UK Online Satsang from Serbia (22nd February 2017)




Q: With the new meditation, Bliss of Silence, people have had beautiful experiences. How often should we do that meditation?

M: That’s as per your call. The Power of Purity meditation is the most important one, because it’s inner cleansing, unhooking. Other meditations are all to elevate your awareness. So inner cleansing is an important process because you keep on cleansing your inside, the stored data. If you don’t do that, then there’s accumulation because we are unconsciously accumulating so many things. You can practise this meditation as often as you like, once a week or every day, it’s up to you.

Mohanji meditating

When the richness of the inner world glows through the eye lids…


Q: Pranam Mohanji. What are the ways of healing the mind, body, which practice is good?

M: Healing is our natural process. If you look at all the beings, there is a power to heal built into the system. We all have the power to heal ourselves. The only blocking factor is the mind. That’s why I keep repeating, “In the university of life, there is only one examination, which is mind”. So mind is the factor which is preventing healing, otherwise we heal by nature.

Every time you go to bed to sleep, you are getting healed, you are getting refreshed. So healing is a process which happens spontaneously if you do not block it and the only blocking factor is our mind. If you look at animals, hardly anybody goes and treats them unless they are domestic, but they heal themselves. If they’re wounded, they nurture and heal themselves. Likewise, all of us have the power to heal. The main aspect is that you must rest efficiently. Rest means rest from the mind too. Not just physical rest. For example, if we are sitting down watching TV, we are not resting. We are actually active. Mind is active. Rest means actual cut off from everything. You should be cut off from the Internet and mobile phones. We should detach from all aspects of our existence which take us external. Then we come to complete silence mode and that’s probably sleep. Just sleep it off. Sleep, rest, even reduce the thought process. If thoughts are happening, just watch them, but don’t participate in them. Just sleep, rest and relax. Then the healing happens spontaneously.

If you eat more food than you need or you eat food after a certain time in the day, especially in the evening time, whatever we consume is getting stored in our body. So if you do not consume food after sunset (let’s say 6 pm), then the body uses the rest of the time for healing and detoxing. The body usually does its job. So healing is our natural process only if you allow it to happen. Healing is happening while we are sleeping as well. Especially during the deep sleep state, when the body is rejuvenating, the body is also healing. Otherwise, we will be very tired every day. If you do not heal yourself, you will be very tired. People have sleep apnea and all those things because of accumulated tedium. If you usually go through the process of life, sufficient rest, sufficient food, sufficient activity, then there will be no ailment, you don’t even need the healing. We don’t do that. Our mind is overactive and that mind is actually preventing the healing. Otherwise, healing happens to you. That’s your nature. Outside healers are inducing, helping, creating that bridge between you and the possibility of healing. Healing is happening only when you agree with it. You should agree with the healing and the healer and you should have faith in the healer. Then healing happens. Otherwise, any healer from outside cannot do much.


Q: Are you healing while you are dreaming in a dream state?

M: Not necessarily and it depends actually because dream state according to me is equal to waking state. We are very much alive and active and we are actually experiencing something. Whenever you are experiencing something, there is an element of mind involved. So I wouldn’t say that it’s absolute rest. It’s probably not 100% rest. We need to be cut off from everything and only then healing takes place. Because the body then has nothing else to do. Otherwise, mind intervenes in everything. Waking state and dreaming state are very similar states. The only difference is the body is suspended, quiet. Other systems are working as per normal. But you cannot categorise them as complete waking state existence because in the dream state there are highs and lows. There are some deeper aspects where you are getting cleansed, like when you sometimes penetrate into the primitive consciousness and dig out memories in dreams and that gets released. So that can be considered as healing. We can’t say that dream state is a totally non-healing state. It is possible that you can be healed there as well.

Q: Can music be used for healing?

M: Music is like a tranquilizer, it moderates you, it aligns you. I mean, depending on which music, sometimes music aggravates your situation. But usually nice, calm, very quiet, soothing music, especially chants, for example, are all therapeutic. Veda chanting and all those kind of stuff are all therapeutic. So there is a lot of meaning to it. But music, as it involves the mind and makes it quiet or aligns it, is all therapeutic.


Q: How to combine meditation and yoga?

M: I suggest you do meditation after yoga. Firstly, physical, then mental. So it will always be better to do meditation after yoga. Yoga should actually increase your awareness of the body. It actually aligns your system so that you can meditate better. Meditation is a state you achieve when your mind is tranquil. When you are doing yoga, you are actually being in tune with your body. You are in tune with the body, the body becomes quiet. Or, the body is actually allowing the expansion. Then it’s easier for the mind to take over. Not in a calamitous way. The mind sometimes becomes too agitated when the body is not so happy. Yoga always helps to align the body, then a meditation would help better. That’s my opinion.



Q: When you are in deep sleep, is whatever you see, seen by the consciousness or the mind?

M: In deep sleep, the mind is totally absent and you cannot even see. There is no mind to process the data in deep sleep time. That’s the time when the soul has all the freedom because the whole system is suspended. So whatever interactions, especially astral interactions, interactions with masters and similar things which we experience during deep sleep, that’s translated as a dream when you wake up. Because the mind cannot process it. The mind doesn’t know. The mind doesn’t differentiate or understand. So it’s your native consciousness which is alive, not the mind. Especially the mind we are talking about, which is the waking state mind.

Sleeping Hermaphrodite


Q: Why are you celebrating your birthday?

M: This question should go to the people who are celebrating, the UK team should answer this, ”Why are you celebrating my birthday?”

Audience: We are celebrating out of love for you.

M: I know.

You know, there are a few reasons for celebrating any day, not just a birthday. Firstly, it’s a reminder of something auspicious or something good. We even remember various occasions, happenings or the events of the past, and that has significance because sometimes a reminder is necessary to have certain confirmations of our existence. Otherwise, we forget. Secondly, it is out of love. Love, gratitude, as Vijay (from the UK team) said, are reasons for celebrating any Master’s birthday. Because the generations are appreciating what they have contributed to the world. Usually, what a person who is liberated contributes to the world has a sustained effect for a few generations or at least it goes on. So this is a celebration for themselves.

Most of the activities in each country are feeding the poor people, taking care of the animals, birds, fish, all these kind of things are happening. These are all confirmations of the understanding of the teachings, which means we understood, we appreciated it and we are adapting it to our lives. So when that happens, individual life gets more clarified. More clarity happens in everybody’s life. That is the reason for this kind of celebration. For example, look at any of the Masters of the past or Masters who are in the body today. Nobody celebrates the birthday by giving them gifts. Most of the people celebrate the birthday by taking care of the people who are in need, or the birds or animals. So that becomes an occasion for implementing the teaching. These are the basic reasons for celebrating a master’s birthday.


It’s not that you should do that for only one day. That one day becomes a strong reminder. Like, people celebrate Christmas i.e. the birth of Christ, then Janmashtami i.e. Lord Krishna’s birthday. All these are celebrations because these are all events which can really make you remember what we are here for and also remember the teachings. A Master is only worth based on his or her teachings. Otherwise, a person who has existed and meditated and left without even moving or interacting in the society. We wouldn’t know them. But somebody who has actually taken pains to come to the society and live with people and guide them, in whichever capacity possible, the best gift that person can get is that people live the teachings. You cannot give anything better than that to the Master. When you actually live the teachings, this celebration becomes a part of it. You actually remember, as well as you’re expressing and that gives more value to the society or the beings around you. So, overall, the world becomes a better place through such celebrations.


Q: Is there a way of blessing other people or animals through your energy?

M: Love. Just keep expressing love and compassion spontaneously all the time. Not just feeding them. Of course, you should do that. But just loving them and doing whatever you can for them. That’s the way to be. Also, that’s the right way to live a life. It is through compassion that you can show your seeming supremacy, as there is no supremacy per se. Have an existence of compassion. Furthermore, if we feel we have more power, let that be expressed as kindness to the world. The more we express whatever we have or whatever our capacities are, as compassion and kindness, we become very, very powerful. The world becomes a better place. If we have a strength of some kind, that strength should be translated into kindness and delivered to the world. Then we become complete and the world becomes a better place. This is exactly the message and teaching most of the masters have given over a period of time. Later on, interpretations changed. We started to discriminate based on caste, creed, culture, colour, etc. Those are all aberrations of mind. There is no caste, creed, culture, colour, etc. There is not even another person. It’s only you. It’s all your expressions, so if you’re feeding animals or birds or anybody, it is just your expressions. They are all your expressions.

M in SA, blessing


Q: I would like to ask about Kailash trip this year. There are two routes, via Kathmandu and via Lhasa. How is that?

M: Yes, via Lhasa is slightly more expensive. It’s taking a few more days. I don’t think many people are going via Lhasa. Many people are still going via Nepalganj. If we have more people, we are looking at hiring our own helicopters and flights and stuff like that. I am definitely traveling via Lhasa and that’s mainly for exploration purpose. We are looking at the Lhasa option this year. There is a difference in cost, and there is also a difference in the number of days. via Lhasa will take more days.


Q: Can you tell us about the significance of Machu Picchu?

M: Kailash is Shiva, male energy. Machu Picchu is Shakti, the feminine energy. So usually they say that there is a completion in going to both of these places. So we are looking to visit both Kailash and Machu Picchu every year now. Machu Picchu is probably not as tough as Kailash. But it has got a great significance as the power center. It is said that a lot of beings from other locations have come there and are coming there. Still, some of the beings are drawn there. Some of them even supported the Mayan civilisation. This is what is told, this is the history. Apart from that, it’s the Shakti energy. So if you go there, you get highly rejuvenated in the Shakti path – iccha shakti, jnana shakti, kriya shakti – the power of will, the power of knowledge, the power of action. These are two power points which we would like to visit every year.

Also, we are looking at Badrinath, I think after Kailash. The original plan, which I don’t know whether we can work out, is to walk the path of the Pandavas who left their kingdom and walked up via Badrinath to Swargarohan. Nobody can go to Swargarohan because it’s a kind of hypothetical location where it is said Yudhisthira just vanished – which means he didn’t really walk up there. I saw some pictures. There are very hard rocks, you cannot even move there, but we can walk up to there, beyond that. If we are looking at the trekking there, it’s very, very tough. The climate is also not so good in that area but we are seriously considering it. Anyway, there will be a Badrinath trip.

So there are basically three pilgrimages – Badrinath, Kailash, Machu Picchu. This is what is planned this year and for the coming years, hopefully.

man meditating


Q: There are four meditations now. How are we going to practise them?

M: Power of Purity is the main meditation because that’s inner cleansing, unhooking from the past, releasing or eliminating all the memories which are bothering you or the concepts which are blocking you. So Power of Purity is the most important one. These meditations elevate you to the next level. So you can practise it once a week or whenever you are free. But if you regularize on Power of Purity, it will give you sufficient strength. If you honestly bless people, and those people who have harmed you and those people who have come into your life and done bad things and stuff, you release everybody, then you will be very free.

The main point is to choose freedom and peace. Regardless of what others have done and are doing for you or against you. If you choose freedom and peace, it is important to let go and release. Because this is your inner world. For that, Power of Purity is the most powerful and most effective. That’s why a lot of people are having experiences. After practising Power of Purity for a few days, they are sometimes getting healed. Sometimes, they have a good sleep and various changes. That’s because when you unhook, you release the blockages and then you are much better – more free. 360 Degrees meditation is to anchor you into your spine. That’s quite good for centering. Then the other two meditations are Blossoms of Love and Bliss of Silence. These are all delivered to me. So it is not that I am releasing it one way or the other. When I get it, I pass it on. These meditations are meant to elevate the awareness.

So, coming back to your question, I feel The Power of Purity should be practised every day because it is like taking bath, it’s an internal purification. The other meditations you do as per your feeling. You can practise one of them once a week or every day, or every second day. It might help.



