The offering of food to Baba

Mohanji is a spiritual Master whose awakening was graced by Sai Baba of Shirdi. He guides many on the path and works tirelessly to spread his teachings. Mohanji talks about the important practice of offering food to Baba, to our deities and ancestors.

Lord Krishna says, “If you give me a flower or a leaf, I’ll be happy. But please remember, that belongs to me, anyway.”

All the materials that we use, all the things that we have, they are all temporary and are not ours. We are probably a custodian of something for some time, but we can’t really own anything. I was thinking about it many, many years ago: What can I offer to Baba?

Then I decided I will offer food every day. Then I thought, yes, I will offer food, I still do, I do that every day. But food doesn’t belong to me. This food has come to me from somewhere. Somebody tilled the land, somebody packed it, somebody brought it home, somebody cooked it, and somebody delivered it on my table. So basically, this is the work of many people. We are lucky to have that food on our table. So that belongs to Baba anyway, because I surrender everything to Baba, that is Baba’s. “What is here is yours,” I mean, I offer what is His already to Himself. That’s not good enough, and then I thought I’ll offer the body, but the body is also not mine, so how will I offer something which is not mine? I have taken this body made out of five elements. In a particular composition, they become a body and get a personality called Mohanji. That body is temporary. I don’t know how long I will have this body. When I leave the body, my body will disintegrate. So, whatever is matter goes to Earth, whatever is water will become water, the fire element will go back to the fire, the air will go back to the air, space will be going back to space. So basically, it’s disintegration.

Then about Mind, Intellect and Ego – that belongs to the ether, because you can’t touch them. They are processors; they process things. Mind processes emotions, intellect processes information, ego processes personality matters such as positions and possessions, whatever you call as “ours”, ownership, that’s the ego’s job.

These processors are not mine; they belong to the ether that goes. What about the soul? The soul belongs to Supreme Consciousness. That’s also not mine. The soul goes back to Supreme Consciousness unless it’s coming back in another body. We hop from one body to another. We keep hopping and with the same pattern, same emotion, same kind of desires, we come back again and again. Imagine that’s all extinct, that’s all finished. Then the soul will revert itself back to Supreme Consciousness, that’s also not mine.

So what can you actually offer Baba? Eternal gratitude. Thank you. Surrender. That’s a connection to Consciousness with awareness, with full awareness, with a clear awareness that nothing belongs to me, none of these things are mine. What it seems to be is a combination of so many things, and this is driven by inclinations and tendencies, in all of us. Tendencies and inclinations from childhood remain till we die. We can’t blame anybody for our inclinations; we are that. We are unique beings, unique creations with inclinations, patterns, tendencies. Then we keep expressing them, is it something good or something bad? We do not know. It’s all good, all bad. Everything IS, just IS.

So, we cannot say that this is good; this is bad. We are a bundle of inclinations and a bundle of desires which are connected to inclinations. We have a desire, which is connected to our tendencies and inclinations. This is what we are – vasanas. Vasanas are the provocation for something. If we don’t have vasana for something, an inclination for something, we do not pursue that thing. This is what we are. 

So what do we offer Baba? Basically, we can offer Baba nothing, because everything belongs to Him. You understand Him as Supreme Consciousness. We are also Supreme Consciousness, and if you understand and accept that we are Supreme Consciousness, then we are one with Baba, and we cannot have separation. So, every day – irrespective of Saturday or Sunday or weekends or holidays – what we consume, we offer to our Kul Devtas; if you have family deities, offer to them, Nag Devtas – for the sake of continuity, protection and longevity, knowledge. Then Gurus – like Sai Baba, offer them; then favourite deities, offer them. Also, ancestors, you offer them because if you have taken a body, you belong to the lineage, your lineage from your father’s side and mother’s side. They brought you, so you are not standalone. You are not separated from it. You are one with it. We should offer food before we consume. I always do that myself and recommend the same. When we offer food to the deities and the Masters, and the people whom you respect, people in a sense like all the energies that you respect, automatically, purification happens in your mind and in the food. Whatever energies which created the food, we do not know what sort of energies have worked together to create the food. That doesn’t matter. But when you offer, when you are sincerely offering everything that you consume, to Baba, to Masters, then automatically the food becomes pure and becomes like prasad, like celestial food. Like food which is purified further again from the washing, cleaning, etc. but apart from that, energetic purification.

So, I always recommend energetically purifying the food by offering to them whatever you consume. Naturally, you will also consume good food because what you want, normally what everybody wants – is good food, quality food, tasty food – that same food is given to or offered to Baba. That is also surrendering, a kind of surrender and gratitude.

So, gratitude, surrender, and purification, they are all synonymous, they come together. That makes you consume food which is suitable for your system; you become purified. This is why whatever you consume; I always recommend that you offer it to Baba before you consume, and also if you consume immediately, maybe your stomach is not prepared to digest it easily. Still, if you are offering it, you have time. By that time your system is ready for the food. What you consume is what is offered, it is prasad, it’s celestial, sacred food and that sacred food will make your internal inside sacred. This is what I always recommend. 

Always offer to Baba before you consume. 

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Transcribed by Nada Rakovic

Proofread by Vidya Mohite

Make a difference this Onam

Namaste to all my friends.

The Onam season has started in Kerala. And on this occasion, I was giving a message to all the people who are celebrating Onam, the festival season. This is a very peculiar time. The Corona situation, the COVID situation has reduced our mobility; the social distancing and all those things are happening. We are not able to move or do things as we like to do. So, I was suggesting to people today that we must look at others or people who are not able to have a daily meal because in so many places the lockdown situation has affected the economy very badly. The economy is affected globally, adversely. The economy is very low. So, that has induced many job losses. Many people have lost their jobs.

There are many families in your neighbourhood who do not have food to eat. If with the grace of divinity, if we have food to eat; it’s our responsibility also to share the food with people who do not have it in our neighbourhood. There are so many situations now, helpless situations which we see in society. I was told that there are a lot of monks and wandering saints starving in Banaras (in Varanasi), in Rishikesh, in Haridwar, in Uttarkashi, all these places, were usually the saints conglomerate to do practices and observe silence etc. But because of the food supply, with the food distribution network affected, many of these people are starving, they don’t have food to eat. So, I had suggested, I had recommended that, if possible, let us all unite and if we have some money or food to share, let us get them some sustenance, some food.

