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We have been discussing alternative realities, parallel realities, and many things connected to that. So, a natural question will happen in human minds as to why we are unable to see things beyond our usual peripherals. It’s very simple – our training. We are trained to live in this world; we are trained to handle materials, matter. Not exactly the subtle matter, but the gross matter, things of life, situations of life. Scientific explanations of things that are tangible. It occupies our time. It occupies our minds. We are what occupies our mind. What occupies our mind more, we become that.

Imagine our mind is occupied by the presence of our soul. The most subtle aspect within us is our soul. Imagine we are trying to find the eternal aspect – the only real aspect, the truth aspect, and the most intangible aspect of ourselves, which is the soul. If we contemplate, meditate, and settle down in that aspect through consistent efforts, our realities will change. We will detach slowly from the gross, tangible perishable aspects of our existence to the intangible, but yet imperishable aspect of our existence.


This is one reason or the reason why we are not able to understand and assimilate or experience the intangible aspect; it is because we are not trained to do that, because our desires are external by nature. We travel externally. We go outside. We do not think, perceive, or understand anything internal; even the three aspects of our existence every 24 hours, such as the waking state, dream state, and the deep sleep state. If we just contemplate on these three states, we will see a shift happening in the awareness. We will start recognizing ourselves more, understanding ourselves more. The only thing that we need to understand is ourselves. The only thing that we need to assimilate and align into, is ourselves.

When we understand the intangible states of existence, we start connecting to them automatically. Spontaneously, we will experience shifts in dimensions. Shift happens only with time, and awareness of the shift happens only with contemplation. Think about it, feel it, each segment. And eventually, the awareness will float like a boat over water, tranquil water, where the three states happen spontaneously – the waking state, the dream state, and the deep sleep state. While they are happening, awareness will be floating like a boat above all these states. That is the state we call the fourth state, Turiya. When you move to the fourth state where you witness your other states being demonstrated in your life, spontaneously, perpetually, we understand there is a vertical time where past, present, and future remain the same, or at the same place, or it’s happening right now at the same time.


This can lead to alternative realities, or parallel realities, which are non-linear, that means not connected to the linear reality that we are used to, such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after; last year, this year, next year, like that. Instead, all these years are happening together, that’s the state of time that the soul operates in. For the soul, one life is just one day, or not in the linear level, but it’s just one existence. It had an existence before. It has existence now; it will have an existence in the future. But that past, present, and future are not valid for the soul, because it’s not bound by time. That’s the most eternal aspect of our existence. It’s not bound by time. And that makes a big difference.


We are nature. We are natural. That means our tangible existence is connected to nature. And our existence is natural. But there is something supernatural within us. And that’s the soul particle, the soul element, the living energy element. When it leaves, we call this frame, a dead body. If we have to go beyond illusions to the truth, to the reality which is permanent by nature, we have to connect to the soul, and the path is that of silence, beingness, not activity. After a while, each activity will become tranquil and stabilize to beingness. And beingness is the true state of the soul, not doingness; doingness is the state of the linear mind, the linear existence, but beingness is the state of the soul. Once we become aware of that state, once we tangibly feel the intangible, the supernatural within us, then we start to see various realities in the same frame.


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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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