M: Now we are going to the Advanced Retreat. In earlier retreats, we usually had some new people and some old i.e. people who have been connected with me for a while. In the Advanced Retreat, we will only have senior people who have been with me or attended our programmes for at least the last three years. In the Advanced Retreat, we are focusing on the body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit. For five or six days, we will be focusing on this. Physical, emotional, intellectual, personality based, as well as spiritually based. These are the five aspects we are covering. Each level is like a kosha, a sheath. We are trying to penetrate into each layer so that the final me aspect, the subtle aspect, the sukshma comes.

When you connect to the subtle, then you are connected to the consciousness. So we are now attempting to go deeper and deeper. All these later meditations are connected to those aspects where you are being aware of your physical, emotional, then intellectual and personality. If you just introspect in each level itself, the need for the body (food, water and other things), the need for the mind and emotion kosha, then the intellect (knowledge and other aspects), then the personality. We are very, very bound by the personality, by the image that we portray to the world. We are very much suffocated, like analysis, watching and guarding this personality that we convey to the world. And the world looks at us based on our personality, what we portray. So we are safeguarding that all the time. Then the spiritual aspect. The spiritual aspect is also mostly concept based. Are we actually connecting to the spirit that is the Soul? Only when you start connecting to your own soul do you actually become spiritual. Your relationship with your soul is spirituality.

Retreat with Mohanji in Serbia 2014

But mostly what we do is we are activity oriented and we call it spirituality. If our nature is going to a church, mosque or other places of worship or places of power, we think we are spiritual. Again, we are still entertaining the mind. In all these things, if transformation does not happen, it’s not spirituality. Spirituality means your connection with your spirit. Then your external factors are only suggestions. The internal factor will be the only reality. Even now it is a reality. Only what is inside, what you consume, what you take inside, that is your only reality. Everything else is external. It means all that is external are just suggestions. They only help you to connect to something which is already inside you. Our Advanced Retreat is starting on 24th February 2017, on Shivarathri which is also one aspect of the retreat.  That is why we made this retreat very strict. We screen people and only those who really want to take one step forward are taken in. Because it’s serious stuff. If you are only serious about being spiritual, you need to move forward. Otherwise, we are stuck in the activity and we believe we are spiritual. Of course, there will be experiences. Experiences are coming mostly on the mental level.

Q: Are you going to conduct any more Advanced Retreats?

M: An advanced retreat requires a lot of preparation. So I don’t think we can do more than one or two per year. After this one, we don’t plan on doing a similar one this year. Because there’s a lot of screening and preparation. An advanced retreat is a process. There are so many things which help people to go within. So we are creating the whole environment and the whole system in such a way that people can really penetrate into themselves. Cutting down on external activities and things in a drastic way so they are forced to go within. It is mostly silence oriented. I need a place for silence. It’s not easy to do this in a city. Cities are usually crowded and so many temptations are all around. So we need to do it in a remote place.

Andrevlje is a very good location for that because it’s away from the crowd. You’ve been there, so you know. If we get such a place, we can do it. But it takes at least seven full days. You should actually count nine – one day to come, one day to go plus seven full days and then we need a similar location as well. The problem is that we don’t have too many retreats. Senior people and new people all come for the general retreats. For the advanced retreat, we can only have senior people. So again it’s a problem – their time and everything. I don’t want to bring new people on this retreat because it’s more concentrated and more. They should know me, otherwise they would not enjoy it. If they are used to me, used to my style, then I can deliver. It means there should be a consistency in relationship. Fresh people may not have that. They are looking at every master, going to every programme, so mind is distracted anyway. So I cannot bring them to one location, one path and just proceed forward. We need a lot of consistency, that is the main thing missing in many of the spiritual practitioners. Once there is consistency, we can deliver quite a bit of stuff. It is not only in my case. Every master will tell you the same thing. If they are consistent then something can be given, but what can we do?

Mohanji - Himalayan retreat, Rishikesh 2014

Q: How do we unhook or let go?

M: Definitely when you let go, when you unhook, it always helps. For example, you keep hatred towards somebody who has hurt you, victimised you about something or cheated you. So if you keep that hatred, you are neither releasing that person nor releasing yourself. Instead, from your side, clear it off your mind. You can always choose to keep your inner space clean or empty and you must. So when you release everything from your system, it automatically helps the other person to release from their system. This is one thing.


Secondly, it is very important to release lumps or clumps of “negative” energy rather than hold it. Energy can never be negative, but its use sometimes becomes negative. If you have bad feelings, it’s the same energy which is being used for negative effect. If you have knowingly or unknowingly hurt your parents and if they are  in the body, you must do whatever you can for them within your capacity. Imagine they are not in the body. Take care of all people, consider them as your parents or consider them as your relatives, whatever. Then do whatever you can for them. So in a way, in consciousness, everything gets erased. So it is important for you to let go which is the purpose of the Power of Purity meditation.

Mohanji quote - Watch witness and let go

Thirdly, you should also help the helpless so that whatever wrong you might have done in the past gets erased. For e.g. if you could not take care of your child well, you take care of the children outside such as abandoned children. Today I was watching a film that mentioned that every year there are on an average one million abandoned children in London in the UK alone. The channel where they have posted this video on Youtube is called Real Stories. I think you should look at it. ACT Foundation should do something about it. It is an investigation on the children who are thrown out onto the streets and there are so many 14, 15-year-olds. . The usual causes for a child being left in the street are parents splitting, divorcing or the parents cannot take care of the child any more. They say in London that the government is finding it difficult to take care of them. So when you take care of them in whichever way, even if you are educating them, giving them food, guidance or even meditation for that matter, adding value to those people’s lives, who have nobody, automatically so many things get cleansed in your lineage path, i.e. from your ancestral line. This is what we call a great child – a child who has done something for the lineage. Not just accumulating wealth, actually accumulating wealth will not help, but being good, doing good, cleanses the path to the past and the future generations, that will be the biggest gift you can give with your existence. That will be the highest gift you are delivering with your existence because all the people in the lineage on the parents’ side (both father’s and mother’s side) as well as their children to come, will be benefitted. They will have a better life. Actually, it is a responsibility and duty of every citizen, every individual to be socially worthwhile – to be rich inside and express it outside.


By cheeroot

The Art of Handling Crises

Crisis is part of life. Handling crisis with a peaceful mind, without losing focus on the internal freedom and peace is the art of spirituality. Situations of life tells us where we stand based on our capacity and how we handle it.


Confrontational – This is handling a situation in a confrontational way. The facets of this are anger, anxiety, revenge, prolonged enmity, gossips and fights.


Understand, discuss, patience, look at it from all angles, bring conflicting people into clarity of situations, improve situations, love, refusing to be dragged into politics, always staying neutral and dharmic, non-confrontational, no-ego.


Signs of Ego

Outbursts, fears, revengeful, anger, accusing others for our predicament – so on and so forth

Lack of Ego

Witnesshood, gentle guidance, nurturing the conflicting individuals back to clarity, no-abuse, no blame game, peaceful, kind, loving.

These are in perspective yardsticks of handling situation.

Tradition says 

A. If there is smoke, there is fire. Quench the fire and the smoke will go.

B. It takes two to tango. If one is peaceful, the other cannot be aggressive for long.

C. Seed of every disappointment is unfulfilled expectation. Understand the expectation clearly.

D. Sign of a spiritual mind is calmness in handling matters. No fear

E. Fear and Desire prevent liberation

F. There are no bad people. There are only different frequencies. Never give up on people. Frequencies can be changed with unconditional love, if they are willing. At least we could give an honest try.

G. Nobody is higher or lower. Everybody needs time to catch up. Allow time. Have patience.

H. If you miss the spiritual bus because of terrestrial conflicts and ego, you may have to wait for long for the next one. It is not worth missing the spiritual bus.

I. If someone is angry with us, we may have become the reason for it perhaps unconsciously.

J. Be aware, all that happens to you, are your own creation. Ego will not accept it. But, this is the truth.

K. Spirituality is harmony inside. That should show outside too. Internal and external harmony is the sign of a true spiritual being.



Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2016

Dear Embodiments of Love,


On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, we meet once again and discuss the year ahead. Last year, we spoke a lot pertaining to our life, our existence, and living our life in a holistic way. This year, we look for or look at how to be “you” in a situation or in a variety of things in life. There are lots and lots of different emotions running around in life,


This year, I traveled a lot and met a lot of people. Most of the people came with four different or four main aspects (or a combination of them) which were bothering them – relationships, job, children, and, of course, confusions regarding spirituality. I think that this is mostly pertaining to something outside of you. I was telling a lot of people, why are you looking outside so much? Why don’t you look within? If you spend lesser time looking outside and more time looking inside, I think you have all the solutions within you. You do not need any Guru to tell you how your relationship should be, how your job should be, how you should take care of your children, how you should take care of society, how you should move around in the world outside; because everything depends on how you can move within your own world, which is inside you. You must learn to move within your own world and if you learn that, if you are fully satisfied and occupied with that, the outside world does not matter. You will be very fluent in the outside world.

Mohanji quote - Suffering is a byproduct of resistance 2

When we start comparing ourselves with other things, when we have too many expectations with life or with people, with relationships, then there is bound to be sorrow. We blame other people for our problems. It is not other people but how we are that makes other people respond to us in that way and decides what we create in life? The realities that we create in life start from us. How we see the world outside, how we see people, how we interact with people, how we love people, how we expect from people, what you expect from people, etc. They are all karmic beings. All the birds, animals, trees, wind, sun – everything is working on the basis of dharma (duty) and karma (the inevitable lifeline of existence). When you are clear and when you are aware that this is all happening in their symmetry, in their constitution and the way it should be, you look within and see why you cannot agree with it, why there is no acceptance. If we cannot accept ourselves, we cannot accept anybody.


The fundamental question is — have we accepted ourselves? Do you like yourself or do you love yourself? When did you hug yourself the last time or when did you look at yourself the last time? Everything you want in life sits within you. Our abundance, our happiness, our sorrows, our life outside or life inside – it is all here, with us, within us. If you are clear and if you are aware that this is how the whole of life is working, spirituality blossoms inside by itself. Spirituality is not something which you can gain from outside. You can only gain information from outside, gain guidance from outside. What happens in your life happens from inside, whether it is spirituality, whether it is relationships, whether it is agreement, disagreement or whatever else in life, this is your creation. You created your existence. Without your existence, there is no life outside for you. You have to have your body, your mind, your intellect.

Mohanji quote Awareness is the bridge to completeness within

Now, why is the mind occupying more space than anything else? That is the question you should ask yourself. Why is my mind so judgmental, why do I compare? Why do I feel so many things so intensely? What makes those emotions come to me? What made those people come to me? There is something within us which we attract or which attracted all these things. So, this is one fundamental thing that we must be aware of. Accept yourself; clearly, firmly, lovingly, accept yourself. Then you accept the world outside and even if you accept the world or reject the world, the world will be the same. It is your mental constitution or satisfaction, or your feeling that, “Oh, because I rejected it, it has gone away.” That is just an illusion. Nothing has gone away. The sun is still rising, the stars are still shining. Whether we are alive or not, it will continue.

So what can you give to the world? What have you given to the world? The minimum that you can give to the world — when you wake up in the morning, be fresh, take a bath, chant or do meditation, and then go and smile at the world. You can give a good smile to the world and the world will feel better, or you will feel that the world is better. Likewise, you have hands. Help unconditionally. Do not expect anything, just help. Then the world is a better place. You have your legs. Walk for others’ purpose. Walk selflessly. Walk for others’ peace. You have your heart, let it beat for serving other people. Service is purification. When you serve somebody unconditionally without expectation, it purifies you. It makes you more eligible for higher frequency, higher awareness. World is all about energy, frequency, matter as well as energy that makes the matter (which is energy conglomerated) – energy and frequency. So the higher frequency you attain, the more you are able to balance your life. Life is about balancing. What are you balancing in life? You are balancing your constitution, your character, your body, your mind and your intellect. You are balancing everything so that you can experience life without any obstruction. It is a flow. You are flowing.