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I’m telling this now so that you can think in your own location, how many people are affected. I’m sure that we are not able to help all the people, even probably governments are not able to help. At least we can make people in a few houses happy, a few houses better. That will be a big blessing during this time. And the situation is unprecedented. We don’t know when it is going to end. And it’s a cycle. When we think it’s over, then it’s again appearing. We have no clue when this will actually be over. We need to take care of ourselves and we need to take care of the people as much as possible in our neighbourhood. Not only people, we can make sure that we give food to the birds and the animals; all the beings who are closely associated with our houses; we take care of them also in whatever level, we can share. Let us make the environment happy. This is something which we can do, and we must do. This is part of our existence; part of our responsibility to make our neighbourhood happy.

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In this context, when there is a lot of fear of death, I would like to tell you one thing; there is a lot of recovery happening as well. We have not noticed that, as much as we have noticed death because we are afraid of death. When we are born, there is a time destined to die fixed. So, birth and death are pretty much like two pillars and in the middle is what we call life. In this whole journey, we go through the whole situation spontaneously, automatically or just like a river flowing; we are flowing to the end. So, we should not be worrying too much. Instead, let us be happy with what we have, let us be happy with any situation, let us be flexible. Let us be like a flowing river. This way, you can make a big difference in the world around you just because of your positivity.

Our attitude really matters at this time. If we choose to be positive, optimistic, and if we deliver that positivity in the world, I think we can remove a lot of gloom from the Earth. We can’t avoid the situation. We have no control over that. Situations are happening and we are all going through the situations almost helplessly. But we can help with some things to maintain an attitude of positivity, maintain an attitude of gratitude; the attitude of gratitude has a lot of power. If we are grateful for all that we have, we will automatically not think about what we don’t have. It means that gratitude will eclipse the fear of something, or fear of what we don’t have or the feeling that we don’t have something. We can choose to accept and appreciate what we have and not think about what we don’t have.

We all have that capacity. So it’s a choice. It’s an individual choice that we can tune in to the positive side of ours; the strengths of ours. We know very well that we are quite lucky to be alive today. Tomorrow we have not seen, so, be happy today. Through positivity, through good thinking, good processes, through compassion and kindness, through selflessness, we can make a big transformation in this world. This is the right time for it because we have time to think, we have time to assimilate. We have time to do things within our capacity. When we all have been given our own unique capacities: spend time, share skills, share love, share money, share food; it’s up to you.

So, I would like to leave you with these thoughts and probably we can unite and work together for these causes. Look at the clusters of people who have nothing to eat, who are stuck because there is no income. Please remember, in many cases, the ones who have lost their jobs will not tell us that they need help. They are used to helping themselves, they are used to an income (salary); they’ve lost their jobs and they are in a situation where they are totally helpless. They may not come and tell you, “Look here, I need some help.” It’s for us to find out and share what we have. So, this is something which we have to consider; this is unique for this time. And if you help people, if you assist people, share what you have, you will have a great inner richness and this money can’t buy. You know, this feeling of richness, feeling of being useful, feeling of self-worth, self-esteem, money cannot buy. So, it’s a very important time for you to act. Not react; act. Act with empathy, not sympathy. Act empathetically and act well.

So, we will meet again. I’m happy to talk to you. Wish you great health, an auspicious life and also, wish you a lot of strength to do the impossible. What your mind says is impossible, this is definitely possible. So, don’t believe your mind. You believe in yourself and you do your best; you have that power, you have that capacity. And we are all one family; we are united. We should help each other; we should be considerate to each other, and we should behave and feel like a family and support each other. If you have a problem, do tell someone. We can work together to remove that issue or to at least lessen the burden. Please understand in the karmic pattern, nobody can take the karma away as it is. From birth till death, we have a pattern of karma which is taking place at its time, at its right time and we can’t do much about it. But if we are united, if we are together, we will be strengthened, or we will have the strength to overcome all these obstacles. When we are alone, we feel weak. We are not alone, we should be together. Remember that we are one family – ‘One World, One Family’.

Lots of love.

This is Mohanji.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

Help our neighbours


With a heart full of gratitude and compassion, Mohanji suggests simple but effective ways of gifting to empower us in serving the world.  

Letter of Gratitude for Giving Gifts

I am saying this with full gratitude and in appreciation of your love and kindness towards me and other family members who live with me. I fully appreciate, I fully understand your feeling, and I’m filled with gratitude because you’re finding the time and spending money, and energy, to send the gift items which you love to give me and the people here in the house.

Be Practical 

But we have to be practical in this context. If you have some money with you to spare, make sure that a few beings around you, who are hungry are given good food and satisfy them. This is a gift you’re giving me.

I would like you to use your extra money or excess money to feed the poor, the old, the sick, the birds and the animals, beings of the water, beings of the sky, and beings of the Earth. This is what I would like you to do, or like to do myself, and I do it. If you send materials from different countries, there is a cost for transportation, there is a cost related to the government, like customs fees and stuff. Eventually, that item becomes much more expensive than when we buy from the shop. Again, I’m telling you, I’m deeply grateful that you thought about me or the people in the family. And you really spent that money, time and energy to procure it and send it. But when we consider the total cost, and the total damage to our wallets, is it worth it? Many of the materials are usable probably for a few times, a few weeks or maximum, a few months and it’s discarded. But medicines and essential items, that’s a different thing because that’s needed for our existence. All the essentials are welcome as they help in sustenance. That’s a different criterion.

I’m talking about general gifts that we don’t really need. We need a few dress materials, materials which we need for dealing with the world outside; that’s about it. We don’t need a lot of it. Again, I appreciate your love and kindness. I fully feel it. It is not the same as walking into a shop and, “Oh, I like the dress!” You go buy it. Because a desire happened, you fulfill that desire, that’s okay. But it’s not the same when you buy and send it long distance by courier. Courier charges to customs or the government charges, V.A.T.; all those put together, it really becomes expensive. Probably, it’s not so essential. So, I would like us to consider all these things before we decide to buy and send something. Rather, I would like you to spend that money in helping the helpless. 

Help Our Neighbours

In today’s situation, so many people have lost their jobs. There is zero income. 

  • 5000 people lost their jobs in Dubai
  • about 40 million in the USA
  • 22000 in Serbia
  • 500000 in UAE
  • 27m young adults (20-30-year-olds) in India

All of them have loans and living expenses. As there is no income, many people are in crisis. Many companies have sacked people. They removed people; that means, so many jobless people. And many of these people don’t tell the world because they are not very poor in their normal life, but a situation like COVID19 has happened, and they became jobless. I know certain cases where the people ask the grocer, “Can you give a one-time meal? Or the materials to cook a meal for the day, for the family.”

