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We have been discussing alternative realities, parallel realities, and many things connected to that. So, a natural question will happen in human minds as to why we are unable to see things beyond our usual peripherals. It’s very simple – our training. We are trained to live in this world; we are trained to handle materials, matter. Not exactly the subtle matter, but the gross matter, things of life, situations of life. Scientific explanations of things that are tangible. It occupies our time. It occupies our minds. We are what occupies our mind. What occupies our mind more, we become that.

Imagine our mind is occupied by the presence of our soul. The most subtle aspect within us is our soul. Imagine we are trying to find the eternal aspect – the only real aspect, the truth aspect, and the most intangible aspect of ourselves, which is the soul. If we contemplate, meditate, and settle down in that aspect through consistent efforts, our realities will change. We will detach slowly from the gross, tangible perishable aspects of our existence to the intangible, but yet imperishable aspect of our existence.


This is one reason or the reason why we are not able to understand and assimilate or experience the intangible aspect; it is because we are not trained to do that, because our desires are external by nature. We travel externally. We go outside. We do not think, perceive, or understand anything internal; even the three aspects of our existence every 24 hours, such as the waking state, dream state, and the deep sleep state. If we just contemplate on these three states, we will see a shift happening in the awareness. We will start recognizing ourselves more, understanding ourselves more. The only thing that we need to understand is ourselves. The only thing that we need to assimilate and align into, is ourselves.

When we understand the intangible states of existence, we start connecting to them automatically. Spontaneously, we will experience shifts in dimensions. Shift happens only with time, and awareness of the shift happens only with contemplation. Think about it, feel it, each segment. And eventually, the awareness will float like a boat over water, tranquil water, where the three states happen spontaneously – the waking state, the dream state, and the deep sleep state. While they are happening, awareness will be floating like a boat above all these states. That is the state we call the fourth state, Turiya. When you move to the fourth state where you witness your other states being demonstrated in your life, spontaneously, perpetually, we understand there is a vertical time where past, present, and future remain the same, or at the same place, or it’s happening right now at the same time.


This can lead to alternative realities, or parallel realities, which are non-linear, that means not connected to the linear reality that we are used to, such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after; last year, this year, next year, like that. Instead, all these years are happening together, that’s the state of time that the soul operates in. For the soul, one life is just one day, or not in the linear level, but it’s just one existence. It had an existence before. It has existence now; it will have an existence in the future. But that past, present, and future are not valid for the soul, because it’s not bound by time. That’s the most eternal aspect of our existence. It’s not bound by time. And that makes a big difference.


We are nature. We are natural. That means our tangible existence is connected to nature. And our existence is natural. But there is something supernatural within us. And that’s the soul particle, the soul element, the living energy element. When it leaves, we call this frame, a dead body. If we have to go beyond illusions to the truth, to the reality which is permanent by nature, we have to connect to the soul, and the path is that of silence, beingness, not activity. After a while, each activity will become tranquil and stabilize to beingness. And beingness is the true state of the soul, not doingness; doingness is the state of the linear mind, the linear existence, but beingness is the state of the soul. Once we become aware of that state, once we tangibly feel the intangible, the supernatural within us, then we start to see various realities in the same frame.


Thank you for listening to this podcast.

Do contemplate on it. Do discuss with your friends and let me know what you feel. If you have further questions, do send them to me.

Thank you. This is Mohanji for you.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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How do I spend more time at the being level?


This question has come from a listener. It’s about explanations on how to stay at the being level. We simply understand what we consist of. We have the physical body, and we have the mind, intellect, and ego as processors. And we have the subtle factor, which energizes all these faculties. In this context, the ego factor maintains doership and ownership of action. It also keeps the personality traits such as possessions and positions.

