International Yoga Day Message 2020

Namaste. I wish you a great Yoga day. Yoga – Union, Unification and Unity.

We are powerful when we are united with ourselves. We have a gross form, the body. And we have a subtle form, which is experiencing the faculties that help us to experience life, such as mind intellect, ego, and those kinds of things – the subtler parts, subtler body. Then, there is a further subtler body, which is the causal, meaning something, or that which causes us to experience life.

Great masters have already told us about who we are, what we are, what we essentially should experience before we exit. But what happens is life catches up. Life takes over. The mundane things of the outside world like people, places, materials, objects, all these things take over our lives. And we do not know how to come out of it. Almost like a slave, we go through our life patterns.


Life is full of patterns. We are just expressing our patterns and experiencing our patterns, or experiencing life through our patterns continuously. But we know very well there is something beyond. That’s where a structured formatted method like yoga comes in practice. This is given forth by great masters, those who have identified the truth within, those who have made a clear inner journey. These people have told us what to look for.

We are lucky to be born on Earth and to have identified the methods to understand and assimilate ourselves. It’s not easy. It’s not easy, but we know the path, we know the destination, we know that there is a journey, not like existing as we are and existing without any kind of awareness. It’s that we are existing with the awareness that there is a journey, there is a continuity of existence and our patterns, and we are becoming aware of our patterns. Patterns are binding. It’s not easy to disconnect from them, we have seen that, right? We always experience that. Patterns bind us. Strangle us, suffocate us. And we do not know how to come out of it. Only one method, clear awareness. Number one, clear awareness of who we are, what we are here for, and where is the destination – where are we going. This helps us to assimilate and align ourselves and that brings us tremendous peace.

The extreme causal aspect of our system is always peaceful. The soul aspect, the consciousness aspect is always peaceful, never disturbed. Whatever happens in the body, or the mind structure / mind-matter such as the intellect and ego is consistent, it’s totally separated from the causal layer, the causal aspect, which is the soul and the consciousness. Whatever happens outside it’s not worried. It just helps the journey; it aids the journey. So, it’s important to get back to that which is not affected by our system. So, we detach from those things which are affected such as the mind, intellect and ego to that which is not affected, which is the soul and consciousness. Consciousness is the operating part of the soul, which operates in three different levels; waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. So, these understandings have been given by great masters, to take us through this journey, this beautiful journey called life. And masters have appeared time and again with each generation in different forms to convey this message to the people.


We are very lucky that we are existing in this time. We are existing in this space where the technology is bringing us information, even if we don’t go anywhere. This COVID situation has given us a tremendous opportunity to connect to ourselves; because we are at home. The external faculties are taken away from us so that they are far away. And then we are with ourselves. This is a beautiful state; all the people got this experience now. Being with oneself, connecting with oneself, and totally being oneself. So, this time, which is quite unique, but it is quite important for our growth, for our awareness, for our settlement into our true self.


On this Yoga day, I wish you tremendous awareness, tremendous contentment, and deep connectivity to yourself, so that this life is complete. This life cannot be wasted. We have taken this birth; we have gone through all the troubles of various stages of existence. Now, we can’t waste this life. We must use it properly to connect back to ourselves and merge with the Supreme Consciousness. I wish you success.

Lots of love.
This is Mohanji.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan


Living consciously

Mohanji in nature (7)

Hello, my dear friends. How are you doing today? Welcome to another podcast. I’m happy that you are liking these podcasts, and I’m glad that you’re sharing these podcasts with your friends and also giving us some comments, suggestions, etc. I like this interaction, and I’m loving it actually.

Today, we talk about a subject which you have suggested. It’s about living consciously. Living consciously is a huge subject. It has many dimensions; multiple dimensions. It’s not easy, talking about living consciously in five minutes or ten minutes. But first and foremost, when we think about living consciously, where do we start? Simple, we start with ourselves.