They were usually paying and buying before but in this particular situation, they don’t have that food. So, we have to be really considerate. We have to keep our eyes open. We have to ensure that our neighbourhood people are fine. So many shops are closed and so many businesses are suffering. 

One of my friends was telling me, he’s doing good business with about 100 people working for him. He was telling me that his net loss per month is about 4 million rupees. This is the state; this is the reality. Many people are losing money because the economy is tilted. So, we must really understand that every meal is precious in the world today.

If you have food to eat, it’s sheer grace. You deserved it. You lived for the world, the world lives for you; the world provides. But we must always think about the people who do not have food to eat. If you buy some extra grocery and supply to neighbours who have lost their job, they would greatly appreciate it.

I would rather you would spend money on that than sending gifts to me. It would be more practical. We have got to be very practical today. I don’t like to see children starving in the neighbourhood because the parents lost their jobs. We can do something, let’s do it. 

We are focusing on those people who do not want to come out into the open and tell, “Look here, we need help.” Their ego will not allow it. Therefore announce public events, say, “Those who lost their jobs, don’t hesitate to come. We can deliver food at the door, get a grocery bag or something.”

A true story

I heard one person was standing outside the grocery shop and one woman understood that this man didn’t have money. He was reluctant to go in and ask as he had lost his job and he had a family at home. 

So this lady said, “Can I share something with you?”

He said, “No, no, no, no, I’m okay.”

She said, “No, I think you need help.” She felt it.

And he admitted, “I’m standing outside because I may see some of my friends, somebody whom I can talk to.”

She was a stranger, but he said, “I was waiting for somebody from whom I can borrow some money or borrow some material.”

She said, “No, don’t worry. You come with me.”

Then he said, “Basically, I want food for the baby.” It was a child, two years old or something. He wanted to buy baby food. So she bought it for him. 

He then said, “You know what? I would like you to take money. When I get a job, I want to pay you.”

She said, “Don’t worry, if you get a job and you get money, you help somebody like yourself now, you know, please make it a chain, that you help others.”

See, these are the things which are very touching. I would like to see such acts of kindness because there are poor people, and they probably have enough ego not to ask anybody that they need food, or even bread, especially for their children. I feel very sad when there is nothing to eat. And I know some cases where they went to the grocery and said, “Can you give one day’s food?”

Some people were working, they were buying from the grocery all the time, but they said, “We lost the last job. “Can you give one day’s food?” It shows that level, just to survive that day. If they have resources, don’t give it but we should know clearly. If anybody who has some extra money, buys just a packet of grocery and delivers it to somebody whom we know very well and has lost the job, that would be a great service. I know we can.

Spaces for everyone – Centers of Peace/Ashrams

Now, if you have excess money and if you really want to give it to the Mohanji community, either to me or the family or anybody in the community, you can deposit it in the bank in your country in the Foundation account. Or give that money over for the Ashram funds. We need money for the Ashram which we intend to build in Slovenia now. We are making plans for it. That’s more practical than sending gifts to me. 

Again, I’m telling you, I’m not ungrateful, I really appreciate that you are loving me so much. And I’m indebted to you for your love. But let us use this money for more practical purposes. If the Centre of Peace/Ashram is built, it will support and it will be a source of solace for many people in the years to come.  This is more practical. This is more required. So let us work towards something good, something positive, something more practical and more important at this point.

One World, One Family

I will leave you with this thought. And please understand that we are all one. We are one family. We have no separation. When your heart wells with love for me, I receive it. When you love me, I feel it; I receive it. And this love is what is uniting us. This love unites us. This love maintains us; this is our nourishment. And if you can maintain this love, we will have no sorrows. We are all here together at this point in time and in times to come. We are together; we would like to help each other. Let’s hold hands and stay together. We do not believe in any manmade barriers. We have no caste, country, culture, colour; no religion, no language barriers. We are all one. So, the overwhelming love that you express in your society will tell the society the flavour of Mohanji Family.

I love you. Lots of love.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Inputs by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof read by Rekha Murali

How to feel Baba’s presence within

Mohanji shawl

Mohanji is a spiritual Master whose awakening was graced by Sai Baba of Shirdi. He guides many on the path and works tirelessly to spread Baba’s teachings. Mohanji talks about feeling Baba’s presence within oneself and emphasizes on our ultimate aim of self-realization. 

If you have taken a life, concentrate on one thing – make sure that you do not come back. You are totally dissolved – body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit – all the memories, all the desires, all the things which probably bind you to earth – dissolve. Total dissolution happens. You become totally still and stable. Then you are Baba. You are connected to Baba. You are Baba. You have nothing to tell the world because when you are totally still and contented, there is nothing to tell the world.

I will tell you about my experience. In my sadhana, when I was practising, I used to practice very intensely and I never used to tell my practice to the world. As I said in one of the earlier videos, my practice was connecting to myself. So, basically, for all of us, we have to explore ourselves. One point – “Tat Tvam Asi” – You Are That. In that point, first, you contemplate – ‘manana’ – contemplate within, deep within, and find yourself in every aspect. You will find yourself in a thousand, or ten thousand aspects, or a million aspects. Find all that and understand they are all different aspects of one Consciousness. Then you assimilate them. It took about 5 – 6 years for me.

Every day from 3 am to 8 am, I used to sit and connect to myself. I used to connect to my spine. I used to assimilate myself. Eventually, I could go deep and deep into the world of noises, the core of noises, which is silence. We are in a world of noises, and we are contributing to the world of noises every moment. But there is a source for all these noises. Where have these noises come from? – Absolute silence. So you need to get back to the original source, the core, and that’s silence. 

When you go deeper and deeper into the core of noises, you will finally reach the world of silence, where there are no noises. All the noises like waves come out of it, and they go back to it and you are stillness. It took time for me to settle down, and so many things broke up at that time: physically, emotionally, intellectually, all the concepts broke, so many things broke. At that time it’s not very comfortable, because actually, we are a bundle of sounds, noises, a bundle of concepts, bundle of desires, a bundle of phobias and fears, bundle of so many things… But we have to completely accept them, leave them alone, and then they go away, and finally, you’re settled in silence. After a while, when you are settled in silence and you are fully in that mode, you feel oneness with every Master. 

