Q & A on Suicide

An excerpt from Kriya Intensive retreat in Bosnia, May 2019


Q: Both of my husband’s parents committed suicide, not at the same time. Is their karma inherited by my children or by my husband? Does that affect their or my karma?

Mohanji: The karma that pushes you in that kind of density or pushes the family is usually lineage related. It’s not individual. The individual is part of it, but lineage brings that weight on people. Some of the things which create heaviness in life are unnatural deaths, wars, displacements, betrayals, etc. If you take Balkan, it has faced WWI, WWII, Balkan war. There are a lot of wars which have affected a lot of families in this region.

I’d like you to understand there could be many reasons for suicide, but what happens to the soul after suicide? This is important for you to be aware of. Understand this clearly. Imagine a person has a life span of 70 or 80 years. And this person decides to end his life at the age of 60. First of all, there are 20 years of potential life pending. So everything minus the body remains for the next 20 years; everything – all other sheaths, all other attachments, except the physical body. You cannot do what you can do with your body.

What is the emotion then? Helplessness. Deep helplessness. Then what they do? They have all other emotions, all other feelings except the body; deep helplessness happens. Then they start bothering other beings; because of their helplessness – they have everything except the body. They want to do something, but they can’t. But they have to be here around this place. Any kind of unnatural death causes this. This is one part of the story.

Mohanji quote - Real life

Now imagine this soul is wandering around, it doesn’t know what to do. ‘Soul’ means all other things connected to it such as all the koshas (manomaya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha, annandamaya kosha) which have pending desires, but it can’t fulfil them because it doesn’t have the body. You are carrying all these as a burden but at the same time, there is no fulfilment for 20 years. I am giving you an example. So that is 20 years of wandering. And there are a lot of beings of various nature in this world such as viruses, bacteria, which we know through our microscopes. Like that, there are many beings in various levels of subtlety, existing in this plane, which we can’t see. Animals can see some, humans can’t see any. And these guys can sometimes be bound by some beings who have this habit of capturing and using these wandering souls.

First, there is no faith, there is no connection to a Master. There is no connection to God. That is why they are wandering. They are totally helpless, totally vulnerable. So, they are trying to reach various masters in a physical and a non-physical form, asking for help. That’s a different side. But imagine, they are not connected to anything. Some of these guys are caught by the beings who bind them and use them. Just like we have domestic animals, etc.; we bind them, we control them, of course, we feed them, but they are under our control. Similarly, some of these guys are caught and used. Then there is no guarantee when they can come out of it. Forget about 20 years; because they have no release. Until they get released, they are bound. Then you don’t know when they can actually get liberated. It takes ages.

Devi: Nice subject.

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Mohanji: I want you to know this because people do not know the subtleties of suicide. Why I am explaining this is because in case people have depression, you must make them understand the seriousness of it.

Q: What happens to the souls of people who did not end their life on their own will but their life ended because of certain circumstances? 

Mohanji: I will come to that. Let me complete this. Otherwise, I’ll lose the thread.

So these people can be used by others. There is a possibility. Now, human beings, some people follow certain practices, like black practices. What are black practices? Those which are based on control and conquest, not connected to liberation. We do not use this kind of things. Why? Because we aim to attain the highest possibility in a lifetime.

What is the highest possibility? Complete dissolution. Total dissolution. Not even enlightenment. Beyond enlightenment, to become the ocean. That’s our aim.

However, the aim of many practices is not dissolution. The aim is earthly i.e. terrestrial powers. Some people are practising this and I always tell my people, “Never go that way.” Even if you get some powers, it’s eternal binding. You have no idea when you can get out, so don’t look there, don’t go there. Your practices should liberate you. Become one with Shiva, one with Supreme Consciousness. It’s important. Even if you are facing hardships, if somebody tells you, “I’ll sort it out for you fast,” leave it. It’s not worth it. But some of these people use these wandering souls for their purpose. They bind them using certain mantras and certain rituals. You must be very clear about the dark path and the white path. The dark path is for powers of earthly nature – miracles and powers. Not all the miracles. Masters perform miracles too, but that’s different. But these are for powers and they use certain practices, certain rituals for creating that effect. Without those practices and rituals, they have no effect in this world. In the dark path, you are creating an effect using mantras, rituals, using and controlling certain things. On the other hand, in the white path, it’s unbound. You attain the energy and power and it’s forever. Through your alignment of body, mind, intellect, ego, and spirit together, you become one unit, you become fully powerful within and that is what you are expressing in the bright path.

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These are two opposite paths. I hope I am making it very clear. I want you to know because many people do not know this. And I have always seen that those who practise these things talk about the white path as unreal, bad. They always do that because it is important for their survival. They should say the other path is bad. So you get disillusioned. Their job is to disillusion you, to confuse you.

Many people don’t know the differences and get trapped. They get fascinated by some kind of power, but they have no idea where the power has come from. They get trapped and then it is very difficult to come out because they hook you.

There are even some methods of healing connected to the dark path. People don’t know this. The moment you get involved in it, they will immediately give you a result. You’ll be very happy. After that, you are stuck forever. Then when will you get out, nobody knows. This happens on Earth. There are so many beings operating this way. I would like you to know. I am not trying to scare you here. I want you to be very clear about the white path and the dark path. The white is only about liberation. It doesn’t have any fancy but it is about total dissolution. Our path is about total dissolution. It means you become brightness where you don’t have existence otherwise. You are fully bright. You are fully light. Nothing else matters. No powers, nothing matters here.

The souls we are talking about here either wander, they don’t know what to do, or some non-physical beings try to control them just like some of the predators who snatch some deer or some other beings in the forest. They are snatched away just like that because they are helpless. Or people who are practising certain things, try to control them and use them as slaves. And they cannot come out of it easily. It’s very difficult to come out of it because they bind them. These people bind even physical people – people with bodies. They are using these people for their purpose. They also do that. This also happens in life.

Mohanji quote - Fearlessness

What is the clear sign of the path of darkness in one word?

FEAR. They use fear a lot. We do not use fear at all. We do not have God-fear, we only have God-loving. There is no usage of fear here. What do you fear? We have no value for fear. Fear means unknown, ignorance. Fear is ignorance. They use fear a lot so that through fear they control people, control minds.

Minds can be easily controlled with fear. These practices are of the dark side. Dark practices, practices of control. It is not only in India. I met one guy in South Africa, he was telling me there are practices like this. These guys practice in the burial grounds, and when they bury the dead body, they try to capture the souls and use them. Instead of liberating the souls, they bind them.

There are some practices in South America. They may look like shamanic practices that look positive, but please remember it is very hard to differentiate between the positive and negative. If at all, fears are being sold. If they are using fear to control, run away. You do not need them. There should be no fear – you should be fearless. You should be powerful. This you should remember always. And only you can save yourself in this context.

If you are deeply connected to a Master or God, very deeply, means unshakeably, then nobody can touch you. Then you are completely safe, but we do not do that. What these people try to do is, they put a doubt in your mind. Correct? Once they put a doubt in your mind, then you are always thinking “Is this real?” That is enough. That doubt is enough. That opening is enough for them to enter and work on you. When you lose trust, the faith, connection; that is the way they operate. But if you are deeply connected to a Master of the white tradition, automatically you will know – when there comes fear you will know – these are the things that are not good for me.

I will give you one example, normally I do not tell what I do but this actually happened in Serbia a few years ago. I was conducting a program and one of the people who attended the program said there is a person who is a teacher in Serbia, but he is completely controlled by these beings. Sometimes it happens, when you try to control these beings for a long period of time, if you do the wrong things, they start controlling you. So this guy was stuck, and he was talking very bad things about me at that time. He said Mohanji is a devil, Mohanji is all this… So that was going on. And then he got stuck. And he told this person, his disciple, “Only Mohanji can help me. So please get me an appointment.” I said I do not have time because I was there actually only for a week. And I said I cannot leave because all these people are here. I have to take care of them, I do not have time for anybody else. Then this person told me, please, if I had some minutes because he desperately needs it. He wanted to apologize for what he told about me. He doesn’t even know me, but he was talking extremely bad things about me. That was due to his own insecurity. Then I said, “Ok, in that case, you come at lunchtime.” I was having lunch and I saw him with a lot of people surrounding him, means pulling him back. He did not want to come in. He was stuck. Then he bowed down from a distance. I said I will come and I went to him. I said, “You come to my room. If you dare to enter my room, I will save you.” I knew he could not come. Because they didn’t allow him to come. I went to my room, I sat and said nobody should come into my room, and then this guy came. He reached the door and he was holding onto the door, he was struggling to come in. But he could not enter. I said, “Come in.” And he could not enter. They did not want him to come. I said, “If you dare to come, I will save you.” And then he jumped, he fell inside, and he sat down, but he was sitting like this (Mohanji showed how he was sitting). He said “Mohanji, you are so powerful. I cannot handle your energy.” I said “Keep quiet, just sit there. Do not do anything.” He sat there, and then everything vanished. After that, he attended a couple of our programs, and he wrote things about me, he apologized in public, in writing saying “I made a mistake, and he is the real one.” This is what I am saying, and why I say this is just for awareness. But a level of helplessness happens when you practice these things. After a while you do not have a grip, you cannot control it, and then the whole thing goes bad. This is why I said – never leave the white path, the Path of Liberation, because all these things are not worth it. Immediately you may get some advantage, but you will pay through your life, lifetimes.

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Why I am explaining this? Why is this explained in so many details?

Because there are so many disillusioned people. They think of the dark as the white. It is easy because they also use eyes. Why we use the eyes as the symbol is because the eyes are the gateway to consciousness. It is the signature of the stature.

We use eyes as a signature of the stature. If you connect to the eyes, you know who this person is, and which level he is operating from. That is why we use eyes. They use eyes for attracting something else. This is the difference.

We must be very clear that in our path – I think Avadhoota Nadananda has written about using eyes in the tradition – what they signify. Somebody like that lady from Washington DC, she said she wants to see my eyes before she invites me for a program, and she saw my eyes and said you are welcome. Those who have eyes to see the truth they will understand the person through the eyes. So, they are the signature of the stature. And what is the use of these eyes? They connect you to the right path. So you can understand you arrived home. That understanding happens. Today we are in the gadget world, we only see gadgets, we do not see eyes. So, what will happen, you miss a certain reality. You miss a certain truth.

All that glitters is not gold. Always remember the white tradition, the white path, you can easily use the benchmark of the inner silence. Fewer thoughts, inner silence, stability, and Tradition only talks about helping the helpless as a practice, proper practice. The rest is turning the mind, intellect and ego inwards. This is what they talk about. Turn the mind, intellect and ego inwards and do something good for the world. Have a higher purpose. That will liberate you. That will take you all the way forward. Of course, Kriya and those kinds of things help, but when you go for powers and instant something, you may enter into something which is not so good. Then they may not be able to help you later.

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I was talking about the souls who are exiting the body with violence, like suicide. I spoke about all the scenarios possible. I told about two or three scenarios, like wandering until the end of their actual life. Another is death. Beings who are invisible can hold them, capture them. Then these beings who practice certain things can hold them, capture them, use them. So, you are very vulnerable in that mode. This should be made understandable to all the people who have these tendencies, self-destructive tendencies. It is important.

Imagine nothing of this happens and they are just sitting. They still have desires, right? They still have everything except a body. So they get connected to people who have similar desires. They get connected to the people with a body who have similar desires. Sometimes, they enter them and use them. They have emotions, they have desires. When they cannot express those emotions and desires, they try to connect to those bodies who have similar emotions and desires.

One Master was standing and looking at a tree, another came and asked him, “What are you looking at?” He said, “Three people are sitting there on the tree. I am just watching what their plan is.” The guy said, “I cannot see them, there is nobody there.” “These three people do not have their bodies, you cannot see them, but they are sitting there, waiting for somebody.” Then they saw one man walking down the road, fully drunk, in a half-conscious state, walking. And that guy did not see these people. But they saw him. He walked and then he went around the corner and went. While walking, he was falling down and getting up, totally drunk. The Master said, “Okay, let`s go”. The guy asked what happened. He said, “Those three people joined him. Four people went together.” Then he asked, “Why did they go with him?” “He went into a brothel around the corner. All these three people also wanted to go to the same brothel but they did not have a body. They are using this body.” This is exactly how it works.

Mohanji quote - Jealousy, the silent cancer

That is why if you have anger, the beings who accent anger enter and they accent your anger. If you have jealousy, same thing. What your basic things are, that will be accented by various beings surrounding you. So, you may have ten units but it becomes eighty when three or more people join. This happens. When somebody commits a crime and something happens, usually maybe it is not only that person. It is a collective thing making a scene. Why am I explaining this? Everything is not as it seems to be. It is not what is obvious. There are so many other factors connected to it. Therefore, you cannot blame anybody. Maybe there are so many beings working through him, because of his vulnerability. We must be very clear about this. That is why I said, we should be compassionate, bring people out of it. The moment their attitude changes, these guys leave. Only when jealousy sits, a being of jealousy will enter. Only when there are deep anger and frustration, such beings enter. The moment it changes, they leave because they have no room there. They’re not interested anymore.

So what should we do? We should elevate the awareness to the level where all these emotions drop off and you are clean and serene. All these beings leave you, they are not interested. Who is interested in the liberation that way?

All these things are created. It is important to understand before you marry depression. It is not worth it.


Accidental death

What happens to those beings who have an accidental death? Many times the accidental death, which is also untimely death, is caused by the karmic combination because that’s the way they exit. In karma, it might be equal to natural death. Because time ends there. Sometimes accidental deaths are not as bad as deciding to kill yourself. Not as bad, but again it is an unnatural death. Sometimes, in unnatural deaths, accidental deaths, the soul hangs on until there is time for the next life, next birth. And what causes accidental deaths? Usually the trapped fear. Trapped fear of an abrupt ending.

Mohanji quote - Dangers of suppression

So, whenever we have emotions trapped, it’s an effect we do not know, we cannot predict. It is important that in this process what we have to do, we have to do, and also we have less emotional bindings. Emotions can become diseases, or even can become death. When there is a fear of theft in the house, there is usually a theft in the house. When you fear attacks from unknown people, it happens. In all these things, there is a trapped fear as a cause.

Likewise, sometimes we have visions and images of certain situations. Even as simple as going to a restaurant or something like that. Whenever there is a suppressed desire or denial, then they manifest even as a dream, and it can get fulfilled there if it cannot happen in real life. So it is not as we read. There are so many factors creating those effects in life. It can even happen in a dream state. In a dream sometimes, we fell down from something and we died. Then we wake up in the morning and we realize we are not dead. But we had that effect at least for some time. So those things are all stored emotions, what you have packed in your system.

The animal trainers will tell you, some dogs and some animals have perpetual fear because somebody was ill-treating them when they were babies. Then the whole life they carry that trauma of ill-treating. We also have that. It takes a lot of effort to burst that thing off, completely destroy it and be free. I try to hold hands of such people, I try to help them. And usually as a thumb rule, Mai-Tri healers can say better, for women, everything is connected to the uterus. For men, it is below the ribcage. This is a kind of a focal point. From there, everything goes into every dimension. All storage, attractions, connections. So, the healing for a woman’s body is uterus-related and for a man, below the ribcage. The difference is there. The trapped fears can affect anywhere. It can be all trapped fears in all the places. The root cause of many of these things is trapped fears. Trapped emotions.

Q: I work with a child who is very suicidal, how do I tell this to a child? 

Mohanji: When the child is very peaceful, you can tell like a story. “You know what happens when the soul leaves the body?” Like that, gently. Not like a detrimental thing. But it is good to give awareness. It is not like “You end this body, you do not end” story. This has to be told properly because it is important to guide. Very small things happen, an emotional thing and people hurt themselves. That is very, very bad. And you know sometimes, they provoke as well. “Why are you living? Why don’t you just come and commit a suicide?” It is like the fox who lost its tail, “It is very nice to have no tail,” and the fox convinces a few of other foxes to lose their tails.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 21

These things happen with these disembodied spirits. They sometimes try to tell things. That is why you need to have FIRM faith. Let me tell you a remedy. FAITH. Connection with the Master. You will never deviate. But it should be unconditional faith, strong connection. People will try to put doubts in your mind. “Are you sure? Is this the right Master?” Things like that. Does not matter. You say, “Even if he is a donkey, I do not have a problem. My faith is firm.” The moment you have firm faith, you cannot be touched.

A lot of emotional decisions are connected to lack of faith. They do not trust themselves and they do not trust another. I always tell people; the first preference is to trust yourself as a complete incarnation. If this is not possible, trust a Master. Master will do the job. But it should be firm. 100% firm, unshakeable. Weak trust has no value. It’s almost like no trust. Conditional trust has no value. Today, I am happy, I trust, otherwise, I do not trust. That is of no value. It is actually a mind game. It does not work. But it should be firm; if it is firm, nothing will touch you.

These points which I said, I meant it. Because all of you should know the path. Whenever you follow a path, you should know the path and follow. Do not get fascinated. Do not get distracted. It is important because lifetimes can get wasted like this. Going in the wrong directions, detours. In chasing something which you do not know. Somebody can manipulate you, and those who manipulate will say others are manipulating. They will not say they are manipulating. It is always the case.

What is manipulation? Manipulation is telling an untruth for their benefit. You can easily understand manipulators. How? They will need something from you. They are using the technique for their advantage. This is a manipulator. If the path is liberation, the Master will need nothing from you. This is a benchmark you should remember. Master needs nothing from you. Their only way is to take you forward. That is the benchmark. If you can understand that, all you need is average intelligence to know. A manipulator will need lots of things from you. They will trap you so that they can always milk you.

The real, true Master of the path of liberation will need nothing from you. Their only aim is to take you forward. Thank you.

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Look into the eyes of fear


Welcome, my friends, to Mohanji Speaks. I hope you have enjoyed the previous episodes.
Today, let’s talk about an overwhelming subject, fear. There are various dimensions of fear that we see in our lives and around us.

Have you ever thought about fears objectively? There are numerous types of fears. Some are very paralyzing fears; fear of height, fear of insects, fear of wild animals, and so on; the intensity of each varies. Let’s look at some of the worst fears of our life.

One of the most intense fears of everyone’s existence is death. The fear of death is very common. We will look into how we can counter the fear of death a little later. There are other fears, such as fear of people, fear of talking in public, fear of doing a task, fear of not receiving approval from people, fear of criticism and fear of judgment. We have various types of social fears: How will people look at us. What will they think about us?


