then they become a burden. Every person who needs assistance at home is a burden to some of the relatives if not all. The bhaav (feelings) could change – not initially but they could change over time. The yogic soul decides, they don’t want to go through this process. This has happened – the possibility for the state of death. This is a juncture in life. The Yogi’s soul choose to exit the broken body, quickly and peacefully! This is not a waking state mind choice. The mind cannot understand or choose such things. The choice happens in the substratum, constitution, guided by the spiritual stature of the person. Higher spiritual stature is related to higher state of detachment from everything around, or everything he is used to and one’s own physical body. The more a person is detached (liberated from things around himself), leaving the body becomes relatively effortless. The more the attachment. the more difficult becomes the exit.

Peaceful Exit

However, once again, please understand that this is not a conscious decision. Because waking state mind cannot understand the tapestry of karma. Waking state mind only understands the experiences of being awake such as space-time, materials, sounds and those things, which the waking state mind can easily understand and relate to. Waking mind cannot understand the cause of life or the causes of experiences. Waking mind only knows the effect of experiences. It’s not a conscious decision by any soul, (soul as in, the constitution of soul, mind, body, intellect, the entire substratum). They cannot understand why certain things have happened and why this kind of a thing has happened.

Why does somebody exit in an accident in a kind of hurried way? That is possibly because of some fear they have trapped or some consequence that they would have probably trapped inside. Such as theft in the house, murder, accidental death, suicide, etc – all those kind of things. The option is already kept inside. Not that they are choosing personally. A continuously nourished fear can materialize itself into reality. This is another aspect.

At certain stages, if a liberated Yogi feels suffocating terrestrial binding he can also choose to exit abruptly. Unbound becomes his state through sincere sadhana and lifestyle of detachment. This is the state of liberated existence. If external bindings becomes overwhelming, if it affects the intended flow, the Yogi may choose to leave. This is another option. (Not exactly pertaining to Sanjay Sir)

So understand there is no way we can say that something was a tragedy or something was good or bad. This is something, which is individualistic. All of us, all the 7.5 billion people have created their own structure of life and structure of exit – birth, life, and death. The flavors that you will experience with your current system including body, mind, intellect, ego and spirit is decided by the state and stature while leaving the past body and the desires that ask for fulfillment. It is no body’s business to interfere in that. Because nobody can interfere. All bodies are essentially similar and incomparable. We cannot control even our own flow of thoughts, let alone other’s destiny.

There is another aspect to an unnatural or violent death. When someone we love leaves abruptly, suddenly we are tilted, shaken and that incident forces us to start looking at our own fragile existence on earth and what is life after all. We start looking at life in a more practical way. We may even develop sincere gratefulness for our daily existence. Otherwise, most of the time we are in an illusory world. We think that we are here forever. Every day starts. Every day ends. We sleep, we eat, and we drink. We are used to certain patterns. When a shock like this happens, that’s the time when we realize, that all these could be very fragile. The people around us may not be forever. Then we start valuing life better. We start looking at life with more sincerity and seriousness. The exits of certain people – especially yogis, if they want to use their exit as a message or reminder to the rest of us,  they may choose to leave in a dramatic way, that is only to open the eyes of people to bring them to a certain degree of awareness, that life is very fragile and tomorrow might be too late if you do not put your acts together now. It’s important to understand that life is not in our control. If we cannot do something today, may be tomorrow never exists! That reminder, that warning is also very important to understand. We all are living in an unconscious existence. That’s why any kind of exit, sometimes even a normal natural death makes a strong impact on us. Because we never realize, we never think that we will die. That’s the problem. This is something we need to understand.

Mohanji_HIgher Connection
Living Consciously

Q: What is the role of God and Guru in the exit process?

A: Belief , faith, Personal Orientation, Preferences of life, degree of connection with divine, concepts, prejudices, so on and so forth are all part of one’s karmic agenda. They experience life as they are and what they are made up of. If somebody believes in God or if somebody believes in Guru, that does not mean that their karma ends there. It only means that their priorities have probably shifted based on karmic allowance, from sensory or sense oriented experiences to experiences which are more intangible by senses and mind. They have perhaps begun connecting to something which they consider as higher frequency and believe that this connection will help them to travel to a level of dissolution or detachment where they can experience the larger subtle options or higher possibilities of existence.

This is the reason why they chose to connect to higher masters. This is also guided by orientation and not by mind. Their inherent frequency leads them to connect to the subtle. Mind cannot perceive it. Mind is grossly blind to the subtle. People connect to higher masters or God through bhakti yoga (devotion), jnana yoga (knowledge), karma yoga (Selfless service) based on whatever their nature is or whatever their tendencies or orientations are. With such a connection, their dependency on the sensory or experience side of material life decreases and their connection with frequency which is of higher nature or spiritual nature increases.

Yogi with God

What does the Master do?