Then there is no Sai Baba separate from you. We are one with him. I’m not saying, “I am Sai Baba.” Sai Baba is an incarnation whom we call Sai Baba. We don’t even know his name. We don’t know where he came from, and it doesn’t matter. Because, as far as a Saint, a powerful Avadhoota or Avatar is concerned, his delivery, what he delivered to this world and what he is delivering to this world, is the only value. That’s about it. Because where he was born, who were his parents, who were his brother/sister, has no value, because that’s all connected to an incarnation. It’s not the incarnation we are talking about. It’s the contribution we are talking about.

So the contribution has value. The contribution is what we see today. Why we are talking today is because of his contribution. He unified all of us. He made a Sai Baba family. That’s more important. That’s the most relevant thing in Sai Baba’s contribution. That means he united all the people, all of us, beyond caste, creed, country, culture, and colour. That is the value. That exactly is the value. That is his contribution. That’s what we connect to. 

When you are in total stillness, total silence, you connect to that aspect of Baba, where the only purpose of his incarnation is representing the Supreme Consciousness on Earth. That is the purpose of his incarnation, and you connect to that.

When you connect to that, everything else becomes insignificant – where he was living, where he was born, where he left his body… it’s all insignificant. Shirdi becomes a point of contact, a connecting point. The body of Baba, the film, the image that we connect to, that becomes a kind of the point of contact, a reference point, where you only see Consciousness – pure brightness, brighter than a million suns. That is brightness, and that becomes you. You become that.

In this whole drama of life, we have to be in that stillness aspect. When you see all these noises, when you experience all these noises, you need to go into the core, that stillness, from which all these have come. That’s where you find Baba. That’s the only place where you really, really find Baba.

MOhanji and sai.jpg

Not in places, not in images, not in any aspect which is seemingly visual. It’s not that. You have to feel the energy, you have to feel within, and then you realise that you and Baba are one. One person asked me in an interview, he asked me a question “If you are dying tonight, what will be the last thing you would do?” I said, “I’ll sleep”. That’s all you can do. Actually, the whole idea that we have to do so many things itself is a mirage. It’s an illusion.

It’s happening through us. When you’re totally surrendered to Baba, whatever is happening through us, that’s the reality. Just surrender. Just do what you have to do in this world, without expecting anything. Expectations are the reason for disappointments. When we have too many expectations, we will have too many disappointments.

So, expectations have to be put in its place, and we do our job with pure intention, with clarity, with surrender. And then we know that we are one with this Consciousness called Sai Baba. And that’s powerful, unfathomable, tangible, and real. Then when you go to Shirdi you may not even have to enter the Dvarkamai or enter Samadhi, but you will feel Baba right there.

Even if you don’t go to Shirdi, if you think about Shirdi, or think about Sai Baba, you will get the same stillness inside, which is Baba – who needed nothing from Earth, who needed nothing from anybody. Whatever he collected, he gave away the same day. That means He always remained empty. Even a thought comes in, goes out. That means the mind is empty. No information stays, intellect is empty. No ownership, the ego is empty. Your whole unit is empty.

That’s power, and that’s exactly what is SAI BABA.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopal

The Butcher and the Boy

Mohanji with an animal

Many years ago, I think it was 14 years ago, when I used to write blogs, I was not known as Mohanji at that time. One young boy wrote to me. He was probably in his teens. He was walking towards his school. He found a small lamb tied to a post near the slaughterhouse, waiting to be slaughtered. He felt very bad. He did not know what to do. And when he came near the lamb, the lamb was trying to come to him, even though he was tied to the post. He was trying to come near him with the hope that he would be rescued. The boy went to the butcher. And he told the butcher, “I want to buy this lamb.” The butcher thought it was a joke. So, he told him a price which was very expensive. The boy asked the butcher, “Please, can you wait for me? I’ll bring the money.” The butcher jokingly said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.” 

PC: Google images – Lamb tied to a Post

He (the boy) didn’t go to school, he went back home. And he tried to get the money. He was not a rich boy. He tried to get bits and pieces of money which was not sufficient for buying that lamb. Then, he went to a shop in the neighbourhood from where he used to buy grocery. And he requested the shopkeeper, “Can you give me some money?” The shopkeeper said, “How much do you want?” He asked for whatever was the balance amount needed. The shopkeeper gave him the money. Thus he somehow found the money. He brought the money to the butcher, and the butcher had kept his promise. He did not slaughter that small lamb. He had kept his promise. Then he said, “There’s a great demand for lamb meat today. I can’t really sell this lamb to you because I don’t have any more lambs to the slaughter, I can’t give another lamb.” Then the boy started crying. He said, “I want this lamb. I’ve taken so much effort to bring this money to you.” And the butcher said, “I will give you this lamb”, and he took the money, a little bit less than what he had asked for.

PC: Google images – Butcher

The boy then bought that lamb and took the lamb home. He then wrote to me saying, “Mohanji, because of your stories. I did this today. I feel great, but then now I feel that a lot of lambs, cows and calves are slaughtered every day, what will I do?”

PC: Google Images – The boy with the lamb

I told him, “I am proud of you. You actually practised what you believed in. You rescued one lamb. That’s a big message to the world about your compassion. You can’t change the world easily. The world will be in its own way because it’s a taste which the world has cultivated over time. You cannot rescue all the lambs, and all the cows and calves, or all the animals which are being slaughtered. Millions of animals are slaughtered every day. We can’t rescue all of them. We can’t. A few compassionate people cannot change the world. But at least you have made this effort and that will travel. You have given a message to the world. And eventually, I’m sure you will set up a sanctuary, in which animals will be saved and people will be inspired by your activity.” 

I was really impressed that my message worked on somebody and they literally acted on it. What I’m trying to say is that we are always talking about what is needed to be done in the world. How many people listen to it and forget it? How many people act on it? That makes the difference. When I say something, I say it with conviction. I’m sure of what I’m saying. I don’t insist that you should follow it. But if you follow it, there would be a transformation. This small boy had an inner transformation. He got the courage to do more for the animal kingdom, which is our duty, our responsibility.

So, (even though probably a thousand people would have read my blog), this small boy acted on it. And that made a big difference. When I see these pictures, and when I see this agony the animals go through during their last moments; I feel the world badly needs Ahimsa. Think about it.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

Life Lessons from Lord Krishna – Part 1


Krishna was spontaneous. He was a complete avatar. A person who can be identified in every level of existence” – Mohanji

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Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum! Lord Krishna!