Service With the Right Attitude – The Attitude of Serving Yourself

Now having spoken about acceptance, having said what you can give to the world —the fundamental thing being charity or service. I will not even use the word charity because “charity” has sometimes become a not so appealing word. Why has it become like that? Mainly because whenever we talk about charity, there is a giver and a taker. When you think about charity, there should be no giver, no taker, because everything is you. Like you have your hands, legs, and feet, every organ of action and every organ of perception in your system, all beings outside are also part of your system. You may not feel some of them as a part of your system, but they are like the tree and the plants and the earth and the wind and the moon and the sun; everything is connected to you in various frequencies.

Mohanji quote - Service is a kind of surrender

So when you serve somebody, you  are serving yourself. Please be aware of it. Think about it. Contemplate on it. You are not doing anything for the sake of another. You are doing it for the sake of yourself. You can only do anything for the sake of yourself. If you feel that you are doing it for other people, understand there is ignorance inside.You do no favor to anybody else. Actually, you are doing yourself a favor, if it is a favor. Otherwise, you are doing only what you like to do so that you feel happy. When you serve the people, let it be with this attitude. You are happy, you are feeling great, you are feeling richer because you share. Whenever we share something, it grows inside us and it removes the blocks. Like you serve food, an abundance of food happens in your life. When you serve something wholeheartedly —time, space, love, whatever you have — it brings more and more of that stuff into your life. You are experiencing abundance because you are sharing it.

When you hold it, you become like the Dead Sea. The river brings water to the Dead Sea but it creates nothing out of the Dead Sea. Many people are like that – barren land. There are so many things coming to them, but they give nothing back to earth. They live and they die. The world has nothing to do with them. Perhaps they had a lot to do with the world, but the world gained nothing from them. Do we want to live such an existence? What are we here for? Every moment can be of service. We can help somebody. You cannot satisfy everybody. Do not try to satisfy people, but serving as per your capacity is definitely your call. You can do that.

Mohanji quote - Give back to mother Earth

Comparison – Stop Comparing

The universe has worked hard to create a unique being and you want to be like somebody else. Impossible! The universe has programmed itself to create every being unique. All individuals are unique. Everybody is unique. That is the beauty of creation. Now if you choose to compare yourself with another, that is non-understanding. You cannot be somebody else. Somebody else is somebody else. They have their weaknesses and strengths. Remember – nobody is perfectly strong, nobody is perfectly weak. Everybody is a mixture. So accept everybody outside as themselves and do not try to be them. Try to add value to them by your existence. So every moment when you walk in the street or when you are living your life, try to add value to the world outside. So in that way, every moment is worthwhile and that makes you richer inside and abundance will flow into you. So accept the world outside. Do not compare. This is the third point.



The fourth point I would like to talk about is spirituality. I do not understand why we chase spirituality. Spirituality is your relationship with your spirit, with your soul. Soul is inside. What are we looking for outside? You can only look for something perishable outside. Whatever you take from outside, you can keep it only for some time. You cannot keep it forever. Whatever you take from outside, it will stay with you as long as it has to. Nothing will stay forever, including the body which you have taken from outside. It will stay only as long as your karma allows it to stay. With this awareness think about what we are chasing from outside, what we are gaining from outside?

From a Guru, from a book, from a path, all you gain is guidance. Take the guidance, be respectful, be grateful, and connect yourself more and more with your spirit, with your soul. That is spirituality. Do not complicate it. Do not try to do something else. Activity sometimes satisfies you, but the lack of activity depresses you as well. So action has a problem. You will have to be continuously in the action mode. If you are not in the action mode, the moment in time when you move to the inaction mode, it depresses you. There should be a balance. Whether it is action or inaction you are peaceful. If that is the case, you must be married to your soul. That is the permanent marriage you can think about. That is forever, and when I say you, I mean you as the projected personality. This projected personality should be married to the projector, the soul. Once you are connected fully, integrally into the soul, you have no worries, no anxieties, no sorrows, no happiness. You are perfectly in a bliss state, you are peaceful, you are happy.

Mohanji quote - When your soul effectively fills into your inner space

Everything is inside. All things are inside, and whatever you thought is outside is a part of you, like the extension of your organs of action and perception. They were all there, they are all part of you, they have always been there. This is one point you must remember. Spirituality is your marriage with your spirit. You are already married. Right from birth till death, you will be married. All the outside relationships and marriages are temporary. They have come for a particular time and for a particular reason and they will depart, some with pain, some with happiness, but both have to happen. When something comes, it has to go. Nothing stays forever.

That is why various Masters have repeatedly said that the moment you stop seeking, you have it. You have really found it. You have to stop seeking. Why are we to stop seeking? Because we are mostly seeking outside. We are looking at things outside of us. And when we stop seeking that, you slowly withdraw. Your senses are withdrawn, your mind is withdrawn, everything merges with you and then you start feeling your subtlety. You can use breath for that. Breathe in, breathe out, be with the breath, go within and stay with the breath. The mind will push you to go outside. Allow the mind to do that. Do not worry. Again you come back. So, do not fight too much with the mind and get tired because you cannot win your mind. You have to allow the mind to be itself so that it does not bother you and then you connect to your breath, connect to your heartbeat, connect to every cell of yours. If there are 600 trillion cells in your body, become every cell and feel the cell. Feel your body, feel your organs. When you keep on feeling you will stop looking and start living.

Mohanji quote - Feel yourself watch yourself witness

Life is about how you feel or how you can feel, what your capacity to feel is. First and fundamental is feeling yourself, feeling your breath, feeling your heart beat, feeling everything, and then you feel the whole universe. You will only feel, you will not see. Whatever you see outside is you. It is your extension. There are no people, there are no trees, no plants. Everything is you. There is nothing to search for, nothing to collect, to conquer, to occupy. There is nothing. You are just you. You are free and you have been free. You become so easy and transparent like a flowing river and you will know that this is exactly what it should be, how it should be. Hundred percent freedom occupies you, freedom becomes you, and then you become freedom. This is real freedom. If you want even one thing from this world outside, you are a slave of that wish, you are a slave of that desire. When you have one desire, you are occupied, your mind is occupied, your mind is thriving.

When you have no desire, you do not need the mind. Mind is dissolved. Consciousness takes over and this consciousness will overwhelm you and by “overwhelm” we mean not in a kind of doing mode or action mode. Overwhelm means you will become completely in a state of bliss, where you will only radiate bliss. When you come to some place, you will be like a magnet because you are only radiating bliss, you are radiating love. There are no demands, there are no expectations, there are no wants. You will not harm anybody because you cannot. There is nothing outside of you. How can you harm your own hand or own leg? Just like that you cannot harm anybody else. You will not hurt anybody. Because there is nothing to hurt, nothing called hurt. Hurt happens only in the ego or mind. There is no ego or mind to get hurt. So you will be happy, you will be flowing. Whatever you say will be for the good purpose.

Remember, if you display anger because your intention is good, then that anger is good. If you display anger out of hatred, it is bad because you have created poison inside. It is coming out of the poison which is inside you. If you are angry because you love the person and you want the person to be nice and good, or to do better in life, that anger is good, just like a mother’s anger or display of anger to the child who is sick. The mother will say, “If you do not have the medicine, I will beat you”. The mother does not mean to beat the child, but she is concerned that if the child does not take medicine, there will be a problem. So the mother will speak with a particular intensity so that the child understands and the child gets cured. Likewise, a Guru, or a true friend or a guide may scold somebody because they are concerned about a person. They know something is wrong and they want to help. That is okay. Even if you use sharp words or be rude to another person because you love them, this is okay. They may not understand you, but you are right and eventually they will understand you. That is why sometimes the best medicine is bitter, and it is required because the cure is important.

Mohanji quote - Be yourself and express your true self

Having said that, I do not want to elaborate any further. I think I have given you sufficient guidelines for the next year. The next year should be a year of bliss. Stop worrying about other people. Start connecting to yourself. Settle down in yourself. Do not look outside. It is not worth it. When you are settled within yourself, even if you look outside, you will be still inside. That is okay, because you are settled inside. Use the rest of the year to settle down inside yourself properly, for which you need to feel yourself, you need to hug yourself, you need to love yourself, you need to listen to yourself, remember yourself. Instead of trying to prove repeatedly to the world outside, suffer in the bargain and always chase something, always have conflict in relationships and suffering, you start accepting. When you actually accept yourself and see other people as extensions of yourself, there will be no suffering, there cannot be suffering. You do not have suffering if there is no comparison, no expectation, no anger, no hatred, no jealousy. If there is nothing like that, there is no suffering. You are free. That is how it should be. I wish you that and I love you and I am always with you.

Thank you for tolerating me this year, all these days, I have been with all of you for a long time and some of you have been with me for a number of days, number of weeks, months. I thank you for all what you have done to help me to serve the world. I really love it and I really appreciate it. If I have not thanked you in person for all that you have done in the last one year, I would like to thank you now. Thank you for all that you have done to smoothen my journey or the mission which I am doing. I do not believe that I have done much in this last one year. I wish I could have done more, but of course, we have our capacity limitations, locations, problems. You understand I could not reach many of you. I know some of you tried to reach me but we could not meet. But remember in Consciousness we have already met, we are always meeting. So please understand and try to connect to the Consciousness. If I have not replied to your mails, your messages, it is not out of any discrimination. It is just because I could not handle it or I could not help it. Now, we will continue to meet for the rest of this year until next year and let us all unite beyond all barriers of mind, ego, intellect. Let us unite and do whatever we can for the world, which is yourself, and let us all be rich inside. Outside richness has very limited value because it can come and go. So we cannot say that it can be there forever. But inner richness stay with us and that is worth nurturing. Let us do that.

I love you and wish you a great Guru Purnima and always and always, I am with you.

Love you,


Remembering Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj

Written on 29th April

Our beloved Ganeshananda Giri attained Maha Samadhi (Left his body) this morning. A few month’s of acquaintance but deep bonding. Showers of love. An unforgettable master. He was perhaps the only living individual who touched and walked with Sai Baba of Shirdi. And Sai Baba walked with him always. My humblest pranaams at His lotus feet.

The whole day I felt so dry and empty. Despite back to back programs in Durban, my heart was with Babaji. I was there. Right from morning until now, a deep pain and emptiness, a vacuum, a lingering piece of sadness, despite the clear awareness that Babaji will work beyond the realms of the physical for the benefit of the world, through all of us.
When we parted last after the function on March 6th – that’s the last time I physically met him, he said “I am with you. Sai Baba is with you too”. We met in mid December for the first time in this physical realm. Never really knew or cared what this meeting was for. He said, “Baba asked me to meet Mohanji. Where will I find him? I consoled myself – Baba will bring him to me.” We met after 3 years. What was the hurry? This was the hurry. We may not have met at all, if it was not for this urgency.
Babaji left us this morning. I spoke to him before I left India. He said, “Travel safely. Everything will be okay. Do not worry about anything,” just like a loving parent, he blessed me. He has always been kind to me, loving and considerate. He held my hand whenever I sat next to him, just like Vittal Babaji used to do, the unconditional love and child like affection used to flow. Today, at Durban, when we performed homa, we remembered him and offered homa for him. My mind was so empty that I could hardly talk anything else at today’s evening function without talking about this humble saint.
I have always considered myself as totally insignificant and irrelevant in this jungle of life consisting of varied emotions. Vittal Babaji, Baba Ganeshananda, Avadhoota Nadananda, Vanamali Amma, Devi Amma and a few others – made my life meaningful. I have never experienced this kind of unconditional love from anybody else. Total lack of judgement and total acceptance as you really are!
We all come here for a few days. We leave in a few days. When we will part, we do not know. Only love is real. We may agree with some people. We may disagree with some people. Nothing really matters. Everything passes on. Everything changes shape. The pain that we give to others will remain as guilt and heaviness in our mind. The happiness that we share comes back as grace. The true value of this existence is the grace of these masters. Their love and kindness. The first hand experience of truth in their eyes. The first time I met him, I could see that he may leave anytime. I asked him too. He said, “Baba told me not to leave my body at Shirdi, instead go to Chennai and leave the body there. We shall build a temple there and my samadhi”. I told our people to note down in paper how his samadhi should be as per his wish. Nobody expected him to leave so soon. And he was in a hurry to complete the temple because he knew his time was limited on earth. We have to complete what we started, in the name of Sai well within the provided capacity. When will the world understand a true master?
Only Love. Only Gratitude. My humble prostrations…


On Meditation, Charity and Healing

Life Positive Expo – Satsang with Mohanji –  Part 4


Q: I have been practicing TM (Transcendental Meditation) for the last 20 years and find it quite effective and fulfilling. What is your advice regarding such meditations?