What are we consisting of, what are we made of? We know there is a physical body. We know there is a mental body. We know there is an intellectual body, and we know there is an egoistic body. Then, we know there is a spirit, which is running this machinery. We also know there is a soul element, which is the source element or connected to the source; which is inspiring and energizing every other aspect. This is what we are, in a nutshell. Each has its function, the physical body, along with its senses and all the organs, which are all positioned and synchronized in a particular way, to give maximum effect for a thing called life on Earth. So, when we are living on this Earth, when we are walking this Earth, when we have life on Earth; what are we doing here, experiencing Earth in multiple dimensions, various levels. So, while we are experiencing this earth, right from childhood, if we take 80 years, which is 29,200 days, we are experiencing life at each time differently. It’s not the same. As a child, we looked at the world differently. As a young adult, we looked at the world differently, as an adult, we look at the world differently. Each stage, we are looking for experiencing this world differently. So many things are happening. But most of the time, in most of our cases, we never explored ourselves; we just mechanically, kind of unconsciously, we just experienced life, and we thought that’s it, you know, experiencing life, and that’s about it. Then we are proud to display our own character, our own particular emotions, our own constitution, all those things we are happy to display and say this is us. But we never think, what is this us. Have we ever thought like that? Hardly we do, and sometimes we read somewhere from somebody who has explored their life and spoken about some things in their life, that gives us a thought. That gives us food for thought. Then we start exploring, what are we consisting of.


I’ll give you a couple of examples. We have five different aspects of prana. We know prana, right? It is the life-breath energy, life energy. You must have heard about pranic healing etc. that’s about healing with life energy, routed or channelized in a particular way. We have prana, and this prana has five principal aspects. This is the prana which is functional prana; functional means it makes our system function properly. I am sure you must have heard about chakras; the chakras are the transmitters or the transformers or the centres where distribution happens.

We have five pranas, as stated by the scriptures in India. They are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana. Each has a functional role. What does prana do? Prana looks after what takes care of heart, breath and circulation; that’s the role of prana. Apana is situated in the lower part of our body and its functional role is connected to excretion, waste removal is its role, Apana. Then Udana. Udana is situated in the neck and its job is to ensure that senses, mind, memory, and all those things are functioning well. Then Samana. Samana is situated in the centre of the stomach, Manipura, and its main job is to stabilize digestion and the processing, basically the processing of the materials which we have consumed. Vyana is situated all over; so it’s more like functional energy, and it helps the circulation. It helps Nadis. So, this is our functional prana structure; Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana Vyana. And all this put together is working all the time. That is why when we consume food, it goes through the stomach, it digests and it’s excreted. All those things are energized by these pranas, but we are not aware of them, right?


Likewise, our nostrils, where the breath enters; it’s always functional, right from our birth, till our death, it’s functional. And each nostril has its time. One functions for some time, then it moves to the other. And when the right is more active, then the energy or the circulation is going to the left side of the brain. When the left side nostril is active, it goes to the right side of the brain. So, this is the way the whole system is very well synchronized. When one kidney is functioning, the other takes rest and the other kidney is functioning, this one takes rest. Like that, everything has its alternating effect and even heartbeat; it’s not like a complete continuous beating, its heartbeat. It’s one beat and then rest and then one beat, so it’s like pumping. Everything has a kind of synchronicity which is taking rest and working. So, in this mode, the system is totally balanced. And this balance is behind our health. If you have this balance, then you have health. That is why our ancient masters gave so much of importance to yoga and pranayama. Pranayama is extremely important in daily life, which is actually even depression buster. It removes depression, if you do proper pranayama every day, it will rejuvenate you; it will really make you a strong personality. Yoga gives you stability. So all these methods are given for proper stability and balance for humankind.