Lord Krishna, his life, his message and what he stood for has influenced thousands of generations. Almost every generation is influenced by the presence and the message of Lord Krishna. We do not see many personalities who have influenced mankind so much, so deeply and still influencing in the same way. Krishna has all the dimensions possible in human existence. At the same time, Krishna lived as another human being; just another ordinary man with extraordinary powers, talents, determination, and also as an enigma. Apart from the usual stories which we talk about from the life of Krishna, I remember a couple of stories which made me think or made me realize certain realities. I have explained this before; but now, I am telling for the sake of the new audience.

Krishna was getting ready to go out to meet somebody. His chariot was ready, his charioteer was ready, and everybody was waiting. Krishna usually would dress up very fast. He did not take much time. He could get ready in no time. But this time – half an hour, one hour, two hours, three hours – he still hadn’t dressed up completely. The charioteer was surprised, “This is unnatural. Why is Krishna taking so much time to dress up?”


So, he decided to go and check what was happening. He found Krishna dressing up, making himself look good. He asked Krishna, “Krishna, why are you dressing up so well, so much?” Krishna said, “I have to go and see an important person.” Then the charioteer asked, “Who is this important person?” Krishna said, “It’s Duryodhana.” He was the eldest of the hundred Kauravas who were in the enemy camp of the Pandavas whom Krishna supported.

The charioteer was confused. Kauravas are known to be adharmic; they were doing all sorts of things which were against dharma, and Krishna is the epitome of dharma. Why should somebody who lives dharma, dress up so much to meet somebody who practices adharma, the opposite of dharma? It did not make any sense. So, he asked Krishna again, “Can you please tell me, why you are dressing up so much? And why are you even going to meet an adharmic? He should come to you.”

Krishna said, “Tell me one time in history when the darkness has ever come to light? Light has always gone to darkness.” Then he (the charioteer) said, “But why are you dressing up so much? You can go as you are. And people will accept you because you are Krishna.” Krishna said, “You know, he does not have the capacity to see who I am. So, let him at least see me in my costume.” When a person does not have the capacity to understand the other, they will only see what is external. We all do that. We see the external and we take a decision; we see the form, we see the expression, we see the complexion, and then we take a decision. We do not have the power or we do not take enough time to see what’s inside, ‘the real person’. When we start seeing the real person, we will see Krishna in everyone. So, this is a story.

It means darkness never goes to the light. Light always comes to darkness. So, when you become the light, you have to go to darkness. And light can never be diminished. A small tiny candle can light up the whole room; a small light. Like that, we can be light and we can brighten up the world around us. This is what Krishna said. When we try to see the third dimension of the person, try to understand the person; then we can never, ever hate anybody. It is because we see ourselves in everybody. We are all the same; we are all one. This is one of the stories which I always remember when I think about Lord Krishna; there are so many stories but one of them is this.


Then there is another story that was during the Kurukshetra War; the war was happening between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The Kaurava army was much larger than the Pandava army, but Krishna was with the Pandavas. He was playing the role of a charioteer for Arjuna, one of the Pandavas. One evening, as this is a dharmic war, and they fight only between sunrise and sunset; (After sunset, nobody takes up any arms. There’s no fight, they stop exactly when the sun sets. But still, there is light, there is native light.), the eldest of the Pandavas, Yudhisthira and Krishna, decided to go into the battlefield to see what happened on that day. How many people were injured or had died? People were busy removing the dead bodies and the injured; all those things were going on and they went to see what had happened.


So, while they were standing and supervising, overseeing what’s going on; a beggar came to Yudhishthira and said, “I have not eaten anything, I’m hungry. Can you give me some money?” Yudhisthira checked his pocket; it was empty because he didn’t expect to use any money at that time. He casually said to the beggar, “I don’t have anything with me now. Come tomorrow, I’ll give you something.” Hearing this, Krishna started laughing and Yudhishthira did not understand the joke. After a while, he asked Krishna, “Why are you laughing? I didn’t crack a joke now. I don’t have money. That’s why I didn’t give it. That’s why I told him to come again tomorrow, I’ll give.” So Krishna said, “Look at the irony. We’re standing on a battlefield. We stopped this battle only because the sun has set. Tomorrow, again in the morning when the sun rises, we have to fight. We do not know for sure whether we will be alive at this time tomorrow to give some money to this beggar; because tomorrow we have to fight a battle. Anything can happen in the battle. So, to me, it does not make any sense. You are very sure, you will be alive and you will be in the same place tomorrow to give money to the beggar; while I’m not too sure whether I’ll be alive tomorrow to be with you.” Listening to that, Yudhishthira understood his grave mistake.

A promise is a promise. You must deliver. If you do not deliver, it will become a pending matter; a matter which needs to be fulfilled at another point in time. It might be a very small thing like promising a beggar where there is no contract, but a word is a word. It amounts to the integrity of a personality or a person. So, you must give. If tomorrow, you are not able to give, you may have to come back in another body to fulfill that promise. In short, if we promise, we must deliver. Avoid promising things which you are not sure of delivering. This is the moral of the story which Yudhishthira understood.

A great master, Jagat Guru like Krishna was unsure, whether he’ll be at this place, at this time tomorrow with Yudhisthira, to witness this contract being executed between Yudhishthira and this beggar. But a person who is not as wise as Krishna, he’s very sure, “Tomorrow you come, and I’ll give you money.” Are we like this? This is the question. This story is for us to introspect; to understand for ourselves, how many promises we make on Earth during our lifetime which we do not fulfill. Maybe the one who promised and the one to whom he promised may not remember, but it’s written in ether. That’s a contract.

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Before you promise, think again. Can you fulfill it? If you are not able to fulfill it with your life, somebody else should fulfill it on your behalf. It’s important that we remain dharmic, truthful and fully aligned to ourselves. Deliver what you can deliver within your capacity at the given point in time. If there is another time, we don’t know. We have no idea.

I have no idea whether I’ll be available tomorrow to talk to you. So, what I have to talk to you, I’ll talk now. Tomorrow if I am available, if I’m alive, I can talk more. But there’s no guarantee. Life has no rehearsals, life has no reversals. Life is as it happens every moment. Krishna gave a very valuable lesson there. This is why we call him Jagat Guru.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

Mohanji’s Message on World Sanskrit Day 

one world

For me, Sanskrit is not just a language, it’s a culture. It represents a grand and great tradition.