Life behind the fence

All the gurus in the world, and all the programmes in the world have some value to somebody. We have no right to say that something is good or bad. Just remember this. Something which binds you, which gives you fear, is not good for you. A guru, method or practice which binds you, controls you or gives you fear, is not so good. This is because you are working on a fear basis. Fear is anti-liberation. Fearlessness is liberation, because there is nothing to fear. 



A: I never ever say something is right or something is wrong. This is because  I am nobody to say that. I am nobody to say some guru is better than the other, or that some method is better than the other. I feel that everything has value in this world. This is my opinion and this is what I feel. If you have done TM for 20 years, I think it is good for you. Because actually, why not? However, I would like you to think about two things. Firstly, how much emptiness have you achieved inside? The clear signs of spiritual progress are fearlessness and silence inside. Nobody can deny this. People can have their opinion, but one cannot see the inner silence which one feels – the knowing that whatever happens, I am fine. If this is achieved, then it is definitely effective. If it has not been achieved, fine-tune it in such a way that you start shedding more. As I explained previously, when emotions come, shed the emotions. Again, do the practice, because practice has nothing to do with it. It has to do with your constitution. If you are not letting go and you are practising, then you are merely adding one more habit. Consider whether you are adding one more habit, or whether you are actually living it and attaining emptiness and fearlessness. These are the two signs which you can trust for any spiritual progress, for any path. However, my personal opinion is that all the gurus in the world, and all the programmes in the world have some value to somebody. We have no right to say that something is good or bad. My general criteria for good versus bad is that something which binds you, which gives you fear, is not good for you. A guru, method, or practice which binds you, controls you, or gives you fear, is not so good. This is because you are working on a fear basis. Fear is anti-liberation. Fearlessness is liberation, because there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to be afraid of.


So this is my general guideline about whether a guru or a master is good or not. Some people create a lot of fear in order to bind. This means there is something else going on. This is not liberation. Just be careful. Otherwise there is no problem with any method, or any guru, or any path of spirituality. You choose what suits you. I cannot say this is the shirt size you should buy, because it suits  me. It may not suit you. You buy what suits you. It is a prerogative of any disciple. The Upanishad says, “The guru that comes to you  is the one for you.“ If a method has come to you, practise it.


Q: Apart from meditation, should there be some orientation for a spiritual seeker ?


A: If a person is oriented towards bhakti, devotion, even a small thing can trigger the ultimate in them. Nobody is one thing. Each person is a complex character. Thus paths of bhakti yoga, karma yoga, jyana yoga, will all help. What ingredient you are, what suits you, is the main thing. I should not say that something is for you. Of course if somebody follows me, I guide them, that’s different. However the tap (sanskrit original of tapas = heat) is your daily life. You cannot separate from your daily life and do tapas. Penance should happen when you are not attached to the results of an activity. Renunciation is then spontaneous. Renunciation is non-attachment to the result of an activity. This is renunciation. It does not mean going away into the forest or elsewhere. The reason people go into the forest is to avoid contamination. However if you are a householder, this is not a method to follow. I would say that everything (tap, seva, etc.) should be done within your constitution, capacity, and position. Then it’s fine. However, if you try to imbibe something which is somebody else’s thing, it will never be yours. It will always be somebody else’s idea. Even an idea, a concept, if you are just trying to absorb it, it will still be somebody else’s.


Q: How do we redistribute our income?



Everybody has something in abundance. Not everybody has money. You may also have the time, knowledge and skills to do charity. Charity is something where you give what you have in abundance, not what you think you must do. 



A: This is not just about income. The scriptures say, “Give what you have.“ If you have knowledge, you give knowledge. If you have time, you give time. If you have money, you give money. Give what you have. Don’t confuse giving with money. It’s not just about money. What the scriptures want you to give is what you have in abundance. Everybody has something in abundance. Not everybody has money. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean they should not do karma yoga. They should serve, but give what they have. Sometimes people have time, or knowledge and skills, for example teaching somebody to earn more. This is it. Income is what you already have.

Q: I have applied this in my life, 10% of my income goes to helping others.

A: That’s good, and individualistic. When you give 10% you are already expressing non-attachment to the money part. Non-attachment is renunciation. Non-attachment is working, it helps. Everything helps provided you are aware of what it is. Many people tell me, “I have no money to do charity.“ I say,“That’s absolute non-understanding. You have the time, knowledge and skills to do charity. Charity is something where you give what you have in abundance, not what you think you must do.


Q: What is the cause of widespread cancer and depression today in India?

A: There are a few reasons for it. Firstly, any illness happens because there is a blockage of energy. How does energy get blocked? It’s because you are suppressing your feelings and various things are then stored inside. Whenever there is a storage and no circulation of it, it means there is no free movement of energy. There is always a blockage and that blockage gives an ailment. This is one of the reasons.



The education system has made people “run the race” rather than develop their individuality. The system is not worried about the individuality of a person. Everybody is created as another brick in the wall. All you do is run and win the race. 



One of the reasons there is a lot of depression today is because the education system has made people “run the race“ rather than develop their individuality. The system is not worried about the individuality of a person. Everybody is created as another brick on the wall. All you do is run and win the race. Furthermore, what often happens is that people cannot accept failure and thus commit suicide. This is because failure is completely unacceptable in our society, and if these people feel society doesn’t accept them, then they go to the extreme. Another point is that if you look closely at society, nobody is really happy because the main thing they are feeling is the emotion. Media sell emotions. All the novels, programmes, television shows, et al. are giving you inputs which are of an emotional nature. When you sponsor emotions too much, depression is the result. The spiritual quotient is very, very low. There are a lot of religious quotients. This is creating wars outside. My religion, your religion, this religion, that religion… All this is creating a lot of confusion outside. As I said, religion is only a method for spirituality. Spirituality however, is missed. True spirituality is not addressed. If a person is truly spiritual, he will be kind, compassionate and satisfied with what he has. There will be no depression. If you are dissatisfied with what you have, then it’s a problem.


So how do we address all of this? It’s very, very simple. Increase the awareness. First of all, we lack the awareness that this is not just a human world. It is a world for every being, for every every species. Humans have occupied the whole world. It is only due to the mercy of humans that other species survive. We should start from there. It all begins with the concept of coexistence, of being one with the whole species, with all beings. From there we develop a fundamental outlook on education. We used to have it in India, until we destroyed the backbone of Indian education. This began with the destruction of sanskrit. Sanskrit is not a language, it is a culture. With the destruction of sanskrit, the culture was destroyed. Another example is the fuss that has been made about banning cow slaughter. Nobody has been telling the truth behind it. Why did the ancient rishis support the preservation of cows? There is no other animal whose dung you can use as an antiseptic, or to pave the ground and have a clean space. No other animal’s dung is used, including human. Furthermore, a cow is supposed to be similar to a tree. A tree absorbs all the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. A cow in its fifteen years of life, is supposed to absorb all the negativities of society, but it leaves the dung which is pure. This means it stores everything and keeps it in the body. That is why they say, “If you eat that meat, you eat all the contamination of the world.“ They also say it’s an injustice to an animal which is preserving the composition of the atmosphere. Just like when you cut a tree, you are actually cutting down your option for oxygen. The cow is the only species which can absorb all the negativity and release only the positive. The dung, the urine are good for Ayurvedic medicines. Its milk and butter are edible. We should respect cows because they are good to us. They are always meditative and non-aggressive. There is God in every portion of its body. This is because each deity has a particular character and constitution. So each part of the body has a character and a constitution which absorbs negativity into the body. This has also been told by rishis, but I have never heard anybody talking about it. Debating whether we should kill cows or not was very, very silly.



The cow is the only species which can absorb all the negativity and release only the positive. There is God in every portion of its body. This is because each deity has a particular character and constitution which absorbs negativity into the body. 



Why did we lose all this tradition? When did we lose it? We lost it when we started looking outside. If you look inside, you have the answers. This is logical. Why did all the rishis have this? Even in our house, when you have a cow or a calf, it automatically protects the house, preventing any entities from coming inside. The people are healthy because the cows absorb all the negativities. They store them, then die and leave. In fifteen years, they remove a lot of things. This is what has been told by the saints. We must understand the truth behind all this, then there will be no confusion. No other animals are in that category, because they don’t have that capacity, including humans.


Q: How do you explain unexpected death?

A: Unexpected for whom? There is nothing unexpected. When it’s time to go, you go.

Q: Please tell us about healing techniques to relieve us from sickness?

A: There are numerous healing techniques, and everything is of value, but please understand one thing. As a general instruction I give to all the healers in the world, the more you get emotionally involved with a patient, the more easily you attract that illness. I have seen that in the auras of a lot of people. You attract the effect of that illness and it stays with you, while the patient will be happy, and healed. HA HA. It’s because you collected it. So when you heal, please understand that you are only serving as a medium.



The more you get emotionally involved with a patient, the more easily you attract that illness. Understand that your attitude should not be one of healing – healing is happening through you and you are just a channel. When you remain as a channel, and when you remain objective and neutral, this is ok. 



You are being a channel. Stay as a channel and heal a person. You must say,“If it is karmically ok, then let the person be healed.“ That should be your attitude. Your attitude should be one of goodness for sure, to help people. However understand that your attitude should not be one of healing – healing is happening through you and you are just a channel. When you remain as a channel, and when you remain objective and neutral, this is ok. Otherwise you will become baggage for garbage. You will not know what to do with it. Understand that each soul comes with a life plan. The soul completes its plan during a lifetime because it takes a number of breaths, just like the amount of money you need at the supermarket. You have to complete it within this lifetime. There is no other way.


Q: Can the next incarnation start in the current life itself because of an individual’s spiritual development during one lifetime,?

A: It is possible. This is a good point. This can happen in one life also. Take for example Shivananda. At one point in time, once a lifestyle is finished, another is called. In the same body. In astrology it is called death. Astrology says you are supposed to die at this time, but you do not physically die. You change tracks. Astrology said I was supposed to die at the age of 35. Now I am 51, but life has changed the track. This is possible, definitely possible, because you stop being what you were after death. Then you are in a different track, a completely different mode, and the people who knew you before would not know what you are doing. That person’s death has finished them. Now it’s a different being. That is because the purpose has changed. So it is not taking two lives, sometimes it happens in one life. This is definitely possible.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

A Vertical Existence

Life Positive Expo – Satsang with Mohanji – Part 3


Q: How do you select the best meditation practice for yourself?



Meditation is not an activity, please understand. Meditation is a state. The state where you are dissolving yourself. It is actually a communion with yourself. 



A: Actually it’s individualistic. I would say that the best meditation is being with yourself. This is what I feel. Rather than having a programme, or a method, or following somebody’s course, I would like you to spend time with yourself. Try to know yourself a little more. For example, an Iranian lady was in a crisis, and said to me, “I want a quick remedy.“ I said,“Feel your face. You see your face in the mirror, but have you felt it?“ She said,“There is a creation in it.“ I said, “Yes. Now explore the creation. How are your nose, eyes and ears all in that place? Go within.“ Now she has reached a level of silence where she is very peaceful. Thus actually, the first level is being you. Connecting to you. Feeling yourself, understanding yourself, recognising yourself. It is plunging into you. I think this is the best meditation you can ever have, for which you need only one individual. It takes patience. Processed food is very easy, but processed food never helps your digestive system, does it? This is because the digestive system becomes useless with processed food. On the other hand, while raw food is not as tasty as processed food, it suits you because you are originally ’raw’, and raw food helps you. Similarly, this path is a little difficult, but it will definitely take you to the state of Shiva. When I say Shiva, I do not mean the person sitting with a snake etc. It is a state where you are in bliss. That state is possible when you know yourself. It can be attained in one life for sure, provided you have patience. Spend time with yourself. Don’t look for other people’s approval, or consider other people’s opinion of you. These do not matter. I can decide that you are something, but it doesn’t really matter because whatever my opinions of you are, they are only good enough for me. However, you are you. It doesn’t matter. Cut down all these kinds of external considerations. Feel yourself and analyse yourself. “Are all my activities worthwhile. Is whatever I am doing today worthwhile? Are my activities compulsive?“ These are important questions you must ask yourself. “Why am I doing this particular activity now?“ Don’t question other people outside. Ask yourself, because this is self-exploration.