If you have looked in the world, the food that’s grown in certain areas are suitable for that region, like certain food does not grow in certain regions of the world. Why? Because that food which grows in that region is suitable for the people who are living there, not only people but the birds, animals, everybody; and in some places, it’s a totally different food. So, when did we start having imbalances? When we started mixing this up. Some food is not suitable in some countries, some region, some food is suitable in some region like there are cold regions, there are hot, tropical regions. There are so many different varieties on Earth. Temperature is different, the climate is different; so many things are different. And particular food grows there, it is suitable for that place. When we started mixing them, we started having problems. Likewise, we started inventing processed food. Processed foods definitely started affecting our system. Because even if there is a good flow of prana and a good function of the system, the food that we consume, sometimes is not suitable for our body especially if it is mixed with chemicals and processed. It is affecting the system. There are so many different things which have gone wrong. That is why we can say that so many diseases have increased. But in any case, if we avoid contradictory food and if we avoid the symptomatic treatment and go to the root cause of why it is happening, 80% you would know it is because of bad habits; lack of sleep, lack of food, proper food, untimely eating, all those things. In the next podcast, I will continue talking about health, so that time I will talk more about it.

Now, I would just like to say that living unconsciously is a large subject, but living consciously has to start with us. So, this was a small attempt for me to direct you to yourself. We can discuss this in more detail on how we can find ourselves, go back into ourselves, and then we can explore ourselves. So, this is the food for thought for today. I hope you liked it. If you did not like it, do let us know. If you liked it also, do let us know. Let us discuss, let us interact, and also please do spread, if you liked it to your people, and let everybody have some awareness about it if this is good enough.

Thank you very much and have a great day and a great week ahead.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji.

Mohanji Stonehenge

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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You are a Yogi

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Being a Yogi – is being yourself. A Yogi is an aspiration and a state. Being a Yogi truly is being exactly what you are, beyond your ego, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect, going to the core, the essence of you where you are united with every aspect of creation. There is nothing apart from you. Every being, every atom in this Universe is connected and it works in synchronicity with the whole creation of the Universe. Furthermore, a Yogi is fully tuned and attuned into this consciousness. Lord Shiva is our aspiration, a representation of the universal consciousness, always merged in the consciousness which is the basis of creation and always being impartial, neutral and at the same time fully available as the energy, the source which creates the whole structure of existence.

Mohanji - painting by Palak Mehta
Mohanji – painting by Palak Mehta

A Yogi is one who is connected to himself completely and a true Yogi is a true universal being. There is no selfishness. There is 100% commitment to the existence. There is no him, there is no Yogi, there is only beingness. When I say beingness, you are actually being one with the Supreme Consciousness which flows through you, into you and through you into all the beings around you. When you are absorbed into that consciousness, all the time, there is no ego, no body, no mind, you are fully integrated into the Supreme consciousness.

A Yogi is one who has gone beyond the gunas of existence. The gunas are the flavour which create a character, a constitution, something which makes you distinct from the world. Every being is a unique creation. All beings are unique. There are no two buffalos alike. There are no two beings alike. Every being is a different combination and all these combinations are important and that adds to the flavour of existence. This is not only about Earth – Earth is just one small tiny part of the whole cosmos. There are numerous, numerous locations in this universe. There are a lot of galaxies, stars, planets and satellites – quite a lot of things in this universe.


The moment you start feeling or connecting to the consciousness which is driving this whole machinery, you stop being you. You grow well beyond your limited frames and you merge into the consciousness of the society. There are numerous methods which ancient masters have codified and delivered to us, many of which are extinct. We never used them. Mostly in those days, it was only transmitted through word of mouth. It was never written. There were no scripts in print or in books. It was all written on leaves. So various things, great philosophies have already been eroded and later on various conflicts of humankind have destroyed quite a lot of substance.

Yet, what is known today as Yoga which means one who can aspire to be a Yogi by practising Yoga. Yoga is something which has survived the test of time because Yoga is nature. It can never be destroyed. Nature can never be destroyed. You may cut the trees or you may pollute the environment, but environment always restructures itself with or without human beings. So Yoga is something which has stood the test of time, this is because Yoga means being natural. A Yogi is natural. Everything amounts to being you, being natural and being one with the universal consciousness. This is a flow. This is life.


And what is life about? It is not about the paltry pleasures which we get from the outside world. Life is about being contented within and the expression of that contentment overflows from yourself into the world outside and it brightens up the world outside. That is exactly the life of a Yogi – a true Yogi. His beingness, his stature, his very existence overflows and brightens up the world outside. If each existence becomes such a glow, imagine a world full of happiness, full of glow – no competition, no anger, no jealousy, no hatred. There is no negativity of any kind. There is no comparison between people. We are all the same. Nobody is higher or lower. There is no duality. All you see is yourself in the other person. The moment you are connected to yourself in that mode, you are a true Yogi.