When we become aware of this, we tend to understand that it’s just an illusion that we have created during our waking state. But we are experiencing life even when we are sleeping, dreaming. When we realize that we have other dimensions, we also have other dimensions, which are equally important, and they also give us experiences, then we can take a step away from ownership of actions to beingness.

being level

Beingness – this simply means just being aware of your words, your actions, and your existence in all planes and in all levels. How to exist in beingness forever or always? Very simple, be aware. Just be aware. Always be aware of all your actions, all your emotions, all the thoughts, all the words, and all the expressions. Everything is spontaneously happening at a particular time, or at different times, in different places, with different sets of people, and we are only gaining experiences out of them. Plus, we are also expressing ourselves in that context. So, through expressions and through experiences, we are having a thing called life. This is what we are… Numerous activities, numerous times, numerous places, different things, but at the same time, we are just experiencing and expressing, so that’s a static thing.

The static thing about life is expressions and experiences. When we become a witness to both of these, we are already at the being level. ‘Being’ is being aware of every activity. Being aware of the consciousness which stays the same in the waking state, dream state, and deep sleep state. We are aware of the consciousness, which is beyond all these states. Even beyond the consciousness, we are being aware of the soul element, which, when it leaves the body, we call it a dead body. We have time here from birth until death. We have experiences out of this space, and we have expressions in this space. This is our life. When we are fully aware of our life in this context, and we are only witnessing it without judging, without criticizing, without comparing, without doing anything, or without having any doership or ownership, then you are free.


I will give you a story to prove this beingness. Saint Vyasa was meditating under a tree near the River Yamuna. And Lord Krishna and his people were on the other side. A group of people came to see Lord Krishna from the village, and they had carried a lot of sweetmeats to be given to Krishna, which Krishna loved. When they came close to the river, they realized the river was flooding, it was overflowing, swollen. And no boatman will take them to the other side, because it was dangerous. So, they decided to sit in front of Vyasa until he opened his eyes after the meditation to ask him what they could do now?

They waited a few hours; Vyasa opened his eyes and saw that a lot of people were sitting in front of him. He asked, “Where are you coming from? Why are you here? What do you want from me?” They explained their story. They came to see Krishna, Krishna was on the other side of the river, and they can’t cross because there was no boatman or boat, there was no boatman willing to take them there. So, they asked him, “What should we do now?” Vyasa asked, “Have you brought something for Krishna?” and they said, “Yes, we have a basket full of sweetmeats which Krishna loves, made out of ghee, made out milk and ghee which Krishna usually used to love. He said, “Show me.” They opened the basket and they showed him, and he started eating. They couldn’t say anything because this was Vyasa. He started eating. He ate almost half the basket, he was pretty hungry. And they couldn’t do anything; they were just looking in awe, and in embarrassment, because they couldn’t tell him please stop because we have to take it to Krishna. Once he finished almost half the basket, he closed it. He said okay now you take it, and come with me. He took them to the river banks of Yamuna. And he said, “If I have not eaten anything, let the river part.” And the river parted. The villagers were surprised. How come? He has been eating in front of our eyes and he’s eaten almost half the stuff from the basket. And he says I have not eaten anything let the river part, and it parted. How come? Anyway, Vyasa said, “Don’t wait – cross.” They crossed the river; they went to the other side and the river came back to its original form. Vyasa stayed on this side. And they were really reluctant to tell Krishna about this or tell Krishna that they haven’t brought anything, because they didn’t want to give Krishna half a basket. While they were walking towards Krishna’s Palace, they saw Krishna resting on a bench in a garden. He was sleeping. They waited. He woke up. Krishna saw them sitting in front of him. And he was excited to see them, his old friends. He asked, “Oh, when did you come? Welcome! I’m happy to see you. By the way, what have you brought?” They were trying to hide the basket and then they said, “Oh we brought some sweetmeats.” ‘Oh no, no, no, don’t give it to me now, I am full of the same thing.”

Saint Vyasa

That means when Vyasa was eating, Krishna’s belly was getting full. That means, in perfect beingness you are everything. So, Vyasa was consuming this in the consciousness of Krishna and Krishna’s belly was getting full. He said’ I’ve eaten the same thing; my belly is full of the same thing. I can’t eat that now but thank you for bringing me.” So that is what Vyasa said, “If I have not eaten. Let the river part,” and it parted because he had not eaten. Even though his body was consuming, his consciousness was merged in Krishna.

If your consciousness is completely merged in the Supreme Consciousness, or if your individual consciousness is completely merged with the Supreme Consciousness, you have no doership, you have no ownership, you have no karma. This is as simple as that.

