Is the world an illusion?

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We have spoken about alternative realities in the past. Today, let’s touch upon the subject of illusions. We have heard time and again that the world is an illusion. How can the world be an illusion? It’s so tangible; it’s so real. It creates emotions, so it can’t be illusions. But the truth is, we see the world as we are. If we are in a very romantic mood, we see the whole world as being romantic. When we are pessimistic, we see the world as being pessimistic. When we are happy, we see the world also as happy. When we have sorrows, we see the world as being full of sorrows.

So, what is the real world? We really do not know. The world is as it is, and it reflects our state, how we are, how we think, or how we feel. The world just reflects it. Various masters and people have told about some of the realities which are not so tangible, like Kailash, like the Siddha Loka inside Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai, TamilNadu, India); all those worlds which we can possibly see in certain states or frequencies. They reflect as we are too. 

Lahiri Mahasaya was initiated by Babaji in a beautiful palace, with gold and diamonds and all sorts of riches. But the morning after the initiation, there wasn’t anything. This was an illusion, but it was real and tangible at that time. Likewise, when we have divine romance brimming inside us, when we see the world of Shiva-the Kailash, it’s beautiful, deeply enchanting and highly intoxicating!

At the same time, when we are in a mood of despair or when we are not so happy, or even if we are a bit terrestrially influenced, we see Kailash as murky, grey, and snow. So, this is exactly how our views are. We see Kailash as murky, grey, like ashes, just a snow-clad mountain; we may not even see inside that mountain. The world – the Shiva Loka inside, cannot be easily accessed; it’s not easy to access. You should reach a level of elevation, a frequency so that you can access it. But that’s squarely up to the blessings and grace of the Lord of Kailash, or (you would have to reach) the frequency that would suit us to enter that space. It’s all about frequencies. 

Everywhere, wherever you are, wherever you go, it’s about frequency; whether you’re able to access Siddha Loka or Naga Loka, or Shiva Loka; Loka means the world. The world of all these frequencies; it’s that, we have to gain that level, or we have to attain that level of frequency. Otherwise, we can only see, not understand. We may not even be able to see if our frequency is much denser. We would only see the immediate, the gross. 

We have to gain a lot of subtlety through chanting, through purifications, through practices, to reach the levels of subtlety where we can actually witness. When we go to Vrindavan, for us to see Lord Krishna playing his Rasa Leelawe must have subtlety; we must see the world through subtle eyes. It’s possible; it’s not an illusion. 

Then what is an illusion there? The illusion is that we see the world only as we are. This is the main illusion. That means we do not see reality. So, when do we get to see the reality? When we completely merge with the Supreme Consciousness, unchangeable, pure brightness. 

Once you merge with that brightness, brighter than a million suns there is no illusion anymore – you are brightness. You are one with brightness, just like a drop falling into the ocean and becoming the ocean, you completely dissolve back into your original state. That means pure consciousness; that pure consciousness already sits in you as your Atma tattva, the principle called the soul. Atma tattva is our walking reality, no illusion, it is reality. It is not relative. It’s real. If we are able to find the Atma tattva within, then we are able to access a world without illusions. No parallel realities, no illusions, no imaginations or hallucinations, it is reality, all the time. In that mode, your operating platform will be that of unconditional love, peace within, no thoughts, happiness. 

Think about this. I wish you a great day ahead, and I wish you great success in life.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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