There is a saying,“If you consume food once a day, you are a Yogi. If you consume food twice a day, you are a Rogi i.e. a sick man. If you consume food three times a day, you are a Bhogi, i.e. a lustful person.“ There is a slight deviation to this adage. Some people say, if you eat food twice you are a Bhogi, and if you have food three times a day, you are a Rogi, a sick man. So when you are totally connected to your consciousness, when your energy flow is not wasted on paltry things outside, you won’t even need food. You will only consume what you essentially need. You won’t eat too much. You won’t eat in a kind of emotional way of eating. All our consumption, all our intake through mind, intellect, all this will be regularised so that health is maintained.

Mohanji meditating
When the richness of the inner world glows through the eye lids…

Being a Yogi is being healthy. Being healthy is a state of mind. When your mind is healthy, your body is healthy. When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy. So being a Bhogi means your are lustful in eating, which makes you sick. It takes the health away. Being a Rogi, which is a later stage, is a state where you are consuming indiscriminately not only food, but also emotions, intellect, knowledge, information, etc. When you cram all these things inside, it really chokes you. It really makes you obese. It can make you physically, emotionally, or intellectually obese. All kinds of obesity limit your movement, limit your flexibility, limit your freedom.

I wish all of you who are reading this a great state of being a Yogi. Being a Yogi is an individual path. You can do this yourself. There is no need for any external influence. You are a Yogi by birth. You are a Yogi. All you have to do is just explore it, bring it out and then start feeling it. You are a Yogi by nature.

Thank you so much. I wish you the very best.


The Gross and The Subtle

Dear All,

The Gross and The Subtle, this duality will always trouble the mind. Is the way to unity is through this duality? Mohanji gives awareness to many burning minds.

Mohanji_Gross and subtle
When one expects to see complete unity and diversity of GOD in gross forms, one fails to understand the creation, creativity, free will and uniqueness within the diversity of existence.

Do not be disillusioned. No gross form is equal to God, if God is formless, colorless, desire less and omnipresent. Form has limitations; Form has reasons. Form has weaknesses. Forms dissolve and die. A form can indeed represent higher consciousness, which we could call an Avatar. Forms represent various degrees of awareness. But forms also represent duality. While owning and operating a form, there is alienation, there is a division, and there is a corresponding disillusionment too. Forms that represent certain aspects of the all-encompassing God are considered as deities. All forms on earth have its own constitution which is well beyond generalization, even though generalization is possible on the basic level of operation such as hunger, sex, sleep, circulation of blood etc which are the basic general rules of gross existence.

When we expect to see complete unity and diversity of GOD in gross forms, we fail to understand creation, creativity, free will and uniqueness within diversity of existence. We fail to appreciate the basic as well as the collective operating levels. We get disappointed and disillusioned. Uniqueness is the basis of creation. It is no factory product. Creation in larger sense is always hand made. Understand creation at the cellular level and then you will understand the Universe!!!

Let us make one thing clear. This body is called Mohan or in your words ‘Mohanji;. Till my last breath, this body will remain in the name of Mohanji. People may confer titles in front or back of this name. But the name will remain the same.

Mohanji_Gross and Subtle
Never be disillusioned. We can only see what we are capable of seeing.. Mohanji

This body is definitely not Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Baba or Jesus. This body, existing today, is called Mohanji. Consciousness that operates or works through this body is intangible, invisible and often incomprehensible to public eyes. Never be disillusioned. We can only see what we are capable of seeing. Be Happy!!!!

All people are connected to something, some body. This connection is due to their inner compatibility with the object of their connection. One may see the reflection of their object of connection in me. That does not make me that object. There could be resemblances, character similarities, but one is certainly not the other. Be aware of that!!! No person can be another person. Even when soul takes new birth, the incarnation has different names, form and purpose. Nothing is ever the same. Time and space are different and so is purpose on earth.