I hope you have understood this point. Please think about it, ponder on it and try to imbibe it, try to feel it, or try to understand it in a deeper sense.

I wish you great success. See you again soon.

Lots of love.

This is Mohanji for you.



Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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Concepts and Truths

The Creation
If there are 7 Billion people on earth, there are so many personalities, with concepts, ideas, fears, conditionings, and all other flavors of life that one could possibly think about. As I have always mentioned, constitution wise, we are “hand-made” and not a factory product that looks and feels alike and whenever man tried to create evenness among his subjects, serious tragedies took place; wars, death and displacements happened. Look into the history of man-kind, you will understand what I am talking about.
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
Life as a Stage Show
Each being on earth is unique, irrespective of the species. This also implies on one’s free will. We create our destiny. We ourselves, through our own thoughts, words, emotion and action created our own destiny. We are the creator or script writer of our own life. Soul is only the aiding factor or the fuel that fulfils the journey – the energy that made the script into action. Nobody else is responsible for your life, your experience, even though many a time, you need co-actors to bring forth effects in experience. So, many actors sequentially join and leave the play and each actor has his or her relevance in the play. None is less or more important. Everyone added their flavor. In your life story, you are certainly the hero and the rest are the supporting actors. But, for each supporting actor, they are the hero of their own script. Comedy, tragedy, drama, action, horror, satire and all its variations are usually part of every script. Each actor represent different flavors of life. They join hands and spice up the drama of your life. They make it worth it. Sometimes the show makes you cry, sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it creates fear, sometimes love. The story continues. Many characters happen in the play.
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
Concepts and questions such as why cannot god remove evil from earth makes no sense when we understand how the infinite power operates. God is neutral, just like our own soul. It is objective, non-interfering and in perfect detachment from the actor or the action. God allows all characters to come and perform on the stage or it never interferes at least. Since each player is also the script writer of his own drama, God allows the experience of the play, irrespective of its theme and reason. There is no good and bad in God’s realm. There is only truth and experience. Man goes through many relative truths before he understands and attains the absolute truth. This trial and error is part of every being’s life. God shall not take away this experience of existing in duality until one finds his unity. Duality is indeed the state as well as experience that leads one to unity. This truth cannot be underestimated. Without duality, there is no creativity. When me and my father becomes one, there is nothing to experience anymore. Only when the object and the experiencer are separate from one another, there is an experience. When eyes becomes one with the sight, there is nothing to see. When tongue becomes taste, there is nothing to taste. When ego and all identities dissolve and man becomes one with God, there is no more search. There is only beingness.
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
This state can be achieved only at the end of the drama. The chosen script should be acted and completed before the merger can happen. The audience or the operator cannot interfere and change the script nor duration. Sometimes, some characters attain sudden death and disappear from the drama. Even this is part of the original script even though it may seem to the audience as quite dramatic. This is the chosen effect, by the script writer. If a WOW! happens in the lips of the audience, the script writer attains fulfillment, even if it means a tragedy.
Social Role Play
Society consists of all sorts of beings. Variety in looks and variety in flavors makes life worth it. Monotony and stagnation always creates boredom, stress and delivers a depressed existence. Motivation to excel helps maintain energy levels. Society works on systems. Various players make it complete. The job of a policeman, doctor and an engineer are distinct and each of them add value to the overall collective existence. A doctor is expected to cure illness while a policeman is expected to maintain law and order. Each one has his chosen path and expressions. One cannot be replaced by the other, even though there could be possible combinations.
There are expressions in beings which brings forth happiness or sorrows or both. Various expressions from various flavors of love – the highest being unconditional love – to lesser emotions such as greed, hatred, jealousy, anger so on and so forth. These are all flavors that the script writer wrote in his personal drama of life, out of choice of out of ignorance. What has the God, the audience or spectators got to do with it?
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
