Feel Blessed If You Are a Devotee of Sai Baba

The path of Sai Baba is the ultimate path, the path of the Avadhootas. The Avadhoota path is a path of extreme purification, where self-realisation is only one aspect of it. It’s total dissolution, a state of nirbija samadhi. The samadhi states can be broadly classified into two, sabija samadhi and nirbija samadhi. Sabija samadhi has six stages – savitarka samadhi, nirvitarka samadhi, savichara samadhi, nirvichara samadhi, savikalpa samadhi and nirvikalpa samadhi. These six stages and then nirbija samadhi has only one stage. Nirbija samadhi in simple terms, I would say, the drop falls into the ocean and becomes the ocean.

A Master in the capacity of Sai Baba was a great Avadhoota. The Avadhoota path is a path of total dissolution. When I say total dissolution, all your patterns, all that you have stored, everything that you are, must become ashes. Only then can Shiva wear you. Everything which you have stored in every sheath of yours must burn itself into ashes. So, this path is a path of fire. The path of Shiva is a path of fire. And this path is not easy. Because, we have chosen over many lifetimes, over many paths, we have chosen a path where we say, now I had enough. Now I am ready for the ultimate. Once you reach there, it’s not sensations or experiences anymore. It’s hard core dissolution. Dissolution is a very powerful path. The path of Lord Dattatreya is a very, very powerful path. And it fast forwards all the aspects which you are probably supposed to experience over many lifetimes into one lifetime. And that’s not easy to handle. Some of these things are probably laid out over many lifetimes. They compress it into one lifetime.

Then they intensify that and then dissolve it completely, and you are free. This is a big favour the Tradition does to you. When you are walking the path of liberation, expect all these calamities because each moment becomes intense, because many lifetimes are getting reduced. It’s getting crushed into one; let’s say a hundred lifetimes crushed into one lifetime or a few lifetimes, so that everything is dissolved. That is why this path is intense. Baba never puts any obstacle in anybody’s path, that’s not his interest. His interest is to make you lighter, remove all the things, which he does. When situations happen, which are uncontrollable, Baba intervenes, sorts it out. But, it has to come and go.

Whatever is stored in your mind has to appear through the mind and dissolve. Whatever is stored in your body has to appear through the body and dissolve. Whatever is stored in the physical sheath, annamaya kosha, has to be sorted out through the physical body sheath. Whatever is stored in the manomaya kosha, the mind sheath, should be sorted out through the mind sheath. Everything has to be sorted out in its corresponding sheath. There could be problems connected to the mind, there could be problems connected to the body, all these are connected to its own location, its own nature, and that will be nullified or at least the intensity reduced by Baba. Every Master does that. All the Masters of our Tradition, the path of liberation, the path of Avadhoota, they completely reduce or they try to reduce the burden to a great extent. From hundred percent to 80, to 60, to 40, but some part of it has to be experienced. We do not know how it should have happened, if it was taking its normal course.

When someone asked him, Mohanji answered he gave part of his soul into the Shirdi Sai Baba idol in Canada and his eyes speak through the idol’s eyes.

Imagine it was probably death, but then it got converted to a few injuries or a fracture or something. It can change things in that drastic step. What was supposed to be a very bad situation became a minor situation, but we complain. Oh, I had this problem, I had this situation. But we never understand what was originally planned and what actually happened. All the great Masters, Avadhootas, they lift a lot of weight away from you, they take it away from you and that’s their blessing, their grace. When you are coming into contact with a Master as powerful as Sai Baba, or we come to any Master of the Datta Tradition, most people experience that life turns upside down, calamities happen, etc. When you are fully surrendering, let whatever happen – I am surrendering to you; I won’t leave you; I hold on to you. Then liberation is guaranteed. Because in the path of liberation, all the things, every aspect of you, every possession, position and relation, every aspect of you should be nullified. You should become empty and pure. This is vital, because even one pebble or one small dot can’t exist. When you are moving towards Supreme Consciousness; no desires, total emptiness and completion. This is exactly what a Master like Baba delivers.

When we are walking the path of total dissolution, we must always be aware that the Master never leaves your hand; the Master is actually reducing your burden. But you may not feel so, because you do not know the original agenda, the original script. The Master is really attending to it. It is not easy to understand while you’re experiencing it. But this is the truth. Let whatever to happen, its fine. You’re not worried about your physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial or any other aspect. You are fully there, fully surrendered, and whatever happens, you are not leaving the path. If you have that kind of conviction, tenacity, and consistency, Masters take over. Then it is Baba’s responsibility. Baba says, “Your job is to come, my job is to take care.” So you have to come, you have to stay; you have to stand there steady with consistency, with conviction, and with continuity. Then everything else is provided.