I have seen some people who are afraid to say they’re following Mohanji or that they’re connected to me. I have no problem in connecting to anybody, and I have no problem in saying I’m with them because when you decide to do something in life, it is your prerogative. You have full freedom. You have free will. Then there is no way anyone can object. Nobody has the right to point a finger at you, because you chose an experience. Choose an experience. It’s our choice.

We also have the fear of failure and it is so crippling that we don’t even attempt certain things in life. This means we lose the chance for that experience.


We have the fear of losing friendships. So we bend backwards and forwards to accommodate people in our life. (It) means we become unnatural. Still, we accommodate; we try to accommodate people in our life. Sometimes it’s better than some friendships are lost because they are too heavy for us to handle. When I say lost, I do not mean that we convert them to enemies, but to understand that it’s alright to be away from these friendships. It is good to not have toxic friendships, crippling friendships, draining friendships!

We have fear of examinations. The real examination of life is life in itself, every moment; the decisions that we make every moment without knowing what the result will be. These are real examinations in life. We should not be afraid of life. We should embrace life. We should embrace life with Love. This will give us stability.

We are afraid of losing our comfort zones. This is another fear that we entertain. We have certain things which we have obtained in this life and we hate to lose it. We have fear and wonder what will happen if it goes away. But life is about changes. Everything changes. Life changes, situations change. Can we help it? I doubt it. We have to go with the flow. We have to be like water; flow.

Coming back to the first question about death, how do we overcome the fear of death? One word answer is awareness. Whatever is born, will die. Everything that’s born has to die. And at each point in time, we are made aware that everything is temporary. All situations, all emotions, all things around us are temporary. When we close our eyes at night, we don’t have a world around us. It’s gone. When we open our eyes in the morning, there exits the world around us in which we can move and experience things. But they are all temporary. This is a reminder that the world and life are temporary. Everything is temporary. It is a good way to know that we will die someday, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything that is born will die.


If we increase our longevity, increase the lifespan… even if we extend our lifespan, if there is no contentment factor, is it worth it? A real-life, good life is when you are healthy; when you are experiencing life as a healthy person. When you’re unhealthy, when you need help from people, that’s not the right way to live. That’s not a healthy life.
We are afraid of losses; economic losses, monetary losses, loss of friendship, loss of near and dear ones, loss of relationships, various types of losses. Many of us are afraid of them. We are afraid of diseases. We fear them; we fear losing wealth. And we fear society in a certain context. How will society treat us if we don’t have this wealth?

Thus there’re so many dimensions of fear which we entertain each day. People give you fear, such as when relatives say, ‘’Hey, if you lose this job, you’ll have a problem, you won’t be respected in the society.’’ You then cling on to the job. We fear not getting tasks done, so we end up bribing, rather we enter into corruption. There are many things which are controlled by fear.

An important fear is the fear of God. God is Love. Why do we fear God? What’s there to be afraid of God? God means the substratum. Everything sits on Him. The whole universe has come out of this intelligent energy called God. We can give it a form; we can keep it formless. All the forms have come out of God, and all the forms will dissolve into God. And we call it God.


If you’d like to call it energy if you call it Consciousness, there is no problem. It’s all the same. But why do we fear? A particle of God is sitting inside us. We call it a soul. And this is a very important aspect of our existence. If it leaves the body, we call the body a dead body, useless piece of flesh and bones. God is to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Also, we should be grateful to God for creating the universe, the variety of all these experiences, the possibility of experiencing them, and to have a life. This life is given so that we could experience all this. Not that God chose to give life. God is not like a school teacher or a king, sitting high up somewhere, invisible, pointing a finger at things. It’s a substratum where we can create our life; we can create our existence.

That is why when Lord Dattatreya was asked by people who he was, He said, “I am just a worshipper of nature. I’m a connoisseur. I love nature, and my love for nature and wonder for all these creations is my inspiration.” How beautiful!

We also have fear for tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? Tomorrow happens just like the previous times. Our tomorrow is made based on how we created our life, our patterns, our likes and dislikes, our orientation, and disposition. If you change your disposition, if you change your attitude, if you change your likes and dislikes, tomorrow will be different. So, who’s creating it? We are creating it. Who’s maintaining it? We are maintaining it when we maintain our likes and dislikes when we maintain our orientation, when we maintain our disposition, then the world is the same. But if we decide to change, then the world is different. The world is just a reflection, a projection, of what we are.

Where is the room for fear? In the path of liberation, there is no room for fear. The one thing we need, to overcome all the fears, is our ability to look into the eyes of fears and tell them, “I’m not afraid. Come on. Bring it on. No problem!” Secondly, we need awareness; awareness is key. When you have awareness, you have no fear. Faith is the third aspect. These are not in hierarchical order, not one above the other; all of them are important to control or to contain fear. To explain faith, the primary faith is faith in yourself, then faith in the Universe and also acceptance is another aspect. Acceptance is when you say, ‘’Okay, I have fear, but I’m not bound by fear.’’ Fear is sometimes acquired. People gave it to you. Understand and let it be, no problem. All these aspects can help you counter your fears.

Look at us now; take a look at society. Society sometimes sells fears. We have feature films, horror films. This is selling fear, and why do they do that? There is an element of entertainment and satisfaction in these fears. That aspect is sold. We can very well be away from it. It is our choice; to be afraid and be happy, or stay away from all this nonsense and be peaceful. This is our choice. I’m not against horror films, but I don’t watch them. I’m not interested.


Here is another aspect I would like to bring up; a young boy told Caesar (I think it was Octavius Caesar or maybe it was Augustus Caesar), ‘’My Lord, the people love you.’’ The king replied, ‘’No, they fear me. This is better.’’ Fear is used by political leaders, religious, spiritual leaders to control people. Fear is the weapon there. Fear is a very powerful weapon because it cripples you and that’s used to control people. It is a very negative way of handling situations. I always believe love is much more powerful and is much better in handling issues.


There is a disadvantage though in that if people cannot handle love, they can go against you. Some people prefer fear to love based on their orientation and disposition. This is utilized by political leaders, spiritual leaders and rulers to control people, which is a negative way of handling things. That’s not correct. But society uses fears; so does the government, to control people. Fear of retribution and fear of punishments are very crippling. People obey because of these fears. Fears have varied dimensions. Let us cultivate love. We don’t need fear. We should not fear, we should love. This life is a beautiful garden. We should swap all of our fears with Love. We can love God, we can love Gurus, we can love Masters, we can love friends, family, society, nature, and we can love everything. You can then get it back.

What you sow, you reap. So, you give love and you take love. Whenever somebody tries to control you with fear, go away from them, because you don’t need it. If somebody or something or a situation or infrastructure or machinery (such as the government), tries to control you with fear, try to step out of that and go away or through your love, transform them. Through love, you can transform others. Everything can be transformed with Love.


Today, we have extended the speech for some time. I spoke a little bit more because the subject is deep and very important. I would like to leave you with these thoughts. We can talk more about fears, later. But these thoughts should be pondered upon. I would like you to do something to get out of all your fears. You don’t need fears. You should be fearless. Then you are liberated. Freedom from fears is also liberation. And that leads to complete liberation. Love, that’s all you need.

Lots of love.

This is Mohanji.

Mohanji with cat

Transcribed by Maja Otovich

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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Real Freedom

Mohanji (12)

Hello, my friends. Welcome to Mohanji Speaks.

We have discussed about the unrest and the anger that spilled over into the streets of America. We’ve talked about racism, we talked about discrimination, and we talked about masters and slaves. This podcast is to discuss about who the real master is and who the real slaves are. We have always discussed about freedom at various levels, various dimensions. Time and again, various people have spoken about the need for freedom. We have fought for freedom. We have waged wars for freedom. And when freedom of movements is restricted, we have become violent.

But what exactly is freedom? Have we thought? We believe that freedom means freedom of senses, freedom of mind, and freedom of body. This is what we understand. That means, we do have the freedom to do what we like to do. But real freedom is freedom from the senses, freedom from the mind, and freedom from the body. This is your food for thought today. Real freedom is freedom from all the aspects that we consider as ourselves, such as the body, mind, intellect, ego, and the senses. When we are bound by them, we don’t have freedom. The freedom that we have fought for is that freedom where our movements are restricted. Body, mind, intellect, senses are all restricted and ego is affected. That’s the freedom that we fought for. That’s the freedom that we waged wars for. So, if we really, really have to experience freedom, we have to experience freedom from our senses, mind, and the body. That’s real freedom. The senses, the mind, and the body would like to roam on sensory objects in the outside world, fulfilling desires at every point in time. They seek fulfillment. The body seeks fulfillment, the mind seeks fulfillment, the intellect seeks fulfillment, and the ego seeks fulfillment. Senses help that. This is the freedom that we have been talking about. And we thought this is the freedom that we need. But is that so?  Think!

real freedom

When we are away from desires, when we are away from the need for sensory satisfaction all the time, when we are contented inside, when we are away from the compulsions of the body, mind, intellect, and the ego, when we are fully settled and satisfied – that is freedom, beauty and peace of our soul. We do not need any external objects; we do not need any external factors, such as relationships, time, space, conveniences. We don’t need any of those, because we are fully settled inside.

So, real freedom is freedom from the mind. When we do not have to chase sensory objects, we are free. The ability to do something or be somewhere is not exactly freedom. But because we are connected to the body, because we believe we are this personality, we believe that experience, but that’s not it. This is an important thought. So, who are the masters? There is only one master – yourself. Who are the slaves? We become slaves when we are slaves to the wrong masters, such as the mind, body, intellect, and ego. Spirit is always free. Spirit has nothing to do with our completions and fulfillments. The spirit is free. The soul is free. The soul has nothing to do with us. It’s always stable, peaceful, settled inside. And when we settle inside along with the soul, we become the soul. We are also peaceful. There is nothing outside of us. Or there are many things outside of us, but they do not interest us anymore. But if you are fully settled inside, just like the soul who does not interfere in your satisfactions and completions, you will also be disconnected and detached from all these things outside. But you will be there in everything, detached and unaffected. Just like your soul. You can do anything you like but the soul is detached and disconnected. We will be like that. That’s real freedom.

freedom from mind

So, if you really want to be a master, you’ve got to be yourself. You cannot be your mind, intellect, ego, and body, and still say you are free because that’s not freedom. If you really understand this freedom, you have understood the truth of existence. This is the truth.

I leave you with this thought today. Ponder on it. Think it over. Discuss this matter. And as you discuss more, you will get more and more awareness.

I wish you happiness, fulfillment, and settlement inside yourself.

Lots of love, this is Mohanji.



Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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Living consciously

Mohanji in nature (7)

Hello, my dear friends. How are you doing today? Welcome to another podcast. I’m happy that you are liking these podcasts, and I’m glad that you’re sharing these podcasts with your friends and also giving us some comments, suggestions, etc. I like this interaction, and I’m loving it actually.

Today, we talk about a subject which you have suggested. It’s about living consciously. Living consciously is a huge subject. It has many dimensions; multiple dimensions. It’s not easy, talking about living consciously in five minutes or ten minutes. But first and foremost, when we think about living consciously, where do we start? Simple, we start with ourselves.


What are we consisting of, what are we made of? We know there is a physical body. We know there is a mental body. We know there is an intellectual body, and we know there is an egoistic body. Then, we know there is a spirit, which is running this machinery. We also know there is a soul element, which is the source element or connected to the source; which is inspiring and energizing every other aspect. This is what we are, in a nutshell. Each has its function, the physical body, along with its senses and all the organs, which are all positioned and synchronized in a particular way, to give maximum effect for a thing called life on Earth. So, when we are living on this Earth, when we are walking this Earth, when we have life on Earth; what are we doing here, experiencing Earth in multiple dimensions, various levels. So, while we are experiencing this earth, right from childhood, if we take 80 years, which is 29,200 days, we are experiencing life at each time differently. It’s not the same. As a child, we looked at the world differently. As a young adult, we looked at the world differently, as an adult, we look at the world differently. Each stage, we are looking for experiencing this world differently. So many things are happening. But most of the time, in most of our cases, we never explored ourselves; we just mechanically, kind of unconsciously, we just experienced life, and we thought that’s it, you know, experiencing life, and that’s about it. Then we are proud to display our own character, our own particular emotions, our own constitution, all those things we are happy to display and say this is us. But we never think, what is this us. Have we ever thought like that? Hardly we do, and sometimes we read somewhere from somebody who has explored their life and spoken about some things in their life, that gives us a thought. That gives us food for thought. Then we start exploring, what are we consisting of.


I’ll give you a couple of examples. We have five different aspects of prana. We know prana, right? It is the life-breath energy, life energy. You must have heard about pranic healing etc. that’s about healing with life energy, routed or channelized in a particular way. We have prana, and this prana has five principal aspects. This is the prana which is functional prana; functional means it makes our system function properly. I am sure you must have heard about chakras; the chakras are the transmitters or the transformers or the centres where distribution happens.

We have five pranas, as stated by the scriptures in India. They are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana. Each has a functional role. What does prana do? Prana looks after what takes care of heart, breath and circulation; that’s the role of prana. Apana is situated in the lower part of our body and its functional role is connected to excretion, waste removal is its role, Apana. Then Udana. Udana is situated in the neck and its job is to ensure that senses, mind, memory, and all those things are functioning well. Then Samana. Samana is situated in the centre of the stomach, Manipura, and its main job is to stabilize digestion and the processing, basically the processing of the materials which we have consumed. Vyana is situated all over; so it’s more like functional energy, and it helps the circulation. It helps Nadis. So, this is our functional prana structure; Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana Vyana. And all this put together is working all the time. That is why when we consume food, it goes through the stomach, it digests and it’s excreted. All those things are energized by these pranas, but we are not aware of them, right?


Likewise, our nostrils, where the breath enters; it’s always functional, right from our birth, till our death, it’s functional. And each nostril has its time. One functions for some time, then it moves to the other. And when the right is more active, then the energy or the circulation is going to the left side of the brain. When the left side nostril is active, it goes to the right side of the brain. So, this is the way the whole system is very well synchronized. When one kidney is functioning, the other takes rest and the other kidney is functioning, this one takes rest. Like that, everything has its alternating effect and even heartbeat; it’s not like a complete continuous beating, its heartbeat. It’s one beat and then rest and then one beat, so it’s like pumping. Everything has a kind of synchronicity which is taking rest and working. So, in this mode, the system is totally balanced. And this balance is behind our health. If you have this balance, then you have health. That is why our ancient masters gave so much of importance to yoga and pranayama. Pranayama is extremely important in daily life, which is actually even depression buster. It removes depression, if you do proper pranayama every day, it will rejuvenate you; it will really make you a strong personality. Yoga gives you stability. So all these methods are given for proper stability and balance for humankind.


If you have looked in the world, the food that’s grown in certain areas are suitable for that region, like certain food does not grow in certain regions of the world. Why? Because that food which grows in that region is suitable for the people who are living there, not only people but the birds, animals, everybody; and in some places, it’s a totally different food. So, when did we start having imbalances? When we started mixing this up. Some food is not suitable in some countries, some region, some food is suitable in some region like there are cold regions, there are hot, tropical regions. There are so many different varieties on Earth. Temperature is different, the climate is different; so many things are different. And particular food grows there, it is suitable for that place. When we started mixing them, we started having problems. Likewise, we started inventing processed food. Processed foods definitely started affecting our system. Because even if there is a good flow of prana and a good function of the system, the food that we consume, sometimes is not suitable for our body especially if it is mixed with chemicals and processed. It is affecting the system. There are so many different things which have gone wrong. That is why we can say that so many diseases have increased. But in any case, if we avoid contradictory food and if we avoid the symptomatic treatment and go to the root cause of why it is happening, 80% you would know it is because of bad habits; lack of sleep, lack of food, proper food, untimely eating, all those things. In the next podcast, I will continue talking about health, so that time I will talk more about it.

Now, I would just like to say that living unconsciously is a large subject, but living consciously has to start with us. So, this was a small attempt for me to direct you to yourself. We can discuss this in more detail on how we can find ourselves, go back into ourselves, and then we can explore ourselves. So, this is the food for thought for today. I hope you liked it. If you did not like it, do let us know. If you liked it also, do let us know. Let us discuss, let us interact, and also please do spread, if you liked it to your people, and let everybody have some awareness about it if this is good enough.

Thank you very much and have a great day and a great week ahead.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji.

Mohanji Stonehenge

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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Silence Speaks – part 1

Satsang with Mohanji in Begrade, Serbia
13th October 2019

Watch the full satsang here.



Q: I had a dream about you. You gave me lots of money. Is it ok, what does it mean?

M:  Isn’t it a good idea to have a dream and you get a lots of money? Dream state is a very powerful state; it is the same as waking state. Do you know what the difference between waking state and dream state is? When you are awake, you are sourcing from the world outside, when you are dreaming, you are sourcing from the world inside. But both have one thing in common –  experience. It is called experience and experience has an element of satisfaction. Every experience has an element of satisfaction. When you get something from the world outside, you have satisfaction. But sometimes, it is  temporary.  We have satisfaction from dreams also, because while dreaming it’s real for you. Every desire craves for fulfillment. Every desire’s natural culmination is fulfillment. So, if there was a desire to receive large amounts of wealth, it probably gets translated through dreams and you have satisfaction in that mode. Dream state is a very important state, where you are actually releasing some of your desires, just like waking state.

Q: What is the best way of serving God in a daily life?

M: When you start seeing the God element in yourself; if you just accept yourself totally, you are serving God. There is one thing that you can never avoid in your lifetime and that is you. When you truly and completely start accepting yourself, your own existence, you are accepting God. When you start accepting yourself completely, you become very  powerful. There are no enmities, there are no differences, and you only see your own vibration in the whole world. And that will give you Oneness. Oneness is the nature of God.


One boy asked his father, “You keep talking about God to me, but I don’t understand God. What is God? “

The father explained,  “For you to experience God, you have to experience yourself.“

“Why does God need us to be God?”

Father replied, “Bring me some fire, I will show you.“

He brought a  lamp that had already been lit, with fire.

So the father said, “I told you to bring fire, why you have brought a lamp? It is a flame.“

Then he brought a burning charcoal.

The father  said, “I told you to bring fire, why have you brought a charcoal?”