If someone ever states that God or Guru should prevent evil from spoiling the broth of life, it is indeed a sign of perfection in non-understanding. Just as the soul, the energy and electricity does not interfere in our thought process, words of action, and just assists fulfillment, God shall not remove duality at any cost, unless it chooses to remove relativity and dissolve everything back into itself. Until the huge universal drama ends, the smaller – much micro dramas will continue. God shall not pull the plug.
Coming back to our realm, If everyone does his part well, society would be a better place. If a policeman handles law and order honestly and purposefully, people will live in peace. If the ruler is objective, selfless and benevolent, people will live fearlessly. If laws ensure justice on time, crime will be less. When greed and selfishness dominates a society, calamities will happen. When purposelessness dampens the morale of the society, wars will happen. These are some of the basic ground rules of existence.
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
Thus, as individuals are creating their own script of life, the society is built up on collective scripts. No God or Guru is responsible for that. Duality or relativity made life possible in its existing variety. Minus relativity, there is no creativity. Minus creativity, there is no experience, or fulfillment. Minus fulfillment, there is no reason for existence. So, how can God interfere? He is the facilitator and not the creator of the micro dramas. If your rulers and policemen cannot prevent crime, if the education systems cannot develop higher awareness in society, what has God got to do with it? It is the problem with the operating levels of the society which consists of people. It is not the job of a saint to maintain law and order. His job is to guide those who choose to come to him, follow him and stay with him to higher levels of awareness. In that effort, miracles can take place. No true guru will perform miracles of higher or lower impact, just for the sake of creating thrill in people because siddhis bind and often enslave the performer. It is indeed the faith of the disciple that facilitates it. Those who come to test gets nothing. Those who develops faith can spontaneously experience higher realities. As Jesus said “May your faith heal you”. No true Guru will also interfere in the free will of the people or society. The star villains of our epics such as Hiranya Kashyapu, Kamsa, Ravana or Mahishaasura had their own free existence before being deleted from the system by avatars that came specifically for this extermination job. There were saints and higher masters living in those periods too. Why was the duality maintained? This is how the universe operates. Society that craves for peace should create awareness. They should shed greed and jealousy. When greed for profits achieve insensitive proportions, the soul of earth suffers. The environment decays. The Guru or God has nothing to do with it. One last question on the same subject. Even if a Guru or God comes forward and volunteer to cleanse the society, and prescribes the ways to do it, will the subjects follow it unconditionally? If yes is the answer, we would have already done that. We would not have assassinated Jesus and Socrates – those who only spoke truth. We would have lived according to the teachings of Bhagawat Gita, Ashtravakra Gita, Avadhootha Gita or the great eternal teachings of saints who followed Sanatana Dharma. We would definitely have lived by the teachings of Gita and Satcharithas. There should be clear understanding before we complain about our own state. Who is creating them, maintaining them, and enjoying them? This is important to realize.
Mohanji_Concepts and truths
Pseudo Spirituality
Why are many still groping in darkness as far as spirituality is concerned? Good question. This is because people are going after “feel good” stuff, cults and organized patterns while each one of us are unique creations and every capsule cannot suit everyone. The comfort zone spirituality cannot ensure any growth. Stillness is the nature of the supreme God. If the aim is to achieve that, shedding is important. Everything should dissolve and there can be no duality. Only oneness with the God. Until we achieve that, we need to practice witness hood  objectivity, and stillness. Many people who are in the path are just entertaining themselves with activities believing that more activity will get them more results. This is perfect non-understanding. Beingness evolves the man and not doingness.
Gratitude Matters
Good question. Gratitude will indeed help in spiritual growth. But, people forget fast as they are using their conscious mind for their daily life. They go after glitters and others opinions instead of own experience. Jesus healed many leprosy patients. There was no cure for leprosy during those days. Leprosy patients were locked and sealed in caves and left to die! They walked with a bell around their neck to warn people. Yet, once they were healed, they dissolved into the society without even a glance of gratitude for the healer. Their ego did not permit them to declare in the society that they were leprosy patients in the past. Jesus did not expect any gratitude though. It would have been a great evolution for the consciousness of the patients, if they stood up and thanked the healer; nor did they come to his assistance when Pilate asked the question if Jesus should be pardoned. All those who benefited by Jesus never gave anything back to him. This is the nature of our society. Gratitude is good for the seeker. The real guru wants nothing.
Love You Always