Master stabilizes the stature and establishes the yogi into himself. Master does not change anything, like God. God has provided a platform. Master provides a platform for their complete expressions as per the karmic allowance. Masters do that always, to everyone, without expecting anything back. Masters provide platform for their complete expressions as well as completing their expressions. Masters guide and help them to be complete too. Same as what God has given us. God has given us the energy, the substratum, including earth, including our mind, including our chitta (the entire substratum of mind), the thoughts, words, actions so that we could experience our own unique set of experiences. You can enjoy your own experiences based on what you are made up of. Not based on what it actually is.

Mohanji_Pure Energy.JPG
Pure Energy

When you look at what is within everything, you will only see energy. Then there is no experience. Because you are also energy. When you are looking beyond your senses and mind, all you see is pure energy at work. When you are only connecting to pure energy at work, there is no difference between you and anybody else. No difference between plants, birds and animals. They are all energy at work.

A person evolves into a yogi and connects to a master, since it helps him (or her) with completion and fulfillment, which otherwise becomes a bit difficult. But that doesn’t mean that they have no death. They did have birth. They still have life. They still have experiences and they still have death. So everything is as it is, except the awareness as well as detachment towards all that a lifetime provides including body. Awareness is much larger and higher, so they don’t suffer due to any kind of separations or losses. They never ask why, because everything in life are passing phases. When somebody asks WHY, understand that, that person has not understood incarnation, karma, flow of life through bodies as well as life and death of each body; because that WHY is based on certain expectation which mind nurtures.

What is the expectation? That you will live forever or too soon etc. Nobody lives forever. Whatever has a form, has a duration. It has to end someday. Whatever has begun will end. Whatever has no beginning will also have no end. That is pure energy, pure consciousness. That has to be understood. So even a person in form like Krishna, Rama, various avatars, they all had a beginning and they all had a physical disappearance at some point in their life. But their energy never began, their energy never ended. That is why we still connect with them and get results. A yogi connecting to a Master does not mean that he has got an insurance on his life. The way they exit, the way they chose to go, usually is of a typical yogic nature. That means they don’t want to hang around. When the time is up, they just leave.

Yogi & Higher Masters

We see this yogic state in Sanjay Sir’s case. The medical report said sudden death. That means as soon as the accident happened, he died. That means, he didn’t suffer. This is similar to a death in cardiac arrest. Even though it was Akala Mrityu (untimely death) and Apamrutyu (accidental death) he did not stay in hospital beds for unlimited time going through pain and suffering. He didn’t go through his expected whole life course of 70-80 years. But then, we must assume that was probably not the agenda of that soul.

Then the question is – what about the family? The family members also have individual karma, a personal agenda. They only experience as per that. That doesn’t mean every member compromises themselves to agree with the karmic agenda of the other. Each individual of the family experiences only their own karmic agenda. They cannot change according to somebody else. And also nobody can ensure a duration based on somebody else’s karmic plan. This also should be clearly understood. We all will come and will exit at our karmic time. Not as per the time of other people including family members. There is no mercy in this. There is no compromise in this. When the time is up, we just leave.

So, what does a Master do? Master ensures completion while living and their completion while leaving. Master stabilizes the incarnation by aligning one to his life purpose. Master helps unite the pieces of mind scattered over various desires into focused higher selfless purpose based alignment.

mohanji with guru
Completion with Master

If the person is bound by the life created material stuff and emotions of life, they can possibly hang on with a very bad physical condition such as pain and paralysis. Attachment also keeps some people stay bedridden with lot of injuries, body ailments, etc. Sometimes it’s a pain for the people to look after them. The emotions connected to the relationships ask them, “oh, why don’t you stay back longer?” Attachment to physical form prolongs their suffering.

The suffering is prolonged when you are emotional. Sufferings are always connected to attachments and corresponding emotions. That also should be clearly understood. There is a pattern. There have been so many devotees of Rama , Krishna, Buddha, Sai Baba, etc. Do you think that anyone stayed on forever? Except a few people like Hanumanji who is cheeranjivi (immortal). They are avatars. They chose that existence as well as its duration. But that’s mostly in sukhsma (subtle) and not in gross form because sookshma is not as much bound by time as subtle. They can indeed take a gross form anytime. But that’s their option. These are all the things that we must understand. There is no question of “why” in karmic pattern.

When a true seeker surrenders and requests assistance to prolong an existence in an already available body, master do help. But that would be transfer from a forthcoming incarnation. The duration of that incarnation invariably gets reduced because of the transfer. A true Yogi would not want to do that. He will usually choose to keep each lifetime intact within its own boundaries to avoid compromises with absolute time between total incarnations as well as accumulation of backlogs.

Sometimes destiny prolongs one incarnation. This is death to one existence and transfer to a totally different pattern in the same body, such as a regular householder suddenly becoming a monk and leaving everything from his past existence. That is almost like two lives in one. This usually happens only towards the conclusions of all incarnations.

Q: What can I do for the person who has departed?