Do not be disillusioned. This body is called Mohanji and it will remain so till this body dies away. Do not be affected or connected to me- imagining, thinking that this body is that of someone else. That will lead to disillusionment and disappointment.

All incarnations portrayed their unique character and constitution even like we do. Baba is Baba, Krishna is Krishna, Jesus is Jesus. These are names of bodies (certain people) of the past. Their consciousness is certainly one and their consciousness is definitely eternal hence they are eternally available. They all are one. You are one with them too. This is why you are connecting with them or their certain character aspects so effortlessly. There could be many similarities of them – their character, that you recognize in others. There could be consciousness compatibility which makes them feel that this one is that one. But it is a mirage. Do not be disillusioned.

All bodies have duration and purpose. Purpose is always time-related – on earth. Time changes matter. Requirements change on earth. Such incarnations that could handle such requirements take birth. They may have attributes from the past. But they are in a fresh body. They have fresh name and form. They have a new set of parents, language and mission. They are new. Do not be disillusioned. This body is called Mohan and will remain so.

A son may resemble the father, but he is not his father. Likewise, each incarnation is unique. Our inflexibility and non-understanding is due to our own conditioning and mental pictures, images that we have acquired and maintained. Once we become flexible and fluid clarity takes place spontaneously.

7 Billion people. 7 Billion Personalities. 7 Billion types of expressions. Do not try to change the world outside. Change the world inside. If 7 Billion does the same, the world outside will be a much better place. Tragedy lies in the fact that we are trying to change the world outside all the time, ignoring or discounting our conditioning,  fears, phobias and prejudices. When we are always “against” something, we will fail to see the subtlety and beauty of existence. When we only look outside, all you see are states of duality and disparity. Unity lies within. The key to a unified existence, oneness with all beings, is kept within us. When we become unified with ourselves, we see the whole world unified with us. The “way out” lies within us.

Mohanji_Gross and subtle
The “way out” lies within us… Mohanji

Why do people worship Gurus – the ones who are in their physical form? Do we need to? I find it inappropriate and meaningless.

This question usually comes from a person who is in the knowledge path – Jnana Yogi. There are many paths to reach God. And Guru is the guiding light. There are many types of people too. Everyone has his or her own style and approach towards any situation. Actually speaking, no true guru or God needs anything from you, let alone worship.

Now, a person of emotional nature, who chants praises of God – usually the form that his mind gets connected to easily, melts himself or herself into that being or object of worship. These people need an object to worship. Human mind needs forms to associate with. This is fundamental. It recognizes forms and connects to forms. Human constitution uses all faculties such as body, mind and intellect to connect to the chosen form. And when the connection through faith increases, individual personality takes a back seat. The individual starts to merge with the object of worship. Non-duality happens. When oneness takes root, often the need for any of the individual faculties that the individual used for the primary connection also becomes redundant. Everything dissolves into oneness. This is the advantage of bhakti Yoga. Usually, Bhakti Yogis merge with supreme consciousness much faster than the other paths such as knowledge, sadhana (spiritual practices) and service. The tranquility and strength that they achieve through surrender cannot be fathomed by the practitioners of other types of paths.

Likewise, the elevation that knowledge gives – based on duality is not understandable to a Bhakthi Yogi too. Experiencing God using the path of knowledge is like the pole of the pole vault. The pole is only used to lift one beyond the bar. Then, the pole of knowledge is shed when the bar is crossed. Then it is just a fall into the lap of Infinity or God. But, if the Yogi holds on to the pole and refuses to let go, handicap happens in the game. He stays with his pole and cannot win God.

Mji_Gross and subtle
In the case of Path of Pathlessness, ability to cling on against all odds and depth of faith and surrender is the criterion for higher elevation. .. Mohanji

There is a saying “If God and Guru come together, whom to greet first?” The answer automatically happens “Guru, because he is the one who brought and guided me to God”. This is one aspect and answer to your question.