The son replied, “ I cannot bring a fire without a medium.“

To this the father countered, “God cannot manifest itself without a medium.“


If you understand that, you will respect yourself. You will understand yourself. You will accept yourself. That is the only acceptance you need in life, and everything becomes love, because you love yourself. When you look through the eyes of your mind, what you see is differences. If you look through the eyes of your heart, you will see Oneness. We are all related. We are all relatives. Because, what sits in all of us is one thing. The shells might be different; the forms are different; personalities are different. Because that is the nature of expression of Creation. But inside all of us is one thing. When that thing leaves us, we call it a dead body. So what is alive in us, in waking state, dream state, and deep sleep state is the God particle; the particle called God. That is the value we have. When it leaves, we bury the body, we have no value for that body. As long as it sits, we have value; the moment it leaves, value is gone.

Now, you tell me how do you serve God? Love yourself, and love everybody as yourself. Because all are you, everything is you.

Q: How to defend ourselves from negative people?

M: I think both positive and negative sits inside us. We have both in us. When we nurture more and more love inside, and we start expressing that love in the world outside, we become more immune from the negative things of life, negative energies. There is nothing that is  only positive or only negative.

There is an old saying,   “The devil  uses the key of doubt. “   Doubt is the key that the devil uses to enter the mind. Once it enters, it uses the mind as its vehicle.

Doubt becomes the key for negativity to enter the mind. Once it enters the mind, you don’t know how to overcome it. One doubt will become two, three, and four  and very soon, doubts will rule your mind.  Say, you are progressing very well in positive vibrations and evolving higher into higher realms of awareness, someone   could simply plant a single doubt in your mind saying , “Are you sure?“ and that is it!  Everything  goes down. It’s as if you made extremely good food, spent hours  to make it and somebody put one drop of poison; nobody can eat that.


This is how the society works. They put doubts in your mind, and you are busy handling this doubt. By then you are already slipping down. Doubt is usually from those that you cannot avoid. This is also not only in spirituality; it is also in other relationships. People  put doubts about somebody, and you start behaving differently to the other person. Have you experienced it? How many times have you liked or disliked somebody based on someone’s words? Do you understand  what I am saying? We have to use our experience as our guide. Our own experience is our truth.

So, what is the other side? Faith. Faith in what? Faith in yourself. Trust in your own experience. If you have these two, nobody can touch you. No negativity can enter you. Guaranteed. Faith in yourself, trust in your own experiences, these are your protective sheaths.  Have you seen? Those who have strong faith in themselves, none  can defeat them. When a king or a ruler has full conviction and faith in him, and is leading an army, it is very difficult to destroy them even if the army is the half size of the opponent’s. If you stop trusting your own experience and believe in somebody else’s words, then nobody can protect you.

You must also remember,  you are born powerful. All of you. Who makes you weak? Your own mind. You don’t need any protection from anybody because you are born powerful. You have your own immunity, your own protection around you.  But  your mind is sometimes telling you that you are weak, and if you believe it,  you are weak. Otherwise, you are not weak.

Sometimes people come and tell me, “Mohanji, we cannot do that. It’s not possible. It is impossible.” I listen to it, because I respect their opinion, but I will still do it if I can. Even if I fail, I will try. Because if you did not even try, you do not know whether there is success or failure at the other end. So try, and have faith in yourself. If you fail, it is a good lesson. If you succeed, it is amazing, you proved the point. I would say, keep walking, trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. Trust in your experiences. You will eventually know that you are very  strong.

Did I answer that question about negative beings? Negative beings or negative energies can come to you only if you permit them. Only if the windows are open, the mosquitoes enter. How do you prevent mosquitoes from entering? Fix a net. What is your net? Your own experience. Trust it. Don’t allow opinions to enter through.  Let your experience lead you, guide you.


Q: How to overcome anger and aggression, when they happen within us? Is homosexuality something that can be overcome and is it morally sound to have children while in homosexual relationship?

M: What does anger have  to do with homosexuality? If you did not like your girlfriend and became very angry,  you became a homosexual? (laughter)J

Many of the emotions such as anger and hatred have their root cause  in expectation. If you go deeper to find the root of anger, you will see an expectation that was not fulfilled. That leads to a situation of anger. Usually, an expectation unfulfilled becomes a disappointment. A disappointment then leads to anger and various other forms.

Understand one thing very clearly. All the human beings are driven by inclinations. We can see it even in children. They have certain inclinations, we all have them and they are unique. Inclinations are the driving force. If a person is inclined towards certain things of life, he will chase them. That gives you likes and dislikes. They are the root cause of most of the flavors of life; how we live, what we like, what we dislike, who we like to be with, who we don’t like to be with; all these things are caused or driven by inclinations. You may call  them tendencies.


You can see these inclinations very distinctly in children; very clear inclinations. And usually, that is why they choose a certain path of education;  because they are inclined towards it, unless parents influence them otherwise. If not, they choose their path and go further. I am talking about inclinations because if you look into yourself and find your inclinations, you will easily understand your patterns; it is easy to understand. Destiny is not easy to understand because destiny is as it unfolds.

So if you really look into yourself, behind every habit, behind every tendency, behind every like, behind every dislike, you see inclinations at work. Another example where you can see inclinations at work is how some people like devotion; they like to chant, they like to sing and they like to see or feel God through Bhakthi or devotional path.

Some people need answers, they have lots of questions and they need answers. If they don’t get answers, they don’t accept. That is the knowledge path.  Like that, we have the path of service, path of Supreme Consciousness, and so many different paths. This tells clearly our tendency, our inclination. Thus, if you look into yourself and understand the patterns that you have, the habits that you have, all these  point towards your inclination; and they are the cause for your daily experiences also, that is where I am coming to.

So, what causes anger, what causes hatred, and all such emotions? The primary cause is always an expectation, an unfulfilled expectation. If you understand your tendencies and just watch them; don’t do anything, just keep watching …“This is my tendency, these are my inclinations…“ If you keep watching, after a while you will see that your anger quotient has reduced, expectation reduces, disappointment reduces, anger reduces by itself.


People love gossips right? People make television  series out of it, and also make a lot of money. What is the cause of gossips? Personal insecurities. If you are fully secure you will not talk about another person. It doesn’t matter. If you are insecure, then you will talk about other people to cover your insecurity. When you are secure, and when you are contented, you will permit life to go on, you will allow life to flow. You will not be worried about anything.

This is approximate picture of anger. I hope you understood  where the anger comes from. Now you look within, and see what is causing that anger. When somebody is angry with you, what is the best way to handle it? Will you shout back? Smile. They are expressing their weakness, right? Let it be. Your presence should make them feel better, not worse. Mostly, when your ego is hurt, anger happens. It is a response or a reaction of the ego.

Sexuality and homosexuality

Now about homosexuality, what is the problem with that? All people have sexuality. Everybody. Not only human beings, but  beings of every species. Why is it so? To continue the species. That’s exactly why the aspect of sexuality is connected to every being. But most beings, except  the humans, keep sexuality to their body. What do we do? We keep sexuality in our mind, and we don’t know how to get rid out of it. That is why we have a huge porn industry. Why is it happening? Because we keep sexuality in the mind. If you show a porn to an animal, it wouldn’t want it to see it. The point that I am emphasizing is that everything in life has its place and it has its relevance. When these are migrated  somewhere else, they change their forms. When anything is suppressed, or controlled or denied or disciplined,  it creates different shapes;  whatever is suppressed or denied,  they create or  change into different aspects, different forms. I would say, do not look at sexuality as a disease. It’s part of life, and it’s a part of the instinct which is God given, which is a part of Creation. It is connected to the basic instincts, it is the basic instinct. What is the basic instinct? Instinct for survival. Survival instinct is our basic instinct. One part is food, the other part is sexuality, connected to the survival instinct.  We don’t have control over sexual orientation because  it is connected to various factors. It could even be what we get to see in the world, such as certain phobias, fears or concepts, how we are brought up, or what is denied, so many factors… It is not just one thing;  lots of things are connected to this. If you understand, this is it, we will not have much opinion about it. I don’t give opinion about any of the personal orientations. Because I am nobody to give an opinion. I have no right.


I only say two things: One is accept yourself as you are completely. The second is, do not be violent, by any means, in thoughts, words or actions. That means total acceptance and non-violence. There is peace on earth.

We are 7.5 billion people on earth now. If all people are heterosexual, it will double up in no time. I think nature is keeping some checks. We respect nature. But I never give an opinion. I don’t have an opinion nor do I ever say anybody’s  non-violent expression is bad, because it’s not my job. Nor is it your right to judge another person. You have no right and that is because of one reason, we do not know another person. I do not know another person because I see another person only at a certain time, for a certain space in time, not beyond. Neither do you see another person;  everybody sees each other only for a certain time, then how can we judge another person?

 But we can accept everybody, just as we have to accept ourselves.

I hope that it is answered. I never explained sexuality in such detail.

Not a bad idea.

Q: When will I find a soulmate (a man)?

M: Look around, in the larger world (laughter). But before that, have you found your own soul? If you have found your own soul, and if you have accepted that soul, as the one real aspect of your existence, you will definitely find your soulmate. Instead of looking outside, look inside, and find your only truth, and then, when you look outside you will only see truth. Instead, if you are looking outside, to find a person, you will only see forms, and you don’t know which is your soulmate. You need to understand your soul, to find soulmates.


Q: I would like to know what is the easiest way of clearing the blockages that I have?

M: One word – ACCEPTANCE. All the blockages are connected to resistance. Watch yourself. Try to find out how many things in life you have resisted and are still resisting which are making you unhappy. Usually, unhappiness is connected to resisting something; fighting against something; when we are against something,  our entire  energy is occupied with it and then we do not have time to be happy.  Instead,  start accepting yourself. Say, “OK, this is happening in life, let it come, let it go. Everything comes and goes.” When you are fully occupied with yourself and you are accepting yourself, then there is no room for blockages. Nothing can block you. Nothing within or outside can block you.

Q: How to deal with those heavy people, the emotional vampires?

M: That is a very big question J. What do we do with them? The only way you can sustain  different energies from the society is to increase your energy. There are methods: meditations, kriyas, chanting… You do a purification every day, for some time, at least a couple of hours, for two or three hours, internal purification, alignment. When you are fully aligned, nothing and nobody can take from you; you can give anything, but nobody cannot take away anything from you. So alignment consists of consistent activity, practice.

What practice is good for you? Practice which you can do effortlessly, without effort, one that you like to do, one you love to do, that is good for you.

Which teacher, master, Guru is good for you? The one with whom you can connect effortlessly.

Which religion is good for you? The religion, the road map  through which you can travel effortlessly. You are feeling good.

What is the common factor for all of these? YOU.


Everything is connected to you. When you wake up in the morning, you have a world outside of you. When you sleep at night, your world shuts down. That’s the only world you have: the world when you wake up, and when you sleep. The space in between that waking and sleep is your only world. Before you were born this world existed, after your death this world will exist, but that world does not belong to us. We can use this world only when you wake up, and in between, until the time you sleep. It is  very simple.

We are busy trying to conquer this world, and all that we want there. But what will you do with that? We are busy queuing to buy the new iphone 10. After a while, somebody says, “iphone 11 is coming,“ so this is useless. We are always chasing something new, and we get tired. Sometimes we get tired.  That is exactly the point. The point is that everything is you. With or without the iPhone, you are still you.

So, what is our job? Recognize this truth – You are everything. Where is Mohanji sitting? Only when you are awake, sometimes outside. Is Mohanji relevant? Not as relevant as you are. Not only me, anything outside of you is only complementing your existence. But your existence is owned by you.

If you really understood what I am saying, if you really understood this point, you will never be disappointed in life. You will be happy with what you have, and you will not have unhappiness with what you don’t have. You will be happy with whatever you have right now. It does not mean that you become dull, you become contented, peaceful. This is good, isn’t it?

But to all the people who came to see me I am very happy (smiles) don’t think I am not happy. I am really happy you came to see me. I appreciate it.


But please understand, the whole spiritual journey and the material journey also, all types of journeys, the journey of life is you, is connected to you, you are the beginning, and you are the end. And never feel that somebody else is ruining your life, that somebody else is deciding your life, somebody else is trying to manipulate your life, that is not true. It is only as much as you allow, they can enter. Only as much as you open the door, air or light will enter. It’s not about other people, it’s about us. The story called life is about us. It’s our story. There will be many players, there will be many people participating, like in a drama. They are all complementing your story. They are not creating a new story. You are the main player. You are the main actor, the hero. And many people are playing the other roles, let them play, it’s nice. There will be romance, there will be horror, good, bad, ugly, everything. But that is the beauty of life. That is how life should be. It can’t be monotonous, right?

Thus, as a matter of interaction with the society, I always say this, let everything you do, let it be honest to yourself. Means, there should be honesty and purity in your thoughts, words, actions, so you are fine that way. If there is no honesty, then slowly you will start hating yourself; it’s not about people, it’s about us. It’s our story. We have to keep it pure and honest. Nice, beautiful, fragrant.


Q: There is a secret connection between India and Serbia. Do you agree?

M: I not only agree, I feel. That is why my wife is from Serbia; irreversible connection. Another thing is that like the language; there is a lot of resemblance, I would say, between  Sanskrit  which is the substratum for most of Indian languages and as well as the language here, I believe. I would rather look at the entire Balkans. It  makes more sense  because there is a lot  in common.  There is a lot of frequency connection with the larger Balkans. I don’t look at countries, I look at energies. So, when you look at the energies, there is  a unity in the whole region.  You can feel the same in India, in what we would call  Bharat India, which means the spiritual India. The basic vibration is that of spirituality. There is a deeper link here. We are linked in some ways. There is a lot of connection, visible and invisible. Most importantly, we are all related, soul-wise. We are soulmates in that way.

Don’t worry, I love South Africa also, don’t be sad. J These sisters had a sad face (talking to the audience). America also, Sedona. J I really like Sedona. That is the Kailash of America. I love Sedona.


Q: I used to be afraid  of  authority and kind of ashamed. It’s no longer the case, but why do I react by shivering when I am getting in touch with any authorities and how do I defeat that, how to overcome that?

M: That’s connected to what is stored inside. All our responses, all our inclinations, all our styles and tendencies, they are all connected to what is inside of us. If you deeply look within, and start facing that particular situation or pattern, they will start vanishing. They start dissolving. Don’t think anything is permanent unless you keep it permanent. If you start looking at all your fears, straight into the eyes, they just vanish, they dissolve. Because everything has its duration, and its limitation. When you are really focused on all the fears, nothing will stay.

As a general thumb rule, all that you are experiencing is as per what you have stored. Because these are the impressions, which you have picked up from your experiences, and they got stored in our system. For example, you had tremendous problems with teachers in classes or with a teacher and your experience wasn’t so good, you may keep the tendency or a feeling that anybody of authority has to be feared, that they are probably not good for you, and you started  responding that way. There are many trapped emotions, which are the reason for certain experiences we have in our lifetime.


Transcribed by Nada Rakovic
Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

A Spoonful of the Highest Knowledge – Birthday Satsang

Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration in Sri Lanka, on 23rd February 2020

Thank you!

This trip to Sri Lanka was not really one of the planned trips.(Note- the trips that have been planned well in advance) When we thought of coming here, we planned it of course and my birthday happened to be during this time. Kataragama is also a very, very important location especially for people on the path of Kriya Yoga and those following Babaji and Lord Muruga. These kinds of things, even if you plan, may not work out well.

So I am really grateful for this group – all of you who have come from various locations together along with me to this particular place, at this particular time, and in 2020 when the decade has just begun. I believe there is a great significance, not just a spiritual significance, but a kind of inevitable larger unification because we have fragmented the world a lot especially in the last hundred years. With the rise in technology, we thought that the world would be united by now – that there  will be only one country which is called Earth, but that was not to be the case. We have fragmented more and more. We live in a fragmented world. We look at other human beings through the eyes of religions, the eyes of class, the eyes of communities, the eyes of hierarchies, through the eyes of discrimination – we look  at the world like that. That is not a typical ‘human’ existence, that’s not being human. That’s not being ourselves, totally.

What does it mean, to be ourselves completely? It is when we look at ourselves as one species, relevant to the whole world – not as dividing the world, but integrated into this whole world and for the benefit of all beings. That should be for all beings. That should be our defining factor, as a species.

Mohanji's birthday satsang in Sri Lanka 23 February 2020 with the main priest from Shirdi

There have been numerous habitations in this universe. Earth is not the only place where beings can experience an existence, this is just one of the many places. Our scriptures talk about when Creation happened – that the prajapatis, the people who had that ability to create, started working on this platform for the purpose of creating, with the only condition that perhaps harmony not be disturbed. Numerous beings decided to use this peripheral for their creativity. Some of them decided to create in water, some of them on land. And they created beings with evolutionary potential, so that those beings could evolve as well. So the technique of this whole infusement was similar to the technique of praana pratishtha, which we do now. Praana pratishtha is a process where a human-made structure, made in a particular size with a particular vaastu, is infused with a certain energy, and so that it can also transmit that energy. There was a time when in a similar way, people were equipped to create beings and infuse life energy into them which we call soul. The structures are very, very clearly defined. The driving force has been inclinations – like in human existence, we say the driving force are inclinations, not karma. We all have inclinations, tendencies. They are the driving force. They drive our system. They drive our existence. Karma comes later – karma is unfulfilled desires or what we want to experience within an incarnation and that comes later. But inclinations are unavoidable, they are more or less constant. Once you have inclinations and tendencies in childhood, the same things continue till death. You can probably see slight deviations, but more or less they remain – the basic character, constitution and tendencies. There is no point in blaming somebody: “Oh, you have these tendencies”. We all have tendencies, we all have inclinations. Nobody is immune to it.

The main motivational force of existence is instinct, which is across species. Every species is driven by instinct. The primal instinct is the survival instinct. Every being is equipped to survive. They have their nature to survive, their nature to live. Instinct cannot be compromised. There is no point in discussing that we have instincts. Human beings have instincts, all beings have instincts. And all other beings, except for the human being, are fully focused on their instinct or they are fully aligned with their instincts. Their imaginations, intellect and all their activities are linked to those instincts –  like a bird or fish knows where to go to eat or to find food; all these beings are driven by their instincts. But human formation, human beings are different. We have intelligence and imagination separated from instinct. We all definitely have survival instincts – we have instinct for when we become hungry, since the equipment needs nurturing. So we have the body which needs food, the mind that needs emotions, the intellect that needs information, the ego that needs materials, positions, possessions. These are all the feeds into those systems, those you can’t change. You have it, and you can’t change it. These fundamental things you can’t change, but for human beings, intelligence and imagination are isolated from the instincts. And because of that, we have a distinction, and the signs of that is all that we have created on earth. Human creations are a sign of a detached intelligence and imagination and to the level where we can realize and experience God – that means the subtlest of possibility is the God element. Our subtle-most possibility is the God element. We look within and we see that the soul part within us is connected to the God element. We have that power, we have that capacity to go deep within, to explore and experience God. That level of evolution we have.