A: The best thing one can do for that soul is to ensure that their immediate family is taken care of. We have already made those arrangements and will continue doing that as much as possible. I spoke to Sanjay Sir’s daughter. I asked her, “What do you want?” She said, “I want to be part of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.” I said, “That’s done. You are part of it.”
The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga was formed because I asked Sanjay Sir at one point in time, “What do you want to do in life?” He said, “I would like to spread traditional yoga to every corner of the world.” I said, “Ok, go ahead with it. I will give you the platform.” I told the same thing to his daughter. She is by default part of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. I said, “Don’t hesitate to ask me or any of my people anything you want in life. All the people who love me unconditionally are myself. They will provide it for you, if it is affordable. Whatever is reasonable, whatever is possible, we will do it.”

Secondly, I said, “Nothing has changed. Please understand that he left because he didn’t want to hang on and give you pain. He allowed all of you to move on, because he had to leave. Even if he had some more time before he takes the next incarnation, he chose to remain in subtle form so that all of you can move on with your life and stabilize yourselves. That was the option, which he gave to himself and to you. What you need to do now is to gather whatever are your desires or whatever you have to do, and assist us in maintaining the legacy of your father.”

Himalyan School of Traditional Yoga – A Platform

Three years before, only Jammu knew Sanjay Sir. That was before the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga happened. Today, the whole world knows Sanjay Sir because of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. So please understand that the platform has already changed his life. He left an impact before he left the body. The platform which we created for him has worked for him. Now, you need to enhance it and take it to the best possible heights, where his legacy continues through all of you.

A true teacher never dies. Because his message carries his memory forward all the time. His memory is maintained by what he stood for. That’s exactly what he could give to the world. Especially his dedication to his activity. Extreme dedication, extreme commitment, extreme conviction, extreme consistency and unconditional love. This is enough. If you understand the essence, you will get these qualities as the main things. What you need to do is to ensure that Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga transmits these and you can also use this platform. We have created this platform and you have a place already. It’s up to you, you can start yesterday, any day! This is the best thing we can do.

Extreme Commitment, extreme devotion, Unconditional Love

For anybody who has departed, the best we can support is to do something positive in their memory. It is futile to cry, ask why and blame ourselves and other people. There is no point in blaming the truck driver who hit him. However, if we don’t do anything in a positive way in his memory, his soul will have no happiness. By his soul, I mean the whole substratum, that we called Sanjay Sir at one point in time. Rather than cry over whatever happened, it is important that we do positive actions and just move forward in a positive way so that his presence continues to benefit various people. This is the way to go forward.

We are in constant touch with his family. All rituals and last rites are happening as per tradition. Whatever is possible for us, we are trying to do, what is good for the exited soul, such as annadaan (food donations). rituals, etc. We are also making sure that a fund is created for the family, so that they are happy and contented as much as possible. We will help as a global family for this cause. (For those who would like to contribute towards supporting Sanjay sir’s family, please go to the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga page set up for this purpose and provide your contact details)

This is not just for Sanjay Sir. Anybody in our group will be looked after like this. Because we are a family. It’s not just a Guru-disciple relationship. I don’t work like that. I operate in a way where people look at me as relative. So we will continue in that mode.

Mohanji_as a yogi.JPG

We close with Mohanji’s message today to the Global Family.

My friends,

Just sit quietly for a while. Stop whatever you are chasing. Just let go. Just contemplate. It is high time you do that.

Imagine your total existence on earth is just about 29,200 days if you will live for 80 years in this incarnation. This is about 700,800 hours. If we sleep for 6 hours on an average, we have only 525,600 hours to experience life. If we use an average of 3 hours for bathing, eating and other chores every day, we will have only 438,000 hours left. We may fall sick sometimes. That is a further loss. Few years we spend as a child. Few years in old age. Effective years can be considered about 40? That is about 14,600 days on earth. Do not believe me. Do your own calculation. Contemplate on it. Ask yourself:
A. What do I want from this extremely limited incarnation?
B. Are this comparisons, anger, hatred, jealousy, competitions, conversions, revenge and all other emotions that make mind suffer worth it?
C. Do we really have to lie, cheat, steal, betray, doubt, condemn or convict at all?
D. Why do we choose violence at all? Is the violence our true nature or considering the limited hours on earth, is it worth it?
E. Why do we ever consider other species as lesser than ourselves and decide that they deserve only a second preference?
Contemplate more. Contemplate a lot more. Make a sea of change in life because every life meets with death. Every river meets the ocean sooner or later. Make a lifestyle change today. Right now. Life is not worth all those emotions and sufferings. Life has to be light and love because you are light and love. Keep remembering how tiny, small and fragile is our existence on this tiny planet in the cosmos called earth. Be aware. Shed your ego. Shed all unwanted emotions and catch up with what is lost already in the department of love. It is time. It is high time. Let that be your spiritual practice. Be good. Do good.

With Love