Sanskrit is the essence of what we are.

Sanskrit has just happened on the canvas of our existence from Vedic times.

Sanskrit is pure and Sanskrit can never be contaminated.

Sanskrit is essential to test and taste frequencies which are not easy to understand, in the world of noises.

Sanskrit is the essence in the world of noises.

Sanskrit is real.

There is no comparison to Sanskrit; no other language will come close to Sanskrit.

It not only explores the deepest, sacred secrets from the past (which are all mostly written in Sanskrit in India), but also enhances the ability to align ourselves through those words.


This is the language which aligns.

This is the language, which organizes you.

This is the language which rejuvenates every cell when spoken, or chanted.

Sanskrit is our heartbeat.

Sanskrit is the heartbeat, the sound of Bharat.

Sanskrit is real.

Sanskrit is imperishable.

And Sanskrit will live forever.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopal



How to enhance your awareness?

Mohanji home

Awareness is always available to you like your shadow; awareness is not outside of you. Awareness in some degree is always present in us or in any degree, it is available to us. But what we choose to use is what is actually our reality. Although we are able to tap into our own awareness (a huge reservoir of awareness is available), we choose to use only a tiny bit of it. That is why we are conditioned because our mind always uses only a fraction of what is available; the mind does not have the capacity. You have to go beyond the mind to reach the actual level of awareness; for example, the transformer outside has high capacity, but that electricity cannot be used by this house. It needs to be toned down to the level through smaller transformers before it can actually light a lamp or operate a washing machine; like that, awareness is huge, and it’s available to you. But we choose to use a very small part of it.

So, to increase the awareness, you need to go beyond the mind, beyond your ego, beyond your intellect and beyond the whole setup which you use normally  in the waking state. On a usual day what you use, you have to change the pattern. And the best way is to watch. Watch your thoughts. Watch your words. Watch your actions. It’s not that you stop doing things and watch; while doing things, watch it, observe it, be objective about it. Do not criticize, do not censor, do not suppress, then what happens? Spontaneity happens; you are moving through situations in a spontaneous way. And the further and further you move through the situation spontaneously, there will be no happiness or sorrow. There are only effects, its particular experience, whether it be good or bad, or a particular expression.


That means every being is a unique constitution. Seven billion people on Earth have seven billion constitutions, uniqueness! There are no two people alike; the same way. So, once we know that we are unique beings and why we are here, we can express ourselves in the most unique way. We cannot be stereotyped, we cannot be somebody else; somebody else is somebody else. They cannot be us. So, our expressions are unique and this is exactly what we are here for. Once we understand that and when there are no big ups and downs in our mind; we are relatively stable and we are relatively detached from the daily activity. While we are doing it, we are detached from it. It means we are not indifferent, we are enjoying it, but that is not like a craving or a front-footed affair like we are always in a kind of pressured mode. Then awareness cannot survive because the mind is taking over. And when the mind takes over; many things are possible, many negative things are possible, such as wrong decisions, pressured decisions, pushing into thought, word and action; you are pushed into activity.  Also, the mind distorts reality. There is probably a reason for an action to take place in a particular location, the mind inflates it, connects it to our past. You know, sometimes it mixes our past events into an event of the current time and inflates the whole situation, at least in the mind. It makes you feel, “Oh, this is a big deal, it’s a great thing, or this is bad, it shouldn’t have happened.” Actually, there was no problem, probably it was a very normal situation but our mind creates it. Like we watch a film, some people really get affected by the feature film; some people say, “Ok, it’s a good movie, a good story, nice.” So, why is there a difference? The same thing has a difference in different people. It’s because the mind operates in different ways; our constitution is different. Likewise, awareness is available 24/7 in the most expanded form. But what you choose to use is what is your reality and your understanding. Your understanding level will depend on what level of awareness you’re using. So, the higher the awareness, the more is the enjoyment; the higher the awareness, your visibility is higher, you can see things with clarity, You can see things much more distinctly, clear, based on necessity, so that you will not be interested in so many things. You will be objective, you will do what you have to do, and you will be very clear about your functions as well irrespective of who’s around you, and what the situations are.

Often, we are encouraged or discouraged by the people around us, or the situations around us, or even our upbringing; my parents did not do well, or they did not do good to me, so I am angry. So, we have somebody to blame. All this will change because awareness will take you higher, and say that these are all situational, that situation is over.  We are moving forward and time is taking us forward whether we like it or not. When time takes you forward and then you are absolutely existing in the time as it moves; that means not the time of the past which is dead nor the time in the future, which is not here as yet. You are existing in the Now. This is the only reality. Let me be here now. That is perfect awareness. That is perfection in awareness. That means your operational level has shifted to the now; energy loss will not be there, because maximum energy is lost when you are moving towards the past, entertaining guilt or moving towards the future, entertaining anxiety. These two suck you away, insecurity sucks your energy away, and you feel drained. Why should there be insecurity at all? If you’re eating food today, tomorrow there should be food. There’s an old saying if God has given you the mouth, He will provide the food as well. Trust that God, whichever God you like, but this is the truth of existence. God has provided for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed. This is the difference.

Unconditional love

So, when you are in higher awareness, there’ll be no greed, you will perpetually be operating, more or less, in the plane of the Almighty. Because you cannot be self-centred or narrow-minded, with a higher awareness; both cannot sit together; both will not sit together. And what is the nature of God, the highest entity – Unconditional love, nothing else. The operating level itself is unconditional love. You and I are one, there’s no duality. This is a higher awareness. This is understanding.

So, higher awareness is available. It can be easily achieved if you’re able to objectively observe your thoughts, your words, your actions. At that time, I do not exist, a situation exists and a situation has been brought by my inherent karma; it brought this time, space and myself into it. So be it. It’s fine. That awareness will help you to move on in life, or float through life without many upheavals, even if there is calamity around, we will be fine. If society is filled with people who are fine, society will be a better place. Calamities, murders, rapes all those things will not happen because suppression brings forth reactions. The more you suppress, the more is the tendency to burst the wall and come out, eruption happens.

So, higher understanding, higher awareness always brings you into a perfect balance. It gives you equanimity in existence and equanimity leads to liberation.