I like to take people out of the frames and say, this is you, now meet yourself. Once you meet yourself, there is nothing else to be. Then everything is a reflection. There is no world outside if you do not exist. There is no world outside if you have no life. Everything is a projection. 




Meditation is not an activity, please understand. Meditation is a state. The state where you are dissolving yourself. This is why the idea of meditation has been violated. What we hear about now is not meditation. Meditation is actually a communion with yourself. What we experienced earlier in the Power of Purity is not a meditation. I call it a meditation to avoid all the questions about what a communion is, etc. People like concepts and make frames. I like to take people out of the frames and say, this is you, now meet yourself. Once you meet yourself, there is nothing else to be. Then everything is a reflection. There is no world outside if you do not exist. There is no world outside if you have no life. Everything is a projection.  Of course, when you are eating food, you are actually eating because you fill your belly. However, all of the intake depends on you. Whether it is food for the body, emotion for the mind, knowledge for the intellect, at any point in time anything can become a reason for obesity. Emotional obesity is possible because we watch soap operas. Trash is given in bulk and we buy it. Thus everything has that effect on us. It is important to meet you, to understand you. I think that is the best practice. You can then take methods from other masters, or whichever meditation suits you, provided you have met yourself. If you haven’t met yourself, this is the first thing you should do. If you have not recognised yourself, that is the first thing you need to do. In this way, you can move forward. Once you have met yourself, then any meditation is fine. Whatever you consume, gets digested because you are already in tune with yourself. Mind is still with the body. Body is in alignment with the mind and whatever you take is easily digested. Otherwise there is already indigestion, and you are eating more. It is then just an activity. That activity only leads to further activity and the mind is occupied. If you truly want to progress spiritually, meet yourself first and understand meditation is not an activity. Meditation is a state, where you meet yourself, where you become meditation. It is perpetual. You are constantly meditating. The mind is still.


Q: How to exhale from an imagined hole in our head?



It is an exercise where you are being aware of the top of the head, the sahasrara. If you practise that, it helps your vertical breathing, i.e. detachment. Our regular life is horizontal, or parallel to time, but we are aiming for a vertical existence. 



A: This is actually a practice. The caves of our body, the nine holes of our body, are potential gates through which the soul can leave the body. The gate used by the soul to leave the body determines your next life, or the frequency of your next life. The frequency level of your next incarnation is determined through the way the soul leaves the body. For example, in the event of a murder or suicide, the soul leaves through the lower region and remains in a dark space for a long time. It doesn’t even have the  power to take a body. This is why it sometimes goes into another body which is already existing, and why we use the term ’possessed’. Most people who die leave through their mouth because there is prarabdha pending. Whenever the soul leaves through the mouth, that means there is a life or a few lives pending. It means that the prarabdha is not over. There is a continuity. Sometimes there is a possibility of leaving through the eyes, which is actually very close to the third eye, so it means the soul may take another life or so, but with more awareness. Finally, if the soul leaves the body via the space at the top of the head, then it means the soul is leaving at will, with full control. At that time, the soul has done enough. Everything is done, and the soul is withdrawn.
How do we know? For most people, leaving the body is very painful. Why is that? Because memories, impressions are stored all over the body. The soul sits in the body. Where does the oil sit in the coconut or the almond? It’s all over. It’s activating every cell. Storage also happens all over.  People who have died and come back say that the pain is like plucking each hair from the body. This is because there is so much storage, and the soul while leaving compiles all that has to be collected, all the impressions which are stored, packing it and taking it. So there is already heavy baggage in everything. The more the baggage, the more the trouble. This is because you also have to pay the money to take the baggage through. On the other hand, say you have not stored many desires. There is not much storage, and only one bag to carry, i.e. your constitution, your character and your personality traits. These are the only things to carry. Then in that case, you just take the bag and go. Moreover, when you pass through the top of the gate, you don’t even have to hand any baggage over. There is nothing to carry. Empty-handed you came, and empty-handed you leave. You probably didn’t come empty-handed though, as you brought desires which you put in the body and experienced. However, when you leave through the top of the head, you are not carrying anything back. Everything has been done. Finished.

So, this is an exercise where you are focusing your awareness at the top of the head, the sahasrara or crown chakra. When you are breathing in that mode, you are being aware of it. It is an imaginary hole that we are creating. If you practise this, it will help your vertical breathing. Vertical breathing is akin to detachment. For example, if a table is vertical, then you can’t put anything on top. Whatever is on there falls off. However, if it is horizontal, then something can be kept on the table. Similarly, our regular life is horizontal or parallel to time, and we are aiming for a vertical existence.


Q: I sometimes struggle to practise kindness with certain people, for straight reasons or reasons clear to me. How can I overcome this?



It is only when you dilute your personality with awareness that you can be fresh with everybody, at every moment. Be life, feel life. There will be no particular character traits which are overwhelming. In that case, you are always flowing. 



A: Impression is the root cause for all your expressions. If you’ve had a bad experience with something, then you’ll project it on everything which is similar. In turn, your response becomes like that. Remember that a response always comes from the intellect. It is non-violent. A reaction however, always come from the emotions – from the mind. It is violent. Understand that these are the two ways we operate every day. One is a reaction from the mind, while the other is a response from the intellect. Response is never violent. If you consider responding, it means you are using your intellect and the mind is already coiled. The intellect says, ok this is happening. For example, somebody abuses you, you respond. When you respond, there is no violence to it. That person will stop abusing you because you are already responding. However, if you are reacting, the mind fires up. It gets aggravated. Thus, reaction and response are two ways of dealing with our daily existence. The result will depend on the faculty you are using.

When you are not able to express kindness to somebody, it means you have stored certain impressions which you are projecting onto those people. That’s why I said previously, it is only when you dilute your personality with awareness that you can be fresh with everybody, at every moment. Otherwise it will always be a case of reaction. Reaction or response. This is usual. There is no effort in it because you are by nature in that mode.  You are just doing it. When you ’do’ life, this is the result. When you ’be’ life this is different. Be life, feel life. There will be no particular character traits which are overwhelming. You will look at the same life and say, ok, life is happening, this is fine. In that case, you are always flowing. You flow and you are fine with that flow.


Q: How can one open oneself to blessings?

A: You don’t have to open up to blessings. Blessings are there. Grace is like the sunshine. However, you have to open the windows to see the sunshine. How do you open the windows? By having faith. What can you have faith in? Firstly, yourself. The best, the easiest and the most important faith is in yourself. When I say yourself, this is the beginning of the journey. You may have faith in a God outside. This is also sometimes escapism. We rely too much on a God outside and think,“God is coming to help…“ Of course, God has value, I am not saying it does not have value. Yet, whenever you are weak, your expressions are also weak. How can you be strong? Have firm faith in yourself, or at least in your existence. “I am alive and I am fine with being alive.“ It has nothing to do with others’ opinion. Others can say anything they like. Others can say that you are whoever, for example a donkey. That’s fine, because it is their opinion. They can have their opinion, and it should not affect us. Have faith in yourself, have faith in your own existence, and then at a third level, you have faith in Divinity or the Divine aspect which runs the show.



Grace is like the sunshine. However, you have to open the windows to see the sunshine. How do you open the windows? By having faith. Have faith in yourself, have faith in your own existence, and at a third level, have faith in the Divine aspect which runs the show. 



Divinity, or the Divine aspect which runs the show is like the petrol of a car. The petrol of the car is your soul, and your soul or the petrol has no interest in any destination. It merely helps your journey. Without petrol you cannot drive a car. Petrol never demands a particular destination. Petrol never says, “I need to go here.“ Petrol helps your journey, your soul is neutral. It is in a completely tranquil mode, and it needs no awareness to grow or develop. It is simply aiding your journey, just like petrol of the car. Have faith in that. This is your prime guru. Your biggest and primary guru is your own being, your own soul. You can only connect to the soul when you BE. When you feel. When you empty yourself. All the sounds are only happening in the mind. Remove all the calamities. So many calamities are seen. Ask yourself, what is not affected by any of these calamities? Then you will reach the soul. That is the only time you start connecting to yourself. Otherwise we are just sponsoring sounds. When you go to some place, get involved in an activity, you are sponsoring more and more sounds. The more you sponsor these sounds, the more you become agitated. You are dissatisfied. Why is there dissatisfaction? It’s because the mind is turbulent by nature. The mind means movement. When the mind is always on the move, when there is movement, the mind is agitated. What is your fruit actually? Stillness. Stillness is only available when you are being with your soul. You need to connect with your soul to be with your soul. When you are connected to your soul, grace is like sunshine. It flows constantly.

Understand that no guru has priorities. No guru needs anything from you. No God needs anything from you, even your puja or chanting. God is not interested. Actually we are making a lot of noise. What is this noise for? What YOU actually need is to feel the power of God. By God we mean energy, which is the basis of every creation. Everything which is moving and not moving has the same energy. Don’t think that this table has no energy. Go to the molecular and atom levels, and you will see the vibration. Everything is vibrating. Everything has a frequency and that frequency is God. Unless you connect to the tiniest at the macropoint, you will not see God or be God. This is your effort in spirituality. What you are trying to do is to be you and go to the core of you where you can actually experience God. That’s only grace, nothing else. If you have your senses to listen today, it is grace. If you are breathing today, it is grace.



Your richness is proportional to how much value you add to the world outside, not how much you consume from the Earth. 



I recently replied to one person who asked me,“Give me a reason to be alive.“ I said,“The reason is that you are alive.“ He was depressed, he wanted more reasons. I said,“Breathe. You have shelter, food to eat, money, your vehicle to drive. Aren’t these enough reasons to be alive?“ Now, what exactly do you need? Imagine you have a million dollars. Your stomach capacity will still be the same. Don’t think that more things will make you happy, it is not so. This is a mind thing. However, if you are able to add value to the world outside, you will always be rich. Your richness is proportional to how much value you add to the world outside, not how much you consume from the Earth.

Consuming is what everybody is doing. Seven billion people, animals, birds are eating. What are we giving to the world? We never think that way. Karma yoga purifies you better than any activity. On the other hand karma yoga cannot give liberation, but purity can give you liberation. So karma yoga is an essential part of any religion. Karma yoga means selfless service, selfless activity, and non-selfishness. This is important for every religion because it purifies you much more than any other activity. Make one decision,“I will give back to the Earth much more than I take from it.“ This is the only decision you need to make. Decide that every activity to come, will be related to karma yoga, to selfless service. Once you start moving in that line, other things will fall in place because your value to society grows, because you are not selfish any more and love grows. This love that grows into you brings all the grace. Grace comes in abundance. A selfish person can never ask for grace. The more selfless you become, the more grace there will be. Everything will come to you.

Some people were starting annandan (food seva) in Bombay. They said, Mohanji we are not sure when funding will come through. I said, “Start it. The funds will come.“ Until now, it has never stopped. Everything is flowing.  Take for example those in Pune who started Mohanji Ka Aangan for slum children. It is also happening. It is not because we have a bank balance, but its very nature made sure it happened. What I am saying is that make one sole decision that you will add more value to the world than you take from the Earth. Through our emotions, our appetite, we consume a lot, but we should give back more. This is the way to go. Thus grace is spontaneous. Grace flows provided you want nothing from here.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic




Levels of Human Existence

Life Positive Expo – Satsang with Mohanji – Part 2


Q: How do we overcome prarabdha (portion of past karma which is responsible for the present) and experience the free will to uplift oneself?