But always be aware, as I said earlier, when things are escaping you or when things are taken out of you, there will be pain, but that pain is worth it because, we are ensuring no more repetitions of it.  Patterns are getting destroyed, dissolved. That’s extremely good, so that you are free from all these things, because patterns have been continuing through lifetimes. That’s all going; it’s all leaving. We are lucky to be in this path, even whether we understand it or not. We are extremely lucky to be under the blessings or grace of Sai Baba. We’re extremely lucky to be under his umbrella. All you have to do is just stay there, nothing else. Don’t go anywhere just be there and accept everything. Acceptance should be total, acceptance of yourself, and acceptance of situations; no resistance, just be there. Baba takes care. As I explained earlier, whenever there was a crisis, there was his hand to support, he will take care.  You will not be a person anymore. You will be a force. That’s the difference.


Transcribed and proofread by Shyama Jay

The Boy Who Walked with Shirdi Sai Baba


I was in the film called Sai Mahima. This was organized by the Shirdi Sai Temple, in Palakkad, in Kerala. I was doing a bit of compéring, like guiding people into the places where Baba used to visit. Also, it was an opportunity for me to go to all these places and that was indeed heartening because it was almost like reliving what I had read in the books.

A person called me from Dubai, and said: “A man who lived with Sai Baba is in Shirdi, and he would like to meet you.”

I countered: “Really?” Shirdi Sai Baba left his body in 1918, so a man who lived with Sai Baba must have taken birth a few years before 1918.  He must be very old. I said, “Definitely, I would like to meet him.” Then he gave me a number. I gave this number to some of my people and  said, “His name is Baba Ganeshanandgiri. He’s a Naag Baba. Get me an appointment. I would like to see him.”

Ganeshananda (2)

They contacted him and said, “Mohanji would like to see you.” I am told he suddenly showed recognition and added, “Yes, I will meet him. I want to meet him.” The time was fixed. We were in a filming when I received a call  from a hotel, saying, “Babaji is waiting for you, at the hotel. Come quickly.” I rushed and reached there. Babaji had been unwell. He had come out of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and was recouping when some people called him and conveyed that Mohanji would like to meet him. Babaji responded, “I’m coming right away”.

Ganeshananda (1)

He came to Gurusthan. I didn’t know that. In fact, no one told me that.  He waited there and collapsed. He was taken to a hotel in the neighborhood where he used to stay. And he was lying there. I rushed in, and was climbing the steps; his head was towards the door; there was no way he could see me. Yet, when I walked up, he said: “Mohanji, aa jaao – Mohanji, come”. Without even seeing me, he recognized and addressed me. And then he told me, “I have been waiting to meet you for the past three years because Shirdi Sai Baba told me – Meet Mohanji.  I was waiting to see you.” Then he added,  “I met one man called Mohanji, who had come from the Himalayas. When I told Baba that I met him, Baba said, ”That’s not him. Another one is coming.” And we met. This was in 2015, and it was such a heart to heart meeting.


Baba Ganeshanandgiri’s First Encounter with Sai Baba

His encounter with Baba was fascinating. The first thing he told was that when he was a young child, Baba used to wander; when people gave him something, he would keep it all in a cloth bag that hung on  his shoulder. And when he came to Dwarkamai, if there were children, he would distribute sweets; he would distribute whatever he had to people including the money he collected; he used to distribute everything the same day and sleep empty-handed.

One day, it so happened that he distributed sweets to children, and some of it remained in the bag. He didn’t give any sweets to Ganeshanandgiri as a child who was probably 4 or 5 years old at the time. So what did Ganeshanandagiri do? He knew there were sweets in the bag; he put his hand in and took one or two of them. Baba saw this and slapped him, on his face. He became angry; Baba gave sweets to all the children, except him and when he took some, Baba slapped him! He want to Shama’s (Madhavrao Deshpande) house.

Shama asked him, “Why are you here? Why are you not at Dwarkamai?”

To this he (Ganeshanandagiri) said, ”Boodha maarthe hain”  (The old man beats me). Hence I’m not going there.

And a couple of days later, Baba said: “There was a young boy here. Where is he now?”

Shama answered, “Boodha maar raha hai. So he does not want to come to Dwarkamai.”

To this Baba said: “No, no, no, call him, I want to see him.”

Shama brought him, and Baba asked, “What’s your problem?”

The little boy didn’t say anything.

Baba said, “If you steal, I will beat you again. Don’t steal. I will give you, at the right time.”