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But if you look at the world today, why do we have divisions? Why do we have separations? We have lots of divisions, lots of separations, color, caste, country creed, class, religions, language barriers; we have all these things. They all are not exactly signs of refinement of a species. They are signs of instincts, basically survival instinct – that instinct which is inherent in every being. And we are supposed to be human beings, detached from the basic instincts of survival, like food, sexuality, those kind of stuff. We are supposed to be evolving into a level where we look at the whole world and say that, “Because we have this intelligence, the world should be a better place.” But did we actually deliver that world? Did we? We haven’t!

Today, I wouldn’t recommend too much self practice, instead I would  recommend awareness. What you need more is awareness. The thing that we need today is a clear definition that changing into another religion, changing into something from one point to the other, is not going to change you. What you need is a total transformation where you wake up and decide – I will do something for this earth from now, it doesn’t matter who I am, it doesn’t matter what my capacity is, it does not matter whether I am rich or poor.  But the whole decision that you need to take is to make sure that the earth will be a better place because you have taken birth. If purpose is clear, inspiration is spontaneous. Purpose has to be very clear. Otherwise, we are drinking, eating, sleeping, dying. The same process – the same pattern, nothing, no change. We think that we as human beings are better off  than all other species, we believe so. We kind of control other beings, including other human beings. The more intelligent we become, the more things we control. All these things are not signs of refinement. They are all signs of ego existence. Are you with me? This is something which I want to give you as a thought.


We are born as human beings, an amazing and great blessing. It’s a great blessing to be a human being, but are we living as human beings? This is the question we need to ask. We see mad competition and comparisons, these are all signs of degeneration. Who do we compete with? What are we competing for? Who we can compare ourselves with? There is nobody the same. We all look different, we are all different creations – even two leaves of the same plant may not be the same. So we have our distinctions, and that capacity should be well used. It should be used well. And depending on external knowledge and feeling that we know everything, that is the highest of stupidities. The highest! Because external knowledge is only as much as your brain can hold, and lasts only until you reach the grave, until your death. Knowledge should sprout from inside. Thats yours, all the time. What is yours is what comes from within. For that, you need to be with yourself. You need to connect to yourself. Do not judge, do not compare, do not criticize, do not look at yourself as against or as non-aligned with any of the systems. Instead, feel yourself as a part of this flow of life. And then, what comes out will be great stuff. We have that capacity. We do. This is what I wanted to say in the beginning.

I would like to thank Sulakhe Maharaj. He has been extremely busy – if you go to Shirdi, you will know. But he decided to take off and come here with his wife, his life partner, and spend  two or three days with us. This is a great honor. I consider that Shirdi Sai Baba has come here.

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Maharaj-ji comes from the place of Babaji, so that means that Baba and Babaji are united here. Maharaj-ji also came with us to Kailash, last year in 2019.

Thanks to all of you for coming here from various locations and being here. It’s amazing.

I’ll take your questions now.

I would also like to thank all the people who wished me, a day before in fact. For almost 48 hours since I have been getting birthday greetings. Each year there is more and more, and I am very happy. I am really happy that people remember my birthday (laughter in audience).

I am also really happy that on that day at least they remember to serve the world, to give something to the poor. See, this is not only our right – it’s both right and responsibility to share. You become very powerful when you share – the ability to share makes you really rich. Otherwise you can earn anything you want, you can probably have millions but you will feel poor. When you start sharing, it starts brightening the lives of other people. People means people of any species, they are all people – please don’t think that the only people are the human beings. Any species, all species have their character, their constitution, their own uniqueness, just like us. We are neither high nor lower than anybody else. We are not even the same, we are unique. We are unique creations. When we decide to help and support beings of any species with what we have, only with what we have in abundance, we become rich.

We are rich people, all of us, there is nobody poor. If we are at all feeling poor, understand that we are judging ourselves, comparing ourselves with somebody else. If at all you feel weak and insecure, you are already judging or comparing yourself – this you should remember. Otherwise, you will not feel weak. So it’s important to share what we have. It doesn’t matter what you have: if you have time to share, you can share that, if you have money, you can share money, if you have clothes to share, share clothes, skills to share, share skills. SHARE what you have, whatever that you have been given in abundance. That is your responsibility.

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When Adi Shankaracharya told the meditating monks in the Himalayas, “You should share what you have, they replied saying,“We have nothing to share. We don’t have any money. We are sitting in these Himalayas meditating, we are trying to find God. But we have nothing with us, not even clothes.” Then he said, “But just share what you have.” They repeated, “Sir, we have nothing to share.” Then he said, “Yes, you have something. Then what is that? It’s the power that you earned with your penance. Your single-pointed concentration on God has given you a lot of powers – that you should share.”

That is a very important subject, a very important thing. It means that when you are using this earth to realise God, you must share what is given to you. Nobody takes anything from here. This earth is just a platform, just to experience. Where does the problem start? When we start owning. When we decide we should own earth, or own part of earth, or own things from earth, that is where the problem starts. Then ignorance settles in. But just like we are here, just as we came to Kataragama, we are not going to take this temple with us, are we? We came, we prayed, we surrendered, we respected, and we are going. What you are taking from here? Apart from memories, nothing. But that is the truth of our life. This is the way we are. We can’t take anything from here. So if you are clearly aware of that, whatever we have, you will leave it behind here. You have taken a body, mind, intellect, ego and you have a spirit, and you have a soul. That is only to experience many aspects of life. That is it. Who you are in this life is what you chose to be. You came with that plan.

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I never thought I would be sitting in front of people and talking. I used to practise very sincerely for a long time, and I thought that this was my personal life, and I didn’t want to share it – this was my personal thing. But then once I settled down in silence, the first thing I was told is that: “Speak to people.” It took about six years to go deeper and deeper into layers of silence, and establish in silence. That is the time when I was told, “Ok, now you got what you wanted, now go and share it.” That is very painful. It’s very, very painful, because you took a lot of time to come out of all the noises, and establish in silence. Then you are asked to go back to noises, but as silence. I was with noises as a noise, but now I am with the noises as silence. That is the difference. You understand that? So, that is possible in a human existence. This thing is possible. So when we decide: “I can own these things, I can own the materials and persons, relations and all these things”, that “I own”, it is a big aberration. We own nobody. We cannot own anything. So what is the best we can do? Experience life and share beautifully. This is the best you can do. That really makes you rich. Life becomes meaningful. Life really becomes meaningful. Insecurities will come. We are habituated to it. We have habitual insecurities. Many of the habits are because we are used to them, not that we need them, isn’t it? Many things which we do is because we are used to them, we don’t know anything else. So if that thing is missing, then we feel something is wrong. It’s not that we actually need it, we may not need it. Like that, most of our insecurities are habitual. Some people love diseases. It might sound strange, but without diseases they don’t know what to do ! This happens to people.

When you start connecting to yourself, you will realise what sort of a bundle you are. And you will be suprised. You might be suprised to see that many of the things you thought as very important, have no value actually. It’s a bubble which we have maintained in life, which did not really matter. We will feel that. And also after a while when you think about the core of existence, all the noises have come out of silence. Noises are like the waves coming out of silence, and then going back into the ocean. Waves can’t stand there forever. Noises cannot have existence forever. They go back. So when you really start connecting to the core, that is silence. Where are emotions then? They are just like waves. They don’t stay. They come and they go. So you start witnessing them: “Oh, this man is now getting angry.” Watch your anger, “Now he is in a comparison mode.” Ok, compare. Experience that feeling. I have always said, some days when you wake up, you say, “I can’t get out of bed, its a bad day, I can’t do anything.” What should you do then? Just be like that. Experience that feeling totally. Another day you wake up and say, “I am very charged up today, I want to do so many things , I want to change the world.” Go out and change it (laughs). So, if you clearly follow your waves, the waves and the patterns of your life, you will understand that many of these things have been controlling you since childhood. Inclinations are controlling you. Inclinations are deciding what you should experience. Sometimes the government decides what you should experience. We have a government inside! Inclinations, tendencies, they decide what you should experience. Sometimes, even before we see something, we say, “I don’t like it.” We have not even seen it. What tells you that you don’t like it? What is the thing which tells you don’t like it? What is stored inside.

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See, we are living in a world where there are three distinct operating modes of consciousness each time. Consciousness is one, but it operates in three different modes every day, in 24 hours. Waking state: when you source from the world outside. We have the world outside and you source from that world outside. Dream state: you source from the world inside. Whatever is stored, whatever is collected, whatever is secured that is what becomes ingredients for dreams. Deep sleep state: you have nothing. No world outside, no world inside, whether you are alive or dead, nobody knows. Then you wake up in the morning. Again you are waking up to the world outside, when you wake up – it is a waking up to the world outside. Then you are whoever you are. I hope you are in a waking state now! (laugh) Then you go to the dream state. Essential state. Why are dreams essential? Because that is also experience. Dreams give you experience. Whatever gives you experiences is essential because that is a part of your living agenda. Dreams are important. Then you go into deep sleep, for two or three hours – just sufficient time to charge your mobile phone. About one hour or two of deep sleep. Totally dead. Then you wake up into the same body. In the death state, you wake up in a different body – that is the only difference. That is how creation works.

So when the whole creation happened, various beings, great creators happened. They are called the children of Brahma, a lot of children of Brahma. They have the power. They can unify. Their skill was like the sculptors of today – they unify materials, they have the capacity to unify materials, to give it a form and give it an energy so that it becomes alive. That is what was called existence, the creation. So every creation was complementary, like because there are many deer they created a few carnivorous beings so the population is maintained. And all the plants, birds, seeds, everything – all these things are connected to life and living. So everything was synchronised. The basic elements were water, fire etc., using which they created. So, based on the capacities of the world, there were creations as well. Some creations could use the sky, some could use earth, some could use water. And they were built in those peripherals.

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So with this understanding if you look at the world, you will respect all creations. We stopped looking at the world like that. We stopped looking at the world with this awareness. That’s where we decided we can kill certain species, we can destroy certain creations, and everything is for the sake of human beings. Absolutely not. Nothing is for the sake of human beings. But human beings have that capacity to admire and appreciate creations. We have that capacity. If we do not utilize that capacity to admire and appreciate creations, we are not living as human beings. Are you with me? This is all food for thought. Just think about that.

If you start looking at life in this manner, your whole heart will expand. You will look at every creation with awe, including yourself. Amazing creations. You will not discard your tendencies – “I have this tendency, I have this weakness, strength. Let it be.” All people have their weaknesses and strengths. Because somebody has a weakness and because they don’t fit into your frame, they are not bad people. We should not discriminate. Discrimination is ignorance. That means lack of understanding. We don’t see karma. If somebody is supposed to experience something in life, they will have that experience. Because duration is fixed. Time of birth and time of death are fixed. Within this time, we have to deliver. We have to receive experiences and deliver what we want to deliver. Like how the avadhoota said to Maha Kaali, “Can you extend my life for one more day?” He actually needed nothing from life. But he said, “If you want to give me a blessing, give me a blessing that I live for one more day.” There is no use, but still some blessing!  So she replied, “No, I can’t do that.” He said, “One hour?” The reply was, “No. At the appointed time you will go.” He said, “Then I don’t need your blessings.” (laugh) Because it is already determined. What will you give me? This  is exactly the situation. We have taken the time of birth which was not our choice, or probably it was chosen in a different level. And time of death, you can’t extend by one hour. And then, what are we conquering from earth then? From this world, what are you going to get? So, what you can deliver to this world is the only possibility that you have. So, deliver yourself.

I was writing recently that I decided to give to God what I have. Then I decided to check what I have. When I checked, I found nothing. Because the body is temporary, it is taken from here for the sake of experience. My mind, intellect and ego are connected to ether, they are born from ether, I can’t hold it. And, I can’t even feel it as tangible in all the three states. Then materials – they are outside of me. Whether I am living or dead, they still exist – so those are not mine. Then what is inside of me is what comes as a guest from the outside world – all the memory, all the likes, dislikes, all the feelings, they all come from outside as guests. They will leave at some point of time. Guests don’t stay. So that is not mine. Then the soul – and soul belongs to God anyway. Then what do I give Him? Him or Her, whatever is God. So what do you give? So it is arrogance to think that  God needs us. It is better to realise God. To be aware of the God factor, where you stop existing. You stop to exist. When you become aware of the God factor, you dissolve. That is a good idea. Because that’s worth it. Because we have taken this birth, use the time well and try to understand the God factor in you. The God particle in you. Try to be with it longer. This is the only way you can dissolve.

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You could associate with positive things longer in life so it helps alignment. When you are associated with powerful, aligned people you will become aligned. That is the beauty. When you sit with the smokers in a room at the airport, even if you did not smoke, people will think you smoked. Because your clothes will absorb it. Likewise, when you are in the aura and company of powerful people, you will become aligned. So the Sanskrit phrase ‘satsangatvey nissangatvam’ – that means that through the satsang or company of good people, or positive, energetic, and vibrant people, you learn to detach. What is detachment? Detachment is that awareness that nothing outside of me belongs to me, they are only triggering my own experiences which are inside. So whether that thing exists or not, I am still the same. That is detachment.

When detachment happens, desires become less. Desires are mostly connected to ignorance. I want this, I want that. If this thing also comes to me, I will be happier. If I have two cars, I will be more happy, and if I have three cars, better. If I have a jet plane that is even better. Like that, the desires never end. It upgrades itself. So, when you are detached from the world outside, what you basically need is just four wheels to move from one place to the other. So if that is there, you are happy. Detachment leads to less desires. Desires have a problem – they have bubbles coming out. What are the bubbles? Thoughts. They create thoughts -numerous thoughts, which leads to various other things but we will not discuss that now. Thoughts leads to insecurities, to restlessness, to so many things. Numerous thoughts. When you have less desires, you will have less thoughts. What happens when you have less thoughts? Stillness of mind. Mind is not a bad guy. Mind depends on what is spread in it. If you feed the mind with lots of thoughts, the mind becomes overactive. If no thoughts come through the mind, the mind is free. Mind is like a movie projector – if you put in a film roll, it projects the film on the screen. If there is no film roll to project, the mind is free, the mind doesn’t project anything. The same with the intellect.

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The intellect is overwhelmed, actually running overtime processing information today, because we are in the internet age. You are getting tons of information, 80% of which you don’t even need, the vital statistics of the president of the country etc. We don’t even need all that information. But these kinds of information are fed, and then it is processed. What is processed becomes knowledge. Information processed becomes the knowledge. Knowledge experienced becomes wisdom. So, lots of information,some of it becomes knowledge, and that also has to be processed while you have your habits, likes and dislikes, and tendencies. Then it becomes knowledge. And knowledge sitting as knowledge has no use. It has to be experienced. Once it is experienced, it becomes wisdom. We are so limited. We are in that kind of limited mode. That is what we are.

In this whole game, what you get when the mind is reasonable still – you get liberation. It is good to have good company, so that you have a chance for liberation. The good company should be yourself. The most reliable company should be yourself.  Because the other company you can’t trust fully. They should have time for you and you should have time for them. Instead, you have all the time for yourself. Make well use of it. What should you do? You should recognize yourself as a unique creation, fundamentally. Second, you should appreciate and accept all your weaknesses, before the strengths. The strengths we are eager to accept and post in the world. I have so many strengths, we are even making posters and putting that on the website. (laugh)  But with weaknesses we hide them under the carpet and sometimes they become a nuisance. But we all have weaknesses. Who has only strengths? I have never seen anybody in this world who has only strengths. We have weaknesses, we have strengths, this is part of us. That level of acceptance makes the mind at ease. Otherwise, one mask, another mask, third mask and we forget who we are finally. Everytime you look in the mirror, it’s a mask. Then we wonder who we are. Like an actor busy playing many roles, each day. Finally he forgets who he is, because he gets attuned with the roles he played. We all play various roles and we are none of these roles. We are none of these roles perpetually, truly. We must understand this.

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We are everything. We need to accept ourselves. Who is the true master? The one who is within you. That one which when it leaves the body, we call the body a dead body. When this fellow leaves, we call it a dead body. Until then, we call it a person. So probably the personality in that person is really you. When that  personality goes, the body is useless.

Yesterday, we went to that place where Hanumanji burnt a part of the palace of  Raavana. Raavana had all the ego. What are the main ingredients of the ego ?  One is position, one is possession – these are the signs of ego. Because it helps ego, what you have and what you are. Raavana was a king, a very powerful man with great power. Plus he was a brahmin, the head of the priestly class. Big ego. So he said, “What is the source of ego for a monkey? The tail.” So Raavana gave orders to tie a long piece of cloth on the tail, pour some oil and burn it. So that his (Hanuman’s) ego will be hurt. What did Hanumanji do? He had nothing to lose. What did he do? He set the place on fire, put his tail in the ocean, extinguished the fire, and left. So Raavana did not know what to do then. Because his ego was seriously affected. Because a part of his beautiful palace was burnt. That is connected to his ego, his stature. That’s the place we visited. When what is connected to ego is burnt, it means ego is affected. Usually when ego is affected, it spits venom. When somebody insults you, what do you feel? You become angry, venomous, you want to take revenge. This is human nature. When somebody attacks your ego, and you are able to sit back and watch, “Oh, here the ego goes. Here it is getting dissolved. Melting like ice in the sun.” If you are able to watch it, you win. Because there is nothing you have here that you brought.

Nothing that you own today is yours, actually. You did not bring it. It came to you, so how can you own it? Imagine your personal relations, people, materials, time, space, all these things. Have you brought them? Did you bring them when you came? You didn’t. They all came to you but you started owning them, because you thought you are the boss. So if you are aware of this need for clear awareness, this clear awareness will help you stabilize yourself. Then nobody can insult you. Or if they insult you, it doesn’t matter. Whether they criticize you, betray you, or steal from you – it doesn’t matter. What do you own anyway? This awareness will stabilize you.  It will keep you steady. These are all pointers which I am giving so you understand that this trip is also connected to it.  Where we went today, Guru gave himself to Babaji. The best that a Guru can give to a disciple is himself. Not the teachings. Teachings are nothing. Teachings are just to align, to bring the mind to a certain platform to alignment. Teaching, coaching, guidance, this is all for bringing to a certain alignment. When this alignment happens, when emptiness takes place and you are stable in that empty space for some time, Guru transfers himself to you.