Prarabdha means the unfulfilled desires that brought you to this incarnation. The reason for incarnation is desires which are not complete. You must experience them.



A: That’s a really good question. Prarabdha is what made you. Prarabdha means the unfulfilled desires that brought you to this incarnation. The reason for incarnation is desires which are not complete. You must experience them. So how do you finish prarabdha? Experience that. Fulfilment is the first level of removing prarabdha. Secondly, there is a certain evolution happening while we are experiencing. There are many levels at which you can have a human existence. Though I am sure everybody here knows this because you are not new to spirituality, I will just brief through it for the sake of clarity. This evolution takes place, from animal to human, then through human you evolve to the saint, and finally from saint to God. This is a natural process, or organic growth.

When an animal evolves to a level where you attain a human body, you will still be 98% animal and 2% human. Then through various incarnations you increase your humanness. You can see this in society. If you look at society, there are people who are very animalistic, as well as those who are evolved. So in the process you have taken various bodies. This is also explained clearly in the Devi Purana, Purana of the Goddess. In the process you take various incarnations, and you reach a level where you are 90% human and 10% animal. Then again you grow and become 100% human. When you become 100% human, your only operating level will be unconditional love. There is nothing else because you have no dualities. At all the other levels, where there are partial animal characteristics, you will always be playing much more with duality. There will be greed, anger and possessiveness. All these things will be there. When you reach the 100% human level, you are more inclined to higher awareness. You want to feel higher awareness. You are kind and compassionate by nature.




There are many levels at which you can have a human existence. This evolution takes place, from animal to human, then through human you evolve to the saint, and finally from saint to God. This is a natural process, or organic growth. 



You then reach the saint state, a state where none of these things are really important. Here you are at a centered level where you want to express your kindness in a more powerful way. That’s when you become a saint. From the saint level, you then aspire for godhood because you diminish the humanness. Diminishing does not mean practically, but through awareness. Through awareness you can diminish any state. Awareness is the key and awareness is the path. Awareness is the method to diminish all your characters, all your personalities to a level where you become one with the God particle or the state of God. When you reach that state, then even your body will not matter. This is a type of samadhi state where even a seed does not exist. Not even an element of the qualities which created you as human exist. This is why some of the saints, like avadhootas lie on the side of the road. They will only eat if you give them food in the mouth, because they are not worried about food. They do not worry about the body. They are not connected to the body. They will stay in a complete bliss state of being one with universal consciousness for days. Sometimes people even brush their teeth for them, because they do not have any initiative for that. These saints are not worried about any of these things. When such people leave the body, they tighten, the other energy still stays in the body. The majority of Jiva Samadhis are like that. These are the power centers of today. Why do people go to Shirdi? It’s because the master was existing in the body, and is still existing in the body. It’s because when they leave the body, they are merely making a shift from one unit to the universe. From unit to universe is a shift. Thus we will reach a state of that level. When you are in the levels beyond the human, there is no prarabdha. Once you reached the state of a saint and you have already diminished all your vasanas, inclinations, impressions and desires, then you are beyond prarabdha.





Come with an empty cup. Never come with a full cup, because if it is empty I can fill it up. If it is already full, I cannot give anything. The value depends on how much you are able to empty yourself to receive. 



How do we overcome prarabdha? Through awareness. That is the answer. The one-word answer is awareness. When you are aware of yourself merely being an incarnation produced for the sake of fulfilling desires, then you will go through all your desires. This is laid out in time, from the first heartbeat until your last heartbeat. The experiences will only happen at a particular time. What you experience at the age of sixty, you cannot experience at the age of fifty-eight. You will only experience a particular aspect of your existence at a particular time. We call it the time-space junction. A particular thing will happen only at a particular place, to a particular person, or at a particular time. Time-space-junction. That will be totally done. This is 100% prarabdha. This is not your free will at all. You chose this. Otherwise how would you be sitting here? Ten years ago you never knew you would now be sitting here. We never decided to meet. Last year we didn’t even know we would be able to meet. This is what we call prasta prarabdha, and it is laid out in time. At this point in time, this event has to happen to this set of people. Once you clearly understand that, then you know where the free will aspect is. Free will is your experience aspect. Understand this clearly. This is the experience. If you are totally agitated now while sitting here, then you will only get a partial experience. For example, say you have attended various programmes, various other gurus’ talks, and you have come here with a prejudice, thinking “I know what this fellow is going to say.“ Then you will not listen to me. In your mind, you will only be comparing, and so you will miss the subject. That is why in zen philosophy they always say, come with an empty cup. Never come with a full cup, because if it is empty I can fill it up. If it is already full, I cannot give anything.




Papaji climbed up the steps, Ramana Maharishi looked at him, and at once Papaji became enlightened. This is the point. This is what it is. Why aren’t we able to catch that spiritual fulfillment or the pinnacle of the situation? It is because there is no emptiness. 



The value depends on how much you are able to empty yourself to receive. That is the point. That is your free will. Your receptivity, or your capacity to receive, is your free will at a given point in time. The actual given point in time is not your free will. It is your prarabdha. Your presence here now is your prarabdha. Your capacity for receptivity is your free will. This is something which you should understand. Once you understand that, you will have no calamities. There will be neither confusion nor conflict, because you already know that the only requirement is emptiness. Emptiness in life also, not only here. All you need to experience life is emptiness. You can get filled up and then emptied, again and again. Thus you always remain empty. This is the path to easy liberation. Be empty at every point in time, effortlessly. Now let’s say another programme you wish to attend comes up later. You should be empty when you go to that guru so that you can actually accept whatever he or she gives you. Don’t go thinking, “Mohanji said this, so what is she going to add?“ Never think like that. Everybody in this world has value. All these people have value. They have all been created for a purpose.  Now what can you get out of it? We don’t know and it doesn’t matter. However, when you approach any person, even a small child, go empty, because the child gives you so much. At the least, it will show you how to live in the present. A guru is not a human being. A guru is a situation, a person, Mohan. A guru is time, your life. Everything is your guru. If you are able to see that in life, you have seen everything. Understand that when you go to a place, or guru, nothing happens if there is no capacity. If there is no empty space inside, wherever you go, you remain the same. This is why there is no change happening. Transformation is not happening because there is no space to transform. Otherwise transformation can happen at lightning speed. It’s very, very simple. As an example, remember when Papaji climbed up the steps and Ramana looked at him and did not even touch him.  Standing there he became enlightened. And then Ramana Maharshi walked away to take his bath. Papaji just came up. He did not even speak to Ramana about his problem. His problem was that he suddenly became blank. He was chanting and then he forgot the chant. It means there was no mind for storage. There was no mind to produce any word. When that happened, he felt suffocation and confusion. He climbed up the steps, Ramana Maharishi looked at him and at once Papaji became enlightened. This is the point. This is what it is. Why aren’t we able to catch that spiritual fulfillment or the pinnacle of the situation? It is because there is no emptiness.




There are thousands of books about kundalini, but that will not make the kundalini rise. Unless you reduce your weight and enlightenment happens, the kundalini experience will not happen.



Almost two years ago, in 2014, I decided I was rather meaningless in this world. Most people were coming to me out of insecurity, and I hate countering insecurities because I like to empower people. Insecurity is something which is a projection of the mind. At that time, Vittal Babaji, who was pontiff of Sripada Sivallabha, the first incarnation of Lord Datta, called me unexpectedly. “I want to meet you,“ he said. My programmes were running and I was busy, but he insisted,“You fix the time.“ Finally we fixed a day and I went there. Usually I never ask a guru anything. All I produce is an empty cup, which gets filled in whatever way. Whenever I go to any master, or any place, my job is to go empty. I went to him and said to him, “Babaji, I want to speak to you privately.“ He laughed,“You have a problem“. I said,“I don’t have a problem, but I don’t know what I am doing in this world. Everybody is talking, nobody is listening. Why should I talk to people? I’d like to withdraw.“ Earlier, while I was working, I actually used to meditate for long hours and I used to have silence. I had sufficient money. There were no problems. Now the talking has become a thing because I am not compelled to talk. Talk is happening as per the audience. Recently, I have been thinking,“Why should I make more sound?“ This noise is annoying me. I said to him,“I need a permission to withdraw from the public life.“ Then he said,“Why are you are tired now?“ I said,“I am talking nonsense. What am I giving to the world?“ Then he said,“What do you think I have done all my life?“ HA HA. He said, “This is not your question. If you are sent, do your job. Don’t think. You are not supposed to think. You are supposed to deliver if you are sent.“ Then I said,“But Babaji, I have nothing to give to people. They come with questions such as ’will I get married or when will my son get a promotion?…’ It is not my job to tell them this. I am not an astrologer. Nobody is coming to me saying ’I want to evolve to the level of emptiness.’ I have nothing to give. I am empty.“ He said to me,“That is exactly what you have to give. Give emptiness to people. People are already full, they are all filled up. Now give them emptiness. This is your job. Go out and give emptiness.“ So he didn’t allow me to withdraw, but the point is the biggest gift any guru can give to any disciple is freedom. There is nothing more can you give. Nothing. You cannot give knowledge. Knowledge will happen from inside, as per the requirement. Unnecessary knowledge is obesity. You can gather so much information. There are thousands of books about kundalini, but that will not make the kundalini rise. Unless you reduce your weight and enlightenment happens, the kundalini experience will not happen. There is also another problem. If you read all these materials and you decide that your experience should be like this, then you have a problem. That is where people are getting stuck. Understand that life has to be spontaneous and natural. There is nobody exactly like you. Your experience is 100% unique to you. There is no way you can counterfeit or borrow somebody else’s experience. That is all faking. If you say you have witnessed Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, et al., I would like to ask you this. What transformation happened after this witnessing? If you became totally empty, if your frequency became higher, if you have become empty, and you need nothing from this world, then you actually had an encounter. Indeed if you connected to a master of that caliber, he would completely wipe you put. Did it happen or did you have a good time? If you had a good time, then it’s the mind’s projection. Simple. You can have any encounter that way. Mind can project one after the other. It’s like a movie, a feature film. Nothing happens, there are just some impressions, some memories, and that’s it. The movie is over and you are out. This is what is happening regarding most of the spiritual experiences we talk about. If you actually did have an encounter, or a connection with a master of power, then you would not exist. That frequency would have shifted your whole frequency into a level of emptiness where you don’t exist.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic




Water on a Lotus Leaf


Life Positive Expo – Satsang with Mohanji – Part 1



Just like water on the lotus leaf, every activity will come but will not stay, it will not get connected to the leaf, and will eventually drop off. 



Mohanji: You are feeling and you are thinking. Try to identify the person who is nothing that you would probably need to get away from, and try to connect to the person within you. The real person, the real you. Sometimes this person has no face. Even your identifications, your identities and personalities may not affect that person. If you are able to connect to that person, then all these things drop off. Then you will feel, “Ok, me and you are one.“ That way you are able to see that there is nothing to do, and that what you feel or what you see comes from inside. The person is projecting it. Thus if you want to have an experience from outside, it is already an experience inside. It has already happened. However, you may see its manifestation outside. You go through this process where you stop storing impressions. The causal layer is empty. The impressions themselves are not stored, because there are no impressions to store. You are involved in an activity. The activity is happening, yet at the same time you are not the activity. You are neither the experience nor the experiencer. This is a spontaneous stage. You cannot create this stage. You cannot create this thing inside. You become that. You are absolutely in the activity, you are fully there, but at the same time you are not involved in it at all. If you ask, “Did you have an ice cream?“ “Yes, I had the ice cream, it was very tasty. I loved it.“ So somebody liked it but at the same time was not attached to the ice cream, nor the taste, nor the impression of it. Nothing is stored. This is why they say that just like water on the lotus leaf, every activity will come but will not stay, it will not get connected to the leaf, and will eventually drop off. This integration is a spontaneous occurrence provided it stops thinking, stops acting… Even if you attend programmes, visit gurus, read books, absorb knowledge, it doesn’t matter. Everything will come and go, and you will be completely free.