And then the relationship become strong. Baba left his body in 1918, and somebody had told Ganeshanandgiri that if he took a flower from the Samadhi, and wished strongly, with single-pointed concentration, that would happen. If the desire is very focused, it would happen.

He took a flower and said, “I need a big house, a mansion, car, servants, money, so I can do something on earth.”

And that wish was not getting fulfilled. He kept wishing, the single-pointed concentration was good, clarity was there too, but the desire was not getting fulfilled. He was very young, probably in his teens at that time, and he thought, people are saying that this flower from the Samadhi has the power to transform, it’s a wish fulfilling flower. All the flowers at Samadhi are very powerful, but in my life, it’s not happening. One day he was in Shirdi, near Dwarkamai, probably he was coming out of Dwarkamai, when he saw Baba walking away. He ran after him, note that this was after Baba’s Mahasamadhi, he ran after him, overtook Baba, and stopped. Baba looked at him.

He said, “What do you want from me?”

Ganeshanandagiri said: “I had asked for something, you didn’t give me.”

To this Baba said, “This, pointing to his legs, is your vehicle. The big mansion you’re talking about is this – the body. And the money that you want is here (pointing to the head). Money. And you want servants, these are your servants – he showed both hands. I’ve given you everything. Now, you spread my message to this world. You spread my true message to this world. People are sleeping, which means they are ignorant. They only ask me material things. Now, with your life, show to the world my real message. Your legs are you vehicle, your hands, your army; your brain, your money; your body is your mansion. Now, do something about it. I’ve given you everything. Go ahead.”

Then onwards, he dedicated his life for the service of Baba, for spreading the name and he wandered and did many things on earth, to spread the message.

In Constant Communion with Sai Baba

Every day Baba at 6 AM Baba speaks to him. Baba Ganeshanandgiri was born in 1911. Baba left his body in 1918. So he was with Baba in Dwarkamai for about three to four years, probably in Shama’s house and in and around that area. His wish was to leave his body in Shirdi. But Baba said, ”No. Go and leave your body in the South.” That’s what he did, in 2016 April, he left his body in Chennai, in Sriperumbudur. There’s a temple coming up, a very big temple; and he left his body there. So, even though my meeting or encounter with him was for few months, it was really a powerful experience. A man more than hundred years old with strong conviction. Baba means Baba. Zero deviation. There was nothing else in his life except Baba, just like Hanumanji and Ram. For Hanumanji, there is nothing else but Ram. When a mala was given to him, a very precious one, he opened each bead to check if Ram is there. And when he found that there was no Ram, he threw it away, even though it was precious diamonds. He did not  care. For him, it was only Ram. If Ram’s name is not there, it’s not valuable to him. Similarly, Baba Ganeshanandgiri was a living example, Sai, Sai, Sai, only Sai. Whenever Sai is not there, he’s not there. And I used to love spending time with him. The few meetings I had were transformative, very difficult to express in words. Everything was reinforcing. Everything was rejuvenating. It helped solidifying the intention, the intensity.

Sriperumbudur, Chennai – Sai Temple Foundation Stone Ceremony in March 2016


Experiencing the Unconditional Love of Baba Ganeshanandgiri

Ganeshanandgiri embraced me, hugged me and Baba had told Ganeshanandgiri: “All of Mohanji’s people are my people. Take care of them.” He would never allow people to touch his feet or body, but he would allow all our people to come to him, touch him, and he used to really love them, just because Baba told, “All of Mohanji’s people are my people.” So this is the kind of love he showed; even if you have money or riches, you will not get this kind of love. As I say, it’s only, “Aao beta – Come, my son.” That philosophy, with its deepest effect is delivered in Shirdi, even now. We may see the crowd and the confusion, but beyond all that, there is this high power of Baba which is attracting hundreds of thousands of people to this place and leaving them transformed. Like a car wash, you go through that state and come back fresh on the other side. This is happening even now. My connection with Ganeshanandgiri again brought me closer to Baba.