Another aspect – in Shirdi Baba’s words “My Guru was indeed powerful. But he taught me nothing. Day and night I served him and watched him. He gave me everything”. This is another aspect. There are paths where there are no explicit teachings or courses. By just a mere glance or wave of hand, Baba used to elevate people. By just being in the energy field of the powerful Guru, the disciple achieves everything. But, in those cases, the Guru would often display mediocrity and shallowness, to test the tenacity and conviction of the disciple.

In the path of courses and examination, the skill displayed is the criteria for elevation. In the case of Path of Pathlessness, ability to cling on against all odds and depth of faith and surrender is the criterion for higher elevation. When people asked Muktananda how he achieved his spiritual proves, he answered “I never asked my guru – WHY?” Total surrender and perfect obedience was the path. This is often very difficult for a Jnana yogi, one who is in the knowledge path who needs answers for every simple thing. The Gurus of the Datta Tradition, Nath tradition or simply those who follow the path of dissolution will not deliver such answers. They even shake the faith of their disciples through abnormal and even unacceptable behavior to test the mettle of the student. Jnana Yogis often scandalizes the guru and escapes, but falls deeper into the birth death cycle and disillusionment. Bhakti Yogis stay.

Now, once again, how do you know a Satguru – the true one?

There are some primary yard sticks – The most important is your destiny.  It is destiny that brings you to him. And it is your destiny that makes you recognize the real one.

Second are certain signs of the Guru – does he bind you with fear or he maintains you unbound and free? If you are always kept unbound, you are at the right place. In this path, serving the guru is your choice, yet it is also your elevation.

Third is, he needs nothing from you, or he gives you back much more than he takes – if at all. He changes your basic constitution often based on conditionings and fears, to that of stillness and fearlessness.

Fourth is, when you are with him, you will know and recognize a definite change in your vibratory level, a shift in consciousness. The more you are with him; the shifted consciousness becomes yours too. These are subtle aspects one must feel and experience within.

Fifth is non conformity to any habits and mannerisms. He may behave in strange ways often unacceptable to social norms. This is because a Guru who is established in supreme consciousness operates only in the level of cosmic necessity or purpose and not of individual karma. He is only guided by purpose. He has nothing to do with social do’s and don’ts. His operating level is spontaneity, uncontaminated by thoughts. For example; Vyasa impregnated Ambika and Ambalika because the dynasty had to continue. He also impregnated the maid to bring forth an unconditional, wise man called Vidura into the court of selfish royals. Sai Baba often scolded and beat people to drive away evil lying embedded in the constitution of devotees. People, who got offended, never understood the real meaning behind the action. They left him and went away. The loss was essentially theirs. Swami Samarth used to urinate in front of people which distracted many. There are many such examples.

If the Guru is powerful, he would usually be very ordinary or will often act in strange ways. They scold people for their well-being. They need nothing from anyone. True masters would not care about their mannerisms and will have no efforts to make himself socially acceptable. Those who are totally conditioned and bound by social norms and fears will run away from them. Those who stay get all that they can carry.

So, worshipping the Guru, considering him as representing the Lord Almighty, or personification of the Lord is definitely the path of those who are inclined to Bhakti or devotional path of spirituality. Understand that all paths are suitable for someone. All paths are not suitable for everyone. So, do not judge from your level. If you do, you will only get more disillusioned. You may not understand the pleasure that a bhakti yogi derive from any acts of devotional nature. They often do not have duality. They become one with the object of their worship faster than other paths.

The knowledge path keeps duality longer than other paths because, intellect is the faculty used to digest knowledge and intellect is associated to our limited system. This constitution of ours which is tangible and that we call with a name is associated with a form. Intellect alienates and analyses. Intellect creates walls. When knowledge becomes wisdom, that means each unit of knowledge intake is digested well, and it merges into our constitution, duality slowly starts to dissolve. Oneness takes root.

Mohanji-Gross and subtle
The causeless happiness

Understand one thing clearly. No true gurus or god needs anything from people including worshipping their perishable physical form. But, for disciples, it is reconfirmation, confidence and it helps in maintaining their faith. This is why they do it. Every practice has its value only if it is done from the heart. If mechanically, ritualistically done, no activity will have any value.

I hope I have clarified the question at hand.

Bless You