1 (2)

Freedom is a state which is already in you. Gurus are merely road signs. 

Freedom is a state where you need nothing. If you have one requirement, you are not free. You are a slave to that requirement. Freedom is a state which is already in you. Don’t think that gurus are doing great work in the world. They are merely road signs. Many people go to gurus out of insecurity, and that’s a different story.
I always know if people are coming to me out of insecurity. Then it means I am not doing my job well. If I cannot empower somebody, then I am useless. Say for example people go with a guru to Kailas. It si a very, very tough journey. Those who have been there know it is not easy. Why do we go to Kailas? It is the aspiration of the mind to be still, or the aspiration of man for stillness. Kailas is equal to stillness. That means, after the third eye, the Bindu, the Bodini, the Kailas state is where you are after the explosion of consciousness. Kailas is the place where everything comes back to one dot, the Bindu in the center of the chakra. When this state happens, this means you are Shiva. This is why we go there. We go there to witness the state of being in full bliss, and it will not happen if you are only going to see Kailas. You have to feel Kailas. You have to be Kailas. That state automatically happens when Guna goes to Nirguna. Nirguna means there is nothing you can do about it. With your practices, you can only reach the third eye. Then it becomes Nirguna. Thus, all these things happen by themselves, provided you are not cramming it in. When activity takes over, beingness stops. When beingness develops, activity drops. Activity dropping does not mean getting away from everything, like going to the Himalayas. However, an activity will become an expression, an extension of you. Then all these things are finished you see. This is how it works.




Kailas is equal to stillness. Kailas is the place where everything comes back to one dot, the Bindu in the center of the chakra. When this state happens, this means you are Shiva. This is why we go there. 


Did I confuse you or did I clarify this?

Audience: it is intellectual.

Mohanji: That is our nature. That’s the constitution you created. We try to understand God with our brain.  That is why religions and dogmas are given to people. They say, “This is God.“ For example, a great scholar was walking and his servant following him. The scholar was always talking about Para Brahma, the supreme consciousness. His servant asked,“What exactly is this supreme consciousness you are talking about?“ The scholar thought his servant was an idiot. “What can I tell you about supreme consciousness?“ He then pointed in a particular direction saying, “Do you see that buffalo? It is the supreme consciousness.“ He thought, “Let him get stuck to some image.“ However, the servant began meditating on supreme consciousness as a buffalo, without the knowledge of a guru. After some time, they were travelling to a narrow street, and the servant was not coming. The scholar asked, “Why are you standing there?“ “I can’t get this buffalo through“, replied the servant. He then realised that in the subtle form, he had made Para Brahma into a buffalo with this sadhana. It is possible. You can have any image or impression you like about the supreme consciousness because it is you. It’s your projection. It is how you are and how you want it to be. So whatever we are, is the projection we’ll get. That’s why you must stop being you.



For each and every thing that comes along, you witness it, and discard it. Finally you will reach a state of emptiness where none of these concepts bind you. This is like a full-time conscious meditation, because it happens continuously in the waking state.

That is why I say, take it step by step. Whatever is in the mind, understand that it’s happening in the mind. Let’s imagine you say,“I have a concept of the guru. This is how a guru should be.“ And that’s not me. Immediately throw it out, and it will go away. For each and every thing that comes along, you witness it, and discard it. Finally you will reach a state of emptiness where none of these concepts bind you. You start feeling that none of these things are important. This is like a full-time conscious meditation, because it happens continuously in the waking state. You keep on discarding, and discarding, until you finally reach the level of emptiness. This is a constant exercise. At that point in time, you will always be alert. Then you lose your identity. Your identity also evolves, “Am I this anger? This anger is not me.“ It is a mental exercise, just like visualisation. What happens in the bargain? You are actually cutting things off from your system. Finally, it starts dropping, and when it completely drops, that is when you start feeling complete freedom. You say,“Oh, I was always free. I never knew this.“ This is because concepts were binding you. This is everybody’s journey. Then the realities start happening. With one shift from this substratum back to the subtle, you will see the whole world in a completely different light. One shift – though yes, that takes effort.   

Q: And if I react to a situation with anger?

A: That’s triggered by the impression. You have created that impression and it’s already inside you. It may not be from this life. You may have brought this character, this constitution from another life. When it is there, the first thing to do is to be aware. “At a particular situation, in a given time, space, I become agitated. I am not this anger.“ There is somebody who is not angry when I am angry. Make friends with that person who is not angry when you are angry. It’s an exercise, like a meditation.



You need to concentrate more on that awareness level, on being conscious of your consciousness. Be conscious of that state where you are not affected. You will reach a state where you are not affected by anything.



That’s why I also say, instead of going to outside courses, go within. Start practicing this exercise more and more, because going outside merely amounts to entertaining the mind. When you go to courses, programmes, and such things, mostly they are entertainment for your mind. Your mind feels good, “Ok, I learnt something.“ However, in reality, you are still the same. There has to be a shift in the mind, or a shift in your awareness. When the mind leaves, awareness is full. There is a shift. You need to concentrate more on that awareness level, on being conscious of your consciousness. Be conscious of that state where you are not affected. You will reach a state where you are not affected by anything. This is a process and it can certainly happen in one lifetime. Somebody asked Buddha, “How can we be like you?“ He said,“It’s very simple, just start meditating. Do penance.“ They said,“It isn’t possible. We have a lot of things to do.“ Then Buddha said,“Serve the guru.“ They replied,“True gurus are unpredictable.“ When you serve, you are constantly in the present, and you are also dealing with unpredictability. What then happens is that every kind of theory, every idea of having a frame, gets broken. Frames are consistently broken. What remains is your core. It is easy to create frames, the mind likes to create them. For example, when you say, “I know this person.“ Nobody actually knows anybody in reality. Nobody can know anybody. It’s impossible to know. This is because a person has three states – the waking state, dreaming state and deep sleep state. Of these three states, we only see the person during the waking state and that too, in a particular life. We can never know a person. Even if we are living together, we can never see the constitution. Thus all these things will drop off. Like a child, we will look at a person as a fresh toy, or a fresh being. Then our connection to the person is always fresh and any concepts or frames drop off.

isolated gold spring

When your flexibility is very high, the impact of wear and tear will be very little. The more flexibility you have, the easier liberation becomes.


As a general rule, when we approach a particular situation, at the first level there is the impression, and at the second level, there is expectation. When I press this button, I expect the light to be switched on. The moment I switch it on and there is no light, I become agitated because there is a problem. I had an expectation. So you will come down to the level of expectation. Both possibilities are there and it should be fine. If I continue to sit, sometimes the light won’t be there. That means I will act in another way. The flexibility level will be very high. When your flexibility is very high, the impact of wear and tear will be very little. Otherwise, we are very rigid. “This should be like that. This person should behave like this. The situation should be like this. This book should have this value. This place should have this value. If I have to spend time doing this, there should be a reason.“ Here, the cause and effect will be very harsh on you. The other perspective is, it will be ok. It will be happening, with flexibility, and there will be more flowing like a river. The more flexibility you have, the easier liberation becomes.
You do not feel much about situations. For example, a person comes to you, and behaves with you in an inappropriate way. Why does that person have the inclination to behave that way with you? There must be some reason for it. You may be in a state of savitarka samadhi, i.e. a state where you have a problem or a question, and you must have an answer, otherwise your mind is not peaceful. That’s the state where most of us exist. From there we shift to nirvitarka. You have a situation, a state, and though you know there is an answer, you are not worried about the answer. This is the first level you reach. Ok, there is an answer to everything, but it doesn’t matter to me. Then you start accepting yourself much more. If you analyse deeply, most of the conflicts we experience happen because we do not accept ourselves, not the other person. We haven’t shaken hands with ourselves very well. We always look outside and actually believe what others think about us. We marry it without even considering whether it is true, whether “This is me.“ The royals or people who make history always write a version of history which makes them appear beautiful. The real history doesn’t matter, you should look good! Like that, we always like to be good. Sometimes it is better to know the reality than to feel good, because if we always try to wear a mask, reality is different. Then you cannot be liberated. You need to know the naked truth, the real you beyond all the masks, beyond all the concepts, beyond all those things which are displayed outside. Beyond the personality, there is something which is the core of you. That core person is not affected by any of these projections.


Sitting inside the frames is the easiest thing to do. Creating your own path is very difficult. Very few people are original these days.

So this is the answer. We need to accept, and to do this , we need to be flexible. Flexibility, and acceptance, is equal to liberation. That is a daily life liberation. We need to be liberated, but not because ’Mohanji says we should be flexible’. Not like that. Flexibility should be your nature, and for that to happen you have to accept yourself, both the good and the bad. Many people, especially in the West, have a fear of failure. Failure is not acceptable. You cannot, you must not fail. Even in India, this is so. The system is made in such a way, that if you fail in anything you do, then it’s a big problem. You will feel shame in society. Actually, it should be the other way around. For example, many people who do not do so well in their karmic route, do very well later on because they were original. They will not be contaminated. However, those who do very well in a karmic route sense, can be extremely mediocre. This is because they can only work within frames. Why is this so? It’s because sitting inside the frames is the easiest thing to do. It’s easy, very easy. However, creating your own path is very difficult, and perhaps even impossible. You are exposed to all kinds of situations in the world. The world is not always kind. Situations can sometimes be very cruel. That’s what makes you. When the world is not so kind, it makes you powerful, because you have no choice. You have to survive. However, it’s not in the negative sense, such as you kill somebody and survive. Surviving means you have to increase your vigilance, you have to pump more iron. I believe this is very good. If you are not ordinary, that’s good. People will not accept you, but it is good as you are being original. Very few people are original these days. Out of 7.3 billion people, how many are original? Looking good, feeling good, smelling good, this is what the focus is on… everything, except being you. Finally, remember also that, if somebody wants to, will,  accept you the way you are, then this a real friend for you. These kinds of people are real friends for you. These are the only people who matter.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


Don’t Light the Fire with a Firefly


We would rather continue to remain within our frames

We would rather continue to remain within our frames and believe in them, than take a Master’s words of wisdom and transform ourselves.


There is an ancient story about a monkey. The monkey was feeling very cold in the tree and wanted some heat.  A firefly was flying in the sky.  The monkey caught the firefly, put some dry leaves down and started blowing to try and make a fire.  A bird who was also sitting in the tree, and watching this show, said to the monkey, “Look, it doesn’t have any fire. You cannot light a fire with a firefly!”.  The monkey said, “Go away, I know my job!”.  The bird kept quiet.  Again the monkey blew and blew over the firefly and leaves. Still nothing happened. Again the bird said, “Look this is foolish, you cannot light the fire with a firefly!”.  So each time, the bird would tell the monkey the same thing, and the monkey became more and more upset, not because of his failure, but because he refused to accept the wrongness of his action.  He refused to accept that he was not doing the right thing. Finally, the monkey caught the bird and killed it.  What is the meaning of this story?  The Masters have always been telling people, “Look here, don’t try to light a fire with a firefly”.  What do the people do? They kill the Master. No generation is any different.  The same thing happened to Jesus, the same thing happened to Socrates, Naneshwara and Osho.  This is the world we live in.  We would rather continue to remain within our frames and believe in them, than take a Master’s words of wisdom and transform ourselves. We don’t do that.  So what is the solution?  Our own karma will destroy us.  There is nothing anybody can do.  It is then recycled back to the Golden Age where there are very few people, all are enlightened beings, higher masters, and where there is no duality. Then 1.7 billion years pass and the level of consciousness comes down again. This cycle has been going on for some time, even for the Gods and Deities connected to this era.  This set of eras will get recycled. Please understand that this is not just about the Earth. It also applies to all the planes connected to Earth or connected to this substratum.  The whole substratum changes, so it is not just a polar shift on Earth. There are various, more subtle layers connected to this sphere.