Complete Selflessness and Humility

Ganeshanandgiri called me in early January 2016, and said, “I want to see you. I’m coming to Palakkad”  I was with my parents. He said, “I’m coming to Palakkad to see you.”  He is a hundred plus years old. So, I said, “No, Babaji, I will come and see you. I’ll come to Chennai.” He agreed. I went. He came to the airport and received me. I was overwhelmed. Such a great master coming to receive a small person like me at the airport; look at the humility. Then how much more humble I should be? You do not see such bhaav (feeling or love exhibited) in the world usually. He is a great master. But he came to the airport, received me with a garland and took me to a five star hotel. I said, “Babaji, I will stay where you stay. I always practice insignificance that way. I’m not that great or important. I don’t have to stay in a five star hotel. This is really embarrassing. Let me stay next to you, I’ll sleep on the floor.” He countered, “No, Baba’s instruction. Baba told me, Mohanji should stay in this hotel.” So, he checked with Baba about every single thing he did. And Baba had said, “Mohanji should stay at a five star hotel.” What was the story? In some past lives, I lived as a king. Baba is talking about that lifestyle. In this life, I have no royalty. I’m not a king. But Baba said Mohanji should stay in a five star (hotel) because there is a continuation; it’s a path of continuation. In this life, I’m totally different. I don’t have that kind of money either. But Ganeshanandgiri connected those dots from that time and said that I had to stay there. I stayed one night, and he would not even allow me to pay the charges for the stay! I managed to  pay and left for the airport the next day, but he reimbursed the entire cost. They (such masters) are totally selfless. None of them (great masters) are after money. They are not at all interested in what you have. They only follow purpose; they have clarity of purpose. They do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.

Transcribed by Tijana Sladoje
Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan


Guru Paada Puja


During the recent visit of Mohanji to UK, few devotees wished to perform Mohanji’s Paada Puja. Mohanji kindly agreed to it. With a short notice, in the morning of 9th August, this programme was arranged and few devotees gathered. With utmost reverence and devotion, devotees arranged all the essentials required for the ritual. Flowers, Dipam, water, turmeric water and Kumkum water, fruits, dry fruits, were kept ready.


Devotees sat and waited for Mohanji to come and take his seat. Mohanji came into the room glowing like the warm morning Sun brightening up not just the room but the moods of everyone present there. With a smile that can melt millions of hearts but shining eyes with a bright aura around, Mohanji took his seat and asked, “Why do you all want to do this Paada Puja?


You must be very clear on the purpose and reason behind every activity that is performed, so that you can explain to your children and future generations. Don’t do any rituals just for the sake of doing it.” Devotees then requested Mohanji to kindly explain the meaning of “Guru Paada Puja” and the significance of performing this ritual.


A ritual soon turned into a satsang bringing clarity about this pure and authentic tradition which has been followed through ages! After the satsang, every one with much clarity on the significance of Paada Puja, then performed Mohanji’s Paada Puja with pure devotion and total surrender to the Guru and Guru Tatwa.


Amidst the chants of Mohanji Ashotottari and Guru Paduka Stotram, Mohanji’s lotus feet were not just washed with the water and flowers but with the pure tears flowing out of devotees eyes with love, devotion and surrender.

The simple Paad Puja ceremony became a highly powerful ceremony charged with immense love from the devotees to their Guru and from Mohanji to all.

Following is the transcription of what Mohanji explained to all regarding “Why Paada Puja?”.

Q: Why do we need to do Guru Paada Puja?

Mohanji’s Explanation:

“The Upanishad teaches us to ask questions and not to blindly believe. You must ask questions in order to be aware and to strengthen and deepen your awareness so that we can provide a perceptive explanation for future generations of the reasons for every action and ritual you perform.

The three reasons behind the Guru Paada Puja ritual:

  • Firstly, you must consider that the person whose feet you are washing is in a state of supreme consciousness. So, when you’re washing the feet, you’re washing the feet of this state of supreme consciousness; of being in complete balance.

  • Secondly, consider the contribution of this individual in society and in your life. What is the highest contribution of Mohanji? Take it in a tangible format. It’s not my teachings. It is Mohanji, The Platform. Why do you need a platform? Don’t you already have a platform? You already have a platform called life. Karma is a platform, right? Karma created you. Karma is maintaining you and karma will dissolve you. Therefore, you have a platform. Then why do you need another platform called Mohanji? What is the Mohanji Platform going to do for you? It’s very simple. For example, why do you do a job? To get money, to take care of the family and to have a life. Similarly, when you have a platform which is giving you an opportunity for selflessness, you are earning a spiritual ‘bank balance’.  What is the advantage of a spiritual bank balance? A literal bank balance, we already know, can buy you a certain gratification that is tangible to the senses. A spiritual bank balance?

This is what helps your ancestors, people who died before you in your lineage. When you do good work, you earn spiritual bank balance. Take, for example, our houses. Your parents, grandparents and so on are all in your house. When you cook food, everybody eats, not just you. It never happens that way, right? In the same way, the spiritual bank balance also goes to the ancestors. Imagine that this is one platform where your ancestors and their ancestors are all present. Because you are a part of a lineage, they all benefit. The ancestors are happy because they release themselves from so many things they couldn’t do. You are not separate from your ancestors. Your father and mother are integrated into you. So, don’t look at them as other people. Even your grandparents and their grandparents are all integrated with you. It is because of them that you are here.