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Just like this: you see so many lamps here. Are we going to pour more oil in them? These lamps here – a matchstick was required to light only one lamp. Am I right? Then how did the other lamps get lit? One from the other. Just like that, a ripe and ready disciple is like dry wood. One spark is enough to catch the fire. The problem is that these ripe and right disciples are very few, because they are all minds. They only know practices. So they practice eternally. And they feel they are very spiritual. They are doing puja, they are going to different places etc. They are busy entertaining the mind, but not stabilising the mind. That is what is  required for a Guru to deliver. You need to stablilise your mind, you need to be stable. Mind, intellect, ego, spirit, and body should be together. Just imagine how powerful you become. Mind, intellect, ego, body and spirit, together. So when you look, everything looks. When you hear, everything listens. When you smell, everything smells. Not like you catch the mind for some time, you smell then your mind goes away. It’s like a restless monkey: “I have to look”. Then the mind looks. Or “I have to see this”. So the mind comes for sometime, until this vision goes and then your mind goes away. Our life is like that. Here that is not that case. Mind is steady. If you choose to look, mind, intellect and ego look together. Then your words become commands. Everything will become commands. You will not be bound by life, you are life. Otherwise, we are bound by life. If you have even one percent ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’, you are bound. ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ : position and possession or ownership. Ownership creates karma. Thought plus emotion becomes karma. Words plus emotion becomes karma. Action plus emotion becomes karma. Minus emotion, it does not become karma. Simple. Thought, word, action – standing alone, they cannot produce karma. Only when ownership attached, and emotion is ownership. Where are emotions coming from? Expectations. Expectations are coming from what you are, where you are operating from. I expect so many things from you means I am bound by you. If I am independent, everything is a bonus for me – means, it’s all complementing fact. We are all walking this path. Nobody owns nobody. Nobody can own anybody. We don’t have the right or responsibility to own anybody. We are all individuals, just individuals, joined together in this space and time for some reason. We may not even know the reason, we don’t have to. Just be grateful we are here. That is it.

I will take your questions now.

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Q: Today we were at Kataragama at the temple, and there were several samadhis there. One of them was of Palkudi Baba, from 1898. I was just wondering if you could explain more about the masters, who they are, what makes a master eligible to actually have a samadhi? What is the purpose of samadhi? Second question is about what Boganathar actually taught Babaji, what was their relationship?

M: You want to put me in trouble! (laughter) Well, samadhi is a state which is already in everyone. Samadhi is a state where the mind is still, or where mind has no feeds. That’s the first level of samadhi. The first level of samadhi as we say is savitarka samadhi. Savitarka samadhi is the state which is very normal. Savitarka samadhi means you have a desire that gets fulfillment, and for the time being, the mind is at ease. Mind is still. Again you have a desire. You need and then get fulfillment, and then mind is at ease again. So like that, it goes on. This is the first level. Then it reaches the second level where you have a desire but it is not powerful enough to ask for fulfillment. Desires are there like – “Oh, I would like to have it”, but it’s ok. Not because you don’t have money or resources, and also not because of your inertia, or laziness – not because of that. You have the full potential to accomplish it but you don’t need it. You have already attained the second level of samadhi. Third level of samadhi is that if you go through this process, your thought itself will not materialize, because you are not asking for fulfillment. When thought cannot become an action, and further experience. First of all, chronology of action goes like that. A thought happens. Before the thought there is a desire. Before desire there is an impression. Numerous thoughts happen everyday. Everything will not become powerful as an expression. So if it becomes an expression, and for example you have a thought, “I need to have a cup of coffee.” Then you have an expression, “Can you get me some coffee?” Then you have a cup of coffee. That is the third: action. Thought-expression-action. Then what comes? Experience. Action also needs time and space. We have time and space, that is why you need earth for your experiences. Then experiences become memories: “That place I went to, the coffee was good.” That’s a memory. Then again, it’s not only the coffee, it’s probably the place, probably the person who served the coffee, whatever. That becomes a memory. And memory again brings back thoughts. When this process continues, it becomes patterns. This is how human existence happens.

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States of samadhi

First level: you have a desire for coffee, you had the coffee and for that time, mind is being ok. After a while you say, I would like to have another coffee. Again the mind asks for coffee. Not mind, but the thoughts came for coffee. Mind is just a platform, mind is just a projector. Then fulfillment.

Second level: you have a desire for coffee but it is not powerful enough for action. I would like to have coffee but it doesn’t matter. Again as I said, it’s not because of laziness or lack of resources.

Third level: Because you are not getting fulfillment, thoughts themselves are outside of you, just like the people walking on the street. You will have thought but thoughts are distant from you. “I need a coffee” is almost like somebody is telling, not like you are telling from inside. Do you get that? Third level – that distance happens. Because the thoughts are not within you, and almost like outside of you.

Fourth level: there will be no thoughts. That is a state of nirvichaara samadhi. No-thought state. From that state onwards, you can’t reverse. When nirvichaara samadhi happens, that means the fourth state happens. Thoughts collapse completely. Thoughts are like pillars holding the mind. Along with the thoughts, mind collapses. Minimal mind, mind collapses. When mind collapses, you will not get it back again. Until the mind fully collapses, you will always reverse back, you can go back. That is why you need to be extraordinarily connected to the Guru, who has stabilized his mind. Because as I told you, it was tremendous exercise to dive deep into silence. Five to six years of constant practice. After that when you interact, you will be  interacting from that point of silence, not from the point of noises. The fourth state is when the thoughts have declined. Thoughts have subsided and mind collapses, then you cannot have the mind.

Fifth state: you have a body, you have an existence, you are probably functioning. But you are not owning your body, you are not owning the existence, you have no ownership. You are free already. Freedom sets in the fourth state. Totally free. You are not bound by anything. Your body, mind, intellect, ego, all the gadgets are there. Everything is there, but you are not bound by any. You are not bound by materials outside, you are not bound by things inside. You are totally free. Usually there will be nothing inside. No thoughts. Where do thoughts come from? Stored memories. There is no memory. The fifth level is that you have your body, you have your existence, but it is almost like you are not there.

Then comes the sixth state. You are not even aware of the body – like Neem Karoli Baba, Bhagavaan Nityananda, and various masters from the past.  They are not aware of the body. When somebody gives food, they will eat. Sometimes you have to put food in their mouths so they eat, otherwise they don’t eat, because they are not aware. Now, in that state when death happens….. First of all, understand that all the three states become one in that state – there is no waking , sleep and deep sleep separately. When the mind dissolves, then dream state completely goes. Because dream state is connected to data inside, stored data that doesn’t exist. The waking state will be there or probably an extended waking state, and deep sleep state or probably an extended deep sleep state. After the fourth state, the dream state itself collapses. Dream state is taking materials from stored data – memories for example, impressions, memories. Nothing is stored because whatever is stored has been exhausted. Some of the stored data are the acquired fears, agonies, etc – they all die. Then it’s only two states mostly. It’s an expanded state – you are already totally absorbed into the truth.

In that (sixth) state when you are leaving the body it is further expansion, there is nothing leaving. Leaving usually happens on a karmic state, when you have to shed one thing and take another one. Here you are not shedding anything. You are in one body and there is no more body to be taken. So what do we do? We expand. At the time of death you expand – that is why samadhi places are powerful. Like for example, Shirdi. Baba has not left. Baba has gone nowhere. There is nowhere to go for him. As he is, he is more active today. As he was existing in Shirdi at that time, he is existing even now because he does not need a body to communicate. Body is just an expression for people to connect to. See the image which we have here – if you connect to that particular form (form is just a connection point) then you will start experiencing the presence. Because you are not going, you are not leaving. Especially because there are no more incarnations to take.


When the usual karmic being who is full of mind, dies, it dies with a bundle of desires which need fulfillment. So what can you do? Come back in another body, that’s all you can do. And again ask for fulfillment. So where you left off, there you start. This is the usual situation. But when you are in a higher state of samadhi? How do you know whether you are in a state of samadhi? Less t.p.s. – thoughts per second, to a level of no thoughts. Level of no thoughts at all. Now with the samadhis here in this place, it must have been very powerful. I would presume that this place was a forest. This temple is standing alone there, this place became this temple probably later. People found a location suitable for a transfer. Boganathar especially would have found this place suitable for a transfer – isolated and away from people, so that you have continuity with the connection. As I said, for a Guru to transfer anything, you need to have a consistent connection. Consistent connection. Zero thoughts in between, especially no doubts. If you have one doubt, you are already separated. So, no doubts, continuous, consistent connection – then transfer is spontaneous. From the transformer outside, electricity is coming in, to finally light this bulb. Electricity is coming into this room, into this building, into this room, into this bulb. It needs continuous connection, that channel should be clear. Otherwise, it will not be consistent. It’s the same, when a student is well-connected to the Master, and is without doubts and fully connected all the time. Then the transfer is spontaneous, there is no formality for that. Number one – consistent connection. Number two – emptiness. These are the two things. When you are consistently connected to a Guru, spontaneously you will become Him. Then transfer is just a natural process. What a Guru is really giving to a disciple is Himself, fully.

But today, disciples see so many faces on television, so they keep wandering, they are getting nothing from anybody. Because there is no consistent connection. If you are consistently connected, then there is no way a transfer doesn’t happen. Transfer has to happen. Once you go into a certain state of samadhi, then you leave the frame behind in that location, that’s about it. Unless there is a reason, like when Sai Baba told Baba Ganeshaananda Giri to go to Chennai and leave the body. Sometimes when Guru sends the disciples to different places, that is for a purpose, that will be for a reason.


Devi: The question was, as far as I know, Mahavatar Babaji is the only master who actually retained the youthful body. That is not the common practice.

M: It’s not. He is an incarnation of Muruga. That’s why you saw the image of Muruga, then Babaji, and Boganathar sitting next to Him. Boganathar was clear that he (Babaji) is the reincarnation of Lord Muruga/Karthikeya, his form is like that. The techniques like kayakalpa created by Boganathar is to maintain youthfulness. But this technique is definitely possible, others have done that. That’s why in the original Nath tradition, the induction is below ten years. A student only below the age of ten years is taken. By the time they become fifteen or sixteen, they are kind of stabilised. Babaji is an incredible avataar. In the Avadhoota tradition He is called Mahatapa. In the Kriya Yoga tradition, He is called Babaji because he has no name.

Q: The second question was : what did Boganathar teach to Babaji? The question is actually, in those times of evolution and elevation, what did the master teach a disciple compared to..like You and Him..What would he have taught those days?

M: Every Guru teaches so many things starting from cleaning the floor, cooking, washing clothes (laughter). There weren’t many clothes because being very tropical, one loincloth was enough. The techniques are connected mostly to kriya. One thing I will tell you. It depends on the disciple what Guru teaches. Every disciple is not taught like in school today. They look at the disciple, the capacity of the disciple, inclinations of the disciple, and teach accordingly. That is the system. That is why if you look at Babaji today, he has empowered each person differently. It’s not the same thing. It’s never ever one set of teachings. Depending on the caliber of the person, capacity of the person, they teach different things. So, it is very difficult to say what he taught. And what he taught Babaji, Babaji is displaying already. Whether he taught Babaji we don’t know, because did Sandeepany teach everything to Krishna? Are we sure? Krishna was an Avatar, and Sandeepany knew that Krishna was an avatar. Like the Guru of Adi Shankaracharya, Govinda Bhagavatpada, answered when he was asked who could teach Brahmajnaana – knowledge of the Brahman to the world. He replied, “Those who can contain the ocean in a bowl, they can teach.” What is that ocean? Infinite knowledge. What is that bowl?  One atom. If he can contain the infinite knowledge of the Universe or the whole knowledge in an atom, he can teach. Nobody else is eligible, they only have partial knowledge. They are not eligible to teach. This is what Govinda Bhagavatpada said. When Krishna came as an avatar, Sandeepany knew Krishna was an avatar. What could he teach him? Don’t think in terms of a teacher and disciple relationship, in terms of Boganathar and Babaji’s relationship, and that kind of thing. He would probably have taught something, but mostly what he would have taught was that he would given him time to empty himself – if he had something inside. I doubt whether Babaji had anything inside of him to empty. What is the usual thing we carry? Memories, expressions, impressions, so many things which are inside. Masters give time to expel them.


Make yourself empty. When ego rises, hit the ego. When ownership rises, hit the ownership. That’s probably what Masters will do – not maybe sitting and teaching. One or two techniques they can teach – maybe how to sit properly, how to lead a normal life, how to clean the floor, wash your dishes. Some of these things you can teach, but apart from that, the time is needed for what? To become You. More time is spent to be yourself. Modern education is making you as somebody else, not you as you. Today, we are learning about ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’ and all these kind of things. How will you use it in daily life ? First of all, you are made stupid. Then we are expected to become a very intelligent person – that is the modern system. That is not education. Education is that everything should be that you are totally you. You become 100% you. That is the highest you can give to a disciple. Give time, situations, and guidance to be you. Then what comes out are unique expressions. Amazing revelations. They come, because you have it already. Then what can Guru give you finally as a graduation? Himself. Like one candle lights another. Flame is given. Now you go and don’t look back. That is the best a Guru can give to a disciple. But the disciple should stay – first of all. Mostly, like we saw that in a feature film, the disciple is basically an escapist. He decided to become a spiritual man. He went to the ashram and said, “I have decided to become a renunciate, a saint.” Guru said, “Good enough,” and the next  day he said, “Ok, now you wash the toilets.” The disciple  said, “I never even washed the toilet in my own house. How would I wash toilets here?” So, he left the ashram. These are the types of people who look for spirituality sometimes. Or look for spiritual awakening. You need to have total stability for that.

Now coming back to this question of Boganathar, what would he have given? If you want to see what Boghanathar has given, you should look at the techniques and the systems which he has delivered. This is all delivered through people, right? Various people. He has sculpted the idol of Palani with Babaji as the model with nine poisons. Each of those poisons can separately kill a person. But united together, it becomes a medicine for all diseases. So he created that. Extraordinary intelligence, right? He never killed a lot of rabbits to make these things. No experiments done in laboratories. This is exactly how they have delivered supreme stuff in totally non-violent environment. This is all part of it. It’s very difficult to say what he would taught Babaji. What Babaji displays today is probably from himself. See, if you are given the environment, and the time to stabilize into yourself, you will become that. You will become your absolute yourself. Then, when you are ripe and ready, the Guru just transfers himself, Guru can work through you. That’s all that he does. It’s not about the teaching. We need to forget the idea that we need to learn from outside to know. It’s actually stabilizing in yourself so that the knowledge comes from the inside. That’s true knowledge that is yours. That is your answer.


(Mohanji is answering someone’s question from the audience): “Witness it. You don’t have to address anything. Ego, intellect and mind are just the processors. What does ego process? Me and mine. Positions, possessions and stuff like that. When your ego is really high, watch that thing. You detach yourself and look at it. The antidote of ego is what? Humility. If you practice humility continuously: “I am not better than anybody.” It’s not like a depressive state where you feel useless. That’s a different story. Here you are not really positioning yourself higher. If you have deeper awareness, you will automatically have humility. Deeper awareness is connected to humility. I always believe that humility is the right antidote for ego. Ego for that matter is not a bad thing. In its elementary form, ego is good. Otherwise, if I ask you who you are and you tell me I am not sure, then it’s a problem, right? You need to know who you are in this life.

Q: The Datta tradition and the Guru Parampara – how does it differ from other systems or is it the same thing?

M: Well, the Datta tradition is one of the major traditions in India. The Datta tradition is usually according to me, connected to Raja Yoga path, total dissolution path. Lord Datta is the beginning, maintenance and the dissolution. As I have explained yesterday during Shivaratri about Lord Shiva:  Shiva is Supreme Consciousness, brightness, full awareness. We worship Shiva linga, li or la is connected to Layana – dissolution, dissolving. Ga means vast, unfathomable. So, the shiva linga is an expression of something which is vast and cannot be contained into any kind of form, structure or frame. We are worshipping Shiva, that state of being fully conscious. That is more or less the method of the Datta or Avadhoota tradition. They are fully occupied with Supreme Consciousness. Fully aware of Supreme Consciousness. Every movement of every atom, they feel. They are fully occupied, fully aware. Datta tradition is of that aspect of being fully aware, fully conscious but at the same time fully responsible, fully here. They are active like for example Sai Baba. He is available for everybody 24/7. Likewise, all avatars of Lord Dattatreya have been super powerful. Extraordinarily powerful, but very humble, very quiet, very insignificant. On one side, Datta is displaying total insignificance like normal existence, but on the other side He is extraordinary. He has got extraordinary powers. Datta tradition has a lot of significance in the Hindu tradition, Hindu path, because of one thing: you can have anything from this world but actually you need nothing. You can have positions, possessions, whatever you can get from this world, but that may not give you satisfaction, contentment. But even with having nothing, if you are totally content with what you have inside, you will be very peaceful. You can sleep peacefully. It’s not about the material wealth, or what you collect from the earth but what you are. That makes a difference in life. Datta tradition is very powerful as a reminder, a reminder of who you could be. That means – fully conscious of the whole Universe, at the same time you can have anything from earth because you are so powerful, you can acquire anything from the earth but you are not bound by anything.


Q: In one of your writings, you described the creation of Somaskandamoorthy in Switzerland as being crafted by Dakshinamoorthy out of silence. I would very much like to know more about Dakshinamoorthy, would you like to talk about it?

M: Dakshinamoorthy is the depiction of a state of Shiva as Guru. As I said earlier, the highest you achieve by deepest silence. The highest you gain through deep silence. Dakshinamoorthy is symbolic of being silent and being complete. In silence, everything is contained. Words have limitations, but silence has no limitations, no boundaries. Dakshinamoorthy is an incarnation or a depiction where you can see so many saints, they are connected to him and they are all silent and through silence they attain the highest. What is the highest? Consciousness of the Universe – where what is manifested and unmanifested, are together. Manifested universe is very small compared to the unmanifested universe. Manifestation has a duration. Unmanifestation has no duration. This is the main thing. The awareness of the unmanifested format and the manifested format together makes you complete. That is Dakshinamoorthy. Total awareness. This is also one aspect of Shiva. Shiva is fully conscious as well as fully operational. That means you are not just existing as immobile or a still form of  matter; you are also existing as invisible, active, the one who transfers knowledge, who guides etc.. Dakshinamoorthy is that aspect where He is the constantly-delivering aspect of Shiva, that is that depiction. Shiva comes in that form for that purpose. Shiva linga means it’s something which you can’t define. That is why all our atomic reservoirs are in the form of Shiva linga. That is the form which can contain the maximum of energy. No other form was a suitable form. Shiva linga is a depiction of the supreme consciousness which cannot be defined, which can’t be put in frames. In which knowledge aspect was that through silence you achieve the highest. For getting silence, which is basically lack of thoughts, it means no thoughts, that means lack of desires. That means lack of memories. If you backward integrate, connecting to the Dakshinamoorthy, you lose all the memories. Not memory loss. I mean you don’t have storage. Experience happens, corresponding memory does not get stored.