Transcribed by Padmini Ravikumar

Proofread by Rekha Murali



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The Consequences of Disobeying Sai Baba


Mohanji is a spiritual Master whose awakening was graced by Sai Baba of Shirdi. He guides many on the path and works tirelessly to spread His teachings. Mohanji reminds us that Sai Baba’s words are the pure expression of Supreme Consciousness, and talks about the consequences of disobeying Him.

A Master who operate from Pure Consciousness (when I say ‘Master’, that means a person who has already dissolved his mind or somebody who has gone beyond the nirvichaar samaadhi – that means the no-thought state), when such a Master  gives a command or when he suggests something, it’s from pure Consciousness, because there is no vested interest, there’s no agenda. And we have so many examples of that in Sai Satcharita. Various devotees have written separately as well about Baba telling something, and when they did not follow that, dire consequences happened. This is for sure, because Baba is talking from Pure Consciousness: “Yes, do it” ,”No, don’t do it.” That’s coming from clear, clear Consciousness, so the words are with absolute clarity. It’s not from the mind. Mind can give distorted views. That’s what we see in the world today, the things which we read are all opinions.

M and Sai2

Most of the things given in the newspaper and in the media – they are all opinions – and they don’t have lasting value. But those that come from clear Consciousness have lasting value, they have permanence. So when a Master like Sai Baba instructs something and it is not followed, the loss is to ourselves. If we don’t follow, it’s our loss. Several times I have observed that various Masters have given absolute clarity to people, that have even been reasons to avert wars and bloodshed and so many different things, even things which will affect a society or a country. But what happens is that the human mind comes into play, we start analysing – “Oh, the Master said this! Why did He say that? What is the reason?“

Analysis has no value here. What comes from Pure Consciousness cannot be analysed, and when we analyse, we do not even understand!  That is why when a person had an upset stomach, Baba gave him peanuts. Peanuts are not good for that state, but he got cured. That’s exactly coming from the Consciousness. And the command, the intention, the purity of intention, the strength of intention – that brings forth a change in the person, at a physical level, emotional level, intellectual level, spiritual level, any level, there is a change.

So if we have really understood Baba, we should assimilate what He has been telling. And there are so many examples in our life; when we open the Satcharita and read, we can get some information. Sometimes, or mostly, Baba shows the page to read. If you just open the page, the right page will come. And when you read it, then you get an answer. And that answer should be executed with faith.

Mohanji pic

Here, there are two things. One – the analysis often takes the faith away. If you have deep faith, that automatically opens or clears the blockages. Many times, we have severe blockages inside. We do not trust well. We do not trust ourselves, we do not trust the Master, and sometimes we do not trust the suggestions also. Then the Master is not responsible. His job is done. He told you what to do. And if you did not do it, the Master is not responsible anymore. It’s like a physician prescribing a medicine for a cure. And if you did not trust the physician, nor the medicine, nor yourself, you may not consume it,  and the disease stays, the ailment stays.


Just like that, in our life we should first and foremost, have faith in ourselves. Clear faith in ourselves. So that your awareness opens up, and with that opened awareness, you connect to a Master. And when you assimilate the information, you will always be guided well – the path will be clear, destination will be clear, journey will be clear. This is how it works.

Why then are we connecting to a Master, to Sai Baba ? The very, very basic reason is  our opportunity for an increased awareness, which takes suffering away.

Suffering is a misunderstanding, suffering means we are resisting something in life. Suffering is that we did not understand, or we did not accept an event or an experience. But pain will be there, because we have a body. The body will have all its ups and downs, its ageing and all the factors connected to any body. But suffering – suffering is our choice, it’s our state.

suffering choice

Pain without suffering is a state, it is a sign of a state of higher elevation. Baba had pain. Once somebody threw a stone at Baba. He had an injury, blood was coming. Then people said, “Oh, Baba, you’re injured!” He said, “Injury is here, pain is not here, pain is there!” (pointing to God)  That means He did not even connect to His body – somebody threw a stone, and they will pay the price for it.

So if somebody abuses us, we don’t have to worry – they will pay the price. The people who abuse us will pay the price. Somebody praises us, again, it is their pleasure. We don’t have anything to do with it. So we will reach a level of equilibrium where nothing can touch us. We are stable, in a way.


If people come to see you, you’re happy. If people do not come to see you, you’re still happy. That means our dependency level in this world becomes so low and so reduced, that our stability can never be affected. Otherwise our dependency, our expectation, our need and desire, all these things will pile up and then we become a burden to ourselves. Like we may walk, very tired and there’ll be no lightness.

So a Master of the calibre of Sai Baba is brimming lightness, brimming light, brightness. That is because He had nothing to do with this world. He came as an expression of Supreme Consciousness and lived, and He lives on as an expression of Supreme Consciousness. This understanding should be very clear for every devotee of Baba, so that your connection with Baba will be your highest experience of this existence. Because you will know that this is your opportunity to reach the highest in this existence.

M and Sai

And please understand – nobody else is Sai Baba. Sai Baba is Sai Baba. Everybody is their own incarnation. Every person who is born will also die. So don’t compare one with the other, there cannot be a comparison possible. You cannot compare yourself with another, nor another with another. These are all separate incarnations.

You can connect to everybody. You should connect to everybody, equally. Never criticise, judge, or compare, for the mind will become contaminated. Instead, purify the mind through good actions, good thoughts, good words, good expressions, and then life will be a life blessed by Baba.