Those who are eligible, meaning those who are empty, receptive and flexible enough to go to the next plane, will automatically get elevated because they are already detached from this life. For them detachment from everything is not a big deal. However, those who are ownership oriented and bound, those who are focused on the Me, the Mine, and who are selfish and greedy, will have to be annihilated.  In the bargain a lot of other destruction will happen. 


Now, in this situation, what is the main deciding factor which creates all this unrest?  Have you ever thought about it?  Time.  Time is the factor which is creating this.  By the time we wake up, it is already night.  We are moving at full speed in a time where we are not allowed to use our intellect.  Everything is continuously on an emotional plane. It is even more challenging now to use our intellect, and transcend being merely emotional and unconscious.


We are sleeping.  How do we become something

We are sleeping. How do we become something, or move along further, if we have not woken up?


Last week, a boy wrote to me and said he wanted to place one message on his wall, something beautiful, something which would remind him of what he needs to do every day.   So I told him, “WAKE UP!”.  Write it in big letters, “Wake up!”  In order to become something, the first step you need to take is to wake up!  We have not woken up.  We are sleeping.  How do we become something, or move along further, if we have not woken up?


Q:   How to Let Go?


A: In the first instance, you have to accept yourself and you need to know what you are accepting.  You need to know what you are accepting, and to do this you need to know what you are.  As I said yesterday, “You need to shake hands with yourself”. You need to address and accept all your strengths and weaknesses alike.  Once you do that, then you know what the blocking factors are. 


Secondly, you should accept the environment you find yourself in, and which you chose before taking birth.  The environment includes your relatives, your parents, your children and your family. They are all part of the environment you chose before you took this birth.  This is exactly the expression that you wanted to have in this life, so stop resisting it.  Do not resist your environment.  Accept yourself and accept the environment.  When you accept yourself and you accept your environment, you automatically start releasing emotions. Resistance retains emotions. Acceptance, releases emotions.  When you constantly accept the environment, yourself, and move without resistance, then karma gets diluted.


When you look within, you will see everything

When you look within, you will see everything. When you see yourself, you see the whole universe. Everything is interconnected. Life becomes easy.


When you are operating in the current moment, with what is available, you will automatically release all your concepts as well.   When you operate in the present, with full acceptance of yourself, knowing and accepting your capacity and operating to your full potential, this is the time when you are actually free.  When in that mode, write down whatever you see as a blocking factor on paper.  What are the blocking factors, the factors which are blocking you from accepting yourself as you are?  What are the factors which make you compare yourself with other people?  You cannot be another person, because that person is already taken. What are the factors which make you angry and upset with life?  What are the factors which make you sick and what are the factors which make you happy? This requires meditation and internalization.  When you look within, you will see everything.  When you see yourself, you see the whole universe. Everything is interconnected.  Life becomes easy.


Know Where Your Feet Should Be And Where Your Head Should Be


Earlier, to attain something, we used to do penance, deep penance, for years in isolation in the forests.  Now, if you close your mind and connect, you can get there, you can get it.   Thus, time is helping you in another way.   The main challenge is, how do we extract ourselves from social movements, such as emotional movements? An example is Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  For how many hours did we watch television to know who slept with who? Is it a serious matter at all?  Do we really care who Bill Clinton sleeps with?  This is exactly where we stand. Degeneration is at its height.


Degeneration is at its height. We spend a lot of time

Degeneration is at its height. We spend a lot of time on matters that are not really needed.

Meanwhile, organized crime is happening on a large scale and various organizations are money laundering.  The forests are being destroyed for the sake of cattle farms. There are a lot of animals. A lot of vaccines have been created. These vaccines are killing children. Yet we are not worried about this. Cattle farms are increasing the temperature of the Earth, producing biogases in the air.  The oil wells are causing pollution. Yet none of these things are creating any discussion or outrage.  Instead, we are interested in knowing with whom Bill Clinton sleeps with!  This is exactly the degeneration that I am talking about. Does it matter? These are very small things compared to the Earth, which is getting destroyed. These are clear signs of degeneration.   We are more interested in voting over the phone so that someone wins. It is glorified begging. We all vote, the person wins and he gets his money! We spend a lot of time on matters that are not really needed. I am not saying that you should bore yourself to death, that is not the point. However, it is important to understand where our feet should be and where our head should be.


Q:  When Can We Expect The Golden Age?


A: The same question was asked to Sathya Sai Baba. Somebody asked “When can we expect the Golden Age?” and he said “Now! Wake up and then it is the Golden Age!” (to cheers, laughter and applause).


Q: How Do You Know You Are Living The Truth?


A: You know you are living your truth when you are relaxed about what you are doing, and when you are peaceful about it.


Q: Sometimes I wake up and feel everything is okay, but tomorrow I might wake up and I just don’t see the point.


A:  That is the way the mind works. Everybody’s mind is the same.  You cannot have consistency with the fluctuating mind. It’s not just you. 7 billion people are also affected. What they call “a bad hair day” is for everybody’s sake.  Some days are like that. It never styles or sits properly!


The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do

The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do. If you do not have a choice between what you have to do and what you love to do, then start a hobby and do what you love to do.


However, it is easy to know if we are in the right activity, because we feel good about it.  The difference is between doing what you have to do, versus what you love to do.  If you do not have a choice between what you have to do and what you love to do, then start a hobby and do what you love to do.  I will give you an example. Say you are a bank clerk, but your passion is singing.  Definitely do your banking job so you have your income and support, but do also have a hobby on the side of singing somewhere, so that there is always a balance between what you have to do, and what you love to do.


Q:  What about the time factor?  If you are a bank officer, you may not have the time.


A:  You cannot sing at the bank and also do the banking job. (laughter) Time management is something you really have to consider.


Q: I feel unhappy all the time doing my job for income. I do it 8 hours a day. Is this okay?


A:  No, this is not okay. This is pressure. You are doing something for the sake of income. It is forced and there is no satisfaction. If it is a compulsory activity that you cannot change or leave for whatever reason, then you must have something else that will compensate for the stress here.  Also, if your hobby is exhausting, then understand that it is not a hobby.


Q:  What if you are just exhausted?


A: If you like what you do, then you are never exhausted. How many hours do I work every day? I never get exhausted.


Q: If you have a job you don’t like maybe?


A:  Sometimes you cannot cut off a certain source of income, because there is no other source. You have to continue, and go through it.  At the same time, however, do something which brightens you up, something which lights the lamp within you. This should also happen on the side.   At some point in time, you should then decide okay now this is enough. That call to change things will come from within.  Nobody else can tell you. That call will come from within you.


Another point is, do not try and do everything yourself.  It is very important to connect to people who have the same tastes as you.   I like to say, find your own blood, meaning find the people who have the same tastes or aspirations, and the same hobby as you. Conglomerate, and then express yourself as a group.  Most music bands are simply a conglomeration of people coming together for the sake of expression.


When we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us

When we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us. However, those who have failed many times are often very successful later on.


Do you know why people get stuck in certain situations for a long time?  It is due to the fear of failure.  The fear of failure is very, very strong.  The fear of success is okay, it is manageable! (laughter).  However, when we have a fear of failure, it almost paralyzes us.  I say to people, why do we think everything should be successful? In my experience, those who have failed many times are often very successful later on. I have found this to be true especially with those who are non-educated, illiterate. I worked for many years in Dubai. Some people arrive there on a visitor visa, not even an employment visa.  Some of them are unskilled. They don’t even know what 2+2 is, but they are ready to work. What happens is that they will scratch somebody’s back, get some piecemeal job and then it will catch on and on.  Finally they get an employment visa and then again they will connect with someone else.  Again, you scratch my back and I scratch yours, and after some time they have something of their own. I have seen that happen. What most people do however, is sit near the swimming pool and put their finger in the water, wondering whether the water is hot or cold, and they never take a dip!   A decision is never made, and that is why nothing ever happens in their life! I say fail for some time, no problem. It cannot rain every day. There has to be sunshine on some days!  Take the walk. These kind of people talk about various aspirations, “I want to go here, I want to build this, I want to do that”, and alas they do this until retirement and maybe even until death, but ultimately they have nothing of their own in their pocket.  It’s an utter waste of time! Run away from such people. Those who are realistic, will not talk much but they will do more.  This is good company. They know what to do. They will not talk much and they can be trusted. They are active.


This reminds me of a joke. A man comes home from work and he hears the children crying and shouting.  He asks his wife, “Why are these children crying? I have tremendous stress at the office, and I have to come home to all this noise!  I cannot even enter the house!”. She replies, “They are crying because they want to watch the National Geographic Channel and see the animals”. He says, “Then why don’t you switch on the TV and show them the channel?”.  She says, “I have been telling you to pay the bill for the last month and a half, and now they have cut that channel.  There is nothing on the television”.  He could not blame anybody else. He went to the toilet, and when he returned the children were calm and had stopped crying. He asked his wife, “How did you manage to pacify them?”.  She said, “I gave them our wedding album and they are looking at the pictures of your relatives!”


Transcribed by Jayshree Mene

Connecting to your Higher Self

An excerpt from a satsang is South Africa, 2014

Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see

Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see things from above and you are not bound by emotions or activities.



Q: Is it possible to connect to our higher self?

A: Your higher self is already with you. As I’ve said before, the blocking factor is the mind. We already have a higher and lower self. There is only a difference in frequency. Higher self means a frequency, or a level of operation, where you see things from above and you are not bound by emotions or activities. You can see the whole tapestry of the situation from a higher perspective. Once you are able to see that, then you are operating from the higher self. This is your choice. You can operate from your higher self anytime you like. It’s up to you. And how do you do this?
First of all, you need to start keeping a gap between your activity and yourself. There is you, your activity, and there is a gap in the middle. Don’t be the activity. Usually what happens is that we indulge and completely dissolve into action. Likewise with you and the world. You are observing yourself talking, observing yourself thinking, observing yourself acting and doing things. Whatever you do, you are a witness to it. Once you slowly, slowly enter into that mode, then the higher self is operating one hundred percent. This is because you are not bound by the results of your actions. You are acting on a purposeful basis. Whenever there is an action on a purposeful basis, it is only the higher self.


If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid

If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid of anything at all, then these are clear signs of operating from higher frequency.


A prime example is how Jesus operated. If you read the Bible, it is clear that he never wasted a moment. Where was this energy coming from? It happens when one’s operating level shifts to the level of one hundred percent purpose. You have a clear purpose, a clear objective. You accomplish what you must within a particular period of time, and then you exit the body. In the case of Jesus, the particular time period in which he went about as a wandering preacher was probably only eight years. However those eight years were intense because he was operating one hundred percent in higher frequency. This is exactly where higher energy operates through you. Then you are not tired. You have no fear, no tiredness. These are the signs. You are also absolutely peaceful inside. Irrespective of what you may be experiencing outside, you are not ruffled inside. This is a clear sign of operating from the higher self, from a higher frequency. If you are consistently operating at the level of peace and if you are not afraid of anything at all, then these are clear signs of operating from higher frequency.


Conviction alwazs comes from the truth...

Conviction always comes from the truth. When you are operating at the level of truth, then conviction happens spontaneously. Fear will leave, because there is nothing to be afraid of.


This can be achieved. In order to achieve it though, you need to maintain a separation between your thought, word, action, and you.  Ultimately, this practice will evolve into a state where everything happens around you, or through you, but you are not bound by any of it. You are not controlled by any of it. You are fearless. Remember Jesus. He was playing with fire. He was encountering and fighting with the established priests of his time. Nobody wanted him to stay free. Even today, imagine if you go and fight with all the great priests of the temple, church, mosque or any such place. Do you think they will let you go like that? They will say “Who are you to talk like this? We know the scriptures.“ And this is exactly what happened with Jesus. Where was his conviction coming from? Conviction always comes from the truth. When you are operating at the level of truth, then conviction happens spontaneously. Fear will leave, because there is nothing to be afraid of. What is the maximum you can do to me? Kill me? Ok go ahead. You will kill the body, but never the spirit. Thus with clear understanding, and clarity, if you are operating in such a way, then it is definitely from the higher self. Yes, it is indeed possible to connect to your higher self.

Transcribed by Milica Bulatovic