(Mohanji is explaining something to someone from the audience): Memory is connected to emotions of experience. An experience happens, but if you have a memory that means you have an emotion connected to that experience. So that emotion is not there, that is why it does not get stored. Information may or may not be there. For example if I ask you what you ate for breakfast two days ago, if you are always eating the same thing, you will tell me. Otherwise you may not even know. Because it would have been processed already. For an experience to get stored, it needs a glue called emotion. That is why I said thought plus emotion becomes karma, emotion is the glue. So, memory to happen, it needs emotion. So usually, we remember the emotion, not exactly the event, isn’t it? Events happen, they come and go, but we remember the emotion attached to that.

Thank you very much. Thanks once again to all the people who wished me today from all over the world. I may not be able to tell all of you that I love you individually but you know that. I love you and I am with you. And I really, really appreciate that you spent time and you wished me. I also really appreciate that you translated your connection to me as good service in the world, which I really like. Thanks to all of you for coming together here, taking time and being here. I really appreciate it. I love you.


Transcribed by Nada Rakovic
Proofread by Geeta Iyer

Know Yourself – part 2

Satsang with Mohanji-Montenegro, Luštica Bay, 17.11.2019



Q11: Is my spiritual path real, and should I dedicate myself to the gift that I have?

M: What is spiritual path? Every moment, what happens is spirituality, not doing something apart from that. We have a body and we all feel the body. Am I right? We have a body, we agree? We have a mind, do we? We agree or not, it’s there. How do you know you have a mind? If you have emotions, you have a mind. Then we also have intellect, the analytical part. How do we know? When we start analysing, are we judging, that is also coming from the intellect. If you do that, you do have it. We also have an ego. That is definite, right? How do you know you have an ego? If somebody abuses you, do you feel hurt? Or do you feel nice? If somebody tells you, you look like a donkey, do you feel good? If you feel good, you have no ego. If you don’t feel anything then you again have no ego. If you feel angry, then it is ego working. See, we call people fools, right? We call them, you are an idiot, you are a fool.” Whom do we call like that? (Audience – to ourselves). No, to somebody who is not an idiot or a fool. When a person is actually an idiot we will not even call like that, because there is nothing to call.

So we have a body, we have the mind, we have intellect, we have an ego. When do you feel all these? When you are awake. When you sleep, you don’t know its there. In a state of dreaming, you don’t know whether you have a body, mind, intellect, or ego, you don’t know. But when you wake up, you feel all these. You see everything happening. And in our 24 hours, we have a deep sleep state, where we don’t know whether we are a man or a woman, we are like the dead. Have you ever thought, who is running this show? There is some energy in us, which is managing all these. For 24 hours it is all happening: various experiences, various emotions, various feelings, so many things are happening in every 24 hours. And, somebody is running the show. Are you with me on this?


There is an energy which is activating all these: physical, emotional, intellectual, egotistical; something is activating all of these. That is how we are gaining experiences. What do you gain from this world? Experiences. It can be good experiences or bad experiences, forget about good or bad. What is it actually? Experience. These faculties are giving you experiences because of an energy which is operating through it. Otherwise, we have no experiences. Do you agree that we have something like that? We may not know the energy, right? But there is something which is waking us up, which is taking us to our dreams, which is making us deep sleep, experience all these. So, there is something going on. That awareness is spirituality. Very simple. Awareness of the spirit body, which is the energy body within us, within ourselves, which is activating our experiences, that awareness is spirituality. So, we are all spiritual.

Nobody has to give you spirituality. We have that inside of us already. We do have it. Nobody is giving you from outside. You are only becoming aware of your energy which is already inside in you, and that awareness is spirituality. The more and more you go inside and see this, the more spiritual you become.

How do you know when you deeply connect to that energy? How can you connect to the energy part of you? By being aware. Very simple. How do you know whether you are actually connecting? When you connect deeper and deeper into your own energy, what experience you will have? Less thoughts. More feelings, you will have more feelings of yourself. When you have less thoughts, there is more peacefulness. When your mind is more peaceful, you have a high level of clarity. When you look at something, you will see through that thing. Because you are fully focused.


Do you know why our experiences are sometimes not very fulfilling? We have experiences but we don’t feel contented. Do you know why? Because the mind is scattered. The mind is not fully there. Otherwise, when you are doing a job or doing something if your mind is fully focused on that, your experience will be very good. Good in the sense that whether it is positive or negative, you will have a complete experience. Sometimes it’s sorrow, sometimes it is happiness. But, when you are fully in that, that is fulfillment. That is completion.

True spirituality is your marriage to yourself. It’s a deep relationship with yourself. You don’t need any help for that.

When I used to practice, in the early 2000s, I used to wake up every day at 2.30 am, because I used to work for a company. I had a job to do from 8:30 to almost six o’clock. During that time I worked for money, but the night was mine.  But because of the profession, sometimes travells, sometimes parties, all those things were there. But, every day, I get up early morning at 2:30; then take a bath. I had very short hair,so it was easy to take a bath; now it is not easy. Then I sit in a room, which I created for myself, just one lamp, nothing else, connecting to that and I used to connect to my own energy. Just like I said , I just tried to be inside, just to feel. My point of connection was my spine. Because we are always focused on the front: eyes, nose, everything is focused on the front. We hardly remember the spine unless we have a back pain. My whole meditation was: I connected to my spine, I feel the spine, and I sit like that for five hours, until 8 am. Everyday. After a while, the whole thing started changing. Awareness shifted. I was the head of the country. I sit in the office, I see myself doing my work. No anxiety, no fear, no stress, no ownership of action. And serious situations I faced. But I overcome all that. This is the experience you will get when you marry yourself. That marriage will last forever.


You wouldn’t even believe how powerful we become when our body, mind, intellect, and ego are all together. Because they are scattered, we don’t know. The mind is scattered on a lot of things, things of the past, many anxieties about the future. The mind is all over. Past and future, less in present. Intellect is busy analysing things. Am I progressing, is this ok, all those things. Ego – looking at the people if they are respecting me, accepting me, this is the problem. Everybody is busy with their world. We are all everywhere. When you look, you don’t see. Because your mind is not there. Eyes are looking, but the mind is not there, so we don’t see. When you bring everything together, when you look, mind, body, intellect, ego, and spirit, everything is looking. Imagine that power. It’s intense and powerful. Every experience becomes powerful. Then you don’t want a repetition. You will experience that 100%. Every point in time. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, 100%. Imagine a life like that. Every moment we are being 100%. Because body, mind, intellect, ego, and spirit – everything is together. Nothing is scattered. The past is finished. Future – whether it will happen, we will see. Right now, what we have, we do 100%.

If we live like that, every moment is powerful. Living in the moment. It happens by itself. We are not planning like that. We are not thinking like that. It happens.

Did you understand? We are all spiritual. We cannot be otherwise. The problem is that we compare, or we are thinking that religion is spirituality, that is not true. Spirituality is your connection with yourself. Religion is a road map to attain or to realise God. Religions are road maps to realise God. But spirituality is your relationship with yourself. These are two different things. If we continue between these two, we will not understand the story.


Q12: How to control emotions and our attitude?

M: How to control emotions – I would say do not try to control emotions. Be aware of them. Do you like somebody controlling you? Nobody likes it. What happens when somebody tries to control you? How do you feel? Suffocated, angry. The same things happen when you try to control your emotions. It becomes suffocated. When you suppress something, any emotion for that matter, when you push it down, its like a spring. When you take your hands off, what happens? It bounces back. It’s important that we accept those emotions as they are part of us. Anger, hatred, jealousy, all those things. If it is inside of us, we don’t know what is the reason, it doesn’t matter, whatever is the reason. If you have them, first and foremost, you need to accept them, ok they are all there. They are all my companions, partners in life. First is you accepted them, they are all sitting there. They are sitting with me, walking with me, sleeping with me, no problem.

Second level – why should I feel them? I didn’t ask them to come with me, but they are with me. After acceptance, you are not supporting them. So, what happens, when you become angry? You watch yourself becoming angry. You are becoming angry and enjoy that feeling. When you start accepting your anger as it is, it will come and it will vanish. But, when you have ownership of anger, when you actually become angry, you will know that you will become weaker. You become very weak. When you accept it, ok, this man is getting angry or this woman is getting angry or Mohanji is getting angry, I am seeing myself getting angry. But I know that I am not the anger. How would it feel? It will be very weak. Just like a mother telling a child, ”If you don’t eat medicine, I’ll punish you.” Mother is not angry with the child, but the mother is concerned. The root of that anger is love. When the foundation of your anger is love, it has purity. If it is anger out of disappointment, there is an expectation. Disappointment – anger. That is not pure, because there is an expectation. But if the expectation is not there, and it is love, in that case, that anger itself has purity. It is not sustained anger. It comes for that purpose, for intensity, and it goes. Just like a wave coming from the sea. It comes out, it goes back. It always comes like that.


The answer to all your questions is very simple – it’s YOU. If you have a lot of emotions, ask yourself, ”Have I accepted myself?” Don’t try to heal your emotions, let them come and go, no problem. But – acceptance, you have no choice. If you accept yourself 100% today as you are, freedom starts now, then you will start living a life. Otherwise, you are existing, with all the baggage. But if you accept yourself totally, with all your weaknesses and all your strengths right now, you will start experiencing freedom. You will start living, not existing.

What is the clear sign of accepting yourself? You will not compare yourself with anybody. There is nothing to compare. You will accept yourself as a complete creation. If you did not accept you will think,that guy is better than me, or I am not good enough. Complexes and all those things are because of non-acceptance.

Please understand, that you are incomparable. You can’t be compared with another person. All of us are unique. We have our own uniqueness. That is our signature.That is not comparable. If you really, really accept yourself, you don’t worry about any of the emotions coming and going, because they will all come and go, but the level of acceptance will be above everything. How do you manage your attitude? Some people have tremendous attitude. And that isolates them completely from the society. How do you manage that? Any idea, suggestion? Gratitude. Have gratitude for everything. Gratitude for being alive, gratitude for breathing, for digestion, shelter, cloths, be grateful without reason. Your ego and attitude will obey that behaviour. Gratitude is a very powerful thing, very, very powerful. It’s the opposite of ego and pride. Gratitude is very good medicine that you can eat every day. I believe that your spiritual progress will be very fast if you base it on gratitude.

When you go deeper and deeper into silence, you will start experiencing realities that you don’t normally experience. Sometimes you become very egoistic, ”I am better than the other people. I can see all these things. I have all these powers.” That is dangerous. That is the time when you start falling.


When I was going through these experiences, before something happened, I knew it will happen, and it happened. I decided, ok this is now not a good game. Because I may become very egoistic. And I will start falling. So what I was practicing was, one, gratitude and the second was insignificance, which means I am not important, not special, I am ordinary. It maintained my practices. It didn’t affect my practices. Third thing, I didn’t discuss my practice with other people nor I told what I was experiencing. So that nobody could inflate my ego or pull it down. I never spoke about it. I never discussed. When did I start speaking? Six or seven years later, after I settled down in my practices. Until then, I didn’t speak. I was not available to the world. So, everybody needs some time. We all need time to settle down. All of these things will happen. Because awareness changes, it shifts.  You will have so many different experiences, and if you become too eager to tell people, everybody will shut it down.

Q13: Do you believe that you have crossed the border of suffering? Do you think you are one with God?

M: I think it depends on how you look at me. I was saying in a television interview, that I went through a series of tragedies at one time in life. In 2000 I lost my daughter, then I lost all the money I had which I invested in a property and that man ran with the money. All my materials got stolen. Whatever I had at one time, I didn’t have in another time. I was pretty much naked and totally alone in the world at a certain point in time. After having everything and reaching a certain level in my work, I was the head of the country. At that time, I had lots of friends. My position was good, money, social status, everything was good. Then everything went away. So at that time, when I used to call some friends, they wouldn’t pick up the call. So-called friends, people who were friends with me, they wouldn’t take my call,  thinking I would need money or support from them. Then I stopped calling. But that was good. That is what I was saying in the TV interview, I didn’t complain. I understood one thing. At the end of the day, your only true friend is yourself. Other people come to you, when they need something. Mostly, not everybody. There are some people who really stand by you even in your worst times. There are people like that. And I try to be that person for everybody now. I stand by people when they are in their worst situation. Because I learned it that way. I experienced it. Then later on, I got a job and I became a CEO of the company, I got all these people back. They all came back. This is very interesting this was a case study for me. I understood life. In every situation, there is something to learn.


If you stop resisting and complaining, you can learn so many things from life. These are real lessons. I really believe it was, if you really want to become a great ornament, you have to go through fire. Gold is beaten, and put in fire, melted before it’s made into an ornament. Everybody has their parts. I decided one thing: I will never leave the hand of somebody when they are in a problem. If they are successful and they don’t need me, this is ok, I’ll leave them, I allow it. I don’t leave anybody. But in the weakest time, when you leave somebody, your integrity is a big question mark. I remain solid and stable, that is probably why a lot of people are coming to see me, wherever I go. I believe they see stability, they see consistency. I feel there are no fools in this world. There are no idiots. People have awareness, they have eyes to see. They see truth. Whatever you try to pretend, they will see the truth. I don’t pretend, I just present myself, and people connect naturally. This is what I like. I do not tell them I am close to God more than they are closed to God. Nor do I tell them I am a realised Master, I just say I am one of you. I am your friend, you can talk to me if you like to talk to me. I am always with you. This is my offering to this world. That is all I can do. I remain stable and that is the only thing I can do. There is a lot of hardship before you reach a certain level. Which level, we don’t know. What will happen tomorrow we don’t know. Today is our reality, we do the best today. That is all we can do.

How do you know the operating level of another? By their range of operation. For example, you have a night light, that can probably illuminate this room. But if you have a flat light, you can see something a mile away. A person becomes a power when he is fully aligned. His range of operation will spread all over, which nobody can deny. So, there is no need to ask somebody where they stand, look at the person and their level of operation, many people are operating from the mind level. Many people are operating from an intellect level, and so many people are operating from the ego level. When you cross over all these levels, then you become everybody and everywhere. That’s a sign you can depend on. Because I can say whatever I like, how do you know I am not lying? This is how you can understand somebody’s operating level so you are not fooled.

eng-16 copy

Q14: Did you cross the line of all forms?

M: Of course.

Q15: How to become peaceful within?
M: I answered that question. Self-acceptance. Accept yourself. Totally, with all your weakness and all your strengths.

Q16: How do I channel the creative energy from the second chakra? What to do when there is excess of this energy?  How to transform it into spiritual energy?

M: You don’t need to transform any energy into another energy. When you engage yourself into activities of positive nature, when you deliver more to the world and to the earth etc. then that energy automatically gets channelised. Each chakra is a regulator. It regulates each aspect of you. For example, the second chakra regulates the water aspect in your system. So everything to do with water of your body, it has its role. And 80% of our body has water content. So it has a big role. When you channelise your activity for a selfless purpose, automatically the second chakra will align.

Q17: Why it is difficult for me to meditate, and how to start meditating?

M: If it is difficult for you to sit down and meditate, don’t do that. Instead, what you do is make sure all your activities happen with your mind being present. That is good meditation. In every activity you do, let the mind be there. No unconscious activity. That is a good way of meditating. Then you bring yourself to yourself.

Thank you!


Transcribed by Nada Rakovic
Proofread by Shyama Jayaseelan

Know Yourself – part 1

Satsang with Mohanji-Montenegro, Luštica Bay, 17.11.2019



How are you doing today? Thanks to all of you who have come from a long distance, from various places. We have some kind of connection, that is why we met, and we are here again. I always feel grateful when people give me time. I try to give more each time to people, to all the people who took the effort to come and meet me, I try to give them much more. That is how I feel. Because I feel grateful that we are meeting in this lifetime, this time, this space. It’s not an ordinary thing. It’s a great thing that we are all meeting, sharing the space, sharing some aspects of life. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Q1: How to choose a life partner?

M: You know, many people have this question, that is why they choose not to have a partner. Instead, they choose puppies. It’s more consistency. Every meeting we have, there is an energy exchange. You think about every meeting in every day, we are meeting so many people. We interact with so many people. Everything has an energy exchange. Something is being exchanged. Something is shared. With some of them, we feel good. With some interactions, we don’t feel good. With some interactions, we want more. For some, we say, ”No, its enough.” This is natural. But, when we think, I must find a partner, or I must have a boyfriend or husband, we are looking at everybody as a potential candidate. But what are people? All people are a bundle of strengths and weaknesses. We all have strengths and weakness, nobody is apart from that. We usually see good things, something which we can relate to, some compatibility in a person. After that, when we are both familiar, what do we see? Only weaknesses. This is human nature. This is why you can see a lot of people married, but separated inside. They stay married probably because of children, or because of some others matters, but they are divorced inside. That is because when you are becoming too familiar with somebody, you only start seeing the weaknesses. But we also have a good quality: when people die, we forgive them. Then we are happy. All the weaknesses are forgiven. But when living, we have pain.
Now I will come to your question, this is the background. How can you find somebody who is compatible with you, and stable with you? This is the question, right? The secret of a successful relationship is – have nothing to do with the other. If you put freedom as the ingredient in a relationship, the relationship will have no problem. But if freedom is not given in the relationship, it hurts. If you are mature enough to keep your partner free, you will find your best partner; the best possible partner, because you will not be worried about his strengths and weaknesses. You will love companionship, you are meeting because of some reason, let it be any reason. But, if you put freedom as an ingredient in the relationship, not ownership, not possessiveness, only freedom, then you will have a great relationship. So, the secret of a successful relationship is giving freedom to the other. Just allowing them to be free, to be themselves. Then it will last forever.


Q2: Thank you in advance. Even though I earn sufficient money, I cannot keep that money. I always spend everything I earn.