Transcribed by Nada Rakovic

Proofread by Geetha Iyer



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Focus on Purpose not People

During a casual discussion regarding an organisational matter, Mohanji responded with great intensity about the need to focus on one’s purpose in life and steer clear of all kinds of emotions and emotional entanglement. He reiterated the need to use the clarity based on our purpose in life to respond to situations, people, and so on. This is a very valuable perspective that we believe is applicable to all of us who are on the spiritual path. Mohanji’s words follow… 
When we get closer and closer to our soul, divisions do not exist. We only see the purpose. What is purpose? Our purpose in life. It’s not about people (read: minds swayed by emotion). When we concentrate on people, purpose is lost. When we concentrate on purpose, people (and their fluctuating minds) lose importance. That is how I’m operating.
The world operates in only two ways. They either praise us or they criticise us. We don’t have to entertain both. The moment we get involved in either of these, we have to use our mind. Then we have to do a balancing act. What do we lose in the bargain? Purpose!
Someone called me yesterday and said that she was feeling down. I asked, “Why are you feeling down? You don’t have to feel down. During my work for this mission, many people have come and gone. Many people tried to put me down and pull me down but I always kept my focus on my purpose. I never based my life on people or their fluctuating minds. They are here today, gone tomorrow. When we focus on purpose, it gives us immunity, it gives us clarity, it gives us momentum. Otherwise, whenever somebody praises or criticises us, we can lose our track.”
Lack of alignment is connected to emotions. Minus emotions, alignment is perfect. When we do spiritual practice, we get aligned at some level. Then, we get into emotions and get entangled in the associated drama. It is like pouring water in a bucket (through spiritual practices) and then punching holes (through emotions) in the bucket that drain the water away.
Understand the world. Look at how the world operates between praise and criticism, between acceptance and condemnation. They will either say we are great or we are bad. We have nothing to do with all this. What is our purpose? My purpose is very clear. My purpose is to elevate people’s awareness, to raise their consciousness to the level where they can become one with the Ultimate Reality or get close to that state. All my activities are connected to this purpose. If I have to give food, I give food. If I have to give awareness. I give awareness. If I have to give a meditation, I give a meditation. Whatever it takes, I give it.
We have an inherent interest for praise. We become very happy, when people praise us. What gets happy? What part of us gets happy? Ego gets happy. Ego is always waiting. Ego says, “If somebody is praising me, I’m happy.” Thus, we make sure that praise happens, just to satisfy your ego. Understand it’s a trap. When people praise me, “You’ve done a great job. You rescued somebody from death.” Is there a change in my face? Do I get excited? Never. I surrender the praise at the feet of the Ultimate Reality. I have nothing to do with it. Similarly, if ten people say, Mohanji is very bad. I am fine with that too. It is their opinion and they are welcome to have it. I don’t have to buy into it.
The world is full of opinions. It’s up to you whether you should take it or not. That’s what I told the person who called me, “People can talk anything they want. Would you take it? Would you accept it? Would you believe in it? If you believe you are bad, then you’re finished. You’re neither good nor bad, or you’re both. Accept it that way. Otherwise when somebody says something, you will have to change yourself to suit their opinion When will you stop? Finally, you won’t have anything. Your whole life gets wasted endlessly satisfying others.”
We should look at the world differently. That’s the bottom line. People bring emotions. Why should we buy it? It’s like a vendor comes to us and says, “I’m going to sell you old rotten fish.” We say, “Oh, poor guy”, feel sympathy and buy it. What happens? The whole house stinks. People can bring stinking stuff. We don’t have to buy it. They can keep their stink. Let us keep our house clean.
I only have a problem when people become vicious and they obstruct my activity. That’s the only time I have to do something because I have to complete the activity to fulfil my purpose. If my path is blocked, the block has to be removed. It’s not about people. I don’t focus on people. I look at the result. It’s not for my personal comfort. Every situation should be handled this way. Purpose, purpose and purpose. Not people, people and people. That’s why when people complain about other people, I try to play it down, tell them to let it go and end that discussion.
That is why I told the person who called me, “Don’t get involved in this emotional drama because you delay your progress inside. You fall for these kinds of things. You tend to put everybody on your head and pamper them. What do you end up with – a lot of asses on your head. Look at the world and see how it works. Then it’s your choice whether you want to fall into these traps or not.”
Today in the internet age, we have many options on the spiritual path and a lot of information. There are people who are always posting about various Masters and their quotes. It only suggests that they may be intelligent or know a few things. But that is only for the outer world. What about their inner world? Nothing is happening – same insecurity, same fears, same old baggage. How does inner world change? When one’s integration with one’s Master is firm. When you are plugged in, the electricity comes. When you do not plug in, you don’t get electricity which means internally, no alignment. It is easy to see. Very easy. I only deal with those people who have that intensity. If there’s nothing to do, why should I bother? Unless there’s something to do, why should we waste time? It may sound rude but this is the truth.
Some people cannot accept destruction of their comfort zones. What will they do? They will go, because, getting out of their comfort zones is a violation for them. Let them go. The path of Liberation is a path of fire. Not everyone can handle its fast pace and momentum. When comfort zones are affected, people who are not ready for change will leave us because this is not their cup of tea. They will go. What can we do? We cannot change our speed because of other people. The path of Liberation does not allow that. It expects things to be done when they need to be done. Not before. Not after. I have clarity. I have an agenda. I know where I’m going. I know what I am doing. I know why I’m doing it. Then if somebody says, “It disturbs my comfort zone. I want to procrastinate. This is my pace. I don’t want to do it this way.” I say, “Don’t do it. Who has said that you should be with me? I never said that.” If you are with me, then I have a responsibility to take you to the Ultimate Reality or take you closer to that state. If you’re not with me, I have no responsibility for you. That is less work for me. I am happy.
When one is plugged in, electricity has to come. When you’re with me, when you’re connected to me, when you are plugged into me, it automatically becomes my responsibility. So, understand this world is dual, happiness and sorrow, praises / contempt, and so on. How much do you want to get involved? There is only one knowledge and one wisdom. What is knowledge? Awareness of the soul. Knowledge is knowing there is a soul. Wisdom is being the soul. That is the difference. Knowledge means that there is some energy inside you which is operating you. Then how do you know that is operating? You get closer beyond all this emotional circus and then you get connected with your own soul and then you realise or you feel the soul. You experience it, then it becomes wisdom. Until then there is no wisdom. Experience becomes wisdom. Experiential wisdom is required. Mere knowledge is not enough.
The worst stupidity we have is the concept of sacrifice. Sometimes, we feel we sacrificed our life for another. We gave up our life for somebody. Yet, I have not seen anyone sacrifice. What is the reality of this so called sacrifice? When we can’t really make it with our life, we decide to make someone else’s life in the bargain. Nobody wins. We can’t walk so we help the other person to walk. So what happens? We fall down, the other person falls down and we claim that we made a sacrifice for them. This is the kind of world we’re living in. The word sacrifice is a very funny word. It has literally lost its meaning. First of all, we are stupid and now we are announcing our stupidity to the world. If we become stable that is the right thing to do for the other person. If we say, “I connected to myself, I attained myself and then I delivered that stability to the other person”, it makes sense. We did well.
There is nobody in the world who’s not selfish. We shouldn’t be selfish for the things outside – for something in someone’s pocket or in their yard. Anyways, we are all selfish. At least, let us be selfish to find ourselves. We use our selfishness and our time to find ourselves. This is a good way. Then what we give to the world is quality.