The same applies with the next generation; your children, their children.  You are also integrated with them. When you do good work (not just Paada Puja, Paada Puja is symbolic) within a platform in the name of a guru as a selfless act, it helps the spiritual bank balance grow and this will help the next generation.

  • Thirdly, when you die, you carry this bank balance along. This is called Punya. So, in your next life you already have something to work with. There is some money in your account.

So, you have three levels of stability that you can create for your existence. These three levels are: ancestral, the next generation and your own continuation of existence. Through this symbolic Paada Puja, you honour the individual who was stabilising you in these three levels.


For example, it is because of the CEO, owner or founder of your place of work that you have a job. You don’t have to wash his feet all the time, but if you have a reverence in mind, it helps; “I never created the company. I never created anything. But because it existed, I survive.”

This is the best and most tangible awareness. If you are able to explain this to your children, they will understand the reverence between generations. They will understand and will not think that they are individuals that can do whatever they like. Whilst they can do whatever they like, there are repercussions which will affect your ancestors and the future generations, and you also carry the repercussions of whatever you do.

We are talking about a platform which is pure and what you earn from here is legitimate currency. When you do selfless things, there is a brightness, an energy happening within you. In this environment, if you continuously perform this, even in thoughts, words or actions, it creates a positive energy. For example, if you are criticizing, accusing or judging, or you are taking revenge on someone, it creates a negative energy within  you that can be transmitted to your children. This may cause these children to throw you out because they are nurturing this negativity. That is why it is common that there are bitter fights between parents and children.

Also, understand that this is an individual journey that nobody can walk on your behalf. If I have to exercise, I should exercise. You can’t exercise on my behalf. It’s always individualistic. Development is also individualistic. Evolution and dissolution are individualistic. Therefore, it is important to stay pure inside. No bad thoughts, bad actions or bad expressions. Be positive so that the lineage becomes very happy.  As they say, “amrutya putra”, meaning son or child almost like nectar. People say that if a person is born in a family with that kind of power, a minimum of seven generations before and seven generations after will benefit. So, depending on the intensity of your avatar or incarnation, further generations will benefit, not only your own family. Because of your existence, so many people will benefit. Then, the accumulated bank balance is much higher. That is the whole point.

How do you know that this is all real? Your level of contentment within your life will tell you that you are doing the right thing. If you’re angry, agitated, etc., you’re definitely not doing the right thing. Instead, if you’re happy, peaceful and content, then it’s a sign of perfect action.

It’s important to understand that every activity has a purpose. How do you express that you are grateful? One of the ways you can express is by this ritual. There are other ways too. Most importantly, giving the teaching is your greatest expression.

You should be able to explain this to your children, grandchildren or others in that way that will enable them to understand the benefit of an activity. Don’t include anybody in a ritual without an explanation because without proper understanding, they will reject it and become averse to it.”

Devi’s experience sharing on Paada Puja


“My first ever Paada Puja was a few years back, in Muscat. In all honesty, I was not familiar with the whole ritual, so I was kind of on the side. At the time I was pregnant with Mila.

It was a much elaborated Paada Puja during Guru Poornima . With time, as they were performing it, I felt a lot of beautiful energy and understood that the truth that we focus on, becomes our reality and we can actually penetrate it. Where ever the attention goes, the energy goes as well. One thus understands that the feet of the master are the tangible representation of an expanded consciousness of master. At this moment, I realised that it’s not Mohanji as a person sitting before me, it’s that consciousness. So, as I was doing the Paada Puja, I followed the instructions for the way it is supposed to be done and I kept feeling that energy. At one point, I felt inner guidance that I should put my Ajna chakra (third eye) on the big toe. I did that. While my third eye touched Mohanji’s big toe,  I felt as if I was receiving hundred Shaktipats! I could feel a huge energy transfer happened.


Then, I sat and I went straight into samadhi state for an hour or so. It felt as if somebody had put a glass ceiling around me, and within that glass ceiling, there was no sound or breath, there was just stillness. I could hear that there were people in the room, but it felt as if they were outside the glass ceiling and it was amazing. I just totally did not want to come out of it.

My understanding from this experience was that, when we do any ritual, we should always look at the essence of feelings from the heart rather than be mentally preoccupied with the process and the proper way to perform it. People often get lost in the process, but they don’t feel the essence of the sacred ritual. it’s not about the rules and regulations. It’s about how you feel and connect to the purpose of the ritual and then doing it through your heart. That gives the maximum benefit in whatever the purpose behind it.”