M: Congratulations (laughs). What is the question? This is a statement actually. Well, the nature of money is movement. Money is energy. It is transactional, it moves, it has to move. If money is not moving, it is useless, right? I remember an example. Maybe this is not a very good example, but just to tell you about how we cling on to money.
Barbara and I were in Vietnam, in town Da Lat. A lady said, ”You must come to my house.” It was to see her mother, who was in her death bed, sick, but not dying. For six months she had been lying like that, she was not leaving. Everybody was waiting because she was not well. She was supposed to die, but she was not dying, she was waiting. I went there, I saw her, and she was holding a bunch of money in her hand and lying there. There were clear signs of death: her breath was going up all the way, and suddenly it holds. I could see that the soul really wanted to leave, but something was holding her back – this bunch of money in her hand.
I asked her daughter, ”What should I do, what do you want me to do?” She said, ”You bless her, so she has a smooth death.” I said, ”I cannot bless anybody to die. I don’t do that. I will probably release her from the bindings, but I cannot tell when she should die. That is up to the soul to leave a body, whenever it wants, I will not interfere.” I just took the money from her hand. Suddenly she looked at me. Until then, her eyes were up, but suddenly she looked at me, as something precious had gone. With the weak hand, she tried to come towards the money, but I didn’t allow it. I gave the money to her daughter, and I touched her third eye. That night she left the body.
We have no idea how many things around us don’t allow us to leave free. So the answer to the question or the statement is: You understand money is coming – thank you very much; you understand money is going – thank you very much. Just watch both as you are just an actor in this whole drama of flow. Then, when you are not thinking it is your own money, it is happening through you, you will start seeing that the right amount of money will always be stored. Did you understand this point? What is the difference here? When money comes, money doesn’t stay, money goes – its a pattern, which means that is the way you are. It is a pattern that is working without any control. You are not controlling anything. You just allow it to happen.

Patterns happen due to ownership. It’s my money – ownership is me and mine. Now, you look at it as it is happening, I am an actor, I am watching this show. Zero ownership. What will happen? The pattern will dissolve. A pattern means ownership. When you do not own it, the pattern dissolves. This is the same for everything in life. Anything which is coming, again and again, is a pattern. When you detach within, ok, it’s happening, then no problem. When a pattern is dissolved, things change. Have you seen any animal in nature insecure? You won’t see it. They are not worried about tomorrow’s food. No bird is worried about the next day’s food. They do not store anything, thinking tomorrow there will be no food. I am not talking about animals in the house, because they are as insecure as you are. In nature, you will see no insecurity. You will never see a bird or an animal betraying another one. These are all our possessions. As human beings, we have all these things. If you want to change any pattern, not only money pattern, you need to detach from that whole thing, me and mine, and look at it. This is happening, let it come, let it go, but it is not mine. I am not owning it. Ownership keeps patterns.

Q3: How to overcome fear and the need to control everything in life?

M: That is again connected to me and mine. Most of the things connected to life, which is blocking our progress, will be me and mine. Have you seen it? Most sorrows, most insecurities are connected to me and mine. Fear is a state where you have no faith. What is the medicine for fear? Faith. Faith in oneself, in yourself. If you decide that you will look into the eyes of your fears, all the fears will go. Because fears are like shadows. They need something else to depend on.
In the movie Rambo, with Silvester Stalone, a man says, ”You can’t defeat him (Rambo), because he is trained to survive.” We can train ourselves to be fearless. How? By increasing your awareness. What is awareness? Firstly – the awareness that everything that is born will die. If you are born, there is a certain death. While we are walking on this earth we are just on a tourist visa. We have a duration. Secondly – the world existed before us and the world will exist after our death. Third is that – only when we wake up in the morning we have a world outside, when we sleep, we do not have the world outside. Our world depends on whether we are awake to the world. There are a few more things, but most important is that everything that comes will go. In other words, nothing is permanent. Life means changes. We were very small sometime earlier, a few years ago, now we have become this size. Every time the body has changed, the mind has changed, everything has changed. All things have changed. We were B-shaped sometimes, now we are A-shaped. Everything changes. Why do we have to keep fears? If you look at fears in the eyes, they will vanish. They will all dissolve. There is no room for fear. And one way you can be sure fears don’t bind you is to lead a life of love, purity, and purpose.

When you wake up in the morning (I normally do this when I wake up in the morning), think, what else can I give this world? Even if I fail, I have no fear. I try my best. What else can you give this world? Instead when you wake up and say,”What will people give me?” Then you will have all the problems. Otherwise, we will not have problems. I said, ”What else we can give,” that means we should continue giving. But in the morning every day, think what more we can give so that we are always self-motivated. Even if you fall down, you get up and walk again. Otherwise, if we have a lot of expectations, there will be a lot of disappointments. And eventually life will be paralyzed, because of disappointments.

Q4: How to prevent negative emotions towards people with whom we have a conflict?

M: Emotions you can’t control. It happens, right? We don’t choose to have negative emotions, but it happens sometimes. My recipe is very simple, I increase my positivity. Of course, it’s not easy to control emotions, is it easy? When the emotion happens, it’s like a wave. It comes and takes over. You can’t do anything, and it is like a pendulum on the clock, its positive-negative, life goes like that. Each day goes that way. But, predominantly every day, if we have more positive activity; that is the way you can come out of these negative days. Of course, there are people who are heavy with negativity in our society, we can’t avoid them. That’s part of the society. But if you spend sufficient time with very positive people you can manage both. That is why in Sanskrit there is a beautiful saying, If you indulge in the company of good people, people of positive nature, you will learn to detach from negative things around you. When you start detaching from so many things around you, whether it is negative or positive, you are fine with the nice energy of good people. When you detach, then your desires also become weaker. When desires are more, you are never satisfied. When desires are less, you are contented. So, peacefulness and contentment happen inside. Just by your association with people of higher energy, positive nature. What happens when desires are lesser in the mind? The mind goes into silence. What is the sound of the mind? Thoughts. Where are thoughts coming from? Desires. When desires become lesser and lesser, the mind becomes calmer and quieter. When the mind is calmer, what happens? You become the master of your own life. What is the secret here? Connection, integration with positive energies. That’s why we love to be in the company of the people who are positive, right? Because naturally, we feel good. We feel nice, comfortable. But please understand, society is both, positive – lighter, and negative – dark and heavy. You can’t avoid it. We are all existing. You cannot say I only choose this, you have to choose everything. Try to maintain good relationships, good company with powerful and positive people. Even it is painful to maintain the company, sometimes it is not easy, but it is worth it. Because that is your antidote, your medicine.
Another point is to express compassion, practice compassion. Do something for your society all the time, whatever you can. Keep sharing. Keep giving. When you do that, automatically your energy levels will be higher. You can counter, or you can sustain or survive so many negative things.


Q5: Do all experiences that happened to us come from God so that we learn a lesson and become better people, or are they a result of our decisions?

M: I can answer it, but it depends on what we believe on. Everything depends on what we believe in. Our whole life is based on our beliefs. When I say what we believe in, if we believe in God with a form just like a human form, he is watching everything we do, and says, you have done good, or you have not done good, etc. and gives accordingly, this is ok. You are fine in that mode, you live with those rules. In some systems we have a God outside of us, who is looking at us and is saying this is ok, this is not ok etc.
In some systems we connect to ourselves and we go into the level of silence and we experience inside, there is something inside of us telling us, ”Don’t do this, you can do that.” This is all connected to beliefs; what we believe in, what our belief system is. As a general thumb rule, this is a natural phenomenon – when you do good things and when you do positive work, many positive things come to you. Life becomes positive.
In the Indian system, or in Buddism, we talk about karma. What is karma in simple terms? Let’s say, unfulfilled desires. Desires which need fulfillment. That causes birth. Where you were born, how you are born, what you have, what you don’t have, it’s all connected to karma. And your duration of life is also connected to it, time of birth, time of death, everything is like that. But how is karma created? Unfulfilled desires, as I said earlier, but karma is created by actions with ownership. If you feel that I am the doer, that ‘I’ creates karma. Imagine, we have no ownership, we have only an awareness, where we say, ”It is all happening through me,” I am not owning it, I am experiencing it every day. Then no ownership, no karma. That doesn’t mean you go and kill somebody and say, ”I did not do it, my hands did it,” it won’t work. That is not what I mean. When you understand, when you are not emotional about ownership, ‘this is mine, this is me,’ if that is not there, then desires become weak. What is the best way to lead a very simple life? First and foremost, you have to accept yourself completely with all your strengths and weakness. Total acceptance. Nothing else. Not half, but 100%. Accept yourself totally.
Second, do not own, do not have feelings of ownership. You may have so many possessions, so many relations, so many things, but do not have ownership – this is mine, and a kind of craving to keep everything for yourself, which really weakens you, makes you more and more insecure. If that happens, you will have whatever you have, but you will be free and you will be happy.

The third aspect is – remember that when you came here, you had nothing in your hands. When you go from here, you will still have nothing in your hands. Even this body, we have to leave here. If we remember that, we are free. That is why I always believe when we take flowers, give it to the people while they are alive, not going and putting it in the graveyard after death. Respect people, love people and do whatever you can for the people when they are alive so that they can enjoy it. After death, whatever we do, how will they know? Love today. Express love today. Care today. Everything today. Tomorrow we don’t know whether we will be alive to do all that.

Q6: When I will start to drive a car on my own?

M: It depends on your horoscope (laughs). If you believe in yourself, you can. It is about believing in yourself. If you really believe in yourself you can even drive a flight, or even a rocket.

Q7: What should a mother know who is raising her son on her own?

M: Being a mother is a very powerful experience. It is a big opportunity. Because you have a relationship with your child nine months more than society. So your responsibility is nine times more than that of society. Having said that, please remember, each child is an individual. They have a constitution, a character, they have their likes and dislikes, patterns, concepts, so many different things which they have brought. I believe that mothership should be like a friendship. There should be respect, not like a servant serving somebody, it’s like a friendship where you can discuss, you can understand each other. Discuss, talk and make powerful people.

eng-6 copy
If we are clear how responsible we should be, for every citizen of the world, it means every human being. Imagine 7.5 billion people on earth. Each person is responsible for others. The society is responsible for everybody, for every child. Why? Because every child learns and takes from society, just like every mother, every father, everybody. We are all interconnected. Our responsibility is for our species, across the species. It doesn’t matter which country, which nationality, which culture or color. We are all responsible for everybody. If we don’t take responsibility, nature will wipe us off. Like a virus. Nature has wiped off dinosaurs and mammoths, so many species have been wiped off. If we don’t take responsibility for our own species, our species can also become extinct. If this responsibility is executed form the level of motherhood, every child will be powerful. The world will have a good generation. How we can bring up a child? What is the right way? One word – respect. Love is part of respect. When you respect somebody you will definitely love.
I always say, today we see so many old age homes in the world. Why is that? Actually the parents should be in our houses, right? But we don’t have that. Instead, they are in old ages homes. Why? Because we are disconnected. We don’t feel connected. Either the parents are like the servants, or they dominate, both are not good. There should be a friendship, where everybody can be together. We must develop that culture of togetherness. We should cultivate a generation with respect, based on respect. So next year, the slogan for Mohanji Foundation globally is, ‘Self-respect through self-discipline.’ Self -discipline is more or less like no excess of anything, that means a healthy lifestyle.


Q8: Can we know what is good for our child?

M: Of course. It depends on the nature of the child. All children have their own nature. We all have our own nature. We like something, we don’t like something. If you understand the nature of the child, what he likes to do, just support him. Dragan is training Ena in tennis. She loves tennis. So, that is natural for her. Your strength is what you are natural about. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. What is natural for us means what is effortless for us. That is our strength. If we support that, we will become successful. But in the society, we look at our child with other children and think, our child should be like that child. Then we completely ignore the naturality of that child, that is where the conflicts happen. Every person has a nature which is yours, your own. If you understand that, that is your strength. For that, you need to connect to yourself and see that in your own children. Just watch and witness them. What is spontaneous for them, strengthen that, support that. And the child will be really, really solid and stable in society.

Q9: Does truth have a boundary?

M: Absolute truth has no boundaries. Relative truth has. What is relative truth? A truth that is different between us about something. If you see one thing, I see another thing, it is relative truth. What is absolute truth? We all see the same thing. Relative truth changes with time. Absolute truth never changes. One absolute truth is that whatever is born will die. It’s an absolute truth. What is the relative truth? Everybody dies at their time. This is individualistic.

Q10: How do I know I am on the right path?
M: You will be effortless about it. If you are on the right path, you will love to do that. If it is full of effort, and if it is difficult, then you think again. If you are on the right path, you will flow through it. It is so effortless. Even the right relationships. It is like that. It will be easy and effortless. Whatever needs a lot of effort to continue and be consistent is not the right path for you. When you are connecting with somebody or when you are practicing something, or even you go to a place or you meet a person, if you feel nice and if you feel natural that is the right thing. Because you have a nature, everybody has their nature, and every activity has its nature. If there is compatibility between all these, then that is the right thing for you. If it is not, walk away. Don’t be there.


Transcribed by Nada Rakovic
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

Guru Purnima Satsang 2019, part 2

Guru Purnima Satsang,
Bangalore, 16th July 2019
Mohanji and Devi Amma 1280x960


Devi Amma has described our master, Mohanji as JagatMitra and VishwaMitra, that is, friend of the cosmos and friend of the universe. The highest master Agastya Maharishi has delivered this revelation about Mohanji. I am asking this in the light of the fact that he is delivering a few things that no other master had done before. When he went to South Africa, he delivered Shaktipat for sharks and crocodiles. He is a VishwaMitra not only for human beings, but also dogs, crocodiles, sharks, tiger cubs and lions.

In Kedarnath, I witnessed this phenomenon.  There was a dog that looked  like a wolf. Nobody would dare to go near it. However, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to that dog! When asked about this, he said, “I want to accelerate the progress of that dog”. The very minute he gave Shaktipat, I could see the transformation in that dog and it is for everyone to see. I would like to hear Devi Amma say a few words about Mohanji on this Guru Poornima day.

Devi Amma:

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was wandering in a forest along with disciple when a tiger approached them. Upon seeing the tiger, the disciple got scared and was shivering uncontrollably but Chaitanya Mahaprabhu remained blissful because, he connected to the tiger at the soul level. In the same vein, Mohanji connects to beings, not from the mind, but the heart, from the soul. So, when there is a soul-to-soul connection, everything is possible.

I will share my experience. We were living in an estate and one day, suddenly a snake came in our kitchen. The labourers working wanted to kill the snake. I opposed it saying, “No, you shouldn’t be killing Naga Raja (king of snakes). You have to take him out.” The labourers refused and wanted to kill it. I didn’t know what to do. I was also scared.  Yet, I stood in front of the snake, took a big stick and just pushed it. He was hissing at me. I said, “See “I won’t harm you or have you killed and I will tell everybody not to harm you. You just have to come and roll yourself in this stick and I’ll take you out”. The snake was staring at me for a moment. I repeated, “I promise you, I won’t kill you but I’ll take you out and I’ll tell my family members also that they should not hurt you”. Immediately, he listened, came to the stick, rolled and he was sitting like this (showing the posture of how the snake rolled in a stick). I didn’t have any fear at that moment. I just took it from the kitchen to the gate. Everybody was behind my back and I was holding him. My mother was scared he might slip off, but he didn’t! I just carried him and let him lose in the road. So it was soul-to-soul. But it happens at times, not always… just sometimes… (Laughter…) hence it is the same soul-to-soul connection that matters.


Questions to Mohanji continue…

Question: There is a cause for an effect. For a cause there will be a cause behind it. I would like to know what that cause is.

Mohanji:  It’s not easy to see the cause. It is like we do not know why we are born. As each moment happens, we realise, “Oh! This was supposed to happen”. Forget about life, even thoughts. Do we know what our next thought is? We don’t know. Last year we did not know that we would be here at this time. Everything is situational in that way. So it’s not easy to see the cause. The causes are many. And the effects are also not equal to the cause. Sometimes it’s conglomerated; it happens that way.

I’ll give you a story. There was a woman who was happily married and had one child every year for 12 years; 12 children in total. Her only prayer to God was, “Please save me from this”. But according to their religion, if there was a possibility, they had children. This lady was tired and she was praying but there was no chance the prayer could be answered. So her deepest thought in that life was to save herself from repeated motherhood. In her next life, there were no children; she had no children because her prayers were answered. She had prayed, “Please save me from this”. But in the next life her prayer is “Please give me children.” This is how life works. Cause and effect.

So, usually you cannot look at the effect and say what the cause is, but approximately. Now I will tell you another story about compound causes. There are numerous beings in the in the sphere around us, whom we don’t see. But they all represent something like viruses, bacteria, so many things. They all have their effects in our life, if they come in contact with us.


So a person, who has anger by default, will attract all the angry kind of silent beings in the atmosphere onto them. Once upon a time, there was a great master who was standing by the side of a village road overlooking at a tree. A passerby came and asked the Master, “What are you seeing?” He said, “There are three people sitting on the tree. I’m wondering what they’re going to do. I am watching them.” Then this man said, “I can’t see anybody.” The master replied “You won’t be able to see it, but I can. I see it. Touch me and look and you will see.” Then this man touched the master and looked and there were three beings without bodies on the tree. Such beings are dead creatures; they don’t have bodies; but they were waiting for somebody. Even though they do not have bodies, they still have desires. This happens usually in the case of suicides, etc. that is, unnatural death, which I talk about later.

They were waiting for something, waiting for gratification. How can they gratify without the body? They waited for some BODY. Then while they were standing there, they saw one man, dead drunk walking through the village road. He was completely drunk, was falling, getting up, falling again and pulling himself up.  He was going somewhere and did not even see these people on the side of the road. He was so drunk, he went ahead. Then the Master said, “Okay, now let’s go”. So the passerby asks, “What happened?” The master replied “Four of them have gone; this man plus three of them sitting on the tree;  all of them joined him in his body, and they  went”. So this man asked ” Where did they go?” The master replied, “Oh! Just around this corner, there is a brothel. This drunkard is going to that brothel and these three beings also have the same desire. So they joined this body and went”.  Thus we can’t say that is only the desire or the cause of this one man; it can be compounded cause.

Imagine a person is supposed to live 80 years, but he killed himself at the age of 40. So he has the remaining  40 years as per the normal agenda. What happens then? The body is gone, but the story is not done. Minus the body, you cannot complete the story. Then it is a desperate situation. That is why, if the proper treatment and proper rituals are not done, it is very difficult. We have some rituals like “Narayana bali” etc. because these beings cannot find their way and it is very difficult. They do not know what to do. Body is gone, but the story is not complete.

That is why all the great masters have said that it is better to have a natural death as much as possible. But if it is an accident etc. and you are deeply connected to a master or a God, that will help. Because that is the way, you exited and you’re supposed to exit. You did not do it deliberately, in other words, it is not a deliberate attempt to kill oneself. In that case, it would be better. In short, what I’m trying to convey is it’s not easy to see the cause.

But when you know the effect, when you understand and experience the effect, we realise there is a cause. Take for instance a stream of thoughts; we don’t know what thoughts are happening. Thoughts have their input from external data that we have collected indiscriminately and stored over a period of time. We don’t even know that we stored them. Yet, they exist in the system and create an effect.


Question: What does this storage contain? How to deal with what we have stored and exhaust karma?

The Sanchita karma (heaped together) has its roots in three major aspects. One is the Prarabda or unfulfilled desires. The other is the lineage karma, and the next one is all that you have acquired from outside. Whatever you have acquired from outside usually becomes your pending karma, for which you may not have enough time to fulfil, in this lifetime, while you are living.  So it is what you wanted to experience from another life plus what the lineage has given you. These two are usually under consideration.

How do you fulfil karma?

That is exactly what we are doing every day. Karma gets completed through fulfilment (i.e.) cycle of desire and fulfilment of the same. This is the usual pattern of karma. Karma, as I said earlier, is activity along with ownership. That is the only way it can create karma. In other words – thoughts, words, actions with emotion become karma. Otherwise, it won’t become karma. A thought, word or action – surrendered cannot become karma. But, thoughts, words, action with ownership become karma. Thus ownership is the source of karma.

So what can you do when karma happens/ has happened?

The ideal answer or remedy is fulfilment.

How can you ensure that fulfilment will stop the karma there?

By being objective about it; which means, you do not catch more emotions from it.

For example, some people smoke their first cigarette because their friends suggested it or in order to give company to a friend. After a while, you will buy the pack, even if the friend is not suggesting it. That is because it easily becomes a habit. A seemingly innocent activity can become a habit. It is possible. So you should always be alert and aware that this habit is happening and it should end there. When an activity ends, the story should end there. Do not carry it forward. The more memories you keep, the more desires will happen.

If you still have some memory, but say, “That’s okay, that’s done. Now I’m okay”, and thus at each point in time, you fully complete whatever you wanted, then it is over. This is one way.

Mohanji - Guru Purnima satsang in Bangalore, with guest Devi Amma P2360252

The second method is through increased awareness; meaning – you connect yourself to masters. When I say Master, I refer to someone who has overcome the pull of the mind, intellect and ego (mind matter). A person who is not bound by the mind matter is a master. He has mastery over the mind, mastery over the intellect and mastery over ego. That is mastery. It is also called alignment.

Alignment means – body, mind, intellect, ego and spirit, together as a unit. Usually mind matter is outside of you. Mind is going outside, intellect is going outside and personality is projected outside. That makes us dependent on the world outside. When you are not projecting your mind outside, you are free. When you are free, you are aligned. If you are aligned, your karmic baggage reduces; your mind is inside and is focused inside. Intellect and ego are focused inside as well. Body is already aligned. Spirit is already aligned by birth. Only mind matter is the problem. Senses have no function without mind matter. Senses are free by themselves. They are being used by mind matter, isn’t it? Mind – intellect – Ego use senses. Otherwise, the senses are completely free, always.

So the second aspect is that, be aware of it. What is enjoying an activity? Ask that question. Usually if it is an emotion, mind will be happy. When you are in romance, which aspect of you gets happy? Emotions – the Mind. When you are become aware of something technical, say you bought a new mobile phone and you have learnt how to use it, found all the possibilities, then intellect becomes happy. When somebody appreciates you, rewards you, honours you or respects you, what becomes happy? Ego.

This is the way our functions are. After a while, you wouldn’t care about any of this. No emotions, no material for analysis, no questions. Question itself dies and answer is definitely not needed. Then freedom happens, karma gets dropped. So first of all, the formation of karma is connected to ownership. Fulfilment is its natural culmination. Beyond fulfilment is awareness. When you are fully aware of all this activity, it loses its value and it starts dropping.

Mohanji - Guru Purnima satsang in Bangalore, with guest Devi Amma P2350165

Now the third, which is said in the Raja Yoga path – Integrate into a master, plug into a master, be in the consciousness of the master. The master is already aligned and when you are in the consciousness of the master, then automatically you will be aligned. Then it’s easier. But it’s very difficult to be in-tune with the living master. Why? Because ego will not permit it. Ego will say, “He’s after all a human being, he’s eating, drinking, sleeping, snoring, etc.” Understand that you have power over everything. If you take a firm determination, just a simple decision that no words will happen from your mouth without your mind being present, see how much difference it makes. Likewise, no activity will happen without your mind being present (i.e.) No unconscious activity. If you start doing it, that itself will make you more aligned.

Question: So, as you rightly said, we are the soul, aatman, paramaatman, the supreme consciousness. In the initial state we all are very pure. Then where is the origin of Maya (illusion)? How does one switch over from a pure consciousness state to being caught in Maya? How does this distance happen from our pure state?

Mohanji: I think everybody is influenced by Lord Krishna. He is the perfect Brahmachari (celibate). But he had 16,008 wives. How is that possible? Have you thought about it? Shri Krishna was a perfect Brahmachari. But He was in every aspect of existence. He was totally a Brahmachari, even though he had many wives.

Audience: Isn’t that a concept?

Mohanji - Guru Purnima satsang in Bangalore, with guest Devi Amma P2350095

Mohanji: It is not a concept. It is a reality. You’re saying it is a concept. But what is a concept?

A concept is something that you are not aware of, but you believe it is real. But this (Krishna being a Brahmachari in spite of having many wives) is real. I will explain to you how it is real. So far, all these things that you said like contamination, impurity, etc. are connected to which state? The waking state, which is only one of the three states.

You still have a dream state, a deep sleep state, where this is all invalid. So, your whole concept is connected to one state, is that correct? In that waking state, say, you are fully withdrawn inside, all the activity that you involve in outside, is not yours. A 2 or 3 year old young child is into all sorts of activities,  whatever he can handle, how impure is he? Imagine he is playing in the mud. Is he impure? Isn’t impurity a concept in this case?

Understand this clearly, it is how you perceive it, it becomes the truth. Veda Vyasa impregnated two women. Did he get contaminated because of this? How can a great saint impregnate somebody? Did he get contaminated? PURPOSE. He had a purpose to do that. There was a reason to do that. So when you perform something with the right reason and without ownership, your purity never gets affected. But many times it is your mind that is pushing you, such as your likes and dislike, your fancies and fantasies. That is where all this contamination happens. But even that contamination is only during waking state. Your dream state and deep sleep state have nothing to do with it. You are unnecessarily storing the data, you’re surfing the web, all the cache memory comes into the hard drive, you never store it, it happens. It comes just like that.

So we are born pure, we will remain pure and we will die pure. Why? Because we are the SOURCE of all these drama, NOT the drama itself. If you understand that, you understand the story. The energy that drives or empowers this drama is you. If you look at everything from that angle, there is zero contamination. You cannot be contaminated.

The rest of the things such as mind matter, time, space and body changes, and re-incarnations happen. So in no way we can say that we are contaminated. We are carrying dirt and garbage. Why? Because we have collected them. We are storing them. Just like cache memory in a computer. You never store them. It comes by itself because of your intelligence in the in the web world. It’s absolutely like that.

That is exactly what we talk about mastery. When we realise what we are, we are completely pure and we are in this world walking around and playing the drama as per the appointed order. The ownership makes us feel heavy.

No ownership = no weight. That was Lord Krishna. Whatever was the desire in the mind of the person who comes to him, He expressed Himself in that way. That is it. He just reciprocated. And it was not for His gratification. It is a completion at some level. We will become like that. I’m not saying everybody will become Lord Krishna. What I’m saying is that you will understand how it’s all operated.

Mohanji - Guru Purnima satsang in Bangalore, with guest Devi Amma P2340856

A story

Here is a small story to explain this further. When the Yadavas (a clan or a tribe to which Lord Krishna belonged) wanted to cross the river, which was overflowing, Vyasa asked them, “What do you want to do?” They said, “We want to go to the other side to see Krishna.” Vyasa asked, “What have you brought for Him – Sweets? Show me”. They showed him and he ate half of it! The Yadavas were embarrassed. This was supposed to be an offering for Krishna, but Vyasa ate most of it. Hungry man!

Vyasa then said, “Come with me.” He went near the river and said, “If I have not eaten anything, let the river part”. The river parted. The Yadavas saw with their own eyes that Vyasa ate the sweets. Is it a concept? So what is concept? These are all truths; how does it happen? Vyasa did not have ownership of food; he surrendered everything and had it on behalf of Krishna. He said, “I have not eaten anything and I have surrendered”.

But we can’t do that by using our mind. It is from the point of view of absolute surrender, that is, unity of consciousness. If you kill somebody and said, “I have surrendered”,  it won’t work that way. There has to be unity of consciousness in order to have that surrender. Surrender then becomes spontaneous.

The river parted and when the Yadavas met Krishna on the other side, they said “We brought these sweets for you”. Krishna said, “I can’t have it. I just had the SAME sweets a short while ago”. This was because Vyasa was connected to Krishna, Unity of consciousness. If we understand this, then there is no contamination. Digest it. It will be very useful to you. If you understand this very clearly, you would have understood the entire science of spirituality.


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Transcribed by Rakshitha Ananth
Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2019


Dear Embodiments of love,

I wish you a very happy and fulfilling Guru Purnima. We have spoken about various aspects of existence over the year, so I don’t want to repeat quite a lot of the same stuff, but I would like to remind you about one important aspect as you walk the path of spirituality.

God as we perceive is pure consciousness – formless, pure energy, pure brightness. Your soul is pure brightness. It is the source of all elements, elements which have created the body i.e. earth, water, fire, air, space. All these elements have their source in the Soul or God which is the same. Soul is pure brightness, God is pure brightness, Guru who has attained, confirmed, merged or integrated into God is pure brightness. So Guru – Soul – God are more or less the same.

What do you see on Guru outside of you?

A reminder. A direction. A road map. That’s it. However, the more you connect with yourself, the brightness within you, the brightness which is your original state, that’s exactly when you actually connect to a Guru. And when you see that brightness in every being outside of you, then you see Guru in every being. So Guru is in every being. Guru is in everything.

Look at the source of all things. Even if it is anger, hatred, jealousy kind of thing or even if it is a feeling, a wind blowing, breeze, sounds… Look at the source of all things around you, you will understand that there is energy behind it. Without that energy, there is no movement, there is no aspect, there is no life.

This life is Guru. Energy behind all life is Guru. That’s the principle I would like you to remember today on Guru Purnima.

Purnima also means completion. It’s a state of completion. A state of completion is the state of a Guru. Completion means not dependent on anything outside of the person or not dependent on anything inside. Outside are materials, triggers. They are props that provide certain experiences. But the world outside is only as much as you are. The world outside is your own expression. When you wake up to the world outside, the world outside exists. When you sleep to the world outside, the world outside is not yours. It exists as a platform, but apart from that, you have nothing to do with it. You have no connection. Thus, the world outside is per what you are and the world inside is per what you have stored from the world outside. Whatever you have collected and stored from the world outside is what you have in your world inside. That is also not yours because it is dependent on the world outside. When you have a desire, it is caused by an experience from the past. If you have no desires, you have no connection with the outside world either. You will be moving in the outside world but you will not be connected i.e. dependent on it.

If you see the cause of most of the things happening in the world outside, it is always related to insecurities.

Where are insecurities coming from?

Survival instinct. Survival instinct is one of the basic instincts in every species. All species are driven by survival instinct. You can look around and you will know what I am talking about. They all have survival instinct and human beings also have the same.

However, human beings have more refinement in that mode. Usage of intelligence is not only connected to survival instinct. It is also connected to survival instinct, but not only. A human being has imagination and various other aspects. So instinct being the basic, since human beings use more intelligence and imagination, we do not see the instinct aspect too strong. But unfortunately, we suppress it as something which is ignorable or not so refined. It’s not true. That is our basis, the basis of creation. It is inbuilt.

I am saying all this just as a reminder, because when you connect deeply with yourself, and you start sourcing from yourself, the outside world has no value for you. They have value only in terms of a relative experience. In terms of absolute experience, there is no value. Because absolute experience always happens from inside. Even when you have a nice meal. The experience of a meal is outside and until you consume it, there is nothing. You just have a visual impact. But when you consume, you experience the food, only then you actually have an experience. So everything you do when you move in this world, whatever you assimilate, everything is connected to the internal world.

When we are clear and aware that the internal world is the real world, you will tend to “come home” more often because that is where the source is. The Mother sits inside. The power sits inside. Experience also sits inside.

First, you will not be going around at a neck breaking speed, indiscriminately experiencing things, and also trying t control them using the mind. You can’t control anything.

Second, possessiveness. You will not be possessive about time, people, places, situations, money, positions… so many levels of possessiveness. They are all illusion because when you sleep, where are these things? When you are not available to the world outside, let’s say because of sickness or something else, where are all these things? Therefore, understand that anything relative is not yours. Yours is only what is inside you. You are the only possession you have. Also, if you look at your senses, mind, intellect, ego, body, they are all temporary.

So there is something which is truly you and that’s the only way you can connect to, that’s the only truth. That truth is your real Guru. On this Guru Purnima, I would like to urge you to contemplate about what I have said. Think about it. Ponder over it. And finally, merge with it. The job of any external Guru is to point the finger at your internal Guru. Please understand, nothing external is yours. Only when you bring that inside, then it is yours. When you connect to a Master or Guru using your mind, intellect, ego, they are not yours and not only that. You may not exist with that feeling for long. Feelings change. But when you connect to a Master inside, that is forever because this is something which is yours.

One important thing that you as a seeker must understand is that your consistency is your ally, your friend. If you are consistent with the Master whatever happens, then you are actually stable and aligned.

Likewise, do not look at the Master through the eyes of concepts, through the eyes of prejudices, through the eyes of various things based on the outside world. As I said before, the outside world is all relative. Somebody’s opinion may not be the reality of another person. You stick to your reality, what you experienced, that’s what you felt inside. What you have collected from the outside, that is opinions of other people. Other people are their realities or their opinions, sometimes they may not be even realities, it could be hearsay. I told one person something, and that person told another one something, that person told another one… The whole truth gets distorted in this travel. So we must understand our truth is our real friend. Our truth is what we experienced inside, what we properly, truly experienced. Never leave it because that’s your true ally. If you leave that and go after an opinion of another person, then you will be lost You will be confused, you will be more unsure and insecure. And the world we see outside is full of insecurities.

No Guru, Master or God needs your devotion, dedication that way. You need that for your alignment. Guru is available as an icon of alignment, a beacon of alignment. It doesn’t matter what they do. E.g. Shirdi Sai Baba used to smoke chillum, it didn’t diminish his stature. Sri Krishna is a great example, he was in every aspect of existence, but he was still powerful. That is exactly what I am saying. The stature, the power, the alignment never changes, it doesn’t matter what the levels of interactions are, e.g. Sri Krishna even participated in war, bloodshed. So you can see that anything you do in the outside world has no value provided you are integrated inside. It is not that murder is good or violence is good – violence is not good at all because as long as you have the mind, you will catch that residue of violence. It’s not a good idea because whatever the mind catches, it also tries to reproduce it or asks for more. We have to be very careful here. Do not try to imitate somebody or do something which is not suitable for your alignment. When I say “alignment” it’s peacefulness, silence inside. That is your alignment. This perfect sign of alignment is perfect silence inside.

Once you are in the full mode of silence, everything else is very peaceful. The outside world is peaceful because you are looking at the outside world from your point of view, from your standpoint. Then when you look at the outside world it’s very peaceful. If you are very turbulent inside and you look outside, you will see only turbulence. This is something you should always understand.

A clear sign of inner stability is inner silence and peace. The clear sign of the connection with a Master is the confidence and fearlessness. If you are totally fearless, you are connected to a powerful Master, Guru. And if you are really connected to your soul, you will be completely fearless. So your inner Guru is fearless, powerful and stable; the outside Guru who is also connected to their inner Guru is also the same. God is the same. Once again, God, Guru and your soul are all one. When I say Guru, it is not just a teacher, somebody who teaches something. That is external knowledge assimilated and given out as knowledge for guidance. That is different. Internal knowledge is in silence and what comes out will be what is suitable for the time. That’s about it. There’s no ego, there’s no ownership connected to it. A problem with external knowledge is that it has boundaries. It is given by somebody who has understood the truth as they are or they have learnt it and they give it forth. External knowledge has boundaries, internal knowledge has no boundaries. That is the truth. When you go beyond boundaries, that means you are fully rooted in internal knowledge. So silence, fearlessness, deep compassion, very deep compassion because you don’t have anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, you will never talk poorly if you are peaceful inside. Whenever you are talking poorly, whenever you are into gossips and things like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, etc. understand that there is a deep insecurity inside you. Insecurity has produced expectations. Expectations have produced disappointments. Disappointments have produced all these things.

In conclusion, the root cause of most aberrations you see in the world is insecurities and they are connected to survival instinct. That also shows the level of evolution of that being. When a person has evolved to a level of complete stability, they cannot engage in anything apart from compassion, kindness, unconditional love, selflessness. They will not get involved in anything apart from these. There will be a deep, full, high level of acceptance in them. They will be fully accepting themselves, they will be fully accepting the world outside as they are because everything is bound by karma. Karma means unfulfilled desires or patterns, whatever they are there’s a conglomeration and that’s what you see as an expression in the world. Understand that all beings who come across your life are driven by karma. Accept it as it is because you cannot do anything about it. You are also driven by karma. So you will accept yourself as normal, as perfect as possible. A person who is very stable in existence will be very visible in terms of the level of acceptance. Such people will never get involved in any gossip, bad attitude, they will never get involved in anything which is of negative nature. They will only spread positivity, brightness. When you keep on spreading brightness all the time, you become Guru material. This is what I wish for you.

I wish you a great Guru Purnima, I always walk with you, I have always been with you, I am holding your hand, I’ll never let you down. You also hold my hand, because it’s a collaboration, it’s mutual.

Sahana Vavatu
Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejasvi Navaditamastu
Ma Vidvishavahai

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.


Thank you.

Happy Guru Purnima